yes i know i'm late before anyone says mr  duncan you're late you naughty man yes i know  

i am a few minutes late for which i apologize  but i am here yes we are all together once again  

it is sunday it is a fun day it is time to improve  your english yes this is english addict coming to  

you live from the birthplace of the english  language which just happens to be england

i know i'm late before anyone says mr duncan  you naughty man you are late i am here now did  

you remember to change your clocks i almost  forgot but i did manage to remember so now  

it is 10 minutes past 2 o'clock in the uk just  in case you are one of those people who has to  

change their clock as well have you done it or  did you forget but now it is ten minutes past two  

i know some people are going to think mr duncan  you are late but i'm not late it is ten past two  

here in the uk greenwich mean time g m t not  british summer time because now we have said  

goodbye to british summer time  and we have we are saying hello to  

greenwich mean time i know it's all very confusing  it confuses me to be honest every year so many  

people complain about this they say why why do  we have to keep changing the clocks every year  

so first of all i suppose i should explain what  all of this is about we have british summer time  

there it is can you see it there on the screen  right now british summer time often referred to as  

bst and we have gmt which is greenwich mean time  and that is what we are using now we have gone  

from british summer time to greenwich mean  time so in the summer the clocks go forward  

by one hour and in winter they go back by one hour  and many people refer to this as daylight saving  

time now here in the uk this originally started  as a way of giving people extra daylight  

so they could travel safely on the roads i'm  not joking you can look it up so what is the  

greenwich meridian well that is the line it  is the reference line which divides the days  

from each other the difference between each  time zone begins at the greenwich meridian line  

which is the line you can see there going down  the center and the difference between each time  

zone begins at the greenwich meridian  line so things that are ahead over here  

are plus and things that are behind are minus and  that is how we get the time zones so that line  

signifies the difference between one day and the  next so behind is earlier and ahead is later so  

if you are ahead of the greenwich meridian  line you are ahead of that particular time  

some people are maybe an hour ahead maybe two  hours ahead maybe 10 hours ahead perhaps 11 11  

hours ahead of course you can also be behind  as well for example people in south america  

and the united states you can say that they  are behind so they are on that side of the line  

ahead tends to be countries that are in  asia and of course australia as well so  

that is why we have that particular line and  the line itself happens to run through london  

we have a very famous place called the greenwich  observatory which of course is where the line  

passes directly through and there it is oh  there it is over there the greenwich meridian  

line so that is the reason why we have time zones  and this particular line is the center of that  

greenwich meridian lion you can actually visit  london and you can go to a very special place  

called the greenwich observatory and there  you will be able to stand on either side of  

greenwich mean time so you can have one  foot in the past and one foot in the future  

not literally of course so we are talking  about time zones some people are behind  

and some people are ahead depending on where  you are in the world so if you are watching  

in south america brazil perhaps argentina chile  you will be behind so it will be morning there  

and if you are watching in asia maybe  malaysia hong kong vietnam it will be ahead

i don't know about you but i am really sick  and tired every year of having to explain  

this nobody likes this you see no one likes  changing their clocks because it always causes  

a lot of confusion however the good thing  is we get an extra hour in bed so today i  

was able to stay in bed for an extra hour and  to be honest with you i really did enjoy it  

we are talking about food today one of the things  one of the many things we are talking about also  

yes we will be playing the sentence game as well a  lot of people love playing along with the sentence  

game so i hope you will enjoy that too yes we  have once again made it all the way to the end  

of another weekend and of course by  that the end of another week it's


there are supposed to be captions but there aren't  any there are no captions still i'm very sorry  

about that i don't know why there are no captions  it is really starting to annoy me very much

still no captions so if you are expecting live  captions i'm ever so sorry there are no live  

captions you can try to get them maybe press c  on your keyboard perhaps you can shout out of the  

window or maybe you can complain to youtube you  can say please youtube can we please have our live  

captions back again because we miss them ever so  much oh we are going to have a look at the cowls  

today a lot of people last week can i say thank  you very much for your lovely messages last week  

concerning the cows can we see more of the cows  well guess what we will be taking a look at  

not the cows at the back of the house there are  some other cows living in a field very close to  

where i live and we will be taking a look at  those later on so we are taking a look at the  

the cows a little bit later on for those who are  

bovine fanatics and i know  there are many of you out there  

including mr steve who appears to have fallen in  love with the cows at the back of the house hey  

guess what autumn is here oh look at that now that  is actually a view outside the window right now  

so we are looking outside you can see some  of the trees are now starting to change color  

as autumn arrives and we are all getting used  to the short days the days are much shorter now  

so in a few days from now it will be dark  at around about 3 30 in the afternoon  

so during the winter months the days become  very short indeed and that is what is happening  

here in the uk so certain parts of the world  are now going to enjoy their summer months  

meanwhile here in england we are having  our autumn closely followed by winter  

yeah i i don't know if i like that to be honest  i'm not sure to be honest hello to the live chat  

nice to see you here today it's a bit like it's a  little bit like mission control you know when nasa  

are sending up their space rockets to orbit  for example the moon or maybe maybe a space  

rocket that is going off to explore  even more distant planets such as mars  

that's what it's like here i've got screens  monitors all sorts of devices in front of me  

and i hope it's all working i will keep my fingers  crossed that everything works all right today  

thank you for joining me so many nice people here  

on the live chat one of the reasons why i love  doing this is there are lots of lovely live  

chatters hello to the live chat i hope you  are feeling good oh guess what luis mendes

louis mendes guess what you are first on  today's live chat i don't know why i always  

feel so excited by the live chat when i see  you there my heart glows it warms the cockles  

of my heart it really does so i'm glad to see  you here today i hope you've had a good week  

yes it is yet another crazy week on this planet as  we all come to terms with our new ways of living  

that's all i'm saying oh by the way did you  see my video during the week there is a new  

video on my youtube channel with captions there is  a new video where i'm walking around much wenlock  

taking a look around the streets and in that video  i talk about the way in which we are all getting  

used to the new normal the new normal that is the  phrase that many people are using at the moment  

one big change that's happened very near to  where i live in wales they are now having  

complete lockdown in wales so that is what is  happening there for 16 days they are in complete  

lockdown in wales fortunately you look here in  much wenlock we have no restrictions of course  

there are basic rules such as wearing  your face mask when you go into a shop  

uh but but yes that's it really that's the  only rule we have to be careful of and be  

aware of and of course the usual  rule of social distancing keeping  

two meters apart and we all know why hello  maria oh maria i'm saying hello to marina  

also louisa is here olga hello olga i don't know  why it seems like a long time since i saw you  

it feels like a very long time since you  were here hello also to v tess hello v tess  

nice to see you back as well hailey quang  is here i believe you are watching in

vietnam i think so

hello also tuan you win and beatrice oh jimmy  from hong kong hello jimmy from hong kong i  

hope everything is all right there lots of things  going on at the moment in that part of the world  

mr mohammed shosha hello mr mohammed shosha  nice to see you here lolly lolly trung  

tomek is here hello tomic nice to  see you here today we are going to  

be talking about a particular subject this  is something i wanted to talk about today  

as a way of hopefully cheering ourselves up let's  face it we all need cheering up at the moment  

so i thought today we would talk about the  past in a positive way so when we think about  

the past maybe you think about a certain  period of your time when things changed  

or maybe perhaps when something nice happened so  one of the things we will be looking at later when  

mr steve joins us yes mr steve will be here  today definitely we are looking at your best  

year a memorable year that means something to you  and we will be looking at words connected to it  

as well and the sentence game i hope you are here  because the clocks have changed as i mentioned  

at the start of today's live stream it is now  25 minutes past two greenwich mean time g m t

confused we're all confused everything is very  confusing at the moment and of course in just  

i think it's 10 days from now we have  the presidential election taking place  

in the united states who will be the  winner of that will it be joe or donald

i bet you can't wait to find out the  answer to that we also have racer irene  

marcia hello martial nice to see you  here as well hack lau watching in  

vietnam by the way there is  something different about me today  

can you see what is different there is  something slightly different today about me

can you spot the difference something has changed

no i haven't had plastic surgery how dare you  how dare you what do you think of that greta

greta what do you think of that where is she i've  lost greta greta people are saying that i i need  

plastic surgery what do you think about that how  dare you oh yes exactly exactly thank you creta  

eventually we also have rosa and oh accent  hello accent i haven't seen you for a long  

time last week we we briefly mentioned this last  week there are many viewers that used to watch  

all the time and get involved with the live  chat who haven't appeared for a long time and  

we were talking about this last week accent  it's great to see you here today so you are  

one of my regular viewers from a long time ago  so if you have been watching this live stream  

for a very long time please let me know and can  you tell me how long you have been watching for

pedro belmont oh

hello pedro nice to see you back in fact i  think it was it was you who mentioned the  

the viewers from the past that we no longer  see hello irene also racer racer says i have  

changed all of the clocks in spain although now  many watches and smartphones they will change  

themselves they will change automatically which  is very useful so if you have a smartphone or a  

certain type of electrical device that that will  actually change the time by itself automatically  

isn't that good we also have sandra gonzalez  it's nice to see you here today even though  

it is now raining in buenos aires i hope  i hope the sun comes out soon i really do  

flower espoire by the way if i don't say hello  to you please don't be angry please don't get  

angry but i will try to say hello to as many  people as possible mr steve will be here soon  

he's been out in the garden again very busy and  he's also been very busy in the kitchen we are  

going to take a look a little bit later on at what  mr steve has been cooking or should i say baking  

in the oven in the kitchen oh i'm looking  forward you know me i love my food  

yesterday i went into town i have my jaffa cakes  there you go you see just to prove it and look  

they have very generously given me 80 percent free  so not only do i have these i also have these as  

well so this is an extra large box of jaffa cakes  but don't worry i won't eat them all at once  

i'm only going to have one maybe what  else do i have oh yes i also have my

my big bag of whatsits another snack that i enjoy  eating but these are giant ones look at the size  

of them they're huge so i did go shopping  yesterday of course i did wear my face mask  

the only problem is if you wear glasses if  you wear glasses and you put your face mask on  

the first thing that happens is your glasses  start to steam up you get steam condensation from  

your hot breath and it forms condensation on your  glasses and then you can't see where you're going  

i actually got lost in the supermarket  yesterday here in much wenlock i got  

lost i couldn't see where i was going  because my my glasses became so steamed up  

i couldn't see anything so i had to feel my  way around so i could get out of the shop  

i i couldn't find the car yesterday i couldn't  find where mr steve was he was sitting in the  

car waiting for me and he said what were you  doing you were walking around the car park  

of the supermarket as if you were lost but i i  had to tell him i said i couldn't see anything  

my glasses were all steamed up  because of my stupid coronavirus mask

so what about you do you find wearing the  mask is okay or do you find it annoying  

have you ever forgot your mask have you been  into a supermarket or a place where there are  

strict restrictions and have  you forgotten to wear your mask  

oh it would appear that some people  have noticed the difference there is a  

a slight change mr duncan we like your beard  thank you very much your beard looks so cool

harley quang thank you

at yaf atiaf asks how did i get here well one day  your mummy and daddy decided to go for a lie down  

is that what you mean oh you mean this  video how did i get to this video oh i see  

i don't know it's your finger it's your  finger i can't control what your finger does  

fortunately hello also to lill mr duncan i can  see that your your beard is starting to grow  

mr duncan yes i have a a little  beard today do you like it

the only problem with having a beard is it gets  very itchy you have to keep scratching your beard  

so i'm not sure if i will keep it i  might get rid of it i might shave it all  

off tomorrow we will see what happens  however having a beard is still very popular  

here in england what about where you are do many  people have beards i know some people have beards  

for religious purposes or religious reasons

thank you mr duncan for your live streaming hello  sidra sidra muhammad nice to see you here as well  

so many people are here lil says yes i have  seen your new video and it looks lovely have you  

noticed my videos now have very good quality and  there is a reason for that i might show you later  

but i have a new piece of equipment to  make my lessons with i might show you  

later on if i remember i will show you hello  christina did you choose to grow your beard  

well i have a slight beard today i was feeling a  little lazy because i got up i prepared my lesson  

and then i thought shall i have a shave and  then i thought now i will see what happens  

if i appear on the camera with my beard i will  see what the response will be hello also rosa  

your video from much wenlock is great  thank you rosa that's very kind of you to  

say i will be making some more videos outside  walking around showing you some of the sights  

and also allowing you to listen to some of the  sounds as well mr steve will be with us soon  

i thought it would be nice to take a little break  today we are talking about our favorite years  

things from your life is there a significant  year in your life something from your life that  

you remember if there is please let me know  we are going to take a little break and then  

we are back with mr steve talking of remembering  things do you remember the video lesson all about  

memory well here is an excerpt from that  very lesson and then after this it's mr steve

hi everybody this is mr duncan in england  how are you today are you okay i hope so  

are you happy i hope so in today's lesson  we are going to look at one of the most  

fascinating processes to take place in the human  body the thing that helps to make all of us  

the individuals we are the place  where the experiences we have had  

and the knowledge we have acquired is stored  it is something that even now we do not fully  

understand in today's lesson we  will be discussing the human memory

the important things we do and see  stay in the memories of you and me  

the moments from our childhood remain precious  and treasured the limit of the memory cannot  

be measured as we make our way through this life  with all of its joy and pain those happy memories  

long since gone in time will  make us smile again and again  

the word memory is a noun that defines the  place where information is stored memory can  

also be the thing that is being remembered a  memory of something is stored in the memory  

the action of remembering involves retrieving the  information from the memory computers have memory  

as do humans although the way they are  designed and operate is not quite the same  

a stored memory can be anything your first kiss  the first time you ever rode a bike the day your  

pet goldfish died all of these significant  memories are stored away somewhere up here  

in my previous lesson i talked about our senses i  also mentioned the fact that the things we sense  

such as light and sound create information  which is stored in the memory when we see  

or hear something the information created  passes through the brain it is then filtered  

so as to decide whether the information is  important enough to be stored permanently  

this system prevents the brain from becoming too  cluttered with an important or useless information  

there are many similarities between the way  in which the human brain stores information  

and the computer sitting in front of you now  in computer terms stored information is called  

data a computer stores data electronically in its  memory the brain transmits and stores information  

in the form of electricity and chemicals when a  piece of information is transmitted in the brain  

an electrical pulse travels along the  nerve and fires across a gap to a cell  

the gap is called a synapse there are  trillions of these synapses in the human brain

the signal carrying the information is then  transferred chemically where it attaches itself to  

the cell one single brain cell can have  thousands of these synaptic connections  

the number of cells contained in  the brain is constantly changing  

as you learn new things then new cells  are created to store the information in  

as amazing as it may sound it is actually  possible to change the structure of your  

brain by learning new things recently it was  discovered that even by carrying out a daily task  

in a slightly different way it is possible  to stimulate the growth of new brain cells

by using your memory you are retrieving  information that is stored in the brain cells  

you are consciously searching for the information  you are recalling an event from your past  

you are thinking about something you are  reminiscing you recall you think you recollect  

you reminisce you remember

of course not all of our stored memories are  happy ones in fact some people might say that  

they recall the bad moments of their past more  easily than the good ones a terrible event  

or a distressing occurrence can have a profound  impact on the way we think a traumatic event  

not only blemishes your memory it can also affect  your character stress and anxiety are both common  

side effects of going through a terrible ordeal  so while our memory gives us the ability to  

remember the good things it also stores many  of the things we would much rather forget

it is possible to misremember things sometimes  we add parts to a memory so as to give it more  

form just because you remember an event does not  necessarily mean that's how it actually occurred  

it could be an inaccurate memory  your memory can play tricks on you  

childhood memories tend to be made up of fleeting  moments and small events that play in the mind  

like a short video clip these distant  memories can be happy or sad good or bad

there it was one of my many and  when i say many i mean many many  

over 700 english lessons on my youtube channel  

welcome if you've just joined us yes it is  sunday afternoon and this is english addict


oh missed t what's this what do you mean  what's this this is my head it's always  

been here on my shoulders oh what a shock  what a shock mr duncan i didn't know you  

hadn't shaved today it gave me a shock let  me guess you didn't have time you ran out of  

time and you didn't have time to shave today i  i thought today i would go for the rugged look  

is that just one day's growth is it did you  grow that in one day no this is about three days  

yes i think mr duncan ran out of time today he  was rushing around trying to get prepared for  

today's live lesson and he didn't have time  to shave one of the problems today of course  

was the fact that we had to change the clocks we  did i expect he hasn't washed either for those who  

what what a strange personal insult so  it's now coming up to a quarter to three  

so that is the time now for those who have not  changed their clocks and you are thinking mr  

duncan why are you so late i'm not late it is  the correct time but we have changed the clocks  

it is hello hello everybody i haven't said hello  yet i've said hello to you but the shock of seeing  

all that growth uh distracted me from saying  hello to your lovely viewers i am well known for  

my growth well you you are quite tall i'm standing  on a box oh people have commented about your beard  

mr duncan i've been watching the live chat really  uh most people seem to be in favor but some people  

are definitely against oh i say the idea this is  a bit like brexit maybe we could have a referendum  

shall we have a beard or shall we not have a beard  are you a pro beard or are you against the beard  

i think most people like it alessandra doesn't  like it though it was a definite no oh i see and  

i think it's a no from me uh as well but  i can't control what mr duncan does if he  

wants to grow his beard then that's up to him  well there it is i don't i don't i think if i  

want to grow my beard i can maybe if i if i want  to grow my fingernails very long and paint them  

a pretty color like a lady so what antonio from  spain is new to the channel today really yes  

i've never seen so antonio antonio i noticed oh  okay then so a round of applause antonio welcome  

this is it this is it if you like it come back  next week this is as good as it gets it doesn't  

get any better than this it's all downhill from  now on now i've been looking at the live chat  

somebody called the optimist okay the optimist  i do like that name it's a good one good night  

because thinking positively staying on the  bright side of life i like the name but he's  

asked a question several times but of course  you've been busy yes so you haven't noticed  

so he's asked the question we'll answer it  now what's the difference between community  

and society well community is one group society is  all the groups together yes society is everybody  

yes so all of the groups are all together in one  large place normally we refer to it as a country  

or maybe a nation so the society is the general  population community is one separate group so  

community of people are those that get together  they form maybe an organization or a group  

or maybe they have something in common we often  say that they join in a community people that live  

in a certain area a certain area where people live  close by we can describe as a community yes so  

where we live in much wenlock there's a community  of people it's a small collection of a few hundred  

people and they might have views and behaviors  and a slightly different accent but then if we go  

out of much wenlock into telford into london that  would be we're going out into society at large yes  

communities tend to be local uh small groups it  could be a large group it could be a small group  

uh that's the answer yeah so it's pretty good  yesterday we went well no not yesterday i think  

it was on friday we went for a lovely walk didn't  we and we discovered some new cowls there are  

some new cows not at the back of the house but  they are new arrivals in one of the fields that  

is nearby our house would you like to have a  look so here is mr steve and myself first of all  

we we we look a little bit crazy  for which i apologize right now

so we are crazy what we missed  what's going on there steve  

well i don't know we're just doing something

i haven't seen this mr duncan

okay the cows are coming i'm sorry there they  are surprised the cows didn't run off no you see  

people you wonder why uh we've made comments  before that people in the local village don't like  

to talk to us no well that's probably why that's  one of the reasons why because we walk around the  

countryside waving our arms around like like human  windmills so there they are the lovely cows aren't  

they lovely and you can also see some baby cows as  well quite a mixture of bovine animals when we say  

bovine we mean the the cow kingdom yes the kingdom  of cows and bulls so anything bovine oh talking of  

being out and about there is a farmer coming  by in his tractor he might even give us a wave  

hi can you see us there he is yes yes look he gave  us a lovely wave this i thought he was going to  

run you over mr duncan he gave me a wave look at  that lovely cow oh they lovely these cows are so  

nice and they are now in in one of  the fields close to where we live  

so i couldn't resist filming them the other  day there are some baby cows there are also  

some of the cows are actually expecting  they actually still have their little calves  

inside them yes i think you are right we had a  look at there's that one can you see the white  

one it's it's stomach is moving around and that  is actually a little baby we think moving around  

inside isn't that amazing it could be just its  lungs breathing but we think that we think that  

they've probably with calf yes with calf if we  say something with a calf they are heavy with  

calf a calf obviously that is a baby uh a baby cow  yes uh it's a calf so we think that some of those  

well because there were babies with them some  very small cows because one of them was circling  

yes off the teat of its mother yes from the udders  from the udders and we haven't seen that here so  

there are have been some newborn cows so some of  them i think are still pregnant yes i think some  

of the cows have not dropped their babies yet they  haven't actually given birth to them yet so yes  

some exciting times ahead i think talking of cows  this is the video that i showed last week steve  

that got so much attention did it yes  i can't resist showing this again and  

then we are we are going to get down  to some serious topics including food



oh isn't that lovely i couldn't resist  showing that again we showed it last week  

and it did get a lot of response rosa asks  rosa asks does the the farmer sell the milk  

locally well he used to yes  he used to have many many cows  

and used to sell the milk and it was sold  locally here but unfortunately because of our  

economy milk production in the uk now is not very  viable because cheap milk is coming in from abroad  

and it's no longer viable when i say viable it's  not economically worth farmers producing milk in  

this country anymore it's very difficult so a lot  of farmers have stopped producing milk because we  

are importing much cheaper milk from abroad  which is hurting the farmers here yes so they  

are keeping some cows but i think they're just  for breeding purposes and for selling for meat  

they're not they're not milking them anymore  and selling them up because it's just not not  

worth them doing anymore no there's no money to be  made because there are many ways of getting milk  

besides having it produced locally you see so that  that's what's happening yes it's very sad actually  

talking of food we've got to rush on because  we have a lot to talk about favorite years from  

the past if you have a memorable year from your  past maybe a year when something special happened  

maybe you had a nice surprise maybe it was the  year you got married perhaps or maybe the year  

you had your first child so if there is a year  that means something to you please let me know  

by the way we should also take a look at what  i'm wearing today on my feet i haven't done it  

for the past couple of weeks so this is what i'm  wearing today oh steve what do you think of that  

spotty socks oh aren't they lovely yellow  look at that yellow and purple and uh yeah  

blue is the other color white yes so i love  these i don't have many yellow socks i don't  

think in my life i've ever actually had yellow  socks so this is quite a quite a departure for  

me having yellow socks so i love these so that's  what i'm wearing today on my feet talking of food  

we were talking about food a few moments ago you  were very busy in the kitchen yesterday i'm always  

busy as you know mr duncan yes well i was cooking  our meal in the oven which was a chili con carn we  

had chili con corn again which is minced beef with  a bit of chilli and some little beans in there  

i had i had a huge beans i had a huge poo today  and it was your chili con carne that's how fast  

it went through my body i did hear some  gurgling yeah so while the oven was on because  

you know what i'm like i like efficiency i don't  like to waste anything energy yeah so while the  

oven was cooking the chili con carne which would  take 45 minutes i thought i will make some scones  

or scones you can pronounce that two ways while  the oven was on the heat was there because they  

only take 15 minutes to cook so yes i took  advantage of the heat in the oven to cook them  

at the same time you could have just said i cooked  some scones yes yesterday scones or scones we've  

said this before okay it doesn't really matter  it just confuses everyone including so there  

we go scones or scones depending on how posh you  are okay there they are look at that aren't they  

lovely and i must admit steve they they look  good enough to eat you're making me hungry mr  

duncan showing those you know what i wish i wish  that right now in front of us we had two slices  

of scone i wish at the moment there was scones  right in front of us maybe if i wish hard enough  

maybe they will appear let's see shall we  oh come on scones where are you we want you

there they are mr wow as if by magic  would you like one steve yes please i'm  

i'm drooling at the thought you're  you're dribbling like those cows  

in the field now one of the first rules of doing  a live stream you must never eat food during the  

live stream would you like a scone thank you okay  and me hmm apparently you're not supposed to eat  

apparently it's really rude but i couldn't resist  so there look at that that is mr steve's beautiful  

scones or scones okay we made yesterday  s-c-o-n-e-s yes if you're posh like me  

i was brought up to say scone but if you're common  like mr duncan brought up in a sort of you know

he would say scone i think it should be  scone actually but who knows there is always  

a debate in this country all we know is  if you say scone people think you're posh

oh my goodness these are delicious mr steve  oh my goodness is there anything you can't do  

no i think everyone can do a bit of everything  i mean i could probably you know you we could  

all do a bit of brain surgery couldn't we if  we tried to do it i think human beings were  

all capable of doing pretty much anything  it's whether you can do it well or not  

yeah would mark you out from somebody who was  good i don't think it's a good idea to let us lose  

in an operating theater operating on people's  brains i don't think that would end well you know  

everyone can do everything it's just some people  can do it very well i mean everyone can sing a bit  

everyone can sing a bit you can open your mouth  and sing a bit but not everybody can sing well

i mean everybody could as i say do it a brain  surgery i mean you could be taught to do basic  

brain surgery i'm sure no but whether you'd  be very good at it it's another thing but um  

that is lovely oh my goodness can  i just say steve congratulations  

let's have another look at the scones or  scones there they are so these are actually the  

the ones that mr steve made yesterday  and the one we've just eaten but  

the thing is it's not really something to boast  about no making scones because they've got to be  

the easiest cakes to make you just basically put  flour water eggs no there's no eggs no eggs no  

eggs in well not in not in the recipe i am using  strange isn't it it's just flour a bit of fat  

uh you mix the flour and the fat together  to get sort of bread crummy type texture  

add some milk some baking powder you've got to use  self-raising flour because you want them to rise  

uh a bit of salt and shove them in the oven for 15  minutes and uh they're dead easy they really are  

dead easy dead easy what's the matter mister  i was i haven't put a mask on i was having  

difficulty yesterday because i was walking around  the supermarket but the problem is when you wear  

your face mask your glasses steam up if you  wear glasses like me your glasses will slowly  

start to steam up so yesterday i got quite  slightly confused in the supermarket when  

i was walking around because i couldn't see where  i was going very embarrassing indeed yes satarino  

they those scones look rustic rustic r-u-s-t-i-c  or yeah rustic which means sort of rough something  

you'd made and that you don't put too much care  and attention into it they're just sort of natural  

you haven't formed them into a into a perfect  shape yes rustic a bit rough something that looks  

aged something that looks old maybe maybe an  old piece of farm equipment you might see it  

abandoned and it looks very rustic it looks  very scenic we often think of the countryside  

as looking rustic look andy has said do you  remember last week andy starr said that he  

doesn't eat junk food i remember that and uh  he's obviously responding to seeing us eating  

those scones and he said i only eat apples grapes  and pears etc and jaffa he's a healthy eater  

is andy i like jaffa cakes look 80 80 percent  free extra wow 80 you see that i would i would  

not like to buy something that said 80 free if it  was food if it was junk food it's like if you go  

to the shop and you buy one chocolate bar  and you get another one free or buy two  

for the price of one okay or something like  because it's encouraging you to eat more junk  

food because you don't save it for the next week  you just eat them both together don't you if you  

get something free you don't save them up so  it's very bad the companies are trying to get  

you fat yes i think so the companies are trying  to get us fat why why would they want to do that  

if we all got fat and had a heart attacks then  we couldn't buy the food so they don't want to  

get us too fat they just want us to be plump  like like turkeys at christmas yes so uh a  

few people have asked for the recipe uh i can't  remember exactly but if you were to google it  

scones recipe it's very easy i think it's  sort of eight ounces of flour some butter  

okay a bit of salt a bit of milk shove them in  the oven but yeah it's they're very easy to make  

every recipe book has that in okay and i'm sure if  you were to google it you would find a good recipe  

google scones and you will find it okay steve  we're talking about something interesting today we  

have the sentence game as well a little bit later  on hopefully unless we decide to talk all the time  

but well i thought today we would talk  about your best year so if i were to ask you  

mr steve when was your best year is  there a year a certain year from the past  

that stands out in your mind not the obvious one  what's that oh okay well okay i will ask you the  

question again is there a year that stands out for  you mr steve one that you can actually remember  

it's a very difficult question mr duncan you put  me on the spot there well i did tell you this  

morning i was going to ask but i forgot because  i've been in the garden here's a clue by the way  

as to what i've been doing  in the garden this morning

okay i've been cutting back a large conifer  outside the uh outside the front door so  

was that your your favorite time was it this  morning is that as far back your memory goes  

notice conifers sometimes they smell like cats  pee it kind of smells like cats pee steve yes  

well i think the most memorable one is probably  the millennium that was a very memorable year we  

were in malaysia at the time if you remember well  it was just that was just one day there wasn't it  

well but a year to remember a whole year  i don't know how i'd remember a whole  

year just a year where something significant  happened in your life could i say when we met  

because the millennium was everyone's significant  moment but i mean personal something personal  

all right i know you want me to say this the  year that we met okay then i've got to say that  

which was which was uh 1980 something 1980s yes  1986 8 seven no nine nine yes there we go i always  

forget 1989 1989 is when we met yes i shall always  remember that debt that year because you know that  

has set my life it's strange a lot of things the  last next last 30 years a lot of historical things  

happened in 1989 it's very strange how many things  actually occurred in 89 can you name one thing  

that happened in 1989 something historical because  a lot of things did happen we met big things some  

of them good and some of them unfortunately not  so good but anyone anyone know out there what  

happened in 1989 apart from mr steve and mr duncan  uh a meeting fateful fateful day that fateful day  

oh how am i like if only i was a i was  able to untie myself if i hadn't been  

didn't go out that night my whole life would be  different now yes oh what might have been friends  

francesco oh you're looking at the live chat come  on uh well i'm i am 1989. francesco says 2020 well  

yes we are still in 2020. it's unforgettable it's  but but you can't really forget this year because  

we're still in it but i'm talking about the past  the past palmyra says that the iron curtain fell  

in uh 1989. yes yes so so the the iron curtain  the the great berlin wall was was chipped away  

and it fell to the ground and everyone was  running around grabbing pieces of the berlin wall  

and some of them took them home and they rebuilt  part of the berlin wall in their back garden  

as a as a souvenir a memento  of those not so pleasant times  

well yes uh zaynab ali says it's their  first birthday 1989. so we know that they  

are 30 years old or 31 somewhere around  there so if it's your first birthday  

does that mean that was when you were born  because i would imagine your first birthday  

is the the day you are born i would imagine is  that right would i be right there would i be fair  

in saying that so your first birthday is actually  the day you you pop out your first birth well no  

is your if you say your first birthday surely  you mean a year after you were born oh okay then  

maybe so your first your first birthday was the  first 12 months after you originally popped out  

might not be 12 months might be only six  months you know depending on when you were born

oh yes 12 months yeah yeah yeah it's it's always  12 months i'm losing it who has who has it so  

busy mr duncan so busy in the garden who has  a birthday six months after they were born  

no one not a single person does that it's a  it's a good idea though zoo cats sue cat hello

oh nice to see you back i think though i think  sue cat's always here but she doesn't always  

make comments sue cat it's nice to see you making  comments sue cats 2020 a lot of people are saying  

they like 2020. uh sue cat said she lost 10 kilos  so she's very happy you like this year i was able  

to lose 10 kilos is there someone you were trying  to get rid of quite a lot because most people are  

putting weight on during 2020 because they're  in lockdown sitting at home eating biscuits and  

cakes and drinking lots of alcohol so well done mr  duncan's been eating a lot of those um lewis says  

my best and worst year in all my life  was when i arrived in france oh okay  

what year was that lewis i i would  imagine it's a long time ago yes so  

it was a good year and it was also a bad year  so there must have been something bad happened  

and something good happened i'm thinking  the bad thing happened first just thinking  

that might have happened and then the good  thing happened afterwards so you decided to stay  

yes had it happened the other way around you  might have left france so more information please  

sometimes bad things can happen but they lead to  good things isn't that strange so you might find  

in your life there is some adversity that brings  heartache sadness but you might find in the future  

that you can actually get something good from  that situation as well and and that is life  

you see life quite often will throw things at  you that you're you're not prepared for you are  

not ready for but sometimes they can turn out  for the best or you yourself can make the best  

of a bad situation i think so i think it is  possible uh dow key or do key sorry if i've  

pronounced your name incorrectly says somebody  else that says that 2020 is their best year um  

because they've had more time to do things for  themselves yes and they'll spend time with their  

family and learn more english so oh i see yes so  so what i just said i said that you can turn a bad  

situation into a good situation and one of those  ways of course if you have lots of time on your  

hands because you are unable to go out you can  find something else to do matthias says that 2010  

was their favorite year uh in middle  school um yes happy memories of  

school days i did not like school you didn't and  i think you have uh spoken about that on numerous  

occasions i know i did not like my school  days not very much professor michelle says  

i learnt the violin i started  to study the violin in 1982.  

professor professor we have michael we have at  last we have a professor we have someone with  

professor in their name somebody who's learned  somebody who studied to a high uh high level  

is it are you a real professor or is do you just  put that on your uh what would you call that  

like a pseudonym yes but i think i think i'm  going to assume you are a real professor uh sue  

i was going to say something like that sue cat  also says that her best year was 2011. oh okay  

when she visited london and canterbury and made  a dream come true no i wonder what the dream was  

i think it was to come to to to london oh  okay then debris so your dream actually came  

true and the dream was to actually come  to england and visit the capital london

yes so lots of people talking about their  uh in in two oh in 2000 that looks like 20  

100 oh no 2010 i started to  learn english says palmyra

oh missing missing louis said he was missing  his family so maybe that's why it was so bad  

when you arrived in france because you were  missing your family oh i see yes but if you  

move to another place if you move to a new  location it can be very difficult can't it  

alessandra is still waiting for my best years  to come now that's a very interesting statement

because you've probably had good years but  to always think that there's some a better  

year coming up that gives you something to look  forward to so that's a very positive statement  

and in fact i've read if you want to have  a positive frame of mind you always want  

you always should be optimistic and think that  oh my best years are yet to come i've got more  

to learn something to do something to contribute  something that is is going to be good because if  

you think you've had your best years that's quite  depressing thing to think yes and you're always  

that you're almost giving up yes if you say oh  my best year was or i think i've had my best  

years well not i didn't say it best i suppose  your best year might be your memorable year  

i know i've put best there yeah but i suppose  you could say memorable a memorable year that  

means something to you yes i i i know that's  what you're saying mr duncan but i was just  

expanding that into that philosophy of of always  wanting to think that there's something good  

in the future yes something to look forward to  uh there are still things to achieve things to  

like people to love anything places  to go places to go places to see  

things to achieve and let's face it let's face it  in this particular year a lot of people have been  

trying to think ahead and of course many people  thinking of next year hopefully next year things  

will start to resolve themselves although i  think we we still have a long way to go says  

1985 in august discovering paris yes actually i  had a lovely that was a memorable year for me when  

i spent when you were away in china i did a lot  of traveling and i went to paris with some friends  

uh for a few days and i had a lovely  time visiting all the lovely places  

because i hadn't really been to paris properly  before that was a memorable year to me as well

my memorable year or one of them 1991 do  you know why 1991 so we've been together  

two years okay but that's that's so what happened  two years after we met in 1991 it it was the first  

time i ever took a flight i had never been i had  never been on an airplane that's true until 1991  

when we went to greece and that was my first ever  plane trip and i was with you so you got to share  

my first ever experience of flying i must  be honest with you and i'm going to be  

honest i was a little bit nervous but also  excited at the same time he was screaming  

and i had to hold his hand i'm only joking it  was exciting though yes it is exciting when you  

meet somebody and you go off on holiday together  and meet places it's all very exciting isn't it  

yes uh for the first time you do  something so the first time i went  

to an airplane took a flight went up into  the sky and i was higher than the birds

uh javad says my best year  is 2019 because i got married

well you would have to say  that i can only assume your  

partner is uh is watching at the same  time i know now it's genuine it's got  

to be if you marry somebody that's got to be  a significant year for you that's it i'm sure  

i'm sure it was it was a wonderful  experience and it still is of course i'm sure

well what are we talking about next mr duncan  i was waiting for another thing you said no i'm  

christina says 1990 was when i first went in a  helicopter a helicopter flight you will never  

get me you will never get me in a helicopter  they always look like the most unsafe thing  

in the world to fly up into the sky in a cable  car is another one so you see the cable cars  

they look very precarious so if the if the wire  that's supporting them breaks the cable car  

will fall to the ground just like a helicopter so  the rotor blade going around if that stops working  

there's no other way of of making the helicopter  fly it will just plummet to the ground  

so no no you're not a fan of helicopters  either at least in an airplane you've got  

a pretty good chance still of flying and and  landing not sure about that mr duncan i think so  

well if it's a passenger airplane they can  they can glide but they can't land very well  

but yes i mean one thing we've noticed if you  get incredibly rich rich enough to buy yourself  

a helicopter okay there are always several times a  year there are always um news stories of somebody  

crashing in a helicopter and dying and it turns  out to be somebody quite wealthy a businessman  

we had somebody that owned a famous football  team last year that died in a helicopter crash  

i think if i ever get mega rich which i'm hoping  to off your english teaching channel mr duncan  

remind me never to get a helicopter because you  know i think you're increasing your chances of  

dying early any type of light aeroplane anything  like that stick to commercial arab commercial  

flights well-known companies okay and you should  be safe i'm just i'm just on about the structure  

of the actual vehicle so that so airplanes have  wings and even if the engines stop working the  

the the plane can sort of glide  and sort of you've got a chance  

you've got a chance helicopter you're  just going to drop like a stone  

the other one is hot air balloon he will  never get me inside he will never get me  

in a hot air balloon ever for the same reason  if it goes that's it you're just going to well

i think they're quite safe the only  thing is we have seen stories where  

the because obviously you're using a a  big gas cylinder with a giant flame yes  

this is something that that i i object to you know  i'm not going to go into a little picnic basket  

that's tied to some rope and then just above my  head there's like a thousand tons of sort of what  

is it helium oh no it'll be it'll be something  like propane or something propane highly flammable  

i don't know what it is so compressed flammable  gas so it fills the balloon with all of this  

hot air but of course there is just a very  thin cloth that is holding you up in the sky  

and if something went wrong with  that maybe it bursts into flames  

or maybe it rips you can't save yourself maybe  you could all stand in the basket and flap your  

arms as hard as you can but i don't think it will  work thing is if you worry about everything i mean  

the safety record of hot air balloons must be  incredibly high because you don't hear of many  

hot air balloon tragedies no but we've all seen  probably pictures of hot air balloons where  

something's gone wrong with the flame and  it's set fire to the cloth material and and  

it's burning and dropping to the ground that is  quite rare it does that quite quickly by the way  

it's like it's like passenger jets going wrong  it happens incredibly rarely but when it does  

you know you worry about it so you can't think  about this every day going out driving in a car is  

far more dangerous than anything else most of  us will ever do but that's probably because  

more people are doing it at one time no it is just  the odds of you dying in a car are far far higher  

than dying in a balloon or a helicopter or an  airplane what about slipping over in the bathtub  

well yes probably more chance of that what about  tripping over a ham sandwich another hamster  

what about sliding on your next-door neighbor's  dog's poo could you slide over slip hit your head  

and die imagine that on the death certificate  cause of death next door neighbor's dog's poo  

well when you think every year in this country  probably about 7 000 people die in car accidents  

and probably at least double that are seriously  injured or might have life-changing events  

uh i mean if 7 000 people died every year  in aeroplanes okay it would be a you know  

the national tragedy you'd never go up in a  plane well there would be one falling at the  

sky outside our window right now yes so putting  it in perspective you think you're safe in the  

car but in fact you're far less safe in a car than  you are in any other form of transport practically  

anyway let's lighten the loot the light and the  mood a little bit you know you normally like  

talking about death mr duncan you've made lots  of videos about it lots of videos i've made one  

that's not that's not lots so today we are  talking about your best year we might say that  

your best year or something nice can be in the  form of a memory a memory a memory might spring  

to mind it will suddenly appear in your  mind it will spring to mind something pops

into your head you remember something something  suddenly appears in your mind you think about it  

you remember something something pops into your  head maybe you recollect something you recollect  

something so something that happened in the  past a memory you think about and then suddenly  

you remember it as if you are living it right now  

you recollect or recollect or recall and  yet i recall to mind the days when life  

was uh lovely and we just enjoyed going out to  nightclubs and drinking and laughing with friends  

i recall those happy happy days that sounds  terrible it could be yes it's a bit of a bit of a  

ponzi way probably of describing your past what i  recall you're calling up memories happy memories

we always think of the pest through rose-colored  glasses we always think of the past as being nice  

and lovely quite often we will talk about the the  good old days why can't it be like the good old  

days when things were lovely and people were nice  to each other it was never really like that never  

really palmyra um had a gift from her son on her  birthday which was a ride in a hot air balloon oh  

okay so did you go on that ride i've been on i've  been in a hot air balloon uh but it was tethered  

it was a tethered balloon okay then what does that  mean it means there was a bit of rope holding it  

down it was tied down but that wouldn't stop it  from falling to the ground if something went wrong  

it didn't go that high okay then but tethered  balloon how high up i don't know it was several  

hundred feet oh okay i think that would  still that would still cause some damage  

you might break an arm leg spine skull everything  had 200 feet i don't recommend it yes i've never  

been on a in a big sort of long balloon flight  i think i would do it i don't think i would be  

frightened i would i would look at the uh  the company and it's sort of safety record um  

it's just like going on a flight on an airplane  there's a conversation i would love to hear that  

conversation hello is that mr smith's balloons  would you mind telling me how many times your  

balloons have plummeted out of the sky and killed  all of the occupants in the basket oh only six  

only six times okay then well um yeah i think  i will pass uh goodbye yes they're not going to  

admit to it but it could be on the internet you  can look at the safety record of of all the major  

airlines and in fact i did do that i  spent some time researching that once  

i won't say who had the best or worst but you  can look that up yes it might help your decision  

as to which airline company you should go with  yes they may cost you more but you know how  

much is your safety worth that's it what a certain  taste sound or smell might take you back to a past  

time yes i think so yes sometimes well  for example when you're cooking or baking  

quite often i will think of my my mother in the  kitchen making our supper or our dinner or lunch  

and so sometimes a smell or a sound or a  certain taste can take you back in time  

it's very strange that how it has that power it  triggers a memory the sound triggers a memory  

in your brain and i get  that a lot and it's usually  

smells at school so sometimes i'll get it might  be some polish furniture polish or something  

that something was used on the floor or as you  say something that was cooked in the canteen  

and suddenly that smell you might not have  smelled it for years but it takes you back  

to a past event like at school for example  yes if like a classroom has a certain smell  

yes it has a smell of sort of the wooden desks  and polished floors polished floors and if you go  

somewhere and that smell is there takes you back  takes you back you recall a memory from the past  

yes it's very interesting the power of memory  and we still don't know how the brain does it  

that's that's the interesting thing we of all the  things we know about the human body we still don't  

understand how these things work how does memory  work we don't know how how can you link a smell or  

a taste or a sound to something in your past how  does it work we don't know we still don't really  

understand how these things work the mechanism  of memory is still one thing that we really don't  

understand at all about the human brain we don't  really know the the physics of how it works how  

how how can i remember my first day at school even  though it happened many many years ago i can still  

see it in my mind but how we don't we don't know  i think your memories are f the more powerful the  

event uh the more the more that memory is embedded  in your brain so very significant events uh  

for whatever reason your brain will hold  that memory uh in a way that it doesn't hold  

other events so you can have one significant event  in one day 30 years ago but you won't recall all  

the other events of that day yes because i  don't think physically your brain can hold  

literally every memory every event that ever  happened that's it that's one of the things i  

mentioned in my memory lesson by the way about  short-term and long-term memory and how it  

actually works so those all of those subjects  are actually covered in my memory lesson and  

it is available on my youtube channel memories  can be treasured or relived as a form of comfort  

something you remember so memories can be very  useful happy memories nice moments from your life  

that you relive or remember that's one of the  reasons why i love filming things i love taking  

photographs and filming things things that steve  does things that we both do together of my family  

so i have lots of photographs of my mother of  course my mother not very well at the moment  

however there has been some good news about that  because it looks as if they might be allowing us  

to chat to moth mother mum face to face on using  i think it's skype so that might be happening  

and as we get older we notice that uh older people  tend to live more in the past quite often they  

will particularly if they're not doing much with  their lives they will keep recalling memories  

from the past and telling you tell you stories of  when they were children of what happened in their  

lives and they'll think back on the happy  memories and it's funny how the human mind  

will will filter out a lot of the bad memories  and just recall and you'll just retain the good  

memories quite often don't know why that happens  um sandra gonzales says that if i smell a certain  

fragrance that uh reminds her of her mother yes uh  and that's true um there's a certain uh aftershave

your mother used to wear aftershave this is  i'm learning something new all the time about  

steve's family no my father always used  to wear old spice aftershave old spice  

it was a popular a popular fragrance aftershave  for men i still use it in the 1970s and 80s  

i use it now well that's what i mean i hadn't  smelt it for years and years and years but it  

was very strong smell and men used to wear it was  sort of tough men okay it was it was advertised  

on the television at the time i think there was  somebody surfing a macho man was surfing and  

old spice was being splashed all over and it was  you know it was for men real rugged men well of  

course it's for men well you know what i mean but  it was advertised because obviously in back in  

the 70s 80s men wearing a fragrance could be seen  as being a bit feminine so they had to obviously  

think of launching this product and and just  placing it and getting people to buy it because  

you know they're seen as a real man so then for  some bizarre reason you bought some yes and put  

it on and immediately it took me back to my father  putting on this aftershave that's it i'm glad i'm  

glad that's the only memory that i'm bringing to  you about your father well i had a friend uh when  

i was at uni okay is this your weird friend is  this the nutter all my friends and nuts i'm only  

joking um uh he always wore aramis after shane  okay and uh whenever i smell aramis aftershave now  

that particular aramis original a men's fragrance  uh went out it was popular in the 80s okay and of  

course lots of other fragrances but if i have if i  ever smell that now which isn't very often because  

it's not so popular now immediately takes me  back to 1980 okay uh and when i was at uni so  

it was funny smells are very powerful so thank you  for that it's always taken as many years for you  

to tell that story yes so the past apparently  i look sexy with my with my beard i look fun  

i look sexy apparently not from here you  don't beatriz says my father used old spice  

many years ago i still use it now just  because it soothes my face when i have a shave  

and the men out there will know after you have a  shave quite often your skin on your face will be  

very sensitive so you put aftershave to soothe the  sensitivity so that was part of the macho thing  

wasn't it yeah a man you shaved you got raw skin  everywhere and then you could then you put alcohol  

all over and you want the pain yeah that that was  part of the macho image of old spice okay i don't  

think it was pain because whenever dad used to  put it on it was all you know because he obviously  

get little cuts when you shave so what what was  your father shaving with a pair of garden she is  

well you always i mean if you've just  shaved putting something that's alcohol  

based on that skin is always going to be a bit  painful anyway a good memory can lift you up  

while a bad memory can leave you scarred so  we might talk about good memories lots of  

good memories christmas with my family all of my  relatives would visit and we'd all come around and  

quite often my father and my grandad would get  drunk and they would start fighting i'm not  

my father and my granddad would often fall out and  

they start fighting and shouting at each  other they would normally have a lot to drink  

and then they'd start arguing i can still  see my grandad red-faced arguing with my dad  

happy memories you had an interesting upbringing  are we playing the sentence game oh my god you're  

just out of interest i've just forgotten  about the sentence gay good job i'm here  

that's why i'm here it's a good job you're here  steve so memories can be good memories can be  

bad sometimes it's good to hold on to memories  sometimes it's good to let go of certain memories  

so you can move forward with your life sometimes  living in the past is not a good thing to do  

old spice they used to call it the mark of  a man okay that was the advertising oh good  

are we getting any money from old spice sergio  says uh hello old spice if you're watching  

can you send some money because we may have just  doubled your profits i was talking about uh it's  

being painful when you uh when you put old spice  on on a shaved skin yes and sergio says it depends  

where you shave oh well yes that's it there  are many places now oh let's get on with the  

sentence game says tomic but we know why because  you like that you always seem to beat everybody  

yes let's play the sentence game we uh we  have 20 we have about 25 minutes because i did  

actually start five minutes late so in fact we  have 25 minutes let's play the sentence game  

people do like your beard most people seem to like  it oh okay but then you know i don't know if it's  

mainly the women who are liking their being okay  thank you ladies and maybe some gentlemen as well  

maybe some of the men are getting turned on as  well not according to the live chat by my rugged  

manly appearance do you like it ladies you  like it like my rugged manly macho appearance  

is it doing it sentence game mr duncan  sentence focused focused is it's brilliant  

that you're telling me that that might be  the most ironic thing that's ever happened  

if french people say the word uh not being uh  disparaging to french people here but we had  

somebody french who worked for our company okay  and uh whenever she said she was in sales she was  

like a sales manager okay and whenever she said  the word focus oh i know what you're going to do  

yes yes don't say anything else steve because  it sounded like a swears yes so we must focus  

focus but when she said it with her french accent  it sounded like she was saying something else  

something very rude and that's and we always used  to laugh that's as far as we're going with that  

one here we go it's the sentence game everyone  are you ready to play the sentence game without  

any more messing around without any more hanging  about on the street corner looking suspicious here  

is today's first sentence game oh i always like to  something beginning with l on the letters on the  

something side of life so this is i think this is  an easy one to start with so for those who don't  

know what this is this is the internet oh sorry no  i mean this is the sentence game i'm sure you know  

what the internet is by now the sentence game i  will show you a sentence there are some missing  

words and underneath there there are some  clues so today we have the sentence game random  

words random letters as always the first to get  it gets a kiss the first the first to get it  

can have a little touch they can touch  my beard it's like stroking sandpaper

that's it i always like to something  on the something side of life  

well tran tran uh you have a word that fits  the first one yeah you could use that word  

it's not quite what we're after but uh you  could definitely use that first word hmm

yes yes that's quite good lean yes and amore has  said live yes i always like to live yes yeah hmm  

that's interesting yes two  interesting choices there

and uh sergio had the definitely  had the second word and so did maura  

uh atomic has managed again to get both of the  words that you have suggested fits in there  

so uh but there are other alternatives yes  you might have you might have different words  

you could put in there so yeah so uh more  yes that that does fit what you put really

i think i think we got the answer  coming for the first time today we have  

mr cockrell a lot of people have complained i had  a complaint by the way about mr cockrell they said  

mr duncan why do you always refer to your cockerel  as your [ __ ] you can say cockerel or rooster you  

don't have to say [ __ ] even though it might  raise one or two smiles out there in youtube  

land but you must be mature when you are doing  your show okay mr cocky i agree mr cockerell

here he comes i've been warning  mr duncan for weeks about that  

this my [ __ ] is about to spring up

there it was my little my lovely little cockerel  mr cockrule it annoys me every time you do that mr  

duncan it's not professional it is though that's  what it is yes but you're doing it to try and  

it's your mind that's rude yes trying to get us to  you know what you're doing when it leaves my mouth  

it's clean but when it goes into your ear maybe  it's not it's it's you you're the rude one not me  

it's not anyway what's the answer mr duncan  um what are we doing descendants game first  

one the answer is bing oh i always like  to look on the sunny side of life you look  

on the sunny side of life so if you look  on the sunny side what would you say steve  

optimistic you're always looking on the  bright side would be another alternative word  

uh but people some people have said live as  the first word you could have live it would fit  

uh and we also had yes liv or lean tran said  said lean lean on lean yeah sort of lean  

in terms of you know what you're thinking yes  well we often use the word lean to show preference  

you might lean towards something yes so  lean towards can mean you are you are  

your position has changed so maybe i lean towards  mr steve like this and then mr steve will lean  

away or you can have something you you like  or you favor you can lean towards it with your  

your feeling your opinion yeah you lean towards  so you're in this example you're leaning towards  

a positive outlook yes that's good that's only  so that fits i like that i like that a lot i  

like it when we do the sentence game and people  come up with alternatives that fit and that's  

the thing that's why english is so interesting  because sometimes you might have one choice but  

there might be other other possibilities as well  here we go here's our second of a sentence game

you should you should something his promises with  us something of what what could it be or letters  

beginning with t five letters beginning with  p and four letters beginning with s you should  

ah you should something his promises with a  something of something hmm yes but what so  

this is a kind of we might use this as an idiom i  suppose so you might be referring to an idiom or  

maybe just something that is metaphoric so you are  yes maybe a person tells you something but perhaps  

you are a little bit skeptical or maybe you are  cautious you don't want to believe that person  

too quickly or maybe you don't believe them at  all you don't believe a single word they're saying

well we've already got a correct answer oh okay  well that was quick we have who is this well  

let's let's wait for a few more i can't believe  we had a correct answer straight away very quick  

it's not tomic is it well it was actually more oh  more well done laura was very quick look you get  

a thumbs up rosa got the first word you get one  of mr duncan's golden thumbs but now everyone's  

getting it vitas alexandra uh oh connell's here  hello connell nice to just arrived wow nice to  

see connell as well thank you very much for  joining me a long time since we saw you yep  

this one's out there mr duncan this one which  i thought would be quite difficult to get  

oh okay a lot of people have got it right  pretty good and more got it just like that oh  

straight now for those who are watching in asia  i know that for many people it will be very late  

at night now because we've changed the clocks you  see so because all of the clocks have moved around  

it is a little later now in asia so i'm very  sorry about that there's nothing i can do about  

it unfortunately but we turned our clocks back  one hour last night which of course affects many  

people who are watching ahead of us because it  means now it's much later so if it was midnight  

when we started it would be 1am when we  start which of course for many people  

is too late too late yes so yes the answer's  out there mr duncan you should something his  

promises whether something of something  so are we ready for for mr cockerell

would you say mr mr cockrell should now appear  yes okay then by the way mr steve mr steve is  

very lucky because today mr cockerell is very  close to mr steve's left leg so you might notice  

now and again steve will be looking very happy  as mr cockerell is standing right next to him

he's right on my right in my face mr duncan i  thought wow there is i could really answer that  

i know but you won't because we  have to keep it clean there are  

two answers that i could give to what mr steve  has just said and both of them are disgusting

oh the answer yes yes but here we go the  answer everyone's got it now everybody knows  

so let's just confirm that  by pressing the magic button  

yes you should take his promises with a pinch  of salt yes to take something with a pinch of  

salt what does that mean steve that means  you don't take it seriously yes that's it  

you don't take it seriously so if for  example somebody was promising to marry you  

for example in this case we've said a man his and  uh and uh you're discussing with a friend of yours  

and you say to your friend oh my boyfriend  said he's going to marry me and uh  

your friend might say your friend doesn't  trust this person that you're going out with  

and they say to you don't trust him take what he  says with a pinch of salt yes in other words he's  

probably doesn't really mean it don't believe  what that person says because they are probably  

lying but you should take it with a pinch of salt  yes so don't take it seriously by the way pinch  

just means something that you are holding  between your finger your forefinger and  

your thumb a pinch of something maybe when  you're cooking you might add a pinch of salt  

to your ingredients yes like if you were to pinch  somebody pinch you do that when you're pinching  

be painful wouldn't it yes so if you do that with  salt you're just taking enough salt to be held  

in those two fingers so it's actually  it's actually a very loose measurement  

a measurement a pic pinch sometimes you see that  in recipe books add a pinch of salt pinch and it  

just means take enough that you can hold in  your two in your finger and thumb something  

like that yes but it also means don't take  something seriously that's it so don't believe  

it maybe you should have some doubt about  the truth of the thing that has been said  

to you hmm do we have time for another one i think  we do i think we have time for another sentence  

game steve this is really really good i'm getting  quite excited we have 10 minutes left don't forget  

i'm back with you next sunday every sunday we are  here live for two hours from 2 p.m uk time gmt

as if as if it wasn't confusing enough already  here we go another sentence game are you ready  

steve i'm always ready i can hardly stand the  excitement oh oh we have three three missing words  

right we we something to reach and  something beginning with a on the new  

something eight letters beginning with c yes so we  have f six letters a nine letters c eight letters

that's a tricky one i think mr duncan very tricky  

i normally get these but i  haven't got that one yet hmm

interesting mr dunker the only thing that is

any answers coming through yet 30 seconds haven't  

passed mr duncan which is the delay  shall i just stand here in silence  

well you could think of something to say we  something six letters beginning with f to reach an


ah you know you know i'm thinking of disqualifying  tomic i'm sorry you you're just too clever are you  

are you uh hacking into mr duncan's computer yes  can you see are you outside my window watching can  

you see my screen with all the answers i think  tomic's hacking into your computer i think so  

yes i think he's he's he's installed something  on my computer when i wasn't looking well he's  

cleverer than i am because i couldn't get it  but i got the middle one uh so well done tomic

although we're not necessarily revealing that  it's correct are you a member of mensa tomic  

do you have a very high iq

um vtas has got it do you know what your iq is no  and i don't want to know is it in single figures  

trans says that tomek's got a big  brain what what happens if your iq  

is only about eight or nine or  six and a half what happens then

you can get a job in in local government probably  palmyra says that tomex in office profile whatever  

that is oh i see what office profile office  profile well i don't i don't use office profile  

maybe it's uh maybe it's an app my office is  a program isn't it yes microsoft yes maybe

what i don't what are you thinking steve  maybe that maybe there's that there's a  

program that will give you answers no we're  assuming that tomek has a big large brain  

a huge a huge cerebral cortex and is very good  at english and can work these out all on his  

own i think so yes not not like mr steve when  he's adding things up he has to use his fingers  

what was it last week was it five eight  take away five one two three four five  

means it's three yes but last week you  seem to doubt whether that was correct

which was quite funny actually so well done maybe  you know hold back a little give people a chance  

uh in the future yes all we are saying is  give everyone else on the live chat a chance

but tarmac is correct and i'm going  to look up office profile palmyra  

to see what that program can do yes  but i think tomex hacking into your  

computer yes oh my goodness i hope not  i really hope nobody's hacking into it  

so for various reasons all of my secrets  you see are stored in my computer  

what did you think i meant here here we go here's  the answer are you ready steve for the answer  

yep i almost pressed the wrong thing  then i must press the choo choo

i pressed the choo choo i didn't mean  to i didn't want to press the choo-choo  

yeah the choo-choo would do we've got  the answer mr duncan instead we have  

mr cockrell's in my face again yeah right  so what is the answer was tommy correct  

was tomic correct can tomek go to the front of  the classroom i just think tomic wants kisses  

i think that's what it is i would imagine  that's the last thing tomic wants is one of your  

it's going to be dark early tonight mr duncan  and i've got to clear up all the clippings yeah  

that i have i have taken off this bush outside  our front is that is that the tree is it it's  

not a very big tree yeah that's uh that's just  that's how much i've taken off the whole width  

of the all the way around this bush it smells  you know it smells it smells like toilet cleaner  

yes well conifers often have this strong smell  of sort of uh pine piney or sometimes i think  

they smell like cats pee yes so you said that's  quite nice so you could have it there it's like  

a as if we're behind the bushes we're hiding in  the bushes giovanna says tommy wins a jaffa cake

you can have one of my jaffa cakes  if you want tomik there we go look  

i've got i've got a whole box and i think  he wants a kiss 80 percent eighty percent

tomic did want kisses you're not supposed to  do that it's supposed to be socially distancing  

you're not you're not allowed to blow kisses  to anyone even through the internet haven't  

you heard of computer viruses it's safe  mr duncan dear me very well if tomic comes  

down with something now very error then he  can blame me very iris very irresponsible

is just arrived would you like the answer um  steve yes we failed to reach an agreement on  

the new contract we failed to reach an agreement  on the new contract that's it how did you choose  

that particular sentence mr duncan i don't know  sorry enos but we're going now well five minutes  

we still have five minutes because i started late  you see so we've only technically we've been on  

four let me just see we've been on for one  hour and 55 minutes you see so we still have  

five minutes we have to we have to stick to  our contract you see our contracted hours

we'll be like that then what do you think  should i stay or go do you want mr steve  

to stay or do you want him to go well  enos we've got to do something for enas  

in five minutes to make it worth his while coming  on yes okay we'll stay on five more minutes maybe  

you didn't realize the clocks have changed  in the uk that's probably why you're late on  

mr steve will stay with us i think  what should i do do a dance sing a song  

or none of the above what shall we do then for  the next five minutes we can have another sentence  

game go on then okay i've got i've got a couple  of more here a couple of more sentence games

this is bonus time now we're into bonus time  

you spat extra time did i spit all over  me though disgusting i spit all over you  

let me mop that down there we go that's like  my nan used to do my granny used to do that

but if you but your mother used to do that or  your gran if you've got some mud on you they  

used to spit into a into a tissue and wipe it  off i know i mean just wouldn't do that now my  

my mother wouldn't use a tissue she just spit in  my face anyway and that's it that's that's all she  

would do she just spit at me and that was it he's  had a scarred upbringing if you have a scarred  

upbringing it means that you're you're it's like  having an actual physical scar but a mental scar  

in that uh you know it's always creating  unhappiness you have no idea what i've been  

through here's another one then oh okay then this  is interesting i don't remember what the answer to  

this is uh well you don't have to you've got the  well we've got tomic tomic concern hacking into  

your computer as we speak i something a sudden  something to something here's something i i'm what  

happened that maybe i was having a dizzy spell  when i typed this so maybe my glasses were steamed  

up four words we've got to think up four words i  know we're really testing tomic now come on tomic  

you're going to have to put your  brain into third or fourth gear

wants me to sing i want it my way do you mean uh  i did it i did it my way and now the end is near  

and so we will both face the  final curtain yes my friends  

i'll say it clear of this of which i'll  state my uh certain something like that  

i'll state my case of which i'm  certain i've lived a life that's full

i've traveled each and every by way yeah but  but no more much more than this than this  

way oh well we've done it that's  a copyright strike from youtube  

well then i something a sudden something to  something here's something f for four letters  

d six letters s four letters f four letters  come on tomek ah yes yes we're really testing  

your brain now giovanna is come up with an  interesting answer okay which sort of fits uh  

but we don't want spitting really do we we don't  want spit i mean the words fit i've got to say

lewis is off by lewis well palmyra oh louis  mendes wow louis can i just say louis louis mendes  

louis mendes is that a goodbye no oh  it's a correct answer where louis mendes  

i didn't see that oh my goodness i'm  stunned i am stunned louis i am stunned

lewis was going and then his parting shot to us  is a correct answer in the sentence he see now  

lewis wants us to remember this moment forever  so this will be the moment that i will always  

remember when lewis said goodbye but also gave the  correct answers to the sentence game at the same  

time what a way to end well done so i suppose  we will have mr cockerell for one more time  

and then we'll give the answer i something a  sudden something to something his something  

it could have been anything really when  you think about it mr cockrell come on

time to wake up so what's the answer mr duncan  as you have suggested okie doke okey dokey pig  

in a pokey here we go the answer to today's final  sentence game before we disappear for another week

is oh i felt a sudden desire to  slap his face i felt a sudden desire  

to slap his face you might also say i felt the  sudden desire so some people might say i felt  

the sudden desire or i felt a sudden desire to  slap his face some people have said spit spit his  

face but you would have to say spit in his face  for that to be grammatically correct yes so if you  

spit at someone you spit in their face you spit in  their face because that's where you are aiming for

so there we go that's it i think that's it  shall we call it a day we are now going to  

call it a day we are going to wrap up we are  going to put away our toys for another week  

have you enjoyed it steve no you know what  i've enjoyed i have my favorite moment from  

today's live stream was when we ate the  scone that's all i've been thinking about  

is going in there and having another one yes we  are going to have a cup of tea this week not a tea  

cake we're going to have another scone or could we  have a scone and a tea cake oh that's just greedy  

i think that is what's going to happen that  is very greedy goodbye to everyone it's been  

lovely mr duncan it's been lovely  to see you all it's been wonderful  

let's see you all next week i hope so  bye bye for now mr steve is now going  

you'll have to push me off i will move you  forward slowly as steve goes into the kitchen

as if by magic he has disappeared there are  so many things going on here that i can never  

tell you about but it's always very busy when  steve is around for various reasons it's almost  

time to go i can't believe it's time to say  goodbye i hope you've enjoyed today's live stream  

two hours have gone by very quickly i hope  you've enjoyed this live stream and i hope  

you will enjoy next week's live stream as well  i hope so because it hasn't arrived yet by the  

way next saturday is a special day because it is  my 14th anniversary 14 years i've been on youtube  

next saturday will be the anniversary of course  we're not here next saturday but we will be with  

you next sunday which is the first of november oh  my goodness can it be true have we really reached  

the point where november is just around the corner  i can't believe it i really don't believe it at  

all thank you for your company thank you everybody  on the live chat will i have my beard next week um  

you will have to tune in again and find out  before i go can i say happy birthday to my sister  

i'll listen it's your birthday today  yes today it's your birthday hip hip  

hooray happy birthday to my sister  she is another year older today  

thank you for your company see you next sunday 2  p.m uk time as usual i will be here next sunday  

mr steve will be here as well this is mr duncan  in the birthplace of english saying thanks for  

watching see you later take care stay safe  and you know what's coming next yes you do

ta ta for now.