here we are again oh my goodness I can't believe it we are back

again live on YouTube yes it is myself mr. Duncan hi everybody how are you

today are you ok I hope so are you happy well I hope you are

feeling happy today because well what can I say really except for it's raining

not only is it raining it is raining quite a lot it is quite a contrast from

the weather we had last week if you were watching last week you will know that we

had lots of lovely weather it was beautiful sunny and warm but

unfortunately today well what can I say really there isn't much you can say

unfortunately there isn't much you can say hi to everybody for those who are

wondering what is this who is this strange man on my TV screen at the

moment my name is Duncan I teach English I've been doing this on YouTube forever

such a long time many many years many moons oh I like that expression if we

say something happened many moons ago it means a long time so for many moons I've

been teaching English here on YouTube and this year it is my 14th year

teaching and talking and hopefully giving you a little bit of entertainment

as well did you see my livestream yesterday I was with you yesterday

out and about I decided yesterday that I wanted to go out

and do one of my live streams with my mobile phone so that's what I decided to

do in fact I did do it did you see it yesterday it was a long and quite tiring

livestream however one of the good things about being tired during the day

if you if you do something during the day that makes you feel tired what

normally happens is you have a good sleep so I had the most amazing sleep

last night I slept like a baby so we have the live

chat now is definitely running ok I am just making sure that all of my

technology works I am taking a big risk because I have lots of electrical

devices around me so I hope the electricity and the water do not mix I

do not want to be electrocuted not today anyway it wouldn't be very good hello

Vitesse hello and a peeker hello to everyone in fact especially Vitesse and

anna and also anna pker guess what you are first on today's live chat

yes I haven't given anyone a clap for a long time

hello also - Mohan hello most set Mohan or Mohsen hello to you unfortunately I

have rain on my phone so I might have to clean my phone to get rid of all the

rain hello also lolli lolli hi mr. Duncan hi

everyone hello also mica mica is watching in Japan hi to you is it

raining where you are because it is here live from England on a Tuesday yes it is

Tuesday everyone can you believe it

it's Tuesday and I'm feeling really really happy

not too bad I feel very refreshed today and I hope you do as well yes it is

another day of inconvenience I think that is a good word to use it isn't a

very strong word however we are all together with another day of

inconvenience we are all still in isolation we are all still suffering at

the moment with all of the craziness that is happening around the world if

you can hear a gentle sound behind me that sound is the rain coming down as I

or as I've already said it is very wet today not only that is it is also very

cold as well I didn't realize how cold it is today I think I should have worn

my gloves unfortunately they are in the house I might get them later on

sujin says yes I can hear the sound of the rain and you are right we are having

a lot of rain at the moment after all of that lovely glorious sunshine that we've

been enjoying for the past two or three weeks now we have rain and guess what it

is also going to rain tomorrow as well so we have lots of rain coming over the

next 24 hours so I might be here in the garden tomorrow I'm not sure or I might

be in the studio but here today I am taking my little bit of shelter from my

lovely magic gazebo so for those who are wondering why I'm not getting wet I am

standing underneath my lovely gazebo and that's the reason why hello to Street

Street work hello street workout I have a feeling

you might be connected with computer games or maybe some form of exercise

unfortunately today isn't a good day to do exercise outside because it's raining

most people are definitely staying in the house today I don't think we have to

worry about social distancing today because everyone is staying at home

hello also to Noor prod hello Noor prod nice to see you here as

well on the livestream I am live with you every day every day I was thinking

of actually ending the daily live streams this week because the 30th of

April is just a couple of days away and I was thinking maybe that's it maybe I

don't need to do this anymore because many people are now starting to

return to their normal lives so I'm not sure at the moment I might actually stop

for daily live streams on Thursday I might do it then we will see what

happens and then I will go back to my normal live streams on Sunday Wednesday

and Friday is that a good idea or do you want even more of my live streams it is

up to you but may is just around the corner the new month of May is

approaching so I'm not sure at the moment if I will continue doing this

every day after the end of April or not I haven't decided yet I am still

thinking about it I am considering my choices hello pal Meera

hello Emanuela as well nice to see you here what is the weather like where you


hello mr. black bird can you see mr. black bird he's in the garden at the MER

there are lots of worms coming up from the ground so as you can imagine the

black birds are getting very excited because many of them now have their

chicks to take care of I have noticed over the past couple of days

there are many birds now in the garden and they are all gathering food to take

back to their chicks not only that last night I saw some baby gold fit not gold

finches green finches last night I saw some baby green finches being fed in the

garden by their parents fantastic not only that but there is also a baby robin

in the garden in fact today you might hear it or maybe not because of the

sound of the rain but there is a baby robin also in the garden and the baby

robin has a very high very high-pitched sound it makes the sound like this

it's outside now so there is a baby robin just outside my gazebo but waiting

to be fed isn't that nice so there's a lot of activity taking

place here in the garden right now because of all the new born birds hello

Elise sir hello Beatriz hello chale chale new in watching in Vietnam

hello to you as well I hope you are enjoying your day where you are hello

Kalyan it is pouring yes the raid is pouring there are many ways of

describing rain and it all depends on how heavy or how much rain there is for

example I can't believe the rain is actually coming into my gazebo it is

blowing in so my paper is getting slightly wet which is rather annoying so

there are many ways of describing rainfall for example if the rain is not

falling very heavily we can say that the rain is spitting spitting so if the rain

is coming down and it's not very much there isn't much rain we can say that it

is spitting you might say it is spitting with rain at the moment

spitting with rain spitting because there are only

occasional drops of rain so this is the least heavy rain the least light rain

the rain is spitting we might also say that we might say that there is drizzle

ah remember that word yesterday I mentioned that word yesterday didn't I

because we were talking about lemon drizzle and that is a type of cake would

you like to see the lemon drizzle so this is a lemon drizzle cake and it also

refers to this word as well drizzle if something is coming down steadily or if

you pour something over an object such as lemon drizzle this is what you end up

with this is what you have Wow look at that that is a nice piece of lemon

drizzle so that particular cake is something that is very popular here in

the UK and I have a feeling also maybe around the world this well a lot of

people talking about lemon drizzle yesterday so that is a type of cake also

it can also describe the type of rain that is falling but not too heavily not

too heavy there is drizzle I'm just thinking now how I would describe

today's rain hmm how would I describe today's rain well if he's not drizzle

definitely not drizzle is light rain it means the rain is not coming down very

heavily today it is definitely not drizzle I am pretty sure of it pretty

sure I'm pretty sure that it isn't drizzle in fact this is what I might

describe today's rain as pouring it is pouring the rain is pouring down

it means the rain is coming down constantly and also heavily the rain is

very heavy it is pouring down outside at the moment here in England the rain is

pouring down it is constant it is not stopping it has been pouring down all

morning the rain has been pouring all morning without stopping and guess what

we have even more rain coming tomorrow not very good if the rain is really

heavy if the rain is coming down very heavily we might say that we have

torrential rain oh I like that word so rain that is coming down heavily really

heavy without stopping quite often torrential rain can cause

flooding torrential so very heavy rain rain that can cause damage rain that can

also cause flooding torrential rain heavy without stopping at all i don't

think today's rain is torrential maybe tomorrow maybe tomorrow we will get

torrential rain who knows we will see what happens hello to the live chat oh

hello sweetness says yes it is pouring down it certainly is and it's not going

to stop either it is not going to stop I hope you are enjoying some of the sounds

behind me today because there is a baby robbing in the garden being fed by its

parents and that is the little sound you can hear the little sound that is

actually the sound of a baby robbing just behind me it's nice I wonder if it

will come in to say hello heavy rain yes we are having heavy rain today it is

heavy and it is also not stopping the rain is heavy you might say that if the

rain is coming down heavily we might say that it is throwing it down it is

throwing it down outside the rain is falling so heavily it is throwing it

down I think today you might describe today's rain as throwing it down it is

coming down heavily and there is no sign of today's rain stopping it is throwing

it down you might say look outside the window oh my goodness I was going to go

for a walk today but I can't because it's throwing it down it's throwing it

down outside throwing it down it is raining very heavily yeah you might also

describe rain that is coming down a lot as persistent oh yes so I think today

this is a good way of describing today's rain so today's rain is persistent it is

persistent it is non-stop so the rain is not stopping it is

persistent I like that word persistent something that continues without

stopping is persistent so today the rain is definitely

persistent it is continuous it is not stopping all very since this morning

when I woke up it was raining and it's still raining now it hasn't stopped at

all the rain is persistent it is non-stop it will not stop at all

unfortunately here we go the rain it is coming down in buckets if the rain is

very heavy we can say that the rain is coming down in buckets that means the

rain is coming down very heavy sometimes you might have a lot of heavy rain and

the rain is so heavy it seems as if it's coming down in buckets because the rain

is so heavy there is so much rain falling from the

sky it's coming down in buckets I love that that's a great expression we use

that one quite often here in the UK we will often say look at the rain it's

coming down in buckets because it's so heavy the rain is too heavy

unfortunately ah yes we had the word drizzle earlier didn't we we have the

word drizzle constant rain light rain drizzle you might also say that the rain

that is continuous if the if the rain is not stopping you might say that there is

no letter there is no letter letter means end so there is no

letter there is no end there is no easing of the rain the rain is

continuing there is no a letter it it would appear that the rain is not going

to stop there is no letter I like that one we are going to have a break in a

moment for two reasons one I want to go into the house and get my gloves and two

I will be able to have a drink of water perhaps really to be honest with you

maybe today I should have something hot or something warm to drink however I

will have my water and hopefully that will keep me refreshed

don't worry on the live chat I haven't forgotten you hello Luis Mendez how is

the weather in Paris today how is the weather where you are

is it raining in Paris I know across Europe yesterday there is a lot of rain

mr. Robin there was a lot of rain yesterday across Europe and today it is

our turn it is our turn to get the rain and we are definitely getting the rain a

lot of rain hello to you Fran hello dear friend hello to you

very nice can you describe the different types of rain well that's what I just

did maybe you didn't see it yet but I did just describe all of the different

types of rain from light to heavy heavy rain light rain heavy rain the rain is

coming down so fast of course you can also have the word monsoon so if you

suddenly have a lot of heavy rain and it falls very heavily you can

describe it as a monsoon quite often monsoons will cause a lot of damage and

also loss of life is well hello to Reshma

hello also to Marina marina Singh hello to you watching in India nice to see so

many people here today I know one thing I am absolutely freezing cold not only

that but I don't have my watch either I forgot to put my watch on my wrist so

I don't even know what time it is isn't that strange oh I see it is now -

33 - 33 here in the UK I will have a break in a moment and then I can get my

lovely red gloves yes today I'm going to wear my red look hello also Noemi Lille

oh yes I like that expression thank you lil it is raining cats and dogs a lot of

people use that expression it is raining cats and dogs it is raining heavily

constantly the rain is not stopping it is raining cats and dogs of course

not literally it isn't literally raining cats and dogs we just use it as an

expression to show how heavy the rain is

there is no letter there is no end the rain appears to be

staying with us for quite a long time did you see the lovely lavender in the

garden I will show you again the lavender behind me in fact you might

just be able to see it in fact no it's it's around the corner so here is the

lavender right outside by window right now so

this is a view from my studio and you can see the beautiful lavender there is

a beautiful lavender tree in my garden and it's looking rather nice at the

moment so all of the lovely petals all of the flowers have actually come out on

my lavender tree and it's looking rather nice and I must admit I do quite like

the smell as well it is a very nice nice smell Sint so there you can see it all

of the purple flowers on my lovely lavender tree very nice it's looking

very nice hello also to sweetness hello also

tomorrow hello to you as well nice to see you on the live chat as well so many

people here today hello Alex mr. Duncan do you feel better when it's raining the

hay fever should also be be less yes you are right today you may have noticed

that my voice is much better and also I'm not sneezing and that's because the

rain is falling and the people like me who suffer from hay fever when the rain

falls it means we can have a break a lovely break from our suffering from

hay fever so today my hay fever is not as bad as normal and that is because

it's raining and all of the pollen as has become damp so it can't float around

so I like that I like it a lot I really do hello retests it is also raining in

my area but I managed to fry a BBQ Oh so Vitas had a BBQ earlier on

did you eat something nice I think so very nice you're making me hungry now by

the way hello Andy I am not letting up with my English

study yes that's good so if there is no letter it means you

are not stopping you will carry on doing it

pretty good I like that I like it a lot Louis here in Paris we do have periods

of rain and periods of Sun oh we've had no sunshine here today no Sun here today

unfortunately it is only rain Thank You patina in Germany we have blue sky but

today we have dark clouds so your your sky was clear but now it isn't it's

really cold if you have to wear gloves you are right it's quite cold today I

don't know why but my fingers are really feeling quite numb quite numb

there is no feeling in my fingers my fingers have gone numb I like that word


hello - eunuch Arena mr. Duncan do you get used to the rain in the UK I don't

like rain as you know if you are a regular viewer you will know that I do

not like the rain I don't like being in the rain and I certainly don't like

getting wet in the rain definitely not hello also alehna

my friend's name from India is Varsha and it actually means rain there is a

sound I haven't heard for a while the sound of an aeroplane

you don't hear aeroplanes very often at the moment Varsha

so the word Varsha actually means rain okay I am learning some new words as

well I like it hello to flower my husband's friend is

suffering from sorry to hear that I hope it's not too serious some people

have that thing and they seem to get over it quite quickly

some people have it without even realising so I suppose that's one of the

reasons why it can spread so easily so you can actually have it without feeling

any symptoms very strange Mirza hello Mirza Adil you ignore my chats

always I do get accused all the time of ignoring people can I just say I never

ignore people I never ignore anyone on the live chat so I'm not ignoring you

but sometimes the messages move so quickly I can't see them that's the

reason why so don't worry I am NOT ignoring you why would I why would I

ignore you there is no reason why I would do that

definitely not mr. Duncan please don't get wet I won't get wet today because

I'm underneath my lovely gazebo my lovely gazebo is keeping me dry like

magic it really is have you ever seen that the the Sun and the rain at the

same time yes I love it I I have many photographs that have

taken from my wind of beautiful rainbows in the sky and of

course at the moment many people are using the rainbow as a symbol of hope

telling people that everything that is happening at the moment will come to an

end everything will get better so many people many children are painting

rainbows to show their positivity the future will be good there is light ahead

and the rainbow is being used as a symbol of that particular thing will the

rain ever stop will it ever stop I don't know in Indonesia we call rain

huijun full jam and heavy rain who journal about oh I see okay I'm learning

a lot of things today

another plane another airplane going over what is happening I can't see them

because they are so high up but it's very strange there are so many

aeroplanes going over the house what is happening

are we being invaded my fingers are numb unfortunately I'm going to have a break

I will go into the house I will get my gloves and then I will be nice and warm

on the live chat to keep you company we are going to have a look at one of my

full English lessons this is one of my lessons where mr. Lomax

makes an appearance unfortunately mr. Lomax does something not very nice to me

this is full English 21

can you see what I have here this is a plug it forms part of many electrical

devices and safely allows electricity to travel from the mains outlet to the

device in question you plug this into the mains outlet or socket the verb for

this action is also plug you plug it in I forgot to plug the TV in you need to

plug it in before it will work to take the plug out is unplug you unplug

something don't forget to unplug the TV before you come to bed you will have to

unplug the washing machine before moving it to plug is to connect and to unplug

is to disconnect the word plug can also be something used to block a hole it can

be a noun or verb I'm going to plug the hole the word plug can also mean to

informally mention something as a way of advertising it to others I will be on

the radio today to plug my new book could you plug my new song on your show

in these sentences the word plug means to casually mention something so as to

promote it

do you want to know what I'm doing here I am about to change a light bulb the

bulb inside this light fitting has blown it has burned itself out it has come to

the end of its life it is no longer working the bulb has gone in this sense

the word gone means expired the bulb is dead so I will now replace the blown one

with one that works first I need to make sure that the electricity is turned off

so I don't electrocute myself because that would really spoil my day and make

this lesson very short have you noticed how many types of light fittings there

are nowadays some push in some screwin and as for their shapes symbols are

spherical symbols are curly and some are straight and long we measure the light

output of bulbs in watts this particular bulb is 40 watts it is a 40 watt bulb ok

it's time to change that light bulb I must unscrew the bulb carefully so as

not to break it

that's strange somebody's turn the power supply to the

lights off first I need to make sure that the

electricity is turned on the electricity is turned on okay so I don't electrocute

myself it electrocute myself electrocute myself I think I will turn that back on

and you thought you were having a bad day what's that it sounds like mr.

Duncan's in trouble and I'm coming mr. Duncan

The Mummy read me a bedtime story you promised me yourself you would you

promised me if I was good read me a story

mr. Denton are you alright wait a minute when I was standing up there I had

different clothes on I was wearing a grey tank top over a purple shirt now

I am wearing a black jumper I know what happened

there has been some bad continuity the clothes I wore in the previous shots do

not match the ones I'm wearing now they have changed this is bad continuity the

flow of this sequence has been broken by this mistake if you sometimes see bad

continuity in TV shows and movies this is mainly caused by the fact that each

shot is done at different times or in completely different places so sometimes

it is possible for them not to match continuity errors can be seen in all

types of productions from the low-budget movie right up to the multi-million

dollar blockbuster

today I hope you enjoyed that that was something that I made a few years ago in

fact one of my full English lessons I hope you enjoyed that and of course mr.

Lomax as usual is causing me a lot of pain and a lot of discomfort discomfort

oh I like that word discomfort I've got my gloves by the way unfortunately there

is something I didn't realize I can't operate my smartphone with my gloves

unfortunately so I'm going to try and use my nose I will see if I can use my

nose to move the live chat so just excuse me I'm going to see if I can use

my nose ah there we go quite a lot of people are joining me now

ah mr. Duncan I have watched your old live streams in which you said that your

house isn't there isn't anything in your house

does anyone wants to steal

but if anyone wants to steal mr. Steve they are welcome did I really say that

it does sound like something I would say I think so

hello beetus yesterday you promised to show your drawings do you remember

I do remember unfortunately I couldn't find them on my computer so I thought I

had a file with some of my drawings on them unfortunately I couldn't find the

file I don't know where it is a couple of weeks ago I did some rearranging of

my files and I think I may have archived that particular file unfortunately so I

did look for it last night and I couldn't find my drawings hopefully I

will go into my archive and I will see if I can find that particular folder I

will try my best anyway mazzimo says very interesting the way

you have explained the bad continuity sometimes in movies you will notice that

things do not match from one scene to another and sometimes that is because

certain scenes are shocked or filmed over many days so you have to remember

where people were positioned and also what they were wearing so you do see

this sometimes even in very big big-budget movies you will often see

small mistakes small continuity mistakes so it does happen quite a lot okay I

can't use my phone with gloves this is one of the problems unfortunately with

smartphones if you are wearing your gloves you can't use the phone so I will

have to take one of my gloves off so I can actually use the live chat hello

Lois it is raining cats and dogs everywhere

apparently the expression is Greek really I didn't know that I always

wondered what where it came from I always wondered what the that the origin

of raining cats and dogs actually is thank you very much hello to Rajendra

mr. day hello watching you from Corbett National

Park in India that sounds very nice the editor will make a mistake sometimes the

editor will make the mistake but sometimes it is also the person who is

shooting the scene so if a person is making a movie and maybe you have to

film one scene over many days especially outdoor filming one of the hardest

things to do if you are making a movie or a TV show is filming outdoors it is

the hardest thing to do and that is the reason why these days working inside a

studio with green screen has become very popular and one of the reasons is

because you can control the environment you can control the lighting you can

control everything around you so it is much easier if you are filming something

to do it in the studio because then you can control the environment that you are

filming in hello - Louisa the weather is rainy in spring it is in fact this

particular month April is well known for being wet you will often hear people

refer to April showers and the reason why that

we say that is because quite often the month of April will be quite wet my

fingers are so cold I don't know why I need someone to stand here with their

finger and then they can move the live chat for me it doesn't work you see it's

it's so crazy I can't use my smartphone with my gloves on that's not very smart

is it when you think about it hello - hello Noemi I don't understand

why the films have bad continuity because in each set there is a

continuity photo photographer you are right yes there is a person normally if

you have a lot of money to spend on your movie you often have someone who will

make sure that all of the scenes match and quite often they will take

photographs as reference to the scene that you just shopped it's true yes you

are right there is normally someone who is in charge or is responsible for

continuity so everything in the scene will match but you will see it sometimes

may be sometimes you might see a person holding a cup in their hand but then

suddenly when you go back to that person the cup is in the other hand and then

suddenly the cup is in the hand it was in before so you can notice sometimes

that things move around or things disappear maybe someone is wearing only

one glove like this but suddenly in the next scene for some reason I don't know

how it happens the person is actually wearing two blue

the other glove suddenly appears and that is bad continuity it means that the

person who is doing the filming forgot to make sure every part of the scene

matches so that's why sometimes things will appear and then disappear and then

come back again in movies we call it continuity that's good one that's a good

one Massimo I still remember once in an

important film there were ancient Roman soldiers but one of the soldiers one of

them was wearing a watch that is it yes something that is out of place something

that does not belong in that place it is out of place it doesn't belong there

you will see this quite often in movies especially if you are filming in an area

where you are yeah there are lots of old houses and maybe some of these the

houses might have television aerials or satellite dishes on the front of them so

if sometimes if you look very carefully when you were watching a movie quite

often you will find these little anomalies lift things that don't make

sense things that look out of plates and that's example you just gave is a good

one yes so maybe you see lots of Roman

soldiers and one of them might be wearing a wristwatch

you are right yes hello dolly oh it's nice to see you here today

Dolly Hello Dolly it's so nice to see you here where you belong you should cut

a little hole in the glove and then your finger will be exposed and then you can

hold or use your phone that is a good idea I like that idea I like you to lurk

I like it a lot here in Rome it is also cloudy now but also a few hours ago it

was raining lightly but I don't want to cut a hole in my gloves if I cut a hole

in my gloves then then my glove will be ruined it will be spoiled but I know

what you mean it's rather strange that I have to do it like that

hello asar hello I saw mr. Duncan I have joined you again it's very nice to see

you back here very nice hello to Luis Mendez hello Elsa Meeker we have a

special word for April showers in Japanese called net night Ana Zoo you

know tano zoo you now can i zoo you is that good is my pronunciation good I had

a lot of compliments yesterday because I tried to speak some Vietnamese and

someone said mr. Duncan your Vietnamese is very good so I was rather pleased

with that I felt very proud of myself to be honest

hello to russian boy hello to set petersburg hello nice to see you here

today very nice to see you latina is here also

mr. Duncan I love mr. Duncan's thank you Anna pika I love mr. Duncan's

British humor some people say that British humor has a very particular

characteristic a lot of people enjoy watching British humor yes I I think you

you're right actually I think you have a very good point there

Anna says I can hear the sound of the rain on the gazebo over your head yes

the rain is not stopping I think it's going to rain forever I really do hello

to Jasmine if you want to see a rainbow you must go through the rain yes before

you can have the beautiful sight of the rainbow you must endure endure the rain

sometimes when you want something nice you have to do something horrible before

you can have it hello also to life bloggers welcome back to you as well

Sandrine in front in French we say it's raining it's wet it's the frogs party

and then afterwards we eat them ooh okay I'm going to sneeze excuse me Wow

very strange

my hay fever has suddenly returned I wonder why how weird

so for those who are worried don't worry it's nothing serious

it isn't it isn't okay I have hay fever

hello to Tao new in Tran hello to you I believe you are watching in Vietnam if

I'm not mistaken I think so

can you really set your phone to be sensible sensitive I think you mean

sensitive sensible is a different word sensitive so if I remember right yes I

think you are right so you can actually adjust your phone to respond to your

finger if you are wearing a glove I will try that later I will see if I can make

some changes to my phone but at the moment unfortunately it definitely isn't

working no it isn't working it doesn't do it if I wear my glove I cannot

operate my phone unfortunately hello quran kareem hi teacher can you repeat

the sentence the sentence of right ways I'm not sure what you mean by right ways

things that are correct the right way to do something the way something should be

done hello Anna hello also an f1 as well we have two

Anna's in fact I think maybe we have four four ladies called Anna on the live


hello 2k hello Kay are you okay because I think you have

lost some weight I hope you were mr. Steve are well I'm great thank you very

much I have lost a little bit of weight

because I've been very active during the past three four weeks I've been here

every day doing my live streams so today I think this is day 34 or 35 so I have

been doing a lot of live streams but thank you very much for saying that I

look as if I've lost some weight I feel happy about that that is a good

thing well as far as I know it is a good thing hello to jewelry hello also to

Louisa bless you mr. Duncan you were sneezing bless you during the Great

Plague a long time ago I'm not talking about now but during the great plague in

the past people used to say bless you when a person sneezed or if they coughed

a person would say bless you and they thought that that would help them to

stay healthy bless you and that's the reason why we say bless you now that is

the reason why we say bless you when a person sneezes or sometimes when a

person coughs they will say bless you

where are you standing now asks tomorrow you are not getting wet

is there attempt yes there is I am standing underneath my magic gazebo I

have my lovely gazebo which is covering me it is keeping me dry

it is also keeping my equipment dry at the same time so not only me but also my

equipment there is a lot of electricity in this gazebo and I don't want it to

get wet to be honest I really don't want it to get wet at all hello sunshine

hello sunshine I need some sunshine right now to be

honest mr. Duncan how easily how can I easily remember all of the colors of the

rainbow I'm not sure but I know there is a song there is a song that will help

you red and yellow and pink and blue orange and purple and read I can sing a

rainbow sing a rainbow sing a rainbow too but to be honest with you all of the

colors that exist are in the rainbow

sorry what's wrong what's wrong mr. black bird mr. black bird is getting

angry did you hear that there is mr. Blackford there in the garden mr. black

bird is looking for worms I think your gloves will not help you to use your

phone I think you are right yes you are right all by the way I've just

remembered I've had a question sent to me

there is a question here excuse me

oh yeah oh yeah

Oh oh there you are hello everyone if you just joined me my

name is Duncan I live in England and I teach English and today I am standing

outside on a rainy english day I had a question sent to me what does the phrase

hand-to-mouth mean hand-to-mouth it's a very interesting expression if you are

living from hand to mouth it means you have no savings you have no money that

you have kept aside so all of the money that you earn each week or month you

have to spend so all of your money goes instantly so everything you earn is all

you have you have to live from hand to mouth you have to live from hand to

mouth it means you are earning or making money and then immediately you spend all

of that money you don't have any savings you have no money put aside you have no

savings at all you are you are forced to eat or live

from hand to mouth if you are in a desperate situation where you don't have

much money you might describe yourself as living from hand to mouth and this is

an expression that quite a few people have been using recently for various

reasons there are people who have lost their jobs some people have been told

that they don't have to go to work which might seem like a good thing but

unfortunately if you are not working you are also not earning your money so that

is what the phrase hand to mouth means you are living literally from hand

to mouth so that is the meaning of that expression thank you for your questions

do-do-do-do-do-do-do I know one thing I am freezing I am quite cold I might not

do two hours today because to be honest with you it is freezing cold I can't

begin to tell you how cold it is today my feet are now beginning to go numb

hello to tomorrow says it is a pity that mister Blackbird has no mate I think you

will find that mr. blackbirds mate is actually probably sitting in the nest

taking care of the chicks so mr. blackbird will look for the worms

or food to feed to the chicks hello mr. Duncan a very good morning

with the magical rain the magical rainy view behind you it is so difficult and

stunning the nature is just awesome and I am fascinated by it

I always feel happy to see the awesome nature behind you thank you Mukunda

makan macau or the Kund man now the kun minal I hope I pronounced your name

right thank you very much and yes you might notice that the

scenery here in England is a little different today because it's raining

April showers are falling from the sky they are no sir hello no sir what is the

meaning of claustrophobia claustrophobia there are two types of fear when we are

talking about being in a certain place claustrophobia is the fear of being in a

small space or in an enclosed space maybe you are trapped inside a cupboard

you can't find any way out claustrophobia so being confined in a

small space or any space so if you are locked indoors and you can't get out you

might have claustrophobia plus the phobia and then the opposite of course

is agoraphobia so agoraphobia is actually the opposite

it is the fear of going outside it is the fear of being with other people in

open spaces hello to captive don't you have a thermometer just tell us what the

temperature is I think the weather outside today it is only around maybe 8

or 9 Celsius today so it's not very warm that might explain why my fingers and

also my feet are becoming numb tomorrow makes a very serious point many people

nowadays are having to live from hand to mouth you are right

due to many different circumstances and situations unfortunately there are many

people who at the moment can't go to work and in many cases they are not

being paid so yes that's a very serious thing a very serious situation a boo-boo

read-back hello to you hello mr. Duncan how are you I like you because you are

the best teacher for me I watch all of the videos on your YouTube channel for a

long time but still my English it is not good I want your advice well I suppose

it depends how long you've been doing it for and how often you do it

so sometimes learning can take a long time as I always say if you put too much

pressure on yourself sometimes it can make you lose your motivation it can

make you lose your interest so don't worry don't become too unhappy try to

stay positive if you are learning something so your motivation is part of

it you see part of learning anything relies on you being interested in the

subject it really does

hello Mona hello to you nice to see you here Mona welcome there are many things

that people are interested in there are things that people are interest is

interested in learning or studying or doing

there are words that we can use to describe the excitement that you feel

about something something you really want to do something you are keen to do

something you are really interested we can say that you are eager eager I like

that word the word eager it means you are really excited about doing something

you can't wait to do it you are very eager an eager person a person or a

thing that feels very excited and it really can't wait to do something you

might say that the black bird in the garden is very eager to find some worms

eager you really want to do something you want to do it a lot eager I like

that what can I say hello to kak Devi II thank you very much for your live super

chat thank you that's very kind of you very kind hello also to sweetness as

well Amma is here yes from the Greek Greek word Agora open space so a place

that is open a place that is surrounded maybe by people if you are in an open

space we can say you you suffer from agoraphobia you have a fear of being in

the open space and then you have the opposite claustrophobia

so claustrophobia is the fear of confined spaces

you are very keen to do something if you really want to do something if you are

excited you really can't wait to do something

you are very keen something you like doing something that you always enjoy

doing you can be keen on something keen you like doing something you are fond of

doing something a certain action may be a hobby something you enjoy doing you

are keen mr. Steve is very keen on gardening so the garden behind me is

taken care of by Steve and that is because he is keen on gardening he is a

keen gardener he is interested in that particular thing keen I like it here's

another thing if you are very interested in something something you want to do

something you can't wait to do you are enthusiastic enthusiastic that has look

at that in few sziasztok you are enthusiastic enthusiastic I like that

one you are very keen you are interested you like doing something maybe you are

enthusiastic about English like me maybe you are in English addict and you can't

get enough of the beautiful language

hello Ana I am keen on your pronunciation of English thank you very

much that's very kind of you fervent fervent you have a very strong

interest in something you have a passion for something I like that what passion

you are fervent you are fervent you have a fervent interest heated hot you have a

strong desire or love fervent oh I like that one maybe you've never seen this

word before fervent you are describing a person who is very passionate about

something they love doing it very much

quite often you will find that people have to have a reason to be interested

in something sometimes a person needs motivation or they have some sort of

deep desire you might describe that person as driven a driven person have

you ever heard that particular expression driven a driven person is a

person who is following a certain path with a certain attitude they are driven

driven something that you're doing that you love doing and you want to keep

doing you want driven it means that particular thing is the thing that you

want to do in your life you are driven driven something that is causing you to

do something

fervent yes I love that word fervent passionate to have a lot of passion

about something or for something I like it

bye-bye mr. Duncan Oh bye Lina see you on Thursday oh I see Lina

we'll be back with me on Thursday don't forget I am also here tomorrow as well I

will be back with you tomorrow 2 p.m. UK time I can listen to the sound of the

rain all day listen to the rhythm of the falling rain telling me just what a fool

I've been at a well-known song by the way the song is called rhythm of the

rain it is an old song listen to the rhythm of the falling rain telling me

just what a fool I've been

you are raring to go you can't wait to get started you are very eager you are

keen you are raring to go you can't hold yourself back I want to do this so much

I am raring to go I can't wait to start

here's a lovely expression a person who is very interested or keen a person who

likes doing a certain thing maybe they can't wait to do it you can say that

they are keen as mustard keen as mustard so this is an expression that we use to

describe a person who is very enthusiastic they are as keen as mustard

you might describe me as keen as mustard when it comes to talking about English

and also live streaming as well I am very keen you might say that I'm as

keen as mustard you could also be champing at the bit

champing at the bit this refers to a horse who is excited

and can't wait to start running or racing the horse is champing at the bit

the bit the word bit means the piece of metal that goes in the horse's mouth to

hold it in place and that is also how you control the horse when you are

riding it bit it is the thing that the horse has in its mouth

champing at the bit you can't wait to do it

hello mr. Robin you can't wait to do it you are champing at the bit finally you

can't wait you can't wait to do it I can't wait to see you I can't wait for

the moment when we will be together again I really can't wait you can't wait

you are so eager you are really keen to do that thing you

can't wait to be honest I can't wait until tomorrow because I will be back

with you again tomorrow from 2:00 p.m. UK time I will be going in a moment

today's live stream will be a little shorter for two reasons one I'm freezing

cold and - oh I'm freezing cold I am freezing I am freezing cold I think the

worst part is actually my feet my feet have now gone numb because it's very

very cold if you have enjoyed my livestream please give me a thumbs up

don't forget to give me a lovely thumb underneath this video you will see a

thumb please give me a nice like and then YouTube will allow more and more

people to watch my videos wouldn't that be nice

Anna says Anna pker I can't wait for your next livestream thank you very much

that's very kind of you please be careful mr. Duncan and drink something

warm I will that's exactly what I'm going to do in a minute I'm going to

have a lovely warm drink in the house I am as keen as mustard for your live

streams thank you very much I'm glad to hear that you are keen I really like the

rain and I like this raining sound the sound of the rain some people like to

relax whilst listening to the sound of the rain some people find it very

therapeutic very helpful especially if you are trying to relax thank you to

Feliciano Feliciano Lopez mr. Duncan has become so popular among golf family

members even my little one also tells me your name when I'm on Lian he is only

four years old and and he always says Oh mr. Duncan hello to your family and

hello to everyone yes this is mr. Duncan in England again and today it's raining

unfortunately the rain is falling and I am very cold that's the reason why I'll

be going into the house soon Thank You felicium Felicity and Lopez and all of

the Lopez family nice to see you here you must wear you must have your thermo

socks I have my my thick socks on at the moment unfortunately because the ground

is very wet it is also very cold so so the the cold is coming up through my

feet unfortunately mr. Duncan we respect you you are a very important person

thank you very much that's very kind of you to say

Mohsen thanks a lot yes if you want to give me a lovely thumbs up please do

that before I go and then I will go and then I will have a cup of tea and that

will make me feel very warm and pleasant again very nice mr. Duncan are you

teaching ages mr. Duncan you are teaching ages for ages yes I suppose so

I have been teaching for ages and ages a very long time I have

been teaching on YouTube for many moons

donkey's years donkey's years that's how long a very long time I am going now

before I turn into a block of ice I think my gazebo is slowly sinking into

the ground that the ground is very soft and wet and I think maybe my cos Evo is

starting to sink into the ground I hope not

please mr. Duncan keep yourself from your oh not my from the verb from the

awful disease yes I am okay I feel great today I feel very happy very excited

some might say I also feel very cold which I don't like I don't like feeling

cold so the temperature of my body is

starting to fall because it's cold what's happened to all of that lovely

warm weather we had so much lovely warm weather and now the weather is gone it's

all gone it's just rain and tomorrow as well if you are freezing cold maybe a

hot cup of coffee or tea and a little snack will be a good idea I think that's

a great idea in fact that is what I'm going to do right now Thank You Luis

thank you also sweetness thank you very much to connell hello Connell today it

is my niece's birthday your niece is having a birthday today

Thank You Connell and can I say happy birthday to your niece thank you very

much I'm going now I'm going back into the house before I freeze come

Pleakley this is mr. Duncan saying thanks for watching today it's a little

shorter but I will be back with you tomorrow don't forget tomorrow I am here

again from 2 p.m. UK time remember that time 2 p.m. UK time I will be back with

you and then everything will be fine maybe Thank You Hang

Thank You Adrian please don't turn into a block of ice I will try my best not to

I will try my best not to turn into a block of ice Thank You V tests see you

all tomorrow this is mr. Duncan live from England

saying thank you very much for watching see you later and of course until the next time

we meet here on YouTube you know what's coming next yes you do

stay warm stay dry stay safe and of course until tomorrow 2pm UK time...

ta ta for now 8-)