all aboard the English train all aboard everyone

yes we are back together once more welcome yes we  are back it is October and yes we are live right  

now across YouTube it is English addict as live  as live can be i hope you are feeling good today

yes we are back everyone hi everybody this  is Mr Duncan in England how are you today are  

you okay i hope so are you feeling happy on this  Sunday i hope you are feeling very happy because  

we are back yes after having a break  a little break during September  

and can i just say i had a lovely rest a very nice  rest i did do a little bit of work i made some  

English video lessons a couple during the month of  September but we are back once again yes english  

addict is the name of the game for those who don't  know what this is perhaps you have just found me  

by accident and you don't know what this  is well i will let you in on the secret

i teach english i talk about the english  language i do it quite often here on youtube  

and also i've been doing it for a very  long time as well many many years in fact  

this month it will be my 14th anniversary 14  years i've been doing this here on youtube can you  

believe it a lot of people don't believe me when i  say it but i have been here doing this on youtube  

for almost 14 years on the 31st of  october it will be my 14th anniversary  

always a very exciting time always an air  of excitement in the air because it will be  

14 years since i started doing this of  course i haven't been live streaming  

for 14 years because the technology wasn't around  in 2006 there was no high definition there was no  

live chat there was no live streaming even but i  am now here live again yes i hope you've missed  

me have you missed me that is the big question  i suppose i should start with have you actually  

missed me here on youtube has it been strange what  have you been doing during the month of september  

we will be having a little bit of a catch up so  all of the news if something has happened where  

you are something nice maybe something not so nice  please let us know on the live chat yes we do have  

the live chat it is now working i am just checking  to make sure that everything is working okay you  

know what it's like sometimes you know what it's  like on youtube especially at the moment because  

there are lots of changes taking place right here  on this platform including how the live stream is  

operated how it is set up how it actually is  broadcast through youtube so all of that has  

changed during september yesterday afternoon  i spent a very long time trying to work out  

how to operate the new live stream system  here on youtube because it's changed you see  

everything is now different so all of that has  now changed yesterday afternoon i spent many hours  

getting slightly frustrated i will be honest  with you i did get a little bit frustrated  

because i was having difficulty getting my live  stream to work but it looks as if we are here  

one thing i want to check whilst i'm looking at  my equipment i want to make sure that we have  

live captions i have a feeling that there are  no live captions so this is one of the things  

that i was hoping youtube would continue doing but  there are no live captions i'm afraid it is not my  

fault i have been in touch with youtube to ask  them why they have changed the live captions so  

you might notice that there are no live captions  i'm very sorry about that it is out of my control  

i would love to have them here right now but sadly  there are no live captions and it is all because  

youtube have updated the way in which the  live streams are broadcast everything looks  

very different and that's the reason why i was  literally pulling my hair out so whatever hair  

i had left it has now gone because i was pulling  my hair out if you pull your hair out it means you  

are very frustrated about something something  is making you feel so frustrated you start  

pulling your hair out so it is a great expression  that's what i was doing yesterday trying to get  

my live captions working so I'm sorry about  that please don't complain because it's out  

of my control i cannot control that i wish i  could because i would put it right hello to the  

live chat or we have mohsen here hello mohsen  guess what you are first on today's live chat

we are back it is like a large family reunion a  large reunion people coming together once more  

saying hello buddy hello friend i haven't seen  you for a long time it has been around five weeks  

since i last did my live streams so i've had  a lovely break lots of things going on here mr  

steve has been very busy yes don't worry steve  will be with us as well a little bit later on  

so we have mr steve back and if there are some  friends that you know who don't realize that my  

live streams have resumed please can you tell  them so they know hello mohsen hello vitesse  

nice to see you back as well  also valentin beatriz alias  

hello zoe hello also oh luis mendes

hello luis luis mendes thank you very much  for your lovely emails yesterday as well  

also wafe zuzika is here lots of very familiar  names on the live chat great to see you all back  

what about you though can you please give me some  news from where you are what has been happening in  

your life during the month of september there were  some things going around people saying some things  

about me they thought maybe i had become ill no  i haven't become ill nothing like that nothing  

has happened you know what i'm talking about we  all know what i'm talking about nothing like that  

so you will be pleased to hear that i haven't been  ill i haven't been unwell i have decided or i had  

decided to take a little break during september  but don't worry because we are back again one big  

change of course something i should mention  straight away the live streams will be once a week  

for october i know what you're thinking  mr duncan that does not seem very fair  

but i will be with you on sunday every sunday  2 p.m uk time so during october one live stream  

but there will be some new lessons as well you  see can you see what i'm doing so i'm keeping very  

busy one live stream but also i will be making  some new english lessons as well during october  

and then at the end of the month of course we have  the big celebration 14 years can you believe it  

so here we are all together again i hope you are  having a good day yes we have made it not only  

to the end of the week but also we have made it  

to the end of september and now  we are into october yes it's


i will keep the message on the screen just to  let you know that i will be with you once a week

sunday from 2pm uk time is when you can catch me  the garden behind me you might notice it isn't  

very bright today we've had a lot of rain over  the past few days the last 24 hours in fact maybe  

slightly longer than that it has been raining  non-stop we've had so much rain just to prove it

here is the weather warning  so this is the weather warning  

that i saw yesterday and you might notice it  says heavy rain there is a heavy rain warning

25 to 50 millimeters of rain  which doesn't sound much  

to be honest with you but actually that  is quite a lot of rain falling non-stop  

across well i suppose the western part of england  which just happens to be where i am as well

you see so we have had a lot of rain  i suppose i should mention the weather  

outside it isn't too bad at the moment let's have  a look outside shall we shall we have a look okay  

there it is outside right now in the front garden  of my house in much wenlock for those wondering  

where i am at the moment i'm broadcasting  live from my little house in much wenlock  

in england which of course also happens to be the  birthplace of the english language oh fancy pants  

can i say hello to mogmog hello mogmog welcome  welcome back nice to see you back with us  

also we have zoran and we have parisa that is  great to see you i love your lessons thank you  

parisa for your lovely comment saturino is here  as well also we have anna you look great mr duncan  

thank you very much i feel good i must be honest  with you i did feel as if i needed a little break  

so that's the reason why i took a break during  september i wanted to have a little bit of  

a rest a slight rest which is what i have done  belarusian can i say a special hello to belarusia  

i know you haven't been very well and you  have been in hospital that's all i'm saying  

if you want to share the information you can  but i'm so glad i can't begin to tell you how  

happy how happy i am to see you here today  i suppose that deserves a round of applause

belarusia is back thank you very much for  joining me and i hope you are feeling much  

better after your surgical adventures hello  and allow hello anna watching in hong kong  

nice to see you here as well nice to see hong  kong is here watching and of course i'm sure  

many people are thinking about all of you  there right now hello dan and jay hello sir  

we've missed you a lot during september we love  you very much we love your lessons very much  

thank you very much we are back every sunday 2  p.m uk time and i will be making some new lessons  

as well talking of which i did post a couple of  new lessons on my youtube channel did you see them  

including a lesson all about law and order silence  in court silence in court judge moody presiding

you heard what the man said judge moody presiding

silencing court my name is judge moody and i sit  here every day waiting for the next poor soul  

that i'll have to put away so another bad apple  appears as i muse will i throw away the key  

as i sit watching the defendant sweat wishing  they were free so i listened to the evidence  

with a keen set of ears if the people find  him guilty then he'll go away for years  

he killed his wife with a tin of paint it said  crimson on the lid they caught him red-handed but  

he refused to say what he did members of the jury  have you reached a verdict yet yes your honour  

lock him up for life he deserves everything he'll  get so the next time you want to do something bad  

it might be all to no avail because if you end  up in front of me i will send you away to jail

silence in court i will have silence in my court  

hmm so there it was a quick excerpt a short  excerpt from one of my new lessons that i posted  

during september all about law and order if you  haven't watched it it is available on my youtube  

channel hello to everybody it's so nice to see  you here i hope you've had a good september  

if you have any news to share with me please let  me know it would be ever so nice if you were able  

to tell me what has been going on in your life  by the way just in case you're wondering the cows  

are still here there they are yesterday i decided  to film the cows in my garden or should i say from  

my garden a lot of people think that this is my  back garden but it isn't my back garden joins this  

particular field where these cows have been living  for the past seven months and they're still here  

i can't believe it we were talking about this  yesterday mr steve and myself we were talking  

about the cows and whether or not they were they  were going to be taken away before winter arrives  

but they are still here lovely cows in the field  now these are not very old these are young cows  

but they have become very friendly with mr  steve and myself they have become very friendly  

especially during this period of time because  there are lots of apples in our garden on the tree  

and apparently cows love apples they are  absolutely crazy for apples so now we know  

that apples are one of a cow's favourite foods  yes so apples grass i suppose anything that  

that is green might be appealing to a cow but  yes the cows are still here haven't gone away  

they are still around and about oh talking  of which we have a lovely animal photograph  

to show you in a moment that was sent into me  also the farmers have been very busy as well  

they have been doing their harvest and  a couple of days ago i was out and about  

filming one of the farmers ploughing his field so  the harvest has just taken place and now you can  

see in the distance you can see that the tractors  are busily ploughing the field ready for the next  

harvest for 2021 can you believe it so isn't  that a beautiful view i must be honest with you  

that is that is a rather nice view and looking a  little bit closer you can see there is a tractor  

pulling a plough so that particular tractor  is being driven by one of the local farmers  

and he is ploughing the field  you plough the field before you  

scatter the seed and that is what he is doing  at the moment for those who are wondering  

oh and here is one of the views looking out of  my window you can see lots of birds flying around  

in fact those birds you can see are pigeons  if you look very closely you can see a big  

flock of pigeons flying across the beautiful vista  of Shropshire talking of which this morning we had  

a lovely treat in the garden this morning would  you like to see some baby pigeons we were both  

very surprised to see these beautiful creatures  in the garden and they were hungrily nibbling  

at the berries on one of the bushes in our  garden look at that oh yes so these are actual  

baby pigeons if you've ever wondered what a what  a young pigeon looks like after it leaves the nest  

well there they are so these are two very young  pigeons and it would appear that they are enjoying  

the berries there are some beautiful fresh red  berries on one of the bushes that is in our garden  

and you can see they are eating the berries  if there is one thing the pigeons like doing

they like stuffing their stomachs full of food  and that is what those pigeons are doing right now  

they are gorging oh i like that word gorge  if you gorge on something it means you eat  

something very quickly or perhaps you eat a  very large quantity of food you gorge on your  

food you eat a lot of food but also you gorge on  the food at the same time so for those wondering  

what a baby pigeon looks like there it is there  are two pigeons and they have just left their nest  

one of the interesting things about pigeons is  that the young are reared until they are virtually  

full-sized it's very strange very unusual so that  was the view that greeted me this morning when i  

opened my curtains mr steve was very excited he  said mr duncan quick come here there are some  

baby pigeons in the garden and there they are  i thought i would share that moment with you

i hope you enjoyed that here we go then  we are live today for those wondering  

what this is i will explain once more we are  back live and we are live every sunday from 2 p.m  

uk time we have a lot of things coming up today  by the way we have mr steve we are also going to  

play a game called the logo game oh that sounds  very intriguing find out what that is all about  

a little bit later on also we will be looking  at words and phrases idioms connected with  

being on the road words idioms phrases connected  to roads streets maybe also driving and  

lots of other things connected with being in a  car and did you like the little thumbnail with  

mr steve and myself look at that isn't that lovely  so there is mr steve and myself driving through  

a country lane having a lovely time and today we  have road idioms we are also playing the logo game  

and yes we are back definitely i hope you are  feeling good on this sunday afternoon or maybe  

sunday morning or perhaps sunday evening  depending on where you are in the world  

says baby animals are so lovely i agree with  you they are hello hugo hugo hey now says i  

have learned so much from you thank you for all of  your live streams you are welcome no problem i am  

back i will be with you every sunday from 2 p.m  uk time and of course because i'm here on sunday  

hopefully you will be relaxed i am relaxed and we  can spend a little bit of time together not only  

listening to me but also you can chat with each  other as well one of the wonderful things that i  

love about the live chat is that everyone can get  involved not only talking to me but also with each  

other as well i always think of this as a large  family it's like having a family reunion a little  

bit like Christmas time or thanksgiving except  it happens every week very nice your background  

on your screen is very vibrant thank you very  much that is the garden at the moment the garden  

right now where mr steve has been busily working  hard putting things right we just had a look  

at some baby pigeons would you like to have a  look at a baby turtle dove okay then here it is  

this is a little turtle dove the photograph sent  to me by irene who says i now have a baby turtle  

dove that i'm looking after and there you can see  the bird is actually i'm not sure what the bird is  

actually eating there it might be bread so perhaps  it's bread that's been soaked in water but i am  

interested to find out how you came by this turtle  dove did you find it in your garden was it injured  

in some way so i would be very interested to find  out what actually happened to this turtle dove how  

did you come by how did you find this particular  creature i would be very intrigued to find out

so many things to mention another thing i  want to mention is i have some new socks  

as you know if you are a regular viewer you  will know that i often wear my socks out  

quite often my socks become old  they they become full of holes  

and of course they start to smell as well so i  have some lovely socks these are some new socks  

that i bought recently would you like to have a  look at them here we go so this is my sock cam  

and we are now going to take a look at my socks  would you like to have a look there they are so  

that is what i'm wearing at the moment my lovely  new socks as you can see they are multi-coloured  

they have lots of bright colours and also they  are odd as well so they don't actually match  

they are not the same so these are some  socks that i bought a few days ago and i have  

12 pairs of socks because all of my socks were  starting to fall to pieces they were falling apart  

unfortunately so i've decided  i decided to buy some new socks  

and that is what i'm doing right now i'm wearing  a pair of my new socks i hope you like them  

so what is new in your world is there any news  from where you are i know there is one story  

that many people are talking about at the moment  and i think you know what i'm talking about  

oh can i say hello to mika mika ode is here hello  mika nice to see you back as well how are things  

in japan i hope things are going well partapp is  here as well hello partapp happy birthday to you  

because it's always your birthday isn't it i think  did i see pedro did i did i just see pedro belmont  

pedro belmont is here today hello to  pedro i hope you're having a lovely sunday  

pedro belmont is here nice to see you back as well

palmyra is here also pedro hello pedro belmont  once more who has decided to join me and pedro  

has a suggestion i didn't notice that  but now i can see that you are here  

mr duncan i have a suggestion are  you interested to hear what it is  

i don't mind that's fine very good if you  have a suggestion as long as the suggestion  

isn't mr duncan can you please do your  show naked i'm not doing i'm not doing that  

i get many requests but i'm not doing  that definitely not we also have saturino

md ryan hello watching in Bangladesh  nice to see you here as well  

we are going to take a little break and then mr  steve is going to join us we are going to find out  

all about what mr steve has been doing  during the month of september meanwhile

shall we have a look at something  else here here's something interesting  

a little bit later on we are talking about  words phrases connected to being on the road  

streets roads idioms phrases and i suppose here  is a nice phrase that sometimes we will use  

have you ever taken a walk down memory lane

there is a phrase in english a walk down memory  lane this phrase means that you are spending  

some time thinking or talking about past events we  spent the whole afternoon down memory lane talking  

about our school days you might invite a person to  take a stroll down memory lane this means that you  

want to talk to them about their past sometimes  it is nice to take a walk down memory lane

the action of fondly remembering past events can  be described as being nostalgic a nostalgic moment  

you are being nostalgic about something  you long for that time to return  

the way something was done in the past or an  attitude towards something which no longer exists  

you reflect over days gone by nostalgia  is the noun that names this action  

items that you bought or were given to you many  years ago can help you remember a past event  

a souvenir you bought during a past holiday  or a present given to you on your wedding day  

can help to keep that time fresh in the  memory we can describe these items as


so there it was one of my english lessons one  of my many english lessons which you can find  

on my youtube channel all about memory we are  talking about road idioms phrases and expressions  

but coming up next ah he is back as well we  have all returned and yes he is back with us  

joining us live right now in the studio are you  excited mr steve will be here any second now  

oh yes are you ready hello it's  mr steve a round of applause

please oh it's so good to be back mr duncan  so good to be back back in the hub of english  

we are we are we are we are back and i  suppose it does feel a little strange  

i'm not going to i'm not going to pretend  that it did feel weird this morning when i was  

thinking about what shall i do today shall  i just sit and watch episodes of columbo  

all day or shall i do my live stream and  unfortunately i had no choice i couldn't sit and  

watch columbo on the television because i had a  live stream to do and we are all together again so  

september steve yes it seemed like a long month  to me it was a long month mr duncan there was a  

lot going on in september you were making lots of  lessons and uh getting to grips with uh filming  

again and composing long lessons which of course  you have been missing doing yes while you've been  

doing the the live streams but of course you've  been missing the live streams as well i've been  

sort of missing the live streams i'm only joking i  have been missing them hello to everyone hello i'm  

sure people are saying hello no yes and yes people  are saying hello to me i think they've noticed  

oh that's very nice it feels like i'm back in the  family again doesn't it it's strange it's just  

it's a very strange feeling it feels odd even  though we've only been away for five weeks  

it feels like i've been away for years i know i've  been uh there's been some interesting comments on  

the live stream the live chat mr duncan uh  people have been talking about your socks  

oh yes uh and uh palmyra said that  your socks reflect your personality

because if you look at my socks for too long  you might feel sick and apparently if you if  

you look at me for too long you might also feel  sick so these are the socks that i'm wearing  

right now so these are my socks the ones that  i have on my feet they're my live sock cam  

showing you the socks that i'm wearing oh by  the way just in case you're wondering i'm not  

naked below the waist i'm actually wearing my  shorts but yet yes i have my socks my bright  

socks my new socks i can confirm that mr duncan  is indeed wearing those socks you must have  

filmed yourself earlier i can take one off and  show you wait there you could do yes here we go  

i didn't plan to do this so there it is there is  oh you can see the green screen there mr duncan

put your sock back on please do you like that

it's not that bad i'm joking i'm joking of  course you know what steve in the morning  

in the morning when i wake up one of  the things i never look forward to doing  

is putting my socks on because i find it  very hard to do nowadays lifting my leg up  

to put on my socks you've lost flexibility in  your back mr duncan i am stiff you need to do  

stretching exercises every morning like what i  do in the morning i wake up and i'm very stiff  

you need to bend down and touch your toes  mr duncan i used to be very good at that  

you need to be able to put your socks on standing  up just like this you need to be able to bend down  

and put your socks on but you can't do that  can you mr duncan because you just don't take  

enough exercise so the problem the problem  the problem now is i only have one sock i  

can't put this sock back on you can i can carry on  talking no i will have to get down on the ground  

what what does mika say what is mika saying well  mika's off to bed i've arrived and mika's off to  

bed i see she must be as soon as she saw me  she went i feel very tired i'm off to bed no  

i'm only joking because obviously time zones and  all that yes uh mika's probably got to go to bed  

because she's probably working in the morning and  the worst thing is as well the clocks will change  

soon so we will actually be on later even later  in japan unfortunately palmyra is going we've  

been away for five weeks and everyone's leaving  we're joking because obviously people do start  

to go i expect pedro will be off soon hello pedro  pedro has a suggestion what's that i don't know  

oh i'm waiting for for pedro to tell us what  his suggestion is so pedro you have a suggestion  

what is it is it something nice or is it something  not so nice can you hear my stomach as usual  

i would suspect mr duncan that you have not  eaten anything i have eaten a day nothing  

i've had nothing and i've had a bowl of porridge  with uh blueberries i've had a handful of nuts  

i've had uh some bread i've had a salad i've been  out in the garden exercising and this is today  

just all of that you've done all of that today  yes incredible you know well it's been raining  

hasn't it mr duncan we've had solid rain for  i would say 36 hours without a break yeah  

a very long time i know i i can't believe yeah  i was saying earlier we've had a lot of rain  

did you like my little thumbnail steve because  yeah because today today we're talking about  

idioms to do with being on the road ah well i want  to yes look at that aren't we having fun mr duncan  

there's steve doing the thing he loves doing  driving very fast around the country lanes and  

there i am waving to everyone and if you look  closely you can see there is a little hedgehog  

in the corner holding a sign and the sign says  please don't run me over well i'm not sure about  

that mr steve does like squashing animals  on the highways of the uk it does happen  

but that is what we're doing later steve we are  going to look at some idioms phrases connected  

with streets and road i shall be particularly  excited about that yeah just going back to the  

flooding very briefly flooding um we've had lots  of rain here and we've had a lot of flooding  

there's some shots of people's houses uh falling  off the edge of cliffs really near near the sea  

yes uh but uh apparently um uh valentina  says that where saturino is living there's  

been flooding there as well yeah so uh it feels  like we're having a monsoon season here i mean  

literally it didn't stop i'm glad we've had our  flat roof repaired yes which was leaking one of  

the many things we've been doing or having  done during september it's been a busy month  

by the way i had some people ask about you and  your working environment so i thought it would  

be interesting to show a picture of steve so  this is whenever steve is upstairs working  

this is what it looks like and if you look very  closely if you look very closely at the bottom  

right hand corner of the picture i think that  looks like a car magazine it certainly is mr  

duncan now steve i have a feeling that maybe  during the daytime whilst you're working in  

your office perhaps now and again you have  a little break and read your car magazine  

i certainly do when i'm getting bored talking to  customers or colleagues i will i'll have a sneaky  

look at my car magazine that's an interesting shot  because it looks like i'm in a prison it does uh  

yes let's just clarify the fact that you can see  bars and things outside the window that's because  

that is when mr duncan took that picture when  we were having the flat roof repaired and we  

had a scaffolding uh outside the uh outside  of my window fortunately the scaffolding  

has now gone it's gone away it's gone yeah so mr  steve has his beautiful view it it is back people  

like my my work colleagues laugh uh at my filing  cabinet behind me there yes filing cabinet uh they  

laugh at it because it looks very old which it is  it's probably i would say that filing cabinet is  

70 years old so on the on the left hand side  of the picture you can see a set of drawers  

and that's a filing cabinet so is that something  maybe one of your distant relatives used to own  

or maybe well no actually when i was um a student  yeah uh many years ago we're talking oh well yes  

early 1980s oh my goodness nearly 40 years ago 40  years well i know it's 40 years ago because i'm i  

met with a friend okay uh who who went to who went  to uni university with me yeah and uh we met up  

couple of weeks ago because it was 40 years since  we met okay so yes so i used to during one of the  

years i was staying with a landlady okay and uh in  uh accommodation as you do as a student and uh she  

was getting rid of that old filing cabinet which  was her husband's oh i see and he'd had it about  

oh he must have had it probably 30 or 40 years  so i reckon it could be up to 80 years old that  

firing camera really yes 80. yes easily easily  maybe the 1930s yes i think that's 1930s because  

he had in his home and he got it from an office  where he used to work when they were closing down  

before when he retired i'm blown away uh it's  solid metal you can't move it i'll tell you  

um but people laugh at it but it's in perfect  condition and there's no way i would throw it away  

it makes a hell of a noise when you open and close  the drawers one one thing i would i would say um  

safety uh with filing cabinets has come on a long  way since that filing cabinet because you cannot  

on a modern filing cabinet uh it won't let you  open two drawers at the same time did you know  

that mr duncan i did not know that no is that to  stop it from falling on you yes because when you  

say you open the top drawer and you've got  it wide open okay well there's a lot of  

weight suddenly redistributed forward  off that finally so if you open two  

then there's a danger that the filing cabinet can  can topple over and fall on you and in fact that  

did happen to me with that filing cabinet really  yes i was i was opening i might have had three  

drawers open or something and i suddenly saw it  moving and i had to very quickly i could have been  

seriously injured mr duncan that was years ago so  i always remember that with that filing cabinet  

there's no safety device to stop you opening uh  more than one drawer at a time but what a way to  

go what a way to go what a boring story squashed  flattened squashed to death by a filing cabinet  

if you are going to die do it in a colourful way  and i think a lot of people would have remembered  

that you say they would have said oh you remember  that guy stephen stephen mr steve he got squashed  

by a filing cabinet well anybody that works in an  office uh you go to your office and try opening  

two drawers on the filing cabinet and you can't  save time you can't and there should be a safety  

device that prevents that okay that's interesting  if there isn't you can report your employer to the  

health and safety board we've just been asked mr  steve are you working from home still yes yes it  

looks as if we might all be working from home  forever and ever well i did go out to see maybe  

four customers yes about a month ago but then they  changed the rules but then they changed the well  

yes and then we started getting more and more  cases yes and uh certain areas have been locked  

down so i've stopped going out a lot of people  said mr duncan are you off are you away from the  

live streams because you have coronavirus i don't  have it i don't have it mr steve doesn't have it  

as far as we know we don't have it although there  are some people that do have it and i wish you all  

a speedy recovery wherever you are in the world  as i've already said and i'm sure you've said mr  

duncan decided to take a month off from his live  streams because let's face it you were doing them  

for how long i was knackered non-stop you were  doing live streams how long would you say you have  

done at least three live streams a week for i was  i was doing three live streams every week and then  

for part of the lockdown period i was doing them  every day but how long were you doing continuous  

live streams do you think when did you first start  doing them when i started doing my my live streams  

was four years ago but i used to do them once  a week then i did them three times a week and  

then sometimes i would do them every day but this  year because of all of the strange circumstances  

that are causing everyone to have very strange  lives indeed but anyway you've took a break i was  

tired i was exhausted i was knackered he was  i had to he had to go to a convalescent home  

uh a convalescent home oh but remember oh  talking of that steve what a home my mother  

is still with us but unfortunately the situation  hasn't changed at all so we still can't go to  

see her there is still complete lockdown in  residential care homes so sadly i can't go to see  

my mother at all and we can't even use facetime or  the internet because they have no connection there  

for for mobile devices no so we can't even  talk to each other face to face are on on  

the tablet device very distressing for you  mister i know i i must admit the one thing  

that has really annoyed me this year is not  being able to see my mum at all in any way  

there's palmyra saying that lots of people  lots of uh students are being taught online  

um we've got a bit of controversy here in the uk  have we not mr duncan because all the students  

went back in september as they do every year  and there's been huge outbreaks of coronavirus  

yes pete can you believe universities i i know  this might be a very long subject and we have lots  

of other things to do but we have been doing some  very strange things some rules that make no sense  

whatsoever i don't want to go too deeply into  it because i'm sure you like us are completely  

sick and tired of hearing about bloody coronavirus  all the time so the government here keep changing  

their minds about the did you swear then mr duncan  i it wasn't swearing i think the word bloody is  

a swear word it's in the bible it's still  a swear word it's in the bible it bloodies  

in the bible blood is in the book if you  don't bloody believe me take a bloody look  

you've just offended millions of people mr duncan  we used to say that at school that's one of my  

school days rhymes one of our universities here  in the uk i don't know which one it is uh they've  

had 750 cases they all seem to be in the north of  england 750 cases of students in a university all  

coming down you know more or less within a few  days they all seem to be in the north of england  

i don't know why but it would appear and this is  something i'm going to say i'm probably going to  

get into trouble for saying this steve but i i  predict over the next 48 hours here it is steve  

are you ready for this this is my prediction  right london will go into lockdown i think  

so it ha it hasn't happened yet again but i  predict that steve i think it's going to happen  

i think london's going to be locked down  because they're having lots of cases there  

and people seem to be ignoring a lot of the  instructions so i think over the next couple of  

days i think my own prediction it's not official  but i think london will be locked down i think so  

uh satorino says in talking about italy yes  there was an interesting uh segment i saw  

on television about italy okay of course they  were one of the first countries to have uh lots  

of many cases and went into they were the first  country in the world i think to have a lockdown  

and of course everybody thought that can't happen  to us but of course it did besides china yes and  

of course it did but italy now are are leading  the way in the way that they are uh combating the  

virus uh they are testing and tracking and tracing  and uh they haven't had to have a second lockdown  

whereas we are going into second lockdowns i think  i'm right in that that's what i saw on the news  

that they're managing it now very well everyone's  doing as they're told people are going about their  

work businesses are carrying on working uh  normally but sort of normally now but they  

are managing it i think a lot better than than  we are i don't think we've learned many lessons  

and in fact what have we heard today that the  great big chain of um of cinemas is closing down  

yes it's it's a large chunk that's it and it's  all because of james bond apparently now james  

bond is not only licensed to kill but also he's  licensed to put large businesses out of business  

so because the the the film that the new james  bond film was delayed and many cinemas had to  

close a very big chain of cinemas has has closed  down completely cineworld i know and they they  

own other chains of cinemas as well this is this  is a very big story and a lot of people are quite  

shocked so it just shows the effect that this is  still happening even even if you delay a movie  

for a few months the effect can be amazing because  people aren't going to the cinemas and they don't  

make any money and anyone who's ever been to  a one of these large cinema complexes will  

know that there are lots of restaurants there  and other shops so all these businesses around  

these cinemas yeah are all automatically probably  almost certainly going to go bust as well yeah  

it's great they depend on the cinema for people  for business a great expression a ripple effect  

so one thing happens and then it affects other  things and then they affect other things and you  

have you have a ripple effect so if one industry  has problems you will find that it will affect  

other industries at the same time so a cinema goes  out of business all all of the restaurants and  

bars nearby will also suffer it's terrible this  this there seems to be no end in sides no there  

isn't no there isn't uh at the moment but we're  staying positive mr duncan oh i'm not i'm not  

we have we've been very positive we've we've kept  ourselves happy we've had a smile on our faces  

well talk speak for yourself you see you've  got interesting about the colourful socks what  

coloured socks do you think i would wear and you  knowing my personality i can't really tell because  

well you you seem to wear black socks that's about  right a lot well i think they're black socks or  

maybe your feet are just very dirty my socks  are black and dark like my soul yeah i'm only  

joking uh i can be fun yes six persons in a pub uh  palmyra is that where you are or are you quoting  

the uk rules well that's interesting because yes  it's oh six no six persons in a pub all right so  

here the rules you the rules here are you can have  as many people as you like in the pub you can have  

a hundred thousand people in a pub however if you  go to the supermarket opposite you have to keep  

your distance and you can only have so many people  in the shop but everyone has to wear a mask but if  

you go across the road into the pub you don't have  to wear a mask and as many people as they like can  

go in and at the moment we cannot if you are in a  in a at a place where there's a lockdown going on  

so you can't visit family members you can't  go to their home and visit them and you can't  

go into their garden and visit them even with  a mask on but you can meet them down the pub

we've got lots of confusing rules here and our  prime minister was asked about the rules and he  

forgot and he didn't know what they were he forgot  the rules that he was telling us all to abide by  

we're all confused in the uk nobody knows and  apparently after and the pubs are now shutting at  

10 o'clock because apparently the virus knows that  it's not going to come out until 10 o'clock yes  

because apparently they found out that the  virus goes to sleep at 10 o'clock no it wakes  

up at 10 o'clock it likes to stay asleep even  i'm getting confused we're all confused we're  

all confused oh it's four minutes past three  o'clock we're ready we have lots of things to  

do we are going to play a little game are you  ready steve to play a little game yes would you  

like to play a little game at home this is called  the logo game i'm going to show you a well-known  

logo the word logo means a symbol something  that represents maybe a company an organization  

something that is easily recognizable and  will allow you to name whatever the company is  

or what of the organization is logo you  can see here above above me there is my  

english addict logo so that thing  there going round and round is my  

logo so people will recognize my lessons so  logos i'm going to show you some logos steve  

and what i'm going to ask you to do out there in  youtube land is to guess what the logo is however  

i'm going to make it difficult steve i was just  going to put the word logo up on the screen i'm  

going to make it difficult have you got the word  logo to put up um i suppose we can have a look at  

there it is logo not logo logo logo there we go  you know i just thought i'd help out no that's  

good very good steve thank you thank you your  assistant thank you very much the logo game some  

well-known logos but i'm only going to show you a  little bit a little part of the logo now you see  

do you like that so it's a bit like uh that game  where you hear a bit of a tune a bit of a small  

segment of a song and you have to guess what the  song is or maybe a little part of a jigsaw puzzle  

and you have to name what the picture is  so here it is here's the first one steve  

i don't know if you'll get this so here is the  first logo that i'm going to show now on the  

screen are you ready here it is right now oh so  that is part of a well-known logo it is a company  

now i might give some clues is it oh no don't you  do it don't you do it steve i'm only checking one  

of the reasons why i don't want steve to do it is  because he can see the answer in front of him on  

the screen it is there on the screen so don't say  anything where is it i can't see it right there  

don't say it don't say well i i hadn't i hadn't  guessed it correctly so there is something that  

you will see quite often if you are walking  around the town during the day you will see  

that symbol it is a logo for a very  well-known company oh let's see if anyone  

uh christella says is it a car company is it is  it a car company no it isn't uh so that's the  

reason why steve probably doesn't know what  it is because it has nothing to do with cars  

however it is something that we both enjoy well i  think you do more than me so we enjoy this thing  

and while you're thinking about that um the answer  to tomek is asked a question no tomek says does  

your company reimburse the extra costs of working  from home electricity water etc toilet paper maybe  

they don't and that's a good question maybe i  should ask we have got through a lot of toilet  

paper and milk yeah i don't know what's going on  this is something we were talking about yesterday  

i don't know why but since the lock down and since  all of this craziness we are getting through so  

much milk and we don't i don't know why or how  well i i'm bathing in it mr duncan because it's  

good for your skin do you remember cleopatra she  used to bathe in ass ass's milk uh according to uh  

according to the films i think what you wanted  to say she used to bathe her ass in milk well  

famously in film as you always saw cleopatra  bathing in milk okay uh but whether she did or not  

but that's why i do it i don't mind that that's  okay steve as long as you're not putting the milk  

back into the bottle afterwards i do well we've  got a correct answer oh okay then okay i can see  

some correct answers coming through so does anyone  this is something different something different  

for today so can you name the logo i will show you  the logo in its entirety the complete logo in a  

moment why not now oh i see yes oh i see pauline  hello pauline wong you have well not the wrong  

answer but the right answer well done pauline  well done pauline the logo we were looking for  

is it's finger licking good look at that kfc i  think pauline likes her chicken me too i like  

a little bit of chicken on my plate uh is it  the mcnuggets you like or is it the i like the  

zinger burgers nuggets or a different company  right okay uh what is it that well you get chicken  

i haven't had one for years but um yes all the  philip burgers i like those okay well i remember  

years ago we used to go to uh burger king because  they they used to have the most amazing vegetable  

burgers yes bean burgers yes bean burgers so  they had vegetables but also lovely beans inside  

kidney beans and they were they were burgers  but they were gorgeous with cheese on top uh  

and then you could buy them from the shops frozen  yeah and we used to have them uh quite regularly  

and then they just stopped making them and then  they stopped making they brought them back and  

they changed the recipe and they weren't very nice  anymore so we missed bean burgers why do they keep  

changing things why are we changing the recipes  when there is nothing wrong with it fish fingers  

here is another one steve okay another logo we've  got a lot to get through right right faster here's  

another one here's another well known this is a  very well known like i know that one okay then  

don't say anything i'm going to have a sneaky  look to see if i'm right this is a very well  

known i think a lot of people are going to get  this one so these are not all connected to food  

but some of them are connected to food of course  it is one of our favourite subjects isn't it steve  

do you know there was uh there were riots in the  uk when uh fast i think it was a kfc okay uh when  

it reopened after the initial lockdown really  uh there were there were riots and fights so you  

mean recently yes i think when did we come out of  lockdown was it was it uh national lockdown i have  

not two months ago somebody might i don't know  steve i i i have to keep reminding myself what day  

it is and what month it is because this year this  year is a little bit like walking through a desert  

you don't know where you are you're just in the  desert there is sand everywhere and that is 2020  

you are lost in the desert you don't know which  way you're going where you're going are you going  

forwards backwards maybe you are going around and  around in circles so that is that is my impression  

of this year this year is like being in the desert  completely lost well we did we did have those  

riots well i said right we had fights and people  queuing up like a mile long queue just to get a  

just to get a burger you know you know when  people queue up that that's not a riot well  

i think there were fights i think people were  fighting because you know anyway we've got we've  

got the correct answer several people have got  this one okay um name the name area was first  

who who's that area valeria pontiero i like  your name uh and uh zoe got it hello zoe hiroko  

uh pharah uh aaron ildo uh lots of people have got  it twan you win son nice to see you back as well  

nicely pronounced mr dean yeah let's look at that  but yes mog mog you've got it as well christina  

uh lorella here it is then everyone's recognized  this one i think so so if you are feeling thirsty  

in the morning when you are working in the office  quite often people will go across the road or down  

to the high street and they will have a lovely  cup of starbucks coffee there are many other  

brands of coffee like costa for example  yes but yes these of course are suffering  

uh their businesses are suffering because people  are working in offices people on the way to work  

would stop in to get a coffee on the way to work  maybe at break times at lunch time but of course  

that routine that people had has been broken  and even now people have gone back to work  

they're not necessarily going for their coffees  because they don't feel safe they've realized that  

spending three four five six pounds a day  on coffees when they could probably make it  

themselves for 50p a lot of people are making  different choices they're saving money as well  

because they're not certain that their job is  going to be here and many are working from home  

many are working from home so you have your  own coffee shop in your house in your kitchen  

you can make your own coffee and as we've  discovered we can make very nice coffee at home  

yes we can save ourselves a fortune so that's it  so that is it a fortune not a fortune but a lot  

coffee isn't that expensive but we do say that  that's a phrase uh people use in the uk quite  

a lot even we use oh i'll save a fortune if i do  that we always use that it's an exaggeration okay  

uh to something where you will save a small amount  of money but not a large amount of money yes  

like somebody might say oh i'm going to cook  all my own meals from now on i'm not going to  

get ready-made meals from the supermarket i'll  save a fortune yes you're not saving a fortune  

you're saving some money but it you just say as  an exaggeration but fortune means to to have look  

good luck but quite often we will we will relate  fortune with money well in that case that is  

what that means that's it that's what i mean but  generally the word fortune is just look something  

goes your way fortune shines yes it's another  meaning i knew but quite often we also refer  

to to money a large amount of money is a fortune  obviously you're not going to save a fortune no if  

you're uh making your own coffee i'm not buying it  from starbucks for example but we always say that  

as an exaggeration in the uk by the way we're not  getting getting paid we're not getting any money  

from anyone for this this is just a little bit of  fun something different my mother said that to me  

last night on the phone did she yes because i said  that um because our local that's something that's  

happened in september okay the copper kettle which  a lot of people will have heard us referring to as  

our favourite place to go and eat on a saturday  well that happened that happened in august  

it's closed down did we mention it yes we did a  live stream the next day that was in august it's  

weeks and weeks since since that is well yes what  sorry can i just finish i said to my mother last  

night she said what are you doing now have you  found another restaurant to go and eat at i said  

no we're not bothering we're just cooking now on  a saturday instead we've started cooking at home  

and my mother said that phrase that everybody  says in the uk oh you'll save yourself a fortune  

by not eating out that's it not a fortune but  we always say that as an ex worth noting if you  

ever save small amounts of money in the uk just  say oh i'll save a fortune or a small fortune  

that's a great story yeah i thought it was yeah  here's another logo so this one has nothing to  

do with food steve nothing to do with food here  it is so anyone know what this is it seems to  

have a red background and i don't know what that  is though it looks like some sort of structure  

maybe something to do with mobile phones  perhaps i don't know it looks or a car maybe  

maybe a car oh yes because we will be we will be  talking about roads and street idioms a little  

bit later on as well so any guesses this is  something you might see in your house ah well  

partridge good guess because it does look like  the toyota logo or even honda it looks a bit  

like honda as well yes it's nothing to do with  cars but it's something you might see in your  

house a very well-known brand a very well-known  logo yes this this logo this particular  

brand has been around for over a hundred years  often used to describe uh items that are similar  

yes but don't have that particular brand so even  though this is a brand name it's actually become  

a generic term for all of the things that do  the same job yes or provide the same function  

yes very interesting which if you've got  that brand is a very valuable asset to you  

um i would say they were probably i wouldn't  be surprised i don't know for certain but i  

wouldn't be surprised if they were the first  company to produce this particular device  

yes one of the first uh certainly one  of the first successful brands to to oh

steve what was that did you get a did  you get uh some feeling back in your  

left leg yes anna uh our favourite restaurant the  copper kettle has closed they've sold the business  

and but of course they were shut  during the lockdown and we discovered  

that we actually enjoyed cooking uh a nice  meal on a saturday for ourselves better  

than going out so we weren't going to go back  anyway tell them what we had to eat yesterday  

we had chili con khan or carney steve makes the  most amazing chili con corn with we had mashed  

potatoes sometimes we have rice with it sometimes  we have mashed potatoes we had broccoli as well  

one of my favourite vegetables is broccoli so do  we have any correct answers diana was the first  

diana weldon and diana diana romano well  done you got the answer right and also  

maura as well well and beatrice as well well done  the answer the mystery logo something that is very  

useful around the house something that we rarely  use something that we never use because it's too  

much effort we are men you see men never  use these devices ever very rarely hoover  

hoover hoover of course make vacuum cleaners but  the strange thing is and the interesting thing is  

this particular brand has also become the generic  term for doing the vacuum cleaning in your house  

so when you use your vacuum cleaner whatever  make it might be people say that they are getting  

the hoover they're going to do the hoovering  yes they do the hoovering as as a verb  

and they hoover the house even if they  haven't got a vacuum cleaner made by  

hoover yes they will still say oh i'm going to  do the the hoovering so you hoover your carpet  

that's what we do in the uk however we never do  that we never we never do that we just wait until  

the dust and the dirt is so high we normally wait  until it's up to our knees to be more accurate  

we usually clean the house and vacuum when we  know someone's coming to visit yes which is  

during this president which during this present  lockdown isn't very often but of course i have  

certain standards mr duncan you're quite happy to  sit around and squalor squalor if your house is  

squalid okay uh it means it's dirty disgusting you  haven't cleaned it you've left rubbish everywhere  

this is you live in squalor this isn't your  very untidy this is libellous that's liable  

you are defaming my name my good name of being  clean and lovely look i have new socks you can't  

you can't criticize my hygiene because see they  smell lovely smell my socks squalor that's a good  

name how do you spell it mr duncan should i put  you on the spot we have one more brand to come  

guess this logo this is for steve by the way  don't try to guess it because it's on the screen  

in front of you you can actually see the answer  but this is this is an interesting one and this  

leads quite nicely into our idioms about roads  and streets it's not a car logo i can i'm not  

looking at the answer okay i don't think it's  a car logo because i've never seen that before  

uh i have no idea so i'm going to cheat and  look uh where is it mr dean i've i've hidden it  

so now you can't see it at all so this is a very  well known logo is it and without this company  

so many things would not exist in the  world in the modern world so there's a  

i think that's a big clue and  it's also related to things that  

use the roads oh you see there's a big one  big clue that's a clue that's a big clue  

it's a big clue any ideas i don't know  what that is mr duncan something that's  

yellow or sort of a yellowy green colour  red magenta i would say valentina i have to  

hoover my house every day because my dog  loses lots of hair all around the house  

that is another reason why we will never own a  dog we are never having a dog ever because they  

take up too much time yes but when you're moulting  there's a lot of hair on the carpet then mr duncan

i don't have much hair left to fall out  oh what is that right pauline paulie  

pauline wong is actually right she's very good  very very good at these well done pauline shell  

says pauline so i think this is a pretty good  one yes and without shell oil we wouldn't have  

all of our lovely plastic things there it is  just to prove that it is actually the logo  

so i'm not cheating you see there it  is so there is the little little part  

shell and of course many other esso um shell  and esso they're the common ones and it's good  

in this country yes uh it's a shame bp bp british  petroleum even though i i believe they're not  

actually owned by britain anymore didn't bp cause  a huge uh environmental issue in america which  

cost them billions yes uh they had to pay billions  i remember barack obama finding them billions  

and they had to get rid of loads and loads  of staff to pay for this now what what was  

it called someone might well you're somewhere in  america you're talking about this deep horizon  

it was uh somebody left the tap running they went  down they went down they went swimming under the  

ocean and they turned the tap on to make sure that  there was some oil in there i think that was bp  

but as if it isn't but they forgot it was bp  yes and they forgot to turn the tap off so all  

of this oil was just flowing into the sea which  of course isn't very good for the environment  

david attenborough was literally he was running  around his house with his underpants pulled right  

down over his his head he was trying to hide away  from the horror that was occurring in the ocean  

there was a there was a a terrible oil spill  from a tanker was it the seychelles recently  

some were absolutely beautiful it was actually  the maldives i was going to say the maldives oh  

yes i mean how awful that is that is still  going on as well they're still clearing up i  

know we don't see enough of that well what you  want more oil spills i want to see more of the  

story always see i thought you went i thought  for a moment you wanted to see more more oil  

spill i mean the maldives that's the place they  say you've got to visit because the islands are  

so low that as the sea rises you know in in  50 years time that they won't exist apparently  

well the place to go at the moment if you like  seeing oil spills is the maldives apparently  

imagine that oh no not the maldives i'm thinking  of yes i'm thinking of somewhere else sorry no uh  

mars there's some there's some islands that people  go to it's very expensive to go to that are very  

i can't think of the name of them now people  go for weddings and all sorts of things like  

this and they're they're very very they're low  they haven't they haven't got much very low yes  

not the seychelles is it no i thought it was the  mole i think it is the maldives it is the maldives  

the maldives is the most exclusive place in the  world to go for your holiday if you can afford  

to go to the maldives you are very wealthy  very rich unless of course you live  

close to the maldives in which case it  probably is cheaper for you to go than us  

because i think you can't fly there directly you  have to get you have to you have to fly somewhere  

else and get a plane there yeah i think i think  the average hotel is about two maybe two or three  

thousand pounds a night i don't don't think it's  that much it is that much trust me no yeah you can  

get cheaper places because i know people at work  that have been you have those little little huts  

that sit actually in the sea and you can you can  have your breakfast brought to you in the morning  

it's beautiful very nice yes but apparently  there's not much to do there so if you like  

exploring uh places uh uh but if you're the type  of holiday maker that likes to sort of sit on a  

beach all day you'll like the maldives if you like  swimming or snorkelling of course yeah it's famous  

for for that it's it's almost as if we're being  sponsored by the Maldives tourist valeria says  

there's a red hoover brand in brazil oh i see  no hoover that really sucks oh it's a duncan

oh did you that's funny mister i thought for a  moment steve was genuinely laughing i was i was  

genuinely laughing that sucks so what brand do you  have at valeria in in brazil uh please tell us we  

do well they do have hoover in argentina oh well  that's not far away argentina from brazil actually  

it's probably thousands of miles it's just yeah  but i would have thought if you've got hoover in  

argentina you'd have it in brazil do you know how  long you were talking for then it seemed like five  

or ten minutes there no partridge the captions  are not there because uh youtube yeah youtube have  

messed up the live streaming yes they've changed  everything and one of the consequences is that the  

live captions have vanished so don't complain to  me please it's nothing to do with me it's youtube  

they've made changes i don't know why if there's  nothing wrong with it please don't change it but  

they can't resist you see they they have to change  things all the time so they've changed it and now  

i don't have my lovely live captions the good  news is there will be captions later after this  

has been stored on youtube they definitely do not  have the hoover brand in brazil okay then uh but  

uh never mind perhaps someone will well  actually they're not well no let's not go  

into criticizing brands they have no hoovers  in brazil that that must really suck didn't  

you just say that i did but i wanted to have some  laughter maybe you thought no one had heard okay  

that really sucks the meaning see partridge  is asking that's a joke but why is it a joke  

it's a joke because hoover's of course vacuum  cleaners they certainly suck they suck the air  

and the dust into into into the bag but of course  if something sucks if you say something sucks it  

means it's it's you're disadvantaged aren't you  well something that's something that's awful  

something that's awful oh that meal really sucks  yes you would say that that's an awful meal  

or maybe uh something that disappoints  you makes you feel disappointed you say oh  

i can't go to the party tomorrow that really  sucks so it's a play on words yes mr duncan's live  

stream on sunday it really sucked yes this really  does suck oh there was something i was going to  

say then but i'm not going to no let's keep it  clean keep it clean keep it clean don't forget  

we have complaints i'm sure you are thinking  the same thing as i am we both have dirty minds  

i'm sure you're thinking the same thing partridge  there there are no live captions it's not my fault  

i have no control panasonic uh okay says  moog mogmog yes um we've got a panasonic  

uh vacuum cleaner i nearly said hoover we've got  a panasonic vacuum cleaner and they're of course  

panasonic are known for their reliability do we  have one we do yes oh yes is that the one you  

use for cleaning your car yes i keep it in the  garage and sometimes he siphons the fuel out of  

our neighbor's cars as well he uses the hoover he  uses the panasonic vacuum cleaner well my mother  

gave it to me because it sounds like we are a bit  extravagant having two vacuum cleaners oh we own  

two vacuum cleaners mr duncan we are living  the highlight we we have two vacuum cleaners  

but we bought we we've got one ourselves but my  mother gave me this uh this panasonic one because  

she's 89. okay then and it's an upright  vacuum cleaner okay you have to push it  

around so it was too heavy for her so she  bought a small lightweight one and she was  

said do you want my old vacuum cleaner and i  said yes please okay i'll keep it in the garage  

and use it for cleaning out my car we had the  conversation there verbatim that was brilliant  

electrolux but now of course mr steve's mother  just crawls around on the floor with a dust pan  

she licks the cup licks the carpet  with her tongue electrolux in brazil

uh that was a joke there was a there was  there was a great phrase that went with  

electrolux nothing sucks like an  electrolux i used to love that strap line  

that phrase on says the word suck is very rude  it's not really rude is it well suck just like  

any word can be used in different ways so suck  can just be drawing something through a vacuum  

i'm going to i'm going to suck this water through  the pen what if i had a straw i'd be sucking the  

uh the water through the straw you know what this  live stream is sucking the life out of me yes used  

in that wave it used to describe something that's  not very good or not very nice it's not really  

would you say it was it's not really rude is  it just an american phrase as i just said any  

word can be rude if you want to you know you  can go into the forest and look for some wood  

but you you might be looking for some wood  in the forest and it sounds like if you're  

lucky you will find someone it sounds like to a  nugent uh it sounds like it's rude to one in your  

country to when you win but um it's not rude here  and it's a common phrase to use in america yes and  

it's i suppose you it's a slang phrase i i mean  you could say oh that meal is not very nice no  

but if you say that meal sucks yes it's i wouldn't  say it was rude but it's slang isn't it yes it's  

not rude though it's not it's not rude it's just  saying it's awful but it may be rude uh where son  

is when i'm when i'm eating my spaghetti i always  like to suck whilst eating it you see you suck

electrolysis eggplant eggplant eggplant orbital  is an aubergine eggplant that's how we would  

pronounce that just as it looks yes eggplant  an eggplant is a very nice vegetable a lot  

i love them i love aubergines some people  call them we've only got 25 minutes left  

i've got some news for you steve doesn't  matter because we are only on once a week  

so this is four this kick well you can go it full  but i might not be we have a little game coming up  

but first of all can i just mention last week i  was filming a lesson in the garden and i injured  

myself you did i had an accident yes yes i was  filming my which lesson was it i'm trying to  

remember which one it was now it was the one i did  recently with the words now ironically this is the  

strange thing though the words i was using in the  lesson were all words that described my accident  

and that's the strange thing so whilst filming  my latest lesson i actually had an accident  

which caused me to injure my knee so there  it is i'm sorry i know it's very gruesome  

and horrific to look at but there you can see i  actually injured i'm not sure what part of the  

body that is i think it's your knee mr i hope  it's my knee but there is a part of my body and  

it's been badly injured and that's what happened  last week whilst i was trying to film my latest  

youtube lesson but the strange thing is the really  strange thing is some of the words in the lesson  

describe the accident that i was having or i  had whilst making that lesson isn't that weird  

it's very strange it's very dramatic that's all  we're saying very dramatic either please send  

your your condolences and sympathy to the usual  address thank you very much i was can i just say  

mr duncan can i say something about it i was i was  i bought a sprayer for the garden because i can  

see so this doesn't sound like the story kill  off the mark anyway i was putting it together  

okay because like everything nowadays doesn't  give you too many details i don't want that and  

i mr duncan was filming outside on the the  new slabs that i've laid okay you finally  

finished all that faster and then i just out  of the corner of my eye i saw mr duncan just  

falling onto the floor yes and everything else  around and all his equipment fell onto the floor  

as well it was very it was actually quite shocking  yes uh you were stunned it took you some time to  

come around i hit my head on the on the ground yes  and also injured my leg and i felt dreadful i was  

really it almost knocked me unconscious well there  was a sudden gust of wind and you were trying to  

keep to stop the equipment from moving and then  and then you fell with it that's it it's horrible  

and it just all fell your full length as we  say i fell completely flat on my stupid face  

if we say you fall your full length it means all  of you falls down that's it you fall completely  

flat on the floor yes so there it is that that  is what happened to me last week i injured myself  

whilst whilst making my lessons i  know it was very dramatic i was yeah  

it took me a while to to to bring you round yes  i was i was dazed say you were knocked out but  

i would say five minutes before you got up yes i  was shocked i was in shock yes you were in shock  

but i'm okay now fortunately fortunately i hit  my head which of course is completely empty yes  

so there was no damage no damage because there  was nothing there to damage no that's it that's  

that's what i was going for there yes  definitely so let's have a look at today's other  

feature there is a little feature that i want  to show to everyone in the world we have road  

and i suppose you could say street words would  that sound about right steve would you would you  

i don't know i haven't been part of the planning  process of this lesson would that be a good  

a good description well if that's the picture  you're showing i would say yes road idioms  

okay driving yes here we go here we go then this  is it steve right let's not waste any more time  

here here we go we are now going to look at some  idioms connected with roads and being on the road  

in the street up the street  and generally driving around

what a strange sound mr steve i don't know what  was happening burping you you were bringing up air

steve was bringing up air so idioms here we  go they're road idioms and there are there are  

quite a few so we will get through as many as  we can we are now going to take a look at some  

idioms connected to roads and streets idioms  that might be useful in some ways so let's have  

a look at the first one shall we without any more  hesitation oh something is right up your street  

something is right up your street what does  that mean that means it's something that you  

somebody thinks you would really like  yes or something that is very appropriate  

yes or something that is very suitable  for a person something that goes well with  

that person maybe a type of career job maybe  something that they might decide to do as a hobby  

oh i want to do stamp collecting as a hobby well  i know that you are very interested in stamps  

so that hobby will be right up your street yes it  is very suitable for you you might uh for example  

i might being interested in cars uh might want to  join a car club and mr duncan might say oh i do  

that that'll be right up your street that will  in other words it's giving the indication that  

uh it's he would be easy for you to do would  probably be something you'd really enjoy doing  

yes yes something that would be favourable  to you something that might allow you to use  

a certain ability something that you could do  so yes something that's right up your street and  

somebody would say that to you if they know you  quite well if they don't know you very well they  

wouldn't say that that would be said by somebody  that knows you very well yes that's right up  

your street perfect yes suitable for you it is  right up your street so there is our first one  

we're going to get through these quite quickly  here's another one road and street idioms  

ah this is a road hit the road this is something  we're going to be doing in around about 15 minutes  

from now we're gonna hit the road it means you're  leaving it means you are getting out of there  

you are leaving a place you are about to go  you are going to hit the road you are about  

to go you might be at a party yeah a party and  you look at your watch and you say to somebody  

it's getting late let's hit the road time to  go time to go uh and it gives an indication  

that you've got a bit of a journey ahead of you  as well um but you could say even if you live  

down the road but normally it means you're  going to get in a car and drive somewhere  

that's it usually that's it but not necessarily  but quite often well look look it's getting late  

i think i think we should hit the road because we  have a long journey ahead of us yes so there we go  

it doesn't mean that you go outside with a hammer  and start hitting the tarmac it doesn't mean that  

no it refers really to to you driving on the road  you are hitting the road and you are moving in  

a certain direction says like the song hit the  road jack okay get to the end of my sentence

hit the road jack is that from hit the road jack  and don't you come back no more no more no more no  

hit the road jack and don't you come back no more

so that's suggesting that they want  them to leave and not come back  

hit the road jack go leave there we go so yes okay  it's another one oh you might explore new avenues  

avenue of course an avenue is a type of street a  type of road normally secluded quite often lined  

with trees so you might find that avenues are  quite narrow but also quite often they will have  

trees along them as you go along a small road  maybe gaining access to a larger road or maybe  

someone's house there is a little avenue taking  you towards a special place but if you explore new  

avenues yes that means you're uh you're  expanding your interests in some way  

and maybe seeking out new hobbies or skills yes  a new venture yes just as uh yes so an avenue  

really is like a sort of a posh street yeah if  you if you live on an avenue uh then you would  

that would give the suggestion that you live  in quite a well-to-do expensive neighbourhood  

so if you're if your address has avenue after it  number two something avenue something avenue yes  

number two garden avenues or woodland avenues  if you've got avenues in your address it would  

suggest that you live in quite a well-to-do posh  place yes okay because as mr duncan says there'll  

be trees lining the road they'll probably be  decorative pavements there's a place there's  

a famous place in i think it's in new york fifth  avenue so fifth avenue is where all the high class  

shops and businesses are fifth avenue and lewis  says avenue sean's elise ah yes wide open big

expansive very plush plush very decorative  it's not just a street a street is just could  

be anywhere it's an avenue the avenue of the  champions yes the victors le champs-elysees  

i didn't know that the champs-elysees was an  avenue so thank you for that lewis and hello lewis  

um what does the phrase hit the bricks mean  i've never heard of it never heard of that  

never heard of hit the bricks  i've heard of hit the sack  

you can hit the sack which means go to bed  yes you can hit hit the bottle which means  

to start drinking alcohol in large quantities  you can hit the misses no no no all the mister  

don't do that don't do that don't do that  that's and that's bad explore new avenues  

if you're exploring new avenues that that phrase  means that uh i mean it's suggesting that you're  

going to visit somewhere uh but of course what  you're actually visiting is maybe a new hobby  

yes or a new circle of friends something like that  so you were going off in a different direction you  

were exploring something or going something going  somewhere to do something you've never done before  

you are going to explore new avenue maybe you're  sick to death of your existing group of friends  

and you want to go off and explore uh new  avenues new places to meet new people but  

that might also be fresh fields yes fresh fields  yes fresh fields here's another one steve is often  

what streets ahead mr steve is often streets  ahead of others well it depends no one has ever  

described me as being streets ahead of anything  your streets are head in certain things there must  

be something there must be at least one thing you  are streets ahead in your knowledge of cars oh yes  

i'm streets ahead yes there you go it just means  that you are you know a lot more than other people  

on whatever subject it is you're talking about  or you're quicker than them you've somehow gained  

an advantage that's it uh over them in some way  that's a good one let's think of another example  

that you could you could be streets ahead in your  in your appreciation of fashion for example you  

could wear all the best fashionable clothes and  stuff like so they're streets ahead but they're  

i suppose yeah exactly or let's think i like to  give lots of examples ability is a good one you  

see that's that's the one we tend to use abilities  yes you are streets ahead in your ability to to do  

maths maybe you are the best in your classroom  so maybe if you are in a class and you are the  

best one in the class we could say you are streets  ahead of the other students are you streets ahead  

of your students when it comes to learning  english yes you might be streets ahead with your  

with your english practice yes of course obviously  that that's suggesting that if you were in a car  

or walking you you were you were a long way  further than your colleagues here's another one  

this is something that we often hit you hit this  when you are going along the road and suddenly  

you hit a dead end a dead end something  yes now now this can be used in many ways  

maybe more ways than you actually  realize so a dead end on the road  

means a road that you can't pass through so  you come along and suddenly the road ends  

and you you reach a dead end you can't go any  further of course there would be a signpost at  

the start of that road to indicate to you that if  you drive down there you you'd have to turn around  

and come back because it was a dead end that's  it it just doesn't go anywhere it's going nowhere  

it's usually a t isn't it it's usually a dead  end is usually like that a sign uh for for a road  

but yes so that's what it would mean if we were  talking about with a street or a road a road that  

goes nowhere it's probably a big barrier at the  end yes a dead end yes you cannot go any further  

you have come to the end of the road it is a dead  end you can't go any further however we can just  

we can describe a job maybe your career is is  boring maybe there are no prospects in the future  

of having a promotion maybe your job will never  change for the rest of your life you will be do  

you will be i don't know why i'm looking  at you when i say this you'll be looking  

ahead and you you will realize that your job will  never change you are in a dead-end job a dead end  

job it means it means there are no prospects no  promotions no increase in your salary nothing for  

whatever reason maybe you've reached the limit of  your ability maybe there are other people in jobs  

that you might want to do that have been there  for a long time and they're not going to leave  

you've got no prospects of advancement in that  job so you become bored and you say i'm in a  

dead-end job yes and uh you might decide that  you want to to leave and explore new avenues yes  

that's it you see they're connected oh well done  i like that awesome streets ahead of everyone else  

also dead end has another use does it yes  if you are trying to come to a decision or  

maybe if you are trying to get information about  something yes maybe you are investigating a crime  

but unfortunately you can't find any clues  you are not doing very well you are not  

doing a very good job of investigating that  crime you have come to a dead end you're not  

making any progress no whatever it is you're  not you can have a project at work mr duncan  

there is always a project at work and you can't  make any progress in it because you need more  

information from somewhere you maybe need to go  and talk to someone or do something you can say  

i've reached a dead end i can't go any further  with this i need help that's a good one yes a  

dead end there there there is no new information  i can't find any more information unfortunately  

we have reached a dead end valentina says that  in italy we call it a blind street oh yes yeah  

in french they call it a cul-de-sac that's true  cul-de-sac which literally means bottom of the bag  

it's very interesting that  literally is what cul-de-sac means  

the bottom of the bag we use that phrase here  if you live in a cul-de-sac it means you live  

you live in an area where the road doesn't go  all the way through where the houses are there  

is a dead end somewhere so your street  is a dead end you cannot pass through  

here's another one steve has we have five  minutes more oh you might in your life  

have setbacks something that causes your plans to  to fail or stop you might find yourself being used  

for a certain period of time by your  employer but then suddenly they decide  

to get rid of you they say i'm sorry you've done  a very good job but unfortunately we don't need  

you anymore so goodbye you have been kicked to the  curb yes so when we say curb yes the implication  

the curb of course is the is that you've got the  road the curb is the is the edges of the road  

um the far edges of the road and of course if  you're driving along and doing very well you'll  

be driving along the road quite well but if you  if something happens in the car and it goes wrong  

your car breaks down it'll have to go  over into the curb you'll have to stop  

um in the curb which is the the far edge of  the road so in this um what you're saying here  

is that if if your job has been kicked to the  curb then it's just like the car breaking down  

it's finished it's it's had it we often use it  to describe a person who has been disposed of  

quite often in a job or maybe in a relationship  of course maybe you are having a very long-term  

relationship with someone very beautiful and  attractive but then suddenly they find someone new  

they find someone even more beautiful and even  more attractive and so you find yourself being  

kicked to the curb you are kicked to the side  of the road useless yes goodbye belarusia and i  

send my wishes to you i hope you're feeling  uh better duncan's been telling me about your  

operation i'm glad to glad to see you here  today and also uh thank you very much for  

informing me as well of what was happening i  love receiving your messages by the way if you  

want to send messages you are more than welcome  to do so it is always good to hear from you

would you like another one steve yes please i  think we've got got time for a couple of more  

idioms road and street idioms kick to the curb  or is it with a k over the c um okay isn't it  

is it have i spelt it with a oh wait i i may  have spelt it wrong have i spelt curb wrong

oh yes i think i have i think i but wait there yes  yes isn't that not sure well as far as i'm aware  

curb is is with a k maybe it can also be spelt  with a c maybe somebody look at that up maybe i  

had a day off school when we learn that word but  it's very strange yes vanna it means fired at work  

fired if you're fired at work it means you've  lost your job i have a strange feeling it might  

be a difference between british and american  english but i would check on that thanks for  

thank you for pointing that out it might be a  very embarrassing mistake on my part you see  

okay then here's another one in the gutter in the  gutter that's similar to kick to the curb isn't it  

the gutter is but we don't use the gutter is where  water drains away yeah it's it's normally the very  

far edge of something where things are disposed of  or maybe an area that isn't used of course if you  

if you go bowling if you like to bowl balls at a  bowling alley hit the side of course where where  

the the ball goes off if you are not very good  quite often your ball will end up in the gutter  

so the gutter is usually that's where water  runs off into if you've got guttering around  

your house that's where the water comes  off the roof and goes into the guttering  

guttering in a road is normally by the curb or  just before the curb so the water can flow away  

so if you're in the gutter if you yourself  are in the gutter that means that you are  

hitting a very bad patch in your life maybe  you've lost your job because of course the  

gutter is where all the waste goes yeah all  the waste water all the bits of twigs and  

and uh moss and all sorts of other rubbish go into  the gutter don't they yeah it's mainly water and  

they go into the drain so if you're in the gutter  then something's gone wrong with your life because  

you know you you've come off the main track  yes in life and you're in the gutter you've  

been kicked to the curb you are now lying in  the gutter of course there is a lovely phrase  

i might be lying in the gutter but i am looking  up at the stars there we go valentina says  

uh uk is curved with a k american is curbed with a  sea that's a relief thank goodness for that i knew  

it must have been right but sometimes when people  say that i i often have little heart attacks  

because i i suddenly fear that i've got it wrong  even though i know it must be right i i suddenly  

lose all of my confidence and i feel like jumping  out of the nearest window well mr duncan had you  

got that wrong we'd have had to kick you to the  curb i would have been in the gutter i would have  

been in the gutter kicked to the curb you can say  i feel like i'm in the gutter if you're having a  

bad day at work everything's going wrong you can  you can say you feel like you're in the gutter  

it's almost time it's almost time for us to go  i think we'll have one more here's a good one  

so so this is one more to do with roads driving  on the roads something i do very often mr duncan  

or you used to when i was out and about this is  something mr steve likes to do when he's driving  

around in his car maybe he likes to drive  a little faster than he should he likes to  

burn rubber if you say you're going to burn rubber  if you're driving it means that you're going to  

drive very enthusiastically on the road you're  going to be racing around you're going to be  

putting your foot flat to the floor  in the accelerator and making your  

wheels spin so that the you get the smoke coming  off your wheels yes burn rubber uh but of course  

it can also mean leave as well if  you are going to leave in a hurry  

so you might depart from a place but you are  doing it very quickly you will burn rubber you  

are leaving very quickly in a hurry immediately  without waiting or hesitating you are going

but you might not be driving off you might be just  sort of walking off very quickly from somewhere  

uh yeah or you could be doing a very good job  at work and you could be miles ahead of all your  

colleagues in your sales or something like that  and people say well he's on fire he's burning  

rubber on five someone might say you're on fire  you're doing you know you're hot you're really  

progressing very quickly and very fast ahead of  everybody else you're burning rubber so it doesn't  

mean you're literally in a car you could be in  a car but it could be it could mean that you're  

just doing very well in something and you're  being very efficient and very quick very fast  

compared to everybody else so we are  in a few moments we are actually going  

to burn rubber it means we are going to drive  off at high speed we are going to leave you for  

today i hope you've enjoyed today's lesson by the  way this live stream yes we are back for october  

after having our little rest during september  we are both very well thank you for your concern  

neither of us has covered nothing like that we  are okay we can say it by the way now because  

lots of people are saying it on youtube i  think youtube now allows you to say it so  

that is no longer a forbidden word you know what  we didn't do today mr duncan what didn't we do  

today we didn't play the sentence game no but  we will be playing the sentence game next sunday  

oh good i i thought that would cheer you up so  next sunday we will be playing the sentence game  

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we have on sunday but instead i've been watching  columbo and mr steve has been busy in the garden  

very busy very very busy i'm super fit well  goodbye everybody and i look forward to seeing you  

all next week and see you in a few minutes in the  kitchen i will be with you in a few minutes bye  

there is mr steve mr steve is now about to  say goodbye and he's going to burn some rubber

it's always chaos when mr steve is around

he's gone now what a great way to end today's live  stream here we go then it's time to say goodbye i  

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