oh there you are hi everybody this is mr. Duncan in England how are you today

are you okay I hope so are you feeling happy today I really hope you are

feeling super duper I love that word super duper when a person feels super

duper it means they are on top of the world they are feeling very good here we

are then on Tuesday welcome to Tuesday for those who don't know what this is my

name is Duncan I live in England I talk about the English language here on

YouTube I've been doing this forever such a long time I've been doing this

for almost 14 years I know it sounds unbelievable a lot of people don't

believe me but I have I've been here teaching English since 2006 I've been

doing live streams for four years it's true I'm not joking I hope you enjoyed

yesterday's live stream yes I am doing some extra live streams during July for

a couple of reasons first of all I like doing it to be honest I really like

being with you live it's much better it feels more spontaneous it feels more

real it feels more immediate so I do like being here with you live and of

course it gives you a chance to chat to me as well so not only am I talking to

you but you are also talking to me as well so it's lovely to be here on

Tuesday you may have noticed already the weather is not great today I will be

honest with you the weather is not particularly good today however I am

going to do what I always do I always try to make the best

of a situation even when things are not good even when things are not going well

I always try to make the best of a situation be it good or bad

oh the live chat is already very busy and another thing I've noticed today we

have quite a few new viewers so please can you make our new viewers feel

comfortable in the live chat say hello to them and make them feel very welcome

that would be lovely so I'm in the garden did you see what I

did just I've just picked one of the apples from the tree so there it is one

of the apples this is a very unusual looking apple I don't know what's

happened to this Apple but it seems to have it looks like something else to be

honest it looks like something very maybe rude am I right or wrong maybe

wrong quite likely wrong to be honest now these apples are quite small they're

not big apples I will be honest with you and if you try to eat these you might

not enjoy the experience because they are quite sour they are bitter

they are sour apples so these are not the best apples in the world however

this year I don't know what's happened my apple tree has gone crazy there are

so many apples on the apple tree so there is one of the apples from my tree

I'm not going to eat it not now just in case you never know there might be a big

worm inside there sleeping and I don't think it's a good idea to start eating

insects live on YouTube to be honest I don't think it's a very good idea at all


there was a bird in the tree right next to me can you hear it it's alright and

the sound that bird is making is something we call an alarm so when a

bird gets scared or anxious it will make a certain sound and we call that an

alarm so that bird at the moment is alarming it is telling all the other

birds that there is a danger nearby and I have a feeling that danger might be me

they seem to think that I am some sort of danger but I'm not I'm not if you

know me well you will know that I'm not a danger I am of course someone who

likes to come on YouTube teaching English talking about the

English language and that is what I'm doing today you are the apple of my eye

that's a good expression there are many expressions and idioms that you can use

actually connected with Apple so you can be the apple of someone's eye that is

you are the focus of their affection you are the focus of a person's love and

interest romantically Oh someone is the apple of your eye very nice we could

also say that sometimes in a family the Apple does not fall far from the tree

which means that the children may be the sir nor daughter have a very similar

characteristic or they are very similar to the parents or one of the parents so

sometimes we might say I can see in that family that the Apple has not fallen

very far from the tree it means that the children are very

similar to the adults and that's why we say it hello to the live chat yes I am

here again we have a lot of new people watching so I do feel quite excited

about that I'm not going to lie I feel very excited to see so many people here

today for the first time so thank you very much for joining me once more we

are going to look at some things today I thought it would be fun to look at some

words also I will show you how I was able to cut half of my eyebrow off two

days ago so at the weekend I actually managed to cut one of my eyebrows off

very successfully in fact almost too successfully I'm just making some little

adjustments here on my live chat please excuse me whilst I do that very nice

hello also to dolly dolly dang Mohsen we have Vitesse we have Paulo Luis Mendez

is here again as well so it's nice to see all of you here congratulations to

mosun you were first on today's live chat sadly I have no applause to give

you however if you would like this Apple this very small bitter hard Apple but

came off my tree in the garden you can have this if you want is that good is

that okay okay you then

thank you very much for your company yesterday I did have a good two hours

yesterday I can't believe how fast the time went yesterday did you notice how

quickly time passed yesterday it was incredible hello hello hello

grace chin hi grace chin nice to see you here as well on the livestream today I

don't know why I am having difficulty seeing my livestream I hope you can

actually see the livestream okay where you are because sometimes it keeps

stopping and then stalking starting again she's rather annoying to say the

least I'm not sure if it has anything to do with my Apple device I'm not sure

does it I don't know maybe it will work better now perhaps oh that's better I

think it's working better now hello also to Lehigh Corps Lehigh Hwang hello to

you as well wow so many people here again yes I am doing some extra live

streams and that's what this is to be honest I'm doing an extra live stream in

fact this week you have two extra live streams Monday and Tuesday and you have

another extra live stream on Thursday normally I'm with you and with you on

Wednesday also Sunday and also Friday so Sunday

Wednesday Friday is when I am normally with you fear on YouTube hello

Ibrahim the best teacher in the world Ibrahim Shia nice to see you here as

well Khalid hello Khalid nice to see you here on the

live chat it is good to see you here today Rafa is here Maliha is here nice

to see you here as well if it's your first time please let me know

racer says I am here and I can already hear the lawnmower yes one of my

neighbors at the moment is cutting their grass fortunately they are not very

nearby so I don't think it's going to disturb me very much I think I will be

alright Pedro Belmont is here hello Pedro you

weren't here yesterday we missed you yesterday

hello also connell Alessandra nisht our is here as well if it is your first time

please let me know hello also who owned Ishtar can you say hello to my sister my

sister's name is dick sha dick shared Gulati I hope I pronounced that right

today my sister is also watching so yes hello - dick sha Gulati i hope

you are enjoying this something unusual something a little bit strange maybe who

knows is it my imagination or is it a little dark out here I think it seems

very dark I hope you can see me clearly

hello - kalbi can you please say hello to my country hello - train Gallic

trinkets City and also a big hello to quell B as well very nice to see you

here I've been seeing your t-shirt since 2017 can I just tell you a brief history

of this t-shirt I bought this t-shirt in 2008 when I lived in another place in

Wolverhampton and there was a shop and they sold all sorts of t-shirts many

different designs and there was one t-shirt hanging up

and it was a small one and this is it this is the one because most people

don't buy small clothing so that was the last t-shirt that was hanging in the

shop and it was this one because most people are too large or too big to wear

a small t-shirt but this one is so the size of this t-shirt is small and as you

know I have a very slim body so sometimes I can wear small clothing

sometimes I can actually wear children's clothing can you believe it if I get if

I get a large size in children's clothing sometimes it will actually fit

me I'm not joking so this t-shirt i bought around i think

it was around 12 years ago twelve years so i've had this this t-shirt for a very

long time pal mira says your apples are not ripe that might be a very good point

yes maybe it is too early to pick the apples the other thing about these

apples is sometimes they fall off the tree and if you're not careful as you

are walking around the garden you actually slide on the apples you almost

fall over and break your neck to be honest hello - chin neuen hello to

you from vietnam hello Vietnam hello to you as well

Mohammed Ahmed says thank you very much mr. Duncan I watched the movie 12

monkeys it is an amazing film guess what

last night I sat down with mr. Steve and we also watched this movie as well so

yesterday we watched 12 monkeys to be honest with you I've seen it before

so I've actually seen this movie before so it is one that I've watched in the

past to be honest with you it is such a good

movie III couldn't resist watching it again so mr. Steve had never seen this

movie before so last night it was the first time that

Steve saw this movie I'm not sure if he enjoyed it to be honest I I got a

strange feeling I had a strange feeling that Steve did not enjoy the movie I

like it I think it's a pretty good movie science fiction so if you like science

fiction and if you like movies about time travel

then you were like this movie Bruce Willis is in this movie also Brad Pitt

as well is in this movie and lots of other people as well Christopher Plummer

is in this movie an actor from many many years ago now he's elderly but he's

still acting so Christopher Plummer a very well-known British actor is also in

this movie if you want to watch it I highly recommend it maybe you have some

spare time maybe you have a little bit of time on your hands so perhaps you can

watch this if you want it is a little bit violent as well so this might not be

for children so it's not a cartoon it's not a comedy show for children so that

might be a good thing to bear in mind twelve Monkeys we watched it last night

I liked it but I'm not sure I'm not sure if mr. Steve liked it to be honest so

thank you Mohammed Ahmed saying I watched it last night yes we watched it

yesterday as well and it is a good movie and of

course I am a big fan of Bruce Willis to be honest I do like Bruce Willis quite a


constant in I'm so happy to be able to share another afternoon with you Thank

You constant in that's very right that's very right I hope you could see me

clearly today I'm always worried you see I am always concerned about the quality

of this so I hope you can see me okay and you can hear me all right as well

yes see ya hello yes iya thank you for joining me today

hello too hot Tik Tok TV that's not easy to say by the way hot

Tik Tok TV have you ever used tick-tock I've never used it to be honest I don't

have much interest in tick-tock for two reasons one I think it's for young

people to be honest it's for the teenagers with with their their rap

songs and their computer games and their leahy Lady Gaga's and all of that you

say so it's not really it's not really for grown-ups like me it's okay though

there was a very annoying fly on my screen excuse me

get off my screen you naughty thing so yes

tick tock I've never used it oh the other reason why I don't use it is

because the videos that you make are only 15 seconds long so that's no good

to me as you know I always like to make very long videos my live streams are

always long I like to spend my time with you hello also to Silvia I haven't

written here for a long time but I always watch your live stream Silvia

Silvia Denise I recognize your name I recognize your name Silvia I'm glad to

see that you are here still and I'm also glad that you've decided to

stay hello on the live chat again Sylvia says mr. Duncan your live stream was

very funny especially the moment when mr. Steve didn't come on I know

have you seen Sunday's livestream what was happening it was a very strange

livestream some very weird moments of time hello to lick leaked or lick light

hello to you nice to see you here Oh if Fran if friend says if a child in the

family is very similar to one of their parents you might say that that child is

a chip off the old block that's good I like that one as well that is a good one

hello Integra Integra vinnitsa nice to see you here as well where are you by

the way because I'm very nosy you may have noticed sometimes I can be very

nosy very inquisitive so sometimes I like to find out where you are in the

world Ricardo is here oh I have set up the HD quality and you look very

charming even more well one of the wonderful things about doing this

especially nowadays these amazing times that we live in with technology you can

actually watch me live and you can have very high quality as well so yes I I

always feel I feel proud that I can do that to be honest hello lemon

Oh lamb in Salah says hello it's my first time it is a pleasure to be here

lamb in can I say hello lamb in and welcome to my little English family

all around the world there are people watching at the moment you can listen

you can read the captions as well so there are captions even now on the

livestream and if you want to have the captions all you have to do is press C

on your keyboard that's all you have to do and then you will have live captions

by the way I received some messages yesterday saying mr. Duncan we watch you

on television and yes so many TVs nowadays will actually have YouTube

built into their televisions and you can actually watch me on your big-screen

television so if you are watching me at the moment on your television do I look

good do I look nice and clear on your very big screen mmm

I hope so that must have been very scary what I did then will you play the

sentence game tomorrow is English addict number 100 I can't believe it so we have

English addict tomorrow and we will be having the sentence game tomorrow I will

be in the studio I have a feeling I might be in the studio tomorrow but yes

that's what we're doing tomorrow we're doing the sentence game we're having a

little celebration as well because tomorrow it is English addict episode

100 I can't believe I've done 100 episodes of English addict but I have

incredible hello also to Donna hello Marc

Marc que vivir Nez hello mr. Duncan I need your help I'm making a video about

school could you please answer this question do you think homework

makes students learn better please say hello to my Indonesian students hello

mark kay Avernus nice to see you here

well I always think homework has more than one use so the reason why many

teachers will give homework to their students is also to give them the the

regimental I suppose what am I trying to say there

I suppose it's getting used to having to do work at a certain time or of course

doing extra work in your career perhaps so sometimes if you are working

if you have a job sometimes you are asked to stay over to stay late or to

work extra so I always think that homework is a little bit like over time

for school so I don't think it's a bad thing

I think homework can be very useful it gives you a little bit of discipline so

that's the word I was looking for discipline it allows the student to

become disciplined a little bit more in the way they do things so if you can if

you can spend the day at school learning and then you go home and you do some

more homework you do a little bit of extra work at home I think that's very

useful I think it's a useful thing and of course you can learn things as well

whilst you are doing your homework maybe you have to study a certain subject or

maybe you have to write an essay about something so that's what I used to do

for my students I would often give them homework to do

I would offer them give them something that they had to write down or something

that they had to maybe recite as well I don't often talk about that do i I've

just realized I don't often talk about recitation but reciting things is a good

way of learning new words and grammar as well so I hope that helps you I know

that was a very long answer but yes I think I think homework has more than one

purpose I think it is a very good way of getting the students to become

disciplined in themselves because they are doing something extra they are doing

something maybe in their home environment which might seem very

strange at first but I think it is a very good way of giving the students a

sense of discipline self discipline because sometimes in life as we all know

sometimes in life you have to do things you don't want to do we all have to do

things we don't want to do so I think it's a very good way of getting that

feeling of discipline it is encouraging the students to have self-discipline I

think so hello flower hello also hello Ali nice to see you here as well sujin

you look good on television thank you very much

maybe I shouldn't get too close to the camera you see it might become too scary

if you are watching on the big screen maybe flower says it is always better

not to complain because we will look on the bright side and but sometimes you

can't handle it that is true life is one of those things

you can't avoid and sometimes things go well and sometimes things go badly

Benja loon hello Benji loon Eunice how old is the tree behind you the tree

behind me do you mean that tree the apple tree

I think the apple tree is quite old I think it may be maybe 40 maybe 50 50

years old so this house that I am living in now this house was built in when was

it 1968 this this house was actually built so so most of this has been here

since 1968 a very long time so over 50 years oh thank you mark that is perfect

my students will be glad to see you Cheers

you are welcome I hope my answer to your question was was good I hope it was

suitable for you and helpful hello mark Watson hello mark nice to see you here

as well you look so sweet thank you very much I try my best

I always believe to stay healthy you need to have a good night's sleep

I think sleep is one of the most important things in your life whenever I

have a good sleep if I sleep well then I always feel

better the next day I always feel much better thank you - to

a new in hello mr. Duncan the word kajol on Monday that you mentioned reminds me

of your English lesson called compliments oh I see yes to control if

you cajole it means you say nice things to encourage someone to do something

cajole you humour them you say something to make them feel more

willing to do something good Joel Mark Watson says have you ever walked naked

on the beach can you imagine me doing that can you imagine me walking naked on

the beach what do you mean yes there are children making a noise behind you yes I

think one of my neighbours I think they have some some of their relations

staying with them including some young children I think so you're right I'm

loving your messages by the way did you hear the story yesterday did you hear

the sad story of my eyebrow well I'm going to show you how I did it for those

who didn't see me yesterday I accidentally shaved half of my eyebrow

off and the reason why I did it is because of this you see I have one of

these little machines it is very good for trimming your hair but you can also

use it for trimming your eyebrows as well as you get older can I just share

this with you now as you get older your eyebrows become very long and thick so

there is a warning you have this still to come if you are young you have this

later on in your life you will realize that your eyebrows get thicker and

longer the older you get so I like to keep my eyebrows short I don't like them

to get too long sometimes they they get so long they poke you in the eye

that's how long they can get you can actually comb them if you have no hair

on your head perhaps you can use your eyebrows maybe you can grow your

eyebrows really long and then comb them over the back of your head like that

comb your eyebrows anyway a couple of days ago I was trimming my eyebrows

unfortunately I forgot to put this on the machine so if you use it like this

it will cut very close it will almost take all the hair off so you have to use

this you see so you put this on the machine like this to make sure that you

don't cut too much off however I was in a hurry so what I did I grabbed this I

grabbed it and did it straight away without looking and I realized pretty

quickly that I had just shaved half of my eyebrow off you might not be able to

see it but yes you might be able to see there there is half of my eyebrow is

actually missing and it's because of this machine this clipper this electric

clipper you see so I should have put this on instead so this stops the

machine from taking too much hair off and I didn't do that because I was in a

hurry I was I was rushing so much I almost

removed one of my eyebrows so this is of them at the machine a very useful

machine but you have to be careful how you use it or else you might lose your

eyebrows or something even more valuable you have to be very careful where you

use this on your body mm-hmm

that was clever it just fell off the table sorry about that

hello - Philippe do you ever use Ghana and wanna instead of going to or want to

to be honest I don't like this usage well it depends where you are to be

honest as I said yesterday accents and ways of speaking vary from place to

place so as you move around the country as you go around England or or as you

travel around the UK you might hear certain words used in different ways

colloquialisms is what we call them so when we say something is a colloquialism

it means a certain way of speaking or a certain word that is used in one

particular area colloquialism I love that word Belarusian

hello Belarus yeah nice to see you here today we missed you yesterday by the way

my brother promised me he will make a barbecue but then he cancelled because

oh ok then because his father-in-law committed suicide awful really awful

that's terrible news I'm sorry to hear that well I hope I can cheer you up

after hearing such awful news Thank You Belarusian Marc can I say Marc you seem

to have being nude on your mind a little bit too much what is the difference

between nude and naked they are basically the same thing just different

ways of describing it a person who has no clothes on is naked a person who has

nothing on they are not wearing any clothes at all is new

nude naked stalkers they are wearing their birthday suit if a person is

wearing their birthday suit it means they are Newton a kid

nude they have no clothes on fortunately that's not going to happen here that is

not going to happen here some very interesting questions coming through

would you like to see a couple of words okay then let's have a look at two words

as we approach what time is it now 20 minutes away from three o'clock I've

been here for 40 minutes I hope you are enjoying today's livestream something a

little different today I'm in the garden general chitchat we can have a little

chat we can learn some new words perhaps and hopefully have a smile as well so

here are two words two English words now they do look very similar however they

have very different meanings so the words are lateral and collateral lateral

and collateral lateral collateral

lateral collateral so they look very similar but they do have different

meanings for example first of all we will look at lateral there we go and

there it is I hope you can see it clearly on your screen the word lateral

normally relates to the side either of at towards or from the side or sides so

it can refer to one side of something both sides lateral in anatomy to be

situated on one side or other of the body or organ so we might describe

something as being lateral when it is situated on maybe one side or the other

side of the body or maybe part of your body something that's inside your body

such as an organ to think in an inventive way as in lateral thinking so

if you think in a very unusual way maybe you do something in a very unusual way

we say lateral thinking your thinking is very unusual it is very strange

different inventive innovative we can describe that as lateral thinking so the

word is lateral hello the Cowell's are all staring at me at the moment I'm

standing here very close to the fence in my garden hello are you okay

you can't see this but right next to me now there are some carols and they are

just looking at me they're staring at me they're wondering what I'm doing it's

okay I'm just doing some YouTube it's alright

don't panic it's okay I would love to come over and say hello but I can't

unfortunately because I'm busy here you see I'm on YouTube at the moment the

other word that I want to show you is I hope you can see it collateral

collateral so the word collateral refers to a sum of money paid as insurance for

a debt that can be kept if the payments cease so you might describe collateral

as something that is put down as insurance so maybe you borrow some money

a house might be used as collateral for a loan if you stopped paying the debt

then you lose your home collateral as an adjective

collateral means an additional or secondary event there might be

collateral damage after a natural disaster something accompanying a major

event but not as serious can be described as collateral damage so we can

use the word collateral if you are maybe borrowing some money from the bank quite

often if you borrow a large amount of money you will normally need something

that will be used as collateral collateral so you are making sure that

you will pay that money back and if you don't the people will take your house

or maybe the money that you given them as collateral collateral quite often if

you borrow money maybe you want to buy a house maybe you want to borrow some

money from the bank to buy a house or maybe you need to borrow some extra

money you need quite often you will need collateral collateral so there it is

interesting word two words that look similar but actually they have very

different meanings so many things to show you today I can't begin to tell you

how many things I have to show you Oh Mary thank you very much Mary

thinking outside of the box maybe that is also a way of expressing

something I don't know what is happening to my to my camera it's doing some very

strange things at the moment Oh Meeker road is here hello Meeker nice

to see you here today as well hello what's what's wrong do you want to have

some love I wish I could show you the the cow shall I show you the cow I will

try to the cow is looking very sad there is the cow

the cows often come over during the day if they ever see me in the garden they

will often the cows will often come over to say hello very strange very strange

indeed that's better the problem is now I've moved my camera it's a little

strange let me just adjust my camera please I knew this was a mistake

I knew it was a mistake anyway you've seen the cow now and he's still staring

at me what's what's the matter you are making me feel so guilty standing there

staring at me like that I feel very guilty yes the cow is looking at me it

can't take its eyes off me I think so

very interesting don't keep staring at me like that you make me feel very very

very guilty I almost feel as if I have to go over there now and give give the

cow a little stroke or a little hug I think so

Mary says is the cow ready for the barbecue well fortunately cows normally

are kept alive so normally they are used for producing milk you see so Carol's

always have a very good life because quite often they are not slaughtered

however if you are a male if you are a bull then it's not so good hello

this cow is fascinated by me aren't you you are so lovely

you know I might just stop doing this today I might just show you the cow

because the cow is so lovely what's wrong oh I see I know what the problem

is you have an itch are you scratching yourself on my fence I think so

what a very strange moment I did mention yesterday contractions sometimes people

will use contractions when they want to shorten maybe a sentence like do not do

not becomes don't will not becomes won't can not becomes can't so people do use

contractions quite often and as I mentioned yesterday as I mentioned

yesterday it is important to remember that you never use contractions if you

are writing formal letters as I said yesterday if you are applying for a job

you never never use contractions it does not look good

re re Hassan mr. Duncan have you ever read a book called how now brown cow

that sounds like something you would say if you are improving your pronunciation

how now brown cow the rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain talking of

plains I think there is a plane going over my house now ex darou

I think the cow likes you and you are very attractive to it I'm not sure if I

need the attention of a cow I'm not sure Gemini

oh hello Gemini nice to see you here I wonder if I should use Britt Britt

when I say British I suppose it depends how you're using it because sometimes

people use it when they are being I don't know sarcastic or maybe hateful

toward towards British people oh I went on holiday for two weeks and there were

lots of Brits staying at the hotel so that might be something that you are

complaining about you say you are complaining about it

ayah says could you please pronounce I'm outta here I'm outta here I'm outta here

do you have a sport that you enjoy mark I don't play any sport I know you might

not believe it because I look so strong and vigorous there is a plane over my

head as well says Mikkel or Michael so yes people say Brit it is an

abbreviation of British but for example if you are from Australia if you are

from Australia someone might call you an Aussie Aussie

so an Australian person a person of Australian nationality might be

described as an Ozzy Ozzy there of course there are some insulting words

you can use as well I remember at school there was one word

that people used to use to describe French people and I always felt offended

by it because of course I am part French you see so I always felt a little bit

annoyed by that racist says the cow wants to have a look at your eyebrow you

know what next weekend I might actually shave both of my

eyebrows off and then just draw them on my face like like ladies do maybe it

will look better maybe it will be be more attractive on my face who knows

Valeria did you watch twelve Monkeys yes I

watched it last night with mr. Steve there it is again I will show you I

watched it last night mr. Steve I'm I don't think mr. Steve likes this movie I

don't think he enjoyed it to be honest I did I've seen this before it's such a

good movie I could watch this many many times

I like films that are very deep I like films that have a very deep meaning or

maybe sometimes they deal with very difficult subjects or unusual subjects

and this particular film deals with time travel so I like this movie a lot I do

suggest that you watch it if you haven't seen it it's a good movie it's a little

bit violent in places but a very interesting movie I love the concept I

love the idea of traveling through time I think it's quite an interesting

concept an interesting idea even though it isn't possible it is not possible to

travel through time I'm afraid Sandra Gonzalez is he again hello Sandra nice

to see you here thanks for joining me US man says sorry I have lost the

connection mr. Duncan do you have a Facebook page yes I do I do have a

Facebook page if you are watching this now on your computer

there is a helicopter coming over

can you hear the helicopter you are right yes I do have a Facebook page the

address is underneath this video so if you look under the video underneath the

video there is a description underneath and under there there there is the

playlist so you can see all of the videos there is a list of videos and

this actual box right now the thing you are looking at underneath the

description it also has my faith Facebook page address as well so if you

want to follow me on Facebook you are more than welcome to do so

the address is under this video and all of my playlists are under this video

definitely so yes you can find my Facebook page underneath this video Oh

Belarus ear also likes movies where people travel in time such as the

butterfly effect a very famous movie very well known movie the butterfly

effect yes I think that came out maybe 2005 so now it is quite an old film but

yes the butterfly effect which of course refers to the damage that you can do if

you travel in time so maybe you travel back into the past but then you do

something that changes history so they say that even if you if you travel back

in time to that to the distant past and perhaps you you step on a butterfly you

you kill a butterfly by accident that butterfly not being alive or dying

might change everything and they call it the butterfly effect the changes that

can occur if you do something in the past that changes the future the

butterfly effect very interesting concept and that's one of the reasons

why I love time travel movies such as Back to the Future there were three

movies with Back to the Future quit Scott Great Scott Duck Duck you

made a time machine Adam a DeLorean dad did you know that Rick and Morty is

actually based on Marty McFly and also the doctor the doc it's true Rick and

Morty is actually based on the doc and Marty McFly so instead of Rick and Morty

it is doc and Marty you see did you know that well now you do mark says what does

being fit and healthy mean to you as I always say and this is something I've

talked about before being healthy is not just about eating the right food it is

not just about physical health it's also about your mental health as well keeping

positive trying not to think too much about negative things having control

over your thoughts the way you see things the way you view other people the

way you react to other people so I always think health is not just about

strength it is not just about being fit it's also about having the right

attitude as well the right attitude in life the right way of thinking so these

two things work together we often say healthy body

healthy mind or healthy mind and healthy body so I think they are both important

but sometimes it is very easy to forget about this about your your brain your

mind that might be the reason why more and more people nowadays suffer from

stress and anxiety it has become a very big problem in these modern times arena

hello Arena do you play computer games I don't play computer games the only

computer game that I've heard of well actually I've heard of quite a few

of them for tonight I don't know what it is I've heard of it that's all I know

for tonight I have no idea what the game is or what you do but I know it's called

for tonight there was another one dark skies is that

is that right dark skies that's all I know I don't know what the game is about

or how you play it all I know is the name there was a little bird hopping

around me hello hello you seemed very tame you don't seem too worried about me

standing here isn't that lovely if you if you stay in the garden for a long

time you will find that the animals will start coming around you they will start

gathering around you Sandra says oh hello Lewis I am retired I am not in

good shape because I like eating during quarantine yes this has been a big

problem actually this is something that we have been discussing as well

apparently whilst people are in lockdown they haven't been working or going

outside but because because people get bored

very easily they are eating they are eating food so as they stay at home as

they remain in isolation as they stay away from other people they are eating

food and becoming more and more unhealthy I think so thank you very much

for your answer concerning Brits the title appeared in a film with uma

Thurman and also Tim Roth which was very low-budget but cute and funny

uma Thurman you don't see Emma Thurman very often anymore

she was very big in the late 90s and early 2000s but you don't see much of

her Thurman anymore

uma Thurman it's a great name by the way

mr. Duncan what books and British and American

comedy series or talk shows do you recommend for learning natural English

Thank You Abdul that is an interesting question as I said yesterday there are

so many things so many things that are available to watch nowadays and of

course because we are we've become more concerned with people who are maybe they

have listening problems or sight problems so quite often you will find

there is there are subtitles and captions and even descriptions as well

so you might watch some movies and they actually have the description of what is

happening on the screen for those who have visual problems or visual

impairments but yes captions if you can watch captions on a movie or a TV show

then I highly recommend if you want to see a very funny program

about people learning English I suggest you watch mind your language mind your

language is a very funny TV show it is a British show and you might find some of

that show on YouTube but don't tell anyone because you're not supposed to do

it mind your language as you know I am a

very big fan of that TV show it was made many years ago when I was still a child

and I liked it very much mind your language a British comedy show

Belarusian says I like the moment in back to the future when Marty's mother

says she doesn't like the way Marta's girlfriend behaves and then in the past

the mother actually did the same things so the mother might be a little bit of a

hypocrite because she's criticizing someone for doing bad things but when

she was young she did the same things as well she was also a girl who liked to

have fun maybe she smoked or dated lots of boys you see so yes that's very

interesting I remember that sequence I remember Marty's mother saying you

shouldn't hang around with that girl I don't like that girl she she does all

sorts of things that I don't agree with and then when when Marty goes back in

time he finds out that his mother did the same things the same bad things when

she was young yes so Marty McFly's Marty McFly's mother is a hypocrite I think so

NASA or Nessa what is the capital of England the

capital city is London because well it's the largest place in

England the largest population there are lots of other cities in England of

course we have Birmingham Birmingham is another big city many people live there

Manchester is another well-known city over the years there has been a very

strong rivalry between Birmingham and Manchester so they they both want to be

something called the second city so we always think of London being the first

city the big city however over the years Birmingham and Manchester have always

been competing with each other to be the the second city which to me seems a bit

odd it seems like seems like a lot of worry over nothing I think so Partridge

is here hello Partridge can I say a big special - Partridge nice to see you here

as well

no mr. Duncan I think Marty's mother was actually

worse than Marty's girlfriend so Marty's girlfriend was not as bad as Marty's

mother when she was a teenager okay I see David asks what is the difference

between bushed and exhausted well exhausted is formal bushed is informal

so if you are exhausted you are tired out you have no energy left maybe you've

been working all day doing all sorts of things you've had a very busy day you

are exhausted however you can also say you are bushed

bushed huh I have had a very busy day at work I am bushed bushed

so it is an informal way of saying tired exhausted you have no energy left

Gemini says lovely Much Wenlock is one of the famous cities here

well Much Wenlock is where i live but it's not a city it is a small town it is

a very small place where I live a very small town there are only around 5,000

people living here not many people because this is a small

place a small town yes if you feel exhausted you feel tired you feel worn

out you feel bushed you are so tired oh I need to go to bed I feel so tired I'm

worn out I'm exhausted

thank you very much for your company by the way something else I mentioned as

you know I love food very much yesterday I talked very briefly about ladyfingers

and it would appear that a lot of you have started eating these ladyfingers

there are a very interesting type of snap

would you like to have a look at one of my ladyfingers okay here it comes one of

my ladyfingers though there is a lady finger I had a few people asking mr.

Duncan what is a lady finger so there it is so that is what we call a lady finger

it is a piece of sponge it is sponge and on the top there is lots of sugar so

maybe you can see there is actually sugar on top of the lady fingers there

we go can you see this sugar so these are quite delicious quite sweet very

nice you can also put these in certain types of dessert such as jelly or

tiramisu tiramisu which I don't like so this is a lady finger would you like to

see me take a bite from my lady finger okay as you can hear they're very

crunchy mmm lady finger

hmmm delicious I am really enjoying this because today I've eaten no food I've

had no breakfast I'm so naughty Oz man says mr. Duncan I really love

your accent it is more understandable for me good thank you very much I'm glad

you enjoy it I'm glad you enjoy my lessons and my

accent as much as I am enjoying this lady finger re Hassan says I think there

is a vegetable called lady finger as well I think so now the other day I said

that it is of type of carrot so I think it is actually a type of carrot I might

be wrong but I do know that this is definitely a lady finger well very nice

how much does this packet of ladyfingers cost they are not very expensive I think

this packet of ladyfingers was about 1 pound maybe one pound 50 so they're

quite cheap they're not they're not expensive to buy and the thing is I

I love eating them if I have one quite often I have to have another one as well

so I do like eating I like eating ladyfingers that sounds so wrong doesn't

it that sounds so wrong partridge mr. Duncan do you know how I knew about your

channel for the first time okay then the answer is first I searched on Google to

find who is the best teacher on YouTube and the search result gave the best

English teacher as you really as incredible I'm not sure if that is true

now I think if you put that into Google now I think other things would come up

not me I think now I've over the years I I've slipped down the list

I think I'm near the bottom now I think so hello Sergio Sergio little has sent a

donation on the super chat thank you very much that is very kind of you as

you know everything I do I do for free I do for free it costs you nothing so all

of my work I give for free it is all done free of charge it does not cost you

anything so yes I always appreciate your kind donations they always go towards

keeping this going as well I spend a lot of my free time well most of my time now

most of my life is devoted to doing this hmm so nice racer

oh hello racer I have a feeling that you like late ladyfingers as well I bought a

packet with 50 ladyfingers for less than 1 euro I'm jealous

5050 ladyfingers in one packet just one euro can you send some to me can I have

some ladyfingers they'd only cost 1 euro I like that ma

Madhava hello Madhava mr. Duncan do you believe

in astrology astrology no I don't I don't follow star signs I don't follow

the zodiac so quite often every day in the newspapers people will print they

will write horoscopes and they believe that all of the stars in the sky relate

to certain characters certain star signs for example I'm born in August so my

birthday is coming very soon and I am Leo so my star sign is Leo however I

don't actually believe in star science I don't believe in astrology I don't

believe that if you if you look in the sky all of your destiny is being planned

by the stars so no I don't I don't follow any of that

I don't follow astrology however I do like astronomy which is a very different

thing altogether so astrology is the study of the zodiac and all of the star

signs astronomy is the study the cosmos the stars and the planets space

congratulations mr. Duncan Thank You Yoona Karina

what are you congratulating me for I wonder what have I done

have I done something well or bad Nessa asks have you ever been to India I've

never been to India it is a part of the world I've never been to I have a friend

who goes to India twice a year he goes there for four breaks so he does go to

India quite often so I do have a friend who does although I have a feeling he

hasn't been for a while because of lock down and the fact that there were very

few airplanes taking off from the airports so over the past four months

travel from the UK has been very restricted so you were unable to travel

around especially around the world because there were no planes to get on

Mary says mr. Duncan you are making me hungry guess what I'm making myself

hungry I feel I feel hungry as well

Belarusian as a spinach tart in the oven I like the sound of that

spinach tart I like spinach very much I do like it very good for you apparently

Beatriz says last year when I was in bath which is of course in England they

said to me that a city must have a cathedral yes you're right

quite often a city will have a cathedral however over the years there have been a

lot of changes in those rules so these days there are some cities in the UK

that have no Cathedral a good example is Wolverhampton so Wolverhampton used to

be a town but now it is a city even though it has no actual Cathedral so yes

it used to be true but nowadays it is not so true not so true not is true is

it used to be to be honest

Osman mr. Duncan what does Tata means is it slang it is a nice way a fun way of

saying goodbye so when I say Tatar for now don't worry I'm not going yet hello

mr. helicopter thank you thank you for dropping in Thank You Tatar is a fun way

it is a nice way of saying goodbye a fun way a happy way so when you wave you can

say Tatar Tatar for now that's what I say at the end of all my lessons so yes

that's why we use it we use it in certain parts of the UK certain parts of

England quite often in the north of England you might hear people say Tatar


Partridge please can you say my name with the echo well I can't do it today

because I'm not in the studio if I was in the studio I could do it but

unfortunately I can't at the moment um ro can you give us some different words

that describe hunger so when you feel hungry

it means youyou need food perhaps you haven't eaten for a long time if you've

had no food for many hours perhaps you will feel hungry your stomach is empty

you have no food in your stomach to eat so you can say that you are hungry you

can say that you are famished oh I really need something to eat I am

famished famished I'm starving I'm starving

I feel so hungry I need something to eat I am starving we sometimes say that your

your stomach thinks that your throat has been cut because no food is going into

it that's not a very nice expression I don't like that one

but yes you are hungry you are famished you are starving my stomach is empty I

need something to eat I'm so hungry I could eat a horse I'm so hungry I could

eat a horse but please don't please don't eat a

horse apparently they give you very terrible

indigestion you get very bad indigestion afterwards so never eat a horse

oh I forgot that word starving the word starving is often used in an exaggerated

way because when we think of a person who is starving quite often we think of

a person who has no food around them maybe a person who can't find food maybe

they are losing weight maybe they are becoming ill because they have no food

to eat so we often exaggerate we sometimes use hyperbole we exaggerate

the fact that we feel like we need some food I need some food I'm starving but

in fact to be honest in reality you are not starving at all you are just a

little bit hungry so maybe you didn't have your breakfast so at the moment I

feel hungry but I suppose I wouldn't say that I'm starving because starving is

when you have no food anywhere maybe the area in which you live has no food maybe

there there there and there is no place to go to get food starving

we often use that in an exaggerated way exaggerated Connell says I am peckish

that's a good one yes if you are hungry if you want something to eat to satisfy

your desire for food you might say yes I'm I feel peckish

I feel peckish I need something to eat I feel like I want to eat something I feel

hungry I feel peckish I might have a snack

prashant hello Prashant nice to see you here as well on the live chat today I

will be with you for around another maybe half an hour I will be with you

for another half an hour Sandra says mr. Duncan did you wear your new mask I did

last weekend I think I mentioned this yesterday did I talk about this

yesterday I think I did yesterday I was talking about last weekend last weekend

I went to town to do some shopping and I did wear my face mask because now you

have to so this week there will be some new laws coming into effect where if you

go into a shop or a supermarket you have to put a mask on your face so I did it

last week when I went into town I actually put my face mask on and I went

into the shops I felt very pleased with myself because

I was setting such a good example to everyone else by wearing my mask

here comes another aeroplane I don't know why there are so many aeroplanes

flying over my house today

mr. Duncan today I speak Oh I spoke to myself in front of the mirror and I feel

the words which I spoke to myself and watched the body language I think it is

going to help me a lot thank you so much a beard a beard naziha yes as I said

yesterday looking at yourself in the mirror may be recording your voice

listening to the way you speak English watching your actions so maybe you can

look in the mirror you can look at your reflection and you can speak English say

some words look at the way your your mouth is moving listen to yourself so

part of speaking is gaining confidence you have to gain confidence and the only

way you can do that is by doing it many times so yes definitely definitely I

would say one of the best ways to do it is to look in the mirror

watch yourself as you speak listen to your voice you can record your voice on

your mobile phone hello hello I'm going to the shops today to buy some butter

and some bread and then tonight I'm going to have a lovely feast yes

just listen to your own voice listen to your own voice could you please do a

live stream about slang it's a good idea I have actually made some lessons about

slang as well I have done a couple of lessons about slang after half an hour

mr. Duncan please go and have a cup of tea with your dear friend mr. Steve yes

I am going to make a cup of tea for Steve to be honest with you I would be

I'm a bit thirsty to be honest I feel quite thirsty

prashant how much interest is important in learning things as I mentioned

yesterday learning anything is easier if you are interested in the subject so

there are many things that I'm interested in and those are the things

that I enjoy learning about so I think if you if you want to choose a subject

maybe something to help you practice your English maybe something to help

your English improve maybe you could choose a subject that you are interested

in choose something that you enjoy talking about or maybe things that you

enjoy listening to so yes anything so ask yourself what am i

interested in what are my interests in life what are the things that I enjoy

reading about what are the things that I enjoy learning about my favorite

subjects and then you can use those things to help your English improve so

that's what I think anyway

yuuna karina says yes you have to wash your hands properly and often and

remember don't touch your face don't touch your face especially your mouth

your nose and your eyes and also don't touch other people's faces it is it's

just a habit of mine I don't know why whenever I walk in the town center I

always go up to people and touch their faces I don't know why I always like

touching people's faces I said oh hello there nice to meet you very pleased to

meet you I must touch your face what AMRO how

beautiful incarnation is I hope you will continue with your wonderful content I

will in fact I am with you tomorrow tomorrow we have our English addict

live stream and it is episode 100 tomorrow episode 100 of English addict

can you believe it incredible AMRO is learning an American accent for me as an

Egyptian or not I don't think it really matters to be honest many people who

learn English learn English in their own way so sometimes sometimes you should

not put pressure on yourself to sound like an American or to sound like a

British person what you need to sound like is you so you find your own way of

speaking English and this is one of the problems this is one of the mistakes

that many people make when they start learning English they feel as if they

have to learn a certain type of accent but the accent isn't really important to

be honest with you it isn't it isn't there are many people who have accents

and they teach English so you don't have to sound like an American you don't have

to sound like a British person you don't have to sound like mr. Duncan to be

honest as long as other people can understand what you're saying if you are

speaking English and other people can understand you that is what you want

that is what you want

thirty minutes just thirty minutes mean half an hour yes it does in fact now we

have around 20 minutes around 20 minutes left

well Prashant how many places have you been - when you say places do you mean

countries around the world I've been to a few places a few countries I've been

to Turkey I've actually traveled to Turkey

twice I've been there twice I've been to Greece some beautiful islands some Greek

islands I've been to Greece twice very nice place highly recommended especially

greek food greek food very nice very nice where else have I been I've been to

Madeira a Portuguese island called Madeira I've been to France in fact I

went to France last year I went to France and also I went to Portugal last

year as well and both of those holidays were free they didn't cost anything

because mr. Steeves company gave Steve two prizes for working so hard can you

believe it so because Steve is so good at his job because Steve is like

Superman in his job

they gave him not one they gave him two free holidays to feed free trips so last

year we went to Paris we had a lovely time in Paris and also we went to

Portugal as well I went I went to tava dance with Ronaldo it's true

do you know any words in Portuguese I will be honest with you I will be honest

with you no I didn't really get to practice any Portuguese last year

because everyone spoke to me in English I would have liked to have done that I

think it would have been a good idea to learn a little bit of Portuguese but I

didn't because everyone spoke English you see it's very hard way when you are

a native English speaker and when you travel abroad everyone uses English is

that a good thing or a bad thing I'm not sure I think it's a good thing because

at least then we can all communicate with each other we can communicate with

each other so yeah yeah yes I was very lucky yeah last year I had two free

holidays first year didn't cost me anything how is that possible part app

hello part app have you got mad you mean me when you say mad do you mean angry

have you got angry me I don't normally get angry I don't get angry very often

so I'm not a person who loses their temper mr. Steve mr. Steve loses his

temper quite a lot especially when he's using the computer Steve is always

losing his temper when he's using the computer I've also been to Malaysia as

well Malaysia another country with some of the most

delicious food

mr. Duncan you went to China yes I did I went to China I lived in China I worked

in China for many years teaching English as a second language so yes I did I did

go to China and I lived there part app what is the name of the British Prime

Minister the Prime Minister of England well the British Prime Minister is

called Boris Johnson oh hello oh well we must get this done we must get get

brexit done get Prix it done Boris Johnson he is the Prime Minister he is

the man who is in charge of the UK

so I hope that answers your question mr. Duncan I've read the news about lockdown

in the UK and I didn't understand when will it end

August or October no one really knows we are all so confused we don't really

understand any of the rules anymore to be honest with you because sometimes we

are told one thing but then we are told something else that is the opposite of

the other thing that we were told already so sometimes the message is that

we are getting our very confusing so on August the 1st the 1st of August

many people now will go back to work on that date so if you can work maybe

safely in your office or shop or your business you can actually go back to

work so on the 1st of August many people will

go back to their jobs but not everyone so some people will still work from home

to be honest with you it is very confusing no one knows what the

situation is now do I go to work do I stay at home do I stay in lockdown do i

isolate myself can I go to the shops can I go to a restaurant can I go to the

cinema what can I do do I have to stay at home can I go back

to the office so many people now are a little bit confused with the situation

they are quite confused

have you ever celebrated Oktoberfest we don't celebrate Oktoberfest here no we

don't have Oktoberfest I think you are thinking of another country Oktoberfest

where people drink lots of beer and sing happy songs but we know we don't have

Oktoberfest here a fly has just gone into my throat fly when I was talking

then I felt a fly going to my mouth I think now it's attacking me from the

inside mr. Duncan I are leaving see you later partridge how old are you mr.

Duncan why are people so interested in my age

I wonder why I am probably probably older than you I think so

hmm sometimes Oh apparently in Brazil you have Oktoberfest we don't have

Oktoberfest here definitely not I know in certain countries certain parts of

Europe they have Oktoberfest Germany I believe they have Oktoberfest where

people get together in they sing songs and they dance in there lederhosen

actually it might be it might actually be Switzerland they like to dance around

have you ever have you ever seen lederhosen lederhosen it's a type of

clothing consisting of shorts and also a little bit that goes at the front and

they have Oktoberfest so yeah I didn't know that Brazil had Oktoberfest I am

learning some new things today I think I've just swallowed a fly by the

way I've swallowed a fly it went straight into my mouth and into the back

of my throat Latif says I think you are 45 I wish I wish I was 45 I really do

to be so young so youthful I would give anything to be 45 again that would be

very nice very nice indeed here in Germany the people have

Oktoberfest Thank You Wendell yes I know during Oktoberfest in Germany people

will sing songs and drink beer and do a lot of dancing as well in their in their

lederhosen lederhosen I love that name

I love that word lederhosen are you wearing your lederhosen today I wonder

Ambro I have a simple question auch thank you very much there are

people who speak fast and there are people who speak slowly

is this true as a learner can learn to speak quickly well my answer to that is

why would you want to speak quickly why if you speak too quickly people won't be

able to understand what you're saying so I think sometimes people speak too

quickly maybe there they are in a hurry or maybe

they think that speaking quickly is better but sometimes speaking fast can

actually be well the wrong thing to do if you speak too quickly then maybe

people can't understand what you're saying so I'm often accused people say

mr. Duncan do you slow your speech so people can understand you but I don't

this is how I normally speak so I don't speak quickly

I don't speak slowly I speak at a moderate speed so I think my speech is

actually moderate it is moderate

mr. Duncan says Valentina I wish I was I wish I were ah that is one of those

things that people often argue about I wish I was in oh I wish I was in Greece

there's a good place I wish I was in Greece I wish I were in Greece which do

you think is correct some people say was some people say were

I wish I were I wish I were I wish I was

some people say were and some people say was some people have fights over these

things they do they they actually go into the street and they start having

fights the greatest speakers always speak slowly well I suppose if you want

to be understood if you want to get your message across clearly if you want

people to understand exactly what you are saying and and also get the meaning

of what you are saying I always think it's best not to speak too quickly not

to speak too fast don't speak too quickly don't speak too fast or else

people won't understand what you're saying and then you'll cause a lot of

confusion I think so Mohammed Ahmed mr. Duncan I am over the moon with your

YouTube livestream thank you very much you are very kind thank you very much

for watching me thank you I always appreciate it when you watch my

live streams because you are also giving up your time as well you are giving your

time to me Yoona Karina have you ever seen the comedy program called Miranda

I am NOT a fan that's all I'm saying I am NOT a fan there's music and watching

movies help improve pronunciation not so much I never think that you you don't

really you don't learn pronunciation or accents from movies what you actually do

you you create your own way of speaking quite often if you have an accent in

your own language quite often you will find sometimes

your original accent will come through it will actually come through into your

English accent so I don't think it is important a lot of people worry too much

about their accent when in fact you have nothing to worry about

it's more important to know words it's more important to understand the meaning

of words it is more important to be able to listen to what people are saying

accents and the way of speaking I think is not as important I know I know you

might disagree you will say mr. Duncan that's not important what what are you

talking about you crazy man but I think so I think sometimes people worry too

much they worry too much about accent I want

to sound like an American I want to sound like a a British man but you don't

have to you don't have to sound like anyone all you have to do is sound like

you your individual way of speaking and a lot of people spend too much time

worrying about that they worry and worry about how they should speak English

if I talk to the mirror how do I know if my speech is correct it is not just

about being correct but it's also about getting confidence hello can you hear

the Robin there's a Robin behind me oh

sorry about that I was just talking to the Robin

there was a Robin behind me I think he's gone

we were just having a little conversation the Robin and myself I

hope that accents it is something that people spend too much time worrying

about as I said before if people can understand what you're saying that's the

most important thing you sometimes it is very easy to become too obsessed with

the way you sound I want to sound like an American I want

to sound like a British man when in fact all you have to do is sound like

yourself learn the words talk to yourself in the mirror listen to the way

you speak if you can understand yourself then your English is clear another thing

you might want to do is well another thing you could do is maybe let other

people listen to your English as well maybe other people you could share your

your recordings with other people and ask them to listen you could say would

you like to listen to me speaking English and in play the recording hmm

four minutes four minutes to go mr. Duncan what can you advise for me to

learn slang from the English language first show hello first show nice to see

you here first show I would say that slang is

something that is used in English but not all the time so we don't always we

don't always use slang words we might use slang sometimes but not always so

that that is very different from idioms idioms we will often use you will we

will often hear people say idioms or use idioms in

their everyday life but slang not so much not so much racer says four minutes

four minutes I need to go to the toilet oh okay I'm not sure if I needed that

information I don't I don't need that information to be honest that's that is

too much information too much I am back with you tomorrow don't forget don't

forget tomorrow I am with you once again from 2 p.m. UK time

many people ask mr. Duncan when are you on 2 p.m. UK time so that is 2 o'clock

in the afternoon in the UK that is when I'm on mr. Duncan you are awesome thank

you jelly jelly Sidhu there used to be there used to be a mr. Sidhu near my

house many years ago when I first moved to Wolverhampton there was a shop very

close to my house and he was mr. Sidhu and he was a very friendly man very

friendly thank you very much for your company I am going in a roundabout one

minute I only have one minute left what am I going to do for the next 60 seconds

I can't believe it how quickly it's gone have a good day afternoon have a good

tea with mr. Steve I will thank you very much for your company don't forget back

tomorrow English addict tomorrow so it is our our

English lesson tomorrow two hours and also tomorrow I am celebrating my 100th

episode of English addict tomorrow afternoon

2 p.m. UK time I hope you've enjoyed today's live stream

take care everyone oh that's interesting Valeria I have a group with my friends

on whatsapp and we only speak in English and it is a very good way to practice

that is a great idea a very good idea yes so you can practice your English

with other people you can use whatsapp or maybe you can create your own English

group maybe you can talk to each other on skype whatsapp so there are many ways

of communicating with other people who are interested in learning English what

a great way to end today's livestreams something positive something encouraging

for a change because there's too much bad news around not everything in the

world is bad there are good things there are positive things to think about as

well I hope you have a good day enjoy the rest of your Tuesday I am going now

because I'm feeling a little hungry and thirsty I'm going to have a cup of tea

and maybe a piece of bread maybe a piece of toast maybe a piece of cheese oh no I

can't have cheese because tonight we're having pizza so I can't have any cheese

because tonight we are having pizza for our supper I can't wait this is mr.

Duncan in the birthplace of English saying thanks for watching I hope this

has been useful I hope you've enjoyed today's live stream from my little garden

here in England and of course until the next time we meet together once more you

know what's coming next yes you do see you tomorrow 2 p.m. UK time

and of course...

ta ta for now 8-)