doo-doo-doo-doo here we are oh we are back again on a

very strange day the weather really can't make up its mind unfortunately as

you can see it is a little gloomy and just as I started my livestream can you

believe it it has started to rain right now behind me which is strange really

because the weather forecast last night said everything was going to be quite

nice today but it would appear not to be the case

to be honest because well as I just said it is now starting to rain anyway here

we go welcome everyone here we are again live on YouTube it is one of my strange

times live streams and here we go again hi everybody this is mr. Duncan in

England how are you today are you ok I hope so are you happy I really hope

you are feeling happy today it is Thursday yes we have almost made

it to the end of the week I am with you again on a very gloomy Thursday it was

supposed to be nice I was watching the weather forecast last night and the

weather forecast was bright and sunny

there's this look bright and sunny to you I mean come on I don't think it's

very bright or sunny today here in England unfortunately so I'm with you

anyway I am with you rain or shine that is what I like to say

come rain or shine I will try my best to be here with you I am still thinking of

finishing ending my daily live streams because there are fewer and fewer people

watching when I'm during my extra live streams so I'm just

thinking still so today depending on how many people watch and at the moment it's

not looking good hey it isn't looking good depending on

how many people are watching today this might be the last one this might be the

last daily live stream today and then we will go back to our normal English

addict live streams on Sunday Wednesday and Friday so we will see what happens

at the moment it's not looking good and I'm not talking about the weather to be

honest I'm not talking about the weather I am talking about the situation as it

stands right now because many people are now going back to work including here in

the UK have you heard the latest news it looks as if the lockdown is going to be

somewhat relaxed so when we relax something it means we are letting go of

those harsh and some would say extreme measures of lockdown so here in the UK

it is going to be announced I think tomorrow that there is going to be a

slow easing so we are going to slowly ease away from the lockdown here in the

UK so it would appear that that's what we are doing here and because of that of

course many people are returning to their normal lives which means fewer

people will be here watching me on YouTube because you will all be busy

doing your work hopefully you will all be back to work very soon and it would

appear that there is no need for me to carry on doing my live streams every day

I wonder hello to the live chat all we have the live chat everyone can I say

hello to Vitesse hello to Vitesse nice to see you here today

and all guess what you are first on the live chat again also we have Annie Annie

called and also Anna pika and pal Meera you are some of the first people to join

me today on the live chat so I'm not really sure what is going to happen over

the next couple of days there is a big announcement expected tomorrow tomorrow

apparently it is going to be announced here depending on what the situation is

in the world and also depending on what the situation is here in the UK so may

be where you are things are getting a little bit more back to normal here

people are hoping that things will be going back to normal very soon they are

hoping that things will be going back to normal it would be rather nice I know a

lot of people at the moment can't work they are unable to go to work for

various reasons so we will see what happens today I am here anyway I am

definitely here today so there is no need to worry about that hello also

franceska also Isabella hi Isabella for those who don't like me saying hello

to my viewers please don't get angry I'm just being friendly sometimes you have

to be friendly there is nothing wrong with being friendly it is not illegal

well not yet anyway hello min Lee also grace hello hyk Lau

lali lali hello to you watching in France nice to see you here as well

hello - hola hello hola nice to see you back here

again Yoona Carina can you believe someone has started cutting their bushes

in the garden even though it's raining I can't believe it even though it is

raining hello Marcelo hello also - hola

hello mr. Duncan nice to see you here as well we are doing our normal chit chat

today so I have been with you for the past 40 42 days I think I think I've

been with you for 42 days doing this every day however things are slowly

getting back to normal they are slowly returning back to how they were before

so we will see what happens we will see how many people join today if it isn't

very many then maybe today will be the day where I should bring it to an end or

else to be honest with you I will be standing here in my garden talking to

myself and I'm sure my neighbors don't want that

hello flower hello also Mika hello Mika nice to see ya hello Mika do you

believe it's alright to go back to the normal situation all normal activities

in this situation I must be honest with you I'm not really certain that now is

the time to go back to normal if I was completely honest with you I would say

that now is probably not the time to go back to normal so we will see what

happens hello Magdalena hello also Palmira

again ts hello ts nice to see you welcome to what was this morning we had

lots of lovely sunshine it was beautiful and if you are wondering why there is a

ladder behind me I had this morning set up my camera and my lights in another

part of the garden because the Sun was out it was beautiful

and then suddenly I looked I don't know why I suddenly decided to look at the

weather forecast and to my horror my absolute horror I noticed that the

weather forecast had changed from sunny to this so I panicked and then I had to

bring all of my equipment into my gazebo so I would be safe and dry because I do

deal with a lot of electrical devices when I'm doing this you see so that's

the reason why I have to be so careful you see I have to be very careful hello

to Christine apparently Christine says we have the

big announcement says Christine I wonder what your big announcement is is it

something dramatic I'm not sure Wow can you hear the rain it's really coming

down out the rain is really falling quite fast indeed I'm trying not to get wet

I really can't believe that the weather forecast has changed so dramatically it

was supposed to be lovely in sunny today and now it isn't what a gloomy way to

end my daily live streams what's its gloomy ways hello Molly ha mr. Duncan if

locked-down finishes you are not coming online if not so bad well I will be

doing my live streams because I've been live streaming for many years however

during this strange period I have been on every day however I will go back to

my normal live streams which will be Sunday Wednesday and Friday

so I will be here it's live but not every day so we will see what happens

again it all depends on how many people want to join me every day so as long as

you are there I will be here hello - Roxy excellent day well I hope you are

having an excellent day because where I am it's a little bit miserable to be

honest olya Oh leo hello olya nice to see you

are you a good gardener no the answer to that question is no I am NOT a good

gardener definitely not a hundred percent I can assure you that I am NOT a

good gardener well I know one thing I know one thing I am very glad that I

brought all of my equipment into my gazebo so now I am actually undercover

can you see above my head there is the gazebo a lot of people ask about my

gazebo mr. Duncan can you tell us about your gazebo

well the gazebo is what covers me up it keeps me safe and dry when it's raining

and let's face it today I really do need my gazebo

to be honest hello Molly ha you are great thanks so much for the nice

lessons you are welcome no problem it is my pleasure to be here with you again I

have been with you every day but it would appear that more and more people

are now going back to work they are all going back to normal

Christine says the big announcement is there is a big announcement today by the

prime minister in France at 4 o'clock Paris time I see yes it would appear

that many countries are about to say we are going to relax we are going to ease

off with what many people have described as a major inconvenience and that's

putting it mildly to be honest a major inconvenience is something that is

really making your life difficult something that stops your plans from

occurring in the future hello tomorrow would you like to show us your favorite

birds today I have missed them they are so pretty

my lovely birds are not here today because well it's raining basically I'm

trying to keep everything dry today mr. Duncan have you ever read the book

written by Moses thank you Andy when you say the book written by Moses I believe

you are talking about one of the books of the Bible I've read the Bible they

made me read the Bible it's cool and my headmaster at Primary School used to try

to scare us all with horror stories from the Bible

it didn't change my mind by the way I still don't follow any religions

whatsoever hmm he didn't do a very good job of convincing me to be honest

hello Lea Pam hello to Vietnam hello Lea Pam I like your name by the way that's a

that's a fun name like your name Lea Pam hello also Tomika who says to Ana

you are right people have to start their jobs because of economic reasons I

understand it but I am concerned that things will happen again there will be a

return of that terrible situation I think we know we all know what we're

talking about don't we we all know this the only thing people are talking about

Annie says by the way mr. Duncan aren't you cold outside how is your throat my

throat isn't too bad and it's very warm so I'm wearing my lovely little smiley

t-shirt can you see it I'm wearing my smiley face t-shirt today

it's actually quite warm it's about 22 degrees so 22 Celsius some people prefer

it they prefer it if I say Celsius 22 Celsius so it's quite mild to be honest

it feels very warm today hello - palmyra mr. duncan you you would be a good

ornithologist thank you very much that's very kind of you ornithology is the

study of birds if you are interested in birds then you might also be interested

in ornithology the study of birds li Pam mr. Duncan

said hello Vietnam hello Vietnam hello to you nice to see you here today as

well and a pika I'm happy it's raining so

that's your hay fever will get better that is a very good point one of the

good things about having hay fever on a rainy day is that you don't actually get

hay fever because the rain will make the plants and all of the pollen become

damped which means you don't sneeze so my hay fever is a little bit better

today a little bit better hello mingfu Mienfoo

video hello to you I have a feeling you are also watching in Vietnam nice to see

you here as well what kind of high school did you attend well first of all

I went to junior school when I was a little child I started school at around

the age of five and then later I went to primary school which is in the middle so

I had junior school primary school high school mr. Duncan I don't have a partner

to practice with what should I do asks nightbot hello nightbot nice to see

you botting here what type of bot are you I

wonder mm I wonder I wonder that's what I'm thinking I'm wondering mmm if you

don't have a partner well why don't you try to create your own group so maybe

you can advertise in your local area maybe you can put a message in a shop

window or maybe you can try to create your own English group maybe you can

form your own English corner and then people will join you and they will also

be interested in learning there might be some people whose English

is quite good so you can share your experience and also love of English

together I think so

hello also my staff is it the days you are making livestreams Wednesday Sunday

and Friday yes Wednesday Sunday and Friday or as I like to say Sunday

Wednesday Friday Sunday Wednesday Friday you know Karina says mr. Duncan the

garden behind you is full of little birds looking for food quite likely

actually there are there is a black bird can you see the black bird and also I

don't know if you can see there is also a pigeon as well there is also a pinch

in having a little sleep on the grass so there is a pinch in and also a black

bird but the amazing thing is the pigeon doesn't seem very worried by my presence

I don't know why the pigeon seems very comfortable there you're having a nice

rest mr. pigeon I can't believe the pigeon is just sitting on the grass

behind me it doesn't even care about me incredible hello tomorrow how is mr.

Steve will he appear today not today because he's working he is having to

work from home today that is what he's doing hello to mr. Duncan and everyone

from the Czech Republic nice to see you here as well Thomas

nice to see you as well Konstantin mr. Duncan do you agree with the lie Live

and Let Die slogan if such a question fits well into your

lesson Live and Let Die that the the reference that I have for that believe

it or not is James Bond I remember growing up there was there was a movie

one of the James Bond movies called Live and Let Die it is a phrase that means

you carry on surviving even if other people are not surviving Live and Let

Die yes it is something that is I suppose it is a kind of moral problem or

a moral paradox where we talk about a paradox it is a question that is hard to

answer because there is no definite answer to the question so what do we do

what do we do during this strange period of time do we

keep everything closed or do we take the risk of opening shops offices businesses

do we start allowing people to move around normally again and yes I

understand what your question is there Live and Let Die is that the choice we

are making by doing that by easing off with the lock down is that what we are

doing are we actually going to let certain people I think you know the rest

it's a difficult one it is what we call a moral paradox it is very difficult to

come up with the right answer or the right solution because whatever you do

quite likely people will suffer somewhere it is very hard very hard

I can hear a burning sound no there isn't a burning sound what it actually

is is the rain falling above my head so it is raining

at the moment mr. Duncan have you ever been to Vietnam Leap um I have never

been to Vietnam ever I love that little can you see over there there is a little

pigeon just sitting there he doesn't he doesn't even seem bothered that I'm here

talking he's so comfortable nice I love that hello - and ray hello mr. Duncan

what will change for you after the end of lockdown

well I suppose I will have other things to do one of the main concerns is my own

family my mother who at the moment has been taken care of by a private nursing

home unfortunately at the moment well in fact there are two really bad things

that are in my mind at the moment one is that many people at the moment are being

affected who are in care homes homes or residential homes that are there to give

care an extra all-round 24-hour a day care to the elderly so my

mother hasn't been too well recently she unfortunately is in the mid early to mid

stages of dementia unfortunately so she's having to have

extra care but unfortunately during this time we can't actually go to see her we

are not allowed to actually visit or see my mother so that is one of the big

things I'm looking forward to putting right when all of this craziness has

come to an end so that is it that is my big wish

hello also to franceska mr. Duncan it is so strange that I'm almost getting used

to this lockdown quarantine I don't want to change anything the strange thing is

for a lot of people this actually isn't a bad thing so there are people who are

actually saying now this is great we love the lockdown can you have more

lockdown please so I'm not sure if I'm not sure if a lot

of lockdown is a good idea or not I'm really not sure my own personal opinion

is maybe too much lockdown isn't a good thing isn't so we will have to wait and

see well the rain is really coming down there I can't I can't believe how how

much rain is falling at the moment it wasn't supposed to rain it wasn't

supposed to rain today hello to Eric hello mr. Duncan may I know your first

name my name is Duncan that is my first name my mother named me Duncan so there

is my name yes mr. Duncan some people call me mr. Duncan and that all

originated when I was teaching abroad everyone would call me mr. Duncan

hello also Mohammed Mohammed II mr. Duncan I like your programs every time

when the rain or shine thank you very much I am going to have a little break

for two reasons one I need to make sure that the rain is not coming into my

gazebo and the other thing is I have I have some lovely things to show you so

we are now going to take a short break and we will have a look at what shall we

have a look let's have a look at one of my I asked

mr. Duncan lessons does that sound like a good idea okay then this is one of my

ask mr. Duncan lessons it is actually episode 28 where lots of my viewers ask

me questions about the English language oh hi everybody this is mr. Duncan in

England how are you today are you okay I hope so

are you happy I hope so here we all are together again for another sift through

my ever-growing pile of email questions and comments concerning the English

language and my work here on the Internet

so without any more playing for time or hanging about let's have our first

question for today could you explain the differences between all them lots and

more this question was sent in by Renee Derek who lives in the Philippines all

tends to relate to the total quantity to include everything or everyone all the

houses are complete I have put all my money in the bank all can mean

everything or the only thing you are all I need in the poetic sense we may say

you are my all them relates to a group or more than one thing you are pointing

out or singling a group it wasn't me who did it it was them this word does not

show a quantity just that there are two or more it is common for people to

confuse the words them with those and they it is wrong to

say them houses of a sale and we definitely never say them people stole

my car them also relates to something already

identified within a sentence these houses are old and derelict we must

demolish them the word Lots in its general form means many again it does

not relate to an exact quantity but we do know that it is more than a few we

may also express many as a lot this expresses a large number or quantity

there were lots of people at my party a lot of people came to my party many

people came to my party the word more in its general use means extra or

additional you add extra on you add more you want more more houses are needed

here we can express an increase with more bread costs more than it did a year

ago we can express an increase in speed and change the economy is growing more

quickly than before a nice email I'm a big ferocious dinosaur and I'm going to

eat you up I have received some very nice emails recently including this one

from Carr in Vietnam who watches my video lessons at the rate of one per day

guy asks what my official Facebook page name is well my personal Facebook page

is Duncan James which also happens to be the name of a young guy from a British

boy band called blue so please do not get too excited you have to look for

this face as the icon if you see that then you have found me

Thank You Kai for your email and I look forward to seeing you and anyone else

who wants to join me over there on Facebook very soon

another nice email I have received another nice email this time from Dawood

Khan who comes from Afghanistan but he's now staying in India

Dawood writes to thank me for my video lessons and asks how a person with

little or no money can learn English this is not an easy question to answer

in a few sentences but I will try as we live in a world where information is

easier to obtain you would think that there would be many places where free

online education can be found sadly at the moment this is not so many direct

language teaching sites will charge for their services and others using Skype

will also charge for their time this can very often run into hundreds of dollars

having said that there are many free online dictionaries and small

independent teaching sites that are slowly springing up on the Internet

the problem with running this sort of service is that it usually takes up a

great deal of time and normally that time must be paid for in some way this

is one of the reasons why I make these videos and post them on the internet for

free they are here for all to watch thanks to the growing number of net bars

and internet cafes it is now easier and cheaper to get online I'm a big believer

in the educational power of the Internet this is why I say my lessons are aimed

at everyone regardless of location age or status let us not forget the social

network sites such as Facebook where there are now many online groups and

study forums with people joining them from all over the world to each share

their experience of learning English with other members another idea would be

to try and find a local English corner some schools hold English

discussion groups and English corners can be found almost anywhere if there is

not one near you then why not set up your own I hope this has been helpful to

you Doug and I wish you and your family back in

Afghanistan all the best what are the rules for using a and an

before a word this question was sent in by Ruth who lives in Saudi Arabia the

rules of English are often confusing and this particular one is no exception in

most formal English the letter A can only proceed a word beginning with a

consonant while an may only be used before a word starting with a vowel

however this has not always been the case in Old English the letter H was not

pronounced as clearly as it is today for example hotel historical or hundred so

an could be used before words beginning with H even today there are people who

still use an an before certain words starting with the letter H however this

is becoming less common so the basic rules stay the same if the word begins

with a consonant it is at and if the word starts with a vowel then it is an

it's that time again yes it's the moment you have all been waiting for

well not you or you or you but you have haven't you yes you have

this week's word is precedent this word means to stand as an example or to be an

example we often use this word when a rule or law is introduced or

reinterpreted we set a precedent an example or a new example has been

created this word is often confused with president which means leader or head of

state synonyms of precedent include example model guide and standard another

nice email I have received another nice email

this time from Svetlana watching in Russia even the emails that Alanna asks

if it would be possible for me to make some lessons about synonyms and show how

they can be used well that is a good idea there's quite a few words in

English have similar meanings but are sometimes used in different ways there

are also some direct questions contained in this emails such as what should I say

if I accidentally step on another person's foot oh well there are a few

sentences you can use you could say oh I'm very sorry all oh excuse me I didn't

see you or oh I'm sorry are you okay as long as you offer some sort of apology

then it should not cause any real problem maybe in the future I could make

a lesson about politeness what do you think a good idea or not a special hello

I would like to send a special hello to George libera who follows my video

lessons in Chile thank you for your thoughtful words and your big THANK YOU

to me I'm glad to hear that my lessons have been useful to you of course

Chile has been heavily featured in the news right around the world recently

with the rescue of the Chilean miners who until last Wednesday had been

trapped underground for the past two months if he's so nice to see and to

hear some happy news for a change don't you think a big hello to George and a

special hello to everyone watching in Chile a boastful idiom if a person likes

to show off or seems too proud of his or her achievements and always wants to

talk about them then we might call them a big head we may say that their head is

too big to go through the door calling someone a big head is always used

negatively he or she is so big headed what a big head how can I learn common

words used in English and when should I use synonyms this question was sent in

to me by Max who lives in Hong Kong the answer to this question is not so hard

to give there is no standard level of English in everyday speech for example

just because a person speaks English is their native language does not mean that

they are completely fluent in the language a person's grasp of synonyms

can vary from one individual to another there are no rules as to how many

synonyms you should know or use the guidelines are not set in stone however

informal chat tends to be relaxed and because of this the word usage tends to

be simple it would seem that the more formal the speech is then the more

extravagant you should be with your word usage but this is not always so many

words in the English language have multiple uses and many synonyms too

with them at the Souris is a great tool for discovering these variations in this

useful book you will find commonly used words and their synonyms Plus how they

can be used in different situations if you find something tedious do not be

afraid to say so it means the same thing as boring or dull so there is no harm in

using it in human nature we often feel threatened or intimidated by people who

know many synonyms and enjoy using them some see it as a sign of high intellect

while others see it as pure arrogance

and there it was one of my full English asked mr. Duncan lessons where I talk

all about the English language can you believe that was made quite a few years

ago in fact way back in 2010 can you believe it such a long time ago and I

know you are going to say mr. Duncan you look so young in that video well maybe

maybe not hello to Sergio hello Sergio nice to see

you here as well what do you mean more canned food are you referring to my

pre-recorded video I wonder hello queen Ned yeah hello

Queen Nadia nice to see you here today nice to see

another Queen joining us on YouTube right now hello also most soon the sound

effects are so funny and cool that is something I used to do quite a lot in my

old videos many years ago I used to use lots of different sound effects and also

I used to use lots of video effects as well however I had complaints so over

the years I have used them less and less hello Andy I often remember your lesson

about Samuel Johnson every man is to take existence

on the terms on which it is given yes that is one of Samuel Johnson's famous

quotes quite often life will give you things life will make you suffer life

will bring you good fortune bad fortune health happiness

unhappiness so you see every person must accept what they are given we often

describe it as a person's lot in life so we all have our own personal lots in

life things that we have to deal with things that we have to cope with in our

lives I love that pigeon the pigeon is still there just over my shoulder there

is a little pigeon he's been sitting there on my Lord for the whole of this

livestream isn't that nice very nice thank you very much

to Kim Dogen hello to you nice to see you here as well whilst I was watching

ask mr. Duncan I went back in time I suppose it would feel as if you were

going back in time because that was around 10 years ago around 10 years ago

that was but I like to show you things that are unusual and different from time

to time by the way I was going to look at some insects today as well because

sometimes I get some very interesting insects in my garden and I thought today

we would have a look at some of the ones that I get and perhaps some of them you

will be familiar with however some you might not be familiar with for example

mmm oh look at this it is a little ladybird this is a photograph that I

took about five years ago and there was a little ladybird in my house so I

decided to save its life so I put it on the end of my finger and normally when

you do that the ladybird will fly away and that's what happened so that

photograph is literally one or maybe two seconds

before it flew away you can see that it is it is starting to prepare to fly away

so that is one of my favorite photographs that I took with my mobile

phone so it just goes to show you can take interesting photographs even with

your mobile phone here's another interesting photograph this one is a

very unusual creature it is a type of beetle it is called a May beetle May

beetle and I thought that was quite suitable really because we are now in

the month of May so there you go I

isn't that wonderful and there it is now moving so that is called am a beetle so

we we've gone from a photograph to actual video of the beetle so there it's

name is now on the screen it is called am a beetle and there i am stroking it i

am trying to make the May beetle feel comfortable in my presence you could

also call this a cockchafer which i think is a brilliant name for an insect

so many people know this as a May beetle but it can also be called a cock chafer

as well a very interesting name don't you think isn't that lovely

and also it's quite large as well he was another insect this one is one

that a lot of people are quite afraid of oh my goodness look at that and this is

another photograph that I took using my mobile phone can you believe it and that

particular animal or insect is a Hornet it is a type of Hornet very large

so that particular Hornet is very large it is one of the Hornets that many

people are afraid of because it can give you a very nasty sting so if this

particular Hornet were to sting you you would become quite ill in fact you would

become quite unwell but this is a photograph that I took in my garden and

this particular Hornet is one that I rescued so I actually rescued this

Hornet from my fireplace in the house it was stuck in the

fireplace so I released it and I gave it some

honey so what you can see there on your screen is the Hornet actually eating

some honey I put a little bit of honey in front of the Hornet and it started

eating the honey and then a few moments later it flew away so I always felt

quite pleased with that photograph because the detail is quite interesting

you can see the the shape of its legs you can see the antennas on the front of

its head so I love the detail on this photograph it is one of my favorite

nature photographs and can you believe it I took that with my mobile phone it's

true I did hello - Andy did you like listening to the Beatles

well the Beatles were around before I was an adult so I don't really remember

the Beatles when they were together but yes I liked some of their music not all

of it not all all of it not all of their music but some of it

yes hello - Sergio I think the little pigeon is trying to multiply

it's sell I don't know but it seems very comfortable behind me oh it's actually

gone it's actually flown away I shall very nice I was enjoying the company of

that pigeon very nice hello it is unique arena says it is a large

wasp that particular creature is a Hornet a Hornet

it is a very large it looks like a wasp but it's huge and if it stings you you

will not feel very well captive II asks do you have Rhino beetles there I don't

think we do know I think they are a tropical beetle but we do have lots of

different beetles many of them fly of course so yes we do have quite a lot of

beetles this time of year there are many insects all around talking of unusual

things would you like to have a look at one of the most unusual visitors in my

garden that I've ever had would you like to have a look so what you're about to

see is a bird that came into my garden way back in 2009 and of course yes I

managed to film it so believe it or not the bird you are about to see it was

actually in my garden and it is a bird called a red crowned parakeet but

normally you see these birds in New Zealand and there it is

there is the very strange bird that came into my garden 11 years ago so this

particular bird is normally found in New Zealand however

I don't know how or why but it ended up in my garden feeding from one of my

little bird feeders so this was actually filmed quite a long time ago way back in

2009 in my previous house but I can only assume that this particular bird escaped

from someone's house because you don't normally see these birds in the wild and

there it is now drinking from my birdbath and yes I'm sure a lot of

people are very familiar with my birdbath many birds have had a drink

from my birdbath so there it is a very unusual bird a red crowned parakeet all

the way from all the way from New Zealand can you believe it but there it

was in my garden way back in 2009 I hope you enjoyed that I like to show you

unusual things sometimes I will show you interesting things sometimes I will show

you things maybe you've seen before or maybe I will show you something you've

never seen before something I want to show you now I want to say thank you

very much can I say thank you to Mercedes Martinez and also race is you

see for your lovely kind donations that I received yesterday evening thank you

very much for your lovely donations that you sent to me on PayPal thank you and

thank you for supporting my work because I do this for free I don't charge

anything for my lessons and also don't forget you can watch my lessons as many

times as you want so thank you once again to Mercedes Martinez and also

Reyes is Susy for your kind donations on paper

thank you very much I do appreciate your kindness very much and of course for the

past 14 years yes 14 years I've been doing this for free

Yoona Karina says yes I think that bird must have been lost I think so as well I

think it must have been lost unfortunately very sad would you like to

see one of the flowers in my garden at this time of year many flowers start to

appear in my garden and here is a very good example of one of my flowers look

at that these particular flowers are very distinctive bright colorful flowers

beautiful smell and quite often they they have a very nice bloom as well this

particular plant is called a rhododendron rhododendron that is a

great word rhododendron it is a type of bush and every year this particular bush

will produce wonderful flowers look at those flowers they are actually quite

magnificent and also they produce a very nice scent

as well so not only do you have the lovely flowers you also have the

beautiful aroma of the flowers as well isn't that nice

yes the parrot was in my garden the parakeet was in my garden however it was

a very long time ago it was 11 years ago that I filmed that in my garden I feel

very sad like my Agra poori because it flew away from my garden says Mercedes

Thank You Mercedes Martinez by the way for your donation

so there you are now actually on the livestream hello and thank you for your

lovely donation partridges here hello mr. Duncan I was very busy in

recent days yes I did notice that you haven't been around for a while I did

notice I think your live stream is very positive it is a very positive source of

knowledge thank you for doing this you are welcome no problem you are very

welcome thank you to Yoona Corina the word is parakeet parakeet it is type of

parent very colorful birds quite often found in Australia maybe also Brazil

normally very tropical warm humid places hello Andy my wife valya likes your

beautiful bird from New Zealand oh thank you very much I don't know where it is

now I have feeling I have a feeling it might not be alive anymore because I did

film that 11 years ago and I know for a fact that birds don't live for a very

long time the average lifespan of a bird is around 4 or 5 years some birds only

live for maybe 3 years some live for 4 or 5 years so the average bird doesn't

live for a very long time which think is a bit sad when you think about

it hello no sir mr. Duncan could you tell me about the ozone hole well I'm

not sure if I have one here above my house although there might be a hole

above my house because there seems to be a lot of water coming from the sky at

the moment well apparently I I'm sure the other day I read something about

part of the ozone hole closing up did I read that somewhere I think so hello

Kappa Devi oh thank you very much once again for your lovely live chat donation

thank you that's very kind of you I hope you don't find an atom ant in your

garden I must admit I think I think an atom ant with super powers would be

quite a useful thing to have around I think so hello to Constantine parakeet

is it not the French for parrot all French classmates is it so it does have

a French sound to it but you will find that exotic birds such as parakeets are

normally found in the this south of the Equator tropical countries hello - oh

hello - yes yes oh yes we do we have a lot of parakeets here in my tropical

country I like the sound of the parakeets they make some very

interesting sounds sadly the one that came into my garden

did not make any sounds at all it was too busy eating my bird food

hello partridge again mr. Duncan can you tell me how to overcome shyness

Wow that is a hard one that is a very hard question to answer in just a few

moments confidence is something that comes from inside you can of course and

I believe this because when I was young I was quite shy I was a shy person when

I was young I know it seems impossible

but yes I was a shy child but over the years as I I realized that I wanted to

do certain things in my life but to do those things I needed to have confidence

so I I actually gave my self confidence over time I did things that pushed the

boundary of my shyness so many years ago I was a person who was quite shy I

certainly couldn't stand here and do this in front of a camera live to the

world however Here I am many many many many years later standing in my garden

doing it right now there are ways to increase your confidence I suppose

sometimes you have to identify why you feel shy why you feel awkward did you

know about the cocktail parrot I've never seen a cocktail parrot it sounds

like a very fun bird but I've never seen one definitely not Sergio says we are

not in a class here mate we are not stupid school children anymore oh ok

then Sergio interesting very interesting Wow

yeah hello a pal Mira who is missing Luis Mendez yes I can't see Luis Mendez

and also Belarusian I haven't seen Belarusian oh what's happened to Belarus

here I don't know what's happened to Luis but I do know he's alright because

we we are in touch with each other so maybe he is busy today maybe they have

things to do with their family I have a feeling that is the reason why I think

so but you are right yes I haven't seen Helena I haven't seen a prick seem for a

long time Rosa Celia I saw Naomi Naomi was here

yesterday I'm pretty sure of it I think so mr. Duncan has Steve forgotten the

ladder behind you maybe he is trimming some bushes no that ladder was actually

being used by me this morning when I realized that there was rain coming I

had to climb up my ladder and make some alterations so that is why the ladder is

standing behind me it is there just in case I need it

just in case see that it looks like I'm holding the ladder that is a sort of

optical illusion it looks as if I'm holding the ladder does it no okay then

I'll stop doing it hello I'm very late today I was relaxed

at the swimming pool you are relaxing by a swimming pool all I can say is I'm a

little bit jealous about that relaxing by the swimming pool a nice very nice

have you ever been to Thailand vanette no I

hello mr. blackbird did you hear the Blackbird then there was a blackbird

right next to me he was getting a little bit upset it was getting upset for some

reason I don't know why Wow I've just realized I have something else to talk

about and I I'd almost forgotten all about it

oh my goodness yes of course yes we were going to take a look at words connected

to books book phrases phrases in the English language connected to books

different types of books maybe part of a book maybe the pages or the cover or

maybe if you are turning a page in a book let's see let's have a look let's

see where this takes us shall we oh we have do something by the book this is an

expression that means you do something in the proper correct way you do it in

the way that you are supposed to be doing it the rules are being followed

you do something by the book it means you are following the correct rules you

are not breaking the rules because you are doing something by the book and

there it is shall we have a look at another way oh there it is yes booked a

room booked a room if you want to book a room it means you reserved a room if you

booked a room it means you reserved a room you asked a person

who works at a hotel to reserve the room and the action is look you booked a room

you phone up the hotel and you booked a room you reserved a room maybe there are

no rooms free maybe there are no rooms available you might say or the person

talking to you on the phone might say I'm sorry we are booked up I'm ever so

sorry we are booked up or you might say fully booked so if you are fully booked

it means you have no rooms to spare there are no rooms left you have no

rooms to spare you are fully booked you are booked here's a good one throw the

book it's someone if you throw the book at someone it means you put the full

weight of the law on to a person you give them the maximum punishment you

throw the book at someone maybe you have done something wrong and you've gone to

court maybe you are on trial in court well if they find you guilty the judge

will throw the book at you they will give you a very harsh punishment

maybe the maximum sentence perhaps you will have to spend the rest of your life

in prison because the judge threw the book at you

he gave you harsh punishment here's an interesting one bookworm a person who

can be described as a bookworm is a person who is always reading so if they

always have their place in a book they are bookworm they are a bookworm hello

veni Gopal hello Venugopal nice to see you here seriously what do you mean

seriously what are you asking that is serious though Gopal

hello also to Irene hello also no sir yes it is kind of aggressive if you

throw the book at someone you don't actually do it so it's not literally you

don't actually throw the book at someone you actually punish them you give them

very harsh punishment yes thank you - OH thank you very much you give the maximum

punishment you throw the book at someone here's another one we are both on the

same page we are both on the same page this is a great expression that means

that two people are having the same thought or idea maybe two people have

the same understanding about a certain subject or maybe a certain problem you

can say that you are both on the same page it means you both have the same

feeling or you both have the same understanding

of a subject have you spent your whole life using the word book I do use it

quite often especially when I want to read a story definitely of course you

can turn over a new leaf to turn over a new leaf is to begin fresh you try to

make your life better maybe you want to change your behavior you turn over a new

leaf you change your attitude or you change your behavior you try to turn

over a new leaf here's another one a person who is bookish bookish a bookish

person is a person who is studious quite often they will be reading met they will

always be studying there will always be reading a textbook there will always be

writing something they are always studying maybe a student who is revising

for an exam that is coming soon they might be described as bookish you could

also describe a person who looks bookish we often think of a bookish person as

having glasses like this you see hmm a bookish person is a person who looks

as if they might read or study a lot of things they are bookish here's another

one this is an expression I'm sure many people know this expression don't judge

a book by it's cover don't judge a book by its cover the appearance of something

can be very deceptive you might judge a person wrongly you

might have the wrong impression about the way a person looks so sometimes it

is good not to judge a book by its cover to be overbooked if you are overbooked

it means too many people want the thing that you are selling for example maybe

you plan to fly to another country not at the moment of course because we can't

we can't get on a plane very easily at the moment but if you want to book a

flight maybe you will call a travel agent or perhaps you will do it on the

internet and then later you will find out that too many people want to fly on

that plane in fact there are too many people who have booked that flight so

now it is overbooked there are too many people wanting to do that thing it is

overbooked overbooked and that is it so there are a lot of words a lot of

phrases we can use connected to books I

think I'm a bookworm says Anna is that true so do you often find yourself

reading I always read a book when I queue at the post office you don't see

many people reading books anymore do you even if you are commuting on the train

you don't really see many people using books or reading from actual books

nowadays many people like to use their tablet devices so I think it's more

popular now to use your mobile device rather than have a big thick

book in your bag do not be misled by appearances says Ari you are right yes

it is wrong to judge a book by its cover you might get the wrong impression

mm-hmm Mika says nowadays we can read a book online however many people still

prefer flipping through the pages Mika it's one of those people yes many people

now use ebooks electronic books to read hello - oh hello let's say hello to

someone different hello - Andy says I am a bookish man oh

really so do you wear glasses like me when I

was at school people used to always think that I I was a bookworm or maybe

very bookish because of my appearance I suppose nowadays people would describe

me as a geek or nerd maybe maybe I don't know maybe not

Mustafa says when I sit I always like reading and writing some things so I am

a bookish person yes I think so it sounds like it to me it sounds like

it do you know mr. Duncan that I have thought that I will give my two hours

every day to learn English but I'm unable to do it can you please give me

some motivation learning anything takes time and one of the hardest things to do

in our lives especially nowadays because generally speaking when things are

normal whatever normal is nowadays when things are normal

you often find that you have very little time to sit and concentrate on one thing

so yes I think you're right I think sometimes it can be hard to keep

motivated it can be a little difficult to keep motivated to carry on doing what

you are doing especially if you are studying so my advice is maybe instead

of two hours maybe you can do it for just one hour and then slowly increase

your study time do it slightly longer maybe do it for one hour and 10 minutes

and then do it for one hour and 20 minutes find something that you are

interested in if you are reading a book if you are practicing your English then

it's always more fun to do something that you are actually interested in I

think so the Sun has come out can you believe it

the Sun has just come out behind me finally we have sunshine unfortunately

I'm not going to be here much longer but look at that oh look at the view from my

front window here is a live view right now outside my window look at that so

that is the view now looking out and you can see there are lots of lovely leaves

on the trees and on the right of the picture those yellow flowers that is a

laburnum tree laburnum so at this time of year you will see the laburnum will

will start to show its lovely flowers yellow flowers the only thing to

remember is you cannot eat laburnum seeds they are highly poisonous honestly

I'm not joking they are they are very poisonous

laburnum seeds are poisonous did you know mr. Duncan oh I think I've just

read that one well suddenly the live chat is very busy Christina says now I

have time to learn English and review all the things that I I know or I need I

think one of the good things about this strange period of time as many people

who have had a chance to learn a new skill so I think many people have tried

their best to find something to do during this time I think so

and what better what better way to spend your time during lockdown and to learn

some English I think so hello Ana by the way I have realised for a few days that

I can't see very well close up I think I am becoming farsighted Ana I am NOT an

expert on eyes however you might actually have difficulty reading things

close up but it doesn't necessarily mean that you are farsighted it doesn't mean

that but yes you might need to get your eyes tested so maybe you can go to the

optician or maybe go to a place where they will test your eyes and find out if

you need glasses but perhaps you won't have to wear the glasses all the time

maybe you will only have to wear them when you're reading that is one of the

problems with reading one of the big problems with reading is quite often it

is bad for your eyes I used to spend a lot of time reading and also writing

when I was young and I think that is one of the reasons why

my eyesight became worse as I got older they think so

so there is a good side and maybe a bad side maybe a bad side ah to reading

however I don't regret it I don't regret it at all Reza says the name laburnum I

think I've heard it in Macbeth maybe maybe hello - oh hello - Irene mr.

Duncan it's so nice to learn English with you since 2006 says Irene so you've

been with me since the very beginning way back a long time ago Wow incredible

thank you very much for your patience over all those years and of course I

hope my lessons have been helpful to you I really do

can you see the time it is coming up - half past three it is coming up - half

past three it is approaching half past three on a Thursday afternoon I will be

going soon I will be going in a few moments I will be back tomorrow by the

way with my English addict because tomorrow is Friday tomorrow so that's

what I'm doing tomorrow I will be back with you tomorrow from 2:00 p.m. UK time

with my English addict live stream and we are talking about other things to do

with the English language also I'll be talking to you as well we will have a

look at some of the lovely nature around the area in which I live we will learn

some new words we might even have another look at some strain

English words and tomorrow we will play yes tomorrow

we will play the sentence game tomorrow on the live stream English addict

tomorrow from 2 p.m. UK time of course tomorrow it is also the celebration of

victory over Europe v e day you have to be careful how you say that VE Day so

yes it is a special day tomorrow we actually have a public holiday and can

you believe it we are having a public holiday tomorrow however most people are

not at work in the UK anyway for various reasons I think you know why I think so


hello to Ungh hello and a peek thank you very much for your company

today I am going in a moment thanks a lot I am back tomorrow as I said

tomorrow 2 p.m. UK time I will be back with you tomorrow I hope you've enjoyed

this a little bit unusual today because it was raining and to be honest with you

I wasn't expecting it to rain I didn't know it was going to rain today I

thought it was going to be sunshine however we did have some rain the

sentence game is coming tomorrow yes I am back with you from 2 p.m. tomorrow

English addict episode 69 tomorrow wow so many English addict will be with you

from 2 p.m. tomorrow thank you very much to fly away

hello fly away excuse me what is Marks and Spencer Marks and Spencer is a chain

of shops they sell clothing they sell men's where they sell

underwear for ladies and men they also sell food as well all types of food

however the food is normally quite expensive quite expensive so normally

you don't go in to do your big shop most people don't do their big shop at Marks

and Spencers because it would be too expensive so that's it

so now you know Marks & Spencer is it's a chain of shots at the moment they are

closed I think so see you tomorrow 10:00 Oh Thank You

Maria the weather looks better now thank you very much also two partridge mr.

Duncan I don't know much English can I start

watching your English addict lessons watch as much as you can watch as much

as you want I am sure if you keep watching my live lessons my live streams

if you listen I'm sure your English will improve in fact I know it will there are

many people right now on the live chat who will tell you that doing this is

useful it can help you it can help you a lot see you tomorrow

I'm definitely going now this is mr. Duncan in the birthplace of English

saying thanks for watching I hope you've enjoyed today's livestream something a

little bit different thank you very much Moodle thank you hi Lee Kwang I will see

you tomorrow take care see you at 2 p.m. UK time and of course until tomorrow you

know what's coming next yes you do stay happy stay healthy

and I will see you tomorrow and of course...

ta ta for now 8-)