oh hello there hi everybody this is  mr duncan in england how are you today  

are you okay i hope so are you feeling  happy today i hope you are happy  

i'm happy because i'm back with you again  live on youtube for those who are wondering  

what this is and i'm sure there will be a lot of  people today asking what's this why did youtube  

recommend this to me well why not sometimes in  life it is nice to have a surprise so this might  

be something different to what you're used to  but does it matter not really i don't think so  

i'm now broadcasting live on youtube yes we are  now live across the internet definitely let's  

just see if we can get the live chat so i have  to do one or two technical things first of all  

first of all i need to activate the live  chat let's see do we have oh yes there it is  

hooray we have the live chat and we are all  ready to go so if you haven't already noticed

today i'm in the garden now this morning  when i woke up the weather was glorious  

we had the most amazing morning here  in england however as the day went on  

the weather became more unsettled in around about  actually around about 50 minutes ago i was here  

underneath my gazebo and the rain was pouring  down and also the wind was very strong in fact  

it was blowing so strongly i thought it was going  to carry my gazebo away i had to hold on to it  

just in case the wind decided to take it away  so yes i i had a little bit of drama here in  

the garden a few moments ago needless to say rain  is probably one of the worst things you can have  

when you are trying to do an outside  live stream so the combination of rain  

and then wind pretty awful to say the  least talking of things that are unpleasant  

we also have the lockdown which is continuing yes  we are into day 13 of the lockdown here in england  

if you are watching at the moment in england  please say hello don't be shy give it a try  

you might enjoy it you never know so the reason  why i'm here normally on youtube is to talk about  

the english language that is what i do i'm an  english teacher i've been doing this on youtube  

for a very long time over 14 years in fact hello  to the live chat i want to say hello to the live  

chat as well because you are the most important  part of this i'm here but to be honest with you  

there would be no point me being here if you  were not here so i'm glad to see so many people  

joining in already on the live chat i hope  you got the notification i did send them out  

even though quite often youtube does not  send the notifications for which i apologize  

it is in fact not my fault it's nothing  to do with me unfortunately youtube has  

control over everything that occurs here  now and already my throat has gone very dry

so i need to rearrange  things here slightly because

i can't begin to tell you how bad the weather  was earlier we had the most awful weather  

pretty bad in fact so i have some things to  show you today if they don't blow away of course  

wow everything was going really well until the  rain started coming down and then the wind arrived  

and then suddenly everything became rather  unsettled to say the least hello to the live  

chat as i said it wouldn't be a live chat without  you we have sandra hello sandra luis mendes hello  

luis mendez vitas lolli lolly also here today  on the live chat also khan hello khan new win  

watching in vietnam a big xin ciao to you  as well we have el christian hello to you  

thank you for joining me today on  the live stream underneath my gazebo  

i can't begin to tell you how bad the  weather was we've had some really bad weather  

wind rain and if there is one thing that we  love doing here in england we love talking about  

the weather i'm going to mention the weather  quite a lot today because we are talking about  

wind wind it is quite possibly one of the most  destructive forces in nature when you think  

about it so i know that rain can cause a lot of  damage flooding landslides loss of life of course  

but wind i think wind is one of the most  destructive forces of nature so when we talk  

about force of nature we are actually talking  about natural occurrences things that cannot  

be controlled if there is one thing that we  cannot control it's the weather as i found out  

about an hour ago when my gazebo nearly flew away  in the wind you may also notice today i am outside  

in the garden and behind me can you see behind  me i have my lovely bird feeders however they  

are empty at the moment so the birds are coming  into the garden unfortunately there is no food in  

the bird feeders so one of the things i'm going  to do today during the live stream is put some  

food into the bird feeders and hopefully we will  get some birds coming down during the live stream  

so as i mentioned just we have wind types types of  wind when we talk about wind we are talking about  

air pressure you can have high pressure or low  pressure so depending on what the pressure is  

what the pressure is in the air depends on  how strong the wind will be so you might find  

that certain types of air pressure will bring no  wind some types of air pressure will bring a lot  

of wind sometimes too much wind more wind than  we can cope with so let's have a look shall we

different types of wind when we talk about wind we  are talking about well first of all you can have  

very light wind so there is a type of wind  that doesn't really cause any damage in fact  

you might find that it can be very soothing it  can be quite pleasant especially on a hot day  

so you might have something called a breeze  breeze the word breeze is a gentle wind  

calming wind something that  might make you feel quite good  

on a hot day so quite often we love to have a  breeze in the air we love breezes you can also say  

it is windy so if there is a lot of wind around  you can say generally it is windy so breeze gentle  

soothing a nice wind a gentle breeze you might  also say that it's breezy the day is breezy  

there is a breeze windy also we can say  blustery now to be honest i might describe today  

as a bit blustery to be honest so i think  today the weather is quite blustery we are  

having lots of sudden gusts of wind which are  causing quite a few problems here in the garden

especially for me blustery so the wind  can be strong the wind can be sudden and  

blustery wind can also cause lots of  damage as well if the wind is very strong  

we might say that the wind is gale force gale  so a gale is a very strong wind prolonged  

strong something that might cause  damage to property trees structures  

so when we talk about gales we are talking about  very strong winds winds that can cause damage  

and then of course we have things such as  hurricanes a hurricane is a very strong wind  

normally part of a storm so quite often when  you have a hurricane you might just have wind  

you might also have wind and rain as well we can  also describe a hurricane as a cyclone so there  

is another word cyclone a cyclone is a twisting  swirling wind once again it can cause a lot of  

damage a great deal of damage cyclone did you know  that cyclones go in different directions depending  

on where you are in the world for example if  you are in the north or the northern hemisphere  

the actual cyclone will go anticlockwise  however if you are in the southern hemisphere  

the cyclone will actually go clockwise it will go  in the opposite direction it's a little bit like  

the toilet water you see when you flush the toilet  the water will also go in different directions  

different ways around depending  on where you are in the world  

so those are the different types of wind that  you can have we can describe them all as that  

in english you can have a gentle breeze  it can be windy it can be blustery  

there might be a gale blowing strongly or if the  wind is very severe you might have a hurricane or  

a cyclone certain parts of the world have their  seasons defined by the amount of rain and wind  

that they receive certain parts of the world  will have the hurricane season certain parts  

of the united states south america asia will have  hurricane or cyclone seasons that means the air  

pressure will cause strong winds to form large  storms which might sweep across a certain area  

quite often they will originate in the  ocean and then they would they will head  

inland and by doing that they will cause a  lot of damage indeed a great deal of damage

now here's an interesting word

in fact first of all we're going to look at  something else there are some wind words that  

can be used in different ways in the english  language for example you can say breeze as  

a way of expressing something that is easy so if  something is easy you can say that it was a breeze  

it was easy something that is easy to do you can  say that it was a breeze it was so easy to do  

maybe you have an exam and you sit your exam and  then afterwards your friends will ask how was  

the exam and you will say it was a breeze it was  easy it was no problem i found it very easy to do  

it was a breeze we can say an ill wind so when  we say ill wind we mean a bad feeling or maybe  

a bad feeling in the air maybe you are having some  disagreements with your neighbours about something  

you might say that there is an ill wind there is  a bad feeling in the air the sense of maybe doom  

something that is coming your way  that might bring harm or bad feelings  

you can breeze in oh so another use of the  word breeze if you breeze in it means you move  

casually you breeze in you might walk into the  room casually you breeze in you might walk by  

casually without a care in the world we can  say that you breeze by you go by casually you  

breeze in you come in casually you breeze by you  walk past casually without a care in the world

here's another one

you can put the wind up someone put the wind up  somewhat if you put the wind at someone it means  

you cause alarm or shock so you cause a person to  be shocked or alarmed by someone you put the wind  

up someone you suddenly make them afraid shocked  or surprised you give them some news or maybe you  

make them suddenly afraid you make them jump you  put the wind up someone to cause alarm or shock  

to someone so there are some uses of wind words  that can be used in the english language it's true

now here is the thing that i wanted  to show you earlier i almost forgot  

to show you the other meanings of the wind  words but here we go have you ever heard of

have you ever heard of the fern effect have you  ever heard of it the fern effect now as you can  

see the word itself looks foreign and that's  because it is derived from another language  

the fern effect and there at the bottom you  can see the actual way of pronouncing it fern

the fern effect if you listen very carefully  you might hear the refuse collectors they are  

now coming to empty the way the waste bins so  our dustbins are being emptied at the moment  

so if you listen very carefully you will hear  the sound of the dustbins being emptied oh yes  

i have such a glamorous life here in england  so what is the fern effect for those who are  

wondering what it is it is a type of wind it  is actually a type of wind i will show you

the fern effect is a warm dry southerly wind  that forms in the lee of any mountain range  

when we say lee we mean the calm side so  you might say that one side of a mountain  

there is a storm and on the opposite side it is  calm we often describe that as the lee li in fact  

there it is so the the lee is the sheltered side  of a mountain and that is what the fern effect is  

a warm dry southerly wind that forms  in the lee of any mountain range  

at the moment in scotland we are having some  fern effect which is causing a lot of mild  

air to blow around and that is one of the reasons  why at the moment here in the uk the weather is  

quite mild we are having a lot of warm air flying  around at the moment and that is one of the  

reasons why the weather is a little bit unsettled  that's why we had so much rain today you see

hello to the live chat thomas hello thomas nice to  see you here thomas says youtube does not send me  

an email notification for at least 10 weeks i'm  sorry to hear that unfortunately there are many  

things on youtube that i have no control over  and one of those things is the notifications  

so there are many things at the moment on youtube  that seem to be working or not working at all

a hot southerly wind on the  northern slopes of the alps  

can be described as a fern the fern effect is a  warm wind that is created from the far side of  

a mountain would you like to see an illustration  oh mr duncan we would like very much can we really  

see an illustration of the fern effect okay  then there it is so that is what it looks like  

the fern effect so on one side you can see the  storm it is very wet very cool and on the far side  

the lee of the mountain you can see that the  turbulence is causing warm air to be formed  

so you have the cool air rising normally  there is a lot of moisture maybe even a storm  

and then at the top the air will swirl around  and that pressure will cause the air to heat up  

you might also have bright sunshine as well which  will also heat up the air so for those wondering  

what the fern effect is that is what it is and at  the moment here in the uk we are actually having  

the fern effect in scotland and it is causing a  lot of strange a lot of weird weather conditions

like the ones that we experienced  earlier today here in england

hello nessar why are you disclosing a secret chat  asks nessar i don't know what you mean by that

nice to see you here if it is your first  time here don't be afraid don't worry youtube  

has brought you here for a real good reason  they want you to have a little bit of fun  

because at the moment everything is so gloomy  people are complaining here especially here in  

england a lot of people are complaining  because they have to stay in the house  

they can't go to work they can't enjoy the  things that they want to enjoy unfortunately  

hello to fly away hello fly away nice to see  you here as well alessandra hello alessandra  

nice to see you back as well hello daisy cow  youtube doesn't send email notifications anymore  

there are ways of receiving your notifications you  must activate your notifications so if you have a  

youtube channel if you have a youtube account and  you want to receive notifications you have to turn  

the notifications on you have to make sure that  youtube is able to send those notifications to you

hello to nessar mr duncan today a new member has  joined your live session his name is arif hello  

arif imam hello arif nice to see you here and also  nessar as well nice to see you here as well today  

if you listen very carefully  you might hear the birds

some of the birds are complaining  at the moment because there is no

how to laugh challenge hello grey hair wisdom  talking of grey hair i have a lot of grey hair  

at the moment on my chin what do you think of  my new beard mr steve hates my beard by the way  

what about do you what about you do you like  beards do you like it when people grow beads  

what about when your husband or your boyfriend  decides to grow a beard what do you think of it  

steve hates my beard he says it's horrible he  says you look like my dad i'm not sure how to

i'm not sure how to feel about that  to be honest i'm slightly offended  

if i was honest so steve says i look like his dad  

partapp hello partapp youtube has taken away  the captions yes they have i don't know why  

it's a very strange situation i don't know  why youtube is making so many negative changes  

but unfortunately i can't get my live  captions on to my live stream anymore  

i could before but unfortunately i  can't anymore and i have no idea why  

even though on my on my actual video here that  i'm watching it does say that the captions are on  

unfortunately there are no captions appearing  on the live stream i have no idea why  

but don't worry there is good news because  later on you can watch this all over again  

and there will be captions later on there will  be captions later on so don't worry about that

hello bloody mary oh bloody mary  is back nice to see you back as  

a regular viewer very nice of you to do  that hello semi oh hello there semi a boss

you are very charismatic with  your beard thank you very much  

but the important thing of course is how you feel  about it if you are happy just continue to grow it

that sound behind me is actually the wind  

blowing through the trees at the top of  the hill so behind me there is a huge hill  

and at the top of the hill there are lots of  trees so that sound you can hear behind me that  

noise is the wind as i mentioned earlier we had  a lot of strong wind today hello vitas by the  

way hair loss and active growth of facial hair  are indicators of high levels of testosterone

i remember growing up men who were losing  their hair on their heads would say that  

they are more macho or masculine because they are  losing their hair i don't know how true that is  

as you know i am also losing my hair on my head  however i have my lovely beard to make up for it

harley quang says i like raining i like it  

when it rains i don't mind the rain as long as  i'm inside you see i like to be in the house  

so if it is raining i prefer to be in the house  to be honest with you everything is blowing around

i have a horrible feeling that there is another  storm coming i wouldn't be surprised if there is  

another storm coming towards us daisy cow please  mr duncan check if you don't trust me well i do  

believe you i do believe you but don't forget  youtube have made many changes over the past few


i'm feeling a little scared  at the moment because the wind

the wind is starting to build up  the wind is starting to get stronger

you can use almond oil on your hair and  then it won't fall out can i just say  

over the years there have been  many remedies or many things  

that have been created or produced that are  supposed to get rid of baldness or prevent your  

hair from falling out can i just say i don't think  any of them really work because if they did work  

there would be no bald men in the  world so i don't think so mr duncan  

the wind sound behind you sounds like  the rain it is definitely not rain

the sound you can hear behind  me is actually the wind

it is a very windy day here in england

hello to oh we have roxy hello roxy nice to see  you here on the live chat you might notice there  

are some birds behind me in fact at the moment  can you see just behind me there is a pigeon  

sitting on the fence just  behind me waiting to be fed

i'm beginning to think that maybe coming out here  today was a bad idea i didn't realize that the  

wind was going to be so strong today if i was  honest with you so i'm really taking a big risk  

here today can you believe i am taking  a very big risk coming out here today  

semi mr duncan do you have a fireplace in your  house on the rainy days you could sit there and  

feel very cozy yes we do we have a little log  fire in the house and during the winter months  

we light it and it keeps the house nice and warm  also we have heating in the house as well so  

throughout the house we also have lots of  heating as well trust me it can get very cold  

here in england sometimes especially if  you live very high up like me so so my  

house is actually very high up and because  of that you often get very extreme weather

hurricanes and cyclones they can be similar they  can also be very different hurricanes are just  

very strong winds very strong storms however a  cyclone will often swirl it will go round and  

round but to be honest with you they might  seem they might appear very similar one of  

the big differences of course is in the north of  the well if you live in the northern hemisphere

i am so distracted by this gazebo because i  think it's going to blow away at any moment

you might actually see something very dramatic  today you might see me blow away in the wind

so one of the main differences in the northern  hemisphere the the cyclone goes anti-clockwise  

and in the southern hemisphere it goes  clockwise the direction in which it moves  

it goes round and round

mr duncan could you please show us your bird  

close up oh yes it's still there i  can't believe the pigeon is still there  

i will try to show it but i don't think  it will come out very well unfortunately

mr duncan do you only speak one language  i used to speak french very well  

when i was at school i don't know why and also i  was quite good well when i say good i mean i was  

able to speak some of the language chinese you  see i used to use chinese when i lived in china  

so when i was living in china  i had to learn survival chinese  

oh palmyra says today i received my vaccine  for flu yes at this time of year including here  

in england and across the uk in fact around the  world many people are receiving their flu vaccines  

at the moment as winter approaches and of  course we often find that many people get  

flu and colds fever all sorts of things at  this time of year so many people are now taking  

their flu vaccines they are receiving their flu  vaccines to help them through the winter months

spanish is similar to english i don't  think so there might be a lot of words  

that originated in spanish that have been adapted  into english so that might be the reason why  

in fact that is the reason why you will find  a lot of english words sound like other words  

from different languages because english  basically borrowed or should i say stole  

many of the words and adapted them so yes  you might say that english is a combination  

of many different types of dialect or language  and over the years these things have evolved

around about a thousand years can you believe it  

english has been used for around 1 000 years  that's incredible from the very early days to  

middle english and then modern english  which is what we are speaking now

hello luis luis mendes  

yes they are not the same language you can't say  that they are the same language they are similar  

and one of the things that makes languages  similar especially when we are talking about  

english is many of the words that have been taken  or adapted from other languages so that's one of  

the reasons why you will find a lot of french  words have been adapted or used in english

this continent i suppose you could say that  britain has been invaded many times and each time  

this country has been invaded or should i say  this island has been invaded things have changed  

culture you might talk about language behaviour  religion of course so one of the main reasons  

why this country is a christian country is because  of the people that invaded this country over the  

years and we are going back a very long time  is your area in lockdown mr duncan yes it is  

we are currently in lockdown right now in  england so we are into our 13th day of lockdown  

so many people now are being told that they must  stay at home again this has happened already  

and now they must do it again so a lot of  people are being told that they have to  

stay at home including me and mr steve so even  mr steve is now once more working from home  

we have no choice unfortunately and it looks as  if the lockdown at the moment is going to end on  

the second of december even though there are some  people who think it might go on much longer than  

that we will have to wait and see and find out the  romans conquered great britain yes the romans came  

here that's one of the reasons why we have lots  of lovely roads one of the most famous roman roads  

is the a5 i know it doesn't sound very poetic  but the a5 is a very long roman road and it goes  

for many many miles in fact the  a5 is not very far away from here

it does come past this area where i live

what are you doing during lockdown mr duncan  what am i doing well i am doing lots of things  

i am learning some new skills at the moment i am  learning graphic design and also motion graphics  

which is a very technical subject to be honest  it's a very difficult skill to learn but i  

am trying my best to learn it so i am spending  a lot of my time in a very useful way i'm not  

wasting my time during lockdown i am doing  lots of different things including my extra  

lessons as well so today this is an extra live  stream this is not my normal live stream this is

my extra live stream now what i'm going to do  

right now whilst i have a chance because the sun  is now trying to come out yeah the sun is coming  

out even though there are many grace gray skies  and clouds above me the sun is trying to come out

is mr steve watching your live  stream or is he making tea  

steve is having his break at the moment  he's having a short break from his work  

yes everywhere they went the romans built  roads and they are very long-lasting  

that is true very true i'm going to put some food  out for the birds so that is one of the things  

i want to do today during the live stream so if  you don't mind i would like to go just over there

and i think i'm going to disturb the pigeon so the  pigeon unfortunately will probably fly off when  

i go over there so i'm going to bring the bird  feeders here and then i'm going to put some seed  

in to the feeders you see  i have some bird seed here  

so these are actually sunflower flower  hearts they are called sunflower hearts

and now all my paper is blowing away  

by the way if you are thinking of doing a live  stream outside make sure the wind isn't blowing

sorry mr pigeon i'm going to  disturb you oh oh it's gone already


oh come on

finally so here is one of my bird feeders  i'm going to put some seed in there and then

i will try my best to hang it on the tree  without being blown away so here we go

you might notice that the the top of  this bird feeder is actually covered  

it's covered with bird poo there  is bird poo all over my bird feeder

right let's put a bit of  bird food in here shall we

hello he gave me a bloody heart attack

do you have to do that mr steve yes do  you have to keep making i do i'm just

hello everyone why why do you keep doing that i  thought you'd have heard me mr duncan i nearly  

i nearly crapped myself i thought you'd have heard  me climbing over the fence i think i think i may  

have pooed my pants a little bit there you scared  the life out of me well i've just taken a short  

break from work because i've been working hard  all day uh and this is the first chance i've had  

for a break so i've been for a little stroll  a walk uh and now i'm going to go back inside  

and do some more work i like so i'll i'm not  here for long so if mr steve's boss is watching  

don't worry steve is going back upstairs back  upstairs right now okay on sunday see you soon  

so that is mr steve who just actually  scared the life out of me he really  

did put the wind at me oh my heart  is still pounding away from that

one of these days i'm going to have a heart attack  

live here live well the stream will be live  but i won't i'll be dead thanks to mr steve

i still can't believe that

okay there it is

that is one of my bird feeders  that i've now filled with bird seed

and i'm pretty sure that the birds are going  to be very pleased to see this i think so  

so i'm going to hang this up excuse me a  moment i will be back in a moment don't go away

is i still can't believe mr steve did  that he almost gave me a heart attack then  

how could you how could you do that to me mr steve

i was very frightened very frightened


if you just joined me hello welcome to my  live stream something a little different today

i am hanging out with the birds and if there's  one other thing one thing that the birds love

it's eating food

yeah how does that look does  that look okay i think so  

oh okay that looks alright i think it looks okay

so the seeds that i just put out are  called sunflower hearts there we go  

for those who are wondering sunflower  hearts they are basically the insides of

sunflowers and the birds love  them very much they really do

i have some lovely things here i  wanted to show you but unfortunately  

they're now all wet they're soaking wet


here is something else that  i often give to the birds  

there you go can you see those they are suet balls  or suet nuggets there we go so that is the brand

and they are made of suet of course  birds love eating fat they love suet  

they love things that have plenty of  

energy because birds use a lot of energy when  they are flying around they use a lot of energy

my heart is still racing away still racing away  because of those birds and mr steve jumping out

there are lots of strange creatures  in my garden and one of them  

sometimes is mr steve when he's creeping about

so i'm putting some of the suet can you see  it so i'm putting the suet into this feeder  

and then i will hang this on the tree  and hopefully the birds will come down

although one of the things i've noticed today  

there aren't many birds around and  that's because of the wind you see  

so quite often when the wind is bad or maybe the  weather is extreme the birds will stay away sadly  

this might be one of the hardest live  streams that i've ever done because

the weather is very extreme  strong winds heavy rain

it is making my life very difficult today  

there we go there we are so now we have we  have the suet inside the feeder and the birds  

absolutely love this food very much  they absolutely go crazy for this food

i might actually have to stop this  live stream i might actually have to  

go in back into the house because the  wind is starting to build up once more  

okay i will put this on the tree i  will hang it over there just a moment


sometimes it's very useful being tall  

so now i have my bird feeders hanging up they  are full of food all we need now are the birds  

hello live chat nice to see you here even  though no one's really watching unfortunately  

i might not do this again this might be the  last time i do a live stream in the week  

because no one is actually watching i know  why because youtube isn't telling anyone  

i have no idea why i'm starting to think in my  in my brain that maybe youtube doesn't want me  

to do live streams anymore i think it's  starting to annoy them i don't know why  

i hope it's not annoying you hello nova  nova crafts hello nova crafts nice to  

see you here today i am outside in the garden  on a very unsettled day the weather is awful  

i feel as if i'm taking a very big risk coming  out here today doing this feeding the birds  

takes you a lot of time mr duncan yes it does  i spend a lot of my time feeding the birds  

one of the reasons why i do it of course  is because well first of all the birds  

need to survive but also i like looking out of my  window in the morning and all of the birds will  

come down and they will feed and they will sing so  there is always something nice to see outside my  

studio window so that's one of the things i really  like doing alessandra says naughty youtube yes  

you see one of the things that  i've learned over the years  

one of the one of the things you learn  when you are doing something for many years  

is when things are not right so  you know when things are right  

and you know when something isn't right and at the  moment i get the feeling that my youtube channel  

is slowly being deleted by youtube it would appear  that i'm being buried buried alive on youtube  

i don't know why but i'm getting a very  strange feeling that youtube want me to go away  

why i have no idea thank you abdul you  are very kind and you show a lot of mercy  

oh that's a nice word i like that word by  the way the word mercy show mercy you show  

kindness or maybe also forgiveness i suppose a  lot of people think that mercy is forgiveness  

you show mercy to someone you show kindness  you show warm-heartedness to someone

it is so windy today

my little gazebo is blowing all over  the place i wish you could see it

it's slightly disturbing to say the least anna  says i am not annoyed by your live streams i  

hope not i know i'm not sexy and i know i know  maybe to some people i'm not cool because i'm  

not american you see i'm british i'm an english  man i'm not american i'm not sexy i'm not young  

so there are many things that i don't have going  for me i also don't don't play computer games  

you see so if i was playing my computer  game now if i was showing you my screen  

whilst playing computer games i would  probably have about twenty thousand viewers  

but because i'm actually doing  something useful and creative

because i'm doing something  useful and creative then

maybe it's not interesting you see maybe people  don't find it interesting so if you don't find  

it interesting maybe youtube doesn't find  it interesting maybe that's the reason why

no youtube doesn't think like that you will  be surprised actually so as i've already said  

because i have a lot of experience of dealing  with youtube and i used to deal directly many  

years ago i used to talk to people from  youtube on the phone they would call me  

they would actually call me on  the telephone and we would chat  

about things in fact a couple of years ago  i used to have a lot of contact with youtube  

directly so they know all about me they  know i exist i'm not a secret to them

sandra says for youtube i watch twice and the  same time is normally your live stream because  

i need to understand the same words however  i see you twice i watch you two times well  

that's nice i'm glad to hear that my lessons are  useful i know my live streams are very different  

my live streams are not the same as my  recorded lessons they are quite different

i can really hear the sound of the  wrestling leaves russell the rustling leaves  

the sound of not only the leaves but also  the trees swaying in the wind you are right

mr duncan you are still my favourite  english teacher even though you are not cool  

or sexy or young or american or a  sexy lady i can't help but i'm afraid  

i'm very sorry about that maybe i should have a  sex change maybe i should become a beautiful lady  

and then maybe i will get more viewers who knows  you mohsin thank you very much wiglaf hello wiglaf  

i think england is a better country to live in  than the usa well i suppose it depends where  

you go just like any country there might  be places that are nice to live and maybe  

there are places that are not so nice to live  in so yes i suppose parts of england are nice  

i like living here you see in the countryside but  some people hate it they would hate to live here  

in the countryside because they would find it  so boring so some people would not want to live  

in the countryside they would find  it too dull and boring however  

i love living in the countryside i think  it's one of the most amazing things one of my  

one of my best decisions in my life was  to move here to the countryside so i'm  

not a very big fan of cities noise traffic  pollution i don't like any of those things

fly away is going to fly away now see you  later fly away take care of yourself won't you  

thank you aderalia oh hello to adaralia nice  to see you here adoralia hernandez rodriguez  

i hate i like your name that's a brilliant name  by the way i hope i pronounced it correctly de la  

russia you are a very handsome teacher my dear i'm  not looking for compliments i'm not saying these  

things because i want you to give me compliments  that's not the reason why i'm doing it but i am  

aware that certain things here on youtube are  more popular because they are more interesting  

or exciting or attractive so i do  realize that i am very aware of it

anna says i love spontaneous speech it is more  vivid and involving yes well one of the things i  

love about doing my live streams is the fact that  this is spontaneous it is something that happens  

without any preparation so as i stand  here in front of you in my garden  

with the wind blowing all around  me and my poor my poor gazebo

my my little gazebo is blowing everywhere so  whilst i'm doing these things i'm actually  

talking spontaneously none  of this has been planned  

so everything i'm saying at the moment has  not been rehearsed all planned oh my goodness

wow the wind is getting very strong now

i think there's a there's a storm coming i think  there might be a storm on the way i think so

oh my goodness

i think i might have to stop this  

i wish i could show you my gazebo at the moment  it's blowing everywhere let me just move my camera

oh my goodness

the wind is very strong at the moment oh  no mr duncan we want you to continue i'm  

not sure if i can if i do continue  you might see my gazebo blow away  

and maybe maybe you will see see me fly  away as well oh my goodness this is terrible

it doesn't look very windy behind me  but above my head it really is windy

it's quite dramatic actually i wish i could  show you let me try and show you the wind

ah there we go can you see now behind me  you see the trees are blowing quite a lot

my gazebo is definitely blowing around

oh my goodness

okay i think i'm going to go in a moment

it's too dangerous

it can't blow away if you hold it well yes that's  the reason why i'm holding it so it doesn't blow  

away mr duncan please go inside please be safe mr  duncan i think i'm going to go back into the house  

because it's it's a little bit too dangerous  out here today the wind is too strong it  

really is blowing quite a lot mr duncan  don't fly away you don't have any wings  

no i don't that is true unlike the birds see  the birds are very lucky because they can  

just fly around they don't have to worry about  such things i do you see i'm not i'm not used  

to flying around don't worry i will  be back with you by the way on sunday  

everything will be back to normal on sunday  i will be in the studio on sunday from 2pm uk  

time i will be back in the studio  please go back into the house mr duncan

are there bird houses behind you behind  me they they are bird feeders so they  

are actually things for giving food to the  birds so that's what i'm actually doing there  

so they are hanging from the tree and then the  birds will come down and they will eat the food  

but not today because it's too windy the birds  don't feel like coming out today i wonder why

okay i think i'm going to end this live stream i  think i'm going to end this live chat because my  

my gazebo is going to blow away

apparently it looks like you have a nice garden  according to what i can see yes there are many  

different views in my garden behind me in fact  well in front of me so the the direction that  

i'm looking in there is a huge landscape in front  of me with all of the hills and the fields and the  

trees so everything in front of me is a huge  landscape that goes off way into the distance  

and behind me there is actually a hill so  behind me all of the land goes up much higher up  

thank you very much for your  effort thank you very much  

for your company i can't believe i've been here  for one hour and 20 minutes so yes i'm going to go  

in a moment i hope you've enjoyed this something  a little different something a little dangerous

mr duncan it is better to go into the house if the  wind is blowing strong but please be safe i will

sandra gonzalez says i like your live stream thank  you very much i hope this has been interesting

i hope you enjoyed watching mr steve frighten the  life out of me did you see that earlier mr steve  

came over the fence and he crept up behind me and  he scared the life out of me he put the wind at me

thank you mr steve thank you mr  steve for giving me a heart attack

i think the birds are coming i'm going into the  house now because i'm freezing cold and also  

i feel as if i might lose my life which is not  a good thing really when you think about it  

thank you diana thank you very much palmyra i'm  going into the house i hope you've enjoyed this  

i will see you later we might do something special  on sunday if you've noticed for the past two weeks  

i've been doing something special in the kitchen  i think this weekend we will be doing something  

maybe in the kitchen or maybe something outside  i'm not sure yet we will have to wait and see  

anyway i'm going into the house now  before my gazebo blows away completely  

thank you very much for your  company see you on sunday  

catch you later this is mr duncan in a very  windy england saying thanks for watching  

thank you for joining me today see you later and  take care of course because i care and until the  

next time we meet here on youtube you know  what's coming next yes you do ta ta for now.

i couldn't resist showing you the landscape  in front of me so that is the view  

that i was talking about a few moments ago that is  

the view as the sun comes out and  the wind is blowing very strongly.

and I will definitely say ta ta for now.