hmm oh are we back hello i'm ever so sorry  about that i don't know what happened well  

i have a feeling that i know but i'm still  not 100% sure what happened steve something  

very weird happened and now it has messed  everything up can you hear us can you see us  

oh let's hope it doesn't happen again i don't  know what happened though it's very strange a  

couple of things were going on on my computer that  i was aware of something to do with my antivirus  

software and then another thing which i think is  connected to chrome the chrome web browser so i  

think those two things were doing something and  then it caused everything to lock unfortunately  

so did this unfortunately eventually everything  stopped working so i hope this will carry on  

olga says it's okay vita says it's okay valeria  says yes uh valentina everyone started to come  

back apologies we were talking about scotch eggs  but let's wait for a few people to come on first  

shall we before we you know what that story you  know what steve it seems like a million years ago  

that i was talking about scotch eggs with you  because oh dear what a horrible feeling i can't  

begin to tell you how much terror that causes and  and heartache when this happens so i think we're  

okay now yes we were showing some scotch eggs  but unfortunately my scotch egg has disappeared  

let's not let's not attempt to show that's when  it all went wrong when you're looking for the  

scotch eggs i think i think it may have been  the scotch egg that did it you see so we don't  

want to uh we don't want to risk bringing that yes  because it's disappeared from your play distance  

very strange uh people are coming on now we're up  to 27. so thank you everyone for coming back it's  

much appreciated uh of course this technology  does go wrong sometimes that mr duncan is very  

clever in being able to sort it all out there it  is there's a scotch egg blimey here we go again mr  

duncan scotch egg oh well if it goes wrong again  we know it's the scotch egg yes if it goes wrong  

again we know that it is the curse of the scotch  egg olga liked the effect with the red faces i  

don't know what i hated that i don't know what was  going on yes that is it saturino it's minced meat

and we we wrap it round an egg and then we put  some bread crumbs on it and fry it and uh it's  

don't know why it's called scotch egg presumably  it originated in Scotland but we don't know that  

we don't know that we're assuming it is because  that's why you know scotch if he's put scotch in  

front of something it means it refers to scotland  and it's supposedly it's a bit unhealthy yeah uh  

eggs and meat they are very nice though they're  quite delicious uh and the the reason that um  

if gemini 2 is back i'm not quite sure whether  gemini 2 is back but it was gemini 2 that asked  

the question why were we talking about scotch eggs  a lot that's it and the reason is because we can  

go into a pub now um the lockdown is finished  but you can go into a pub but you can only have  

a drink of alcohol okay if you have what the  government are saying is a substantial meal  

yes there's something that is actually a meal  instead of a snack so apparently it seems that  

there is a big difference between snack and  meal so scotch egg for me i think it's a snack  

yes but if you serve it on a plate with salad  then it becomes a meal you see so that's what  

many pubs are doing they are serving  scotch eggs so they can stay open and  

serve beer as well so it's very clever so  the reporters were asking the government  

what do you mean by substantial meal yes and the  reporters asked ask the members of the government  

if i have a scotch egg is that a substantial meal  yes and then there was confusion because a scotch  

egg is quite big you know it's not like crisps uh  it's a bit more than that so some politicians were  

contradicting each other some some some of them  were saying no that isn't a substantial meal okay  

and others were saying yes it is uh and uh some  politicians corrected themselves in different  

interviews so uh anyway the answer is yes it is uh  if you go into a pub and have a scotch egg you can  

have alcohol so that's the end of that so gemini  2 if you've missed it you'll have to watch the the  

play again what i love is steve has now explained  this twice so at the end of the previous video  

that preceded us getting cut off and then and  then now so you have two answers hopefully they're  

they're the same oh dear steve that was awful  i i feel so upset it really does upset me when  

things go wrong like that as it does you steve  i just went into the kitchen and had some bread  

no i mean on your computer oh on my computer yes  when steve has computer problems everyone knows  

because you can hear him banging and  thumping and throwing things around  

so yes yet i was very calm did you see  that did you see how calm i was how calmly  

and professionally i handled the situation very  good so now we've we've we've sorted the scotch  

egg we're back up to 83 mr duncan good so we're  slowly climbing 831 people watching oh i see  

um gemini 2 is back and he thanks me for the  information yes it was yeah i won't say it again  

uh yes it was interesting that um uh joe we had  joe on before the breakdown okay uh and wanted  

to know how to send you a picture okay well you  can send a picture to my email i think i have  

my details here actually let me just see if i  can find them i haven't shown them for a long  

time if you want to get in touch hopefully  if i press this button we won't break down  

but if you want to get in touch yes my  email address is coming up right now

so now you know you know the email address  

i'll go back a little bit just because it it only  comes on the screen very quickly there it is look  

look how lovely i am look at that so there  it is that's my facebook page and also  

my email as well so there it is so if you want  to send a po a photograph of you watching me  

watching you watching me i think oh interesting  tomic says that uh there was a rule in poland  

uh many years ago that you could only buy hard  alcohol with a snack oh uh interesting so we've  

got this rule now uh in place in most areas of the  uk where they've opened up the pubs again but you  

can't have alcohol unless you have a meal or a  substantial meal yes which does include a scotch  

egg so you can have a scotch egg maybe salad some  tomatoes chopped up with some lettuce and maybe  

maybe something else on the plate so it has to be  a meal that you can actually eat sit down and eat  

rather than a snack talking of that you can just  hold in your hand talking of food our boat alberto  

says where are the food idioms yes well coming up  we're coming up a few moments ago we had nothing  

we had nothing because something happened with my  computer it went wrong people are sorry to cut you  

off there and now i'm waiting for it to go wrong  again you see a few people are saying that they  

they're saying that your beard looks a little  darker your beard looks a little darker very well  

observed this this today this today yes as opposed  to which today uh the other today that yesterday's  

today the other today yeah okay um yes you may  have noticed that my beard is a little darker  

yes i i haven't done it too much though i think  i think it looks rather nice what have you done  

mr duncan i've put a little bit of colour on my  beard just a little bit just to darken it slightly  

so i think it actually looks better i think  it looks more well i suppose it looks less  

i i look less like someone's granddad

just somebody's uncle instead i look like an  uncle instead of a granddad you see so i don't  

feel so bad about it but i was expecting a lot of  sarcasm you see well i'm holding back mr duncan  

i'm holding back i really thought steve was going  to make some reference to to rudy giuliani you see  

so i thought you were going to make some reference  to that that was embarrassing wasn't it yes  

so i thought you were going to make make some  mention about me again getting hot in the studio  

and then maybe the sweat running down my face  from my dyed beard you look younger says anna  

fly away says i think it's ridiculous  but i'm not sure the flyways are  

referring to your to your uh beard or not uh  less like santa claus okay it says v tess or  

i thought steve was going to make some mention of  yes dirk bogart flyaway does say steve dick dirk  

bogart in death in venice by lucino visconte a  brilliant film by the way you have some beautiful  

music in that movie so yes so i i really did think  steve was going to make some some suggestion that  

that i was doing the same thing as rudy giuliani  well i wasn't going to say that i thought you  

were very vain mr dungan vane not really well  women do it all the time they dye their beards

well some do some women do die their beards you  see you know we are living in the 2000s now you  

see 2020 you see everyone has beards women men  children if you if you say you're vain it means  

you spend a lot of time looking at yourself and  attending to your appearance you worry too much  

about your appearance or maybe you go too far with  your appearance but women women dye their hair  

so so if a woman can dye her hair different  colours why can't a man dye his beard  

and i haven't really dyed it it's just a little  darker that's all you can still see the grey  

so it's still there but it's less obvious  once you start you'll have to do it every week  

because those grey roots will come through mr  duncan i don't really care about that to be honest  

i can always put a little bit on but nothing else  you see i'm not going to have any plastic surgery  

or anything like that before anyone says mr duncan  you know it starts with this but then it ends  

with with knives and and face transplants and  plastic surgery fortunately i can't afford that  

i can afford to buy a box of dye or colouring for  my beard have you got it to show us mr duncan i  

haven't never mind i don't even fetch it no it's  okay i don't i don't think anyone really cares i  

think people want to see the food idioms yes let's  get on to the food idioms because we've got less  

time now with the the breakdown that happened and  that's just mr steve's breakdown it's not even the  

technical breakdown that was just mr steve rolling  on the floor have we also got the uh the sentence  

game we have right and a lot to fit in the next  hour i don't know when anyway oh yeah i still  

can't believe that happened by the way steve  i was going to show a mystery object as well  

you see lukino not lucino how did i oh you know i  said it's luke the ch is pronounced like a k kino

so dye as in add colour or  change colour not die as in

a different dimension safe to say that fly  away is not a fan of your beard religion by  

the comments why that's nothing they fly away i've  already mentioned i've already mentioned fly away  

says unbelievable oh i see very vain old man  of the 1800s that's okay it's crazy and i think  

it's ridiculous anna says i look younger anna anna  thank you very much anna anna says i look younger  

i just want it to look more tidy you see so that's  it it's not a big deal i mean women all the time  

every day when a woman wakes up the first  thing she does is plaster lots of makeup on  

her face so if a woman can do that to the whole  of her face i'm sure i can put a little bit of  

colour on my gray beads men are sort of paying  more attention to their grooming yes their  

looks their groom if you're you're grooming  when you refer to a man's grooming it means  

how tidy he makes himself yes beards tidy  his hair his teeth his clothes grooming  

are you well groomed it just means are you very  nicely presented so you might have lovely nails  

uh perfect teeth uh your eyebrows you've had them  trimmed um your beard is neatly trimmed and you  

just if you look neat you see uh if you're well  groomed it's usually used as a compliment so you  

are looking well groomed yes today mr duncan a bit  like if you were to groom your pet by brushing the  

the fur of your dog or your cat okay and making  it look nice and that you're grooming your pet  

making it look neat and tidy so you can use that  same expression uh for for a man you don't usually  

refer to women women don't usually you don't  you don't say to a woman you're well groomed  

no that's just an expression you would use  to a man unless they have a beard of course  

if a woman has a beard you might say you look  very well groomed love very well groomed anyway  

anyway food idioms food idioms very quickly we've  got 15 food idioms to look at i was going to show  

the mystery object but i might show that next  week instead sunshine is sad why i don't know  

well let's cheer you up sunshine uh mr steve  never say hi to me oh really hi sunshine oh i  

see is that is that what what's making you sad yes  there are lots of people who actually get sad when  

mr steve does say hello to them well i hope i've  cheered you up now yes i say i can't say hello to  

everyone so i just normally say hello hello and  that refers to everyone including you sunshine  

but i will give you a special hello because i  want you to be happy yes there is nothing worse  

than being unhappy so we will try try our best  to to make you happy today we had oh by the way  

steve whilst we're talking to each other on no  particular subject do you know what the hottest  

christmas gift is this year the hottest christmas  gift oh right the hottest christmas gifts  

by that we mean i think popular popular i can't  think is it computer related no it's something in  

the house it's something that a lot of people  are using because they are now stuck at home  

is it a some kind of webcam webcam no uh  so that they can be seen on zoom it's not  

nothing nothing to do with computers nothing  to do with computers so but it's something to  

do with lockdown yes it's just lots of food it's  you're near but it's something that many people  

are doing whilst they are in lockdown something  that many people say they can't live without  

oh what can't you live without that they would  normally get if they were out and about having  

food delivered uh no ah i don't i don't think  that would be a very good question clever though  

isn't it what having their turkey delivered  by a company that cooks it for them because  

a lot of people go out on christmas day to  uh a restaurant very expensive we've done  

it before it's very expensive if you if you go  out on christmas day in the uk okay because you  

don't want to cook your turkey you go to a pub  or a restaurant you would pay about 60 pounds  

at least wouldn't you to get a a meal out on  christmas day so that's at least 50 euros that's  

very expensive in fact i think that's probably the  cheap end now okay what what is the point you're  

making i'm i'm losing track of your i'm trying to  figure out what this special so it's a gift it's  

something people are buying for each other yes  it's to do with lockdown is it connected to food  

yes it's something people can't live without  chocolate i can't live without chocolate yeah  

again you're in the right area but but something  some think of chocolate that's been melted  

chocolate fondue no uh melted chocolate it's very  obvious is that has anyone got it it's something  

you can't live without before lockdown came  along and before coronavirus we could all go out  

to various places and buy this thing and some  people like to have a lot of it every day  

for goodness sake someone must get this please  someone said it's a fancy face mask oh very nice  

oh you mean this yes that's  not a bead it's a face mask  

okay then nobody's got it yet no okay then i will  tell you that the hottest gift this year steve is  

a coffee maker a coffee maker nothing to do with  chocolate no but you can have hot chocolate as  

well a coffee maker and you can put chocolate  in your coffee you see that's why i said melted  

melted chocolate so a lot of people this year  have gone crazy for coffee machines in their house  

so because they're not working in the office  what they've decided to do instead is have a  

coffee machine in their kitchen now we know for a  fact that some of these things are quite expensive  

except maybe a thousand pounds i think that's  they're very expensive these coffee machines you  

see so apparently one of the hottest gifts one of  the most popular gifts this year that people are  

buying each other or asking for on their christmas  list is a coffee machine well i can tell you mr  

duncan i have not bought you a coffee machine  for christmas and nor should you nor should i  

i must say mr duncan i i think that is a complete  waste of money yes we know people that have coffee  

machines don't we yes and uh they're very  slow they're very noisy and you end up with  

a very small amount of coffee in your  cup and it's not even hard it's lukewarm  

it's not even hot if you say something's luke  warm it means it's hardly warm at all yes uh it's  

somewhere between warm and cold yes uh lukewarm  that's quite a good expression lukewarm or tepid  

i used to go to school with someone he called  lukewarm riser we've got to be careful what  

we say riser has got a new machine like that oh  so is it good do you like it well that's what i  

was saying you see i think a lot of people are  buying these because instead of going to the  

coffee shops and many of them are closed they're  actually deciding instead to make their own luxury  

coffee at home but of course you don't have to  have one of those you can use one of these instead  

you see so this is what we use yes we just use one  of these little devices that that makes the milk  

go all frothy so that's what we use it's a very  simple device so a coffee machine like this can  

cost up to a thousand pounds or more even and well  if you buy one of these little devices it costs  

you about 10 pounds so for one of those little  machines 10 pounds for the big coffee machine  

about a thousand pounds if not more see that looks  like an expensive one because that what that one  

could make two cups of coffee at the same time we  went round one of our neighbours has got a coffee  

machine and we went round the three of us went  round all four of us i think okay and she said  

well let me make you coffee you know in my coffee  machine now i don't know the details it didn't  

look a particularly expensive coffee machine but  let's it took 10 minutes to make four cups of  

coffee yes and they're so slow and by the time we  got the coffee to drink it was it was it was just  

warm did you hear that viewers that was mr  duncan's stomach you could hear my stomach  

then my stomach was grumbling ah ryzer didn't buy  it that she won it in a raffle oh interesting the  

coffee coffee does not come out very hot but  you can heat the milk till it boils yes yes  

i think if you're going to buy a coffee machine  for your house i think the ones that you get for  

your for homes are nowhere near as good as  the professional ones and the professional  

ones must would cost a fortune wouldn't they  in fact i remember um speaking we used to go to  

um a a restaurant in much wenlock that served the  most delicious coffee i've ever tasted in my life  

and i remember the owner telling me about this  coffee machine it cost her over 30 000 pounds yes  

but but for this restaurant but in fairness it was  one of those huge coffee machines that you see in  

costa or in starbucks that's right so it was one  of those so yeah it was nice in fairness that was  

a big catering coffee maker yeah so oh right so  coffee machines people are buying coffee machines  

how interesting yes so well because they're  stuck at home many people are stuck at home  

they need their coffee you see some people love  drinking coffee very much sergio says what about  

a tea machine not really no no because it never  tastes good from a from a tea machine you don't  

really see tea machines do you they were very  popular in the 1970s and 80s okay uh a a a tea  

maker really yes because my mum and dad had  one oh i know is that the thing that wakes  

you up in the morning yes so it's an alarm  clock but it makes your tea at the same time  

yes they were very popular in the 70s and 80s  but my mother always used to complain because  

it would wake her up with all the noise  of steam and boiling water yes it doesn't  

it doesn't sound like a very nice way to wake  up all very safe i don't think i would like to  

go to bed with something next to me that will  start boiling water right next to your head  

because mum had it right on her side on um what do  you call it the bedside uh table yes it was quite  

big like that so it had like a small kettle which  you filled up with water before you went to bed  

yes and it had a spout that went into a teapot  okay so you put the tea bags in the teapot and  

you set the alarm and then before the alarm came  on to wake you up this thing was gurgling away  

it would boil and then the water would go into  the teapot and and then you had a cup of tea i  

mean you've got to be pretty desperate for a cup  of tea to want it while you're still in bed yeah  

but these things existed but mum used to be  quite frightened of it because he used to  

gurgle and boil she's got all this hot water  right if it had gone wrong yes she just got  

sprayed with hot water there's nothing worse than  waking it first thing in the morning to have some  

some liquid squirting in your face unexpectedly  nespresso valeria is famous here it is a coffee  

machine not very expensive but the coffee for this  machine ah ah i see so you're saying the machine  

is inexpensive but the coffee that goes with  it is very expensive it's like the printer you  

see yes so those nespresso machines are actually a  complete con because what they do is they give you  

the machine they sell the machine quite cheaply  but the the little things that you put inside  

are very expensive so it's basically coffee using  the same principle as as printer ink so instead of  

printer ink you are using coffee capsules instead  but they are very expensive so it's the same thing  

yes because uh people that make printers they  make them very cheaply but then charge you a  

lot of money for the refills yes so the ink is  expensive just like the the little coffee pods  

that you put in those nespresso machines well i've  stayed in quite a few hotels because we used to  

have sales meetings in my job and you know three  four times a year at least and i've i've noticed  

until obviously the lockdown a lot of the machines  that they were putting these posh machines in  

in hotels coffee machines and i could never get  them to work they've got these weird sort of pods  

and and like a lever and you have to sort of put  it in bring the lever down and then it makes the  

coffee but they were useless they were quite  small like this and i think i broke one of them  

couldn't get it to work it was horrible things  that doesn't surprise me with mr steve's big  

banana hands talking of bananas yes let's have a  look at some food idioms because that's what we  

are here to do to improve your english talk about  the english language lots of different subjects  

and also food idioms as well we have some  coming up steve i bet you're already are  

you excited no oh okay that does not surprise  me so let's have a look at some food idioms  

our favourite subject of course something is  hard something is hard to swallow so when you  

eat food of course you put it in your mouth  and then you chew and then you swallow  

something is hard to swallow what does that mean  steve if we say that something is hard to swallow  

it means that as an idiom it's used to mean  something that you find difficult to accept  

so if you have some news somebody tells you  something for example they might say to you  

your boss might say i'm very sorry to tell  you but um i'm going to make you redundant  

you're not no longer needed in this company  okay and that might be very bad news it  

might be very hard for you to swallow it  means you find it difficult to accept yes  

something that's difficult to accept is  hard to swallow just like it would be  

difficult to swallow a scotch egg all at once  without chewing it i'm sure you could do it  

but uh why are you laughing says uh reginaldo well  it's because mrs duncan has a very dirty mind i  

don't have a dirty mind nothing like that i don't  know what you're talking about steve any other  

examples hard to swallow something some news that  you find difficult to accept something that that  

is difficult to believe as well so something that  you refuse to accept or believe is hard to swallow

that's hard to swallow yes you might it's  usually if you're giving somebody some bad news  

okay anyway something that's hard to accept  or believe here's another one something is  

as flat as a pancake flat as a pancake flat as  a pancake so obviously we need to explain that  

what a pancake is it's uh it's a flour and  water batter mix uh with egg in it a pancake  

something you eat you roll it up you put syrup on  it or something like that it's it's it's it's egg  

and flour and water and milk normally round and  very flat yeah so when we describe something as  

flat as a pancake it means that it has been  maybe damaged or squashed or crushed and now  

it is as flat as a pancake that's as flat  as a pancake it's just an expression meaning  

something has really been damaged and squashed  flattened here's another one but where would you  

use it though mr duncan okay we've got to  use i like to give people lots of examples  

yes fat as a pancake mr steve sat on my lovely  new hat and now it's as flat as a pancake  

very exactly that's it here's another one  steve we've got to rush through this salt  

of the earth if a person is the salt of the earth  what are they that means they're a very reliable  

honest dependable person yes a typical  good-natured person a person who  

obeys the law maybe a person who who is always  nice to other people fair yes so an average  

nice respectable person riser says that  duncan's bead is hard to swallow i agree  

that's hilarious it's hard to swallow it is yes  salt of the earth so you might say to somebody oh  

roger he's a he's salt of the earth he's he's the  salt of the earth it means he's just an honest  

he's got no side a person who's salt of the earth  they don't pretend to be something they're not  

they just like the salt that you find  buried in the ground yes absolutely  

that's what it is what you see is what you get  it's honest it's not pretending to be anything  

else no just a good natured typical good-natured  person here's another one steve we've got to  

rush through these or else we will be here until  midnight you can talk about apples and oranges so  

if you are talking about something and you say  oh we are talking about apples and oranges here  

what what does that mean uh you're  talking about two different things  

two very different things yes two things that  that have no connection whatsoever so you were  

talking about apples and oranges maybe you are  trying to to associate two things with each other  

but they have no connection whatsoever you can say  look we are talking about apples and oranges here  

they are separate they have nothing to do with  each other they are individual things that have no  

connection they are as different as apples  and oranges so they are very different  

things somebody's um abdul karim abdul karum  i hope i pronounced that correctly has said  

as given another example of an idiom we are not  made of sugar oh interesting it's a good one we  

are not made of sugar i haven't heard of that one  no i'm not sure what that means so maybe somebody  

could tell us i have not made of sugar no you  might you might say that a person who has faults  

perhaps maybe a person who isn't perfect you  might say that that person is not made of sugar  

so maybe they have faults or or things that are  not perfect yes that chalk and cheese if you say  

if you say two people are like chalk and  cheese that's the s that's very similar to  

apples and oranges it means two different very  different things yes almost complete opposites  

they are they're like chalk and cheese they are  completely opposite to each other different yes  

you could talk about a married couple husband and  wife you could be talking about them and somebody  

might say well those two are like chalk and cheese  here's another one those two are like apples and  

oranges very different in character everything's  different about them here's another one steve  

number five to be the bread winner so a person in  the family so quite often we are talking about a  

person maybe in in the family or in a relationship  we describe the person as the bread winner they  

are the person that goes to work and the person  who who earns the salary or the wage that then  

helps to support the family or the relationship  or the major yes it could be that the majority uh  

earner in the family the one that  basically pays for most of the bills  

so some families of course have two bread  winners so maybe the mother and father  

actually go to work and earn money as well  so you can have more than one bread winner  

abdulkaroom says we are not made of sugar  means we don't melt in the rain oh i see  

so it's a okay so that's that's presumably meant  to say that you're you know you're quite a stable  

uh person you don't easily shocked or  upset by anything like the rain for example  

so yes i i can understand that we are not made  of sugar it means you're a bit you're tougher  

you're tough in other words i think that's what  that means here's another one steve you might  

save someone's bacon ah right okay yeah save  someone's bacon someone else has got one with  

bacon we'll talk about that in a minute so if you  save someone's bacon it means you get them out of  

a difficult situation you save their reputation or  maybe you do something that stops them from coming  

to harm or maybe they avoid being harmed  or having some sort of personal injury  

you save someone's bacon you prevent them from  being harmed so you do something to help them out  

so they don't yes it could be from a physical harm  or it could be uh emotional harm as well or for  

example somebody might cover for you say you were  late to say you were you skived off work one day  

and uh somebody saw you out and about and  you said you were sick and you weren't  

but your friend at work stands up for you and says  to the boss no he was really ill it was you know  

he was i spoke to him he was really ill and your  friend might say well thanks for saving my bacon  

so you've saved somebody's reputation in that case  save them from being sacked but you know you could  

uh pull somebody away if they were trying to cross  the road um and there was a car coming you might  

pull them back and say oh you know the car there  and they'll say well thanks for saving my bacon uh  

somebody's used somebody who brings home the bacon  ah that's similar to the bread winner i think yes  

so if you bring home the bacon it means you are  bringing something home that is useful that can  

help the family quite often referring to to money  a salary of some sort here's another one steve yes  

i'm going to whiz through these butter wouldn't  melt in their mouth if we say a person appears  

as if butter wouldn't melt in their mouth they  seem like a lovely person a generous kind person  

maybe unassuming maybe a person who who just  has a lovely personality and a lovely character  

butter wouldn't melt in their mouth they  are very innocent they appear innocent and  

pure butter wouldn't melt in their mouth but  often that expression is used in a negative way  

to describe someone who pretends that they're all  sweet and innocent uh but in reality they're not  

but for appearances in public they make  out that they're this perfect person and  

somebody might say oh anyone would think  anymore i think butter melts in her mouth  

so she pretends to be sweet and innocent or he  does but in fact they're not so that their outward  

appearance belies their true personality maybe  they are a bit naughty but they look as if butter  

wouldn't melt in their mouth an apple a day keeps  the doctor away that's a good one an apple a day  

keeps the doctor away because apples are i suppose  good for you they are a good source of vitamin c  

and there you go yes there's  suggesting that if you eat fruit  

that's good for your health and you  won't have to see the doctor so often

something is the spice of life something that adds  a little bit of joy or excitement or stops life  

from becoming too dull and boring is the spice  of life so maybe some people say that travel is  

the spice of life or maybe learning new things is  the spice of life exploring new horizons finding  

out things about yourself learning new skills  doing things travel do do things that expand your  

your abilities or your view of the world you  can say something is the spice of life it gives  

life meaning yes something that literally spices  something up um socializing for a lot of people  

is the spice of life being able to see people  and talk to people and communicate with people

no we don't say eat my bacon

garlic keeps the doctor away says sergio it's  not only does it keep the doctor away it keeps a  

lot of people away i don't think there are any  idioms with garlic you would have thought there  

would be but there isn't i don't think there  are any i've never i've never come across any  

garlic idioms maybe we should invent one if you  take the biscuit that's an interesting one steve  

yes something really takes the biscuit takes the  biscuit that does something that happens that's  

unbelievable or disappointing or something  you can't believe has happened that is causing  

some sort of disadvantage it takes the biscuit  oh i can't believe that happened maybe a person  

does something that you didn't expect you could  say well that really takes the biscuit so it is  

something that a person does to you that you can't  believe you can't accept that that person did it  

it really takes the biscuit i can't believe it  alessandra says being an english addict is the  

spice of life oh i like that one yes so the spice  of life learning a new skill perhaps learning  

english as a second language oh i like it saturino  says to do with the butter idiom we say water a  

water and soap person ooh that's good water and  soap i like that one here we go then steve here's  

another one number 10 use your loaf yes use  used as an insult really use your loaf it means  

uh you know have some common sense you use your  head think before you say something think think  

before you do something yes well it means use your  head use your brain yes so if you use your loaf  

it means you're doing something that uses your  brain you are thinking deeply about something or  

you are actually thinking about something you are  working out how to do something you are thinking  

for yourself use your loaf which of course comes  from cockney rhyming slang for loaf of bread  

head you see so that's why we say use your loaf  think about what you are doing your loaf of bread  

is your head normally used as a bit of a  an insult really because somebody might be  

asking you a question about something and you  might go i don't know i can't think about that  

and something about oh use your loaf in other  words come on make an effort use your head think  

about it think about it it's the same as oh come  on use your head use your loaf here's another  

one one more i think we'll have one more i've got  loads more i've got 15 but we will finish on 11.  

something that's that is a hot potato hot potato  oh if something is a hot potato what might it be  

it's a hot topic yeah something that is not easy  to approach or talk about or maybe something  

that you don't want to handle for too long  maybe something something you want to drop  

quite quickly so maybe a subject or or  maybe a project that you're working on  

and then suddenly you decide that you don't  want to do it you drop it like a hot potato  

yes so in this country now talk well you  might say talking about politics or religion  

in groups of friends you could say that  those subjects are a bit of a hot potato  

in other words they're things you  don't really want to talk about  

because they can often lead to arguments  yes it's the same with brexit now in the uk  

because everyone is so polarized about  brexit and because of people get so upset  

in defending their arguments talking about  brexit in company now is a bit of a hot potato  

it's a subject you don't really talk about  although that subject is being talked about  

now because we are approaching the moment of  truth when when it all begins when we officially  

leave europe oh dear we haven't got long  yes uh ryzer says couch potato yes a  

couch potato a person who sits around watching  television and does nothing else so they get fat  

and unhealthy and in brazil uh reginaldo says that  they use the phrase your potato is being backed  

i think that's baked it could be baked  yes i think it is baked is it baked as in  

putting in an oven yes uh is a threat yes  your potato is being baked in other words  

you're uh you're about to have some harm come to  you if a person gets into trouble or maybe they  

get removed from their job they are sacked  we might say that that person is toast as  

well yes that's another good one uh when you're  when the boss finds out what you've done you're  

toast you're out of here you're gone i like it so  those are some food idioms do you like the food  

idiom above my head by the way there is a food  idiom right there you see so you can be as cool  

as a cucumber cool as a cucumber you can see that  little cucumber is standing by an electric fan on  

a very hot day so he is staying cool as cool as  a cucumber because cucumbers are renowned for  

being cool if you cut a cucumber and put it over  your eyes and get rid of your baggy eyes it's cool  

has a cooling effect on your skin  yes um so a person who is always calm  

who never loses their temper like me for example  even when my live stream breaks down when my  

computer goes wrong i remain as cool as a cucumber  and um v tess says what about big cheese who  

the boss the boss the person who is in charge  the big cheese yes he is the big cheese  

head honcho the boss numero uno yeah shall we play  the sentence game because we have about 10 minutes  

i think we can stay until four okay well that's  when we would have stayed too that's it well  

that's what i mean so we have about 15 minutes so  i think we can play a little bit of the sentence a  

smart cookie oh that's a good one v tests a smart  cookie is a person who is well clever they are  

a person who can think of things in a very  different way a smart cookie maybe they are in  

intelligent yes you see oh you're a bit of a smart  cookie mr duncan maybe too smart ah maybe you are  

too smart yes big cheese versus the small potato  that's a good one uh mandy if you're a small  

potato it means you're an insignificant person  oh they're they're just small potatoes they are  

so they're that they're not significant say in  the in the work environment yes yes so that big  

cheese small potato yeah took quite a few yes  thank you for coming up with uh and suggesting  

other ones to us uh abdul karim you've bitten off  more than you can chew ah yes that's a good one  

you've taken you've taken on more than you can  handle maybe you've agreed to do a certain job  

for another person but then you realize the  job is too difficult for you we can say that  

you have bitten off more than you can chew you  have too much to do more than you can handle yes  

and that could be in relation in a relationship as  well uh you somebody might say oh blimey i can't  

believe uh um that uh those two people are going  out together behind me he's bitten off more than  

he can chew with her okay in other words she's  a bit difficult to handle high maintenance yes

if a woman is high maintenance it means she always  expects the the best from from anything whatever  

is happening so she wants the best clothes  the most expensive makeup everything has to be  

good and maybe the man hasn't got much money you  see so he can't support the woman he has bitten  

off more than he can chew palmyra that's what  we say in the uk squashed like sardines yes  

says if you're if you're uh very close to other  people particularly on public transport maybe the  

underground or a bus or a train and there's lots  of people in there you can say you're squashed in  

like sardines in other words sardines in a tin  squashed together in lithuania they say herrings  

so they must sell herrings close  together because obviously in a tin  

sardines are all very close together packed in so  yes if you say you're squashed in like sardines  

could be at a pop concert but usually it's  referred to you know in public transport really  

right go we could talk about food idioms all day  we could in fact it feels as if we are like joking  

cheese yes okay let's move on okay steve we've  got to have the sentence game alessandra says  

mr steve are you going to have an online  concert with your choir for christmas  

well um we're doing one at work and we're also  well we're not i won't give it away no we don't  

want to give anything away not with the choir but  there could be some treat coming that could be  

for people watching this channel it depends we're  not sure yet yeah so thank you for that alessandra  

oh it's so dark outside already look at that it's  only quarter to four you have egg on your face  

yes you have egg on your face it means that you've  done something that makes you very embarrassed  

okay then so we have the sentence game steve yes  because it's getting a little bit late i was going  

to show you in the garden you see i i had mr steve  as well in the garden this morning he was he was  

up at the ladder i don't know what steve was doing  there you were secretly filming me oh yes there we  

go yes so i was uh chopping clipping back um  do that that's our fence and the i hope it is

and the neighbour growing against our  fence she has a lot or they have a lot of  

thorns uh blackberry bushes blackberry thorns and  they've got this annoying habit of growing through  

the slats of wood on the fence and they actually  damage it they push the bits of wood apart  

so i'm attempting there to to remove them so that  they don't cause lasting damage yes their little  

uh um brambles is in other words they poke their  way in to little spaces and then they grow through  

and as they do it they damage the wood on your  fence so that's what steve was doing this morning  

it's amazing how even even things that seem  very innocent little thor little bushes or  

things that that grow probably quite fast can  cause a lot of damage to things we didn't have  

a look at my socks either today here are my socks  everyone i know this means a lot to most people  

look look at my lovely socks today all right it  wouldn't rain tangles of color yes we wouldn't  

we wouldn't be here with an english addict if  it wasn't for these lovely socks to show you  

look at that honey lovely they're very nice i  want to get close to my socks let's get closer  

shall we because this is what people want to see  on a sunday afternoon steve i'm sure they do no  

they do look look let's get really close you  can almost smell you can almost smell my foot

oh yes i love the colour of those  socks i think they're brilliant

i like them a lot sergio's getting hungry says a  hungry man is an angry man oh yes i can care in  

fact you can be hungry and angry i concur at the  same time which means that i agree with what you  

are saying anyway without any more delay boys  and girls we have 10 minutes i think we've got  

time for maybe two maybe three rounds  of the sentence game atomic come back  

tomic was first on the live chat today by  the way yes i know uh and uh that's twice  

in a row tomek said that he was first in the live  chat but is he still here to do the sentence game  

i don't know well we don't know i haven't seen  tomic mentioned uh coming up in the live chat  

for a while maybe tomek is still watching the  other live stream wondering why wait we are

like that

so tomek tomic we're here now we're not  there this is the new live stream now we  

had to restart it i wonder if maida's back  because it was their first time on the live  

chat i know i feel terrible so hopefully we  didn't cut mayda off you know how annoyed i  

get when things go wrong technically on the live  stream because it causes so much oh yeah major  

is back he made it hello master is back we've  been watching you since 2014 but the first time  

uh on the live chat comment thank you  very much yeah so i noted that earlier

okay shall we have the sentence game steve yes  let's play a couple of rounds of the sentence game

in the sentence game i think uh tomek  i don't know if tomik is still here  

i don't know are you still here  tommy well we'll soon find out  

uh when we put up the sentence when the sentence  game begins we will know if tomek is here or not  

so i'm going to say to everybody the sentence  games here think carefully use your loaf  

well it's funny you should say that because  today's sentence game is connected to  

food phrases and words now steve didn't even know  that but yes it's true that's what we're doing  

today's sentence game we're looking for food  phrases and words so without any more messing  

about or wasting time here is today's first  sentence game i will try not to put the answer up  

like last week i put the i kept putting  the answers up will you something me to  

something the something and it's to do  with food yes so it's connected to food  

or maybe phrases with food so it  depends really you see we will see

will you something

four letters beginning with h me too  something for letters beginning with p the

oh i think i know what it is oh will you  something me to something of this something  

well we've got we've got an answer already oh yes  look at that and it isn't tomek tomic i think has  

has gone i think tomic has  abandoned us well yes it's not fair

well that vu

yes well that is definitely an  answer that could be put in there

we've got several correct answers mr  donald okay then i was drifting away there  

i thought yeah i thought you were i thought  mr duncan hasn't said anything for it's all  

there's always technical things happening  so even though i stand here looking calm  

and relaxed in front of me there are lights  flashing there are things moving on the screen  

there's all sorts of chaos that second word begins  with p by the way p p so will you something me to  

something that's something so maybe an easy  one i think this is a little bit easy well  

daisy coward was the first to get it  completely right oh so well done daisy cow

alberto says will you help me to cook  well i suppose cook could be there  

but it begins with p four letters  that dat vu said that as well yes um

pass el al gar says will you help me to pass  the potato well i mean it fits past fits yes  

but in the context of this would you could you say  that you wouldn't you might pass a potato if you  

were if you wanted a person to give you a potato  so maybe you want someone to give you a potato  

will you help me to pass the potato but we  don't normally pass potatoes i'll give you  

half a point unless of course you've eaten unless  of course you've eaten a very big one and then  

tomorrow morning you might pass the potato so  yes it looks as if we've got the answer here  

we have the return of mr cockerell keep  it clean mr turner apparently people were  

complaining about mr steve having a poo  on the toilet so we've had to stop that  

unfortunately so instead we've got my big [ __ ]  has returned yeah was was first to get it correct  

good congratulations daisy cow let's have another  one shall we because we we still have time you see  

we still have i didn't get the answer i know i  just i'm in such a hurry you see so the answer  

is will you help me to peel the potatoes  and valentina got it right as well  

uh so did valeria or valeria um will you help  me would you help me can you help me to peel  

the potatoes peel you see the word peel normally  when you take the skin off a vegetable you peel  

to take the surface off something you peel  it away ricardo says pick the potatoes oh  

okay there yeah yeah well that fits you can pick  pick i'm not sure if you picked potatoes though  

well you could be you could be um outside in a  field uh i guess i suppose you could pick them  

do you pick i don't know whether you pick them  or do you is that the right phrase to say when  

you're you because you dig the potatoes  yes i think you dig them because they're  

under the ground pick normally refers to things  like strawberries that are on the surface yes  

things that grow on on the bush you pick them  you pick them but the word fits yeah and yes i  

can see what you what you're doing there but they  and that's all it matters we were looking for peel  

here's another one then let's have another  sentence game we will be going soon  

i know it's a pity what a pity we have  to say goodbye soon here's another  

sentence game were food phrases in words oh all  this something has really got us in a something  

oh and it's to do with food is it mr d yes this is  a phrase that we often use it refers also to food  

something that might be a big problem or something  that is causing uh difficulty or maybe a situation  

that you are finding difficult to cope with  yes all this something has really got us in a  

what all right yes the sentence game we are  talking about food today food words phrases  

all this something so if you do something wrong  if you do something that you should not do  

you might end up in a valentin says potatoes  are not always underground uh okay okay in  

that case we we will we will concede i've never  seen potatoes grow above ground maybe certain  

types maybe i've never seen that but uh we will  say that uh okay okay uh we'll give you that one  

forgotten who said it now interesting will you  help me pick the potatoes i've gotten who said  

that now but uh we'll let you have that ricardo  said that okay then so all this something has  

really got us in a something we are talking l  five letters and s four letters so if you are in  

maybe you are in trouble or maybe you are  in a situation you can't handle or cope with  

you might find yourself in a what it's also a  type of meal as well a meal that you normally  

have during winter ah you see i can't give any  more clues really without giving it away okay

sergio oh sergio says lemon and sink

i think this is i thought this was easy to be  honest well the the words that i mean the the  

the uh letters fit the words but i'm not sure the  meaning is right but the sentence makes no sense  

yes alessandra is here as well vitas says lemon  and sick oh okay then i'm i'm surprised i thought  

this one would go very quickly as i think people  are getting maybe the last word i'm not sure  

i can't even guess it mr duncan i  see to get in a situation that you  

can't handle you get into a lot of trouble  over something and you can't get out of it  

well it looks as if i'm going to have to give  the answer well with no correct answers at all  

where's tomic when you need him yes come on tomic  where are you i think tomic is still watching the  

other live stream sonic is wondering why we are  just standing there without without moving at  

all has anybody got any of the words right mr  duncan no okay so no correct words yet no no  

correct words at all okay interesting this is very  difficult and and it's it's related to food yeah  

is it an idiom um well it is yes yes it  is a phrase that we use quite often in  

english when we are in a situation we can't  handle you are in a very difficult situation

so uh right okay i i was thinking pickle but  that doesn't fit anywhere no i thought i thought  

someone would say pickle you see so you can be  in a pickle which means you are in a difficult  

situation something that you find difficult  to solve but this is another one that we can  

what has serene got got one of them  oh it looks like we might be getting  

ah in fact we've got we've got both  words have we yes i can see both words  

oh yes anna and serena together  you are working well together  

you have both come up with the correct  sentence and i suppose i should give it now

doodle do nobody's got both words no  but we have we do nobody's got both  

words and put them together no so come  on somebody let's wait two more seconds

ten seconds we'll count down the words are there  

yes the words are there serene has got one  word and anna has got the other word yes

this is not the most exciting moment of youtube  but here's the answer then right are you ready  

yes bing all this lying that's really cool oh yes  jimmy got it yes jimmy got it oh sunshine got it  

yes everyone's got it we've all got it all this  lying has really got us in a stew if you are in a  

stew if you start something that you can't handle  or maybe you get into trouble or a situation you  

can't handle you can get in a stew so imagine  a person inside a large pot being cooked  

like stew and a stew is of course a a mixture of  lots of different things so it's a bit of a mess  

so if you lie a lot if you're always lying and  not telling the truth then you get into a bit  

of a mess well the word stew that's it well  the word stew just means hot and bothered as  

well so a person can stew over a situation or  a thing maybe something that is worrying you  

so to think about something for a very long  period of time maybe something that causes stress  

or anxiety you stew so in in that respect in that  sentence you are using it as a verb you stew over  

something yeah but in this sentence we are saying  you are in a difficult situation you are in a stew  

yes it is an idiom we use it quite often in  english where we are expressing a difficult  

well done to anna and serene who got both of  the words uh but sunshine and jimmy and alberto  

uh got them uh and and alcare and sidra that's it  okay so let's have one more okay i like this one  

i think it may have been mentioned already  today so this might go very quickly right  

here is the final sentence game for today my  something left something all over my something

i can think of one thing but it's rude my  something left some as usual there is a  

really disgusting dirty one that i could say there  but i'm not going to my something left something  

all over my some something we have seven letters  three letters and four letters food related yes  

definitely food related why something left  something all over my something so it's food  

but also it's a very well-known expression  as well we use this quite a lot in english  

if you do something that causes i don't  know maybe embarrassment maybe you make a  

error i nearly gave the word then maybe you do  something you shouldn't or maybe you perform badly  

maybe mr steve steps onto the stage to sing  a song but his throat is a little bit sore  

so so all of the the notes come out wrong tomek  is here oh tomec is here i see he's been hiding  

hiding silently watching us yes i think he's  serving i think tomek has been hiding in the  

bushes behind us there he's he's been lurking  in the bushes yes you were there all along  

my something left something all  over my bedspread no sorry i mean uh

what there we go so tomec's got  it's got uh two of the words  

ryze has got one oh it looks like vitamin c v  tess vitas is a smart cookie as we said earlier  

so if a person is a smart cookie it means  they are very quick and clever i think so yes

hello night trooper hello knight trooper i don't  recognize your name is it your first time here  

night trooper well done night trooper yeah and  valeria yes jimmy from hong kong yes a lot of  

people have got this one so i suppose we should  give the answer straight away because it looks  

as if a lot of people have got this one because we  did actually mention this earlier that's the funny  

thing steve we actually did mention this we did  earlier this actual expression so here it is then

mr cockerell please come up and say hello to mr  steve and tomic was the first to get them all  

right yes tomic i think it's it's safe to say  he got two of them and then jacqueline got the  

first one it is safe to say put them all together  it is safe to say that tomek is a smart cookie  

i think so he has no egg on tomek's face there  is no egg on his face no so well let's let's  

show the answer even though i think steve just  gave it to us but there it is my mistake left egg  

all over my face if you if you get egg on your  face or if something leaves you with egg on your  

face it means it causes a lot of embarrassment  and shame you you've done something that wasn't  

very good and then lots of people start  looking at you you get lots of attention  

from other people you you are left feeling rather  embarrassed and ashamed particularly if somebody  

was to actually throw an egg in your face you  would be very embarrassed by that yes but if  

for example in a crowd of group of people you were  absolutely certain you were right about something  

and everybody else was wrong and you insisted  on it and then it was proved that you were wrong  

you would feel a bit silly yes so you would use  that expression uh that my mistake left egg on  

my face or made me feel like i've got egg on my  face so something that you don't perform very  

well something that leaves you feeling ashamed  or embarrassed leaves you with egg on your face  

that's embarrassing makes you feel embarrassed  that's it that's it mr duncan lovely to be here  

even even though i don't know what i'm going to do  with this live stream because now we have two live  

streams so we have the first part of the live  stream and this is the second part so whenever  

this happens it always causes a lot of confusion  because some people just watch the second half  

without watching the first half and some people  watch the first half without watching the second  

half so there are two halves to this live stream  if you are watching this then this is the second  

half the second part because we had well we  had a computer failure something went wrong  

i know what it was i'm pretty sure it is it is a  mixture of norton norton antivirus software and

google chrome tomek says delete both parts yes  oh thanks tomec you know i might just do that  

uh so when the internet went down we were here  yes looking silly and we looked like we've got  

egg on our faces yes we looked a bit silly and  embarrassed we were definitely left with egg on  

our face yes today as the internet uh live stream  went wrong well the computer went wrong thank you  

beatrice bye to youtube people sending me lovely  messages thank you for your company today i hope  

you've enjoyed this we've been here for well over  two hours but it might not seem like it if you are  

watching the live stream recorded in two parts i'm  sorry about that we had a slight technical problem  

it is out of my control unfortunately lovely to  be here and i want to wish everybody a wonderful  

week and i will see you again back here with mr  duncan live on sunday at 2 p.m yes uh you may be  

seen during the week of course i'm not sure we  will see what happens i have a busy few days  

ahead of me certain things going on yes so  yes a lot going on at the moment in our lives  

and we will see what happens thank you steve  thank you bye-bye and i mean obviously going  

into the kitchen to make a cappuccino tea cake  yeah see you all next week bye i must admit i am  

very hungry at the moment because  today i haven't eaten anything  

i've eaten no food at all thanks  for your company thank you very much

thank you zuziker says i don't know why but i've  really enjoyed it thank you very much i'm pleased  

to hear that to be honest that warms the cockles  of my heart it really does thank you very much  

thank you jc geordi sunshine carl olga thank  you gia thank you valeria alessandro richard  

fly away i will fly away in a few moments thanks a  lot maria thank you all somoson sam thank you luis  

mendes vitas thank you very much for watching me  today see you during the week hopefully i might do  

a little surprise live stream during the week  we will see what happens and then of course  

next sunday we are approaching we are getting ever  nearer to christmas so i think next sunday we will  

start having our little christmas celebrations  okay i think that's a good idea this is mr duncan  

in the birthplace of english saying thanks for  watching i hope you've enjoyed this i'm i'm very  

sorry about the technical problems but this video  is in two halves which i can do nothing about  

and of course until the next time we meet here  on youtube you know what's coming next yes you do

ta ta for now

i'm a big boy now