- Hi. - Hi.

You, uh...wanted to see me?


Uh, here's a box of your stuff.


Uh, you know, it's just, like, hats and shirt and CDs.

Just sort of stuff that you've left here.

What are you doing, are-are you trying

to hurt me or something?


Ross, it..

It just seems that, you know, it's time we move on.

I mean, don't you think?

- Yes. - Yeah.

- Yes, I do. - Good.

Yeah, I-I really do.


This.. This was a gift.

Ross, you got that for free from the museum gift shop.

It's still a gift.

I got if from the gift shop.

Okay. Alright. Give me the mug. I'll keep the mug.

No! You know, don't do me any favors.

In fact, where..

Where's the rest of my stuff?

Like, like, my, um...hey!

This book is mine!

And-and-and and that t-shirt you sleep in

I'd like that back, too.

Yes, I do.

You know how much I love that t-shirt.

You never even wear that t-shirt.

I'm just trying to help you move on.

Oh, you are a petty man.

- You are a petty, petty.. - Petty, petty..

- 'Petty, petty, small..' - Small..

You are so just doing this out of spite.

Uh-uh. No, no, no.

I'm gonna wear this all the time.

I love this shirt!

You have not worn that t-shirt since you were 15.

It doesn't even fit you anymore.

Oh, yeah, yeah.

[deep voice] Yeah, yeah.

Oh, okay, okay.

Now, if you don't mind, I'm gonna take the rest of my stuff

and relax..

...in my favorite shirt.

You have a pleasant evening.