hi everybody this is mr. Duncan in England how are you today are you okay I

hope so are you happy I hope you are happy today

I'm not feeling too bad even though I am suffering at the moment from hay fever

once more I am sadly suffering from the dreaded pollen in the air yes there is

pollen everywhere and it's going up my nose and it's making me sneeze quite a

lot however before you worry it isn't anything else I can assure you that it

isn't okay so it isn't that don't ask mr. Duncan

are you okay have you caught something please stay healthy I'm okay I'm a

hundred percent healthy unfortunately every year I am affected by hay fever so

that's what's happening at the moment that is the reason why my voice sounds

very sexy one thing I've noticed whenever I get hay fever it always makes

my voice sound very sexy I could be one of those people who who does the voice

over who provides the voice on movie trailers

coming soon to a cinema near you

she thought it was just another night alone little did she know

that someone else was there waiting in the shadows

do you like that so if anyone needs a very deep sexy voice for their

productions or their videos you can give me a call right now and say mr. Duncan

we like your deep sexy voice could you please come and provide your voice to is

and well I will do it I will do it I don't mind it's alright I have lots of

free time at the moment I don't know if you've noticed but at the moment we all

seem to have a lot of free time we have a lot of time on our hands so hello to

the live chat I'm trying to see my phone but unfortunately all it is doing is

reflecting the Sun into my eyes so let's see if we can see the live chat oh yes

there it is hello and congratulations to anna lewis and also sally anna lewis

sally guess what you are first on today's live chat nice to see you here

again a big hello to everyone watching wherever you happen to be in the world

my name is mr. Duncan people call me Duncan sometimes people call me that

annoying idiot on the internet my neighbours have many words and names

that they like to call me some people say stinky pants some people say that

weirdo at the top of the hill it's not very nice is it

I would expect better from my neighbours to be honest so Anna Lewis and Sally

well done you are first on today's live stream I want to give you a round of

applause so here we go so this is my best effort to give you all a lovely

round of applause and a big welcome as well

that's it that's as good as it gets today I'm afraid so here we are again

yes it's Wednesday Wednesday the 22nd of April 2020 if you say it fast it doesn't

sound so bad 2020 what year is it

it's 2020 we don't want to talk about 2020 next year I have a feeling in 2021

people won't want to talk about this year at all we will all we will all try

to forget about it we will try to erase it from our memories I think that's what

will happen hello to everybody it's nice to see you again

hello also - mica mica is here as well I know we have a lot of people watching in

Vietnam as well at the moment so hello to everyone as well

hello also Belarusian I have a feeling you are looking after your father today

so can I wish you and also your father well - hello - t s hi T s nice to see

you here as well motion motion or Mohan can I send a link

to a video no is the answer to that question

Queen Queen trick how is your country at the moment my country is ok the weather

is lovely I don't know why but since the beginning of April we've had the most

amazing weather the only problem is this sort of weather encourages everyone into

their garden to use their very noisy tools so you might hear some people

using their very noisy lawnmowers they are cutting their grass they are doing

lots of things in the garden because the weather is nice and also they have

nothing to do we are all still in lockdown here

in the UK so it's still continuing here it looks as if things are slowly going

to be relaxed over the next couple of weeks but very slowly for example here

in Much Wenlock they they they are going to reopen the farmers market so that

apparently is going to open this week so on Friday

apparently the farmers market here in Much Wenlock is going to open again can

you believe it anna says there in england it is almost

summer here in italy it seems like autumn I can't believe it we have been

so lucky I don't know why but the weather here has been amazing since the

beginning of April hello to Irene hello person ah hello Radheshyam

where are you mr. Duncan where am i I am right here now standing in my garden on

a Wednesday afternoon this is live from England it definitely is it is now

coming up to 14 minutes past two o'clock on a Wednesday afternoon and my name is

Duncan I teach English on YouTube I make lots of video lessons and recently I

have been doing a lot of live streams as well so I am spending my time in

isolation just like you are so this is something interesting to do this is

something that will keep us all occupied for a while until everything returns to

normal however yesterday some people were

talking about whether or not we should all return to normal because apparently

in many big cities the pollution levels have actually dropped quite a lot since

people have stopped going out in their cars so because there are a few

people around there are fewer vehicles driving about which means there is less

pollution so some people are saying that this this is how we should be living so

maybe we should all be living in isolation all the time and then maybe

the world will be a little healthier who knows who knows palmyra is here oh hello

to you pal mira Jos a is watching in Spain hello Jo say

nice to see you here as well can I just apologize in advance just in

case I start sneezing yesterday if you were watching yesterday I did have a

little sneeze yesterday because the pollen in the air was going into my nose

and you might be able to hear also it is on my throat now so my throat is also

being affected by my hay fever which is quite awkward really because I need my

voice indeed I must have my voice it is my twinkle it is my life it is

everything it really is hello also to Mamiya mommy icon hello from Kazakhstan

in our capital it is a very sunny day a very can you hear that what's happening

to my voice mm-hmm it is a very sunny day in Kazakhstan you

know I might have to go back into the house and then put a video on maybe I

can show some full English lessons instead of standing here

croaking like a sleepy frog maybe maybe I should hello yeah see ya hello mr.

Duncan hello Irene hello Luigi hello Luigi in Italy we are starting to see a

glimmer of hope glimmer so when we say glimmer there was

a little spider on my hat he's gone when we say glimmer it means there is a

sign a very small sign an indication something good might be coming our way

yes so there is a glimmer of hope that things might be returning not

necessarily to normal I think normal is a very long way off

however things might be changing for the better in the future I really hope so

Partridge Eve's who is the founder of hat for rent predictions and does it

still exist well I am the founder like I created the name hat for rent

predictions whilst I was still in China it was just something that was in my

brain and I thought it was a funny name so there that is it please answer my

question please a lot of people yesterday we're accusing me of ignoring

them can I just say I don't ignore people on the live chat however if there

are many people chatting sometimes I can't see all of the messages so please

don't accuse me of being prejudiced racist xenophobic ignorant I am none of

those things so if I don't answer your question or if I don't say hello it

doesn't mean I'm ignoring you it just means I didn't see your message so

please please don't get angry with me I'm having enough difficulty sleeping at

night last night I couldn't sleep I really couldn't I found it so hard to

sleep last night because I was sneezing I was feeling very uncomfortable in my

throat and my stomach was also feeling quite unusual last night I had a very

poorly stomach as well I don't know what's going on so I feel okay today

even though I'm slightly tired because this morning I was sitting in my

lounge by the window watching the Sun rise and I couldn't get to sleep so it

didn't make me feel very good not a very good start to the day and as you can

hear now my throat is also a little rough as well I have tried all sorts of

things there are many remedies many things that

people say you must take this for your hay fever or maybe you can try that for

your hay fever I sometimes have a little bit of honey or maybe something very

sweet or maybe something very medicinal

perhaps sometimes you can take tablets as well the only problem is if I take

tablets it makes me very drowsy and I start to fall asleep which is not a good

idea when you are streaming live to the world

Florence you are lucky to have a beautiful house with that beautiful

garden thank you very much I always think I'm very lucky a lot of people

think I am some sort of millionaire can I just say now I'm not I'm not a

millionaire trust me when I say that I am NOT I am definitely not a millionaire

but I do agree with you yes it's quite nice here I live in the countryside and

sometimes it is lovely in quiet but not today because you might be able to hear

there are people cutting their grass Quinn truck do you go outside during

this time we are allowed to go outside we can move around it is allowed so we

can do it it's not a problem however we can't get too close to each other so we

have to keep our social distancing we have to stay far apart from other people

hello also to Florence again hello Florence I am going to say hello to you

in a moment Florence I am going to give you a very

special mention do you know why I'm sure you do yep yes it is a little bit windy

today so excuse me if my paper keeps blowing away can I say a big thank you

to the following people and there it is now I hope you can see it alright a big

thank you to marta also Wilson and Florence as well can I say a big thank

you to you all a big thank you for your very kind donation

I will do it again so you can see it clearly there it is I think that is

better thank you once again to martyr Wilson and also Florence for your lovely

kind donations I feel very honored that you like watching my live streams and

also I appreciate your donations as well because everything I do I do for free

even when my voice is starting to disappear because of hay fever I will

try to be here with you so there it is thank you

martyr granados Wilson Pimentel and also Florence roba ser and there at the

bottom also at the bottom you can see there is the address of my paypal if you

want to make a donation as well you are more than welcome to do so and that will

allow my work to continue forever and ever and ever thank you very much once

again thank you I do appreciate

so the big question is what are we talking about today lots of things to

talk about we'll be talking about words and phrases connected to ability also

words and phrases connected to the word turn we will be looking at we will be

looking at some idioms as well if my voice survives of course if my voice

does not fall to pieces hello Constantine oh hello Constantine

nice to see you back again haven't seen you for a while

hello also Touro sir I am Rita and I am in Brazil and my ancestors were Italian

so hello Rosa I like your name by the way

it sounds like rose because in English or here in the UK we often have people

who are called rose rose so it is a beautiful name a

very nice name there are not many names that are named after flowers so I

suppose there is the one I just said rose but there aren't many others ivy oh

yes ivy is another name which is also a type of plant ivy there aren't many

men's names so men normally don't have the names of flowers could you imagine

that if a man was called daffodil hello hello everyone hello

I like to play rugby at the weekend and also I like to go to the pub with my

friends drinking beer my name is daffodil or maybe tulip can you imagine

a man called tulip tulip hello Monty ello mo he know he ali also

hamza is here as well also Florence you are so nice to say the different names

of the people who donated money that's very nice of you if you are taking your

time and if you are making donations it is very kind of you and I will always

try my best to mention your names so that's the reason why I do it

top secret oh hello top secret once again Daisy oh yes of course there

is another one isn't there Daisy is also the name that is sometimes given

to a girl a girl's name that is named after a flower Daisy I suppose you can

also call a cow Daisy as well a lot of people give cows that name female cows

Daisy hello Clow today I am exhausted because of my

exercises I hope you've had a good workout

it is important during this time to make sure you get plenty of exercise get

plenty of movement to make sure your body does not become unfit I suppose a

lot of us at the moment are eating a lot of food I know I am yes I am eating a

lot of food so I wouldn't be surprised if over the next couple of weeks

I might start putting a little bit of weight on my body oh dear yasya says

your voice is not good you are right I have a little bit of a fever at the

moment so I have been suffering from hay fever for the past couple of days so all

of the small pollen from the flowers has been going up my nose and it's not very

nice to be honest it isn't very nice hello mr. Duncan how lovely to see you

healthy again I feel all right not too bad thank you very much I can't

complain I suppose hello of gun of good music thank you

very much for joining me as well adrian is here hello mr. Duncan here we have

Marguerite oh yes Marguerite also iris I guess that's another one I didn't think

of that name iris is also a name that you can give to

a girl that is also a flower iris it is also part of your eye as well so the

outside of your eye where the color is is called iris it is your iris it opens

and it closes your iris also part of a camera as well is called an iris it is

the thing that allows light into the camera it adjusts the exposure of the

camera or the light that is going into the camera hello

re dawn oh yes dawn is a great name so again the girl's

name you can call a girl dawn I like that very good

I don't know why in the morning when I wake up the air is very calm and there

is no wind but for some reason just before I come on the wind starts blowing

strongly I don't know why how can I say please how can I say please asks Hamza

what do you mean how can I say please you say please by saying please please

hello to Irene hello also to Fred Florence and II

Vaughn welcome sigh see hello mr. Duncan it's my birthday I love the names of the

month such as April one of my sister's is called April do you know why do you

know why my sister is called April I will give you a clue I will give you a

clue why my sister is called April because she was born in April that's why

I suppose it was obvious really wasn't it it was quite obvious I think so

hello also two Russian boy hello Russian boy your camera glass does

it really well I have a lot of sunlight behind me you see I am enjoying some

lovely sunshine today so that is the reason why you might have a little bit

of glare a little bit of brightness on your screen because today it is very

sunny outside very sunny indeed hello twin mr. Duncan I am a big fan of

you thank you very much it's very kind of you to say during this time I have

had many moments where I've been thinking about things

hello mr. Robin little Robin landed right next to me in the tree

hello it's actually watching me hello mr. Robin how are you today I have a

little feeling that you are about to fly away I think so so I've had a lot of

time to think up ideas I've had many thoughts and some of my thoughts have

turned to business maybe creating my own business or maybe having my own ideas to

make something that has never been made before would you like to see my ideas I

have some great ideas for mr. Jenkins new businesses the

things that I've been thinking about whilst in lockdown

would you like to see them okay so here we go these are my my thoughts and ideas

for businesses during lockdown so here we go on the screen right now so my

business ideas first of all here's a good idea for a business I could make

yes can you see that I can make t-bag stories so when you are waiting for your

tea or your water to boil you can look at your tea bag you can actually look at

your tea bag and maybe you can read a little story that is on the tea bag so

whilst you are sitting or standing waiting for the water to get hot perhaps

you can read a story that is on your tea bag like this so there is my prototype

so that is my idea so maybe you could have a little story on the tea bag

whilst you are waiting for the water to get hot or maybe you are doing other

things at the same time you could pick up your tea bag and you could read a

little story that is on the front of the tea bag in fact you could have a story

on both sides of the tea bag so that is one of my ideas I called it my story tea

bag or my tea bag story and on the side of the tea bag there is a little story

that you can read whilst you are waiting for the water to

get hot so that is one of my ideas I think it's a brilliant idea to be honest

I think it will I think it's a brilliant idea what do you think is it a good idea

to have stories or things written on the side of tea bags so that is my idea I

don't want anyone to steal that idea from me I think it's a brilliant idea

and also do you like what I've written on the tea bag it is a little bit of

Shakespeare it says to tea or not to tea that is the question you see what I did

there okay hello to Luis Mendez Luis Mendez is here

today unfortunately my my voice isn't feeling too good today for which I

apologize I do apologize thank you very much Oh another idea that I've had he's

my other idea I've had some brilliant brilliant ideas so here is my other idea

if I can find it come on mr. Duncan hurry yeah get a move on we haven't got

all day I would like to do something that is

environmentally friendly I would like to create a business that is sustainable

something that I can make or something that I can produce and sell that I can

constantly make again and again and again what better than cultivating my

eyebrows so I'm sure there are lots of people out there who are not happy with

their eyebrows so what I would do I will actually take my eyebrows off I will

remove them and I will put them on a piece of plastic and then I can send

them to you and you can actually have my eyebrows on

your face but the good thing is my eyebrows will grow back so I can

actually have some more eyebrows that I can send to you so maybe you want I

browse the door a little darker or maybe a little more manly so that's that's

another one of my business ideas eyebrow cultivation I will send you my eye brows

and then you can wear them but the good thing about it is they are sustainable

so my eyebrows will come back so for every eyebrow that I sell to you there

will be a new eyebrow that will come back afterwards and then I can send

another one or maybe two if you want to eyebrows maybe you just want one of them

the only problem is of course I cannot guarantee that your eyebrows will do

this I can't guarantee you that Osito all in fact these are bizarre

businesses but I think they are a brilliant idea so maybe you could read a

story on the side of a tea bag or maybe you could buy my eyebrows if you want to

have your own eyebrows maybe you want to mustache so you can also use my eyebrows

as a mustache so maybe you can have them on your face under your nose so not only

can you use my eyebrows as eyebrows you can also use them as a little mustache

good idea I think it's a brilliant idea I know what you're saying mr. Duncan no

one will ever accept those ideas but who knows who knows

a few years ago people would have laughed if you had said that you can let

strangers come and stay in your house and walk around and use all of your your

furniture but here we are now we have air B&B which is where you do exactly

that you just let strangers come into your

house they give you some money and then you say I'll come round then here are

the keys go and spend some time in my house so I

suppose a few years ago people may have thought that that was a crazy idea you

see so eyebrow cultivation I can sell my eyebrows and of course it is sustainable

it means that I can continue doing it and it is also environmentally friendly

it is definitely hello to Constantine mr. Duncan the soundtrack of your live

streams are always so Mel melodies or melodious thank you very much it is a

little bit like listening to a song maybe it has a tune it is almost like it

is almost like listening to a song hello life blogger hello life blogger why do

you keep asking the same question I've already answered the question do you

have in your area the answer is yes of course everyone has it nearby so here

where I live there are people who are affected there are people around the

world and quite likely where you are or maybe near to where you are so the

answer to your question again is yes but I don't have it myself there are people

who think I have it but I don't have it well I have at the moment is hay fever

so all of the horrible pollen that is affecting my nose and also my voice as

well besides that I feel fantastic I feel on top of the world

hello Jean you should be a Muslim okay that's an interesting suggestion thank

you very much thank you Chandan hello sir I always see your videos after the

live streaming well Chandan guess what you are here

whilst it is live so yes I am talking to you now live it is now 19 minutes away

from 3 o'clock well hello also Anna pika hello also a narita teabags like

chocolates called Becky oh by bringa they have phrases of famous authors

written on the paper of the packaging as someone stolen my idea already I can't

believe it I only mentioned it a few minutes ago and already I think someone

has already stolen my idea I can't believe it

hello from Birmingham oh hello Birmingham nice to see you here today

aivars I've a spec pickles is watching hello from Birmingham in the UK I don't

know why but today I am wearing my boots and I really don't know why I am wearing

my big heavy boots but now I will tell you one thing they are really hurting my

feet so in a moment I might actually take my I might take my boots off

because my feet are hurting how led do ciao hello how hi everybody I am don't

hello mr. Duncan you are a really amazing teacher I have been watching

your youtubes for such a long time since 2008 Wow I can't remember exactly but I

think it is 2008 2008 that's incredible so you've

been watching me for around 12 years on

um from some big businesses were coming with stupid ideas who knows you should

get the copyright mr. Duncan you should get the copyright I think so

human beings by the way there are people who donate their hair so you can

actually buy wigs that are made from real hair from people so other people

will give their hair and then they will use it as wigs quite often for people

who are undergoing treatment for cancer so maybe they are having chemotherapy

which will cause their hair to fall out so yes if you can have another person's

hair from their head I'm sure you can have their eyebrows as well I'm sure you

can I don't think it's a good I don't think it's a stupid idea

I think it's a brilliant idea Lena says today we should be saying happy birthday

to Lennon happy birthday to Lennon happy birthday to Lennon I really did enjoy

your songs especially imagine is that the wrong Lennon oh I see the other

Lennon Russia Russia yes Russia Lenin okay not the Beatles Lennon that's a

different one anyway Lena I hope you enjoy the birth and the birthday of

Lenin mr. Duncan you are so funny with your different ideas I have another idea

at this moment during this strange time many celebrities many singers are

releasing their own songs I think and this is another idea that I

had last night whilst I was coughing my lungs up wouldn't it be good to have

just one song so every time there is a problem or a disaster in the world we

can sing the same song but every time we get a different person to sing it so we

have the same song but we get a different singer to sing it so every

time there is a problem or a disaster maybe we need to raise money for charity

for a really good cause instead of having different songs and

lots of different singers maybe we could just have the same song every time but

each time there is a problem we can get a different person to sing the song what

do you think of that is that a good idea I think that's a brilliant idea

because there are too many charity songs there are too many people producing and

releasing their charity music we need one person and one song every time or

else it just gets too confusing to be honest it just gets too confusing hello

marina thank you for joining me also we have right right ow hello Radel

mr. Duncan your place is very good it is quite nice today I will be honest with

you the weather is quite nice here in England at the moment hello Shirley

Shirley Germany success Oh total hello Shirley hi mr. Duncan I missed you so

much in the past few days it wasn't possible

for me to watch your previous live streams but today today I'm here and I'm

very happy to be part of your English lessons again you are welcome I am happy

to be here if you are happy to see me then I am happy to be here with you

it sounds like a very good arrangement to be honest morale hello morale sing

hello Maran sing love from India hello a big hello to you we're out

Brunell sing watching in India hello also - on Trent as well nice to

see you back again also lil mr. Duncan you are not a

dreamcatcher I don't know if it is the correct translation oh you are mr.

Duncan you are a dreamcatcher thank you very much I don't know why sometimes I

think maybe my brain has been put in the wrong way around

so I think maybe my brain is not the right way around or maybe it is upside

down hello marina hello also - M VN where are you right

now mr. Duncan right now I'm standing in my garden in England in the United

Kingdom and I'm live in the sunshine during this very weird time I know in

some countries I know in some countries there are people now who are starting to

go back to work some shops are also starting to open in

the United States they are trying to get people to go back to work they are

trying to get people to have a more normal existence so it is happening

people are slowly going back to work and things are returning not completely but

they are slowly returning to normal

Jean Valjean asks what do you think about Islam and Muslim people I have no

problem with Islam or Muslim people or Christians or Catholics

or Jewish people or Scientologists or Buddhists or even if you believe in the

Flying Spaghetti Monster I have no problem at all if it makes you happy if

it makes your day lovely and sunny if it makes your day as sunny as this then

good luck that's all I say good luck to you I'm not religious myself I don't

follow any religions I don't have any religion I don't pray I don't look up in

the sky and whisper into my hands so I don't do that but if you do it's okay

and I hope you will respect me as much as I respect you yeah exactly

tolerance and respect is a two-way thing it doesn't just go one way you see it is

two ways two ways I love your humor mr. Duncan thank you very much you have very

very perfect pronunciation says Sport faz ah thank you very much it's very

kind of you to say that thank you

hello also - how hello how again yes of course

my English was very poor but after 12 years it has changed so much thank you

very much thank you I do love receiving your messages and

emails over the past couple of days oh my goodness I have so many ER email

messages so there are some people who are asking why why did you read my email

did you read it sometimes my email box becomes very full

and at the moment it is very full I'm getting a lot of messages asking if I'm

okay I have a lot of messages from people asking if I have

I don't I can safely say that I don't have it

okay yes and a PK Oh Ana has been looking at my clothes I noticed at the

start of today's livestream mr. Duncan you are wearing shorts I know it's very

unusual you will not often see me wearing shorts

today I am wearing shorts I am also wearing a great big heavy pair of boots

and I don't know why am I crazy am I crazy

why am i wearing a big pair of heavy boots I don't need to and they are

starting to hurt my feet if you start putting your message too often on the

live chat you will have to be slowed down because other people want to say

things as well Partridge mr. Duncan please tell me what I should do to learn

or speak English I am talking about contents what do you mean by contents I

don't know what you mean by contents maybe you mean context contents I don't

really know what you mean by that so maybe you mean the words or the phrases

learning English is something you do slowly you can't rush it there is no

magic way of learning English I know there are teachers on YouTube who

promise to give you all of the English in half an hour or an hour but they're

lying unfortunately they are not being honest and estar says when making your

choice in life don't neglect to live I remember your lessons yes well I think

life is there to be taken to be you it is something that you have it is

something that is given to you every day that's why we call it the present you

see I like that so in the morning when I open my eyes I always have a smile on my

face I open my curtains I listen to the birds and I think to myself wow I get to

do this all over again I get another one of these another day of life to live and

enjoy so yes it is great it is very hard to be miserable when you really

appreciate the value of life and and yes you are right life is there to live


seize the day oh I like that one seize the day take it

make it yours it is yours Lena I think Lena wants to

talk about politics today Lenin gave me freedom from those

terrible capitalists like me that's not fair

well if again if it makes you happy no problem

cat gree hello mr. Duncan I am a student in

Turkey oh hello Turkey I've been to your country I have been there twice I've

been to Turkey in the past I don't know what you do I'm a student in Turkey I

have been following you and your channel for a short time so I I don't know what

you do maybe tell us a little bit about what you do well as I explained at the

start of today's lesson I teach English I talk about the English language I

don't teach in the same way as other people there are many people on YouTube

who will stand in front of a whiteboard and they will point it the words I don't

do that I do something slightly different and I've been doing this for

almost 14 years on YouTube so I have been doing it for a long time so that is

what I do basically so my lessons are designed for you to listen to learn new

words you can also read the captions yes you can have captions on the screen even

on my live lessons so if you click C C on your keyboard

just press C don't put it on the live chat just press the button and then the

captions will appear as if by magic

hello Lee again please can you say to me and let me know that I'm not alone you

are not alone we are all sharing our isolation time together

so I'm having to stay at home I can't go very far away from my house so I'm doing

exactly the same thing as you are we are sharing this strange time

together hello also to mr. dunking is your name mr. dunking you are you are

nearly right mr. Duncan however dunking is something you can do

when you put your biscuit in your tea so if you are having a nice cup of tea

you can dunk your biscuit in the tea it's true it's English baby it's English

hello Ana just like a magic prayer that we would sing together I like it yes I

think if we have maybe a disaster or maybe there is a crisis and we need to

raise a lot of money for something that has happened and something that is

affecting a lot of people maybe we could have one song but each time a different

person sings the song hello Mohsen I'm very happy to see you teacher

thank you very much it's very kind of you to say so I'm happy to be here and

I'm also happy to know that you're happy to know that I'm happy that you're happy

that I'm here I think

franceska says I would like to have a party in that garden with you guys

yes especially today I think today is a great day to have a party or maybe a

picnic in the garden so yes I think you're right how says you are please you

must never give up mr. Duncan 14 years on YouTube teaching English is really

wonderful what no one else is able to do thank you for your channel it's ok thank

you very much as well I will do this if you want me to as long

as you want me to do this I will do it if you don't want me to do it I will

stop doing it it's as simple as that really to be honest I can hear voices

behind you there might be some voices because there are people walking down

behind the house so behind the house sometimes you might hear people walking

behind the house do you think it isn't too early to open some things I'm not

sure what that is about hi there teacher I like all your lessons

TWEN Jay hello Tuan where are you watching at the moment I have a feeling

you might be watching in yeah now am i right

maybe good morning mr. Duncan you are having a beautiful day in England yes

it's not too bad actually we are having a glorious day it is a little bit windy

once again we are having a little wind

come to think of it I'm having a little bit of wind as well hello mr. Duncan

thanks so much for your lovely live streams in this lovely day during this

these lovely days here in Glasgow in Scotland hello to Glasgow hi Glasgow how

are how are things in Scotland is the weather nice in Scotland right now

our med says hats off mr. Duncan hats off when we say hats off we mean

congratulations it is a way of saying congratulations well done you have done

very well I am very impressed hats off to you

jazz Uli says you are a good man mr. Duncan and we like you so much thank you

that's very nice thank you very much indeed don't forget if you like this

don't forget to give me a thumbs up like and if you want you can also subscribe

as well I'm just wondering whether my voice is going to last for another hour

I'm not sure I hope so so now you can see the time in the UK it

is just after 3 o'clock here in the UK I suppose I should do a little bit of word

explaining is that a good idea but first of all can I please take my boots off

I'm wearing very big boots and I don't know why but I am so I'm going to take

my boots off and then I'm going to come back so just give me a moment while I

change my Footwear back in a moment don't go away don't go away don't go



that is better oh nice now I have the fresh air gently

blowing across my feet oh that feels so much better

it really does yasya says Ramadan is coming do you know anything about

Ramadan well I know that is the important festival when I was in

Malaysia because Malaysia is a very interesting country because it is also

Islamic but also they have many other people living there with different

faiths and I remember many years ago when I was in Malaysia I was staying

there and they had the Chinese New Year and also I think it was the Eid at the

same time so it exactly the same time they were celebrating these two

festivals at the same time it was very interesting so yes I I do know a little

bit about it hello - interesting I don't know what's happening to me

I think whenever I am trying to send messages so many times what the beep is

happening Thank You partridge nothing is happening you have asked your question

and I have answered it I did actually answer your question so nothing is going

on nothing is happening nothing secret is happening so don't worry about it

do not worry Helena hello Helena thank you very much for your donation Helena

Blair has left a lovely donation on the live chat thank you very much you are

welcome Pedro Plaza hi mr. Duncan nice to hear you today

best wishes from Spain a big hello to Spain I know at the moment you are being

affected like many parts of Europe at the moment so I hope you

keeping well and he was staying well and safe where you are thank you very much

for joining me today Yukio I am jealous of your beautiful

garden you can come here you are more than welcome to come to my garden the

only thing is you will have to do some work in the garden you might have to do

a little bit of work and you might also have to watch mr. Steve and myself

sitting watching you working so yes you can come to the garden but you will have

to do a little bit of work I hope you don't mind

Cristina learning any language depends on time that you spend doing it yes this

is what I always say I think sometimes when you learn something new you expect

everything to happen very quickly unfortunately in reality it doesn't

happen like that unfortunately it doesn't happen like that you need

motivation you need to make sure you have time to do it don't rush do it

every day so if you want to learn English if you want to learn English

well you have to do it every day listen read and also speak as well so these

things are very important and you slowly build on these things day by day slowly

you can't do it quickly it cannot be rushed hello quran kareem

how is gives you your life can you answer i'm not quite sure what you mean

by that do you mean life or live maybe you're talking about the live stream or

maybe you are talking about life itself wow that is a big subject a very big

subject i'm sure someone will accuse me of avoiding it but I'm not I'm

definitely not avoiding it hello - quran kareem once again also b-trees mr.

Duncan I'm so grateful to you you speak so much clearer that I can understand

everything you say you are really the best teacher I've ever known

Thank You Beatrice you are welcome today unfortunately I have a slight problem

have you noticed what my problem is no it's not my brain how dare you I'm

having a little difficulty speaking because of my hay fever so if you are

worried about my health don't worry please there is nothing wrong with you

or me let's have a look at some words shall we oh yes you know I love looking

at words the English language is a wonderful thing and I'm so glad that you

have an interest in something that I also have an interest in as well and

that is the reason why we are all here together to share our love of English

and to have a little bit of fun as well I hope I hope so so we have some words

here connected to turn turn words connected to turn and there are many

there are many words that we can use so quite often we think of turn as being an

action something we actually do turn another way of describing turn is twist

so if you turn something you twist something maybe you are opening a bottle

like this so you can see here I have a bottle of water I will twist

the top to open the bottle so twist turn you turn the bottle top you twist the

bottle top so there is a very good example of the word turn twist you turn

it round you twist something twist I like that I like that word it's nice to

say it's a very nice word twice we say

here's another one rotate something that will rotate goes

round and round it will rotate it will turn slowly something will rotate it

will go round and round rotate it rotate

Oh revolve I like this word things that go round and round they revolve revolve

something that turns around and around revolve like the earth the earth the

thing we are standing on now is going around it is revolving it is slowly

turning around well it seems to be turning around slowly but it is actually

going it hundreds of miles in our way it's going quite fast actually so even

though it looks as if the earth is turning slowly it's actually going quite

fast all I can say is I'm very pleased that I can't feel the sensation of the

earth moving I think I would get very sick to be honest it must feel like

being in a boat evolve the planet the earth slowly turns

it revolves it slowly goes round and that is why we have night and day

something will go round go round so you might go round an object you turn round

you go round you go round the corner you turn the corner you go round go round

the corner go round the street you are moving you are turning you are going

round something round

hello Guadalupe hello also Touro sir I went to the hospital today says

Guadalupe to pick up the medicine for my parents and there were only five people

and the and the staff the people working there it is good though that there are

still places that are open for you to get your medicine and your things like

that so here in Much Wenlock the chemist or the pharmacy in the town is actually

open every day so it's very good very good

Oh turn around as well so something can turn around I can turn around like this

I can turn around turn around so many of these phrases concerns movement concern

movement but the circle so this can actually be used as a verb circle so if

you Circle something you are turning around

and around you are going around something you turn round and round you

might circle you are moving in a circle you go round and round you turn round

and round so that particular one is a verb you are doing it it is an action

there is a be another bumblebee has come to annoy me

did you see the live stream yesterday there was a there was a very annoying

bumblebee and it kept buzzing around inside my gazebo another phrase and this

particular phrase can be used in more than one way it can turn up turn up so

in this sense the phrase turn up means increase increase you might turn up the

sound on your television you might turn up the sound in your earbuds turn up

increase you turn up the sound you make it louder to increase something is turn

up we can also use turn up to shorten something maybe you have a pair of

trousers that are too long and they are far too long for your legs you might

have to turn up the trousers to make them shorter so in this sense turn up

means shorten you are making something shorter or higher than it normally is

especially with clothes quite often with clothes there is a

bumblebee buzzing around my leg and it's very distracting I don't know why why do

the bees hate me so much

have I done something to upset the bees Oh turn up again you see turn up can

also mean appear appear you suddenly turn up you may you might be waiting for

your friend to arrive and then suddenly he will turn up

he appears there he is he has turned up so in this sense turn

up means appear you suddenly appear Here I am mr. Duncan has turned up turned up

I am here I have suddenly appeared I have suddenly appeared in front of you

here's another use of turn turn in turn in so this particular phrase means go to

bed if you go to bed we can say that you turn in it is time for me to turn in

turn in you go to bed well I'm feeling so tired I think I will turn in I think

it is time to turn in it is time to go to bed turn in you go to bed another one

now turn in hand over you might give something to another person maybe

something that you have to give to someone else you hand in you turn in you

turn in maybe you have some homework that you have to give

your teacher you have to turn in your homework you hand your homework to your

teacher you turn in your homework turn in hand over you give something you give

something to a particular person that you have to give it to turn in Louisa

Thank You Louisa for your lovely kind words the bees will only come near

things that are sweet thank you that is a wonderful compliment I might actually

cry I might I might actually start crying thank you

the bees will come near the honey they will also come near me because I am as

sweet as honey is that what you're saying

thank you very much turn over here's another word using the word turn turn

over is your earnings maybe you run a company so the money that you earn from

your job or your business we call it your turn over the money that you make

from your job or maybe from your business your turnover the amount of

money that you make turnover so this doesn't necessarily refer to the profit

this is just the amount of money that comes in the earnings the money that

comes in you can turn in something as a delivery not normally now if you deliver

something you might drop off drop off something or

hand over you hand over something so normally if we make a delivery we don't

turn something in we don't we don't use it in that sense

it is just a hand something that has to be given but not as a delivery so you

don't turn in the parcel you hand over you give you deliver here's an

interesting one you may have seen this word if you are a reader of historical

books you may have seen this word before turncoat

interesting this is a very interesting word and this particular word is steeped

in history turncoat a person who is a traitor so maybe you are on one team a

certain team but then you go over to the other team or maybe you you join the

enemy so you are fighting a war but then suddenly you will join the enemy you

will change science we can describe that person as a turncoat that person is a

traitor they have decided to join the other side the enemy as I understand it

this originated during the American Civil War I might be wrong but as I

remember from my school days reading the history books as I understand it this

has something to do with the American Civil War when people literally changed

their uniforms they joined the other side I'm I'm sure someone will correct

me I'm sure someone will say mr. Duncan your rank mr. Duncan you're so you're so

wrong if I am wrong please tell me turncoat a person who is a traitor

they change sides they might go to the opposite team or

they might join the enemy turncoat

can I say my turnover is 500 pounds from my work if it is a business that you are

earning so your turnover generally speaking is the thing that you earn

maybe from your business or maybe the money that comes in so you could use it

if you are talking about your salary however we don't normally use it in that

respect quite often we use it when we are talking about earnings from a

business so you are having a turnover the amount of money that your business

is generating I hope that helps turn on whoo now here is another phrase that has

many uses one of them a little bit naughty turn on if you turn on something

it means you activate it you turn on the TV you turn on the light you turn on

something you activate it so maybe you turn on your phone in the morning when

you wake up the first thing you do in the morning when you wake up oh wait

please don't fly around me I don't know why the bumble bees seem very fascinated

by me I don't know why so to turn on is to activate maybe you turn on the

outside light maybe you turn on the radio you turn on something you activate

the thing you turn on something of course there is the

opposites there is of course the opposite turn off if you turn off

something then you deactivate so you turn off something the thing then stops

working you disconnect something quite often if it is powered by electricity

you will turn off the TV you will turn off the light you will turn off your

phone you deactivate I like that word so the opposite of activate is deactivate

you are turning something off turn oh

here is another use of the word turn on Oh mr. Duncan you are so naughty

turn on can also mean aroused as well maybe you are walking down the road and

you see a very attractive person coming towards you they are really attractive

and your eyes become very excited and so do you

so if you become aroused by something maybe you are excited by something you

see that is very beautiful perhaps you are looking at me today on your computer

screen and you are getting very excited

I'm almost certain that isn't happening I'm pretty sure that is not happening

turn on arouse someone you make them feel very excited by something they see

you around I have noticed something I have noticed something and it's making

me very excited hello to the live chat I will say hello to the live chat I don't

want to ignore you just in case you become angry you might come round to my

house and start to kick me up the bum in the garden hello rose again hello also

Berlin mr. Duncan in the case of the mobile phone is it correct to say turn

on the mobile phone yes you can turn on the mobile phone you can activate your

mobile phone you can also turn off your phone you deactivate it mr. Duncan do

you have any advice to get rid of negative people maybe to ignore them

sometimes in life you have to ignore what people say there are people who

will try to steal your ideas or your dreams they will do whatever it takes to

take away your spirit I say ignore them it is their problem not your problem so

I always ignore people like that there are too many people around who want to

steal your dreams they want to take away your happiness and they will do anything

to make that happen but really they are the person who is actually spoiling

their own life they are actually making themselves unhappy maybe they are bitter

and unhappy with their life so they try to spoil things for other people as well

my advice is ignore them egg nor them Oh turn the field over the past few days

many farmers around the area in which I live have been turning their fields

so if you turn the field it means you turn over the soil you are preparing to

put some new crop into the field you are preparing to plant some new crops in

your field but first of all you need to turn the field you need to turn it over

so all of the fresh soil will be on the surface so we will tip we will call that

we call it turning the field to turn the field is to prepare your field for some

crop you will start to plant some new crop in your field head hunter oh sorry

did I say it head hunter head turner a head turner if

something is a head turner it's something that is attractive something

that makes another person look in your direction so maybe you are very

attractive maybe you have some sort of attractive feature maybe you have

beautiful eyes or maybe you have beautiful lips or

maybe your nose is very cute you might be attractive maybe you are a model you

might walk down the road and lots of people will look at you they literally

turn their head towards you so we describe a person who is attractive as a

head turner because they get a lot of people looking at them if you look at

someone and you are attracted to them or maybe it is a thing that is attractive

we can just describe it as a head turner a beautiful thing can be described as a

head turner it turns people's heads towards you

because you are very interesting

hello live chat nice to see you all here today you might turn on your antibodies

that's a good one yes your body has a lot of ways of fighting infection so

quite often things have to be activated in your body you turn on a certain thing

in your body that will fight infection for example you are right hello

if Allah hello if Allah please help me what is right does he live does he live

in Dublin or does he live in Dublin does he live in Dublin you were asking a

question does he live in Dublin that is correct

does he live in Dublin does he

hello Natalie do you still have enough space in your right pocket yes I do my

pockets are very big in fact I'm not putting them in the pocket I'm just

pushed pushing them down the front of my shorts and there is plenty of room in

there plenty of room in my shorts he was a

lovely expression using the word turn hello mister black bird there was a

black bird looking at me he's sitting next to me looking at me he's wondering

what I'm doing here is an expression a turnip for the books a turnip for the

books is an expression that means a pleasant surprise

something you weren't expecting suddenly happens maybe you win some money maybe

something happens nice something wonderful occurs in your life we can say

that it is a turnip for the books it is a pleasant unexpected surprise you might

say that most surprises are unexpected when you think about it

maybe there is a time in your life where you want to make changes maybe you want

to improve the way you behave towards other people maybe you want to start

afresh maybe you want to begin a new career or maybe you want to change your

attitude to life you can turn over a new leaf

if you turn over a new leaf it means you begin a new chapter in your

life you try to improve yourself in some way you try to make yourself a better

person you try your best to turn over a new leaf now in this sense it means page

so in this particular sense the word leaf means page the page of a book you

turn over a new leaf you begin a new chapter in your life you try to make

changes in your life that are good and positive turn your life around you can

also make improvements to your life we can say that you turn your life around

you make improvements in your life maybe you improve your diet maybe you improve

your exercise maybe you take more exercise every day you try to turn your

life around you turn your life around you make positive improvements in your


my shorts are becoming very full of pieces of paper it's getting a little

bit uncomfortable to be honest I hope I don't get a paper cut that might be very

unpleasant on the turn if you are on the turn it means you are showing signs of

aging you are getting old so if there are things that are happening to your

body or maybe things that are changing the way you feel or maybe sometimes you

feel old and tired you might say oh I think I am on the turn I think I am

approaching my later years I don't feel as strong hello did you hear that that

was a little ring there was a wren sitting in the tree the birds are

watching me you see the birds are very interested to find out what I'm doing

maybe they are learning English maybe so if you are on the turn it means you are

showing signs of getting old you are starting to get old you are on the turn

maybe you are not as active as you used to be maybe you you feel tired quite a

lot maybe you feel as if you have no energy you are on the turn you are

experiencing a change of life

you can turn circles if you are turning circles it means you are going around

and around maybe you are wasting your time maybe you're doing something that

has no meaning you are just turning circles you are going round and round

you are going nowhere quite often in life you might find that

you are going around in circle or turning circles here's an interesting

one you might turn a blind eye to something if you turn a blind eye it

means you ignore something maybe you allow a person to break the law or do

something bad but you pretend not to see it

you turn a blind eye to something it means you ignore what someone is doing

you ignore it even though the thing they are doing is wrong or bad you turn a

blind eye you pretend not to see it you ignore it turn a blind eye to something

I can't believe how many of these there are there are so many there are lots and

lots my shorts are starting to get very tight because I'm putting all of the

paper into my shorts and it's getting rather rather uncomfortable to be honest

with you you might sometimes turn your back on someone if you turn your back on

someone it means you walk away from them you pushed them out of your life you

decide that you don't want to know them anymore you turn your back on someone

you ignore them you push them out of your life you literally walk away you

turn your back you turn your back on someone turn your back on someone maybe

a person in your life has done something bad and you don't like them anymore

because of it you turn your back on someone that is really getting

uncomfortable I hope I don't have too many more of these because there is not

much room in my shorts there is not much room in my shorts oh here's a good one

here's a good one this is something that happens to me sometimes especially if I

if I suddenly get up from the chair very quickly I might have a funny turn oh

dear me oh dear me oh if you have a funny turn

it means for a few moments you feel unwell for a few moments a brief moment

of feeling and well maybe you feel dizzy

I'm all right now you have a funny turn you suddenly feel unwell however it only

lasts for a short time so it it only happens briefly maybe you are sitting

down in a chair and then suddenly you stand up and maybe you your head becomes

light and you have a funny turn who excuse me oh sorry about that I just had

a funny turn you might have a funny turn you feel unwell briefly that was painful

you might turn back the clock oh we all wish that we could turn back the clock

if you want to go back in time maybe there is a period of time that you want

to live again maybe something you want to experience

again in your life maybe you wish that you were young and virile and strong

again sometimes we wish that we could turn back the clock turn back the clock

we want to go back to our younger years we want to go back to a time in our life

when everything was simple and easy when things were not so difficult you might

turn back the clock of course you can also remember the past so if you

remember the past you might also turn back the clock you might think about a

past memory something that happened in your childhood maybe a nice memory you

turn back the clock or maybe you go back to an earlier time you remember

something that happened in the past and perhaps you wish that that time would

come again you wish that you could turn back the clock of course we can't it is

impossible time only moves forward you don't it only moves forward time moves

forward all the time to feel and well briefly you have a funny turn

a turn for the worse if something takes a turn for the worse it means it gets

much worse or maybe it is something now that is serious if you take a turn for

the worse it means something becomes serious a person's health so maybe a

person is in hospital and they are unwell and and you might ask the doctor

doctor can you tell me how is he how is he the doctor might say I'm sorry

he has taken a turn for the worse it means he has become much worse maybe the

situation has become very serious you take a turn for the worse a turn for the

worse something becomes serious let me just try to I have to put this into my

shorts but unfortunately I think I am about to take a turn for the worse

because I'm trying to put this into my shorts unfortunately there isn't much

room inside my shorts now it is very busy inside my shorts so let me just put

this inside my shorts let's see if it will go in there oh dear I might have to

go around the back I might have to start putting them around the back instead

there's no answer to that really is there take it in turns oh this is the

interesting expression if you take it in turns

it means you both have a go or you both try something so one person will do it

and then the other person will also do the same thing to share one thing you

take it in turns maybe you have a new computer game but unfortunately only one

person can play it at same time or at one time so you have to

take it in turns so first of all I will play with the computer game and then mr.

Steve will have a play he will try to play the computer game as well so we

take it in turns we both do it we one person will do it

and then the other person will do the same thing we will take it in turns

take it in turns a turn for the worst yes is when something gets worse or

serious franceska says Wow guys I actually fell

asleep well I always say that my lessons are very useful for all sorts of things

so maybe if you are trying to get to sleep maybe it is very late where you

are you can listen to my voice and slowly you will drift off you will

eventually end up in dreamland oh here we go

it's your turn to play so again we are saying that the other person can try the

thing that you are doing so I am playing the computer game and now it is mr.

Steve's turn and I will say mr. Steve it's your turn to play it's your turn to

play you can now have a go

our bid says your lessons are really very useful thank you very much that's

very kind of you yeah how many more oh thank goodness for that there are only

two more I'm very pleased this very pleased to see that because there isn't

much more there isn't much room in my shorts to be honest with you do someone

a good turn if you do someone a good turn you do something nice for a person

maybe you do something that helps them you will do someone a good turn you will

do a nice thing for them for example on Sunday

quite often mr. Steve will go to one of our neighbours houses and he will help

to maintain and tidy her garden he will do a good turn so quite often mr. Steve

will do a good turn for the neighbor so you do someone a good turn you do

something nice for a person an act of kindness is a good turn there is a great

expression one good turn deserves another which basically means if you are

nice to someone then they will be nice to you they will return your kindness so

one good turn deserves another if people help each other then the world

will be a much nicer place as I always say kindness creates kindness being nice

being kind being generous being helpful it can help the world go round

finally oh thank goodness for that finally it's all turned out okay it's

all turned out okay if something turns out okay it means it has a good ending

the ending is a happy one it all turned out okay

turned out it all ended in a nice way in a positive way in a friendly way you

might say that today's livestream turned out okay it all turned out okay because

I was worried you see I was a little concerned because I thought maybe my

voice would not last through the whole livestream but it has so it all turned

out okay everything ended happily and nicely which is always a good thing so

there it is the last one the last phrase that uses the word turn and this will

now go into my shorts with the rest of all the words that I've shown you today

oh that was painful oh oh I'm not sure if I can walk now yeah that is rather

uncomfortable to be honest with you it is almost time for me to go oh my

goodness I only have four minutes before I have to say goodbye I can't believe

how quickly the two hours has gone mr. Duncan if you are too tired please if

you are if you aren't too tired please can you tell us the secret to get a

relationship to last for a long time the secret of a good relationship is

communication I think that's it communication

you must always talk to each other if there is something that is worrying you

something that is on your mind always share it with your partner and always

tell your partner that they can share things with you so I always believe that

in a relationship communication understanding is probably the most

important thing because when you stop communicating that is when the

relationship starts to break down things start to go wrong so that is really my

simple answer to that question communication never stop talking never

stop sharing your thoughts it all turned out okay

it sure did it did definitely Rohan hello Rohan nice to see you here mr.

Duncan did a good turn for all of the English learners you are right thank you

very much that's very kind of you to say guess what I will be back with you

tomorrow I can't believe it I will be with you again

and apparently yesterday yesterday was my 30th livestream without a break I

can't believe it I have done so many live streams this month so we are only

22 days into April but already this month I have done 31 live streams in

April thank you for your company today thank you

to Rohan thank you Anna thank you also to know where me thank you know where me

don't forget if you liked it if you liked what you saw today give me a nice

thumbs up on the screen and you can do it underneath all you have to do is

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how it works you see that is how YouTube works

franceska says I am very sorry for falling asleep it is alright

maybe you needed to have a rest it's okay

no problem all I can say is I'm glad that my lesson helped you relax I'm glad

it helped you some people do they listen to my voice to help them sleep I don't

know why I have no idea Thank You Beatrice Thank You Rona thank you also

to Irene Thank You Julie gee thank you also Rohan of Gunn I mean it from the

bottom of my heart thanks a lot you are welcome no problem no problem

you are very welcome I'm back with you tomorrow from 2 p.m. UK time we are now

approaching 4 o'clock here in the UK in England it is now 4 o'clock

Thank You Marcia thank you for your company mr. Duncan keep enjoying this

beautiful day I will I will make a cup of tea for mr. Steve and then maybe we

will sit outside and listen to the birds thank you very much

Mohini Adrian thank you for today's livestream I hope your voice will

recover I hope so as well I hope my voice will

come back tomorrow thank you dear teacher yes I've done 31

live streams in 22 days I don't know how but it's true I have mr. Duncan you have

done a good turn thank you very much Thank You 2ts Thank You b-trees thank

you also to Irene thank you Karen Kareem thank you also to everyone else mr.

Duncan who gives you your life can you answer and the creator of this earth

thank you Quran Karim I haven't got time for that now

it's a big subject but I suppose from my own point of view personally I would

have to say I tend to listen to science there it is there it is

there is the big one so I tend to go more towards the 'Big Bang Theory' the big

explosion in space and then millions and millions and billions of years of

everything happening and then one day I appeared it's amazing and Here I am now

sharing a little bit of my existence with your existence isn't it great

it is wonderful so there you go you asked the question and I answered

and I answered it honestly I am going now I've been here for two hours two

hours I've been here and I will see you tomorrow don't forget to p.m. UK time I

will be with you tomorrow 2 p.m. UK time tomorrow I'll be back with you and of

course it is Thursday tomorrow Thursday does anything special happen on Thursday

I can't think of anything I can't think of anything to be honest Thank You

Francesca thank you Andy Thank You pal Mira thank you very much I am definitely

going now I'm going to have a lovely cup of tea mr. Steve and me we will sit in

the garden and listen to the bumblebee

thank you very much for your company thank you Keon what kind of watch are

you wearing oh thank you very much this watch was given to me by Steve and it is

a special kind of watch it is made this watch was made in Lithuania

it's a Lithuanian watch thank you very much to Peter see you later

Thank You Konstantin thank you very much I really must go before my voice stops

working also I have to empty my shorts because they are very full of paper and

I really don't want to get an SD paper cut down there to be honest and of

course until tomorrow 2:00 p.m. UK time you know what's coming next yes you do

from England to you remember you are not alone I will be with you tomorrow we can

share this strange time together 2 p.m. UK time tomorrow and of course until then

yes of course you know what's coming next

ta ta for now 8-)

oh it's so painful