here we go again welcome to a serene peaceful quiet tranquil well almost

it's almost quiet besides the sound of people chopping down trees that is the

only thing disturbing the peace here today hi everybody here we go yes it is

another english addict live stream from the birthplace yes we are coming live

from a place where it all started it is where where the English language was

born of course it is England

ddddd I really do wish I had my echo echo echo hi everybody this is mr.

Duncan in England how are you today are you okay

I hope so are you happy well I hope you are happy I hope you are feeling good

today and my camera has just gone off well that's good that's good I don't

know why my camera has just gone off oh that's interesting yeah there's some

very interesting things happening at the moment on my camera let's just see if I

can sort that out oh okay that's interesting I don't know what's going on

here I think my I think my equipment has just

literally gone wrong how strange well that is very embarrassing I must say

let's just see if we can sort that out is it working now oh I think we are we

are back on now oh dear I'm not quite sure what happened there

did you see that I went all strange my camera went off and then it came back

off well at least I noticed that there was a problem I don't know what's

happening recently all of my equipment seems to be going wrong I'm not sure if

it's me or maybe something happening out there

maybe something spooky is happening out there somewhere so I hope I'm back am i

back on hello am i inside your little square box I really hope I am here we

are then yes we are here together once again it's the end of the week we have

made it almost to the weekend yes it's Friday

did you do to do I'm glad to see you here it is the end of the week it's

Friday yes it's Friday yes it's Friday I don't

know why but today everyone has decided to chop their trees down I don't know

why people in this area hate trees so much but it would appear that it almost

every day someone somewhere around here is having their trees chopped down so

that is what is happening behind me if you can hear some sounds that are not me

talking well that might be because people have decided to fell some trees

fell did you know that the word fell can be used as a verb it's true you can fell

a tree so those guys behind me well they might be girls of course I'm

not saying that girls can't use chainsaws I'm sure ladies you are more

than capable of holding a chainsaw in your hand and cutting down a tree I I'm

not saying you can't oh what a strange age to be living in but you can fell a

tree so you chop the tree and then you fell the tree it is actually a verb as

well as something that is talking about a thing that has already fallen it fell

yesterday so we are using it in the past tense as well hello to the live chat oh

we have a lot of people on the live chat first of all before I go any further I

do have a very special thank you to give out I do a very special thank you just a

moment don't go away

I have to say hello to suit two two special ladies can I say hello to

Nicoletta threesome and also Veronica Sanchez Patino for your lovely kind

donations on PayPal I received yesterday thank you very much for your lovely

donations and there once again I will say it once again thank you thank you

very much Nicoletta free so on and also Veronica Sanchez Patino for your kind

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screen you can see the address if you want to make a small donation or maybe

you've just won the lottery maybe you are now a multimillionaire

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do-do-do-do-do-do thank you Nicoletta and also Veronica

thank you very much indeed I do appreciate your very kind donations and

the reason why I ask for donations is because I do all of this for free so I

spend a lot of my time now preparing also going through your questions your

emails your comments sometimes I spend more time in front of my computer

reading than I do actually here talking to you so I do spend a lot of my time

doing this even though now it again I do disappear but I have to have a rest as

well sometimes I do have to have a little rest here in the UK a lot of

people now are getting ready to go back to work we are now talking business as

usual it is a great phrase it is actually a phrase when we

talk about business as usual we are saying that everything is going back to

how it was quite often relating to your business so maybe if you have a shop and

your shop has been closed or maybe you have had some situation that is caused

your shop to be closed for a certain period of time like recently for example

but then suddenly you open again you start your business again

you reopen your door you start working maybe you have a company that provides a

service we can say that you have all gone back to work because it is business

as usual so for many people it is now business as usual which means that

things have gone back to normal many things are now normal as they were

before and that is why we have the phrase business as usual we will often

see this outside a shop if there is some roadworks or some construction taking

place very close to some business premises when we say premises we mean

the place where something happens maybe the premises of a lawyer or the

premises of a school it is the area in which something happens something occurs

quite often we are talking about private property so maybe a factory or a school

or maybe in office the premises so something is happening nearby which

might cause a disruption or problems so that's what we say we say business as

usual we are reopening soon soon it will be

business as usual as many people start to return to work not only here but also

in many parts of the world as well including Australia I noticed this

morning that many pubs have reopened in Australia and I'm sure there will be a

lot of very thirsty Australians waiting to have their first

pint of beer what is it they drink what is it what do you drink in Australia is

it Foster's I think it is isn't it I remember many years ago Foster's lager

was advertised on television and they used to use who was it

Crocodile Dundee Paul Hogan used to be the spokesperson he was the guy who

would appear in all of the Fosters adverts many years ago I know I am aging

myself mr. Duncan we can't believe that you used to watch Paul Hogan many years

ago yes famous for Crocodile Dundee but also he

is famous for appearing in Foster's Barga adverts in the 1980s a very long

time ago I know I know oh hello live chat changing the subject

very quickly hello live chat Mohsen hello Mohsen

guess what you are first on today's live chat

congratulations to you thank you very much for joining me today thank you also

our HS we also have grace sujin Vitas is here

Martha Poland hello Martha nice to see you back as well lots of people already

on the livestream I know what is happening at the moment I know that many

people are now going back to normal going back to work so there won't be as

many people here as usual however because things are slowly going back to

normal including here in England things are

slowly going back to how they were we might say that pretty soon it will be

business as usual I like that expression it means things are starting to turn

around business as usual things are going back to how they were

or maybe things are continuing how they were before mm-hmm I don't know what

happened to my camera at the start of today's livestream something very

strange happened I'm keeping a close eye on my computer screen just to make sure

nothing else goes wrong today we will see what happens flower s Bois is here

today nice to see you as well we are talking about lots of things

it is Friday and we have some strange English words some unusual English words

to show you today I will show them to you and I will also explain their

meanings so even though they are strange words it it doesn't mean that they're

never used because they are used very often so you might find sometimes in

English when people are talking they will use

unusual or strange sounding words words that don't seem real so I'm going to

take a look at some more of those very strange words later on you might also

notice behind me can you see I have one of my bird feeders hanging next to the

bush behind me I'm hoping maybe we might get some birds coming to the bird feeder

behind me I'm hoping so I am really hoping that some birds will come during

today's live stream so I've put that behind me too just just in case it you

might call it an experiment you might call it some sort of experiment maybe

maybe not so Lewis is here oh hello Luis Mendez I wish I had my

echo I really do Mostafa how are you doing today I'm okay

not too bad thank you very much mr. steve is also feeling a little better I

have a feeling that Steve is now on the road to recovery however I don't think I

don't think what he had was I don't think it was I don't think he had that

I'm pretty pretty certain it wasn't that I'm pretty certain it wasn't that well

first of all I'm not ill so nothing has happened to me I feel fine I feel fine

and dandy today hello Elizabeth Bayer hello to you watching in Argentina nice

to see you here hello Belarusian nice to see you back on

the live stream we have missed you I know that you have other things going on

at the moment but it's great to see you here and I hope your father is doing

well also talking of fathers I was asked a very

interesting question the other day I don't know why there was a bird

behind me he is looking he is looking after the bush he might come wait there

let's see let's see if the Blackbird will come behind me come on don't be shy

come on mr. blackbird he's sitting there at the moment watching I can see him

just behind me he's actually watching me whilst I'm doing my livestream but

unfortunately he is a little bit shy just like me yeah hello also - oh yes

wait there it's just rewind me it's my father still

alive the answer to that question is yes my father is still alive a very strange

question but I will answer it anyway yes I have my father still with me he is

still alive and also my mother as well who is being taken care of she is in

care at the moment she's not too well so might both my mother and father are

still alive hello Han Han ha hello to you nice to see you here as well

ah that's a shame the Blackbird is a little shy I think it is just behind me

in this bush it's it's just sitting in there

I think it's waiting for me to go away he will have to wait for quite a while

also coming up today by the way we are going to look at words and other ways of

describing Cut & Sew s e W so so so you repair something you will sew something

and then we have the word cut we have the word cut so that's what we're

looking at as well today also here's something I want to show you all this

morning I decided to give myself a little treat we had some shopping

delivered we had a little bit of shopping delivered and guess what one of

the things we had something I ate this morning and I really did enjoy it would

you like to see what I had for breakfast this morning I'm sure some people will

complain you will say mr. Duncan you should not be eating that disgusting

food however this morning I couldn't resist so here is what I had for my

breakfast this morning whoa what is that I hear you ask

that is a crumpet crumpet we call that particular thing a crumpet I will show

you the word in a moment on the screen

so there is my breakfast that is what I had this morning a very popular type of

food here in the UK it is called a crumpet some people also refer to it as

an English crumpet so that particular item is called a crumpet if you want to

see the word well guess what here it is now in my hand so there is

the word crumpet it is a type of food quite often eaten in the morning so in

the morning you will have this sometimes for breakfast crumpet I love this word I

don't know why it always makes me smile and one of the reasons why it makes me

smile is sometimes you can use this word in a very some might say offensive way

crumpet if you are walking down the road and you see a beautiful girl and it

happens to be 1978 you may have said oh look there is a nice piece of crumpet

and that means a nice lady or an attractive woman so the word crumpet can

I just say I don't think people use that expression anymore however many years

ago in the late late 1970s crumpet it is a type of food but also we used to use

it to describe a beautiful lady a lady who was very desirable or gorgeous or

attractive crumpet I like it well I like crumpet as in the breakfast food I look

to have my crumpet in the morning I can't wait for my morning crumpet

hello to Quran Karim nice to see you here as well

Dilek hello Dilek hello to you as well hi mr. Duncan and everyone Elizabeth I

really am an English addict because of you thank you very much as very kind of

you to say so I had a few problems with my camera earlier I don't know what

happened it's never happened before I don't know what happened

anyway it's all right now hello Anna pika Irene also grace hello grace we

also have mica watching in Japan nice to see you here as well

hello also - Noemi Irene push pendra hello push pendra nice to see you here

as well well so many people are here pal Mira

franceska Wow I could spend the next hour just saying hello to everyone on

the live chat how are things going in Europe how are things going in Europe

there are so many things going on at the moment that concerns Europe and also

this country as well there are many things going on so what we are not just

talking about the current situation we are also talking about things that are

going to happen later this year I'm sure you know what I'm talking about yes

people have started talking about brexit again oh my goodness mr. Duncan you are

so handsome today Thank You Mustapha that's very kind of

you to say I don't know why I look so handsome today maybe it's because I had

a nice sleep I had a lovely sleep last night so maybe that's the reason why

hello also - if Mohammed Irene Lali Lali nice to see you as well

come on Blackbird don't be so shy I won't know I won't hurt you I won't harm

you I just want to see you have some food for your babies hello also to

Fatima hello to you hello to everyone we are now up to date on the live chat

Valeria hello Valeria

is your crumpet salty or sweet you might say that it is savory so it is slightly

salty and of course after you put butter on the crumpet once butter has been

added so there you can see there is butter on top and yes I know you are

going to say mr. Duncan that is too much butter you have too much butter on your

crumpet how Dave what no no yes do we have Greta yes Greta Greta has something

to say Thank You Greta that's very kind of you

how dare you how dare you criticize my my bitter oh there was the black bird

the black bird is here the black bird is right behind me

mr. black bird there he is can you see the black bird oh he's gone

he's gone again he's a little bit shy and unfortunately a very shy black bird

hello also to sujin we call if we have a nice sleep we call it honey sleep honey

sleep I like that so we might say sweet we had a sweet sleep or maybe we had

sweet dreams so both of those things relate to things that are pleasant or

nice hello - Emmanuelle I thought it was cheese on top not

butter unfortunately well I suppose both of

those things are unhealthy however you are right you can put cheese on top of

crumpets and can I just say cheese especially melted cheese so if you put

some cheese on top of this crumpet and then melt the cheese ah

it is apps lutely delicious it is gorgeous

crumpet so I had a crumpet this morning for my breakfast hmm mr. Duncan can you

please explain or give some examples about attitude

thank you when we talk about attitude we are often talking about your manner or

the way you view things around you it can be anything really so attitude is a

very general term for the way you interact or the way you view the world

around you your attitude maybe your personal opinions or feelings can affect

your attitude you see so attitude is something that you feel inside however

it is often revealed in the way you behave so the way you behave towards

other people I think

there is about to be a very loud noise behind me nice so your attitude is

related to your related to your manner or the way you feel towards other things

or people so you might have a good attitude you might be a kind person you

might have a good attitude towards other people your attitude can be your manner

the way you view of the people the way you treat other people so you can have a

good attitude that means you have a positive view of life you are friendly

you respect other people maybe you enjoy your job so you have a good positive

attitude to your job however you can have the opposite of course it is

possible to have the opposite which is a bad attitude so your bad attitude might

be perhaps being lazy in your job or maybe in life maybe the way you view

other people around you maybe you treat other people badly you have a bad

attitude your character might be unfair or maybe you treat people badly you have

a bad attitude towards other people so your attitude can be good or bad

your attitude is the way you view everything around you I like to think I

like to think that I have a good attitude

generally even though sometimes it is difficult it is difficult to stay happy

it is difficult sometimes to stay positive however generally I like to

think that I have a good attitude generally good

and a pika why does the crumpet have all of those holes the crumpet is a

very clever item of food because all of those holes on the top they allow the

flavor of whatever you put on top to soak in so as you can see the butter is

melting and it is going in to the crumpet so the flavor of whatever you

put on top goes right in to the crumpet and they are absolutely delicious when

they are heated up so there you can see the butter is actually melting and it's

going into the holes and all it does is it increases the flavor it increases the

flavor of the crumpet so you can put anything on a crumpet you can put Jam so

maybe first you will put some butter on top and then you will put some jam some

nice preserve or maybe you can put some cheese on top I do like to do that

sometimes I like to put cheese on top of my crumpet and then I will heat the

crumpet and the grill and the cheese will slowly start to melt ah very nice

very nice indeed but to be honest with you you can put anything really you

could put anything on top of crumpet I would imagine it's it's up to you to be

honest I really think so arts B says that's why I don't understand a girl who

is crumpet in the 1970s yes it is quite an offensive word nowadays I think if

you if you referred to a beautiful woman or a girl as crumpet you might get a

slap in the face I think so so don't be too

surprised if the lady gives you a slap or maybe she kicks you right in the

pence hello - barong nice to see you here today lots of things going on Oh

mr. Duncan I love the bird feeder I only wish the birds would come to feed I only

wish the birds would come are you an early riser mr. Duncan yes I was up very

early this morning it takes me a long time to prepare all of this there is a

lot of technology involved in bringing this high-quality picture and also the

high quality sound to your your screen it takes a lot of preparation so

normally I get up very early in the morning to start preparing this all of

the technical stuff all of the equipment and then of course afterwards I have to

decide what I'm going to say sometimes I have no idea sometimes I will write

notes sometimes I will give you things to look at and that's what we're doing

today today we are doing that we are going to look at words connected to cut

and sew and also we will be looking at some very strange English words as well

some more strange English words your blackbird must have a nest nearby you

are right li'l we have two black bird nests very

close to the garden so at the moment we have two black bird nests so there are

two pairs of black birds coming to our garden to feed not only that but there

are also some baby black birds that are now coming into the garden so we have

some young black birds that have recently left the nest for the first

time hello Vanessa hello also it's the

biscuits with the butter it's different there if we put cheese I think there are

many versions of the crumpet around the world if you go to other parts of the

world you might see the crumpet but it might look different it might be a

different shape it also might have different things inside as well hello

attitude is the way you behave to other people yes it is as I said just now you

can have a good attitude a positive attitude or negative so you might have

someone complaining about your bad attitude especially it work so maybe

someone will complain about your attitude in work hello to Quran Karim I

am fasting at the moment I am fasting right now and I'm really hungry please

stop talking about food well I thought I would mention crumpets because I had one

for breakfast this morning and I wanted to share it with you I hope

you don't mind hello also I knew in watching in Vietnam

can I say a big hello to everyone in Vietnam nice to see you here all of my

lovely vietnam students hello to you as well also Pedro Pedro Belmont is here

today I don't have my echo unfortunately also we have drown a vous lead hello

where are you watching at the moment your name is very intriguing by the way

oh by the way let's have a look now I want to have a look at some words I'm

going to put them on the screen in front of you right now

would you like to we're going to look at words connected to cut

and so when we talk about the word so we quite often talk about repairing

something or making something quite often an item of clothing so maybe you

will make an item of clothing you sew all of the parts that are needed to make

a piece of clothing you sew them together so quite often well most items

of clothing have some work done to make them to create them and quite often they

will be sewn together so we say so so sewn sewn that is the past tense of

so you are making an item of clothing you are putting it together by attaching

pieces of cloth to each other you sew them together let's have a look shall we

oh the other thing we might do later we might have a little dance later very

popular I can't believe how popular our little dance has become but it has it's

become very popular indeed I am pleasantly surprised by how

popular my little dance has become

flyaway says the British are a little bit morbid morbid yes I suppose so when

we talk about words like cut I suppose we think of things that are

maybe violent or unpleasant however the word cut can be used in many other ways

as well so let's have a look at the words shall we here it is now I'm just

making sure I spelt it right yes cut cut so there it is you cut something

you cut you maybe shorten something so maybe

something long you make shorter you cut perhaps mr. Steve will cut the grass

like last night that's what Steve did last night he was in the garden and he

cut the grass he cut the grass by the way on Sunday we are going to take a

look at mr. Steve's new grass is it still growing or have the birds eaten at

all cut a very simple word and yet it is one that can be used in many ways as we

will see later on as we go through our list of words another word we can use if

we are talking about cut as an action is slice slice so to cut you slice

something of course the word slice can be used as a verb and also it can

describe something as well a slice of bread so you are actually naming the

item you are saying what it is you are giving it that prefix a slice of bread

you are referring to a piece of bread that has been cut it is a slice you

might also have a slice of cake slice of cake cannot be bad slice so this

particular word can be used as a verb you slice something you cut something

and it can be used also as a noun slice it is a slice of cake a slice a piece


very nice here's another one and I think this is a word I think this next word is

a word I was asked about a couple of weeks ago slipped

so cut we can also use the word slit if you cut something you slit

something you slit again a very simple word but it can be used in a very I

suppose a very aggressive way we are talking about a person who is doing harm

to themselves or to another person slit a very interesting word one that is

often used negatively here's another one incise incise or incise incise or in

size that also means cut you are cutting into

something you in size something and that is the reason why some of your teeth the

teeth that you use to cut into food are called incisors so your teeth normally

the ones at the front they are very flat and sharp and they are very useful for

biting and cutting into food you incise you in size you cut quite often with

your teeth and that's why your front teeth of the teeth at the front that are

flat are very sharp at the edges and they are very useful for cutting into


here's another one oh I like this one

here's another one carve sorry about that how I was just

attacked by a wasp did you see that wasp just attacked me

carve once again we are using synonyms of cut to carve something quite often we

use the word carve if we are cutting something that is large so if you take

something very large and you cut it slowly we say that you carve that thing

you carve a piece of meat so some people might cut the meat slowly into smaller

pieces you carve the meat quite often you have to use a special tool called

the carving knife a very sharp knife that you have to use for cutting

normally into things like meat carve you can also carve wood as well some people

like to carve wood as a form of art so a type of art someone will cut into a

piece of wood and they will make a certain shape maybe something that looks

like maybe a person maybe a person's face or maybe something that is abstract

and has no form hmm very interesting carve car here's another word now that

looks a little bit like something else score score now this word can be used in

more than one way and I'm sure if you are a football fan if you are a fan of

football you will know that this means to win a goal you get the

all into the net you score a goal however score can also be mean cut you

are using something to make a shape you score you make a deep mark or maybe you

cut into something you score something so this word can be used in more than

one way it can mean that your favorite football team scores a goal yes they

scored a goal or you can cut into something you score something you cut

into it you make a mark on something

here are some phrases now that we can use as well phrases you can cut your

losses this is a great expression that means you quit before you lose anymore

so maybe you are gambling and you have lost a lot of money you decide that you

have to quit you have to stop at that point you have to cut your losses you

are trying to prevent losing any more money you cut your losses so in this

sense cut means finish end try to prevent any more damage you cut your

losses maybe if you have a business and maybe you're missing money maybe your

business is going badly you might cut your losses cut your losses if your

business is going bad you might decide to sell your business to someone else or

maybe you go out of business you decide that you can't afford to lose any more

money so you cut your losses so you might hear this used a lot in business

English to be honest that will be used a lot in business English

Kien Tran says a great score from Cristiano Ronaldo did I tell you that I

almost met him last year when I went to Portugal with mr. Steve because mr.

Steve's company gave Steve a free holiday and I went to Portugal last year

in fact it is almost a year since we went there and there was a wedding party

taking place in the same place I was staying and you know who was there do

you know who was actually there at the same place I was staying yes

Ronaldo he was there Cristiano Ronaldo was actually staying at the same place

as me Wow isn't that amazing they were having a very noisy party because one of

the players one of the Portuguese football players was having a wedding

reception and they did keep his awake until very early in the morning with

their noisy music you could also take a pay cut there we go you can take a pay

cut so again the word cut in this sense is not used physically you are not

cutting something physically you are using it as a phrase a term you take a

pay cut this means that you take less money home from your job maybe they

reduce your salary they make your salary less you earn less money you have to

take a pay cut I would imagine a lot of people at the moment are having to do

that due to this situation that is taking place you might have to take a

pay cut take a pay cut you have to have a reduction in the amount of money that

you earn from your job you take a pay cut

so that is being used figuratively it is a figure it's figurative use think of

figurative it's not easy to say by the way figurative we have two ways of

expressing words figurative and also literal if you use a word literally you

are using its exact definition and meaning normally in a practical sense so

you are actually doing it for real if you would do something if you do it in

another way figuratively I got it right that time figuratively it means you are

not using it in the literal sense you are using the word but the action is not

the same yep here's another 100 he's a nice

expression something that is better than other things something that is superior

something that is much better than other things you might say that the restaurant

that you went to last night is very nice the food is very good you might say that

it is a cut above the rest a cut above the rest it means it is much better than

the other things that are available something is a cut above the rest a

person might describe themselves as being a cut above the rest a cut above

the rest slightly superior something that is better than the other things

that are being offered a cut above the rest slightly better here's another one

yes if you take a pay cut it means the company reduces your salary

thank you Mustapha for joining in yes many people at the moment

thank you Quran Karim many people at the moment have had to take a page

during the past two months yes a very serious situation you might use the USA

as an example where millions and millions this is incredible I don't know

about you but it blows my mind millions and millions of people are now signing

for unemployment in the United States not not just a few but millions each

week I think last week it was around 3 around 3 million people last week had to

sign for welfare in the United States and I think the total number now is

maybe 15 or 20 million it's incredible not since the Great Depression as this

happened here is another one general cutbacks a company might make

lots of changes maybe they reduce the amount of money that they spend on the

business maybe they are making lots of reductions maybe they are going to

employ fewer people they make general cutbacks so in this sense we are using

the word general as overall overall so many things are being changed and quite

often it means a reduction things are getting less there are general cutbacks

again another phrase that I'm sure might be all too familiar all too familiar and

I Rita I'm not sure if Ana Rita likes Renaldo or not Renaldo surely thinks he

is he must be a cut above the rest

he probably does he is a very good football player to be honest he is

actually owe her snare hello her snare thank you very much for

the compliment can you see yeah I am so I am so

flattered you can see my dimples have appeared I'm really flattered thank you

very much mr. Duncan you are a cut above the rest thank you that's very kind of

you look like dimples have appeared I've gone all giggly hello arts be but if

people travel here will soon recover our small economy but English tourism is our

key together with some Germans and so on yes well tourism I was talking to Steve

last night about this we were chatting about this and I can't imagine how

anyone is going to travel anywhere for a long time imagine that if you are if you

are running an airline or maybe you you are running cruises on those big giant

cruise ships have you seen them some of those cruise ships can hold 2,000 people

and at the moment none of them are sailing none of them are going anywhere

so I think one of the hardest hit areas will be tourism travel and the travel

industry so I'm talking about flying and sailing I think so there will be lots of

difficulties to come I don't think for everyone it will be business as usual I

don't think so it won't be the same for everyone

hello to Alice Alessandra how is mr. Steve doing you will be pleased to hear

that Steve is feeling much better I have a feeling that it is not I don't think

it is for two reasons one Steve doesn't seem very ill he feels unwell but he's

not really ill and the second it the second reason is I'm alright

I haven't felt unwell I haven't had any fever

I haven't had anything so so I'm okay I'm I'm fighting fit

I'm is I'm is cheerful is it rainbow

hello sunshine hello all so Eric on your Wednesday

livestream I asked you a question but unfortunately my phone went crazy and it

posted one thing after the other and you thought I am spamming and you didn't

answer it may I ask it again Eric Eric Jackson you can ask the

question of course you can ask but sometimes if if the questions come up

too often

I'm just looking through the messages here well is it my imagination or are

there many messages today I I can't actually keep up with the messages it's

incredible so many messages mr. Steve will become

what I don't understand that one I don't understand that arts be mr. Steve will

become black so you won't recognize him I don't know how that is possible hello

I really don't know how to answer that I'll be honest

hello Sergio Sergio seems to be becoming irritated I don't know why

dear me in Philebus can people please stop fighting on the live chat can we

all just get along there is enough pain and suffering in

the world at the moment without us creating any more please

well I can't we all just get along oh hello the Sun has come out well there is

suddenly a ray of sunlight it's almost as if clouds have parted and the Sun is

now shining on me you know what they say they say that the Sun always shines on

the righteous little maybe not here is another cut that is quite funny

because behind me they are cutting the trees

how strange so I suppose it is very suitable to be talking about words

connected to cut because behind me people are cutting down the trees and

making lots of noise as well you can also cut to the chase

cut to the chase I like this if you cut to the chase it means you get to the

point don't keep talking just tell me what you want

just please can you cut to the chase cut to the chase please hurry up get on with

it stop wasting my time can you please cut

to the chase it is a great expression so when we say cut it means we want to move

forward very quickly you cut something so you can move forward very quickly you

cut to the chase you move ahead quickly you get to the point

sometimes people say mr. Duncan you talk too much

can you please cut to the chase okay alright alright here's another one you

might cut off someone whoa that sounds painful you might cut off someone if you

cut someone off it means you remove them from your life

you cut off someone it means you have no more contact with them or maybe you

don't view them as part of your family

you cut off someone you disconnect from them you don't want to know them anymore

you cut off someone maybe you are going to leave some money in your will but

then you change your mind so you cut off the money you cut off that person you

remove them from your will must effort yes yes must ever cut to the chase means

hurry up hurry up get to the point what is the point mr. Duncan please hurry up

you can cut out something now this once again can be used in many ways to cut

out something is to remove or stop doing something you can cut out something for

example you might decide to have a diet you might decide to eat less food so you

will cut out all of the unhealthy food from your diet the things you eat you

will cut out all of the unhealthy food for example hmm for example you might

cut out crumpets with butter you see so you might decide

to go on a diet but as part of your diet you will cut out all of that unhealthy

fat and that includes crumpets and butter mr. Duncan you really should

you really should cut out all of that unhealthy food cut out you cut out

something you stopped doing it so there is cut we have done cut we still have

lots of other things to do by the way it is now coming up to 13 minutes past

three o'clock on a Friday afternoon and yes this is English addict live from the

birthplace of English which is England of course we are going to take a break

for a few moments we are going to look at one of my full English lessons there

are many there are many many lessons on my youtube channel

over 500 video lessons on my youtube channel and this is an excerpt from one

of those lessons this is taken from full English number 28 and then we will be

back live once more

you know the world of English is a fun and exciting place to be especially

today because I'm back with another full English lesson coming to you from the

birthplace of Eric Clapton Kate Winslet David Beckham Richard Branson and of

course the English language which is the thing we all have in common a passionate

love of this lovely thing called English so without any more dawdling or annoying

holdups let's get on with today's full english lesson right now

can you see what I have in my hand it's a hook this might look like a simple

object but it has many uses both inside and outside the house it is useful for

hanging things either from a wall or ceiling the word hook can be used in

many ways - as a noun it names a piece of metal or plastic that is curved at

one end it is an object used for hanging things from hooks come in many different

shapes and sizes you can also use a hook to catch a fish you put a hook on the

end of a fishing line an object for hanging clothes on is also called a hook

once more these come in many different shapes and sizes a hook can also

describe an eye-catching cling something that is used to get attention from

people is a hook for example a sales hook a short swinging punch is also a

hook as a verb the word hook can mean the action of attaching two or more

hooks together you can hook one thing to another you can hook onto something he

managed to hook his leg onto the branch to prevent himself from falling a person

who has become over reliant on something is hooked to hook someone on a thing so

is to get them addicted the person who is addicted is hooked my brother became

hooked on drugs during his teen years to lure someone towards something such as

an image a person or a song his hook the thing in question is attractive it hooks

you you can hook up with someone to meet a person with a view to starting a

relationship is hook up to connect electrical equipment together with wires

is he came over last night to hook up my

hi-fi speakers to catch something with a hook is to hook something I hope we will

hook ourselves a nice big fish to bend something into a hook shape is he hooked

his thumbs under his belt the phrase off the hook means to be no

longer a suspect or to become blameless and out of trouble his wife's statement

got him off the hook there is also by hook or by crook which

means to succeed no matter what happens or whatever it takes I will make this

business grow by hook or by crook to tell a person to go away you can say

sling your hook it's now time to take a look at another buzz word a buzz word is

a word or phrase that is used often during a certain period or is generally

popular today's buzz word is embargo the word embargo can be used as a noun and

as a verb as a noun embargo means to block something from being imported from

another country an import ban can be described as an embargo the weapons

embargo begins at midnight a dispute between two nations might result in an

embargo an official ban on all activity is an embargo there is an embargo on

taking photographs in the courtroom historically an embargo names the state

of ships being unable to enter or leave a country's port we sometimes include an

embargo with the word sanction one country might sanction an embargo on

another as punishment an embargo aimed at a country often involves much needed

commodities the most common being oil and

gasps the word sanction can also mean a threat to block or cut off trade as a

verb the word embargo is the action of placing the block a nation will ban bar

limits prohibit restrict stop it's a fact of

life that we all have to work it is how we earn our bread and butter it is a

means to an end we must do it to survive there are many ways of expressing

regular work it is a job it's an occupation it is your profession it is

your livelihood it's what you do for a living the word profession also helps to

name the type of job you do what is your profession I'm a sales

assistant we can also ask what do you do for a living

I work as a sales assistant in a shop we can ask who a person works for this

often relates to a big company or public sector service I work at Google I work

for the fire department you can work full-time or part-time the

average hours worked each week here in the UK is around 40 hours however some

people work very long hours hospital employees might work very long shifts

some workers might have to be on the job around the clock the amount of work a

person is willing to do varies a hardworking person might be willing to

work long hours while some people might avoid work at any cost they are work-shy

a work-shy person might be described as a layabout slacker bone idle lazy why

don't you go out and get a job you're just a bone idle lazy lay about

negative slang terms for regular work includes daily grind nine-to-five rat

race daily slog an interesting job can be rewarding while a dull or an

interesting job might be described as tedious laborious and rewarding to work

hard you must slog your guts out keep your nose to the grindstone sweat give

your all having a job is a necessity it is what brings in your livelihood the

income your source of revenues your earnings it is a fact of life that we

all have to work it is how we earn our bread and butter it is a means to an end

we must do it to survive

and there it was an excerpt from one of my many many English lessons on YouTube

that was taken from full English 29 not 28 but 29 welcome here we go English

addict is live again

doo-doo-doo-doo come on look the band I've paid you for the whole hour

not really I pressed the wrong button again I'm outside and one of the strange

things today that the Sun keeps coming out and it's very shocking when it

suddenly happens because my eyes for a moment I can't see anything

I'm literally blinded by the light literally that was a song wasn't it that

was a song many years ago blinded by the light who had a hit with that I can't

remember who it was now blinded by the light oh my goodness that was a very

very old song indeed hello leo hello also Quran Karim hello to Belarus as we

use Hux we use hooks in dentistry you are right I know many a time I've been

lying in the dentist's chair and they've used the hook to get rid of all of that

hard tartar tartar so on your teeth quite often that you will get a buildup

of it looks like calcium in fact it might be but it builds up slowly on your

teeth over time so when you have to go to the dentist they will try to remove

the tartar from your teeth it builds up over time and they use one of these

horrible big hooks they put the hook in your mouth and they get rid of all of

that horrible tartar between your teeth so to be honest with you I don't like I

don't like that to be honest when I go to the dentist not that I have to worry

at the moment because you can't go to the dentist at the moment the dentists

are all closed which I suppose in a strange way is good news for me

hello - oh hello fly away also hello also - JC Jordi hello JC Jordi

there was also snowblind from a group called Black Sabbath oh yes

Black Sabbath great group heavy metal who remembers heavy metal Black Sabbath

ac/dc Motorhead r.i.p Lemmy hello Koran hello Quran Karim hello he's tar tar

black no it isn't it is white it is like calcium and it forms around your teeth

between your teeth in your gums so and that's one of the reasons why sometimes

you can have problems with your gums so the tartar will build up on your teeth

and then it will push your gums back and that's when you can have lots of

problems with your teeth

hello huzzah hooks are very useful they are used as hangers yes one of the most

useful things to have around is a hook hooks are brilliant a brilliant

invention a very simple thing however also very useful we're going to have a

look at some words we looked at cut earlier today you're also going to look

at repairing things quite often we think of this word to mean repair you put

something together quite often clothing so when you make clothing when you make

clothes you will often do this action

it's a long way down there oh dear one of the problems with being very tall is

when you bend over it seems it seems like a very long way down there when you

bend so when you pick something up it seems like a very long way to travel

here we go then and the word we are going to use is a Ning so so s e W so

this are quite often is used as a verb you sew something you put something

together you stitch something together quite often when you make clothing or

perhaps and this is something my mother used to do I remember when I was a child

I would always wear out my socks and sometimes my trousers I would get holes

in my trousers and my mother would sew up the holes she would sew my trousers

and also she would sew my socks a lot of people used to do that nowadays we just

throw them away because we have become so wasteful but so you will sew your

clothes if you want to repair them you might have to put a button can you see

there there is a little button sometimes your button will come off and then you

have to fix it back on you will have to sew the button back on so a very simple

word and yet it is one bit it's very expressive as well an action

to repair something to put something together quite often clothing you will

stitch you will sew material together to make clothing clothes as I just said

another word we can use and it's the word I just used a few moments ago we

can also use the word stitch stitch again you are using this as both a verb

and noun so stitch is the action of doing it so you stitch something

together you stitch you join two things together you connect them together

normally with something else you stitch them together

also the word stitch can mean the thing that you've done so the actual thing is

stitch you can see there on my shirt there are stitches on my shirt lots of

stitches going along stitch stitch so this particular word can be used as both

a verb and noun as well stitch

another way of using this word by the way have you ever been running have you

ever run and you've been running for a while and then suddenly you get a pain

in your stomach it feels as if the muscles are contracting sometimes it's

very painful you can get a pain and quite often it's because you've strained

the muscles your stomach muscles or your abdominal muscles you've strained them

and sometimes you will get a stitch and that's what we call it so if you've been

running for a long time sometimes you might get all a pain in your stomach and

it is actually the muscles you are working the muscles too much and they

suddenly become very painful you get a stitch oh I've got to stop running oh

I've got a stitch whoa it can be quite painful as well getting a stitch when

you are running flyaway says wow it's difficult this English it can be but of

course you have lots of things to keep you occupied busy and of course lots of

new words as well oh he's an interesting one darn darn if you sew something we

can say that you darn as well darn so this word is quite old-fashioned you

don't often hear people use this word however it is still used in the

profession if you are a professional person maybe you make wedding dresses

maybe you put wedding dresses together I think I'm going to sneeze excuse me


because it's been dry today there was a lot of pollen in the air so my hay fever

today started being very annoying very annoying indeed darn it is another word

for stitch or so quite often used in the profession so maybe a professional

person who makes clothes perhaps perhaps they make wedding dresses they will go

to their shop or their studio and they will make a dress for the bride isn't

that nice very nice maybe one day I will get married and I will wear white so up

you sew up something again we are talking about an action you sew up you

join two things together by sewing them together

that was my neighbor's cock so up you sew up something you repair something

with stitches it's all sewn up this is a great expression so we are using the

word so in an expression it is all sewn up it means it has been completed it is

finished is it's all sewn up it's finished it has been completed all

of the business has been done


sorry about that hmm beautiful beautiful water delicious

water hmm very nice where was I it's all sewn up

it's finished it's completed I have finished doing my business I don't have

to do any more because it's all sewn up it is finished it's been completed we

can also if you finish a deal quite often in business English you will

say you sew up a deal you sew up a deal it use so up you finish the deal you

bring all of the things together and then you complete the deal you sew up a

deal again we use this in business English you sew up a deal you complete

the deal it is a very active day around here

a lot of people are really getting back to work it would appear that it is now

business as usual for many people here's another one to stitch someone up or to

stitch up someone maybe you create a situation where a person is guilty or

appears to be guilty of doing something but they weren't they weren't actually

responsible you stitch someone up it means you frame a person you make it

appear as if they've done something wrong when they haven't you stitch up

someone or maybe you set someone up to be caught doing something

wrong so if a person is doing something wrong and you have arranged for the

police to catch them we can say that you stitch up someone to stitch up someone a

wonderful expression I can't believe it he's he stitched me up he stitched me up

it's a stitch up it's all been arranged it's a stitch up is what they say so the

person who has been caught maybe maybe someone told the police that that person

was going to do something bad you can say it's a stitch up it's a stitch up

it's a stitch up you might hear that said quite often in TV shows or movies

you stitch something together this is an action you stitch something together you

put two things together and then you attach them to each other by adding

stitches you stitch two things together you stitch them together so you stitch

things you stitch one thing to another stitch very different to stick so some

people get confused between the word stick and stitch stick means means you

put the surfaces together so stick is when you take two surfaces and you put

them together stick stitch is when you join two things

together and you stitch them to each other

stitch stick stitch stick

finally oh he's he's an interesting phrase

to do with sewing can you believe that sewing has become very popular here in

the UK we even have our own television show

there is a television program where lots of people try to sew they so lots of

lovely clothes they put clothing together and they call it the Great

British sewing bee and there it is sewing bee is it did a strange phrase

sewing bee so in this sense the word B means group a group of people who get

together to practice or do something that they enjoy maybe a hobby or a

pressed time we call it a sewing bee

sewing can you believe that sewing has become a very popular pastime here in

the UK I know a lot of people may find it boring but sewing some people like to

repair their clothing when it becomes old in worn they repair the clothing to

make it as good as new I think so I like that I like it a lot

sorry about that it seems to be getting quiet now it

seems to be a little quieter than it was earlier the only thing I'm going to say

is that we haven't had any birds come to my bird feeder so I put my bird feeder

right there behind me and we haven't had any birds come unfortunately

Joe says sowing bees are very popular in Europe yes it's interesting how they

call it the be sewing bee so people will get together and they will share their

enjoyment of a certain hobby quite often it is something that you do with your

hands something creative sewing bee a sewing

be very interesting what is the difference between a suit sowe're and

tailor a tailor is a person who makes clothing normally individually so quite

often you will go to to the tailor and the tailor will make an item of clothing

for you normally for men so a tailor will design and make clothes for men

tailor a person who is a sower or a seamstress is a woman or maybe a person

who makes clothing for women so you might say a dressmaker a dressmaker is a

person who makes dresses for women

usually and a tailor is a person who makes clothing for men I hope that

answers your question Valeria Valeria hello to you

franceska says my daughter has broken her finger I know how painful that can

be it doesn't sound very nice how did it

happen how did the accident happen how did your daughter break her finger

doesn't sound very nice to me sounds very painful I have never broken

anything in my body I haven't broken anything in my whole life I haven't

broken any bones not yet not yet anyway

person ah mr. Duncan I have a silly question

a silly question do you keep the papers you print in a portfolio or do you just

throw them away I hope you keep them because you'd put a lot of effort in to

doing them yes I do I preserve everything that I create so all of the

things that I create are preserved so you have the paper the printed paper and

also I keep everything also in my computer as well so if I lose my paper

maybe it becomes damaged I can always print off something else I can print it

again but yes you are yeah that's a very good

question actually it's a very good question yes I do keep everything I

create most of it is sorted and then I put it away and maybe one day I will use

it again who knows sometimes it is nice to look back and see the things that

I've talked about in my previous lessons so to answer your question yes I do I do

ana pica says fortunately I have never broken any bones I think that is a good

thing yes if you can get through your life without breaking any bones

unfortunately mr. Steve is not so lucky unfortunately mr. Steve is not so

fortunate mr. Steve broke his ankle in a car crash

many years ago Valentina hi mr. Duncan can you help me is it

correct to say I would have preferred you to be rich but I'm happy with it

I would have preferred you to be rich but I'm happy with the way you are yes

you might say happy with it but that's normally in response or added on to

another sentence so that sentence that you given me is out of context but

normally in a conversation you might be discussing that situation so you are

saying that you are happy with it and when you say it you mean the

situation the situation that you are both in however what I also might say is

I would have preferred you to be rich but I'm happy with the way things are

I'm happy with the way things are it means it doesn't matter I'm happy with

the things as they are it doesn't matter I would have preferred you to have been

rich but I'm happy with you just the way you are sometimes money can be useful

but it isn't everything it isn't everything

hy Kevin hello hy Kevin Kim I just got home right now after work watching your

broadcast we beautiful flowers that remind me of mine

that have been given to me he is growing a lot of flowers in his garden that is

very nice I love flowers there are some people who live in much Wenlock and they

they have beautiful gardens sometimes I go by or I go past playing

garden and I always like to have a little look

in their garden sometimes I'm very nosy so I like to look at their flowers and

their bushes and and all of their lovely colourful flowers that they have planted

in their garden it does take a lot of work it takes a lot of time and effort

to keep the garden hello Oh Andy Andy star says my wife is the best seamstress

seamstress a lady who will repair clothing or make clothing quite often

fashion in fashion we often describe someone as a seamstress they produce

they create clothes normally for women ladies women's clothes for ladies ladies

hello to Anna I wasn't a reckless girl when I was little but at the opposite I

was very I was the opposite I was very cautious so yes you can have those two

words as opposites reckless you do something without care cautious you do

something very carefully they are actually opposites artsby is going see

you artsby see you later we have some strange words coming up in a

are you ready to see some strange words I hope so so that's what we're doing in

a few moments time however right now if I can find my mouse I don't know why

sometimes my mouse vanishes my little mouse on my screen we will take a little

break and then we are back with some unusual words some strange words that

are common but seem very weird


wonderful the wonderful sight it's a shame you can't smell the aroma from the

that all of the garlic that is growing around here at the moment it is

incredible it really is amazing I think this year we are we've had the best show

of of garlic around here it is everywhere and there are thousands and

thousands of small white flowers all around the area in which I live it looks

rather nice I hope you enjoyed that a little bit of editing there that I did a

couple of weeks ago during one of my walks and I thought I would show it

again because it is also something I enjoy watching as well as you I hope

here we go then as we come to the wards the end we will be finishing we have

some unusual words and then I suppose at the end of today's livestream we will

have a little dance would you like a dance are you going to join in with my

dance that is the big question don't forget also if you like what you see if

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so very nice indeed thanks a lot for your

company we are going to wrap up with some unusual English words are you ready

mr. Duncan you are going to delight us with a little dance I will be dancing at

the end of today's live stream and then afterwards I will be going into a very

dark room to have a lie down on the bed here we go

Oh some unusual words for a Friday afternoon here's a nice one to talk if

you tootle it means you move around you move about slowly carefully to wonder

from place to place you tootle I love this word you might go for a tootle

around town you might go for a tootle in your car too tall it means to move

around to go around maybe you go from one place to another you move around

slowly without care you do something for pleasure

maybe you move around or walk around or drive around and you have a little bit

of fun at the same time you tootle tootle I love this word it's one of my

favourite words tootle I'm just going off for a tootle around the field tootle

you have a little tootle tootle I like to go for a tootle you

might like to tootle in your car move around move about you tootle tootle

it's very similar to toot I suppose if you make the sound of your car beep that

is toot you toot your horn here's another one

Oh mr. Duncan this is a very strange word I don't know what this word is mr.

Duncan please tell us can you please tell us what this word is okay I will

you asked me so nicely I will tell you this word is pronounced spiel spiel a

person who does something in a certain way may be something that is rehearsed

or done as a type of performance may be things that are said as a routine or

maybe as a small performance something that a person does quite often in their

job may be a person will be I don't know selling may be a person is a Salesman or

a saleswoman and they have a certain way of doing something they will say things

in a certain way to perform their job we call it spiel spiel it sounds German

and that's because it is it is a german word but we also use it in english

spheal you are saying things doing things in a

certain way quite often we will use it maybe negatively if a person is trying

to sell something to us we might say oh please I don't need I don't need your

spiel I don't need your spiel I keep doing that today excuse me I don't know

why I keep banging my hand on something here and it's very annoying excuse me a


very annoying so there it is if I can get it the right way up spiel a person

who talks in a certain way does just things in a certain way

normally in their job if they are memorising a certain way of selling

something you go through a performance it is a little bit like performing your

spiel the things that you have to say spiel a Salesman will say things to get

you to buy the product he will use spiel he will use certain words certain

phrases certain ways of trying to persuade you to buy the product he will

use spiel it's a great word you could also pronounce it spiel as well some

people will pronounce it spiel some people will pronounce it a in the form

that it's supposed to be pronounced spiel which is German you are using

words in a certain way Lille yes you are right it is a German word oh here's

another one this is a word that is used a lot in English so this is a word that

is a real word I'm not making these words up even though some people think I

am you pronounce this garnishee garnishee this is quite often used in

legal terms in law quite often if you owe money to a company or group of

people someone else is allowed to come and take that money that you earn so for

example maybe your salary someone will take some of your salary away to pay the

bills or maybe you have a debt maybe you owe money to someone and

unfortunately you haven't paid any money for a long time then another person

might come along and they will take some of your salary to pay the bill

we call it garnishee garnishee so this is used in in law to mean a

third party who is allowed to come along and take money so as to pay off debt

maybe you have borrowed some money from the bank or maybe you have a mortgage

you've borrowed some money from the bank to buy a house however you have not been

paying the money back so the company that you owe the money to

will take you to court and they will garnishee your salary they will be able

force someone to take the money from your salary so quite often if you use

this word quite often it is when you have got to the point where you Oh

someone a lot of money if you owe money to someone if you have to give someone

money that you've borrowed in law they can make you give the money back they

will take it from you they will garnishee your salary they will

take the money from you it does happen a lot including here in the UK as well so

you can have your salary or some of your salary taken away by force if you don't

pay the bills especially if you owe money to someone else maybe a credit

card maybe you owe money on a credit card here's another one swathe ah

swathe you are enjoying something slave embrace fold your arms swathe you are

carried away by the moment swathe swathe isn't that lovely sway I like that word

I think I might swathe after this lesson has finished sways oh I might drift away

into my own little world good to think of it I exist in my own little world

anyway I don't need to go there I'm already there here we have another one

another legal word so this is another word that is used in law you may have

heard this word being used in I don't know maybe some sort of TV show about

the police and the law here it is oh yes mr. Duncan that is the very

interesting word this is pronounced subpoena subpoena what I hear you ask is

a subpoena when we say subpoena we mean an order from maybe the police or maybe

from another lawyer to appear in court so you can be forced to appear in court

maybe as a witness or maybe as the defense for a person who is in trouble

with the police they will issue they will give you a subpoena subpoena Wow

I like this word it's a very unusual-looking word it doesn't look

real however it is subpoena you can give someone a subpoena you can also use it

as a verb you can also Pina someone which means that you are

forcing them you are telling them that they must come to court they have to

appear maybe as a witness or maybe they have to give some evidence and they have

to do it they can't say no it's incredible

but it does happen subpoena to force a person to appear in court or quite often

to give evidence as well you can subpoena evidence that means you

force someone to give the evidence they have no choice it is the law interesting

that one hello to Mali are very useful words mr. Duncan thank you

Sergio is here very interesting conversations taking place today on the

live chat thank you very much yes subpoena the person who can force you to

be in court you have no choice so if they subpoena you you have to go to

court so maybe you've done nothing wrong but maybe you have some evidence that

they need and you are the only person that can give that evidence they will

tell you that you must go to court I think maybe one day one day we will do a

lesson all about words and phrases connected to law would that be good

would you like that yes I think so

yes here's our final word so this is our final weird unusual word for today or

mr. Duncan what does that mean Shara bang a Shara bang

quite often a group of people who will go away somewhere they will go away on a

shower bank however in its original form this meant an old type of cart that

would carry many people at the same time a shower bank and that's how you

pronounce it so it isn't sharra bank we actually pronounce this

word shower bank a large group of people go away on an outing they go to a place

and they visit a certain area or a location and they go together they go

they take a shower bang however in its original form it meant an old form of

transport that many people could use at the same time it's not an interesting

word shower bang it is real and we still use it however quite often we use it in

a different form from its original use that is it we've almost come to the end

of today's live stream my goodness Wow look at that it is ten minutes past four

o'clock so you have had a little bit extra you've had a little bit more of me

today they're normal so I hope you've enjoyed that thank you

very much for your company today and of course I hope you will come and click on

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screen Sunday Wednesday and Friday is when you can see me on YouTube live

every week I am with you three times a week so I will be back on Sunday and of

course on Sunday mr. Steve will be here yeah

I'm hoping that he will be strong enough and fit enough to join us on Sunday and

apparently the weather here in the UK is becoming quite nice over the next few

days it is going to get very warm so we might be in the garden on Sunday once

more I will be back with you a little bit later on on Sunday 2:00 p.m. UK time

I hope you have a great weekend enjoy the rest of today have a great

Friday have a super Saturday and we will have some fun on Sunday when I return

but right now you know what's coming we are going to have a little dance I want

you to join in as well we are all going to stretch those limbs we are going to

reach for the sky we are going to stretch our arms as far as we can

because it is time once again to have some jazz in Paris this is a piece of

music that you can all move along to are you ready are you ready Lille are you

ready Mohsen are you ready Diana it is time to

move that body

that's it it is time to go time to say goodbye I

hope you enjoyed today's live stream for over two hours today two hours I was

with you thank you very much for your company

see you later subpoena it is a very strange word and I've never heard it

before well maybe tomorrow perhaps you've never been told that you must go

to court so that's a good thing that's a very good thing

thank you for your company see you on Sunday once again I will tell you I will

be with you from 2:00 p.m. UK time on Sunday and that's it that is all I have

time for it is time to say goodbye to you all I will be back on Sunday 2 p.m.

UK time thanks for your company thank you Mary

thank you on thank you shaker thank you also Martha thank you

Quran Karim on again thank you so much for your company today

I've really enjoyed myself and look the Sun has finally come out it's come out

to say hello just as I say goodbye Thank You grace Thank You Mohsen thank you

also - hi Lee Kwang see you later Thank You Unni Corina as well and can I

say once again

a very big thank you to Nicoletta and Veronica thank you very much for your

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English of course that is England that is where I am on a lovely sunny day

saying thanks for watching see you on Sunday from 2:00 p.m. UK time and of

course until the next time we meet here on YouTube stay safe stay happy stay

well and keep smiling and of course you know what's coming next yes you do...

ta ta for now 8-)