oh there you are hi everybody hello there hi everybody this is mr. Duncan in

England how are you today I hope you are feeling good and happy

and here we are again all together on YouTube can you see what I'm doing at

the moment I'm in the garden doing a little bit of bird-watching

we have birds nesting all around the garden at the moment yesterday I noticed

that there there is a pair of dunnocks at the moment building a nest in my

garden so I was rather excited to see that as you can imagine so that's what

I'm doing at the moment I've been looking around the garden I've been

watching nature and at the moment there is lots to watch because it is late

spring early summer I suppose a lot of people here in the UK are commenting on

the weather they are saying how amazing is the weather at the moment even though

unfortunately most people are now having to stay indoors you know why we all know

why to be honest so I've spent a little bit of time outside looking around at

all of the nature in the garden and I must admit it is a nice way to spend

your time even if you are in the house you can look outside your window and I'm

sure somewhere you can actually see nature doing its thing I think so

so that's what I've been doing if you have a pair of binoculars like these you

can actually look at anything really you can look at the birds you can look at

the wildlife as it walks around maybe there is a very attractive

girl who lives opposite you in at night she likes to stand by the window and

wave to you no maybe not probably not a good idea to do that so please don't say

that mr. Duncan told me to do it mr. Duncan said go on opposite please don't

do that it is illegal it is not allowed and you

will probably go to prison hmm very interesting I'm just watching you at the

moment just to make sure you are behaving yourself just to make sure you

are safe distancing are you are you keeping your distance I really really

hope so during this very strange time so here we

are again we are here all together again on YouTube it is nice to see you here

today nice to see you no ice I would imagine

that no one understands the reference that I just made there was a famous

comedian called Bruce Forsyth and every time he came onto the stage he always

said the same thing it's a little bit like me really so whenever I start my

lessons I always say hi everybody this is mr. Duncan in England how are you

today are you okay I hope so are you happy I

hope so bruce forsyth a very well-known entertainer sadly no longer with us

unfortunately but he used to have a very famous catchphrase he would come on and

he would say good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the show nice

to see you to see you and then the audience would say nice

has that helped your day in any way at least you didn't know that a few minutes

ago but now you do you see they say mr. Duncan you are a fountain of knowledge I

always try my best I do hello to the live chat I am just

putting the live chat on so hello to everyone on the live chat it is nice to

see you here hello Connell hello also to Vitesse you

were first on today's live stream nice to see you here

nice to see you too see you nice so you say nice after I say the catchphrase

nice to see you too see you did you say it okay one more time so when I say nice

to see you to see you you say nice so I want to hear you shout out of your

windows open your windows now so here we go we'll try one more time

nice to see you to see you oh I could hear you then I actually heard someone

shouting nice very good it's nice to see you all here again today during these

very strange times I know it is continuing we are still in the strange

times however you may have noticed that some parts of the world are now starting

to relax the lockdown so in some parts of the world they have now said that

certain shops certain types of business can open a game here in the UK it's

pretty much the same everything is locked down so we will be in lockdown

for quite a while to come hello to the live chat once more nice to see so many

people here today I always like to say hello to

you mr. Duncan you are slightly out of breath it's my age you see when I get up

in the morning and I put my socks on the first thing I do in the morning is

always put my socks on because I don't like my feet being cold in the morning

so that's what I do in the morning I put my socks on but afterwards and

completely exhausted I have to lie down on the bed for another 20 minutes to

recover from putting my socks on so it is my age that is it nothing more

nothing less hello yennefer yennefer Cortado nice to

see you here as well nice to see you back on the live stream also Helena

Platina hello Platina Phil I like your name Platina it sounds like a type of

flower is it a type of flower it sounds like some sort of flower to me Vanessa

do you have a beautiful garden at your house yes this is well this is my house

at the moment I am standing here in my little gazebo

because it's very windy today if you are watching yesterday you would have seen

the wind blowing well you would have seen it and heard it to be honest

because the trees were going all over the place so it is windy again you will

notice behind me everything is blowing around behind me so yes it is another

windy day here in England I hope where you are there is a little

bit of sunshine at least hello also to Ana Rita hello Mika hi

Miko I was talking about Japan yesterday one of the things I would love to do is

go to Japan and ride on the bullet train I've always been a very big fan of the

bullet train in Japan so it's been one of my little dreams in the back of my

mind one day I will travel it 200 miles an hour on the bullet train in Japan

hello Christina I have a pair of binoculars but they are not the same as

yours I can look out of the window in see into the distance the sea so you can

see the sea with your binoculars that's great you can also see the mountains and

also your neighbors yeah you have to be careful really if someone sees you with

a pair of binoculars quite often they will be a little suspicious they might

be wondering what you are up to what are you doing with those binoculars are you

watching the birds are you watching the trees are you looking at the nature

around you or are you watching those ladies over there who are sunbathing you

should be ashamed of yourself very nice lovely yes yes I can see a

couple of blue tits so here we go today we are talking about quite a few things

we are also talking about ability I think this is a very interesting subject

Chile Chile so today I want you to tell me something fit something you can do so

when I say something you can do I mean something you are able to do maybe some

sort of ability something unique so maybe you can do something that other

people can't do so is this something you can do something unusual maybe some

people do have unusual skills for example I have a very unusual skill it

is completely useless however I can make my eyebrows move

independently so you can see that my eyebrows are moving independently so

this always causes hours of amusement for everyone around me they always like

to see my eyebrows going up and down so people are always amazed by my magic

eyebrows mr. Duncan how do you do that I

don't know how I do it but I can it is something I am able to do something you

can do and I suppose we can have the opposite as well something you can't do

is there something that you can't do maybe there is a certain skill or a

certain ability that you don't have but you wish you did I will give you an

example so something I can do is move my eyebrows like this something I can't do

is play a musical instrument so I can't actually play any musical instrument

it's one of the things that I've always wanted to be able to do but I can't play

a musical instrument I have no ability something I can do is teach English of

course I can talk to you every day during this strange period of time I

will be with you every day don't forget so that is another thing that I can do

something I can do and something I can't do something you are able to do

something that you have the ability to do and something you don't have the

ability to do something you can't do something you can do and that is

something for us to think about today we are now live on YouTube

my name is mr. Duncan I teach English by the way I've been doing this forever as

such a long time let me tell you many many years thank you very much to the

live chat mr. Duncan I like your t-shirt I love your smiling face do you mean

this smiling face or this smiling face I have a feeling that you mean this not

this Florence is here I have just learned

that my oldest daughter has the I'm sorry to hear that I hope she's all

right it is very sad news a lot of people at the moment are being affected

by this some people don't even realize that they've been affected by that thing

the thing that everyone is talking about at the moment hello Mona mr. Duncan it

is the best time of the day thanks for bringing joy to our homes learning

English is so fun with you Thank You Mona that's very kind of you to say

thank you very much and that is a lovely message and I also like your smiley icon

your little emoji next to your name is also a smiling face a little bit like my

t-shirt hello Ari mr. Duncan I suggest that you divide your livestream into one

hour standing in one hour sitting because standing for two hours is not

healthy I love standing up I know it sounds crazy and strange but I don't

know why but when I stand up I can actually concentrate and do things

better I don't know why I can feel that the blood is going around

the whole of my body however when I sit down if I sit down for too long half of

my body feels like it's going to sleep

that's it really so I do often stand up it is something that I was very well

known for when I was teaching in schools people would always say mr. Duncan why

do you always stand up you never sit down we never see you sitting now so I

hope that answers your question if I ever feel tired don't worry I will never

push myself too far so don't worry that I will make myself ill I will never do

anything that will put myself at risk

hello head ah hello from Egypt a big hello to Egypt nice to see you today

Ivan nice to see you mr. Duncan do you remember me Ivan hello Ivan the answer

is your second name that is the answer to your question I have watched the show

that Bruce Forsyth used to host and I learnt a lot to say the numbers says

Wilson Bruce Forsyth was one of the first entertainers to become very big

and famous on television many many years ago we are going way back in time way

back in time all the way to curdled creak hello Vitesse hello also marina

hello aunt wah hi mr. Duncan hi mr. Duncan so good you

said it twice so good you said it twice Oh ELISA is very smart and a little bit

sophisticated I see ELISA says I have night vision binoculars

my really don't want to know why I feel very afraid

I feel very anxious to ask why you have night-vision binoculars what are you

doing walking around at night with binoculars why do you need to see what

is going on in the dark with your binoculars I'm I'm almost afraid to ask

the question I hope it has something to do with the wildlife maybe you like to

go out at night and look at the nocturnal creatures that are walking

around I hope so anyway hello all so Anna pica Lewis I never

managed to be the first one my finger is not so fast

hello to Vitesse and a pika you were nearly the first but you really do have

to have a very fast finger your finger has to be like Superman's finger

I imagine Superman if he was using his computer he would have a very fast

finger it would be much faster than that it would it would be invisible because

he would be clicking safely past hello Beatriz it is very nice Adela

Adelina hello Adelina nice to see you here as well

Ramiro is here nice to see you as well

hello to Noemi from Meeker sorry for yesterday I didn't notice your comment

about Mount Fuji we call it Fuji san in Japanese it can

be seen from my window so you can see Mount Fuji from your window that's

incredible would you like to swap places maybe I

can go to Japan and live there and you can come here and stand in my very windy

garden hello Elsa pal Miro hello to Fidel Christina Mohan also a dois Wow so

many people here already I love your t-shirt I love this smiling face thank

you very much sometimes you have to have a smile on

your face and a spring in your step

wherever you are in the world and whatever is happening to you

oh by the way I've just remembered something would you like to share a

little moment with me okay can I say a big happy birthday to the Queen the

Queen of England it is her birthday today your Royal Highness your majesty

oh you are so SuperDuper and brilliant hello to the Queen of England

Clee Queen Elizabeth this second there was another Elizabeth a long time ago

but she wasn't around quite as long as this lady the Queen of England is

another year older she is almost she's almost as old as mr.

Steve almost she is 94 today the Queen of England is another year older and

she's still there she's still sitting on her big throne well actually at the

moment she isn't because she's in Scotland during this you know period of

time so thank you very much to the Queen of England for being the Queen of

England you have been really good as the Queen of England I hope one day I can be

the Queen of England or maybe the queen of Much Wenlock

actually come to think of it that's what people are already saying the Queen of

England is another year older and there is her crown that

actually is the crown that the Queen wears so there it is you can see the

Queen's crown so happy birthday once again

to the Queen of England I suppose we should have a moment

Oh lovely Queen she is so nice and she wears lovely shoes everywhere she goes

smells of wet paint that's actually true the Queen thinks that all buildings in

the UK smell like wet paint because that's what they do just before the

Queen visits anywhere they will always paint the place they will always paint

the building so whenever the Queen goes anywhere she

can always smell wet paint

what a strange life that must be happy birthday to the Queen the biggest Queen

in England well okay there might be one or two others so from one old Queen to

another happy birthday mom and many more many many more okay can I have my MBE

now can I have my knighthood I want it to be sir mr. Duncan no maybe next year

so I hope you're feeling good today are there any things that you can do are

there any things that you have a special ability to do happy birthday to the

Queen but she could retire and then William will be the new king no lil that

is actually not true Prince Charles Prince Charles will actually become the

King of England so if something happens to the Queen if

one day she is walking down the road and she trips over and she says oh I've hurt

my leg oh I can't get up oh I don't think I want to be the Queen anymore

because my leg hurts and then she says oh oh cokecake Charles Charles you can

now be the queen of England or right and then Prince Charles will say okay then

yes very good very good yeah Prince Charles this is how he

speaks you see when Prince Charles is talking missus this is how Prince

Charles talks hello and I'm Prince Charles fake police to meet you pleased

so Prince Charles will what Prince Charles will be the king of England

after the Queen abdicates so maybe she will decide that she's had enough

maybe she's decided that she wants to just sit down all day and watch

television the Queen of England is 94 today 94 years old I wonder what it's

like I wonder what it's like being 94 I always try to imagine what it's like

being really really old I'm not far off from there by the way I am approaching

94 I can see it in the distance there is a hill in the distance and just above it

no that isn't the Sun rising that is the number 94 rising behind the hill so I

can see it in the distance the trees in your garden are very beautiful thank you

very much the trees are nice they are blowing all over the place because we

are having too much too much wind at the moment

the sadist says you look great as Prince Charles I'm not sure about that

yes 94 the Queen of England is 94 years old I am catching her up so I still have

a little bit further to go but I am I am slowly catching the Queen of England up

with her age hello to Irene who says I like Prince Charles I like him very much

he is a person who is very aware of the environment he cares a lot about

environmental issues he also makes very nice butter as well and cheese

Prince Charles makes lovely cheese I have some of his cheese in my in my

fridge in the kitchen it's true it is true I'm not making that up I wish I was

Prince Charles actually does make cheese and I have some of Prince Charles's

cheese in my fridge but please don't ask me to prove it because it's too far to

walk hello to real horror stories who says

hello mr. Duncan thank you for your thumbs up don't forget if you like this

if you liked it please give me a lovely big like under this video so you will

see there is a thumb that goes like this click on click on that please and say oh

we like you and I might come back tomorrow into it again I might why

doesn't you have why doesn't your hat blow away it's because I'm actually

undercover so I'm inside my little gazebo at the

moment so above my head if you look up you see

so I'm actually undercover at the moment I'm mr. Duncan

thank you for letting us in on your little secret there

so now you know so I'm not actually outside myself I'm under cover but

behind me that is outside definitely so I'm under my lovely little

gazebo at the moment hello also Adrian floorman hello Adrian

the Queen loves Welsh Corgis for her 18 for her 18th birthday she was offered

her first Corgi and since then she has had 30 Corgi dogs as I understand it she

doesn't have them anymore I think the last one died a couple of years ago so I

don't think she still has them I don't think she has corgis anymore but the are

very strange dogs aren't like corgis they have very short lengths

hello to Christina when I was in London I saw the jewels of the royal family it

was stunning I was stunned I was stunned by their beauty they were stunning I was

stunned stunned so the feeling you get when you are surprised or amazed by

something you feel Wow stunned so we will describe the thing we

are looking at as stunning that thing is stunning I feel stunned stunned

surprised shocked you are looking at something in awe

I can't believe it hello Henry Morgan what a beautiful

garden which is behind a lovely man oh thank you very much is that for me is

that compliment for me thank you I just have to make sure that my head doesn't

start getting bigger and bigger Thank You Henry Morgan nice to see you here

where are you watching at the moment

neisha s-- hello Nashes Maathai is she the Queen for other countries too she is

the Queen of England and also of the Commonwealth which relates to all of the

colonies that we used to have many years ago even though we don't have them now

because most of them are now independent but you might talk about places like

Australia so Australia technically is part of the Commonwealth and that is the

reason why you will see the British flag with the Australian flag and also New

Zealand as well New Zealand is another place that has a very strong connection

with the United Kingdom Tam Bui I can't guess how old you are do you

mean me you can't guess I'm sure you can guess I'm sure you can

guess maybe you can send me away to a special laboratory and have me carb and

tested you can date thing as you see you can tell how old something is by by

checking its ability to burn or you can look at something under a microscope and

you can you can see what what was around during that time how old the earth was

so if you are trying to work out how old something is quite often you can look at

it and you can work out from the other things that are around it or inside it

how old it actually is so maybe you can do the same thing to me I mean I don't

know I really don't know Marilla happy birthday to the Queen of England

happy birthday to the Queen she is 94 today even though in the

morning when she wakes up she thinks yes

kepp Devi mr. Duncan I need you to make me happy in addition to the tragedy of

are the news is disappointing the crude oil price has plummeted as the stock

market is down again you are right the stock market completely collapsed

yesterday well when I say completely collapsed I'm actually talking all about

oil so the price of oil yesterday can you believe it the price of oil has been

dropping a lot over the past few days since all of this craziness started

because now people don't need oil however they are still producing the oil

so every day they are still producing oil but people don't want it they don't

need it because nothing is happening so the economies of many countries

around the world have actually stopped so they don't need oil

and the because of that the price of oil has slowly gone down and it went down so

low yesterday it was actually negative what

that means is the oil companies were actually paying people to take the oil

from them can you believe that so if there is a lot of oil around if there's

a lot of oil in the world and people are storing the oil the price will go down

if people are using the oil quite a lot and they need it the price of the oil

will go up so it's amazing for a while yesterday

the price of oil was actually - I think it was - $37 which means that if you

wanted some oil they would pay you to take the oil away does that make sense

but at the moment I think it's I think it went up yesterday so after a while

the price actually went back up to zero

so now oil is completely free so if you want some oil just phone up hello is

that is that oil is that the oil people can I have some oil please can you send

some oil around to my house thank you very much

what's that oh it's free okay then we'll send me 50,000 barrels ok Popeye crazy

what a strange time we are living in the oil was so cheap they were actually

paying people to take it away

incredible apparently oil is cheaper than water and there's a lot more of

that around in certain countries I suppose the stock markets are not so bad

and haven't been affected so much however the big stock markets and we are

talking about the European British and also the United States they have really

suffered but oil has been one of the biggest casualties because no one wants

the oil no one wants it we don't need the oil we're not doing anything we're

just all sitting around looking out of our windows

you don't need oil to do that you don't need oil to look out the window you

don't know Emme in my family there are three people who are left-handed ah my

brother-in-law the father of my son and my sister Mika okay so that is a very

unusual thing there are lots of people who are left-handed so they write with

their left hand they they eat maybe with their left hand and I'm really glad you

don't know what I'm thinking of at the moment I'm really am I really am glad

that you you can't read my mind to be honest so you have the ability to use

your left hand instead of your right hand however some people can use both so

they can write with their left hand and the right hand so they can do do the

thing with both hands which which is a pretty neat trick when you think about

it so that person is called ambidextrous ambidextrous so ambi refers to both you


like that you can write with that hand and that hand you can do anything with

that hand that that hand can do so both of the hands have equal abilities

Pedro Belmont is here today Petra Petra Petra Belmont Pedro Pedro Pedro Petro

Belmont hello JM rich and a peeker I watched

your old livestream in which you and Steve put on some some bad food from the

fridge and you said it smells like the thumbnails of Prince Charles tickets

that sounds like the soldier thing I would say you know a really stupid thing

it does sound like the sort of thing I would say mr. Duncan you said that you

said that the food in the fridge smelled like the thumbnails of Prince Charles I

don't know why I said that Kap Devi hello kappa devi you are the

best indeed you made me laugh a little

support for you thank you very much for your live donation thank you cap Devi

that is very kind of you very kind I'm glad to be here and of course I will be

with you every day during this crazy time I will be with you every day we are

ambidextrous so a lot of people can use both hands some people can only use

their left hand and some people can only use their right hand to do certain


hello mr. Duncan from a dois ad ad hua our med is here hello Edwin nice to see

you here as well a lot of people here thank you very much oh dear this is an

interesting question can I ask you a question how long does it take to learn

English in your opinion in my opinion you never stop learning English you

never stop there is never a point where you say that's it I have enough English

now I have enough I don't need to learn any more English you never stop I never

stop even now I can still learn new words I know it sounds crazy but it's

true so even I can still find words or definitions of words or the uses of

words that I haven't seen before because English is a big language

English takes in many things many places many areas will express English in

different ways so it takes as long as it takes I suppose if you want to speak

English fluently you have to understand not only the words but also the

sentences and also the grammar so those things can take quite a long time but if

you are learning English or if you are learning anything you can't rush the

process you can't rush that process you can't do it

it is something you cannot do so I don't like to say that it will take this long

or that long to learn English I would never say that in my opinion you never

stop learning I never stop learning English I'm still learning English now

there are still words that I discover new words that come along that I've

never heard of before they are all things that are changing so the English

language just like any other language is constantly changing it is constantly

evolving it is always changing somehow tambri says the oil prices were once

more expensive the masks but now it is the opposite

no one needs oil you see no one needs it everyone has enough oil we we all have

plenty of oil we don't need any more oil sorry we don't need any more oil we

don't need any more no more oil okay please stop leaving it outside my house

I have enough oil hello Noemi a classmate could write with

both hands and write also Oh mirror writing that is something I'm very

impressed by there are some people who can actually write as if they are

looking in the mirror so they are writing all of the words in Reverse so

when you put it in front of a mirror it is the right way round so yes that is

that is that is a really good skill I think so

do you provide private classes the answer to that is no I don't I don't

give private classes if I gave my time to one person that means that many

people couldn't watch this because I wouldn't be able to do it so what I like

to do is to do this for everyone as often as I can I do it all for free it

costs you nothing you could watch my videos you can watch my videos once or a

million times it is up to you mm-hmm hurry excuse me because I've been using

my voice so often over the past few days I think I've broken my voice hello also

me kurogane when I cut something by knife I always use a left hand however I

use the right hand for peeling something with a knife that is interesting yes

there are some things that we do with our left hand sorry we do that we don't

do with our right hand so there are there are things that we might do with

our left hand that we don't do with our right hand and of course the other way

around there are certain things we will do with our right hand that we won't do

with our left hand dear Platina my best friend mika and my best hand is left I

write with the right hand because they made me do it

oh I see so maybe naturally you can write with your left hand but they they

made you write with your right hand I'm not sure if I understand that on trum I

see the different icon in your channel really I don't know what you mean by

that there is a little icon that is down the bottom down there you see so there

is oh I think it's actually down there so down there there is a little icon and

you can actually click on that to subscribe did you know that so there is

a little icon down there and it has my cartoon face and if you click on that

you can actually subscribe to my channel it's true hello - Erik Erik thank you

very much thank you very much for your lovely donation on the livestream

Thank You Erik the deepening gloom over the world economy isn't a reason not to

share thank you mr. Duncan you are very welcome thank you very much what I'm

trying to do during these days is to keep my

own spirits up but also hopefully I I would like to think that I'm cheering

you up as well we are all in a very similar situation there are things that

I want to do but I can't there are things that you want to do that you

can't so we are all in a very similar situation unique arena

please mr. Duncan could you use some words or expressions from some areas in

the UK for example in Yorkshire people say eh up a up to say hello yes there

are many ways of saying hello anyway hello and goodbye depending on where you

go in the UK so there are many different ways especially in the North Yorkshire

around there there are many words that they use there that they don't use in

other places and also in the South of England as well so if you go to the

south you might hear expressions sentences or

words that you don't normally hear elsewhere but there are many I I think

that would be a good thing to do one day maybe I can make a list of what we call

colloquialisms a colloquialism is a type of language word or expression that is

used in a certain place or by certain people in a certain place do you like

football I don't play football even though I tried to last year with mr.

Steve I don't play football no I don't I don't really follow football to be

honest I would not describe myself as a sporty person if I was honest definitely

not hello to Lille hello nilton nice to see you here as well Christina I think

it is impossible to stop learning a foreign language I have to practice

every day for a long time maybe four of my life you are right Christina but

there are things that we always learn I suppose a good example would be your own

job so think about your job think about how much your job has changed over the

years so maybe your job in the past was easier or more simple and over time

things have changed so we all have to learn we all have to expand and the

English language is no exception it would be fair to say that the English

language is exactly the same it is always changing expanding there are

always new things to find out and discover about English add wha-what is

this this is not the live chat I don't know what you mean by that

this is definitely the live chat and I am live from England trust me definitely

oh look it's coming up to three o'clock in the UK it is coming up to three

o'clock in the UK Wow we've been here for an hour already

Belarus er is here another one of my classic viewers also one of the

moderators as well hello Belarusian I think the problem with your voice is the

hay fever you are right this morning I couldn't stop sneezing this morning I

woke up this morning III had a cup of tea I went into my studio

it's very windy very windy today yes and I was sneezing I was in my studio this

morning and I couldn't stop sneezing ah-choo it went off for ages I think I

must have sneezed about 50 times so you're all right yes a problem with my

voice at the moment is also the hay fever so because of the pollen in the

air if you if you remember at the start of today's livestream you could see all

of the yellow fields in the distance and those fields are full of something

called rapeseed and rapeseed has a flower a yellow flower and that flower

produces pollen and that is one of the things that I have a sensitivity to so

I'm allergic to rapeseed pollen and at the moment there there is pollen

everywhere especially at the moment because it's also windy as well so you

are adding even more to my problem so if the pollen exists but the wind is

stirring up the pollen so it's blowing everywhere

so yes Belarusian you are right you are definitely right

is there a storm coming there might be however this beautiful weather

apparently is going to stay with us for another two weeks so it looks as if this

beautiful sunny weather is going to stay here with us for another two weeks

amazing so I must say I am rather enjoying I am enjoying this

is wearing a mask useful for hay fever yes it can be useful however pollen is

very small so pollen itself the actual pollen is very tiny very small so if you

wear a mask the pollen will still go through so you need to have something

that is it looks like something that you might wear when you go into space so

there are things that you can put on your head that will allow you to breathe

easily when you're outside however you will also look as if you are going to

the moon and people will look at you so yes there are things you can wear to

help your a fever unfortunately you will also look as if you are about to go up

into space talking of which have you seen the lovely meteor shower at the

moment there is a wonderful meteor shower as the Earth passes through

little tiny fragments of space debris and you might see at night during the

next couple of nights you will see shooting stars flying through the sky so

last night I was outside unfortunately I didn't see any I didn't see any shooting

stars last night I was hoping that I would see some meteors but I didn't I

didn't see any but apparently there are supposed to be lots and lots of them so

have you seen any of the shooting stars the little meteors that are flying past

the earth at thousands and thousands of miles an hour the other thing that

people have been talking about apparently there is also some satellites

in space and apparently they are all in a group

and every night people are now going outside to look at these satellites so

apparently they're all together and they go by together like that

apparently it has something to do with Elon Musk

apparently he launched these satellites and they are all orbiting the Earth

close to each other and at night you can see them going by

so a lot of people in the UK have started looking out for fact hello REE

mr. Duncan I recommend you eat some honey I think so he eats some honey in

the morning and also onions as well I've never heard of that before I've never

heard of onions before ELISA says I can't imagine mr. Duncan wearing a pink

space suit why does it have to be pink I suppose it could be any color if I had a

space suit I can tell you now it would not be pink it would be purple it would

be purple hello study point hello mr. Duncan why why is Queen

Elizabeth also the queen of Australia this goes back to the days of

colonialism so in the past I'm not going to get too deep into this because it is

a lot of history to talk about but basically our connection with many

countries around the world is connected to our colonial times so Australia was

once one of the colonies however they have chosen to keep their connection

with the UK thus the Queen is also the head of Australia so that is the reason

why you might hear people talk about the Commonwealth so when we talk about the

Commonwealth we are talking about country

that I have a connection with the UK from the past from the days when you

might say when Britain ruled the world I wouldn't say that but some people would

you see I've just noticed there is a giant bumblebee buzzing around me inside

my gazebo come on mr. bumble bee can you please go out or else I'm just going to

be very nervous please don't sting me nope okay that's

really distracting there is a bumble bee buzzing around just above my head after

go on go on out no that way that way that way oh I don't know what it is why

are insects so stupid they really are sometimes have you ever

tried to get a fly out of your house there's a little fly have you miss ever

trying to get a fly out of your hair they always go the wrong way you open

the window and you try to get the fly to go out of the window but they go

everywhere else you want them to go that way and there you go that way no that

way we're used hello mister don't code I want to ask you a question how long to

remember new words for a long time because I often forget you you have to

try and recognize the words that you have difficulty with and another thing

of course is using the words and also listening to the words being used as

well so there is more to it than just one thing there is a lot more to

remembering words than just looking at them sometimes you have to read them

many times to make them stick in your head hello to Platina again hello also

Duong Tran Huy hello to you as well s are not seeing

any indium nowadays what happened I don't think

anything's happened I can safely say that I haven't banned idioms however

sometimes I like to talk about other things other subjects so I have talked

about idioms many times in fact I have made a whole lesson there is a lesson on

my channel all about idioms excuse me thank you I just had a little sneeze I'm

going to have another one

that's what happened this morning you see

oh dear so this is what happens when you get hay fever you can't stop you can't

stop sneezing so that's what happens when you get hay fever you see when you

get hay fever your nose becomes very sensitive

you can't stop sneezing maybe tomorrow I will be maybe tomorrow I will be in the

studio where I won't be affected oh and being really distracted by this beam

come on be this way no this way you you poor why are bees and insects so stupid

sometimes they really are no this way look there's a big hole here you can

come out this way don't fly over there now you can't get out that way this way

come over here bumblebee come over here that's it

that's it yes it you skip no he's gone back bless you mr. Duncan thank you very

much for that it's very kind of you to say so I have some pollen up my nose and

this is what happens every year every single year I get awful hay fever oh my

goodness mr. Duncan you can't stop sneezing

that is nothing that is absolutely nothing sometimes I will sneeze for

maybe an hour or maybe two hours so sometimes I can't stop sneezing at all

it goes on for a very long time don't worry it isn't anything else before

anyone says mr. Duncan we are worried about your health it's okay it's hay

fever it is definitely not

no it is definitely not that Oh terrible is it good to learn English from

newspapers like the BBC well the BBC is a TV station so they make television

programmes the newspapers or television wherever you get your information from

wherever you watch movies wherever you do it there is no such thing as a bad

place as long as you are learning new things that is what you want so I

suppose a good example is I suppose a good example is this because I talk

about lots of different subjects I like to talk about many different things

hello Eric hello also - Annie hello

Tibetan or Chinese traditional medicine will be helpful if you have an allergy

thank you Anna your suggestion Dorota

oh hello Dorota I I see here that you have the same problem as me I always

have the same problem in June when the grass starts to bloom so when all of the

pollen is produced by the grass you will get hay fever

I know so normally I get it during June and July

so that is normally the worst time well this way come on

this this B is going to be here forever come on mr. B not up there you can't get

out that way you've got to come this way there we go

yes yes yes this way this way no no no don't go back don't go back please don't

go back why did you go back over there why oh come on come on come on no he's

gone again he's gone back

I feel despair the emotion that you're watching now is despair because I really

want to help that be unfortunately the bee doesn't want to help itself because

it doesn't realize you see it's trapped there is only one way out

and that's that way but the bee keeps going that way it's going the opposite

way because it thinks there is more light over there so it is actually going

towards the light oh by the way today is a special day here in the UK did you

know that besides the Queen's birthday it is also tell us what it is mr. Duncan

today is national tea day in the UK oh

did you hear that did you hear the little Wren so that was a wren then

singing did you hear it so today is national tea day in the UK it is the day

where we all celebrate the UK's favourite drink

which is a nice cup of tea so around the UK today people are enjoying their cups

of tea and that is what they are doing right now what about you do you like tea

are you going to drink a cup of tea to celebrate okay

look I have my cup of tea here would you like to have a cup of tea with me let's

all enjoy a nice British cup of tea very nice oh that is delicious

so today is British tea day the day where we all get together and we share

our love of tea and I hope you will have a nice cup of tea later after my English

lesson has finished I know I will hello to Cristina

hello FC hello all so mica mica says I like green tea yes I know a lot of

people enjoy having green tea I like my tea with some milk to be honest so quite

often I will have a little bit of milk in my tea quite a lot of people in the

UK prefer to have milk in their tea that be that bumblebee is really annoying me

I don't think in my whole life I've ever been so annoyed by an insect that bee is

really no not that way you can't get out that way I've just told you that is not

the way out what a shame oh look I've got something to show you here here is

something that I'm going to show you some words board do you ever feel bored

I know at the moment a lot of people are spending time at home they have very

little to do and you might say that you are feeling bored bored you have nothing

to do you have nothing to occupy your mind so you feel bored another way of

expressing boredom or being bored is fed up you feel

you are bored you feel fed up something is happening

all the time and now you feel fed up because it won't stop maybe you are fed

up of mr. Duncan maybe you are fed up of my English lessons every day

oh I'm fed up of watching mr. Duncan every day so you can be fed up bored you

might also be sick and tired so this is another way of expressing boredom you

are sick and tired you are bored with something something that's been

happening for a long time or many times can leave you feeling bored and you can

also say you feel sick and tired sick and tired come on this way this way I

don't know what is wrong with that bee but it really is annoying sick and tired

I I am sick and tired of that bee that bumblebee will not go the right way go

on that's it there's a little gap over there you can squeeze through there nope

it's coming over here nope he's going he's going away coming back going away

sick and tired I am sick and tired of that bee that bumblebee is really

annoying really annoying you could also be a little bit cheesed off by something

maybe something that is happening for too long a lot of people at the moment

during lockdown are feeling very cheesed off they have had enough they can't

stand any more no more please we don't want any more lockdown we are all

feeling so cheesed off by it cheesed off that by

the way is an idiom that's an idiom look there's an idiom there there is an idiom

cheesed off is an idiom so there is an idiom today you might also say bored

stiff if you feel bored stiff it means I can't do this oh yes this way this way

come on mr. bumble bee this way this way this way yes yes the bumble bee has gone

everyone the bumble bee has gone it has left the gazebo oh thank goodness for

that that bee was really really getting on my

nerves so you might feel bored stiff by something something that is making you

feel bored you might say oh I can't stand this lockdown it is making me

bored stiff bored stiff you might feel bored

you might also feel jaded by something something that bores you something that

is no longer interesting or something that is not fun anymore can leave you

feeling jaded a little jaded I like that word you can be bored to tears I can't

stand this lockdown it is making me bored to tears I could stand anymore it

is making me feel bored to tears bored to tears

I know this is not very positive but I think it's a very interesting subject

all the same you something that leaves you feeling uninterested so a boring

thing something that is boring tedious something that goes on for too long can

leave you feeling uninterested you feel uninterested I don't want to watch this

anymore I don't want to watch mr. Duncan anymore because I feel an interested

it isn't very interesting and bored I'm very bored with mr. Duncan it's so windy

today I can't begin to tell you how windy it is I think I am risking my life

at the moment doing this I am risking my life I hope you realize that I'm risking

my life here you might be dispassionate oh I like this word by the way

to feel dispassionate means you have no feelings towards something you are

uninterested in the thing that is happening you feel dispassionate so that

is another way of describing the feeling of being bored I suppose so boring and

this is where a lot of people make mistakes when they are talking about

something that makes them feel bored so you feel bored by something however you

describe the thing as boring so you can see here we are using the adjective

boring so boring describes the thing that is making you feel bored this is

boring this lifestream is boring so you are using this as an adjective boring

some people do get confused with those two words

the feeling that you get or the feeling that you might see in another person

bored so once again we are using an adjective here bored you feel bored oh I

have nothing to do I'm so bored you are saying that you feel bored and that is

the adjective you might see another person and maybe they look bored so

maybe they are sitting or standing and they look so bored

Oh what's wrong mr. Duncan you look bored you look bored so in that sense we

are using an adjective a person can make another person feel bored as a verb you

can bore a person so if one person is being boring in front of another person

we can describe that person as a bore they are being a ball or in this sense

as a verb you bore someone so I am making you feel bored you might say mr.

Duncan you always bore me bore so that is the

verb you are doing it you are doing it you bore someone because you are an

interesting dull you are a boring person because you bore other people you might

say I feel bored I feel bored if you feel bored

then that means whatever it is you are doing or maybe you are doing nothing

because quite often doing nothing can make you feel bored I feel bored I have

nothing to do I feel bored the thing that is making you feel bored maybe

another person you might say you are boring so if another person is not

interesting maybe you find them uninteresting

they are a person who doesn't make you feel excited they don't make you feel

interested or excited you might say I'm sorry I hope you don't mind but I really

do think that you are very boring you are a boring person you are boring what

about me am i boring do you feel bored by me would you describe me as a ball

this is boring boring so again you might describe your lesson maybe you are

sitting in the classroom and you are not interested in the lesson you might say

this is boring it is so boring it is making me feel bored so you feel bored

that thing is boring an activity that you don't want to do Rakesh says mr.

Duncan your diction is very clear thank you very much a lot of people compliment

me on my diction they say mr. Duncan you have lovely diction thank you very much

the one is going Oh bite bite Wong see you later dong I have a feeling you

might be in Vietnam am i right see you later Duong thank you very much

for your company today a lot of people have been here today joining in with the

live streams thank you very much is there something that you are good at do

you have a special skill is there something that you can do very

well do you have a special ability I like to think that I am good at teaching

so I think one of my abilities is teaching so what about you do you have a

special ability something that you can do very well maybe you play a musical

instrument something that I've always wanted to do but I can't so that is one

thing that I can't do something I can't do is play a musical instrument any so I

can't play any musical instrument not at all

Thank You Sergio thank you also Massimo is here as well something boring it is

something that also drags on oh I like that one yes so if something is going on

for a very long time and maybe you feel that it is uninteresting you feel that

it really dranks sometimes time you might say that time sometimes goes by

very slowly so if you are doing something that seems to go on for a very

long time or maybe you are sitting at home and you have nothing to do you

might say that the time dranks Drex if the day seems to be going on for a very

long time you might say oh today o what is happening today it's

seems to be dragging the day is dragging it is going by so slowly it appears to

be going by slowly because you have nothing to do so quite often when you

have nothing to do time goes by much slower it takes much

longer for the day to come to an end if you are doing a lot of things maybe you

are doing things that make you feel excited or happy or something you are

very interested in then quite often you will find that time will fly it will go

by very quickly time flies when you are having fun

that's what we say you might be bored by something or you're bored with something

so being bored by something means that thing is affecting you if you are bored

with something then it is generally hotend what you feel towards it so I'm

bored with it I am bored by it so one is coming towards you I'm bored

by that I'm bored with that so when I do that it makes me feel bored when that is

there in front of me that makes me feel bored

the thing is causing me to feel bored I feel bored with that this is the first

time that I've watched your channel and I like your answer style thank you very

much it's very kind of you to say so I try my best I don't know everything

as I always say I am just a human being I'm another person just walking around

on this planet trying to make the best of this

flesh that we call existence that is all I'm doing just the same as everyone else

Adrienne asks a very interesting question this is something to do with

culture here in the UK do you still have a milkman coming each morning to your

door to bring your fresh milk in glass bottles as it was in the past some

people still have milk delivered to their doors in the morning around here

though some of my neighbors still have their milk delivered so there is a

milkman who comes every morning and he will deliver milk around the

neighborhood and yes the milk is in glass bottles really I'm not joking so

the milk is actually in glass bottles he comes every day he doesn't come here

because we don't have it so we don't have our milk delivered we never have it

delivered however some of my neighbors do have their milk delivered every

morning and can you believe it it is delivered in milk bottles just like the

old days apparently more and more people are now

having their milk delivered to their houses again so not not because of

lockdown but generally generally people are starting to have their milk

delivered again Thank You Adrian that is a very interesting question

Sergio says I am bored by being bored with a boring being yes sometimes being

with a person who is boring can leave you feel very bored a boring person who

makes you feel bored can be a very boring experience it really can you're

right I agree entirely hello Annie master I am a teacher too but I'm not

professional I had to study to be an English teacher

we have no teachers here it is a problem at the countryside or in the countryside

hello Annie well at least you are a teacher and I hope you enjoy teaching as

much as I do it is a great job a lovely career a great thing to do our med says

I am going to make a cup of tea to celebrate National tea day because today

in the UK we are celebrating that lovely drink the drink that many people like to

have in the morning some people have coffee in the morning yeah I don't know

how how can you have coffee in the morning I always have a lovely cup of

tea when I wake up in the morning so yes we are having national tea day lots of

people are drinking tea to celebrate the lovely drink that always cheers you up

hello Luis Luis Mendez nice to see you here thank you very much for coming on

today nice to see you back Ali says Mr Duncan when I wake up in the morning and

I do not find my name in the list of rich men then I get up and go to work oh

I like that so every morning when you wake up you

make sure that you are not a millionaire let me just check I'm just going to open

the newspaper and I'm going to have a look and and maybe during the night

perhaps during the night I've become a millionaire

no it looks as if I'm going to have to go to work again I know what you mean I

know what you mean Ali Ivan says learning English with mr. Duncan I have

never felt bored thank you very much thank you very much

Ivan that's very kind of you to say thank you very much

around the world we we often have special days have you noticed that so

quite often around the world we will have a special day for one thing or

another thing we will have a special day so here in the UK today we are

celebrating the beautiful drink that is tea but quite often you will have other

days maybe you will have international coffee day where everybody talks about

their love of coffee or maybe you have international flower day where people

talk about their favorite flowers hello to partridge Yves oh hello there mr.

Duncan I have a thought today well done is better than well said yes quite a lot

of people talk about doing things however they never do it they talk one

day I'm going to do this one day I will be a famous astronaut one day I am going

to paint my kitchen one day I am going to travel around the world talking about

things is not the same as doing things so there are people who often talk about

doing things however they never do it and there are other people who think

about doing things and they do actually do it mr. Duncan what is your favorite

newspaper I do not read any newspapers that was

easy that was a very easy one to answer I don't read newspapers I do look at

various types of media on the internet and also on television

so I like to read things that are educational such as encyclopedias

I left my big dictionary I have them I have a really big dictionary have you

ever seen my dictionary it's a really big one it really is Platina mr. Duncan

I like English tea and also a sandwich with cucumber and cream

I don't like cucumber because it gives me indigestion

unfortunately so unfortunately sadly I cannot eat cucumber I can't I'm afraid I

don't read the newspapers I often watch TV I do watch television news however I

don't just watch one one channel I watch lots of different channels so sometimes

I will watch BBC I watch I will watch the BBC news for the headlines and

information and then sometimes I will watch Russia today so there is a Russian

TV channel that has a very good news service called Russia today so I watch

that sometimes there is also another one that serves the Middle East called

al-jazeera so I do watch al Jazeera sometimes as well so quite often on

these channels there are very interesting documentaries about things

that you don't normally hear about so I do like watching different news channels

however I don't I don't buy newspapers I don't not for many many years mr. Duncan

where did where is the sound of the old rusty gate I mean the pheasant I don't

know where the pheasant is at the moment I think

I think at the moment the pheasant is with his girlfriend and I think they are

preparing to have some children so I think the the male pheasant at the

moment is busy may be preparing to raise a family

maybe but no I haven't seen the pheasant for a long time I haven't seen the

pheasant for quite awhile I don't know where he's gone I'm sure wherever he is

I'm sure he's having a lovely time I think so

in Italy we celebrate Liberation Day on the 25th of April I I will be very

interested to find out how you do that because today we are it is it's the 21st

today according to my watch it's the 21st so in four days time you will

celebrate Liberation Day it will be very interesting to find out how your country

will celebrate that particular day because quite often on liberation day it

is or Independence Day many countries also celebrate Independence Day as well

so it'll be interesting to see how your country does that with whether or not

there will be lots of people outside marching waving their flags and having

all sorts of celebrations so that will be very interesting

yep it is very windy today in case you haven't noticed it is very windy here

Dorota says we have a cup of coffee or tea at breakfast time in Poland we

usually drink coffee with milk and tea with lemon or raspberry juice

I like this set Wow Wow I like that milk with tea or lemon or with raspberry

juice wow do you know what I've never thought of that before raspberry juice

with tea I would imagine that's quite nice I would imagine that that is quite

a delicious thing to have yeah you've made me very interested to find out what

that tastes like I might do that later on I might have some of mr. Steve's

herbal tea and I might put a little bit of raspberry juice in the tea we will

see have you ever read the novel written by Tolstoy called war and peace war in

peace is one of those amazing books that takes a long time to read because it

takes place over a number of years it almost it almost takes a number of years

to read it Giovanni al Jazeera got very famous during the Gulf War in the 1990s

says Giovanni I do like watching different TV stations especially news

stations or news channels so I do like Al Jazeera they have some very

interesting documentaries on there sometimes and also Russia is well Russia

today is another news outlet that I do like watching quite often there are some

very good documentaries so they do cut carry they carry a lot of very

interesting factual programs and also documentaries Ivan says I have a

question what is the difference between tired and bored tired can be exhaustion

so maybe your body feels exhausted you feel tired something that makes you feel

exhausted is something that makes you feel tired you feel so tired of course

you can also be tired of something so you could be tired of doing the same

thing but that doesn't mean you are physically exhausted it just means you

are bored with it so you can sometimes use the word tired and bored as synonyms

so to be bored to feel tired of something I'm tired of this I'm tired of

sitting here in front of my computer all day I'm bored with those things

so the word tired has more than one meaning more than one meaning get Lee

hello get all giddy giddy giddy Milosh hello to you what is the difference

between read a newspaper or watch TV for the news well reading is something you

do actively you are doing it so when you read something you are actually doing

something that is active if you watch something it means you are doing it

passively so if you watch television you are just sitting and you don't really

need to do anything when you watch television when you read of course it is

active because you are having to do something you are doing it you are

reading the word you are reading the sentences on the

page or in the newspaper so that is an active thing watching is something you

just do passively you watch the news you watch television you watch your favorite

film you are just sitting and you are watching so it is quite a passive thing

you don't really need to do much when you're watching however sometimes you

will watch something because you want to get some information so quite often you

will tune in you will switch on your TV and you will watch your favorite News

Channel so you watch the news to get the information you read the newspaper for

the same reason you want to get some information however the activity is a

bit different it is a little different Sergio says I like BBC Radio 4 and also

BBC Radio 4 extra it is a kind of cult for me radio for BBC Radio 4 has a big

following not only in this country but also around the world so that is one of

the reasons why the BBC is so well-known around the world because people around

the world like to listen to the BBC I

like a big cup of coffee without any sugar after lunch says Noemi

I can't drink coffee in the morning I always find it amazing that some people

can wake up in the morning and the first thing they do is have a cup of coffee I

think that would be too strong when I wake up in the morning I feel very

sensitive and delicate like a little flower blowing in the breeze like today

so in the morning I don't like to have coffee it's too strong it's too it's too

too much it's like being punched in the face

so in the morning I prefer to have a cup of tea that's what I like to have in the

morning I like to have a cup of tea I will be going soon you have ten minutes

here is your 10-minute warning mr. Duncan give me some best ways to learn

English how much time should I give it to learn English you should learn

English every day practice every day learn new words every day every day is

the word that you have to remember when you think about learning English or

learning every anything learn every day you have to make time to

learn new things you can't just learn English whilst

walking around or going to the shops or it work you have to find time you have

to make that time and quite often when you're learning something if you want

things to stay in - in your head you want those words to go in here you have

to spend time doing it so maybe an hour every day maybe an hour twice a day but

the key word is every day every day

tea with with raspberry jam it sounds yummy

yes raspberry or black blackcurrant it sounds very nice I might try that later

on because mr. Steve he loves his herb all tea he really does

like drinking herbal tea so I will be very interested to find out what that

tastes like so I will try it later on I will try it

later on and see what happens I will let you know tomorrow so ask me tomorrow mr.

Duncan did you try the tea did you try the herbal tea with a little bit of

black currant or raspberries and I will tell you if I liked it mizuki do you

know me mr. Duncan I like cheese too but I don't like cucumber it is not tasty I

I like vegetables very much there are certain vegetables that I can

eat and some that I don't like some that I really don't like cucumber

I don't like cucumber look horrible horrible Adrian says when you did your

live stream in 2017 you always set in front of your computer and now you

prefer to stand in front of it when you do your live stream so how did you

change your mind with time well to be honest I've always

I think Micah's ebo is going to blow away I think I'm going to fly away like

Mary Poppins if you're wondering what I'm doing I'm actually holding on to my

gazebo because the wind is getting worse it is getting stronger and stronger I've

always liked standing up always for all of my life I left standing I always feel

more comfortable when I'm standing up however in my early days when I started

doing my live streams I used to sit in the studio in front of the computer

however after a while I realized that it was making me feel unwell because my

legs would go to sleep because the blood would stop flowing around my legs and I

don't like that I don't like the feeling of having dead legs so I decided that I

would prefer standing up so over time I started to stand up small during my live

streams and now I always stand up because I feel more comfortable I think

it it gives you more freedom you see because I can I can move around like

this so if I stand up and if I want a little

dance I can you see I can just have a little dance

you see you can't do that if you're sitting down you can't have a dance when

you're sitting down it's impossible so I hope that answers your question in a

very long way quran kareem is here nice to see you is well life blogger hello

life blogger nice to see you with us as well I like learning English the world

of English is a firm and exciting place to be

I'm so glad you enjoy learning English and of course I will be back tomorrow

don't forget I'm back tomorrow I will see you tomorrow from 2 p.m. UK time I'm

back again I'm here every day every single day until all of this is over as

soon as the lockdown ends as soon as the world goes back to normal then I will

stop doing my daily live streams and I will go back to my usual three times a

week but until then this is what I'm doing every day so I will be back with

you tomorrow I will be back with you tomorrow

beware of the wind mr. Duncan please don't fly away you must put some stones

in your pockets yes that's a good idea maybe I can I can nail my shoes to the

ground so I am fixed in place t Jang Lou says I love you thank you very much

that's very kind of you to say I was asked yesterday if I ever use whatsapp I

don't use whatsapp I use it very occasionally with my family so maybe I

will get in touch with someone through whatsapp however I also have Facebook as

well so my facebook address is under this video so at the bottom in the

description of this video underneath you will find my facebook

page so I do have an official yes official my my Facebook page has as the

official blue tick mr. Duncan you have a blue tick on your Facebook page Wow

I don't know why hello pal Mero hello will so to Ana I love the way you move

mr. Duncan you make me laugh and feel happy Thank You Ana that's very kind of

you to say so thank you don't forget during this strange period of time don't

forget what I always say oh oh my poor back oh oh every morning every morning I

feel so stiff you are not alone don't forget you are not alone during these

strange weird unusual times that we are all living through we are going through

a very strange time would you say that this time is very weird unusual don't

forget you are not alone we are all experiencing very similar things make

the best of a bad deal try to look on the bright side see things positively

you might find that there is something that you can do something you can learn

during these strange times when you are in lockdown make the best of a bad deal

sometimes you have no choice sometimes you have to do it

you have to do it look on the bright side as I said always try to look on the

bright side of life doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo always try

to look on the bright side there is always a positive thing to find even

though there are no clouds in the sky today and there aren't there are no

clouds above my head unfortunately so every cloud has a

silver lining except here because today we don't have

any clouds there are no clouds at all every cloud has a silver lining if you

look closely you can see it you can see the silver lining finally yes there is

light at the end of the tunnel there is always a little bit of light at the end

of the tunnel there is always something positive ahead even if it is very far

away in the distance there is light at the end of the tunnel I promise it will

all end things will return to normal and we will all be together again we will be

able to reach out our hands and touch our family and friends again remember

you are not alone and that is it that is all from me for today I hope you've

enjoyed today's very long livestream another two hours has come to an end

however if you really want to you can

click on me tomorrow and I will be back with you from 2 p.m. UK time if you feel

like clicking on this man if you feel like clicking on my face you are more

than welcome to do so and of course I hope you will also stay happy keep

smiling and I will be back with you tomorrow from 2 p.m. UK time we are

sharing this weird time we are sharing this strange time together

unghh says this is the most beautiful season in England and Europe well I do

like this time of year I really do enjoy the spring and also early summer I

always like this period of transition as one thing changes to another we call it

a period of transition all of the the leaves come out on the trees all of

nature wakes up again so yes I do like this time of year very much thank you

Christina Thank You Unni Karina Thank You Louis Thank You Adrienne I am going

into the house now I will be having a cup of tea to celebrate national team

day thank you very much RHS thank you LAN life blogger please

answer my question well I haven't seen your question if I

see your question I will try to answer it so what is your question

what will you read what I write I will but what is your question I need to see

your question you see No oh I see

maybe I can answer your question tomorrow because I can't find it on the

live chat Thank You serene thank you very much Lina oh hello Lina I

didn't see you hello Lina thanks for joining me do you do you have the

sickness that I heard on the news no I don't I don't have I don't have that but

I do have hay fever and that is all the pollen going at my nose

unfortunately thank you very much though there you go that's answered your

question I've answered it I've answered the question

I am NOT sick ill unwell or dying you'll be pleased to hear however I do have a

little bit of hay fever which is making me sneeze thank you very much thank you

to Abdullah Thank You Mika see you tomorrow

it is just after 4 o'clock here in the UK

this is mr. Duncan in the birthplace of English which is England this is where

English started right here in sunny England it's true thank you very much

yes it is now 4 o'clock here in the UK it is just after 4 o'clock and it's time

to go see you tomorrow and have a good day enjoy the rest of your day don't

forget to give me a big thumbs up if you liked it please give me a nice big thumb

underneath click like thank you very much for that Thank You Luis Vitesse

thank you very much for your lovely company I hope this has been fun and I

hope it has been useful see you tomorrow 2 p.m. UK time and of course you know

you know what's coming next yes you do

ta ta for now 8-)