If I have someone on my mind and I'm a bit upset about it, I'm a person who will let

them know.

It goes from like ... "Hey, how you doing?

You're not picking up right now, but like let me know."


I know this is like the fifth time I called you.

But like what's up?"

And it's like, "Motherfucker, pick up the phone."

And then it goes like, "I'm sorry.

I didn't mean that.

I love you.

Actually call me back."

I probably shouldn't do that.

Oh well, that's me.

Elsi, Nuni and Linus wrote it from the beginning.

And I jumped aboard and finished it.

So, the idea was already there.

Pretty straight forward if you listen to the song.

It's about like a love where you have a crush on someone.

Maybe you guys have like broken up, and you still wish that you were together with this


Sometimes I just put myself in situations because it's fun and it's creative.

It's good to have a few heartbreaks.

It's good to have a few friends who go through drama and then you can kind of suck in that


That's the catchy part, that's the hooky part for me at least.

and it just goes on and on and on and on.

Kind of like the thoughts in your head.

I think when you're in the situation of thinking about someone, a part of you does want to

get them out of your head.

It takes a lot of energy to just consume your mind with this one person.

I'm in this little tiny prison of my emotions.

It's like ah, you look at the bed and it's like, "Oh, how can I ever bring someone else

here in this bed?

This is our bed.

So even just looking at the bedroom floor is like, Oh yeah, something's missing.

I write everything down in my notes.

If I'm being dramatic, because I've learned, I'm very impulsive and then I'm like, "Fuck".

You know, like, "Oh." and then I look at it for two days.

And if I'm like, "Yeah, I'm going to send that," then I'll send it.

But usually if I've been looking at it for two days, I'm like, "That's so embarrassing.


And then I'll just, "Why would I text this person?"

Some of my notes in my phone have been songs or have inspired songs, because you should

just write it down in the moment and then you can go back to it later and be like, "That

was actually really good," even if it's a tiny thing.

This was me right, so I was all good.

I was like, "Haha, I don't care.

I'm single."

And then I saw my ex.

He replied to a comment for someone who's like cute or whatever, and he replied an emoji

and I was like, "Aaah."

And that fucked me out for like two whole days.

An emoji?

I didn't think I cared.

But apparently it was a wake up call.

Like, "Oh wow.

While I'm single,

I forgot that you're also single.

No, you're supposed to cry over me for me.

You're supposed to ... No, you don't.


I'm living my life, they are living their lives.

And that's the way it should be.

But it is emotionally hard.

When you really want to be with someone your mind tricks you and it's like you see this

person everywhere.

Especially smells.

I don't know what it does to your memory, but it's like, wow, that's just puts me right

back into a specific time in my life.

And when you really love someone, nothing they do is disgusting.

So even a gym shirt will be like ... I don't want to grab anyone's sweaty shirt, but when

it's someone you love, it's amazing.

My last relationship, we just weren't a match and we were on the same page.

We had a really nice talk and just figured it out.

We were just very mature about it.

And it's super hard to walk away from that and still remind yourself that it's the best

thing to do.

It can't be too nice.

You have to trash talk them a little bit just to remind yourself why this isn't working,

at least now when it's a fresh cut.

A lot of the times you want to have this persona or you want people to think that you are okay,

but really are you crying out, because I know you're not crying out.

I can see that.

But are you crying out inside ... in here?