here we are then once again we are back together yes it is

English addict live from the birthplace of the English language which is of

course well I'm sure you know where it is

it's England

yes here we go again hi everybody this is mr. Duncan in

England how are you today are you okay I hope so are you happy I hope you are

feeling good today because I am in such an excited mood I am do you know why

because we are outside once more yes summer has decided to return it's

decided to come back and say oh hello remember me remember me I'm I'm those

lovely nice days that you used to have it's called summer so the Sun is out

everything is quite nice today I must be honest with you I'm

feeling in a very good mood because the Sun is out I can't hear any birds at the

moment I think they are having an afternoon sleep however you are here I

hope and also I'm here as well so far everything is going well of course it is

early days we've only just come on anything can happen over the next two

hours and quite often it does and yes we have made it once more to the end of the

weekend we've made it all the way through to the very end of the week I

know it's Monday tomorrow but you don't have to think about that all we have to

do at the moment is think about the positive things including it's Sunday

since it's Sunday it is Sunday everybody hello everyone I hope you are feeling

good today very nice to see you back it's so good to see you here where you

belong I am underneath my little gazebo there are a couple of things I should

mention first number one I'm surrounded by lots of flies & insects there is a

positive thing and a negative thing about summer the good thing is we get to

enjoy the sunshine and the warm weather the bad thing is quite often you end up

surrounded by lots of small creatures so that is the upside and the downside

quite often in life you find that there are positive things and negative things

even if something is nice and enjoyable you might find there is also a negative

side to it for example you might go out on a summer's day and you might have an

ice cream unfortunately the ice cream starts to melt because of the hot Sun so

there is an upside and a downside just like everything in life I suppose

it is nice to see you here today hello everyone on the livestream don't forget

if you like what you see as I always say I always try to encourage you you can of

course subscribe to my channel if you want to feel free to do it it would be

very nice if you could subscribe and then you will never miss another one of

my English lessons for those who are wondering who I am my name is mr. Duncan

I talk about the English language sometimes I do it in the studio

sometimes I come outside and do it alfresco outside

amongst the insects and all of the wildlife as well have I forgotten my

water I can't believe it how did I manage once more to forget my

water how am I going to stand here for two hours without my bottle of water I

don't know how I'm going to survive to be honest it's nice to see you wearing

your lovely t-shirt with the smile thank you very much that's very kind of you

don't forget you can catch my lessons Sunday Wednesday and Friday from 2 p.m.

UK time however during July I'm actually doing extra live streams next Wednesday

something very special happening next Wednesday I want to mention it now on

Wednesday I will be playing the first ever live stream that I did four years

ago on Wednesday so next Wednesday the 15th of July I will be also celebrating

my fourth anniversary doing this live on YouTube and we will be watching my first

ever live stream can I just say one thing

it isn't very good I'm going to warn you now it isn't very good it's not a very

good live stream however you will see all of my nervousness my anxiety you

will see everything in RAW uninterrupted detail but the good thing is I will be

with you as well on the live chat so we can all sit down together and enjoy a

moment a historical moment on YouTube when I did my first ever live stream so

that's what's coming up on Wednesday as a way of celebrating my fourth

anniversary on YouTube four years ago and of course I have been doing this for

14 years making my general lessons yes I have my smile

face today yeah can you see my smiley face I have my happy face today because

of course why not that's what I say why not we also have the live chat hello to

the live chat wow so many people here already obviously you are having a good

day where you are because you are watching this one of the things I

mentioned last week that I'm missing is going away somewhere so today we are

going to relive one of my past holidays one of my short breaks that I took with

mr. Steve so we are going to have a long walk in the sunshine and maybe a little

bit of fun on the way also we are going to the beach later on as well would you

like to join us at the beach would you like to watch mr. Steve swimming in the

sea well you will have a chance to see that later because I will be showing you

some excerpts from our or one of our past holidays so I hope you're looking

forward to that Oh a lot of things to talk about today

Oh also today yes we are talking about something else yes oh yes of course

hot and cold idioms hot and cold idioms there are many hot and cold idioms that

we can think of I'm sure you can think of some of them so we will be looking at

that a little bit later on as well mr. Steve yes mr. Steve will be with us here

in the garden and because these days Steve has a lot more energy I don't know

why maybe it is all of this lovely summer weather but mr. Steve has been

re-energized he has lots of energy so the good news is I don't have to find a

chair for Steve to sit in so that is one of

the things I don't have to do today so a little bit later on mr. Steve will be

standing right here Steve will be here next to us can you believe it

yes he's back by popular demand so I hope you enjoy that as well most soon

guess what Mohsen you are first on today's live chat congratulations to you

good we also have Tomic hello Tomic you are second on today who's live chat nice

to see you as well many people here joining in I'm just making sure that I

can see you yes oh there you are oh there you are you are there and there

how is that possible how can you be in two places at the same time

Kunal is here and drew hello Andrew thank you very much for joining me today

nor hello nor also Beatriz Donna Luis Mendez oh I don't have my echo I'm sorry

about that Luis Mendez is for you to do

also lolli lolli flower Espoir Unni Carina is here as well Thomas hello

Thomas from the Czech Republic what's the

weather like there where you are is it nice

we are very lucky today because we actually have sunshine it isn't often

that we get sunshine here especially this year I don't know why but we

haven't had much summer so far and that's the reason why I'm outside

amongst nature sharing all of the atmosphere including me the Flies and

all the other bugs that are flying around my my

Edie hello Vitas Vitas is here Vitas I think you need to exercise your finger I

think so maybe you could use both fingers a lot of people say mr. Duncan I

can never be first on the live chat why is that so why can't I be first well you

have to have a very fast finger you see now I think sometimes maybe some of you

maybe you use two fingers at the same time so maybe you are clicking your

mouse with two fingers like that so there are some secrets

there are ways of being first on the live chat you have to have a very fast

finger I think so b-tree is Marcia we also have oh hello

to Mary Glau nice to see you here as well - yes it is a beautiful day today

yes you are right the view is rather nice as well so there is the view behind

me so that is a live view right now and you can see yes into the distance

everything is looking rather nice today the sky is blue we have a little bit of

cloud but the sky is quite nice as well so I can't complain even though I want

to I can't complain there is someone who likes to complain of course and that's

mr. Steve and he will be joining us in around 10 minutes from now for all you

mr. Steve fans and I know there are many of you I know I feel a little bit

threatened by that I will be honest a little threatened that there seem to be

more fans of mr. Steve than of me am I worried am I upset just a little bit

maybe hello Anna hello advised or elvis' hello to you as well nice to see so many

people joining us on this Sunday it is Sunday the 12th

of July we are now into mid summer so at this time of year normally you would

expect the weather to be fantastic for a very long period of time however as I

mentioned earlier we haven't had much good weather recently you have not yeah

I was just attacked by a wasp did you see that Wilson is here

hello also how is mr. Steve I am watching you live for the third time

with my son David Michael hello also Wilson and also your son Michael hello

to you as well or should I say David Michael it is

unusual to have a first name as your second name so that's why I got confused

so hello David I hope you're having a good day and you are enjoying the lovely

scenery the sunshine even though I met perhaps you want to do something else

maybe you want to be playing on your computer perhaps hello Marcia dolly dang

can I just say I love your name so much because whenever I say your name I

always think of that that famous sheep that was cloned way back in the 1980s

and her name was Dolly the sheep so that's how I remember that hello also am

a staff Mohsen hello also Omar Omar nice to see you

here as well tomorrow we also have oh hello

Belarusian Belarus EO is here as well how are things in Argentina I hope they

are okay where you are Wow so many people already here we are

up-to-date with the live stream anna says don't worry mr. Duncan there is no

favoritism favoritism have you ever heard of that

if you have favoritism maybe a person prefers one thing over another

favoritism so you might have favoritism it work

perhaps the boss prefers maybe one member of staff over another so maybe

you are not the person who is his favorite so there is favoritism this is

where you choose one or maybe two people to treat better than other people

you give them special favors or more attention than they normally get so you

are showing favoritism I think so yes that's a good one

dolly dolly the sheep unfortunately died before her expectation of life she aged

before she should have says Jade I remember Dolly the sheep it was all over

the news you couldn't get away from it even though we don't really clone

anything anymore as far as I'm aware I know we use a lot of genetic

modifications in in food cereal and crops so so you will find that certain

vegetables in certain fruit or sometimes altered using genetic engineering it

still sounds like something from the future

doesn't it it sounds like something from a science fiction film hello to Salim

hello I am Salim hello Salim nice to see you here as well so we have lots to look

forward to today lots of things we are going through words we are also looking

at some other things as well we we went away a couple of years ago do you

remember when we used to go on holiday it seems like such a long time now since

we went anywhere but yes I remember when we used to go we used to go on holiday

we used to travel to different places not anymore unless of course you want to

walk around your guy or around the area in which you live so

I miss that I can't wait to get back out there and have some enjoyable trips some

enjoyable vacations and to do a little bit of exploring so now we're going to

have a look at one of my videos that I made a couple of years ago with mr.

Steve and this particular video we are going to look at is or was filmed when

we went to a lovely place in Wales called Lake Verne we and we decided to

go for a walk and then after that yes he will be here mr. Steve will be right

here on the livestream in around 10 minutes from now so now we are going for

a walk up that hill over there and I have a feeling it's going to be very

tiring so we will see you later


come on mr. Duncan it takes so long this is a lovely spot hurry up oh hello

the things I have to put up with look how slowly mr. Duncan is coming up there

told you it needs to get fit we're trying to get him to lose weight as well

as you know don't say anything Shh he's a bit sensitive about his weight you're

here how wonderful this is a lovely spot you know miss exhaustion coming up that

steep hill this is so tiring Steve there's that there is a bench over there

can we go and sit down yes let's go and sit down on that lovely

inviting bench showing that fantastic view of the lake

please oh hello there we are on a lovely walk today we're taking a nice walk but

we are having a little rest at the moment mr. Steve has just finished

eating his peanut bar there we go their energy bit of energy because we always

like to take care of some food with us and have a nice rest don't we mr. Duncan

look what I've got here this is the instruction it's a booklet on all the

walking trails at Lake Verne we that's the place that we are at and that's the

most amazing thing about this area there are so many places to actually walk

around it's huge look at all those walking trails today we there are wanted

there are five walking trails that all color-coded and today we are taking the

what do trail oh yeah that's great I can't wait to see the subtitles for that

that's Welsh by the way and it's the red route we're taking the red route the Red

Road danger if you are going to go in any direction always follow the red

route but it says here this is a steady climb and it gives

stunning high views looking down on the lake at access to the hills moorlands

forests and fields it says there's a moderately steep hill moderately we've

just come up so we've walked for around about three miles and I'm guessing we

haven't got much further to go let's have a look it was just another six

miles to go six miles I'm not going six miles when you trying

to lose weight mr. Duncan look this is what we've come on this walk for to help

you get fit and lose weight I am losing weight see I haven't given

him a peanut barb just get them all to myself during this walk I have lost

weight and also the will to live well the only right you're losing is because

you keep losing bits of equipment look what it says here you see walking it

gives you some very in some smart pieces of advice before you set up on your wall

these are the things that you must bear in mind you must think about you must

think about these things before you go on a walk for example number one we're

strong shoes or walking boots check check take that one off take warm

and a waterproof clothing oh I've got my warm clothing Steve's got some warm

clothing I haven't happened look I've got a rain poncho a rain poncho what's

up what's a poncho it's a look there we go there's a

picture of a lovely lady yes can't you describe it it's a plastic waterproof

film covering that if we get caught in a shower we put this poncho on which is

just sort of just covers you it's basically a plastic bag plastic bag

there goes your hair that goes over you but normally a poncho is something you

wear loose over your body so you put it over your head and then it just covers

your body if you if you remember in Star Wars Luke Skywalker wore

poncho but but apparently apparently most of the scenes were deleted with him

wearing the poncho but there are a couple of scenes in Star Wars where Luke

Skywalker is wearing his poncho always have to get something in about Star Wars

it's so boring mister don't course anyway that's that touch waterproof

clothes watch out watch out for service vehicles on forest track yes don't get

run over don't get run over it's very important I can't see any service

vehicles on that track so I think we're all right for now so unless they're

electric we'll be able to hear them keep on the roads and footpaths yes well

we've got directions there we are on the road and footpath there is the road

behind us can you see the road there it is yeah keep dogs under control that's

it Owen or in this case I have to keep Steve under control yes saying I'm a dog

mister do you want you are a bit of a dumb animal sometimes thank you very

much lock your vehicle and leave don't leave

valuables on the display well the cars at the hotel so we're safe there so

we're ok there we don't drop litter unless of course unless of course at the

hotel there is a special cough of conference for people that break into

cars in which case we might have a problem

don't drop litter have fires or barbecues don't drop litter don't drop

litter let's see what happens if we do so there we go

I've had this peanut bar so what was delicious mmm what a lovely beautiful

spot this is hmm so Steve has just dropped some litter he is breaking the

Countryside code you should never drop litter in the countryside nothing's

happened I haven't been arrested I think we've got away with it

okay then I'll I'll pick it up I won't be naughty mr. Duncan because we're

setting a bad example to your viewers yes so I'll put it back in the bag don't

forget we are influences we influence the world let's recycle don't swim or

paddle in the lake while chance of that because mr. Duncan

doesn't like water I can't swim and it's too cold anyway we don't like water

camping is not permitted camping so no no camping

oh no camping mr. Duncan oh so you're not allowed to over to mints around out

here in the wilderness oh no camping no okay I'm going hang on

it me know it's it's it's camping under canvas it doesn't mean that kind of

camping it's the other type of camping where you overnight in the stars

okay the lake is a drinking water reservoir I don't know what we know that

and a White's told us that by being water efficient you can ensure water

supplies are secure there's a picture of a man with a dog does that dog look like

it's being kept under control it doesn't it hasn't got a lead on it could just

run off at any moment and attack anyone so they're breaking their own rules by

showing a picture of a dog that hasn't even got a lead on so there we go

you found a sign it says danger overhead power lines Wow I can't see any overhead

power line I think this has come from somewhere else maybe we'll find the

power but if we find them we'll show you there we go that's that's bad well I've

got to say really unless if people want to know any facts about Lake Vernon

well later on we will be talking all about Lake Vern we and don't forget I

also made a video here an actual lesson filmed here in Lake Vernon WA but now we

are going to carry on with our walk shall we shall we carry on let's carry

on we'll continue with our wall get your bag right let's go off we go see you

it's in my pocket okay then

all right let's go mr. Duncan right off we go bye hi



can you see where we are standing now we are on the big Dam yes the big Dam and

there are two uses and two spellings of the word dam aren't the mr. Duncan that

is true first the thing we are standing on right now is called a dam dam

something used for containing water normally made from stone and there you

can see this dam is holding all this water in this is the reservoir the dam

contains the water and there is another use and spelling of the word Dam and

it's a form of exclamation a swear word and expletive normally used when you get

very very angry about something damn I missed my bus damn I'm late for work

damn you mr. Duncan I'm hungry and I want to go to the hotel and have

something to eat and you've kept me out here filming for far too long oh okay

then do you want to go back to the hotel I'm only joking I think Steve I would

never swear mr. Duncan I'm hungry as well though to be honest so shall we go

back to the hotel now yes we're going back right now

who remembers that that was a couple of years ago and we went to Wales one of

our favorite places to visit and we absolutely loved it there

identity that he is its mr. Steve well mr. Duncan you must might wonder why I'm

wearing these glasses No well I'll tell you why because I spotted

some people earlier on and I think they're looking for us

I think they've heard about is that we live in this area so I thought I'd be in

disguise have-have those tourist groups started coming again yes they're on the

the mr. Duncan a mr. Steve tour have much Wenlock and we don't want to be

spotted quick I think there's somebody over there mr. Duncan this is how famous

we've become now in this area there is actually a trail named after us they

call it the mr. Duncan mr. Steve Trail and it takes everyone right past our

garden and people will stand at the top of the hill won't they and they were

watch and they will look out they're trying to see Steve in the garden

cutting cutting the grass or maybe they're trying to look into our bathroom

to see if they can catch me sitting on the toilet things like that you know

this is what happens when you become a celebrity on YouTube we're joking of

course hello everybody and lovely to see you

that's very bright out here mr. Duncan it is no need to keep those glasses on

yes it is actually bright lots of nice comments about your video oh darn our

thinkers said that she wants to visit lots of different places in the UK oh

that's great more places I hope you get a chance to do that because even we

can't do it at the moment heavy tasks Hello Dolly and nor and - everybody else

is saying hello to me it's very nice it's very nice to see you here today I

hope you are feeling good mr. Steve have you haven't had a good week now you were

a little bit frustrated because the weather hasn't been great I don't want

to talk too much about the weather because that's what that's basically

what English people do all we ever talk about here in England is the weather all

the time we never stop talking about it it is one of the things we love tour

King about all the time the weather but you wanted to do some work in the garden

but the weather was bad but it looks like this week or should I say next week

there will be some nice weather so I will have a no excuse for not working

hard in the garden that's it you will have to roll up your sleeves mr. Steve

and get out in the garden next week because the weather is going to be

really good I've already been doing some this morning Ridley filming oh yes I

didn't film you know I didn't have time because I was in a little bit of a rush

you see I don't know I don't know how I don't know how it happened but I ended

up in a big rush so what are we talking about today

we've have because because it's a hot day it's a hot day and sometimes mr.

Steve we're at night mr. Steve feels cold I thought we would look at some

idioms connected with hot and cold

sounds very interesting does that sound like a good idea have

you already announced that I have I gave a big announcement earlier I got on the

roof of the house I went up onto the roof of the house and I shouted it all

over the place so everyone knows now well somebody wants to visit Scotland

Romano I think is in Scotland or somebody else's in Scotland Romano is

commenting about it yes satury know is asking Diana Diana actually lives in

Scotland really that's not far away if I remember right between near Edinburgh

Diana yes well I've just been watching the news and Nicola Sturgeon oh yeah

Nicola Sturgeon Nicola Sturgeon was on the on the television telling people

about the the lockdown how they are slowly coming out and I don't think they

want British people visiting just yet really because we're all infected with

the virus yeah and I don't think really anybody in Europe wants us to go there

at the moment it's I think the England has become like like a plague nation no

one no one wants us to go in them and they don't want to come here

either but we'd love to go to Scotland I remember years ago mr. Duncan got a

lovely holiday to Scotland yeah and I went to the Isle of Arran Aran Isle of

Arran isn't that where they make the jumpers it is correct sweaters there is

a certain type of sheep isn't a probably it's on the west coast and and we went

we drove through Glencoe ah the beautiful scenic spot yes Road going

through this barren land with these lovely hills in the distance either side

of the road and what did I hear coming in in the distance mr. doe is it is it

car relate it is I saw I heard this fantastic engine note I turned round of

an Aston Martin shot past me I was in the lay-by and it came roaring past and

I can still picture it to this day in fact I've got photographs of it I might

get the map next time yes so as sure as some of your your photographs from the

pest forget the scenery all I remember is the car it's interesting isn't it I

would imagine every notable moment from your life somehow is is connected or

related to at least one vehicle of some sort yes I've got it draws lots of

things in cars mr. Dimmick talking of old pictures yes

last Friday I was looking at some photographs of well you when you came to

China and so I thought I would show one of them because I love this picture we

look I think we look so cool wait wait a minute I'm supposed to be sneezing not

you well I'm waiting for my bless you

bless you that's what you say after somebody sneezes is it obviously mr.

Duncan doesn't think that I'm worthy of a blessed you you are not you don't

deserve a blessing why not don't for many reasons

anyway I've recovered so we we showed some pictures on Friday of you when you

came to China but we look so lovely in photograph I couldn't I couldn't resist

showing it again here it is look at his there now the interesting

thing is Steve at the moment has exactly the same sunglasses I do so the sense

sunglasses you are wearing now are actually the same sunglasses that are in

that picture let's just do a little comparison so there they are there those

are the same sunglasses that Steve is was wearing 14 years ago so it just

shows how long I never throw anything away

as you know mr. Duncan how they are so exactly and I must admit you look you

look quite young there and I think I look young but I don't think I've

changed you look cool I don't think I've changed mr. Duncan I look exactly the

same I think we look so cool and sophisticated so my skin looks quite

good they let other people be the judge do you think we look the same now we

shouldn't invite our those kinds of answers mr. Duncan because we might not

like the responses that we get is the problem you see this is sometimes when

you ask for an honest answer it might not mean that you actually want an

honest answer you said do you know what I mean yes I do yes so they Pedro says

I'd like a pop star Oh Thank You Pedro Pedro Belmont is here

I've seen your pictures with your long flowing locks and I'm very impressed

what's going on here how do you showed me last week but I don't think Pedro is

on at the time oh I see I thought pendrick's Petra was on I'm sure he was

I show you my long flowing locks yeah do you have long hair no well not on my

head not only head anyway everywhere else neck is that it was a horse a horse

it was an angry horse we have we have a neighbor nearby and they own two horses

but sometimes the the lady who lives there she takes one of the horses out

for a ride and the horse that's left behind gets really angry in star

it's complaining so it starts what's that what how do you describe the sound

of a horse is it no that's that is the sound what yes what's the word Hey

no is it may or whimmy I'm going to sneeze now wait there everybody now

things that we've got a certain virus we have not we can't stop sneeze

we have not got CV 2019 I'm gonna sneeze again you have to wear a big a big globe

or maybe with some air coming in and a filter you know what this is this is hay

fever it's nothing else it isn't CV 19 it's C that's it you see I can say that

so we instead of saying we are saying C V 19 you know where the best place to be

at the moment if you suffer from hay fever in the house the best place even

better than that okay apparently it's your car huh really your car is the best

place to be if you suffer from hay fever because while certainly a modern car

because they've got all these filters filter out the pollen yes so next maybe

next week we can do our live stream from in mr. Steve's car yes with the air

conditioning on and then we won't sneeze we don't need the air conditioning you

just need the filter on somebody asked a question oh okay your new carry-on are

see if I can find it the one strange thing though is that mr.

Steve doesn't get hay fever but even this year because the pollen

there is so much pollen in the air even Steve is sneezing so Steve normally

doesn't get it so you can see how bad it is so someone who never gets hay fever

is actually suffering from hay fever just a little just a touch a tad mmm tad

it means a small amount tad a little tiny little bit just slightly this

photograph by the way was taken in 2006 this is 14 years ago that's what we look

like this is what we look like now hello

hello well uh eh s o s oj says you look younger mr. Steve do you mean I look

younger now I presume is what you mean I think I think it's the old photograph

never mind what a picture you look the same well

here's a question mr. Duncan and it's gone again it'd be lovely to have that

question yes I'm being very made sure miss Jin here and being very patient I

thought yeah this teaching channel if it is English yes that's what we do we talk

about the English language by the way if you want captions you can actually press

C on your keyboard don't don't enter it on the live chat

just press it just press C and you will have live captions as if by magic

Dewey Tran says hi mr. Duncan ah mr. C hi to you too hi what is the verb in

English that can express this sentence I wait for him to take him to school I

wait for him to take him what is what is the verb in English that can express

this sentence does that mean anything to you mr. Duncan

well wait wait is the verb you are waiting there's your answer

yes you are waiting you're waiting waiting

well old quack asked what's the sound the horse makes is that what you were

answering yes I think it's Winnie I think when a horse makes a noise I'm

sure it's Winnie or nay or Winnie or nay is that a donkey that makes it winnie is

it sounds like a wee Steve does a very good donkey impression don't you oh yes

very good that's it that's very good you don't kick you've

got the face right I am from Turkey says angel girl but we've been to Turkey run

specifically well both of us yes we've done a nice a good lesson from Turkey

which we've talked about in the past yes we've both been to Turkey did you

did you forget that you went to Turkey for a moment there no

I was just sort of giving you the attention okay that makes change a

Beatrice says Louie Mendez the last two years I was in Bath and Bristol I was in

London many years ago but I remember Camden Market special original place

yes Camden Market I've been to Camden Market have you been to Camden Market

have I been to camp I've been to Camden well you've got to

go to the market I have I have I don't think I've been to the market maybe I

was sale there maybe I was standing near Camden Market selling myself it's like a

bazaar you can get all there's all these lovely shops and stores full of all

these lovely artistic things to buy not at the moment

beautiful Thais expensive clothes shops Camden Market it's quite famous mmm if

you're going to London it's well worth a visit you may need to spend probably

half a day there I would say to see all the best sights I think so Alice by the

way hello Alice Troy have you been to China yes we have I lived in China for

many years working as an English teacher mr. Steve came over to see me because he

was missing me he felt so lonely all on his own in England he came all the way

to China to see me for a cup of tea and actually I was in Hong Kong and then he

went back I was in Hong Kong because I was in a choir and we did a tour to Hong

Kong and I thought well I'm nearly there I'm nearly in China I may as well go and

visit him yes you know while I'm in the neighborhood

that said well Hong Kong and China are quite close to each other in fact some

might say too close at the moment SAP Torino says here's a good word that's a

good word of use satury no mm-hmm because I commented that I'd kept these

glasses these glasses for 14 years 14 years and she says that I'm very thrifty

yes I think so 50 we talked about this last week actually not not with you but

on one of my other live streams keeping things and someone said that I'm stingy

because I don't like to spend money but I don't think that's actually

thrifty it just means you spend your money carefully that's it you don't

waste your money you are careful with your money can I say a big thank you by

the way I forgot to do this earlier can I say a big thank you to Shane Drewes

for your kind donation on PayPal that I received this morning what a lovely way

to start the day a lovely donation this morning from Shane Drewes thank you for

your kind very kind donation can you guess where Shane is Shane Shane Drew's

mmm Scotland know much further away Canada much further away than not me

think is it Vietnam it might this might take a

while is it Indonesia no it's Taiwan Taiwan so hello to Shane

in Taiwan thank you very much for your lovely donation and if you want to make

a donation you are more than welcome there is the address now on the screen

because I do everything for free everything Shan actually said many years

ago he actually watched my lessons and they gave him a lot of help and

opportunities so now his life has changed quite a lot because of his love

of English and also through the help given to him by my lessons so that's

really nice thank you for your donation I think sometimes what happens Steve and

I do realize this when you're learning English maybe you can't send a donation

but some people are sending donations later so when my lessons have helped

them and maybe they've got a job they actually say mr. Duncan we would like to

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to anybody out there okay I was keeping a message there because I wanted to read

it anybody say you're watching now you're

learning for mr. Duncan and I don't know 5 10 15 years time 15 years from now

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somebody just asked me nor prod do you miss China

well I only went to visit mr. Duncan for was it 2 weeks we it wasn't even no I

think it was about that it was only about 6 or 7 days and did I only come

the once that's it you only came to see me one time because you said that was

enough you couldn't do it again because it was terrible

well yes I mean to be honest know where mr. Duncan was it was winter and you

were in a very remote part of China very remote in a Mongolian inner mongolia

near the Gobi Desert and let's let's just be honest here it was a bit barren

a bit a bit too barren it was it was very very cold

and I didn't want to go I didn't know how mr. Duncan had stuck it for all that

time I loved it but I don't think I saw it in its best light huh it was freezing

cold and there wasn't a living thing anywhere

professor we have messages coming through professor Adonai Asst I've been

watching mr. Duncan videos since I was a teenager and now I'm 32 well I think are

you a millionaire van de jure wait wait there and I need to sort out the age

first of all so if you were a teenager so maybe you were yes you could have

been 18 19 I suppose and then you add 14 to that yes that would be about almost

yes just over 30 I think so interesting I do feel quite old sometimes when

people say mr. Duncan that photograph was taken before I was born and I think

oh thank you very much as though Jade says do you miss Turkey yes we do miss

going to Turkey but we loved we had at least three holiday I would like to go

back there when in weather when the political situation changes slightly

because it it has changed a lot over the past sort of seven or eight years since

we went now last but we would love to go back there maybe one day we will see

what happens we will see what happens yes because we need a holiday we need a

break and a lot of people at the moment because of the lockdowns haven't been

getting holidays and they've been stuck at home and haven't been able to get out

have a nice break don't visit any nice scenic areas go to the beach and it's

only now starting the lockdowns are starting to be eased and people can go

and visit but our local town yesterday mr. Duncan was thriving so lots of

people it was very busy and there were lots of people there but the local

people working in the shops were all making comments because I was talking to

them or they know they know me obviously they do and they

were saying we've there's so many people coming into the village from outside we

don't like it they were saying because they could be bringing the virus into

our little town yes because we've been sort of safe and protected all these

weeks they seem to that the people in Much Wenlock seem to have forgotten that

which when look is actually a tourist town so they get tourists coming every

year but for some reason this year just like the Scottish they don't want anyone

from outside coming in to the towns so it's quite strange talking of holidays

Steve do you remember when we went to the beach a couple of years ago a couple

of years ago we had a lot of fun on the beach and I thought it would be lovely

today because I'm missing I'm missing traveling to be honest I really miss it

well I mean feel free to go wherever you like mr. Duncan leave me in peace

I mean just do whatever you want to do okay and visit travel the world has a

five years okay well I can't do that at the moment and for him he could fund you

to travel the world for five years teaching English I wouldn't be able to

come I'm far too busy yes well I can't go anywhere Steve I know if you've heard

but there's a worldwide pandemic taking place so now I won't be going anywhere

but I thought it would be nice to look back in time and when we went to the

beach would you like to see that now definitely ok let's go to the beach and

then after that it's more of this and this don't go away

so we are now in the car we are about to leave Lake Verne we and we are going

somewhere else somewhere quite exciting somewhere we haven't been for a long

time are you excited Steve yes very excited

that's excited so off we go but the big question is where are we going

so here we are mr. Duncan and mr. Steve but where are we we are now on the beach

on the beach at a typical British beach scene it's freezing cold

we're wrapped up in in woollen winter clothes that sun's out it looks lovely

but it's actually very cold so I've got the beach towel and what have you got

mr. Duncan I have my Spade so I can dig in the sand because we are on a sandy

beach and I have my bucket as well my little bucket so I can put the sand into

the bucket and I can build a little sandcastle whoo I've got the same

matching I've got the blue ones you've got the red ones so are we gonna start

building sandcastles mr. Duncan I'm all excited

I think mr. Steve is very eager even though the wind is blowing it is quite

windy on the beach we are very close to the sea we are on the Welsh coast in a

place called a bedevi it's very nice normally but unfortunately it's a little

cool and quite windy what else have you got there Steve I've got a beach towel

yeah which I'm now using to keep warm with do you hike do you like Steve's

beach towel I'm using it as a scarf to keep warm so let's start building some


oh I do like to be beside the seaside oh I do like to be beside the sea all over

the UK during the summer months people come and they visit the seaside they go

to the beach I don't know what it is about being near the sea the sights the

sounds the weather and also the fresh air to be honest with you there is a lot

of fresh air around today because it's so windy

and look at the sea isn't it beautiful in fact I think mr. Steve is going to go

into the water a paddle you paddle in the water you splash around in the sea

all that splashing around in the sea has made mr. Steve feel very hungry so he

decides to go to the local chip shop there's nothing like a bag of fish and

chips piping hot from the fryer with extra

salt and vinegar mr. Steve appears to be enjoying his chips hmm

delicious do you know what this bird is it's a seagull a very common bird that

can often be found near the seaside or on the coast we decided to see what

would happen if we threw some of the chips on the ground needless to say the

result was chaos you will often see seagulls at the seaside

so our day trip to the seaside is almost at an end as we walk off together into

the sunset

hmmm who remembers that who remembers our lovely trip to the beach a couple of

years ago I hope you enjoyed that yes it is Sunday afternoon and this is English

addict live from England

we are back did you enjoy that Steve I remember when you ran into the sea and I

always feel quite amazed I don't know why but I always feel quite amazed and

impressed when mr. Steve does something like that because I could never do it

you see I could never go into the sea I could never swim in the sea I'm just

too afraid it was very cold hmm we have got people talking about travelling oh

okay yes Mary wants as Astor's do we want to

visit the Philippines Philippines never been there I've met many people from the

Philippines but never never being there for Mary as inviting as the Philippines

huh Raisa is inviting us to Spain Spain we've got a bit I think next year Steve

we're gonna be very busy I know because we've had a few other

people inviting us over to there there are beach houses what shall we say nice

Pedro is asking people to smash the like button yes of course if you want to send

a like you can like and subscribe please like because it helps mr. Duncan to be

seen more across the internet on YouTube so please do smash the like Thank You

mr. Duncan sneezing again excuse me this is hay fever by the way it isn't it

isn't CV nineteen Diana says Diana and Lucy take a tablet mr. Duncan you need

to take a tablet to prevent yourself playing oh he's in a bad way

he sneeze sneeze sneeze but anyway I'm going to carry on and Belarusian and

Diana both want to visit Paris I think Paris when you look at the comments is

probably the most popular place that people want to visit you're right oh I'm

okay I'll survive well get through it only got another fifty minutes fifty

I don't think I'll live that long oh we there right professor ad Don Nyhus is

from Brazil and lives in Fortaleza yes we have amazing beaches well we know

that don't we that's why I want to visit Brazil Steve really just want to go to

Brazil I do so right anybody else we know from Brazil

there's Pedro Belmont Oh even better yes you build the call round and have a

cup of tea with Pedro and I'll so I can I can brush his hair for him what right

so what are we talking about mr. Duncan are we going to do anything else yeah I

was planning to do something else yes there I wasn't sneezing or else yes I'm

just I'm just waiting for my next sneeze I had a feeling I was going to sneeze I

knew it I knew today I was going to sneeze I wasn't expecting you to sneeze

I was surprised that you sneezed it's got very noisy out here angry horse very

noisy everyone starting up their garden on equipment yes

lawn mowers hedge cutters the Flyers lane going over Duncan sneezing we can

hear a horse noise out here today but it's a lovely sunny day people want to

go out into their garden they would have thought the countryside would be so

noisy I know we wanted peace and quiet we did but no no but you know you can't

stop people going in there we've had a week of rain

I demand silence I don't they know you're on this loop realise I'm doing my

livestream they should all be in their houses watching television like they

normally do I invite you to my sea house in the south of Italy says Ali's

Alessandra Oh Alessandro thank you very much right

so that's we've got Paris we've got Spain hmm we've got Brazil now we've got

Italy India as well Jared inviting us to India wait

we could just do a world tour all we need there's one thing we need hmm

people to pay for us to go yes that's what we want that's the last piece of

the puzzle just if you could just get us a plane ticket so we need plane ticket

commendation a new set of clothes is well we need holiday clothes some

comfortable shoes a nice big hat maybe some some sunglasses some new ones

because mr. Steve is still wearing the same sunglasses after 14 years Rosa's

saying that we can go that was she said I can go there didn't it mention you

okay Pele of course is from Brazil the famous surf football player I think he

died recently didn't he yeah I'm not sure actually it's probably best not to

say that unless you know that question never say someone's died if you're not

sure because it's that's a pretty big chunk of egg on your face right let's

have a look at some words and idioms connected with well it is a hot day

isn't it I would say it's I would just say it's hot it's hot it's a hot day

isn't it yes because because the feature we are doing today is well words all

about hot and cold being hot mr. Steve Steve sometimes feels too hot sometimes

he feels too cold a little bit like Goldilocks and her her porridge you see

so he's never happy really he's never happy just had another invite Florence

is inviting us to Switzerland Switzerland now there is a place I must

I'm being serious here there is a place I would love to visit I've always wanted

to go to Switzerland and I want to I want to sample that fresh air I've heard

that the the air is so fresh and the chocolate is so delicious

chocolate and fresh air oh my goodness famous for its chocolate the problem is

if I went there I might not want to come back well you might not be able to get

on the plane because you'd have put on so much weight from eating all that

lovely Lindt chocolate hmm Argentina we can go

there as well sorry I interrupted you no it's okay you can interrupt me we have a

feature today we are looking at how hot and cold idiom so I thought it would be

fun I thought it would be funny and interesting maybe to have a look at so

some idioms connected to being hot and also cold so would you like to see what

definitely why not or else we'll have nothing else to do and all you will be

doing is staring at us looking at the camera like this and that's not very

interesting to be honest so let's have a look at one of our idioms connected to

being cut first of all to do something mr. Steve in the heat of the moment you

can see there we are using the word heat something hot because we're talking

about idioms connected to hot and cold if you do something in the heat of the

moment mr. Steve what exactly are you doing that means that you get very

emotionally involved in something and your emotions take over and you do

something that you may probably regret later yeah usually something may be

violent or you might say something there's probably an argument something's

happened and you get you lose control of your emotions and you do something you

react yes one that actual emotion has when you've lost control so you lose you

lose control of your senses or your emotions and you do something maybe that

you wouldn't normally maybe something that is out of character

by the way Pele is still alive I apologize apologize to Pele

anyway go into that Pele if you're watching sorry I it's Steve you know

sometimes he does this a lot if you doesn't see one of our neighbors

for three or four days he just assumes that they're just this is it he says I

haven't seen the neighbor for a couple of days maybe she's dead

no she just maybe you just haven't seen it oh there we go

Andy's come up with it with a good one ready these are you might have that one

coming up later yes we've got that one could say congratulation to Anders No

so to do something in the heat of the moment means to do something on impulse

or maybe something where you lose control for a moment of your emotions or

your feeling yes so you might do you might have an argument with somebody and

then you might call them a horrible name or or hit them or hit them or and and

then afterwards when everything's calm down you apologize and say sorry I just

did that in the heat of the moment in there's a song as well in the heat of

the moment in the heat of the moment a current member who it's by I want to say

yes never heard of that I think it's yes I'm sure they did heat of the moment but

I'll help you remember that first someone will tell me someone will say

mr. Duncan you're wrong here's another one to be hot under the collar if you

are hot under the collar who you are what you are a little you are getting

sort of angry and upset yes or maybe excited or excited yes so it just means

your your emotions or maybe your your temperature of your body is is is rising

because of some emotional condition that you are in maybe you are excited you are

getting hot under the collar or maybe you are worried about something you are

hot under the collar a person who is emotionally involved

with something maybe they feel anxious or worried or maybe angry or perhaps

excited as well maybe you see a beautiful lady walking down the road I

do man or a man of course thank you mr. Steve we have to be equal nowadays or

else someone will be knocking on at all and they will be knocking on the door

and they were saying or you you are so rude you are leaving all the other

people out in the heat of the moment not that they

look do that has better late than never the cowers are coming to say hello at

the same is it mr. Duncan hello cows no it's not quite the same the heat of the

moment is some of hang that is done with with the feeling of of an emotion yes

you were losing control of your feelings so you hot under the collar so you're

having an argument with somebody you just shouting and you're screaming and

you get your feeling hotter with you and then somebody says oh don't get so hot

under the car don't get so hot under the collar because you've got it you've got

a tight collar on on your shirt and it's keeping all the heat in yes but it's

just an idiom yes that's it but that's what I'm just describing where it comes

wrong that's it and converts it so yes or you might see a beautiful girl or a

beautiful man okay and look at that and you're getting a bit hot under the

collar because you're getting excited there's another one hot hot under your

your trousers is that another one I don't know anything I don't think that's

a real one I just made that one up here's another one Steve a hot spot mmm

hot spot so there is a hot spot so you might use this in more than one way

actually so if you have a hot spot maybe a place where there is a lot of activity

a place where many things are going on maybe you can have a hot spot of

conflict so where there is a lot of conflict taking place you would say that

is a hot spot for for war or fighting maybe also a place that is popular as

well absolutely yes so a hot spot can be a popular place a place where lots of

people want to visit or go to somewhere where many people want to travel to you

will go away you will travel to a hot spot so that means a place that is

popular a place there's lots of people want to go to maybe a local nightclub

and oak a nightclub yes where lots of people go it's just opened it's it's

some young people are going there everybody wants to be seen there yeah

it's a hot spot a restaurant where they serve the finest food and everybody

wants to go and visit it it's a hot spot that's it could be an area couldn't it

it could be a street yes it's a hot spot somewhere where people want to go

that's it popular a popular hot is also an area where you can benefit from

something so an area where there is something that can benefit you or

something that is useful or can be found in a certain place such as your I

suppose I would say your mobile phone so if you have your mobile phone you were

walking around trying to find a hot spot for the Wi-Fi yes Mary Lou says hot spot

for your data yes so if you are using your mobile phone and maybe you want to

find an area a Wi-Fi area so you don't use your personal data in your in your

plan and lots of people like to use Wi-Fi however sometimes you can't find a

good spot to actually get it so you find a hot spot an area where the Wi-Fi or

the mobile phone signal is very good going back to in the heat of the moment

Tomic says I will insult you guys in the heat of the moment if you keep saying

things well yes just a mistake yes not seeing something on the news I'm not

sure if that's just a mistake pronouncing someone dead when they're

not it is not a mistake is he there was a question but there we

go yes my favorite Pope says atomic has become

a hot spot recently hmm right yes probably because we're all back to being

able to go to the pub's again right yes okay hot spot for the virus yes you get

hot spots or the vibe yes or CV 19 that's as we are calling it D Rajkumar

says that and one or two other people as well

aya sophia is a hot spot says azo hmm so presumably that is oh yes the the mosque

in Turkey you know a hot spot yes well it used to be a mosque and then it was

converted into a museum and now it's been announced that it will be used once

more as a mosque some people are happy about it some people are not some people

are not happy about it anymore before I start mr. Duncan have you got any more

than I have I've got lots more I'm good we're not even halfway through yet

we might be here till midnight that is another 102 feel the heat yes if you

feel the heat if you feel the heat it means that you are feeling uncomfortable

yes all you're feeling the pressure of something pressure or something yes you

are feeling the heat maybe your boss has asked you to do a lot of work over the

next couple of days you might say oh I'm really feeling the heat of my of my job

my my responsibilities at work I'm really starting to feel the heat so if

you are under pressure if you are under some sort of pressure from another

person or a situation you can say that you are feeling the heat you are really

feeling the heat and yes you I think if you are in criminal terminology okay

you're if you're if you're feeling the heat it means that the police are

bearing down on you yeah and maybe finding out where you are yes so you are

under pressure under pressure that was a great song wasn't it by Queen and David

Bowie and a pressure under pressure yes people like that one

I fear the heat under my skin as his surgeon oh I see that is that the

alcohol it might be yes sometimes your body

and get hot for various reasons if you are in a warm room it's the excitement

of seeing us or if you've consumed a lot of alcohol maybe you might feel your

body get hot you might feel hot under your skin yes quite a lot feel the heat

is the title of at least one song I can't think of any songs feel the heat

Marietta letters know what that song is yes I know there's a song called the

heat is on the heat is on the heat is our own it's on the street

the heat is 2 2 2 2 Oh and E star says I could feel the heat

from her body oh that's not an idiot excuse me that's not easy and that's

just a statement excuse me there are children watching there's one here you

see there are young people watching young immature people watching this

including him down jeet we may be coming on to that one are we miss yes that

one's coming up well done for support for letting there's no about that one

before it comes maybe maybe you're psychic who knows here's another one

Steve if I can find it there it is to be in hot water

I think Andy star got that one earlier to be in hot water to be in trouble

you've done something wrong and now you are going to be punished you have been

discovered you have been found out you have done something wrong and now you

are going to have to face your punishment you are in hot water you are

in trouble yes you've done something wrong at work and your boss says you've

got to atone for what you've done mm-hmm you've got to correct your

mistakes if you don't then there's going to be punishments you might lose your

bonus or even lose your job yes and then you say to your colleagues one I'm in

hot water hmm because I've done something done this at

work and it's incorrect you may be lost to sale lost a customer or said

something inappropriate to somebody on the phone that's it thing like that may

send a message to somebody and it was inappropriate maybe you you are in

trouble with another person maybe another person has discovered something

that you've done and now you're going to say oh my wife found out where I was

last weekend no I told her I was away on a conference but really I was spending

the weekend with my secretary and now I'm in hot water because she's found out

maria is is getting quite excited oh and says dad could we use hotspot with

anything to do with there oh no that's that's not - no we

going there okay there are young people there are younger people watching this

hello hi kids hello uncle Steve hello Oh tell Mike

there's a good one I forgot that one or should we mention

that one now Oh something that's fresh maybe information or losing off the

press or news hot off the press Tomic yes done something is hot off the press

yes something that doesn't have to be originally I would imagine that was used

for a news item yes on to a front of a newspaper that's it a brand something

something's just happened and it's on the newspaper these days you would say

hot off the press because of course they used to print newspapers but they still

do yes in other words it's up-to-date news they just come off the print of

course many newspapers many newspapers now are on the Internet you can read

them but you can still say it's hot off the press some information some news

that is only just being announced you can say oh we've just received this news

hot off the press it's it's news it's new news but it could be something

you've just found out for example that somebody is is is is going out with

somebody else in the office yes you've discovered that there that there's just

two people who they've been keeping it secret but now everybody suddenly knows

and you can go around and save your colleagues did you know that Julia and

Jonna are an item okay Julia and John if you're watching it's not you okay we're

not one about you you're okay you your secret is safe with us to be in hot

water yes we've had that one haven't we yes yes but I'm done literally 28

seconds ago when mr. Duncan has broken a plate he was in hot water flour who was

yes I mean you had to suffer my wrath I'm always in hot water with you here's

another one Steve to get your fingers burnt Oh to get your fingers burnt now

they're a game that there are many ways of you

this actually maybe if you do something that creates or causes a lot of harm or

damage or maybe something that later you realise was a mistake was something that

causes you some sort of loss such as money maybe someone comes up to you

Steve and says hey Steve I've got this great idea for a business all I need is

for you to give me a thousand pounds and then you you could you you know give it

to me and then I'll put it into my company in any year from now you will

get lots and lots of money in return however a year later this person

disappears they do vanish with your money yes and you might say oh I once

invested in a company unfortunately I got my fingers burnt it means something

bad happened you've lost your money yes so the bad thing in that situation is

losing your money you get your fingers burnt you try something that then causes

harm or some sort of problem in the future

I invested lots of money on the stock market and then the the stocks all sank

and I lost all my money and I've got my fingers burned yes

so something quite it does actually I think it would be fair to say it does

often involve money yes there's that there's an element of risk you do

something where there's an element of risk and then it doesn't come out in

your favor hmm but it could have gone the other way

yes but because it didn't go in your favor because of timing or whatever

either could be the the most beautiful girl or man at school or somewhere at

school what and what kind of school did you go to they're absolutely gorgeous

and you decide to go and ask them out but then you it becomes rapidly evident

that you're really out of their league and you you look a bit stupid you can

say oh I've got my fingers burnt because you were treated badly or maybe of

course you you actually have a relationship with someone

who then takes all your money off you and treat you badly and then you end up

getting divorced and you have to give them half of your money you say oh uh I

tried marriage I tried it once before and I got my fingers burnt something

happened something bad happened yes yes you might you might have been divorced

in the past yes well I had a bad relationship and you hadn't been seeing

anybody for a while and then you start seeing somebody and then your friends

are so why don't you get married and you sound no way I had my fingers burnt once

I'm not doing it unless it I tried it once before and I got my fingers burnt

so something's happened it's gone wrong it's left like an emotional impact a

scar on you scar you probably don't want to do it I think relationships this is

quite interesting actually I know then I know this is a side note this is a side

note so it's not the main topic but I think relationships are probably the

biggest cause of emotional problems mental stress I would say emot--

relationships of any sort always family relationships they can cause a lot of

stress can't they Steve and yes loving

relationships maybe with a partner maybe the person who you believe is is the

person you want to spend the rest of your life with and and sometimes you can

have emotional problems because of a relationship difficulties maybe you go

through a bad patch or a bad period of time you see so yes you can I think I

think relationships are probably the the worst thing in life for giving you

stress and difficulty I think so Ricardo wants to know if you've got a

horse we haven't got a horse but there is there are two horses next door so we

have two horses living next door to us no that way I have that way then yes to

hold at those two horses in a big field and they who's got horses there I was

looking on the screen you see if I knew that was it is that way

I get used to it all back to front ah yes there are horses over there in the

field but what happens sometimes is the lady who lives there she takes one of

the horses out and then the other horse becomes angry and starts back a mister

screaming and shouting we will have a little break in a moment well yeah we'll

have a break at four here's another one for a week here's another one Steve hot

and cold idioms we will be looking at cold words in a few moments before we

have a break so a hot topic topic there are many hot topics around at the moment

many can you think of any can you think of any hot topics that lots of people in

the world are talking about a topic that everyone's talking about that is a lot

of interest everywhere and people are debating it giving their own of their

opinions constantly but yes I can't think of anything at the moment you

can't think of any hot topics well there is one hot topic and that's the thing

that's going around the world the the space station CV 19 also we have race

relations as well that's become a very hot topic again yeah it seems to come

around one of the interesting things about race topics or when we talk about

racial tension or prejudice racial prejudice it seems to come around every

so often so I remember in the eighties we talked about it a lot

and then it vanished for a while and then it came back again and we talked

about it again and then it eased off again and then it came back again and

here we are now back to that one so there is a hot topic concerning race

relations and equality racism I suppose would be a good word to

use there as well any others old gender gender gender equality

how many genders are there there are people debating that at the moment JK

Rowling who created Harry she's been making comments so a hot

topic is something that is being discussed during a certain period of

time and I think it would be fair to say there are many many hot topics at the

moment politics politics exit yeah grexit is suddenly coming around again

people are starting to talk about that I've never known a period where there

are so many hot topics hot topics floating around in the air I think so

hey hey you're calling yourself a let's come up with a couple of one's hot as

hell yes well as hell that's it is really hot it's almost like a simile

that isn't it you're saying if something is similar to something else as an

expression to convey that feeling it's as hot as hell in this room hot as hell

I sell like hotcakes oh that's a good one so that's once again is an

expression a something that is very popular something popular something that

many people want something that is in demand we can say that that thing is

selling like hotcakes

zum-zum is selling like yes or maybe the new iPhone they on iPhone the iPhone 12

is coming out later and I think that will sell like hotcakes Anna is

sympathizing with me the fact that we're having to stand mr. Duncan can stand

that ours doesn't seem to affect him it doesn't bother me but I'm getting aching

legs and a back ache we are going to have a little break and then we will

come back would you would you watch have a little break Steve how do you feel

about that I don't mind I'm not I'm not quite sure how you feel about we've got

to do the cold idiom we've got the cold idioms coming up so

it's up to you depends on how long you want to have a break for but we'll have

one more Hut and then we'll do some cold how does that sound okay then here's

another one any scandal says tomorrow is a hot topic for discussion that is

correct scandals there is of course a scandal as

well shall I say Jeffrey Epstein that's all I need to say

really so there is a scandal scandal there is often scandal in the world of

celebrity or maybe people who are well-known in certain areas maybe in the

film industry or maybe in publishing or maybe in royalty so even our our own

royal family here has been hit by scandal so yes you might say that that

is definitely a hot topic as well little thunder bugs are out mr. doom yes there

as there are these little insects that crawl everywhere they go into your

underwear and under your eyelids it's very painful here's another one Steve

melting pot a melting pot it almost goes back to the subject of racism almost and

the the prejudice between people so a melting pot when we talk about that we

are saying that everyone comes together so maybe something that is mixed

together something that comes together everyone joins together as one maybe

everyone shares their ideas it all becomes a melting pot it is a little

idealistic do you think yes a group of people who all share similar values and

ideas all come together to come up with new ideas and you can say that it's a

melting pot yes of ideas you could describe an area couldn't you as a

melting pot for ideas yes a certain certain areas in Paris and London and

and famous cities like that where maybe artists have all got together and you

can say it's a melting pot for artistic expression mmm certain times periods in

the past there was a famous song as well called melting pot and if you remember

it I don't way back in 1969 by a group

called blue mink melting pot written by Roger cook and also Roger

Greenaway both both very well-known composers and also members of bloom Inc

so this was a very popular song in 1969 and actually it was in the charts at the

end of 69 and also into 1970 but the song is all about everyone joining

together all of the races around the world all of the different people

joining together the only unfortunate thing is some of the language in that

song is now a little dated so that they want to bring everyone together however

the words they use to describe the people are what we would say now as we

would describe them as insulting words or racist words so it is very hard if

you've ever heard that song melting pot they're trying to give a very lovely

message of unity in everyone coming together whilst at the same time using

racist words it's it's the most unusual song because they that their heart is in

the right place they they mean well but unfortunately some of the words they're

using are not very politically correct now

adapter Eno says melting pot is the same as a

kaleidoscope society yes I like that yes a melting pot so you imagine putting

lots of things I suppose metal so imagine putting lots of different types

of metal into a big pot and then heating it up and everything just forms together

into one big lump mixture of ideas a mixture of cultures so a kaleidoscope is

a optical device that you see all sorts of different colors and patterns all

merging together hmm so just like a melting pot where

you've got lots of ideas and things all coming together in one place yes a

melting pot I suppose it is it is a kind of idea as well an idea a social

construct yes that was very that was very high for looting of me a

social construct something there is I don't know referring to the way in

which society may or may not be made better a melting pot I like that one

would you like some cold ones and then we'll go Lucia says teacher exclamation

mark exclamation mark you haven't said happy birthday to my

niece I'm a little disappointed Belarus here happy birthday to your

niece what is your nieces name can we have the

name is probably because there's so many comments and I say this every time mr.

Duncan is trying to operate all this equipment and keeps keep sneezing then

he keeps sneezing and there's lots of comments coming up and you know we can't

always see all of them but we've seen it again now so happy birthday to Lisa I've

got lots of excuses brexit so sorry I didn't see your message because if

brexit because of cv 19 because of the slightly longer days that we're having

because the horse the horse behind me was very distracting every time it was

making a sound so that those are my excuses if you were making lots and lots

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and it will allow us to come back and do this again and again and again Florencia

mmm Belarusian nice she's 24 Florencia what a lovely name yes hello Florencia

and happy 24th birthday I met mr. Steve on my 24th birthday I was 24 24 when I

met Steve I was so young and so innocent and so you are not innocent mr. Duncan I

was pure as pure as the driven mud cold idioms oh yes that was coming next

old idioms would you like some cold idiom yes here we go okay ten minutes to

be left out in the cold if you are left out in the cold what does it mean you're

abandoned your people are ignoring you because you've done something that is

probably something that people don't approve of you said something are you've

done something you're no longer in favor and people don't taught you any more

they ignore you they don't return your phone calls they don't like any of your

videos they don't send you any emails anymore and they it just needs to be

ignored yes or excluded excluded yes so a group

of people who you used to belong to no longer want you in their group you will

be left out in the cold you will be excluded from that group

maybe you upset somebody and they don't want you in their group anymore it would

often happen during well during the period known as the cold war and a lot

of people would be left out in the cold so maybe if you were caught spying or

maybe working for the the other side or the the enemy maybe the enemy

so you would be left out in the cold you will be excluded that's a good one I

like that one so some cold idioms if I look like I'm

rushing it's because I am Oh Steve you give somebody the cold shoulder it's

similar to the last one in a way that it's more personal yes yes so if you

give somebody the cold shoulder it means that you're you're ignoring them but

this time you you're ignoring that an individual hmm

so maybe but it's usually referred to I would say most commonly in relationships

yes so say that you're in a relationship and your partner ignores you for I don't

know a bit of hanky-panky one night sorry says no I don't want any of that

keep away from me it means you're giving them the cold shoulder that is a very

interesting and interesting use to give someone the cold shoulder well maybe you

snub someone as well no yes I just loved yours so so you're in

you're in the marital bed is there in the marital bed and the husband says

here love love Oh shall we shall we you know have a bit of slapping tickle and

then the wife says no no I don't want to I'm going to sleep now

am i quite a headache I have a headache or the other way round of course yes the

other way around maybe the man is too tired after working all day and then the

woman says come on let's have a baby let's make a baby right now and the

husband says no I don't want to I'm tired I've been working all day

they gave his partner the cold shoulder and then you might of course go to work

and your friend might say Oh how'd you get on last night with your husband or

wife oh nothing happened and you said war did did he or she give you the cold

shoulder I said that means to spurn advances yes

not really no I'll be honest with you I think it does to give some of the cold

shoulder is just to ignore all snug them ah I the cold shoulder last night a cold

show but I know what you mean anyway I know what you mean

it's just that I just love that that image that we we've conjured up there

we've created such a lovely image of this couple maybe they've been married

for many years and that's it all of them hello mr. blackbird all of the magic has

disappeared from no relationship yes if somebody just doesn't talk to you if you

if you see a friend in the street and they ignore you do I want to talk to

you maybe you're upset them last week they snub you give you the culture snub

that would be an equivalent I've already said that okay Archana cold war yes a

cold war yes during the crisis when the u.s. the USA and Russia were not getting

along very well and some people are saying that that is actually happening

again you might also say that there might be some sort of cold war between

the United States and China as well so maybe that is a new kind or a new type

of cold war yes it means conflict but without any fighting yes without the

without bombs and bullets flying around so it's it's done subversive yeah well

maybe two nations are being passive-aggressive yes so they're not

really attacking each other but they are doing things that are not aggressive but

they are still each other yes those sort of secret services of doing things

behind the scenes they're putting up barriers to trade to each other yes it

things like that so the Cold War they're fighting that's oh yes we've got it now

I think that they're not fighting with guns and bullets okay so the Cold War

yes well I remember when it came to an end I remember when the Cold War ended

officially in this year we met that's the one that most people I always

remember that Steve because it was the year we met was it Cold War came to an

end a fish in 89 didn't it when we met so many so

many things happened in 89 they really did

Tomic you see Tomic has said cold war 1945 to 89 so when when the fall of the

Soviet Union and everything started to change and walls were demolished and

everyone started to say all right what a nice what a nice world this is

after all he was left out in the cold in his class says tomorrow yes well we

never leave anybody out in the cold never in these live lessons never never

we don't snub anybody okay sometimes we do unless they're rude sometimes we do

here we go Steve to get cold feet if you get cold feet it means you have second

thoughts about doing something maybe maybe you feel brave maybe you want to

do something but then suddenly you think oh I don't want to do it now oh you get

cold feet you suddenly change your mind about doing something maybe something

that might be dangerous maybe something risky so you think yes

I'm going to do that I'm going to try and do that I know it's dangerous and I

might get killed but I will try it then suddenly I think oh no maybe not maybe

not anger I'm getting cold feet now no yes you might you might you might have

volunteered at work to give a talk to all the other employees you're and then

suddenly the audio that's going to be longer might I might say well sorts of

wrong things I might look I might get embarrassed I might look stupid or I'm

getting cold feet about that and you go along to your boss and say no I don't

want to do it anymore and then he tries to talk you around

but yeah you get cold feet about doing something your fly is all over your face

no I'm I can feel them they're crawling all over me

disgusting out here mr. Duncan I wish they the Flies would get cold feet and

just really nice fish

this fly is all over mr. Steeves face I know

Thunder bugs have come out or the thrips so if you get cold feet it means you

change your mind you have a change of heart you you decide that you don't want

to do something lots of birthday wishes for fluorine Etta I've got I've got a

small insect in my eye now oh my goodness

cold feet in Portuguese says rose it means you don't have good luck OS ooh ah

so a different meaning there but but still negative

still negative yes here's another one to pour cold water on something or over

something you pour cold water on something so yes if you literally we're

to pour cold water on something literally it would have a negative

effect it would damp something down so usually this is refers to maybe ideas

hmm so if you have say you had a fabulous

idea to do something and I started maybe mr. Duncan says to me oh I've got this

fabulous idea for what I can do in the next live stream I'm going to do this

this and this and then I say oh we better not do that because that's not

going to work very well or oh that won't work mr. Duncan I wouldn't bother with

that I'm pouring cold water on the idea so

I'm what I'm doing is I'm saying I'm suggesting to him I'm pointing out all

the negatives even though it might not be negative but I'm I'm sort of not

helping mr. Duncan by suggesting that his idea is not going to work I got cold

feet at the last moment of moving to Canada says flour that's it so you

decided to move to Canada and then you had second thoughts you got cold feet so

you decided to stay where you were now hopefully mr. Duncan's

it is working I don't know with it anything was noticed you see what

happened they my I forgot to plug my camera in and so the camera the battery

inside actually went dead so we're we invisible for a period of time we were

we were in in sound only so for a moment there that that seemed like we were on

the radio but now we're back you can see as again we're back so the camera gave

us the cold shoulder the camera literally said I've had enough of you

guys go away so to pour water or cold water on

something is to - you are trying to make a person feel I don't know upset or to

dampen someone's idea to take it away you are trying to pour cold water onto

something yes quite often if a person has a really good idea when you say oh

you can't do that that's a stupid idea forget it somebody comes along and they

pour cold water over your good idea I think the battery is working now yes

that's good nobody said that we disappeared oh there

was a black screen yeah the screen went blank but that's alright some people

might prefer that you might prefer to see a black screen instead of it just

suddenly finish instead of this another one and then we are almost out of time

we are almost out of time to give something gives cold comfort now that's

interesting so now so yeah it's an interest I said that's a rather

technical one to explain so maybe for example maybe maybe you're at work and

your boss wants you to keep doing your usual job your same job and you ask him

for promotion but he won't give it to you you won't give it to you so instead

what they do they give you a small pay rise so they increase your pay by a

little so you might say well I didn't get the

promotion but I got a small pay rise but that really is just cold comfort

yeah cold comfort it seems good but it isn't really what I wanted and it's only

a small thing anyway so it's cold comfort

it seems positive but really it isn't it isn't a positive thing because you still

haven't got what you wanted the thing you wanted you didn't get yes ever

example I asked mr. Duncan to buy me a Ford Mustang for Christmas and instead

of buying a Ford Mustang you're buying me a Ford Fiesta okay and he said well I

bought you a car it's a car and I might say that's cold comfort to me because I

wanted a Mustang yes well sometimes you can't have what you want in life that's

life you see sometimes you can't have what you want cold comfort so something

you get that appears positive but in fact it isn't much better than what you

had before because the thing you wanted was much better much better

okay what about cold head that's that wouldn't say that was an idiom you can

have a cold I suppose cold-hearted you might have a

cold hearted person yes a person with no emotions they never show any emotional

feelings a cold heart or a cold-hearted person cold fish Tomic that one cold

fish a cold fish mmm-hmm so if your partner the cold fish so that refers

specifically to mister don't do this well I think it does yes there's some

ones a cold fish it means that they don't want to yes

okay so you know have any sexual relations ok Steve Steve there are

younger people watching it but you were just talking about that few minutes ago

mister so that there are young people watching I have to entertain the young

people excuse

lael says cold fish as well a cold fish somebody who spins sexual advances

offered good ii guess okay yes okay then but they're a young people you would

just yummy minutes ago you were talking quite explicitly about this is

hard-working rigid okay then steve says atomic to get a

chilly response i think we have two more we will we will rush these so we can go

because it's three minutes past 4:00 on Sunday and I want my tea cake Eugene

says our boss gave us cold comfort at first but later he gave us what we

wanted so maybe you wanted to pay rise and you wanted a thousand pound pay rise

but he only gave you a hundred pounds or she and then later our new complained

and then you've got the full amount yes the cold comfort at first but then

you've got the full amount yes okay to blow hot and cold somebody mentioned

that wondering if you blow a hot and cold

it means you your your maybe your attitude to something changes

erratically so maybe you are interested in something but then the next day you

are not or maybe you are excited about something and then a few moments later

you are not well maybe you are happy person but then the next moment you are

not happy so you keep changing your your mind or your emotions they constantly

change so the other person doesn't really know how to how to react yes to

you because you keep blowing hot and cold hot cold a person keeps changing

their their mannerisms or their their way of thinking or maybe the things they

like yes if you have a have you if you have a lightness or something one day

95 for example said one day I want to fall

Mustang and the next day I wanted something else instead a different type

of car yeah I might say like you know blowing hot and cold about that I don't

know what I really want the funny thing is you actually are doing that in a

moment Steve is actually blowing hot and cold he wants one of two cars and both

of which he can't afford that's the big part yeah a moody person yes yes you

could say somebody blows hot and cold you could say the Ryuji yes you do never

know quite how they're going to be some people when you meet them they're always

this on the same emotional sort of level happy or sad or somewhere in the middle

but some people are up and down all over the place you could say that they are

always blowing hot and cold hmm I like that

choo and UN Sun says that they have to go now and so did we

to an you in watching in Vietnam yes we will be going in a moment as well it's

almost time to say good to see something in the cold light of day if you see

something in the cold light of day you see it for what it is

you see the real thing not the thing that you imagined or maybe something

that you come to realize is not as good as you thought it was you see something

in the cold light of day you see it as it really is not clouded by emotion yes

so yes so as an example I mean that could be a relationship hmm you could be

in a relationship with somebody and you've been going out for several weeks

and everything's going very well and you're so happy and so everything's so

lovely but then suddenly maybe the the talk of marriage is in the air and then

but then you change your mind and you suddenly wake up what life could be like

with this person and at the time has passed and

the and the the over emotional initial response has passed and you actually see

that person for how they really are yes yes I see them now in the cold light of

day a good word objectively you see something objectively for how it

actually is so in in real terms or in reality when you see it you see it in

the cold light of day yes I would like to buy a Ford Mustang but so I look at

videos for hours on end of people Road testing a Ford Mustang yes and then but

in I sleep and then I wake up and then I realize that if I owned one of those it

would cost me a lot of money sheron's you realize what a ridiculous idea it is

cold light of day and I can see that it's not really a feasible thing does it

it's not a good idea it's not a good idea except that it is and I will get

one birthday one day so it's almost it's almost time to go don't forget to give

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thing oh I see although I might shorten it slightly because I've realized that

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so you're not going to be on live yes the event of your live showing no will

be on life but I will be in the live chat so my presence I will be with you

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