oh hello there hi everybody what a surprise fancy seeing you here

in my garden I can't believe it hello there how are you I hope you are okay

something that I thought would be a nice surprise I was sitting in the house just

and I was watching the Sun go down and I thought wouldn't it be nice to do a

livestream so here I am now it is look there is the time right now it is just

after 8:45 at night so this is evening now in England for those wondering what

time it is here I'm in the garden the Sun is going down over there in the

distance and I couldn't resist coming outside to spend a few moments with you

outside in the garden I have a feeling there won't be many people watching at

the moment I would imagine that many people are now sleeping in their beds

maybe they maybe they are maybe you are maybe you are watching in bed at the

moment so here we are then just for a few moments I thought I would spend a

few moments of this beautiful Thursday evening with you the weather is gorgeous

the CERN is just starting to go down in the distance over there I can't show you

the sunset tonight because well it's a little bit hazy the sky it's not exactly

a very good sunset tonight so I thought I would come out anyway and show you

what is going on in the garden as you can see not very much even though if you

look behind me you can see mr. Steve's amazing grass look at Steve's grass now

it is incredible I can't believe how how well mr. Steve's grass has now grown

over the past few weeks hello to the live chat I'm not going to be here for

long I just thought it would be something interesting to do for a few

moments Wow I'm enjoying this beautiful evening it

is a lovely summer's evening of course I was on earlier did you see me earlier

this afternoon I was on doing a live stream in the garden although the rain

was falling heavily the weather was not as nice as it is now I hope you're

feeling okay hello to everyone on the live chat I have a feeling you might be

quite surprised to see me here I have a feeling you might be quite shocked even

mr. Duncan we can't believe you are here at night well yes it is nighttime it

doesn't look like nighttime and that's because during the summer the days here

in England are very long we have very long days in fact at the moment it

doesn't get dark until around about 10:30 at night so even at 10 o'clock

it's still very light even when it's late and that is what happens during the

summer months here in England we have lovely long days hello - sunshine if

Mohammed Mikkel huafei hello huafei nice to see you here as well I hope you can

see me clearly and I really do hope you can hear me

as well on the livestream I'm using my phone my little mobile phone again yes

so that is the reason why there are no captions for those who are wondering mr.

Duncan there are no captions why that is the reason

hello also quite a loop quite a loop nice to see you on the livestream this

is something I used to do who remembers my late and live that I used to do so

this is very similar I'm now streaming late and also live as well and as I

mentioned it is now well now it is 10 minutes 10 minutes

away from nine o'clock 10:00 to 9:00 at night I have a mansion I have a feeling

I am imagining that some of you are probably in bed or maybe you are just

waking up tomorrow I don't believe my eyes what a surprise mr. Duncan yes I

thought I would do something unusual of course July is going to have lots of

small surprises because this month I am celebrating my fourth year of live

streaming mr. Steeves grass looks amazing you are right yes Steve's new

grass looks incredible look at that look at Steve's grass look isn't that

incredible Steve has done a really good job of that

it is true to say that Steve definitely is the gardener in this family I think

so a Sakina hello ah Sakina nice to see you

here as well mr. Steve grass looks spectacular you are right

Anna Ritter is here I have a feeling there might be lots of students lots of

viewers who haven't said hello for a long time

for those who are wondering I am still making livestreams I'm still doing my

live streams but during during July I'm doing some extra special live streams

and this is one of them right now Sayid Fikri hello Sayid nice to see you

here as well what's your opinion about ramping up of violent actions in the

world well I've seen all of this before this is what happens when you get to a

certain age when you become a certain age like this you find that history

repeats itself again and again so during my life I've seen lots of

violence take place not personally but certainly there has been violence in the

world people falling out people fighting wars and every few months people would

always say I think the world is going to come to an end I remember

hello mr. blackbird it's mr. Blackbird saying hello I think it might be the

same Blackbird who said hello earlier so during my life I've seen many situations

witnessed many news items where people have said all war is breaking out it's

the end of the world 30 years ago 40 years ago we were all saying that the

world is going to come to an end but we are still here so to be honest with you

these things eventually blow over they do however bad things seem there is

always some light at the end of the tunnel I think so anyway

Mikhail says I need captions sometimes but now it is a good opportunity for me

to train without having captions yes I think that's a good idea you don't have

to have subtitles all the time and the reason why I why there are no captions

now is because I'm using my smartphone so I'm actually broadcasting to you at

the moment using my little smart phone is it your spontaneous idea yes it is

I'm going to do some special things some unusual things during July and this is

one of them I'm actually outside talking to you live right now at well it is now

coming up to five minutes before 9 o'clock on a Thursday night and if I

move over here you might be able to see there it is the Sun is on my face so

there it is you can see the sunlight shining on me the Sun is going down

it is evening hello to lolly lolly oh hello

lolly lolly nice to see you here as well I haven't forgotten about you sometimes

the live chat moves very quickly but I will say hello to you I think your

Blackbird likes the live stream I think you're right because that might be the

same Blackbird that was sitting behind me earlier this afternoon

Kaiba says to be honest this is the life that everything is possible the world is

not ending in fact it hasn't been long that the world was created

people used to state that the world would end in 2012 yes I remember many

times even growing up during the 1980s and 1970s people were always saying that

the world is coming to an end and it never did so many many times there are

people who believe that they know the actual date

however they are always wrong they never get it right so relax everyone

take it easy have some ice cream maybe sit back have a glass of water enjoy

yourself and we can all enjoy this wonderful ride together don't forget to

give me a thumbs up as well please can you give me a thumbs up just to say

hello mr. Duncan Oh

Kaiba Kaiba is here as well thanks for joining me this is something unusual I

wasn't planning to do this mr. Duncan do you mean that violence is a natural part

of life and we cannot change the nature or

procedure of life well I think sometimes confrontation occurs everywhere even in

loving relationships even in the most perfect relationship you will have

conflict sometimes it is inevitable sometimes it is because of an

misunderstanding so I think confrontation and conflict is

often a thing that happens sometimes on a very small scale maybe two people are

arguing sometimes maybe two groups of people are arguing or fighting they have

a disagreement or maybe countries whole nations are fighting or arguing so yes I

think it does happen Tomic says I can hear your neighbors

they are not my neighbors they are actually people walking in the field

behind me so they are actually people walking in the field so those voices you

could hear just are actually people walking on this beautiful evening they

are all enjoying the the sunlight and the evening breeze and it is a nice

evening I can't believe how nice the weather has turned because we've had

loads of rain today if you were watching my livestream earlier it was raining

quite heavily it was really coming down quite quickly kaiba says I was affected

by the pandemic and I always try to stay positive and I have defeated the illness

in just a week fortunately well I'm glad to hear and

glad to hear and I'm glad to see you here on the live chat thank you very

much for joining me I've just had my supper by the way I had some baked beans

and I had a poached egg and some toast and it was very lovely and mr. Steve

went for a run he was feeling very adventurous tonight how are you doing

mr. Duncan says Vlad hello Vlad nice to see you here as well for those who are

wondering I haven't stopped doing my live streams and I haven't stopped

teaching English I still do it the

the only thing is I I'm not doing it late so I don't do late livestreams

normally my live streams will occur at 2 p.m. UK time but right now here in the

UK it is Thursday night and it is now oh look at that it is now 9:00 p.m. on a

Thursday evening live from England you might be able to hear the pigeons

calling behind me the pigeons are getting very excited you might also

notice that the apple tree has lots of fruit I wonder if I can actually get a

camera to look up at the apple tree let's see shall we can we see the apple

tree let us have a look there are many apples on the apple tree this year now a

couple of years ago can you believe it a couple of years ago mr. Steve wanted to

chop this tree down Steve actually wanted to chop this tree down but as you

can see there are many apples there are many apples on the apple tree if you

look closely you can see quite a few in fact

there are many apples at the moment on the apple tree although unfortunately

most of them can not be eaten because they are quite sour so even though they

look they look delicious I know they look very delicious but unfortunately

you you can't eat them because they're quite bitter

they are quite sour unfortunately hello khyber again remember my tip is to watch

mr. Duncan's livestream later on repeat and you can repeat everything that he

says yes that's a good tip and of course also later on you can air you can have

captions on here as well so give me a thumbs up keep watching and

this is definitely the best place to improve your English mat Lyndell oh

hello Madeline doll thank you very much for your comments that you've been

leaving on some of my videos thanks a lot mr. Steve is that really mr. Steve I

wonder if that is really mr. Steve is that really mr. Steve I don't think

that's really mr. Steve are you really mr. Steve yes it is oh my goodness we

have mr. Steve on the live chat can you believe it so Steve is now on the live

chat so can everyone please say hello to mr. Steve hello mr. Steve have you just

been talking to your mother on the telephone this might take a while mr.

Steve are you there over calling mr. Steve calling mr. Steve are you there oh

I don't think it's really mr. Steve I don't think so I don't think it's really

mr. Steve I think someone is pretending to be mr. Steve I think so

JC Geordie is here oh I see Steve oh it is Steve are you sure how do you know

okay then what do we have to eat tonight if you are really mr. Steve what did we

have to eat tonight hmmm let's see we're going to test just

to see if this is really mr. Steve okay then so what did I have with my supper

what did I have with my tea tonight come on Steve quickly beans and egg ah but

what else what else did I have Steve I

had something else you had something different okay then no

I didn't have bread you're wrong oh I didn't have bread what did I have

Steve okay and what did you have Steve

this is so weird what did you have Steve

this is getting weird says Steve but what did you have I want to make sure

that it is really mr. Steve you see okay then when he went shopping today Steve

when he went shopping today what did you bring back for me what did you bring

back for me today when you went shopping

I would be a good I would be a brilliant policeman I would be a good police

officer interrogating people come on Steve oh my goodness I can't believe it

oh hang on hello there's the camera the camera is there Oh see I can't explain

what's happening but that's the camera and this is the monitor that's watching

everything that's going out hello everybody so it wasn't me

was that you I was watching mr. Duncan thought I've gone upstairs to phone my

mother okay but in fact I was watching videos about Ford Mustangs typical and I

was watching this video and suddenly on the side of my screen you popped up

that's live stream that was taking place right at this minute

that's incredible I know so I couldn't resist yes and of course you've had a

busy evening because she went for a run as well I've been feeding the cows yes

even the cows came over earlier so behind us earlier all of the cows were

gathering by the fence for a moment I thought someone was was playing a trick

on me oh it couldn't have possibly known that that you had toasted think I had

bread yes so so my final question was what did you bring back for me today

from the shops I was some cinnamon cereal yeah and what else well I still

that this might be the fake sleeve is well you see this might be fake as well

I have to make sure I have to make sure that you are not a clone of mr. Steve

now I am the real mr. Steve okay that's good

so what was it what else did you bring back ah I can't remember what else was

it a crumpet from pick some bits there you go you are definitely the real mr.

Steve good even though you know sometimes I do worry I do wonder

if mr. Steve has been replaced by an alien maybe he's been taken up into the

spaceship where they they have done experiments on you Steve maybe they've

been prodding you and poking you tomorrow says how far did you run it was

about well it was in time so I ran for about 20 minutes 25 minutes so how far

that is I don't know okay probably I would say a couple of miles

not very fun two miles Thank You Lally Roley yes lots of people saying hello

hmm I mean what time it is no it's 10 plus 9

right I suppose I should go and phone my mother yes Oh watch out of the video and

is that a Ford Mustang I'm just wondering if if your mother might be

watching this so you don't need to maybe you can send mum you can send you a

message now to your mother here so maybe your mother could join us on the live

chat and then you won't have to do FaceTime we could all join here together

with with I've got of course you mr. Steve myself and maybe mr. Steve's

mother might be watching as well it's like a big family reunion in the garden

bye mr. Duncan hmm I'm going to go and buy a Ford Mustang no I haven't got the

money who was it that used to be on the live streams from America I haven't seen

him for a long time no I haven't seen him either and he always used to it was

Jeff Jeff - Jeff whatever happened to Jeff in Florida are you there Jeff what

happened to you did we say something to upset you you have abandoned us but many

others have stayed with us throughout difficult time yes well I would I would

imagine that many people in Florida at the moment are staying indoors for

various reasons congratulations on your grass yes we've been admiring it well

it's it's right behind us thank you it looks amazing

I say every day every morning I congratulate mr. Steve as he's eating

his brick he's slurping on his muse le I say mr.

Steve mr. Steve I have to say that your grass looks amazing

every day I say that Kaiba said what happened to Jeff yes we all miss Jeff

yeah yeah yeah yeah he's not there he's somewhere in Florida

probably sunning himself in his expensive apartment by the sea I've

tried calling him no reply a dog barked how does a dog was called Jeff yes

maybe the dog's name is Jeff that would be an unusual name for a dog I know I

suppose oh gee Oh says Jeff sends you regards but how would Sergio know that I

don't know oh I think it might be the dog barking you see I see yes I think

that's what's happening there Jeff is someone who used to watches all the time

on Sunday he abandoned us he went away he found someone else to watch on

YouTube maybe a sexy lady teaching English maybe she's one of these

gorgeous attractive ladies and he doesn't want to stare with our ugly

faces anymore picture yourself well mr. Duncan I am now going to watch

a video now I'm going to phone my mother you've got to phone your mum I've got a

family yes because it's getting late and she'll be getting ready for bed and I

don't want to disturb so I shall see you all on Sunday all going well okay and

I'll see you later for some chocolate chocolate okay then baa baa no problem

see you later Steve so for those who were wondering what mr. Steve is he is

another human being on this planet and

Steve looked very excited tonight didn't he well he's going upstairs now to talk

to his mother just in case you are watching now hello mr. Steve's mum are

you there Steve is about to call you on FaceTime all right he's going to make

your your iPad

like that don't go mr. Steve said lolly unfortunately lali lali lali says don't

go mr. Steve unfortunately steve has to go he has to go and call his his mother

unfortunately his mother is waiting on the telephone Steve and chocolate what a

combination yes both of them can make you sick if

you have too much you guys are here for a long time and still do not know Jeff

that is very sad well we know Jeff Jeff in Florida but we haven't seen Jeff in

Florida for a very long time unless of course Jeff has changed his

name maybe he's using a different name who knows the Sun is now disappearing

behind the clouds sadly tonight there is no sunset because there is a lot of low

cloud so the CERN has disappeared behind the clouds unfortunately it should be

dark in the UK now because it's 9 p.m. but it's light yes normally it stays

light until about 10:00 or 10:30 so even at 10:30 at night during the summer it

is still light here in the UK we have wonderful long days here in England

during summer Pedro have you seen my picture I haven't seen it yet but I must

say I love the photograph that you have here with your icon I love it

I think that's brilliant I am going to have a look at your photograph later

Pedro and I will be looking at it tomorrow because don't forget I am with

you tomorrow on YouTube from 2 p.m. UK time tomorrow so I am back tomorrow for

those who are wondering 2 p.m. UK time it is English

addict tomorrow as usual Eric says I think mr. Steve is putting his butt

pajamas on maybe he might wear a nightgown like Ebenezer Scrooge who

knows Brazil oh hello Brazil poorly no Polly no

Santos is here in Brazil hello to you I think it must be afternoon early

afternoon in Brazil at the moment I think so yes we have very short nights

so during the summer months our night time is only about 4 or 5 hours and then

it gets light again so during that time it is light for a very long time during

the day hello - Jeanne Erin hello Jeanne Jeanne Erin says please call my name

hello - Jeanne Erin where are you watching at the moment where are you at

the moment maybe you are in maybe Korea am i right mmm I love the long summer

days I also love the long summer days as well I do I love them very much

what time do you normally go to bed says tomorrow I normally sleep very late to

be honest with you I don't normally go to bed until about midnight maybe half

past midnight so quite often I stay up very late and then I get up very early

the next morning normally I get up at around about 7:30

thanks mr. Duncan you are welcome no problem no problem

it's like 11 24 at night here while it seems like evening in your place I am

sooo while or Suhail from Yemen hello Yemen nice to see you here as well

it is beautiful this is what summer nights look like in England they are

long long days and then we have very short nights so our night times are very

short we only have maybe 4 or 5 hours of night and then suddenly the Sun comes up

again and then my next-door neighbours cockerel starts calling hello Abdul

Qadeer mr. Duncan I've been watching your videos for five years greetings

from Turkey hello Turkey nice to see you here as

well great to see you thank you very much thanks a lot for joining me and yes

I know Turkey very well because I've been there I've literally been to your

country how many hours do you normally sleep asks Mustafa I normally sleep for

around seven seven and a half hours I always like to sleep well I always like

to sleep unless of course I'm having a bad dream like last night I had a very

strange dream last night if you want to find out about my strange dream you can

always watch today's livestream that I did earlier very strange dream very

disturbing in fact hello just code hello do you

like football I am a fan of Manchester United just code vlog hello to you

I don't follow football but I do know many people around me have become very

excited because the football season has started again it has restarted after the

long period of lockdown it is correct mr. Duncan you are right I

am Korean yes I recognized the writing you see I recognized the Korean

characters nerd er I live the long summer days me too I think summer is the

most amazing time of year I do I really do

Vlad what sport do you like mr. Duncan I don't follow sport very much this is

something I don't do very often I know many people who love sport but to be

honest I don't watch football matches I don't really have much interest in

watching sport and I certainly don't play sport I've tried I've tried in the

past have you forgotten me I was absent twice in the livestream

flower Espoir hello flower nice to see you as well lots of people now joining I

think you've just realized oh my goodness mr. Duncan is doing a late

livestream it is so unusual if you want to see the weather well the weather at

the moment is not too bad however if I move my camera slowly if I disappear you

will know why there we go so there is the view behind me at the moment I hope

you can see that clearly mm-hmm yes there we go so that's the view behind me

the Sun has sadly disappeared behind the clouds unfortunately if I

move the camera upwards you can see now there is the night sky over England so

that is the sky as it looks right now above my

head hello everyone hello

unfortunately the Sun has now vanished it has disappeared behind the clouds so

the Sun should actually be right there unfortunately it has gone down behind

the clouds sadly sorry about that I'm ever so sorry I was hoping that there

would be a nice sunset but sadly we have no beautiful sunset is there the sound

of an owl I think that might be a pigeon there are some pigeons hmm it's suddenly

gone very quiet listen listen to the sound

okay can you hear the pigeon on my roof there is a pigeon at the moment on the

roof hello mr. pigeon are you looking for a wife I think so

it looks very beautiful thank you very much for that

it's very kind of you to say it is very nice to see you mr. Duncan stay safe and

happy Thank You Ana it's very nice of you to say hello as well thank you very

much for joining me for those who are wondering this is just an unusual

strange live stream some people might say all of your live streams are strange

and unusual okay here's another view I have to be careful that the phone does

it fall over there we go that's better yes I do have to be careful that my

phone doesn't fall over I don't really want to break my telephone to be honest

okay that's better is that all right the Sun is now going

down and you can see that we are now starting to lose the light the light is

now disappearing mr. Duncan the view gives us positive vibes thank you very

much it's very kind of you to say thanks a lot I will be going in a moment

because it's now starting to get cold suddenly as the Sun disappears suddenly

it becomes very cold thank you very much - oh hello - Sayid maybe you forgot the

sweet things you have a sweet tooth and I am going to remind you of some of your

habits you are right in a few moments I'm going into the house I will go into

the house and hopefully mr. Steve will have some chocolate

ready for me to eat so yes I will be having some chocolate with Steve in a

few moments what time is it now it is now 25 pressed nine here in the UK

925 very late in fact I will see you tomorrow 2 p.m. UK time is when I'm back

I'm ever so pleased to see you here I wasn't sure how many people would join

me I thought no one would be here to be honest I was quite surprised to find

that there are some people here watching now so thank you very much I do

appreciate your support I do thank you very much hello to Abdul

Aziz says a big hi from Egypt hello Egypt what is the weather like there I

wonder I like the yellow flowers behind you yes they are beautiful they are very

nice flowers look at that aren't they lovely very nice I really do

wish I knew what type of flower they are in fact we might be able to get a close

look before I go

so there it is a close few a close look at the flowers in the garden I wish I

knew what they were I'm sure mr. Steve knows what they are

but I'm not actually sure beautiful

that's it my flowers have been given there thirty

seconds of fame the artist Andy Warhol once said that everyone in their life

will have 15 minutes of fame well my flowers behind me have had about

35 seconds of fame they are now famous all around the world thank you for this

lovely surprise you are welcome no problem I love doing this I wish I could

stay outside all night and talk to you until the Sun rises again

unfortunately I can't I need to go into the house and eat some chocolate I do I

think I deserve it this is my second live stream today so I

think I deserve something tasty I think so thank you very much to Anna thank you

sir Jaya hello sir Jaya nice to see you as well

thank you for your lovely wave give me a thumbs up as well to let me know that

you care very nice and I will see you tomorrow 2 p.m. UK time can you please

share some of your chocolate with me I would love to I would love to I will

send some chocolate straight to you would you like that I think so the

amazing and enchanted garden of mr. Duncan where everything

can happen I think so yes I have a feeling during July there might be a few

nice surprises coming up we will see what happens

I have learned English from mr. Duncan and I listened also I spoke red and also

I can write because of mr. Duncan thank you very much that's very kind of you I

always like to hear your your success stories so if you have a success story

if my lessons have helped you in some way please let me know hello also to

tomorrow thank you thank you most said as well nice to see you here again for

the second time today we are all together I'm going in a moment it is now

coming up to hump us 9:00 on a Thursday night here in the UK live from my little

garden in Much Wenlock I hope you're well stay happy if you are about to go

to bed I hope you have a sweet dream if you are about to go to work I hope you

have a good day at work or maybe you are in England at the moment in which case I

hope you enjoy the rest of your evening thank you very much see you later and

going now this is mr. Duncan in the birthplace of English saying thanks for

watching me see you tomorrow 2 p.m. UK time I hope you've enjoyed

this I hope it was not boring I always worry that maybe one day you will all

leave me because you think I'm very boring I don't know catch you later

see you tomorrow 2 p.m. UK time English addict we have the sentence game and

also we have some unusual words that is tomorrow from 2 p.m. UK time and of

course until the next time we meet whenever it may be wherever it may be

you know what's coming next...

ta ta for now 8-)