Here we are on another live doing this at a very different time.

And I usually do it in a little afternoon session here, and going to be answering your

questions, but also going over some really good stuff gonna be talking about the more

natural way to be meeting women.

And here's the thing, I know that a lot of guys, they've been learning how to meet girls.

And there's a lot of pickup artists out there, there's a lot of pickup material out there.

So I kind of wanted to give you an idea of how you could do this, in a more natural sense,

a more natural way.

And what I mean by that is doing it in a way where you don't have to feel like you're someone

completely different, right?

A lot of people, they get information online about how to meet women, and they learn what's

called routines, or pickup lines, they learned all this stuff, like it doesn't feel like


So it feel like they're kind of putting on an act.

So I wanted to go over some ideas for you of how you could do this in a more natural

way that makes it feel more like yourself.

However, I will say this, and this is very important to, to understand here is that no

matter what, if you're trying to improve at something, you're going to change, right,

there's going to be a change.

And it's inevitable, it's inevitable that you are going to become somebody different.

But I what I like to say is this, you're not going to become someone completely different,

you're going to become an upgraded version of yourself, you know, so it's like, you know,

when you have your, you have your iPhone, right, or any kind of phone that you have,

and you get the new operating system, or maybe you have whatever phone you have, you know,

there's software updates, it's still the same phone, but some of the shots has changed a

little bit, it's upgraded itself.

So that's kind of like you working on this, you're becoming you 2.0.

So you might not be the exact same person, as before, you know, you might be someone

who's going to be a little bit different, because you've improved, but it's still the

same you if that makes any sense, I get a lot of people who actually sign up for coaching,

because they've seen some of my material.

And they see that the material that I give to you is not about changing who you are,

it's about staying true to who you are, but becoming the better version of yourself.

So you just actually naturally become a more attractive person.


So say, Hey, what's up really quickly, everyone in the chat room?

What's going on?

I know, we have a few people here, not as many normally as we usually do, and usually

do the night time.

But it's cool to do it at different times.

I'm gonna start doing it now, more often on Tuesdays.

So try to tune in here Tuesdays in the afternoon 12 o'clock central time around there.

And, and yeah, we'll, we'll go over some cool stuff and answer questions.

But back to what I was saying was, you know, what we're gonna be going over is how you

do this in the most natural way possible.

But again, still understand that you are going to be, you know, doing things that are going

to seem like you're kind of I should say manipulating not a girl, but manipulating kind of yourself

in a way that doesn't feel like you, it's not going to feel natural, but change doesn't

ever feel natural changes, always a little uncomfortable.

But that's what I want you to do, I want you to be able to work on that change, that's

the most important.


So, okay, let's get into it.

Again, any questions you have, you can put it in the chat, and I can answer them also

gonna be taking calls today.

So we'll take some calls, by the way, my voice is, if you watch my stuff a lot, listen to

my podcast, it doesn't sound the same.

Just have a crazy little cold that I'm getting over.

But still bare with me.

Okay, really quickly, before I get into some of the cool material, www.coachedbytripp.com.

That is down below.

That is for you to go to apply for coaching.

Coaching is available to you, if you're interested in doing coaching, receiving coaching from

me, one on one, we can do that.

And coaching is something that helps you get to the next level.

So if you're having trouble doing this on your own, you can always apply for coaching

and get help from me, we work together either in person, I also have packages where we can

work together on the phone as well.

So go to www.coachedbytripp.com if you want to learn more about that and apply.

And we can see if you're a good fit.



So let's move forward the natural way to pick up women to meet women, here's the best way

to do it.

Okay, I'm going to give you kind of like, almost like a little bit of a to do list here

of like how we can do this in the complete natural way possible.

So you seem like yourself.

So here's what I want you to do, I want you to, I want you to pick one or two nights a

week to go out.

And by the way, what I'm going to tell you to do, it's not going to be easy.

But I'll make it as easy as possible to understand it's very scary to do what I'm about to tell

you that you're going to do.

You got to go out, you got to go out without drinking any alcohol whatsoever.

Because when you drink alcohol, you're absolutely not going to be a natural at this.

And this is not gonna be natural for you.

I sang to a coaching client yesterday that we don't have you drink any alcohol, when

we're coaching you, I don't want you to go out and do approaches with women and men drinking


And so the deal with that is this is that if you're going out, and you're trying to

meet women, and you learn how to do it with alcohol, guess what's going to happen when

you finally see a woman that you want to talk to.

And let's say you're not doing it with some sort of like event or nighttime activity or

at a bar, and you're all alone, you're not with friends and you see a queue called the

grocery store.

Are you going to go all the way to your car and take a shot of jack daniels?

No, this is not sponsored by jack daniels.

Is that what you're going to do?

Because that's what's going to happen, you're going to train yourself to learn how to meet

women with alcohol.

And you're never going to learn this the natural way.

So my goal for you if you want this to be lucky, ultimate skill of being able to meet

attractive women ultimate is to do this without alcohol.

Here's something else going out doing this.

And this is going to blow your mind a little bit to do it without friends.

Going out completely alone.

The only exception is if you are going out and you literally have a friend that is going

off at the exact same reason is you meaning he's going out specifically to not drink to

go talk to women to practice the approach to practice talking to women, because that's

what I want you to be doing your you have a mission to go out, not drink, talk to as

many women as you can.

And I'm going to give you some tips on how to do that, by the way, but doing that.

And that being your main focus, not going to party not going to hang out at a new club

or new bar, or just to walk around town to get some exercise.

But that's the only exception.

I found that a lot of guys don't have guys like that in their life.

But the good news is, that's okay, you have that cool bonus

but going out alone is going to build this skill to a level that you never even thought

that you could build to.

Because it's going to force you to be able to just go out and talk to women, and you're

not going to have the crutch of talking to your friend.

That's the downside of going out with friends, even if they're into it, right.

Like even if you go out with friends who are into meeting women learning how to meet women.

The downside is that, you know, you can easily just sit there and talk to your friend for

a long time and not actually do the approach.


Alright, someone's my mic is a little low, I'm going to turn it up a little bit.

Or maybe just talk a little bit louder.

Let me know if this is okay.

We'll move the camera a little bit too.


So what I'm saying is we're going out doing it sober, whether it be day, whether it be

night, or doing this without having to drink.

Like I said, alcohol without having to be with any friends.

Obviously, to go without saying said no alcohol, no drugs, nothing like that you want to get

a cup of coffee, that's fine.

This is going to be the most natural way to do it.

Instead, what do I get kicked out of the place, we're not buying alcohol, you won't get kicked


All you gotta do is just get a water at the bar and tip your bartender.

You can even get a club soda and align it looks like a drink, so people won't bother

you or ask you about it.

And then tip your bartender like five bucks.

And then that's it, no one's gonna kick you out, he'll be fine.

I'll answer your super chats in a moment.

Just keep on making the super chats Roland and I'll get to them after we get through

some material here.

Just know that we're going to do some super chat questions, I'm also going to take your

questions here on live as well.


So again, natural way to do this, you are going to build this skill so well, because

I want you to be trained to get to the point where if you see a girl in any situation,

anytime you're going to be trained in going up to them and talking to them.

Because you're used to doing it because you aren't doing with alcohol you aren't doing

with friends.

That is going to be the ultimate ultimate skill set.

The tough part to get to that is you're going to have to, you're gonna have to force yourself

to go out and do this.

Of course coaching helps, right?

That's what I help guys with when it comes to coaching.

But either way, you're gonna have to force yourself to do this on your own.

It might take a little bit, it might take a little while.

But you will get to the point where you're so much better, because you're doing it in

the hardest way possible.

There's a lot of crutches out there that people rely on, I want you to rely on no crutches

at all.


So also, let's talk about this for a second.

Let's talk about, like, how are you going to have natural conversation?

I know a lot of guys are very concerned about what to say how to open up a conversation.

How are you going to do this well, without having to learn, excuse me.

Without having to learn routines, without having to learn any kind of cheesy pickup

lines, like I think it's okay to have an opener.

I'll give you a couple of opener ideas.

Some opener ideas are just going up and saying very simple.

Hi, I'm Tripp are you from?

And then whatever city you're in, that's a good opener.

Another opener is I call wearing holding doing you can comment on something that they're


They're holding or they're doing.

That's really cool, too.

You can do that wearing holding doing you can go up and you can give the the you know

Hey, sorry over here.

You look nice.

I'm Tripp are you from Chicago.

Those are some openers.

Those are very natural openers.

Very easy things.

Even if a girl's heard that before she's not going to call you out on it.

That's the beautiful part about it.

He's a stupid pickup line.

You know, he uses like a dumb cheesy pickup line.

And she's heard it before.

Or like a common opinion opener, like guys will look up opinion openers, like getting

a girl's opinion on something.

It's like, you don't really care what their opinion is.

This is not natural at all.

It's a bunch of BS.

And if she's heard that before, she's instantly going to reject you, because she's gonna think

in her head.

Oh, great.

So some guys too shy to come up to me us just any kind of normal conversation starter.

And he's using some stupid opener.

It's like, why would you want to be with a guy who's so on original, I can't a guy does

come up and start a conversation with her.

That's what I want you to do.

Again, we're talking with the most natural way to do this, the natural process here.

If you have any questions on this, you can ask them in the chat.

And by the way, we'll be doing some some calls soon, too.

So we answering any calls that you guys have, you can call a number I'll put it on the screen

in just a little bit.

So now we're going out sober without friends using the natural kind of easygoing non pickup

line pickup line.

I just I like to just call it opener, right?

It doesn't need to be called a pickup line.

Can this be called going up to women and introducing yourself with an opening statement?

lot of guys get really obsessed.

One of my clients who I was recently talking with you might be you're watching now gonna

have to call you out.

got really obsessed with the opener.

Like really obsessed?

Like, okay, well, what's something else I can say?

Well, it's something else I can say.

It doesn't matter what you say.

And I'll explain to you why.

Because whatever you end up saying, they're not going to remember what it is that you're

talking about.

They're not gonna remember it at all.

They're going to remember that a guy came up to you and started a conversation with


A guy came up to them and had a conversation.

That's all you're going to remember.

So you don't need to focus on the opener.

The most important thing is where do you go from the opener.

Okay, and I'll teach you how to do that right now.

Here's the most natural way to get a conversation going.

And again, this might be repeating myself, you've been watching some of my stuff, or

you have my hooked program.

I've talked about this a lot, but I think it'd be a good recap on how to be a have natural



So natural conversation is going to be you using an opener again, maybe holding wearing

doing that is commenting on something that she's holding, something that she's wearing,

or something that she's doing in the moment, with you see you're out and about in the day

or at night, whatever.

And then from there having a conversation about that, or if you're not doing the holding,

wearing doing going up to her and saying, hey, you look nice are you from?

And then the city Are you from Chicago?

And then continuing conversation from there by listening to what they're saying.

So she's like, yeah, I'm from Chicago.

So cool.

Let me guess you grew up in the suburbs.

Actually, hold on, let me guess again, you grew up in Naperville.

And she'll say yes or no, she's like, No, I've never know, I didn't grow up there.

I grew up here.

Is it?

Okay, let's go.

What was that like?


So you're just going to be talking to her, based on what she's saying and what you guys

are talking about.

That's gonna be you listening to the conversation, extremely a word from what she's saying.

And then continuing conversation from there.


So again, listening to what she's saying and extracting a word from what she's saying.

So you listen, you take a word, and then you expand upon it.

So if you're like, Hey, you know, let me ask you from Naperville.

And she's like, No, I'm not.

I'm from Arlington Heights.

These are just suburbs of Chicago.

And you'll say, oh, Arlington Heights.

Oh, wow.

And then that's your word that you're extracting, you're going to either ask a question about

it or make a statement about it.

Very simple.

Ask a question, make a statement about it.

And so then that continues the conversation.

Now, you may be thinking will trip?

What if she doesn't give me anything to work with?

What if she doesn't have anything? to respond to?

What if she's really shy?

What if she's really quiet?

How do you naturally continue a conversation from there?

Well, the best way to do that is for you to be able to have a couple of topics of conversation

that you enjoy talking about.

So whenever it is what's on your mind, and under sounds kind of like really, I can do

that this will work.

Test it out.

What's on your mind, what's going on in the world?

What are you even thinking about?

What are your actual opinion?

questions that you have what you want an opinion on something?

What's recommendation you want somewhere?

Again, these are not opening lines I'm talking to you right now, you very clear here.

These are not opening lines.

These are topics of conversation that you'll use, if you don't end up getting to the point

where the conversation is naturally continuing.

Because sometimes it can die.

And that can happen.

You'd be surprised.

In order to get a woman attracted to you, sometimes, all you need to do, all you need

to do is continue a conversation long enough to show her that you're a cool dude, that

you're somewhat interesting that you're normal, you're not creepy that you're not weird, that

you can hold a conversation you can hold maintain icon tact.

And you can get through a conversation without it being a struggle for you.

And again, it's okay that this might be really tough for you.

You might say, like trip, how am I going to do this?

You're asking me to go out sober alone, talk to girls use these openers that you said use

this conversation continues and then ask her out.

Whoa, that's intense.

And you're right.

I agree.

It's very intense, it's very hard.

This is the way that I learned how to do it.

This is the way that I teach my coaching students how to do it.

And this is the best way to learn it.

It's kind of like this, the best thing I can kind of compare this to I use the analogy

of working out a lot.

So if you're working out, just missed on my hair, there we go.

If you're working out and you're using, like, there's different ways to work out, you can

use like the mission genes that assist you.

Okay, or you can, you can use free weights.

I don't know if you know too much about working out.

But either way, you know, there's been a lot of information being said, out there in the,

in the working out universe in the fitness universe, that it's better to use free weights

like dumbbells, or the Olympic barbell without the machine.

So it's a free weight.

And it's better to do that then use like an assistant.

So let's say you're squatting with a big dumbbell, a big Olympic barbell on your back with weights,

right, and then you squat up and down.

That versus using that machine where the bar is attached to the machine, and it's kind

of like attached to it so you can move up and down easier, they say it's better to use


Or do this exit, sorry, do this exercise without doing the assistant machine.

Because when you use just the Olympic barbell, your training more muscles in your body to

become stronger, because you have to use more muscles to balance it and make sure that you're

not going to drop it.

Whereas the assistant machine might be better for people who are older, or who have, you

know, issues with their joints or something like that.

But people still who are able to work out and not injured at all, we use those machines,

that's not good.

You're not training yourself to become the strongest version of yourself, you can be

okay, that asst machine is equivalent to going out with friends, drinking alcohol, using

pickup lines, using routines, you're not going to train yourself to be the strongest version,

in terms of being the most attractive.


So hope that makes sense.

So I'll give you some tips here in terms of how to do this naturally.

A lot of guys have trouble with this, if you are having trouble with this.

And you think you can't do this on your own, I have coaching available to you.

As you can see right here, there's a link that goes to coach by trip calm, that's a

link to apply.

If you get accepted, because I got a lot of applications that will sift through them myself,

I will actually email you or text message you, myself.

And then we can get on a phone call and see if coaching is a good fit for you.

And we'll go through an entire a specific, personalized approach for you like a customized

plan for you to go out and start approaching and me coaching you through the whole through

the whole process to make this happen.

Okay, so if you want coach, excuse me, sorry, guys, just getting over a sickness.

But if you want this to work for you, and you want this to be part of your lifestyle,

and you want to do the natural way, good coaching, let me help you apply, and we can get you

on board.

Okay, so go to www.coachedbytripp.com and in the meantime, I'm going to answer some

questions here.

And I'm going to put the phone number on the screen the phone number is for you guys to

call in.

And I can answer your questions.

So if you have any questions, go ahead and call in, call the hotline.

And I'll answer right now.

First, someone to the Super Chat, they said this dating game change over time.

If you do it the natural way the know it doesn't change over time.

There's a lot of like new theories and methods that have come out over the past 20 years

since this got really more brought to the surface.

But I think the best way to do this is to do it the natural way.

And I just give you an outline of how to do it so you can become a natural at this.

It just takes a lot of practice over and over and over and over and over and over again

in order to get used to going out approaching without alcohol etc.

All right, we got a caller, you're on the air What is your name age and where you calling


Hey, so Okay, so my name is Vince.


Everyone's doing man.

How are you?

I'm doing well.

Doing well.

It's a pleasure to get on the phone with you.

Hell yeah, man.

Look, okay.

Okay, my name is Vincent cap of jelly.

And I'm 18 years old.

And I'm calling from Montreal, Quebec.

Wow. from Canada.

Nice, man.

Well, yeah, going on up to today.

I think.

I'm just like outwork and I saw the TripAdvisor had some time to legends think from free time

I saw you were on the air on YouTube.

clicked it had to watch I've been I've need to watch your live streams because I've been

listening to the podcast.

And I've been seeing that you've been taking like, the live streams and putting them into

a podcast.

So I had to get on and see what it was all about.

Awesome, man.

I'm glad you're here.

What's your question?

What can we answer for you today?



So the question is, I was kind of like meeting this girl.

And I, like started talking to her.

And we kind of like, met up with friends.

And she had just gotten out of a relationship.

Like, I discovered that she just bought a relationship, like a week prior to meeting


And, you know, I wasn't trying to do anything crazy with her, I'll just kind of like, you

know, every once a while, maybe wants to check up on her and be like you What's up, like,

how you doing?

You know, start some like conversation with her.

It seemed like she was interested.

But then what had happened is that when I tried asking her out on a date, she sent me

a snapchat saying, she sent me a snapchat saying that, look, you know, I just got out

of a relationship.

And I'm not like, you're nice, and you're sweet.

But I'm not really looking to do anything right now.

So like, I was thinking, like, what should I do?

Like, I don't know, is there?

Is that just an excuse?

Or is there still a way I can kind of like, because it seemed like she was initially interested.

So I'm just kind of like wondering, what's the best route to like, what should I Where

should I go from there?

So you're saying that she's interested, you think she's interested.

But she said that she's not interested?

Because she just got out of a relationship?

Yeah, yeah.

And I think she's interested in because the reason for my assumption that she might be

interested, is because like, she was telling me like, okay, going by my Instagram and like,

comments on my pictures, like, I don't know, she was asking me to do all this weird stuff.

And I don't know.

And honestly, I feel like she was saying that, to get your explanation Joey's, again, like,

he directly messaged me, and he's like, hey, back off from my girl.

But they had broken up a lot of weird shit happen like that.

Well, here's, here's my theory here, here's my thing when it comes to this, okay?

When it when it comes to, you know, women who just got out of a relationship, or women,

you know, and then there's just so much drama involved in this, right, she just got out

of a relationship.

So she's getting over that.

So she's going through all the emotional stuff with that, then he got her ex boyfriend is

potentially coming after you sing, stay away.

And, of course, you're you're like younger, you know, because you're 18 years old, you're

dealing with a lot of amateur people.

And so you kind of train yourself to be in a scarcity mindset, I bring this up a lot,

especially on the lives like you train yourself to be in a scarcity mindset when you're just

going for women who are not the best ones to be going for.

And it's just not a good idea to be going for someone who just got out of a relationship,

because they're dealing with all of that.

And they're very emotional right now.

And so you want to get someone who's like really ready for something.

And by the way, she couldn't say that she's ready could but you might be lying.

Now, if you don't care about any of that, and you want to go for it anyways, what you

need to do is be a little bit more direct, a little bit more dominant.

So instead of just instead of just being more reactive to what she's saying to you, like,

Oh, I just got out of a relationship, Bernadette, telling you what to do or like things, just

ignore all that and be more direct and say, Hey, listen, yeah, I don't care about that.

Let's go out next week, like, let's go grab while you're 18.

So you can drink or maybe Canada, you cannot, I can.

Okay, so you'll grab a drink or grab a coffee, say, Well, whatever.

Let's just do this.

And you'll just kind of director anyways, ignore what she's saying.

And then go for it.

My advice is I would stay away.

So make sense.



So what I did yesterday, as I had podcaster, I'm like, Look, let me try doing something


So I called the yesterday and I was talking to her and I like, talk to her about the situation

like, you know, your boyfriend directly messaged me.

And she was like, Yeah, I know, he had, like, told me about it.

And then I was like, and then I told them, I told like a kind of like a different move.

And I said, You know what, like, I hope you guys are able to, like, work this out.

And when I said that to her, she was like, Whoa, she was like, What white saying that?

It's like, Why are you saying that?

You hope we work this out?

And like, I don't know if that was like a good move or like, are you saying that basically

made her chase you a little bit more?

Because you're showing her that you don't want her?

Yeah, I took some of your advice on that, you know, say like something that's not really

not expecting.

So yeah, I mean, basically, that's, that's it?

That's my answer, man, I would honestly, I would stay away.

You know, I would just move on and try to find some other women and don't let her dictate

this and play games, I would just completely leave all together.

And then a month, especially it will happen if you don't go for it.

She doesn't end up dating anyone else.

And in a month, or in the next four weeks.

You don't really go after her.

You don't talk to you don't respond to her.

She'll probably end up being like you more, because you haven't been around.

And then that point be better than data then.

Then do it right now.

So there you go.


Sounds good.

Sounds good trip.


other girls in the pipeline.




Sounds good.


So work on that.

Thanks, man.

Thanks for calling in appreciate here and bye bye.

All right, hotline is open my friends.

When I do this, on my usual time, which is Wednesdays at like 6pm 7pm.

What ends up happening is I get so many calls the always this one person who calls in over

and over and over expecting me to answer when they can see that I'm talking to you right

here, but the line is open.

So go go ahead and call in.

And we'll go from there.

Someone said stay away from drama, he needs an available normal girl.

That's what I'm saying.

You need an available normal girl who's not going through all of the there's whether you're

breaking up with someone or your gut or you got broken up with it's tough.

There's a lot of emotions surrounded by it.

So you want to let that person Well, you don't have to wait for them.

That's all I'm saying.

But you know, that person needs a heel and do their own thing.

You want to find someone who is been out of a relationship for a while, like a serious

relationship with their dating or having little know someone just dated someone for a month.

That's not a big deal.

But we have another caller.

Hey, man, what's up? you're on the air.

Where are you calling from?

What's your name?

What's your age?

Welcome to My name is Dominic.

I'm 26 years old from Baltimore, Maryland.

What's up, man?

How you doing?

I'm doing great.

How are you doing?


What's your question?

Okay, so about the first week of, I guess like mid June, I match with a girl on Tinder.

Yeah, no tender, whatever.

She seemed normal.

She seemed, you know, great.

Everything was going fine.

went on a couple of days.

You know, we spent the night together, yada, yada, yada, you know, all the good stuff.

And we talked about, you know, possibly, you know, being like an item like being together

in relationship.

Well, then July 4, came around and asked her all the, you know, like, what are you doing?

Do you have any plans or anything?

And then she just told me, she couldn't hang out.

I was like, Oh, you just, you know, have plans with family and friends.

She was like, I just can't hang out.

So it's all it's kind of weird.

I was like, okay, whatever.

You know, I my friends, no big deal.

But then she never ever texted me.

So I thought that was like, kind of weird.

And then we start talking the day after?

And I was like, Yeah, I was, like, there's life for us, you know, what do you do?

And she just said, you know, she hang out with friends.

And then she drank she had crabs.

I'm just thinking myself, like, Why couldn't you just tell me that right away.

But you know, I kind of set off to the side, maybe just, you know, whatever.

And then a week or two goes by, and then we ended up just not talking like three straight


Something like, you know, what's up, you know, it's like, they're an accent you just not


You know, they kinda like, you know, like, What's your deal?

You know, what's going on?

I just kept like, avoiding the question.

And then I kept on avoiding What question?

Like, I can't like by couldn't like she talked to me, like, you know, like, we were going

along fine.

Everything was going great.

And then she just kind of went like Mia.


But you did you actually asked her why are you talking to me?

Yeah, after that.

And she said nothing.

She Yeah, she didn't even like reply to me.

And then she texted me the next day.

So you know, like, hope you have a good day.

So it's kind of like bouncing around things.

And like, I'm kind of wondering like, Is this like, maybe she just not ever an accident,

she just doesn't want to tell me.

Because one of my best friends and his girlfriend, they actually were like, because I asked them

about it.

And they're like, that's kind of really odd.

So then they kind of like when search on her social media.

I don't have any, because I like to stay away from drama and all that stuff.

So I did like, I don't have social media anymore.

And they found out that on her Facebook page, she actually was in a relationship.

So it was Facebook.

I mean, some people use it.

Some people don't change anything.

So I kind of wasn't like, too worried about it, I guess.

But then it's like now we're not talking now as he's telling me that she's just going through


So that's just me at like random times here.

I'm just going through some things right now.

So I'm kind of fit.

I'm kind of thinking to myself, and I want to ask you, is this someone that I just like

need to drop?

Like, I just want to other goals, obviously.

But Should I just be like, forget about this girl and just not to worry about her anymore?

because things were going great at first.

And that's kind of like weird took a like a one at Well, she?

Is she in the relationship?

Is she dating someone right now?

He told me she wasn't.

But Facebook session?

I'm sorry.

But Facebook says that she is?

Yes, that's Yes.

And my friend said my friend and her his girlfriend sent me a picture of it.

And it says in a relationship.

But I'm just kind of like, like, she's told me she was single.

And she told me she doesn't like she's on the line.

She has been cheated on, like, from kindness wonder like, should I give her another chance?

Or should I have a sit down when she's ready to talk and just like, talk about and give

her my take on but I think like what my feelings are about this?

Like, how should I approach this the correct way?

Okay, I got an answer for you.

So, by the way, thank you for giving me a lot of details.

Because all the details will be useful and me being able to answer the question the best

of my ability.

so in this situation, really, in all these different situations, but guys don't understand

is that you gotta really simplify this, right?

He a lot of people and it's normal, they make it way more complicated than it has to be


You're thinking all these things?

Like, how you feel about it?

What should you say?

And should you call her and ask her and what should you text her?

Really, you got to think about this?

In terms of what's the goal here, right?

Think of a little bit more logically, the goal here is you're interested you'd like

to take her out?

And if she's single, you would like to take her up, right?

so far?


Yes, sir.

Yes, absolutely.

Okay, good.

Fair enough.

Easy enough.

That's usually the case.

So let's not guess, let's not try to, you know, figure out what she's thinking or why

she's doing things and figure out where she's at.

We don't need that information.

The only information we need is, is she interested in seeing you again?

That's more than half the time when you're beginning the dating process, the information

that you need?

Is she interested in seeing you again?

How are you going to know if that?

Is the message to me yesterday, today?

I don't have any change.

I'm just going through stuff right now.

Okay, so don't you'll do is you'll ask her out.

So stop texting her and asking her like, Hey, what are you up to?

And how's your day and just be like, hey, let's hang out when you free next week.

And by the way, if she can't give you a clear answer, on a day that she's free to hang out

with you or give you any kind of day, that she would like to hang out with you based

off of you asking her, then she's not interested, plain and simple.

Or she's like half interested half and half out.

And we don't want to deal with that.


She's it's black and white, she's going to be interested in seeing you or she's not.

If she's not an she doesn't give you the clear answer.

Forget her move on.

If she is great, go on that date, hang out with her.

Then what I would do is I mean, you, you might want to say?

Actually, no, actually, no, I was gonna say this, as I'm kind of going through it in my


She's, I don't know what the deal with Facebook is, we don't know, maybe she's in a relationship,

maybe that's an old relationship.

You're not even on Facebook.

So if you bring this up to her, which is about to give you that advice, but I'm taking that

away completely.

If you were to bring this up to her and be kind of stalker ish, you're not even on there

and be like, weird to do that.

So let her tell you that.

So, you know, let's just believe her, Let's trust her.

Let's keep going on dates with her.

And if she continues to want to see you, she's probably single doubted she is, you know,

it's rare that someone is going to completely be that.


And that's the, you know, we started together to this, that's what's kind of like, just

going through our mind, because it's like, you know, we've left it together.

And it's like, Whoa, what, like, you know, yeah, I doubt she's in a relationship.

I doubt it.

You know, I don't know, I don't know what's going on Facebook.

And who knows if that's old, and who knows what the situation is, you know, let her responses

to you hanging out with with you dictate what's going to happen next.

So, you know, it's hard to know what's going to happen next.

But if she does anything shady, or she doesn't respond to you for a few days, or something,

you can call her out on it, not in a needy way.

Like you're not responding to my text message of what's going on.

But if it's like, you guys have been dating for a little while, and you guys have slept

with each other, you've been on like 567 dates or more.

And something weird happens, you can kind of be like, Hey, I'm curious, like what happened

there, depending on the situation.

You know, you don't have to completely be in the dark, and then maybe something is happening.

Or you can ask her what's going on.

But for now, I would say just go into this.

But hold on.

I would also say, Didn't she say something to you about?

She's going through something right now?

She said that?

She did?


And like, I didn't want to be needy and like, be like, had my nose and her business?

Because it's not, you know, it's not right.

Because it may be something personal with her family or something.

So I didn't really like, asked what the exact problem was, I just was like, she was yesterday

or like, you know, and she told me, I'm just going through some stuff.

My steel industry haven't changed.

I appreciate you being patient with me.

And I was like, you know this perfectly fine.

You know, whenever you want to talk about it, you know, I'm here.

No problem.



So you don't need to bring it up.

I mean, I don't think it's the worst idea.

Like in two days from now, you can be like, Hey, I just, you know, want to check in like,

is everything is everything.

Okay, like you cool.

Like just saying that is not an easy, it's not weird, like, show respond to that in a

way that will dictate what your next action is.

So she's like, you know, yeah, like, yeah, it's fine.

I just don't really want to talk about it.

You can say, Okay, cool.

Just wanted to check in no big deal.

But if she's like, yeah, and then she starts telling you what's going on.

And maybe this is her opportunity to tell you, whatever it is, and maybe that has to

do with what's going on.

So I don't think it's a big deal to check in and say to her, you know, hey, just curious,

like, how's everything going?

Like, is everything okay? with whatever you're going through, like she's not gonna be upset

by that thing is nice of you to check in.

So I would do that.

Thank you so much.

I appreciate it.

And hope you and everyone else listening in has a great and amazing week.

Take care.

Thank you.


All right, good call.

Anyone else has any questions, I got some time.

And we can go over some questions for you.

So don't forget still available to you.

coaching, if you're interested and want to get coaching, that's similar to what I'm giving

to you now, right?

It's like, you're going to hear how I coach people how we go through the process together.

This is an example of how coaching works and how my mind works in terms of figuring out

what to do with specific situations.

Of course, I feel like, if you're doing coaching, you're not going to have such complicated

situations, you're probably gonna want to learn just how to go out and meet women.

And, and we'll figure that out for you.

So make sure to apply.

I can take a few more calls, we got some time left here in the hour.

So any questions you got call in.

Or if you want to ask a question that we can do that too.

Don't forget earlier, we learned about the natural way to pick up women to meet women.

And now you have a whole plan on how to do that.

For some guys, that can be tough.

That's where coaching comes in.

Or really just throwing yourself out there and just saying, Hey, this is something I

really want.

This is something I want to learn this is something I want to do and just doing it you

know I'm saying cool.Any questions?

We can go over some stuff trip do you recommend it forget your crush after she refused to

go to the cinema saying she was ill?

No, you know, to forget about her, you can just ask her out and see if she wants to do

something else.

But if she continues to say no, then she's just probably not interested.

You know?

What are the questions you guys got?

For me?

It's great that a lot of people showed up today.

don't usually have this many people on such a afternoon time.

But my guess is we're hitting different time zones, or hidden people who maybe are a little

younger, who are in college or high school, but the summers off.

But But yeah, glad you guys can join us.

But the number back on the screen.

So you can give us a call and we'll answer your question.

Calum, I've seen you here before, man.

What's up, you said, Hey, mate, struggling.

My ex girlfriend of three years put a picture up of her and her new boyfriend.

It's hit me hard, man.

Any advice to help get rid of this bad feeling?

Yeah, whatever is making you see this.

You gotta you gotta get rid of the opportunity to even see this thing.

So please stop following her in social media.


So completely, completely stop looking at someone social media, okay?

No more of that.

When you have an ex, she's dead to you.

She's no longer in your life.

So you need to forget about her.

And the best way to do that is to not contact her and not be able to look at her pictures

or anything like that.

So completely have her out of your life.

Still taking any callers if you want to call in and ask a question.

here to answer your question, or you can type it in the chat.

No problem.

You seem to have more callers at night though.

Because there's more people though.

There's a lot of people right now.

He said I have blocked her but I don't know if I should text her and she has.

And she Have a nice life.

Um, well, I think that you should not text her.

You should let her go completely.

And don't try to have a nice life.

She has a new boyfriend.

She doesn't want to hear from me anymore.


Captain masterpiece.

You're being very rude.

Putting you in a timeout.

Anyone who's going to be rude and not be part of the team air?

Again ignored.

What's up, man? you're on the air.

State your name age and where you're calling from?

Oh, wow.

I'm 38 years old.


Where you calling from man?

Hey, so so we can't hear you.

It's very difficult to hear you.

She got to talk closer to the phone and enunciate better.

Okay, Is this better?

Yes, that's much better.

Okay, excellent.

Okay, so I have an associate will be college other partners and parents.

And we've been talking for about six months now things have gotten really heavy between


But we haven't been able to get physical.

And I guess her biggest hang up that she's expressed to me verbally is that she says,

I'm not asking that enough.

My hang up is it was issues to delegate me to really express that masculinity, like I

have a thing where if I don't feel as if they're in the state, with a woman I'm pursuing, I'm

able to pursue her more aggressively.

If I actually have that connection, then I'm more happy.

Or, versus, and more subtle about it.

So I think that's the big Hangout, because she saw me associated with others with that

kind of be around masculinity.

And that drew her.

But then once we started getting closer, I said today, what can I do to unlock that?

Bring it to that next level with her?

Well, it sounds like you know how to unlock your masculinity because you were you were

seemingly aware that you've done it before to attract her.

But you said that now you feel like you don't want to be too masculine with her, because

you will scare her away?

Is that what you're saying?

Yeah, I wrote that in kind of like, a fear of rejection sort of thing.

Like I scared her off.

If I'm too much, you know?

Well, we gotta be very careful here, because we're using very vague terminology.

So what we're just saying the words masculine and feminine.

But what does that mean?

So be more specific, like, what do you think is going to scare her away?

Don't say masculine?

What are the things that embodied the masculinity that you think you're doing?

That's going to scare her away?

I feel as if, like, right now we just speak like, associate, but I feel like I'll be too

vulgar or too abrasive.

Or I'll say something better, like, Palmer faculty.

Okay, that's enough.

I'm out.

Or if I try to pursue her physically, how are you guys friends?

Are you are you in the friend zone?

Are you dating?

I'm trying to see it as being in this friend zone.

But she said, we're not.

We're not dating, though.

So she likes you.

But she just doesn't want to get physical with you.


Have you tried to kiss her or get physical with her?

No, I would try that.

She's probably telling you that you're not being masculine.

Because you're not going.

You're not.

You're not being sexual with her.

So you're probably this is the problem is that guys are usually nervous, like you said,

you're kind of scared of that rejection.

And the only thing left with this situation is you guys taking it to a more physical level.

So if as far as I'm concerned, you don't have a choice.

Like, either you go and you try to make a move.

And it can be very simple, doesn't even have to be sex, it can just be kissing or go into


Just bring her in for a kiss.

Like you have to do that.

If you don't do that, you're never going to be making a connection with her more than


And she's probably waiting for you to do that.

Which is why she's saying Oh, you're not being masculine enough.

So the thing is, is you have to do it, because if you don't do it, it's not going to go anywhere.

And that's going to be logically in the same place.

You'll be if she rejects it, she might as well do it.


So basically, I'm interested.

Hundred percent, you couldn't have said it better myself.

I couldn't have said it better myself.

All right, well, we have something going on for the full moon.

So shoot my shot, see where it goes.

Full moon tonight, man, make it happen, do it.

And you won't regret it.

Because whatever the outcome is, it's going to it's going to push you to either hopefully

move forward with her and if not move on to someone else who's going to be interested

but six someone said of the text in the chat six months move on, mate.

I kind of agree six months is a long time.

Like it is six months.

Should her get off the pot.

Make it happen.

Go for the rejection.

See what happens.


We have three years together, so it's just not gonna happen.

Everybody out there.

All right.

Thank you.

You're welcome, man.

Take care.

Thank you for calling.

Alright guys.


We're going to wrap it up now.

Did a little under an hour.

Thank you so much for calling in asking your questions.

We know it over some really good material today.

Don't forget you can go to coach by trip com to apply for coaching.

Do it.

Especially if you need help and you need it fast.

I can coach you guide you through the whole process of meeting attracting and dating women

and having an active dating lifestyle.

So whether you've approached a girl or never before, or you're a virgin or you divorced,

wherever you're at I can help you and will guide you through the whole process beginning

to end.

So apply today.

Thanks for tuning in and tune in tomorrow, where I'll be going live at around five, six


Some good momentum.

Sound good.

All right.

Take care.

Talk to you next time.