oh wait a moment I just have to blow my nose excuse me

I know this is very unprofessional excuse me get out of my

nose you horrible pollen oh that's better

here we go again yes we are all together almost live right now across YouTube yes

welcome it is another English addict live stream

coming to you not only from my nose but also from the birthplace of the English

language which just happens to be England

well that wasn't a very professional way to start was it I apologise

I suddenly realised that my nose was blocked up because I'm suffering from

hay fever anyway enough of my problems hi everybody this is mr. Duncan in

England how are you today are you okay I hope so

are you happy I hope so here we are again yes we have made it all away once

more thank goodness we are all here together again we've made it safely

through another week because today we are going to have a great fabulous

fantastic Friday

it is Friday yes we've made it all the way to the end of the week I hope you're

feeling good I'm not too bad I had a very nice sleep last night this is my

latest obsession by the way talking about my sleep if I have a good sleep I

will tell you if I have a bad sleep or a restless sleep I will I will also tell

you all about it we like to share all sorts of things here on English addict

unlike other people who just talk about adjectives and nouns in Durin's here we

talk about everything really sometimes we talk about my personal problems

sometimes we talk about your personal problems and sometimes we talk about the

English language for those who don't know who I am my name is Duncan I talk

about English I'm on YouTube right now next week can I just say next week we

have something special next Wednesday a very unusual occurrence it is the 4th

anniversary of my live streams beginning so next week we are actually going to

show the first-ever live stream that I did on the actual day that I did it so

next Wednesday the 15th of July it will be the anniversary and we will sit we

are all going to sit together and watch the first-ever live stream that I did it

might be good for me as well just to see how how shy and nervous and

unprofessional I was back then but I have a feeling that for

years ago I was not blowing my nose live on the stream talking of streams yes we

are here together again and if you want to have live captions because YouTube is

so lovely and fluffy Thank You YouTube for letting me have live captions all

you have to do is press that button C press C on your keyboard and you can

have SuperDuper live captions right now as I talk to you you will see the words

come it up come up they will come up on the screen as if by magic talking of

captions now over the past couple of weeks I've had a lot of people ask about

captions first of all how do I get captions well there are certain ways of

doing that you can actually go up into the corner up there and find the

settings and of course also you can just press C on your keyboard if you are

watching on your home computer you can press C and you will get captions as if

by magic if you are watching on a mobile device of course you have to do

something slightly different you have to go to your settings and then you can

have captions on so you have to activate the captions normally they will be off

unless of course you have already set them to come out but quite often you

will have to activate your captions if you are watching on one of your mobile

devices maybe your phone or your iPad or maybe your galaxy tab if you have one of

those so I hope that helps you we are also going to talk about

something extra right now about captions now subtitles are very useful captions

are the most amazing thing ever and they have been around for many years for

those who have difficulty hearing they can read the captions on the screen it

gives everyone a chance to to watch and understand what is being shown so

captions and subtitles are not new they've been around for many many years

perhaps if you are watching a foreign movie you will often see captions at the

bottom of the screen and they will help you understand what is being said and

the same thing occurs here on YouTube we also have captions here yes

captions are very useful however one of the big problems especially if you are

watching a person who speaks English then the captions will be in English

however what if you want to have your own language on the screen well there is

a way of doing it now can I first of all say that it doesn't work all the time it

doesn't work all the time for example I don't think you can do it during the

live stream however if you watch my live streams after they are recorded you can

do this I'm going to show you very quickly how to do it I hope this is not

too boring but I feel as if it is a very important thing to sort out I think it

is a very important thing to actually talk about so how do you get captions

how indeed that is a very good question

if I can find my piece of video I hope I've put it here is it here I can't find

it sometimes these things disappear and now I can't find it

oh dear well that's odd I'm sure it was here earlier let me just see if I can

find how we can get captions on the screen

well that's very unusual here we go I found it

it was right in front of me do you ever find yourself doing that you are looking

for something and you look everywhere except for right in front of your face

and it was it was right in front of me so if you want to have translated

captions here is how you do it let me just show you very quickly so you can

see a screenshot here and you will see in a moment so there is the caption

subtitle button and if you go to the settings and then click on captions or

subtitles and then go to auto translate you will see a list of all of the

languages so there you can see I've translated it into Arabic and then you

can go back and then you can translate into another language maybe let's have a

look at Spanish shall we so here we are now translating into Spanish now perhaps

the translation isn't a hundred percent accurate but it will give you a chance

to understand roughly what I'm saying perhaps you want to watch my videos

using Vietnamese captions you just go down to Vietnamese click on the button

and there look as if by magic you have Vietnamese captions or

subtitles and there is a huge list of these languages if you want to have

English it's very easy you just click on English again

and then you have the English captions back so it's quite easy to do I will

show you again very quickly you go to settings you will see subtitles you

press auto translate you go through the list of all of the languages you find

the one you want such as Spanish and there it is look it is then translated

into Spanish so there are many languages on the list many languages it is very

easy to do as I said it doesn't always work with live streams but you can

convert the live captions on recorded videos I will show you very quickly

again because I think I did it too quickly so here we go let me just show

you again you go to subtitles you activate the subtitles you go to

settings and then you open that you click on subtitles and then you see auto

translate you click on auto translate and then you will see a whole list of

languages and then all you have to do is pick your own for example if you want

Arabic you can and there it is suddenly everything I'm saying is in

Arabic and you have every almost every language that exists in the world almost

every language is actually available so I hope that's helpful because I have had

a lot of people asking why can't I see my language on the captions well that is

how you do it you can convert you can auto translate

from English into any language whatever your language is

if it is Spanish maybe French perhaps Chinese Vietnamese maybe Japan Japanese

you see so any any language Arabic a lot of people have been asking about Arabic

translations and that is how you do it so I hope that's helpful it was long

my explanation was long but I hope from now on you will know that you can look

at your own language I interested to see if it works on the live stream as I'm

doing it now so perhaps you could try now to see if it works on the live

stream but I've never had a chance to do it because of course I'm I'm on the live

stream so it's very hard to test if it works when I'm actually on so I hope

that's helpful I hope that's helpful any language all of the languages are

listed and they are all there I hope you enjoyed that by the way if you like what

you see don't forget you can subscribe to my You Tube channel don't forget you

can subscribe and set the notifications as well so you never miss another one of

my English live streams it is English on Friday with all of those English addicts

which includes me and quite possibly you as well hello to the live chat I will

say hello to you as well hello to everybody I hope you are having a lovely

day the weather outside is quite nice there is the live view looking over into

the distance the Sun is now out it is official the Sun is out it is shining

across the Shropshire landscape looking very nice today even though the spawning

it was very dull but then suddenly the Sun came out and everything looks

lovely so there it is for those wondering where I live I live in a small

town in the countryside called Much Wenlock and that is the view right now

from my window it's windy it's a windy day as I said hello live chat nice to

see you here is well Oh Mohsen guess what Mohsen congratulations

you are first on today's live chat it's so much nicer having some realistic

applause I think so now yesterday I was in the garden did you see me yesterday

we did a livestream we are doing special live streams almost every day not quite

every day for example tomorrow I will have a day off so tomorrow I won't be

with you live because I have well I have to have one day free I really do

or else I might go crazy is it possible to die

from doing YouTube too much can you do too much YouTube I wonder maybe I might

be that I might be the first person to ever die from doing too much YouTube

hello all so V tests all V tests your finger is a little slower today what's

happened to your finger what have you been doing with what have you been doing

with your finger Vitesse to make it tired no don't answer don't answer that

hello hello TS hello TS oke TS nice to see you here is well watching in

Indonesia as I understand many of the bars and clubs and hotels are reopening

in Bali I saw that on the news last night they were talking about Indonesia

and many places are reopening there at the moment

hello - Oh Luis Mendez is here hello Luis nice to see you

maari gau b-trees we also have learn English with Zafar

hello Zafar have you found the subtitles and have you tried to translate them

please let me know if you are successful so you can translate the captions on

recorded videos but I don't know if you can do it on the live video caller biet

hello to you what a nice live stream thank you very

much you are more than welcome thank you very much for joining me today I do

appreciate your time you give your time to me by watching and of course I give

my time to you by teaching what a lovely deal Tanja art hello Tanya I haven't

seen you for a while have you been busy a lot of people suddenly after over

three months of being locked in their houses many people now are coming out

they are coming out into the the open now they are getting on with their lives

a lot of things going back to normal palmyra says Oh mr. Duncan your poor

nose I know my beautiful little nose a lot of people say that they like my nose

they say it's very lovely it's like a little button so my poor

nose has been suffering over the past few days with hay fever poor little nose

it's not fair Mika ODE is here hello Japan how is the weather there have the

storms disappeared I hope things are a little more little karma now a little

Karma can we have a little bit of calm in the weather

for those watching in Japan b-tree is Richard mammoths hello mammoths

I hope you are having a good week as well the weekend is just around the

corner yes a long weekend the weather here is going to be a little bit mixed a

lot of rain a lot of wind maybe a little bit of sunshine as well not sure what

we're doing tomorrow I've just realized we have no plans for tomorrow I wonder

what mr. Steve wants to do tomorrow I have no idea

I might ask him later hello also Hwang Jung ho tea hello mr. Duncan hello to

you watching in Vietnam hello also Sasuke Irene

Connell hello Connell thanks for joining me again today

Diana Romano today I am boiling as we say we we have had four seasons in one

day in Scotland as I understand it the weather has been very strange in

Scotland you've had a lot of rain but also quite a lot of sunshine because of

the strong winds the weather has been changing quite a lot yes I think so

I've always wanted to go to the Outer Hebrides I'm not sure if you can get

internet connection there is there internet connection can someone tell me

have you ever been to the Outer Hebrides very far north and can you get internet

is there a good mobile phone signal in the Outer Hebrides

I wonder narashima hello to you I feel as if I want to give you some echo naira

I like that I think I think your name goes very well with echo I think so

hello well so Zahra hello Zahra hello also Lali Lali Lali Lali

Bonjour Lali Lali I haven't seen Luis where is Luis Mendez has anyone seen him

come on Luis where are you I'm waiting here with my arms folded patiently

waiting for Luis Mendez to pop it in and say hello we also have Sahara Oh

apparently this is interesting diana Romano says I live in Scotland in a town

between Glasgow and Edinburgh and I go every day to a park near my home so you

have a lot of chances I suppose to go for a walk if you have a lot of greenery

or parkland nearby Scotland I've only been to

Scotland once and that was I think it was in 1997 was the last time I went to

Scotland and that was Edinburgh I went to visit Edinburgh very nice place by

the way beautiful town and also many things to see there is an interesting

castle there is a fortress and if you go to see it you will notice that it was

never finished I'm not joking they never finished it

they started building it but they never completed it I think they ran out of

money hello also we have Melia mr. Duncan if

you teach computer programs you will have a good talent to teach it is very

interesting thank you very much I don't normally talk about computers or how to

operate them I do know how to it but I'm not sure if it would be

interesting however however I do think it is important to talk about certain

things like how to get subtitles in captions and even more importantly how

to actually translate and convert them into your own language which i think is

great suhara hello as zara

says i have severe depression what should i do well I'm not a person who

can treat depression I'm not a doctor or a psychologist I'm nothing like that so

my advice would be to go to a doctor and talk to them about it if you are feeling

down unhappy and if it's been going on for a long time I would suggest go and

see someone go and see your doctor and ask them about it fortunately nowadays

there are many ways of dealing with depression it is a thing that more and

more people seem to suffer from I even have a my myself myself I had a little

bout many years ago of depression around 2000 certain things were happening in my

life and I just felt overwhelmed however I was able to eventually find my way out

I found the light at the end of the tunnel and that's that's what you have

to do that is what you have to do so we all have down times we all have times

when we feel unhappy but some people they find it very hard to deal with so

my advice is to go and see someone talk to someone talk to anyone maybe a friend

it is amazing how much talking to someone can actually help maybe a person

who you trust maybe a family member so that would be my advice although don't

forget I'm not a doctor and I'm not a psychologist nothing like that

but I had my own slight just a very short period where I did have to deal

with some very dark days tomorrow are you pleased mr. Duncan how the kitchen

floor has been renovated oh I wish I could take a picture and show you but I

might do it on Sunday yes we had a lovely man he came to fix our kitchen

floor his name Phil Philip and he is a carpenter and he did a very good job of

repairing the floor part of our kitchen floor decided to collapse because there

was some damp underneath so the damp has been solved that's gone and now we have

some lovely new floor some pieces of wood have been replaced on the floor so

yes it's very nice to be able to walk around the kitchen again without fear of

falling into a deep dark hole hello Diana

hello - oh hello and Easter ah hello Andy Starr that's very nice mr. Duncan

excuse me but I asked you many times about a song of the Beatles in the town

where I was born do you like it in the town where I was

born is that Yellow Submarine in the town where I was born is it that one we

only fini illness of marine illness of marine hey you losers well Duke that

will do no more singing mr. Duncan yes I do like that song in the town where I

was born is the first line from the song Yellow Submarine I feel as if you are

testing me I feel as if you are how testing my knowledge I think so

Belarusian mr. Duncan would you please say happy birthday happy birthday to

Lucas happy birthday Lucas it is your birthday

today it is your birthday hip-hip-hooray I hope you enjoyed that

happy birthday Lucas I hope you have a good day it would appear that Belarusian

it would have it would appear that many people in your family are having a

birthday during July I think so hello also to Lille hello lil nice to

see you back today what is happening today what are we doing we have some

unusual English words to look at we will be having a look at those also another

thing I mentioned this a few days ago mr. Steve you know who mr. Steve is

surely mr. Steve is the guy who likes to spend that the afternoon sitting on the


something like that so that is that is who mr. Steve is who remembers last week

I did mention that there are some photographs of mr. Steve when he came to

visit me in China and today we are going to look at some photographs these are

photographs that I've never shown anyone before no one well certainly you have

never seen these photographs before so I thought today that's what we would do we

would have something different so I'm going to show you some photographs of

when mr. Steve came to visit me in China whilst I was working out there a lot of

people seemed to think that we didn't keep in touch but we did and Steve came

all the way to China to spend some time with me

hello nor prade hello to you how does it feel to be another year older mm-hmm

hello also to Zayn can you see my comments yes I can I can see your

comments as you can see I can see them because I just mentioned your comments

so no worries there no problem hello also Oh Luis Mendez everybody Luis


Louis they call him Luis Mendez hi Louis I

hope you are okay nice to see you to see you very nice

indeed hello also - oh can I say hello to race

up hello racer nice to see you here as well if it is your first time please let

me know we have strange English words today to look at some weird some strange

English words so that is what we are doing as well we we normally have rainy

season in July in Japan we have had a lot more rain than usual and it's not

good Thank You Mika for letting us know

things have been a little rough quite rough in Japan with the weather a lot of

rain and now we are up to date we are up to date mr. Duncan you are my favorite

teacher like actions and access the things I do and the way in which I

explain things maybe the way I explain things to you nor prod says mr. Duncan

when will we see your studio well it won't be today

because we have other things to do but yes maybe on Sunday I might give you a

brief behind-the-scenes view of the studio we will see what happens I might

even do it today if I have time if I remember because my brain my brain isn't

as young as it used to be I used to have a young brain a fresh brain but now my

brain is old and worn out it's like an old clock

that's starting to stop sometimes it ticks and sometimes it talks and

sometimes it does nothing which is most of the time to be honest

Zenobia hello Zenobia English is my love well you have come to the right place

because we all love English here do you know why because we are all English

addicts yes we are that's what we are we are addicted to the English language

thank you for joining me today how nice would you like to see some nature here

is some nature now yesterday if you remember during my livestream in the

garden yesterday the cows came over to say hello but unfortunately I wasn't

able to show it because I was well my camera was facing the opposite way so I

couldn't turn my camera around however a little bit later about two hours later

yesterday the cows did return do you want to see them they actually came back

to see me yesterday afternoon I was a bit worried actually because I thought

maybe the cows were in a bad mood but there they are look they've all come

over to say hello so this is yesterday after my livestream finished I went out

and the cows had all come to say hello so there is one of them that is that is

mrs. Brown I call her mrs. Brown because she's brown hello mrs. Brown or should I

say miss Brown now this is this is oh there she is

hello say hello you look very relaxed there sitting down by my garden fence

hello we zoomed in and there she is so so that is lady stripe because

she has a stripe on her nose and there is there is miss miss brown with her

horns a lot of people don't realize that cows can have horns and this lady has

some very sharp horns I would not like to be on the receiving end of those

horns to be honest hello these are such lovely cows and they look

very happy at the moment because all of the Flies have disappeared so you will

notice there are no flies on the cows because the weather has been so wet and

damp and there oh there is lady stripe we call her lady stripe because she has

a stripe on the side of her body can you see it so that is lady stripe and she's

having a little chew of the grass she looks very comfortable and very relaxed

there in the corner I think hello lady stripe are you feeling very relaxed

there are you going to spend the night there maybe and of course some of the

other cows also became quite interested in what was going on yesterday in fact

they were all watching me whilst I was doing my livestream so that was

happening yesterday and this happened after my livestream ended they all came

over to say hello oh look now there is there is lady black nose because she has

a black nose you see so she also has horns and then eventually all of the

other cows come over as well because they are very nosy so these are young

cows they are not very old they might be around one maybe one and a half years

old so they are quite young cows and one of the things I love about these cows is

they are very inquisitive they like looking at what is going on

around them and now you can see all the other cowls are coming over they want to

know what is going on hey what is going on what is all this commotion oh it's

him oh it's that stupid man with his camera oh oh and there's the other one

they're all coming over now hello are you interested in what is going on well

if you are wondering this is a live stream I teach English

maybe maybe these cows want to learn English from me as well

well you will have to join in with the live stream come on come and say hello

aren't they lovely I could watch the cows for a long time for hours and hours

and hours I love going into the garden and watching the cows I don't know why

it is something I always find very relaxing but now it's time to say

goodbye to the cows goodbye bye bye oh I

couldn't resist showing the cows from the garden they are so nice hello elvis'

hello to you as well they are chewing the cud yes that's right now cows when

they eat they can't eat their food straight away they have to have it in

their stomach for a while and then they bring it back into their mouth and they

chew it again so the process of eating for a cow is a very slow process it

takes them a long time to fully digest their food the governor of Khabarovsk

region was accused of corruption and also murders in his area does this exist

in Great Britain and that is a very in justing subject when we talk about

corruption it is a word that covers many things so corruption is normally when

one person does something for another person however there is often an

exchange of things quite often quite often money so money is often exchanged

when we are talking about corruption maybe you are a person who owns a

certain company and maybe you want the government to give one of their very big

contracts to you well you might give some money or some favor to that

government official it does happen it does happen here corruption does happen

however here in the UK we are very good at it

does that sound wrong alright I'm not sure but we are very good at corruption

here in this country we do it very well but now and again people are caught they

are often caught maybe someone will will film them in secret so they film the

person agreeing to do something for money from another person so corruption

does happen here but we are quite good at it I will be honest with you and I've

been living in China in the past and they are terrible at corruption they are

they are they just do it so openly no one tried to hide corruption in China

they just do it so openly everyone is taking bribes in China and and I can say

that you see because I've lived there and everyone has a price whatever it is

a policeman or maybe a person who wants to open a store or maybe a person who

wants to do something to their house they will quite often have to pay an

official some sort of bribe so they can get the favor yes

it's true so here in the UK we are very good at bribery and corruption we do it

very well I'm not sure if that's a good thing

overall but apparently that's that's the case but there are countries where

people are useless at corruption they do it so openly they don't even hide it and

that is what I came across in China a bribe well bribe is when you use money

you use money to get favor from another person so I might give you some money

and then you will say nice things about my YouTube channel

you see that sort of thing corruption corruption I suppose you might say that

everyone is corrupt in some way but I think if you have power and influence it

is very easy to become corrupt we often say a little power or a great

amount of power well quite often they lead to corruption they lead to

something that is illegal hello mr. Duncan and everybody hello

rose sir nice to see you here as well thank you very much corruption is just

when people do things for favors corruption so something that should be

happening in a certain way is changed because people are making deals or doing

things without others knowing I think there there is corruption in all of the

world Thank You Sandra you are right now I'm not saying that we are not corrupt

in this country because we are what I'm saying is we are very good at it it is

not a good thing to say I must be honest with you but yes we do have corruption

in this country but a lot of people are very good at it and they do

very carefully and only now and again occasionally people will be found they

will be discovered to be corrupt corrupt what a word talking of words we will be

looking at some strange words in a few moments but first I want to show you

something I want to share with you an excerpt from one of my full English

lessons and then I will be back with you don't worry we will be back live so this

is an excerpt from one of my full English lessons full English number ten

and then we will be back live with some strange English words and we will be

looking at mr. Steve some photographs of Steve when he visited me in China way

back in 2006

do you have an affinity with something is there something or someone you have

an affinity with the word affinity means a natural liking for or an understanding

of something a natural connection means that you do not have to force yourself

to do it the connection or understanding comes naturally for example to have an

affinity with numbers means that you are naturally good at arithmetic a

relationship can form from the affinity between two people they get along

together naturally without the need to force themselves long-term friendships

and relationships are often built on a mutual affinity to have an affinity

could also mean a connection between things with similar characteristics when

two things relate they have an affinity the affinity shared between animals

plants places and languages it's time to take a look at another current buzzword

a buzz word is a phrase or sentence that is used frequently or often today's buzz

word is engage or engagement the word engage is used a lot these days to

express the interest or attention given by those watching or viewing something

to engage with someone is to connect with them so as to get their attention

interest or involvement if you engage with a person then they are more likely

to stay with you a television program must engage with a person or else they

will stop watching movie makers politicians newspaper editors all try to

keep people interested and involved by trying to engage with those they wish

to connect with engagement is the action of connecting with something TV

producers are finding it harder to engage with their audience politicians

need to engage more with the young

I don't know about you but I love receiving good news hearing something

positive can really perk you up it makes you feel uplifted and warm

there are many ways of expressing surprise and joy at someone's good news

that's awesome really that's incredible that's amazing fantastic Wow I'm pleased

to hear that if the good news involves the person telling it to you you can say

I'm pleased for you congratulations well done good for you you might express

complete shock and disbelief at the good news no way you're kidding oh my

goodness for real I'm speechless there are many ways of expressing joy at

someone's good news when was the last time you receive some good news how did

you react to it with surprise shock or disbelief

can you see what I'm doing here I'm making myself a sandwich a sandwich

is a very convenient snack you can make one easily you can wrestle up a sandwich

very fast to rustle up means to produce or create a meal with little preparation

or time you can wrestle up a meal for someone right now I'm wrestling up a

snack for myself I will cut a couple of slices of bread from this loaf spread

some butter on each slice then I will add some filling something to go inside

the sandwich you can put almost anything inside a sandwich cheese lettuce tomato

peanut butter even slices of banana today I'm going to put some jam in this

sandwich some people just eat one slice of bread with something spread on top

you can toast a sandwich and enjoy it heated up the sandwich is often

considered as being a very British snack which is not surprising when you

consider that it was invented by an English man John Montagu the fourth Earl

of Sandwich yes sandwich is not only a snack it is also a place

mm I hope you enjoyed that way back in 2015 that is what I was doing

2015 oh my goodness that's that's five years ago

five years ago that was one of my full English lessons you can find many of my

full English lessons on my YouTube channel that's where they are don't

forget you can subscribe if you want to you can subscribe you can like and

subscribe if it makes you feel happy please like and subscribe feel free to

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to do is click Subscribe and don't forget to activate the notifications as

well activate the notifications and then you will never miss another one of my

live streams like and subscribe it would be very nice if you could do that very

nice indeed so here we are then I was asked earlier can we have a look at your

studio well what I've done a few seconds ago I actually took a photograph and

this is a photograph of my studios and I've tried I've tried to get all of my

studio onto the picture so here it is this is what my studio looks like for it

from where I'm looking so you can see what I can see so here it is here is

what my studio looks like for those who are wondering

and there it is so that is where I'm standing now you can see the little

yellow line on the floor that is where I have to stand when I'm presenting and

you can see there are lots of lights lots of cameras lots of equipment lots

of things that I have to use to make sure my live stream looks really nice so

there it is for those asking that is what my studio looks like there is a lot

of equipment in here lots of equipment lots of cameras it also gets very hot in

here as well so sometimes I have to open the window but not today my window is

not open because it is quite windy to be honest so there it is now you know that

is what my studio looks like that is the view that I'm looking at right now I'm

staring at all of that equipment including my lovely camera there it's oh

it's three o'clock everyone look at that three o'clock in the UK I don't know

what time it is where you are but right now it is 3:00 p.m. UK time we are going

to have a look at some pictures of mr. Steve as I said earlier as well I want

to mention this again you can actually have captions on the live stream all you

have to do is press C on your keyboard this is something quite important I do

think this is an important thing to remember and if you want to watch my

recorded lessons unfortunately this does not work on the live stream you can only

watch my live subtitles in English however later on you can watch

everything in your own language and this is what I'm talking about

so have a look here I will show you again I did show this earlier so you can

actually activate shuns and there you can see the captions

are now activated but if you want to have if you want to have subtitles in

your only language you go to the settings of captions and then you go to

auto translate and you can actually have your own language there is a list of

languages so there is an example Arabic so Arabic you can choose Arabic if you

want and if you want to choose another language just go back to the list and go

through them perhaps you want to see I don't know Spanish maybe you want to see

Spanish captions and there we go and then if you want to have a look at

another language maybe you are living in Vietnam and you are watching my live

streams recorded live streams you might want to have Vietnamese or you have to

do is go to that and there it is you have the actual translation on the

screen so I hope that is helpful for those who are asking about the captions

there you go Thank You Beatriz well mr. Duncan your

studio is so complete congratulations and thank you for offering us all your

technology that's okay Beatriz I hope it was interesting I hope so racer says

sometimes the captions will appear before you even say it so the captions

will appear before I say the thing that I'm going to say I will tell you why

that happens now when I do my live stream there is a slight delay there is

a delay of around 30 seconds so what you are seeing now is me 30 seconds ago so

this is not coming out of your screen live completely there is a short delay

of 30 seconds which allows YouTube to add the captions but sometimes because

the captions can come up very quickly it would appear that the captions know what

I'm going to say before I say it which is impossible of course unless

there is someone at YouTube who is psychic so that's the reason why

sometimes the captions come up before I say the thing that I say because there

is a slight delay we call it latency latency just means

delay so there is a slight delay between me saying this and it's appearing on

your screen the delay is around 30 seconds which means of course it takes

another 30 seconds for you to reply to what I've said so I hope that helps a

little confusing because technology quite often is a confusing thing shall

we have a look at some strange words would you like to see some strange

English words okay five past three on a Friday thank you very much for your

lovely messages thb Nam says hello mr. Duncan I've watched you for years your

channel is doing great I am glad to hear

for me the caps the captions appear afterwards says Michael or Mikkel maybe

the captions will guess what you are going to say next okay then mr. Steve's

underpants smell like cherry blossom

I don't think anyone at YouTube knew I was going to say that I don't think so

here we go there's some unusual English words would you like to have a look at

some unusual English words there are many strange words in the English

language and here are some of them right now would you like to have a look at our

first strange English word here it is on your screen right now oh very nice we

have the word capricious capricious an interesting word

a person who is capricious might be impulsive they might also be

unpredictable a person who changes their behavior or their habits quite quickly

over time might be described as capricious a capricious person you are

describing their personality the way they behave a capricious person is a

person who is sometimes unreliable fickle fickle person is a person who

often changes their mind about things maybe they change the thing that they

like maybe they are crazy about a certain popstar but then a few weeks

later they change their mind they they then say oh I don't like him anymore I

like him instead they are quite capricious a capricious person is a

person who often changes their mind they are changeable here's another one

we are looking at strange English words oh this is an interesting one I like

this word erudite erudite once again a very unusual word a word that you might

not have seen before an erudite person we are describing that type of person

maybe a person who is knowledgeable or maybe they have studied maybe a

particular subject or maybe they know a lot about also all types of subjects

they are an erudite person they are cultured intellectual maybe

knowledgeable they have a lot of information stored in their brain they

are perhaps highly educated they have a lot of knowledge about all sorts of

things we might describe that person as erudite they are a knowledgeable person

they know a lot about all sorts of things

children can be capricious you are right yes

I think children are very capricious they can change their minds about things

quite often I think so here is another English word now this is a word that

people often say to me it's true they say mr. Duncan I think this word is very

suitable for you the word is suave a suave person what

does it mean though if you are suave it means you are smooth a smooth talking

person may be a person who is sophisticated maybe you have a certain

way of doing things that have a charming characteristic maybe you like doing

things that make people feel happy or people who feel valued you say nice

things you are sophisticated maybe you are a courteous person you are suave

suave sometimes we use this word negatively as well we might use it in a

in a negative way if a person is being too suave you might say they are being

too charming or maybe they are being a little false or fake with their charm so

a person who is suave is often a person who is sophisticated charming polite

they have a lovely way about them a suave person they are suave hello Donna

hello Donna I am here but I have changed my profile picture oh yes I can see it

it's very small on my screen but yes I can see you have a new picture so is

that you is that your picture thank you very much for sending it I have received

some lovely emails by the way with some photographs and pictures so thank you

very much of course I won't show them here unless you ask me to do it but

thank you I really do appreciate sometimes sometimes it's nice to put a

face to the name so I see lots of names but sometimes it

is nice to have a face that goes with the name I think so

here's another word we are looking at strange English words at the moment oh

okay that is an interesting word you may or may not have heard of this English

word before a raconteur rocontour a person well we often describe a

raconteur as a person who is a speechmaker

maybe they give speeches they are a storyteller they are a conversationalist

some people are very good at talking some people can think of lots of

different subjects to talk about very quickly they are very good at expressing

themselves a person who is very good at telling stories so maybe a person who

tells you a story in very interesting and engaging way that

might be described as a raconteur a raconteur they are a person who is very

good at telling stories a wreckin tool I'm not sure if I am a raconteur I'm not

sure maybe you are perhaps you are very good at telling stories maybe a funny

situation that happened in your life perhaps you have to stand up in front of

a group of people and talk about a certain subject or maybe some

experiences that you've had in your life you are a raconteur I like that word it

sounds French hello Zainab I pray to the Lord to protect you

from all evil and harm well that's very kind of you thank you very much for that

thank you that's lovely Andy says I oh I think

actors many actors are very good at telling stories I think so you often

find actors a person who acts for a living are very good at telling stories

because they are good at expressing things I think so Luis Mendez says

raconteur my father was a raconteur but in

Portuguese it is called a contour a contour a person who is speaking in a

very interesting and engaging way they are very good at doing it a big Bonjour

from France hello Carrie nice to see you here we are looking at some interesting

some interesting English words here's another one oh I like this one now this

is something we might hear from time to time if we are talking about

a successful and wealthy person so maybe a person who is wealthy maybe they have

a lot of money and they will engage in this thing this thing called altruism

altruism a person who does this can be described as altruistic an altruistic

person takes part or does something that might be described as altruism altruism

a person who is in selfless a selfless person who puts other people ahead of

themselves maybe a person who is willing to give money to other people without

wanting any reward so to do something without wanting reward you do something

selflessly you do something without wanting reward so something is done I'll

truest eclis altruism it describes selflessness a person who

does something for other people but they do it without wanting any reward or

recognition you do it selflessly selfish acts a selfish action

something that helps people but without wanting any reward so you might describe

certain people I suppose people like Bill Gates some people say that he is

altruistic however I'm not sure how true that is because of course he is a

multi-billionaire and a lot of people do talk about his generosity so I'm not

sure if his actions can be described as altruistic because he does like getting

the glory that goes with it Oh Sergey

is here hello Sergio nice to see you here today

Kevin Kevin Cardenas hello Kevin hi mr. Duncan why are you in that beautiful why

aren't you in the garden I'm not in the garden today because the weather is a

little bit rough outside we've had a lot of wind and it is a little bit cold can

you believe it outside he was the view outside it's actually quite cold it does

not feel like summer to be honest it doesn't feel like summer at all so that

is the view outside and there is the other view looking into the distance

right now and you can see the Sun is now out you can even see the clouds you can

see the shadows of the clouds moving across the field and that gives you an

idea of how windy it is it's very windy you can see the shadows of the clouds on

the grass because the clouds are moving by very fast because today is windy so I

hope that answers your question that is the reason why I am in the studio today

an altruistic person has a heart of gold they do things selflessly I think so

very good here's another one oh I like this word some people believe

that life has lots of things prepared for you sometimes perhaps if you do a

good thing in your life maybe good things will come here is a word that

describes all of those things and the word is serendipity have you ever heard

of this word it is a very poetic word a poetic word that means destiny or fate

or something that lies ahead that is waiting to happen so maybe people look

in their life for for their their paths or road your fate

some people describe karma as a type of fate so the things you do to other

people will eventually come back to you so some people do believe in karma

serendipity is the fate that lies ahead the things that happen in your life the

things that are on the road ahead as you go through life serendipity I like that

word we are looking at some strange words today but this one is a word that

is used quite often this is a word that is used quite often when we are talking

about fate destiny karma do you believe in destiny do you believe that your fate

is already ahead do you believe that if you do something good in your life

then maybe good things will come your way and of course the opposite if you do

bad things maybe bad things will come your way in the future

Sergio Oh Thank You Sergio that is very poetic thank you serendipity has brought

us all together I like that one yes maybe that is a very good way of looking

at it very good way of looking at that here is another one oh this is

especially for those who are living in France

trust me this is this is a word that is used in English honestly I'm not joking

it is definitely a word that is used in English even though it sounds French but

it is a word that is used in English monitor has gone off it is tour-de-force

tour-de-force when we talk about a tour de force it means a performance or some

sort of achievement that is done with great skill or accomplishment so a tour

de force is something that is done with success skill and great accomplishment

you are very good at doing a certain thing it is a tour de force

thank you for your messages I'm getting lots of messages coming through today by

the way it's very busy today tour de force of course as you can see it is it

is French yes tour de force tour de force now the translation is feat of

strength so your feat of strength something you have done with great

accomplishment or great maybe courage as well sometimes doing

something difficult to have a feat of strength means that you can overcome

lots of difficulties or things that might lie ahead tour de force I like

that one I like it a lot so it is it is amazing how many words that actually

well this is actually French you see so this is French but we do use it in

English so the actual French words are used there is no translation it is

tour-de-force a great accomplishment you have put great work or a lot of effort

into something and you have succeeded a tour de force I like that we will have I

think we've got three more and then we are going to look at some photographs

but they are no ordinary photographs they are mr. Steve and myself taken 14

years ago when Steve came to see me in China so we are going to look at that

don't go away don't go away putting a lot of effort

into something is a tour de force with great accomplishment here's another word

oh this is a word that I might use some times to describe mr. Steve crotchety

a person who is crotchety a crotchety person I love that word it's nice to say

crotchety you describe a person as being crotchety if they are miserable a person

who often complains or moans maybe a mean-spirited person might be described

as crotchety a crotchety old man he is a person who is miserable bad-tempered

moody and friendly cantankerous Oh see now that is also an unusual word in

English cantankerous a person who is crotchety is miserable

quite often they are bad-tempered they are crotchety my next-door neighbor

lives on his own and he is very crotchety his crotchety character here's

another one oh we have we have a we have two words not just one oh very nice

conjugate conjugate and also ruminate now these are two very interesting words

conjugate and ruminate so if we look at the words well if you conjugate it means

you you think you consider you muse I like that word you use you reflect on

what has happened in your life you think about the things that have happened

maybe you consider a certain situation or maybe you are considering where your

life is going mmm ponder there's another word I think I actually used ponder a

couple of weeks ago as one of my strange words ponder think you are a person who

likes to cogitate cogitate and the other word of course is ruminate as well which

means the same thing so ruminate is also the same word it

means the same thing you think about something carefully you ruminate you

cogitate ruminate you think carefully about something you think carefully

about a certain situation you consider something you ponder the possibilities

in your life what can I do where will I be in the future you think

about it you conjugate you ruminate you think about something finally one more

oh yes we have two words again two more words together fiery fiery or scorching

so when we say that something is fiery we can say that it is burning it is hot

it is maybe similar to a fire maybe there is heat coming from something and

it is fiery maybe something is actually on fire

fiery you might describe the scene of a fire as being fiery

something is on fire it is ablaze

scorching is to heat something up in a same way in a very similar way something

is fiery it is capable of burning something scorching it is very hot a

fiery pit is a hot pit a scorching pit maybe there is a fire taking place a

fire is burning in the pit it is fiery it is scorching it is very hot so there

we have it we have some words for you to look at you can write them down you can

watch this live stream again and of course you can make a note of those

words and that is the beauty of doing this you can watch this lesson as many

times as you want you could have captions later and as I mentioned

earlier you can also translate the captions into your own language mr.

Duncan do you like horse riding I did many years ago yes I have ridden a horse

it's not an easy thing to do one of the things I always notice about getting on

a horse is you you suddenly realize you realize suddenly how big they are when

you're sitting on top of them it feels like if you are very high up and that is

one of the reasons why people who fall off horses are often badly injured I

think so this is English addict we are with you

for another half an hour another half an hour of this and then I will go tomorrow

I'm not here I'm having one day off so tomorrow is my off day if you want to

send me an email by the way you can write to me you can also follow me on

Facebook as well and if you want to help my work continue

forever and ever you can also make a donation

mmm Friday afternoon we are here together sharing our love of the English

language English addict don't forget you can catch my lessons my English addict

lessons are Sunday Wednesday and Friday however as I mentioned already we're

doing some extra live streams I will be here on extra days including Monday

Tuesday and Thursday so I am here six days a week with of

course Saturday as my free day I don't know what I'm doing tomorrow I have no

plans for tomorrow so I'm not sure what is going to happen but I'm sure mr.

Steve has something wonderful planned for us to do tomorrow

talking of mr. Steve for those who don't know many years ago I spent quite a few

years a long time in China teaching English I lived there I worked there and

I had quite a lot of success there as well

a lot of people have asked mr. Duncan what happened though when mr. Steve was

in England and you were in China what happened what happened did something

happen maybe maybe you had an argument and you

wanted to get as far away from Steve as possible that is not so you will be

pleased to hear so here are some photographs proving this is proof that

mr. Steve did come to China to see me he actually did visit me in 2006 and before

anyone says anything yes mr. Steve does look very young and

also I look very young because it was 14 years ago 14 years ago so here we go

this is a set of pictures a group of photographs

during mr. Steeves visit to me in china are you ready oh dear here is the first

photograph so here is myself and mr. Steve together on a very cold day you

might notice behind us on this photograph you will see that there is a

lake behind us which is actually frozen completely so the lake behind us is

actually frozen solid and there it is so that is it yes I know mr. Duncan you

look so young and mr. Steve looks so young so there is Steve visiting me in

China 14 years ago and I remember when he came it was freezing cold because it

was during I think it was in January January 2006 when Steve came so we were

still in the middle of winter in the place where I was living and it was

freezing cold so there is Steve and myself together and you can see Steve

was looking very cool and sophisticated in his sunglasses and I'm also wearing

my sunglasses because the Sun was out it wasn't warm in fact I remember Steve

saying why is it so cold and it was it was around I think it was around minus

10 maybe minus 12 12 below zero in the place I lived here's another picture so

these are photographs of mr. Steve when he came to visit me in China he was a

photograph taken in this is actually in my house Steve is I think he was sending

some emails to his family so here's the next photograph so there is Steve he's

on my computer in my my little office space in my house

and I think I think he was actually sending some emails to his family

because they were really worried about Steve coming to China they weren't sure

whether Steve would be safe but he was he was safe everything was alright we

had a lovely time tamarah says you seem to be so young and

handsome oh thank you very much I know I used to

be very handsome many years ago but not anymore

here's another photograph this is mr. Steve once more in one of my classes

would you like to see Steve with some of my students there he is

so mr. Steve once again he looks so happy doesn't he and yes you can see all

of my students so this is one of my classes that I used to teach so they are

actually my students behind Steve and most of my students were girls there

were many girls in my school and many of the students that I taught were were

actually girls they seem to be quite fascinated by mr. Steve I think they are

looking at his head I don't know why because you do get bald Chinese people

Chinese people can be bald as well it is not just something that Western people

have and there is Steve oh it looks as if Steve is trying to use his mobile

phone but of course as we all know mr. Steve is not very good at working

technology so even 14 years ago Steve seemed very confused by mobile phones

even though back then 14 years ago cell phones were actually quite simple

devices I love mr. Steeves face he looks really

confused by what is going on here's another one we are looking at some

photographs of Steve when he was in China anis is mr. Steve your brother or

friend he's my best friend he is my soul mate and there he is standing on a

street corner in China and if you look in the distance you can see there is KFC

I used to spend many hours in that KFC sometimes I would ride on my bicycle

all the way to KFC and I would have some chicken I would have some mashed potato

oh yes I really used to love KFC mashed potato with gravy oh I could eat some of

that now I really do miss that so KFC yes though that there was KFC in China

14 years ago not many not many and of course we did eat a lot of food while

Steve was with me and there you can see there is Steve at a Chinese buffet so

you can see there was lots of food laid out and Steve is helping himself to some

delicious Chinese vegetables and you can see there is quite a selection of food

there there is some hot food cold food there are some vegetables also noodles

needless to say whilst Steve was with me we did eat a lot of food as you will see


would you like to see mr. Steve sitting on a camel

this is mr. Steve he is on a camel he is riding on the back of a camel I

I'm not joking he is very Steve looking very happy I don't know why I'm not sure

if he's excited or terrified I'm not quite sure let's zoom in slightly let's

have a closer look ah yes there he is yes I'm not sure if he looks happy or

slightly afraid I I love the expression on the camels face can you see the camel

it does not look very happy I think the reason is because it has mr. Steve

sitting on its back so that was taken at one of the the area's thiet

I don't know it was like an area that was giving some flavour of the mongolian

lifestyle so this was an area quite close to where I lived in China here's

another one so there is mr. Steve outside a traditional Mongolian yurt so

that particular house is called a yurt it is a traditional Mongolian house it

looks like a large tent which is because it is basically and that actually was a

restaurant so what Steve is standing outside there is a restaurant we

actually went in there to eat some food as you will see next so there is Steve

eating some mutton and if you ever go to Inner Mongolia you will eat lots of

mutton I don't know why but a lot of people do eat mutton in China especially

in Inner Mongolia

another picture of Steve so all of these photographs are 14 years old 14 years

ago now this is something I never want to see mr. Steve doing mr. Steve with a

bow and arrow no I don't think so I don't know why whenever I see that

photograph I always feel a little worried I don't know why it just seems

strange seeing mr. Steve carrying carrying a weapon I would never trust

mr. Steve with anything especially a bow and arrow

I think so hello Donna hello also Irene I haven't forgotten

about you barong says you look so young yes well

it was fourteen years ago that's probably the reason why here's mr. Steve

he wants to phone his mother he was trying to get through to his mother on

the phone but unfortunately none of the phones would work they were all broken

so there is Steve trying his best he's shouting Martha Martha

obviously you enjoyed a lot of that time together I did well can you believe it I

hadn't seen Steve for nearly three years so I actually hadn't seen Steve for

nearly three years here's another photograph of Steve in

the street and there is an old gentleman who is watching Steve

he seems very interested in mr. Steve

maybe he thinks that mr. Steve is one of his long-lost grandsons I don't know so

they're once again mr. Steve standing on the street corner looking rather

embarrassed I don't know why but he he did feel a little uncomfortable for two

reasons one he was well one of the very few Westerners in the city where I was

living and also people would often stare they would look a little bit like the

elderly gentleman behind mr. Steve he is looking at us because he's interested

he's intrigued because we're not Chinese and in the city where I was working not

many people were Western he would very rarely see Caucasian white foreigners he

would very rarely see it here's another one cheer up Steve

he doesn't look very happy there I have a feeling that we we might we may have

just had an argument I think so I think I think we just had an argument about

something but there is Steve and there are some lovely ladies walking by I

noticed one of them is wearing a face mask and that was 14 years ago so as you

can see in China people have been wearing face masks for many years so not

just now because of you know what but for many years people have been wearing

face masks quite often you will see people wearing face masks I did when I

was living in China I would often see people wearing face masks here's another

picture there's mr. Steve looking very fresh he

looks so fresh and young although it was 14 years ago so there is a special place

that is called the workers hall so it is named after

all of the workers it is a place where people would go to be entertained with

various things I think there was actually a cinema in there as well so

they would have lots of performances in that place and I think there was also a

cinema don't worry he was the final photograph here is the last photograph

don't worry you don't have to look at anymore

and this is where Steve was saying goodbye this is at the airport just as

Steve was about to leave terrible I felt so upset I can't begin to tell you how

sad I felt when Steve went back to England but the good news was I went to

England a couple of weeks later so actually I went across to see Steve in

England a couple of weeks after this photograph was taken

so I spent I think I spent maybe three weeks in England and then I came back to

China I returned to China after staying there for three weeks so I hope you

enjoyed that some photographs something different

photographs that have never been seen before the first time I've ever shown

them so I hope you will you enjoy that

mr. Duncan the beard suits you really please can we not talk about beards

I'm not going to grow a beard because now my beard is white you see so if like

if I grew a beard now it would be completely white I would look like

father Christmas thank you so much for the pictures thank you Andy

you are welcome they are personal pictures private pictures but now you've

had a chance to see what happened when Steve came to see me in China I would

love to go back to Asia there are many parts of Asia that I would love to visit

including Japan I would love to visit Japan Vietnam as well I would love to go

to Vietnam and visit there wouldn't that be amazing wouldn't that be super if I

could do that alessandra we really enjoyed those

photographs thank you very much I hope you enjoyed them I will be going in a

few moments but don't worry I am back with you on Sunday don't forget you can

catch me on Sunday Wednesday and Friday from 2 p.m. UK time that is when I am

with you on YouTube but of course as I've already mentioned I'm doing some

extra live streams on Monday Tuesday and Thursday so you actually get me you get

me live six days a week during July but I won't be with you tomorrow because I

am having the day off it will be my off day tomorrow well look at the for you

outside I've just noticed the weather outside is incredible look at that

it's looking rather nice now the Sun is that is actually shining

it is very windy but look oh my goodness I really want to go outside that's what

I'm doing after I finished today's livestream I am going outside I'm going

to sit outside and have a cup of tea in the garden and there is another live

view just to give you a another taste of the scenery where I live I hope you

enjoyed that it's been a busy one today we've looked at some unusual words we've

looked at some unusual photographs of mr. Steve we've looked at one of my full

English lessons we've talked about all sorts of things today Thank You Maria

Thank You mr. Duncan for sharing your memories thank you very much I have many

memories of all of the times that I spent during my years working in China I

had a great time actually you can watch this again

don't forget this livestream can be watched again there will be captions on

the recorded live stream and don't forget also you can translate the

captions into your own language if you want to see the translation you can

Aamir Ollie asks do you play music like the piano or guitar no I don't I don't

play any musical instruments I admire anyone I admire all those who can play a

musical instrument I love it especially the piano the piano seems like a very

hard thing to play I will be honest with you Dan Diana says I am going to eat my

scones and then I will go to the park it sounds like you have a busy afternoon I

hope the weather is nice where you are Diana and have a lovely walk as well

Jade ah now Jade makes a very interesting point and this is something

that I mentioned when I was in China I don't

like to see animals being badly treated one of the strange things in China and

this is something I noticed Chinese culture has a very strange relationship

with animals certain animals are seen as majestic almost sacred whilst other

animals are seen as disposable and so that's something that I I found very

hard to come to terms with and yes I know mr. Steve was sitting on the back

of a camel however many people do use camels as transport especially in

Mongolia so camels are often used as forms of

transport thank you very much for your company how can i master how can I study

and master in English yes service well English is something you have to do

every day as I always say you have to make English part of your life something

you do every day learn new words every day you have to slowly build on your

English day by day it takes time but you must make time for yourself so you can

learn English studying English learning new words listening to while listening

to me you can listen to me this is a good way of improving your English

listen to someone talking in English like this curry asks were you able to

speak Mandarin I did learn some Chinese yes I did have to learn although I

wasn't very good at reading Chinese to be honest I wasn't very good at reading

li'l says every country has slaughter houses where animals are

treated terribly yes well once again this is something that

is very hard to talk about in one situation because around the world many

countries eat animals they are they are killed somehow so the way animals are

treated we often think of animals as being treated humanely or in humanely I

might talk about those words on Sunday two interesting words humane and

inhumane they are antonyms they are opposites five minutes

thank you Nord thank you yes see thanks a lot mr. Duncan I enjoyed it I hope you

did thanks for all of your lovely messages today it's been a good one have

you ever been to as Becca Stan I've never been there I've never been as

Becca Stan there are many places around the world that I've never been to that I

would love to visit mr. Steve wants to go to Brazil he's very keen on on

visiting Brazil he likes the idea of that I would like to go back to France

as well I would like to go back to France and have a look at some of the

other areas the other regions in France

Thank You Duncan today was lovely enjoy your afternoon with Steve yes I am going

to make a cup of tea for mr. Steve in his office he's busy upstairs in his

office working so yes I will be giving mr. Steve a cup of tea and I might sit

outside because the sun is shining it's very windy but I can't resist I have to

go outside I want to go out and sit in the Sun I want to feel the Sun on my face

a Morales says I have to go now see you later the place where I was staying at

or living in was a region of China called Inner Mongolia so it was actually

part of China but they describe it as an autonomous area it is part of China

however it has its own it's its own government if you want to say that so we

think of it as a as a region of China but it was also or is an autonomous

region as well thank you very much to Luis Mendez who was trying to say

goodbye to everyone I will be going in a moment moment just a couple of minutes

and then I'm going I hope you've enjoyed today's livestream and I will see you on

Sunday don't forget Sunday right here 2 p.m. UK

time and mr. Steve will be here as well sharing some of his wisdom maybe we will

see thank you Anna thank you tomorrow Thank You Mohsen

thank you also to Palmero thank you - lolly lolly Thank You Eleanor thanks for

an interesting stream I hope you've enjoyed it there is lots here for you to

watch lots for you to learn from and lots for you to enjoy I hope you do see

one Sunday take care everyone I'm going now this is mr. Duncan in the

birthplace of English saying have a great Friday enjoy Saturday do something

interesting go outside but don't forget to stay safe because we are not out of

the woods yet if you get my meaning and of course until the next time we

meet here on YouTube you know what's coming next yes you do

ta ta for now 8-)