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keep it nice and light though i don't want to get

too involved with the academic side of things

so we won't be talking too deeply about any english subjects it's something nice

and breezy just as a way of allowing you to

practice your english listening and also ask me some

questions as well just in case there is a a

burning topic that you wish to talk about

um also today i'm going to talk about something that

i was asked about last week i was asked mr duncan could you

talk about the ielts test now i must admit that is quite an

interesting subject because for those wishing to come and

live in britain you must take

an ielts test that is very important and you need the ayats test so

you can study here and also to allow you to

live here as well it's also worth mentioning that the ielts

certificate is also welcomed in other countries as well

including the united states there are currently over 3 000

institutions currently in the united states

who accept the ielts certificate as well so we will be talking a little bit about

the english language testing system

or to be more precise the ielts test and also what else are we doing today

let's have a look uh oh i know something fun to throw in

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and as i said if you want your name here on the door behind me you can have your

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as well okay it's uh seven minutes past one o'clock

let's get on with our first topic for today

which is all about the international english language testing system

or as i like to call it ielts because it's it's much easier to say

so the language testing system is generally for those wishing to live

in a certain country of course there are other ones as well there's toefl

and also toek as well but ielts is the one i'm going to talk

about today the ielts exam is something

you need to pass so as to be able to live in certain countries

there are grades given for each part of the test

and then there is an overall score which is called a band

so first of all let's take a quick look at what

the ielts test is all about

okay here's the ielts test this is courtesy of ielts.org

there are two types of ielts test you can choose from ielts academic

or ielts general training so there are two types of ielts test

the ielts academic is for people planning to study in higher education or

seeking professional registration it assesses

whether you are ready to begin studying or training

in an environment where english is the language used so a good example

would be the uk where english is widely spoken

so that makes perfect sense doesn't it the ielts academic doesn't assume that

test takers have already mastered or even partly

have the range of skills they are likely to

need at college or university so you could look at it as a sort of

assessment it is assessing your level

of english for this reason while the test reflects

some of the features of academic language it

does not aim to simulate academic study tasks in their entirety so in other

words it is just a guide it is a guide as to

how well you can speak english so the ielts academic is for people who

wish to study in another country

then we have the ielts general training ielts general training focuses on basic

survival skills i love that word so much survival skills so when we talk about

ielts in in general we are talking about survival english day-to-day

english in a social environment or of course in

the workplace it is typically for those who are going to

english-speaking countries to do secondary education work uh

work experience of course or training programs

people migrating to australia canada new zealand and

the uk must take the general training test that's very important to

mention again the fact that you must take the test

if you are planning to live in those countries

work or study so in australia canada new zealand

and of course the uk and don't forget the ielts is also

accepted now in the united states as well

okay let's move on so what about the actual test itself well

just to make things more difficult there are many parts to the actual test

you have listening academic writing and reading general training

and as i've already mentioned academic writing

general training writing and oh dear the worst of all speaking

yes that is the one that everyone hates everyone hates the

speaking part so let's have a look at the listening

first of all the listening part of the ielts

test takes around about 30 minutes and the test consists of four recorded

monologues and conversations

so we have monologues a monologue is a person

talking on their own so you will listen to one person

talking and then afterwards you will listen to

a conversation

or the other way around the listening test is the same for both

academic and general training tests so in other

words if you are doing either the listening

is pretty much the same so in the listening test you will normally

listen to something being said either by one person or

between two or more people and as that happens

you will be asked to answer some

questions that is the hardest part so what they want to do is to check how

well you can listen which seems like an easy

thing but it isn't it isn't as easy as it

seems so the listening part of the ielts test

takes around 30 minutes and they want to know

how well you can pick up words within sentences

so you will listen to somebody speaking on their own

or in a conversation and you will be asked

questions about it that is it

academic reading well that's pretty self-explanatory you are going to be

reading a variety of questions is used chosen from the following

types you have multiple choice so you'll be asked a question and the

right answer will be contained within a list of answers so in other words

multiple choice means there is a correct answer hidden

within the choices you are given

identifying information you have to identify

a writer's views or claims so you will read something and then from

that you will have to say what the writer was trying to put across

now we look at things like matching information and

matching headings matching features matching sentence endings so you have to

match things up you will be asked to refer to part of

what you have read sentence completion of course you will

be given sentences to complete so you'll get

part of a sentence with maybe one or two words missing and you will have to

fill the gaps or complete the sentence

summary completion summary completion means to summarize something that you

have read

note completion again it's fairly self-explanatory

table completion you will look at a list of

things written in the form of a table and you may have to fill in the uh the

spaces that have been left

for people that are looking for something more business-like

they need also to know how to decipher a flow chart

so you might be asked to complete a flow chart

to show the change or advance of something

um then there is diagram label completion so you might have something

that is shown to you in the form of a diagram or

a picture and you must complete the labels

you must in other words write down and also read and write down what you


and of course short answer questions they are my favorite

because i hate giving longer answers i only like

short answers to questions but that doesn't mean that you can only

only answer yes or no you can't just say yes or no you still have to give

an answer using words but the answer in question will be just a

short one okay we move on to

general training reading this takes place over 60 minutes a

variety of questions are used chosen from the following types

again very similar to the academic reading

you have multiple choice you have to identify

information identifying the writers views and claims very

similar actually to the reading one so general training

is slightly more varied as the word general

of indicates there so the questions will be varied

but again you will have a a similar a similar sort of requirement which will

be to answer questions

and also match information and also complete a summary

this is very complicated you are probably already thinking mr duncan

there is no way i can do this don't worry

the the overall test takes around two hours 45 minutes so don't worry you have

quite a lot of time an hour is actually quite a long time when you think about

it another one now if you are not good at

writing if you need to improve your grammar then

maybe this one will be the uh the part that you need to

brush up academic writing the duration

is 60 minutes it has two writing tasks of 150 words and 250 words

in task 1 candidates are asked to describe

some visual information maybe a graph a table chart or a diagram

and to present the description in their own words

in the form of writing of course they need to write 150 words in about

20 minutes that is not too difficult you could easily write 500 words in 20

minutes so so i think that that is very generous so

20 minutes to write 150 words yeah that's okay

that's not too bad just take it easy and don't panic

in task two the candidates are presented with a

point of view or argument or problem they need to write 250 words in about

40 minutes again that's very generous so 250 words yeah i think we can do that

so what you are doing there really is giving your own

version of something in writing i think that's the simplest way of

putting it then we say

let us move on

once again a general part of the test this time general training writing

once again we've got 60 minutes and once again you have a task of 150

words and 250 words in task number one the candidates are

asked to respond to a situation by writing a letter for


requesting information so maybe you are writing to someone

to ask for information

or of course explaining a situation

again this might be difficult for those whose writing skills

are not great which is why you must make sure that you have at

least some level of writing skill

just having a drink of water there i hope you don't mind

now oh dear

this is the part of the ielts test that everybody hates so much

in fact if there is one thing that i receive questions about

more than any other it must be speaking in the ielts test or the toefl

or the turret test these are

these are really really really difficult things

to do for some people speaking out loud possibly the hardest part of learning

any language it's it's all right writing things down

mr duncan i can write very easily it's no problem but when it comes to

speaking i have a lot of problems

so in the speaking test you have 11 to 14 minutes

so between 11 and 14 minutes

in the speaking test you have a discussion

with a certified examiner so in other words a person will sit down with you

and they will talk it sounds lovely doesn't it

it is interactive and as close to a real-life situation

as a test can get so it really is putting you

on the sharp end so to speak there are three parts to the test and

each part fulfills a specific function in terms of

interaction or interaction pattern task input and

candidate output

put simply it is how you speak in a general conversation what

you say to them and what they say to you

in part one you answer questions about yourself and your family

now that should be okay i'm sure many of you will be alright with that one

where do you live who is in your family

do you have any pets questions like that in part two

you speak about a topic

now what's interesting here is i think the topic is suggested to you

i've heard some people say that they had to bring

some preparation for a topic while others had to

just speak about a topic that they were given

so forgive me there if i seem a bit doubtful as to what that actually is but

as far as i'm aware certainly from from hearing from

students is that the topic is given to you

but please don't quote me on that in part three you have a longer

discussion on the topic

so you have a chance first of all to speak about the topic

and then in part three you will have to discuss

possibly in the form of questions and answers

of course between tests that might vary so sometimes that might happen and

sometimes it might not so be prepared

remember the speaking test is the same for both

academic and general training tests each of the three parts are designed

to test a different aspect of your communication ability

but simply they want to know if you can talk

they want to know if you can explain things and they want

to know if you can understand what is being asked

so the speaking part is one of the shortest parts of the test

but for most people taking the ielts it is the worst

part of the test so please don't forget that the speaking

test for many people is probably the hardest

or the most daunting of all

if you want to find out more about the international english language

testing system or as they like to call it ielts you can check out

all the information including the information i've given you today

at ielts.org the test itself is now accepted in many

countries it's worth noting that it's accepted in britain

of course also in australia uh canada and

it's worth mentioning also uh that there are now three thousand apparently three

thousand universities now except um it's accepted in the united states

which i was very surprised that seems to have changed a lot

over the last two or three years and when i say universities i actually mean

academic institutions so it can be sort of anything that has some sort of

teaching and learning program

let's have a look at the scoring before we move on

because a lot of people ask about the scoring

the ielts score now there isn't really a pass or a fail

in the ielts test it's worth noting that there isn't really a passer of fail

what they do have is a sort of banned list from as you can see

zero at the bottom to nine at the top i will very briefly go through these

so we have at the bottom zero i don't think many people ever get zero

i don't think people ever score zero on their ielts test

i would be very surprised if they did

um let's have a look so xero is did not attempt the test at all

would you really turn up for an exam and not take the test

i i don't know any anybody that would do that unless they were crazy

then we have uh grade or band one which is non-user um

essentially has no ability to use the language beyond possibly

a few isolated words that sounds like me with my chinese

when i lived in china i was i was kind of uh i was probably a band one

chinese speaker

and then there's two bantu intermittent user again this isn't good

this isn't very good if you get banned too

no real communication is possible except for the most basic information using

isolated words or short formulae in familiar

situations and to meet immediate needs in other words very

basic maybe hello goodbye or there or here

up or down not much else

then we have band three conveys and understands

only general meaning in very familiar situations

again very similar really to band two you're kind of

sort of struggling i think struggling would be a good word yes you're

definitely struggling if you're in band 3 you definitely struggle with your

english i think that's safe to say

okay band 4 limited user again not great

basic competence is limited to familiar situations again

things that are basic and very simple to explain

this person has frequent problems in understanding

and expression

so they won't be able to understand most of what is said to them

again not a great score

then we have band five this is where things start to look a little bit

a little bit better they they start to look a little more

positive let's just say so a modest user has

partial command of the language coping with the overall meaning of most

words in situations

it is likely that they will make many mistakes

as they are speaking but they should be able to handle basic

communication in their own field so things that they are very familiar

with a person in band 5 should be able to

deal with quite easily

now we come to the best part this is this is where things get a

little bit more positive if you are now sitting in band

6 well aren't you the lucky one band 6

means you are a competent user this means that you have a generally

effective command of the language despite

some inaccuracies

but you can use the language to a degree you are competent i love that word

competent if you ever hear someone say to you

you are very competent that is a great word

to have used towards you that means you are able to do it

you have an ability you're not great at it you're not

excellent but you are competent

and don't forget grade 6 or band 6 is normally the lowest you can get

for entry into most universities or or even

with employers so so six is the minimum that you are aiming


there we go to band seven to band seven oh my gosh oh well if you get

a score of seven in your ielts aren't you aren't you a clever clogs

band seven means that you are a good you you a good user

i need to choke to my water then excuse me you are a good user

this person has operational command of the language

though with occasional inaccuracies so sometimes you might make mistakes

so a good user can speak english but they will still make the occasional


generally speaking a person in band 7 will handle complex languages

and situations well so if your english level is seven

you can handle complex language very well

and of course you will be able to understand detailed reasoning

which i will come on to in a moment i will i will talk about that in a moment

about using what we like to call cognitive

english which means thinking so we now have band 8 oh my goodness

if you are in band 8 well need i say more

you are a very good user this person has fully operational

command of the language with only occasional


and systematic i love that word it's far too complex though so i'm just

going to say they can use english well

there will of course still be the occasional misunderstanding

especially in unfamiliar situations but generally generally

that person will handle complex detailed argumentation

very well and we come to band nine

if you get band nine in your english ielts test then you can probably

come and do my job and i can go on holiday

so if you are in band 9 you have full operational command

of the language appropriate accurate and fluent with complete

understanding i think that sums it up pretty well

need i say more

going back to the minimal band that you can score it's six so the

minimum that you can get without

being asked to leave is six so anything above six

is fine no problem so if you are a competent user

a good user a very good user expert user

you will do quite well

so you are aiming to score at least six or seven in your ielts test

let me just go back to something i was talking about just now

um when you are tested in your english speaking skills and writing skills one

of the things that you also need to get used to is thinking

in english it might sound strange but you do need to have a good level

of english in your brain as well so let's come back to me

i'm sorry there we go so if you think in english you will find

that it's much easier to use english in your day-to-day life it might sound

strange i always remember one of my students

saying to me mr duncan will it help my english if i if i dream

in english i must admit i i love that idea i love the idea of dreaming in

english i think that's amazing if you

can think in english you will find it much easier

to do all the other things including speaking and writing

so your cognitive english is what is being tested

in the ielts exam

the writing is just the result the speaking

is just the result but really you need to have the english

up here as well in your brain when you are thinking when you are

listening and perhaps when you are dreaming

so i hope that's been of some help if you miss any of

my live lessons don't forget you can also catch up

afterwards you can have what youtube like to call


video on demand so you can watch this live feed again

once it has become available on my youtube channel

if you are taking your ielts or you are planning to

start preparing for it can i wish you the best of luck

with your forthcoming exam

i suppose also it's worth mentioning the fact that

we are currently having a very strange time here in england

and in the uk in general because over the last couple of weeks we've

we've had some slight changes

uh one of the biggest changes of course uh

being the vote to leave the european union this

means that the uk will be going alone with their decisions they

won't be taking um any advice and they won't have to

follow any of the rules that exist in europe now the reason why

i mention this is because i'm not sure how this is going to affect the ielts in

the future

i have no idea at the moment in fact nobody does nobody knows what's going to

happen next so it might be worth keeping an eye and

ear out keep listening and watching on the internet

for the latest news on what is happening here in in the uk because

i think the changes that will be coming over the next

couple of years as as the uk pulls out of europe might

might have some effect on the way that the english tests

are carried out just before the brexit vote took place

um some of the people who were who were protesting who wanted to

get out of europe were saying that they wanted to have a point system

for people that wanted to come and live in england

or in the uk so it'll be very interesting to see what happens there

whether the brexit will have any effect on the ielts test

at the moment i think it won't but who knows because we are living in

very strange times

here in the uk okay it is goodness me look at the time

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about the question oh the question what is this

what on earth is this do you know what it is

isn't it strange and sonic says is it and sonic says

is it a lightsaber from star wars

no it is not a lightsaber it isn't a lights it looks like a

lightsaber actually yes yes i

am your father

it's not a lightsaber so you can cross that off the list it's definitely not a

lightsaber aero v 41 says

hi hi aerov41 hello there uh lucia or lucia

it's one of those lucia or lucia hello there uh

jr star

hello mr duncan hello jr star

um aero v41 says it's a lightsaber it isn't a lightsaber

it's something else there it is can you see it properly okay

i'm going to hold it still now for you can you see it there it is there it is

can you see it is not a lightsaber so

cross that off amanda regina or

amanda regina hi mr duncan hi amanda

um abdel abdul al-fatah says hello mr duncan with lots of applause

thank you for the applause there oh i'm so flattered

uh i mean maura i mean amore hello from algeria live

from algeria and live from england renee

oh my goodness i'm sorry renee but i'm not going to

try and pronounce your second name renee

shara prabha de

renee i'll just call you renee is that okay

bonjour i can't wait to hear and learn from you today oh

okay you are welcome renee uh duke dwong wii

i hope i pronounced that right hello again

hello doc suhab noor says hello as well a big hello to

sohab noor mrs light hello mrs light

says hello from poland a big hello to poland

hi there uh abdel al fattah says we are writing mr

duncan i know i'm sorry i think there was a problem at

my end maybe i didn't refresh the page maybe

it's my fault it's very embarrassing

anyway the chat is working now and everything is all right

that's it jr star says we are here mr duncan refresh your window chat

i have it was my fault

yeah gustav a fernandez says hello mr duncan from spain

i'm a new follower a new follower of you gustavo hello gustavo and a big hello to

you in spain we have

leah avila now leah avila who has joined me

it's not a lightsaber it isn't leah vela lea avila

i hope i pronounce your name right thank you for doing these wonderful videos you

are truly amazing and your accent is lovely

i like your new mic oh yes this is the new microphone i

i i bought during the week i've had a crazy week i can't tell you

how crazy my week has been trying to

get this equipment all working and this morning

this morning oh my goodness do you want to know what happened this morning

this morning i tried to print something out

now don't get me wrong i love technology i love it so much

but this morning the printer would not work and i didn't know why it just kept

saying error error


eventually i did sort it out after finding out that the printer ink

was used up it took me a while to work out that the printer

had run out of ink there was no ink left but sometimes did you know what i wanted

to do this morning i wanted to take that printer

and i wanted to take it into my back garden i wanted to put it down

and i wanted to smash it to pieces

could you imagine me doing that maybe next week

maybe in next week's live stream i could i could smash my

printer to pieces

it has nothing to do with english but at least it makes me feel better

some more hellos um oh hi from abdul mannan abdelman

hello there um also we have let's have a look what we got


uh we have nasgul ondazzle mary sheno or shino

nazal marishino hello to you abdul al fatah says what's happening mr

duncan you can't see our comments i can now i can see your comments now

and they're lovely sonja sonya schmatt

i hope i pronounce that right sonia says hi as well

nuria rincon says keter jordan

did i did i say that right

noria rincon says cabroon cabroon is that where you are or is it a

greeting i hope it's a greeting i hope it's

nothing rude

another comment now writing in arabic i i can't read arabic unfortunately

lovely to see you best friend everyone is welcome and everyone is my

friend if you are a lovely person if you are a

nice human being on this planet then you are already my friend

carlos roberto chikera shakira carlos is

watching right now live in brazil yes it's true i'm live i'm live on the

internet can you see here look look look it's live look look look

look there it is just there five minutes past two

so it is live definitely

um leah avila says oh a

is that like is that like olay

rach rush la or rashel says hello hello how's it going it's

going okay we had a couple of problems just now

besides that i'm feeling super duper and hunky-dory

leah asks how is mr lomack doing on the year of the monkey

mr lomax has been driving me crazy this year

i remember at the beginning of the year in january mr lomax kept saying hey mr

duncan guess what it's my year 2016 is my year

so yes yes mr lomax is very happy that this is monkey year

if you remember we made a lesson together do you remember the lesson we

made together we actually did a little lesson together

me and mr lomax talking about the year of the monkey

even though mr lomax really isn't a monkey he's an ape

but mr lomax is very stubborn

and sometimes a little annoying the other week he shouted at me did

anybody see the breakfast time that i had with mr

lomax mr lomax started shouting at me because he said that i made my porridge

too weak he said my porridge was was too milky

and then he said that that i i eat my porridge

in a noisy way he said mr duncan you eat your porridge

in such a noisy way it's very annoying so sometimes mr lomax gets on my nerves

do you know anyone that gets on your nerves does anybody annoy you in your

life please tell me so i can shame them here

no don't don't do that

some russian here uh sonia shmat has written in russian i think that's

russian it looks like russian unfortunately i don't speak russian or

read russian

uh amri weidy or amri wadi i'm rewardi well i am taking

an ielts course on future learn now what a coincidence thanks a lot for the

great information about it

i'm rewarding i hope i'm pronouncing your name right

good luck with your forthcoming ielts test so you're now taking the

course and later on you will be doing the test

oh dear me when you take the test

think of me smiling at you wishing you on so all the best of luck there

for your forthcoming ielts test and of course anybody else

who is taking their english exam test later this year

or maybe today or maybe tomorrow good luck

uh amina maura says hello from algeria a big hello to algeria

lisa avila says hola hola i don't think you pronounce the h

though do you i think it's more like ola ola hello

i think we're up to oh we're almost we're almost up to date now

we have a tail atel a tailor one a taylor one says hello everybody

alicia materia says you have a nice studio do you like my studio

sometimes it's very messy a couple of weeks ago

this studio was so messy there was there was rubbish

everywhere so i i spent a whole day clearing this whole studio out i i moved

everything out of here and i cleaned it from top

to bottom it was it was a sort of late spring clean

you don't normally spring clean in summer you normally spring

clean in spring

hello teacher says why madurain why nigerian i always have problem i

always have a problem with that part of the word

nijuan is that is that how you pronounce it nigerian

wine jewen who is i believe watching in vietnam

then we have mark i think that's mark i want to say mark

um watching in the russian crimea hello

mark i think that's what it says there because part of it's in russian and my

russian isn't very good i'm sorry i can say prove it prove it

um hello teacher hello mr duncan says comedia comedia says hello mr duncan

um comedian says you are the best although it says here you are the bet

i think it means you are the best you are the best that's it

thank you camita

right i have to do a bit of catching up here because there are

thousands and thousands and thousands of messages

so sorry if i if i miss your messages but there are so many people here


we have chang man lee

chang manly who is watching in south korea

hello south korea a big hello to you

tariq says terek says he's super duper best do you mean me

thank you very much i'm very flattered uh joe quinn ruiz gomez

okay please restart your youtube mr duncan

right back to the mystery item english food club hello to english food

club english food club says mr duncan it's a

sword no it isn't a sword i'm sorry about that

fey but it isn't a sword

um hi from russia i think i have quite a few people

watching in russia now so a big privet to russia kermita says you are a very

you are a very innovative teacher innovative that means new

unusual exciting different something different that will change the world is


leah avila says you are a wonderful teacher

marcelo oh i see yes

marcelo marcelo says you pronounce my name like

mars the planet a big high from marcelo who is watching in argentina

hello argentina

ali hossein says stay happy healthy and live longer mr duncan

you know what i love being alive i don't know why it feels really nice

when i wake up in the morning every morning i open my eyes

and i say

this is nice

every morning you should try it tomorrow morning when you wake up

when you wake up tomorrow morning open your eyes and go

oh this is nice

alina or elena brito says mr duncan how are you

we are two cuban students who are watching

for the second time your lessons in barcelona hello barcelona

thank you very much for your for all your efforts

we will keep following you says elena and gustavo hello to gustavo as well

colombia leah is watching in colombia we have maran

who is watching in iran and says you are a very good teacher thank you very much

vino vino kumar says your videos are awesome

can we expect more videos of english from you yes of course there

will be more english videos i'm not stopping

i'm not giving up i will be here for as long

as as you want me to so if you want me to stay here i will

it's as simple as that

ali hussein says you are the best continue being

as you are mr duncan i'm not changing it is true that some people don't like

me some people say yeah have you seen that mr duncan

i don't like him i don't like him everywhere

somewhere he always wears a hat what's what's that all about why does he always

wear a hat i don't like him mr duncan

leah avila says i like the globe of the earth you have

on the night table there it is over there

the globe that's where we all live i was going to say happily i really want

to say happily

pedro pedro redondo garrido says hi mr duncan from spain

hello spain espana

spain tell you i tell you i tell you one

says can you say hello to julia hello julia hello julia

i tell you says hello to julia and so do i

english food club says sawadi sawadi which is of course hello

in thai

rami rameen ramili sometimes when i pronounce the names i i

might have to take a run at it two or three


it's like it's like breaking down a door

mr duncan we love and support you says vulgar ramili that's it i think

that's it hello vergara alesso

materia says i love mr lomax do you want him alesso do you want him i

can send mr lomax to you he can go and stay with you for a few

weeks but you won't like it trust me mr lomax

is very annoying

let's move further down the list oh my gosh there are so many

so many messages here okay i think i'm nearly at the bottom


the one thing about youtube chat is it's very difficult to follow

the text it moves so quickly on the screen where do you

live now mr duncan uh from vrgar vulgar says where do you

live i live in england in a place called much


says i did my ielts back in november of 2014 and secured

a six band congratulations well done so all that hard work it was

worth it i am good at speaking oh

seven for that

shahid says i do dream and speak to myself in english

there's nothing wrong with talking to yourself

of course the problem is sometimes you might answer yourself back

that's when it gets strange well done to shahid and congratulations on passing

your your ielts back in 2014

new jerk new jerk hello you are so smart you are wonderful

you mean me oh thank you

here's an interesting name mckiller abode or abod mckiller abod

says i'm from yemen hello yemen

mrs t and m hello mr duncan are you teaching privately

for example online lessons to reduce the accent

i don't do private lessons this is something that i get

asked all the time in fact it's a question that that i get asked

almost every single day do you teach english privately i don't

because well i don't really have the time

and of course i love giving my lessons away for free

so youtube is the place to watch my english lessons

and of course here now every friday with my live stream

uh leah avila says i do not know what is that thing

is it from space or something you mean you mean this

does anybody know what it is do you know do you know if you think you know what

this is please let me know the one thing it

isn't is a lightsaber it's definitely not a


it's not a lightsaber

reuben i sam shares asks where in england do you live mr duncan

as i said earlier i live in england i live

in a county called shropshire and the place i live is called much

wenlock it's a very tiny small place a small

little village it's very it's very shallow

that's chinese for small

and sonic says i like your new microphone i don't know

if it is better than the rode ntg2 but definitely

sounds great that day you use the ntg2 well guess what enzonic this is also a

rode mic this is a rode mic but this has a as a

slightly better sound well i think it does anyway

and of course with this one i can get very close to it

because with the ntg2 you can't you can't get close to it but with this

one you can get very close to it and talk right into the mic

uh and to tran

i really must learn vietnamese and to tran says hi mr duncan

hi anne and sonic again says mr duncan

i see you are using a sound desk too you are learning

audio visual world you are learning audio visual world and

we learn english it's true although i have a confession

to make many years ago i used to work in radio

it's true i used to have a radio show on a community radio station and also i

used to work many years ago at a voluntary radio

station as well so i do know a little bit about

the audio visual world so this was this was quite easy to set up

but you know what technology is like you can set it up

but it doesn't mean that it will work

hi mr duncan says uh oh let's move on sorry i i'm reading the old messages

again uh leah avila says mr duncan will you

upload full english 24 will there be a full english 24

yes there will right now i am making full english 24 and don't forget there

are only two more full english lessons just two more

and then i will be moving on to something else

but don't forget this live stream will be here every

week every week so next friday we will be doing the same thing all over

again with a different subject and also

a different mystery object but this is this week's mystery object what is it

what do you think it is any ideas what do you think it is

it isn't a lightsaber it's definitely not a lightsaber

uh-huh moving on with the questions khan new jock gives me a big smiley face

thank you for that sylvia kurti silva yakurti i like so very much mr

duncan you could of course say i

like mr duncan very much sylvia curti thank you for that

leah avila or lia avila writes i like you extremely

nora al nora al says hi hi nora

lia avila writes what is your favorite food

wow my favorite food that's that's not easy to answer

hmm because i like all sorts of food but i do i do like fish i must admit

a lot of people say mr duncan do you eat meat they they ask me if i am a meat

eater i used to eat a lot of meat that rhymes i used to eat

a lot of meat but now i have it beat

that's a terrible poem so i used to eat meat but now i i've

i've cut out meat completely virtually

virtually from my diet almost but i still eat fish i do like eating

fish i must admit so if there are any vegans or

vegetarians watching

i don't eat much meat anymore but i still eat fish

yes i do like food i used to love chocolate i used to eat chocolate all

the time oh my goodness i miss chocolate so much

but now i hardly ever eat chocolate it's terrible

so my favorite food used to be chocolate but now

no i can't eat chocolate because i you may have noticed that i'm losing

weight i've been losing a bit of weight i was i was getting a little

unhealthy so i've changed my diet and i've also lost a bit of weight people

say mr duncan you look you look younger for some reason why

and i think the reason is because i've lost weight

don't ask my age please oh what have i done

what have i done everybody's going to ask my age now


hhs sabah says hello mr duncan from egypt

hello sabah and a big hello to egypt the land of the pyramids

um leah what was that noise i just made

i must apologize if i make some strange noises sometimes i don't know what that


i think it's my porridge coming up to say hello

it goes hello hi mr duncan's porridge

oh dear let's have a look

mr duncan

oh gosh

there are so many messages coming up now

uh vinod kumar says why don't you do live

sessions every day as many hours as possible

apart from uploading the same live lessons as videos

so that we will learn as much english as possible

i think what you are asking me there vinod is could you do this every day

could you could you do a live lesson every day

what are you trying to do to me are you trying to kill me

i don't think i would be able to do that i don't think i could do a live stream

every day

i learned my lesson when i did dinktober does anybody remember dunktober

did you watch my dunktober videos i think that was in 2013

i did some special lessons in in october and i made a new lesson every


and i nearly had a nervous breakdown doing it

so no i probably won't be doing these live streams every day i think

i think i would i think i would go crazy

don't say anything don't say mr duncan you are already crazy

leah avila says i want mr lomax alessio says no mr lomax is not boring

no mr lomax isn't very isn't boring he he isn't boring

he's annoying annoying

he really is

chang nam lee says in my country which is korea we have already

started the rainy season uh what about the uk well it's supposed

to be summer here it's summer now in england but

we've had so much rain this summer even even now outside the weather outside is

very dark and cloudy and it looks as if it's about to rain

so no we're not having a very good summer here

it's it's it's a bad summer very wet

my name is

can you say hello to lydia and i men for me hello lydia

and hello aymen or amen

that that boy says are you happy i

hope so

say hello to mr lomax and happy weekend as well says amri wadi

i will say hello to mr lomax he's not here at the moment

he's gone to uh he's gone to hollywood

apparently he's auditioning for for one of the new

superhero movies so mr lomax isn't here at the moment he's gone to the united

states he's in hollywood he's auditioning he wants a part in in a

hollywood movie i don't think he'll get it

xp learning xp learning says how are you mr duncan i am fine and

dandy hunky dory fit is a fiddle

astrid martinez says hello mr duncan hello astrid khan the jock says

have youtube send you youtube silver button oh yes of course

i haven't got one they did not send me a silver button

youtube did not

and this year this year i'm going to get half a million subscribers

i wonder if youtube will send me something

that would be nice wouldn't it maybe youtube will send me some ideas

for for making my videos better

mr duncan this is youtube here we would like to improve your videos

could you please be american could you please be twenty

and could you please change your name to

josh i'm going to get into trouble for that

um astrid says hello

lia avila says you are a genius

what was wasn't einstein a genius i don't think i'm like einstein

english food club is mr lomax a real ape can he talk yes of course mr lomax is

real he's in hollywood at the moment he's auditioning for the

for a part in a new superhero movie

says oh maybe this is a vacuum cleaner

meila you are very close well done you are very close it isn't

it isn't a vacuum cleaner

but you are very close this piece of equipment this particular item

has a certain use but what is that use

oh that's better i had an itchy itchy eye then i'm sorry about that

so what is it what does it do but it's not a vacuum cleaner

but you are close you are very close it is

it is near but i want to know what it is used for what is its purpose

um silvia curtis says is so very much correct

i've learned it from blair on tv yesterday

uh thank you so very much yes thank you very much

so very much yes it's it's a little informal

it's not formal english but you can say so very much

thank you so very much so very much maria

a says hey hey maria lucia or lucia

says is the cae certificate as useful as ielts i would probably go

with ielts

although i know now somebody will say no mr duncan

now you're wrong cae is better ielts can get you into many places

nowadays including the united states as i said

earlier um

if you want a good mic go to newman that is better than road can i just say

something here well i just grabbed some water

maran says if you want a good mic go for newman that is a very better

that is very better than rode um yeah newman mics

newman microphones like like this this isn't a newman this is a road mic

but the newman mics yes but they are quite expensive

taikuila take away that's chinese for too

expensive take


right we're just looking here we are now at 2

39 it's now 20 minutes before 3 o'clock so we only have 20 minutes

left um if you want a good mic we've done

that one maria says does mr duncan read the chat

yes i'm reading it now i'm reading it right now

but there are so many messages so i'm going

i'm going through them very slowly

abdul al fatah says mr duncan do you live in england

still mr duncan do you in england still say i haven't instead

of i don't have do we say

i haven't instead of i don't have um

i suppose because because of the the mixture now of british english and

american english and this is the problem now even i

sometimes use americanisms in my my speech because

of the influence of watching american tv so i would i would have to say that both

are okay i haven't or i don't have

i don't have is much more formal but i haven't

i haven't got the time i don't have the time

i think that thing looks like a paper cup collector

is it says chang manly no it isn't it isn't a paper cup

collector but

it does have a purpose but what is the purpose what

what does this do

i like it when you do live streams you should do more

i am going to do a live stream every single week

so if you want to watch me you can join me

every friday friday at one o'clock one till three

although i have a strange feeling that today

i might go slightly over two hours we'll see

hhs says have you any korean fans here i'm sure i

have people watching in korea lots of people watching in south korea

definitely you may not know this but

i can actually see where you are watching

i can go into my youtube analytics and i can actually see which countries

are watching me around the world so yes i do have lots of viewers in

south korea not so many in north korea i don't know why i don't think they like


would you like to learn other languages says esther

cassandra well yes when i was living in china

i had to learn chinese i had to learn survival chinese

so um i can speak other languages but not much

not much just um idiandian idiondian that's chinese for just a


uh when will you come to vietnam says thb nam when will i come to vietnam

i don't know i'm not sure i love travelling but at the moment i'm

not traveling anywhere because i'm too busy here with my work

so i was hoping to have a holiday later this year but at the moment

i don't know but i would like to go to vietnam or come to vietnam

maria a says who knows where does he read the questions from

who knows where does he read the questions from i read the questions from

the youtube chat which is next to the video


so many oh my gosh

i'm just looking at some of the messages here and some of them are a bit rude

uh shahid hussein says have you ever tried

biryani biryani that's like a curry i think that might be hot i do like

curry but normally i eat curry that's very mild

like um i like korma that's a type of curry that's that's

very uh that's very mild curry corn

and also there is another one called madras which is kind of

i think that's in the middle madras but biryani yes it is a type of meal a

type of food

abdul majeed hello abdul why did you change your diet

it's a bit of a personal one but i will answer what i changed my diet because i

wanted to lose some weight i wanted to get healthy

because because i'm not young so i want to take care of my my health

so i live a long long long long long

time so abdul i i changed my diet because i

just wanted to eat more healthily

xp learning

no xp learning asks mr duncan how old are you

and also khalid khalid says how old are you

and sonic says if my theory is incorrect i think

it's a giant cigarette of course it is empty no it isn't a it isn't a

thing for smoking cigarettes or i could i could sort of

oh no it's not it's not for for smoking cigarettes

okay um hi do you like football asks

alexander trishkin alexander do you like football i don't like

football that much when i say i don't like it

i don't mean i hate football i mean i don't follow football

i don't follow any football but i don't hate it we must get that


marcelo so if you still eat fish i know i can take some fish and chips

with you when i come to england yes marcelo yes i i love

fish and chips even though they they are a little bit fattening

fish and chips have a lot of fat in them

um somebody has written but i can't read

the arabic name you've been dreaming in october haven't

you i have although dunktober was a bit of a

nightmare for me definitely

it was a bit of a nightmare i have to say

tbhnam asks which street food do you like the best

which street food do you like the best i like

street food oh i see like um because i used to go to malaysia a lot

and i used to used to eat a lot of the the noodles

from the street food sellers so yes you're right so

anything really a bit of a bit of bit of fried noodles

a bit of fried chicken mr lomax isn't annoying he's a very nice ape

says donnie d okay but you don't have to live with him

i do he's very annoying

leah avila could you do a video showing your city

i think england is beautiful well i do sometimes take my camera out

and about to show you some of the sights near where i live

so um yes i that would be fun there is a video on my youtube channel

where i talk about the place i live in which is much wenlock

and that is the video about the olympic games

so if you just go to my my videos on my youtube channel and

search for mr duncan olympic games just put olympic games or olympic trail

and that video should come up but you see a lot of

where i live much wenlock in my olympic lesson

um hello from qatar says khaled rikabi ricarbi

or ricabi khaled hello from qatar hello to qatar from mr duncan

in england sahu yusuf says i see your channel

is new thank you my name is

and i live in the usa lia avila please greet us

sabine hello sabine uh josh josu


michelle and leah we are all watching you

wow so a big hello to sabrina josu and michelle and of course leah

hello mr duncan i'm from brazil nice to meet you

hello ali elias elias el nata elias el nata

i think the most entertaining part of watching this today

must be seeing me try to pronounce all of these names if i do pronounce

your name wrong please forgive me look at that

nine minutes left dear me

mr duncan says donny d this this

is a is a sexy toy

no omar omani omar amani says hi sir

hi emma t thb nam

asks do you like the brexit personally

omar amani says i need ways to speak uk accents

well you can listen you can listen to the uk accent you can listen to the way

in which english is spoken or spoken

elias says i'm looking for people to practice

english using whatsapp that's a good idea yes

whatsapp whatsapp is a very useful app for your phone and it allows you to send

messages and talk freely using

mobile phone signals or wi-fi it's very useful

whatsapp and of course now you can set up your own group

using whatsapp so that's a good idea if you would like to do that go ahead

give it a try uh vikas masque says hello sir i'm a new

one i'm from india hello india i'm feeling very hungry now i want to

eat some indian food i want to eat some curry and some rice

and some noodles and some fish and chips

abdul al-fattah says do you speak another language i

i speak some chinese nihao or danka

that's hello my name is duncan in chinese

uh elias el nata says mr duncan come to brazil and see the olympic games i would

love to but i can't because i have to work here but

good luck with the olympic games starting in just

just a few days is isn't it isn't it a few days

just at the end of this month isn't it isn't it the end of july

the olympic games begins ooh but i'm not taking part

i i won't be there unfortunately but i hope you all have a good time there

and a safe time of course hello mr duncan how are you today says

that bhuvin i'm okay i'm not too bad i've been here

now for one hour and 54 minutes

mr duncan will you start writing books from now on if so please

let us know that's a good idea yes writing something

putting it into a into an exercise book of course publishing

a book is very expensive but you can do it now on amazon so that is a good idea

that is a good idea thank you for that that suggestion

another greeting from korea

eleanor brito elena brito says by the way we love your new house

over in much wenlock it's an amazing place say hello to mr

steve too i will i will say hello to mr steve he's

not here um he's not here at the moment he's out

and about

son von kabalen says hi from tizi t z user tc

in algeria do you know mao do you know mount juradu

duja duradura i don't i don't know that i can't even pronounce it

mr duncan glad to see you again from korea

uh dokkan boran says is it live now yes it's live can can you see the

time there it's live look look there it is the time now is 2 55

in the uk and this is absolutely live

on friday afternoon here in england hello from the ukraine i like your

lessons and see them regularly you do it perfectly

my best thanks thank you too

dokkan buin says interesting thanks glad to see you from brazil

says helios

just mao hello helioso

ah hello sir shall we try haloisa i think it's

halloisa hello hello in brazil uh

papitan papitan that says hello good to see you

hello to russia do you like halloween i like halloween because

well i like halloween because you can eat lots of chocolate

but i don't like the ghosts in the ghouls

i don't like being grabbed by the ghosts and i definitely don't like being

grabbed by the ghouls

capitan that says i am from thailand hello thailand

hi hello there ali hussain says mr duncan will you

start writing oh i've read that already what's going on here i've gone back in

time uh mr duncan

sabah says what do you think of the voa channel very good

voice of america they do special english on the voice of america

which means that they speak very slowly at a steady pace so you can understand

everything that is being said

dokien brand says

abdul majeed majeed says what do you think of the brexit

great surprise in english says great surprise i'm very surprised

to see you here live mr duncan i'm very surprised as well i'm very

surprised that i'm here live sometimes i'm very surprised to

find that i am alive ah dweena juan says i am from vietnam

i am vietnamese

um the mystery object this is not for storing paper inside no

somebody said earlier that it's a vacuum cleaner

and they were very close so think about vacuum cleaner but what is this used for

think carefully what could you use this for

i hope to see you face to face one day says son

van kablen cab cabilen son

son son or son i'm sorry if i pronounce your name wrong

i'm sure one of those was right

hi i'm from the kingdom of bahrain i love your way of teaching

says assama edium edom or idom hello to the kingdom of bahrain

sorry mr duncan for your

um sorry mr duncan for flooding your chat

that's okay you are welcome i'm working my way through them

it is now three o'clock i should be finishing now

but instead i'm going to continue for a bit longer

so let's have a look

mr duncan mercedes duat duat

thinks it's a lamp no it's not a lamp

yaziel says is it is it a water pump no it's not a water pump it definitely

isn't a water pump think of vacuum cleaner think of vacuum

cleaner what might you take

away with a vacuum cleaner especially something

that looks like this

omar omani says do you know a man oh man yes of course i do

can you see there i've got a i've got a globe there everything is there

do you answer the breaks abdul mahide says answer the brexit

question please

carlos is it a smoking pipe no carlos it is not for smoking

anything anything leah

it is the handle for a vacuum cleaner no it's not part of a vacuum cleaner

no do you have a bonus for us today yes i do it appears that i'm now going

to be live streaming for a little bit longer

because now it's two minutes past three i should have gone two minutes ago but

i'm still here

uh claudia claudia claudia says dust well

you could yes you could suck dust up with this

but it's it's something else something else not dust

something else you're very close but it's not dust

say hello to brazil says vitor saras or soros vitor soros says

say hello to brazil hello brazil and of course

the olympic games are coming soon there in just a few i think it's a couple of

weeks isn't it or just a few days it's not long

so a big hello to brazil

lia avila says is it a container for rolled up paintings

no no it's not nothing like that

abdul majeed says lol you're funny

what do you mean what do you mean i'm funny what funny

or funny

there's two types of funny issue two types

i hope i'm the first one

uh mayella is it for small coins no uh son von kabilen it's german

it's german teacher we spell zun fun caprian i'm not sure what that means

can you give us another hint yes it's a vacuum cleaner

but it's not for dust it's for something else

hello peter pang it is a vacuum cleaner bag oh sorry it is a vacuum bag

pump for packing the clothes that's a good

that's a good suggestion yes you could use this for taking the air out of a bag

when you want to pack your clothes away but it isn't it isn't for that

definitely not it's for something else

you won't believe the answer when i give it to you

come on mr duncan the time is ending tell us what it is please

says anzonic

games start on that's what you mean mr duncan why do

people from the uk love the queen well of

course the queen is is the monarch she is the

the head of the state and lots of people like her

but you know i do wish the queen would smile more

she never looks very happy if i was the queen of england

if i was the queen of england i would always look happy i would look

happy all the time and everywhere i went i would go dum dee

dee dum dee dum dee dum

just like david cameron

so we all many people love the queen because she's the queen of england and

the commonwealth but not the world

mercedes is that for paper no sorry to be so short with you but no

thb nam i think you could be a very good actor have you ever played in a

a piece of drama no i've never been i've never been an actor

ever a lot of people say that i should be an actor but i've never

ever been an actor ever in my life

okay can you oh i'm sorry i can't keep up with the uh

the the text keeps moving too quickly it moves

all the time

can you tell us a joke please a man walks into the doctors

he says doctor doctor people keep ignoring me

and the doctor replies next please gustavo montouros

gustavo monteros says hello carlos gv oh no

now i think i know what that tube is could that be part of a cleaning machine

from a swimming pool no carlos it isn't it is not that

abdul al fatah says i love the british accent more than the american accent

careful and american better because i can't find british movies or

series that are as interesting that are as

interesting as american ones there are lots of british programs

lots of funny british programs

does anyone watch uh sherlock do you like sherlock that's a very

popular program around the world that's made here in england by the bbc

hello this is the bbc from london saying how do you do

sherlock that's made in england that's a british film also

four weddings and a funeral i know it's a very old film but it's a british film

but yes the british accent is rather nice to listen to

but of course lots of people nowadays speak american english

but i like both i have no problem with american english and i have no problem

with british english i love it all because it's english

alexander i wonder why british why english and other european young people

always sit on the ground and pavement for example my parents always have said

to me that it's harmful for your health if you

sit on the ground i'm not sure i've heard of

that i've heard of that they say if you sit

on the ground or if you sit on a cold surface

maybe maybe you'll you'll get some sort of illness

like maybe a cold or a fever

i sometimes lie on the ground when i'm tired

i'll sleep anywhere is it dry is it is it for drying water up is it

for drying water or sucking water no it's not for that


i love your classes says casso casogo casogo cow sago cow sago17

anwar i love you is that for me

you already look happy all the time mr duncan

you do not need to be the queen

thank you claudia i am from vietnam nice to speak with you

says min vu i know now it is for cleaning the ear

the ears of giants and sonic says no it's not for cleaning out the ears of

giants although there is a movie coming out

soon the big friendly giant the bfg

written by uh the author of roald dahl that's in the uh that's in the movies

coming soon a new movie featuring a big giant but no

this this isn't for cleaning out the ears of giants

definitely not i love sherlock says jazeel i love

sherlock and of course sherlock stars benedict

cumberbatch benedict cumberbatch um i agree with claudia claudia

hello mr duncan thank you for your lessons you were the first

youtuber teaching me english how many countries have you visited

says bcm 5645 is that really your name

i've been to a few countries around the world i've been to

france i've been to greece i've been to

madeira i've been to singapore i've been to malaysia

as i mentioned earlier and of course i've been to china i used to live in

china i lived in china for four years

i can't read all of these questions now because there are so many there are

millions and millions of questions millions

honestly i'm not exaggerating there really are

millions of lessons

i love your english tutorial says balakrishna

hello mr duncan i'm glad that i have the chance to tell you that you are the best

teacher and please tell me how i can achieve

best results from your lessons abdullah qasim

or quesem asks me that well of course watching my lessons

listening to my lessons writing down some of the words that i

use in my lessons and of course you can watch my lessons

again and again and again as many times as you want

uh no it isn't a paper cup holder on on fam on fam

leah it isn't a tennis ball container no bcm five six four five no

my name is victor mark mark cas

victor victor mark cash and i'm from poland

you have visited a lot of countries i have

i can understand your speaking but can't understand clear what they say in

sherlock i know some of the people in sherlock

have accents is it a yard vacuum no i'm afraid not

mr duncan i love your english tutorials

says would you tell us what that thing is

says abdul al fatah okay i will tell you in one minute a

minute from now i will tell you what it is

but please don't leave me maybe a golf ball collector no it's not

that but you are close it it is for it is for

collecting something but what it's one

specific type of thing

i will give you another clue

it's for collecting something that

is alive

it is for collecting something that is


mr duncan how do you earn a living

just like everybody else i have to work and sometimes i do things for free

like this i'm doing this for free can you believe it

this is for free it is kind of work but yes i do work i

do have to work

when will you visit vietnam uh one day

one day i would love to visit vietnam sahur yusuf mr duncan did you eat some

somalia food no i've never tried somalia food

i i i would love to try some if you could suggest something for me to try

that sounds good to me i love all food as long as it's not too spicy i don't

like too spicy like that i don't like that

is that for you to play or vacuum it is for vacuuming but what

carlos gv says please tell us for i can't say that i'll get told off

uh abdul majeed says is it for vacuuming bugs you are very close

very close but think of something else bugs something else

but you're very close

is that for collecting air no says holisa gusma gusmao

okay i'm going to tell you now here it comes here's the answer

so hold your answers please the answer is coming now

so this particular thing here that i'm holding in my hand

can you see it if i press this button here

a little motor comes on at the bottom

this device is for

removing spiders it's a spider catcher

it's true i'm not joking this is used for

catching spiders if you have a big spider in your house and i really don't

like spiders i'm very very afraid of spiders i don't

like them especially big ones that are like this

this is for collecting spiders without killing them

so you can pick the spider up without killing it

so you just put it over the spider and then you turn

the motor on like that and the spider goes inside

and then you put this on the end you take it outside and you

put the spider into the garden you let it go so that's it

that's what this is it's a spider catcher

but it means that you can catch the spider without

having to kill it so there you go and i use this all the time i don't know

why my my house the spiders love coming in

and some of them are really big they're as big as your hand

they are they're really big and they go up inside here

and then i put them outside so they don't

die but then of course all they do is turn around and come back

in the house again so that's it

right let's have a look

wow lots of people seem to be reacting to that news

what you do here on youtube is for free when it comes to money but you are going

to be compensated as you are a priceless soul

sorry about that i had to drink some water then

hmm yes this is definitely water it's

nothing else

wow here in england or there in england there are lots of spiders

says jazeel

there are lots of spiders there in england yes there are there are lots of

spiders here trust me do i hate

do i hate spider-man no i don't

carlos says no bleep dude really

how many spiders crawl through your house

to buy a specific device like that i get many spiders in my house trust me

many many many many spiders come in my house

lots so that's why and thank you for the swear word

yeah i forgot that i watched videos about this machine it says abdullah

claudia says it makes sense as in the uk we can find a lot of spiders as

it is an island this is true

i think there are many spiders living just outside my house here

and and and they wait they wait for me to open the windows and then they

they crawl in to the house and then scare me

you really don't want to hear me scream i scream like a girl

it's true

what happens if a spider climbs on you says khan

a joke i would scream as i just said like a girl

like a big big girl donnie d it's a very useful thing it is a very useful thing

and i've used it so many times to catch the spiders

so they don't die so they can go outside and run around

apparently the the word for a fear of spiders

is arachnophobia it's true what happened uh something spider

catcher yes the machine is a spider catcher

mayella agrees with carlos

and fam the spider-man would be scared because of that device

yes i could i could definitely suck spider-man up with this well

maybe not all of him

hey says lucy lou subscribe to my channel

okay abdul al fatah says why don't you kill the spiders kill them

i don't like to kill them they're just trying to live their little lives

i just don't want them living in my house

and scaring me uh alessio says thank you mr duncan for all

chang namly says what a lovely thought

abdul al fatah says they will come back again if you don't kill them

of course they come back but i think some of these spiders i'm catching have

been in and out of my house about 20 times

they must be getting really tired of coming

in here and then me taking them all the way back outside

and then they have to come back in again

mr duncan oh i'm i'm losing my track now

uh a big hello a big special hello to you my name is mohammed kamara

from guinea in west africa guinea canarcry canuckfree

in west africa but now in malaysia hello malaysia yes i've

i've been to malaysia many times i can't express how much

i love your lessons you're welcome and a big hello to you

no problem i'm very glad that my lessons are helpful

how many english dialects are being used in england says bcm

bcm 5645 there are many dialects in england

and of course across the uk because you have accents

in other countries as well other parts of the uk

you have scotland of course where english is spoken with an accent

you have wales of where english is spoken with an accent

and of course in england there are many different types of dialect

a lot of people say that my accent is is standard english but it isn't

i have an accent you might not realize it but i also have

an accent

a lot of people say mr duncan your english is rp but it isn't

it isn't received pronunciation trust me it isn't

um you catch spiders by using this spider catcher

then the spider will die no it doesn't kill the spider the spider just goes

inside and stays in the tube and then you

you put the top on and put it outside no i can safely say that so far i have

killed no spiders with this machine

no spiders were harmed in the use of this machine

definitely mr duncan do you have any pets

no i have mr lomax he's he's he's a pet but

but the problem is mr lomax says that i'm his pet he says mr duncan you are my


ruby ruby 2 ruby 2 or ruby through ruby 2 ruby 2.

do you do you live alone sometimes where could i get one of these

machines what this it's like a shopping troll

a shopping channel not a shopping trolley a shopping

channel it's like a shopping channel let's look

hello welcome to mr duncan's shopping channel

and today we are going to talk about this

fly and spider catcher you can also catch flies in this but

normally you can't because the flies are too fast

but you can catch spiders in this so you can catch any insect that doesn't

move very fast

there you go yeah i don't know where you can buy this uh

i bought this um a while back on the internet

yes the internet you can buy one of these on the internet

but don't forget i'm not being paid to show this

before anybody asks they say mr duncan are you being paid

to show that no i'm not i bought that for myself

so i could get rid of the spiders because i don't like them

all right now i want a spider removal device like that

it says call us

mayella yes he has pets uh khan the jock asks mr duncan

why are you so bald

it's a bit personal

spiders spiders

i feel like your language is more simple you're not using difficult expressions

well i'm just talking normally this is just normal english this is just

everyday english this is just english

says son


ingaroid ingoroid 7 says i have no spiders in the house but many ants

oh yes ants they're terrible they're very hard to get rid of ants

you can't use one of these to get rid of ants because it would take you forever

mr duncan is it possible to learn english alone

yes you can learn english alone but as long as you

do it regularly

i think my english listening skill is quite okay

and i can read newspapers but can't chat with others

in english that is normal it's a normal thing

many people who are learning english can normally read english quite well they

can normally write english well um but quite often they can't speak it

very well

so your problem is normal it's a normal problem it's a common problem

the jock and doti

the jock the joke the joke

my vietnamese pronunciation isn't that good i'm sorry

don't shout at me mayella borgiano as seen on duncan tv yes maybe i should

start my own shopping channel

i love your sense of humor

abdul al-fatah says how can i say i can't without being

misunderstood can't

can't that's how you say it i can't

can't you can't are there in british any words like

face control and startup because when i talk with some british

people they're in my country they didn't understand these words

i'm not sure about face control but startup

startup is a common phrase it means a new business

um gustaf mr duncan what is your advice to understand fast

english spoken where many words are linking or

cancellation of letters or so on well of course yes this does

happen sometimes i speak english very quickly

and sometimes i speak english slowly but most of the time even in my everyday

english i i speak it at a steady pace

but it can be hard you need to get used to listening to different types

of accent mr duncan please what is your advice to oh

i've just read that one mr duncan oh i think i'm almost at the end here

we're almost finished adriana or adriana domiquez

hi mr duncan and catalina says hi when will be the next chat

i am late

catalin catalin i've been here for two and a half

hours it's true but don't worry you can watch this again

when it's uploaded to youtube because youtube will allow you to watch it

again on demand so don't worry

the next live chat will be next friday the same time about one o'clock one

o'clock uk time so next friday will be the next


can you understand the scottish accent sometimes the scottish accent can be

very difficult to understand even for a native

english speaker so yes sometimes the scottish accent is

hard to understand even even for for us native speakers

or certainly native speakers that live in other parts of the uk

uh can you understand the scottish accent

alexander alexander zabolsky what's more natural mr duncan

to have a thing for or about something or somebody

you normally have have a thing for something i have a thing

for it that means you uh that means you like it you admire it i

have a thing for it i have a thing for english

mr duncan i like the posh way of speaking

i will always listen to you but

i love your speaking way as it's not too informal but

i i do have an accent most people say i don't have an accent but i do i have an

accent i would like you to advise some

personality that speak posh so that i can listen to them hugh

grant hugh grant is an actor if you watch hugh

grant he is a british actor and he acts

in movies and sometimes on television and on stage if you watch

four weddings and a funeral he is in that

and he speaks very posh english

and also what's the other notting hill as well

hugh grant is in that movie and he speaks with a

very posh british accent i say oh i say

when will you come to italy says alessio i don't know

i i would love to say when but i i'm not sure

i haven't traveled for some time not for two years i haven't traveled

abroad for two years because i've been too busy with my work

last year i was decorating and painting the house

this year i'm working on my english lessons

what do you recommend for getting better english speaking

to speak english better you need to listen to

as many ways of speaking english but also listen to yourself

don't be afraid to listen to your own voice

hey mr duncan thanks for your kindness and generosity mate

says ali arang thank you ali

lady catherine 91 i have kai mani

kaimani sophobas morio in english

super worms ooh

kai nguyen says it's 9 37 in south east asia 9

37 late at night uh now it's uh uh it's 3 39 here in the afternoon

it's still daytime here

lady catherine sorry for the double comment don't worry it's all right

oh that's it i'm at the end i'm at the end of the comments we are

now at the end of the comments

raymond ryman thomas says hi hi ryman oh ryan ryan ryan tommo

sorry about that mr duncan you should go to my school you're funnier than my

teacher says lucy lou

when i was teaching english in china i used to visit many many schools

other schools used to phone my school and asked me to visit their school

so i could teach them english but of course the problem was that

there's only one me

unless of course you can clone me and have lots of copies of mr duncan

everywhere around the world could you imagine that

i'm not sure if i want to think about that one

you have been here for three hours wow thank you says carly and

mr duncan you should go to my school yes lucy i will think about that

where is your school where are you lucy where are you can i get an advice for

improving my listening skills

listen to something that you are comfortable with

that's that's it listen to things that you are comfortable with

listen to things that you can listen to easily and then

slowly change the thing to something that is slightly more


we call it a learning curve this is the learning

curve you start off with something easy and then you slowly increase the

difficulty so that was uh el cali

el cali garwadi el kali gorwadi or el kali al khalil gabadi

so start off by listening to the things that are simple

and then just increase the difficulty over time

and don't forget to listen to yourself don't be afraid to listen to your own

voice leah will you do a video on your

birthday in august yes my birthday is coming up in august

how do you usually celebrate your birthday

well as you know i'm very old now so i don't like to think too much about my

birthday last year i did a special message for my


because i had reached a certain age last year

so this year maybe hey i've got a good idea

here's a good idea why don't i do a live stream on my birthday

and then you can you can all wish me happy birthday

live does that sound good is that a good idea mr duncan do you

like cats or dogs ah i don't mind both really but not

together because they might fight

there is an expression in english that that goes to fight like cats and dogs

uh cham chang nam lee says watch out duncan

there is a spider on your back

no there isn't you're only kidding lucy lou is in ecuador hello ecuador and

hello lucy

all comments mr duncan have you ever been to italy

says alesso no i haven't i've never been to

italy ever in my life donnie d if one chinese pay you one dollar for

lessons you will be a billionaire that's

that's true if every person living in china

gave me one one pound to teach english i would be a billionaire that's true

but of course the problem is that in mainland china i'm blocked

so because china doesn't allow youtube there so sadly the people in china

cannot watch my lessons or or this live stream because

youtube is blocked in china

when you go outside you have to wear a mask against the smog

no i live in the countryside it's very clean

and healthy here

is the statue on the table from ikea

you mean the little man over there that little man

i i got that from the internet i bought that

about six years ago that little man over there there he is

let's see him there there he is the little man

he's holding the world in his hands or her hands so it could be a it could

be a man or a lady or both um

do you party with us online i don't know

uh kind of in kindergarten says like the stream mate

thumbs up

it would be awesome to celebrate your birthday

live yes i could do that

adriana dominiquez hi adriana i'm mexican and i'm studying

english but it is very difficult for me to learn grammatic or to learn

grammar and the internet i find a lot of

examples but they are very simple can you give me some advice

here's a bit of advice adriana or adriana

you could watch videos on youtube about certain subjects maybe

scientific or mathematical and then you can listen

to words that are slightly more complicated

so that might be a good bit of advice yes watch watch academic videos

but really my advice would be to watch watch whatever you can

watch all sorts of things watch movies tv

mr duncan's videos of course

claudia says it's raining cats and dogs it's raining heavily

i'm not sure what the weather is doing here let's just have a look outside

fortunately it's not raining here so that's good news

uh claudia thanks for that uh why does china block youtube i don't know

they just don't like youtube it's not my fault honestly it's not

because of me definitely i'm pretty sure of that

about fifty percent sure that it's not my fault


says china blocks facebook too yes it does

um i'm from hungary i do not see other people from my country

but you're here and that's a good start so hello to hungary

and hello to catalin

lady catherine what do you think about italy i want you here i love italian

food so if i do come to see you lady

catherine if i do go to italy i will insist on

eating lots of italian food

i'm getting a bit hungry now uh mr duncan do you know stephen sakura

this man and you make british english sounds

so beautiful and lovely steven sakura or sakura is

a tv journalist he appears on the news over here on the bbc

and he normally presents a program called hard talk

which he hosts normally he speaks to somebody like a politician

or somebody very famous and he asks them very difficult questions

very hard questions direct questions so yes i do know stephen sakura i don't

know him personally though adriana says thanks mr duncan you're

amazing thank you so much for your charisma and charm

shahid hussein adriana should read more to know how grammar works with certain

words or situations yes of course you can use reference books that's a

good point thank you shaheed for that yes of course

you should read reference books just read

books specifically about grammar there are some good books around that

discuss grammar um there is one that i i used to have nearby that i used to

show to some of my students um

when i was in china i've had this particular book for a long time but i

can't find it now because i've moved it but it's it's a little oxford book of

english grammar and it gives you lots of examples of

typical english grammar so that's the name of the book it's

called the oxford english book of english grammar

what is the easiest way to improve listening

listening to american or british english well

listen to both listen to both get used to the get used to the sound of

all sorts of english get used to listening to british english

and american english

son von cabilen son von kabilen happy birthday my

birthday is not until august

but thank you all the same thank you for that

we miss you a lot mr duncan says no zebat

we miss you a lot a long time ago i didn't see some of your videos

it's really a pleasure watching you again with a live

podcast it's true i'm live on the internet right now you are watching me

and it is live it is ten minutes to

four o'clock in the afternoon here in the uk

do do do

does somebody farm rice in the countryside where you live

no nobody grows rice here in fact i think it's rarely grown here in the uk

at all most rice is imported

mainly from india and i think also i think also rice is imported from india

and maybe china maybe china i might be wrong there

mr duncan can you make some videos about real english conversations

it's a good idea mr duncan how many languages do you know

i i speak some chinese idiandian i speak a pity

a little petite francais a little french

please tell us about the british politics for refugees

that's a big subject and it's not for today

and and non-national

i could listen and you know understand 80

of what i've heard from the conversation with foreigners i open my mouth but the

words don't come out even when i have a lot of

idea in my mind this is a normal problem with

people learning english or any language it's very easy

to learn the language but when it comes to speaking the language

it's a lot more difficult and that's mainly due to confidence

that's that's the big problem getting your confidence

this is why i want you to practice your english

by listening to your own voice don't forget record your voice

listen to how it sounds get used to the sound of your own voice

and if you don't like it change the things you don't like

mr duncan will you ever stop making videos no

i will never stop making videos thank you i love my son

why does china block youtube i don't know why

they just don't like it

i hope you never stop making videos i won't stop making videos

what do you think about the tv show on the big questions

with nikki campbell do you watch that tv show yes

it's on a sunday morning although it's finished now it stopped

the big questions they normally talk about

all sorts of subjects quite often to do to do with religion and to do with sort

of sort of things in that area but yes yes

the big questions with nikki campbell that's a good show

i like watching debates i like watching people express their opinions

that's one of the things about being free

um please spell my name maxim please spell my name oh you

here yes i've forgotten all about this if you want your name here at the bottom

i'm going to choose somebody at the end of my broadcast at the very end i'm

going to put somebody's name here at the bottom and whoever's name is

here will also appear on the thumbnail

of this video so your name will be stored forever

and ever and ever

so if you want your name here please please ask me to put it here and i will

choose somebody at the end and i will write it down and

put it there

spell my name maxim

knish from

zavaricci zavaricci

thank you maxim

what where are you because i thought you were in china no i'm not in china i'm in

england right now i am in england this is where

i live my youtube channel is called the duncan

in china but that's because i used to live in

china and i've been doing this now for 10

years nearly nearly 10 years i've been making my youtube videos so i

started making videos on youtube in 2006

many many years ago and that's why this channel is called duncan in china

but i can tell you now that i do live in england

i'm living in the uk as it were

mr duncan i always shadow everything you say in your videos that helped me a lot

to speak better english says joan sola

or solar thank you joan mr duncan could you do a video while you were in the

supermarket buying food that's great i would love to

do a video i would love to make a video

whilst in the supermarket but i think the

security guard might come along and say yeah yeah you can't film in here

you can't film in this supermarket you're gonna have to leave i'm sorry

yeah but that's a good idea please mr duncan can i have my name on

your door says lucy lou maybe we'll have to see

lia avilia mr duncan could you do a video oh

i've just read that one

please put my name on the door my name is alexei

alexey alexey wants okay i'm going to write these down

i'm going to write these names down so lucy lou

we have lucy lou

and who else alexei

okay i'm going to choose one name at the end

one name and that will go on my door and that will also be on the thumbnail

for this video so you'll be famous for ever and ever

okay can you all oh here we go cam you also put the names on the door

of michelle sabrina and josue okay michelle sabrina and josue


sabrina and josue okay i can't say that it will be your

names i'm going to pick one at the end just

one mohammed kamara put my name please

muhammad kamara mohammed

okay muhammad your name is written down

please write name name says kai and a jewen

okay i will just put kai is that okay k h a something okay i

that's it your name is on the list

abdullah qasim alma also abdullah okay abdullah you're going on the list

abdullah right could you please read my question thanks

a lot well i will read your question if i can

see your question i will definitely read it

okay we're up to date now and i have now been doing this

for three hours so i think now it's time for me to

say to tar i know it's sad but in a moment i will have to say

goodbye farewell adieu to you and you and you

mr duncan can you give some explanations of where my heart on my sleeve

to wear your heart on your sleeve means to show your emotions

openly if you show your emotions very openly

it means you wear your heart on your sleeve you

express your emotions you show your inner emotions

very easily some say that's a good thing other people say it's a bad thing

china reminds me that you sing a chinese song in front of many chinese people

that's true chang nam lee i did sing on tv in china and

that video is on youtube mr duncan sings a chinese song

adriana or adriana adriana

okay add you to the list

lucy lou says no i don't know what that means

i'm from russia i've been watching you for some years already

i'm alexei thank you alexa that's very kind of you to say so

this is ahmed from saudi arabia i always recommend study

from such youtube channels and show broadcasts by teachers like you instead

of going to study the language abroad what do you think

well i hope that my youtube videos are useful but of course

there are many ways of learning english but i think that learning on the

internet now is a very very useful thing so yes i think you're


but i still think that traveling abroad to pick up the environment of a language

is also very important so i think you can do both really

the expression big time is that typical american english or is it used

in the uk um when we say something is big time

yes we use it here as well big time means

very much so very much so it re really really very much big time

i'm learning english big time i'm doing this

big time very much eagerly lots of energy

in a very excited way just like me just

what does attaboy mean attaboy attaboy means there you go

that's it that's right attaboy good for you

so it's an expression that means that you are pleased

about something that another person has done

well done batter boy i hope that helps oh

i'm like a walking dictionary

you should should i learn 3 000 common words

but i always forget the words i learned can you help me

if you want to learn words and keep them in your brain

you must use them

thanks for sharing your time with us and make our friday happier we have had a

good morning here in colombia we like you so much we are looking

forward to the next broadcast

i'm looking forward to the next one as well next friday

i'm from kazakhstan i like your videos

what is the better way to avoid thinking in my native

language while i'm speaking in english any advice it's very hard to do but with

practice you can think sorry i'm not the mic then you can

think in one language and speak in another

this is this is how interpreters do their job

but with training in practice you can actually do it you can do it you can

split your brain down the middle and do the two things at

the same time but of course it comes with practice

but first of all you need to learn english that that might be the hardest

part and then learning how to use it


i think that's the order to do it in definitely

thanks a lot do you say at a girl too no we don't say at a girl

what are you going to do after the stream are you going to sleep

no i'm going for a walk afterwards it's not raining at the moment

so i'm going to go out for a little walk around

there's a little hill just just over the way

i'm going to walk up there and i'm going to stand there in the silence

and i'm going to just

relax like that so that's what i'm doing afterwards

and then i will come back and have a cup of tea

um ruby ruby thirst says ruby thu says i introduce your videos to

students and they told me that they haven't found english boring anymore

even started to love english that's nice to know ruby

and a big hello to your students as well what is a space elevator

a space elevator i've heard of an elevator

an elevator is a lift that takes you up and down buildings

inside or outside so

a space elevator not sure it's interesting but an

elevator is is like a lift we say lift here in the uk

in british english it's lyft and in american english they tend to say


joan solar i personally never learn single words better to learn phrases

that you can use right away um i'm not sure what you mean by that

you should learn vocabulary by phrases whole sentences not individual words

that will help you remember that's good yes if you learn the words and then put

them into sentences and then use the sentences even if it's

just to yourself you will remember the words much easier

shahid says put my my name on the list okay shahid

somebody is going to be on my door in a moment

what is the most difficult video you've done to teach

english um i think one of the most difficult videos

to make was well really anything that i do outside if i film outside it's

always difficult so filming lessons outside outdoors

it's always hard always difficult uh i'm from malaysia says

nurul mohammed i'm from malaysia mr duncan

hello everyone hello malaysia i've been to malaysia many times

i've been to kuala lumpur and i've been to penang

palapanang um mr duncan can you tell us a joke a man

goes into the doctor he says doctor doctor i feel like a pair

of curtains and the doctor says pull yourself


mr duncan can you tell us a joke that was uh new wreck

new rec 755

and what do you think about theresa may theresa may is now the prime minister of

the uk she's the new prime minister she she became the leader of the country

just a couple of days ago politics here in

the uk has been very exciting so many different things going on it's

crazy here it's crazy but yes i like her clothes she always wears

lovely clothes theresa may so there you go

do you say atta girl 2 no no i think i've already mentioned that

put a name please nigerian luang nam are you in

long now okay you're on the list

somebody's name is going to go on here you will see it when the thumbnail

appears mr duncan you are looking younger of your age

do you eat some healthy food i do not eat meat i said earlier that i'm i'm

eating less meat than i used to i've really changed the

food that i eat so yes you're right i have lost some

weight and i have changed my diet i eat very little

meat now and i eat lots of healthy stuff

and of course i take lots of exercise as well

mr duncan you should make a daily vlog to teach english

like dunktober as i mentioned earlier dunktober nearly killed me

because i had to make a video every day that was way back in 2013

in october i made a video every day and it nearly made me go crazy

uh jose says politics here in brazil is so exciting too politics

around the world at the moment is very exciting

ha apple apple please call my name her apple i will put you on

my list as well if you want ha apple

i used to have a student in china called apple

put my name please claudia claudia okay claudia


uh did you watch friends series says abdu al-fatah um did you watch the

friends series friends that's an american tv show with

lots of characters there's chandler he's the funny one he's so funny there's

ross he's he's the serious one then there's

joey he's he's the he wants to be an actor

uh then there's phoebe who i like i think phoebe is my favorite i like

phoebe i think her character is very similar to

mine phoebe

what will you do with the names mr duncan what will you do says nurek i'm

going to put one name here do you see here behind me i'm going

to put one or maybe more names i might put two

or three on there for the thumbnail so when this video

goes on youtube there will be some names there behind me

so this but will it be your name will your name be there maybe not this

time but perhaps next time

uh mr duncan please take my name too okay

uh the joke the joke the joke i really must improve my

vietnamese and though

i'm sure it's very exciting watching me write things down

it's very exciting mr duncan it's very exciting watching you write

i love my son what does microfarge mean mr duncan i think it's a blood

i think it's a blood it's something to do with blood i'm sure it is

i'm not a doctor and i'm not a i'm not a medical person

so i'm not sure i like politics even even i am

i like politics even i am 10 years like your child you are just 10 lucy oh

my goodness

i've been doing this for 10 years for all of your life i've been doing

this that's very incredible good evening mr

duncan says trung john tran abdul

al fatah says i love phoebe and friends how about rachel rachel's alright

yes i couldn't i'm not leaving rachel out don't worry

i know lots of people like jennifer aniston as well because she has lovely

hair her hair is lovely always lovely

it's a bit like my hair my lip my hair's lovely as well

uh microfarage is a type of blood cell i told before okay i'm not sure about

blood i don't like i don't like looking at it

i know that

adiel adiel from mexico adiel adiel you are going on my list

so maybe your name will appear on the door behind me

maybe maybe not do you have plans for future lessons or do you continue with

full english full english will be finishing after 25

currently i am working on full english 24 and then there will be

full english 25 and then that's it i will be finishing the full english and

doing something else but it will still be english

mr duncan what does the grass is always greener on the other side mean

it means something that somebody else has or another thing

always looks better than the thing that you have for example

my car is nice but my neighbor's car is better

things always are greener on the other side of the fence

things always look better or seem better when somebody else has it or owns it

or does it it's my first time to see this program so may i know how many

times do you do it well this is the first time i've ever done it

this is the first one i know it looks as if i've been doing this for years but

this is the first live streaming that i've ever done on

youtube a proper lesson but i have been making

youtube videos for 10 years so my youtube channel is very popular

i have nearly half a million subscribers now

and nearly 64 million views 64 million it's incredible

uh anzonik you're going on the list your nickname


perhaps you will be on my list on the door or maybe not

so not everyone will be on the door not everyone

but then you will always have a chance next week because i will do it again

next week so maybe not next not maybe not this week

but perhaps next week okay all right here we go

nuebek nuebek could you please put your name on there

there you go you're on the list yes you may be there

you may not it just depends i used to watch a similar tv show from the uk but

i don't remember the name i just remember the intro song it said perhaps

perhaps perhaps

i'm not sure

right look at me to turn on my laptop and now i can watch your stream

well my stream will be finishing soon i have been here for now oh my gosh

three hours and 20 minutes i've been here

so i must disappear soon or else i will fall asleep

mr duncan will you write my name on the list as well says lucia lucia


don't forget not all of the names will be on the list only some of them

two or three but if you don't get your name on the list this week there's

always next week because i will be here next friday doing

this all over again it's true

can you write down my name ameriwadi yes okay i will put that down on the list

don't forget we will do this next week so if your name

isn't on the list today it might be on the list

next week so don't forget to tune in next week and find out if your name is


right let's have a look at the chat because there's lots going on here still

mr duncan how do you choose the names i will choose them randomly

so some of the names i will use today and some of them i will put there next

week as well so there will be some names there next week from the list

so not just today but next week as well

joan solar says great that you make those lessons for free even if you

charge only one dollar you would have a good running online business

that was the left and no that was hahahaha on the message not me

that wasn't me laughing that was the message on the message okay

yes it's true i teach for free on youtube all my videos are free to watch

you don't have to pay any money

i know you're fascinating popularity my teacher and i'm one of the subscribers

to your channel i even watch your lessons every day says mohammed

kamara muhammad kamara watches my videos every day

thank you thank you very much sally shahoor or shahru says

hi hi hi sally please write down my name okay

i will jiang i will put jiang g i


okay i've got that and also lucas lucas are you going on my list i

think so okay lucas okay i will make a note of these names

and some of the names will appear on the

thumbnail for this video so it will be there and also next week

there will be some names there already some different names

from this list just to prove that i'm really writing the list there it is look

can you see look all the names are on the list

there you are you're all there so some names will appear on the

thumbnail and some names will appear on next week's video

right thank you for the video says 12 design

thank you very much

hello my name is ilsur thanks a lot for your amazing videos and

perfect accent how many languages do you speak

of course i speak english i spoke some chinese when i was living in china

uh idiandian

uh trung john tran seem you forgot my name

i think i think let's put your name down now trung

okay here we go trung is your name t r u

okay you forgot my name mr duncan

tran okay there you go mr duncan

where did you get your glowing earth over there

do you like my glowing planet it's planet earth

it's where we all live live in peace and happiness sometimes

mr duncan did you vote in or out in the brexit

oh that's naughty says uh chain chain kong winner

which day will be will you be doing the program next next friday same time

same place muhammad kamara which day will you be doing the program next

this live stream next friday one o'clock uk time just like today

can you please speak it for me what was your name again

i really don't know link link inc sound

can you please say it again what was your name again

my name my name is mr duncan duncan is my name mr duncan most people

call me that is my name

they call me mr duncan

nihao i speak chinese too yeah how

try to speak chinese i also learn chinese too miss ask mr lomax

to choose the names please choose ours i will ask mr lomax he's in hollywood at

the moment he's auditioning for a movie apparently he

wants to appear in a new superhero movie i don't know

i think he's i think he's a bit deluded ask mr lomax to choose the names okay i

will choose ours please michelle sabrina and josue

and also leah maybe

thank you very much for your funny and useful video

says hung the jewen

uh three bad syed saeed asks how old are you

what about the bbc tv show the big question yes somebody's already asked me

that yes i i used to watch it but it's not on

anymore it's finished thank you mr duncan i mean pronunciation

s and y i think

c c well the pronunciation of s and y is can

be c or psi so um yeah

easy easy easy see s y e c

but the pronunciation is almost like z easy see

have you heard of pokemon go mr duncan will you play it for us

pokemon go

i don't play computer games but i've heard of pokemon go this is

this is where you can go into the real world and find

pokemon hidden all over the place i think it's a bit like geotagging have

you heard of geotagging it's a bit like that i think um

uh necessary necessary i hope that's not

rude togrul hasanov asks me that question

mr duncan write near facebook and youtube link

i don't answer about brexit or how old i am

thanks you mean what you mean you mean sort of here put the answer

you should put the answer here so so whether i voted to remain or leave

europe i should put i should put here

that's a good idea but no that's not going to happen

mr mr lomax should be super monkey says kai kaine and juan

sally shahoor shiror salish why don't you put my name on your

list okay i'll put you on my list sally

okay there you go you're on the list now sally uh

gyan najuan i love to watch your videos from 2008 until now thank you

jiang jiang najuan for watching my videos

for all those years my goodness from 2008

until now of course i've been making the videos since 2006.

2016 is my 10th year doing this can you believe it

mohammed i mean you are the best thank you

sadly vietnamese can't play pokemon go yet

that's a shame i have to go see you later mr duncan

chang nam lee is going bye chang nam bye chang nam you can say

how sa trung sa

oh i see okay hung the jewen all respect to vietnam

love you

right mr duncan pokemon go makes lazy people go out for a walk that's a good

idea i like that so people will go out walking around and

they will be searching for their pokemons

what what's for your list oh the list the list here is for some names to go on

here so next week some names will be on

this list okay so here your name might be here on this list okay right

behind me

why don't you put my name it's meaning son of

kabuli son von kablian oh yes son obvious

son son of i like that okay i'm going to wrap it up now because

i've been on for three and a half hours and i think we should

end it there i will be back next week don't worry

i will be here on your video screen or mobile device or tv set

depending on where you watch me i will be back next friday at one o'clock uk

time in the united kingdom it's one o'clock it's around about seven hours a

later in asia seven hours later in asia and about five six hours before

in other parts of the world so for some people it's the morning

and for others it's late at night and for me

it's afternoon it's now 29 minutes past four and i think it's

time for me to end this lesson i hope you've enjoyed it

i hope this has been fun and i will be with you next week live is

live can be and just in case you missed it earlier

this this thing is for catching spiders it is a

spider catcher

you can catch the spiders without killing them okay that's all from me for

today i will see you very soon thanks a lot

for watching me if you have been watching me

for the last three and a half hours or even just for the last 20 seconds

thanks a lot for watching me talking to you live across the world

this is mr duncan in england saying

enjoy English and you know what's coming next. What's coming next?

ta ta for now 8-)