they say our love won't pay the rent we

won't find out until it's spent well I don't know how long this will last but

all I know is you've got me and I've got you I've got you babe and you've got me babe

we've got each other babe hi everybody

this is mr. Duncan in a very noisy England how are you today are you okay I

hope so are you happy well are you happy I

really hope you are feeling good today I am back with you once more for those who

don't know what this is perhaps you were you have just woken up in your bed in a

state of confusion and maybe you have grabbed your smartphone and you have

started to watch something but unfortunately you have no idea what it

is because you are still half asleep my name is Duncan and I teach English here

on YouTube I've been doing this fair for such a long time how long have I been

doing this nearly 14 years I've been here on YouTube doing this and have I

ever had any thanks from YouTube no and he gift any special award no nothing

they just ignore me they push me aside like a dirty hankerchief do I care not

really to be honest I'm not really bothered to be honest I don't really

care about it too much hello to the live chat yes the live chat

is up and running thank you very much for joining me today

we have V tests hello to Vitesse also a bid Ivan Corey and Luis guess what you

were all first on today's live chat congratulations to

yeah we are so happy because we are first today's livestream and I am very

happy to be here with you again as you may have noticed already my voice is not

too good today unfortunately I have a slight slight problem with my throat and

now before you ask no it is nothing to do with it is nothing to do with that

whatsoever I am suffering from hay fever my seasonal allergy has returned you may

have noticed at the start of today's livestream you would have been able to

see lots of green fields and also yellow fields the yellow is actually rapeseed

and that is what is causing my hay fever at the moment can you believe it it's

been quiet here all morning there hasn't been a single sound just the birds

singing in the trees and just three minutes ago someone started to use their

chainsaw in the garden can you believe it so just as I was about to start my

livestream someone decided to start doing that behind me typical anyway I'm

here enough complaining I will not moan I will not grow I will

not complain about anything because I am here with you and I'm very happy to do

it I really am thank you very much for your

lovely company before I go any further can I say a special thank you I always

like to say thank you especially when it is really well


can I say a big thank you to Donato pace Thank You Donato pace for your lovely

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your donation thank you very much I really do appreciate all of your help

thank you very much and don't forget I am with you every day during this

strange crisis that we are all experiencing I am experiencing it you

are we are all in a very similar situation I hope you are here today and

if you're not please hurry up because I've started already nice to see so many

people here hello also to Rosa hello Rosa nice to see you on the live chat

very nice to see so many people here already we also have Alex hello Alex

your scenery is beautiful thank you very much

unfortunately you might hear some rather annoying sounds behind me I don't know

what my neighbor is doing but there is a neighbor living not next door but a few

houses away and they have decided to start cutting all of their trees and

bushes unfortunately hello Noemi hi the hay fever and

isolation is going to last some days into the future I think so my

hay fever normally lasts for maybe five or six weeks isn't that nice

so I have isolation I have locked down I have no jaffa cakes and I have hay

fever as well so I'm really suffering from that even though I do realize that

there are people around the world who are suffering much more during this very

unfortunate period of time things are not going very well

hello mokey Ali hello to you as well I believe

today is the start of Ramadan so hello to everyone who is celebrating the

festival of Ramadan I know it will be very different this year a lot of people

like to go to visit the big special place the sacred place in Mecca they do

something called the Hajj which is where they go and they

celebrate during that particular time and every person every person who

follows the Muslim faith has to visit there at least once in their life

however this year I think things will be slightly different unfortunately due to

you know what I'm going to say because of I think so hello to Francisco have

you got any cats hello from ELQ or ELQ in the southeast of Spain

hello Francisco Francisco sempia I don't have a cat

I don't have any pets hmm I suppose mr. Steve is a pet so uh I do have one pet

and that is mr. Steve I have to take care of him all the time the only thing

I regret is the fact that he is still not house trained it is taking me a very

long time to house-train mr. Steve it really is

hello - ELISA hello ELISA it is my first day here thank you very much

it is nice to meet you it is nice to meet you as well

welcome if it is your first time please let me know welcome to ELISA nice to see

you here today Oh blimey okay I just literally had a

heart attack I won't tell you what just happened but I nearly had a heart attack

then something very strange just happened I don't know if you noticed

someone was creeping around beside me hello Cory is there another wait way to

donate well you can always make a donation here on the super chat right

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it's great thank you very much so there are other ways to do it you can use the

super chat right here you can use PayPal and also you can use the patreon as well

so I hope that is helpful to you I have been trying some cures some remedies for

hay fever I've been trying lots of different

things over the past couple of days two days ago someone I can't remember who

recommended that I should try raspberry or raspberries with tea and I decided to

try it and can I just say I think it may have worked it did give me some relief

the other things I've tried include honey as well I've been having honey in

my tea instead of sugar I'm not sure if that helped I don't know maybe a little

so I have been trying some some cures and that's what I'm saying they are

cures so maybe they work maybe they don't work but I have been trying them

to be honest with you I've been getting very desperate for a cure for my hay

fever to be honest and of course a lot of people think that it isn't hay fever

some people think that I have but I don't trust me I definitely definitely

don't have that thing hello quran kareem nice to see you back here again

hello yes iya hello also Corey did I just see my nephew pee I thought I just

saw my nephew here on the live chat or did I just imagine it

I'm trying to find no oh yes there we go hello Damien my nephew is now watching

as well all of my family are slowly coming on to YouTube to watch me I would

imagine they are missing me do you think so

okay maybe not hello Damien good afternoon mr. Duncan I hope you are

well and mr. Steve are keeping well the same to you as well I hope you are okay

during this very strange peculiar time I must admit I am slowly losing my mind

but I'm trying to keep hold of reality it's not easy it's not easy and we do

have another two and a half weeks of this so we have two and a half weeks

still of all of this weirdness hello walk fuck tie I have to be careful how I

say that hello to you and hello i watch your videos every night thank you very

much and it's nice to see you here again I would imagine that it is now

late in Vietnam it must be very late at night maybe 10 o'clock

perhaps so I think now in Vietnam it must be about 20 minutes past 10:00 at

night very late mr. Duncan nice to see you and nice to see you have a good day

I will have a maths test at 9 p.m. can you give me some advice I have a feeling

I might be the last person you should be taking advice from when it comes to

mathematics because I am useless useless at maths I am don't ask me I can't even

add up on my fingers I even get confused when I count over ten in fact if I count

above ten I have to take my shoes and socks off and if I want to count to 13 I

have to take all of my clothes off so as you can see I often avoid doing any

mathematics to be honest because it might get me arrested

hello Shekar Shekar Adam hello to you nice to see you here

Meeker its Meeker watching in Japan and yes I am still having my dream my

special dream of riding on the bullet train in Japan maybe one day Radheshyam

please can you tell me some interesting stories once upon a time there was a

weird man called duncan and he decided one day instead of sitting in his

bedroom he should do something a little bit more interesting and Here I am now

I'm not sure if that was an interesting story talking of stories by the way

talking of stories it is the birthday and also the death day of a certain

person do you know whose birthday we are all commemorating today do you know if

you think you know write it down now and press ENTER and then I will see it so if

you think you know whose birthday it is today he lived a very long time ago

but he did like he was very fond of writing please any idea who it might be

Adelina watching in Portugal the weather in Portugal hasn't been very good

recently I've noticed I think recently in Portugal you've had a lot of rain

it's almost 1 year since I went to Portugal I can't believe how fast time

is going by her load to rwan you'll see your birds are singing very nicely thank

you very much the birds are very happy today because

I've put some food in the garden for them they have been complaining

sometimes in the morning I will hear a tapping sound when I look out to the

window there are birds sitting outside the window and they are tapping on the

window they are telling me come on mr. Duncan give us some food

why are you neglecting the birds so I put some food out yesterday and the

birds have all come into the garden and they sound very happy they do they sound

very happy hello to Mert hello Mert how beautiful and colorful your garden is I

am a landscape arctic architect and I love English gardens so your job Mert is

actually taking care of people's gardens maybe maybe perhaps you would like to

come and take care of this

because mr. Steve he is getting old mr. Steve unfortunately sometimes he finds

this very hard work I know I know it's a shame isn't it hello mahi-mahi de Mardi

Mardi rose' hello mr. Duncan and others nice to see you here Diego is here Diego

Pope says I love your shirt thank you very much I thought I would wear

something colorful today something with lots of nice colours blue yellow red

so that is what I'm doing today this is one of my many t-shirts this I have had

this for many years you will not believe how long I've had this fall okay I'm

going to tell you over 20 years this particular item of clothing I bought

this over 20 years ago way back in the 1990's you might think mr. Duncan it

looks like it's come from maybe the 1970s sometimes your clothing looks a

little bit out of date you seem to be dressing like someone

from the 1960s or 1970s maybe but it is something bright something cheerful and

hopefully it will brighten your day up

yeah and I hope also it will brighten my day as well make everything nice and

colorful hello Abdullah hello also Federico is here another fan

of my shirt thank you very much this is a very unusual t-shirt because it's

actually made of wool can you believe it so this t-shirt is not actually cotton

it is actually is it it is actually made of wool it is woolen very unusual you

don't often find woollen t-shirts but this one is made of wool hello -

Francesca Bovey hello all Soviet Vizu who is watching in Vietnam apparently it

is 8:30 in Vietnam oh that's good so it's actually not too late in Vietnam

that it's nice to know hello Satyam watching in India I have a lot of

new viewers a new a lot of new students watching in India so a big hello to

India as well Rohnert is here wow so many

people quran kareem asks what time do you wake up and what time do you go to

sleep I normally wake up around about 7:30 in the morning normally I go to bed

quite late I am a person who does not like to go to bed too early so quite

often I will go to bed at around midnight sometimes a little later than

that so it depends really it depends sometimes I might be watching

the news or maybe a good TV show or maybe a movie and then it might finish

very late so quite often I will go to bed at around about midnight normally

food makes us and the birds happy as well you are right

soo Jin definitely I can't disagree with you there

angel hello mr. Duncan from Mexico a big hi to Mexico as well nice to see you

here live every day during lockdown wherever you are in the world remember

you are not alone we are all sharing very similar situations all around the

world hello also LTE LTE Nord I like that one

very nice mr. Duncan do you ever wear shalwar and camis I'm not quite sure

what they are I have a feeling they might be a certain type of clothing I've

never tried never tried a shalwar or a camis I think I can safely say I've

never tried them thank you study point for your question

you are welcome to Portugal mr. Duncan yes I was it Portugal last year I

actually did a lie stream from Portugal and also last year

I did a live stream from Paris I was actually standing on a street corner in

Paris talking to everyone live and I was there for a very long time it was a very

strange live stream I must admit thank you very much for

joining me today so many messages sometimes I might forget or not notice

your messages so if I do that I do apologize but sometimes I get lots of

messages on the live stream your your t-shirt is vintage it is I would say

that this particular item of clothing is definitely vintage it is old it is over

20 years old I think I think it might be around 23 or maybe 24 years old this

item of clothing so I hope it doesn't look too old or worn out however you may

have noticed quite often I will take very good care of my clothes so my

clothes often look quite nice and sometimes they look new but they're not

they are not new so whose birthday are we celebrating today whose birthday are

we celebrating today it is a person who sadly is no longer around he died a long

time ago but whose birthday are we celebrating and talking about today

study point asks a question that I had the other day why is Queen Elizabeth

also the queen of Australia because it dates back to colonial times when there

were many countries that were I want to say Wren occupied some people might say

occupied so in the past we used to have a lot of colonies around the world

Australia was one of them and they decided that they wanted to keep their

connection with the UK and that is the reason why the Queen of England is still

the figurehead in Australia I hope I answered that question

she is very popular in Australia and of course the Queen of England this week

celebrated her 94th birthday as well

hello two Emanuela hello to you it looks like a polo shirt but without the

buttons yes the design of this shirt is very similar to a polo shirt I think you

are right it does look very similar however it is made of wool maybe not the

best thing to wear today because it's quite warm it is around 22 degrees

Celsius 22 Celsius today we are having a lovely period a lovely period of weather

so I'm outside standing under my little gazebo today Oh for those who are

wondering I have had some questions about my gazebo mr. Duncan can you tell

us about your gazebo well at the moment I am standing under my gazebo and here

it is so there it is there is a picture of the thing that I am standing

underneath right now and there is the word gazebo gazebo a gazebo is a

lightweight structure used as shelter so you will often use a gazebo as shelter

when you want to keep yourself dry or maybe you want to protect yourself

from the harsh sunshine you will sit underneath a gazebo a lightweight

structure used as shelter and there it is there you can see it on the

photograph so I will leave that on the screen so you can see it there is my

gazebo and that is what it looks like so that is the thing that I'm actually

standing underneath right no dude gazebo I love that word it sounds like

it sounds like a very fun word to say and use I think so so whose birthday are

we talking about today I will give you a clue I will give you a little clue he

was a famous writer he wrote many plays many famous plays that are performed

right now around the world in fact more people have performed his plays and his

sonnets ah mr. Duncan you are giving us a clue than any other writer in history

incredible amazing hello also to Christina again also hello

to Adrien floorman hello to Adrian and yes you are right

today we are celebrating the birthday and also the death day of William

Shakespeare I'm not joking why would I joke about that

I am not joking at all

and back mr. Duncan where did you go then where did you disappear to I was on

my hands and knees some people might say nothing new there nothing new there

so today is the birthday or should I say also the death day of William

Shakespeare so you can see he was born in 1564 a very long time ago so in the

middle of the 16th century William Shakespeare was born which of course was

a very important period of time it was a time when many things were changing the

way this country was ruled changed Scotland and England became one they

were both ruled by the same king which I believe was I want to say James the

fourth but he was also known as James the first here in England it's very

confusing William Shakespeare was born at a very important time when things

were changing things were altering lots of ways lots of old-fashioned ways were

pushed aside new ways of thinking came along William Shakespeare was a person

who wrote plays poems he was also a person who created many phrases that we

used now did you know that there are many phrases that William Shakespeare

created in his writing that we still use now so you might describe William

Shakespeare as the creator of middle English and also maybe the grandfather

or great-great-great grandfather of modern English so that is the reason why

even nowadays people often talk about William Shakespeare he was a person who

created a lot of interest in language there was also a lot of changes taking

place with the way people received information more people could read

things were changing so you might say that many things were changing during

that period of time certainly during William Shakespeare's life many changes

took place and the interesting thing is William Shakespeare himself was

responsible for some of those changes we are also celebrating here in the UK we

are celebrating English language day so that is a day now that has been put

aside to celebrate the birth and death of William Shakespeare and also for

people to step back and enjoy that beautiful language that we call English

so yes I think I think it's a very interesting subject actually I suppose I

could talk all about English and William Shakespeare for the rest of the day but

don't worry I won't one of the interesting things about William

Shakespeare is there there is very little known about his life very strange

isn't it so he is a very prominent person a very famous person

unfortunately there are very few records of his actual life so many of the things

that people understand about him the things we know about him quite often

have come from other people talking about his life so quite often it is hard

especially when you go back three four hundred years sometimes it is very hard

to find records or evidence of a person's life fortunately for us William

Shakespeare enjoyed writing so he writing has survived however a lot of

the information about his actual life is very Shady very unclear hazy so I think

William Shakespeare is a very interesting person because there are

many things that people say about him that may or may not be true for example

a lot of people have debated in the past about William Shakespeare's religion

some people said he was a Protestant some people said he was a secret

Catholic because at that time it was illegal to be a Catholic it was actually

illegal to be Catholic so it's very interesting a very interesting period of

time as I said earlier William Shakespeare grew up in a very

interesting time when many things were changing politically and also socially

things were altering a lot did you know that did you say that William

Shakespeare died on the same day he was born

it is believed yeah it is believed that he died on the same day he was born

however there is no exact date of William Shakespeare's birth the only

record we have is the date on which William Shakespeare was baptised however

over the years people have decided to make the 23rd of April the birth date of

William Shakespeare strangely enough it is also the date on which he died as

well so he died on the 23rd of April 1616 a very long time ago which is why a

lot of the information about his life is is not very clear there are some things

about him that we know nothing such as his general opinion about

society or life so he never really wrote about his personal feelings however once

again people quite often will study William Shakespeare's writing and they

will try to lift clues from his writing about his own life he was well-known for

liking the ladies however some people said that William Shakespeare also liked

the men as well either way there is no evidence to support either of those

things he did get married at a very young age he got married at 18 so he did

married very young which may or may not have affected his life there is even

doubt or there is even uncertainty about how he died so we don't actually know

how William Shakespeare died all we know is that it was sudden it was unexpected

however there is one thing that William Shakespeare enjoyed doing can you guess

what it is

drinking William Shakespeare was very fond of beer so he would often be seen

in pubs he would go out with some of his other friends very notable people and

they would all sit drinking and it is said that that's what happened one night

after drinking a lot of beer apparently he died suddenly even though to this day

we are not actually clear how it happened anyway

he left a lot of things as his legacy he left thirty-nine plays we also had a

hundred and fifty-four sonnets a hundred and fifty-four sonnets and did you know

they were all published at the same time there is a huge tome of William

Shakespeare's sonnets he also wrote two long plays as well

narrative plays or I suppose the better way of describing them would be poems so

they were narrative poems however they were written with not only

the author's voice but also the voices of the characters in the poem which is

quite unusual it is a very unusual way of writing poetry hello Anna

hello Sergio yesterday would have been Lenin's birthday yes you mentioned that

didn't you yesterday Lenin he would have been he would have been a hundred and

fifty yesterday and I was drunk as I

can't say that I'm very sorry I can't say that unfortunately Thank You Sergio

I I hope you enjoyed your celebration I hope you enjoyed celebrating the birth

date of Lenin even though yesterday I got a little bit confused because I

thought you were talking about John Lennon to be honest yeah life was the

best it is now a mess what the hell says Ivan that almost sounds like something

William Shakespeare would write yes we are living in crazy times these are the

best of times these are the worst of times

oh that sounds familiar

black catcher is here hello to you as well thank you very much Luis hello Luis

yes Luis well done thank you very much for

bringing that up there are people who think that William Shakespeare never

existed yes there are people who actually doubt whether or not William

Shakespeare even existed because all we have are pictures

wood carvings things that have been engraved so we don't really have a

photograph of William Shakespeare unfortunately they didn't have cameras

or webcams or cellphones with 25 megapixel cameras built-in unfortunately

so there is very little proof that William Shakespeare did exist however

you can look at documents such as birth certificates we can also find out about

his parents as well so we know that they existed we even know the house in which

they lived which can be visited so you can actually visit stratford-upon-avon

and you can visit Shakespeare's birthplace so that is very interesting

yes there are people who think that William Shakespeare was was just a

figment he wasn't even real so yes a very

interesting thing even though he is so deeply set in all of the English

language it is very hard to speak English without using one of William

Shakespeare's phrases very hard a little bit later on I am going to show you I'm

going to show you some of the phrases that William Shakespeare created and

many of them are still used now which I suppose is one of the reasons why

William Shakespeare is seen as a very important figure when it comes to the

English language so not only are we celebrating William

Shakespeare's birth and death we are also celebrating the English language

with English language day here in the UK so that is quite useful really when you

think about it because I teach English on YouTube and today is English language

day and William Shakespeare's birthday maybe but it's definitely his death day

if he existed interesting isn't it you will often find that historical figures

as hit people from history quite often they will have a lot of information that

cannot be proved so there is information about them but there are very few ways

of actually checking or verifying the fact that they existed there are many

many situations where that has happened many times maybe in a hundred years

people will doubt that I existed maybe all of my youtube videos will disappear

and there will be stories passed from generation to generation

about a mysterious man who used to appear in a vision people used to have

visions of this man and he would talk to them about English and lots of strange

random subjects and though he would appear as if by magic

and then suddenly he would disappear his name was Duncan and he taught

English maybe a hundred years from now

what am I on about mr. Duncan you are so big headed your hubris is far too strong

today the hubris is strong in me today I don't

know why hello Francesca also too I've asked hello mr. Duncan

what are we learning today what words I am looking at some phrases some special

phrases that were created by William Shakespeare and they are used now in

English so there you look like mr. bean thank you very much I'm not sure if that

is a compliment or not is that a compliment I don't know I'm not sure if

that is a compliment or not you look like mr. bean I'm not sure I will have

to think about that think about it Shakespeare is a big writer he was he

was the person who helped push the English language forwards so a lot of

people feel that he is partially responsible for the emergence or

creation of middle English so many people see William Shakespeare as not

just a a playwright but also a person who actually created middle English he

moved into that period and helped the English language to move forward so he

he is more than just a writer he is a person who shaped the language

that I'm speaking now right in front of this camera hello what is your accent is

it British or American well I am mr. Duncan I live in England I teach English

in England and I am English so I am British and this English that

you are listening to is British so I am a British person speaking English in

England and I am a British man speaking British English

hello mr. Duncan what are we learning today I think I've already answered that

one mr. Duncan you've already answered that

question mr. Duncan does anyone have Shakespeare as a surname in the UK that

is a brilliant question it's really good I like that question that is a really

good question I think actually that might be one of the best questions that

anyone has ever asked there is a problem though there is a slight problem because

I don't know the answer and I'm sorry about that is is there a Shakespeare or

is there a Shakespeare family now to be honest with you I don't know I've never

heard of anyone in modern times called Shakespeare I suppose it's a bit like

Hitler I'm not saying that Shakespeare and Hitler were similar but I'm saying

that you don't get any Shakespeare's any more I haven't met any Shakespeare's I

haven't met any descendants or any relatives of William Shakespeare and you

don't you don't get many Hitler's either what's your name Oh my name's mr. Hitler

have I got the job

hello to LAN hello LAN Fung new in hello it is interesting the first time that I

heard about Shakespeare so it is the first time this is your introduction to

William Shakespeare William Shakespeare was the writer of many plays many famous

sonnets many things that people still quote and talk about to this very day

even though he died a long time ago in 1616 at the start of the 17th century so

400 years 400 years ago he died and here we are still talking about him so he

really did make a very big impression a lot of people remember his work and his

words so yes I like him very much when hello weddy Chen Wei Chen mr.

Duncan I can hear your accent is clear with

normal speed could you try speaking faster for two minutes no I'm not going

to speak faster why would I want to speak faster if I speak too quickly then

people won't be able to understand what I'm saying so if I speak too fast then

you weren't going to understand what I'm saying and then people say Oh mr.

Lincoln we can't stand what you're saying could you please slow down

you see so if I talk too quickly then it will confuse people and then they won't

have a clue what I'm talking about you said I mean do you mean okay yep your

background is very nice thank you very much the background is okay you might be

able to hear my neighbor's cock one of my neighbors has a cock and it always

wakes me up in the morning every morning

what hello aunt roan hello also Sergio again there is a

theory that the philosopher Francis Bacon I'm hungry please don't mention

bacon Francis Bacon the philosopher there is a

theory that he wrote with the pseudonym bull pseudonym a pseudonym is a name

that you give yourself that hides your real identity pseudonym it comes from

the French language pseudonym you are writing under a different name there is

a theory yes there are many theories and many thoughts about William Shakespeare

he is a very strange man because there are many things that people say about

him things that have been written about him that may or may not be true we don't

even know his birthday really we don't really know when he was born but we

assume it was around the 23rd of April because he was baptised on the 26th of

April three days later so they think it was around this period of time when he

was born who I could talk about William Shakespeare every day forever and ever

and ever but I'm not going to don't worry I watched your live stream in

which you let me see your grandfather and grandmother's pictures your

grandma's nickname was Dolly you are right yes Wow you you remember things

very clearly there thank you Anna yes my grandmother her name was Dolly

that was her nickname because she would always do the washing she used to use a

special device a piece of wood that would you would use to wash your clothes

and it was called a doli doli it was a big thing with a

handle and he would push down and turn it in the days before we had washing

machines in the days before we had automatic washing machines a long time

ago so thank you very much yes thank you Emma for remembering that there was one

of my live streams a while ago when I showed lots of pictures of my family I

showed my grandparents I showed other members of my family my sister's also my

father and mother as well I do remember that lesson goodbye mr. Duncan goodbye

everyone I have a test to take good luck Ivan

with your tests I'm sorry that I can't help you really because I'm not very

good at mathematics but I hope you do well can I wish you all the best with

your mathematic exam see you later and let me know how you get on

hi mr. Duncan the background is great being Tong thank you very much bien

you're very kind I've been on for one hour already how fast has this gone I

can't believe how fast today's lesson is going by already one hour Tao Tao Tao

hello I am majoring in the English language and I often watch movies from

America and Europe and I tried to read directly what the actors and actresses

are saying that is a good idea if you are lucky enough to have captions on

your movies you can read what the person is saying don't forget you can also have

captions now on the live stream if you press C or if you activate the captions

you can actually have subtitles now on the live stream I know it's incredible

it is incredible so you can actually watch

my livestream now and there will be captions press C on your keyboard but

not on the live chat you don't have to enter C on the live chat don't do that

just take your finger and press C and the captions will appear like magic

hello - lil says I can hear the cock I think you can by the way I am about to


ever says sorry about that I had a little sneeze then hmm unfortunately I

had a little sneeze because I'm suffering from no not know I have hay

fever I am suffering from hay fever yes my neighbor's cock makes makes me wake

up in the morning I wake up and I'm always disturbed by my neighbor's cock

hello - what what

hello - um Trump hello also aivars if we are talking

about your accent and I have to say that I find it easy to understand the one in

Birmingham is completely different searing beaming um if you go to

Birmingham this is our people speaking beaming y'all right y'all right uncle

from beaming you young come from crazy Heath let go from Tipton beaming the

Birmingham accent is very hard very hard to understand you're right

Thank You aivars hello also - hello learn with Faisal hello Faisal learn

with Faisal I'm just wondering what do you teach

can you tell me what do you teach do you teach English like me

I wonder Mizuki mr. Duncan it's me Mizuki

today can you answer my question about what is ironic I have thought about it

many times ironic is a situation or action that has

an opposite meaning so you are going against the thing you are doing a person

might do something ironically you might listen to a certain type of music but

you don't really like it you are just listening to it I

Ronna CLE two things that reverse the meanings or have some sort of impact by

reversing the meanings can be ironic something ironic for example you might

have a relative who gives birth to a child however that same day is the date

when maybe another member of your family died so you might find that there is

irony in those two things because they are opposite you are creating an

opposite feeling from the thing that is actually happening so we are often using

irony to show an opposite something is giving an opposite meaning irony you are

using irony people might behave in a certain way even though they don't mean

it they are just being ironic sometimes sarcasm so if you are

sarcastic you might describe being sarcastic as a type of irony you are

being ironic because you don't really mean it you are reversing the meaning of

what you are doing

we need advice to succeed in this life and do many things in our life please

well I suppose life is one of those things that comes along and you never

expect it I must be honest with you I never expected to be alive I didn't it

was a really big surprise and even every day every day even though I've been

alive for many many years every day it's still a very nice surprise when I open

my eyes and I look around and I think I can do this again I have another one of

these these lovely lovely things another day to walk around breathe in

the air hello to Sidra wonderful teacher thank you very

much that's very kind of you to say thank you very much

Shekar asks how do I get captions from my mobile phone if you go up there at

the top of your screen you will see that there is an option so if you put your

finger on your screen you will then see up there there is a set of options so

click up there and then you will see captions it will say captions and you

turn on the captions so you use the settings in the corner of the screen if

you are watching on a mobile device however if you are watching on your

computer all you have to do is take your finger and press C that's it and then

the captions will appear as if by magic I've just realised that is not easy to

explain it isn't easy to explain that so I hope I explained it clearly the

pheasant I can hear the pheasant says Vitesse yes

the pheasant has been wandering around here not in the garden because I've been

outside you see there he is did you hear him so the pheasant is

nearby unfortunately he's not in the garden so the mr. pheasant as I call him

he is nearby Adrian do people have many first names in England I have three

first names of which one is William what about you and mr. Steve well my real

name has three names not a lot of people know that but I have actually three

names Steve Steve has three names as well

Steve's middle name is David which is after his father so his father's name

was David so David is mr. Steve's middle name my middle name is James zani AB or

Zainab mr. Duncan can you teach us to speak English because I love I love the

language and I do not I can not understand the differences between that

and similar languages if you travel around any place you will hear different

types of dialect or accent so in the UK in the United States in most countries

there are different ways of using the local language and the bird has landed

next to me hello hello little bird can you see me that was the pheasant did you

hear the pheasant that was mr. pheasant saying hello it is a nice day today

fortunately there is not so much wind so you can see that the wind is not so

strong today fortunately hello also to Husein there

are idioms and slang for some kinds of expression there are many things that

can be expressed in an informal way so quite often slang

is used informally you never use slang if you are doing something in a formal

way so if you are trying to give a very good impression if you are trying to

look your best in front of someone never use slang ever never I can hear the

sound of a lumber mill it isn't that it is one of my neighbors they are cutting

their bushes they are cutting some of the bushes in their garden that is what

is happening there on trim oh hello you you are quoting a little bit of

Shakespeare to be or not to be that is the question

slings and arrows are flying around and I am trying to avoid them all thank you

very much for oh I've just had a donation come through on the super chat

thank you very much let me find out who it's from

hello fur our fur our fair Ross says mr. Duncan you are a wonderful teacher thank

you for your amazing lessons thank you for our that's very kind of you thank

you also for your super checked donation thank you very much that is very kind of

you thank you thank you also to Noemi Ana will erode liver roma romeo and

juliet is one of the most famous stories ever written and told a very famous

story filled with love hatred disagreement violence death in fact one

of the things that Shakespeare liked to explore was the way in which human

beings act towards each other also the way in which we think so I always get

the feeling that William Shakespeare was very interested in psychology he seemed

very interested in not only the conscious but also the the subconscious

the things that lie in the back of our minds the things that we rarely talk

about so that is one of the reasons why William Shakespeare has been very

popular for all of these years four hundred years because of the way he used

English the way he created English and also the way he explored the human

condition as well so many reasons why many reasons teaching English

seems to be your vocation says aivars you are right this is the thing that I

live to do I live to do this when I wake up when I breathe in the air I am

teaching English it's the same thing as far as I'm concerned so for me teaching

English is the same as breathing it is a natural thing it feels natural hello

Abdul hello Abdul how are you today nice to see you here as well so William

Shakespeare shaped the way in which the English language was formed created he

lived through a very interesting period of time from the Jacobean time around

the time when the monarchy here in the UK or here in Britain changed Scotland

and England became unified they were ruled by the same person something that

was very unusual and of course in the future something

that would have a lot of consequences some of them good and some of them not

so good

hello to renal sing renal sing hello marina nice to see you here today

and a big hello to India once again thank you very much

I believe you are now following me I think you are following me on Instagram

is that right I think so welcome welcome lucky Beach hello lucky Beach it is as

natural as breathing yes that is how I feel about the English language for me

it comes just as the next breath of air

hello Vitesse hello Payton hello Peyton breathing is more

natural than speaking English but many people find in their lives that there is

something that they feel born to do something they feel born to express

maybe something they are interested in maybe a subject maybe a thing that they

are passionate about maybe a person who likes painting a person who likes

creating things with their hands it becomes something that is not only your

work but also your hobby it becomes your vocation the thing that takes over your

life completely find something you love to do and let it kill you slowly have

you ever heard of that expression I know it's not a very nice expression but it

is one that's quite true quite true find something you love and

let it kill you hello to Carmen where is English best

spoken where is English best spoken well I suppose if you have other

people around you who can speak English then I would say that that is the best

time to do it definitely

Mizuki mr. Duncan please wash your hands before eating and after using the toilet

I do that as mr. Steve been spreading horrible rumors about me again as mr.

Steve been telling you that I don't wash my hands after I've had a poop it's not

true it is not true I tell you yes I'm I'm keeping my hands

clean I'm keeping everything clean from the top of my head to the tip of my toes

shall we have a look at some expressions and phrases that William Shakespeare is

responsible for would you like to have a look right now okay

oh my goodness oh my goodness did you know that William Shakespeare created

that phrase oh my goodness so that is a phrase that William Shakespeare created

he coined the expression if you kind something it is a verb it means you have

created something that is permanent you you create a thing that becomes

permanent maybe a new word or a new phrase you coin the phrase you make

something appear and then it becomes permanent William Shakespeare so here we

go English phrases created by the one and

only William Shakespeare because today is English language day it's also the

birthday and the death day of William Shakespeare and he has been very

influential over the years he really has it really has been so influential excuse

me I just dropped my paper on the floor

that's better so words and phrases most of these are phrases that have been

created by William Shakespeare here in his plays his sonnets things that we use

nowadays that were created by the great man the bard a lot of people refer to

the bard when they talk about William Shakespeare here's the first one so this

is a phrase that was actually created by William Shakespeare to be in a pickle if

you are in a pickle it means you are in a difficult

situation you are in a difficult situation so you might find yourself in

a very difficult situation you are in a pickle I am in a pickle I'm in a pickle

I have a difficult situation that I can't solve or resolve I am in a pickle

William Shakespeare thank you William Shakespeare thank you very much for that

expression here's another one maybe a person who is nice kind generous a

person who often gives more than they take has a heart of gold heart of gold

is a phrase that was used first by William Shakespeare

so William Shakespeare created heart of gold a person who has a very generous

nature a very kind heart in fact you might say they have a heart of gold a

difficult situation see you later mizuki is going see you later

Hamid Raza you can ignore me but you cannot ignore money and those who deign

donate money that's wonderful I don't think I'm ignoring anyone am i ignoring

you am i ignoring you I don't ignore people normally unless I have a very

good reason here's another good one

I don't know what's going on today with my paper he keeps blowing around here's

another good one this was also created by William

Shakespeare I suppose it's fair to mention I suppose

I should mention that some of the phrases that William Shakespeare created

some of them already existed however because William Shakespeare used

them in his plays his sonnets they actually became a permanent thing that

lots of other people then knew about so sometimes you might find that some of

William Shakespeare's phrases were actually around before good riddance I

love this one good riddance maybe a person who you dislike maybe a person

who is annoying they are in the room with you and they are being really

annoying and then suddenly they leave the room they go somewhere else they

leave they depart and you will say good riddance good riddance you are glad to

see something go you are pleased that something has left something has gone

good riddance good riddance that is something that I didn't like I am so

glad that it has gone good riddance Shakespeare that's who you have to thank

you have to thank mr. Shakespeare for that BBC learning made a series of

videos about words and idioms created by Shakespeare did they really is that what

the BBC did the BBC always copying me they are always copying me all the time

here's another one fight fire with fire this is also from mr. Shakespeare if you

fight fire with fire you are using the same force or the same

amount of aggression against the thing that is causing you harm you fight fire

with fire and this is something that quite often happens if you are trying to

put out a large fire sometimes you will use a small fire to put the large fire

out it sounds strange but it's true you can have a situation where you will

start a controlled fire and that will put out the main fire

so sometimes we might say fight fire with fire

William Shakespeare he created this phrase and we still use it you still use

this phrase right now here's another one

lie low lie low this means to keep yourself hidden away from other people

if you lie low it means you go into hiding you hide yourself away maybe the

police are looking for you maybe the authority is looking for you

so you have to go and hide yourself away so you can't be found you lie low if you

lie low it means you hide yourself away from

other people you hide yourself away from other people so they cannot find you and

put you in jail bated breath that's it I just showed you what that means baited


something that happens that makes you feel slightly anxious worried concerned

maybe you are waiting for something to happen

maybe something exciting is going to happen in a moment you wait with bated

breath baited you are holding your breath you are drawing in a very deep

breath because something exciting or terrible is about to happen you are

waiting with bated breath you almost can't breathe you are so anxious or

excited you can't breathe you are waiting with bated breath that comes

from mr. Shakespeare thank you very much thank you mr. Shakespeare thank you very

much what time is it mr. Duncan it is now

whit's half-past three there it is

it is now half past three here in the UK I don't know what time it is where you

are because I'm not there you see I'm here in England on a beautiful day the

birds are singing mr. Duncan is sneezing

can you see that something might set your teeth on edge

something will set your teeth on edge maybe a feeling that you get when your

teeth become painful maybe something that your teeth are very sensitive to

also we can use this as an expression to mean something that makes you feel

uncomfortable or maybe something that makes you feel horrified or disgust

or something that makes you feel nervous or upset we can say that it puts your

teeth on edge something that's so bad or horrible that it makes you feel very

uncomfortable maybe sometimes you might eat something very cold have you ever

done that have you ever put something in your mouth it's very cold and your teeth

hurt and that is your teeth being put on it sets your teeth on edge something

that makes you feel uncomfortable something that is difficult so we can

use this as a figure of speech also we can use it literally as well so you can

actually have pain in your teeth something will set your teeth on edge

hello - its hello Emmett I am here but I am late it's okay don't worry as I

always say it is better to be late than never

I wonder if Shakespeare created that I wonder if Shakespeare created that

expression it is better to be late than never

oh to go full circle if you go full circle

it means you arrive back at the place where you started you go full circle you

go all the way round and you end up you finish back where you started because

you have gone full circle full circle you go oh hello - Sarah hello Sarah or

Sarah hello to you watching in Spain I hope everything is all right where you

are I hope your life is going smoothly I know we are living through strange time

some people seem to think that everything will be coming to an end soon

things will be getting better soon some people think some people don't

think it all remains to be seen the future is not ours to guess

unfortunately we have to wait we have to be patient you have to wait for time to

reveal itself so so something that is so so if something is average something

that is an interesting something that is not interesting something that is

neither good nor bad we can say that it is so so so so it's not good it's not

bad it's so-so

thank you mr. Shakespeare thank you for that very kind of you to write that down

one day 400 years ago here's another one Oh

mr. Duncan that's a very naughty word naked truth what is the naked truth what

is it when we talk about naked truths it is actually clear honesty the clear

honesty you are being honest in a very clear way or maybe you expose what is

real the naked truth is the thing that has been revealed to be true the naked

truth what is real quite often things that we try to hide maybe there is

something in your life that you don't want people to know about you will hide

it away but one day people find out the naked truth dead

do the naked truth the reality I will be with you for another 25 minutes 25

minutes and then I'm going 25 minutes and then I am going he's a nice one

maybe if you are a person who always reveals your true emotions a person who

cannot hide their real emotions a person who cannot hold back what they are

really feeling inside you wear your heart on your sleeve a person who might

wear their heart on their sleeve you wear your heart on your sleeve you give

away you show you express all of your deep true emotions you hide nothing so

you don't hide your feelings you allow everyone to know how you feel you let

everyone know about your emotions your feelings you reveal everything about

yourself some people believe that it is bad some people think that you should

not wear your heart on your sleeve because then people might exploit or

take advantage of your vulnerability so sometimes sometimes it is not good to

wear your heart on your sleeve sometimes you should not give away or expose or

reveal your true emotions because someone might someone might take

advantage of it here's a nice one this is a way of

looking at life in a very casual a very relaxed a very open way you might say

come what may come what may whatever happens whatever happens come what may

whatever occurs whatever comes my way whatever happens in my life I will try

my best to deal with it I will try my best to solve the problem as it arrives

come what may whatever happens whatever comes my way come what may

so maybe you are enjoying your day and you don't really worry about what might

happen come what may whatever occurs whatever comes my way I will try my best

to cope with come what may Fabiana is here hello Fabiana nice to see you here

as well we are talking about words and mainly phrases phrases created by

William Shakespeare because it is a special day here in England we are

celebrating William Shakespeare's birthday and also the day he died it is

also English language day and by the way it's also st. George's Day today as well

st. George's Day so a lot of stuff a lot of things going on at the moment come

what may whatever happens in my life I will try to deal with it come what may

whatever happens wherever comes your way

here is another one here's an interesting one quite often used in

social situations if you have a social situation where people are meeting and

gathering together break the ice you might want to break the ice

so this is an expression that means to start a conversation or to bring the

silence to an end maybe you have an awkward moment

maybe you arrive at a party and you don't know anyone there you don't know

any of the people they are all strangers you try to break the ice you try to do

something to introduce yourself or to start a conversation with someone you

try to break the ice maybe if you are trying to get a person to speak to you

who refuses to talk you are trying to find something that will break the ice

you are trying to find a way of starting a conversation with someone who doesn't

want to talk to you break the ice you start a conversation you break the

silence you break the cold response the feeling of being unsure silence you

break the ice

did you see the be a little bee just flew past my face

here's another one these are all expressions phrases created by William

Shakespeare he is today's guest of honor on the

livestream Oh if something suddenly if something suddenly vanishes if something

suddenly disappears we can say that it vanishes or it will vanish into thin air

to suddenly disappear without trace maybe a person suddenly leaves the room

but you didn't see them go out you didn't see them leave you can say that

they they seemed to vanish into thin air to suddenly be absent to suddenly

disappear or vanish you vanish into thin air Thank You mr. Shakespeare for that

one thank you very much mr. Shakespeare

hello Anna oh I think I think maybe there is is

there an argument is there a fight taking place on my live chat and come on

calm down everyone there is enough trouble at the moment in the world

without my live chat making things worse so please everyone just calm down take a

deep breath have a cup of tea or a cup of coffee

or maybe a bottle of wine maybe you could get something from the

refrigerator maybe a nice snack come on everyone let's be friendly let's be nice

let's be polite there is enough hatred violence in the world I like that one

Sergio thank you very much sergio one of my

favorite quotes fools grow without watering i like that that is brilliant

a fool will always get more foolish without any encouragement or help I like

that one I must remember that one it reminds me of another one which is let

me think someone is having a lot of fun on their motorbike interesting the

countryside is not always quiet not always sometimes there are people making

a lot of noise sometimes what was I going to say I was going to say

something then but I can't remember oh yes it is better to be thought a fool

than to open your mouth and remove all doubt I like that one

it is better to be thought a fool and to open your mail and remove all doubt I

like that one very much I like it vanish into thin air means to suddenly

disappear like that you see here's another one here's another one every one

oh yes I like this one dead as a doornail

dead as a doornail thank you mr. Shakespeare for giving us this something

that is dead as a doornail is lifeless it has no life left in it it is devoid

of life it has ceased to be it has shuffled off this mortal coil

oh that's also Shakespeare by the way it is gone to join the choir invisible it

has shuffled down the curtain

this parrot is as dead as a doornail did you see what I did then dead as a

doornail something that is dead as a doornail is lifeless it no longer has

life it is dead now that's what I call a dead parrot it is as dead as a doornail

hello to OTS is here hello TS nice to see you here we are talking about

William Shakespeare because today is not only his birthday it's also the day he

died we think we're not sure we don't

actually know when William Shakespeare was born the actual date

so most people assume it is around the 23rd of April which is why we are

celebrating it today however he died on this day as well in 1616 400 years ago

this is a good one I like this one very much very much I like this one love is

blind we often wonder around in this world with only our emotions to keep us

company sometimes we might lose control of our emotions sometimes we might fall

in luck and sometimes we can't control the feeling whoever that person may be

whoever we end up falling in love with one thing is true look is blind it

really is love is blind quite often when we fall

in love we will lose control of our emotions

you might also decide that love can happen anywhere to anyone at any moment

love is blind hello Anna I promise I will never mention the BBC anymore I

should think so definitely never never mention the BBC again okay

maybe you can hello please can you help me I'm watching something alone on my

computer but I know I'm not alone quick I didn't lock the door

I can feel he is coming in quiet everyone that was an interesting story

thank you I don't want to say your name because I might say something rude

thank you hi I will call you foo fook can I say fook fook ty thank you for

your story here's another one oh yes oh now this is also connected to love you

see did you see what I did there so I connected love is blind with this

because sometimes the green-eyed monster can also come along when you are in love

a person who is jealous a person who is possessive we can

describe as having the green-eyed monster so quite often when we talk

about jealousy maybe you want something that another person has you covet their

belongings which by the way is one of the deadly sins in the Ten Commandments

you shouldn't look at your neighbor's car you should not look at anything that

your neighbor has and want it for yourself because it's a sin apparently

according to Moses it is a sin the green-eyed monster is a way of

expressing jealousy if you are jealous of another person maybe they have a

beautiful girlfriend but you want to have that beautiful girlfriend instead

you will feel jealous you will feel Envy you want that thing

you want it jealousy to be jealous is

to lose control of your emotions normally over something that another

person has jealous you feel jealousy to be jealous is often seen as a very

negative emotion it can get you into a lot of trouble a lot of trouble it can

create a lot of trouble Thank You um the green-eyed monster you are jealous with

something someone has but you don't that is true so maybe you want something that

your neighbor has maybe your neighbor has a new car but that car you feel

jealous jealous the green-eyed monster

how I think I just had a paper cut I think I've got a paper cut

can you see what's happening I am actually injuring myself for you I'm

actually injuring my body I just I just gave myself a paper cut here's another

one if you are trying to find something if you are running around looking for

something but maybe that thing does not exist or maybe it is pointless some

think that you are doing that is a waste of time you are trying to find something

maybe something that isn't there we can describe it as a wild goose chase wild

goose chase so when we say wild goose chase we mean you are doing something

that is pointless you are searching for something that you can't find you are

going everywhere to find something but you are wasting your time you have been

sent on a wild goose chase you are going everywhere

you are searching everywhere you are trying to find something but you can't

because you are on a wild goose chase I

will be going in a few moments we have another five minutes the clock is

ticking very soon the Bell will be tolling for us as this lesson comes to

an end something that makes you feel afraid something that makes you feel

frightened something that makes you feel nervous something that makes you feel

very scared it might make your hair stand on end something that makes your

hair stand on end is something that makes you feel very scared or afraid

maybe you you receive a sudden shock maybe you suddenly feel cold perhaps

there is some cold air blowing past you and maybe your hair will stand on end so

when we say that your hair stands on end that happens your hair will stand on end

because you feel very afraid scared you feel suddenly cold it makes your hair

stand on end

hello to everybody on the live chat hello Anna

hello Vitesse hello Pedro Belmont is here today joining us on the live chat

here's another one hang on wait there something is wrong let me just try this

that's better something that has seen better days if

something has seen better days it means it is old and worn out something that

looks old worn out something that may not be useful anymore

you can say that it has seen better days my old coat has seen better days

unfortunately that was that was Jenny Wren

did you hear Jenny Wren say hello hello Jenny Wren nice to see you here Jenny

Wren something that has seen better days is something that is old and worn out it

has seen better days it is old worn out a little bit like me

really some people might say mr. Duncan you have seen better days you are old

you are worn out we have to throw you away on the scrap heap very nice I don't

like that I don't like it all ba ba bum

maybe you have stayed awake all night perhaps maybe you have had a very

restless night and you can't get to sleep

you might say that you have not slept a wink I couldn't sleep last night

I couldn't get to sleep I have not slept a

I have not slept a wink so with this expression we are saying that not even

what I was closed never mind both of them I couldn't even

get one eye closed so when we say wink we close one eye like that

so I didn't even sleep a wink not even one wink I didn't even close

one eye last night I couldn't get to sleep because I don't know why maybe I

was worried about something maybe something was on my mind however one

thing I do know I have not slept a wink Thank You mr. Shakespeare Thank You

Shakespeare for that that is very kind of you

did you see the Blackbird there was a black bird behind me a few moments ago

that was a black bird feeding on the grass and a car hello and card hi

everybody and mr. Duncan love you forever thank you very much that's very

kind of you to say we have almost finished our list of phrases created by

William Shakespeare we have two more here is another one

something is a sorry sight a sorry sight in that sense we are saying that

something looks awful terrible something looks old

that was my neighbor's cock did you hear it something looks old worn-out

something is broken something is looking very tired something is a sorry sight so

quite often we will talk about the appearance of something

that looks old or maybe unwell perhaps a person can look a sorry sight mr. Duncan

what's happened to you you look terrible you are a sorry sight a sorry sight

something that looks horrible unpleasant or maybe something that looks unwell

untidy and clean you are a sorry sight you look awful you are a sorry sight

hello Valentin I didn't sleep a wink last night it was a phrase from a simple

mind song who remembers it I remember Simple Minds don't you forget about me

don't you forget about me that one is that who you

mean Simple Minds a great group from the 1980s my pocket is now full of pieces of

paper like yesterday so here we go

can you see what I can see can you hear what I can hear there is a helicopter

going over the house at the moment

it's almost time to say goodbye oh for goodness sake mr. Duncan for

goodness sake please are you going to finish your live stream for goodness

sake this is also from mr. Shakespeare thank you William Shakespeare for all of

your lovely phrases for goodness sake mr. Duncan is it time to go are you

leaving for goodness sake please go hurry up mr. Duncan we want to

go to bed we have other things to do for goodness sake did you know that the word

goodness was often substituted for God so instead of saying for God's sake

people would say for goodness sake because it sounded more polite and that

is it that is all I have time for today

do you like my trousers by the way do you like my trousers I'm going to show

you my trousers I don't normally do this but I'm going to show you my trousers

here we go

and there there is my bulge that all of my paper see so basically that is

today's lesson you see I've put them all in my pocket thank you very much for

watching me today thank you for your company thank you I have to go now for

goodness sake mr. Duncan for goodness sake please go for goodness sake mr.

Duncan it's time to end it it's time to finish the livestream it is time to say

goodbye Tarzan Cheeta is here thank you very much I hope you feel better soon I

have just arrived at the barracks what do you normally do after the livestream

mr. Duncan and also thank you for your blessings to everyone your kind thoughts

and words what do I do after the livestream well today I'm going to have

a cup of tea and also I'm going to have a sandwich which mr. Steve has made for

me already it is waiting for me in the refrigerator so I'm going to have a cup

of tea and I'm going to have something to eat I am feeling a little bit hungry

at the moment hungry thank you very much for your company today thank you for

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