hmm if you haven't already guessed we are outside we are in the garden today

i've decided to come out and get some fresh air

into my little lungs here we go again yes it is another live english addict

and we are all here together today coming to you live from the birthplace

of english i don't know where you are at the moment

because i'm not there anyway you are more than welcome to join in

here we go again

here we are again yes hi everybody this is mr duncan in england

how are you today are you okay i hope so are you happy i hope you are feeling

super duper and happy today because we are here

together once more and yes hello

hello to the garden hello to the sunshine

hello blue sky it is a lovely day today can you believe it i

can't believe how lovely the weather has turned out we had

a very hot day last week did you watch me

last wednesday i was in the studio no not last wednesday

i beg your pardon it was friday on friday i was in the studio

and it was the hottest day of the year not only that it was also the third

hottest day ever in the history of this country since

records began so on friday it was a hot day

unfortunately due to the fact that there were flies everywhere buzzing around

in fact there might be one or two buzzing around

today so excuse me if i sometimes seem a little bit

distracted anyway we are all together again oh

yes we are i'm not joking yes this is live honestly and for those who

don't know my name is mr duncan i talk about english i teach english i

like to discuss all sorts of things concerning

the english language and that is the reason why i am here

today to do just that yes we have made it all the way

to the end of the weekend we are all together

because today it's Sunday

anything can happen today anything you know what it's like

you know exactly what happens on sunday anything can happen because of course we

have mr steve with us today mr steve will be joining us on the live

chat as well in around about 25 minutes

from now we have lots of things coming up today we are looking

at the english language have you ever wondered

where do all those words that exist in english come from where do they come

from where did they originate well today we

are looking at a couple of areas

a couple of things a couple of times from the past

where the english language actually influenced

or was influenced by those particular languages

we are of course talking about greek and latin

can you believe even as late as the 1970s many schools

were still teaching latin as a second language can you believe it

i don't think anyone speaks latin anymore i know i might get into trouble

for saying that oh mr duncan many people still like latin yes i'm not

saying that but i always thought it was odd that

latin was taught in schools

here in the uk let's face it not many people speak latin anymore

and of course greek as well we often talk about

ancient greek but some people don't like to

use that term they say that it is inaccurate i'm going to use it

if only to annoy people so that's what we're talking about today

we are looking at the roots of the english language and when we talk

about root we are talking about words that

started in one place and became something else you might

think of a tree so imagine a tree growing

well of course a tree grows from the ground from its roots

and then as it grows it gets larger it normally spreads out and then you have

lots of branches and also lots of leaves so think of the

english language as something that grows and i suppose you might also say


i know i'm going to get complaints today but then again i

always get complaints i always get complaints before we go any

further thank you very much for all of your

lovely emails concerning my my poor tongue it is still hurting

but not as bad so i did receive some very

good advice concerning my poor tongue i have an ulcer

from last week when i i put some hot food in my mouth

and as i put it into my mouth the tip of my tongue touched the hot food

and it caused my little tongue to burn which left a horrible ulcer

and as you can probably imagine i am a person who uses my tongue

quite a lot as mr steve often reminds me when he's talking to me he does say he

does say mr duncan please rest your tongue

in fact i have a feeling that steve was hoping that i would be quiet

over the weekend i wasn't but thank you for your lovely emails i

received some lovely letters and emails and messages

saying oh mr duncan if you want to make your ulcer

less painful maybe you can use salt water in your mouth so you can

swill salt water around in your mouth so i think that's a good idea and i

tried that also putting things into your mouth as

well to prevent the ulcer from coming into

contact with your teeth and that's the problem you see because

my little ulcer was actually at the front of my tongue

it was pressing against my teeth and as far as eating is concerned

very difficult very difficult last night i'm sure mr steve was trying to punish

me somehow last night we had chili con

carne with extra spice can you imagine how much pain i was in

as i was trying to eat my chili con carne last night i had to eat

with my head leaning over like that so all of the food would stay

on one side of my mouth i had to avoid getting any of the food onto my little

ulcer so that that's a little insight into my

world at the moment what about you how is your life going

is it going well oh we also have the sentence game coming later on i know a

lot of people love the sentence game and i was asked can you play the

sentence game on sunday because you do it during the

week but you don't do it on sunday so that's what i will be

doing i will have some rounds of the sentence game

coming up today and we will be looking at the letter

b b i have my letter b somewhere unfortunately i seem to have

lost it it's disappeared has anyone seen my b

i've lost my b if anyone has seen my bee can you please return it to me so i can

have my letter b next to me on the screen

anyway we are playing the sentence game that is coming up and as i mentioned we

have mr steve as well don't forget if you want to have

captions subtitles some people say

captions some people say subtitles there are many ways of describing those

things you might say on screen text so as i speak

you will have captions or subtitles underneath all you have to do is press

c on your keyboard don't enter it onto the live chat just press

the key just take your finger like that and

press c on your keyboard and then as if by magic

you will have beautiful sentences words and letters appearing

at the bottom of your screen thanks for joining me today so many

people are here already saying hi can i say hello to the live

chat oh yes hello to you nice to see you here

as well hello oh waffey

my goodness you are first congratulations to you

you are first on today's live chat

now i'm getting very excited i have to be careful not to wear myself out

too quickly you see we still have a long way to go

on today's live stream how long will i be here today

will it be one hour two hours three hours

six hours

can you imagine that can you imagine me being here for six

hours standing in the garden well let's let's put it this way by the end of six

hours first of all it would be getting dark

and also i think i would be very tired standing up for six hours

sentence game the letter b words that originated from latin and also

greek so something a little different today

also we'll be taking a look at one of my full english lessons

many people don't realize that i do have lots

of videos on my youtube channel so that is one thing i always like to

mention for those who aren't sure if or when

i am on live and also where they can find my english lessons

right here on my youtube channel in fact if you look

underneath this video in the description area where the video

has its description you will find the whole list of my video lessons many

many many over the past 14 years oh another thing

i haven't mentioned yes of course can you see

on the screen

august has arrived

i am all too aware that august is here because this month i will be celebrating

my birthday in fact ten days

from now it will be my birthday

it's not fair i can't believe it i will be another year older on the 12th

of august and the 12th also falls

on wednesday and i just happen to be here

on wednesday in fact you can catch me every sunday

wednesday and friday as well i'm being attacked by a fly so you can

catch my english lessons my live streams every sunday wednesday and

friday 2 p.m uk time so that is when i am on

and we will be on on my birthday we will be on on my birthday

that happens sometimes have you noticed sometimes in english sentences

you have to repeat the same word so i will be

on on the 12th of august which is my birthday so we will be

on on my birthday

that is correct by the way that is not bad grammar

sometimes in english you have to repeat the same word

in a sentence it does happen sometimes and there is a very good example

of that time so we will be on on my birthday

the live chat is very busy hello maria hello mary i wish i had my echo

but unfortunately i can't have my echo outside i'm afraid

hello abdul hello abdul also lena is here hello lena grace chin

is here as well hello grace nice to see you here as well

you might be able to hear some very excited people in the background

because there are people walking down the hill

behind my house so you might hear a lot of people

a lot of very noisy people walking down be quiet can you be quiet

please i'm trying to do a live stream here in

my garden a lot of people do like to come by my

house they like to see if they can spot me in the garden

or in the kitchen or maybe sitting on the toilet

hello to grace chin marilda hello mirilda nice to see you here today

as well super duper to see you here hello uh andy valzar hello andy

lena mubarak hello and also irina or irina

hello to you as well i'm going to say hello to

many many people today i hope you don't mind

i've had some very strange emails over the past couple of weeks

and also messages on my youtube channel about me saying

hello should i say hello to you or should i say hello to no one

hmm very interesting now there are people on youtube

many people who are big stars on youtube not me by the way i'm not a

star but they they will only answer your

message on the live chat if you give them money

you see so i like to say hello to everyone so i don't care you see i'm not

i'm not worried so if you don't want to give me a super chat you don't have to

but there are some people on youtube who will only

say hello to you or acknowledge your question

if you give them something on the super chat

me of course not i will say hello to anyone anywhere

i don't care you are more than welcome hello also mohsen hello mohsin oh by the

way what was it on friday i think it was it

was eid on friday i didn't mention it

i didn't mention it but yes it was eid on friday i hope you had a good time if

you are celebrating your eid festival thank you very much for reminding me

quite a few of you reminded me about it thank you very much

hello mr duncan hope you have a good sunday sandra

i'm having a super super super duper sunday because you are here with me now

so my sunday is going very well pedro belmont

is here today pedro belmont is saying hello also we have luis mendes

luis mendes is here today and of course luis and pedro are two of

my moderators right here on the live stream

hello nigeria this is england calling nigeria are you there

hello to solomon solomon what's new mates lots of love

from nigeria nice to see you here i hope you are comfortable

and i hope you are enjoying today's live stream yes we are here all together

again enjoying well hopefully we are enjoying

the english language don't forget also you can like and subscribe as well

if you want to like or subscribe like subscribe like subscribe you are

more than welcome to do so don't forget to give me a big thumbs up

like that give me a thumbs up and show that you care thank you very

much for that as well hello welcome to this lovely

live class says learn english with siraj

hello to you so are you an english teacher

as well now i do get you might not believe this some people think i'm

joking when i say this but i do get a lot of english teachers

watching my live streams they do they watch me

and sometimes maybe i give you some ideas or some

some tips or some methods of teaching so some people do like to

copy my way of teaching in the classroom so when they are doing

their own classes when they are giving their classes they

like to take some of the ideas from what i do which

is great it's no problem it's a windy day here

however the weather is quite nice it is not too bad

what ah what i meant to do was this i don't know what happened then i didn't

press the wrong button don't say that no i did not press the

wrong button i pressed the correct button so there it

is the view today outside the window oh

and of course in the garden over the past few days there have been lots of

lovely animals coming my favorite birds do you know what my

favorite birds are i'm going to show you my favorite birds

my most favorite birds in the garden

here they are right now you will see them

arrive come on don't be shy there they are

aren't they gorgeous long tailed tits oh

and also they are very shy birds as well so they are not birds that will come

into your garden easily they are very timid

you might say that these are timid birds but there they are again some lovely

long tail tits aren't they absolutely

gorgeous they're so nice the only thing is they don't stay in

your garden for very long they normally arrive in groups and then

they will stay for a short time and then after a few moments

they will all fly off together and disappear

somewhere else

long tail tits i love them so much

they're so nice aren't they nice yes i think so

pedro has an opinion about latin latin

is a useless language well it might seem you seem useless now but

you can't actually underestimate the the influence that greek and also latin

has on the english language which is one of the things we are going to look at

today diana says i am back from my holiday in italy

and i have never studied latin well i i would imagine that even if you

go to the place where it all started you won't you won't hear

people talking in latin however if you want to show off

to your friends if you want to show how clever

you are some people do like to use latin words when they are talking

however of course quite often you will hear latin used

in law as well so many words that are used in law

also originate from latin in fact quite a few of them are used in

their original form so they don't even change

the words they use the exact words

and that often happens in in law

dharna says i know that any international language

should borrow words from other languages yes it's true

english was formed by taking all of the lovely juicy parts

of other languages and of course when you look at any language

you will find there is some influence from other languages

in the language itself i suppose french is a good example

french you might hear lots of french words used in many other languages

especially english we like the french words we really do

hello also sandra valentina is here i like this topic

very interesting and useful we are going to go through some

words some common english words and also we are going to look at the

root the root of certain words as well

as i said earlier when we talk about the root of a word

or the root of a language we are talking about

where it started from the roots you grow upwards and then out so think

of english as something that is growing all the time

there are flies everywhere in this in in the in my little gazebo there are

flies all over the place there really are

hello ma2 hello to you watching in iraq hello iraq nice to see

you here as well we have mr steve coming soon i hope

a few moments ago i was i was listening to mr steve he was upstairs talking on

the telephone so i hope we don't have a repeat of the

other day do you remember a couple of weeks ago i

was waiting for steve to come and say hello and he didn't come

i had to wait for ages but we will see what happens

hopefully he will be here soon would you like to have a look at one of my

full english lessons we are going to take a look at an excerpt

from one of my full english lessons this is full english

number 12. take a look at this and then afterwards

yes he will be here i promise

i will have to go and i will drag him i will drag him by his legs all the way

to my little gazebo as i said this is full english

number 12

we often use the phrase easier said than done

when discussing a possible venture or goal

it would appear that it is easier to say something

than actually do it but why is that i'm sure you have done it in the past i

know i have we come up with a big plan or idea that

we intend to do at some point but sadly it never comes to fruition

the word fruition means be made real or completed it would appear

that it is much easier to say you'll do something than to actually do it

the effort needed to start doing something is

immense the two things you really need are determination and motivation

you must be determined and motivated to be determined is the feeling of being

resolute and strong-willed motivation is the force that pushes you

into doing something to feel motivated is to be encouraged and spurred on

the driving force that gets you to your goal

is motivation without determination and motivation it would appear to be

true that some things are easier said than done

can you see what i'm doing here i'm in the process of

unboxing something to unbox is to take something

out of a box or package normally something new

is boxed or packaged it comes in a box or package a large bulky item

will often be boxed so as to make it easier to carry and

protect the contents i will now unbox this item

i will remove the contents from the box we can also say that i'm unpacking or

taking the item or items out of the box can you work out what this box has in it

this is my new patio table it is made of metal and painted

so it won't get damaged or go rusty from the rain

i need to assemble the table it has to be put together

i need to construct it before it can be used

before i can take the table out i must undo the seal at the top of the box

i need to cut through these pieces of sticky tape

and then i can remove the disassembled table

from the box

these are the instructions for building the table

but to be honest with you i rarely ever look

at the instructions i like to put things together or learn how to work something

without looking at the instructions at all

it's more fun that way

the table itself is very heavy and is not

easy to remove from the box after a little pulling and tugging

i managed to get it out

the next thing i need to do is unpack the parts from the packaging

so these are all the bits and pieces i need to make my lovely table

how well will i do constructing it find out later

as you know i love receiving your comments and questions

and today i would like to answer another one of

your questions this question comes from javier who lives in spain

and asks what are the differences between the words

across and through both of these words relate to movement

to move across means to move from one side

to another as a preposition a cross shows the position of movement

she ran across the street as an adverb a cross can be used as an

expression of measurement in length the bridge is

100 feet across the word across can also show

position he lived across the road from me

a crossword answer that reads horizontally

is defined as being a cross

the word through means to move in and out of something for example if you

go into a forest and come out the other

side then you have gone through the forest

so through describes the action of moving among

something to move forwards among trees means you are moving

through the trees as you move you pass things to move

through a forest or through bushes or through a crowd of people

you can move through something such as a doorway to step from one side

to another is to move through to go through or fall through

to look from one side of something out to another is look through

he looked through the window to see if anyone was at home

to make a hole in something means that you

go through or you have gone through to inspect or study something in part

or whole is to go through i need to go through these essays and

check them for mistakes to be through means to finish

or end something the thing in question is finished and over i'm going to tell

my girlfriend that we are through in a contest

the word through means to be chosen for the next round or heat

mr duncan you have made it through to the final

so across relates to direction while through tends to relate to

movement and objects thank you for your question

javier and if you have a question for me to

answer then please feel free to drop me a line

at my email address

ooh fancy pants very nice so there it was an excerpt

from one of my full english lessons guess who is coming up now

can you guess who is about to appear on your computer monitor

or mobile device well you are about to find out

enough enough i haven't done anything yet

i don't deserve any applause mr duncan you certainly don't hello

to everybody hello and welcome my own special welcome to you all

isn't that lovely oh mr duncan hello it's uh it's very bright out here

today is it it is bright out here it's well

it's summer a few people have been asking have you

still got a sore tongue yes have you mentioned it already i did

mention it briefly uh yes i still have my little ulcer

on my tongue but i did receive some very interesting

emails giving me advice on how i can i can repair or to ease

the pain that i've been in i'll tell you something

between between you and me yeah uh no not you

me and the viewers although you're here so you'll hear it mr duncan

watching mr duncan eat i know he's been in pain but it's been

very painful to watch mr duncan eating he's taking forever he was

he was eating on one side like this

all sorts of ways to try and avoid getting the tip of his tongue in contact

with the food and i thought i would help you mr duncan

last night by making a very spicy chili con carn

and as soon as that hit your tongue you were in agony were you not

oh you're not listening you'll have to watch it later but yes

mr duncan has took 20 minutes 25 minutes to eat his

food last night and uh it was painful to watch mr duncan you

can stop it now oh i'm talking more yes you're not the only one in pain

suffering i have to watch you eat it takes forever

i've got i've got earache already from mr steve

shouting into my ear i've got very little patience yes

well yeah you're going on and on about it all through the middle my tongue

oh poor me oh i can't eat oh it's too hot why did you make

well i'm sure you did this on purpose he made the spiciest

meal yes i said that already he could find well i didn't hear you see i had my

i had my fingers in my ears you see so i couldn't hear your lovely

your lovely words well it's nice that your viewers

are thinking of yes i had some lovely remedies

salt water salt water that is the oldest remedy

remedy for all these sorts of things a sore throat my mother always says if you

get anything in your mouth sore throat tonsils anything salt water

gargle on salt water that's what they that's all they had

back in the 1930s when my mother was growing up really have antibiotics

no antibiotics are a pretty recent thing aren't they but

i also had a suggestion i think it was belarusia

said put some cotton wool under your under your lip

and over your teeth the only thing i was worried about was

was swallowing it so so i probably i i didn't go to bed with anything in my

mouth there's no answer to that really is

there my hat's being admired already by

beatrice oh i see every week somebody admires my hat yes

it is a very nice hat it's a very tough hat

where did you get that hat where did you get that hat

i got it from a shop in church stretton yes you know what i i wish

i really hope one day someone will sponsor

this show there are so many opportunities

for businesses and brands to actually be mentioned here i mean there's your hat

tilly there's my hat adidas a well-known sports brand

there's my watch as well which by the way notice

today please notice yes i have coordinated

coordinated everything so my watch and my t-shirt actually go together

that's a big world that's a big word in the world of fashion

is it coordinating sorry mr duncan we've got somebody at

work and we always it's always a bit of a

something that we always have a bit of a joke about in front of this particular

person it's a lady at work um and when we meet up obviously we're

not at the moment she always matches everything so her

shoes match her dress match she might have a ribbon in her

hair or something a hair tied up with something everything

matches a ribbon in her hair a ribbon in her hair where where was she

going to the local fair but but you know that's attention to

detail when you match so you've matched your orange stripy top

with the orange stripe in the street so my t-shirt my t-shirt and my watch

are coordinated this is the only item of clothing that

matches this watch the only so really whenever i wear this

whenever i wear this watch i should actually wear this t-shirt

but but i have nothing else that matches this well is anyone from lithuania

watching hello lithuania lithuania because if you

are you may well recognize that watch because that's where it comes from it

does so this is this is a lovely gift a gift

that steve bought almost two years ago can you believe it

because my birthday is in 10 days from now

well let's count russia in there because essentially

uh well i wouldn't it the watch is made in lithuania but i think the company

itself is russian okay so anyone from russia watching or

lithuania do they do they build the watches in a hurry

because they're always russian

thanks a lot thank you steve for that vote of confidence on my joke

accent likes uh the apple tree the apple tree is lovely

would you like are you going to eat what are the apples they are disgusting i

don't think they're ready just yet i think need to give i'll tell you

something mr duncan it is making my job of

mowing the lawn very difficult because there are so many dropping off do you

notice that with apple trees i noticed many things

especially on my body many things on my body are dropping off not only the

apples or shrinking

no what happens is the apple produces uh obviously producer of the apples but i

think at some point if it's we went through a very dry period when

there wasn't very much water and i think the apple tree must

say to itself i've got too many apples here not enough water

i'm going to chuck some of them off and we

you can break your ankle walking along here yes at the back of us

and i have to clear them all up before i mow the lawn there must be about

10 every day should i get one mr duncan can't you just can't you just go

over them with the lawnmower won't it just chop them up no it doesn't what

happens is no because i my lawn i cut it quite high

quite high so it uh all that happens is that

the wheels bounce over them then they go rotten the apples and then they

they they you get patches in your grass where the rotten apple

uh decomposes on the grass and performs a brown patch

so you don't really have to clear them off so i'm going to get one mr duncan

okay let's have a look hmm eeny meeny miny moe

don't do the rest of that please

so that's not quite ready yet no it looks like it's been eaten by worms

look at that that is that is a very disgusting looking apple so

even though people are admiring our apples

they are actually quite mealy we've been here seven years mealy yes

that means they're sort of they've got nasty spots on them and

maybe insects growing inside them so i think inside this apple there

might be a family of worms let's have a look

a family of worms living in there you see we've been here seven years we were

quite excited when we came here that there was an apple tree oh we can

have fresh apples but we've never in seven years we've

never had i've never eaten one never had one that tastes nice

hmm i'm tempted to bite into it i'm gonna rub it on my leg

don't get too excited that's what the uh it's like i'm about to bowl in cricket

isn't it they always rub it on on their legs on

their thighs do they rub the ball they rub the

cricket ball on their thighs what about the other balls so that they

can get a bit of spin on it okay i have no idea what you're talking

about well it looks nice

actually that is that looks i mean it does look

it looks like actually it's not too bad that's okay it looks like a real apple

but what does it taste like actually it's sweeter than i thought oh okay

actually if if mr steve collapses tonight

quite nice with some sort of food poisoning

we know why okay steve we've got the chef's cut

but you're eating all the worms what about all the wriggly wood

there aren't any worms really are you sure about that

that's enough i'll leave it for the wasps

okay or the squirrels oh my apple actually you know that was quite nice

oh okay sometimes you see the squirrel steve picking up the axles

in their teeth and they they run off with this giant apple

in their teeth i mean the size of an apple to to um

a squirrel it must be like having something this big

mustn't it i mean it's bigger than their head yes so you want about the scale

the scale so so an apple to a squirrel must be huge

actually like a football it would be like us eating a melon

without cutting it it's like you've got a melon in front of you and you you just

sink your teeth into the melon we have a lot of things

to talk about steve we don't want to waste too much time because i will get

complaints people saying mr duncan your your live

streams are too long can you please make them shorter and

some people are saying mr duncan your live streams are too short yes i've

noticed that can you make them longer i'm getting

very confused i'm dizzy at the moment i'm dizzy because i don't

really know what to do so we can either do two hours today or six

hours today so then two hours will be the short one

and six hours will be the long one jamila says

an apple a day keeps the doctor away except those apples that unfortunately

those apples i think those apples are liable to bring

the doctor to the house to to pump mr steve's stomach out oh and

and hack leo here said newton is sitting

under the apple tree he is of course isaac newton discovered apples

before isaac newton before that apple fell on isaac newton's head

there were no apples anywhere so isaac newton was the first

the first person to discover apples he was and if you don't believe that

look it up in wikipedia it's on there

yes but that's very that's that's a very that's a very well observed uh

well observed uh observation i couldn't think of another word there a

well-observed observation nobody from russia anybody from russia

watching or even better lithuania okay and then we

can say do you recognize this watch do you

recognize this watch if you are watching in lithuania

or russia or anywhere on the planet earth

maybe yes so we are talking about latin words

and greek words steve you've got to stay with me now

thank you mary we do have some content here to put out

we are the apple of mary's eyes that's super duper

so we have the sentence game coming later steve

i've i've already promised a lot of things today you see so i've got to be

you know we've got to make sure we do these things right get on with it

if we're promising things so we are looking at

now the english language seems as if it's just

created from from well maybe original words

but you might actually be surprised to find out how many words in the english

language are not original they weren't created to be

english words they've actually been taken away or or

they've derived from other languages and

two of the most common that you will find are

well first of all we have greek root words now when we talk about root words

it means where they come from the actual origin

of a certain word as i said earlier it's a little bit like a tree growing so you

have the roots of the language and then as it grows it

moves out and lots of new words are created

from those root words so let's have a quick look shall we

steve so we have the root word we have the meaning and also some

examples of how those things are actually used

so we're going to have a look right now this is something we will go through

very quickly i know some people don't want to hear


i don't know why i think it's quite an interesting subject to be honest

so take a look at the screen steve you can't please everyone all the time now

if you try to please everyone you end up pleasing no one i like that

one right i'm uh i'm my eyes are glued to the

screen mister okay then so here's a good

example so we have the root which comes from greek

and t you will see anti used at the start or the beginning of

many words anti and its meaning

literally is against to be against something so you might also say opposing

would you say yeah as the opposite you mean well there's no

the same meaning so to be against something is

maybe the opposite you are pushing in the opposite direction

so anti literally means against and you will see

anti in many words and you can see some examples there

on the screen right now for example anti-bacterial

so something that will prevent bacteria from growing or spreading

things that you put on your hands we all know at the moment

you don't need me to tell you that at the moment we are all using

antibacterial cream or gel on our hands during these crazy

times you might also have antidote you can see

it there antidote so an antidote is

the thing that makes whatever is troubling you

a disease an illness it is the cure for something

the anti the opposite to that condition that you've got

yes and of course we have the last one antithesis which is often used to mean

the opposite so it is the the meaning of something it

is the opposite of that thing so anti is often used

at the start of english words but its origin uh it's actually a greek

origin would you call it a prefix you can call it a prefix yes and it says

anything that goes at the start of a word quite often we have

words or parts of words maybe sometimes another word which of

course we describe those as compound words here's another one

so now you can see what i'm actually doing here

and here's another one oh yes ast which of course is star

star oh i didn't know that yeah so this of course comes once again for

from greek it is a root word that is to say that from that you

you create other words so est

or aster and of course you could actually see the word star

how that would come from that word so esther

star so you can see how over the years that would be be changed or altered

star so all those words there asteroid astronomy astronaut

you if you knew that that was if you didn't know what those words meant

ast you would think it was something to do with the stars or

up in the in space what about asterisk um well i think that's a completely

different okay that's a completely different word

just because a word starts with that doesn't mean that's where it originates

from and that's the interesting thing so it

can catch you out sometimes some words do start with

those letters but it doesn't necessarily mean it originates from the same place

it's an asterisk i can't think now is it is it a sort of a starry shape

an asterisk yes sort of that sort of shape yes it is like a

little well it does look like a star so maybe it is related

but i'm not going to say it is just it could be just in case it isn't

but yes that is an interesting point steve

it had to happen eventually

here's another one oh i think this one's easy

well in this sense means water so you are relating anything to

water something that is related to

water something that is derived from water something where water

is stored or kept so yes accu and of course we have

aquarium yes aquarium a place where water is stored

for animals such as fish to swim around it

and also aquatic as well something anything to do with the water

so in that sense aquatic is referring to anything

in the water something related to water something that takes place maybe sport

so there are some types of sport

there are lots of water sports that you can play so aquatic sports

so if you see aqu or aqua then you know that it's connected with

water water so aquatic i've got some water

here in my hand and the final one there is

aqualung an aqualung is something you can use to

breathe under water so it is a lung that you can

connect to your mouth and it will allow you

to breathe under water so i i always find this

fascinating i remember many years ago i used to have an old dictionary

at home we are going back many years and i used to love

browsing through the dictionary i would just look through the dictionary

and browse lots of different words and i was always fascinated how

certain words would appear in so many other words

even if they were completely unrelated we've got some other suggestions from

people here aquaman aquaman yes which is a cartoon

character obviously a man that goes underwater he's a superhero

yes we've also got hydro uh aqua equals hydro says uh

ts that's it that's a yes that's another one that that will be used at the start

of a word maybe hydro is hydro greek or is that uh well i

might be coming onto that i might be coming on

to that later on yes if you see hydro in front of a wood

you know that that's to do with water as well

here's another one auto so again auto this is this is once again

a greek root word so auto refers to

self self so when you see words like automatic so automatic means something

that is being done by itself so on its own

by its self automatic it is being done by itself it needs

nothing else to to operate it or to work it and you have

automate automate is to make something become self-functioning

you automate something i suppose you might say steve over the years

automation has caused a lot of problems around the world

as machines take over doing certain jobs there is a lot of automation automate

you are giving maybe a task to a machine to carry out instead of a person doing

it and of course we have autobiography as well an autobiography

that is a story about a person's life written

by the subject itself so maybe a famous man or woman will write a story of their

own life it is their autobiography

or autobiograph that is the actual story itself mary has said automotive

yes automotive again i believe that refers to things move

that move so maybe things that push something along or pull something along

such as i would say steam trains well an automobile yes and of course

probably the most obvious one the automobile the car

automobile it's something pulled along by an engine

i think so so yeah again another good one

let's bring another one up so you can see what we're doing now how

greek root words ah no i think this is quite an

interesting one steve because this is actually a word that is

often used in various ways in fact there's probably

one very famous way in which this particular word is used but the

word biblio biblio simply means book

and that's why i suppose you have what people consider

not not necessarily us we are not giving our opinion

but they say the great book the great book the bible you see

so the bible is seen as as the original story or the original book hence bible

so biblio means book you might say a bibliophile

a bibliophile is a person who is crazy about reading books if you see file in

anything that means that something that you like yes or attraction

yes so again that that also is used from an an ancient word so biblio

biblio a book a crazy person who well not a crazy

person a person who is crazy about books okay

here's another one and pedro by the way is giving us lots of

flowers today oh that's nice we've got lots of flowers

so thank you very much i'm not sure if my hay fever will agree

with that

here's another one steve we've got autoimmune disease

going back to another one yes yes self a self

a self self-actuating defense so the defense in your

in your own body so the defense that fights off

viruses or bugs is is attacking you hmm so the disease itself is attacking your

autoimmune system and there are many illnesses that can do

that here's another one steve bio bio once again

some people might not realize where this actually comes from so when we say

bio we mean life we are talking about life itself so maybe the creation of

life the formation of life to live your biography

is the story of a person's life biology yes biology though

you can study of living things yeah because you you did

you studied biology at university so study of living things biodegradable

uh which is uh which is living things that uh

or anything that degrades on its own due to

bacteria and and fungus uh breaking it down so so something that

exists that can be broken down or absorbed

naturally yes so in other words what that's saying is something that breaks

down breaks down due to life so in other

words that life is bacteria is maybe little insects

fungus uh breaking things down so yes that's very good mr duncan

here's another one we will be looking we are going to look at some latin ones

by the way not just greek we will be looking at latin as well for those

who really love latin biodiversity says diana

the diversity of life all the different types of life

that are out there here's another one chrome again you might not realize that

this actually originates from from greek chrome so when we say chrome

we are talking about color color so color of any sort

color we are talking about chrome so you might say

monochrome so when you say monochrome or monochromatic what are we actually

saying yeah well mono means one so that there we go see it's very good

to know these derivations which is why latin is very

good as well because you can work out the meaning of

words from these so mono means one chromatic means color so

that just means literally one color yes so it could be red or green

and if you had polychromatic poly means many so it'd be many colors

maybe a rainbow you could describe a rainbow

polychromatic you could do yes and we have

what's that second one steve see is that is that

phytochrome phytochrome see now now for me

i don't mind admitting it if i see a word that i don't know the meaning of

i will admit it i i'm not a person who has to hide and go

oh oh i don't want to lose face by not knowing that word

but i don't what what is what is phytochrome

didn't you look it up mr duncan i do you came on i did not

i have about a hundred of these words you see fighter i think that's

that's connected with uh living things i think might be wrong there but

uh yes will someone tell us the the meaning of phytochrome

yes i think it i think chlorophyll in plants is a phytochrome i don't know

what might be wrong with it so it might it might actually be related to it might

be related to the color of plants so phyto what that must mean something

that must be derived from a greek latin something like that

somebody will tell us please that's an interesting one

so that's a word it's a specialist word don't forget sometimes in english

if you are teaching english or learning english quite often there will be words

that you rarely come across or even use

and the reason is because they're specialist words they are used

in special fields or areas chroma therapy therapy due to

colors yes using using colors yeah uh you can do that because there are

benefits of color therapy you know i don't know how well

established that is but bella has given us hearts in many

different colors so thank you very much that could be uh

yes i won't i won't try and make up a word there some polychromatic

hearts yes lots of lovely colours there very nice here's another one i think a

lot of people phyto is from plants oh oh my goodness

really yes okay then so would that be similar

to photosynthesis well phyto yes i don't

know what phytochrome means no you think that would be uh if it's

related to plants then it must refer to the chlorophyll

which is green that's it so it's it's it's talking about the pigment or the

colour of plants yes it's related to the colour of plants

okay wow that's amazing i feel good can i just

take a little moment here to congratulate

myself oh for piecing that together so you can

sometimes if you know the root words

sometimes it's very easy to come to the conclusion of what the meaning of the

word is so that was a very good example of how

you can piece together the meaning of a word without actually knowing what the

word means because you recognize parts of the word yes so phyto means

plants chrome so it relates to the color of plants i

didn't plan that chlorophyll is green of course you have

lots of different pigments in plants so you've got red pigments yes all sorts of

different pigments so yes it just refers literally to the

different colors in plants

in the plant tissues here's another one steven and the chlorophyll being the

common one of course here's another one steve chrono or chrono

chrono oh i thought we'd have that one no okay

no no time time as i understand i think it was the

the greek god the greek god of time chronos or kronos so i think that's

where that comes from i think what one came before the other

i'm going to assume that the god came first

and then the word pedro wants to read your autobiography mine not mine

obviously just yours well i think yours is probably more

interesting than mine although i don't know i don't know about

that maybe maybe one day i will write my my i will

say my life on youtube by mr duncan

the ups and downs of being an internet sensation

something i've never been by the way i've never been an international is

greek it means plant okay yes i think we've ascertained that

chronic you see so that's an interesting one

now you know a little bit of biology chronic so something chronic

we often say something that is sudden or serious

an illness of some sort yes a chronic illness

yes so i'm just wondering how that relates to time so maybe it's it's

saying that it's sudden so it occurs suddenly i know that and

quickly related to the word chrono yes well

that's what i'm trying to so maybe it's because of something

happening suddenly and seriously so maybe it is saying that it it

develops maybe an illness that develops in a very short time

and becomes serious chronic disease was one that uh

you have for a long period of time an acute illness

acute illness is one that happens quickly that's it whereas a chronic

illness happens over a long period of time oh okay then so in other

words you've always got it so you might have a chronic chest

infection yes so that means you are suffering from the chest infection for a

very long time is it my imagination or are we being

eaten by there are insects there are little thrips

tiny little black thrips or thunderbugs yes we talked about this on friday

uh they're a chronic pest yes they're always there they crawl

everywhere i think i think there might be some in my

underpants although i don't mind that one

what chrono chrono is time chronic synchronize ah you see that's

interesting so synchronize you have the word crone

in there or chrono so putting something with something else relating

to time so maybe you you have a watch and i have

a watch so we make sure that our watches

have the same time so yes we will synchronize

our watches so they both show exactly the same time so i presume

sync means the same sync must mean the same

and then same time so yeah you're making two things

or three things all have all do exactly the same time at the same

and time and then at the end there you have

chronicle again i would never think of that

i would never think of that you say the word chronicle

but in fact you're not really thinking of the meaning of the word

but in fact you have a record of events yes so you are literally writing

down or recording time it is the recording of events

like a diary yes it's interesting isn't it so events

so even that word chronicle you are studying you are well not studying but

you are looking at what happens around you over

time and you are making some sort of record

and of course the earliest form of recording anything was

tablets of stone well drawing in writing oh right yes so drawing on the old cave

paintings cave paintings parts of australia you can go to

australia and you can see some of the earliest drawings

thousands of years old or at least tens of thousands of years old that's it well

if they're exactly certainly if they were if they were made

by human beings so yes so there chrono chrono or chrono

so yeah i think that's that's an interesting point an interesting

thing to actually look at we've got loads more greek words but i

think really we should move on to latin yes

because we've got something else coming up as well

we have the sentence game yes we want to play the sentence game i will be getting

complaints you see

latin root words here we go then latin that's it so latin mr duncan if

you were clever i know when i went to school yes back in

the 70s the 1970s um

you could only learn latin you were only allowed to learn

latin if you were good at french interesting

if you were if you were good at languages generally

then they would let you learn latin so normally you you you the the order that

you did at school was you learned french first

yes because they're the nearest country to us

and then if you were good at french they'd let you do german

and then if you were good at german and french they would let you do latin

hmm i never got further than french no i've got to say if you want to really

show off if you want to really show off in front

of other people use latin words there is one person in

particular who likes to use latin words we are talking about the

prime minister of this country so he likes to drop

latin words into his conversations or his speeches

and and i think what you're doing when you do that you're trying to

you're trying to assume dominance you are saying

look look how clever i am i'm i'm using latin oh look at me yes and for a

populist leader it's a very strange thing to do

okay we're not that wasn't where i was going

leaders don't normally use it steve steve

that's just a passing comment mr duncan slightly controversial i haven't been

controversial for several weeks no it's very good well let's let's try and

keep it like that shall we anyone who's been to one of these sort

of classical colleges like eaton harrow

that rich parents send their children to in this country and you'll have them all

in your country they will learn all the classical

subjects like latin history all that sort of thing so yes

and it is it is useful not essential but it is


oh excuse me mr duncan that's that's my my

my left arm now has whatever mr steve has i could have sneezed all over your

all over your equipment but i decided not to

there's no answer to that i think i think something crawled up my nose

anyway anyway yes it's it's useful because it helps you to understand the

meaning but it's not essential is it let's face it so latin is taught

but only in very posh elitist schools but most people now

don't even bother most people don't even bother to learn

english nowadays when you think about it here we go then

steve we've got to move on yes i have to be firm so once again we

have latin this time so i i didn't want a favor

you see i didn't want to favor greek so i thought we would have to

have some latin i don't want to upset the italians you see

so here we go

i wish i could do this quicker ah this is it

ab ab ab so this is actually a very simple word

two letters ab but quite often used as a prefix to many words

that are saying maybe the opposite or something that is pushing in an

opposite direction you might say so the meaning the meaning of ab

in its latin use is move away you are moving away so abstract the word

abstract means you are moving away from reality

something that might seem nonsensical or strange or weird or something bizarre

is abstract like your live lessons

some people say that i am very i am very abstract you might think of certain

artists who who used abstract

forms of painting there are many yes sort of distorted reality almost

so you are moving away from that which is real so you are creating

something that has reality but you are somehow turning the reality

around you're twisting the reality hence abstract

so an abstract painting is a painting of something

but it's not it's not the classical type of painting where you draw exactly what

you see no it's it's a distorted form

maybe even your own perhaps even your own interpretation

of reality can be abstract would you say van gogh

or van gogh i'm not an abstract painter would you say

i wouldn't i wouldn't say i would say he's more

an impressionist because you are you are taking

reality but you are i i think it depends on on the form of the painting

or the type of material or your style of actually doing it so there is a slight

difference there maybe somebody could give us an example

of an abstract painter well i think there are quite a

few on there i'm thinking of somebody but i can't remember their name

abnormal well i always thought salvador dali you see

that's the one i was thinking salvador dali was an abstract

painter he would take common items or objects and

create his own version and once again you are using reality but you

are somehow turning it or twisting it so darli was was a very

famous absent

you're not there anymore that's it to vanish to disappear

if you're absent from school or absent from this live stream

it means you're not here you've moved away you've gone away

i think that refers also to the the sense of scent which is which is to be

arriving or to be there so absent is to be away or or not

there and of course abstain yes so abstain means you

you you you can do something if you want but you prefer

not to do it yeah so if you go on no i was gonna say if you were a person if

you drink alcohol you might decide to

abstain to move away from drinking alcohol for a period of time or

forever abstain maybe there is a vote taking

place but you you would prefer not to to

cast your vote either way yes don't i think the thing that we've

got to be careful of is that not all words beginning with a b

are necessarily going to mean to move away from that's it

yes so some people aren't giving it words

beginning with a b but it doesn't necessarily mean

moving away from it's also worth mentioning that there are many other

things that can influence the english language so we are talking about

a very wide selection i was going to show an excerpt from one of my

lessons where i talk all about this but because time

look at time my my kronos has completely run away with me you're

you're you're you're greek god of time yes

your chronometer yes he doesn't want to spend too much time

here you see a b to move away ab ab so there are many words we can use

we'll we'll have a look at a couple of more

there are so many you see and then we're going to play the sentence game

are we not mr duncan we will be playing the sentence game in a few moments my

by the way my my tongue is starting to hurt

so van gogh or van gogh depending on van gogh

there's various ways that people pronounce that word in the uk

uh were impressionists you were right mr duncan

so giving an impression of what reality looks like yeah

but not exactly reality that normally refers more to the medium

of the artist so van gogh van gogh or van gogh

would often put the paint on almost as thick

as the thing that he was actually painting you could actually almost touch

his painting and feel the shape of the actual thing he was painting

sorry about that

i do go on sometimes yes that's the the use of prefixes is interesting because

depending on when that word first came into use will determine

whether that prefix will apply to it or not because if

people were using that particular prefix at the time to form words say

a thousand years ago they might they might use that same prefix but not

sort of ten years ago to make a word but not refer to that meaning

of the prefix so yeah you can't always assume that because

i think some you can if you if you saw chrono in front of something

that would always relate to time yeah it's like chronology

yes you are talking about the order of events that they happened in so when we

talk about chronology or chronograph chronographical order you

are talking about the order in which things

happened so yes it can happen and don't forget

the english language is around a thousand years old

so you you can see now how in the early days

of english as english was being formed when we talk about early english middle

english you can see how those influences stayed

they didn't actually go away they they still exist now

a thousand years later so it is quite interesting

somebody mentioned earlier we've discussed this before

the reason we've got a lot of words with with french in them

is because of william the conqueror yes history because of history yes whoever

whoever invades you and has taken you over in the past will have introduced a

lot of their language uh and that's what we're left

with that's the residual effect yes anyway of that i want to squeeze

some more and steve acer so something aso or acry

relates to bitter and this is coming from we are coming from latin now

latin root so maybe acrid something that is bitter or something

that has an unpleasant taste acrid taste

or smell yes acrid and then of course acrimony yes

maybe a divorce between a man and a woman they

they decide that they can't stand each other anymore

they must part but they still hate each other

so acronymy is is hatred between normally a couple of people who are

undergoing something bitterness bitterness or hate maybe between

a married couple and then eventually they

divorce exacerbate to make something worse to make

something worse would you say yes definitely or

yes to exacerbate something make something worse increase something

yes yes so you're making something much worse than

it is well look at that we are coming up to half

past three now today's live stream has gone by so quickly

i can't believe it so i i'm now waiting for all of the complaints

saying mr duncan your your live streams are

too long

i don't know why because we we try to push have you noticed steve we always

try to push a lot of things into our live streams

but got to keep it lively current and uh absorbing for people watching

engaging engaging engaging that's the word of the moment

what we are trying to do just like everyone on the television

or on the internet we are trying our best to engage you

we want you to stay with us you see so we try to say things sometimes we do

things that hopefully will engage you you will

feel as if you want to stick around for a while and see what these two

crazy men are up to engaging you in the remote environment anyway

which is uh is a very current phrase engaging your customers

if anyone's working from home at the moment during this

pandemic then and they're used to being in sales or

dealing with people their company will be involving you and

using a phrase probably remote engagement oh okay how to connect

with your uh customers that you previously would have gone to visit

face to face how you can engage them through the internet and i think

nowadays well i suppose because so many people

now are using the internet as a forms of communication

many people who never thought they would ever do it

are now doing it look at your mother i know your mother mr steve's mother i

won't give her age away but she is just a little bit younger

than the queen of england you see is that okay fine

okay i think i've actually mentioned it before now

she's she's older than some of the trees in this garden

well i yes i think most of the trees are younger than my mother

okay well in the garden so i lost my train of thought then by

the way technology a lot of people are using

technology and they never thought they would ever use it including your mother

because she likes to chat with you god insects mr duncan i know they're a

pain literally here we go then would you like

to play the sentence game mr steve yes that's what everyone is waiting for it

is now harper's three look at that how precise is that harpist three

pink has just seen the live stream so have we seen you before pink garden

three what a lovely name oh i see maybe you're new i think pink

garden maybe saw a recommendation for this live stream welcome pink

you are very welcome to be here all colors

are accepted all colors are welcome including pink

as well here we go steve let's play the sentence game

without any more delay

we are playing the sentence game do you know what steve

i've lost my b have you i've lost my b can i go and get my b

i can't find it so but i think i've left it around the corner

i'll let you go and get your b mr dumb there is a reason why

i need my b because because today can i explain that while you go and get

your b

does it make you happy uh yes okay if it makes you happy steve let's do it

okay so today's sentence game we are using the

letter b actually we don't need we don't need it

because there it is on the screen you can see it there you see

we are using the letter b today in the sentence game i hope you are

ready to play some of these words might be easy you

see i can draw

we are using the letter b of course that might also be a drawing

of a very obese person or maybe maybe

it's a picture of my buttocks you see oh okay well maybe two bald people

sitting in a chair or on the sofa so so that could be many things yes or

if you if you if you have it that way round

i'm sure that's a greek letter is it i think so oh

so that's almost dolby is that the dolby sign as well

i don't know you know for the dolby sound for music

for music you know sound i'm sure that looks a bit like that

okay then a bit random shall we actually play the sentence

game i'm a bit distracted because i'm i've got insects crawling

over me mr duncan okay i need some so you need some fly spray in here

well at least be thankful it's not me doing the same thing using the letter b

okay steve please we know the rules well you do

but there might be some people who just joined us maybe you've been flicking

around or clicking on something you shouldn't

have and now you are looking for some light

relief that pink garden for example won't know the rules for the sentence

game it is sentence missing words they all begin

with b i will tell you how many letters each words

word has and yeah let's do it shall we i think it's just easier just to play

the game i think so let's just do it let's just pick it up if you don't know

if you don't know you will soon pick it up you will soon

get the hang of it there we go fill in the blanks

we have three missing words oh so a tough one to kick off with

and all of them begin with their letter

b and the first word has four letters the second

blank has six letters and the third one has

five all beginning with b so all of them begin with b

he has something something from something something

anywhere near his ex-wife oh you see so i have a feeling that this

might have something to do with separation separation can i do that

no can i slap you no you can't i will get rid of the flies for you

you've got one on your face no i have you have you you've got one crawling

around that that one can stay it's quite it's

quite all right you have to be careful because some of these insects

they can crawl inside your ear and then they they lay their eggs inside your

brain and then about a year later suddenly all

these things start coming out of your room

out of your ears and nose i've seen documentaries on television

on star trek no something so crawled into somebody's ear into into

uh somebody's ear and then sort of at its way into his into their brain

wasn't it wasn't it the one with the khan it was that one wasn't it it was

that uh star trek film what are you a long time ago it was

chekhov chekhov was captured by uh who was

ricardo ricardo montel barno

star trek wasn't he sorry what does this have to do with anything things crawling

into your brain okay then i think things are crawling

into about covered in insects i think i think something has crawled into your

brain and they've taken it with them his name was khan wasn't he

yes okay it's ricardo the the the famous uh character actor yes and uh chekhov

poor old chekhov uh was captured by him on this lonely

deserted planet that kirk had left him left him there sort of decades before

and this this it turns him over and introduces

this slug-like creature into his ear and it burrows its way into his brain

it's horrible anyway they get it out and it's happy

ever after i'm very sorry about that whatever that was you can always skip

that if you're watching again on the replay

you can just skip that the wrath of khan you should know that

mr duncan i do know this film i do know it but i don't see the point

of talking about it right now as we're playing the sentence game

he has allowing people to uh think of the the words and have they

right we've got some we've got some results

coming through mr denton okay don't don't say what the words i don't i won't

i don't know about explaining the rules i i always feel as if i have to explain

the rules to steve to be honest oh okay then oh very good we've got

answers coming through now not necessarily correct but some of them

yes valentino yes diana

beatriz some of them are coming through he has

something something from something anywhere near

his ex-wife so i get the feeling that the couple

have separated acrimoniously oh so that's the word we looked at

earlier acrimonious you do something but you do

it in a bitter and horrible way

oh well valentin was very quick off the mark

okay and got all three i think uh-huh okay very good

very good so my cock pardon is about to say hello would you

like to say hello to my cop there you go yes talking of talking of chickens yeah

anyway moving on here comes the answer then to the

to to you know what this ulcer is a real pain in the neck

but also it's a pain in the mouth because it's very hard

to talk when you've got the end of your tongue is actually

rotting away from an ulcer horrible and don't we know about it he has

something something from something anywhere near his ex-wife

the answer is

he has been banned told yes from being anywhere near his

ex-wife he has been banned he has been told that he has to

stay away from his ex-wife he has been

banned from being anywhere near

his ex-wife if you got that right well done donna s was the first with

the first word bean and then valentin was first to get all three correct

okay uh so well done but lots of other people have also got it


we're broken okay we have to we have to move on

we're moving on right we're moving on i know i'm looking to see if anyone comes

up with any alternative words because sometimes people come up with words

which are different to yours but also fit the sentence yes

okay we didn't get any at that time okay then

here's here's the next one steve we are looking for the letter b

and here is the second sentence game for today

oh oh this one's easy oh i think this one's really easy

i think i've made this too easy the poor will have to take the

something of the welfare cutbacks oh okay the poor will have to take the

something beginning with b five letters five letters

yes this might be a word that you've never seen before or it might be a word

that you are very familiar with so it depends

we'll wait 30 seconds to see if anybody comes up with any

suggestions and maybe it will match up with what you have suggested

is the word that best fits that sentence what is the word that

best fits that sentence the poor will have to take the something

of the welfare cutbacks so this is a word that was used

quite a lot during our period here in the uk

where we had something called austerity austerity lots of cutbacks the

government had to save lots of money so many many

welfare payments were changed the way in which certain welfare

benefits were changed over the years although now

it seems it seems fairly pointless doesn't it we

spent we spent 10 years

getting all of the spending down here in this

country and many people suffered some people even died

because of it yes so people are coming up with suggestions just just

make sure we know what that sentence is saying so what we're saying is that

people in society the poorest in society here

were having welfare given to them support money from the government and

that but this money is being cut back in other words

reduced so they're having the poor are having

their welfare their benefits

cut back yes reduced yes so that they will they will have to take

the largest part of the effect and quite often the

effect will be negative so we had 10 years of cutbacks

and now now here we are nearly five months into a very serious

situation and now we are throwing money around

like confetti at a wedding so i don't know

who is going to pay for all of that money we've been

spending on to to well support people during the lockdown

so all of those years of cutbacks and saving and now we are just

throwing money around as if it's just so easy

and uh but who's going to pay for it i will tell you

we will we will have to pay for it well nobody's got it right yet mr duncan oh

okay because i don't think people are

understanding that what the sentence means

so i'll explain it again so that sentence means that there were

poor people in society maybe people who'd lost their jobs

uh were having uh from the government welfare to pay for

food and bills and things like that but they're having that cut back in

other words they're having it reduced so the poor will have to a word that

means they will have to take the consequences

and also the welfare cutbacks yes and also the largest part of the

negative effect of something as well is that word

we will give you a couple of more seconds it's not bonus because

that is the opposite of what that sentence is saying

so the word cut back if you cut back it means you reduce

you reduce something maybe if mr steve is cutting back his bushes he is

making them smaller or easier to manage so when we say cut back we mean a

reduction you are making something smaller or less

so when you have welfare cutbacks the money that is given by the

government to help people who are in difficult situations

will be reduced it will be less welfare cutbacks nope nobody's got it mr

duncan well i suppose this is a new word

obviously to a lot of people yes i think this is good i think this is

this is why we're doing this you see this is why we are here

doing this on sunday afternoon yes so if there are cutbacks

reductions in money that the government give you the welfare

what will happen to poor people who who in society

it's the poorest that often suffer it is when there's when there's

austerity or cut backs in government spending so in this particular take the

yes of the welfare cutbacks cock-a-doodle-doo steve i think we're

going to have to are we going to cockle down oh

somebody's got it but yes let's do a cock-a-doodle-doo

cock-a-doodle-doo yes cock-a-doodle-doo

i think you ought to get ready with your uh with your applause mr duncan

okay because only one person that i can see here got it

okay and it's jimmy in hong kong jimmy in hong kong well if anyone knows

receiving knows about receiving the bad part of a situation i would say

it's most people in hong kong at the moment

for various reasons so yes i think if i had said that you

just told me to wish no no well i i know how far to go you see

but well done well done jimmy yeah jimmy in hong kong

the answer is coming right now we were only looking for five letters

the word is bing yes brunt huh

you are taking the worst part or the worst

part or the largest part you're the most affected

to be the most effective you're the most affected by something yeah you're taking

the brunt you are you are taking the heavy load or

the thing that is going to cause problems

yes so you could say that um soldiers in battle the soldiers on the

front line the ones that are right at the front

meeting the enemy will take the brunt of the attack from

the other side so getting the most of it getting the

worst effects from something it's a very

interesting word there's only really one word that fits in there

and it is brunt that's it so taking the most consequences that's something

that's it the largest degree the largest part

the most that will will occur or the worst part of

something you are taking the largest part of a bad situation you are taking

the brunt of the welfare cutbacks

few people have put the word blow but that's that's not five

letters no uh but i mean it would fit they're taking the

yeah the word brunt means that they are taking the

the most consequences that's it uh so if you cut back

welfare then it's inevitably the poorest in society that will suffer the most

suffer the most if you if you take the brunt of

something you're suffering the most that's it shall we move on yes

i think we should because we only have 12 minutes before we go

don't forget i am back with you on wednesday wednesday don't forget

three times a week

sunday wednesday and friday 2 p.m uk time for those who don't know when

i'm with you that is when i am with you another use of the word

brunch you could say if if a company was making redundancies you could say that

they and quite often the case the people that

were employed last will take the brunt of the redundancies yes because quite

often if you're first in you're last in your first out

of the company so if you join a company later than

other people quite often you will be the first person to be asked

to take redundancy or to so to be well got rid of basically yes

you get the worst somebody says you get the worst part of something

so it's a very good word mr duncan valentina says the sentence game makes

me depressed because i hardly catch a word do you mean you hardly get

one of the words right well as i always say the sentence game is not here to

test you necessarily but also it is here to

show you the way we can you construct sentences but also to give you some new

words like the one we just had brunt so a lot of people did not know

that word but now you do thanks

to the sentence game here's another one i think we've got time for maybe two

more before we disappear here is another one steve oh

the kids something beginning with b four letters damaged both the

b with six letters and b four letters of my car the kids something

damaged both the something and something of my car we are looking for

four six and also four four letters six letters and four

letters i think maybe some people will get this

especially if you are a child or you were a child and you would play

in the street quite often doing a certain thing you

see now we could have we could have lots of

uh different answers to this couldn't we mr

duncan i think we may find that people will

come up with a lot of different words that will fit other than other than the

ones that you're suggesting thank you very much jimmy for your your

donation we've just had a donation come through

from jimmy in hong kong thank you very much very much

thank you for your concern mr duncan and mr steve yes

well i i always have a lot of concern with with everyone over in that part of

the world because i spent a lot of time living nearby and of course you visited

hong kong as well i did and it was it was lovely it was

i've never been to i've never been to a city

where i was just i was just mesmerizing uh i felt like i was on on a film set

um i've often seen this if you if you've ever watched the

the film um what's the i'm thinking of missing i don't know

i'm not telepathic i'm not telepathic you know i always tell this story and i

forgot the name of the film oh do you mean blade runner blade runner

don't say it just after i say it blade runner

plays it so yes harrison ford yes the scenery in blade runner

in fact if i'm not mistaken i think it was inspired

by all of the neon lights in hong kong and the sounds it was

incredible everything felt different it was it was very captivating

and the public transport system was amazing one ticket

and you could travel on any mode of transport

it was amazing and uh lovely babe we went

there at night to the i can't remember the name there's a high hill and you

look down on all the all the the all the lovely uh

buildings lit up at night yes it was amazing i would love to go to hong kong

but now it's looking less and less likely that i will ever be

able to go there it looks as if my chances of going to hong kong are

becoming smaller and smaller unfortunately

but we won't get too political no we're not no i'm not i'm just

sending my best wishes to all those watching in hong kong

yes i hope you're doing well heartfelt wishes

so we have three missing words four six four excuse me i think a

fly has just gone into my mouth all right

you're moving over steve i'm always moving

i don't know what it is about steve whenever he does something he slowly

moves across i don't know what's happening i think mr

steve is actually on wheels i think on the bottom of mr steve's feet

i think there are tiny little wheels and he slowly moves across like that as

if he's moving along on wheels yes

yes well yes what we're getting a lot of answers by the

way but but not all of them correct

well done tomek and uh i can't read your ipad mr duncan

because you've

is that an our randa is it i can't see yeah it's just oh that's randa yes

randall tomek

steve now is just hitting the screen and and

if if you suddenly find yourself blocked it's steve's fault not my fault i didn't

block you steve did there we go

a couple of more seconds and then we have to go we have to well we have time

i think we have time for one more and then we are definitely

going into the house to have a cup of tea

and also i have to remove all of the flies

from inside my underwear

a few more seconds a few more seconds and then

it's time for your cock to appear or should i say thee yes well it's my

cock i keep him around the back i feed him

every day people like chickens around here don't

they do it's become very popular very popular people are keeping chickens

a lot of people a lot of people have hens but very few

people have cocks well we don't want them to because they

make a lot of noise they do what sort of noise do they make

oh hello no you mean that's it that noise

the kids something damaged both for something and something of my

car the answer is coming now on the screen

as if by magic

oh guess who was first tomek was first to get

all three well done thomas you get a super duper mr duncan salute

this is my new feature by the way instead of having a round of applause

i i'm also giving salutes so you get a mr duncan

salute and randa can get one as well because randa was the first person to

come up with a suggestion which was ball which uh often when one person says one

thing that will help others to get the full

answer yes so ball i suppose we should explain the

words well ball i don't i don't think i need

to explain ball ball is a thing you play with often kids

will kick a ball around in the street

the kid's ball damaged both the bonnet

and the boot of my car so both parts of the car were damaged

the bonnet is at the front of the car where

the engine is so it is something that goes over

the engine in american english they say hud

in british english we say bonnet like hat

you say bonnet a covering and the back of the car where you often

open a small lid or small

door at the back you put things in that is

the boot or in american english you say trunk uh yes so

well what i'm surprised about is that you could have used the word bike

the kids bike oh i see nobody's nobody's come up with that but you could

use the kids bike what are you what are the kids doing with the bike are they

throwing the bike around yeah but kids kids ride bikes and then

they they bash into your car don't they how do you

how do you damage the bonnet with a body might do it might do is it a

flying bike it depends if it's if you've got a

ferrari your bonnet's very close to the uh

but the back as well and the back of the car you could have

had some people to put back yes so there are some words you could

have put in there yeah exactly back of the car some people

have got that uh yeah

but not baby uh somebody suggested the word baby

i don't think you know are you throwing the baby against

a kid's baby yes the kids baby never mind yes maybe

you're playing football with the baby like in south park

so yes that's it that's it is this is this how it ends today just it just

sort of fades away to nothing throwing the bike yes well you might

have done yes you could have used bike but

i think ball fits it better because it would be difficult to damage

uh a bonnet or a boot really with a bike unless you were

throwing it uh somebody else put um bumper

okay uh damaged the bumper um so you could damage the bumper yes

the bumper can be the the area at the front and back

that normally is there to protect the car but if you're

using ball a ball probably won't damage a bumper unless it's a heavy ball

you know maybe they're playing with a bowling ball yeah

yeah maybe they're in the street throwing a bowling ball around

they might be by the way don't do that don't say that mr duncan told you to do

it because i'm saying now that i didn't

okay so don't go out in the street tonight

and don't throw a bowling ball around at your neighbor's car and say that mr

duncan told me to do it because i didn't and now i'm telling you

i didn't so this is the proof that i didn't tell

you to do it someone's asked about jade has asked

about boot the boot is the back of the car where you put the luggage in

yes the boot is the back obviously boot does also mean

a type of shoe a large heavy shoe and i don't know why the back of a car

where you put your luggage is called the boot

uh in england maybe that's referring to where you would have put your boots

um i don't know because maybe maybe this is

what people used to carry around in certain ancient characters so when

when henry ford was designing the motor car he said

oh so i've got the engine at the front but at the back

where am i going to put my boots well maybe maybe yes

where am i going to put the boots out oh i will make a little door at the back of

the car so so i can put my boots in there

i don't think that's true somehow bonnet is the front that's where your engine is

so it's the cover over the engine unless of course unless of course

you have one of those cars that has an engine in the back it's like

a bonnet that a lady would wear it covers your head a

covering unless you're driving around in a dragster

steve do you like that i knew what a dragster was

a dragster is one of those cars that has the engine at the back

and the front of the car is very light yes

and and the only way you can stop the car is to open a parachute at the back

that's it you see you know that a car is going fast

when it has to have a parachute at the back and to stop it

maybe your car can have one of those then you're driving too fast

uh anyway we're going now we have to go now bye

i'll go first it's been enjoyable as ever mr duncan

apart from the insects i know now the tiny

insects that uh are biting into my neck i know you can be scratched i can feel

them under my hat i've got lots of little insects they're

having a little party i think what's happening is because i've

been killing a lot of ants okay uh as i explained last week because

i'm been uh redoing the slabs on on the

little pattern okay we all know about this i know but

there's well this you know this is now but i killed

even more ants this week i blocked all their whole you know where they come out

of them we've been having flying stuff so i think it's the other insects that

are getting revenge we don't have to do anything else now what i would say

you just just why everyone you're just prolonging the show now we don't have to

do anything else we've we've served our purpose today

we are like you know you know when you blow your nose on a piece of tissue

paper that's us we are we are the piece of

tissue paper and now you can just screw is up into a

little ball and throws into the waste bin because

we're done that's it we're done we're finished today

so we have to do lovely to see you yes lovely to see you as well and i shall

see you again in about five minutes time in the

kitchen yes we were sitting outside i don't know a cup of tea i have a

feeling if we eat any food outside the insects will just eat it

we won't get a chance to eat the food because all of the flies will

will just eat it right in front of us lovely

tatar for now thank you mr steve yeah see you all next week all being well

okay bye see you steve i'm going my glass is

empty it always is thank you mr steve thank

you for your company today i hope you've enjoyed this i hope you've

enjoyed watching me being eaten alive by

thousands of insects it's been very interesting

thanks for your company today i hope you've enjoyed this i will be back with

you on wednesday i will be with you on

wednesday from 2 p.m uk time and of course friday as well

sunday wednesday and friday is when i'm on the internet with you

see you on wednesday thanks for your company

i'm now waiting for all of the complaints from people saying

oh you did two hours again i can't sit through two hours

i'm never so sorry about that you can have the captions later

when youtube processes this live stream so all of this lovely

color will be available forever on youtube

and also later on there will be captions as well this is mr duncan

in the birthplace of english saying thanks for watching me today i hope

you've enjoyed it i hope you've enjoyed the day

oh that's interesting my my live camera has gone off

isn't that strange i don't know what's happened there

how bizarre i i think mr steve has caught

the the lead from the camera how strange is that i'm going to try and

put that right

i can't end my show like this want to end in a dynamic way

with lovely scenery no it's not working oh one of my cameras has broken

well that's not very good is it so instead i will end by showing you

me washing my hands don't forget to stay safe

stay happy nice oh thank you very much for your duration

thank you nadia thank you jade thank you to vitesse

thank you to palmyra and everyone else thank you very much

for watching me today and of course until the next time we

meet here on YouTube you know what's coming next yes you do...

ta ta for now 8-)