joy to the world how are you today I hope you are feeling

okay I hope you're feeling okay I hope you're feeling okay I hope you're

feeling okay I hope you're feeling okay I hope you are feeling okay

Hi everybody this is mr. Duncan in England how are you today are you okay

I hope so are you happy well are you happy I really really hope you are happy

today because we are back together once again and I had a beautiful night's

sleep last night I don't know what happened yesterday something very

strange happened to me yesterday I don't know what it was something very weird

happened to my brain and I lost complete control of everything if you watched

yesterday's live stream you would have seen me having a very slight meltdown

that's what we call it so when a person has a meltdown

it means they lose control of their mind or their emotions and then they just do

anything they lose control completely so I did slightly meltdown yesterday I had

a slight meltdown yesterday but I'm okay now I think I am alright I had a really

nice sleep last night very relaxed I didn't have any

nightmares I had no bad dreams I had no good dreams

either but it was a very restful sleep and I hope you've had a very nice

relaxing sleep as well I hope everything where you are is soon

/ duper so here we go then we are back together again on the live stream for

those who don't know who I am who are you who are you who is that strange man

staring at me from my computer screen my name is Duncan I also have a dirty

camera wait there I'm just cleaning my camera excuse me my name is Duncan I

teach English on YouTube I've been doing this forever such a long time a very

long time longer than five minutes but not as long as a millennium so in

between there somewhere no in fact 14 years been doing this I

have been doing this for 14 years I can't believe it

I'm sure you can't believe it either hello to everyone on the livestream I

hope today I have got the right live chat because yesterday I have a slight

problem with the live chat hello Vitesse hello Vitesse nice to see you here on

the live chat and also hello lali lali canopy care is here as well welcome to

everyone and of course we are broadcasting across YouTube which means

we are broadcasting around the world so hello to the whole world it's so nice to

see you here today look at that everyone is watching from

South America to Russia and India and Vietnam Vietnam is is there I think and

also Africa we have people watching in Africa as well also people watching down

under in Australia a good day a good day to you watching in Australia also we

have people watching

there might be some people watching in China I'm not sure there might not be so

there might be some people watching in China also Russia we have Russia here as

well watching also we have people watching in where else where else shall

we go oh yes the Middle East Saudi Arabia and around

there we have lots of people watching there as well look I'm waving to you now

hi hello world hello also - oh we have Spain watching at the moment Spain

hello Spain also we have France watching is well hello France Bonjour to you also

Italy we have Italy watching hi Italy hello and lots of other countries

watching as well around the world so it is SuperDuper to have your company here

today I am feeling so excited I don't know why yes I know why I know why I'm

feeling excited because I'm here once again broadcasting live with you sorry

about that nice to see everyone here also Marwa is

here welcome to my livestream broadcasting now live from England as

you can see it is a beautiful day it is quite sunny however it is also very

windy so I decided to take the risk and come outside to do my livestream today

so I hope you are all feeling good yes see ya hello - yes here

hello also Vietnam I Vietnam nice to see you here hello - Vietnam again

hello j4t for are watching in Iraq it is very windy at the moment

I decided to take a take a risk today and come outside in the wind

I hope my risk will pay off when something pays off if something clay is

up it means it is successful well maybe you get some sort of reward from it so

if something pays off it means you get some sort of reward from something so I

hope my risk today will pay off I hope you will be entertained I hope you will

be cheered up and I hope you will have a big smile on your face at the end of

this stream hello also arts B hello Anna hello to

you as well to re is May hello to you as well

lots of people already here thank you very much for joining me today

so nice to see you here we also have Irene

Carmen Irene and watch my stream and have a smile or two I will put a big

cheerful smile on your face hello also Mona love from Mona and leo from sunny

Brighton hello to Brighton I hope you are having a bright day in Brighton so

did you see what I did there because I said bright and the place is called

Brighton Lucy it's a joke apparently so a big hello to Brighton I have been to

Brighton many times I have been to the nudist beach in Brighton did you know

that did you know there is a beach in Brighton where you can take all of your

clothes off and then you can lie completely naked on the beach however I

went there and I didn't take my clothes off and I was told to go away they said

no I'm sorry you can't wear your clothes are

around here you have to go away you have to walk away from here

this is nudists only these are the people who like to go au naturale

when they are sunbathing they don't wear a single stitch on their body we call

them naturists so a naturist is a person who likes to

expose all of their body to the fresh air I know what you're thinking mr.

Duncan have you ever been on a nudist beach with no clothes on I haven't to be

honest I haven't maybe I could do it in the God and maybe here in the garden

because I live in the countryside perhaps perhaps I could lie in my garden

on the grass naked and see what happens see what the birds do maybe the birds

will come down and start pecking at my body maybe they think there is a juicy

worm for them mm-hmm what it's not a big one okay thank you very much for that

thank you for your vote of confidence their leader is here hello to you Lena

it is so windy in Much Wenlock it is also it seems very dark or does it seem

to be dark it isn't dark here today it's really

lovely the Sun is out and so am i I am out with you all today Hashem is here

the best notification for me is from mr. Duncan and also from the country of the

Pharaohs I wonder where that could be hmm I wonder where the Pharaohs come

from could it be

Egypt's hello to Egypt nice to see you here as well franceska

Brighton is near the sea it is it is a seaside resort in the South of England

on the south coast I've been there many years I used to stay at a lovely guest

house in Brighton I was very surprised because it had no doors on the rooms I

don't know what that was all about but you live in learn

hello Mohsen hello also a Katrina nice to see you here as well yes I am very

excited today for many reasons one reason is because I'm here with you of

course that is a really good reason to be happy

another reason why I'm happy is because I have found a new type of snack food

oh yes I found a new snack for me to enjoy during this strange lockdown

period yes have you heard on the news things are a

little bit weird in the world at the moment so yes I am quite happy today

because I found a new snack it's something lovely something very sweet of

course of course mr. Duncan it's going to be sweet because you have a very

sweet tooth hello also - ELISA also 2ts is here I am

feeling very happy today and I hope you are as well hello - Luis Mendez hi Louis

nice to see you here as well Ivan no says hello mr. Duncan I am Vietnamese

and it's nice to meet you I am in a very good I'm very good something - maybe

very good mood if you feel good you can say that you are feeling in a very good

mood you have a very good humor you are

feeling good today so I hope you are as well hello have Zaire also we have rose

sir oh I've just noticed we have a super

chat we have a super chat as well I will mention the super chat a hello 2mx thank

you very much for your lovely donation thank you very much on the live chat

that is very kind of you hello 2mx thank you very much for your lovely donation

thanks a lot it's very kind of you Wow I don't know what to say there is a

bird flying just above my head it is watching me

it is wondering what are you doing you strange man why are you standing in the

garden talking to yourself you weird a person go away go away bird stop being

so hateful towards me go and fly into someone else's garden hello

Mohammed amateur hi mr. Duncan I have an important question most people say the

important thing to learn English is to listen to English a lot but should I

listen with subtitles in English or without you can actually do both now my

advice is if you are in the process of improving your listening sometimes it is

good to listen and also read at the same time for example here on my live streams

you can actually have lying if captions did you know that so all you have to do

is press this on your keyboard press see don't put it on the live chat you don't

have to do that just put it on your keyboard just take your finger and press

C and then you will get live captions so you don't have to put it on the live

chat just press that button on your keyboard

and guess what you will have live captions so my advice is to watch movies

or maybe live streams by certain handsome teachers who exist on the

Internet and enjoy yourself so always try to

enjoy whatever it is you were doing whether you're you are learning to

listen or speak or read always have fun when you are doing it always have a

laugh and a smile and the answer to the question is yes you can watch the

subtitles as you listen so you can see the words and also you can become more

accustomed you can become more familiar with the words that are being spoken and

later on maybe later on you can take the captions away and just listen to the

movie or the live stream without captions so don't try to do too much too

soon try to take your time when you are learning something hello Louisa

hello roe sir nice to see you here and a peeker mr. Duncan I have noticed

something hmm I've noticed something you have

moved your heroine and I remember that it had a different position in the

garden isn't that true Anna you are correct my heron has

decided to go for a walk so now my heron is over there enjoying some of the

beautiful sunshine so yes you are right well spotted you

are very observant an observant person is a person who notices things they are

always watching what is going on they are very observant they like to look at

what's happening around them like that bird up there yeah that bird

is very nosy almost too nosy ah hello - Ivan hello also arts B thank you very

much once again - Tarzan Cheeta thank you very much I am overwhelmed by your

lovely donation hello - Tarzan Cheeta I am so glad watching you today will be my

first day working outside after a long time so it sounds as if you are now

going outside to do your job again after this very strange period of time and

let's face it it has been a very strange period of time indeed very weird

in fact so thank you very much I was on holiday and I was disabled during Oh due

to an accident I had and also surgery please wish me luck mr. Duncan my best

wishes for everyone I hope you feel better soon I'm sorry to hear you have

an accident I hope it was nothing too serious however from the sound of what

you say from what you say in your message I think maybe something serious

may have happened because you had surgery so maybe you broke a bone what

maybe you injured yourself in some way you don't have to tell me what it is but

I'm sorry to hear you've had an accident I hope you feel better soon it has been

a crazy time so you have had more than one thing to actually deal with so not

just all of this that's happening at the moment in the world you've also had

surgery as well so I hope you feel better soon and once again thank you

very much for your lovely live donation that is very kind of you

don't forget everything I do here I do for free it costs you nothing to watch

me and it costs you nothing to learn from

my videos and also my live streams mr. Duncan is wild and free you are right

there is nothing I enjoy more than being outside in the fresh air even though I'm

trapped in my garden I can't go anywhere else or else if I do the police will

come along and they will feel my collar yeah yeah mr. Duncan you've got to go

back home you're not allowed to walk around the streets don't you realize

there is a lockdown taking place so I have to be very careful I don't want to

get in trouble with the boys in blue now is what we call the police in this

country by the way we call them the boys in blue we call them the police we call

them coppers coppers and the reason why they are called coppers is because if

you catch someone you cut them you cop them so if you catch someone you cut

their shoulder or their color and that is the reason why they are called


hello also to Mohammed risk I am lucky to be watching you thank you very much

you are welcome I've really enjoyed my time doing this every day by the way and

with you every single day yesterday I had a slight meltdown something went

wrong with my brain it stopped working for some reason I tried everything I

tried Roux rebooting my brain I closed my brain down and then restarted it I

think my operating system needs updating in my brain I think that's what the

problem is hello Ana best wishes to you yes lots of

people wanting to wish Tarzan Cheeta a fast speedy

recovery and that comes from me as well renal hello marina I'll sing nice to see

you here today have you seen my email yes I have I have seen your email I've

been trying to catch up because I've got lots of emails at the moment and I did

look at your email I've seen it it is a very lovely email by the way and I'm

very interested to find out more so yes I have read it and for all those who are

asking I have also read your emails I can't always reply because I do get

quite a few but I do try my best if I can to reply to your emails so thank you

Meriel Singh thank you very much and yes I have seen your email just so you know

hello zoos Iike Arts P so yesterday he was naked and had fatigue fortunately

you will be pleased to hear that yesterday I wasn't naked whatever anyone

says whatever those horrible newspapers say about me I was not naked on my live

stream yesterday can we just can we just sort that one out it's not true it's a

lie Art's be perhaps the sickness was due to

the cold weather maybe maybe who knows mr. Duncan

I changed the wallpaper and have you noticed oh yes it looks very different

even though it's very small on my screen I will have a close look and I will try

to see what it is wait there a moment

it's a little cat I can see a little pussy kept on your on your icon so yes I

do I have noticed it it's a little cat

hello red el sham or red el Shyam yeah doubt I hope I pronounced your name

right it is my first chat with you thank you very much and welcome to my live

stream did you enjoy the fireworks we should have had the 1812 overture

I'm okay trust me I'm all right I'm okay I'm just very

happy to be here with you again hello also to Lena in Russia at the

moment it is the 24th day 24 days of lockdown in Russia I'm not really sure

how many it is here now because I've lost I've lost count I'm not sure what

it is here now is it day 20 is it day 60 I have no idea because all of the days

feel the same to be honest if I was honest with you every day feels like the

same day it feels like I am stuck in some sort of time loop time loop going

round and round in circles forever and ever just like Bill Murray hello Rosa

hello Adrian floorman hello to Adrian it's so nice to see you here again hello

Adrian mr. Duncan what is your new snack and

you tell us more about it okay okay then it would appear that you are very

excited to find out what my new snack is okay I will show you this is something I

found on the Internet and then a few days ago I ordered this in my shopping

delivery so the shopping delivery came and guess what they had this item they

had it so you can imagine I was so excited because whenever something new

comes along if it's a new snack a new type of food you can guarantee that I

will be there I want to try it so that's what I've done I've ordered this thing

this product and it was delivered and I have been eating this quite a lot over

the past couple of days would you like to see it okay here it is

look at that so that is my new snack this is the new snack that I've just

discovered have you ever tried this it is something very sweet and something

very delicious you can have it on bread you can have it on biscuits or you can

just stick your finger into the jar and just eat it from your finger which of

course I would never do because it's disgusting so it does look a little bit

like peanut butter however it isn't so this is a product that is normally a

biscuit so there you can see on the package let me just see if we can find

it there you can see there is a biscuit so normally this particular product is

actually a biscuit however this is something that is well it's like a paste

and you can actually spread this on your bread and

ah it is absolutely delicious

so this is my new best friend hello hello

so it's called Lotus bisque off Frenchie spread I'm not being sponsored by the

way for anyone who is worried I'm not being sponsored by this product however

I do like it a lot and I might eat this until I get really really fat and go pop

I will go pop one day like Veruca Salt crunchy bread spread and this is made by

a Belgian company so this particular company is actually based in Belgium and

this but this is manufactured this is actually made here in the UK so it's

made in the UK but the manufacturer the company is actually based in Belgium

which of course is the place where lots of delicious sweet food actually comes

from hmm so this is my new snack it is gorgeous and I love it in fact I'm

hoping next year I might persuade the government of this country to allow

marriage between people and snacks so I might marry this next year this will be

my new wife or husband I'm not I'm not sure yet so this is my new spread it is

delicious and already you can see I have eaten quite a lot of it so a lot of it

has already gone you can see that I've been eating a lot of that look already

it is half empty

Partridge is here hello partridge how is your pear tree mr. Duncan can you tell

me the difference between the UK and London the UK and London yes there is a

big difference the UK is the country London is the city so London is just one

part of the UK and of course the United Kingdom is made up of different

countries including England Wales Scotland and also northern island so the

northern area of Island is also part of the UK however there are people who are

not happy with that and that as they say is another story

hello to reddish iam I am fond of your teaching technique glad to hear that I

am very happy to hear that you enjoy what I do it's always very nice hello

flower flower aspire is here as well nice to see you a big hello to you pal

Mira in Bolton today my nephews sons started school again

is it happening in the entire country no it isn't many schools are now closed

however some schools are going back after the Easter holiday so we have just

had a holiday even though it didn't feel like it because we were all off anyway

so many schools have been closed anyway however this is if things were normal

right now this would be the end of the Easter holidays so normally the children

will have two weeks holiday at Eastham so that is what is happening

however most schools are still closed most still schools are still shut and it

looks as if they might be shut for maybe another couple of weeks arts B I bought

many Heinz beans since you announced them you should ask them for money you

have married a very small wife and you are eating her

no no I'm not going to say anything I'm leaving it there but yes this is

delicious it's lovely it's nice and if the company is watching

can you please send some to my house can you just leave it on the doorstep

outside my house I'll be very grateful

my neighbor gave me something yesterday in fact mr. Steve yesterday went to our

next-door neighbor because she is not young she is getting on so mr. Steve

went next door to trim her bushes in the garden and she gave us a couple of gifts

would you like to see the gifts that she gave here they are once again is

something very sweet something sweet and delicious we had a little sheep it is

actually a biscuit so it's a biscuit but it's on a stick

so you can see the biscuit that is on a stick and that particular biscuit is a

little sheep I like the Sheep very much there yeah and also a little

oh that looks like a bunny rabbit it looks like a little bunny rabbit

it looks like my head has been replaced by the head of a rabbit very interesting

hello my name is mr. rabbit and I like eating carrots all day and then in the

afternoon I will have a little sleep and then later the farmer will come and he

will try to shoot me with his gun which means I have to run away very quickly so

those are gifts that were given to us yesterday as a little thank-you for the

help that we've been giving or should I say mr. Steve has been giving what they

love late so thank you very much to our lovely neighbor

for those gifts isn't that nice I don't know what's wrong with me today I'm in a

very good mood because I had a nice sleep last night if you like this by the

way don't forget to give me a big like underneath underneath this livestream so

underneath here please give me a lovely like like and also subscribe if you like

what I do and you don't want to miss any of this subscribe like maybe even give

me a little donation as well that would be ever so nice Lina

London is the capital city yes it is the capital so all countries around the

world have their capital city so the capital city here in the UK is London

however in Scotland they also have their own capital and in Wales they also have

their capital city however for the whole UK we often see London as the financial

center of the UK it is where the government is based so we have all of

the government based in London that is where they are you have a lot of the

financial services based in London so London is the capital city of the UK

hello mr. Duncan Yolanda hello Yolanda nice to see you here as

well very nice to see you here today also Mona I made oh I see someone has

made mr. Steeves biscuits I made the biscuit cake from yesterday's

recipe it is lovely having it with coffee now thank you

Thank You Mona so Mona has actually made the same recipe that mr. Steve made

yesterday as we all know Steve likes going into the kitchen sometimes

he likes producing some delicious food and yesterday he made some delicious

biscuits some biscuit cake if you want to find out the recipe it is actually on

yesterday's livestream we talked all about it so thank you Mona and I'm glad

to hear that your baking was successful I'm glad to hear that it paid off

because you had a reward your reward was lots of delicious chocolate biscuits

biscuit cakes they are cakes and biscuits at the same time if that is

possible oh we have another super chat thank you

very much for your lovely donations thank you very much to Savita

hello Savita horny mr. Duncan I am owl from Italy why don't you become a vegan

if you eat cherries they are much better and healthier cherries that is one of my

all-time unfavorite foods I'm not a fan of cherries I do like other things I

like apples and oranges I like mangoes so I do eat fruit take no

notice of what mr. Steve says sometimes Steve says things about me that aren't

true so I do like eating vegetables and fruit however sometimes I know I know a

lot of people complain to me they say mr. Duncan you should not eat meat try I

try my best not to but

mmm it's so delicious I can't help myself I am very sorry maybe one day I

will stop but the problem is because I live in the countryside I see all of the

sheep around me all the time and it always makes me hungry I don't know why

I know it's yeah I know a lot of people feel very strongly about this

people are vegetarians and vegans nowadays but it's it's like it's like

some sort of primeval urge I can't stop myself I want to sink my teeth into a

nice piece of meat so I will try i try my even though having said that i don't

eat that much meat to be honest i don't eat a lot of meat

is that ok probably not hello Milton Milton's seas are hello

also Giacomo Giacomo Rousseau nice to see you here as well there are some

people walking behind me who maybe they are wondering what is going on in my

garden hmm franceska thank you also to LAN Wong Yuen I believe you are watching

in Vietnam at the moment nice to see you here today

Maria I would love to learn English but I find it very difficult do you have

some technique try to listen try to learn and also try to experience English

every day

that's the best way to learn anything I suppose and learning English is no


some people say that the capital of England is London but some people say

the capital capital of the UK is London well England is a country that is in the

UK so the UK is made up of different countries however the capital city is

always the same so London is a capital city hello and a Rita

nice to see you here today what is wrong with the weather here in Italy it is

gray and rainy and cold while you have sunny days I don't know

yesterday the weather wasn't too bad it was sunny but very windy and cold and on

Saturday it was awful did you see my livestream on Saturday I

was in the studio because the weather was so bad it was awful

very terrible hello also - and a peak at

hello also to Lille those poor cows and those poor chickens please think of that

I know I do I do sometimes I feel very horrified by

things and then sometimes something else happens I have an urge a feeling faith

idiom mr. Duncan since this situation has started I have

noticed that making lots of sunny days or there are making lots of sunny days

here in Brazil have you noticed that in the UK I have noticed that we have had a

lot of nice weather over the past few weeks certainly last week the weather

was gorgeous it's getting very windy now

do you want to see the tree above my head have a look at the tree above my

head it's really blowing around

it's very windy today oh my goodness I don't know why but it's suddenly it's

become very windy I hope my camera doesn't blow away I

really do okay back down to me I'm back Here I am don't

worry I haven't gone away it's so windy I can't believe it

Ana Ana Rita says I do not like cherries either I agree with you I I'm not a big

fan of cherries I don't know why the taste and also the the texture the way

they feel in your mouth it's old I don't like it is that your garden Qui Qui

truck creep truck is that your garden yes it is my garden I'm in the garden at

the moment because they won't let me go anywhere else

so I am now I am now a prisoner in my garden I can't go anywhere they won't

let me the policeman said I can't there is something I bought quite a few years

ago about 20 years ago I went to Holland and I bought something very nice as a

souvenir do you ever go abroad do you ever visit other countries and have you

ever bought a souvenir something that you buy and then you take back home with

you so you have something to remember the beautiful time that you had we call

it a souvenir or memento something that allows us to remember something that we

did in the past maybe a small gift or maybe something that we put on display

so every time we see it we will always remember that lovely time that we had in

that place and here is something that I bought many years ago over 20 years ago

I bought would you like to see it I wonder if you

can guess what it is so I will hold it up can you guess what this is

can you guess what this is it is something I bought whilst on holiday in

Europe so I was in Europe but can you guess what it is

I will give you a clue it is something that would be very useful today so if I

had one of these in my garden it would be very useful today can you guess what

it is so many people are here hello 2ts hello also Irene well of

course you can also buy a souvenir even if you don't go to another country you

don't have to go abroad to buy a souvenir so you might go to a local

place that is an interesting place to visit and perhaps you will buy a small

souvenir from there as well so a souvenir doesn't just have to be from a

foreign country you can buy a souvenir even if you go somewhere local even here

in which Wenlock here in Much Wenlock there are lots of souvenirs that you can

buy to remind yourself of your time in Much Wenlock so it is possible to do

that is it a camera says Lena no this is not

a camera it isn't a camera but it is something very interesting very special

something I bought quite a few years ago twenty years ago I bought this is it

something that you can use is it a vars it isn't a vast however it is made of

pottery so it is something that is very fragile in fact a few years ago I broke

it so this thing that I'm showing you now

something that I thought many years ago it is very fragile it is fragile it is

something that is easily broken so if something is fragile it means it breaks

easily if is easily damaged okay I'm going to show you now what it is this is

something that would be very useful on a day like this of course that is the clue

it is a windy day and what is good to have nearby on a windy day a windmill of

course so here I have a little windmill so this is something I bought many years

ago when I was in Amsterdam and this little windmill is made of China so it's

very delicate and a few years ago I actually dropped this I knocked it on

the floor and I broke one of the sails so you can see there that the sails will

actually turn around and not only that it also plays a song as well I don't

know if it still works I haven't done this for a long time so this will

actually play a little song as well let's see if it works

oh it sounds as if it's going to work

the death the death date date date day where were tulips from Amsterdam it

stopped did they do today today today today today today today today today

today today that the Delta - today - today - today - today today today today

detector to do and that particular song is called tulips from Amsterdam there

are two lips from Amsterdam so there is my little windmill I hope you enjoyed

that a little windmill that plays a song a little memento a musical box a little

thing that plays a song when you turn the key at the back

very lovely hello - if Mohammed hello it's so beautiful thank you very much I

like the song this well that soon the little songs that it plays is very

lovely it is a traditional song hello Lena this music is so sweet I like it

very much hello mr. Duncan you are a very good

singer Thank You Natalie that's very kind of

you to say I'm not sure if I am a good singer mr. Steve is a good singer he's

very good at singing I'm not sure about me to be honest

mr. Duncan I asked this question many times and I've got many different people

and never got a real answer why I cannot understand English movie why why I can

not understand the English movie can you please answer me well it depends what

you are watching so maybe in some movies there is a lot of things happening maybe

there are lots of sounds and sometimes maybe the people in the movie speak too

quickly but to be honest with you that is not unusual sometimes I watch movies

have you ever done that have you ever watched a movie and you can't actually

understand what people are saying because they don't speak clearly

or maybe they speak too quickly so it happens to me as well sometimes I'm

watching movies if I'm watching a movie and because there's lots of noise and

action and sometimes the people speak too quickly and you can't really

understand what they're saying so you might not be the only person who has

that problem because I have it as well and that is when I'm watching English

movies very strange you when hello do n hello mr. Duncan and hello to everybody

nice to see you here Freddy sonido or sonido mr. Duncan is it always windy in

the UK not normally however this particular month is April and quite

often in the UK you can have a lot of windy weather and also a lot of wet

weather so one of the things that really surprised me one of the things that I am

very surprised by is the fact that we've had very little rain because normally in

April traditionally the weather is normally very unsettled and quite often

we have a lot of rain in April so one of the things I'm really surprised by is

the fact that we haven't had much rain to be honest I don't know why Anna

pika your windmill is very fragile yes you are right

you must handle it with care I will try my best so something fragile something

that is easily broken you can also describe a person I suppose

as fragile a person who is easily upset maybe they maybe they are always anxious

about things so sometimes we have to be very careful what we say to another

person you have to be very careful what we say to them because they are very

fragile fragile hello Adrian again it is a very nice it is very nice music from

your windmill to have a small map yes you could listen to that music if you

wanted to go to sleep it is very soothing so sometimes I know a lot of

people at the moment are getting very anxious and worried about the present

situation and quite a few people are finding it difficult to go to sleep at

night so maybe you can listen to something maybe a gentle song or maybe a

nice relaxing sound like the sound of the wind

something like that so there are many ways of helping yourself to get to sleep

during these strange times mr. Prince hello to mr. Prince have a nice day

brilliant hello this is a really wonderful video thanks my friend and

have a great time thank you mr. Prince you are welcome you are very welcome

Sergio now I understand Don Quixote they call him Don Quixote did you know his

real name is duncan duncan quixote hmm it's true honestly Marcus

this song that you played is very calm it is it is soothing something that

helps you to relax and feel calm we can describe it as soothing it is a soothing

sound something that takes away all of that worry and anxiety is soothing it is

a soothing sound

hello - hello - Anna hello also arts B hello also Constantin

have you ever happened to not understand what a certain ethnic group in your own

country says Constantin no I'm always able to understand what people say even

if English is their second language and there are people living in this country

who were born overseas and they've learnt English as their second language

to be honest with you I've never had a problem really understanding people who

have English as their second language however they are here they are actually

living here so they are living here English is their second language and

they have an accent but to be honest with you I I don't think I've ever had a

situation where I couldn't understand the accent and we do have a lot of

accents in this country a lot of people think there is only one or two English

accents but actually there are hundreds of English accents and they are spoken

everywhere around the world Julie oh hello Julia or Julio Julio

Alberto hello to you it's been a long time since my last interaction we are

now in quarantine for more than 30 days so longer than Russia I think Russia is

around 24 days here it is almost I think it must be almost 30 days here I've been

with you almost every day for the past 30 days so I've actually been here for

the past 30 days almost without any break serene at once

serene wants mr. Steve to sing the song I'm not sure about that I'm not sure if

mr. Steve wants to sing unfortunately he has gone back to work today so this

morning Steve was a little bit grumpy yeah so Steve was slightly grumpy this

morning even though he can still stay at home so he has gone back to work

but he's still at home so now he is working from home but he's not happy

because he wants to be out here in the garden doing work you see he wants to be

working out here in the garden so Steve is not very happy at the moment he is

not I noticed mr. Duncan this year you didn't have any snow and very little

rain you are right Anna it is incredible I don't know how it's happened it's

incredible we've had very little rain over the past three or four weeks

however just before that we had lots of rain but we haven't had much snow so I

think this winter the winter that is just finishing now has been very wet but

we've had no snow very unusual John Fred a says mr. Duncan do you think

that learning by heart if you learn by heart some songs and movies it is good

for learning English yes it is learning anything if you keep something in your

brain if you learn something that you remember it can help you in many ways to

use English to understand English so there are many ways of using something

that you've learned you can use it to your advantage

quite a loop good morning from Mexico my daughter has an online class a lot of

people are doing this have you heard a purple mash purple mash

is one of the many teaching apps that is being used at the moment and today a lot

of children are talking about their studying and their courses and parents

are making sure that their children are still studying and learning something

even though we are in lockdown so I think that's a great idea a great idea

it is a good fact this man is a good psychologist he is able to tranquilize

anyone a prize for you mr. Duncan a prize I'm not sure if I'm good at

tranquilizing people maybe sometimes I send people to sleep perhaps especially

today with my singing and my voice Lena is going now bye mr. Duncan I will join

you on Wednesday or on Thursday see you Lena

bye Lena have a safe day stay healthy stay happy and I hope to see you again

soon Thank You Lena its Priscilla hello

Priscilla is that Priscilla the Queen of the desert

I wonder hello Priscilla nice to see you here what is this what is this this is

reality this is now it's happening right now

as I stand here with the wind blowing up my trouser leg and giving me a rather

nice feeling if I was honest that's what this is it's live it's interactive it's

it's whatever you want it to be to be honest it's whatever you want it to be

hello arts B hello also read a loop and a peeker mr. Duncan can you explain the

expression to lose his marbles or lose her marbles if you lose your marbles

it means you become forgetful you start forgetting things maybe your brain is

becoming old and worn out so if you start to lose your marbles it means you

are becoming a little slow with your thinking also we can use it to say that

a person is maybe becoming a little bit crazy so yes there are many ways of

using that we can say a person is losing their marbles if they are forgetful if

they feel as if their brain is not working as good as it used to sometimes

I feel as if I'm losing my marbles maybe I am maybe I am who knows hello Ricardo

can mr. Steve be the character Sancho Panza maybe mr. steve has played many

roles on the stage he has been Scrooge he has been who else was it he was in

Oliver he didn't play Oliver he played Fagin so mr. Steve has played quite a

few big roles he was also the king in the king and I and a lot of a lot of

girls can I just tell you a little secret

a lot of girls got very excited when mr. Steve was in the king and I because when

he was on stage he wasn't wearing much clothing he was he was wearing some

clothes but not much and lots of girls were getting very

sited it mr. Steeves body I couldn't believe I can't believe it even now even

now I can't believe it mr. Duncan I have a question what does it mean grow up if

you grow up it means you become mature to become

mature to grow up you go from childhood to adulthood you grow up literally so in

some cases you literally grow up mr. Duncan you are simple and cute yes I I

have been called cute and quite often I've been called simple is that a good

thing I don't know Sergio could you tell us something about

the Scottish accent well of course when we talked about the Scottish accent it

is once again an accent that derives from the original language so we might

say Gaelic have you ever heard the Gaelic language it's quite interesting

so when we talk about Scottish accent it is an accent that is based on another

language so you will find that in Scotland there is a definite difference

between the accent the English accent there and the English accents that

exists here in England partridge why have you neglected my messages I don't

know have I haven't I neglected your messages I don't know I I have no idea

I don't know a Clow hello everyone I hope you have a good day I have a Clow I

believe you are watching in Vietnam arts be also we have Oh

Subramani Sabri Subramani how can we use the term i I

don't know which term you mean which which one well quite often we use the

word which if we are given a choice so quite often if you offer a choice to

someone you might ask them which one do you want which one which one which pair

of shoes do you like which one or as a continuation if we are talking about a

certain subject so maybe we talk about something and then we will continue the

subject onwards and quite often we will use which to introduce another part of

that subject mr. Duncan you are right it is not an easy thing many things in life

are difficult life sometimes can be unfair difficult cruel however no one

ever promised you that it would be fair sometimes you have to make the best of a

bad deal a little bit like now when you think about it so at the moment we are

all having to make the best of a bad deal we are trying to find something

nice going on in our lives Massimo there is a big gust of wind

behind you yes you are right it is really windy here today I can't believe

how windy it is hello Kap Devi again be careful mr. Duncan if a sudden gust of

wind comes along it might take you away like Dorothy

in the Wizard of Oz's I've got a friend called Dorothy

hello Wilson it is a windy day I can now confirm I can now confirm officially

officially it is windy here in the UK definitely hello Jacqueline

oh hello Jacqueline I'm enjoying your message I can't read it

it looks like you're just typing with your your feet maybe maybe you are

typing on your keyboard with your feet I think that's what you're doing

anyway Jacqueline Jacqueline Sims are you a real person or what or are you

just a computer graphic I'm not sure anyway welcome nice to see you here

maaan draw hello hi greetings hello

over the past few days a few people have asked mr. Duncan we've noticed that when

you talk about this current problem the problem that is occurring now in the

world you never say the actual word you never

actually say you never say it why why don't you say it well I suppose one of

the reasons is we have to be very careful you see we have to be careful

what we say because sometimes we might find ourselves being censored I can't

believe that so there are some very interesting ways of describing this

current period of time for example you might say you might describe this

current difficulty this current time as this difficulty so we are talking about

a difficult time we are talking about something that is hard to cope with so

we might say during this difficulty without actually saying the word during

this difficulty so we are showing that there is actually a problem there is

something going on that is a problem we might also say this event this event

this thing that is happening at the moment is this event the thing that is

happening right now is this event the thing that we are all having to deal

with at the moment and we know what it is we know what's going on it is of

course I can't say it you see I can't say it I will get into trouble I will be

punished YouTube will come around to my house and they will push a very large

custard pie into my

we might also describe this strange period as this outbreak so we might

describe it as this outbreak an outbreak is when something occurs and it affects

many people an outbreak when something begins occurring when something actually

is happening so we might describe this current period this situation as this

outbreak when something starts to spread when something occurs and it affects

many people we might describe it as an outbreak outbreak we might also say this

situation this situation something that we are having to cope with something

that is difficult to handle this situation it is what is happening at the

moment so you might say during this situation people are being told to stay

at home this situation during this particular time this actual situation

of course he's a good word I'm sure you have heard this before

oh this emergency so you might describe a time when things are bad when people

are suffering when things are going wrong you might describe it as an

emergency so this can cover one thing maybe one person has an accident you

will describe it as something that is urgent it is an emergency something that

you have to deal with very quickly is an emergency Oh something that happens is

an occurrence occurrence so if something happens we can say that it occurs so

this occurrence this event the thing that is now happening the situation that

is taking place around the world and we all know what it is don't we we all know

what it is we know what's happening if something happens if something takes

place we can describe it as this incident

so maybe the incident is the actual occurrence so you might have one

situation that is taking place or happening we describe it as an incident

an accident in the street can be described as an incident a serious event

quite often affecting one or more people so a road accident can be described as

an incident we often use the word crisis so yes I think it would be fair to say

that at the moment we are all feeling the crisis

at the moment it is a serious situation it is a crisis this crisis this current

crisis franceska says there is nothing more satisfying than to come into the

house and see it clean and tidy oh I wish someone would come round to my

house and clean it that will be very nice very nice indeed here's another one

ah yes this is a very direct word the epidemic

epidemic so you might see this word quite a lot used on the news if many

people are affected if something is spreading you can describe it as an

epidemic lots of people are being affected we might just say this problem

so this problem is serious this problem is affecting many people many people

have been affected by this problem

there is a helicopter there is a helicopter coming over the house

hello hello mr. helicopter thank you very much for disturbing my livestream a

serious situation is something that must be dealt with serious situation we have

a very serious situation taking place at the moment in the world affecting many

people it is a serious situation definitely I have no doubt that the

situation is

difficult we can have a difficult time so if you have a problem that is

affecting your life it is affecting your general life it can be described as a

difficult time maybe something that you have to get used to and now you're

really starting to annoy me I am almost certain I I wouldn't be surprised if

that is one of them one of the other youtubers trying to sabotage my

livestream you have a difficult time there is something that you have to cope

with something you have to deal with I am having to cope with this difficult

time as we all are many of us are having a very difficult time at the moment I

think it would be fair to say safe to say that we are all having a bad time

here's a word in fact it is a phrase global crisis ah yes I'm sure you've

heard this one quite a few times global crisis if you have a global crisis it

means a situation that is affecting everywhere a situation quite often bad

serious something that is causing a lot of problems we can call it a global

crisis global crisis is a problem that affects many people around the world so

you might describe this current situation you might describe this

current situation as a global crisis because it's affecting everyone around

the world its global crisis you might remember in 2008 when we had the

financial crisis and it was described as a global crisis because it affected

everyone you might also say worldwide emergency if you have a worldwide

emergency something that is creating a lot of problems around the world it is a

worldwide emergency so I suppose you could describe it as something that

affects many people at the same time as well we can have an urgent situation

urgent something you cannot ignore something you must not ignore is urgent

so an urgent situation is something that is happening that you can't ignore

you must not ignore this urgent situation it is a thing that is

happening that will not go away he is an

interesting word and this is one that I'm very interested to explain to you

because it can be used in different ways in fact this particular word over the

years has developed an opposite meaning and the word is humanitarian can you see

that on the screen I hope so humanitarian when we talk about

something being humanitarian it means something that is given with care or

help so humanitarian in its original form

means to offer assistance something that is humanitarian you are offering help

assistance some sort of aid to other people so we might say this humanitarian

is a way of describing help or aid you are giving help you are offering

assistance you will often hear after a disaster a natural disaster there will

be a humanitarian appeal or humanitarian help so you are offering care assistance

you are giving humanitarian help

the strange thing is over the years it has also taken on a negative meaning as

well so maybe we can talk about something that is a crisis or an

emergency so you might have a humanitarian disaster or a humanitarian

problem but that particular meaning came along later so in its original form

humanitarian means help care you give assistance later it started to get a

negative meaning as well so the strange thing is about humanitarian is that can

be used in a positive way and also in a negative way at the same time isn't that

strange but then again sometimes the English language can be very weird

indeed I hope you've enjoyed today's livestream hello - Mika oh hello

partridge hello also mica mica is sending a

message to partridge apparently partridge is very interested in mr.

Steve I don't know why mr. Steve sometimes appears on my live streams he

is someone who likes to appear like yesterday did you see Steve yesterday it

was very funny because I turned the camera on mr. Steve and he didn't

realize he was on and he was eating he was stuffing the food into his mouth

Evangelina says mr. duncan now the world is coming is becoming humanitarian to

each other yes so there is a lot of humanitarian help

a lot of care being given and offered at the moment you are right you are right

hello Anna it is a good idea to watch the same livestream twice once without

subtitles and the second time with them yes I think so this is one of the things

that I love about captions so sometimes subtitles captions are very useful if

you want to improve your listening and also your reading at the same time so

sometimes you can do two things at the same time so yes I always find that

captions can be very useful

Massimo says what does it mean if you screw someone down you put them in a

difficult situation or you put them in a position where maybe there is a lot of

pressure on them you screw them down you keep them in one place you are doing

something that is putting pressure on someone you can also screw someone over

if you screw someone over it means you do something behind their back you do

something that will cause problems for them in the future you go behind a

person's back you do something without that person knowing and then later it

will get them into trouble so to get someone into trouble to get someone into

serious trouble or to do something where you point the

blame towards another person you screw them over you trick them

you conned them you do something without them knowing

you screw them over you could also screw up something if you screw up something

it means you make a big mistake you screw up something like yesterday you

might say that yesterday mr. Duncan screwed up his livestream because he got

very confused with his buttons so I hope that helps you

hello Mika hello uni Corina I like the Sunday lessons because when

mr. Steve joins the class it is very funny and he interacts a lot with the

curious subjects like cooking mr. Steve loves talking he does he loves talking

almost as much as me as you know I like talking very much I can talk for hours

and hours in fact today I've been talking to you for one hour in 35

minutes so one hour and 35 minutes I've been here talking to you now and I hope

you enjoyed it is there anyone here in Japan Mika is in Japan Mika is in Japan

if you have a question for Mika because Mika is Japanese so yes Sergio you can

always ask me kur as long as it's a nice question something polite not a problem

all that reminds me I saw a very interesting documentary two nights ago

all about Japan yes can you believe it so I was watching this film and it was

all about the railway system the railway system and all of the trains in Japan

and I must say I was very excited to see the world-famous bullet train in

Japan and that's one of the reasons why I would love one day to go to Japan I

would love to go to Japan go to one of the big railway stations and there are

some really big railway stations especially in Tokyo some of the largest

railway stations in the world exist in Japan and they have these the most

amazing trains they are called bullet trains and they actually do look like a

bullet the front of them is aerodynamic so they can move much easier as they go

forwards so yes I was very pleased to see the most amazing documentary all

about the bullet train and I hope one day I will get the chance to go to Japan

and travel on one of the bullet trains there I hope so because they are quite

amazing amazing things and did you know that all of the trains in Japan are run

exactly on time so everyone will have the same time on their watches or their

clocks and all of the trains run exactly on time not only that but as you get

onto the train people will bow as well so you will often have a nice bow from

the station guard or maybe the person who is on the train serving the food so

yeah I can't I would love to do that so that is on my list of things I want to

do before I leave this vale of tears I

would like to watch again mr. Steve in his performance speaking very posh

Ernesto there are many clips there are many live

streams where mr. Steve was enjoying himself so much he started

he started speaking with his very posh voice hello too franceska mr. Duncan mr.

Duncan Everett can be used for normal I'm not quite sure what you mean by that

Francesca I'm not sure what you mean but I think it might be a compliment I'm not

sure I hope it is hello Sergio I would like to ask what a

Japanese man thinks about a brilliant song that I've encountered on YouTube oh

I see well I think Meeker might be the best person to ask because Mika is

living in Japan

Massimo says the trains in Japan they are also similar in Italy I didn't know

that I've never really experienced or or seen anything about Italian railways

isn't that strange so maybe I should check up on that I will look at that

later I will have a look at some Italian railway video clips and see what it is

see what it looks like Cory is here hello Cory hi everyone mr. Duncan I am

delighted to be here with you again you are very welcome to be here also

Yukiko says you are very welcome to come to Japan I hope so I I would love to

visit Tokyo it looks like the most amazing place and of course there is one

very famous part of Tokyo where there is a very large area where

people have to cross from one side of the road to the other and there is even

a webcam so on the Internet there is actually a web camera where you can

watch people crossing this very large pedestrian area

people are trying to cross the road before the traffic lights change and

sometimes people are running like this before the traffic lights change back to

green and it's quite entertaining so I hope one day I get to experience the big

scramble as they call it the scramble crossing because everyone tries to get

across the road as quickly as they can so maybe one day maybe one day I will go

to Japan and I will experience the bullet train also experience some

Japanese food as well perhaps who knows who knows

beef trees mr. Duncan I am late I am sorry because I was buying food and now

I am cleaning the products a lot of people do that if they go to the shops

to buy something quite often they will take it home and then they will wash it

mr. Steve was doing it the other day Steve bought some milk and he was

washing the bottle so the container that the milk came in he was actually washing

it under the water which I thought was quite funny actually it looked rather

funny however sometimes it is best to be safe than sorry that's what they say

sometimes it is best to be safe than sorry

and I agree don't forget I will be back with you tomorrow as well I'm back with

you tomorrow live on YouTube again we will do this

again tomorrow from 2 p.m. UK time

nice to see so many people joining me today thank you very much for your

company even though it's very windy I will show you the view above my head

there is the view above my head you can see it is a very windy day very blustery

you can see the trees are swaying from side to side and it's quite windy very

windy in fact although I'm not going to complain I will not complain because at

least we have lots of beautiful sunshine lots of lovely sunshine around so I'm

not going to complain about it don't worry I'm not going to start complaining

or moaning about it all of the trains in Japan have been affected by this

situation I see I did notice on the news last night that the situation in Japan

has suddenly become a little worse so can I send my best wishes to everyone

watching in Japan here in the UK the situation is still bad as well we are

still having a really bad situation here as well in the UK things are not getting

better I think we have a long way to go however don't forget during this time

you know what I'm going to say

remember you are not alone you are not alone there is no need to feel alone

during this time I will be here with you every day joining you live from England

maybe I will be in the garden like this or perhaps I will be in a house either

way I will be here with you anyway so remember you are not alone you are here

with me and I am here with you we are spending our time together as I

mentioned yesterday a lot of people seem to have their own live streams now but I

can say that four years ago I started doing my live streams but lots of people

now have decided to start doing their own live streams but I did it first

I was there first in 2016 I was doing my live streams and no one else was you can

always make the best of a bad deal as I mentioned earlier even when things are

bad you could always find some sort of positive thing from a bad situation so

quite often you can find something positive you can make the best of a bad

deal make the best of a bad situation so even when things are going badly you

can find something positive to come from it a lot of people at the moment are

learning new hobbies they are developing new skills during this time whilst they

have a lot of free time look on the bright side always try to look on the

bright side of life even when things seem bad even when things seem a little

negative always try to look on the bright side of life

doo dee doo dee doo dee dee

remember every cloud has a silver lining even though today there are no clouds

the sky is blue today we have no clouds at all above my head it is just blue sky

very nice every cloud has a silver lining in other words there is always

something positive if you look carefully even if that good thing or that positive

thing is hidden away from view there is light at the end of the tunnel I love

this expression there is light at the end of the tunnel even if that light

seems very far away very distant where is the light the light at the moment is

very far away but you shouldn't worry don't worry because there is light at

the end of the tunnel there is honestly there is light at the end of the tunnel

and as I said earlier don't forget during this very strange

time don't forget you are not alone don't forget that I will be with you

tomorrow from 2 p.m. UK time even though all of the celebrities all of the famous

people and not so famous people have started doing their live streams as well

even the Rolling Stones the Rolling Stones have got their own live stream

where they're playing their instruments and Mick Jagger is doing his singing and

is dancing I can dance like Mick Jagger don't you know that's what you do you

see if you want to dance like Mick Jagger you just do this a lot you jump

up and down like that you see it's easy anyone can do it

Thank You rose sir see you later Oh sir thanks for joining me today thank you

very much for all of your company I hope you have had a good livestream have you

enjoyed it would you say it was a good livestream would you like to give me a

lovely like as well underneath you would thank you very much for that that is

very kind of you so give me a big like underneath this video to show that you

like what I do and then hopefully YouTube will tell

more people about it wouldn't that be lovely

it would lille says you are a pioneer with live streams ah yes I remember all

those years ago when I used to do my live streams and the only people

watching besides me was next doors dog

my only viewer was next doors dog and even that used to just sit there and

stare at me and sometimes it would lick its bottom I suppose that sums

everything that really doesn't it it does it sums it all up in a nutshell

thanks mr. Duncan all I have at the beginning until now is from you I hope

to grow up with my English language and see you again tomorrow thank you very

much to you the British or Westerners are often lazy to talk about standard

pronunciation I'm not sure about that some people say that I have an accent of

the people say that I don't have an accent

but standard pronunciation is something that a lot of people assume is the right

way to speak English however I are I often think that there's no such

is standard English so from my point of view as an english-speaking person I

don't think there is any such thing as standard English because whenever I

travel around the UK I hear many accents many different ways of using English

some places will have their own words that they don't use anywhere else so

English is something that is often changing and it is often different

depending on where you go depending on where you are thank you for your company

today a lot of people have joined in today I'm really pleased to see that you

are here and I'm very pleased to see that you are enjoying my live streams as

well very nice oh by the way I had something come through my door would you

like to see it something came through my door from the government so this is this

is what they are giving us at the moment can you see it so there it is on the

screen so that is something that came from the UK government you see it says

UK government there so this actually came from the government of the UK and

it is telling us all about

lots of safety measures so when we talk about safety measures we are talking

about things you do to stay safe things you can do to stay safe so you can see

for example they say stay at home so that's one of the biggest pieces of

advice that we are being given at the moment in the UK they are saying that we

sick we should stay at home stay at home which is what we are all doing at the

moment so many of us at the moment are staying at home I'm staying at home mr.

Steve is staying at home that man over there he's staying at home that lady who

lives over there she's staying at home that the lady who lives at the road from

my house she is staying at home everyone is staying at home it's crazy but that's

what it says here you see it says stay home so that's what we're doing we have

no choice to be honest you could also help to stop the infection from

spreading so there is another piece of advice and this is one of the reasons

why we are all being told to stay

far from each other it's getting very windy by the way so that's one of the

reasons why we are being told to stay far away from each other because of this

current situation to make sure that we can't transmit anything from one person

to another transmit if you sneeze or maybe you cough there is a chance that

you will transmit the germ or the virus so you do have to be careful thank you

very much also to miss emo thank you very much also to Ivan thank you very

much to Noemi is it dangerous to send paper advice

because you can catch it from the paper I know well this is one of the things I

was wondering the other day because we are still having the mailman or the mail

woman so the mailman or the post person I don't know what you call it nowadays

have to be careful the postal worker that's it so the postal delivery person

is still coming to the house they are still coming here so anyway I think this

is all right I think this is safe I think so

it also talks about what else Oh symptoms you see it is talking about the

symptoms symptoms the symptoms are the signs that you are ill symptoms the

symptoms may be when you feel unwell you might have some symptoms they are the

things you can see all the things you feel when you are unwell how do you feel

do you have a temperature are you HOT are you cold symptoms and here it

explains all of the ways that people can catch and also how long it will take to

pass through your your body so there is a period of time that will affect you

from the start to the finish so all of this this advice actually is quite

useful but to be honest with you a lot of people have been talking about this

also on the television every single day so most of us are actually aware of this

already we know about it already because every day when we watch the news the

news reporters are always talking about the same thing

stay stay at home wash your hands keep a safe distance away from other

people so all of these things are being told every single day I am going into

the house in a few moments and I might have some of this on a sandwich yes have

you ever tried this all I can say is it's delicious and I all of it

it is almost time to say goodbye to the world of English it is almost time for

me to go away but don't worry yourselves because I will be back another day in

fact I will be back tomorrow I'm back tomorrow from 2 p.m. UK time I will see

you tomorrow and we can all share our love of the English language one more

time and then I will be back with you the day after tomorrow and then the day

after that in fact I might be with you forever and

ever who knows thank you for your company I

am going now I am going I will see you tomorrow from 2 p.m. UK time wherever

you are watching in the world if you are if you are here or here or maybe you are

here oh look I I can see Vietnam there's Vietnam hello Vietnam can you see me

waving to you I can also see Thailand as well I didn't say hello to Thailand

earlier so I'm going to say hello to Thailand now hello Thailand also hello

to Malaysia as well hi Malaysia nice to see you here today a big wave for

Malaysia as well that is a place that I've been to many times by the way I've

been to Malaysia quite often thank you very much for your

company I want to give you all a big kiss and a big wave hmm thank you very

much for joining me today this is mr. Duncan in the birthplace of English

having far too much fun saying thank you for watching I hope you will have a good

day please stay safe don't forget stay healthy stay happy

and I will see you all again tomorrow from 2 p.m. UK time and of course until

the next time we meet here on YouTube thank you for saying hello thank you for

giving me some of your time and of course until tomorrow 2:00 p.m. UK time

you know what's coming next yes you do

Tatar for now

this is BBC one coming up next cooking with mr. Steve cooking with mr. Steve

this week he will be trying to cook salad without burning it