this is a story of one man and his big stick oh do you like my big stick it's a

very big stick I call it Gandalf it is my Gandalf stick very useful if you are

walking around the countryside one of the things you must always have if you

are walking around in the countryside you must always have a stick always have

one nearby honestly and that is today's countryside tip hi everybody this is mr.

Duncan in England how are you today are you ok I hope so

are you happy I hope so do you have your stick ready to do battle just in case

some wild creature jumps out from behind you you never know especially during

these very strange days here we go then I believe we have the live chat let's

have a look shall we who come on live chat where are you ah there you are

nice to see you there nice to see you to see you did you do it did you say nice

ok I will do it one more time nice to see you too see you I don't know why I

bother I don't know why I bother here we go then the live chat is now up and

running with my steam-powered iPhone it's a very old phone my phone by the

way is very old it's so old it is powered by steam it's true

so hello to the live chat I'm just trying to find out who was first vytas

moshen also flower Espoir francesca you are all first on today's live chat thank

you very much for joining me and congratulations congratulations to you

I suppose you might say that those applause are also for me as well maybe

perhaps who knows here we are again and I'm very happy to be here the start of

the week has already happened and here we are now talking live across the

United Kingdom in fact we are now broadcasting across the whole world oh

my goodness I can't believe it I'm now standing in front of everyone every

moment of my life is now being transmitted live across the world yes

today it is what day is it it's Tuesday

do we are now live across the internet hello Internet

how are you today I hope you are having a good time I'm not too bad

however the problem today is the Sun is out and also it's very windy needless to

say it has caused problems with my nose and my throat because I'm suffering

today with hay fever poor mr. Duncan so I have my little piece of tissue here to

keep my nose nice and dry and by the way it is nothing else for those who are

wondering it is nothing else it isn't so don't worry it isn't that I am otherwise

I'm a hundred percent well 101 percent even maybe perhaps probably hello also

to Ana pica also Beatriz is here as well I have noticed over the past couple of

days many people are now returning to work they are going back to their normal

routines which means that fewer and fewer people are actually watching my

special live streams which means maybe soon I will stop doing them every day

however I will still do my normal live streams on Sunday Wednesday and Friday

as well so don't worry I will still be here but maybe the end of this week I

will stop doing my daily live streams at the end of this week maybe we will see

what happens but I have noticed that across the world

now many people are starting to go back to their normal lives including parts of

Asia such as China and so well I suppose we can't forget well I

thought my gazebo was going to blow away then and also Vietnam as well I was

watching a very interesting news story last night about Vietnam and how they

have been fighting against you know what you know what I'm going to say so many

people now in Vietnam have gone back to their normal routines even though they

are still having strict social distancing

hello also to hawk Lau I have a feeling that you might be in the place I was

just talking about Vietnam nice to see you here as well

hello also - Myka Myka is here today can I also say thank you very much for your

lovely patreon your lovely patreon donation thank you very much and a

peeker also Pedro Pedro Belmont how are you feeling today I hope you are

recovering from that thing oh I hope you are feeling better today hello Anna

hello also monta League eed liga that's a very hard name to pronounce by the way

mr. Duncan are you doing well here in Venice Italy it is not windy but cloudy

well we have sunshine we have lots of lovely sunshine today unfortunately we

also have a lot of very strong wind blowing around my trouser leg it's going

straight at my trousers I'm getting a cold front not to mention a cold back

hello Vitesse hello also zoo Zika also Soojin and a corn also we have Giuseppe

nice to see you back as well today Beatriz is here

so TS and Pell Mira wow so many people are now watching thank you very much for

joining me again so we will see what happens at the end of this week if there

are fewer people watching on my daily live streams

I might actually bring it to an end this week at the end of this week we will see

what happens mr. Duncan what are you doing with that stick you mean that

stick over there that is my special stick that is the stick that I carry

everywhere when I'm walking around the countryside sometimes it is a good idea

to have something in your hand when you are in the trees and amongst the bushes

you you have to have something big and heavy in your hand just in case I'm not

saying that you are in danger I'm not saying that you will be harmed however

sometimes it is a good idea to have something in your hand and that's the

reason why I often carry my big stick especially at the moment yes at the

moment something very special has happened yesterday afternoon in the

field at the back of my house guess what can you guess who reappeared who

appeared again yesterday in the back of my house see if you can guess I was very

excited to see the return of the balls yes everyone the balls are back they

returned yesterday and there are there are seven or eight I think there are

seven seven balls and there they are so there they are actually yesterday

arriving in the field at the back of my house so yes ladies

and gentlemen boys and girls the Bulls have returned they are back baby so I'm

pretty pleased to see the return of the Bulls of course because I'm doing my

livestream right now the Bulls are nowhere to be seen I have a feeling

because they are new here so because they only arrived yesterday I have a

feeling they might be a little shy a little bit timid so we will have to wait

and see what happens next but yes it's great to see the Bulls the

Bulls are back in the field and I'm pretty sure we will be seeing a lot of

those animals over the next few days I have a feeling that we will be hello

also to Terra hello Tarek hello mr. Duncan I want to

ask you some questions as long as you are not asking me to do your homework

III do have some very strict rules and one of them is that I don't do your

homework for you because your homework is for you you see that is your task

that is the thing that you have been asked to do by your teacher I know what

you're thinking mr. Duncan you mean old man you mean mean old man but no I'm

being fair because I think it is fair if your teacher gives you some homework and

if I help you if I give you the answers then what is the point you're not really

thinking you were just asking me to use my brain when in fact you should be

using yours so sometimes if you don't know the answer to a question or maybe

you've forgotten what your teacher has said sometimes you must revise

you must go back over the things that your teacher has said before this is one

of the reasons why writing your notes if you are in the classroom and your

teacher is talking or giving you some information sometimes you have to write

things down it is a very good way a very good way of keeping yourself informed

and of course later if you have a difficult question you can always go

back over the notes to find the answer hello Andy Andy oh it is better than a

poke in the eye with a sharp stick that is a great expression something

that might seem unpleasant but actually is not we can say that something that

seems unpleasant or something that may have been more unpleasant we can say

that it is better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick so it's not as bad as

it seemed it could be worse at least it's better than a poke in the eye with

a sharp stick so there you go it's Tuesday the music I like it it makes me

so excited I must be honest with you I'm feeling excited today because mr. Steve

has been making his world-famous stew yes so tonight we're going to have some

chicken stew with vegetables so I'm looking forward to that what are you

having are you having something nice to eat maybe at the moment you are sitting

down to have your breakfast or maybe perhaps you are having your lunch or

maybe it is nighttime where you are and maybe you are having your evening supper

hello red a red a yam hello please tell me something

interesting about the world well one of the interesting things that I think

about the world is it's brilliant is it the world brilliant it is it's so

big and it floats around in space the world is amazing well I suppose in that

respect I'm actually talking about the earth but the world is the earth when

you think about it so I think the world is amazing one of the worlds that I love

is of course the world of English as I always say the world of English is a fun

and exciting place to be I'm so glad you can join me for another lesson

mmm it is very bright the sun is shining yes it is a very bright day today the

Sun is really bright and it is very

dazzling something that is dazzling is something that is so bright it is so

bright you can't look at it it's so bright you should never look at the Sun

directly with your eyes because you will blind yourself and it's not good really

for you it isn't good for you hello Pedro again I'm feeling good thanks for

asking it is great to see you back and also

fighting fit as we say fighting fit it means you are really well it means you

have lots of strength and vigor I like that word vigor quien Tran says I

love your Devi light daily livestreams I love your daily live streams so much

please don't stop well one of the problems with doing this and I don't

want to be boring I'm not a boring person even though sometimes people

mr. Duncan yes a boring you know you're just boring it is boring if you do

boring I don't want to be boring but sometimes I have other things to do in

my life so I'm trying my best to be here with you every day however because

things are now turning back to normal things are slowly returning to normal

there are suddenly new things and more things that I have to do so we will see

what happens we will see what happens at the end of the week I would like to have

you here on the live chat everyday but if you need some rest I can understand

why thank you Anna it isn't really because of a rest

I don't need need any rest but I do need to do other things there are some other

things that are concerning me at the moment

other things that are concerning me hello - no sir hello no sir nice to see

you here as well where are you watching at the moment roxy is here mr. Duncan

please there is no return to normal days please I need to watch you everyday you

are important to us Thank You Roxy we will see what happens

at the end of the week hello also Lille there are only Bulls in

your field yes we have bulls I think maybe there are a couple of cows

as well but most of them are bulls they are male cows there they are

arriving yesterday can you believe it yesterday they were arriving in the

field and there you can see them coming through the gate having their first few

moments in their new environment so yeah I think pretty good

there is one thing I've noticed I've noticed that YouTube subtitles are not

saying Bulls they are saying balls instead for which I apologize by the way

if you want live captions did you know did you know you can have live captions

right here as I'm talking to you live from England it's true

all you have to do is you can press this on your keyboard press C just take your

finger and press C on the keyboard and then by magic as if by magic you will

have live captions right on your screen as I'm talking sometimes of course the

captions can't show what I'm saying especially when I go a little bitty

bitty bitty bitty bitty bitty bitty bitty bitty bitty boobity boo Boop DB DB

DB DB DB beep so sometimes the captions can't actually show what I'm saying or

singing there is another way of course if you are watching if you are watching

me on your mobile device of course you can also get captions by clicking the

function button there it is so everyone has one of these when they are watching

a video on their mobile device so you can go to your functions up there and

then you can as if by magic you can activate your captions and then you will

have live captions go on do it now so all you have to do is go up there

on your screen and click on the live captions it's as simple as that

isn't it amazing don't you love technology I must be honest with you I

have to be honest with you I am a very big fan of technology I love it very

very much could you please play the song jazz in Paris mmm

let's have a look shall we I don't know if I've got it here you see I don't

think it's on my No it isn't on my little program unfortunately I would

love to play it for you but sadly Who am I kidding

here it is

is that okay are you happy now I did say that I would play it again and there it

was I hope you had a little dance around your living room or maybe around your

kitchen or perhaps you were splashing in the bath in which case I am wondering

why you are watching me whilst taking a bath how dare you how dare you be naked

in front of me I can't believe it hello Petrie is mr. Duncan that song is

wonderful better than better than the one you have normally okay thank you

very much for your vote of support my daughter says re admires your dancing

thank you I dance like someone who may be in need of the toilet that's what I

always think I know growing up I used to love dancing I would often go to the

local disco very close to where I lived I would often go on a Saturday night and

I would do all of this you see I would

that sort of thing I hope you enjoy that we might do it later again if you want

oh we have a common item something very common and I'm not talking about me

would you like to see something here is something that I use quite often I do I

use it many many times do you have one of these it is something I have in my

hand right now and it is a very useful item

of course this is an electric trimmer you use this normally for trimming your

hair the hair on your head if it gets too long and untidy you can use this

electric trimmer a very useful piece of equipment especially during this time

because lots of people are not able to go to visit their hairdresser so they

have to stay at home on lockdown so one of these can be very useful

during these crazy times you can trim your hair

very useful electric trimmer so we often call this a hair trimmer and the reason

why we call it a trim instead of a cut is it doesn't cut your hair it trims we

often make our hair slightly shorter so it is very rare for people to remove all

of their hair completely some people do I know some people like

to have their bald head showing so some people do actually cut all of their hair

off but often we describe this as a hair trimmer hair trimmer it is something

that is useful I have one and sometimes I will trim my own hair if you are like

me and you don't have much hair this is a very useful device because then you

don't have to go to the hairdresser and suffer the embarrassment of asking the

person who is going to cut your hair you don't have to ask them can you please

cut my hair and then they might turn around and ask what hair what hair you

haven't got any hair on your head I might be able to give you a Polish but

I'm not sure about trimming your hair so quite often you have to have a lot of

hair on your head to go to the hairdresser I know women you see women

ladies often go to the hairdresser I know for a fact that mr. Steeves mother

at the moment is getting rather frustrated because she can't go to the

hairdresser on Saturday morning so she always likes to have her hair done you

have your hair done so the hairdresser will do your hair

so many women will go to the hairdresser they will have their hair washed and

quite often the hairdresser will give them a blow-dry yes that's what I said

blow dry they dry their hair by using a hair dryer so many women do like to go

to the hairdresser to make themselves look lovely before they go shopping it

Marks and Spencers so yes it is something that is very popular hair

trimmer so there is my common item that I'm showing today and a lot of

celebrities have you seen the celebrities they are all getting so

upset oh I'm a celebrity you I'm so lonely in my in my ten million dollar

mansion they are complaining that they can't get their hair cut or their hair

done poor celebrities what a shame what is the difference between cut and slit

well cut means to trim something so you are cutting something to make it shorter

so quite often if you cut something you are making it shorter slit means to cut

something along the surface so you slit something sometimes you will see a lady

with a slit in her skirt so the skirt has a slit going down the side so she

can show her sexy legs oh hello MD hello MD re-fall Hassan the old Duncan and the

present Duncan are the same you haven't changed at all I used to watch you

during 2006 oh my goodness yes well 2006 is when I

started doing this I've been on YouTube for nearly 14 years doing this and I'm

still here after all those years I'm still here doing this the only

difference is of course when I first started doing this it was recorded

however now because of all of the amazing technology that we have in our

world I can actually stand here and do it live so this is now a live stream

isn't technology good it really is I love technology quite a lot oh also a

person might use this for cutting the wool on a sheep yes I'm not sure I'm not

sure if they use this though I think they have special equipment for cutting

the fleece so when you are removing the fleece from a sheep I have a feeling

that they use something that is professional that is designed for sheep

and not for human being I don't know I don't know exactly I must be honest with

you I have never sheared a sheep I have never been a sheep shearer I have never

been near a sheep with something in my hand that I was going to use to shear

them with I got through that without saying anything wrong so there it is

today's item common item something you use for trimming your hair a lot of men

you may have noticed that quite often men as they get older sometimes if they

lose their hair quite often they will cut their hair very short to hide the

fact that their hair is falling out because they are losing their hair so

they will cut their hair short that's what they'll do it is that's exactly

what they will do here's another common item this is something I was going to

show you yesterday but I forgot to do it unfortunately so

here is something very interesting it looks like something that you will put

on top of a jar but it isn't it's actually a paperweight paperweight these

are very useful things to have in your office especially if you if you like to

have your window open during the day when the wind is blowing into your

office and you have lots of loose paper around your office

so this paperweight will stop all of the paper blowing around your office you

will put this on top of the paper and that will prevent all of your notes and

all of your sheets of paper from blowing around the office so there is something

else as well very useful thing very useful indeed we're going to take a

break in a few moments however yesterday I did something rather nice last night I

went for a lovely evening walk and one of the reasons why I did it is because

right now at the top of the hill at the back of my house there is lots of lovely

wild garlic growing almost everywhere

so there it was quite beautiful all of the garlic is now coming out around the

area in which I live very nice I hope you enjoyed that something different I

went out last night for a lovely a lovely stroll I don't know why yesterday

I felt slightly inspired because I was looking across the countryside where I

live and I thought hmmm I think I'm going to go for a walk and maybe I will

do some filming as well so that's what I did last night

hope you enjoyed that hello also - Anna can wild garlic be eaten you can use the

leaves it is strange but you can use the leaves for salads or soup as well so yes

there are many ways of using the wild garlic hello - Anna again yes it is wild

garlic garlic that is wild it is growing everywhere where I live

can you use the hair trimmer to cut your beard yes you can there are also devices

there are little devices you can buy if you want to trim your beard to make it

look more tidy so some people use another smaller device called a beard

trimmer so the larger one you normally use for your hair and the small one you

can buy a small one sometimes they are powered by batteries and you can trim

you can trim your beard as well hello to Lil yes they the garlic is actually the

white flowers so all of those white flowers were the wild garlic that is

growing all around here and behind where I live at the back of my house on the

top of the hill there there are lots and lots of wild garlic plants growing hello

- why can inless professor Edelson hello to you are you an English teacher as

well thank you for joining me today I hope you are having a good day I hope

you are having a good time at the moment

can I use the word slit in surgery not normally in surgery we normally say

incision incision so we don't say slipped you don't slit something when

you are performing an operation we call it an incision so you take something and

you cut normally into the skin you cut you are making a cut you make an

incision incision you slowly cut into the skin you make an incision so that is

the technical term that they use if they are operating on your body hello - Noemi

hello also palmira nice to see you all here today we are going to take a look

at one of my full english lessons in a few moments I don't even know what time

it is today I don't know why I have completely lost track

of time this morning I was so busy doing all sorts of things which I won't talk

about right now but I lost track of time sometimes when you lose track of time it

means you don't realize how how long you've been doing something so maybe if

you've been sleeping on the bed sometimes we go to sleep we have a

little sleep we have a short nap and then when you wake up you don't know

what time it is sometimes you feel a little confused or bewildered so you

lose track of the time you don't know what time it actually is Louisa says yes

you use a scalpel the scalpel is the small blade often used for making an

incision incision which means cut basically a little bit like the teeth in

your mouth they are called incisors so the sharp teeth in your

mouth are called incisors once again they are quite often used for

ripping or cutting into meat the same thing basically

hello MD Hassan it is nearly 8 o'clock in the evening where I am

oh ok it is coming up to three o'clock so we are approaching three o'clock here

in the UK and it is Tuesday afternoon another day of lockdown this is week

eight in the UK so yesterday was the start of the eighth week in lockdown

here in the UK hello also - oh hello Louisa Louisa

hello Louisa thank you very much for your help as well talking about the

thing that you use for making an incision

thank you very much ts is here as well we are going to talk about things and

words and maybe the feeling of being certain and also uncertain about things

around us so something you are sure of something that you definitely know is

something you are certain of you are very sure that that is the case or that

is real I saw an old tree what is the name of that tree I'm not sure what that

tree was ie wasn't an oak it definitely wasn't an oak tree it may

have been it may have been a lying tree maybe a lime tree because there are many

lime trees around here thank you very much for your comment and your question

can you please pronounce the differences between sour and sour sour shower

Shh sour shower something sour is something that tastes very strong or

bitter like a lemon so you might say that the taste of a lemon or the flavor

of a lemon is sour in the morning when I wake up I always have a shower shower

shower shower I hope that helps I hope that really helps you hello - just

variation who says Mad Hatter are you calling me a Mad Hatter

I wonder Pedro is going Pedro has something to do see you later

Pedro we are going to have a break we are going to take a look at one of my

full english lessons this is an excerpt from one of my later full English

lessons this is taken from full English 26 there are some excerpts for you to

look at including what is the difference between who and whom

oh there you are welcome to another full English lesson coming to you from the

birthplace of we need the Pugh professor snape Judi Dench Hugh Laurie and of

course the English language which is why we are all here together now so without

any more dawdling or time wasting let's get on with today's full English lesson

right now

have you ever been stuck for words have you ever been in a situation where you

could not think what to say there are many ways of describing this occurrence

we can say that you are tongue-tied you have been left speechless you are stuck

for words you cannot find the words to express yourself your mind has gone

blank there are many reasons why you might find yourself unable to speak

perhaps you are in a state of shock or surprise an unexpected event can leave

you speechless the surprise can be a nice thing or it can be something not so

nice such as bad news if you are giving a speech to a group of people you might

find that your brain suddenly stops working you become nervous and cannot

remember what to say I'm ever so sorry my mind has gone blank after a sudden

surprise you might only be able to say I'm speechless

you have become tongue-tied and stuck for words if you try to remember the

thing you wanted to mention you might say it's on the tip of my tongue

a continuing debate in English usage is the question of when to use who and when

to use whom according to formal grammar who forms the subjective case and so

should be used in subject position in a sentence as in who decided this the form

whom on the other hand forms the objective case and so should be used in

object position in a sentence as in whom do you think we should support to whom

do you wish to speak although there are some speakers who still use who and whom

according to the rules of formal grammar as stated here there are many more who

rarely use whom at all its use has retreated steadily and is now largely

restricted to formal contexts the normal practice in modern English is to use who

instead of whom and where applicable to put the preposition at the end of the

sentence who do you wish to speak to who do you think we should support such uses

today are broadly accepted in standard English

well that was quick wasn't it I hope you enjoyed that so now you know what the

difference is between hmm and whom I hope that was helpful

oh hello to the live chat Oh a lot of people joining me today thank you very

much nice to see you here today nice to see you to see you know okay hello when

Wendy as hi mr. Duncan from Chile nice to see you here today

I'm not going to start talking about Chile and Chilean wine because mr. Steve

gave us a very good explanation of that last Sunday he was talking for a very

long time in fact Lina hello Lina Lina is here as well nice to see you what is

going to happen to your lovely new feature the sentence gained tomorrow

guess what we are playing the sentence game tomorrow that's what we're doing so

tomorrow is Wednesday we have an English addict tomorrow so there will be lots of

fun lots of games including the sentence game where I give you some random words

and what you have to do is construct a sentence from those words so that's what

we're doing tomorrow yes I will be back with you tomorrow and it is Wednesday

which means English addict of course for those who missed the news yes guess what

the Bulls have returned at the back of the house there are now Bulls living in

the field behind me so we have the ball they have returned there are eight I

think there are eight bulls at the back of the house just eight I think last

year we had ten but this year there are just eight of the Bulls what about you

do you have animals living near where you live are there any animals near to

where you live I know where I live there are animals everywhere some people

around here keep chickens and of course if you have chickens you must also have

a cockerel as well so they will produce eggs and every morning yes every single

morning my neighbor's cock wakes me up every morning hello Anna could you

please tell me the pronunciation of bull and ball hello Anna there is a bull bull

my friend is kicking a ball so you can hear the difference in the pronunciation

bull sorry that's a terrible impression of a bull

but bull bull bull ball ball ball bull

sorry about that I'll be all right in a minute we're

gonna have a dance soon would you like to have another dance with me but I

don't mind dancing in front of you but could you also have a dance as well

because I know at the moment many people are doing very little you are sitting

around watching me so maybe we could have some exercise as well in a few

moments so I will be playing my jazz in Paris in a few moments again yes

some some bowls have no balls I can't believe I just said that hello Berlin

mr. Duncan you sound like a pig do you mean normally oh I see my impression yes

I'm sorry about that I do get a little confused with my animals so I was doing

this but unfortunately the sound I was making was the sound of a pig yes I

think that is actually the sound of a pig isn't it not not a bull the bull

makes a sort of

like that maybe thanks mr. Duncan you are fantastic thank you Anna

you are welcome no problem it seems a lot of people are really really crazy

about my little piece of French music I don't know why talking of France has

anyone seen Luis Mendez Luis Mendez are you here I haven't seen Luis I don't

think Luis was here yesterday either so Luis Mendez if you are there can you

please give me a little message send a message on the live chat just to say

hello I love your laugh and also the way you say thank you very much Amy

and he called Mercedes I had won a Kapoor knee what's an egg a pony bird

I've never heard of that bird maybe it is a songbird maybe it is a type of bird

that sings songs maybe hello - OH

so sometimes Oh

unfortunately Mercedes your bird escaped it flew away hello Irene hello also -

Anna pica I love very much I love animals very

much and I can't stand or I don't like to think that those bulls are going to

be slaughtered in a few days fortunately I have a feeling that some of those

balls are actually the same balls as last year so I think some of them are

actually from last year so they are still alive basically I have a feeling

that he might use those Bulls for breeding

I think so so maybe he uses those particular Bulls for breeding because

there are some cows in the field as well very strange

very interesting hello Mika we've been worried about Luis Mendez yes I haven't

seen him he wasn't here yesterday and he's not here today so I might I might

drop him a personal message today I am going to send him a message

just to make sure he's okay hello - no we're me again I don't know why Noemi

but all of your messages keep being blocks I don't know why Noemi says I

live in a city and I only see dogs cats and birds at the beginning of the block

down at the beginning of the lockdown in the silence I heard a cock crowing so

you will often describe the sound of a cop or cockerel that sort of sound in

the morning we call it the crow cockerel will grow in the morning I heard the

cock cockerel singing for a few days but now it's gone oh dear I hope it's still

alive we will have to wait and see so maybe tomorrow morning listen out

tomorrow morning maybe you will hear it maybe it is still alive perhaps it

hasn't been put in the pot yet we will keep our fingers crossed

hello also to Palmyra I grew up in a company of chickens cows pigs and sheep

but now I live in a city without these animals Thank You pal Mira but do you

miss the sound do you miss the sound of the countryside all of those wonderful

sounds of the animals do you miss those sounds I window hello

Amane can you please tell us about other animals for knowing the names in English

thank you Amane that is a good idea I might do that

on one of my lessons I will show you some animal

and I will explain the names of those animals I think so oh by the way Berlin

Thank You Berlin if you want to give me a lovely like please give me a like on

my channel and also under this video so underneath the video you can see there

is a like button you can give me a lovely big thumb

thank you very much to say how much you appreciate my live streams

hello also actor boy hello actor boy are you really an actor are

you an actor interesting oh hello Adrian nice to see a dream back the other day

you had a very relaxing dawn chorus livestream is there any dusk chorus in

your garden with some frogs for instance we don't normally get frogs in the area

where I live we get them sometimes but not very many so we don't often have any

frogs calling in the evening but you are right quite often if you live in an area

where there are lots of frogs in the evening quite often you will hear them

croaking croaking so yes if you live in an area where there are lots of frogs

nearby you might hear them croaking they will croak the sound of a frog is croak

hello also - but no all by the way no we don't have we don't have a disc chorus

with the birds normally as the Sun Goes Down the birds will become quiet however

there are some birds that will continue to sing even after the Sun has gone down

including black birds so quite often after the Sun has started to set

and after it's gone down you will often hear the sound of blackbirds the sound

is actually a very nervous sound so the sound that the blackbirds make as the

Sun sets is a very nervous sound they don't sound very happy they sound a

little nervous a little unsure of what's happening what is the difference between

a crow and a raven crows are large birds Ravens are much larger and they have a

very large beak so normally the raven will have a very large beak there is

actually a hotel here in Much Wenlock called the raven it's true and a pika I

love very much all animals in your garden the Lambs the birds and the

cattle they are all so cute thank you very much that's very kind of you to say

Maria do not forget to like this wonderful stream thank you very much yes

give me a nice thumbs up if you like what you hear and see give me a lovely

thumbs up thank you very much as I said earlier I will be back tomorrow 2 p.m.

UK time tomorrow with my English addict tomorrow we are looking at some words

talking of which I'm going to quickly look at some words related to being

certain if you know something or if you are sure of something quite often we

will say that you are certain you are certain

you are certain so if you are certain of something we can say that you are sure I

am sure I really do know that this thing is true or this thing has happened I am

sure and you can hear the pronunciation so the pronunciation is sure sure you

are sure of something you are sure that mr. Duncan will be here tomorrow and I

will be I will be here tomorrow you are sure and I am sure as well I'm

very sure that I will be here tomorrow

then there is the opposite we can also have the opposite unsure so if you are

unsure that means you are not certain you are not sure you are unsure unsure

you are sure certain you are unsure you are not certain you are unsure another


as I said earlier you are certain you are certain I am certain that mr. Duncan

will be here tomorrow at 2 p.m. UK time I'm certain I am very certain

you might be uncertain the opposite of certain is uncertain you are not sure

I'm not sure I am uncertain maybe you want to know what the weather is going

to be like tomorrow you might ask someone if they know they might say I'm

uncertain I don't know I don't know what the weather is going to be like tomorrow

I'm uncertain I don't know I'm not sure maybe you haven't heard the weather

forecast so you don't know you are uncertain if you are very sure if you

are very certain you can say that you are positive yes I am definitely sure I

am positive positive I am a hundred percent sure that mr. Duncan will be

here tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. UK time I am positive definitely I am sure completely

certain they're going to have a dance in a moment that is something that I'm very

sure of you might do something to think clearly in your mind may be something

that you are very sure of if he is clear in your mind so are things that you

definitely know about or something that you know is going to happen or if you

are certain of something you can say that it is clear in your mind

you can say that you are pretty sure now when we say this we are not 100% sure we

are pretty sure so when we say pretty in that sense we are saying yes

approximately almost I am almost sure I am pretty sure pretty so this word is

interesting because it has more than one meaning so in another sense pretty can

mean attractive or beautiful in this sense we are saying almost you are

almost sure you are you are pretty sure pretty sure yes I'm pretty sure not a

hundred percent but pretty pretty sure

if you have a good idea about something it means you are certain I have a good

idea I have a good idea that mr. Duncan will be here tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. UK

time you have a good idea so in this sense good idea means you are certain

about something yes I have a good idea mr. Duncan will be here tomorrow at 2:00

p.m. UK time you have a pretty good idea

another one you might be completely certain 100% I'm dead certain I'm dead

certain that means you are completely sure you are completely certain you know

that it is true you know that it will happen I'm dead

sure or I'm dead certain that mr. Duncan will be here tomorrow at 2 p.m. UK time

I have no doubt that also means that you are completely certain you are sure I

have no doubt that mr. Duncan will be here tomorrow at 2 p.m. UK time I have

no doubt that means that I am completely sure 100% there are actually quite a few

of these there's no doubt there's no doubt there's no doubt that once more

says you are sure completely certain there's no doubt no doubt

I have no doubt I am completely certain

another one I'm convinced I am convinced if you are convinced it means maybe you

have changed your opinion or maybe your thought maybe something has happened or

maybe someone has said something to you that has changed your opinion or

something that has made you more sure I'm convinced hmm I'm convinced mr.

Duncan will be with us every day until the end of time maybe we will have to

see if you are uncertain you might say you have no clue you have no clue I I

don't know I'm not sure I have no clue I'm not really sure I'm not certain I

have no clue

another opposite here's another one I haven't the foggiest idea I haven't the

foggiest idea something that you are not certain about something that you can't

actually say is true you haven't the foggiest idea I haven't I don't know the

answer I'm not certain I'm not sure I haven't

got the foggiest idea I don't really know

I'm not certain another one I have no idea I have no idea

please don't ask that question because I'm not certain of the answer I have no

idea I cannot answer that question I cannot give you the information because

I'm not certain I have no idea so there are a lot of differences between being

certain and being uncertain you don't really know you're not sure you do know

you are sure you are certain you are positive you are not sure you are

uncertain hello to the live chat I will be going soon but now what time is it

mr. Duncan I don't know what time it is I'm going to have a look now on my phone

it is now half past three in the afternoon here in the UK shall we have a

little dense would you like to have a dance I hope you are ready for this

because I am feeling very active that's a good word I like that word I am

feeling very active very energetic today and I hope you are as well here we go

then here is a little bit of jazz in Paris

did you enjoy that I hope you did a very energetic Tuesday afternoon here in the

UK yesterday by the way I was very busy I was in my garden walking around after

I had my walk around the garlic field and last night I decided to go into my

garden and I had a little look around it's some of the beautiful plants and

also some of the nice surroundings I took time to relax and do some thinking

oh wow I don't know about you but I feel quite

relaxed now hmm that was me last night in the garden

hello mr. blackbird how are you mr. blackbird was just saying hello I hope

you enjoyed that we are almost at the end of today's livestream can you

believe it we are almost at the end by the way for those who are wondering what

the flower was the yellow flower is actually called dandelion dandelion so

that particular flower is called dandelion you will see them everywhere

at the moment around here they are growing all over the place they are

yellow flowers and they have a very distinctive look they are bright yellow

flowers and quite often especially on meadowland you will see dandelions all

over the place they are very beautiful very nice flowers they look lovely

especially on a summer day or a summer's day when the sun is shining and of

course afterwards they will also go to seed so afterwards after the flowers

have disappeared they will then shed their seeds and that

is what happens to the daffodil not the daffodil the dandelion afterwards you

know what I think I'm getting too excited it isn't good to get too excited

especially on a Tuesday afternoon or else I might tire myself out and then I

will have to go back on the bed and have a lie down

I think so thank you very much for your company today that is almost it I can't

believe I've been here for 90 minutes I will see you tomorrow back tomorrow as

well back tomorrow definitely there is a beautiful animal behind you

what is the name you mean at the moment in my garden well in my garden you might

see some black birds you might actually see some black birds hello Quran Karim

hello also Ana frong dandelion can be used as a type of medicine as I

understand it yes I think you're right some people do use dandelion as a form

of herbal medicine I think so Thank You Adrian is the rooster and also the cock

is it the same thing as far as I'm aware I'm sure someone is going to correct me

they are going to say mr. mr. Duncan mr. Duncan you are wrong but as far as I can

tell the rooster the rooster is much larger however I think they are

basically the same thing which is the male chicken and usually if you if you

have chickens quite often you will have a rooster or a cockerel because then if

you want eggs from your chickens then you will need you will need a cockerel

you see I'm sure I can let you work out the rest of that by yourselves I think

so Thank You Annie Thank You Lil thank you very much dandelion could also be

used for salad I have I've never eaten I've never tried

to eat been Banda lions ever in my life never tried to be honest Thank You

flower thank you also beet trees and Oh Jimmy

Jimmy from Hong Kong I didn't notice you here thank you very much also for

joining me today thanks a lot if you missed the news earlier on yes

guess what there are some lovely animals they have returned to the back of my

house the lovely bulls are back so I have some

animals now to keep me company during this lockdown period which is rather

nice when you think about it it's rather pleasant to have some little animals

living next to me so this evening this evening I might actually go to the the

field at the back of my house and I might go and visit the cattle I might go

to them and have a little conversation with them maybe I can take my cup of tea

with me and have a little chat to all of the cattle in the back of my house hello

to Maria Thank You mr. Duncan for this perfect livestream this was funny and

interesting have a nice day thank you very much I am going now I hope you've

enjoyed today's live chat I will be back with you tomorrow 2 p.m. UK time I will

be back tomorrow thank you very much for your company thank you for joining me

today it's been really nice seeing you here this is mr. Duncan in the

birthplace of English that happens to be England of course saying thanks for

watching see you tomorrow and of course until tomorrow

you know what's coming next yes you do...

ta ta for now 8-)