it's a little bit different but  also a little bit the same here  

we go then oh hello there here we are  oh i can't believe it we are here again  

it only feels as if i was here yesterday  what a strange feeling indeed welcome here  

we go yes it is the first of february or  should i say the first day of FABruary

holy here we go then yes we are all together again  nice to see you here today hi everybody this is mr  

duncan in england how are you today are you okay  i really hope so i hope you are feeling good today  

it is myself mr duncan live on youtube once more  coming to you from the birthplace of the english  

language how are you doing on this monday five  minutes past two o'clock for those who aren't sure  

yes this is live and all the way through february  we are going to have lots of special lessons  

some will be live like this one and also  there might be some recorded ones as well  

but today we are live right now  across not only youtube but also  

around the world as well so i hope you are having  a good day today what a great day what a way to  

start the week i think so because it is a glorious  day here in england we have lots of sunshine  

all around the sun is shining in the sky  and everything is looking rather nice  

there is still some snow in the  distance but we have sunshine everyone  

i almost feel as if the sunshine deserves a round  of applause what do you think shall we have a  

round of applause for the sunshine okay that's  enough we can have too much applause you know  

i will save those for later so the reason why i'm  here is because we have 28 days to spend together  

it's true my name is duncan i talk about english  i teach english and quite often i will appear on  

youtube live like this so if it is your first  time here please let me know you might see that  

things are looking bright and cheerful today and  that is the whole idea the whole point of this is  

to share some time together maybe some nice things  will happen maybe some not so nice things will  

happen who knows what will happen over the next 28  days i have no idea and i'm pretty sure you have  

no idea either so here we are again yes we also  have the live chat as well on the screen i will  

put the lives the live chat can actually go on the  screen now oh my goodness mr duncan so there it is  

can i say hello to the live chat as well nice to  see you here as well nice to see you joining in  

on the live stream and i suppose i should  say a special congratulations to rawan you  

were actually on the live chat before i started my  live stream wow now that is what i call dedication  

also florence ricardo mohsen also we have valentin  hello valentine that's interesting because this  

month we have a special day for lovers if  you are in love if you are looking for love  

perhaps we have a very special day for you this  month because valentine's day is coming up on

i can't remember the 14th of february will be  valentine's day and let us not forget also that  

a couple of days later it will be the birthday of  mr steve as well so a very busy month this month  

we have you on the live chat we have mr steve's  birthday and also we have valentine's day  

as well i wonder what else is going to happen  this month anything outstanding anything amazing i  

don't know really by the way can i start off with  a sad moment please just a moment of your time as  

we say goodbye to my packet of chocolate  biscuits it's a very sad moment because  

i've come to to the end of my packet of chocolate  biscuits there is only one chocolate biscuit  

left in the packet shall we share  it together okay then here it is

this is the final the last chocolate biscuit  

that i have in the house i can't believe it it's  such a sad moment i don't know where to start  

so what i'm going to do is i'm going  to eat a little bit of this biscuit now

very nice and then i will save the rest  for later on is that a good idea i think so

a lot of people commenting on my clothing yes  i look very bright today bright and cheerful  

i was thinking to myself what would be the  brightest gayest clothing that i could wear  

well i thought i would wear my my lovely top blue  yellow red very colorful and also my lovely beret  

do you remember my beret i bought this beret  from paris when i was there in 2019 wow  

i can't believe it way back in 2019 i bought this  

i can't believe it i really can't so i thought i  would wear some bright clothes to cheer us all up  

during the month of february ooh very nice  hello also mohsen hello to mohsen nice to  

see you here as well again oh we also have  luis mendez hello luis mendez luis mendes

lewis is here nice to see you back  again hiroko anna kobe is here as well  

and also we have vitas and also rosa

grace chin is back as well by the way have  you heard the news a lot of things going  

on at the moment in myanmar so i hope if you are  watching there i have a feeling you might not be  

because the internet connections there have been  taken down but if you are watching at the moment  

in myanmar we are thinking of you whatever the  situation is at the moment because we don't  

really know i hope you are okay hello also to  alfine hello alfene welcome to the monday live  

chat yes can you believe it i will be with you  every day during february 28 days of february  

so that's the reason why we are here not only  today but also tomorrow as well i will be  

with you and we might have something different on  wednesday you see so on wednesday i'm thinking of  

publishing a video on wednesday so a new video for  you to watch coming on wednesday also we have olga  

hello olga hello also to belarusia nice  to see you here today everything colorful  

everything bright everything looking rather  shiny and light isn't it nice i think so  

coming up today we have some subjects to  talk about of course it is monday monday  

i don't know why a lot of people don't like  monday for some reason i don't know why  

they don't like it but quite often people will  wake up in the morning and they will feel very  

down and slightly miserable because it's  monday what about you do you like mondays  

i don't mind mondays i think mondays  are super duper i think mondays are  

i think they are fancy pants i think  monday is definitely fancy pants  

it's a super duper day so i don't mind mondays  to be honest i think mondays are super duper  

to be honest with you what about you so i  thought today we would have a new feature  

and this is something i've never done before  something we are going to do today we are going  

to have our monday moan so if there is something  at the moment that is getting on your nerves  

something that is annoying you something that you  are thinking about that you want to get off your  

chest now is the time to do it so let's all have  a monday moan my monday moan is dogs what is the  

the problem with people who have dogs when they're  walking their dogs quite often they will let them  

off the lead they will let them go and then  the dog will run around like a crazy thing  

and if you are walking in the same direction  as the dog or maybe in the opposite direction  

quite often the dog will run towards you and  start jumping up and scratching your clothing  

with its dirty feet it's very annoying and i  i'm always amazed how little control some dog  

owners have over their animal they will let it  loose and they will let it run around and so any  

anyone else walking has to be very careful you see  because the dog might run towards them and start  

jumping up like a crazy thing so that is one of my  monday moans what about you do you have something  

that you dislike something that is getting on  your nerves get it off your chest right now  

here we go then oh rosa says mr duncan you  are looking very fabulous today thank you it  

is a fabulous day it's a great day to be alive  because we all have a chance to do this again  

we all have another day of life  isn't it nice any complaints anything  

that you do not like at the moment maybe something  that is annoying you let us get our mundy moans  

out the way so i just mentioned dog  owners quite often dog owners can be very  

selfish and sometimes quite ignorant as  well ignorant of other people walking around  

especially during this time of year  because the ground is very muddy  

and so the dogs are running around and then  they jump up and all of their dirty paws

will go on to your lovely clean  clothing so that's one of the reasons

oh i see alphane or alfian says oh i don't like it  when people allow their dogs to go to the toilet  

in front of the house yes that is another thing  especially around here i don't know why but  

around where i live a lot of people do have dogs  they do people are crazy about dogs around here  

so quite often they will go for a walk with  their dog and then the dog of course will  

want to go to the toilet because they do  you see that's what dogs do we all have to

let's not do that again if you were watching  yesterday you will know that mr steve  

was talking all about one of his toilet problems  hmm so yes quite often people will let their dog  

run around free and quite  often they will do little poops  

as well and there's nothing  worse than walking along the road  

and not only seeing a lump of poop from a dog but  also sometimes if you're not careful you might  

step into it so is there anything else something  else that gets on your nerves something else

that is annoying

owning a dog has become very trendy these days yes  i think you're right it's become a huge industry  

so not only for people who want to  have a companion but also families  

as well will have a dog so having or  owning a dog has become very popular  

at the moment especially here in the  uk and i think around the world as well

yes owning a dog has become very trendy  hello sam sam rainbow says mathematics  

that's a very interesting complaint your  monday moan mathematics is my complaint  

says sam rainbow i will be honest with you when  i was at school i was hopeless at mathematics i  

was so awful i used to find maths very boring  to be honest and i was always being told off  

by my maths teacher mr west was his name i  still remember his name i'm scarred for life  

but yes i did hate mathematics quite a  lot and also i i wasn't very good at it  

so maybe the reason why i didn't like  mathematics was because i was not very good at it  

so you always find that when you're at  school there are things that you enjoy  

and there are things that you don't enjoy so  one of the things i did not enjoy at school  

was maths mathematics i i can do simple  maths i can add and i can subtract  

but anything else it's it's too hard you see  it's too difficult for my brain i think so  

hello alessandra we are having our monday  moan this is something we will be doing  

every monday something that is getting on  your nerves something that is annoying you

human being hello human being nice to see you  here along with all the other human beings  

watching today as well i hate it when you do  not want to talk to someone but he insists  

on keeping talking yes you are right  now you might be surprised to find this  

or find this out but sometimes i'm not very  sociable so if i'm going out for a walk and i want  

to spend a little bit of time on my own reflecting  thinking about the world and my my place

in this crazy thing we call life sometimes  people will come up to me and start talking  

and i don't really want to talk to them you see  i want to just be alone i want to walk by myself  

i want to be lost in my own contemplation  that's a good word i like that word  

so quite often when i'm out i like to walk  alone i like to be silent i like to just  

enjoy the nature around me i don't want to  be too distracted by anything to be honest  

so so sometimes someone might might come up to me  as i'm walking and they will start chatting and  

sometimes it is it is small talk they won't really  talk about anything the thing they're talking  

about is just useless it's small talk it's just  nothing oh hello haven't seen you for a long time  

oh isn't it a lovely day what do you think of  the weather do you think it will rain tomorrow

so yes you are right maria says you  look like our spanish artist okuda  

well i thought i would wear my beret now  quite often people who are artistic or  

people who are creative especially people  who paint they will often wear one of these  

on their head they will wear something called  a beret beret thank you for your compliments  

by the way for my my hat i wasn't expecting  such a response to my headwear to be honest  

hello tomek hello mr duncan how are you doing  i am not going to moan about anything wow  

that is good very positive i like can i just  congratulate you tomek on your positivity  

that's great you are very positive today that's  good i am glad to see you and good luck with this  

new format well this is something i'm doing  during the month of february or should i say


holy welcome to february yes that's what we're  doing today you see it is the first of february  

and also the first day of 28 days of fabuary  and i will be with you live during this month

zuzika hello zuzika i have to start driving  so up until right now all of my chats will be

icons or emojis oh i see okay then  so are you going to drive your car  

and listen to me at the same time wow that's  nice all i can say is i hope that my colorful  

clothing and my colorful set will not be  too distracting whilst you are driving along  

do you know what i want to have  another piece of my biscuits  

i know this is the last biscuit that i  have this is my last chocolate biscuit and  

i have to be honest with you i am feeling  a little bit sad to say goodbye to it but

very nice i'm just wondering how long this biscuit  will last will it last for the whole of this live  

stream i don't know really hello to blue thunder  hello to blue thunder it's lovely to see you today

thank you bluff blue thunder nice to  see you back joining us on the live chat  

we are having a monday moan by the way monday moan  if there is something you want to complain about  

something you want to get off your chest it  can be anything really something that annoys  

you something that is on your  mind come on share it with us all  

get it off your chest sometimes talking about  something can be very therapeutic i think so  

ricardo says oh we were talking about mathematics  a few moments ago and i said that i was terrible  

at maths when i was at school and i was maths oh  i see mathematics can be so adorable like poetry  

do you know maths can predict your future do  you believe it i'm not sure about that i suppose  

i suppose it depends on whether the mathematics or  the equation is a positive one or a negative one  

if i was honest so yes i would be i would be  a little cautious about finding out my future  

just in case you see just in case  something bad is going to happen  

but the only thing i know about  mathematics is i'm not very good at it

mohammed muhammadi says i like biscuits too every  day yes me too you two and also me too as well  

but sadly this is the last biscuit this is  the final biscuit that i have unfortunately

so i'm trying to make this  biscuit last as long as possible  

which means that i have to take very tiny bites  

you might say that i am having a nibble nibble  oh i like that word the word nibble if you nibble

it means you are taking very small  bites from something imagine an animal  

maybe a small animal like a squirrel  imagine that particular animal eating

you might say that the animal is nibbling nibbling  oh i can see what ricardo is talking about now  

mathematics yes of course algorithms  algorithms numbers that are used  

quite often to predict a person's  behavior even here on youtube  

people use algorithms to try and guess what  people want to watch so you are right yes

human being says i hope this year won't be like  the previous one well we've only had one month  

so far so we are still into our first month and  

now we have our second month which has just  started and that's the reason why i'm here today

hello hello to you

rose rose silva is here as well it would  appear that most of you have nothing  

to complain about which i think is fantastic

do you say biscuit or cookie this is a biscuit  biscuit so quite often we we will use the word  

biscuit to describe this type of food something  that has been baked until it is crisp is a biscuit  

sadly it is the last biscuit in the packet  so i have to make sure that i don't eat  

it too quickly i think so mr duncan you  make me hungry do i really okay then  

i suppose another thing i could moan about another  thing i want to complain about is running out of  

food especially when you have your favorite  food do you find that sometimes do you ever  

go to the cupboard in your kitchen and open the  door and you think there is something in there  

but when you look it isn't there and there are  two possibilities as to why that is so maybe you  

have eaten all of the food and you maybe forgot  about it or perhaps someone else especially if  

you live with another person um i think you know  what i'm saying if you live with another person  

maybe sometimes they eat your favorite food  maybe your biscuits or your chocolates they will  

sneak into the kitchen when you are not  looking and they will eat your biscuits

hello lek lek late lec leet chris hello  lek nice to see you here and i like your  

photograph by the way it is very nice to  see so many people now showing their faces  

on their little icons so it's nice to see your  face on your live chat icon very nice to see you  

it is very annoying when the internet  doesn't work yes you are right oh my goodness  

when i first moved here eight years ago during  the first few months it was very hard to get  

good internet the internet connection here was  absolutely awful it really was it was terrible  

fortunately a few months later we actually had  the internet speed upgraded because they changed  

some of the technical things fortunately  i am now able to have a lovely

internet speed which is one of the reasons why my  live streams have good quality but you are right  

yes there is nothing more annoying than having  no internet especially when there is something  

you want to look at or maybe you have to do  some research or maybe you want to check up  

on the latest news maybe you have a a very  important message that you want to send to someone  

you see so yes yes hello to oh gia hello gia  roy who asks hello mr duncan what's going on  

what is going on i will tell you what's going on  

right now we have the first day of february  or should i say 28 days of february


yes 28 days february it will all be going  on because i will be with you during the  

month the whole month and nothing but the  month hello luciana or should i say hello

luciano i hope you are feeling good today

hello also our door adoralia hello aderalia hello  mr duncan is that your hat it is like a boy scout  

thank you very much did you know that i used to  be a boy scout when i was a little boy i was well  

when i say boy scout i mean cub scout so before  you you join the scouts you have to be a a cub  

scout so a cub scout is a young scout so yes i  used to have my little uniform in my little cap  

it's true but this is my my french beret this  is the beret that i bought when i was in paris  

one of the most romantic  places in the world apparently

thank you for singing to me mr duncan oh okay  then people don't normally thank me when i sing

oh by the way i have some some news some  news to tell you another one of my neighbors  

is moving in fact she called yesterday to say  yes we are moving we have decided to move away

alessandra oh alessandra has something to complain  about so here is another monday moon and this one  

is from alessandra mr duncan you skipped  my comment oh i'm sorry about that  

is that the complaint is that the thing you  want to moan about oh no it isn't wait there  

a second there's a little bit more to the  message mr duncan you skipped my comment  

i was saying that living in a condominium  can cause you a lot of problems alessandra  

you are right yes this is something i talked about  last year and i was talking all about neighbors  

whether you get on or whether you are friendly  with your neighbors you see so sometimes people  

can be very friendly with their neighbors  however sometimes if you live very close  

to other people maybe the people who  are near to you are noisy maybe they  

make a lot of noise at night maybe they do  things that annoys you maybe they have a dog  

that keeps pooping outside your front door  you see mr duncan is mr steve coming on  

today thank you rajuan no mr steve today because  well the simple reason is mr steve is at work  

and when i say at work i mean that he's  upstairs in his office so steve at the moment is  

working very hard upstairs in his office  by the way there's something i want to  

do maybe tomorrow i will show you mr steve's  office he has so much equipment in his office  

so i will i will show you tomorrow i'm going  to take a photograph of mr steve in his office  

and then tomorrow i will show it you on the  live chat on tomorrow's second day of february  

anna carmen hello anna i have three dogs says  anna can i just say i i don't have any problem  

with dogs i like dogs dogs can be very friendly  they can be very lovely they are very faithful  

so i have no problem with dogs and i certainly do  have a problem with people who treat dogs badly  

so if if you have a dog and maybe you treat it  badly that would make me very unhappy but i think  

sometimes the people who own dogs can be very  selfish or sometimes a little ignorant you see  

because they let they let their dogs run around  and of course the other thing that dogs often do

is this

that is very annoying so quite often dogs will  bark another reason why sometimes dog owners  

can be a little selfish you see or ignorant  they leave their dog outside sometimes at  

night maybe the dog wants to come into the  house so it will start barking hmm i think so

hello also to oh hailey quang is here hello  to you i believe you are watching in vietnam

shout to you hello also too

hello also anna says anna hello anna why are  you so colorful today are you in a good mood  

i'm always in a good mood but i thought today we  would have a lovely colorful start to my 28 days  

of february yes i will be with you every  day during this month 28 days of me

is that a good idea or a bad idea i'm not sure  really we do have subjects to talk about today  

yes we do i think a good subject to talk  about today is something that can be very  

annoying you see because we were talking  about annoying things a few moments ago

gossip we are going to talk about  gossip what about you do you like  

listening to gossip do you like it when people  talk about things concerning other people maybe  

people's or maybe one of your neighbors private  affairs something that they want to keep a secret  

maybe something that you've heard that you think  is not true what about you do you think it is good  

to gossip the word gossip there it is i think  this is a very interesting word the word gossip  

means to talk freely about other people's lives  or other people's private matters if you gossip it  

means you are chatting you are chatting normally  about something that you consider to be important  

oh have you heard the latest news about mr  duncan we've heard some gossip about mr duncan  

i've heard that mr duncan will be doing  a live stream every day during february  

have you heard the the news have you heard  the gossip so sometimes gossip can be  

real or true and sometimes gossip can be untrue or  a lie we often describe gossip as hearsay as well  

you can say hearsay something that you've heard  from another person can be described as hearsay  

one person says it to another person and then that  person will tell someone else and then they will  

tell another person hearsay he essay is something  that has been repeated something that one person  

has heard that they've told another person hearsay  lolly lolly says i love juicy gossip juicy gossip

juicy gossip is something that you hear or  something that a person wants to tell you  

that might have an interesting story so go with  it you see do you see i have some juicy gossip  

normally something very exciting  or something that might be shocking

another word for gossip is tittle tattle  you can have tithe tattle tittle tattle

tittle tattle

a person who likes to gossip a person who likes  to tell other people about another person's  

private life or maybe something they've heard  and they want to tell other people about it they  

like to title tattle so people that tittle tattle  are talking to each other quite often they will  

talk about other people's private lives or things  that they've heard tittle tattle i like that one

another one we have oh now this is a word  that can cause lots of problems and heartache  

for many people

rumour rumour a story that is going  around maybe something people are saying  

maybe something that lots of people are  telling each other however they can't prove  

that that thing is correct they can't prove it  so they hear something and then they tell someone  

else what they've heard but they don't know if  it is true or not a rumour is something you hear  

although you're not sure if that thing is accurate  or fake as you see in 2020 we had a lot of people

making rumours about other people you see so  yes rumour a rumour can be very damaging in  

fact when you think about it you can say anything  about anyone however if that thing is damaging  

if it causes damage to that person then you might  find yourself you might find yourself in trouble  

but yes rumours if you spread a rumour it  is quite often a story that cannot be proved

you might describe a person as two-faced have  you ever met a person in life who is two-faced  

a person who seems to have two faces and when we  say two-faced we are describing a person who will  

behave one way to you when they are with  you but when when they are away from you  

they will say bad things about you they  have two faces so they will say nice things  

oh mr duncan it's so nice to meet you oh oh  i really enjoyed your live stream yesterday  

oh it was so much fun oh it was wonderful and then  you go away and you talk to someone else and then  

you say oh that mr duncan i can't stand him did  you see his live stream yesterday it was terrible  

all he kept talking about all they talked about  was mr steve's constipation that's all they talked  

about it was terrible so a person who has two  faces is a person who might say something nice  

to your face but they will say something horrible  about you to someone else um i don't like people  

who are too faced and i will be honest with  you in my life i have met many people who have  

more than one face hmm another word you can use  is duplicit a person who is duplicit a person  

who has two ways of looking at you so maybe they  have a positive way and a negative way so they  

say good things to your face and bad things when  they are away from you i don't like that at all no

here's another one you might say that the  word on the street so you might describe a  

rumor or gossip as word on the street so it means  something that people are talking about generally  

so a general conversation general gossip  general title tattle might be described  

as the word on the street something  that you've heard from someone else

alessandra hello alessandra oh we're  talking about dogs are we oh very nice yes  

a lot of people seem to enjoy having dogs i think  it's a great thing to have a dog i would not have  

one myself because i don't think we would be able  to look after it properly you see because mr steve  

is a busy man i'm a busy man so that is one of  the reasons why we don't have we don't have a dog

anna hello anna anna carmen says i just gave my  husband the shopping list and it is written on  

toilet paper

what can i ask you a question why  did you write your shopping list  

on toilet paper it does seem a very  strange thing to do but then of course  

you can always use the shopping list  later on you see for something else yeah

maybe maybe your idea is a good idea yeah i think  so so apparently your husband couldn't believe it  

your husband was protesting about  the shopping list that you wrote down  

on toilet paper very  interesting how do you describe  

the sound of a dog we can say that the dog will  bark bark so you are describing the sound bark  

however if you want to imitate the  sound of a dog you can go woof woof

so woof is the imitation of the sound of a  dog very nice hello dynamic hello dynamic  

nice to see you here as well we are talking about  gossip here's another one to spread gossip oh yes  

so some people don't just like listening to  gossip they also like to spread gossip we have  

we have around here i can't say who it is because  i will get into trouble but we have a neighbor  

around here who often spreads gossip she likes  to talk about other people all the time yes so  

you might spread gossip a person who likes going  around telling other people about your private


very annoying very annoying indeed

mr duncan you imitate the dog very nicely thank  you very much so a person who will spread gossip  

can be very annoying indeed here's another one oh  you might say that there is a rumor going about

something that you've heard from another  person you might say oh there's a rumor  

going about there is a rumor going about it means  people are talking about one particular thing  

they are gossiping amongst each other there is  a rumor going about a rumor going around nice

here's another one

gossip someone has been saying

so this is a way of starting a sentence when  you are talking about what you've heard someone  

has been saying that mr duncan is doing  live streams every day during february  

so you might say that someone has been  saying that thing someone has been saying  

that mr duncan never changes his  socks it's it's a rumor it's gossip

a person who likes to spread  gossip a person who is always  

talking about other people might be described as  a busybody ah you see a person who always talks  

talks to other people spreading  rumors spreading gossip about others  

they are always interested in other people's  lives and then they talk about those people  

to other people a person might be described as  a busy body a busy body yes i have a neighbor  

i have a neighbor who lives very close to me and  she is a busy body she is she is a big busy body

busy body is a new word yes i live  very close to some busy bodies

they always like to talk about  other people's private business  

and if they don't know they just make  it up you see and that's another problem  

you might talk about where the gossip has come  from you might talk about the source of the gossip  

so where the gossip has actually come from where  has the story come from where did it originate so  

you want to know where the story started you want  to know who told you the story where did it come  

from who is your source of information source so  the place where the gossip started the place where  

it originated is the source the source of the  gossip hello richard brown richard brown is really  

getting those vibes my goodness you are  you are feeling the vibes they are going  

both legs well then richard yes we get your we  get your message thank you very much oh dear  

the problem is i don't think i don't think richard  knows when to stop i think that is a problem you  

see sometimes when you do things you have to  know when to stop so you have to say something  

and then go hmm i think i've said enough i think  it's time to stop so that's it you see that's it

oh dear thank you richard yes we've we've  got what you want to say yes we we've heard  

it we've seen it thank you i will be going in  a minute so what about you do you ever gossip  

have you ever heard any gossip from other  people what about you do you like to listen  

to gossip now i must be honest with you  i'm going to say something now mr steve

often gossips i know i've said this to his  face so i'm not doing this behind his back  

i'm not being too faced towards mr steve  but i know that steve does quite often  

like to gossip and i know that because i've heard  him i've heard him on the phone talking to people  

gossiping so i would say that mr steve is a big  gossip he really does like gossiping i think so  

hello karwa hello kawabeen hi mr duncan your  talk or your your speech or your conversation  

can help us to improve our listening absolutely  yes i think you're right that's one of the reasons  

why i do this you see i do it because it can help  you to improve your listening skills i think so  

we have one more minute and then i will be  going and then i will be with you tomorrow  

from 2pm uk time this was day  one of 28 days of february  

so i will be back with you tomorrow as well  from 2pm uk time every single day i am with you

and i will see you tomorrow i hope thank you  very much for your lovely messages today so  

many john hello john f says mr duncan  you look so young today thank you perhaps  

it's because i had a lovely sleep last  night i had a really nice sleep very lovely

the time really does fly during your live  streams yes i've been here for one hour  

and my hour is almost up but don't worry  i will be back with you tomorrow we're  

talking about something else tomorrow  we might even play spot the white van  

tomorrow we will be looking out the  window looking for the white van

thank you very much for your company for the  past 60 minutes thank you flower thank you also  

pre-tam see you tomorrow we have 28  days well in fact now we have 27 days  

so there are 27 more days of this to  look forward to catch you tomorrow  

thank you very much for your company  i hope you've enjoyed the live chat  

i hope you've enjoyed everything that you've  seen and heard today and of course until tomorrow  

until our second day of february you know  what's coming next yes you do take care and

tata for now