yes look I'm here again I know a lot of people weren't sure you were wondering

whether or not I was going to appear today well here is the answer to your

question hi everybody welcome here we go again it's Friday it's a brand new month

power to the people and let's all dance around the Maypole it's May the 1st and

this is English addict coming to you live from the birthplace of English

which just happens to be England

greetings to the proletariat nice to see you today hi everybody this is mr.

Duncan in England how are you today are you ok I hope so are you happy I

really really hope you are happy today I am quite happy for two reasons

first of all we have finally said goodbye to April I can't begin to tell

you how much I have hated the month of April it was a really stinky month don't

you think so can you think of another word another adjectives that you can use

to describe April how would you describe the month of April how would you

describe it what adjectives would you use mine is stinky I don't know why I

think stinky it was a really stinky month it was unpleasant to say the least

so one word one English word which English word would you use to describe

April because April has gone now we can talk about her all we want we can talk

all about April if you want to but how would you describe April would you say

April was a good month mr. Duncan are you crazy of course it wasn't what would

you say it was a bad month what would you say hello to everyone

today and of course it is May the first not only that it's Friday

believe it echo echo I'm talking in my echo my echo

chamber hello hi are you okay it's Friday we have made it once again to the

end of the week and what a week it has been for the past few weeks I've been

with you live every day April has gone we have said goodbye to the month of

April however how would you describe April boring oh that's a good one

Thank You Kaelyn boring April was a boring man because there was very little

to do many people had to stay indoors what about oh I see

strange yes Thank You Mika strange I suppose you could describe April as a

strange month the month of April was very strange indeed

Sandrine says April was freaky April was freaky

I think so I would agree with you there hello mo said April was so so so so not

a Greek month Chandran or Shan Dan also says strange

it was a very strange month Zorin says crappy oh yes that is a very

strong word if something is crappy it means it wasn't very good

so something that isn't very good something that you didn't enjoy maybe

something that you think isn't a good thing we can describe as crappy it was a

crappy month the word crap by the way is a very rude word in British English it

means poop I was really hoping to get through today's lesson without saying

poop unfortunately there it was there it was crappy hmm I think so it was a very

crappy month the month of April talking at the live chat I suppose I should also

say hello to everyone on the live chat anyway hello to everyone on the live

chat anyway flower oh hello flower Espoir you guess what

you were first on today's live chat

amazing amazing amazing it really was Thank You flower Vitas you were second

today hmm your finger I think is becoming very

tired because it would appear that you can't click it very quickly these days

maybe you have worn your finger out it has become useless because of all of the

clicking also flower thank you very much you have a very fast finger you have the

fastest finger in the world maybe no sin says hello mog mog hello mog mog nice to

see you back again haven't seen you for a while I haven't seen you for a while

hello also Anna peeker thank you for your little wave and also

your beautiful rainbow as well of course that has become the symbol of hope for

the future during the past few weeks hello also franceska kaylynn and also

Peter hello Peter nice to see you again sujin is here de

Vaca or de Vaca is here I can't hear you it's okay yes I hope you can hear me now

maybe I should go to my window and shout but I think that might annoy the

neighbors to be honest Beatriz says hi mr. Duncan happy workers

day power to the people that's what they say isn't it yes you

are right may is here it is the 1st of May and for

many people the 1st of May is quite an important period so the 1st of May is an

important day for many people here in the UK

we are talking about May as well but many people think of May the first as

yes as I said just for the workers we often think of May Day as being the day

for the workers all the workers will rise and they will get their rights

International Workers day so hello to all of the workers around the world if

you are working at the moment or maybe you have been furloughed in your job

which means you can't do it at the moment it is International Workers day

that is what it is also today it is something else as well

it is BHEL tain can you see that word baile tain or Beltane it is the start of

summer in the Celtic calendar because the Celtic calendar today it would be

the 21st of March so in the Celtic calendar it is officially the start of

summer in the Celtic calendar and of course here in the UK there are many

traditions that would take place in the past we would have lots of fair maidens

there they are

dancing around the very phallic maypole and may the first is often celebrated as

a way of wishing that the forthcoming harvest will be fruitful it is all about

fertility and that is the reason why all of the fair maidens dance around the

Maypole at the beginning of May it is something that hopefully will bring lots

of good fortune for the farmers their crops will grow their animals will stay

strong and all the fair maidens we'll find a handsome man I think I just

made that last part up to that that that last part isn't real I made it up

although come to think of it it might actually be true Mayday I'm not calling

Mayday by the way for those who were wondering so I'm not calling Mayday

because you will call Mayday if you have a problem if you are in

trouble or danger maybe if you are flying an aeroplane and suddenly you

have engine trouble like Harrison Ford did did you see

Harrison Ford once again I think between you and me I think Harrison Ford

when he's flying his aeroplane I think that he's imagining himself in the

Millennium Falcon that's what I think so he flies it like he flew the Millennium

Falcon in Star Wars so that's why he's always having problems with his plane

because I think he he thinks he thinks is doing the Kessel run that's what I

think so this week Harrison Ford got into trouble he flew over a very busy

runway at an airport and another plane I believe was trying to take off or land

as Harrison Ford went across in his airplane or as he calls it his

Millennium Falcon so I think so naughty Harrison Ford not naughty

Harrison Ford oh if he was here now I would put him over my knee and I'd spank

his bottom until it was cherry red I really would what thanks for joining me

today if you're wondering what on earth this is this is my new show it's called

how long will it take for YouTube to start disconnecting my livestream like

yesterday did you see yesterday I don't know what was happening but YouTube

cutting off my connection very annoying fortunately YouTube being very clever

managed to produce the whole livestream so you can watch yesterday's livestream

complete you can hello to Connell hi Connell nice to see you here as well it

is May the 1st it is when the a common man rises up and says look we want our

rights if you wanted to work for Oh for you we have to have our rights

hello also to Francesca maybe this environment has affected your

behavior so smooth I don't know what you mean I'm not sure what you mean by that

I'm intrigued mr. Duncan I would like to congratulate you on the first of May I

wish you to be healthy and wealthy well I am one of those things no not the

second one I'm not the second one maybe the first one I am but the second one

definitely not I hope you will stay strong and live long me too as the

vulcans used to say live long and prosper I think so and look what

happened to mr. Spock hello Chandon good evening sir good evening to you as well

nice to see you here your magnolia tree is spectacular thank you we also have

some big trees of magnolias with some different flowers you can have white

magnolias you can also have pink magnolias

so the magnolias in my garden is pink magna well actually purple it's sort of

purple purple pink I know we had an argument the other week

didn't we about my tie because some people said that my tie is pink and some

people said that it's purple so here are some lovely magnolia leaves and also

some lovely flowers on my magnolia tree Oh

also as we saw yesterday we also have my apple blossom as you can see it's very

windy today outside it is blowing a gale outside at the moment so there is my

lovely apple blossom coming out as well I must say this year my apple tree is

looking rather healthy I don't know how it's happened but last year

my poor apple tree looked really unwell it didn't look very well at all but now

it looks very healthy and there is lots and lots of apple blossom growing on my

apple tree at the moment so who knows we might have lots of nice apples growing

on the apple tree this year Palmyra

hello also petrol hello Pedro Pedro at the moment by the way he has so I hope

you're wearing your mask Pedro I hope you are feeling alright I can't complain

says Pedro that's good that's the spirit that's the attitude that will get you

through any adversity whatever goes wrong in your life keep that attitude

and you'll be alright hello Valentin hello also franceska mr.

Duncan I was referring to all of your trees and bushes and flowers I think I

would be more relaxed in that environment rather than the city oh I

see what you mean there is no thing like being in the countryside as I

often say I love the countryside very much if I had a choice would I rather

live in the city or the countryside I was I would always choose the

countryside every time no doubt about it hello Hugo Hugo Hernandez hello to you

nice to see you again Belarusian hello Belarusian the live

stream is at 10 a.m. here in Argentina and it is time to do a lot of things

soon I will be cooking you know I won't be able to resist asking what are you

cooking today is it something nice we will be cooking something later on every

Friday this is something that has become traditional in this house not

necessarily your house but this house we have a tradition every Friday we like to

have curry every Friday night so I will be showing one of my earlier video

recordings that I did with mr. Steve in the kitchen because every Friday we

always have curry in fact I have no choice to be honest

Steve says having curry tonight and that's it I have no say I have no say in

the matter which means I can't make a decision myself I can't say what I think

I have to have curry terrible hello I rank sour hello to you in the all die by

region in the Basque Country there is a live connection at five o'clock English

time with The Awl or die by bird center and it is a great

living museum of nature I like the sound of that so that is

actually five o'clock today British time I'm going to check that I'm going to

have a look at that I don't know if you've noticed but on YouTube there are

lots of live streams lots of nature live streams on YouTube as well and some of

them are fantastic I remember about three years ago there was a web camera

and it was following the the lives of a group of giraffes who remembers that and

there was a little giraffe that was born and this tiny giraffe was walking around

it was trying to walk on its little thin legs it was the cutest thing I've ever

seen hello - mirela pink Magnolia is male

white Magnolia is female and smells smells wonderful I must be honest with

you the pink Magnolia or purple doesn't have

any smell at all it doesn't have any fragrance which I was surprised by

however my lovely lovely lilac has a wonderful scent so I also have a lilac

tree in the garden and to be honest with you a few moments ago I opened my window

here in the studio and the first thing I could smell was lilac I could smell the

lilac tree which is around the front of the garden very far away from my studio

so the scent the smell the aroma from my lovely lilac tree is actually going all

the way around the house in the wind it's great I'm really enjoying it hello

- Pete Petra hello we'll also 2ts

Blue Thunder hello blue Thunder where are you guess what guys I'm now at the

hospital because of a car crash my leg was slightly broke goodness me what is

happening at the moment with my viewers could you all please stay safe I hope

you are all right blue thunder you win car I believe your real name is Sol

Thank You blue thunder for letting me know that you are also having difficulty

at the moment but something quite different from Pedro so I hope you are

all right please keep in touch let us know how your leg is feeling so who else

was in the car was anyone else injured is everyone else all right

shocking quite shocking hello Adarsh hello mr. Duncan I have been

trying so hard but my English is not improving often I lack confidence while

speaking and end up an articulated could you help well this is something I've

mentioned before speaking is the hardest part of learning any language it really

is I know I say this very often but speaking is the hardest part you can

learn the words you can remember the words you can read the words you can

understand English but when it comes to speaking as I said before it is a little

bit like performing it is a little bit like going on to the stage to give a

performance so all you have to do is do it more you have to become accustomed to

speaking English because for all of your life you've been speaking another

language and now suddenly you have to do this it's different and maybe you feel a

little shy doing it in front of other people but I always suggest that you

should record your voice so try to make a recording listen to the sound of

voice as you speak you have to love what you do whatever it is and speaking

English is no exception so confidence comes from doing something again and

again and again the more you do it the easier it becomes and the easier it

becomes the more you want to do it it's as

simple as that

hello - alle pika hello Anna pika I have read an interesting news article this

morning it seems that people affected by

will have antibodies that will protect them well some people are not sure at

the moment there seems to be conflicting reports about whether a person will then

be protected after they have had the thing that I can't mention hello pal

Mira mr. Duncan I wrote about a new British hero who raised money to help

the hospitals yes that that was that is true I always call him major tarma

because I always think of the David Bowie song but yes he has been raising

money he was a hundred yesterday a hundred years old it is a sad fact

though it is sad that someone has to raise money to actually support

something that we are actually already paying for in this country so it is a

strange thing the National Health Service is the service in the UK that

provides free health care but we all pay for it

through our taxes so through our tax we pay towards it but over the years

unfortunately the National Health Service has become more overrun with

people becoming ill having sickness and there is always a shortage of

doctors nurses and also beds in the hospitals so it is a sad thing it is a

sad fact that someone has to raise money to support something that has been there

for many many years some people feel rather annoyed about it

to be honest

hello Adrian mr. Duncan what do you mean with curry as a cooked dish you eat each

Friday is it chicken with rice for instance what mr. Steve makes every

Friday is actually fish it is a fish curry so quite often he will put fish in

the curry and we will have spicy curry with rice always brown rice very nice

brown rice I like it very much so that's what we're having every Friday and in a

few moments we are going to take a look at one such night every Friday we always

have curry today also we're going to have a look at some strange English

words strange words in the English

that's what we're doing later hello everyone I didn't have the notification

on time again sorry Noemi I did send out the

notification and also I did put a message on my little message board on

Facebook and also on my youtube channel however this is a problem that's been

going on for a very long time I tell people that I will be on unfortunately

many people don't realize I am on because they don't get notified

unfortunately hello also franceska hello - oh I see

Devo Devo chat or Java hello mr. Duncan I'm a teenager from

Russian how can I support my English level during the lockdown well one of

the ways of doing it of course is watching English movies with captions

you can watch my live streams you can watch all sorts of video lessons not

only from myself but other people as well but I'm live with you here on

YouTube and it is a good way of listening and learning English because

it is spontaneous this is live right now so at the moment it is 23 minutes away

from 3 o'clock in the afternoon on a Friday afternoon in fact hello Frances

hello also ts nice to see you here as well so many people are here mr. Duncan

when do you think you will be able to go back into your garden asks Anna the

weather at the moment is very strange we've had a lot of rain today I will

just show you outside you might be able to see outside at the moment it is

actually quite sunny so the sun is shining on my apple blossom it is also

shining on my Magnolia however this morning it was also very dull and cloudy

it looked as if it was going to rain so at the moment here in the UK the weather

is very unsettled I am hoping maybe next week to go into

the garden again at the moment it is not looking good because the weather is

changing so often at the moment so often I hope that answers your question

Oh Luis Luis Mendez is here again guess what we are going to have a look around

Paris in a short while as well it is a year since I went to Paris can you

believe it a year since I went to Paris so we are

going to look at a video clip a little bit later on of me in Paris also would

you like to see a little bit of nature with mr. Steve here we go

very close to our house there is one of our neighbors and they have horses and I

remember last year when mr. Steve and myself we were going for a walk and we

came across our neighbors horses and they are so lovely



so cute some lovely horses in my neighbor's field

oh isn't that nice I know yesterday we were talking a lot about nature and we

were talking about birds and at the moment the birds are going crazy outside

building their nests some of them have already got little chicks to take care

of so a lot going on at the moment hello - Grazyna hello Grazyna nice to see you

here today Noemi I am happy because the gardener

has cut the grass we have been going on for two months without the grass being

cut and we've had a lot of rain so I imagine the grass will grow very quickly

if you have lots of rain and it looked like the jungle I imagine it did

fortunately he has started to work again so Noemi it looks as if you have your

gardener back after crazy April so now it's come to an end and a pika Steve is

a very horse friendly man or he is very horse friendly that means he gets along

with horses and animals I don't know why but both of us both myself and Steve we

always get along with animals quite well we do I don't know why but we do would

you like to come with me on a little trip we are going to take a trip to a

place that isn't very far away from this country we are going to hop across the

English Channel we are going across to France to have a little tour around one

of the most romantic cities in the world Paris

oh I really love that so there it was some shots taken last year during my

trip to Paris with mr. Steve we had a free holiday exactly one year ago can

you believe it

interesting ah Bonjour Madame Monsieur Jim Appel Missa danke

hello there Lala nice to see you here today I am wearing my my little red

beret I hope you are enjoying my fashion style today very nice mm hello to the

live chat nice to see you all here as well

Paris is love where we think of Paris we often think of romance we think of

sitting maybe in a lovely cafe looking out across the Paris skyline and in the

distance twinkling in the night sky the Eiffel Tower and everything is very

lovely so we had a lovely time last year in Paris thank you very much to mr.

Steeves company because they gave it to us they gave us a free holiday in Paris

last year and I still can't believe it didn't cost us anything

quite amazing mr. Duncan at the moment Paris is dead what a pity it is a large

prison I would imagine it is so I thought it would be nice to have a

little look at a time a period of time when things were different we might even

have a little trip along the Seine later on would you like to do that but right

now we are going to take a look at something that has become quite a

tradition over the past two or three years in this house every Friday night

we will make our traditional Friday night meal it is our lovely delicious

spicy curry night

oh hello there welcome to my kitchen it is now Friday night and I am busy here

preparing my special Friday night treat mr. Steve will be coming down soon to

help me but for now I am here by myself and can you see what I'm doing I'm

peeling some potatoes we need to have some potatoes peeled peel it's a very

interesting word the word peel can actually be used in many ways for

example peel can mean to remove some things slowly for example you peel the

skin from a potato you peel the potato also peel can be described as removing

your clothes slowly so again it is something you are taking off very slowly

so you peel your clothes off also the word peel can mean to wring the

dean a bell the sound of a bell ringing can be described as peel and of course

the thing that you remove from the potato can also be called peel so the

word peel can be used in many many different ways so as I mentioned we are

having curry tonight ah yes every Friday night mr. Steve and

myself we always have a delicious curry so mr. Steve will be joining me very

soon here in the kitchen and between you and me he will be doing all of the hard

work all I have to do is peel these potatoes I think some of these potatoes

have actually become a little bit rotten so I'm gonna have to be very careful

or peeling these potatoes I have to make sure that all of the rotten parts are

removed because of course no one wants to eat rotten potatoes of course not mr.

Steve will be joining me a little bit later on the live stream and also here

in the kitchen because mr. Steve will be cooking for curry so all I'm doing for

now is preparing the meal preparing the potatoes but to be honest with you mr.

Steve will be doing most of the work we will wait for a few moments for mr.

Steve to come down the stairs and join me here in the kitchen so as you can see

mr. Steve has now joined me in the kitchen so what are we eating tonight

mr. Steve curry having a curry tonight so I've got everything that I need laid

out here and it's a strange curry this because it's my own sort of concoction

there's a word concoction and caption and it's mr. Steve's special mixture

special recipe it's a bit of this a bit of that so I'm starting off with some

red split lentils there we go she's not being as close to the camera lentils

because I like mint wasn't a curry and the good oh yes lentils are very good

for you so this particular curry is going to be a fish curry and also with

the lentils as well and what style of curry is it Steve so this is a

particular style of curry okay these take about

mr. cook must say we are enjoying the banging so banging away in the kitchen

so I'll just put this onto the stove or the cooker and we'll get that cooking so

I'm going over here so how long do we have to cook the lentils for how long do

they take Steve right the lentils take about 20 minutes which is what I just

said oh right so this is what we're having we're having buna style curry if

you can give it a bit more buna buna style which is in the thing of

it the thing I love about this Steve is that this this tastes is good as a curry

that you would have in a restaurant so if you went to a restaurant and had had

a buna it would taste as good as this stuff in the jar we're not being

sponsored by the way just in case you think we're being sponsored by this

company we're not loitering but should you wish to contact a Zenda and ask her

to sponsor and we would be very happily do so because yes just in case Loyd

Grossman is watching and you would like to sponsor my English lessons please

please get in touch thank you very much let's give him another plug because

there's lots of other flavours that was the buna which is essentially a very

curry based around onions and tomatoes onions and tomatoes well I think there's

all Curry's about onions in heaven over that one got a lot of tomatoes in we

could also have a Rogan Josh there we go a Rogan Josh which tomatoes and fried

onions with ginger and coriander Oh delicious I must admit there's one thing

I love about curries it's when it has lots of ginger in it not many people

like ginger some people hate ginger and what's the other one Steve the other one

is the old favorite tikka masala you know if you're not keen

on a strong curry that's the one to have tikka masala so that's quite a mild one

quite a mild one with with lots of cream and the yogurt in it so it's a bit more

fattening than your average calorie so that particular one isn't very healthy

now I bought these they were on offer today really yes they're normally around

2 pounds 20 a jar okay but they were on offer today for a pound a pound each so

I got a a dozen of them 12 of them today so keep them in there and so you know

saving a lot of money I tell you what they used to do there's only I'm being

very pedantic here pedantic there's another word but antique means very

picky a person who picks the fine details all the faults out of everything

when they first brought these curries out years ago they used to have 425

grams per jar and then they shrunk the jars down and charge the same price

happens a lot nowadays you know you know the same thing happens to chocolate bars

as well they keep making chocolate bars or boxes of chocolates smaller and

smaller and every time they do that they don't reduce the price so they make the

product smaller but they don't lower the price they charge exactly the same thing

it really annoys me yes and the problem is that's not quite enough for - the jar

isn't quite big enough for two rows previously it was so I have to bulk it

out with some lentils I had a bit more of my own curry powder into it and well

you'll see what else I add in to turn this from what is what they're already

very good that I add some extras to it to spice it up even more so mr. Steve

uses this particular mix but also he adds his own little magic ingredients as

well right I'm gonna keep my eye eye on those lentils but

they boil over very easily I've just realized I'm starting to sound like Loyd

Grossman this is how Loyd Grossman taught

hello my name is Loyd Grossman I don't think anyone will know I don't think

anyone will know who lured Grossman is but anyway he used to be on television

all the time but nowadays he nowadays he is a celebrity ship ok so while that

lentils are cooking I'm going to prepare some other things so mr. Steve has just

rinsed the rice we really do like sweet potatoes home just one just one oh yes

the lentils are very prone to boiling over the lentil so I shall just peel

this service sweet potato like so and I like to cook the sweet potatoes in with

the rice rather than cooking them separately because then you'll retain a

lot of the goodness that comes out of it and it saves a saucepan retain I love

that word retain if you retain something you keep it back you keep it back you

preserve it you retain those in with the rice like that and there we go oh yes

there we go and so that in with the rice and I'll

put those on for a slow cook

and I'm also going to educate with little rubbish here I'm gonna put some

extra tomatoes in well but I'm also going to rinse the tomatoes to get rid

of the pesticides which you might think sounded strange this is something that

Steve does a lot actually he does it all the time so this is something Steve does

he always he rinses everything and I mean everything in vinegar even his

strawberries when he has strawberries he even does does it with the strawberries

so he puts the strawberries on vinegar because he he thinks it will get rid of

all the horrible additives and pesticides that are on the vegetables

and also on the fruit it does this is a mixture of water vinegar and salt and

then I just five minutes soak any fruit or vegetable well not all fruit and

vegetables but ones that I think are going to be prone to collecting the

pesticides and like strawberries things like that strawberries and I like to

wash tomatoes strawberries and do do it with blackberries Steve yes fruit any

any fruit that could have been sprayed so most fruit most fruit I don't bother

with if it's not organic if it's organic then I don't bother but if it's not

organic I will always rinse it just in case there are a few pesticides lurking

on the outside you might notice here by the way that these potatoes these sweet

potatoes are organic can you see on there can you see they are actually

organic sweet potatoes so with the rice and so was

who are the lentils now let's see how the lentils are doing because they need

a stir I've got the wooden spoon I'm gonna give them a stir so I'm going over

here right so the lentils nicely cooked so next stage is to add the curry sauce

boom no we're going store that in yeah

swing it out with a bit of water because just to get all the lovely juice out of

there quick stir I'm slaving away in the kitchen slaving away it's an expression

often used to describe someone who's working hard in the kitchen some garlic

granules cuz I can't be bothered to buy fresh garlic and cut it up that is

better but this is a substitute so I'll add some garlic granules I will add the

fish so I've got mackerel in spring water which I've drained and I'm going

to add those in now if there's some I'll say one thing Steve it's very fishy

the smell macro is one of the smelliest fish it's very smelly but in that curry

it's very nice and it's very healthy because it's got lots of healthy fats in

it mackerel and we've got a small tin in there so we've got some protein mmm and

I shall bring that to the boil I will add my tomatoes which are now happily

devoid of pesticides d'void

that's a great word if something is devoid it is it is without it is without

it it is devoid there's already a lot of tomatoes in this curry sauce but I like

to add some fresh tomatoes as well just for a bit of added flavor so we can

leave that to cook but when it's come to the boil and just before we serve it I

won't have this as a final addition and it's my favorite it's garam masala we

saw that earlier earlier earlier we were talking all about Somozas Somozas at the

start of today's livestream we talked about some Moses and I said that mr.

Steve likes to put that in his baked beans I add this to everything it's

absolutely delicious it's aromatic spicy it's not it's not strong in the sense

that it's it's hot it's just very flavoursome so you can add this to

everything oh I just love the smell of it so I'm gonna add that in in about 5

minutes time for those who

just joined us hello this is mr. Steve and mr. Duncan on a Friday night but for

those who are worried that this is not a live stream don't worry it is we will be

back live in a few moments but at the moment we are cooking curry if you just

want to cook some fish and give it a little bit of flavor you can just

sprinkle this on to fish to meat to anything just to give it a bit of a bit

of an Indian sort of curry flavor but without making it too hot I love it

and it's lovely in baked beans that is one of the problems with curry because

some people don't like it too spicy but they do like the flavor and the aroma of

the spices but they don't want it too hot they don't want the curry to burn

their mouth out yes and what makes a curried hot of course is the chili and

that's what makes it very hot whereas this is everything but it doesn't have

the chili in it so it gives you the flavor without the heat spice so I'm

ready to add the garam masala now because this is all cooked the fish is

already cooked anyway the lentils are cooked so I'm going to add this in I

need a teaspoon as we said earlier mister

here we go here comes the garam masala only a teaspoon because otherwise you

can't taste anything else oh all the smell coming off there absolutely my

mouth is watering at the prospect of eating this lentil fish curry and as I

speak the rice is coming to the boil and we've got the sweet potatoes in there as

well cooking with them so that's coming to the boil so I think that's about it

we're nearly ready to eat now give it ten minutes oh no I'm gonna go ahead and

do the exercise mr. Steve is going upstairs he almost forgot there did you

see that he forgot that he had to go and do his exercises upstairs don't worry

you won't see that right bye for now I'm back in the studio or are you gonna film

is eating this we'll just carry on shall we so we will be back in a moment at the

dinner table so we will actually be sitting at the dining table ready to eat

the meal right now through the wonders of modern editing so there it is

our Friday night curry is ready to eat and now we will return you back to the

studio no mr. Steve that's my potato

oh I must be honest gonna be honest I have to be honest with you that has made

me very hungry watching Steve prepare that curry has really got my juices

flowing my mouth is now watering and that is what we are having tonight we

are having that exact meal tonight I hope you enjoyed that something a little

different I know a lot of people loved watching mr. Steve in the kitchen he is

a master of cookery I think so he's amazing he has so many abilities as we

were talking about yesterday I think it might be safe to say that Steve is

multi-talented multi-talented I think so thank you very much for your lovely

comments as well I was able to speak to you through the live chat as well as we

were all watching that together including me all I can say now is I feel

hungry I really do I really want to eat I want to eat that curry to be honest

unfortunately I have to wait for a little bit longer there were some

interesting words as well in that video mr. Steve was mentioning a lot of words

and I did explain some of them in the live chat so I hope that was helpful to

you as well we are going to look at some strange English words in a few moments

but a couple of things I want to show you I have been asked mr. Duncan can you

tell us where in the UK you are whereabouts actually are you so I'm

going to show you now where I am on the map so here you can see a little

map and I will also bring up on the screen my pointer ah so now I can show

you exactly where I am dude you do so that is where I am in the UK that is my

location in that area it is much Wenlock in Shropshire and over here this area

here is Wales this is Wales a beautiful country a

beautiful place very scenic and there are lots of lovely places to visit by

the sea as well so we have Wales here then we have England England is quite a

large area so all of this all of this right up to here is England down here we

have London so London is way down here and I am up there so now you can see how

far away I am from London I'm around a hundred and around a

hundred and sixty miles away from London so you can see there is quite a distance

between us and down here we have Cornwall again Cornwall is a beautiful

County there are many lovely places around this part of the world over here

there is a place called hope Cove and Hope Cove is a place that we visited in

one of our English lessons we actually went to a place called hope Cove so

there you can see exactly where I am in the UK for those who keep asking mr.

Duncan where are you can you show us the map now you know I am walk right up

there so I am inland when we say inland it means you are not by the sea you are

far away from the land and up here for those who are

interested up here is Lake Verne we so this is where you will find Lake Verne

way a place that I visited many times over the years so I hope that was useful

to you I'd like to show you things that are different sometimes and today is no

exception it is absolutely no exception whatsoever

so now you know where I am in the UK for those who have been asking now you know

Brighton hello Anna Brighton is Brighton a beautiful place

to visit it is by the seaside lots of fresh air lots of seagulls flying over

your head lots of delicious food lots of nice tasty things to sample in Brighton

definitely are we still talking about food I'm not sure I'm not sure hello

tomorrow they say a talented person is talented at everything I'm not sure

about that I don't think I really have any talents

I think mr. Steve is more talented than me he can sing he can remember lots of

scripts he has a very good memory he can retain things very easily in his memory

so sometimes I feel slightly jealous of Steve because he can retain a lot of

information very quickly unfortunately I'm not very good at that I'm not good

at remembering lots and lots of words or scripts so if I had to appear in a play

I would be hopeless because I would never be able to remember all of the

words all of the script that I would have to use on the stage I wouldn't be

able to do it I'm afraid shall we go back to France we were in

France just now and we are going to take another

look this time we are going for a little sale along the River Seine

OhLaLa very nice and there it was some scenes from my trip to Paris last year I

hope you enjoyed that something a little different today we are showing a lot of

things today have you noticed would you like to go

inside a bird's nest right now I was talking all about nature yesterday and

in my garden there are many birds building nests and it reminded me of the

time when I had some birds nesting in one of my little bird boxes and guess

what I was also able to record the action all of the things going on inside

the bird box so this is something that I recorded when I was living in my

previous house I actually set up a web camera and also I was able to monitor

what was going on and there you can see there is a bird actually building its

nest so on the screen now you can see the bird is actually putting some of

well you have grass and you have lots of things including moss as well things

that are commonly found in the average garden such as grass and moss and that

particular bird is building its nest inside the bird box so this is something

I was very pleased about because I was able to actually record it would you

like to have a look at the chicks so we've had a look at the mother and now

we are going to have a look at the chicks inside the nest so this is a

little bit later on after a 2 or 3 weeks you can see the chicks have been born

they've hatched out and there they are getting ready to accept some more food

from the parent so look at that that is an actual shot filmed in my previous

garden that I used to have before I moved here

and you can see there are lots of little birds these are actually baby blue tits

they are actually baby blue tits and at the moment there are many nests around

the area where I live they are all over the place all over the

place there are nests everywhere so I hope you enjoyed that something a little

unusual again I am showing you some unusual things today don't you think I

think so as well

latina says I like the way you say Oh Lala

French people are usually who use Ola ooh la la when something wrong has

happened oh I see I don't know why I always feel excited if I feel excited I

always think of something surprising something delightful but apparently

French people usually use it when something horrible has happened or if

they are shocked about something we will see you are very keen on birds mr.

Duncan that is true I can't I can't lie I do like nature very much Ernesto is

the first day of May the Labor Day also in the UK to be honest with you we don't

really observe Labor Day here we do have a labor movement one of our main

political parties is actually the Labour Party so they are the opposite of the

Conservatives so we have the Labour Party and their origins stem from I want

to say left-wing ideology and we'll leave it at that okay we will leave it

at that I don't want to get too deep into politics to be honest with you but

yes we do certain people do observe Labor Day not everyone so here in the UK

we also have our traditions with the arrival of

summer and many people believe that if they wish if they celebrate in certain

ways then their crops and their animals will be healthy and there will be lots

of food for everyone to eat as the year goes on so we often have lots of

ceremonies or lots of festivals however this year as you can imagine there are

non we are having no festivals this year many people normally wake up very early

on this day and they observe the rise of the Sun and made the first because the

Celtic summer begins today on May the 1st I hope you understood that because I

almost did I almost understood it oh I see Lewis says you are right you can

also say oh la la if you are excited I think so as you can imagine I use that

word a lot lights mr. Steve with some food la la I like it I always feel like

going along to the to the - one of the lekars lefel or something like that and

watching the ladies lifting their legs up very high as they do the can-can

something like that do you like the sea mr. Duncan because I know that you can't

swim that is true I can't swim I am very good at drowning III I won an award at

school they gave me a special award for drowning it was a huge brick because

they said that I swam like a brick in other words I would sink straight to the

bottom of the pool so I'm not very good at swimming you are right however I do

like to be beside the cease I do like to be beside the sea

definitely hello Christine how do you make your fish curry well the video that

you just watched with me and mr. Steve that is actually it that is us making

our mackerel curry even though to be honest with you Steve does cheat a

little bit because he uses something that he buys in a jar you see mm-hmm yes

mr. Duncan have you ever visited Brittany and Normandy these are

beautiful regions well Brittany can you believe it on my

father's side my family originated in Brittany I am part French

I hope you don't mind but yes on my father's side I do have a little bit of

French inside me I don't know what part but I do have a little French inside me

not to be confused with a little Frenchman hello to Francesca hello also

Lewis again Louis lives around 10 kilometers southwest of Paris but by the

Metro so if if Lewis uses the Metro he can be at the Eiffel Tower in just 20

minutes that's amazing one of the things I was impressed with when I was in Paris

was the Metro amazing the underground system of trains the network of trains

underground in Paris I was really impressed with it even though everyone

kept warning me to be careful they said be careful if you are going to use the

Metro be careful everyone kept saying that I don't know why but apparently

people often will will pick your pockets they will steal things from your pockets

but we didn't see anything like that nothing bad happened during our time in

Paris in fact we had a wonderful time I really

enjoyed it very much Thank You mr. Duncan for this nice

information you are welcome no problem I thought now I think actually we will now

have a look at some more strange English words we are going to look at some more

strange English words beyond right now more strange English words it is true

that the English language is made up of many words

some of them common some of them are very familiar some of them are not so

familiar even though they are used quite often so we are going to look at some

strange English words right now the first English word we are going to

use is Steve have you ever heard of this word the first word is Steve this can be

used as a noun or a verb Steve can mean to keep something away so

if you want to keep something far away from you you will push it away you will

prevent it from getting near you you stave something also as a noun it is a

type of weapon it is a long pole quite often used as a weapon it is often used

as a weapon also a long piece of wood that goes upwards as well when you're

building a building a piece of wood that goes up like that is also called a stave

Steve have you ever heard that word before Steve Lewis says but pickpockets

are everywhere in all the great cities you are right I'm not just saying in

Paris I'm just saying that's what people kept telling me when I was there but to

be honest with you I've never been to a city in my life

that didn't have crime taking place all around me to be honest including London

London in fact might be worse than Paris ah mr. Duncan I can't believe you said

that I will get in trouble for that

definitely conundrum he's an interesting word the word is conundrum conundrum

isn't that great I love that word there it is

conundrum a conundrum is a type of puzzle something that you have to think

about carefully to actually solve the question or the puzzle is a conundrum

something that you have to think carefully about a problem or a situation

that is not easy to solve it will involve a lot of thinking that thing is

a conundrum something that you have to work out it

can be something you have to say something you have to work out

mathematics for example you can have a conundrum something that you have to

work out in your head something you have to spend time trying to work out

something you have to solve that make it takes time is a conundrum here's another

one oh this is one of my favorite words I'm sure I've used this word in the past

jibber-jabber I like this word very much jibba jabba

jibber jabber jibber jabber - jibber jabber is to talk endlessly you won't

stop talking you jibber jabber you talk in an excited

way you won't stop talking oh I'm so excited I'm so excited because across

the hills I can't stop talking about it I can't stop talking

oh please I wish you wouldn't jibber-jabber so much jibber-jabber

talk excitedly you are always talking about something talking talking talking

talking talking like that it can be rather annoying some people say that I

jibber-jabber I don't know what you mean how dare you oh how dare you go on Greta

you tell them how dare you yes how dare you say that I can't believe it

jibber-jabber talking a lot in an excited way oh I like this one can you

read this word it's a great word this one a very unusual a very strange word

it might look like a word that is hard to pronounce the word is paraphernalia

can you say that again mr. Duncan I will paraphernalia paraphernalia

paraphernalia things that you use to perform a job or a task things that you

have around you that you need to perform a certain action or something that you

need in your job the things that you have around you that you used regularly

maybe you carry your paraphernalia around in a small bag you have things

around you that you need to use lots of items that are nearby for you to use

maybe in your job maybe something you knew you need to perform a certain task

you have your paraphernalia paraphernalia I love that word

paraphernalia and of course in the middle you have those strange

occurrences there Pera

pH so this part of the word is actually pronounced like the letter F para fern

Elia paraphernalia great word I like it and it says my wife always likes to

jibber-jabber a jibber-jabber my wife she always likes to give each other

jibber jabber jabber jabber jabber jabber jabber jabber jabber jabber

jabber jabber yes I know what you mean I'm not saying anything else I'm not

saying anything else Rosa says 241 kilometers is roughly the distance

between London and where I live yes I think so I think you're right it is

around 240 kilometers from where I live to London paraphernalia I love that word

very much here's another one oh now this is a thing this is a thing

so this names something Bracken Bracken Bracken is a type of plant it is a type

of fern and you will often see it if you are walking around an area of forest so

you will see the trees above you climbing into the sky but normally

around you you'll have lots of Bracken and this is what Bracken looks like so

there it is Bracken you will see it often in movies when people are trying

to make their way through the jungle you will often see people trying to to fight

their way through the Bracken Bracken I love that word it's a great word so

Bracken is a type of green fern something you often see in areas where

there are forests maybe a jungle area here in the UK you will find

Bracken in many places including in the area where I live there is Bracken

everywhere there is a lot of Bracken especially near to where I live because

there are many trees many forests and also many wild areas where the plants

are able to grow wild and free mmm Bracken I like that word I like it a lot

stickler oh here's an interesting word stickler stickler what is a stickler a

person who is very fussy a person who likes to do things in the correct way

they always follow the rules they like to do things in the right way they like

to do things in a very precise way the correct way they are a person who is

very fussy about the way they do things they are a stickler stickler so maybe

you have a boss who always insists that you arrive at work on time you must

never be late so you might say that your boss is a stickler for punctuality so

your boss is a stickler for punctuality you must be at work on time because your

boss is a stickler for punctuality so punctuality means arriving at the

right time you are not late you arrive before or on time you must never be late

so a stickler is a person who is very precise about the way they do things or

maybe the way they want other people to do things you always follow the rules

mmm Anna Anna pika says I a bit of a stickler hmm I think Steve might be as

well I sometimes say that Steve is a stickler sometimes he likes to do things

in a very precise way not always not always Steve could also be a little

careless sometimes but then again can't we all can't we all here is another one

we are looking at strange words today strange words here is another one

wrought wrought well I like this one because it has lots of interesting uses

of letters there so you can see W R o u g h t wrought wrought quite often if you

are having something created for you maybe from iron or steel you will often

shape the steel or shape the metal you will twist and Bend the thing you are

creating so wrought just means something has been reshaped wrought you bend you

twist you turn you change the shape of something that is straight wrought

quite often you might see are outside someone's house you might see wrought

iron so what we are saying there is the iron has been twisted and bent to create

a beautiful shape wrought I hope you like that very much

wrote something wrought such as wrought iron twisted bent the shape has been

changed normally for decoration oh he's a big

one mr. Duncan that is a big one that is a big word here's another one

another word wrought lil says wrought is another difficult word to memorize

however if you write these words down as you see them don't forget you can write

them down you can also watch this lesson again so you can understand the words

more clearly so sometimes when you are watching my videos maybe you don't

understand everything straight away later you can later you can I'm just

distracted because I can see someone walking their dog on my other camera

would you like to have a look here we go so in the distance over there there is

someone actually walking their dog can you see them in the center of the

picture I think it might be a farmer but he's walking along and it looks as if he

has two dogs with him as well and that is one of the local farmers that you are

looking at now he is actually one of the local farmers that lives around here and

it looks as if he was taking his dogs for a little walk it's not nice a slight

distraction there back to our strange English words this word is related to

something I was watching earlier in fact gastronomical gastronomical we use this

to describe anything that is related to cooking or the preparation or cooking of

food gastronomical you might describe something as delicious you might say

that it was a gastronomical delight a gastronomical delight refers to

beautiful delicious food the opposite of course is a gastronomical disaster that

means the food wasn't very nice so in this sense we are using the word food

and cooking the way something tastes anything related to cooking food

gastronomical gastronomical and you might notice at the beginning of this

world gastro also relates to the stomach as well eating and the stomach that's

very nice another word oh here's another one this is an odd word however this

word has a very simple meaning so the meaning of this word is actually quite

simple quite a basic word even though it looks very strange the word is

juxtaposed juxtaposed the meaning is side by side two things are next to each

other they are placed side by side maybe you are comparing two things you are

putting them next to each other you juxtapose those things you put them side

by side juxtaposed so that is an interesting word and it means to put

something side by side you put two things

next next to each other or to be nearby those two things are nearby you

juxtapose those things hmm we are having curry tonight the curry that you saw as

making in the kitchen that is the same meal we are going to have tonight can

you believe it we are actually having in fact mr. Steve insists I have no

choice mr. Steve he says we always have curry on Friday nights so there you go

that's what we're having here's another word this is a word that is very emotive

this is a word that some people feel very strongly about in fact this word is

only really used by people who are against a certain type of action to be

honest vivisection vivisection so this is quite a dark word it means to

experiment or to do tests on living creatures so if you are doing medical

tests if you are trying to find out if a certain substance harms an animal before

it is used on human beings we call that vivisection it is to act in a way that a

lot of people disagree with you test products quite often wealth certainly

many years ago in the cosmetic industry many companies used to test their

cosmetics on animals they used to put the cosmetics into their eyes and they

would force them to eat these things just to see what the effect was so you

had to test on animals that were alive many people believe that this is a very

cruel way of doing it so people who are against animal testing live animal

testing they refer to it as vivisection vivisection vivisection just means live

autopsy you are cutting something open that is still alive you are operating or

testing on something that is living not a very nice thing and there are many

people who are against vivisection fortunately nowadays there are

companies that don't do it they have stopped carrying out vivisection oh my

goodness mr. Duncan what is that what what is that word mr. Duncan hey I know

it's a strange word mr. Duncan but it's also a big word this is a word if you've

ever seen a Disney movie have you ever seen the Lion King The Lion King Akuma

let me just a cou man Matata is a lovely word Hakuna Matata

it is often what I don't know I think I need to lie down in a dark room I think

so so have you ever seen a Disney film and you've seen the animals talking they

are almost like human beings so they have many of the characteristics many of

the mannerisms that a human being would have so you are changing an animal into

human form you are looking at something in a different way quite often an animal

or maybe a type of bird anything you are changing the form and also the

characteristic of an animal into something else

Disney if you've ever seen the Lion King that is a good example of animals having

human characteristics people who own dogs they will also do this to their

animal and I'm going to show you the word here it is and throw PO more more

thighs anthropomorphize anthropomorphize anthropomorphize if you am prefer more

thigh something and throw more thighs it means

you give an animal the characteristics of a human being a person they have the

personality of a human being you are transferring one thing to another animal

the way in which they behave or communicate and you will see this quite

often with Disney films cartoons quite often you will see the animal actually

talking and also behaving like a human being and this is the process this is

what we call it and throw per morph eyes you anthropomorphize it means you change

the characteristics of one animal to another in this case we are talking

about animals talking like human beings and also behaving like human beings

it is a hard word to say you are right and throw per morph eyes and throw per

morph eyes so if you split the word up into syllables it's not so hard and

throw PO morph eyes anthropomorphize parrot is you are changing the

characteristics of one thing to another I suppose you could say that the

Egyptians used to do that they used to create sculptures and also carvings of

animals that appeared human so maybe certain Egyptian gods they had the form

of an animal however they also had the form of a human being they were changing

the formation of those two animals and combining them together and for a perm

or thighs is what you are doing okay from one difficult word to a simple word

and this is one I like

Wabble Wabble Wabble something will wobble if something was it means it

moves from side to side very loosely wobble you might wobble as you walk like

that wobble something that moves very easily we can say that it wobbles so a

wobble is something that is an even something that is moving because it is

loose or maybe it is not straight it wobbles maybe your table at home when

you sit down to have your meal maybe your table will wobble it wobbles from

side to side I think so I trying to pronounce the word that you just showed

and my tongue does it find a way don't worry you can watch the lesson again and

I will give you plenty of time because you could watch it forever you can watch

this lesson forever and ever you can watch it once twice or even a million

times if you want wobble something wobbles it wobbles here's another one oh

okay then we have a very similar word here it looks very similar to the

previous one dabble dabble this is an English word it is used quite often a

person who tries to do something maybe they do something not seriously but they

try they have a go at doing it they try it not seriously but they have a go they

try it they dabble in that particular thing a certain action that you try but

you don't do it professionally you just dabble you do it from time to time so

maybe you dabble in home decorating you do it sometimes you don't do it all the

time it is not your professional job you dabble dabble I like that word I like

that word very much we only have three more words and then I will be going it's

almost time for me to go can you believe it our two hours have almost come to an

end here's another word oh I like this one I like this one I like it a lot

yes wobble moving from side to side not straight and also not fixed not fixed so

maybe a table that is not even will wobble isn't that annoying do you ever

sit down in a cafe or a restaurant and you sit at the table in the table

wobbles it's so annoying it really is very annoying on trum yes dabble try

something in all in the way in a certain way but not seriously you try to do it

so what about this word what about this word ooh okay come on Duncan concentrate

here is another word a strange English world but it is a real word it's

definitely real honestly the word is

brouhaha brouhaha it sounds a little bit like instead it is brouhaha brouhaha

brouhaha means an argument or fight something that is chaotic maybe an

argument between one or more people what how can you have an argument with

yourself where you can I suppose I mean I could I have arguments with myself all

the time no mr. Duncan you can't do that well why

not well because you can't you just can't but I wanted but no you can't so I

suppose you can have an argument with yourself it is a bit weird so an

argument taking place between two or more people is a brouhaha a very noisy

disagreement a brouhaha so if your neighbors are having a fight in the

middle of the night and there is lots of noise coming from the house you might

say who in my neighbor's house last night there was a brouhaha a brouhaha an

argument a very aggressive argument normally involving shouting or maybe

things being broken get out something like that uni Kareena imagine using all

these words together for the first time when he meets someone who is a native

English speaker he or she would never talk to us again I'm not sure about that

I don't think so they would be very impressed I think their head their head

would explode I think so brouhaha is a big argument noisy argument taking place

people disagreeing and shouting at each other

it's a brouhaha here's another one we have just two more so this is the

penultimate penultimate oh I like that word excuse me whilst I just enjoy the

word I just said

panel Tamera

penultimate penultimate ah that's better so here is the penultimate word by the

way penultimate means the second-to-last so

it's not the last word it is the second-to-last so the next word will be

the last word this word is the penultimate word that we are looking at

today scallywag a scallywag is a young person who is mischievous they do very

bad things maybe they are a disruptive child or a young teenager we can

describe them as a scallywag scallywag I love that word it's great scallywag a

mischievous teenager a young person who does bad things or maybe they are always

doing things that they shouldn't be a disruptive young person is often

described as a scallywag it sounds made-up

it isn't it is a real word you can check all of these words later if you don't

believe me maybe you doubt me maybe you doubt me how could you how could you

doubt me how could you doubt me after all we've been through together after

all of the adventures that we've had don't forget the adventures that we've

had in the past so many adventures so I'm not lying those words are real

including this one this is the final word that we're looking at today before

we say goodbye Harbinger Harbinger when we describes

something as a harbinger it is something that is bringing a message a certain

type of message a harbinger something that comes along and gives you a

message or a feeling we could also use the word omen so a harbinger is

something that comes along and it is giving you a certain feeling or

messenger or message so the harbinger is literally the thing

that comes your way maybe a message or a feeling the harbinger of doom is

something that is coming your way that might create problems in the future

harbinger the bringer the bringer of bad news or bad feelings or bad events

harbinger I like that I like it a lot Thank You Valentin Vitesse mr. Duncan is

there an English word can attests or is it a Spanish word I took it from the

song Hotel California the warm smell of colitas always sea colitas I'm not quite

sure what that means I know that I know the song very well Hotel California it's

raining oh my goodness look at the rain coming down oh my goodness it's raining

such a nice try I'm not sure what Kaleta colitas is it might be a type of it

might be a type of wine it does sound like wine doesn't it sounds like the

name of a type of wine maybe thank you very much for your company oh it's been

so nice to have you here today yes it is nice to share the 1st of May with you I

hope you've enjoyed today's livestream we have talked about many things we have

made the curry in the kitchen we've looked at some very strange words we

took a trip to Paris twice we had a little look inside a bird's nest we also

have a look at the horses as well with mr. Steve and that's it

I will see you again soon on YouTube I hope you've enjoyed today's live English

addict for all those who love the English language and don't forget before

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like the sound of that

Palmeiras says oh when we were students at university we called our dormitory

the Hotel California because if because it was a very popular song

at the time that is a very old song by the way it came out many years ago the

Hotel California it also has one of the longest introductions of any song I

remember years ago when I used to do radio presenting Wow look at that look

at that rain again what is going on out there the rain is really coming down

quite heavily look at that Wow it is definitely raining outside I can safely

say that the rain is definitely falling outside my window look at that well as I

was saying many years ago when I used to play Hotel California on the radio you

could talk for a very long time before that the vocals came in so before the

people in the on the song started singing you could talk for ages so I

used to like reading the weather or doing some sort of chitchat over the

introduction of Hotel California because I think it goes on for about two or

maybe three minutes it has one of the longest introductions of any song that

was ever in the charts it's true it's true I tell ya

thank you very much Valentin we are getting some pleasure while speaking the

English words and is is what only advanced English addicts can do have a

nice day and have a nice end of the day as well thank you Valentin that's very

kind of you yes it is definitely raining cats and dogs outside and that's what I

said earlier that's the reason why I can't go outside at the moment to do my

live streams because the weather is so unpredictable sometimes the Sun is out

and then sometimes it rains very heavily Thank You Adrian thank you for your live

stream have a nice evening enjoy your curry I will I definitely will

thanks for your original livestream I always try to do something different it

is true that I'm not the same as other people on YouTube I'm a little bit

different sometimes being different can be interesting

it really can despite what other people say despite what they say Thank You

Noemi bye Louis by Beatriz irene palmyra ana pica also a Narita Belarus year

Vitesse unique arena Pedro and all of you see you tomorrow

says Noemi thank you very much I am going now I hope you have a good day

enjoy the rest of your first of May and I will see you very soon here on YouTube

look out for those notifications 2 p.m. UK time is when I appear right here on

YouTube don't forget also you can send a donation I have some thank yous that I

want to mention on my next livestream I've actually received a couple of

donations on PayPal that I didn't notice because I haven't really been looking at

my computer for the past 24 hours so imagine my surprise I imagine my

surprise when I found out that I had a couple of donations if you want to send

a donation you can there is the address on your screen

right now a small donation or large it is up to you really thank you very much

for your help don't forget everything I do is free I

do all of this for free it costs you nothing thanks for your company I am

going now I'm going to have something to eat I'm going to have a cup of tea and I

have a feeling that mr. Steve would like a cup of tea as well that is it I will

say adieu to you you and you until the next time we meet

here on YouTube this is mr. Duncan in the birthplace of

English of course that is England saying thanks for watching see you later and

you know what's coming next yes you do

guitar for now

see you tomorrow