did you do doo doo doo dee dee dee dee dee dee it's another day it's another

live stream we are all here once again together yes it is happening everyone we

are once more live across the internet that wonderful thing that has become our

best friend over the past few weeks I would say I would definitely say that

everyone is now living the internet more than they ever thought they would oh

look at the view it's quite nice today quite a nice day a little blustery there

is some wind however things are not too bad and I hope you are feeling good

today as well so here we go again we are back yes it's it's Monday

everyone yes we've made it all away to a new week oh here I am

hi everybody this is mr. Duncan in England how are you today are you okay I

hope so are you happy I hope you are feeling happy today I

really do because I don't feel too bad last night I had the most wonderful

sleep I don't know what it is recently I don't know why recently I've

had some wonderful sleeps I felt rested and really relaxed I don't

know why because we are not living in relaxed times I think it is safe to say

we are definitely not living in relaxed times as I just said yes we are here

once again it's the start of a new week it's Monday

it is a new week a new beginning for some people and here we are in the UK we

are in our eighth week this is week eight of our lockdown across the UK how

are you feeling are you okay about it are you hoping and

wishing that all of this will return to normal

well we might have to wait a little bit longer to be honest can you see what I'm

doing today I'm actually doing some chores today I'm having to do my chores

traditionally here in the UK you might not believe this but many years ago I

always remember it was a kind of tradition to do your washing on Monday

so you would wash your clothes every Monday I don't know why it became

traditional but it did happen so I always remember my mother would always

do her washing on Monday and Here I am right now continuing that tradition

right now so I've been doing my my White's today so when you do your white

clothing here you can see I have my white clothing all of the things in here

are white so they will keep their brightness and they are not mixed with

anything else that has a dark color you see so that's why I always wash my

whites together and I have a feeling that you also do the same thing look at

that all of my lovely white clothes so these are clothes that are now clean and

fresh oh look at that there is one of my favorite shirts have you ever have you

ever seen this shirt before this is one of my favorite t-shirts here it is do

there is my lovely t-shirt that was given to me by one of my lovely friends

in Malaysia when I was in Malaysia one of my friends went to langkawi which is

in malaysia and he gave me this wonderful t-shirt isn't that fantastic

and to this very day it remains one of my most favorite t-shirts I don't think

I'm trying to remember now I'm not sure if I've ever worn this have I ever worn

this we went one of my English lessons I don't think so

so maybe for some people this might be the first time that you ever seen this

t-shirt and it happens to be one of my favorite t-shirts I've had this t-shirt

for I've had it since 1998 22 years 22 years I've had this t-shirt

it still looks okay I always take care of my clothes as you know so this

particular t-shirt I might wear this one day although some people might think

that the imagery is offensive I don't know why oh yes I do remember now I

remember I did wear this t-shirt on one of my video lessons a very long time ago

and someone said that that t-shirt is is possibly racist I don't know why I don't

think there's anything offensive about this t-shirt it's quite a fun t-shirt I

do like the design it always makes me feel like going on holiday I don't know

why when I see it I always remember my lovely hot days in Malaysia I hope one

day I will be able to travel again I hope we all will be able to travel again

to be honest I really do so now you know what I've been doing

today what about you when do you normally do your washing when do you

normally wash your clothes is there a certain day when you do it

here in the UK quite often we do it on Monday I don't know why don't don't ask

me why I just remember that my mother would always do it on Monday even my

grandmother I used to go and stay with my grandmother sometimes at the weekend

and on Monday morning she would always be very active doing all of her chores

including her washing Monday once again Monday hello to the live chat oh hello

live chat I haven't forgotten you don't worry hello to the live chat nice to see

you here today hello to flower Espoir hello to you

guess what no you're right you are first on today's live chat

yeah nice to see you here today and I'm really happy to see your

comments as well even though there was one one man yesterday I'm assuming it

was a man he said Duncan do you realize how irritating you are me irritating

surely not well my reply to that would be if you don't like it you can watch

something else there are many many people doing live streams at the moment

all sorts of celebrities yes all of the celebrities have now got their own live

streams they are catching up with me because I started it over four years ago

four years ago I started doing my live streams and most people were still

recording their videos and I was doing it live a long time ago in a galaxy far

far away talking of which yes today today is a special day it is the fourth

of May or as some people like to say may the fourth you know what I'm you know

what I'm getting at because you can see my little friend behind me there is r2d2

in the garden having a little sunbathe recharging his batteries because he is

solar-powered you see very environmentally friendly yes and it is

Star Wars day they often say that May the fourth is the day when people talk

about Star Wars because may the fourth be with you you see instead of may the

force be with you may the force be with you

I suppose if you are on the dark side if you are on the dark side you might say

may the Sith be with you which is in two days time so maybe two days from now you

might say may the Sith be with you because it will be May the

6th you see yeah that's my idea by the way no one else has ever thought of that

I'm the first person to suggest May thus if on May the 6th so if anyone else does

it you you will know that they copied it from me

ok so if anyone else start saying may the syph be with you on the 6th of May

you can tell them hey that's mr. Duncan's idea he started it

so I'm the first person ever in the world in the history of human beings to

ever say to ever say May the 6th or May the syph be with you so on may the 4th

you can have the bright side of the force and may thus if can be May the 6th

you see can you see what I did there I made a funny

hello to the live chat also hello Annie hello Annie called

nice to see you back here again Mohsen is here it's Monday the beginning of a

new week although for many people it doesn't feel much different from the

weekend because every day is the same day every day is the same

it really is hello Leela hello also Beatriz George nice to see

you here today hello also - Irene and can't Anna hello

to you I like your name can't Anna nice nice name I like that i like your name

very much also quran kareem mica is here hello Tamika hello Irene again hello

also to Vitas hello Vitas what happened to your fast

finger what happened maybe you are resting your fingers for a

few days I was wondering what happened to you today

because normally you are one of the first people on the live chat normally

so maybe your thing is having a rest because you've been

using it too much very nice hello pal mirror also Christine broke a prawn

hello to you as well can I say thank you for your lovely donation as well a

couple of days ago thank you very much grill em oh hello Guillermo watching in

Argentina you might notice the weather today is very strange because we are

having lots of cloud but also now and again the Sun is coming out to say hello

hello to the Sun so now and again you might notice the Sun come out you might

also notice that there are black birds feeding in my garden can you see them

there they are there is one of them no there are some black birds and at the

moment they have chicks that they are feeding so many of them are taking care

of their eggs also they are rebuilding their nests so sometimes when the nest

is being used sometimes the nest will be damaged by the chicks in the nest so

sometimes they have to repair their nests as well and for some black birds

there are chicks so some of the black birds are actually taking care of their

chicks right now there there is one of the black birds on the grass behind me

can you see hello mister black bird we can see you hello can you see me I think

so the interesting thing is the black birds don't care anymore if I'm standing

here if I'm standing here talking to you the black birds would just carry on

doing what they're doing they don't even care that I'm here because they've

become accustomed they have become accustomed to my presence they know I am

here all the time Adrienne is here as well

Adrienne floorman nice to see you it's nice to see regain thank you I hope that

mr. Steve feels better can I just say we watched yesterday's livestream together

and poor mr. Steve he looked so sad sitting in that chair however today you

will be pleased to hear that mr. Steve feels much better he doesn't have much

choice really because he's having to do some work because it's the start of the

week even though Steve is now working from home he still has to do work at the

time when he's normally working so that's what Steve is doing now but

yesterday he was sitting in the chair in the garden looking very sad I thought so

and so did many other people but for those who are worried Steve is feeling

much better much better

hello also to Francisco hello and a peeker today you will have to hang your

washing up mr. Duncan Thank You Ana I am going to put my

I washing in the house so sometimes I like to dry my washing in the house well

in fact there are two reasons for that one it's quite convenient and the other

thing is I am standing in the place where I normally hang my washing so

every day my gazebo is here but unfortunately because I'm doing this

every day I can't hang my washing here so this is the very place where my

washing would normally be hanging in fact I suppose I could hang it here in

my gazebo maybe I can hang it here all around me no I don't think so I don't

think that that would work somehow hello Susie care hello Susie cat nice to

see you again it seems like a long time since I said hello to you so nice to see

you back as well hello tomorrow I'm sorry for my aweful mistake yesterday

saying that I use caustic soda instead of baking soda or bicarbonate of soda

it's alright you don't have to apologize there was no mistake so don't worry

about it if anyone made the mistake it was mr.

Steve did you see yesterday what mr. Steve did he he he has some he has

something called caustic soda which is a very dangerous substance to be honest

you have to be very careful how you use it if you get it on your skin it will

burn it will actually burn into your skin it is horrible stuff it really is

so tomorrow you don't have to worry at all

Mohsen said I like the art on the t-shirt yes I think it's a nice t-shirt

although some people were slightly offended by it I don't know why but I

think it's a lovely t-shirt it is it is a fun happy design

hello else omran al Marin al Singh is here as well I am distracted today

because there are lots of chicks around me there is actually a baby Robin just

behind me I can hear it I can hear a baby Robin and it's very

distracting I want to I want to go into the garden and have a look at all of the

chicks because there are lots of lovely chicks in the garden at the moment being

fed by their parents hello - grace oh hello grace I haven't been to

langkawi before I've heard it's a very nice place I've never been there myself

but one of my friends who is well he is Malaysian and quite often people in

Malaysia will visit langkawi there are many lovely places in malaysia to visit

some very nice islands as well hello to Maria I'm saying hello to Maria on a

very bright but breezy Monday rather breezy today

hello also just variation nice to see you as well

we are doing a livestream this is one of my more informal Jenny Wren that was

Jenny Wren saying hello there this so normally during the week when I'm doing

my daily live streams normally I am a little bit more relaxed so this is not

one of my English addict lessons because I normally do those on Monday Wednesday

and Friday so today it's relaxed today we are just chilling having a nice

relaxing Monday so that's what I like to do on Monday but normally I teach

English on YouTube and I've been doing it for ever such a long time a very long

time indeed many many years in fact

Giuseppe says I learned most of my English thanks to you I started in 2011

oh thank you very much Giuseppe nice to hear that you're nice to hear that you

were helped by my English lessons marina Singh says every day we wash our clothes

in India so that's interesting you see so we normally allow our clothing to

pile up and then we wash it once a week so that's what we do here so every

Monday sometimes Tuesday I will do the washing so that's what I've been doing

this morning I don't just prepare my live streams you

know I do a lot of other things as well despite what Steve says yesterday

did you hear what Steve said he said that he has to do all of the work that's

not true it is not true franceska my goodness franceska maybe

you have a very busy house I have to do my washing three times a week what three

times a week that's a lot of washing and a pika says I can see your robot can you

introduce your robot I will introduce my robot again there he is it's r2d2 from

Star Wars because today is the 4th of May as many people saying today is Star

Wars day may the 4th be with you and then two days later it will be May thus

it may the Sith be with you you see instead of May the 6th and don't forget

I created that I invented that I invented that I'm the best I'm the best

hello also - Meeker oh hello Mika nice to see you here I always like to say

hello to my regular viewers and also if it is your first time don't

forget to tell me as well if it is your first time here hello lil yes the

Blackbird is looking for food that is what the blackbirds are busy doing at

the moment because they have a lot of hungry chicks hungry chicks need feeding

hello mr. Duncan my teacher is a big fan of you Thank You Ivan that's very kind

of you to say and hello to your teacher as well hello to r''l again thank you

Adelina Adelina Marcos nice to see you here as well a lot of people here today

thank you very much for joining me Thank You Manuel the Blackbird is like

the Beatles song I'm not sure about that I'm not sure which Beatles song you are

talking about I wonder hello also to Quran Karim what is mr.

Steeves job oh I can't tell you that it's top secret

it is very top secret trust me top secret

hello Liberty or death oh hello there mr. Duncan what is the answer here

please you think of a brand name that's easy to pronounce should or must should


I'm not sure I'm not sure what you mean there I'm just trying to work out what

what the context of your question is I'm not quite sure

you must think oh I see you you you can say you must think you must or you can

or maybe if you are asking someone to think of a certain thing you might say

you you must ask or could you or what I want you to do is think of a brand name

so in fact there are many ways of introducing that as a question

hello or of course a requests as well hello - al khair mr. Duncan did you eat

something good today I had my breakfast this morning and also later we will be

having something to eat as well last night we had fresh salmon mr. Steve

bought some salmon last week and we had a lovely salmon meal we often have that

on Sunday I don't know why we often do things on certain days sometimes in your

life as you do things you find that you have routines routines so when we talk

about routines we are talking about things we do regularly every day we all

do a certain thing so maybe on Monday you will do your washing on Tuesday

maybe you will clean your house maybe on Wednesday you will go into town to do

some shopping so quite often as you get older maybe maybe it has something to do

with age I don't know but we often get into routines we have routines so a good

example would be washing my clothes today

quite often I do it on Monday I do it on Monday because my mum would always do it

on Monday and it seems like a good tradition so

that is one of my routines and TN new Wynne says nice background mr. Duncan

the weather is ok today you can see now behind me you can see that all of the

leaves all of the green has now come out in fact I think let's have a look at the

other view I think this view is quite nice so there is the other camera and

you can see the view right now looking across into the distance it is quite a

nice day we were supposed to have a lot of sunshine but it would appear that it

is the opposite we're getting a lot of clout today we might even get some rain

it feels as if there might be some rain on the way so that is actually a live

view at the moment you are looking into the distance at a live view right behind

me in fact so here we are Monday we have a lot of things to do we're going to

talk about a few things we're going to have a look at a special series of

lessons that I did in 2014 who remembers my May Day lessons do you remember my

May Day lessons way back in 2014 I made a series of special lessons that I did

during the month of May so today what I'm going to do I'm going to show the

actual episode that I published on May the fourth which is the same date as

today the only difference is it was way back in 2014 a long long time ago and we

will have a look at that in a moment we also have mr. Steve appearing later on

although he won't be live fortunately but it is a lovely recording

that mr. Steve made with me and it is the first time that he used his

lawnmower so that's another thing we'll be looking at a little bit later on so

who remembers my May Day lessons way back in 2014

well guess what now we are going to take a look at that very lesson it was a

lesson that I published on this date way back in 2014 and even back then we were

celebrating Star Wars day

oh hello there welcome to another one of mr. Duncan's Maydays I'm mr. denken a

human being from Planet Earth ha did you know that today is a very

special day yes it is a day with a very cool and super duper title this is no

ordinary May day because today is Star Wars day on this day everyone likes to

say may the 4th be with you poo just like in the movie oh I wish I could play

some Star Wars music right now but the copyright guys from Disney would be all

over me they'd be saying hey you can't play that music that music belongs to us

now you are infringing our copyright and that is the last thing I would want to

do there will be a new Star Wars movie coming out next year how are you a fan

of Star Wars are you excited about the new movie are you hoping that it will

not turn out to be a big pile of pants like the last three me too when water

freezes it turns to ice it becomes solid when heat is applied to ice it begins to

melt the ice melts if an object is frozen in ice it also becomes solid if

heat is applied to the frozen object then it begins to thaw it thaws out

there are some idioms and phrases in English that concern ice for example

break the ice the phrase break the ice means to begin something

or start something off normally this is used in social situations if you

approach a person you have never met before then you will need to have

something to say to them you need to break the ice a party needs a starting

point it needs something to break the ice if you are going out on a date with

someone then you need an interesting subject to talk about small talk can be

a form of this ice breaking it is a method of getting a conversation and

perhaps even a little bit more underway

another idiom using ice is to be on thin ice this phrase means that a person is

pushing their look someone is in danger of coming to harm because they are going

too far with something if you keep pushing your look by taking risks then

we can say that you are on thin ice we can also say that a person is skating on

thin ice this has a similar meaning it means that if you keep doing the same

thing then you will come to harm

another phrase is cold as ice we can describe a person as being cold as ice

if they have no feelings for others this person seems to have no emotions

a person who hurts other people emotionally without showing any guilt or

remorse can be described as being as cold as ice to receive no positive

emotion or response from a person or a group of people can be described as icy

or frosty he greeted me with an icy stare the reception they gave me was

frosty then there is see you on the ice this expression means see you out there

you might say this before a performance to another person who is also taking

part the final ice phrase is don't cut no ice this phrase means that a person

or thing has no influence your mind cannot be changed and your decision will

not be altered your kind words and excuses don't cut no ice with me I have

no idea what you're trying to say to me I really love technology it's so useful

not to mention cool the only problem with it is that there are so many words

to learn and remember the formal word for these phrases is terminology some of

these words and phrases seem to make no sense and are hard to understand we can

also use the word jargon to describe these phrases many computer experts use

jargon when they are explaining something the

average person will not understand what they are talking about could you please

explain it to me simply without all the jargon a person who is not familiar with

a certain subject can be described as a layman to simplify a subject can be

described as putting it into layman's terms

in computing there is a lot of jargon to understand this is one of the reasons

why people are put off or discouraged from learning about computing words such

as bits and bytes megabytes and terabytes firewalls bitmap overwrite

boot reboot copy and paste drag encryption what is the difference

between software and hardware the list goes on and on firewall in computing

terms a firewall is a system that filters information as it enters a

computer a firewall limits the information and the ability to access

the computer this prevents unauthorized users from accessing the computer and

its contents a firewall can be in a piece of software or Hardware a computer

has the ability to store information this is done digitally digital

information consists of a series of ones and zeros the computer is a digital

machine as it can only read information in this form a computer reads

information as one being on and zero being off this type of information can

also be called a binary system translated it means a 2-fold signal the

simple construction of this system allows information to be stored in huge

amounts from the small kilobyte which is a thousand bytes right up to the

mind-blowing yottabyte which is a trillion trillion bytes or to put it on

the way a septal Ian bites yes there is such a word as septillion to show you

just how large a septillion is counting up to it from one would take millions of

years I have received an email from Lena who is following me in Russia

Lena asks what the word chav means well Lena I'm not sure where you heard this

word but it is not one that is used outside the UK the word chaff is a noun

that refers to someone in their youth who behaves in an unsociable or loutish

way and often wears fake or genuine designer sports clothes it is a very

derogatory and offensive term that emerged in the 1990s to call someone a

chaff would be seen as appearing better than the subject it is not used much

these days but references to it can still be seen in movies and TV

programmes made during the 1990s and early 2000s

did he little it deleted did he little it a lit it distilled it did I was going

to play my piece of music I was that was going to play my lovely piece of music

then but maybe not okay we are back oh hello there did you enjoy that that was

one of my may days that I recorded a very long time ago a long time ago we

are saying that something happened in the past a long time ago it was long ago

we are relating to something that happened in the past we can say not very

long ago and that means recently a very long time ago means in a distant past so

I hope that answers your question about that hello to everyone yesterday we had

some fun with words were you watching yesterday did you get involved with my

little contest yesterday I thought it went wrote very well to be honest I

thought it went rather well I thought so in a few minutes we will be looking at

mr. Steve in the garden as well because he likes to get out in the garden doing

his chores if there is one thing that Steve likes doing when he has some spare

time he likes to go into the garden so we will be looking at that a little bit

later on as well tamarah says of course the black birds

love you very much and they don't want to leave you their

best friend that's nice yes I think sometimes the birds do come because they

feel relaxed and maybe comfortable and safe maybe yes I think so today is a

special day as you saw in my video just a few moments ago

it is May the 4th and this is my little r2d2 do you like do you like r2d2 isn't

he lovely he even works so this little r2d2

actually does work he moves around and he he chats as well he actually talks

although not at the moment not at the moment because if he starts talking now

then I can't shut him up to be honest he's a little bit like mr. Steve once he

starts talking it is very hard to get him to be quiet so this is my little

r2d2 as a way of celebrating today's special day which is may the 4th be with

you ok and don't forget also two days from now we have made thus if that was

my idea by the way I know someone will steal it someone will say no it was my

idea I thought of may the Sith but no it was

my idea I thought of it first okay so if you see it trending in two days time if

you see it trending on Twitter or Facebook you will know that it came from

me all right I started that off sweetness says a lot of love for you mr.

Duncan I am here as always however I have tons of things to do and my hands

are so busy you might also say that your hands are full as well if you have a lot

of things that you need to do lots of things you have to do many chores that

you have to carry out we can also say that you eat you have your hands full I

have my hands full at the moment there are so many things that I have to do

because I am so busy hello - Satyam hello Satyam Raj nice to see you here as

well a lot of people joining in I know it's Monday and I know many people at

the moment starting to go back to work some people

are now starting to go into town and some people are starting to open their

businesses again they are reopening their

businesses so things are slowly going back to normal

however here in the UK as I said yesterday it looks as if we are a long

way we are a very long way from going back to normal here in the UK to be

honest with you Guiseppe hello mr. Duncan you mentioned me years ago when I

said you are unique really I'm sure I must have mentioned you because you seem

like someone who always likes to get in touch and also express your feelings so

yes thank you very much once again Giuseppe that's very kind of you to say

hello my dear teacher you are one of my best teachers who teaches me English

well the way you are presenting your lessons Thank You Mustapha you are

welcome it's my pleasure we are here on Monday

we always do things a little bit bit more relaxed so we are quite relaxed

today unlike my normal English addict lessons where there is a lot of things

going on during this time we like to chat we like to keep each other company

so I am doing the same thing as you at the moment we can't go around and visit

other people unfortunately we are not allowed to do it and now we are into 8

weeks so this week is week 8 of the lockdown two months two months

officially which means I've been doing my regular live streams for almost two

months as well I can't believe it I really can't

hello LAN LAN Fung landfill new Wynne says hello teacher and everyone nice to

see you here thank you very much by the way you can

have captions here is something I want to mention very briefly you can have

captions on my live stream did you know that yes so as you are watching now if

you do this mr. Duncan if you do this press C on your keyboard

don't enter it you don't have to enter it on the live chat just press just take

your finger and press C for captions and subtitles and you can have them live on

this actual stream if you are watching live it's incredible and also I can give

a little bit of help as well if you are watching on your mobile device of course

there is another way of getting captions and I will show you now all you have to

do is go up there into the corner of your screen and you can go to the

settings so go to the settings on your mobile phone and it looks like that it

looks like that that is what it actually looks like and

then you can click on the caption setting and there it is so you can

actually have captions on your mobile device as well and that also includes on

most mobile devices such as tablets and also the iPhone and Samsung smartphone

as well so there are many ways of doing it you see many ways of getting captions

on your screen so that's how you do it if you are watching on your PC just

press C and of course as I just said if you are watching on your mobile phone

all you have to do is go up there into the corner and you will find the

settings at the top of the screen isn't that amazing oh I love modern

technology very much I love it very very much bill mero the breeze will help to

dry the clothes faster but these days I don't know if I want it to happen faster

well I don't really like the breeze if it's too strong because it interferes

with my live streams it makes it very difficult to come outside however there

is an upside and a downside we often say that with most things in life there is

an upside a positive thing and a downside which is a negative thing so I

often find with with whatever I do in life there is always an upside and a

downside there's always something positive and

always something negative I suppose it depends on your attitude

I suppose what it all depends on is your attitude I think so mog mog says Oh

today's guest is r2d2 I know all away from Tatooine can you believe it that's

where he's living now apparently he's living there with with ray hello to Ungh

is mr. Steve a gardener he isn't he isn't a professional gardener however he

does enjoy doing the gardening he does enjoy being outside getting some fresh

air and also some exercise because gardening is a great way to keep

yourself fit so you were not only taking care of the garden you were also taking

care of yourself at the same time yes I think so

hello to Babylonian cartoons hello mr. Duncan I asked you what is the best way

to introduce yourself to other people in the English language if you meet someone

for the first time they quite often you will introduce yourself

as well your name hi hello there nice to meet you my name is Duncan or my name is

mr. Duncan if you want to be formal so there are many ways of it to do

introducing yourself if you meet a person that you don't know and quite

often you will just say hello or nice to meet you

something very informal you don't have to be formal you can just say hi nice to

meet you hello that so you don't really have to be too formal however if you are

in a formal situation maybe you are going for a job interview maybe you are

meeting a person for an important business meeting then of course you have

to be more formal maybe you shake hands even though you can't do that at the

moment maybe you can just say hi hello nice to meet you my name is Duncan I'm

here today for the interview and then maybe if you meet the person eventually

you will walk into the office and maybe the person who is giving the interview

meets you and you will just say once again you will say hi hi I'm mr. Duncan

nice to see you today nice to meet you something like that so you don't have to

be too precise you don't have to be too precise you might say good morning if

you meet someone in the street you might just say good morning and that's it so

there are many ways of introducing yourself I have a feeling what you mean

is how to tell the person what your name is

so you can just say hi hello nice to meet you my name is Duncan that's it all

hi nice to meet you my name is Duncan and you are so you are actually then

asking the other person to give them your name their name so you are asking

them for their name hi my name is mr. Duncan and very

nice to meet you nice to meet you and you are by that I am saying that I want

to know what the other person's name is that's what I'm doing

my advice is always to hang the washing out to prevent the mold from growing on

it feel free to do it and we will see you while you do it I can't hang my

washing outside today because my my gazebo

the thing that I'm standing underneath is in the place where my my washing lion

normally is so this is the area where I normally hang my washing so

unfortunately I will have to hang the washing in the house at the moment I

can't do it outside hello Fernando mr. Duncan hello Fernando

Fernando race nice to see you as well Adrian I like I like Adrian is noticing

I love it that you are noticing my routines during the week so mr. Duncan

it is curry on Fridays yes you are right and also salmon on Sundays once again

you are right yes so that is a couple of our routines and quite often here's

another one that you might not know on Wednesday quite often on Wednesday we

will have pizza so pizza on Sunday curry on Friday salmon on Sunday so there you

can see there is a routine quite often we will have a routine with our meals

sometimes we will have the same thing on the same day every week hello Andi star

hello Andi star nice to see you as well mr. Duncan do you agree with this the

days of our youth are the days of our glory

well I think being young is pretty cool to be honest being young is very nice

however one of the big problems with being young is quite often you don't

realize that you are young sometimes you have to make sure that if you are

talking to someone who is young and they don't they don't know what to do with

their lives maybe you should say your youth is valuable when you are young you

have everything around you for the taking you really do sometimes we don't

realize it though quite often and this is something I've done so I'm not I'm

not blaming other people I'm also talking about my own experience as well

I often realize that in my young years maybe there were many opportunities or

many things that I could have pursued that I didn't you see

so sometimes youth is there we are young we feel healthy and fit and we think

this is how it's always going to be unfortunately it isn't we all have to

learn that lesson we all have to learn that lesson however just because you

become older just because you get old doesn't mean you have to start acting

old life is still there you still have it as I always say whilst I have breath

in my body I will still try to do my best in this world

hello also - I'll care or AI care hello also Damian Bal bina hello to you I like

the little Hills they are very nice thank you very much

Tamara says that the view behind you is nice it isn't too bad today I I must be

honest with you the view today is quite nice I thought it was going to rain

fortunately it hasn't so far liberty or death I think I think liberty or death

is getting me to do the homework I'm not sure if I should be doing your homework

for you it is kind of cheating because if you give this to your teacher

tomorrow they will think oh very good very good you've worked very hard but in

fact you've asked me to help you and give you the answers so I think

sometimes you have to be very careful when you ask other people to help you to

do your homework because the idea is for you to do your homework and if you ask

someone else to give you the answers then you are not really doing the work

that is the reason why they call it homework

you see home work not ask mr. Duncan work but I do know what you mean you

should or you must think of a brand name that is easy to pronounce well I suppose

you could say both really something you have to do if you have no choice to do

it you will say should you should think you should think of a brand name that is

easy to pronounce or if it is very urgent and something you have to do

straightaway you must you must do it it is a strange question to be honest it is

a rather strange question because quite often how quickly or how much we need

something to happen is often based on urgency urgency but I would say should

to be honest I would say should you should think of a name that is easy to

pronounce because you are giving advice to someone so if you are offering advice

quite often we will say should you should think

of a brand name that is easy to pronounce hello to Ana Rita hello to

rich MA hello to vowel hello Val oh I like your

name by the way that's a great name I like a lot I haven't seen Luis Mendez

today has anyone seen Luis Mendez I haven't seen in on the live chat if

anyone knows what has happened to Luis Mendez please tell me the birds are

chirping they sound very happy he says Devi yes I don't know why but

the birds at the moment are singing when in fact I think they should be taking

care of their young they are having far too much fun did you like that did you

enjoy that I think the birds were singing personally for you I think that

song from the birds was actually for you not me hello - Prakash would anyone like

to talk to me on whatsapp so we can improve our English fluency there are

many opportunities and I think whatsapp is something that has become very

popular with people who are communicating with each other especially

during these difficult times whatsapp has become quite a powerful tool I think

so hello Johnny bath hello Johnny bath or is it Johnny bat hello to everyone

hello to you as well thank you very much for joining me for those who are

wondering my name is Duncan I talk about the English language I also present

English addict today we are just doing something very informal a little bit of

relaxation while we all enjoy our isolation we are trying

our best we are making the best of a bad situation that is what we are trying to

do hello Maria yes the birds are awesome they are at

the moment can you see the black bird there is actually a black bird on my

grass there I can see you so in the distance there is a black bird right


he is looking for food and I have a feeling maybe he has a nest with some

little chicks inside hello marina hello to you marina it's nice to see you here

we test today I saw that the shore swallows have returned after wintering

this year it happened most much earlier than last year isn't it great because

quite often in many countries including here you will have birds that migrate so

they will come here to the UK at certain times of the year normally to get away

from the cold weather so yes you are right yes we we do have a lot of

migrating birds they are birds that come here and then after they go back to

where they were migrating birds

hello also - oh can I say hello to Belarus ear

Belarus ear nice to see you here thank you very much for joining me

nice to see you back I hope everything is all right

and I hope the meal that you had the other evening I hope it was nice as well

Oh in fact I think it was lunch you were making lunch the other day weren't you I

hope it was delicious I really do hello also - Reshma again

who is salli saying hello to Belarusian have the swallows returned yet

we have swallows Swift's and also Housemartins

so they are all birds that suddenly appear around this time of year so they

are all coming from other places and they will come to the UK during the

summer months when it is nice and warm we are going to take a little break mr.

Steve is a person who loves going into the garden it is true however sometimes

steve has to do a lot of preparation before he can begin his work especially

if it is the first time that he's doing it in that year so here is mr. Steve

preparing to cut the grass for the first time after the winter break and then

after that we will be back live again oh hello mr. Steve so can you tell us what

you are doing today it looks very interesting

well this blade has been sharpened because it was a bit blunt for the

lawnmower so I took the blade off myself took it to this place and they've

sharpened it for me they did it for free which is very good

because I bought some oil off the minute and a new spark plug and now I'm going

to fit it back on again and then I need to cut the glass because it's getting a

bit long so I'll put this back on having determined which way round it goes we

think I've disconnected the spark plug for safety because we don't there's

accidentally going off although there is no petrol in it because I haven't used

it yet this year but nevertheless we don't undertake any risks what's that

particular thing you've got in your hand now that's a socket wrench and that can

be used it's a very handy tool for undoing bolts

and also for taking the spark plug out

tell us a bit more about the spark plug mr. Steve what exactly does the spark

plug do the spark plug is a very important part of a petrol engine

because as the name suggests the spark goes across the gap in the spark plug

and that ignites the fuel the petrol going into the cylinder and in this

particular lawnmower there's only one cylinder so we only have one spark plug

but in a car you might have four or five or six or eight if you're lucky and so

that ignites the the fuel and air mixture which powers the whole machine

is it important to get the gap in the spark plug correct it is you need to

have the correct gap because if it's too wide you won't get a spark at all and if

it's too narrow the spark won't be bright enough or powerful enough and

then you'll lose power in the engine so you need to get it just about right

there's a little bit of tolerance there so it's you don't have to be absolutely

spot-on but you have to try and get it accurate and you also have to have a

nice clean spark plug otherwise it won't fire properly I would

clean the spark plug using a small wire brush so what tool do you use to make

sure that the gap on the spark plug is correct I use a feeler gauge so by using

the feeler gauge you can actually tell whether the gap in the spark plug is

correct that's right because the feeler gauge has a whole different range of

sizes here which you can put between the gap and if it fits perfectly you know

it's the light gap if it isn't you can widen it all or narrow it so this is in

millimeters I've got 0.63 which is that one and then

I've got point five about half of them at millimeter I've got point two and you

can stack them up together but to get the right gap so the gap in that spark

plug needed to be between 0.6 and point 8 millimeters so I've got a point 6 3

which would have been fine but I just put it added on a point 0 4 to it just

to get it nearly up to seven point seven which is just where I think it needs to

be oh it looks as if mr. Steve is now ready is going to start mowing the lawn

do I hope you enjoyed that mr. Steve as usual being a very busy bee in the

garden yes we are live on Monday we are back live it is Monday may the 4th be

with you I hope you are having a good day wherever you are in the world thank

you Steve for showing us your lovely lawn mower there by the way the word

spot on mr. Steve said something that you are doing must be spot on it's a

very interesting phrase very interesting phrase indeed something that is spot on

is precise precise so you have to have something that is spot on spot on it is

precise it is accurate it is something that is spot on you might look at your

watch and say is your watch correct and I will say yes it's it's spot on the

time on my watch is correct it is spot on

absolutely exactly precise it is 20 minutes past 3:00 o'clock here in the UK

it is just approaching 20 past 3:00 and I hope you are having a good day today

wherever you are in the world we were talking about birds earlier and I

thought I would show you one of my favorite birds one of my all-time

favorite birds one of the birds that I loved seeing in the garden even though

quite often I don't see them very often I don't see them often however when I do

see them I feel very excited and here is the bird this is a long-tailed tit well

this isn't this is actually a toy but as you can see the long tail tit has a very

long tail hence the name and it has a lovely little song as well

so this is one of my favorite birds a very small bird almost almost the

smallest bird in the UK however we also have the Jenny Wren the Wren is also a

very small bird and also the gold crest as well a gold crest is a very small

bird so there it is a little long-tailed tipped mr. Duncan can you say that

yes I can I can because that's the name of the bird you see I'm not being rude

yeah so there I love it

and I suppose I can't forget this this is the lovely gift that I received a

couple of weeks ago and this is my little missel thrush or song thrush

should I say so there are many different types of thrush

there is a missel thrush which looks very similar to this and there is a song

thrush which is this one and it has a beautiful song like that thank you very

much once again to you know who you are thank you very much for sending this to

me it is so lovely I look at this every day and I always give it a little stroke

and I say hello mr. song thrush are you going to sing a song for me today I

don't know what this is doing here because this is not a bird mr. Duncan

that is not a bird that's not a type of bird I don't know what this is doing

here mr. sheep you are not a bird okay but I have a feeling that you want to

try to fly would you like to have a go at flying okay off you go fly away

Wow have you ever seen a sheep fly hello - Andy star again the favorite birds of

my wife are pyncheons I think pigeons are interesting birds however sometimes

they can be very annoying especially when they are outside your window in the

morning and they are making lots of noise

so sometimes pigeons can be a little annoying

the last birds you have shown us has lots of spots on his chest yes

the thrush the song thrush is a very distinctive bird it is very easy to spot

quite often you will hear it in the evening singing its beautiful song

my daughter will love those toys Thank You Valeria they are available in many

places around the world as I understand so yes maybe where you are you can get

one for your daughter as well hello - Mohsen hello Mohsen with your lovely oh

that looks like how are those ducks those look like ducks on the live chat I

think they might be ducks or are they don't they might be dumb I can't see

very clearly you see because they're very very small on my screen I think

they might be doubles maybe they are doves bringing peace perhaps a little

bit of peace wouldn't that be lovely it would be ever so nice thank you I mean

mr. Duncan what is your favorite film or series I don't really have one favorite

however there are many TV shows I like watching some I like to watch many many

times there are some TV shows that I can watch again and again without ever

feeling bored to be honest hello also to Noemi know where me is

saying hello liberty or death again says you if you keep asking me this

I I'm not sure if I'm going to answer because I'm not helping you with your

homework it isn't my job to do your homework for you to be honest I'm going

to be honest with you I know it's not fair and you are going to say mr. Duncan

you are so cruel but if you are doing your homework and you are asking me for

the answers then sometimes you have to come up with the answer yourself you

must or you should think of a brand name that is easy to pronounce I think I've

already answered this I have a feeling I'm going round around in circles here

am I in time loop maybe I am in some sort of time loop I'm going around

around in circles I think so Mohammad Juber says we appreciate your efforts

thank you very much and don't forget I am here everyday until you say that you

don't need me anymore so the day that you say mr. Duncan we don't need you to

help us during lockdown we don't need you anymore and then I will go away and

I will do something else hello also - Reshma nice to see you here

as well mr. Duncan's lessons are here for communicating with others yes I

think you're right the reason why I do this and I do it

live the reason why I like to make my live streams is because it gives you in

a chance it gives you an opportunity to listen to English being spoken

spontaneously and also completely live as well which i think is a very valuable

thing I will be going soon by the way I'm

going in a few moments I will be back tomorrow though I'm back tomorrow and

you know what time I'm back 2 p.m. UK time back tomorrow thank you

also to David Sanders hello David Sanders thank you for saying hello isn't

that nice also Annie Maria mr. Duncan we always

need you well I'm not sure if you need me all the

time maybe when you go back to your normal lives maybe when you're you can

go back to work and perhaps when you can see all your friends and relatives again

maybe you won't need me every day I will still be here but not every day

so at some point there will be a point in the future when I will say I won't be

doing my daily live streams anymore at the moment I will carry on is that ok I

hope so hello Valerie hello also too when fleurs mr. Duncan

how can I use the phrase I bet and I guess well I suppose you can use those

when you are confirming something that you are sure of maybe

I bet I bet he will be late this morning I bet he will be late something you are

pretty sure of you are saying I bet he will I bet he will be late this morning

or maybe I guess he will be late or I guess he is late or I guess he is going

to be late so in that respect you are considering

an opinion I guess he is late I think he is late if you say I bet he is late that

means you wash you are sure that he's late you are certain you are absolutely

certain I bet he will be late today I bet he

will that means you are very very sure very


ts says as long as we need English we will need you thank you very much - yes

that's very kind of you to say thank you it's very kind don't forget I am back

tomorrow back tomorrow 2 p.m. UK time tomorrow I am back with you again I hope

you've had a good time today I will be packing my things away I will be hanging

my washing out unfortunately I won't be hanging it here because my my lovely

gazebo my magic gazebo is here so I will have to hang my washing in the house I

will thank you very much - Roxie mr. Duncan thanks for the opportunity to

learn English with you you are welcome no problem

don't forget I'm back tomorrow everyday 2 p.m. UK time we can spend a little bit

of time together listening learning and maybe having a few smiles as well I will

see you tomorrow Maria mr. Duncan I have been taught

English for 10 years but I began to understand it with you thank you very

much Maria that's very kind of you Thank You arts B thank you also rich MA

I am going in a moment I hope you've enjoyed today's live stream thank you

also to get gas nerve gas on off or gas on off occasion off I hope had

pronounced your name right there sometimes I lie awake at night worrying

did I pronounce the names correctly it causes me a lot of stress

thanks Beatriz catch you tomorrow see you tomorrow yes it is short normally I

do two hours but today it will be one hour and thirty minutes and sadly that

that time is up we have come to the end of today's livestream Thank You Valarie

Thank You pal mera you can watch this later if you've missed it you can watch

it again later it will be available on my youtube channel and also there will

be captions as well see you tomorrow I hope you have a good day take care won't

you this is mr. Duncan in the birthplace of English saying thank you very much

for watching I hope you've enjoyed today's livestream see you tomorrow take

care stay safe and most importantly of all stay happy

ta ta for now 8-)