oh hello there hi everybody this is mr. Duncan in England how are you today

are you okay I hope so are you happy I really hope so here I am yeah I couldn't

resist coming out for a walk because it looks

as if the weather here in the UK is going to change a lot over the next

few days unfortunately we are going to have lots of rain this week

so all of that lovely sunshine is about to come to an end today the web there is

a little bit unsettled quite unsettled and quite cloudy I suppose would you

like to have a view or a little look at the view here it is so I'm out at the

moment having a lovely walk in the countryside near to where I live oh

there we go we've changed the angle I've managed to

change the angle as if by magic so we are here once again live not in the

studio we are not in the garden we are actually out and about in the

countryside for those who are wondering who their hell is that my name is Duncan

I teach English on YouTube and I've been doing it for ever such a long time a

very long time in fact here I am today having a walk I decided to break away

from the house because I've been spending so much time at home I thought

today I would go out for a little walk and I thought wouldn't it be a nice idea

if I came out here and had a little walk

with you so here we go here we are I didn't go to the doctor's

today because I'm actually feeling a lot better you might you may notice that my

voice my voice is a lot better today also the weather today even though it's

cloudy it is very warm to be honest with you I am absolutely boiling hot so for a

moment I am going to take my coat oh I'm going to take it off because I am so

warm for those who are asking about the captions I am using my mobile phone at

the moment so because I'm using my mobile phone there will be no live

captions when I have my studio broadcast you can have live captions but if I'm on

my mobile phone which I am now thank you very much modern technology for allowing

me to stand in the countryside and share my moments with you as well I have been

here every day during this crazy time you may have noticed this morning that

the leader of this country has returned to work Boris is back however it looks

as if the lockdown here in the UK is going to continue for a very long time

to come so it looks as if we will still be in this situation for perhaps the

foreseeable future when we talk about the foreseeable future we are saying the

future or the time ahead that we can plan or decide on so the foreseeable

future is something that we can see in the future something that is not too

distant so for the foreseeable future we are going to be

having this situation right now the one we are living through if you are having

difficulty looking at the chat I suggest you refresh this livestream so

if you can't leave your messages on the live chat what I suggest is you refresh

this stream hello to Helena hello Helena high English addicted friends I hope you

are all well and satisfied can I say thank you once again Helena for your

lovely donation that you sent on the super chat at the weekend I really do

appreciate it well I have another thank you to make as

well excuse me I have something else that I must do I have to say thank you

to another kind person another kind person who has made a donation on the

live chat so just please bear with me a moment I need to go into my back so

please just wait a moment and I will be back with you don't go away okay

please stay around thank you very much I found it can I say thank you very much

to Mikael or Macao Coble ah I hope I pronounced your name right

thank you very much for your lovely donation that you sent yesterday through

PayPal Thank You McHale Co Bella or Cabella thank you very much for your

lovely donation thanks a lot and can I say a big thank you to everyone who has

made donations through PayPal over the past two or three weeks and of course

here is the address if you want to send a small donation

through PayPal you can and then that will allow my work to continue forever

and ever and hopefully forever and ever and ever I really hope so

so there it is all of my lessons are free I do not charge for my teaching

time so if you want to make a donation you are more than welcome to do so thank

you very much I have been asked if I can show the PayPal address for a very long

time so can I show it on the screen for a long time because apparently some

people can't see it because I don't show it for long enough so there it is I will

keep it on the screen for a few more seconds and now it has gone away

hopefully you won't go away today because I'm how out here at the moment I

was a little bit distracted today for two reasons first of all I found it very

difficult to get a signal today unfortunately I couldn't get a signal on

my phone which of course you definitely need a signal if you are planning to do

a live mobile stream so I couldn't find a signal and then eventually I did and

then something distracted me I noticed something happening in the distance so I

became very distracted and there were two pheasants fighting it isn't very

often that you see two male pheasants fighting with each other but they were

so there are two pheasants behind me earlier and they were fighting and they

were doing all sorts of strange movements very interesting so that's the

first time I've ever seen - male pheasants fighting each other it

was a very unusual moment to say the least I did not go to the doctor just

today I haven't been to the doctors I had a lovely sleep last night they

always say that sleep is a good form of therapy and

I agree I think so I think a good night's sleep is a great remedy also

yesterday I rested my voice so after yesterday's livestream I decided to have

a lovely rest I rested my voice yesterday and today you can probably

tell that my voice is a little better so my voice is sounding a little better

today do you think so do I sound better because during the

past few days my voice has been terrible most of it because I have been suffering

from hay fever nothing else it isn't anything else for those who are worried

about my health it is not it isn't that definitely not if you missed yesterday's

live stream I was actually in the garden with mr. Steve Steve was showing us some

of the work that he's doing in the garden right now unfortunately today mr.

Steve has to do some work in the house what mr. Steve calls his proper job or

his normal job when we say that something is proper proper it means it

is the thing that is appropriate or the thing that you do normally or maybe the

thing that is more recognizable something that is proper proper Anna

says why didn't you go to the doctor you should have gone to the doctor anyway my

voice feels a lot better today and during this strange time I don't really

want to bother the doctor I don't want to go to the doctor and annoy him with

my micro ki voice because at the moment all of the medical teams and the staff

are very busy taking care of people who are suffering from you know what I think

you know what I'm talking about I'm sure you do thank you for joining me

today I will let you see some of the scenery

around where I'm living and also where I'm walking right now doo doo doo doo oh

yes let's go over there shall we in the distance believe it or not over there we

are actually looking towards whales so in the very distance along the top there

that is actually whales and that is how close we are to the Welsh border so we

are very close to whales oh I can see the pheasant he's up there by the way if

you're wondering what a pheasant is it is a kind of bird a very large bird and

at this time of year they are making a lot of noise because it is the mating

season you will recognize the pheasant the male pheasant is brown it has

beautiful patterns on its feathers and it has some red patches on its face and

it makes quite a horrible noise it screeches it makes a screeching sound

like that so you might hear the pheasant somewhere around here there are two

pheasants and they were fighting earlier you should have seen it

it was amazing they were they were doing all sorts of strange movements in front

of each other so I think the two males were trying to

fight over their territory the area where they want to build their nest

maybe as I said over there Wales is in the distance and if you look carefully

you can also see there is a little bit of yellow can you see the yellow that

is what is causing my hay fever at the moment so the yellow over there in the

distance is rapeseed rapeseed and those fields are full of rapeseed and

unfortunately the pollen goes straight at my nose and it makes me sneeze

and fortunately the rapeseed is is quite annoying to be honest it really is

definitely hello to the live chat yes we are chatting today we are chatting about

all sorts of things how are you coping how are you surviving during this time

are you enjoying it I think there are two pheasants over there there are two

pheasants so one calls and then the other one calls just afterwards I don't

know if you can hear it but there are two I think there are two pheasants over

there and they keep calling maybe there will be another fight later on perhaps

who knows who knows hello TS nice to see you here today

we are talking about all sorts of things today I'm outside I'm enjoying the fresh

air to be honest with you I I didn't want to spend today in the house I

didn't want to stay at home I really wanted to have a walk and get some

exercise so that's what I'm doing right now I am doing that right now I'm having

a lovely walk and of course I am getting some well-needed

exercise much needed if something is much needed it means it is something you

really do require you require something quite a lot very much hello also to

fernando i i'm live and i'm online in the chat

thank you for Nando nice to see you here today in my area says

oh hello Mika hello to Japan the areas are covered with the yellow color of

rapeseed it is a very popular thing nowadays if you travel around the UK

certain areas you will see rapeseed fields everywhere they are actually all

over the place rapeseed has become a very useful thing

not only for food but also for certain types of biofuel biofuel sustainable

fuel if you will hello - severa

hello severa how are you I'm okay not too bad I feel much better now I'm

outside I've had a little bit of exercise I've had a nice walk and now

I'm taking a rest and also talking to you at the same time

hello - Irene hello - Mizuki I am a bit tired today because I'm doing a lot of

things but when I watched the video of mr. Duncan and I can hear the birds and

also I'm learning a lot thank you to the teacher who brought me laughter mr.

Duncan Thank You musica that's very kind of you to say I always try to keep my

spirits up I know at the moment things are quite strange everywhere including

here in the UK as well things are very weird

most people are staying at home some people are going out for exercise so I

live in the countryside which means I can actually go outside around the area

where I live which of course you are allowed to do so they say that you can

get exercise if you just stay very close to your house so my house is over there

down there if I go over that way I will approach my house so I'm not very far

away from my house just in case the police come around

because apparently this is something that is happening the police are

actually going around here in the UK and they are checking to make sure everyone

is keeping their safe distance they are making sure that people keep their safe

social distance so perhaps whilst I'm doing this maybe a police officer will

come along and ask me what I'm doing I window

I feel quite excited actually by that it might be a very exciting thing to do

b-tree is how lovely is your background today it is nice and I couldn't resist

coming outside this is the last day of the good weather this week we are going

to have a lot of rain heavy rain tomorrow and also Wednesday and maybe

also at the end of the week as well lots of rain is coming this way mr.

Steve is very pleased about it because this afternoon he will plant his grass

seed if you were watching yesterday Steve was talking about his grass seed

so today he's going to actually put the grass seed in the garden and if there's

one thing that Steve needs over the next couple of days it is a lot of rain a lot

of rain we are going to get a lot of rain over the next few days so I think

Steve is feeling very very happy thank you

Reshma I love your voice mr. Duncan my teacher thank you very much my voice has

been terrible over the past few days I think I've been using my voice too much

I really do that's probably the reason why I have been with you every day

for around 30 maybe 35 days I've been here every single day

it was very funny yesterday you and mr. Steve it was very funny Steve thought

that we would get bored instead he's talking about gardening was very

interesting thank you Anna it is amazing how many people are

genuinely really interested in gardening as you know I am not I'm not very keen

on gardening you see I'm not very keen I don't like gardening mr. Steve likes

gardening I don't like gardening unfortunately

hello also to marina you are right Anna it has been interesting well I thought

Steve yesterday was a little tired however after his very busy morning in

the garden he gave us even more time in the afternoon to talk about his

gardening I was very pleased that mr. Steve managed to join us yesterday

because I thought he wasn't you see in fact before I started my live stream

Steve was having a sleep he told me later he said did you know I was

actually having a sleep earlier before you started your live stream and I

didn't know that I have no idea naughty boy hello 2-seater I just had a

message there was a message that says mr. Duncan there is a bull there is a

bull running behind you I don't think so there is one thing I am very aware of

and that is the fact that there are no Bulls in this field definitely not

hello to Belarusian Belarus is here nice to see you here as well I haven't seen

Louis has anyone seen Luis Mendez I haven't seen him yet if anyone has seen

Louis oh there is Louis I've just seen Louis talk of the devil

not literally when we say talk of the devil we don't mean that that person is

the devil what we are actually saying is oh I've just mentioned that person so I

mentioned Louis and then suddenly Lewis appeared on the live chat so you might

say talk of the devil but it doesn't really mean that that person is the

devil it just means that that person appeared just as you just as you

mentioned that person's name I hope you understood that because I didn't mr.

Duncan what's the difference between speak and talk speak is the action of

this talk can also be used in a similar way but also of course if you have a

conversation you will speak to each other so the action is the direction of

the speech you speak so I speak to you if I was talking with mr. Steve we would

speak to each other we would speak to each other it is a verb you see we are

doing it talk is the same thing you talk you speak you say something you talk

with another person or you talk to someone it is always direction so

speaking is always something it is an action with direction

and so is talk talk with someone you have a conversation you talk with

someone you say hello you have a chat you have a chinwag you talk you speak

normally we use the word speak when we are giving some sort of lecture so you

might speak in front of another group of people or in front of a school or a

class what was that what did you say I didn't see that

message Oh apparently gardening is very popular in Moscow Andy says half of the

people in Moscow love to work in their garden I would

imagine many people grow their own food it's also very popular here many years

ago people used to love growing their own food

but then it slowly disappeared it slowly vanished nowadays for many reasons more

and more people are now enjoying growing their own potatoes carrots lots of other

things Tomatoes many people love growing their own tomatoes it is very popular

hello the pheasant is over there he's getting rather angry in Chinese talk to

the devil is replaced by once say cow cow here comes

cow cow does anyone remember I'm not sure actually I'm not sure I don't

remember that one but quite often if we are talking about another person and

then they suddenly appear you say talk of the devil here is he's here now

a person who talks a lot is a chatterbox that's what we say if a person likes

talking a lot if they talk all the time we can say that they are a chatterbox

chatterbox Belarusian says my father grows tiny tomatoes cherry tomatoes is

that what they are are they are they cherry tomatoes I like Terry Tomatoes

every Sunday mr. Steve makes some lovely salmon he will cook salmon he will put

it in the oven and it will slowly slowly start to cook and then with it he will

also put some small cherry tomatoes cherry tomatoes so they are tiny

tomatoes but they actually look like cherries so the shape is very similar to

a cherry and they call them cherry tomatoes and they are very nice with

salmon can I just say very nice hello to mr. Duncan I have read the news about

the English countryside residents they are angry with Londoners they are saying

go away in some km in some places I think maybe in Wales and other places

but not here here we are not telling anyone to go away because no one is

coming here to be honest most people are staying indoors most people are staying

in the house or they are staying very near to where they live however there

are some people who want to travel around they want to go to many different

beautiful places during this lockdown sadly it is not allowed unfortunately at

the moment so you must stay close to where you live

which is what I'm doing before anyone says mr. Duncan you shouldn't be there I

can safely say that my house is not very far away over there my house is not very

far away for those who are worried behind you on the grass if you there are

yellow flowers ah yes you are right would you like to see one of the flowers

on the grass there are lots of yellow flowers I'm going to show one to you

unfortunately one of these poor flowers will have to be sacrificed for my live

stream so I'm going to get one and I will bring it to you and I will show it

right now on the camera one moment and going over there the pheasant is getting


if you haven't already guessed I'm actually on a hill so everything is

going downwards everything is going down here we go so there it is look at that a

lovely dandelion so this is actually called a dandelion

there it is dandelion growing in a field enjoying this sunny day until mr. Duncan

came along and he plucked me away mr. Duncan why did you take me away from

this lovely field hmm so there it is you see a lot of these yellow flowers at

this time of year dandelions are rather nice yellow flowers and during the

springtime early summer you will see many of these flowers around it is a

dandelion dandelion is not beautiful some people use dandelions to to cook

with I must admit I've never tried cooking with dandelions to be honest

what do they smell of do they have a smell not really I can't smell this so

dandelions normally don't have a very strong smell but I hope you enjoyed that

a nice little bit of English countryside and de Lyonne mr. Duncan is this the

place in England it looks so natural and the inherent beauty of nature and the

yellow flowers thank you very much Mukund thank you very much the flower

that you have in your hand is so beautiful and

yes deaf dandelions are everywhere at the moment they are all over the place

and that's also the reason why you'll see many of them in the countryside at

this time of year

I think the police are coming they found me ah I better run not really

would you like to see another dandelion since I think the pheasant wants to see

another dandelion I'm going to show you another one but this one will look

different let me just try to find another dandelion but it will look very

different from this one just a moment don't go away stay there


oh my gosh

whose idea was it to stand on a hill so there is the dandelion but this is also

a dandelion as well can you see the dandelion and this dandelion has already

lost its flower and now this dandelion is ready to release all of the seeds and

you can see there there are lots of little seeds contained on this dandelion

so this and this are actually the same flower this comes first and then this

comes afterwards and all of the seeds will be released and they will fly away

on the breeze then they will land on the ground and the next year they will

become some new dandelions so these are both the same flower believe it or not

they are actually the same flower hello on on Chrome hello also fed own hello

and a pika I have read that the dandelion has some therapeutic uses

therapeutic something that is for therapeutic it's not easy to say by the

way something that is therapeutic can help you if you have an illness

something that can make you feel better or maybe even make you well so this is

the dandelion just before it releases all of its little seeds

and the way it releases it is very clever as the wind blows all of these

small seeds will float away like this I will show you what happens so I hope

this works if it doesn't work I'm going to look very silly so I will blow these

small seeds and each one of them has I always used to call these parachutes

when I was a child I used to say that these look like parachutes when you jump

out of an aeroplane you always use a parachute so there it is and now I'm

going to blow hopefully hopefully these will blow away are you ready one two


they've got they have now blown away so next year those little seeds will be

here in the field behind me and they will be new plants new dandelions that's

it they've all gone all gone so from that

to that it is part of the lifecycle of the dandelion I hope you enjoyed that I

will put this on the ground and I will put this I will put this in my pocket

there we go doesn't that look lovely thank you very much for your company

today mr. Duncan the dandelion seeds are not very good for your hay fever well

fortunately the seeds are ok it is actually the pollen from this that is

the problem so when the pollen comes from this

our maybe it might make me sneeze hello to Florence hi everyone you know we can

make some honey with that plant with the dandelion in French we say peas n licked

zimlet oh is that what it's called is that the

name of the dandelion in French or is it the honey that you make is that the name

of the honey mr. Duncan the dandelion seeds are not very good for your hay

fever I think you might be right actually are you interested in natural

prefer Natur oh no tour epatha mr. Duncan I think that mr. Steve might be

more interested than you is it something like her bull medicine maybe something

like that perhaps mr. Duncan my wife says my wife says she adores you

Thank You Andi that's very kind of you to say I might have a little run around

the field because that's really made me quite happy that made me very excited to

be honest and now I have a lot of energy that I need to release because you've

got me all excited thank you very much - and his wife hello and his wife hello to

you and now I'm going to have a little run around you can join me if you want

I have to be very careful actually because this is a private field mr.

Duncan fortunately I know the owner of this field I know him very well so he

knows that I come into his field and sometimes I will do some filming so he

doesn't mind mr. Duncan my father knows you whilst I was listening to you he

said is that mr. Duncan thank you fed in and can I say hello to

fed in' and your father as well yes it's mr. Duncan it's that weird guy that

strange man from England he's back again you are in very good shape mr. Duncan

thank you very much are you having a heart attack

Eric says you can have a run and then you can have a heart attack

oh thanks a lot thanks a lot I will have you know that this morning when I got

out of bed I put my socks on straight away with no difficulty so because I've

been very busy recently I think I am becoming a little fitter a little more

healthy maybe because this morning I put my socks on straightaway normally it

takes me a long time to get dressed in the morning sometimes I don't even

bother I just go downstairs and I have my cereal in the kitchen completely

naked hello mog mog oh hello mog mog nice to

see you here as well Thank You mog mog I haven't seen you for

a long time

Platina hello Platina dandelo dandelion the dandelion the name comes

from the French word which means lion's tooth in French and indoor German it is

called the the all low ends on low ends on which means in German the lion's

tooth interesting I wonder why I wonder why they call it the lion's tooth I

wonder why because to be honest with you it doesn't

look like a lion or its tooth to be honest so that's interesting I must I

must read that later I am going to find out later why the dandelion is called

the lion's tooth I'm very interesting very interested to

find out hello to Anna Wong enough Wong says the dandelion in Vietnamese is

highball Kong and highball come on I'm sure I'm sure my pronunciation is awful

for which I apologize so it's interesting to find out what the

dandelion is called all around the world and this is what I have in my hand right

now there are many many dandelions in the field there are hundreds and

hundreds of dandelions all around me at the moment language slayer

hello language slayer speak vietnamese with mr. Duncan I'm not sure about that

I don't want to start trying to use Vietnamese words in case I say them

wrong you see I don't want to get into trouble

hello to fed in we say

kara him be de Kara Kara Hin Hin Hin diba Quran hindi ba Quran hindi ba means

dandelion in Turkish you pronounce Vietnamese very well oh thank you I

thought I thought I did a terrible job but apparently I might actually be a

natural Vietnamese speaker who knows I might I might now start learning more

Vietnamese words I know Tet Tet is the Lunar New Year in Vietnam they call it

Tet and also Xin chào Jing Chou means hello in Vietnamese mr. Duncan do you

like pickled tomatoes not really no I don't like pickled tomatoes no I've

tried them but I'm not a big fan however I do like tomatoes in Italian food very

nice very nice indeed so yes I am a very big fan of Tomatoes

especially in Italian food I love it very much

Leonardo says could you please enable the captions

unfortunately I can't because I am talking to you on my on my little phone

and unfortunately we can't have captions when we are using the move by a phone to

livestream I'm sorry about that but unfortunately we can't however there is

good news because there will be captions later on so later on maybe tonight or

tomorrow there will be captions so all of the words will be on the screen

tomorrow because I'm on my cell phone because I'm using my mobile phone and

fortunately there are no captions on the live chat so here on the screen there

are no live captions I'm sorry about that

it's not my fault it's you you they won't they won't give them to me

apparently Xin chào means hello and goodbye I see Tam be it

can be it can be it can be it what does Tam be it mean Oh goodbye does it mean

goodbye what does Tam be it mean can be it means

goodbye Tam be it for now so maybe instead of Tatar for now I can say can

be it for now does that sound like a good idea is it a good idea or not

please let me know please tell me today I am cooking ooh

let's have a look let's have a look Belarus here today I am cooking some

noodles with tomato sauce and it would be lunchtime soon in Argentina oh do you

know what I didn't do ooh this morning there is something I did not do this

morning can you guess what it is I forgot to have my breakfast again I know

I know I am going to get into a lot of trouble people are going to shout at me

I think mr. Steve will be chasing me around the garden tonight with the

rolling pin let's not mention the rolling pin again please can we not

mention the rolling pin I mentioned it yesterday

and I thought maybe today we won't so we won't mention the rolling pin I keep

falling off the hill at the moment I'm standing on a hill but unfortunately I

keep losing my balance like this

unfortunately mr. Duncan can you pronounce Armand Armand some people when

they pronounce almond they might not pronounce the L so some people say

Armand Armand however some people will actually

pronounce the L in almond so some people will say almond they will pronounce the

letter L almond some people do not they just say almond so you might hear

different pronunciations of those things those particular words so that is a good

example of that almond almond so it really depends on who is saying the word

to be honest some people choose to say Armand

some people say almond I suppose it's very similar to often often some people

say often and some people say often often often often often so you can see

once again you can hear there is a difference in the pronunciation hi

teacher hello Omer Omer a wall asks how are you doing I'm okay thank you very

much I am out and about in the countryside I decided to take a little

walk around and I couldn't resist sharing this moment with you as well on

Monday it is Monday yes it is believe it or not it is the start of a new week

however every day feels the same every day feels like the same day to be honest

hello from Moscow hello Aaron eeeh or Aaron ah hello to

you I have a feeling you are watching in Moscow at the moment maybe maybe it's

incredible to me that someone could forget to have breakfast says Anna well

you are talking to a person who sometimes forgets his own birthday or

maybe forgets his own telephone number I've done that I have a mobile phone

in fact the mobile phone you were looking at now is the phone that I use

and I have a telephone number so this phone has a telephone number but

sometimes I don't know why I can never remember my telephone number so if

someone wants my number my mobile phone number I have to give it to someone I

can never remember what it is and I've had this phone number for oh my goodness

many many years I've had this phone number for over 10 years and I still

can't remember it sometimes it just disappears from my

brain unfortunately so I do forget things sometimes and that is the reason

why sometimes I forget to have my breakfast it is the reason why sometimes

I am very forgetful what time is it now what time is it where you are it is now

7 minutes past 3 o'clock 7 minutes after 3:00 I will show you

it is seven minutes past three o'clock and I'm in the countryside I'm in

England a place called Shropshire hello Ivan mr. Duncan you are funny I have

never I am never bored when i watch your live streams but I'm not sure that I

understand what you say sometimes I don't understand what I say to be honest

it makes no sense to me sometimes you can always watch the captions so this

particular live stream will have captions later later on hang-hang mewhen

says it is now 8 minutes past 11:00 in Japan very late in Japan right now mr.

Duncan you look very nice with this flower thank you very much

maybe I should wear it under my hat like this maybe I can wear it here under my

hat is that a good idea oh yes that's beautiful

very nice there we go is that better does that look nice no okay it's also

very uncomfortable it is also very uncomfortable there we go I will put it

back in my pocket hello fede and hello to you nice to see you all here today

I've been with you now for 55 minutes really Wow it's gone by so quickly I'm

going to change the view slightly I'm going to move my camera and everything

around just a little bit so we're going to have a slight change of scenery

there we go something different we are now looking at something slightly

different very nice so you might recognize this view this is the view

that you might see sometimes during my live streams something you might see

quite often there is a very famous landmark just behind me over there so

that is the landmark that you can see normally from my helps mr. Duncan can

you please clean the camera why is the camera dirty is it dirty

I don't know let's have a look shall we I'm not sure if the camera is dirty or

not let me just see is that better can you see me clearly I hope so sorry

about that oh I like the new background behind you what is the big tree that I

can see you mean this tree yes this is a very magnificent tree it's quite

beautiful in fact so this tree I think I think

that might be an oak tree I think it might be an oak look at that yes it is

you are right you are you are right that is a beautiful tree it's quite

magnificent in fact very nice hello mr. tree you are looking very well today

very nice

I think this might be an oak tree yes that does look like an oak leaf doesn't

it there we go I think that is an oak leaf is it

I'm sure someone out there will say mr. Duncan you're wrong yes oh it is an oak

tree thank you very much I got it right oh I was right was I yeah

very nice so yes this beautiful tree behind me is a very old oak tree I would

imagine this tree has been here for maybe 80 70 80 years it's been here for

a very long time and it's beautiful as well and it's a very nice tree

apparently the camera looks better than her oh thank you

I can't believe that Mike my camera was dirty normally I am very good at keeping

my equipment clean I really am hello Reshma you are adorable

thank you very much I've never seen a leaf like that yes that's definitely an

oak leaf an oak leaf very interesting mr. Duncan

where'd Kipling was right me England is a green garden one of the interesting

things about England and also the UK was that in the past this was all covered

with trees so everything was a forest we are going back many many years before I

was born before you were born before your grandparents were born so the whole

of England the whole of this area was all trees everything everything was

trees there were no roads no streets no houses just trees from

oaktree fruit it is possible to make coffee I didn't know that I'm learning a

lot of things today I've never heard of oak coffee well I know you can make

furniture chairs and tables from oak not that you should not that you should

hello also too you are breathing because of running I think you are not a sports

fan but I don't play sport however I do like to keep fit I do like to keep fit

you might not realize it but this hill is actually very steep unfortunately on

the camera you can't really see the fact that I'm standing on so running up and

down is not easy let me just say that it is not easy the oak fruit is the Acorn

yes it is you will often see the squirrels in this tree so quite often

the squirrels will run around in this tree collecting all of the acorns they

will mr. Duncan you think I should watch the series learning English with mr.

Duncan and watch your live streams my English is not well Ivan as I always say

try to experience all English all types of English whether it is simple or

difficult anything that allows the English to go into your ears and into

your brain that's what I always say so that there is no such thing as useless

learning all learning is useful whatever it is whatever it is so you can watch my

video lessons you can also watch well anything really you can watch

anything anything that I do the one good thing about this livestream of course is

that I'm talking to you now l'viv and there is a big difference there you see

so because this is live you can actually talk to me on the live chat live as well

hello Natalie hello also quran kareem says meeker has gone to sleep

that is interesting and he says mr. duncan marvelous view it

reminds me of the landscapes of constable constable was a very famous

artist John Constable and he used to paint lovely countryside scenes he was

also very well known for his weather portraits believe it or not he was a

very big fan of painting weather I know that doesn't seem possible mr. Duncan

how can you paint weather but he did like painting storm clouds he was a very

big fan of clouds so if you ever look at John constables paintings some of them

have the most amazing Clarence and they are so realistic so John Constable used

to like drawing or painting scenery like this

and he loved it so much that he wanted to preserve it he wanted to preserve

those moments of time and the beauty and the tranquility of the English

countryside so you will see a lot of John constables paintings have a lot of

green but also the interesting thing is he was also fascinated with the weather

capturing the weather in the form of a portrait I always think that's quite

interesting a landscape picture so there you can see behind me the landscape we

are talking about the landscape so if you like painting this we can say that

you are a landscape artist a landscape artist there is a very famous painting

by Constable called the hay Wain and the amazing thing is you can still visit the

place where it worried actually painted it the place still exists you can always

look it up you can find the beautiful portraits of Constable but I think he is

one of those great artists who who managed to capture not only the beauty

of the English landscape but also the mood as well the atmosphere and that is

one of the reasons why I also like his paintings thank you very much for

mentioning that thank you I might look a little bit dark because

now the Sun has come out the Sun has come out now the Sun has got his hat on

hip-hip-hip hooray the Sun has got his hat on and he's coming out to play

that's nice unfortunately unfortunately tomorrow tomorrow it is going to be

raining a lot tomorrow and for so the weather forecast for tomorrow is

rain Wednesday rain lots of rain unfortunately as I mentioned earlier

there are no live captions when I'm doing my mobile phone so when I'm

streaming through my phone there are no live captions however you can have the

captions later on they will appear later on after YouTube has processed the video

so I hope that helps apparently already they are having rain in France sacre

bleu I can't believe it Leonardo says in France it is now

raining you have you have the rain that we are going to get tomorrow so I think

maybe you have the rain that we are going to get tomorrow I think so

mr. Duncan is singing very well I'll thank you very much I'm not sure if I am

a good singer but I always try my best actually this reminds me of a famous

movie this reminds me of The Sound of Music who remembers the Sound of Music

and there was a there was a moment in the film where Julie Andrews is running

through the field and she is singing a beautiful song can you remember it can

you remember the song that she was singing I wonder if I can recreate it I

wonder mmm

the hills are alive with the sound of new

with the sound of music is that okay oh

I'm alright you are a free spirit mr. Duncan thank you very much that's very

kind of you I have made a decision in fact it is something that I made many

years ago a decision I made not to worry about the things that I can't change

sometimes you have to have a little bit of fun in your life you have to have a

little bit of laughter a little bit of singing a little bit of joy in your life

so many years ago I decided that I shouldn't worry too much about what

people think and I should not worry about the things I can't change mr.

Duncan sings better than Placido Domingo thank you very much that's very kind of

you I don't I don't think you mean it I don't think you mean that I'm pretty

sure you don't mean it wow that's son would you like to see the

Sun behind me where is it where is the Sun the Sun is over there somewhere

there is the Sun over there above my head

hello sir hello nice to see you to see you nice so there is the Sun it is in

the sky today but unfortunately tomorrow there will be no sunshine because it's

going to rain tomorrow can you tell me when to use until and when to use unless

well they are actually both very different

until means from one moment of time to the next

so if you are waiting for something to happen you have to wait until that

particular time so until means from now until another moment of time I will wait

for you until tomorrow morning I will wait for you until the end of time

something very romantic you see hello mr. Duncan where is where is the

North the North is that way over there so it is north that way which means over

there is West so where we are looking over there is towards the west so that

is actually the west over there too Wars Wales so there is Wales over there

Wales is over there and that way is south south is that way south

and of course needless to say East is that way

so we are north east south west or as I like to say never eat shredded wheat

that's how you can remember it never eat never never eat shredded wheat that's

how I remember it with your lessons I would like to visit again

the UK I really like London but what do you think about Scotland is it beautiful

Edinburgh Edinburgh is a very nice place by the way if you've never been to

Edinburgh I suggest you go there it is beautiful and of course o many parts of

Scotland are stunning spinning I've never been to the very distant places

I've never been to the remote places in Scotland I've always wanted to there are

certain areas where you can just walk and walk for hours without seeing

anything any other person you can walk and walk for a very long time oh I see

someone has noticed that I haven't shaved when the sun is shining it is

visible that you didn't shave oh my god Ricardo is it really that shocking no

you are right I didn't have a shave today I decided to rest my face because

sometimes my skin becomes very irritated it's it's quite sensitive that might not

be a surprise to you but my skin is very sensitive just like me you see very

sensitive just like this oh there's my flower gone

just like this flower you see I'm very delicate just like this little flower

blowing in the breeze very nice thank you very much for your

company today I hope you've enjoyed today's livestream something a little

different something with a different view something with another angle

sometimes it is nice to see something that is different even I I wanted to

come out of the house today I couldn't stay in the house I wanted to come

outside so I thought mmm I will come outside I am going to come

outside and do my livestream from the top of the hill and that's what I am

doing thank you mister pheasant tomorrow yes I

will be at home tomorrow the weather tomorrow looks like it is going to be

terrible so it would appear that tomorrow's weather is going to be awful

I will probably maybe I will be in the studio or I might be in the garden with

my little gazebo over my head you see I

have just turned it on and then I hear him say goodbye I'm not going yet

I'm not going yet don't worry I'm not leaving you just yet I've been here now

for 76 minutes 76 minutes so I will be with you for a little bit longer don't

worry about it I only worry at the moment is that a

policeman might come along a policeman might come along and tell me to move on

he might ask Illya Lulu what's going on here what's going on here what is

happening why are you filming you should be in your house this is not allowed and

I will say hey I'm mr. Duncan on YouTube and he will say oh okay no problem

carry on

sorry about that my trousers were coming down policeman I don't think he will

arrest me I don't think he will arrest me I think I will be alright

never eat shredded wheat that is how you remember north never eat shredded wheat

that's how I remember it you see you are happy I can see you are happy I am happy

today for two reasons I'm happy because I'm here with you live and I'm also

happy because you are here with me live as well thank you very much

mr. Duncan you are wearing the wrong trousers I know I don't know what mr.

peasant stop it mr. pheasant is being very noisy today I

don't know why but I think I've lost weight I think I don't know how but I've

actually lost a little bit of weight because I've been so busy every day

doing this my live streams every single day so maybe that's the reason why but I

have lost a little bit of weight and because of that my trousers are now very

loose around my waist and sometimes they start to fall down can you please do

that can you please do the voice of Wallace Hey packing cheese Gromit you've

got the wrong trousers I don't do a very good impression of Wallace cracking

cheese Gromit

that's it really I hope you enjoyed the show mr. Duncan your behavior oh is this

good or bad your behavior resembles your poem from

the lesson about happy I need to jump I like to sing I want to live I love

everything in fact I think I was wearing this shirt

have you noticed I think I was actually wearing this shirt in my happy sad

lesson this is actually the same shirt that I was wearing in my happy sad

lesson I'm sure it is I was wearing this same shirt and it is the same shirt as

you know I never throw away my clothing never I will never throw away my

clothing ever so this shirt I've had this shirt for many many years

and I think I was wearing this shirt in my happy side lesson yes I think I think

I'm right many many years ago I made I made that lesson I think it was in 2008

or 2009 so 11 years ago Adrienne is here Adrienne floorman nice to see you maybe

you have lost weight because you have been eating less junk food you might be

right you see you might be right yes I I think during this lockdown period I have

been eating less and less junk food hello to Tao Tao do you know the country

in Vietnam do you know the country Vietnam if you think my hometown is

beautiful you can come and enjoy the specialities thank you very much I've

never been to Vietnam to be honest I know a lot of people have been there I

know that there are a lot of people from the UK and also the US and parts of your

who go to Vietnam to teach English I know that many people in Vietnam are

hungry for English hungry very hungry I

am happy because I am running wild yes maybe I'm like an animal you know when

you take your dog for a walk and it and it starts running around like a crazy

thing that's me so if you take me into the field I will start running around

for a very long time until I tire myself out do you lick your nut

no I don't I don't do that only dogs do that

hi mr. Duncan I have just come home from work and we have the same weather in

Norway hello Ari Sam so hello to Norway it looks as if Norway is having a very

nice day it's a nice day in Norway Thank You mr. pheasant

mr. pheasant hello to sue cat I have lost 10 kilograms since the 20th of

January that is amazing unfortunately I look

like a homeless person with my old clothes and my flesh is hanging is that

a good thing or a bad thing well congratulations for losing weight I

tell you something one of the hardest things to do especially during these

times when you have nothing else to do it is very tempting just to sit and eat

food all the time isn't it I think so

Platina says pheasants taste very good they taste good you are right you are

right yes we do eat pheasants here in the UK but fortunately fortunately we

only have them it's certain times of the year so we will have seasons for hunting

I know some people dislike hunting I know there are people who feel that it's

very cruel and horrible but yes some people really do like eating pheasants

and other game birds game birds these are birds that are often bred they are

raised and then released and then people will go around shooting them and

pheasants are one of those birds we also have partridges as well so partridges

are also hunted during certain times of the year hello - bando hello bando hello

to my teacher hello to you hello to you thank you very much for

joining me oh I don't understand I wish I had studied hard before don't worry I

am here to help you get your confidence to smile every day and to tell yourself

I can do it I can do it I can do

it like that you see you can do it it's never too late to learn something new it

is never too late I would want my round of applause for my first time thank you

Thank You mr. pheasant that pheasant is very noisy today I would like a round of

applause for my first time hello to you see Jolie Oh parenthesis Sandrine

Barrett that is a very long name welcome home welcome to my live stream if it is

your first time welcome thank you very much for joining me

what is the biggest river close to your plates asks Anna there is a very big

river that runs over there in a distance so let me just try and move my camera I

will try to move the camera over there so yes over there in that direction

there is a large river that flows right across the landscape and it is called

the river 7 the river 7s ever2015very

the river severn there is not yes it is not like the number 7 it actually has a

different spelling different spelling

Thank You mr. pheasant again I don't know why the pheasant seems very excited

mr. Duncan what is your profession I teach English on YouTube I talk about

the English language I help people improve their listening their speaking

and also their pronunciation as well so I do teach English almost full time here

on YouTube and I've been doing it forever such a long time do you know how

long I've been doing this for I've been doing this on YouTube for nearly 14

years I can't believe it do you know when I say that I can't

believe it I actually don't believe that I've been

doing this for nearly 14 years on YouTube

incredible what is the meaning of misappropriation misappropriation is

maybe the misuse or the misuse of a word something that is miss appropriate so

appropriate means correct or acceptable so misappropriation or misappropriation

if I can pronounce the word misappropriation means you are abusing

something you are not doing it or using it correctly maybe a person who is

stealing money from their company and they are keeping it for themselves we

can say that they are misappropriating the money they are Mis using it they are

using it in the way it should not be used hello - pal Mira you should present

yourself as an influencer I'm not sure if I am I never think of myself as an

influencer I never think of myself as a person who is changing the world because

I don't want to become too aware of it so I just like to carry on doing this

normally naturally without thinking too much about what it is I'm doing to be

honest so I don't think of myself as an influencer or a guru the guru it's not

very easy to say guru but I'm not a guru I'm not I'm not an influencer I'm just a

person who likes talking about the English language teaching English and of

course I like to share my time with you as well to be honest I'm not really here

for the glory I'm not here for the trumpets I'm not here for the fireworks

I am here because I love doing this with you I

love it and that is as honest as I can get

did you see the river I thought it was just audio there is no River near here

however very close to where I live there is a small stream that will that flows

by very close to where I live so tomorrow you might see the the the

stream flowing at the start of tomorrow's lesson and that is the stream

that is very close to where I live hello to mad gamer

hello mad gamer it is such a long time since I've seen your videos well you are

here now and that's all it matters

that's all that matters hello Ibrahim Ibrahim Mahmud is here nice to see you

as well mr. Duncan keep dreaming to fly higher and reach

new heights thank you Andy that's very kind of you

I love bootlicking people me and I'm not sure what you mean by that but I don't

think I'm bootlicking I'm just being friendly there is a difference there is

a difference between being creepy or a sycophant I think that is what you are

saying so a person who is a sycophant is a person who always says pleasant things

to someone because they want to get something in return

a sycophant I don't think I'm a sycophant am I am I am I a bootlicker

I'm not sure that I am a bootlicker to be honest I don't think I've ever licked

I've never licked anyone's boots and I never will

sheíll Kumari asks who are you who am I I'm mr. Duncan and I'm very pleased to

meet you very nice to see you here today Thank You mr. Duncan can you share with

me an effective way to learn English oh my goodness

make English part of your life learn new words every day you must do something

every day you can't learn something by doing it sometimes you can learn by

doing it all the time or every day can I improve my speaking at home yes you can

you can record your voice so you can record your voice and then listen to

your voice so that is a very good way of listening to your own voice and it's

also a very good way of gaining confidence you can build up your

confidence by listening to your own voice it is something that I would very

much like to encourage speaking is the hardest part of learning any language to

be honest with you it is the hardest card hello to more sin hello

also Oh Jamelia Jamelia is it your birthday is it your birthday today

Jamelia can you please tell me if it is your birthday because I didn't see it on

the live chat

hello to Vitesse why do you avoid this question

I don't avoid it sometimes I don't see the questions

I don't avoid your questions please please don't say that because I don't

avoid them sometimes I don't see them because on my little screen my screen is

very tiny so everything moves very quickly so I'm not avoiding your

question which is in your country military service is compulsory or not it

isn't no you don't have to join the army

can you imagine me in the army

no we don't have compulsory national service so here in this country you

don't have to join the army I know in some countries you do for example of

Vietnam in Vietnam you have to serve a certain amount of time in the military

also I believe I want to say via Taiwan I think also Taiwan I think that has

national service as well so people have to spend a short time in the army doing

some military service quite normally it is in their young years I think around

about the age of 18 maybe so that is the thing you see here in the UK we don't

have to join the army it is a choice some people want to fight for their

country and some people just want to stand on the side of a hill talking to

themselves I don't know who that is who is that person who would want to do

something so crazy so we don't however however during the Second World War they

did introduce national service so everyone under a certain age

were actually called up to serve in the Army and that was during the Second

World War hello sue cat I have to go to do some

exercises exercises keep you fit it's better than having a lazy sit what I

just made that up having exercise keeps you fit it's

better than sitting in a chair I think hello - where is mr. blackbird I can't

see mr. blackbird thank you yes sir yeah I don't know where mr. blackbird is I

think mr. blackbird is probably in my garden I think so

however at the moment I am surrounded by nature nature is all around at the

moment no it isn't my birthday it's not my birthday today it is definitely not

my birthday so there is the view at the moment and you can see I am surrounded

by trees and in the trees there are lots and lots of birds all around and in the

distance in the distance the pheasant the pheasant is walking around

I don't think we can see the pheasant at the moment unfortunately hello to

everyone oh hello there

so there is the view today it is quite cloudy you can see that the clouds are

all over the place they are everywhere they are everywhere but where are the

blackbirds you can't see the blackbirds mr. Duncan

so there we are looking into the distance across towards wale and now I'm

back oh no we don't want to see you why are you here the sky and the surface of

the land is very good together yes I like the way it meets in the middle and

you have a beautiful horizon horizon the straight lion in the distance between

the land and the ground the land in the sky as it meets you have the beautiful

horizon ivan asks do you know about Alex d yes I do I know all about Alex d he is

a well-known English teacher in Vietnam he's a very well-known English teacher

and I believe he is also a very big fan of my English lessons as well thank you

very much isn't that nice Ibrahim Ibrahim Mahmood says it was my birthday

yesterday I hope you had a super-duper birthday

yesterday it was your birthday yesterday I hope you had a good one I hope you had

a good birthday life blogger hello life blogger an

interesting name you are blogging you are writing about your life how long

have you been doing this I've been doing this in total 18 18 years 18 years I

can't believe it I really can't believe it I can't

believe that I've been doing this for such a long time language Slayer says

try to say a grammatical sentence with no vowels why why would you do that I

mean really why really when you think about it why would you do it why go on

why why why would you do it because it makes no sense not not only that but

also the captions later on would just be a big mess on the screen I think so

hello - hello - Oh Edinburgh yes Edinburgh I would say Edinburgh is a

good place to learn English they have schools they have universities there are

places where you can learn English in Scotland so just because it's Scotland

doesn't mean that people there are not interested in English people do speak

English and people teach English in Scotland as well Andy says I can't find

the suitable words to express my gratitude for your lessons thank you

very much it is my pleasure I don't do this for fame I don't do it for fortune

fortunately it is a good it is a good reason you see I have a smile on my face

but I don't expect anything in return hello mr. Duncan please tell us about

your favorite hobby except English well I have lots of interests over the years

I've been interested in many things I used

to enjoy writing I used to enjoy drawing I'm very keen on movies I like what she

movies I like reading about the history of movies films so I'm I'm yes I'm a big

fan of movies films I love watching movies there are many films that I

haven't seen yet that I want to see how can we practice English without people

nearby who speak English as I said earlier there are ways of encouraging

yourself every day you can listen to English being spoken you can also listen

to your own voice as well so maybe something that you can read and then

record your voice and listen to it listen to it so what was it what was

what was I going to say then I can't remember what I was going to say then I

was going to say something yes you can always create your own group so maybe

the place where you live maybe the area in which you live you can actually oh

it's mr. pheasant I can see him hello mr. pheasant are you okay I think he's

angry so you could create your own group maybe you can put a notice in your local

shop or maybe a place where you have a community area and you can ask if anyone

else is interested in learning English so you can create your own group you can

create it in real life with other people directly or of course you can use the

internet as well

mr. Duncan mr. Duncan can you show your picture mr. Duncan could you show your

picture oh I see do you mean the pictures that I used to draw maybe

tomorrow maybe perhaps tomorrow I can show you some of the pictures that I

used to draw I have them somewhere I think I have some photographs of my

pictures on my computer I think so somewhere I'm not sure if they are still

in my computer or not I will have a look I wish to come to where you live but I

can't maybe one day never say you can't never say no never say I can't do that

you must never say that if there's something you want to do something you

want to try something you want to learn do it do it don't hesitate don't wait

because soon it will be too late do it now that's what I say that is what I say

could you tell us a bit could you tell us a bit of how to make your voice our

voice like you I don't know how to describe it clearly less noise to make

it sound deeper and easier on the ears I'm not sure what my voice is if you are

talking about my voice or my voice can go everywhere because I've been talking

for many years using my voice in many different ways in my work and also in my

early years when I was involved in radio broadcasting so many many reasons why my

voice can do lots of things I don't know why some people are able to do it

you see some people can speak in many ways I want to give myself six

months to speak English fluently is it my dream is it a dream maybe not six

months to be honest with us I think six months is too short so you you must

always remember that learning anything takes a long time you can't rush

learning you can't rush learning anything to be honest if you rush then

you will create many problems for yourself and then in the future there is

a very good chance that you will give up

Jamelia do you like lemon drizzle yes I do

ah very much mr. Steve's mother can make very good lemon drizzle it is a

beautiful cake with sponge and on top you have lots of lemon lemon icing or

lemon sugar and then inside you can also put some lemon as well lemon drizzle

very nice I like it I like it a lot I really do

do you like sauerkraut sauerkraut that is that is pickled cabbage pickled

cabbage I think I tried sauerkraut many years ago but I think maybe it had too

much vinegar so it was very sour it is called sour kraut so maybe that's it

so the cabbage yes I think it's pickled cabbage is that right is that right

pickled cabbage Vitesse says yes it is pickled cabbage I think I tried it many

many years ago but I haven't had it for a long time there is a local shop here

in Much Wenlock and it actually sells big jars of sauerkraut so I might buy

some the only problem is the jar the jar is huge so the problem is if I try it

and I don't like it then I have this huge jar of sauerkraut that I that I

have you see so I don't know if I like it or not maybe I do like it maybe maybe

as I've gotten older maybe as I've become older maybe my taste has changed

so I'm not sure I just noticed my hands the skin on my

hands has become very dry do you know why because of that awful hand sanitizer

that you have to keep putting on your hands and it's made my hands go ball

double dry look I've got dry skin on my hands it's all dry look look at my poor

skin I said poor skin what that you do not have the right here in England I

don't know what you mean by that I thought that was a very interesting

question actually about national service because this morning can you believe it

this morning there is a minister in the government here in the UK who is he's

actually suggested he has suggested that they should bring back national service

how strange so that was on the news this morning in

the UK so someone has suggested that maybe we should bring back national

service that means that everyone between a certain age will have to join the army

for a certain period of time so that question in fact is very interesting

because people are talking about that subject at the moment in the UK

some people see it as a way of stopping young people from becoming horrible

doing bad things becoming hooligans I love that word hooligan a hooligan is a

person who does not observe the laws or the social rules they often go around

causing trouble and making noise a person who is a hooligan national

service someone wants to bring national service back to the UK I suppose I'm

alright because I'm very very old so it doesn't matter it won't affect me mr.

Duncan you can wash your hands now with soap and then you can sanitize them

perfectly by doing that I think so yes you are right I agree with you

mr. Duncan you have to drink more water if your skin is dry I always drink water

that is the strange thing I drink a lot of water all the time but the the

problem is the hand sanitizer makes your hands get very dry because it has it's

all that alcohol you see in the hand sanitizer it makes your hands go very

dry what is that what did you say Sergio

I can't imagine you in the army

hmm I can't imagine you in the army let's see shall we so I will try to do a

little bit of marching maybe let's go over here because the scenery is a

little nicer I think the scenery here is rather nice

would you agree the scenery is rather nice so I wonder I wonder if I can

actually a little bit of marching like the military what do you think could I

could I do that a little bit of a turn shunt maybe I

could give you a little salute yes you see I could do it I could do it I would

be very good at marching I would be very I would be very good marching quick


keep your head up keep your head up

is that good yes I think I could be I think I could be definitely in the army

which is better England or Scotland for learning English what a strange question

English is spoken in both English in England and Scotland yes they speak both

you see so don't forget in Scotland I have a feeling you are maybe asking a

question that doesn't make any sense to be honest Oh Sergio says the best

hooligan story is a Clockwork Orange yes also a very famous movie as well it was

banned for many years a Clockwork Orange the movie version was actually banned

for many years SR says you didn't shave your beard I haven't had a shave today

I've decided to give my skin a little rest because I have very sensitive skin

you see very sensitive it's like a baby's bottom uni Carina says I like the

movie The Full Monty yes I think you do do you know why because there's lots of

naked men in the Full Monty I would imagine please can you grow your

beard more I don't know about that I don't think I would look very good with

a beard I don't think I would want to grow a

beard I think it would make me look very old indeed I love it when you go

wandering or running wild I like running too says Anna yes I love it I love being

outdoors I love being out in open spaces it is the most amazing so

that is the room I like doing it to be asked

hello unique arena unique arena oh I like The Full Monty because I like the

actor Robert Carlyle he's a very well-known actor he's been around for

many years he started out as a child actor did you know that so Robert

Carlyle many years ago was actually also a child actor in his very young days

what year is your birthday you mean my birthday when is my birthday my birthday

was a very long time ago I was born in the last century the last century I was

born not this century I was born before the internet I was born before computers

I was born before electric cars I was born before Lady gaga I I was born

before Star Wars yes it's true so I was born before Star Wars even existed even

exist when I was born there was no Star Wars at all hello to Joe Karl oh hello

Joe Carl nice to see you here I think you've been

here before haven't you I think so I think you have been here


I have to leave now says Ivan see you tomorrow yes please mr. Duncan you look

so young please give us your secret my secret is not worrying too much about

the things you can't change as I said earlier don't worry about the things you

cannot change think about the things you can change

think about the way in which you can make your life better

think about the things that you want to learn the things you want to know about

the things that can improve your life in a positive way so maybe that's the

reason why I look so young I will be back tomorrow from 2 p.m. don't forget

to p.m. UK time I will be back tomorrow

how do you how do you say I know I don't know what that is some of these messages

today are very strange I think some of you have been in isolation for too long

I think it may have affected your brain I think so I am now going to start if

you keep writing the same thing if you keep writing the same message I will not

respond if you type the same message and keep pressing enter I will not respond

in fact I might do the opposite to be honest I remember Robert Carlyle many

years ago he was in a TV show called cracker and he played he played this

crazed killer and he was really scary in that particular program Sergio

oh ok then Sergio is talking about Scottish comedy Limi

oh of course yes I like lemme lemme is a very good good comedian Lemmy is very

funny he talks about very unusual and quirky things and he has a TV show

the BBC called Lily's homemade show or home made comedy and it's very good yes

limi he's very well known he has a he has a

very strong Scottish accent as well so some people might have difficulty

understanding what he's saying but yes he is very funny I like him a lot

hello mr. Duncan what do you do in your free time I don't have any free time at

the moment my average day I'm going to tell you what I do now every day I wake

up in the morning I wake up in the morning I open my eyes I have a smile on

my face and I think about all the people who didn't wake up who could not wake up

this morning because they are no longer alive so that always puts a smile on my

face and then I get out of bed sometimes I

put my socks on sometimes I don't it really depends on how much energy I have

because sometimes I have no energy in the morning there are no captions

because I'm using my mobile phone there are no captions because I'm using my

phone today the captions will be back tomorrow because I will be at home okay

I can't remember what I was excuse me

that's better so I wake up in the morning I can't always put my socks on

because I don't always have the energy and then I have some breakfast if I

remember and then I immediately go into my studio and start checking my email

because I have lots and lots of email messages from people around the world

and then also I I might look at the news I like to catch up on the news and then

what I like to do also is prepare my live stream so sometimes I will have to

do a lot of typing a lot of preparation sometimes I will have to make sure my

equipment is working because I use a lot of technology in my work lots and lots

of Technology and I have to make sure that it works you see and then I do this

I talked to you on the internet so I do that for two hours in fact today I've

been doing more than two hours I've been on for a long time today I've just

realized I've actually been on now for a very long time my goodness 125 minutes

so two hours and five minutes two hours and five minutes I've been talking to

you and the good thing is I haven't sneezed once I haven't even sneezed it's

amazing it would appear that my hay fever is not so bad today so yes my hay

fever is not too bad thank you very much Shekar Adam to be honest with you you

you're more impressive I love this method of learning so please be safe and

happy I always try to be happy so my routine every day normally is taken up

by this so this takes up a lot of my time during the day preparing doing and

then also afterwards I also have to do some work as well afterwards to make

sure that you can see the live stream after and then by that time it is time

to eat in the evening and then maybe I will sit in front of the television

maybe watch a movie or a TV show and then I will go to bed and then the next

day I do it all over again I wake up put my socks on maybe go downstairs maybe

have breakfast you see I do it all again so at the moment every day is this this

is what I do every day of my life at moment and of course I will be with you

tomorrow I'm back as well thank you very much for all of your

lovely messages who are we talking about food again

once in a while I can see flashing or lightning on your phone I think maybe

that is my phone adjusting the contrast you see so you might notice the phone

will sometimes change the contrast it is doing it automatically you see

automatically I can't control it and fortunately are we talking about food

are people talking about food on the livestream because I'm very hungry could

you please send some food to me no I'm not fasting

I'm not fasting at all it's just that I forgot to have my breakfast this morning

so there is no fasting it is just the fact that I was so busy this morning I

actually forgot how would you name a temperature of air or water when you

don't feel it it is neither cold nor hot it's just

ideal that's what I have now in my in my place oh I see so if

something is perfect maybe the the temperature or the the

heat is not too hot and not too cold you could say that it is perfect but the

temperature today is perfect it is I suppose you could say moderate or maybe

you could say that the the water is just right it's just right

just right Pedro is here Pedro Belmont I didn't see you on the

live chat I didn't see you hello - ooh Zoran nice to see you here today

therapeutic mr. Duncan I knew that therapeutic I like the word therapeutic

yes you are right oh I see I think Pedro is making

potatoes mashed potatoes maybe maybe guess what I'm having tonight mr. steve

is going to make stew tonight we are having potatoes yes I'm having potatoes

as well and also we're having some stew with lots of vegetables so that is what

I'm having tonight I hope you will have something nice to eat as well I know a

lot of people at the moment are fasting and they will be eating later on I will

also be eating later on Ivan what does it mean

took off if something has took off it means it has become popular it really

took off so maybe something that is being copied has been done and then it

becomes successful it has took off something that becomes popular you might

say something as took off it is also the past tense our take off take off took

off it means it it's happened already in the past hello - yes eeeh

you are a very nice teacher thank you very much

no I am NOT a good chef I am NOT a good cook my father for many years used to

have a catering business and he was very good at cooking not

anymore though because he's retired but my father used to be very good he was a

very good chef thank you very much see you tomorrow mr. Duncan thank you very

much I have a feeling that people want me to go shall I go now is it time for

me to go mr. Duncan could you please go we have other things to do

Thank You Thomas Thank You mr. Duncan for your work and goodbye thank you very

much can I say thank you also once again

and I also say thank you once more to Macao Cibola or Cabella Michalka Bella

thank you very much for your lovely donation that you sent to me on PayPal

thank you very much don't forget everything I do is free everything I do

is free for you it doesn't cost you anything so if you want to make a small

donation to help my work continue forever and ever and ever there is the

address and I will be back with you tomorrow we will do this all over again

from 2:00 p.m. UK time tomorrow I will be back here and we will do this again

however I won't be here I will probably be in my garden tomorrow

thanks mr. Duncan for this lovely live stream have a good afternoon

take care thank you also to barong hello Baran nice to see you here as well I

hope you've enjoyed today's livestream something a little bit different an

interesting view some interesting sounds and hopefully some interesting English

as well thank you yes see ya Thank You V tests I will be going in a moment I will

be going back home to have a cup of tea and also something to eat

because I'm a little bit hungry to be honest I am a little hungry

thank you very much Julie thank you serene thank you very much for

joining me today I will see you tomorrow so have a nice day goodbye - if Mohammed

goodbye - Marie now marine I'll sing I believe you are watching in India at the

moment thank you very much for joining me again nice to see you thank you for

your lesson Thank You grace it might take me another hour to say

goodbye to everyone it might take me a a very long time to say goodbye to

everyone so I will say thank you for watching thank you for joining in it's

been lovely I've enjoyed my walk and I I've also

enjoyed being here with you as well live from England see you later

this is mr. Duncan in the birthplace of English and there it is look England

see you tomorrow 2:00 p.m. UK time see you to morrow and

of course you know what's coming next yes you do

ta ta for now 8-)