oh hello again isn't that nice how strange i've  only just finished my live stream and now i'm live  

streaming again for those who were worried because  some of you apparently were a little worried about  

me whether or not i would survive the storm you  will be pleased to hear that i'm okay my gazebo  

i think this might be the first time that i've  ever showed my gazebo but there it is behind me  

so as you can see my gazebo is still standing  it's still there even though you can see that  

the wind is still strong but fortunately  it has now eased off the wind has died down  

and not only that it's also starting to  get dark here in england so there is my  

gazebo it is still standing i'm still  standing everything is still all right

yes i think my gazebo has survived so don't worry  about me i'm okay for those who were worried  

because my live stream finished at  around well around about 20 minutes ago

and i did receive some messages asking if i was  all right yes i'm okay i'm not too bad i'm okay  

i'm still alive my gazebo has survived but the  weather at the moment is not nice look at the  

sky above me so there you can see above me the  sky is not great it is very dark above my head  

so if you look very closely you can see that  the sky is looking rather angry at the moment  

i think that's a good way of describing the the  clouds above my head oh and by the way behind me  

some of the birds have started coming as well so  there you can see behind me the bird feeder so i  

was hoping earlier that the birds would come down  and start eating the food but sadly they didn't  

but now they have actually started coming down oh  my goodness i don't believe it it's pedro belmont  

pedro belmont is here again guess what pedro  i've already done my live stream so this is  

not my main live stream this is just my live  stream letting you know that i'm still alive  

because we are having quite  a violent storm at the moment

so there it is the sky is grey it looks  as if it's about to rain again in fact  

i wouldn't be surprised if it starts to rain  once more but now you can really get an idea  

of how bad the weather was my my poor gazebo is  being blown all over the place so i hope you can  

clearly see this now this is my gazebo  no no one knows what my gazebo looks like  

because you never actually see it so there it is  that is the thing that i normally stand underneath  

when i'm doing my live streams if the weather  is bad quite often i will be underneath this  

gazebo anyway i won't stay too long because i  don't want to i don't want to bore you anymore  

or any longer i hope you are pleased to hear  that i'm still alive i survived the storm  

i managed to make it through the storm and  i've come out the other side as i mentioned  

earlier i will be back with you on sunday this  is just a very short live stream just to say hi  

one of the things i've noticed this  afternoon whilst i was doing my live stream  

i did notice that the temperature is  starting to drop apparently this weekend  

here in england the weather is going to  become very cold there is a cold snap  

coming there is a very cold wind coming or it  will be coming from the arctic this weekend so  

it's really going to feel like winter here  in england over the next couple of days  

anyway i'm freezing cold i can't begin  to tell you how cold i feel right now

would you like to have a look at the view behind  me for those who don't normally see the view

there it is that is the view of the garden  for those who are not familiar with it  

that is what it looks like

i tell you something it's freezing

as the sun is setting just over  there it's starting to feel very cold

wow actually the wind is blowing  quite strongly let me just show you

so the wind is quite strong it's  not as strong as it was earlier  

it was really blowing a gale earlier so as  i move further up the garden oh my goodness

you might be able to see

just how strongly the wind is  actually blowing there we go

so now you can see the wind blowing  the trees at the top of the hill  

so those trees you can see blowing  are huge trees they are very  

big trees and you can see that the wind is really  battering them it is blowing all over the place

oh i know one thing

i know one thing it is freezing  cold right now i am freezing oh dear

oh i'm not sure if it was a good idea coming  outside maybe it was a bad idea who knows

it is so cold cool i know one thing i  think i'm going to go back into the house

hi mr duncan you are not boring at all i hope  not although sometimes i do get a little paranoid  

because i think maybe i am i think maybe i'm not  that interesting and maybe no one wants to watch  

me the wind was very strange yes it was thank  you for your live stream it was very interesting  

oh thank you very much i'm glad to hear that

i'm going now because i'm freezing cold  so now you know i'm okay i'm still alive  

i didn't get blown away by the wind  i am still here to tell my tale

and back on sunday see you later this is a very  cold mr duncan saying thanks for watching this  

very short live stream there is another  live stream that i did just before this  

and it is available on my youtube channel thank  you lolly thank you karine thank you sarah  

catch you later and going back into  the house now before i freeze to death

and of course you know  what's coming next yes you do

ta ta for now