yes i know i'm late i apologise for being late

but as you can see outside today the weather is very

unsettled i was going to go outside to do my live stream but then at the

last moment i changed my mind and as you can see the

weather today is a little bit rough to say the least

here we are again yes we are back together it is

another episode we've made it all the way to episode 112

of english addict coming to you live from the birthplace of english which

just happens to be


hmm here we go again hi everybody this is mr duncan in

england how are you today are you okay i hope so

are you happy i really hope you are happy today

welcome to a stormy england we are having

all sorts of strange weather well in fact

we've had a lot of strange weather over the past few weeks

we've had a lot of heat we've had a lot of rain

we've had thunder lightning and today we have wind

and rain falling in fact we've had so much the garden at the back

of the house appears to have turned into a swimming

pool to be honest so here we are again i hope

you're having a good day yes we've made it all the way to the

middle of the week it's wednesday

here we are again yes we are back once more

it is time to brush up on your english to learn some new words to improve

your grammar yes today we will be looking at

grammar so that is coming up in today's live stream

also i have a little bit of life advice as well as we all know

life during 2020 has been a little difficult to say the


and we are not through it yet so this is only august we still have

around another four months to go of this year

between you and me i can't wait for 2020 to disappear i really can't

but we have to grin and bear it we have to put up with it we have to

keep that stiff upper lip we have to carry on

we have no choice to be honest so a little bit later on to help you

through these strange times i will be giving you some of my own

personal life tips and advice

coming up a little bit later on nice to see you all here

i am in my studio i'm not outside because the weather

is awful in fact right behind me you can see there is a live view

outside so that behind me is actually outside at the moment

and as you can see the wind is blowing very strongly

we have had so much rain today is it raining where you are i'm

wondering maybe maybe not so here we are again

thank you for joining me yes i am the best kept secret on youtube

if you look under the rock in the corner of youtube underneath there if you lift

it up amongst all of the insects and the worms

you will find my youtube channel hidden away

in the corner in the shade anyway i'm so glad that you've managed

to find me that's all i can say i suppose relieved

might be the right word in fact here we go for those who don't know what i do

i talk about english we are here to share our love of the english

language so i talk about english you can also talk about english as well on

the live chat we also have idioms today

i've been asked if i can talk about idioms so that is

exactly what i'm going to do we have some

food idioms one of my all-time favorite subjects

and just to get us in the mood would you like to see

some of the food that i ate during my time in paris

last year

mmm getting us into the mood for some food talk today that is what we are

talking about we are looking at food idioms on today's

live english addict

so glad you could join me today you might notice some different

things some slightly different things today there are no live

captions for which i apologize but youtube are making changes

at the moment they are making changes to the way

the live streams are broadcast so there are many changes taking place

and i am trying to work out how to get

the live captions back but unfortunately due to some of the changes that youtube

are making and the way that the live streams are

actually broadcast through the internet and

through the site there are no live captions today however there is good

news even if the good news is only a little

good news later there will be captions on the replay so you will be able to

have captions on the replay of this

later on when youtube saves the live stream however at the

moment unfortunately there are no

live captions the other thing you will notice

is there is less latency that there is less of a delay

between me speaking and you hearing me and also

vice versa so everything is a little faster

everything is a little faster you might notice the difference

but i will try my best to get the live captions back i really hope

i can do that i really wish i can do it to be honest oh hello to the live chat

talking of the live chat hello to you as well thanks for joining me today

yes we are live now at 22 minutes past 2 o'clock on

wednesday the 19th of august in two weeks it will be september

wow but as i mentioned earlier we still have another four months of this year

to get through and already some people are talking about

do you know what i'm saying people are already starting

to talk about

i can't believe it it's too soon it's too quick please

it's only august i have a feeling that many people now

on a serious note i suppose there are many people with businesses

shops businesses that rely on customers and of course during this year there

haven't been many people buying from the shops

directly or in person for various reasons

and you know what they are we all know what they are

so it would appear that a lot of people now are

hoping that the christmas sales in december and of course november as

well so november december maybe even

october the christmas sales will help many of these businesses that

have been suffering during this crazy year

so i think that is one of the reasons why we are already talking about

christmas in august it is something that doesn't

happen very often normally we start talking about the

christmas shopping period in late october so that's normally when

we start talking about it but here here we are in august

and some people are already talking about

christmas time many businesses are hoping

they will have a good period of time thank you for your live chat messages

already we have a lot of people and can i say a big congratulations to

oh hello to mohsin hi mohsen guess what you are first on today's

live chat

isn't that lovely it's lovely it's amazing

really is congratulations mohsen you are first

on today's live chat also v tess v tess second

today your finger fast but not fast enough you see also richard

bitres donna mary twan you win hiroko is here as well

wow a lot of people already here lovely to see you by the way

can i say a special hello to beatriz nice to see you here today and

can i also say thank you very much for your wonderful

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and now it's me again sorry about that we also have oh hello also to

fernando a famous song by abba

there was something in the air that night

the stars were bright fernando they were shining there for you and me

for everyone


they're coming back aren't they abba can you believe it they they have come

back they have a new song and also a new video i don't know if

you've seen it but it's rather good hello fatio

fatty hello to you roxy is here as well oh and also rain is here hello rain

i think your name is very suitable today because we have had

so much rain today alessandra mario also andy starr pavel

taiyeb ram chowdray is here as well hello to you nice to see

you here today sadly there are no live captions today

sorry about that it's not my fault but youtube at the moment are making some

changes to the way the live chat is

processed and also the live stream is processed so lots of things are

changing diana is here beatriz

beatrice says i love paris mr duncan and the music is so special yes

apparently i didn't realize this i was surprised to find out that paris

is the most visited city in the world i didn't know that i always thought it

was new york maybe new york or

perhaps i suppose maybe rome but paris apparently

is the most visited city in the world

and i've been there i went there last year with mr steve i was very lucky

enough to get a free trip

with mr steve as part of his prize from the company he works for so very

nice very lucky imagine if it was this year

so imagine if mr steve and myself imagine if we were able to go away this

year for free to paris well guess what we

wouldn't have been able to do it because of

you know what thanks mr duncan you are welcome beatrice

very kind of you very kind of you indeed hello partapp partap

i came here again i decided to return to see you once more isn't

that lovely christina also we have

khalid you are a good singer i enjoy your voice thank you mr duncan

maybe one day we will play a video with mr steve

singing because mr steve has a very good singing voice

much better than me much better than me pratap is it your birthday today

pratap wow can i just say happy birthday to

portap it's your birthday yes today it's your birthday

thank you very much for letting me know and happy birthday

to you partapp

should i say hello to you thank you very much

isn't that lovely

have you had your birthday before this year

how many birthdays do you have someone is asking

i wonder well the queen of england has two birthdays she has her real

birthday and she has her official birthday

where the whole country celebrates her birthday so the queen of england

actually has two birthdays every year

which is a little bit strange when you think about it

imagine that

i love english now thank you mr duncan says fernando

you are welcome and don't worry i'm not going

i'm not going to sing again

santorino is luis mendes here i haven't seen lewis are you here luis

mendes oh yes hello luis mendes or should i say

louis mendes he's here today

very nice to see so many people here on the live

chat emran says i am your biggest fan since i was

16 and now i am 22.

really all those years oh my goodness i think that's lovely that you've been

watching me for six years without wanting to jump out of a window

i love that i think that's amazing sandra gonzalez is here as well

so nice to see you here we have a lot of things coming up today

we are talking about food idioms there is no sentence game today not

today however on friday there will

be the sentence game on friday

very interesting we have some messages coming through

the psg won lipsic but to watch it without spectators is

not a big pleasure i don't know what that

actually is maybe it's a sporting event but it is

very strange at the moment because you are

seeing a lot of people playing sport professionally

in front of no one and one of the strange things

is they are actually adding the sound of the crowd

so maybe a football match is taking place on the television

live however there is no one there watching it

however the people that are producing the broadcast

are actually adding the sound of the audience or the spectators

so the sound of the

is actually being added added to the whole thing human being is here

hello human being welcome and you are more than welcome to join all of the

other human beings here right now which accent are you

talking which accent english this is english

the language i'm speaking is english i live in england

so some whites say that i'm speaking british english

however british english is just the accent you see

so we are talking about the accent however

the english that i'm speaking is english there is only one english

language oh yes there is only one

pousant says let bygones be bygones is the most beautiful idiom i have have

ever heard yes if you let bygones be bygones

it means you are forgetting about the disagreements

or the arguments that you've had over time

maybe your friend has said something bad maybe something that has upset you

but then you talk about it with your friend

and you agree to let bygones be bygones bygones

refers to the past something that has already occurred something that has

happened already it's time to let bygones be

bygones you are right it is actually a very nice

idiom a nice expression oh hello pedro we also have pedro belmont

is here as well i think this decade many things will happen after the virus

they might attack the agriculture of food who knows

who knows i think one of the things that is hard to do is predict the future

i think in the past it was hard to do no one really knows

what is going to happen next but i think this year

especially this year i think it's safe to say that

no one knows what is going to happen next

no one knows what is going to happen next

donna mr duncan i have noticed a lot of videos on youtube

teaching english through sleeping

the video has one conversation and it repeats

uh over three hours what do you think i've talked about this before and i

i don't necessarily believe that it's possible to do that you can't learn

a language whilst you are asleep it might be going into your ears but i

can guarantee that your brain will not be processing

any of it and the reason is because when you go to sleep

your brain literally shuts down like your computer

you see so it's a little bit like shutting down your computer

and then trying to install a new program into it you can't you see because the

computer has switched off everything is

off shut down so when you go to sleep you are also

shut down imagine your brain going to sleep

so when you go into a very deep sleep all of your brain in fact most of your

brain shuts down did you know that

did you do that

so no no i don't think you can learn even though there are many things about

the human brain we don't completely understand

so who knows but as far as i'm concerned from the things we know about the human

brain when you go to sleep large

areas of your brain actually shut down it's almost as if

your brain is switching off

so that is it you see so i don't think you can learn

whilst you are sleeping however it is a very interesting gimmick

and a lot of people are making a lot of money

from doing it you see so that is what what i think of it

anyway so i don't necessarily think i don't think you can actually do it you

see i don't think you can learn whilst you're sleeping

it is better to exercise your brain whilst it is conscious

and awake and functioning now for example is a very good time

to exercise your brain the problem nowadays

the problem nowadays is everyone wants everything now immediately

quickly and without putting any effort into it you see we want everything

instant so the idea of going to sleep listening to something and then waking

up the next morning knowing how to speak english is

lazy it's a quick way of doing it the only problem is

it doesn't work you see but it is a very good way of making


i hope i hope you understand what i'm saying there and where i'm coming from

you see hello to wendell hello wendell nice to

see you here today

many people study at night says par tap well that's different because you're

awake if you are awake then you are conscious

so even if you are feeling tired it is still possible to learn

something however it is not the best situation to

do it in but being completely unconscious

being i want to say dead well you are you are dead to the world

because you are asleep and most of your brain has switched off

when you go into a very deep sleep so your brain isn't really doing

anything as i said it's like it's like trying to to run a computer

program when your computer is switched off you

can't do it it's impossible

prakash asks sir what is your name my name is mr duncan there it is you see

mr duncan and now i'm talking to you live

from england on when is it wednesday we've made it all

the way to wednesday very nice

i like your watch mr duncan thank you tatiana

this was a very special gift given to me by

mr steve thank you it's very kind of you valentin says there

are many learning theories that claim that learning occurs when you are active

because you must use your cognitive skills yes one of the best ways to learn

and i know this sounds strange but it's true

one of the best ways to learn a new language

or maybe to learn grammar is to write something down so maybe you have a book

or maybe you have a poem that you enjoy if you write something

down then it is true that you use your brain

in a very different way you use your brain in a different way

when you are reading you are just processing

the information but when you write when you copy something and you are

using your hand to write you are using a different part

of your brain you are using your brain in a different

way so writing is a very good way

of remembering words and you do have to be awake to do it not

asleep not asleep are you teaching

in school well not now i'm not teaching in school

now what is your age mr duncan well i had my birthday last week in fact

one week ago i was another year older

to be honest with you i don't care now i've got over it

i've decided not to worry too much about it to be honest

so that's what i'm actually doing i'm not worrying

yes pedro says i totally agree when i write something

i have a better comprehension it is true and it's something that you

might want to try if you have a favorite book maybe you

like reading harry potter maybe you can find

a favorite passage from that book and then copy the words or copy

the sentences from the book and you will notice as you do it

the the words are actually making an imprint in your brain so you are not

just writing it onto the paper you are also

writing it into your brain very interesting

it is one of those unusual things that the brain is able to do

so if you are doing something in a certain way

it is possible to remember words

tatiana says the best way to use english or

sorry the best way to learn english is to use it

yes if you use english it becomes more familiar it becomes something

that you can use better it becomes more natural as you use it

over time so yes i agree with you

unicarina says i don't like harry potter well anything

anything maybe you enjoy history books maybe you can write down

some passages from a history book maybe you enjoy poetry you can write

and copy some poetry from a book so there are many ways of doing it many

things you can write down

we are going to talk about food idioms and also in a few moments as well we are

going to look at a few little pieces of advice

as well some advice to help you with your journey through this crazy

thing we call life by the way if you want to get in touch

you are more than welcome to do so you can drop me an email you can follow

me on facebook and as i mentioned earlier you can also

make a donation

hello there nice to see you today if you've just joined me yes this is

english addict on wednesday we've made it all the way to wednesday

we have the live chat we have some idioms relating to food coming up we

also have an excerpt from one of my lessons where i talk

about food just to get us in the mood

by the way if you want to watch my live streams

you can catch me on sunday wednesday and friday from 2 p.m uk time

2 p.m uk time sunday wednesday and friday is when you can

find me here on youtube and it's lovely

it's beautiful it's nice it's fantastic it's

so wonderful to have you here today life is one of those things

you really can't avoid life have you noticed

and there are some little thoughts that i would like to share with you now

these are my own thoughts these are things that i consider the

things that i think about when life is not going my way

maybe people are doing things that are hurtful or annoying

and maybe situations and events come along that you can't do

anything about well here are some little words of

advice from myself the first one

never worry about the things you cannot change

there are many things in life that will happen

and you can't do anything about it you can't change those things the things

you cannot change in your life are things you should put

aside and not worry too much about so never worry about the things you

cannot change there is nothing you can do about it and

this is something i was going through last week

as my birthday approached last week i was thinking about getting older

my age increasing by another year but really i know deep down

that i shouldn't worry about it there is no need

to worry about your age it is only a number it is just a number

so never worry about the things you cannot change

here's another one concentrate on your own goals

your own goals the things you want to achieve

concentrate on your own goals and not the ones

of others and sometimes we do become distracted

by what other people are doing do they have

a better car do they have a bigger house do they have more money what are they

doing you worry more about what other people

are doing than yourself and i think sometimes it

is best to clear your head of all of that

nonsense and concentrate on your own goals the things

that you want to achieve in your life the things that you

want to achieve in your own life and

try to think less of what other people are doing and what they have i think

sometimes it is a very unwelcome distraction i think it can be

very unwelcome a distraction you don't need

tatiana says i worry about the things i can

change do you mean that or things you can't

change people can be very annoying this is true people can be annoying

i think most of us if we were honest if we were honest i think most of us

find other people quite annoying

if you have to live very close to other people

it can be annoying if you have to struggle through a busy shopping center

or if you have to get on a train with lots of other people

you will find very quickly other people can be very annoying

they can also say and do bad things as well things that might

distract you things that might put you off following

your dreams the secret is not to think about

it not to worry about it

and that is it you see worrying about what other people think will eventually

become an unwelcome distraction worrying about

what other people will think or what

they might view you as or see you as

will become an unwelcome distraction you will start thinking more about that

than your own goals your own life

so i think it is a mistake that many people make

and yes i have done it in the past i have

often found myself distracted by what other people are doing or what

they are saying their attitude

their poisonous words worrying about what other people think

will eventually become an unwelcome distraction

so try not to think about it

oh here's a good one i like this one i always believe that everyone has a story

inside them there is something that we can share

every person has an experience or something that they've learned

or something that they know maybe about themselves that they can

share with other people we all have a story to

tell but only a few of us have the courage to

tell theirs and that is it

so when you see a famous author or maybe an actor talking about their

life or maybe they write a book about their

experiences think to yourself i have my own

experiences i also have things that i've noticed

observed experienced in my own life write your story

write your own story we all have interesting lives we all have

unusual moments but very few of us choose to share them we all have a story

to tell but only a few of us have the courage to

tell theirs

and if you are going to write write about the things that interest you

express yourself through the things that draw your

attention in a positive and meaningful way

the things that mean something to you might also mean something to someone

else i remember many years ago when people

started writing diaries and recording the experiences they had

in their blogs blogging wow way back in 2006

2005 2004 blogging was the only thing people did

it was a very popular thing people would write about their own

experiences they would write it in a journal and that journal

would then be published on the internet blogging

before youtube there was blogging people would write

their stories they would type their experiences

onto their blog page i actually did have my own blog page

when i was in china and many people used to read it

our next little piece of advice uh we all have bad days we all have days

when things don't go right i have them you have them we all have

them but remember a bad day is often only one

day so don't let it spoil all of the moments

that follow on from it a bad day

is often only one day you have one bad day so don't let it

spoil all of the moments that follow on from

it so the next day try to forget about

those problems and those worries try to move on

sometimes it is easier said than done but it is possible you can do it

i hope you are enjoying this some little pieces of advice some tips

some things that i've learned from my own

experiences through my own long life and finally

the next time someone calls you eccentric reply with

i'm not eccentric you are boring

i hope you enjoyed those little nuggets of advice i hope you enjoyed

them a lot we are going to talk all about food

idioms in a few moments and yes we are live right now three minutes

in fact it's now two minutes away from three o'clock

here in the uk and this is english addict

hello victor victor nice to see you here victor

my uncle was called victor not everyone is an open book that is

true in fact you might find that people who

are secretive quite often have the most

fascinating stories to tell yes you see

hello saturino again

i think saturino is talking about football something that i know very

little about i don't follow football i do get asked

quite often

says you are saying life-changing words yes i think sometimes attitude is a

thing that can steer you in

the right direction and sometimes the wrong

direction your own attitude your attitude to people around you and

also your attitude to yourself your own self

attitude your self image as well we all have things we can do

we all have gifts we all have talents sometimes it takes a while to find them

i know that's what happened to me it definitely

happened to me would you like to see some food idioms okay

we are going to look at some food idioms as we approach

three o'clock first of all though i would like to show you an excerpt

from one of my lessons where i talk all about

my most favorite subject in the whole wide world

food hi everybody this is mr duncan in

england how mr duncan

is oh hello mr lomax how are you

what's the problem mr duncan i'm hungry can i have something to eat

please of course you can what would you like to

eat i would like a big juicy banana if

that's okay um banana eh let me see

i've got a banana around here so there's one

one juicy banana there you go

is that okay for you thank you very much

bon appetit now then where was i oh yes hi everybody this is mr duncan in

england how are you today are you okay

i hope so are you happy i hope so in today's lesson

we will look at a common item which is for each of us

an important part of our daily life and our means of survival today we will talk


food it's

cold it's delicious to munch and it's easy to hold you can eat it from a plate

it's the greatest thing that you can ever wish it's food

yummy food it's food

there are many natural elements contained within

food such as calcium chromium cobalt

copper iron sodium and zinc

it is worth noting that these are present

in very tiny amounts which is lucky for us because the human body only requires

a very small daily amount to function properly

keeping the balance of these elements right is very important

as too much of them is just as bad as too little

then there is protein which helps the body to function

and stay well maintained protein is made up of small organic chemicals

called amino acids these are absorbed from food during

digestion and are used to create new proteins

and other useful substances that the body requires

finally let us not forget one of the most important

intakes that the body requires in order to function

and survive


around sixty percent of your body is made up of water

the water in your body keeps you cool it helps to keep the joints of your

bones soft and supple it carries nutrients

to your tiny skin cells and it helps to carry away

all of the waste and toxins which would otherwise build up

and cause you to become ill water is being constantly used and lost

by the body through sweating and

going to the toilet needless to say you must drink plenty of water every day

meals and food have different names depending on their size

when they are eaten and where they are served

hamburgers and other similar food is easy to make and serve so it is called

convenience food or fast food mcdonald's kfc and burger king

are all classed as fast food restaurants a quick small meal is called a snack

or a bite a meal where you select and serve your own food is called a

buffet a large meal served to many people in a hall

is called a banquet here's a good question is milk a food

or a drink i would let you find out the answer to that one remember

milk and cheese contains lots of calcium and calcium is good for your bones


there are many ways of expressing hunger i feel hungry

i'm starving i'm famished i'm

ravenous i've got to eat soon or i will faint

my stomach is telling me to eat wow i really have to eat something

i'm so hungry i could eat a horse

cooking food has become a very popular activity

for many people and these days there are lots of cookery programs on television

presented by celebrity chefs although some of them do

tend to be quite rude and impolite such as this guy

hello and welcome to go cook yourself i'm dave nasty and i'm a chef

and i'm rude to people if you don't like that

then you can go cook yourself this is a potato i like chopping them up

into little pieces and then boiling them in water then i

mash them with butter it's called mashed potatoes can you mash up potatoes

i guess you can't cause you're not a chef

like me i hate everyone i'm dave nasty saying go cook yourself


to wet your appetite to get you in the mood

for some chat about food yes that was an excerpt from one of

my lessons all about my most favorite thing of all

can you guess what it is well yes of course you can

because it's on the screen right now

we are back live welcome back yes it is coming up to ten minutes past three

on a wednesday afternoon in england i don't know what time it is where you are

because i haven't a clue where you are

if you want to let me know you can if you want it's up to you

it's a free world hello to the live chat yes we are about to look at some

idioms relating to food something i mentioned

on when was it i think it was on sunday i mentioned idioms about food

and i thought it would be a good idea to do that

today and of course don't forget on friday i'm back on friday

with the sentence game friday from 2 p.m is when i'm doing that in

case you are wondering

here we go then are you ready to have a look at some

idioms relating to my all-time favorite food

oh by the way i did notice a message earlier about

jaffa cakes oh i see yes unicarina says

i became a big fan of jaffa cakes because of mr duncan

oh i see is it my fault then i can take the blame for that can i i

wondered how i could not have known of this gem

jaffa cakes are just great they are one of my favorite things that i

like to do when i'm eating jaffa cakes i always like to take the piece of

orange off and then eat that after the sponge so i

eat the sponge first and then after that i eat the orange

the piece of orange jelly in the middle oh i wish i had some jaffa cakes right

now but unfortunately i don't

i don't i'm sorry about that here we go then we are now looking at

food idioms food glorious food i

like to nibble on a piece of cheese oh all this talk of food

has made me very hungry hello to everyone

so many people are now talking about food it would appear that food

is a very common subject between people here we go here are some idioms relating

to food and the eating of food

the use of food and all the different types of food

including this one so here is an idiom relating to food

bring home the bacon you bring home the bacon when you bring home the

bacon it means you give money or support

you do something that allows your family to eat

and survive you go out you go to work and then you bring

home the bacon not literally so this is actually an idiom which means

to earn money you earn money you get a salary and then you can support

your family to bring home the bacon i have to go out every day i have to

work for seven hours a day just so i can

bring home the bacon you bring home the bacon you earn money

and then you bring the money home or the money is sent to you

and your family can survive you bring home the bacon

isn't that nice here's another one we are looking at food idioms for this

wednesday afternoon here's another one then oh very nice

to be the cherry on the cake oh nice if you are the cherry on the

cake a thing that is the cherry on the cake

is the final thing that makes everything special so maybe you are having a good

day or maybe you are having a good time

and then something really nice happens and that is the cherry on the cake

so that is the final part of something that makes

the thing beautiful and complete so maybe you have a birthday and perhaps

one of your favorite friends who you haven't seen for many years

comes round and they give you a lovely present and

you might say today is a special day but but seeing

you is the cherry on the cake it makes

everything complete and wonderful very nice

i'm getting some very strange messages here

i oh unic arena says i am eating curry every day seven days a week and since i

bought it and i've learned to cook with it so unicarina is having curry

every day there is actually a phrase an idiom curry favor if you

curry favor it means you are trying to get someone's attention

so they will give you some benefit or something special or they

will help you so you curry favor you are trying to get

a person's attention by doing nice things

for them and hopefully you will get something nice

in return you curry favor you try to get a person to

to like you to give you attention by doing nice things to them

the cherry on the cake is the best part of the day

the best part of a situation here's another one oh this is a rude one

wow we have a rude idiom mr duncan i can't believe you are doing

this here we go i'm taking a big risk here

showing you this

this is a crude it is a crude expression quite

rude but it is one we use in the english language meat and to veg

this relates

to a certain part of the male body can you guess

no don't no please don't guess don't guess

just just think in your mind what it could be

don't don't write it on the live chat your meat

and to veg ah a certain part of your body the male

body not up here somewhere down there you see

your meat and to veg it is crude it is something

that might be seen as obscene or dirty you talk about

a man's meat and two veg we are talking about his

his tackle

that's all i'm saying that's it moving on

i got very hot there

partridge says the captions are not there

unfortunately today there are no live captions because youtube

is now making changes to the way the live stream is broadcast so i do

apologize for that but it's not my fault please don't shout

at me i am trying my best to get them back

however you will have captions later on when the replay is available

on youtube so you can watch this live stream later on

again with captions unfortunately because youtube have decided to make

some changes there are no captions at the moment i'm

sorry about that there is nothing i can do about it

was busy last night trying to sort this out

and unfortunately i could not sort it out

i'm hoping they will come back yes i want

the live captions to come back i do just like you do so we both have

the same feeling about that here's another food

idiom oh something is your bread and butter something is

your bread and butter if something is described as your bread and butter

it is the thing that you do or the thing that you are able to do that

allows you to earn money so your bread and butter

is the thing that you are doing that allows you to have

a living you are able to survive very similar to bring home the bacon

so bring home the bacon is the action of working and bringing money home

but this actually describes the thing you do

so this is the actual job or the talent the thing that you are able to do

to earn money is your bread and butter the way you earn your living

is your bread and butter so these are all

idioms that are related to food and that's what we're looking at

at the moment

andy andy starr you've got it you're right i'm not going to repeat

what you've written i'm not repeating it but you are right

it is also illegal in many countries the thing you've described

is illegal in many countries dear me i knew

i knew putting that on the screen was a mistake i really did and i really

thought that maybe that was a mistake and maybe it was

ah hello boy genie hello boy genie nice to see you

did someone rub your lamp and did you appear in a puff of smoke

i know i've done that quite a few times pasta in italy is very good oh yes i do

like pasta i must admit italian food one of my

favorite types of food i like chinese food

i like indian food i like japanese food i have lots of different

tastes and also also i like italian food as well i do very much

here's another one relating to a certain type of food

yes well i suppose water is food i know you drink it

but it's something that can help your body it helps your body to

to replenish itself it helps your body to function it helps all of the nerves

in your body to work properly even your brain needs water in fact most

of your brain is actually water so water is a very

important thing to take so this particular idiom

to water down something if you water down something it means you make

it weaker you weaken

something you make something weaker by adding water so perhaps you have some

orange juice and there are 20 people who want the

orange juice unfortunately you only have enough

orange juice for 10 people so what you do is you will add water

you water down the orange juice so then there will be more orange juice

so to water down something is to add water to something you make something

weaker whilst at the same time increasing

the quantity you water down something another way of using this expression is

to make something simpler so maybe something that is very

complicated very complex to explain

you you put it in a simple way so you water down the instructions

you water something down you make it more

understandable you make something more comprehensive

water is life it is you are right without water there would be no life

on this planet incredible

by the way it's raining again i don't know if you can see behind me

but the rain is falling once more in the garden there is rain falling

all around me talking of water i'm having some water now you see because my

throat is very dry hmm

oh that is very nice mr duncan please conduct a live stream

once a week where you will be replying only to live stream messages

the problem with that is everyone would find it very boring you see

so i try to do both i like to talk to you

i like to read your messages and also i like to talk about

different subjects as well so there is always something to talk

about vitas yes you are right v tess

dilute so if you water down something you dilute it you

dilute the thing you add water quite often we will

make something become larger in quantity so maybe you have

some juice and then you add water and so you increase the quantity

unfortunately you also weaken the flavor as well at the same time

human being i see you want to talk to me now do you a few

moments ago you were accusing me of being a racist

interesting if you pig out it means you eat a lot

you peak you pig out you sit down and you eat

a lot of food you gorge yourself with food you pig out

you eat a lot of food in one go maybe you are sitting in front of the

television watching your favorite movie and whilst watching you pig out

you eat lots and lots of food

here's another one oh i like this one as well this is something we all do

in our lives i'm sure every day this is something we all do

chew the fat if you chew the fat it means you talk to someone you have a

conversation so you chew the fat you have a

conversation you talk to each other you talk about

general things maybe you catch up on the gossip maybe there is something

that your your neighbor has told you and so you

talk about that particular thing oh did you know

have you heard about mrs jones from up the road oh really why

what what's happening oh apparently she has a new boyfriend oh

really i think it might be the postman oh i

wondered why my letters were coming so late

you see you chew the fat you have a discussion you talk about

general topics you chew the fat i like that one

i think that your favorite food is potato yes

i do like potatoes very much potatoes and cheese as well

so if you chew the fat it means you are talking we stood

all afternoon in the garden chewing the fat

we were talking about lots and lots of different things

apparently andy says now it is the season to eat

watermelons can i just tell you i am not a fan i don't like watermelons i don't

know why but i find them very messy when you eat a watermelon you get all of

the juice and it goes on your hands and down your

clothes and then you get those really annoying

seeds so some types of melon they have lots of

little black seeds inside and you have to

spit them out which is not very nice really

it's not very hygienic so i'm i'm not a big fan of watermelons

to be honest i don't really like them all that much

and baked beans oh yes of course baked beans

i love baked beans i'm a big fan of baked beans

cheese and potatoes

in fact it is possible to have all of those together

you can have a meal that consists of baked beans potatoes and cheese you can

actually have them all together i like that one

here's another one this is an idiom for part of your body but this time it

is nothing rude cake hole can you guess

where your cake hole is do you know where your cake hole is

your cake hole is where where is your

cake hole

you might tell someone to shut their cake hole oh i wish you would shut

your cake hole what is your cake hole it is part of

your body

uh madava no madava it is not that

you need to go a little higher up it's a little higher

on your body a little higher up

although some people do talk out of that they do talk

through that so what is your cake hole your cake hole

is your mouth because that is where the food

goes in and the words come out your cake hole so if a person

is talking too much

if they are talking too much you might say

oh for goodness sake please can you shut your cake hole shut

your cake hole

it means be quiet shut your cake hole shut your cake hole

please stop talking some people say to me they say mr duncan

i wish you would shut your cake hole you talk

too much here's another one for those carnivores watching

here is another food idiom ah now i know not everyone eats fish

some people don't you have vegans who don't eat fish at all however you

can eat fish if you want you can go fishing

you can go to the stream and you can have a little

afternoon by the river fishing for some fresh fish or

if you're feeling lazy you can go to the supermarket

and buy some that has been prepared already

like a fish out of water a person who is a fish out of water is a person

who is in a situation

that they're not familiar with maybe you are having to do something that you

are unfamiliar with something that you don't understand

very clearly maybe you are in a place that you've never been to

before you are like a fish out of water you are in an unusual situation

or a strange place something that you are not familiar with you don't


you don't understand completely what is happening where you are

you are like a fish out of water and yes some people do eat fish

including me i like to have a little bit of fish sometimes

you know what i like you know the type of fish i enjoy

here's another one and this one involves my most

favorite food ah yes you see you are right this is my most favorite

food potato potato

potato some people say potato some people say potato potato

potato tomato tomato let's call the whole thing off

yes a person in a difficult situation a person who is in an unfamiliar place

thank you andy is a fish out of water so here we are hot potato what is a hot


i wonder what that is if something is a hot potato

it might be a subject or something that must not be talked about or maybe

something that is hard to talk about it is

it is a hot potato it is a delicate subject

maybe something controversial is a hot potato it is something that is not

easy to discuss or talk about something

that may be difficult to express amongst other people

it is a hot potato normally things involving politics so maybe a subject

connected to politics might be described as a hot potato

i like that one i like it something is a hot potato

difficult to talk about controversial it is a hot potato

can we have a positive one can we have a positive expression i think so we will

we will have a positive expression in a moment

jimmy from hong kong hello jimmy nice to see you here today

does anyone feel like a couch potato during this lockdown

i will be honest with you there have been moments

where i've been sitting on my sofa watching television and sometimes i do

it for maybe one hour or maybe two hours

or maybe the whole afternoon

sitting in front of the television you become

a couch potato because you are not doing anything because you are inactive

you are not doing anything you become fat you put on weight because you are

not doing anything a couch potato

is a person who is lazy they sit around they often do nothing

they might be seen as a little bit lazy a hot potato

hot oh sorry not hot potato couch potato sorry about that here's a positive one

now yeah can we have a positive one a person who

is full of beans another one of my favorite

foods if you are full of beans it means you

are excited you are happy you are energetic

you are full of beans you are excited maybe something is happening maybe you

are getting married next weekend maybe you have met the love

of your life maybe you woke up this morning in bed with a smile

on your face and you feel full of beans yes

i have lots of excitement lots of energy i have a lot of passion

to do something i am eager to do it i want to do it i have so much energy

i am full of beans

i'm full of beans here's another one oh i like this one

this is another lesson that you might learn in life we were

talking about that earlier weren't we to have a second bite of the cherry

sometimes in life you might get the chance to do something but then you lose

that chance you lose it it vanishes

however if you are lucky you might get to have

a second bite of the cherry and that means you have another chance

you are given another opportunity you are given

another chance to do the thing maybe something that you

want to do maybe something you've always wanted to

do so maybe the first time you you didn't

do very well so you lost your chance but then someone

else comes along and they give you they let you have

a second bite of the cherry you have another chance you have a

second chance to do something you have

a second bite of the cherry i will be going soon by the way

yes i will be with you on friday after today

i will be with you on friday so don't worry

i will be back with you on friday from 2 p.m

here's another one if you work in an office

if you work for a large company maybe you have one of these

the big cheese what is the big cheese the big cheese is

your boss the manager the person who owns the

company that you work for may be the person who

is in charge they have

full authority they are the big cheese the person who owns the

company maybe the manager maybe he is your

manager you might describe him as the big cheese

although some people might find that offensive

or rude if you said that but the big cheese is the boss

the person who is in charge the person who has the ultimate authority

over everyone else can be described as the big cheese

he is your boss or she is your boss

eggs eggs there are so many ways to eat

eggs you can fry an egg you can boil an egg

you can poach an egg you can whisk an egg and turn it into an

omelet you can put eggs

with sugar and make meringue so many ways of cooking and preparing

eggs to have egg on your face is to have an embarrassing moment

or you suffer a moment of embarrassment something happens that

makes you feel embarrassed or ashamed you have egg

on your face you've done something that has created embarrassment

for yourself maybe you said something stupid

maybe you did something stupid you did something carelessly

and then people notice it and they say oh mr duncan

you've made a mistake there you've made a stupid mistake and i will say oh

no i have egg on my face i am so embarrassed to be embarrassed

or ashamed of a mistake that you've made you end up with egg on your face

benjalune says you can also make mayonnaise with eggs

yes you can can i just say

these days anything i eat i always put mayonnaise on it mayonnaise

is the most amazing thing it is mayonnaise with

potatoes mayonnaise with pizza have you ever tried

mayonnaise with pizza it is absolutely delicious in fact we

had it last night we had pizza with baked beans

and on the side we had some mayonnaise my goodness it is so delicious

very nice indeed mayonnaise is a type of well it is something you

put on the table to add to your food after

it has been served so maybe you think of tomato sauce

vinegar salt pepper you put these on your food you can also

put mayonnaise which is made with

eggs and i believe also olive oil and i think lemon juice as well i think

lemon juice is also in mayonnaise but it is

very delicious very lovely it is made with egg

i believe it is egg yolk egg yolk

the other thing to mention about mayonnaise is it's also

quite unhealthy as well if you eat too much of it

but quite often you will have mayonnaise with chips

mayonnaise on your beef burger so mayonnaise is very

popular mayonnaise i want to eat some mayonnaise now i

really do

alessandra says no mr duncan please don't eat it anymore

well fortunately i don't eat it all the time but sometimes it goes very well

with certain food including pizza wow oh it is made

with olive oil yes i think it's olive oil

eggs egg yolk and i think lemon juice as well very

nice mayonnaise so if you have egg on your

face it means to be embarrassed by something

something that has made you feel embarrassed or

ashamed we have one more and then i will be saying goodbye

the final one today oh food for thought so earlier

i gave you some advice about how to live life in a content and happy way

from my own point of view so i gave you some food for thought i gave you

something to think about maybe some suggestions or ideas

we can say that they are all food for thought it is something that a

person says that you can think about carefully

something to consider food for thought food for thought

some advice can be described as food for thought a person gives you some

advice they give you some help verbally they give you some food

for thought maybe some new information that you've received

maybe you've read something in a book and oh yes that's interesting

that has given me food for thought

and there we are oh my goodness i can't believe it

are we really the end of today's live stream yes

i've been with you for nearly one hour and 40 minutes

sandra is going see you later sandra that's okay it's all right sandra don't

worry oh that's interesting yes crossword

puzzles crossword puzzles can be food

for thought yes solving puzzles doing something that can make your brain

work in a certain type of way or information that you have to

process that has been food

for thought i hope today's live stream has given you lots of food

for thought i hope you've enjoyed it i will be going in a moment

andy starr says the events that are happening in

minsk is definitely food for thought yes a lot of things

going on at the moment in that part of the world you are right

and i i think many people are are waiting to find out what happens next

you're right thank you christina thank you valentina nice to see you all

here today antonio giuseppe de morrow

says hi this is my first time congratulations mr duncan

thank you antonio that's very kind of you to say

and i hope i will see you again on friday i will show you the times right

now sunday wednesday and friday is when i'm

with you 2 p.m uk time

is where i am with you thank you ahmed i enjoyed it mr duncan rita huang

hello rita you have given me lots of food

for thought thank you that's very kind of you to say

the rain is still falling outside everything is quite

wet and miserable outside the window i hope where you are everything is nice

and happy i will live leave you with a happy thought a happy

smile and something nice to think about

we have talked about food today we've talked about

food idioms we've also looked at some advice that i have learned in my own

life that i've decided to pass on to you also

we took a trip to paris and that is what i'm going to leave you with

today thank you richard thank you ong trum thank you tan

tan thank you roxy thank you very much for your lovely

company today i really do enjoy seeing you here i hope you will enjoy me

you will join me and enjoy my lessons

on friday from 2 p.m uk time this is mr duncan in the birthplace

of english saying thanks for watching see you later

friday 2pm uk time take care of yourself stay happy stay well keep that smile

upon your face and show it wherever you go

all over the place and i will see you soon and of course until the next time

we meet here on youtube tatar for now