if you haven't already realised it's raining again here in the UK yes

once more the rain is falling it is quite windy it definitely does not feel

like summer today here we go again yes we are all together again to enjoy and

share our love of the English language it is English addict live from the

birthplace of English which just happens to be England

hi everybody this is mr. Duncan in England how are you today are you okay

I hope so are you happy well are you happy I hope you are happy because we

are all here together again live across YouTube the internet and the world as

well it's very exciting isn't it well maybe a little exciting not very

exciting here we go again and yes we are all here together once more to share our

love of English for those who don't know who I am maybe you are thinking here who

is that strange man talking Timmy out of my computer screen well my name is

Duncan I teach English I talk about English and that is the reason why I am

here today I hope you are feeling good and very very happy even though the

weather is bad it isn't a very nice day I will be honest with you we are not

having nice weather outside look at that there it is now we've had lots of rain

this morning I was hoping to go outside I was not sure what the weather was

going to be today but there it is you can see grey skies cloudy and lots of

rain it is a quite well I suppose I would call today if I had to say

something that a lot of people do say when the weather looks bad you might say

that we are having unseasonable or unseasonal weather for the time of year

so you might describe this as unseasonal weather for the time of year because now

we are in June in fact we are coming to to the end of June we should now be

having lots of lovely weather but unfortunately we are not having nice

weather here in England it was nice last week for a few hours and then the rain

came back to haunt us so that is the weather outside right now as I stand

here talking to you unseasonal weather for the time of year it is a comment it

is something you might bring up in conversation if the weather is normally

nice at this time of year however at the moment it isn't you might say we are

having unseasonal weather for the time of year just to prove that I am here to

talk about English there it was a little bit of English on your screen don't

forget also you can follow my livestream with captions I can't believe it mr.

Duncan isn't technology amazing I agree with you it is pretty cool to be honest

you can press C on your keyboard and you can have captions live as you are

watching this at 8 minutes pass to UK time I don't know what time it is where

you are because I'm not there you see we have so many things to show you so many

things to look at today we are talking about many things first of all we are

going to talk about creativity are you a creative person are you a person who is

good at creating things maybe you enjoy making things perhaps you have a certain

skill that you enjoy practicing maybe you are good at drawing maybe there is a

certain hobby that you have where you create things last week someone came to

our house to have a look at our kitchen floor

because unfortunately part of the kitchen floor in the house has collapsed

due to damp so we had a carpenter come last week when I say carpenter I don't

mean the carpenters as in the group when I was young

not that carpenter it was the guy who likes to work with wood he came to look

at our broken kitchen floor and he said well I can fix this for you I don't know

when because I'm very busy at the moment but he did come last week to have a look

and yes it looks as if we can get our kitchen floor fixed maybe within the

next month I hope so talking of the kitchen I am actually in

the kitchen today we are going into the kitchen this afternoon to have a look at

me something I recorded yesterday making something delicious one of my favorite

desserts when we say dessert we mean something you normally eat after your

main meal quite often something that is sweet so that is one thing we will be

doing today amongst many things so the carpenter who came to my house last week

said during lockdown I haven't had much work to do so I started creating things

from wood so he made some decorative plant pots made of wood and he made

about ten of them and then he realized after showing these plant pots that he'd

made himself he realized that people want

to buy them and suddenly he was getting offers of money for people or from

people who wanted to buy his wooden plant pots incredible so instead of

sitting around doing nothing he decided to do something with his time and that

is what he did he decided to make some wooden plant pots and he sold them as

well so good news we will be getting the kitchen floor fixed over the next three

or four weeks hopefully I can't believe next week it is July I really can't

believe it so that is one of the questions we are asking today are you a

creative person I will be giving mr. Steve a little task later on have you

ever seen this stuff it was some amazing stuff this is something that I use quite

often in my studio when I'm sticking things to the wall or maybe to the

ceiling this is something there is a very useful thing to have around

however today I'm going to set mr. Steve a challenge I'm going to ask if Steve

can make something from this item so you can mold this you can stretch it you can

twist it you can create anything with this particular item so I'm going to see

if mr. Steve can create something live today Steve will be here in around about

15 minutes we will have mr. Steve here on the live stream and I will be testing

his ability to create things so I wonder what mr. Steve will create with this

I wonder we will find out a little bit later on and Steve has no idea he

doesn't know I'm going to ask him to do this

you might see Steve's surprised look when he rarely realises that he has to

do a little bit of work during today's livestream and of course you can join in

as well if you have some of this in your house maybe you could make something as

well maybe send a photograph of the thing that you've made something that

you have created yourself using this perhaps so we are alive today it's mr.

Duncan that's me by the way also we will be talking about color idioms

I love idioms sometimes we use idioms quite a lot we use them often sometimes

we use them occasionally however they are always useful so today we are going

to take a look at some words and phrases some idioms connected with color what

else are we doing today well of course we have mr. Steve I am going into the

kitchen I will show you the first part of my trip to the kitchen that I had

yesterday and I did something in the kitchen I made something yesterday I did

I actually created a nice sweet dessert and we will be looking at that later on

oh do you remember a couple of years ago one of Steve's friends gave us a plant

who remembers who remembers the plant that one of Steve's colleagues gave us

well guess what it is back it has grown again after last year if you remember

last year mr. Steve decided to cut and chop some of this particular plant in

half and he almost killed it however this year you can see that the daihlia

so this particular plan is called a Dahlia it is a plant that

comes up every year and you can see the flowers are all starting to come out

however last year Steve got very adventurous and he

decided to cut some of the roots in half which almost killed the plant so well

done mr. Steve well done and there you can see one of the flowers has already

come out looking very nice at the moment so that particular plant is called a

Dahlia it comes out every year however what you have to do with this particular

plant you have to dig the plant from the ground you have to take it out of the

ground and then you have to put it into storage during the winter so there it is

the daihlia is back for those who were wondering were you wondering I'm not

sure all we have the live chat as well not only that we have made it all the

way to the end of the weekend yes it's Sunday

we are here live yes right now definitely I am pretty sure we are now

as live as live can be on Sunday it's Sunday

it is the 28th of June it is almost the end of June where has it gone now I

thought May went quickly however June has gone by even quicker I

don't know where this month has gone it's flown by hello to the live chat

nice to see you here as well Oh lots of people are already here on the live chat

nice to see you here with me on this Sunday afternoon I don't know what time

it is where you are because I'm not there I'm not hello - let's see who was

first it looks as if Partridge was first on today's livestream

hello partridge congratulations to you you are first on today's live chat

thank you very much for joining me today I do appreciate the fact that you give

your time to me it's very kind of you today we are looking at various things

we will be going into the kitchen to have a look at me making some lovely

sweet dessert all by the way yesterday we went into town and we saw something

quite unusual something you don't normally see in the town centre here in

Much Wenlock but yesterday we saw something very unusual would you like to

have a look so I was walking along with mr. Steve and then suddenly I noticed

that there was some horses but there were no ordinary horses they were

carriage horses small horses pulling carriages and you can see there are one

two three four horses and carriages and they are all driven by the people you

can see there they were stopping off they were having a rest and of course

they were also giving the horses a much-needed break in the shade so I love

the way that they left the horses in the shade so they weren't standing out in

the sunlight look at that aren't they lovely there they're very small that I

think they might be ponies a type of pony but you can tell by the shape of

their bodies they are very strong horses very strong horses and they made a

surprise appearance yesterday in Much Wenlock town centre

talking which yesterday the town was so busy so much going on yesterday as you

may have heard here in the UK especially here in England we are slowly getting

back to normal next week the fourth of July

many of the shops many businesses many restaurants will begin opening their

doors again so I'm not going to say we are getting back to normal because we

are not things are a very long way from being normal however we are going to

slowly open restaurants cafes bars I think also you can have your hair washed

as well and cut there are many people at the moment walking around with very long

hair men and women their hair has grown so much during lockdown and they haven't

had a chance to actually have their hair cut so there is something else that they

are waiting to do go for a drink in the local pub maybe perhaps go to the local

restaurant and have a nice meal and also have a haircut not that I have to worry

about that to be honest I don't have to worry about having a haircut because I

don't have much hair anyway hello Maria Oh Maria I'm saying nice to see you

Valentina khari tomorrow hello Pedro Pedro Belmont is here hello Irene hello

also - sassy ts Wow so many people already joining me today

if Mohammad tomorrow again also satury no nice to see you here as well and pal

mira mister Duncan I envy your coolness it is very

hot and humid where I live we are having some very strange weather at the moment

it's gone very cold windy wet everything we're getting everything the only thing

we're not getting at the moment I suppose the only thing we're not getting

at the moment is snow we're not getting any snow at the moment although oh my

goodness surely not surely it's not snowing as

well no that's just a special effect fortunately hello to Seska tomorrow I

will fly from Mexico to Savannah in the USA as second-in-command in a Gulf

Stream aircraft that's amazing I will be on charge or in charge so you

will be responsible for something if you are in charge I will be in charge of the

communications I'm sure I have improved my English a lot thank you thank you

Sasuke and good luck with your your flight tomorrow I hope it goes well

hello Zika Corrie Oh Lewis Mansfield hello hello to

everyone as well Andy oh my goodness so many people are here accent mr. Duncan

aren't the good times outside in your beautiful garden it is hot there take

care and be safe in your nice house well it's not hot here at the moment however

it is very wet hello Sasuke who is making a guess about my dessert that I

will be making in a moment in the kitchen that is coming up apparently de

leus are very pila hello Wilson Michael mr. Duncan I

am watching you live for the second time this time I am watching it with my

little son David Michael who is only five years old he is watching you live

for the first time so I suppose I should say hello to Wilson and also your son is

well David hello I hope you are enjoying today's livestream also I have to make

sure that I behave myself as well hello Jay Daniel our killer

hello also rubber guy hello rubber guy very interesting and also I like your

little icon it looks like SpongeBob SquarePants

mr. Duncan how can you know about SpongeBob SquarePants

it's another children's cartoon yes I likes I like SpongeBob SquarePants

although my favorite character is Squidward to be honest because he

reminds me of mr. Steve they both have the same character sometimes they get

very moody and upset by things so I think mr. Steve and Squidward are very

similar to each other hello English with akshar as well and also refer is here

watching in Argentina here we go then as promised they're going to go into the

kitchen something that I recorded yesterday and I thought it would be

interesting to do something different so I decided to film myself making a nice

dessert so this particular thing is actually in three parts here is part one

but the big question is what am I going to make ready to make some jelly have

you ever made jelly before well if you haven't this is how I do it

first of all I have to mention that everything I'm using today has been

bought from the shops so nothing you see here has been made by myself

for example the jelly there it is can you see the jelly that was purchased

from the local shop however I have a difficult choice to make because I have

orange jelly and I also have strawberry jelly as well so which one am I going to

make today which one would you like me to make shall I make the RN was jelly or

shall I make the strawberry jelly which one do you want to see do-do-do-do-do

do-do-do-do-do boo we aren't going to make strawberry jelly today so here are

all the things I need to make my jelly I have my jelly mix so this is something

that is solid it is something that is already made however I still have to do

a little bit of preparation with this so first of all I have to open open the

packet so I will open the packet of jelly which is not easy to do dude so

the first thing you will notice is that the jelly is solid so it isn't powder it

isn't something that is powdery it is actually solid

I remember as a kid I used to eat this without actually making the jelly I used

to actually eat this on its own without making it oh I also need a pair of

scissors wait there a moment where are my scissors I found my scissors so what

I'm going to do I'm going to cut this into little pieces what you do is you

cut each square off like this I will show you so what I'm actually doing now

is cutting the solid jelly into smaller pieces and the reason why I'm doing this

is because I want the jelly to melt very quickly so this is the first part of the

process of making my lovely jelly so there it is it is now cut up into small

pieces in my glass bowl the next thing I need to do is heat up some water I have

half a pint of water here so there is half a pint of water in this jug which I

will pour into the saucepan like this to do and then I will heat up the water I

will heat up the water so what I have to do now is wait for the

water to heat up this might take a while it will take a while and we will join

part two of that a little bit later on so don't go away

oh and also right now we have something very special coming up mmm

can you guess what it is I hope so

mr. Duncan it's mr. steer we are again hmm it's

Sunday it's two o'clock yeah 2:30 and I'm with you live across the world

helping to teach you English like you but you you've had a very busy morning

as well I noticed in the garden between the showers because we've had a lot of

rain over the past couple of days between the showers steve has been

outside doing some gardening I was busy yesterday making jelly in the kitchen we

do see we just watched the first part we will have the second part in a little

while however we have Steve here today we're going to look at one or two things

I'm going to get you to do a little bit of work today Steve I've been working

hard all morning in the garden mr. Duncan see I knew I knew that you would

react like this I knew you would complain hot in here

yes well keep that piece of paper nearby can you see what I've got in my hand

this is something that is very useful around the studio something called blue

tack I'm not advertising the product but it is something I use a lot for sticking

things however today we're going to ask an interesting question I hope it is

interesting to everyone are you creative are you creative mr. Steve I would never

see myself as creative no oh dear I don't see myself as a creative person

well the thing we are going to get you to do today I have this little ball of

blue tack what I want you to do Steve whilst we are watching the second part

of the jelly video I want you to make something from this ball of blue tape

can you constrict something anything or mold something well nothing rude like as

we do have young people watching today apparently true yes so even even even

older people we don't want to offend our viewers no not like last week then we

were talking about pregnancy I don't think I don't think we will ever be

talking about that subject ever again so here it is here witness Steve so have a

feel of it hold it in your hand it's sticky it's very sticky but also it is

something you can mold as well mold there are two ways of spelling the word

mold there is something that has gone rotten and quite often you will see mold

growing on the surface quite often with food however mold with another spelling

means you are altering or changing the shape of something you are changing

altering the shape so don't do anything yet because I have something else to

show everyone just to give you an idea I was going to say perhaps people would

like to suggest what they'd like me to try and mold this into yes well I've

made it even more interesting if you would like to make something as well if

you have I don't know some of this in your house or maybe something else that

you can use maybe you could make something today

as well to show how creative you are mr. Steve what do you think about that I'm

trying to think what I could what I could mold this into and I would like

suggestions please but nothing rude how long have I got to mold this into a

shape well the next part of my jelly making will be around I think it's

around three minutes maybe four minutes so you'll have four minutes would it be

cheating if I just said a blue rock that would be cheating would that be cheating

no it has to be different form it can't be the form that

since it did it's in now ah it has to be we've got a suggestion oh okay

from owl car a or care our car a make a little tree make a little tree that's

nice how long have I got did you say about four minutes or minutes

we're not doing it just yet because I want to show so yet I want to show

something that I noticed a few weeks ago in the garden are you ok steam going to

write these down I've got a tree I've now got a bird by soupy thank you yes

there's a couple of suggestions a bird Marcia says a bird so that's two birds

I'm going to whatever the highest one is on things that I need to mold this into

I will then do yes so could you make a shape maybe a cube that's too easy

that's too easy I can do that now that's too easy

okay then model of a Corona no what we couldn't name it could we couldn't name

it no we could we could make it but we couldn't name it face says lil so here's

something on a show Steve before we go any further now Steve is I like to think

that Steve is a creative person sometimes I think sometimes you you have

great ingenuity ingenuity do you know what that word means yes it means that I

have to use my mind creatively to come up with solutions to problems now here

is a great example of mr. Steve and his ingenuity if I could just have your

concentration well I'm I'm distracted because accent says that I could use

them as earplugs so there we go I don't have to listen to mr. Duncan anymore

this bliss I don't think that's a good idea please anyone watching please don't

put blue tack in your ears just in case it goes inside and falls you could use

it as an ear plug though falls into your skull very effective hmm Thank You

accent good that's a good idea and then later okay sorry I'm interrupting mr.

doom yes the flow of my show has completely disappeared since Steve came

on here we go Steve take a look at this so this is Steve's improvisation just to

show how creative mr. Steve can be sometimes when he's trying to solve a

certain situation take a look at this this is something I noticed a couple of

weeks ago in the garden in the garden and you will see I am moving towards the

fence should I sit should I say what was why I had to vino dat what you can tell

us that in a moment okay that's let's have a look at it first but

what is it can anyone see what mr. Steve has done can you see what Steve has

actually done now don't say anything Steve I know you can't hold your

comments back but can you see what Steve has done here and this is a way of

making sure the fence didn't move now Steve could have used a piece of wood

couldn't you you could have used a piece of metal but instead Steve what have you

done you've used a toothbrush well mr. Duncan that turned out to be the the

best object I could find because it wouldn't fall down between coz what

happens is that that fence blows around in the wind that's it rattles it moves

it moves a little so as you can see I have already put some little wooden

plugs in there and the previous year but that had doesn't stop it from moving

slightly backwards and forwards yes he was still rattling yes but now if I put

another piece of wood in there eventually if you unless you secure it

very well it would fall out here so I thought this

sort of bendy plastic object was perfect and you know it's been there in a lot of

wins and it has fulfilled its purpose okay it looks a little unsightly it

looks a bit unusual but well my advice would have been why not just take the

toothbrush off the top and then just use the plastic handle well you see this was

a temporary measure a temporary measure temporary temporary so it was temporary

improvisation this it's been like this for about two months well exactly well

I'm hoping you see that the bush that I have planted next to the fence in the

corner that we could see yes will grow up to completely cover that but I must

admit the surface area if we ever needed proof that mr. Steve is a very ingenious

person very creative Pedro supporting me Thank You Pedro and

so is mama I'll get a room yes so people are appreciating my ingenuity whom

Beatriz wants me to make an autumn leaf oh I see that birds in the lead so far

the bird the bird is yeah that was that was a flyer distracted you're very

distracted by everything really so that is a tiny fly that's buzzing around and

Steve is treating it as if a large dinosaur has come into the room but if

you were going to make a bird with what bird would you make mr. Steve well I

don't think I could be that accurate okay then I think if we just said bird

in general yes which is the winner so far I think unless somebody so we've got

tree with one vote and snail with one vote autumn leaves with one vote I like

snail can I suggest snail as well birds in the lead it's got two votes mr.

Duncan they the people have spoken yes I'll just think of maybe just think

of your favourite bird your most favorite bird

and then you can make that a half this could be interesting we are also looking

at colors today idioms connected to different colors all of the colors that

exist no spectrum also that ultraviolet well I'm not sure about that infrared no

okay only the colors that are visible visible visible spectrum yes okay then

what were you gonna say yeses snails now I've got two votes

snail has two votes on ugh slug well that will be easy that's like a snail's

now in the lead I always say that a slug is a snail

that's been evicted from its house maybe it didn't pay its rent so there we go

we've got bird with two votes snail with three votes so those two are so any

other votes before you play your video and that will decide that's it I try and

create we are about to have a look at part two of my jelly making and also mr.

Steve will be busy making his creation and if you want to make a creation as

well if you want to show me your creativity maybe you could do something

and take a picture of it and maybe we can try

I don't know how maybe we can show it on the screen you know very technical bird

is now three votes and snail is three votes in so what well I can't make both

no bird birds in the lead before there are limits to mr. Steve's creativity as

it counted it twice and the other thing you can't do Steve you can't use a

toothbrush right that's it bird it is good it is also Steve has to create a

bird in the time that it takes for the following video to play here we go

part two of the thing I did yesterday in a kitchen Steve I was making some jelly

and as you know Steve I love jelly very much and that's the reason why I was may

yesterday in the kitchen and then we will be back and we will have a look at

what mr. steve has created so as you can see the water is now beginning to boil

and we are almost ready to put the water into the bowl so we will take the

boiling water off the stove and now it is nice and hot it is ready to be poured

over the pieces of jelly so this is quite a simple method to be honest there

are other ways of making jelly some of them very complicated

some of them that take a very long time indeed but this does not take very long

at all so now I will pour the water into the bowl and immediately the small

pieces of jelly will begin to melt so what I have to do now is stir the water

and whilst stirring the water that jelly will begin to melt it will start to melt

and this takes a little while to be honest so you can't do this quickly it

does take a while you have to be very patient during this part of the process

you can't rush or else your jelly will not come out right you stir your jelly

very slowly very steadily there is no need to rush you have to take care

or else you might ruin your jelly and there is nothing worse than ruined jelly

no one wants their jelly ruined

fortunately the water is very hot so it doesn't take long for the pieces of

jelly to dissolve so that's what I'm doing at the moment I am dissolving

dissolving the pieces of jelly in the hot water as I said there are two parts

to doing this this is basically the first part and once all of the jelly

pieces have melted what I have to do next is add some cold water so what I

want to do now is actually make the jelly go cool I want it to cool off very

quickly it will take about one hour for this to cool off so I'm almost ready to

add some cold water and here it is I've already prepared my cold water once

again you put around half a pint of water in there dude okay I think we are

ready to add the cold water so you don't need to rush just pour it in very slowly

and that's it that is all you have to do for now so the next stage is just to

leave this jelly you have to leave it to go cool however it will not go hard it

will not set until I have put it in the refrigerator however there is also one

more thing I have to do and that is the thing we will be doing in the next part

of today's kitchen adventures with mr. Duncan there it is the jelly is now

ready it will stand for approximately one hour and then after that we will

come back in around one hour and hopefully by then the jelly will be cool

and then I can add something else something very special

hmm interesting Becca mr. Duncan you're back on yes I'm a finished and a

finished yes let's have a look what you've made here we go ready yes well

that's amazing that's not bad is it that's just some blue tack that's so

realistic not only that but I believe this this model you've just made

actually it sings as well that's incredible no of course not this is not

the thing that mr. Steve mate shall we have a look at what mr. Steve made so

this is this is the bird that mr. Steve made everyone suggested this they said

mr. Steve can we please have a bird so that's what you've done let's have a

look we will have a look at mr. Steve's attempt at making a bird that is my

blu-tack bird I've got I've taken a picture of it as well here we go

so this is mr. Steve's bird look at that oh that is amazing Steve I must admit

you've got all of the detail there every little detail

look evenly even that the eyes look that is incredible so I don't think it's a

bad attempt you even you even have the I use I even have the eyes of course

mister don't grab an artiste Wow the the Tate Modern our weights so if we

ever needed evidence that mr. Steve is creative this is it that's amazing so

there it is as requested by everyone out there a bird and there it is mr. Steve

your creativity will live forever and ever

so congratulations Steve well thank you thank you you did would you like some

applause Awards I think a five year old child could have done that mr. Duncan

well congratulations in

congratulations Steve what should I do with it now mr. Duncan

huh don't tempt me don't attempt I shall

turn it into ear defenders okay yes stick them in your ear or even better

you can stick stick it in your mouth what type of bird do you think it is I

don't know it looks like actually it looks more like a dinosaur bird yes do

you remember the pterodactyl well you probably don't remember them because

they weren't around when you were born but yes that looks a little bit like a

pterodactyl or maybe House Martin maybe a house

Martin flying around when we first moved into this house mr. Duncan we discovered

large amounts of blu-tack being used to prop up parts of the household up things

even even part of the curtains on the stairs in the house were actually fixed

in place with blue tack blue attack this

particular product the previous owners used blue tack as

building material in this house yes so when things started to fall to pieces

what they would do is just put blue tack this yes this product when we moved here

we found this stuff everywhere all around the house the previous owners had

used lots of this they use it to repair cupboards yes everything and things like

that and pin back curtain that's the way we looked everywhere look there was blue

tack yes from the stairs they used to fill in gaps with it I was lazy I

started to wonder how much of this house consisted of blue tack and how much of

it was actually brick that wasn't sure at the in the end have you made

something nice and special and creative where you are have you made something

nice Oh argentino says Perth

bird eye well you see I'm not I am creative in some ways but not

artistically hmm thank you I don't know I'm not very good I couldn't draw

pictures mmm very well I don't think some people have

the ability to do certain things maybe drawing I used to love drawing when I

was young a lot but I suppose creativity can be many things some people say that

that I am creative because of my English lessons so creativity takes on many

different forms so it isn't just about being able to draw maybe you can build

something create something I mentioned the carpenter that came last week he was

he was making wooden plant pots and it turned out that people were so

interested in his creations they actually bought them he sold them can

you believe it yes he was in lockdown of you probably have you explained I have

that's fine I won't go over it again I've told the whole story

some people are creative with spreadsheets on a computer maybe it work

if you you know your boss asks you to solve a problem then you've become

creative and maybe you save money with the company buy some new efficient way

of doing things it's not just about being artistically creative it's solving

problems yes creating something from nothing your opportunities saving money

whatever it is like your toothbrush like my toothbrush mr. mr. Steve

sometimes has some very interesting ways of solving problems I think so we are

going to talk about color idioms what is your favorite color mr. Steve green

green it's always been green yes I've always liked the color green I think I

like blue I do like blue quite a lot the reason why is I suppose I would say on a

summer's day when there are no clouds in the sky you will see blue

sky above you so yes I like that I was used to go for green sweets anything

that was green hmm if there was a green sweet in a packet of boiled sweets for

example I'd always go pick out the green one yes if I if I have jelly babies have

you ever tried jelly babies they are gorgeous however I always leave the

green ones I don't like green jelly babies my favorite ones are the

blackcurrant ones that they're very dark dark red and they are gorgeous and also

the black ones as well I do like black jelly babies do you like black jelly

babies I wouldn't say no didn't say no I mean you know so both of us would have

any color except green no I like green no I don't like green jelly babies I

don't like the black one so much I don't like the taste of them okay then

yellow ones red ones something about a black sweet it just feels a bit I don't

know I don't like eating a black so I don't mind mind you Black Jacks they

were nice weren't they sort of hard sweets

mmm that may major cut my your tongue go black they were they were licorice

licorice they were lovely yes mr. Steve likes those okay then

Maria Maria says I like the color black black is I suppose certainly with

fashion we often refer to any colour that comes along in fashion as the new

black because quite often you will find that black is the standard color of most

fashion over the years black never goes out of fashion when we are talking about

it just say any type of clothing early I finished the sentence now Steve Beatrice

said that Green was her mother's that favorite color oh I see

it's just friendly isn't it green if you like green it's a friendly color its

life its vigour it it's non-aggressive you might say

it's an eco color blue like the sea green like the grass yes it's an

innocent color see if red is an aggressive color or orange is quite good

yes if red because they have discovered that if you look at certain colors they

will change of them your mood oh so if you show people red colours then they

tend to get slightly more aggressive well I see if you show people blue or

green they sort of it calms the Moon down well that's what they often have in

TV studios or places where a person has to relax before performing quite often

they will have some green in the room maybe some plants and that's the reason

why they call it the green room oh wow so it is where the performer or the

artist before they go on stage can relax before they have to put on their

performance so that's me I'm a relaxing person I like green what's your

favourite colour mr. Duncan yes I have blue again blue blue blue blue

interesting yes you can attribute personality types to colours hmm as well

well maybe you're not going to that but you can describe someone as a as a blue

person or a red person or a green person or a yellow face oh I see okay then the

psychological profile I think I think will I think we'll end that part of the

topic of course I like perfect resting I like purple as well Steve purple is a

nice color even though people say that this tie is pink it isn't pink it's

purple this is not a pink tie it's purple well it's nearly pink don't you

start well there are lighter shades in there

see it matches see this matches my my little logo you see so that is purple

and my tie is also purple no I disagree mr. Duncan I do

I'm going to take the contrary view why does that not surprise contrary view

it's a word for yeah that's okay then that's a good word explain it no

opposite contraire yes a person who always contradicts they always say the

opposite to what you say so you say up they say down you say go in and I say go

down you say smile and I say sulk you say jump up and down and I say skulk

well that rhymes that is actually a poem that I've made up but if you're in a

debate if you're debating with somebody talking about a subject and somebody

takes the opposite view to you you can if they do it deliberately you

say they're being contrarian Tralee yes elaborately taking the opposite view a

contrarian it is a person who always takes the opposite of you I think it

comes from I think it's from the French language actually cause I'm very French

contraire okay then very good so colors sorry integra says there's to be a car

call and integra honda integra oh yes you're you're named after a car I wonder

what the name means it must mean something

well it is it's integrated maybe it's all very well put together well put

together all you have integrity yes you say pretty so integrity I'm about to

sneeze by the way excuse me whether I'm going to sneeze

oh yeah I apologize for that I think I'm going to sneeze again Steve bless you

this is what I have to put up with all day every day I said to Steve I've

turned the microphone off I didn't why you bothered and you

carried on talking look and hear you sneeze I could have carried on talking I

don't I do not want to sneeze in anyone's ear it's very bad manners as I

was saying a few moments ago before I started sneezing my head off we are

looking at words connected with colors that's a very nice object--

to be honest so let's have a look shall we they're all color idioms and look at

that you can see I've even made the letters look like different colors I've

put so much effort into that what do you think of that amazingly how long did

that take you mr. dink about 38 seconds 38 seconds of my life was spent making

making that that's worth a donation mr Turner it's worth something that's worth

a lie down on the bed so ro Selia what is the meaning of vindicate and mediate

well they are very different words meet meditate yes well there are completely

different words they have no connection whatsoever meditate means relaxed and

what was the other words to indicate vindicate a person who is being

vindicated what are you doing I'm meditating mr.

Duncan I'm meditating I'm not sure what Alekseev indicate sir yes what do you

think if you if you're vindicating something you're you're assessing it for

its it's it's honesty its integrity yes aren't you so you could say I've been

vindicated you might you might have said that something would happen

hmm if and then it does happen and then you can say you see I was telling the

truth I was vindicated that's it so I suppose

you've been proved wrong or proved right as well so maybe quite often if if

you've been accused of something you might be investigated and then you'll be

vindicated because you didn't do it and you were saying you didn't do it all

along you've been vindicated I like that very

nice so here are some words Steve connected with colors is not lovely so

we like colors there are so many pretty colors a couple of days ago we had a

rainbow over the house there was a lovely rainbow so here we go the first

phrase to whitewash something right white whitewash now quite often many

years ago people used to paint the outside of their buildings do you know

why was it to reflect the heat of the Sun yes in many hot countries you will

often find whitewash is a kind of paint something that is put on the outside of

a house to keep it cool when the sun is shining on the house so you never want

to paint your house in a dark color because it will absorb the heat so if

you live in a hot country your your house will get incredibly hot but the

thing about whitewash is that it will come off in the rain mmm

it's temporary yes and if you've got a green house a glass house or green house

where you grow plants then if you put whitewash over the windows it reduces

the amount of energy from the Sun the heat going into the greenhouse yes it is

used as a kind of block to block the sunlight or the heat from affecting your

house and it is very thin white paint isn't it yes it's just white paint

diluted very much however however whitewash as an idiom means to cover

something up you try to distract people away from

discussing or looking at a certain topic or subject you try to cover it up you

whitewash the situation so in politics we often hear this when a politician is

trying to hide something or cover something up

maybe they publish a report that that doesn't really go into great detail

about the thing that has happened you might say that they have whitewashed

that incident the thing that happened has been whitewashed it has been painted

over it has been whitewashed so you still hear this particular phrase use

don't you quite a lot it's a whitewash yes so the whole thing

has been whitewashed it is a whitewash facts have been obscured nobody can

really tell what's going on people that did know that the answers to things have

probably been paid off yes or they've been silenced in some way okay so that

the true facts can't come out the truth it's a whitewash the truth is hidden and

so you have a whitewash yes so that's using the word white covered up covered

up to cover something up to make sure it does not get discovered or found people

are coming up with all sorts of idioms okay this I do have some here let's have

a look at the ones I'm doing first of all and Steve's going to write them down

write them down by the way I was very impressed with mr. Steve's bird did you

like he actually did make that I did I was I was quite blown away by your

creativity here's another one Steve oh sorry mr. Duncan us when KS has used an

example there when to use whitewash I tried to whitewash the mistake which I

had made yes you do yes you try to whitewash something any mistake and you

try to cover it up whitewash you try to cover something up

here's another one oh I like this one this is another

phrase that's used quite a lot if you describe something as a gray area a gray

area something that you might be discussing that cannot be concluded

completely you can't come to a clear conclusion about something so maybe you

are discussing a certain situation maybe politics maybe something that's in the

news and perhaps there are two sides to the argument maybe there are two sides

to the argument however both sides seem inconclusive you can't actually come to

a conclusion so you might describe something that cannot be concluded or

something that can't be expressed clearly as a gray area between two

subjects or maybe two opposing views a thing is a gray area or controversial

might be a controversial topic to talk about and somebody might say well that's

a bit of a gray area hmm there might not be defined rules

around that particular subject so maybe a subject that you can't just say this

is how it is this is how it is exactly you can't say that some subjects you

can't come to a conclusion about it so instead you will say yes we can't really

say whether that is right or wrong it is a gray area yes it's like pronouncing

the word either or either or scone and scone mmm you might say is it either do

you pronounce it either or either yes and you might say well it's a bit of a

gray area nobody really knows there are many great areas in the English language

where one group of people say one thing and then another group of people will

pronounce maybe a word in a different way you might say it's a bit of a gray

area there isn't any conclusive results read carefully you might you might say

yes it's a bit of a yes you might be trying to I mean not just in in in

English language but in everyday situations as well I mean something that

is I mean the opposite to that you're going to talk about the opposite to that

you mention it if you want so the opposite to that is you could say

something is it's black it's definitely it's a black and white subject yes so

the things are clear it's clear if something is black and white there are

clear rules so a traffic light what's the rules around a traffic light if it's

red you stop if it's green you go that's black and white yes that's not a grey

area there's no there's nothing for discussion there yeah well it law is a

good one yes more in law things are often black and white there is right and

wrong so quite often in law there there isn't a gray area in law there might be

sometimes certain types of law might have gray areas however we often think

of law law in order as being black and white those divides are very clear but

of course is somebody if the evidence was inconclusive hmm about somebody say

the murder had been committed and you've got all the evidence you've got a

picture of somebody a photograph of somebody stabbing somebody to death for

example Co then you've got all the evidence you've got the murder weapon

the fingerprints everything you know it's definitely that person it's black

and white that's it so especially if you have to come to a conclusion about

whether someone committed a certain crime you will say it is black and white

it is clear that that person did the crime but if you didn't have all the

evidence you only had some evidence you could say it's a bit of a gray area

you're not sure by the way the word gray here is actually British English so

that's the reason why it is spelled differently it is not a spelling mistake

and a lot of people will say mr. Duncan you've spelt it wrong this is the

British English in American English they will spell this

word with a but in British English we use e

gray.gray Corey says can you be the black sheep in the family yes the black

sheep of the family using the word are one of the many colors that exists is

another one like this somebody who's somebody who's who's who's it's rare so

to get an actual sheep that black is very rare hmm you don't see many of them

they're usually white yes so if you get some if you get a black sheep in the

family but it normally refers to somebody whose behavior is not very good

well I'm not a bad person personally you might actually say that at the moment we

are talking about the use of certain words especially when we talk about

black and white at the moment so this is a very topical thing so the black sheep

of the family is a negative thing they are using the word black in its negative

sense which might may or may not disappear over the next few years so

people might not say black sheep in the future it might be a phrase that slowly

disappears as our attitudes change over time we are talking about color idioms

Oh Steve here's a nice one I like this word Oh in the pink you are in the pink

like your tie my tie is purple oh it is not a pink tie it is a purple tie can

everyone please this is purple tie but there is pink in it Mr dink I'm sorry I

have to disagree it's purple but it matches the at the top that is purple

you see up there purple it's borderline purple borderline which means it's not

quite there I thought you were going to say it's a grey area

yes pink this is definitely pink I am saying it's

sorry yes yes turducken I this is purple this is not a pink tights a purple tie

it's purple I think you're colorblind mr. Dunnan colorblind I said or else

Prince Prince was a very big fan of purple he's sung all about purple Purple

Rain Purple Rain Purple Rain he could have said pink rain but then I don't

think it would have had quite the same effect I don't want to be your weekend

lover okay he's a line from that song good that was

both fascinating and scary in equal amounts in the pink what does it mean if

you are in the pink hue it means you are feeling great you feel happy you feel

well your spirits are up your your health is good you can breathe in the

fresh air you can go for a walk you feel in the pink to have good strong health

means you are in the pink are you in the pink today mr. Duncan I am always in the

pink I'm feeling very much in the pink today going back to the color white

Karim says a white lie or have you got that one coming up I haven't got that

one no white lie that's a good one done a white lie is well it is when you say

something that is dishonest or untrue however you do it because you are trying

to stop a bad situation from occurring or maybe you are trying not to hurt

another person's feelings yes one white lie so for example you might see a

friend and they have put on weight for example during the lockdown okay and you

might say oh you look really good have you lost weight you

lost weight haven't you they haven't but you're telling a white lie in order to

protect their feelings so now I think my example is maybe maybe the wife has just

bought a new dress yes and she comes down the stairs and she says to her

husband what do you think of this dress do you like it now the husband thinks

hmm if I say yes I like it she will be happy for the rest of the night if I say

no I don't like it she might not be happy for the rest of the night yes so

to stop her from being hurt or to hurt her feelings the husband might say it

looks lovely he looks very nice even though it doesn't really suit his wife

but he doesn't want to hurt her feelings he doesn't want to make her feel hurt by

his harsh words so instead he says your dress looks lovely it looks lovely it's

it's lovely it's very nice it's a little white lie it's a white lie but at least

tonight he will be able to get through the whole evening without being shouted

at or nagged at so pretty good well there mr. Duncan is that was that it was

that a good are we coming on to the color blue of course it can be used the

other way round maybe the wife might say something nice to the husband unlikely

to keep him quiet yes so it works both ways you see both way suggestions for

people Lou let's have a look at another one now shall we so we had in the pink

here is Oh one is seeing red a person is seeing red seeing red if you see red it

means your temper is becoming fiery you are starting to become

angry maybe you are seeing red you are starting to become annoyed something is

making you feel angry one is seeing red you see red you see red do you know why

we say that is it to do with the blood flow yes apparently when you get angry

apparently everything becomes hazy and red it's almost as if there is a red

mist over your eyes well that's what they say the red mist hmm don't they

he's getting angry whoa the red mist descended mmm particularly

when you're driving the car and somebody annoys you on the road we've all

experienced this unexplainable uncontrollable anger the red mist

descends mister same as saying you're seeing red mr. Steve has seen the red

mist in his car many times many many times many times quoi WA says red is the

blood color yes I suppose so a lot of people say that there is a red mist when

they become angry they they they can't remember what they did because they lose

their temper they lose control of their emotions it's incredible but true yes so

a person is seeing red one more and then we are going to have the final part of

my jelly making Lewis says red rag to a bull oh that's a very good one I like

that one Lewis thank you very much it's a big thumbs up from me thank you the

red rag to a bull that's a good one something that creates anger in another

person to bring about the state of anger in another person it is something that

you do that makes the other person angry it is like a red rag to a bull and

normally people know that there's a certain subject area or something that

really annoys somebody and if you talk about

somebody might say oh don't say that that's like a red rag to a bull to here

it's not so to her that's it it's normally something that people know

will make us certain people person angry or you can wind them up very easily I've

got a good example Steve maybe brexit yes so maybe there are people who get

very angry when they talk about brexit they might say don't mention

grexit it's it's like a red rag to a bull

he will start shouting and screaming because he has very strong feelings

about that particular subject yes a good one here's another one and then we are

going to have a break Oh what very mr. Duncan Mercedes nice name by the way

being caught red-handed yes being caught red-handed

yes you have been caught in the act or maybe you have given away lots of clues

to the fact that you have done something bad or committed a certain crime you

have been caught red-handed quite often as you are actually committing the crime

that's it you're stealing something from so from a shop and somebody sees you and

you're caught with that object in your hand you're caught red-handed and of

course nowadays because we have closed-circuit television and cameras in

shops you can be caught red-handed after the crime has been committed

so you can actually get away with it you can steal some jewelry from a shop and

escape and get away and you think you've got away with it however when they watch

the security video they see you doing it and we can see your face so even in the

video you have been caught red-handed they have seen you actually doing it

somebody breaking into a house the police come along and catch them in the

house stealing from your house they're caught red-handed hmm but it doesn't

have to be serious crimes it could be your child at home you might have said

to them now I've baked some cakes okay and I do not want you to eat them until

teatime you must not eat these cakes until after the main meal and then you

go out of the room and you come back in and you see your child reaching up with

his hand or her hand inside the the cake tin to pull one out you can say you're

caught you red-handed mmm okay well maybe they have cream and cake all

around their mouth so they've just finished eating it but you still catch

them doing it you have caught them red-handed because they still have

things around their mouth pieces of the cake around their mouth talking of food

Steve please let me do this Steve please because bigger we're going to run out of

time Mary oh we are we are going to talk about the color blue in a minute yes so

and I've got yours down here we have blue coming up next okay here it is now

look once in a blue moon something that doesn't happen very often something that

occurs rarely or only at a certain time it only happens once in a blue moon it

means something that hardly ever occurs something that hardly ever happens

hardly ever happens so I suppose you might say that you get snow in June yeah

you might never see snow in June but in some countries you might get some snow

even if normally you don't have snow you might have snow once in a blue moon so

it happens but not often it is a very rare occurrence it happens once in a

blue moon we are now going to take a break I can have a drink of water for

mine as I mentioned Mario's example first because he's been putting that up

several times okay then about the color blue okay

something that is blue chip blue chip that sounds like something to do with

shares a blue chip company yeah example okay it means

a really good respected honest reliable company hmm a blue-chip investment is an

investment which you can trust it's one of the best a blue-chip investment if

you're investing in shares it means that it's really the best so maybe investing

in Apple or Microsoft would be examples of blue chip companies like Oh them

exactly so maybe a firm of solicitors might be described as a blue chip

company because they're very reliable nothing's a hundred percent but they are

at the top of their game yes they are the highest performing

reliable honest companies that you could invest in something that's renowned

renowned something that is renowned for being good or successful okay Steve here

we go this is the final time that we're going to look in the kitchen this is

part three of seven examples of idioms I'll write them down my jelly adventure

yesterday I was in the kitchen yesterday and I was making some jelly and here now

is the third and final part cooled down it is ready for the next stage the next

stage is a very interesting part of today's jelly making something that I

like to add to my jelly to make it extra special mmm

so here's the thing that I'm going to add to my jelly

these are ladyfingers I let the name of this particular type

of food ladyfingers they are small pieces of sponge covered with sugar and

what I normally do is I normally put some lady fingers in

my jelly so before I put the jelly in the fridge I have to add my ladyfingers

to the jelly and then as it sets as it begins to solidify these will become

part of the jelly so I just placed them in like so and you will notice it first

they float on the surface but eventually they will start to sink to the bottom I

always like to put lots of ladyfingers in my jelly so I'm going to put another

one in you just simply break them up into small pieces and place them in the

jelly like that okay I'm going to put one more in there just one more and

that's it that is now ready do you like the way I'm putting my fingers into the

jelly don't worry I've washed my hands they are nice and clean so there it is

it is now ready to go into the refrigerator my ladyfinger strawberry


I will see you later

Wow there it is it is now ready to be eaten

looking at that some lovely strawberry jelly with ladyfingers and as you can

see the sponge has now absorbed the jelly and the whole thing has become

solid of course you can't have jelly without custard yes so later on today I

will be having some jelly and custard as a little treat after my hard work

presenting today's live stream

yes I will I will be enjoying I will be enjoying my jelly and custard and maybe

even a tea cake as well well jelly of course represents about 50% of your diet

doesn't it mr. Duncan yeah yeah I love jelly I don't know why I know it seems

infantile I know it seems like I am a child but I do love jelly with some

sponge ladyfingers by the way Sergio said I wouldn't be surprised if they are

real ladyfingers I don't know what you're you what are you saying there

what are you saying yes ladyfingers or sponge fingers yes

now we've got quite a few suggestions for the color blue blue idioms Elvis has

said a blue monday blue monday okay Monday so if you have a blue monday

means you're having an unhappy time yes there was it's Monday that's it yes the

start of the week people have to go to work even though at the moment many

people still are not going to work but Blue Monday a lot of people apparently

feel miserable and sad on Monday especially Monday morning because they

have to go back to work blue if you're feeling blue it just means you're

feeling sad and unhappy and of course there's a whole genre of music who blues

hmm which is sort of not well it's sort of it's not uplifting music it's music

it's called blues and jazz usually isn't it but it's sort of melancholy sort of

its music to sit down when you're on your own

maybe result with a drink yes and just sort of feel a bit miserable that's well

the blue when we talk about blues music it's often melancholic yes so you have a

melancholic so melancholy oh I like that word people's people talk about their

problems they love life things that have gone wrong in their lives that's what

blues music is but yes Corrigan feels my my blues song melancholy

blues song I'm gonna sing now I went to the show the other day and I okay they

said to me we don't have any jaffa cakes to do they have all gone I felt so sad

because I wanted my lovely I mean however we'd have a trombone or a

trumpet in the background you know or piano not a piano Blue Monday or just

feeding blue we've got Integra said out of the blue

out of people if something comes out of the blue something appears by surprise

something you weren't expecting maybe you get a large bill maybe some charge

comes through your door you open the envelope and there is a bill for a

thousand pounds and you weren't expecting it it came out of the blue and

when we say out of the blue then we mean it just appeared out of the sky yes

that's what we're saying where did that come from

not literally no not literally it is literally it is an idiom it's an idiom

something that comes unexpectedly with no warning whatsoever somebody might say

to you will you marry me okay then Steve yeah will you marry you

have to turn it down will you marry me he would totally unexpected that came

out of the blueness aura or or a job offer said now comes a job offer you

weren't expecting it a promotion at work unexpected oh that came out of the blue

or or perhaps I don't know perhaps maybe you get a lovely donation on PayPal

maybe you get a lovely donation that you can send to PayPal and I will sit in

front of my computer tonight Steve and then suddenly out of the blue

there is a lovely donation in my paypal oh my goodness I can't believe it it

came out of the blue or you get a phone call from somebody you haven't heard

from for years or a letter it came out of the blue from nowhere unexpected

Integra said as well oh sorry Elvis said you can use the phrase a bolt

out of the blue hmm so you can say yes it's like a bolt of

lightning quite often shocking though a bolt out of the blue something that's

certain see yes it might be a bit more shocking that yes just like a bolt of

light well maybe a person that you know passes away suddenly and it's like a

bolt out of the blue so quite often we use that to describe something negative

that has suddenly happened without warning it's it was like a bolt out of

the blue yes because about the bolt is referring to a bolt of lightning and

thanks for that and of course in blue sky you would not expect lightning to

strike sometimes it does though from nowhere so that's something as you say

that's unpleasant that happens certainly it anymore anymore Steve we've got here

we've got well see gold it's a color in a way isn't it Gold is well Gold is a

type of color it's it's gold color what's interesting there Steve it's good

actually I'm glad you mentioned that because there are ways of describing

colors that aren't actually the direct color itself for example you might say

gold well gold is a type of bright orange or shiny orange or maybe yellow

so gold is just another way of expressing the the color yellow or maybe

orange so we often see gold as orange or yellow so it's quite interesting isn't

it yes and gold is normally seen as when you refer to the color gold it's

normally seen as success if you've got a pot of gold yes so

sunshine has suggested the phrase of golden opportunity uh-huh

so a golden opportunity an opportunity that is is is you just cannot resist it

you have to go for that yes it's it's absolutely going to it's 100% certain it

there's nothing wrong with it you've got to go for that opportunity a golden

opportunity yes there's no doubt as it's black and white that will be a success

if you do it yes once-in-a-lifetime opportunity a golden opportunity to make

more money to get a better job a better career something like that and Jade said

a golden age Oh we often refer to a golden age a period

of time hmm when everything was wonderful yes everyone's lives were good

at the 1920s why is it golden era I don't know why

because I'm sorry the yes the nineteen twenties yet nineteen twenties weren't

exactly that golden by the way but they were say was seen as as a golden age

only because there was that thing called the Great Depression that was the

thirties I know but you know the twenty

yep thirties and the Wall Street Crash I'm sure that was in the twenties know

it's nineteen thirty I think it was a thank you and of course the First World

War had finished 1914-18 and then nothing bad happened to the

crash in the thirties so the 1920s were often seen as a golden era of course you

can have a golden period or a golden age you have a golden period of filmmaking

commoners we often 1950s but we call it the Golden Age the Golden Age I don't

think anyone calls it the golden period the Golden Age of filled that was the

Golden Age of film is often seen as around the 1950s so we often see the

1950s early 1960s as the Golden Age of Hollywood so it was when

really people had nothing else to do but go to the cinema so that was the only

real form of entertainment besides television which of course was

still evolving so that's the reason why a lot of people say that the Golden Age

of cinema is normally maybe the 1950s early 1960s perhaps even the late the

late forties yes yes so I think so yeah but that's because many people went to

the cinema because they had no other thing to do and it was nothing else

there was no choice there was no internet there were big stars and people

look back sometimes with rose tinted glasses yes I think we had one or two

suggestions Rose tinted glasses earlier if you see things through Rose

tinted glasses you always look at the world is a positive beautiful nice place

even when things around you are not going well but you still see the

positive things you still see all of the beauty in the world perhaps you are also

misleading yourself as well yes so maybe things are not as good as you think they

are and you might be accused somebody might see it say to you for example you

might be in a relationship with somebody and your friends all can see that that

person is bad for you and they might say to you what you're just seeing you're

just seeing everything through rose-tinted glasses that person is not

good for you at all they're going to take all your money and they're going to

make you take drugs or something like that what well what kind of relationship

is there to support you you're in love with them when you're in love with

somebody you often see them through rose-tinted glasses you tend to you

don't see their faults Steve's idea of bad relationship is being forced to take

drinks going back to red Sergio says that if you're in debt you're in the red

oh thanks for that I actually got that one Oh have you right okay

if you're in the black the fly positive yeah because it means that you've got

money in your bank if you're in the red it means you're you haven't got money

yes power because normally it shows up as red doesn't it on your banks it does

here's another one on us not that I would know no you wouldn't know

blackmail Oh Steve blackmail what do you think of when you think of blackmail

well spelt that way obviously it means that somebody is is trying to con you

yes they are trying to get something from you using force we often call it

extortion extortion or blackmail so the word extortion can be described as

blackmail maybe you have some information about a person and that

person does not want anyone else to know about it so you say give me some money

or else I will tell everyone what your secret is yes like mail them you use

force you do something bad to another person to get them to give you money or

of course information is well information it can be both ways both

ways yes you might somebody might know for example you might be in politics you

might be a public figure and you're somebody finds out that you're having an

affair with another person outside your marriage and so they say huh I know

you're having an affair okay I will go public with it into the papers unless

you give me a thousand pounds thousand well you know as an example this

blackmail you they say they're trying to get something out of you to prevent some

something that you know about coming out into the open if you are going to

blackmail someone make it more than a thousand pounds which makes maybe a

hundred thousand

it depends what it is but yes if you go to blackmail someone my advice if you

are thinking of blackmailing someone I would start at around about a hundred

thousand yeah I thinks I think that would ya think so

but it could be at work for example you might you might have said something bad

about the boss yes and it could be recorded yes or you might have sent

something or a tweet or an email or something and then somebody sees it but

the boss hasn't said hasn't seen it and they say oh right okay but unless you

treat me better at work or I want you to buy me a coffee every day for the next

six months okay or I will tell the boss what you said okay or something like

that I want your desk I want what your desk

is better than my desk if you don't let me sit at that desk I'll tell the boss

what you said about interns in the meeting last week something like that

blackmail I'll tell you what I'll tell the boss about what happened last week

in the toilets Wow mr. Steve says Jade I don't know

what you've done Steve but you've done something quite amazing something that

deserves Wow Oh Andy said that he was blackmailed by scammers oh I see

ransomware I think maybe that's a slightly different thing but yes I know

what you mean they might hack into your computer and

take all the information maybe you have a list of people who belong to your your

company or maybe their membership of your organization and they take all of

that but then then they say you have to give us 1 million dollars and then I

will let you have all of that back you can have access to your computer or all

of the names that are on your list so ransomware you are blackmailing someone

by withholding the information in your computer something that happens a lot

nowadays right it's stranger to the color black

is often associated with bad things isn't it bad events and that that's only

because when it's when that when the Sun Goes Down and it's dark

every scared because it's dark it's black so I

think that's why quite often the color black is associated with bad things and

the color white is associated with good or fortunate things just because when

the sun's out when it's light human beings just like animals feel frightened

in the dark because we can't see anything so that's the reason unless of

course you're not in debt if you're not in debt then then black is being in the

black is a positive thing yes here it is who's as if as if by pure magic Steve I

do believe sometimes in magic to be in the red

yes if you are in the red with your bank that means you owe them money

if you are in the black it means you don't owe any money you have plenty of

money in your bank account you have credit so credit if you have money that

is your money it doesn't belong to anyone else you are in the black however

if you owe money to the bank you have borrowed a lot of money pointing at me

sergio said all right on credit cards maybe you are in the red in the red

cover that mr. duncan already I just said it I know I didn't say I didn't say

Sergio didn't say it strange argument here's another one

Oh as we mentioned earlier you might have now we often see the word black as

being negative I don't know how much longer that will go on for but you might

have a black mark against you yes a black mark against you now maybe if we

are talking about law perhaps you are arrested maybe you've done something

wrong maybe you've done something bad you might then have to go to court and

face trial and perhaps you will be found guilty you will then have a black mark

against you against your character because if you go to prison if you go to

prison at all

you have to tell people so even after you come out of prison you have to tell

people you've been to prison you have a black mark against your character if you

if you work quite often if you are somebody who wants to get promoted

but you've maybe been rude to somebody at work you've done something bad and

you don't get promoted you've got a black because you've got a black mark

against you for something that you said or did in the past and to remove that

could be quite difficult you've probably be got to do quite a lot to make up for

that black mark yes another one of course is if you borrow money and you

don't pay it back you might also have a black mark against you so in the future

you won't be able to borrow money because you have a black mark your

credit rating will be poor so you might have a black mark against against your

credit sujin says is there a positive word related to black I think it's just

you're in the black in the bank in terms of that's a financial phrase yes so

that's a positive one meaning you've got money hmm

of course it relates to Black Friday which is the sale that takes place just

before everyone breaks up for Thanksgiving in the United States Black

Friday and of course now even over here in the UK we have Black Friday so

normally the run-up to Christmas when the shops are trying to make their best

profit of the year so normally that's when it happens

they have Black Friday so everyone can spend their holiday salary in the shops

here's another one a positive one for a change this is nice Oh red letter day if

you have a red letter day it means something good happens it means you have

a nice surprise a nice thing happens you have a red letter day you have a nice

thing something comes your way positive things something nice has happened oh we

are having a red letter day today well you might be I'm not do you

know where it comes from no in China and in certain other

countries a red envelope will be given normally during a celebration and quite

often it will have money in it or maybe a letter that is important and it will

be sealed on the back it will have a red seal on

the back mm-hmm anything Steve they're going back to Green Corey said to give

the green light to something oh yes okay the green light that's quite a way back

Corey I hadn't forgotten yes if you give the green light to something that means

you're saying yes you can go ahead with that whatever it is I'll give the green

light to that listen it's on the screen now just oh yes there we go so it's just

like saying just like a green light in a traffic light green means go hmm

so it could be a project at work it's always a project at work and you submit

your plans to your boss and he says go ahead I'm giving you the green light on

that yes maybe you can give maybe you can give me the green light by by giving

me a like look at that so so perhaps can you be alike you can give me the green

light with a thumb or you can subscribe as well you can also subscribe to my

youtube channel as well so go on give me the green light

give me your approval we are going in a moment I can't believe we've been here

for nearly two hours a busy one today I stomachs rumbling we had a little bit of

creativity from mr. Steve and his amazing bird that he made right here in

the studio I think that's pretty amazing it really doesn't look like a bird I

don't think it will ever fly mr. Duncan black market since tomorrow it's a woodpecker

mr. Duncan you will get a black mark if you keep doing that so yes we will be

going soon a couple of more Oh what about this then

Steve using the word colour so colour zone how would you how would you actually

describe that if we talk about a colour zone I don't know mr. Duncan I don't

really know I haven't really come across that expression before when we talk

about a colour zone it can be any place or any situation where a colour is used

to show something you can do or can't do for example an airport so you might see

certain colours used to show maybe places where you can park your car and also

places where you can't park your car so a colour zone is a general term for a

color that is being used to give you information maybe as an airport or maybe

somewhere on the road where you can't park your car so you might see red lines

on the road that tell you you can't park there

or maybe you might see green lines outside an airport that means you can

wait there or maybe you will see yellow lines on the road here in the UK we

often use yellow lines on the UK in the UK and on the roads here to show that

you can't park in a certain place so that's it so colours and colour zone in

London they have lots of colours zones places where you have to pay charges if

you want to drive into certain parts of London you have to pay charges they have

colour zones and I've seen another one there re Hasan white flagged oh I'm

thinking is he's white flagged hmm if you give a white flag to something

it means you are approving it yes you are approving so for example a lot of

the music that I use on my videos and on my live streams a lot of that music has

been white flanked so it means that I am allowed to use it so my youtube channel

has been white flagged it means you can use that music and you are free to use

it sometimes we haven't had which I'm surprised is green with envy if you are

green with envy it means you are envious of somebody but

so badly envious that it sort of takes over you in and people say that I don't

know why I'm sure I did know why where that phrase comes from but if you're

green with envy it just means you're very envious of somebody they might have

a new car you can't a new car and your partner might say oh you're green with

envy well it's jealousy jealousy that's right

it's a form of extreme envy there it is on the screen oh you had it all along

mr. Duncan yes you forgot no I I just hadn't got around to sharing it it was

on my list you see so am I gonna go make the tea cakes it's almost time to say

goodbye I can't believe that we have come to the end of today's livestream

however don't feel blue don't go off in a black mood don't feel down don't feel

glum and gloomy there is no need to do that because I will be back on Wednesday

yes I'm back on Wednesday for those who are wondering you can catch me on Sunday

Wednesday and Friday from 2 p.m. UK time so in fact I am back with you on the 1st

of July Wednesday is the 1st of July oh yes so I

will see you on Wednesday this is the last livestream of June 2020

however I will be with you on Wednesday Wednesday is the first of July Steve a

new month I hope the weather will improve as well okay mr. Duncan well

I've enjoyed being here with you today thank you very much you're gonna have a

cup of tea and a tea cake a little snack and then I'm going to go back out into

the garden what are you going to do some more work yes I filled the green bin

recycling bin is full to the brim so I can't put any more in that but I still

got work to do okay so I'd like to say goodbye to everybody it's nice have been

with you today and look forward to seeing you next week thank you mr. Steve

mr. Steve has now left the studio I will see you on Wednesday I hope you've

enjoyed today's livestream lots of different things today we were talking

about being creative I wonder if anyone has sent me a photograph of their

creative things we might have a look at those on Wednesday if we have time

also don't forget I'm back with you on Wednesday as I mentioned 2 p.m. UK time

the usual time on Wednesday it will be the first of July a brand Newman what

will the new month have in store who knows I don't know I have no idea maybe

there will be some nice surprises in July who knows you just never know

Thank You Rosa thank you tomorrow thank you soo Jin I wish that you can stay in

the pink mr. Steve that's very kind of you I will pass on your kind wishes to

Steve thank you very much for your company today I hope you've enjoyed

today's livestream it's been different it's been different

we had some jelly making we had some color idioms we had some horses we had

mr. Steve's magic tooth and of course you could watch this live

stream again it will be available on my youtube channel forever and ever and

ever and also there will be captions later on

as well this is mr. Duncan in the birthplace of

English saying thanks for watching I hope you've enjoyed today's live stream

and of course until the next time we meet which will be on Wednesday you know

what's coming next yes you do until then take care stay happy stay upbeat keep

that smile on your face and I will see you soon and of course...

ta ta for now 8-)