hello everyone welcome this is a very unusual live stream today

you may have already noticed that things look slightly different

than they normally do so because this week i am

celebrating four years of being here doing live streams i thought today i

would do something slightly different and show

you behind the scenes

so that's what i'm doing right now so i hope you're okay i hope you're having a

good monday it's monday now normally i would

be pressing my buttons now but at the moment i'm not i'm right here

in my studio you can see all of the lighting

and the scenery and all of the things that i have to use

to make this little picture appear on your mobile device or your

computer so that's what i'm doing today i thought

i would do something slightly different i was going to go outside but the

weather is dreadful it is awful outside to be honest we are

having a very wet day after yesterday we had a beautiful

day yesterday it was lovely we were outside

enjoying the weather but today unfortunately things are not looking

so good at the moment so today it is this this is what you are seeing

this is my world this is the place where i spend a lot of

my time most of that time you never get to see

it because i'm in here working doing

technical things testing equipment sometimes i can spend

maybe eight or nine hours in here doing things however you never see them

because they are all tests i have to test

equipment i have to make sure that certain things in here work

such as my my audio and also the lighting

so my studio is the place where i spend a lot of time

even if i'm not talking to you i'm still in here doing this

to be honest

so this is only part of the studio there is a lot more

in here lights there are cameras there there is a microphone here the

microphone you can hear now is this one i also have another


i will come over to where you are and say hello

so this gives you an idea of what i'm doing normally when i'm presenting my

live streams on sunday or maybe on wednesday or

friday this is where i stand i stand right here

in this position and the camera that i look into is

actually over there so there is a camera over there as well

which you can't see but there is another camera

over there and it takes a lot of effort a lot of work

a lot of time to make sure all of this functions and one of the hardest parts

of doing this of course is the fact that i do it all

alone so i have no help i don't have

assistance i don't have a group of people or a team

working for me i do all of this by myself so everything you see in this

room even the roof even the ceiling

above my head there are lots of sound proofing

tiles on the roof i had to install those on the ceiling above my head

so the sound would be much better so everything in here has been

put together built created designed in some cases by me

i have to do everything i have no choice unfortunately

so as you can see behind the scenes is not a very glamorous thing

it isn't a thing that's glamorous it isn't something that is

interesting maybe perhaps some of you are really bored watching this already

you are thinking what is the point of watching this well this is

what it's all about this is this is it this is the the raw thing

that i do every single day of my life and for the past four years i've been

doing live streams right here on youtube and that is what i will continue

to do as well thank you very much for your lovely company today thank you it

is unusual a little bit different something not quite the same as it

usually is thank you very much for your lovely

company on this monday i will come over to the camera now so you can see me a

little clearly or clearer

yes oh mr duncan this is very unusual

so if you are if you were if you were expecting

a live stream well you've got one this is it this is the live stream today

from in my studio however we are doing something different

today this is giving you all a chance to see

behind the scenes don't forget on wednesday as

well on wednesday i will be doing a special live stream

i will be playing the first ever live stream that i did

four years ago on the 15th of july 2016. so that's what we will be doing

on wednesday we will be enjoying it together so i will be with you as well

on the live chat and you hopefully will be there as well

watching you can watch all of the moments of me looking

a little shy nervous worried

have i improved i suppose that must be the big question

have i actually improved my performance on the live streams i

don't know but one of the things i do know i

wouldn't be here now doing this if it wasn't for you

being there and giving me your lovely support

for all of this time so i must admit without you being there i wouldn't be

here standing in front of the camera right

now hello to the live chat vitas you are first today

nice to see you here first on the live chat

also we have mohsen hak lao hello haklao i have a feeling

that you might be watching in vietnam i think so

beatriz hello beatrice nice to see you here today

very nice also we have mohammed also malia nice to see you here

malio in the studio today so here it is this is behind the scenes

i always say if you visit a film studio if you ever go to a film studio

or a tv studio the first thing you will notice

is how unglamorous it is there is no glamour it might

seem glamorous however in reality it isn't i mean look at my room here

this room is not glamorous it's quite untidy some people might say

it is very messy or disorganized but normally that is what a studio will

look like a production studio quite often will

have lots of things going on in it lots of equipment sometimes you don't

have much space to do things in so there it is there it

is that's exactly what i'm doing right now showing you

the not so glamorous side of doing youtube

hello donna when you first start doing things you feel nervous

i think so well i still remember when i did my first

live stream four years ago so going live and talking

live in front of people is not easy whether those people are in front of you

maybe if you are on a stage perhaps you are giving a speech

to a group of people who are actually there with you

or maybe if you are doing it through a web camera

or maybe through a live stream such as this one

right now it isn't easy and i suppose the first time you do it

you feel as if well you feel as if you might make

quite a few mistakes but the thing is what i

realized over time is you are going to make mistakes

if you are live so that is the difference between doing something live

like this you see i hit the light as i was moving my hand

i hit the light so that happened because i'm live

if i was recording this i would cut that out you would never see that so

that is the difference between doing something live and doing something

recorded when it's recorded you can edit you can

polish you can make it look really good and professional

when you are doing it live sometimes things go wrong

so you can try to be professional you can try

to do things right but because you're doing it live things

often go wrong and they do and they will and they

always will so i think one of the hardest things to

come to terms with doing live streams is

there are going to be mistakes you are going to sometimes

say the wrong word or maybe you forget something or maybe you can't remember a

certain word or maybe you mispronounce something

maybe you fall off your chair and hit your head on the floor

you might be lying there unconscious on the floor until the end of the

livestream you see so anything can happen when you

are live and that is the hardest thing to get

used to you have to realize that sometimes

things will go wrong and that is also one of

the reasons why i love doing this one of the reasons why i love being live

is it's spontaneous you don't really know what's going to happen next

i mean maybe i might just stand here and say nothing for a whole 20 seconds

you see you wouldn't do that live you wouldn't do it recorded but you will do

it live i even got that wrong hello to the live

chat nice to see you here if my voice sounds a little strange

today it's because i've got terrible hay fever again if you were

watching yesterday you would have seen me sneezing

outside in the garden and mr steve was also sneezing

that's how bad it was yesterday the hay fever

really bad even mr mr steve was getting hay fever

tamara thank you for showing us your studio

yes this is what you never see you never see all of this

normally it's all hidden away because you only see me on the camera

but behind the scenes there is all sorts of stuff going on

and this is only half of it so there is a lot more

a lot more stuff around as well besides this

a lot more things many more pieces of technology

if we look over there you see there there are

computer monitors there is a huge computer

that is doing all the work right now we might see some more of that on

wednesday actually hello to parisa hello parisa nice to see

you here as well today very nice

when i was teaching at school i was very nervous at first

but now i am the best teacher thank you donna

thank you that is a great great word of advice i suppose

that is the way you could describe that hello sandra i love mr duncan

he is my hero thank you very much that's very kind of you

so for most of the time even if i'm not here

talking to you on youtube i am doing something

connected with this even if i'm not making any videos

or doing any live streams i'm still working

and i'm still doing things so all of this

has to be maintained it has to be kept working

so there is always something to do

i tried to follow the live chat but it's too late in japan it is now 11

o'clock at night i think it is yes it must be nearly

11 pm in japan hello mario

greetings from brazil oh i'm going to sneeze

you see this is the problem at the moment not only

am i trying to do a live stream i'm almost i'm also trying to stop myself

from sneezing as well oh my hay fever it's awful at the moment

this is the worst hay fever that i've had

for many years i don't know why it's so bad this year

it's getting it is getting right at my nose

literally it is getting up my nose oh i like your studio it is like a

professional studio it adds value and quality it is good to know

or good to see behind the scenes thank you mario

well all of this also has to be maintained as well

quite often things go wrong if you are dealing with technology

one of the problems with technology is quite often

things go wrong things will stop working so that is another thing i have to often

do i have to often fix things in here

technology things that are electrical things that sometimes go wrong

maybe some of the lights so you can see behind me there are many lights there is

one of them there giving me a little bit of extra light

there so all of those lights have to be

replaced sometimes when the light bulb

inside stops working so it's all it's always busy here

in the studio there is always something to do

belarusia says when i first started to work

i was also very nervous and the patients need to feel that you are in control i

think that is a great piece of advice one of the things whatever it is you are

doing whatever your job is you have to make sure that you can

assert your authority and also show

that you are experienced so sometimes i suppose

you need to make the person you are you are with

feel comfortable and also you have to make sure that they feel as if they can

trust you as well especially if you are doing

something medical a medical procedure

because well belarusia is actually a dentist

you see hello can you mention one by one your

equipment well i suppose i could briefly i can't

show everything because there is a lot of stuff in this

room but you can see there are some lights so

this is one of the lights that i use you see

so this is a professional light these lights are often used by filmmakers

and tv studios will also use these lights these are a

particular type of professional light that are used normally in tv studios you

will see them quite often on television so this particular light is actually

professional quality

but they are all low energy as well so they use low energy they have

a special transformer that means they only use 24 volts

however the output you can see there the output is very bright

so these are actually believe it or not these are i think they are around 150

watts these lights 150 watts

but they only work off 24 volts so that's quite good that's another

reason why i like them you see even though they get very hot so they

still get hot this particular type of light

still gets very hot so you can't touch that light

it would actually burn the skin off your fingers

teachers should also show confidence and security when facing their students

i think that's right you are right definitely my nose is

really itching so excuse me if i keep

wiping my nose but it is very itchy at the moment

where did you learn to manage all that stuff

i had to teach myself i taught myself everything

i taught myself how to use a video camera

how to edit how to produce so and also how to write as well so i

did a lot of writing quite often i will have to write lots

and lots of scripts for my recorded lessons such as my full

english lessons so everything has to be done and it has

to be done well it does take a lot of time

the sound from your microphone is perfect well

once again i'm using professional microphones

so if you see behind me there there is a microphone

and that is actually a professional studio microphone

and the one i'm using here is also a professional microphone if i

move my camera slightly you will see the microphone there it is

so there is a professional mic

and if we look down on the floor you might see

well i will show you the equipment behind me

so there is where i normally stand you see i normally stand

there when i'm presenting my lessons my live lessons so you can see

there there is where all of the sound goes the sound goes in there so there is

a big audio sound board that's what we call it so

that is a sound board that is where all of the sound is mixed

and processed including the sound that you are hearing

now once again it is all professional

equipment the microphones everything professional

because that's how you get the good sound you see that's how you get the

good quality you can only get good quality if you use

good equipment it is the only way of doing it would you like to have a

quick look at my station my little computer station this is the

place where i sit normally when i'm editing my videos so i

will show you very quickly i will move the camera around

but i will have to stay where i am i will try my best excuse me this is not

easy by the way it's not easy to do this thing

that i'm trying to do

there we go

so there you can see the place where i spend a lot of my time

doing my video editing this is the place where i'm normally sitting

this is also where my live stream is actually broadcast from

so you can see there are lots of different types of equipment

there are studio monitors there is my computer

you can see the computer at the end of the table

so there is all sorts of equipment all sorts of things

in this studio so there you are now looking at the computer

that is actually sending out this live stream

you can see the monitors you can also see the output

on youtube as well

so there are many different types of equipment that i have to use

so this is where i normally spend most of my time when i'm

creating my videos editing my videos and well basically everything

everything i do it's not only the sound that is nice but your voice is nice as

well thank you very much that's very kind of you to say

so this is something a little different today it is not the normal

live stream we are doing some special live streams

during this period of time because on wednesday it will be my anniversary my

fourth anniversary

there i am i'm back did you miss me

so here we are behind the scenes and yes it is not as glamorous as you think

we have lots of boxes behind me you can see there are cupboards behind me

so over there that is where i keep all of the things that i need

to keep my studio working all of the spare light bulbs plugs

brackets clamps they're all over there behind me

i always say that a tidy studio is a is an unproductive studio so

if you are not doing anything in your studio quite often

the studio will look clean and tidy so that means nothing is happening

however if your studio looks untidy and messy

and disorganized like this one that means you are busy you are doing

lots of things so that is always my excuse if anyone

ever says mr duncan your studio is so untidy why is that so

i will say well it's because

i'm such a busy man that's why mr duncan is a self-made man in

technology yes i've had to teach everything to

myself so not only do i teach english to you

i've also had to learn all of the craft

of video making video editing sound design how to

overlay sound over things that have no sound different types of

editing and of course live streaming as well so

this type of live streaming takes a lot of

patience and that's one of the reasons why most

people don't do it because it does take a lot of time

effort but most of most importantly of all

it takes a lot of patience you need patience

definitely sometimes things don't work the first time you try it so you have to

do it many many times

i am very interested in the microphones well the microphones i use here are

professional shotgun microphones made by a company called

road road they are an australian company in

it and they make very good microphones so

all of my microphones i buy from the same company it is a

company called road r o d

e and they make professional sound equipment very expensive by the

way so one microphone can cost around

400 pounds just for one microphone so over the years since i started making

my videos on youtube 14 years ago

i have slowly built this studio it has taken many many years

to get to this point many years of saving money

i even sold my motorbike a few years ago i had to sell my motorbike so i could

buy some equipment for my studio so even my little motorbike had to go

so i could do this sometimes you have to do that you see you can't always have

things that you want straight away sometimes you have to wait for it

sometimes you have to be patient

what is the camera installed whether what the the camera you are

watching now is a professional camera it's a sony

camera so it's a professional camera but very small size

so this is a small sized professional camera

very good for going outside very good also for

for filming with and when you see me on the live streams normally i am using

this camera over here can you see it you might not be able to see it because

i'm looking at it from a strange angle so there right there

so that is the camera that i use when i'm doing my live streams in the

studio so that is my normal camera that you can

see me through it is actually a dslr so that is a nikon d600

nikon d600 so it is a dslr camera and you can put any lens on the

front of that one of the reasons why i love this

camera is you can change the lenses you can change the lenses

so over the years all of this equipment i've had to

get slowly when i first started making my live streams i had a

very basic camera a very simple camera

nothing special nothing expensive it was a very simple camera but now over the

years i've tried to get good equipment

because sometimes you do need good equipment

especially with sound i always think that sound

is the thing that most people get wrong so you can have the best camera

in the world but if your sound is awful then no one will want to watch you no

one will want to watch what you are doing

so this is a different live stream yes

yes it is it is actually the the full form the full frame so quite often when

we talk about cameras we often talk about the size

of the frame or the size of the sensor which is what processes

the image as it goes into the camera so the dslr my nikon

d600 is a full frame camera so that's another reason why i

like it as well i like it a lot

dana says i like canon cameras i suppose when we talk about the

marketplace for dslr cameras most people seem to

prefer canon and they are a big company and to

be honest with you i also like canon equipment as well

i bought the nikon i bought my nikon d600

way back in 2011. so even my my dslr i've had

for nearly nine years and i've used it a lot

we would want you even if the microphone was bad thank you zara that's very kind

of you to say so even if you couldn't understand or

hear me because my equipment was so rubbish you would still want

to watch me that's very kind of you thank you very much

i like your beret this is this is my little cap

my flat cap i haven't worn this for ages so you might see this in in some of my

english lessons that i filmed over the years

but i like this cap it's very comfortable it's very comfortable it's a

flat cap that's what we call it a flat cap

and they are becoming quite trendy again i've noticed

a lot of people wearing these again

those people who are keen on oh audio visual must be enjoying themselves a lot

yes can you use smartphones you see i nearly fell over then

mr steve always complains about this room

whenever steve comes in here he always complains he says

why do you have so many tripods why do you have so many lights

it's so dangerous in here and i must admit i have fallen over

quite a few times i have fallen over this equipment because there is a lot of

stuff in here

yes the flat cap is fashionable now i think so

so many years ago this cap is maybe 13 or 14 years old

so i bought this a long time ago this cap

i think i got it after i came back from china

so i've had this for many years and yes they're coming back into fashion yeah

these are becoming fashionable again i like it

and i think it suits me as well i don't know why

i always like wearing hats because i think

hats suit me i think i look alright when i'm wearing a hat

much better than my big bald head i think so

to be a good professional you have been average you have been

you have to be bad to have been bad and you have to have started

so the most important thing is to start and move on

yes well that is a good a good way of looking at it

so yes when you first start doing anything you are bad

at doing it you have to start somewhere when you start learning anything

including english by the way so this does connect with

learning english definitely i would say this definitely

connects to learning english so i had to learn

how to do this i i didn't understand any of this i didn't know how to film

i didn't know how to edit i didn't know how to

set up scenes when you are filming so i had to learn

all of that i spent many many hours reading books

studying on the internet mr steve bought me some very useful books as well

about camera technique editing technique

so over the years i've had to build this up i

i didn't do this straight away this is taken

around 14 years to do and get right to be honest

could you show me the smiles on the wall by your door the smiles on the wall

oh i see yes there are some things on the wall

maybe you can see my t-shirt as well so there is my little t-shirt

i was actually wearing that yesterday in the garden

so you can see in here everything exists in here maybe i can show you

something else wait a moment oh

okay we're over here now back by

my desk this so this is where i normally do my live streams i'm normally standing

here looking at that camera and i'm going hi

everybody welcome to another live stream yes we

are live once more from the birthplace of the english language

you will also notice that there are things missing here or you might not

notice but there are lots of things that that

are normally here but because i was doing my live stream

outside many of these things have been removed

and they are down there on the floor so my studio is not as it normally looks

it normally looks different to this because

there is normally a monitor there and another monitor

there and there is normally lots of equipment

in front of me as well but at the moment there isn't

because it's all down down there on the floor in boxes


you might recognize this do you recognize this yes

this is what i normally wear when i'm doing my live streams

from in the studio so there it is my little t

my little shirt my shirt my purple tie it isn't pink it's purple

and also my cap as well so that is what i normally wear

when i'm presenting my live streams in the studio

so this is my box of things these are the things that i was using

outside yesterday do you recognize that that is my smiley face

most of this is equipment that i normally use in the studio

however yesterday i was using it outside

by the way it takes a very long time to set up

the outside live stream a very long time

i'm back i'm back here now so this is a little different this is

not my normal live stream i know i know but i thought today it would be

a good opportunity to show you behind the scenes

to show you what things are really like being here on youtube it isn't all

glamorous we don't all get to appear

on tv we don't all get to pick up awards i've i've never had an

award ever from youtube not even my play button

i don't even have a play button can you believe that

why why don't i have a play button for my youtube channel

maybe when i reach 1 million subscribers perhaps youtube will give me a special

button i hope so

mr duncan where is the collection of books

they are missing we always see the books in the background

um where are the books i don't know they seem to have

disappeared i think mr steve has taken them and was

taking them upstairs to read i think so

how did you come to the idea to start your own channel was it spontaneous

well my my youtube channel started way back in 2006

whilst i was still in china so i was still living in china when i started

this my live not my live streams but my

recorded lessons so i did it way back in 2006 when youtube

was still very young it was still a very new thing in 2006

i have a feeling maybe some of you may have been

very young at the time maybe maybe you were a baby when i

started doing my live stream my english lessons not my live streams

i'm very excited today by the way i'm quite excited because i'm showing you

something unusual and it does feel strange standing here

on the other side of the scenery it is very unusual

mr duncan can you tell us the reason why the curtain is always green

well that particular curtain is called a chroma key

screen and it's often used in movie studios

so quite often when you are seeing a movie

especially these days they will use green screen green screen

and the green screen allows the person who is editing to take away

that color and add something else we call it composition so you can

actually put a different thing in that place such as

a bookcase ah you see naughty mr duncan

what was that so yes that's the reason why we use green screen because it's a

color that doesn't exist normally unless of course you go into

the countryside so that is a color that can easily be

removed so if you notice here in the studio

there is nothing else here in the studio that is green

the only green thing in this room is that screen so that so then it is

very easy for me to remove that and put something

in its place we call it composition composition

hello manang

nice to see you here as well so cute thank you very much

yes the bookcase behind me is not real did you know that i'm giving all of my

secrets away now i can't believe it


hello mad havas

hello to you your name is very long by the way

can you talk about english dialects well when you talk about english dialects you

have to give examples but there are many dialects of english

there are many ways of speaking english in the north in the south of england

maybe in scotland so there are many different types of

dialect even i have an accent so when we talk

about dialects sometimes we might also be talking about

the different types of accent that exists in the english language

including mine as well people say i don't have an

accent but i do i do have an accent definitely

oh i see i didn't know your book case wasn't real

really no it it is that's because i've done it so well

i think so mr duncan you don't have any books you make us

feel fool you are so clever i can't believe it i'm shocked

well partridge i can tell you now that in

in the other room in the house there are lots of books

but not in here because there isn't enough room

i wish i could have a real bookcase in here

but the problem is i don't have enough room you see

what do you think about the scottish accent well i don't really think

anything about it really it's it's just another way of speaking

english some people say that the scottish accent

is hard to understand and i i would agree yes i think

sometimes if a person is speaking quickly or maybe

with a strong accent it might be hard to understand what

they're saying but no i have no trouble i have no

problem understanding the scottish accent

thank you teacher your videos are very helpful for learning english you are the

best teacher in the world thank you emain

thank you that's very kind of you how lovely

mr duncan

oh valentina says you are number one hugs from italy thank you very much for

that can i say thank you as well for all of

the invites we received yesterday lots of places

that we would like to travel to in the future

maybe maybe in the future we will come to your country

wow imagine that we will come round for a cup of tea

are you stopping teaching english no no i'm not stopping teaching english

i'm not stopping anything everything is carrying on as normal i

was on yesterday did you see me yesterday i was doing an

english lesson yesterday so no i'm not stopping i'm not

going anywhere you might not believe me but no i i'm

still here i'm still teaching english i'm still on

youtube and i'm not going anywhere

mr duncan does accent really matter accent matters if you can't understand

what the other person is saying so sometimes a person might have a very

strong accent so if they have a strong accent then it

is difficult to understand what they're saying but i

but i think most accents are

understandable what you have to do is is get used to listening to it

so that's the reason why listening is such an important thing you see

listening is a very important part of learning

english or any language

what is the effect of using the capital letters especially when they are mixed

i think it's like i think it's funny like childish well it's just something i

did for fun as you know if you've been watching me

for many years you will know that i don't do things

here on youtube in the same way as other people

so when i started teaching english on youtube and by the way

i was the first ever english english teacher

on youtube you might not realize that but it's true

i started my making my english lessons way back in 2006

and no one else was doing it i'm not joking

your pronunciation is clear thank you jeff fran

do you do it on purpose no this is how i speak

this is how i normally speak in my everyday life if i'm talking to someone

in the street this is how i talk i say hello

are you okay i hope so where are you going

are you going shopping are you going shopping what did you buy what are you

going to buy are you going to buy something nice from

town you see

diana i know another teacher and she does the same thing that mr duncan does

she tells us about it that is the reason that i

know that it is not real oh i see

there are many people copying my style of teaching

i know it i know it is true i get emails from people saying hey mr

duncan i i saw an english teacher the other day

and they they are doing the same thing as you

they are sometimes saying the same thing as you it's all right

it's okay i don't mind i don't i don't mind to be honest it's very nice

i suppose i should be flattered i should be very flattered by it

i think so is the indian accent good well again

as i said earlier the indian accent can be used

in english many people here in england have indian accents even though they

speak english so you can combine the both it is

possible to do both

i've met many people many people during my life

here in the uk and also traveling around the world

who have indian accents and i've never had difficulty

understanding what you were saying

thank you for your encouragement thank you hamdi you are

very welcome that's the reason why i'm here

i always like to think that i have something different

to offer now i do realize one thing i am not the most popular english

teacher on youtube i'm very realistic

i know there are many people now younger people

maybe more attractive people who are doing

english they are teaching english and they are very popular

so i do understand i am very realistic i know that i'm not everyone's cup of

tea i know that i love your original english

accent thank you very much the next is best that's very kind of you

to say so thank you you should come to

any spanish university and learn phonetics

and philology though i think you must have a degree or not

well i've never thought of working in spain i'll be honest with you i did go

to china and i did teach english there and i had

a lot of fun teaching it as well

artsby can you please teach phonetics maybe you don't realize but actually

i've made a lesson all about phonetics on my youtube

channel there is a video all about phonetics

i go through all of the symbols all of the ways of expressing the

phonetic code and i do that here on my youtube

channel there is a video all about it

wilson says mr duncan i have watched almost all your videos on youtube and

you have done a lot of good videos for us

you have been the best english coach so far

thank you very much thank you very much i'm not popular

i know it i i understand i don't know why maybe maybe i'm too old

maybe it's because i'm a man i don't know

maybe it's because i'm english a lot of people

probably prefer listening to an american accent

so there are many reasons also youtube algorithms

as well let's not talk about youtube algorithms please there are many

youtube publishers who are not happy

with the youtube algorithms you might not be the most popular but

you are the best for sure thank you very much that's very kind of you

audrazio adressio thank you very much isn't that nice

thank you mr duncan i will have a look at your video later yes there is a video

on my youtube channel you can go to my channel and you can go

to the videos and you can search for my video

about phonetics on my youtube channel and if you haven't subscribed already

why not why have you not not subscribed yet

i wonder why

can you remember the number of your phonetics video

i can't straight away but maybe if i find the link i will put

the link underneath this video is that okay

so after this has finished i will actually put

the link to my phonetics lesson under this video that's what i will do

so it will be there later under this video

i will put the link there are many people now on youtube

saying that you can learn english in just a few weeks that is not

true you can't learn english in just a few weeks

you can't there are people saying that you can learn english in a few hours

you can't it takes much longer than that you can't learn english straight away it

takes time if anyone says that they can teach you

english in just a couple of days or a couple of

weeks or a couple of months they are not being

completely honest trust me

yes you can't learn any language in a few weeks

you can't you might be able to learn the basics

the basics and some of the grammar rules but there is no way there is no way

i guarantee there is no way of learning english in just a short period of time

there isn't yes i will put the link for the phonetic lesson below this video

later it will be there okay so i will put it


you are the original first great english teacher on youtube

how olympic games organizers contact you to appear

like an english icon oh i see i'm not sure about that thank you luis

antonio that is very kind of you to say by the

way very kind you have the best technique to learn

english or teach english so i teach and you learn

thank you very much for your company i am going in a moment by the way

i am going soon

i have been learning english for almost one year and seven months says sunshine

yes well that is it a year two years maybe even three years you learn english

over time you do you start there and then you move forward

but as you go forward you also improve your english

as i always say you must make english part of your life

you must do it every day

you are the oldest english teacher of free english lessons

among only a few more that's true i know it's okay it doesn't

bother me i'm not bothered by that to be honest

i will be going soon i've been on for for just over one hour i'm not sure if

i have any viewers is there anyone there maybe talking about technical things

maybe talking about my studio lights and my green screen is not very interesting

but i thought i would do it because this week it's a special week

i'm celebrating my fourth anniversary of doing my first ever live stream

on wednesday we are going to have a look at some

of my first ever live stream we are going to watch it

together i will be with you on the live chat

so we can all enjoy the experience together whether that experience will be

a good one or a bad one remains to be seen

i'm not sure

i have also made an english lesson about grammar

yes i i have made an english grammar video

where i talk about all of the main parts of english grammar i've done that as


i used to follow you when you were mr duncan

in china wow that is a very long time so you started watching me when i was

still in china thank you very much wow that's

incredible i sometimes wonder how many people are

still watching me after 14 years and i think you are one of them thank

you artsby that's very kind of you

are you coming back tomorrow mr duncan yes i am i will be with you tomorrow

2 p.m uk time things will look a little bit more normal tomorrow

slightly more normal so this is different

this is an extra live stream that i'm doing

and tomorrow will also be an extra live stream

as well so i will see you tomorrow from 2pm

i'm hoping to be in the garden tomorrow i really hope i will be

outside in the garden tomorrow if not i might be in here but i won't be

standing on this side of the scenery i will be

standing over there instead so i will see you


ten years ago i started watching your live streams

says nadia ten years you've been watching

thank you very much that's very kind very kind

i am also doing something with my english teacher here but it's so

important because mr d mr duncan's teaching

because he has the best pronunciation i've ever known thank you very much well

i always think it's important if you are teaching english you have to

be understood so yes i've always been

complimented for my accent in fact this voice got me my job in china

on the telephone a very interesting story

that i might tell not today but maybe another time a story

for another time

can you is it right to learn english through our native language

well yes it is if you are translating you see so one of the hardest parts of

learning english is trying to also stop

thinking in your own language however it is also important to understand

both meanings so as you are learning english

it is also important to learn the meanings of the words

when you compare them with your own language

so yes i would say it is important

today was great video you showed your studio it is very cool

there is an is there another expression in english to say cool

well you can say great great that was great

wonderful brilliant fantastic so there are many ways of saying

something is great cool maybe you might say

wow that's that's good cool something cool is something that is

pleasing something that is fashionable something

that might be seen as contemporary

or current during this current time something that is popular might be

described as being cool i think so

hello helena i would like to say hello to this nice

english attic family i've been gardening today

because it isn't too warm and i don't like to sweat thank you helena that's

very kind of you

thank you very much for your company today i am going in a moment

i will be going but i will also be back tomorrow

2pm uk time you can catch me tomorrow live on youtube i might be outside

i'm hoping tomorrow the weather will be better

unfortunately today the weather is awful i'm sorry about that

it's terrible anyway at least we got to have a look

we we managed to have a look in my studio so i hope you enjoyed that

catch you later

thank you very much for your company that is very nice

yes i hope i get one million subscribers maybe not this year

but perhaps next year who knows who knows what

the future holds no one knows when you think about it i'm going now

catch you later thank you very much tamara

thank you mohsin thank you very much also to belarusia sunshine palmyra

donna also luis antonio as well thank you very much thank you

partridge thank you ts thank you very much t.s

very kind of you there are many people teaching english

now on youtube i would say there are hundreds if not

thousands of people teaching english on youtube but when i started

teaching on youtube in 2006 there was no one

no one teaching english

so things have changed a little bit thanks for your company i'm going now

because my well i'm going to have a cup of tea and

i'm going to get something to eat as well

i'm a little bit peckish i'm a little hungry see you tomorrow thank you very

much for your company i'm definitely going now

catch you later this is mr duncan behind the scenes the studio

here in england saying thanks for watching

see you tomorrow 2 p.m uk time i will be on time

tomorrow i promise and of course until the next time we meet here on youtube

you know what's coming next yes you do

ta ta for now 8-)