hmm no hmm it's not nice look at that can you see

outside my window right outside at this very moment you can see a lot of apple

blossom appearing on my lovely little tree just outside my window yes we are

all together again here we go once more it is Thursday and this is English

addict once more live from the birthplace of the English language which

just happens to be England

please excuse me I have a sweet a little lozenge in my mouth at the moment this

is what I normally chew before I start my livestream unfortunately it is still

in my mouth for which I apologize hi everybody this is mr. Duncan in England

how are you today are you okay I hope so are you happy I

hope you are happy today I just I just have to finish my little sweet excuse me

hmm just talk amongst yourselves I will be with you in a moment

hmm oh that's better now my throat suddenly feels invigorated

and alive thank you very much for joining me once more yes we are here and

it is the final day of what has been one of the strangest months I've ever had

ever in my life and I've had some strange days in my life but nothing

nothing compares to April it has been a really strange month not only that we

are almost at the end of the week yes it's Thursday

so as we are coming towards the end of this month I thought it'd be a nice idea

to look at some lovely nature shots some lovely video clips some things that I

filmed over the years concerning all of the lovely nature around us so that is

what I'm doing today I will also take you on a tour yes an actual tour of the

place in which I live something else that many of you have been asking about

mr. Duncan can you please show us more of the place in which you live we will

be doing that also something else we're doing today we are talking about nature

as I mentioned today we are also talking about birds as well I will be talking

about the different types of food that I put out for the birds

in my garden so we will be talking about nature also we will be talking about the

food for the birds attracting birds to your garden I know a lot of people

around the world now are crazy about nature so today that is one of the

things we are going to be looking at how to attract those lovely little birds to

your God and how do we do it that is one of the many things I'm

looking at today we're going for a little tour around the place in which I

live it was something that was filmed a long time ago before all of these crazy

days came and made our lives rather difficult so it is something that I

think might be interesting to some people maybe maybe not

I don't really know maybe you will tell me at the end of today's live stream

hello to everyone on the live chat yes we would not have a livestream without

you you are the reason why I am here after

all hello to Vitesse also Zoran Konstantin

also Partridge Yves Adrien as well you are some of the first ones on

today's live chat congratulations to you congratulations and jubilations you are

first on today's livestream yes you are well then nice to see so many people

here already it is good to see you here on the live chat thank you very much for

joining me today a lot of people already saying hello

hello Mohsen also Ana Ana Victoria hello to you as well nice to see you here also

kaylynn hello Kalyn and a pika also is here today Hiroko Peter and also Tomas

Beatriz hello mr. Duncan happy Thursday yes it is Thursday and it definitely is

the 30th of April yesterday I got the date wrong I don't know what was going

on yesterday I was all over the place I was so disorganized that is a great

word a person who is disorganized is a person who can't arrange their own

things maybe their their arrangements or their life is chaotic all the time so

that is one of the things you could describe a person like me especially

yesterday I was very disorganized yesterday and that is probably one of

the reasons why I couldn't remember what day it was or at

least the date today I'm right 100% I am almost sure that it is the 30th of

April May is just around the corner I suppose the big question is what will

may have installed for us April crazy March weird May who knows who

knows what will come in May hello - Cory hello - france hi friends nice to see

you again as you may have noticed around you where you are in some places

certainly things are starting to go back to normal

well when I say normal I don't mean completely normal I mean that many of

the places are now reducing or relaxing their lockdown so things are slowly

turning back they are slowly going back to the way they were before however I

still think we have a very long way to go a very long way before things

actually change completely or at least change back to how they were before I

think so hello also to fan TWEN hello to you I believe you are watching in

Vietnam hi to Vietnam nice to see you all here again also pal Mira

mr. Alexey hello Alexei I used to go to school with someone called Alexey I'm

not joking I did at school hello Vitesse hello soo Jin mr. Duncan

are you still doing your daily livestreams please don't do it

so Partridge wants me to stop doing my live streams every day

what do you think do you want me to continue would you like me to carry on

during my live streams as we go into a new month as then the month of May

arrives and begins would you like me to continue doing my live streams every day

oh that's a very interesting question so according to Partridge I should stop

doing my daily live streams what do you think as we come to the end of April do

you still want to see me every day or do you think maybe I've done enough

perhaps you are bored watching me every day standing in front of you talking

about the English language maybe maybe not I don't know you see because I'm not

there I'm not there hello Rosa hello life blogger hello life blogger can I

travel anywhere when I grow up you can of course you can I always say the world

is your oyster I like that expression the world is your oyster inside

everything exists all you have to do is open it and explore it for yourself so

the world is your oyster whatever you want to do in your life try it try to do

it if you want to travel around the world of course you can there was

nothing stopping you when I was a child I never dreamt that I would end up

travelling around the world however as I grew older I became more interested and

more passionate about certain things so I decided that I did want to travel I

wanted to see the world hello Mika I think Mika is eating Mika are you

eating you must be aware that there is a certain

rule during my live streams if you eat something you must be willing to give

some of it to me didn't you know that it's it's a new rule that I just made up

a few seconds ago hello also to Cory it seems very windy where you are you

are right it is a little breezy we had a lot of rain this morning a lot of rain

but there at the moment you can see my lovely apple blossom coming out on the

tree just outside my window and yes you are right it is very windy today we have

a very strong breeze blowing around outside but it is quite nice also we are

going to talk about the birds a little bit later on you might like to take a

look outside my window right now because there are some birds on the bird feeders

and later on we will be talking about all of the food that I give to my birds

birds love all kinds of food but one of the types of food that birds really like

his bird is food with lots of energy so certain types of food that contain lots

of energy birds need to keep feeding all day because their bodies have a very

high metabolism which means that they burn or use the energy in their bodies

very quickly and that is the reason why the birds have to eat all the time and

quite often they will eat things that have a lot of energy such as nuts and

also certain types of seed so that is the reason why the birds often eat nuts

and seeds because they are a very good source a very good provider of energy we

will have another look outside a little bit later on and we will see what is

going on with those birds meanwhile we were just looking at the beautiful apple

blossom would you like to see something else would you like to take a look

outside my front window right now and here is a lovely video clip that I

filmed around about 45 minutes ago so I did go into the garden and I decided to

do a little bit of filming so here you will see some lovely shots of the lilac

tree which has now come into full bloom full bloom all of the beautiful flowers

have now come out also you will see my magnolia tree and at the end you will

see some more apple blossom so let us take a deep breath let us forget about

all of our troubles and enjoy a little bit of nature

hmm oh my goodness ha even I was getting a little bit swept away by that the

music and also the sights that I recorded this morning in my garden a lot

of things going on outside the window at the moment with the birds nature

everything is really coming to life and we had a lot of rain as well yesterday

and also this morning we had lots of rain mr. Steve was jumping for joy he

was he's got very excited by the fact we've had a lot of rain because now he

thinks all of his grass seed that he planted in the weekend he thinks it is

going to magically appear however I think it will take a few days before it

does come up hello to Eman hello to Lena nice to see you Lena nice to see you

nice hello Maria I like the music too

I have a lot of music as you know I am a big fan of music kind of music very much

and I'm always very careful well I'm choosing the music that I use in my

videos I'm always very careful to choose the right music and I have lots and lots

of music hundreds and hundreds of pieces of music that I use hello

I understood partridge wanted you to not stop your daily live streams indeed it

is very nice to keep our mind active listening to you mr. Duncan it is very

relaxing Thank You Adrian I'm glad you like it

I'm glad you have enjoyed this I've been with you for around 35 maybe even 40

days every day doing my live streams so I've been here almost virtually every

day since all this craziness began and I'm still here

with you today wow the music is so nice thank you very much

sunshine I'm glad you enjoyed it nice to see you mr. Duncan I have a question

here as well concerning English what is the

difference between believe someone and believe in someone if you believe

someone then you trust them you trust them you believe what they say so maybe

something that they've told you or maybe something that they have defended

themselves with perhaps they've been accused of doing something bad however

the person who is defending themselves say they haven't and you you believe

them I believe you you believe that person you believe that they are being

honest if you believe in someone it means you feel that they are capable of

doing things with their lives you are behind them you are there to support

them you believe in them you are there with them because you believe in them

they are a person who you think has a lot of potential a lot of opportunities

ahead of them you believe in them you know whatever it is they are doing you

know that they will do a very good job of it because you believe in them I

believe in you you have a lot of trust you are very sure that that person can

do the things that they want to do you believe in them I like that one hello

also seas are hello seas are nice to see you here as well thank you for your

lovely messages about my video in the garden the spawning and also outside

right now so this is actually the view outside with the birds although there

aren't many at the moment there were lots and lots of birds this morning but

now they've gone and of course as we saw earlier we have my lovely apple blossom

as well the garden is looking rather nice at the moment I must say even

though I say it myself

the garden is rather nice for those who don't know who I am maybe you're

watching me for the first time I'm mr. Duncan by the way and I teach English I

talk about the English language I also talk about lots of different subjects as

well concerning English learning English

listening to English and also lots of other subjects as well including the

words we are talking about the birds today I love the birds so much I

remember many many years ago I made a video all about feeding the birds and

you will be able to see what I'm actually doing in the garden in fact I'm

going to show you a little video clip so this is very short only three minutes

and you will see I was in my garden way back in 2009 so the video you are about

to see was actually recorded a long time ago and the other thing you might notice

from the video is the sound quality was not as good as it is now

this is the sort of thing I use for feeding the birds this one is a very

large bird feeder as you can see it's a long tube with small holes on the side

and stands for the birds to perch on when they're feeding so in this one I

normally put the mixed seed so that's this one so we just pour it in wow this

feeder holds quite a lot of grain so I don't have to refill this very often

normally once a week is sufficient

it's that it's ready to be hung back up

as you can see because this is so long I have to hang it up very high like so

that's it nice and full come on birds it's dinner time so all we have to do

now is put some nuts in here for the squirrels and also for the blue tips and

great tips because they also like taking the nuts away hole so as soon as I put

these out you can guarantee that some blue tips will come down and start

picking them away one by one and in here we will put some sunflower seeds

sunflower seeds also for the blue tips and great tits and also the Chaffin

cheese as well the chat inches are very good at getting the seed out of the husk

of the sunflower seed yeah the chaffinch is very good at cracking them open very

fast and taking the seed out I don't know how they do it but they do it very

well okay that's it all done

ah I hope you enjoyed that a nice little sequence that I filmed a long time ago a

very long time ago 11 years ago that was in my previous house before I moved here

oh I'm enjoying this nature today would you like to see another little shot of

some nature here is something else that I filmed about 12 years ago and it it is

well take a look for yourself you can see lots of birds and these are

young starlings and these particular starlings are in my back garden where I

used to live there were many starlings

and you can see lots of baby starlings here young starlings and one or two of

them are going to take a bath I have a feeling this might be the first time

today they've ever seen water so maybe this is the first time that these young

starlings have ever seen water in their lives they're just great if there is one

thing Birds enjoy more than food it is water you might say that birds are crazy

crazy about water

and also you you should be able to hear the sounds as well the burglars so those

are the actual sounds in my garden the place I used to live and there is the

pigeon there is always a pigeon nearby always so these are young fledgling

means they have recently left their nest and they are learning how to have to

drink and also have to bathe as well they don't seem very sure of the water

something a little unusual today we are looking at nature and this is some video

footage a video clip that I recorded many years ago one of the things I miss

after moving here too much Wenlock is the starlings I really miss the

starlings so much so near where I live we don't actually get starlings at all

can you believe it we don't get any starlings at all so I do miss these

birds they are quite friendly they are very sociable and I always think the

young starlings always look very nice they're quite cute so I hope you enjoyed

that another little thing and other different things that I'm showing today

just to show you how much I do adore nature for many many years I've been

filming the birds so for those asking these are starlings starlings they are

all baby Starling gathering together for a drink and also

for a little bit as well I hope you enjoyed that we are having a lots and

lots of nature today I thought yes let's do that let's have a lot of nature today

tomorrow says something about mr. Steve I think mr. Steve makes an impression so

the impression that you get from mr. Steve is that he is a very organized

person sometimes yes I think sometimes Steve is a very organized person

sometimes too organized it is possible to be too organized

Adrian asks where did you used to live before you moved too much Wenlock

was it far away from where you are now it is not very far away the place I used

to live is called Wolverhampton Wolverhampton a large city fortunately I

lived on the outside of the city near the countryside so I've always lived

near trees and fields all of my life even in my young years our house was

very close to a lot of meadow land so there were always places for us to

explore and walk there were always places for us to to walk around and of

course needless to say there was a lot of nature nearby so maybe from those

early days living close to nature perhaps that's the reason why I like

looking at the nature now maybe nature has always been a part of my life

perhaps hello Oscar Oscar Mon lore hello to you as well nice to see you

here it is very beautiful thank you very much it's very kind of you to say the

best way to enjoy the nature thank you very much Ricardo yes everyone can enjoy

nature but quite often people don't even notice

and this is one of the things I consider at the moment a lot of people are

actually doing maybe people now are looking out of their windows and because

normally their lives are so busy because normally they have so many things to do

they don't have time to look around them so I would imagine there are many people

who have started or who have discovered some of the nature it actually exists

around them and maybe certain types of nature that they didn't know existed

before maybe hello Meeker again hello

Younes yuna's moons hello to you as well also Ricardo again mr. Duncan do you

live near the Cotswolds I don't however mr. Steve used to he was

raised in the Cotswolds the Cotswolds is a beautiful place a lovely part of

England I am much further north you might actually say Northwest so I am

actually sort of northwest of England Northwest very close to Wales very close

to Wales hello also 288 a guide nice to see you

here today as well thank you very much for everyone joining me today thank you

and a pika it is is it correct to name the sorcerer as the thing that the birds

are bathing in well that particular thing is a container that you normally

use for feeding plants however I've decided to use them as bird baths

instead so normally those things are used as water reservoirs so you will

keep water in them and then you will place your plant or the plant pot so the

thing containing the plant will sit inside the little water reservoir so

that's what really that is for however I discovered many years ago that you can

use those particular things also as bird baths so that's what I'm using them for

I wouldn't probably describe them as sources because they are large they are

very large so these days I tend to describe these particular things as bird

baths so I normally call these bird baths even though they're not actually

bird baths they are things that you use for watering your plants so that's what

I use those for now I have found another use for them hello also - oh hello

Francisca Bovie it is like being a tourist in the village thank you very

much that's very kind of you to say Pedro

Belmont has an announcement Pedro is here and apparently Pedro says he has

been tested positive for Wow well I hope you take it easy stay safe

that's all I can say and I hope you feel better soon the strange thing is about

this particular thing is some people are more affected by it than others so some

people have it like a very mild cold others suffer much more so it really

does depend hello also - Eunice

hello also and a peeker who says I'm sorry to hear that you have you have

we can't say it you see just in case just in case YouTube gets angry with me

it often gets angry with everyone to be honest YouTube however I will keep a

smile on my face and I will try my best not to get kicked off YouTube hello

Francesca nature is getting back to the spaces that were conquered by human

beings you might have a very good point there

especially pollution as well so the pollution levels in many towns and

cities has actually reduced I wonder what I wonder what Greta Thumb Berg

thinks of that how dare you oh sorry about that well I just wanted to mention

your name because no one's mentioned you for a long time it's okay don't get too

upset I just wanted to say Greta Thumb Berg what do you think about it how dare

you no no I don't mean anything bad by it I'm just being polite and kind that's

all so you are right yes it would appear that the animals are reclaiming a lot of

the areas where people were and because many people are staying away from

certain areas that is true black gut cha hello to black cat cha I

like your name by the way hello also neisha s-- neisha s-- Mathai

hello mr. Duncan hello neisha s-- I like your name as

well some very interesting names on today's live chat we are going to take a

look at the place in which I live a lot of people ask mr. Duncan where do you

live I live in a place called Much Wenlock which is in Shropshire a very

beautiful part of England not very far away from well not very far away from

Wales to be honest very close to Wales also not very far away from the major

town of shrewsbury as well so there you can

see a picture of me standing in front of the large sign as you approach the town

and also you can also see that this particular place has been twinned with a

place in France so we have a strong connection here in Much Wenlock with

France the reason why will be explained a little bit later on meanwhile

meanwhile we're going to have a look at what if my English lessons and this is

something unusual actually this is all about Much Wenlock and the reason why

this particular place is famous would you like to have a look okay

the town of Much Wenlock is situated in Shropshire England not too far away from

the large County town of Shrewsbury the town was originally called Wenlock with

the much being added later so as to avoid confusion with the nearby little

Wenlock the atmosphere here is very laid-back and peaceful the narrow

streets and assorted old buildings give this place a charm of its own you might

say that much Wenlock is more like a village than a town

the origins of the name Much Wenlock are not completely clear one explanation is

that the word is derived from the welsh word green which means white and lock

being derived from the welsh word for monastery the merge part of the name is

thought to have derived from the middle english word for great

the origins of Much Wenlock itself go right back to the 7th century when a

monastery was built here in 680 AD the building housed monks and nuns who had

taken on the oath of virtue and divine devotion the head of the monastery was a

woman called Milberg the daughter of king marijuana of Murcia she was the

second Abbess to run the monastery it is rumored that

Milberg performed miracles it was said that on one occasion she made geese that

were eating the crops vanish forever after her death she was made a saint

in 1040 ad the monastery was replaced with a college for priests later it

became a Priory a house where monks lived which was controlled by an abbey

that in this case was based in France just after 1100 AD Much Wenlock became a

place of pilgrimage after the bones of Saint Milberg was said to have been

found there then in 1376 the Priory came under the control of the English the

reign of Henry the 8th saw the Priory closed with the dissolution of all

religious houses which included monasteries in 1540 the Priory was

stripped of all its valuables and the buildings were sold off

today very little remains of the Priory the large church has all but gone a

structure that took over 40 years to build now lies in ruins

fortunately part of the chapel can still be seen and much of the detail of these

parts can still be made out

at the time this church was one of the most magnificent structures in the


as you walk around it is easy to spot parts of the original structure the

basis of the stone pillars that supported the roof of the church can

still be seen and long stretches of stonework clearly mark the distinctive

outline of the church the overall shape is similar to that of a cathedral a

large crypt can be seen at the site a crypt can also be called a tomb or a

burial chamber a short while ago the skeleton of a monk was found in the

remains of the crypt

this curious shape structure is called a Lavar bow it was where the monks would

bathe originally this structure was inside a large octagonal or eight-sided


as I have said before these old buildings are fascinating to look at

they connectors with a long since bygone age I suppose it is lucky that past

Weller's here decided not to tear this place completely to pieces their

hesitancy to destroy is our historical game these days the Priory is owned by

English heritage who have done a great job of preserving this wonderful

monument visitors to the site can go on a virtual guided tour using headphones

with commentary and an insightful guidebook

there it was I hope you enjoyed that one of my many English lessons and there we

were taking a look around the place in which I live oh very fancy a little bit

later on we are going to have a direct tour around the town in which I live

so that coming a little bit later on also some full English as well one of my

full English lessons but right now we are going to start talking about

something yes something that I am very fond of something that you might think

mr. Duncan you seem very crazy about this particular subject and that is

because well because I am oh look I love birds and here you can see some little

house sparrows and this is a house sparrow a baby being fed have a look in

a moment the adult will come and feed it it's waiting very patiently to be fed

and there you have it so this particular baby house Martin house Martin house

Sparrow is actually being fed in the tree and that is actually in the garden

where I used to live so quite often you would see these things taking place

especially during this time of year and I have lots and lots of videos that I've

filmed over the years of all sorts of nature including also the bird that I

just accidentally mentioned oh I hope my internet connection isn't going again oh

dear it's my internet connection going again

I hope not I really hope not here is another bird that often flies

around not only where I used to live but also where I live right now a little

house Martin's nest have you ever seen a house Martin it is a beautiful bird a

beautiful little bird and they fly around very high up in the sky and they

are very unusual because this particular bird feeds as it flies so as it flies

around it actually feeds from all of the tiny flies and insects that are flying

around the area and there you can see house Martin's going into their little

nest and the nest is very unusual because it is made of mud it takes a

very long time for one of these nests to be constructed it takes a very long time

a lot of people mistake house Martin's for sparrows and also swallows as well

because they move very quickly

so in this particular nest there are some baby Housemartins

there are actually some babies inside this nest being fed you might actually

be able to hear the noises isn't that lovely

so needless to say I am quite crazy about birds just to prove it today we

are going to spend a short time talking about feeding the birds how to get the

birds to come into your garden how to get them interested in your garden there

are many ways of doing it of course and quite often you have to put certain

types of food outside your house normally in the garden

normally situated in a tree if you don't have any trees you can always have your

own artificial tree in the form of a bird feeder so one of the things that I

love giving to the birds is sunflower hearts they are crazy about these

particular seeds if you want to guarantee that you will get birds coming

into your garden can I just say sunflower hearts is the way to go if you

put some of these in your garden I can guarantee you will get birds flying into

your garden and they will be feeding especially during the nesting season

they will be busy feeding these to their little chicks sunflower hearts so what

these actually are they are actually the inside of the sunflower so normally a

sunflower will have a hard husk on the outside but you can buy thus the

sunflowers without the husks on the outside which is quite nice really so it

means that the birds can come very quickly and they can take the sunflower

hearts away and of course some birds will also take the other husk off as

well green finches will often remove the second husk so when we say husk we mean

the hard outside the outside of a seed what is a house Martin

it is a type of bird that will nest under the eaves of a house and quite

often you will see their nests they are very unusual they are made of mud

they are also migration birds as well they do migrate as well hello rez are

all of the birds from east to west that tune is so dear

I love the farmyard birds the best thank you rez are for that I have a feeling

that might be a poem

there are many birds near my house in the morning every morning I am woken up

by my neighbor's cockerel making it's very loud noise I think you know the

sound I'm talking about the sound is a little bit like this and it wakes me up

every morning I don't know why but recently near where I live people have

become quite crazy about keeping chickens and also they need a cockerel

as well I'm not going to tell you why they need a cockerel but they do so

another thing that you can put out for the birds besides sunflower hearts you

can also put out peanuts as well peanuts sometimes you can put peanuts outside

they are things that many birds like to eat and once again as I mentioned

earlier they are full of energy full of lots of energy things that the birds

really do need to survive especially during the winter

peanuts are very popular for the birds during winter time the birds go crazy

over them but of course you can put them out at

any time of the year so peanuts another thing that I often put out on my bird

feeder in fact if you look now outside there it is there is my bird feeder

right now so you can see there are sunflower hearts

there are also peanuts and you can see a little Goldfinch feeding from the

sunflower hearts so you can see the bird is actually feeding from the sunflower

hearts a very popular type of bird food very popular indeed another thing you

can put outside and this is something that I've discovered recently and can I

just say the thing I'm about to show you is the thing that the birds go

absolutely crazy for this is the thing that the birds really do like eating

these are suet nuggets pieces of suet a type of fat and inside you can see there

are lots of little things there are seeds and also little pieces of fruit so

these are the things that drive the birds absolutely crazy if you have some

of these in your garden I can guarantee you will get birds

coming from everywhere definitely suet nuggets they are a very popular type of

bird food and you can buy them in many places now it is amazing how many shops

now actually sell bird food it has become a very big business so those

particular things I just showed you they are the things that the birds in my

garden absolutely love they go crazy over them crazy over though

suet nuggets I will show them again for those who didn't see it properly so

there is the word suet suet nuggets so when we say nuggets we mean small pieces

of something small pieces so suet nuggets and suet is a type of fat you

can also use it in cooking as well so it is not unusual to see suet used in

cooking for us so not only do we enjoy suet the birds like it as well because

it is full of energy and one of the things that Birds really Knight like its

energy they really do here's another thing that has been around for many

years this is also another type of suet these are suet balls they are a little

harder they are much tougher than the suet nuggets so the suet nuggets are

quite soft so these have quite soft they are very soft many different types of

birds enjoy these however these are a little harder they are a little tougher

but once again they contain lots of seeds lots of lovely little things that

the birds like to eat of course if you are going to feed the birds you will

also need bird feeders as well things that you are going to put the bird food

in so I'm going to show you quickly some of the things you can use for example

you can use one of these can you see it so this is a typical bird feeder this is

the sort of bird feeder that you will find in many Gardens as you wander

around and this one is very good for certain types of seed you can have mix

seed to be honest with you I don't like using mix seed and the reason why I

don't like to use mixed seed to feed the birds is that quite often there is a lot

of waste so the birds will only pick certain seeds and they will leave the

rest so you quite often end up with lots of

seeds on the ground which you don't want so that's not good and that's the reason

why in here in this particular feeder I normally put my sunflower hearts they'll

go in here so this particular feeder is for my sunflower hearts or other types

of small seeds a very useful thing if you are going to feed the birds you must

have a bird feeder here's another one this is something you can use if you

want to feed peanuts to the birds so this particular one has much larger

holes on the side and those large holes allow the birds to peck at the peanuts

so that is what they are for you use this particular type of feeder for

peanuts and that means that the birds can get their little beaks inside the

holes and they can peck at the peanuts does that sound good I think so so there

you can see in the garden you can see the peanut feeder a peanut feeder is at

the back so that is used for feeding the birds peanuts as the name suggests and

there you can say oh look did you see that I think there is a green Finch yes

definitely there is a green Finch taking food from a sunflower heart feeder

very nice very nice indeed

what that happened yesterday do you remember yesterday that happened

yesterday I don't know why that happened but it keeps doing it and it's not my

fault trust me it's not my fault so the peanut feeder is very good for

putting the bulbs putting the peanuts in to be honest also you can have a very

extravagant type of bird feeder as well look at that one so there is something

that is really extravagant a very magnificent bird feeder this one is

quite expensive but the thing about this is it will not allow squirrels to eat

from there so you will notice there there is something that is slightly

different from my bird feeders so if a large animal such as a squirrel hangs on

there it will actually close it will close so this particular bird feeder is

actually squirrel proof it has been designed so squirrels can't eat from it

because if the squirrel climbs there the hole will close because of the weight of

the squirrel pretty good and a marvelous invention ooh we have a little baby

quickly yes there is a baby and I think it might be being fed at this very

moment if you watch carefully you might actually see this bird being fed so at

the very bottom that is actually oh yes there we go did you see that it is

actually being fed by its mother so there is the mother and also the baby

greenfinch right on the screen in front of you now so this is happening live it

is not recorded this is happening outside my window right now a little bit

of pee is taking place so that is a baby

greenfinch being fed by one of its parents I couldn't resist showing you

that I know I get very carried away when I'm talking about the birds I know so

that particular bird you can see now is actually a baby green Finch fresh from

the egg and that is what we are looking at today we are looking at the birds

around the place in which I live have you got a lot of squirrels in your

gardening unfortunately yes however over the years I've put many

things in the garden that will deter the squirrels so when we say deter we mean

put off things that put a certain animal off coming in so they will not come into

your garden and one of the things is my lovely plastic bowl I can't show it you

at the moment because the camera is too close

however just below my bird feeder there is a large dome a large bowl that is

upside down and it stops the squirrels from getting onto my bird feeder yes

very nice so yes to answer your question we do have lots of squirrels in our

garden and many people find them quite annoying quite annoying indeed so the

extravagant bird feeder you don't have to get this one you don't have to get

this one in fact I would say if you want to start off feeding the birds in your

garden get one of these this is a very simple bird feeder you will probably

find them in many shops or many garden centers so if you go to a place that

sells plants or gardening equipment you will often find

these sorts of things as well here in the UK it has become a huge business a

very large business hello to my roots hi mr. Duncan should I feed the birds

during summer my advice is yes the birds are always crazy for food during the

summer they will often eat seeds they will often eat things that they can take

away very easily and give to their young and of course during the winter they

will eat almost anything that during the winter they become very crazy about food

especially things that have a lot of energy such as suet so these things

these are very popular during winter because these have a lot of energy

inside them they contain a lot of energy however what I've discovered is the

birds love them at any time of year they seem to enjoy eating them all the time

no matter when it is whether it's summer autumn winter spring the birds are

always eating them hello Noemi hello also - oh hello Ana Rita why don't you

like squirrels I like squirrels however they can become a pest in your garden if

you get too many if you get too many squirrels coming into your garden at the

same time they can become rather annoying so I do like squirrels I have

nothing against them I don't hate squirrels but they can be a little bit

of a pest they can be slightly annoying

sujin asks I wonder what the but I wonder if the birds like you I think the

animals like humans that have fed them do the birds have conscience or a

consciousness consciousness do birds think are they aware of their

surroundings I'm not sure of that but I do sometimes notice that there are

similar characteristics between human beings and birds birds sometimes fight

over their territory or their space they will often fight and squabble over food

so things that one bird has another bird will try to get from them so you might

see a lot of similarities between bird life and human beings quite often

especially if you watch them for a very long time I don't have any pets this is

true however I do like feeding the birds you can spend many many hours watching

nature in your garden but all you have to do is attract nature to your garden

you have to attract the birds or else they won't come they will stay away they

will go somewhere else so a great way to attract any wildlife is food bird food

different types of bird food that you can use to attract or entice oh I like

that word entice if you entice the birds you are tempting them you are putting

something in the garden that they like and then they will come down and feed

hello to flower hello mr. Duncan how are you I'm okay

thank you very much I'm okay I'm here today will I be here tomorrow Oh mr.

Duncan we don't know because tomorrow is the first of May it is May

the first tomorrow April is about to come to an end

hello also to Yuna Karina squirrel is a verb that means hide something isn't

that wonderful yes squirrel can also mean to hide something away maybe you

are putting some money aside you are hiding some money away maybe for later

just in case you need that money later on you can squirrel something yes it's

very interesting that so the word squirrel describes the the animal that

sometimes is annoying and it can also be used as a verb to mean hide something

away you squirrel something you are right yes I like that it's a question of

love mr. Duncan loves the birds more than the squirrels

the problem with squirrels is they become a pest because you get too many

so once one squirrel comes into your garden quite often you will get many

more coming as well so I don't always like to encourage the squirrels however

I do like to encourage the birds in France they will probably lift

oh hello flower in France it looks as if they will probably lift the lockdown in

small phases on the 11th of May okay here in the UK it is supposed to be

ending on the 7th so next week apparently next week we are supposed to

be relaxing the lockdown here in the UK another that let's look at something

nice let's look at something that isn't that a lot of people ask mr. Duncan

where do you live can we see more of the place in which

you live many new viewers who haven't seen the place where I live guess what

you are about to be taken on a lovely tour of my hometown it is the place

where I live it is the place that I call home Much Wenlock many people ask me mr.

Duncan where do you live well I thought today it'd be a good chance for you to

have a look in the place I live because it's such a beautiful day today so here

it is here is the place in which I live it's much Wenlock in Shropshire one of

the most beautiful places in England and if you haven't been here my question is

why not can you see what's over there that is the local Undertaker they are

the people responsible for arranging funerals they help to dispose of dead

people it's a rather sobering thought that one day those people will be

putting me in the ground

if there's one thing I really love about a day like this it's the gentle calming

breeze just a very gentle breeze blowing in the air helping to keep me nice and

cool the word breeze can be used in many ways of course it is the gentle wind

cooling and refreshing as it blows by a very gentle breeze just like today

really there is a lovely summer breeze in the air keeping me nice and cool

also breeze can mean to do something very easily

I passed my exam yesterday it was easy in fact it was a breeze something that

is very easy to do something that you found easy to do can be described as a

breeze to move gently maybe into a room or out of a room or in front of a group

of people to suddenly appear can be described as breeze he breathed into the

room with complete confidence

now there is a very interesting place a gate to a secret garden a place that is

unknown and never seen by anyone just like the story have you ever read that

story it's called the secret garden it's a brilliant story full of adventure

excitement mystery and of course a little bit of fantasy as well we all

like a little bit of fantasy in our lives from time to time

do you recognize this place this is where I did my famous poodle dance but

as you can see the poodle has now gone the water has disappeared it's so hot at

the moment the puddle has completely evaporated

it might sound like a strange thing to say but due to making these English

lessons for you my life changed completely and here is what happened way

back in 2012 I made a special lesson right here in Much Wenlock talking all

about the origins of the modern Olympic Games and I fell in love with this place

I loved it so much I ended up moving here and so did mr. Steve the field

behind me is where every year the Wenlock games are held and this very

place was the inspiration for the modern Olympic Games that we all know now

here is an interesting phrase that you might hear used quite often in English

the phrase is cross the line

if you cross the line it means you have gone too far you have done something

that has upset many people or one person you have crossed the line up until a

certain point what you were saying or doing was okay but you had to go too far

you had to cross the line you went from being okay to offensive you went from

being acceptable to unacceptable you crossed the line I must be honest it is

absolutely baking hot today I can't believe I've been outside for the past

four hours filming in this heat this intense heat I think it's fair to say

that we will all remember the summer of 2018 and can you see behind me look

everywhere is scorched the Sun has dried all the grass all of the trees all of

the bushes everything looks parched and tinder-dry and that is one of the

reasons why there are many wildfires breaking out at the moment including

here in the UK and more recently in Greece

if you remember earlier in the year I showed you this field I showed you all

of the yellow flowers that were blooming in this field

this is rapeseed so everything you see behind me is rapeseed and now as the

seeds come out you can see now that we have small seed pods and inside these

are the rape seeds and these will be gathered very soon and then they will be

compressed and all of the oil will be extracted and that is rapeseed oil but

as you can see once again the theme is very similar this whole field is now

very dry very arid and perhaps I'm not a hundred percent certain but perhaps this

whole crop has been ruined by the hot weather although if I just have a look

inside this pod yes you can see all of the rape seeds can you see them there

they are very tiny black seeds and that is where the rapeseed oil will come from

can you see what I've got here a lovely icecream

the only problem is it's so hot today the ice cream is already beginning to

melt however it is very much appreciated there is nothing worse than being hot

and sticky on a day like this right now I'm in the square here in Much Wenlock

in the centre of the town a very small cozy area in the afternoon lots of

people like to come and sit down especially today because the Sun is out

and some people have decided to come into town to enjoy the sunshine and of

course sample the local ice cream and there it was there it was a lovely walk

around the place in which I live and that by the way was filmed two years ago

before all of this so that is the reason why in the video you could see me

walking around amongst other people that isn't now definitely not now if I was

walking around the town now I imagined that someone would come up to me and

tell me to stop doing it because we are still in lockdown here in the UK but

it's nice to look at some of those memories some of the sights and some of

the sounds from two years ago and I really can't wait until the moment I can

wander around and do those lovely things once again what about you

what is the first thing that you will do once all of this craziness is over is

there something that you have in your mind maybe something that you would like

to do when all of this crazy nonsense has come to an end be it this year or

next year what is the first thing you will do what is the first thing as soon

as they say hi hi everyone hi human beings on the planet guess what you can

all go back to normal what is the first thing you will do maybe you'll go out to

a restaurant and have something to eat perhaps you will go shopping in the

local market maybe you will just get into your car

and drive for many hours until you reach the sea maybe so what is the first thing

you are going to do when all of this returns to normal

some people are saying that perhaps society will have a fresh start some

people think that maybe we will have a fresh start a new start after all of

this comes to an end perhaps people will be kinder or maybe more generous or more

thoughtful than they were before this happened who knows so a lot of people

seem to think that people might be a little more considerate thoughtful kind

once all of this has come to an end thanks for this beautiful tour says Reza

you are welcome no problem it is my pleasure mr. Duncan the UK an island on

the representation of the flame of the Olympic Games is almost half of the

world a little bit of an exaggeration don't you think I think what that is

referring to is all of the other countries that take part in the Olympic

Games so maybe you could say that the Olympic Games is a worldwide event

because many countries take part in the Olympic Games

and of course as I almost mentioned earlier this is where the Olympic Games

started so the modern Olympic Games as we know them now originated right here

we were the inspiration for the modern Olympic Games

hello also to Marcie a very nice and pleasant in the town where you live

Thank You Marcia that's very kind of you to say Nadia

hello Nadia nice to see you today I will hang out with my friends after all of

this returns to normal I think one of the most common complaints that people

are making about this particular period of time is they can't meet their family

and friends I think of all the things that are inconvenient or difficult to

cope with I think not being able to be near your family is probably the biggest

problem of all or maybe the thing that you want to put right the thing that you

want to do after all this comes to an end and one of the other things of

course affecting me is this current situation because I can't go to see my

mother my mother at the moment my mother is being taken care of at the moment and

unfortunately I can't go to see her however I can call her on the phone so I

have been calling my mother and some of the conversations take place over a very

short time they are very short conversations because my mother is tired

and she doesn't want to speak and other times we talk for a long time and

yesterday something i didn't mention yesterday and i feel very guilty for not

mentioning it yesterday was my mother's birthday yesterday as well next year she

will have a special birthday next april a very special birth

they because she will be 80 next year but unfortunately at the moment due to

all of this craziness unfortunately my mother is out of bounds unfortunately we

are not allowed to actually go and visit my mother which is not nice when you

think about it so I suppose the first thing I'm going

to do is go to see my mother actually physically see my mother so I'm really

looking forward to that Anna says I Amit I imagine you have missed her a lot I

think it's very frustrating one of the most heartbreaking parts of this is the

fact that you can't be near people who you want to be near so I think that is

one of the biggest problems I I've noticed today that there are some

problems with the live stream I don't know why but the live stream sometimes

isn't working properly so if it isn't working properly I apologize but it is

probably because of my internet connection I have had some problems

there have been some big problems recently with my internet connection I

don't know why but there have been some some big problems and it's happening

right now as I'm talking to you so I hope you can

see me all right and hear me all right because everything is flashing in front

of me it is telling me that my my live stream is not working properly and I

don't like it to be honest so even my internet isn't working properly during

this time I can't even get my internet connection to work during this period of

time unfortunately so it's rather annoying to say the least mr. Duncan it

was actually oh yes it was actually baron de Coubertin who started the

modern Olympic Games yes you are right I'm not denying that

however his inspiration came from observing the Wenlock games so his

inspiration came from seeing the Olympic Games or the Wenlock games as they are

known taking place it looks as if my internet connection is being really

annoying today I don't know why but my internet connection is really bad today

it keeps cutting off and I don't know why I would love to

find out why it isn't working properly I really would very much

I've just checked my internet connection just to make sure it is working so it is

working alright here so I'm not sure what it could be maybe maybe it is a

problem with the YouTube perhaps I don't know anyway I hope you could still see

me and hear me I will be going in a moment

basically because basically because it looks as if this isn't working properly

how annoying is that I'm really sorry about that

and this is one of the reasons why I sometimes use my mobile phone to stream

with because quite often it doesn't work very well if I use my internet

connection which is rather annoying to say the least so I'm very sorry about

that if you can't see me very well there is a

slight problem with the internet connection happy birthday to your mother

thank you very much thank you very much yes it was my mum's birthday yesterday

she's doing well she's okay she's a little unhappy with the situation as you

can imagine she is not happy with what is happening at the moment I'm horrified

to see that my live stream keeps disappearing dear anyway I'm going to

cut you loose I'm going to say goodbye because it looks as if we have a very

big problem with the internet connection and because of that I'm going to cut

this livestream short I don't know why it is happening but it isn't my fault

because my internet connection is perfectly all right

so I can only imagine that it is something to do with YouTube oh I can

see you and I can hear you well teacher oh okay then that's good I'm pleased to

hear that you can see and hear me I really am because when you're here you

see I can't really know properly if you can see me or not or if you can hear me

so it's a very strange situation when you are doing a livestream because

you're not sure if people can actually see you and hear you out there so for

all I know I might be standing here talking to myself who knows thank you

oh it's okay now thank goodness for that even though I still have lots of red

lights in front of me and those red lights tell me that my

internet connection is rubbish even though it isn't thank you very much for

this Ian mr. Duncan your city is really beautiful it is actually a town where I

live it is actually a town thank you very much for oh I really wish I can

take a trip with my family as I am really stressed out because of the idea

of working from home a lot of people are really fed up of this situation many

people can't wait for this to end they really can't oh it looks as if my

internet connection or my connection on YouTube has come back isn't that nice

how lovely welcome back everyone hello Noemi hello also the knowledge center

hello the knowledge center I am very intrigued by your name what sort of

knowledge do you specialize in is there a certain type of knowledge that you

talk about or maybe something that you deal with perhaps so my mother is okay

she is not happy about the situation and I really look forward to seeing her

again very soon oh I see we've got that have we we've got that going on okay bye

bye the knowledge center bye bye there we go they've gone there sometimes

I think that a person is coming on here and they're going to be nice but

sometimes they're not sometimes they're just a little bit

the connection has gone says Anna has it really well if it has gone I am in a lot

of trouble am I just standing here talking to

myself now I don't know shall I just stand here and smile am I still here am

I still on no yes will I be back tomorrow I'm not sure yet we will have

to wait and see I have to find out first of all if my internet connection is

going to work because at the moment it doesn't look as if it's doing very well

I think this is YouTube to be honest I actually think that YouTube is causing

this problem I really do feel as if it is Thank You Valentina oh the

hairdresser Valentina says I am going to go straight

to the hairdresser as soon as this finishes I'm going to go to the

hairdresser that is a good idea I like that one very much yes not that I have

to worry about that I don't have to worry about my hair

because I don't have much hair but I would imagine the ladies the ladies are

really wishing that this will be all over so they can go to the hairdresser's

and have their hair done I think so I'm going to go now because I'd really don't

know if I'm going out live it or not it's very strange

what a strange situation to find myself in okay I'm going to go I will see you

when I see you maybe tomorrow or maybe on Sunday we will see what happens I'm

going now because this whole livestream is not working very well and it's

starting to annoy me to be honest and not many things annoy me but one of the

things that does annoy me is when my livestream

is not working properly so that's what's happening now so I am going I hope

you've enjoyed what you can see of this livestream I don't know what will happen

after I finish this but I will hope to see you later and I hope that we will

all be together again here on YouTube very very soon

this is mr. Duncan in the birthplace of English saying thanks for watching I

hope you're okay stay healthy and happy sorry about the bad connection it's not

my fault I think it's YouTube's fault naughty

youtube and of course until tomorrow or maybe Sunday or maybe never if my

internet connection never comes back this is mr. Duncan saying thanks for

watching see you later and of course until the next time we meet here on youtube hopefully

ta ta for now 8-)

can you see mr. woodpecker? hello mr. woodpecker we can see you we are

watching you you are feeding in my garden we can see you

so there you can see a little woodpecker in the garden at the moment he's feeding

from my bird feeder so now we can have a very close look at this magnificent bird

this is a great spotted woodpecker and right now it is feeding from my suet

Nuggets as I said if you put lots of food out for your birds they will come

they really will

for those wondering what is going on you are watching a live feed from my garden

and there is a lovely great spotted woodpecker having something to eat and

this is a live shot outside my window right now and the woodpecker seems very

hungry so this is a male with pecker a male great spotted woodpecker

I was going to end my stream but then suddenly I noticed this lovely bird was

in my garden so I have decided to extend this live stream for a little bit longer

just so we can watch this beautiful bird