President Obama, thank you for those inspiring words.

Now, grads, the time has come.

Let's turn those tassels and make it kinda official.

Whether you got a real cap and a tassel

or an iPhone charger taped on to a pizza box,

this is the moment for everyone around the globe

-to graduate at once. -[grand intro music playing]

No matter where you are,

remember, the tassel goes from right to left.

Y'all ready? Grads, stand up. Mom and dad, get the phone out.

This is it.

Class of 2020,

you are graduates in three, two, one!

[celebratory music playing]


[song playing]



[music ends]

Class of 2020, just like your life story,

this night is just beginning.

A global graduation deserves

a party for the ages.

And we've got one coming up with BTS and CNCO.

This is all about you.

So kick your parents out.

[chuckles] It's your time to party.

Here's Megan the Stallion.