here we are again yes all together on a very rainy day here in England we have

had so much rain this morning I can't begin to tell you we won't be outside

unfortunately we are in the studio for this particular livestream yes it is

English addict live from the birthplace of the English language which just

happens to be England

hi everybody this is mr. Duncan in England how are you today are you ok I

hope so are you happy I really hope you are

feeling good today it's a wet one a very wet day outside

mr. Steve had lots of plans to go outside and continued with his garden

renovation unfortunately he can't because it's been raining everything now

is soaked oh I like that word soaked if something is soaked it means it is very

wet so maybe if you walk out on a rainy day your clothes might become soaked you

soaked something so that word can actually be used as both a noun and also

verb so you can soak something you can get it wet and of course you can be

soaked very nice very nice here we are then my name is mr. Duncan for those

wondering who the heck is that weird man staring at me my name is Duncan I talk

about the English language here on YouTube I've been doing this for ever

such a long time how long have I been doing this for a very long time that's

what I just said many many years I remember it well way back in 2006 I

remember it as if it was yesterday yesterday yesterday

oh sorry about that I was drifting away there I was having a lovely memory of

when I started doing this many years ago here we go then oh I hope you are having

a good weekend yes we have made it almost through the weekend I'm okay I'm

still standing up even though today I have a slight problem which I might tell

you about later just just a small problem that has been causing me some

pain I might mention it I might talk about it I don't know really

oh it's Sunday

I hope you are feeling good yes we have made it all the way to the end of the

weekend a new day is dawning for some people

tomorrow it's the big day everyone the big day people around the UK are waiting

patiently but they are very excited because tomorrow the shops are reopening

people will be able to run out they will be able to go out and buy things once

more personally I won't be doing that so tomorrow I won't be rushing out to the

local department stores to buy things that I don't need so I won't be doing

that tomorrow instead I might be sitting in the house thinking about all those

people running around or of course I might go into town tomorrow I might go

into much Wenlock and have a look to see what is happening in fact I might even

do a livestream tomorrow from the center of much Wenlock which happens to be the

place in which I live so we might do that tomorrow we will see what happens

because at the moment the weather is not good in fact right now outside the

window there are thunderstorms taking place and also we've had lots of rain

this morning so there is a lot of unsettled weather you can see outside it

looks very dark in the distance and that's because it is because well as I

just said right now as I talk to you we are having thunderstorms just in case

you can hear the occasional rumble you might hear the rumble of thunder in the

distance if not well that's pretty good I'll be very pleased

oh hello mister pigeon mr. pigeon is trying to escape

from the thunder and lightning I think so shall I say hello to the live chat oh

I suppose I should because you are a very important part of all of this

without you I wouldn't be here I wouldn't honestly can you hear the

Thunder Wow it's quite dramatic very dramatic

outside my window at the moment I hope my electricity doesn't go off that's all

I can say I hope my collect electricity does not go off or else this might be a

very short live stream oh hello - wife a wife a a big hey to you hi there

guess what you are first on today's live chat

congratulations and celebrations you are first on today's live chat I think you

must have a very fast finger huafei also Mehmet is here Vitas also betrayus hard

we hello hard do we where are you watching at the moment hello Irene and a

peeker is here as well also Mustafa we have ro sir fed n also Palmyra

hello Palmyra nice to see you back I know sometimes it isn't possible to

watch all of my live streams I know you have very busy lives and old and also I

know that you have a lot of things that you have to do every day in your life so

if you can't make it don't worry don't worry it's all right hello to Irene

Berlin for you nice to see you back as well on this very unsettled day you

might be able to hear the Thunder rumbling above the studio quite dramatic

in fact Miguel or Miguel is here as well Helen oh hello Helen oh I am Oh a big

hello to all of the English addicts I hope you are all well and satisfied I'm

not feeling too bad today although if you look closely in my eye if you look

closely you might be able to see that my eye looks a little red and that's

because yesterday I went outside with mr. Steve we had a lovely walk

unfortunately I I became affected yesterday by hay fever so badly was my

hay fever that yesterday afternoon I had to lie down on the bed and my eye was

really painful and I woke up during the night

to find that my I was really swollen it had become really large

and inflamed and quite painful it's raining now by the way so my eye today

is really quite painful very sore and a little uncomfortable

to be honest with you so if I seem slightly distracted today you will know

why because I have a pain in my eye unfortunately due to being outside

yesterday with mr. Steve we walked into town yesterday would you like to see

something that we spotted yesterday on the walk now there are many fields

nearby that are owned by the local farmers however in one particular field

we saw something rather beautiful and unusual at the same time

you can see this is one of the farmers fields but this is a very unusual crop

there are lots of poppies growing in this actual field you might notice there

are many poppies red poppies and they were all swaying in the sunshine

yesterday it was a very hot day and we went for a walk there you can see some

more poppies so these are the poppies in one of the fields next to my house and

we passed this yesterday can you hear the rain falling at the moment goodness

me it sounds as if my the roof of my studio is about to fall in so this is

something we filmed yesterday some beautiful poppies very nice very

beautiful we might also have another view in the moment oh there it is so

this is an unusual thing to find in a farmer's field I don't know how they got

there but I've never seen them there before I've never seen poppies in that

field before something rather unusual in fact I wasn't expecting to see them

there and that's the reason why I filmed them however and this actually is

connected to my hay fever

because to film those Papi's I had to walk through some very long grass so I

could get near to the poppies and that is the reason why my hay fever became so

bad yesterday this is very strange I don't think I've ever done a livestream

during a thunderstorm very weird so my hay fever yesterday got so bad and

the reason why it got bad was because I was walking through the long grass and

the some of the pollen went into my eyes and up my nose and into my throat

so no it was not very pleasant however I did get some lovely shots some lovely

footage some lovely video clips of the poppies growing in the field as I

mentioned tomorrow the shops re opening and here in Much Wenlock

we are already prepared there is one of the signs so that is a photograph I took

yesterday you can see what it says maintain social distance so that is a

new sign that has been put up it's thundering above my head and oh is that

mr. Steve yes I can see mr. Steve can you see Steve lurking walking around in

the distance so we are already prepared here in Much Wenlock for the reopening

of all of the shops tomorrow everything is almost back to normal not quite but

we are getting there

we are getting there things are slowly getting back to normal I can't quite

believe how bad the weather is outside at the moment let's have another look

outside Wow look at that the rain is coming down quite heavily we

also have a lot of thunderstorms you might even see a flash of lightning I

wonder I wonder if I leave my camera on for a few moments maybe we might just

see a flash of lightning going across the sky probably not no okay then be

like that live chat is very busy we have lots of things to talk about today by

the way we have a competition a new competition and what I'm going to do

later on is I'm going to show you some words from the English language what you

have to do is tell me if the word is American English or British English and

then I will give you the alternative word for example if I show you a British

word I will then show you the American word that has the same meaning so we are

playing the Brit merica game I know it's a it's a rubbish name isn't it it's an

awful title for the competition but I've tried my best so we are calling that the

Brit the Brit merica game so we are talking about British words and American

words I will show you some words from the English language and you you will

have to tell me if they are British or American English Oh mr. Duncan that

sounds very interesting of course we have mr. Steve here he is

well he's not here at the moment let's have a look let's have a look at miss

mr. Steve's chair so that is where Miss Steve will be sitting in a very

glamorous position look isn't that wonderful I think I can't wait to see

mr. Steve sitting in that very glamorous corner in front of the radiator

I hope Steve doesn't get struck by lightning mr. Steve you must come back

in please mr. Steve don't go outside come back in we need you here

on the live chat hello Susie Kerr hello also Marilla tomorrow also we have oh

hello Maria it's nice to say hello to Maria also we have fed an connell also

Abu Abu Omar nice to see you back as well

Irene and we have Fatima hallo Fatima watching in Morocco nice to see you here

today I have some excerpts from my full English lesson one of them and also we

are going to take a look at something else today we are going to look at the

differences between British words and American words so I will be showing you

some excerpts from those lessons a little bit later on you will also notice

that we have the clock a lot of people have asked mr. Duncan can we have a

clock so we can see that you are live well there it is there is a clock just

above my head now and you can see it's 24 minutes past 2:00 o'clock in fact

today's live stream is going by so quickly

already I can't believe it hello also to cap devi hello

Kappa Devi Thor is in the sky at the moment I just wish he would put his

hammer down I too really do because the noise is

very distracting above my head it really is hello tomorrow there was an official

celebration in honor of the birthday of the Queen yesterday she is now 94 yes

did you know that the Queen of England has two birthdays not one but two so you

have the ceremonial birthday and also the official birthday

the Queen is the only person I know that has two birthdays very nice very lovely

yes they were celebrating yesterday although it was very much scaled down

when we say scaled down if something is scaled down it means it is smaller than

it usually is you scale something down you make it smaller

however the proportions are still the same you scale something down so

yesterday's celebrations for the Queen of England for her official birthday 94

years old was held yesterday however it was scaled down it wasn't as big as it

normally is and we all know why don't we we all know

why hello - I can't read your name but K PO a mu Abraham I think I will just call

you Abraham is that okay Abraham welcome it's your it is your

first time on the livestream thank you very much nice to see you here

and I suppose I should give you a round of applause

thank you for joining me nice to see you here if it is your first

time please let me know oh yes Luis Mendez is here today Thank You Luis

thank you also for your lovely message that you sent to me to my email address

keeping in touch with me letting me know that you are alright and of course any

of you any of you you can all write to me because I have an email address I

also have a Facebook page and also if you want to send a small donation to

PayPal you can as well

not sure what happened then did the screen go black did it really go black

then how strange I might have to sort that out sometimes

you see if I don't use things for a long time sometimes things happen to them

strange things so I haven't shown you you might email address and my facebook

page for a long time so I don't know why that did not appear I want to show it

though it's not fair come on mr. Duncan where is it I wish I

knew I can't even find it on my lovely list that's not very nice is it

come on email address where are you anyway if you want to send me an email

it is mr. Duncan @y there we go I've said it I've said it mr. Duncan @y and of course it is all one word I'm going to find that if it kills

me where is it come on where is my email address I'm going to find it oh dear

strange very strange I don't know why that came up like that but anyway it

doesn't matter because we are all here anyway oh hello hello satury no hello

Irene c'mon Irene and watch me today so I don't get lonely

hyk lau is also here hello mr. Duncan tomorrow I will have an exam and I am

worried about it well I'm sure we will all send you some good wishes I hope

your exam goes very well whenever you have an exam you must always what what

must you do before an exam you must do some revision you revised it's a great

word by the way revised so I always remember when I was at school before my

exams we all had to sit down and we had to

study for things that we had already done the things we had already been told

by our teacher the things we had already studied and you call that revision

revision so before you take an exam normally you will have some idea or some

clue or maybe your teacher will tell you what the exam is about so can Irish wish

you good luck for tomorrow hyk Lao and I hope you have a successful

result with your exam I really do hello yes eeeh hello also black gotcha I

haven't seen you for a long time mr. blank get sure I can never remember your

real name by the way McKell also says be happy I am happy I

feel very happy today I don't know why even though last night I was lying in

bed in agony my poor eye was all swollen and inflamed because of the hay fever

and you might be able to see today my my eye still looks a little red

unfortunately hellos or and also hello Marilla nice to see you as well so many

people watching at the moment let us have a look at part of one of my lessons

where I talk all about the differences between British and American English so

this is something that I made quite a few years ago however all of the rules

all of the words all of the meanings are still in existence nothing has changed

since I made this lesson we are looking at the differences between British and

America English and also a little bit later on

we'll be playing a game connected to that subject hi everybody this is mr.

Duncan in England how are you today are you okay I hope so

are you a happy I hope so in today's lesson we will look at one of the most

varying parts of the English language which seems to cause a great deal of

confusion for those who are in the process of learning it today we will

look at the differences between British and American English

when we say British English what we are actually referring to is the way in

which English is spoken in the United Kingdom this includes Wales Scotland and

Northern Ireland where English is spoken widely for some people the term British

English is a misleading one but the fact remains that this terminology is the

usual one when it comes to describing the way in which English is spoken here

in the UK these days the terms standard English is slowly being used less and

less mainly due to the realisation that there is no real standard way of

speaking English the basic academic rules of English tend to be the same

wherever in the world it is being used it is a common question and one which is

often posed to me what are the differences between the way English is

spoken here in England and the way it is used in the USA well this is not an easy

question to answer quickly it would be better to break the differences down

into sections differences between nouns differences between spelling and grammar

differences between pronunciation when it comes to word usage there are quite a

large number of words which differ between British and American English now

we will take a look at some of these words this list is not exhaustive but

many of the words here are in common use general words flat apartment building

block pavement sidewalk road route motorway freeway Junction fork

roundabout traffic circle phone box phone booth these days payphone is used

in both British and American English film movie headmaster principal

caretaker janitor photo snapshot public school private school state school

public school marks grades term semester when it comes to actually speaking

English then the slight differences between British and American English

become more obvious American English tends to put more emphasis on the

consonant sounds especially the letter R this is very apparent in words beginning

with r such as red red really really robert robert and rich rich vowel sounds

such as those made by the letter A are also emphasized the letter T is a good

one to look closely at occasionally in American English the T sound is not

pronounced the same as it is in British English for example letter letter better

better bottle bottle throttle throttle metal medal more general words tap for

sit power socket power outlet power cut out inch

tin-can shopping trolley shopping cart shop store food shop grocery store

corner shop convenience store sellotape scotch-tape tippex wite-out Ceti sofa

couch holiday vacation maths math iced lolly popsicle crisps potato chips

sweets candy candy floss cotton candy cash point ATM till cash register estate

agent real tall there are many ways of finding out the differences between

American and British English most English dictionaries now point out

these variations within their word definition listings normally with the

alternative spelling being placed next to which ever word is being defined

parts of a car or an automobile bonnet hood boot trunk petrol gas windscreen

windshield number plate license plate gear lever gearshift exhaust pipe

tailpipe lorry truck fire engine fire truck caravan

trailer police car patrol car estate car station wagon car park parking lot car

journey roadtrip overtake pass clothing trousers pants slacks pants underwear

shorts jockey shorts pumps plimsolls gym shoes trainers sneakers polo neck jumper

turtleneck sweater dressing-gown bathrobe wellington boots galoshes

jumper pullover sweater nappy diaper waistcoat vest vest undershirt

and we will be testing all of that a little bit later on with our competition

is it a British English word or an American English word we will be playing

that game and also mr. Steve will be with us as well in a few moments finding

out what Steve has been up to over the past few days the live chat is very busy

today thank you very much for joining me yes we have a little game to play later

on it wouldn't be an English addict without a little game to play as well

welcome if you just joined us it is now 19 minutes away from 3 o'clock on a

Sunday it is Sunday I hope you are feeling good the Sun talking of the Sun

is coming out I can't believe looks suddenly look how different you can see

the Sun is now shining on the leaves even though in the distance it is still

raining what a strange a strange mixed day we

are having today a very weird day here in England I don't know what it's like

where you are but I'm not there you seek so I can't tell you hello also Tomic

parking lot parking lot a parking lot is an area where you park so a public

parking space a place where you can take your car and park it you leave your car

in a parking lot quite often you will have to pay to leave your car in a

parking lot especially if you live in a big city one of the things that's many

people complain about especially those who live in places like London is the

fact that parking is very scarce places to park and of course if you want to

park your car quite often you will have to

a very large charge even if you live in an area where you have to pay for

parking quite often you will have to park to pay to you have to pay to park

your own car outside your house can you believe that can you believe that

sometimes you have to pay to leave your own car outside your house but in

certain parts of London I believe in New York as well you have to pay to park

your car even outside your house sometimes I don't like that at all

hello sunshine hello sunshine I was just talking about you on the live chat

because the Sun has now come out very nice it's it's a lovely day here in fact

you can make you mad let's see this the Sun is actually shining on my face in

the studio I can't believe it apparently husna says it is 43 degrees at the

moment very hot it's hot here unfortunately it's also very wet that's

the reason why we are having thunderstorms at the moment if you have

a thunderstorm it normally means that the weather is humid humid there's a lot

of moisture in the air parking lot we often say in this country we will say

a car park so in the UK we will often say car park a car park is where you

park your car in American English quite often they will say parking lot so the

word lot just means small area a small lot an area that is given for a certain

use so when we say parking lot it is an area where people can park their cars so

I hope that helps and answers your question as well we also have Irene

Oh hello Irene Diana Romano hello to you as well it's

true in the UK the weather is so changeable it is not 43 degrees here

fortunately I think today it's around about 22 degrees 22 Celsius here in the

UK it's humid it's warm it's very sticky in fact you might say that the weather

at the moment is tropical it feels very tropical we are coming up

to 15 minutes to 3 on a Sunday for those who are wondering you can catch me here

on YouTube every Sunday Wednesday and Friday from 2 p.m. UK time that is when

I am on YouTube Sunday which is of course today Wednesday and Friday from 2

p.m. UK time is when I and with you mr. Steve is coming in a few moments

yes don't worry I know a lot of you out there you are all excited to see Steve

you always wonder will Steve have a smile on his face or will he look a

little bit unhappy I don't know we will find out very soon I'm hoping mr. Steve

will come in sit in front of the camera and he will be ready because because I'm

ready I don't know about Steve where are you Steve

are you coming I'm sure he'll be here soon I have a strange feeling mr. Steve

might actually be here now who remembers the puddle dance does anyone remember

the puddle dance this is something I did a while ago and it's a little dance that

I did in a very special place here in Much Wenlock and for those who don't

know what it is I will show it right now

do that was it that was the puddle dents in a very special place in the village

where I live which is much Wenlock in the UK Oh everyone for those who are

wondering yes he is on his way are you ready to get up close and maybe

a little bit personal as well here he is it's mr. Steve put your hands together

for mr. Steve everyone yeah

hello mr. Duncan hello mr. Steve and how are you today

I'm okay come on Ali vu oh what's that well mr. Duncan we've had some dramatic

weather haven't we yes hello to everybody hello

to the regulars and also some new people I've noticed push not 2020 yes is a new

person today and we've got a ma who used to watch your videos a lot need to come

back today so all sorts of excitement going on mr. Duncan and the weather is

just one of them the weather is horrendous well I was of course still

I'm still on my project of a repairing and restoring the the paving slabs yes

outside I see them from here this is becoming now a very long project

because the weather his net is now holding mr. Steve up you planned to go

out but unfortunately the weather has decided to to stop mr. Steve from doing

his renovation work in the garden which is good really I suppose because then

you can spend a little bit more time with us can't you no sorry I was shaking

my fists at the sky and saying right dare you clouds rain upon me when I am

trying to restore at my paving slab I sense one thing I've discovered is there

are a lot of worms under these paving slabs mmm worms well that's that's good

news for the birds I know because I'm tapping away it must disturb them they

all wriggle out from between the cracks in the paving step and I have to rescue

them and take them over to another part of the garden mmm but of course where my

back's turned the bird comes along and puts it in its beak well that's what

birds do I know well well yes I think I'd like to rescue all creatures I don't

like to to see them suffer but unfortunately I must have inadvertently

inadvertently killed inadvertently killed a lot of worms yes well actually

that's not the only creature if you by the way Steve if you do something

inadvertently it's a great word by the way

yes that's a super that should really go on my list of unusual words

inadvertently if you do something inadvertently it means you do it but you

didn't intend to do it it was it was a side effect of something you've done

normally an action and maybe there is another cause or another thing that

happens because of your action inadvertently oh yeah I love that word

so when I was lifting up the slabs or putting them back I was inadvertently

killing some worms but that's not the only creature I've been well I didn't

inadvertedly kill these little creatures oh I see they're ants yes mr. Duncan

ants I'm sure I'm sure many people will sympathize with that problem now there

is one thing you definitely don't want Steve in your house and that is ants

well I've discovered that they love making their nests underneath paving

slabs mm-hmm particularly the paving slabs around a

drainpipe or a train I think we talked about this last week

did you write yes I don't think so dude yeah we did

if we say we were using Nippon to kill them we didn't say that no we didn't use

any brand names that's the common one here something called Nippon you it's

like a powder you squirt it around and it gets rid of them I don't like to kill

them but on the other hand you know I've can't we can't we can't just let

everything survive what our otherwise with the garden would just be a mess but

we have some order yes well I don't I don't mind ants outside Steve ants

outside are okay but what you don't want is ants in the house now I remember

growing up or he pants we used to have ants that would come into the house

and you would open the cupboards you would get some food out of the cupboard

and it would be covered with ants and you'd find ants everywhere under the

cupboards in the drawers where you kept maybe the sugar or the honey anything

sweet like sugar the ants will go to it I think so anyway enough about me enough

about me mr. Duncan what's going on today we are talking about differences

between American English and British English I've already showed a short

video and we are going to play again today Steve doesn't know about this even

you don't know about the game right me too so what we are going to do today we

are going to have a look at some words I'm going to put them on the screen and

what you have to do out there in YouTube land is tell me if the word is British

or American and then I will give you the alternative word so if I show you a

British word I will then afterwards show you the American word that is the

opposite so over in America they will say something else so that's what I'm

doing like earlier we had a parking lot parking lot car park so in British

English we will say car park we will put our car whilst we go shopping in the car

park or if you are in the United States you will say a parking lot parking lot

so there is a an example of what we are going to do today I'm thinking Steve

tomorrow I might go into town it depends what the rate that what the weather is

like we might get lots of rain tomorrow I'm not sure but I'm thinking of going

into town because tomorrow nice dream mr. Duncan a live stream from Much

Wenlock town center because tomorrow the shops are reopening well they are they

are be opening tomorrow yes any

non-essential shop is reopening yes now to some people to close the shop would

be an essential shop not to us mr. Duncan because we wait wearing the same

clothes that we've worn for the last 10 years we just we just never buy anything

new we really don't some people believe this is some people

believe that we are like paupers because we never buy new clothes but it's not

because of that it's just because I know we've said this before I don't want to

repeat myself but we don't like wasting things we don't like buying things

needlessly so that's the reason why so I have clothes that are old Steve you have

clothes that are quite I think even the sure that you were wearing today I think

that that shirt maybe five or six years old at least actually this one's

probably only two years old oh okay not a good example not a good

example but I yes I mean particularly in the garden I'm wearing jeans that must

be 15 years old hmm if not more probably twenty years old and they still fit they

still fit uh-huh although I may have to undo one of the top buttons

yes but it's great to keep old clothes yes that you can then use for housework

or for gardening in that you don't mind getting dirty so I like to keep I don't

like throwing anything away I like to keep everything and until something's

worn out I don't like to replace it because I feel as though that's a waste

not only of money but also with resources I just what I've always been

like that I'm always gonna save rather than the spender but it's not it's not

just because that for you but it's not just because we want to go out and spend

money and buy things sometimes you don't have to do it if you don't need to buy

it then I suppose our rule is if you don't need it

you don't buy it but of course we certainly could mr. Duncan who are

millions stashed away we could be spending every minute of

those day well that's guarantee that my PayPal account won't receive joking I

think people know I'm joking okay then if you say so that's good thanks Steve

hello Anna hello also - Leena o Leena is here haven't seen you for a little while

yes the Russians don't give greetings before their birthday we say it is

better to give birthday greetings a day later but not before don't you

think that might have something to do with superstition maybe maybe because

what happens if you say happy birthday to somebody and then they don't have a

happy birthday yes they might blame you for saying what's your fault you said

happy birthday I suppose maybe wishing someone a good voyage or a good trip

maybe it may be very similar well you see you never say to somebody when

they're going on the stage oh yeah you know good luck no that's the worst thing

so that's interesting actually so in this country you can say happy birthday

to somebody before their birthday yes but you can't say have a good show if

somebody's going to prefer to do a performance it's the worst thing you can

say because that is that it's supposedly what it's superstition but it's supposed

to be bad luck to say that hmm to somebody you know say break a leg yes

the opposite so you say to somebody I hope you you're effectively saying I

hope something bad happens to you and then it's like the reverse won't happen

then something good will happen and they will have a good performance yes yes so

Pat perhaps we should say to people whose birthday it is tomorrow for

example hope you have a very unhappy birthday okay then I hope your birthday

is rubbish I hope you a direct for awful birthday I hope the candles burn your

house down yes and then if the opposite happens and they can say well it was

because I said and the opposite happened interesting so I wonder in Russia if

somebody is going to do a on the stage do you say happy have a

good performance or or do is it the same thing do you not say anything we'd like

to know Marietta says I completely agree with the fact of keeping old things

which are still in use and not wasting resources yeah I think clothing is the

most common one apparently we we throw away an amazing amount of clothing every

year we we just buy things and I'm talking to the women by the way I'm

talking to the ladies you know who I'm talking to and yes I'm sure I will get

lots of complaints saying yeah mr. Duncan you're being sexist you're being

prejudiced towards women now we all know women like buying new clothes that is

not something I'm making up I don't think it is sexist because ladies do

enjoy I mean your sister for example likes going shopping even your mum

sometimes goes out and treats herself to something so I think ladies are more

aware of their looks and also fashion is something that's always changing so if

you are a fashion conscious person but I suppose men again I don't think I'm

being sexist towards men if that's possible

but men men don't really worry too much about fashion I will be honest with you

unless you live in somewhere like London and maybe you have to keep up with all

of the fashion that is happening than coming along well I think young people

do I think more so than when we grew up okay because when we were growing up

while my mother would knit jumpers for me and I would go to school in them as

nobody would say anything no but I think if you went to school now in a jumper

that was by your mother you would get a lot of

ridicule yes and people would assume that I don't know you but you would get

a lot of ridicule wouldn't you yeah I think I don't think any any young person

any child nowadays would allow their parent their mother or maybe father of

course to make or knit a jumper or a sweater or an item of clothing I don't

think it would happen nowadays so I suppose yes I think you're right Steve

maybe young people are more fashion conscious however I think the average

person over a certain age we especially men we don't really worry too much about

it know we wear things until they fall to pieces until they completely dissolve

on our bodies I think so I think if you treat yourself to some nice new clothes

you do feel good about yourself particularly if you know it looks good

it's new it makes you feel more confident so it is nice to to go I don't

like to go out if we're going out to eat somewhere or what not at the moment

obviously but when we used to go out to eat or afford to see friends I'd like to

dress up in something that made me feel good yes because it just gives you a bit

of confidence yeah shouldn't do but it does well I I have old smart clothing I

even have clothes that I bought when I was in China I still have them and I

still wear them sometimes so I have smart clothes

however they're not new they're some of them or some of them are nearly 16 maybe

17 years old dating back to when I was working in China all cap Devi thank you

very much cap Devi than me mr. Duncan is it it's

for me Oh a contribution to buy a new shirt for mr. Steve Thank You captive

Oh I'm gonna cap Devi - that's very kind of you yes

one that's I can go out tomorrow because the shops are open

by myself and you should maybe I will do that and I will wear it next week hmm

don't forget tomorrow's Steve you have to wear this

you've got my thumb again mr. Duncan what are you doing with that the other

day I joked that this looks like mr. Steve's underwear which it does in fact

Steve does have some underwear that looks like this now I don't but this is

not this is actually the facemask that we will all be required to wear from

tomorrow so if we go outside if we go into a shop from tomorrow we will have

to wear one of these like this on our face I don't like this to be honest it's

not very good when you walk we wear glasses if you are wearing glasses then

what you find is your glasses start to steam you get steam on your glasses your

voice slightly also people can't hear what you're saying

keep it on mr. Duncan keep it on but thank you very much Kaptur B that's a

very that's a very kind and lovely thought and it's also quite amusing so

yes I will go and buy myself a new shirt maybe I will do it on the internet

because I don't fancy go into any shops even though they're open maybe I go to a

charity shop and buy some second-hand clothes no not that that's a good idea

Tomic says we used to dance our socks yes my mother used to do that when I was

growing up she used to Don our socks if you'd and that means you're repairing

the holes with with a little bit of needlework yes a needle sell thread a

needle and thread to repair things that are ripped or torn especially socks I

think so yes because if you don't cut your toenails you get holes in your

socks hey Steve and I think yes mr. Duncan before we go off

on another one we are talking about one particular thing today we are looking at

British and American English so we're going to look at some words and what I

want you to do not use Steve so remember last week don't answer don't answer

attempted so this isn't for you Steve this isn't for you to play this is for

my lovely lovely viewers out there in YouTube land okay so British or American

what I'm going to do is I'm going to show some words on the screen and what

you have to do is tell me if the word is British or American British oh I've

thought had already mr. Duncan well I haven't showed any words yet I just

can't stop myself I know I've noticed that I wish I wish

you would British or American so a British word or

an American word would you like to have a go so let's let's try it first once

again I have to mention to Steve please Steve don't shout the answer oh my the

screen mr. look my eye is really hurting suddenly oh yes did you know mr. Duncan

was suffering with hay fever Oh have you told her everybody I bet you have I have

my this eyes is is really sore and and painful and now and again he suddenly

really hurts and it's very distracting because of my hay fever yesterday was

really bad so oh dear I might have to have one of those eye patches like a

drop iris and eyedrops yes I need something in my eye because

it's it's really painful in fact it's starting to annoy me

quite a lot today I really want to rub my eye with my fingers but of course you

can't you can't do it nowadays so here we go Steve we are looking at some words

and what I want you to tell me is is the word British or American don't say it

Steve I know I have to please Steve don't say anything in fact if I just

turn Steve's microphone off say something Steve that's all right we

can't hear you I've actually turned Steve's microphone

now okay it's back on now I can mine mr. Duncan at mine that's very good maybe

you could do the actions of what the thing is that's a to give a clue here we

go then here's the first word it is coming on the screen right now i doo doo

doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo don't say anything Steve you little rat

bag don't you dare say anything Steve here it is then I might have to I really

want to rub my eyes so much is there anything here I can use to rub my eye I

need to I need to it's a bit like having an itch when you want to scratch your

itch getting frustrated that we were jabbering and not getting on with the

game who said that Tomic Tomic really topic always gets angry and it's not

clammed Tomac he always says get on with the atomic just take a deep breath it's

not good for you I keep telling this to Steve as well Steve is always doing this

I can see all of the veins on the side of Steve's head

they sort of inflate they get really large they're like big inner tubes

inside a tire on mr. Steve's head I have to say calm down Steve and calm down

Tomic it's okay we are playing the game now can I say the word I so say that you

could say the word yes yes bonnet bonnet are we talking something you wear on

your head nope ah well that's I just went

we're talking about a vehicle yes yes something to do with a car I saw a car

or automobile of course that's a good one isn't it because in American English

Steve they often say automobile but in British English we often say car Auto

sorry they might they might shorten it to Americans might shorten it to auto oh

yes of course Auto so maybe you go pests a repair shop

and you might see auto repair and a lot of sharp auto shop are you doing an

American accent Steve well you know me I can't resist a lot of people are getting

this right yes oh we have some answers coming through Pat you says American

bonnet also Kaiba says British we say bonnet also Richard says British as well

Sergio says Sergio is being awkward as well I don't know why Tomic and Sergio

they they are sometimes very awkward we like it so what Sergio saying Sergio

says it's actually French it may well be my little well bonnet of course can be a

hat as well so a hat normally that what a pretty lady will

wear when she's going to the local fair or maybe if she's going out to a wedding

maybe she will wear her bonnet bonnet it's sort of a bonnet is something like

that isn't it yeah that's a bonnet yeah it's sort of a piece of cloth it sort of

goes over your head yes it can be a type of hat as well so is this British or

American English oh well I suppose we'd better find out really how

we so British or American is the word bonnet British all-american ends up this

oh yes Jamelia says American Alessandra says British Rafa says I think that mr.

Steve is British well that's definite I can I can

definitely say that mr. Steve is definitely British no way no way I'm

from America no no way not not with that terrible American accent that sounds

nothing like American can our mr. Duncan get on with a game but the word bonnet

is in fact British English British English so we say bonnet bonnet the

front of a car normally covering the engine is that right Steve because you

want the car you are the car expert you lift up your bonnet or you lift up your

hood sometimes it's hinged at the back so you

lift it from the front sometimes it's hinged from the front and

you lift it from near the windscreen but usually hinged at the back so that you

lift it from the front yes and then you've got a little support

or if you've got a posh car you'll have gas struts which will keep it up okay

and yes you can have a look at the engine although in a modern car you

probably wouldn't ever need to look under the hood as to the bomb Steve

Steve just do me a little favor of course in American English we say hood

so thanks for giving that away Steve people have said so in American English

we say hood so there it is so British English is bonnet and in American

English we say hood so the hood of a car or the bonnet so the bonnet all in

American English hood the hood of Ecology has made an

interesting point yes it's the Hat for a car so yes it's like a covering isn't

that well it that that's basically what it's what it's actual meaning is it is a

covering so they do describe it I think even in the Oxford Dictionary they

describe it as a covering for the engine section yes a car so just like a bonnet

would be a covering for a lady's head very good point surgeon very good here's

another one congratulations to those who got it

right here's another one is it an easy one or a hard one we are about to find

out British or American mmm-hmm is it a British word or an American word

what do you think and this is something that we use to walk on so walking on

something normally along a street or maybe a small road quite often large

roads do not have these so if you are walking or if you are driving along a

very busy road you might not find these at all because it would be unsafe or

dangerous for people to walk on them so there it is the word is pavement

pavement the pavement we have beatriz Thank You b-trees fed n

Giovanni Marietta also sunshine and a peeker Tomic we also have Tran you win

as well welcome welcome along today I might be live tomorrow by the way Steve

I might be live I'm not sure at the moment from

the center of much Wenlock because the shopping days are here again I wonder if

that means the the cafes and the restaurants will be open no okay

unfortunately I think some bars are going to open so you can buy a pint of

beer however that those places have to have their seating so you can only sit

down in the garden or outside the the building you can't go in so I think that

is the main restriction still here in the UK you can go somewhere but if you

are going in to say a place where you might buy food or somewhere like a

takeaway where you buy the food and then leave I think they can stay open but

over other places like restaurants where you are indoors I don't think they are

open at the moment I think they are still doing that over a period of time

but we can all go shopping tomorrow Steve isn't it exciting I shall be going

you won't because you'll be working I'll be working and I wouldn't go anyway I

don't like shopping so here we go Steve pavement pavement a lot of people have

got this right good so is the word British or American I'm trying not to

sneeze excuse me a moment Steve I'm going to sneeze bless you there he goes

I've been hearing a lot of that over the last few days at least I know where mr.

Duncan is because I was know where he is because I can hear him sneezing oh yeah

and it's his hay fever unfortunately my hay fever very badly from it this year

really bad Oh yesterday I was I was at I was lying on the bed yesterday I felt so

bad maybe you did walk through a load of tall grass yesterday in order to take

some pictures of poppies I said I showed that earlier I know so you have suffered

so that you can show your viewers lovely photos of

you feel yes can you see what I've done I've said I've given myself a heart pain

I've suffered for my art just so I can bring you some pretty pictures of

poppies and now I'm ill because of it poor mr. Duncan so here we are then

pavement is it British or American some people have said British some people

have said American what is it my wonder shall we find out Steve British or

American it is British English oh I say again British English pavement British

English is pavement the thing you walk on at the side of the road the pavement

is where pedestrians can walk pedestrian you are walking alongside the road as a

pedestrian and normally you will walk on the pavement Steve any idea of the

American equivalent yes I've seen that coming out quite a few people have got

that in American it's a sidewalk oh I see is that what you think let's have a

look shall we the American word for pavement is

sidewalk yes they will say sidewalk sidewalk which really does explain quite

clearly what that thing is yeah walk on the side of the road so they say

sidewalk which i think is pretty good yes I think that's very clear it

explains it very well it doesn't mean you've got to walk sideways he's know

you won't normally but you're on the side of the road that's it I wonder why

we call it pavement I don't know I think I think pave is comes from cover I'm

sure it has something to do with covering pave if you pave something you

lay something down so I think it has something to do with laying things down

so a pavement of course is laid down flat for you to walk on so there says it

in a Spanish it's having mental oh okay which is similar to ours so we probably

stole it from from European country somewhere we steal everything or a lot

of English is just basically other people's words stolen and then changed

slightly I don't think anyone pretends that that isn't the case I think so so

pavement is from British English another common word here's another one

then the thing is is it American English or British English

are you ready Steve I'm ready I'm ready to say nothing I love the way it's going

very dark in there by the way yes I think we've got another storm

approaching mr. Duncan I hope they don't get a power cut that's a bit so if we

suddenly disappear hmm off your screens it's because we've had the electricity

cut off maybe someone could say to us I hope your electricity gets cut off yes

and then the opposite will happen it will stay on

so that will in fact be good look but yes I can see it's going very dark more

rain is on the way okay here we go then Steve here is another one are you ready

for the next word is it British or American is it American or British which

one is it mm-hmm interesting interesting

III think I'm going to make home what I've just noticed you put it on I hadn't

noticed oh I see what were you looking at I

don't know I was I just was I was pretending you see did you just drift

away in there so I'm going to make good you're getting darker and darker it's

quite strange Steve you are you disappearing tell me I'm going to make a

stick mr. Steve's camera a little bit brighter because you

you're slowly becoming a shadow it's like it's slightly whiter you like to be

brighter than me on the camera because it makes you look better no yes you do

we we all know mr. Duncan you like to have all the flattering light around you

and I'm in the shadows because you're of course in charge of this live stream mr.

Duncan is now standing in front of me adjusting the the camera lens opening up

the iris if that's the technical phrase and trying attempting to make me look

brighter can you put the beauty filter on while you're there mr. Duncan because

I don't want any lines or wrinkles have you noticed with mr. Duncan he has

the bright lights on that that completely smoothes out his wrinkles of

course I don't really need that because I haven't got any gasoline

I don't know I can't see I'm sinking down in the seat yes I think it does

look better mr. Duncan gasoline well we've got a mixture of answers from

people on this one we have got quite a mixture some people are saying it's

British some people are saying it's American uh-huh of course you can

shorten this word can't you mr. Duncan you can can we say what it can be

shortened to um well yes it doesn't necessarily give it away yes you can

shorten gasoline to gas which i think is probably how most people in that

particular country where that word is used a shortened it to gas can I put

some gas in my car okey-dokey that's good is that yes mr.

Steve just look better he's got a bit more color now Thank You Marietta that's

lit you look good not quite as bright as me but there you go

you can't have everything so quite a few answers Richard look I'm

not going to repeat what Richard says what he said

I'm not get me to say I just said I'm not going to treat you no I've got to

get back and read it in the beginning near the beginning no you okay Steve I'm

fine I'm fine mr. Steve you are so funny apparently I do try he tries his best

well you know what wait win you win you're unattractive you have to make up

for it with humor in order to attract somebody thank you Susie ker thank you

and Nasima thank you also b-trees thank you very much let's have a look shall we

so is this and British or American word shall we have a look which one is it

we are about to find out what is gasoline

it's American English so in American English they will often say gasoline all

as Steve correctly said guess I'm going on a long trip fill up the car with gas

is exactly how an American person would say that really okay and of course we

also had the British equivalent a few people have said that yeah gas when we

say gasoline in British English we don't say gasoline we say petrol petrol petrol

so quite often we will use the word petrol instead of gasoline gasoline is

American English quite often they will use the word gasoline or gas here we use

petrol however we don't say pet can I have a gallon of pet we still say petrol

of course generically Steve you could you could just say fuel you could say

fuel because I mean I had a diesel car for many years and it

was the first diesel car I'd ever had before the one I've got now

and I kept saying oh I'm just going out to fill the car up with petrol even

though it was diesel hmm so yes fuel would be the generic term that would

cover petrol it would cover diesel gas some people put when I say gas some

people look put gas as in compressed gas hmm don't they in there I'm trying to

think of it the correct phrase for it is it lpv is it something like that it's

liquid petroleum gas yeah something you can actually

literally have actual gas but that's quite rare actually we did do a session

on this I remember a number of years ago and gasoline or gas is actually the

correct term for that fuel that goes into an engine it goes into an engine

mmm we call it petrol petrol in fact is but when you're when you're refining oil

gasoline is exactly what you put in the car but petrol is is like a less refined

version so the Americans use the correct phrase yes it's short for petroleum

yes petroleum is actually a generic term for basically the oil that comes out of

the ground it's interesting how that's how that's

become the word we use petrol yes where is the actual because but when you when

you get oil out of the ground it's obviously thick and black and it has to

go through a purification process and you get all sorts of different chemicals

coming off petrol is I think the first one that comes off but then you have to

keep refining it and eventually you get gasoline hmm

so the Americans actually use the correct technical term hmm for the fuel

that goes in a car interesting yes here's another one we

are talking about All American words it is actually in the

form of a question British or American so here is another

word does this word come from British English or American English here is the

word on your screen right now

no mr. Duncan interesting yes is this British English or American English what

do you think out there in YouTube land they say in Australia

TWEN new win CERN asks can I speak with you for a few moments mr. Duncan you

want to speak to me for a few moments well you're talking to me now

through your little messages on the live chat so I don't know what you mean by

that I don't normally do direct lessons or direct talking you see this is where

I do it I do it here so many many people as many people as possible can watch my

live streams I don't normally do things want to want to be honest if that is

what you mean I don't know yes Sergio just answering a point there sir going

back to the last yes why do they say gas if it's not actually gas it's just a

shortened version of gasoline hmm it doesn't mean gas as in like a like a

vapor mm-hmm yeah it's just a shortened version of

gasoline yes it does it does this is where the confusion can arise though

when you think about it Steve so what a good example in I know it this is the

example that I always use but the difference between pants and trousers

between American and British English so there are differences so here in the UK

pants are actually the things we wear under our trousers

it is our underwear in American English pants means trousers

you're going to use that one is an example mr. Duncan

oh my suit I thought you've got that one coming up no it's not coming up who else

but I definitely wouldn't mention it because that would make the game a

little pointless mr. Steve I'm here anything interesting on the live chat

we've got a mixture some people saying it's American some people saying it's

English most people are saying it's American no people saying it's British

yeah no that's a bit of a mixture okay

I've never never seen mr. Steve so it's so silent you whether you've told me to

be quiet mr. Duncan I have not told you to be quiet you you little liar hello

Lina yes we have some answers coming through now Oh

- when you win says I wish I could go to Wales

one day Wales is a beautiful part of the UK it's one of my favorite parts of the

UK in fact very nice very nice place Wales if you ever get a chance if you

come to the UK don't just go to London go to Wales have a look around Wales

come and see us first on the way yes you can pop in you can pop in and have a cup

of tea maybe maybe not so drapes now this sounds like something

that where we say drape it normally means cover cover something drapes over

another thing quite often material or cloth will drape

or hang so that gives you a clue but you're

talking here specifically hmm about material that will cover a window hmm at

night so you draw the drapes or you close the drapes yes at night across

your window so if we say that that's what the word is that we're describing

that might change somebody's answer hmm because as you say to drape something

over is to cover something and that would be British or American but we're

talking specifically here about something that is used to cover windows

yes drawn across a window at night so

familiar something that hangs and also covers at

the same time is it British or American English let's have a look shall we the

answer is American English drapes again drapes can you please close the drapes

or can you draw the drapes can you close the drapes in British English we will

say curtains the curtains pair of curtains we would say that's it yes so

curtains a pair of curtains can you please close the curtains in the morning

when I get up the first thing I do is open the curtains so quite often we will

use curtains as plural because normally there are two there are two curtains on

either side of the window so drapes curtains in American English drapes in

British English curtains and you can use the word the word curtains also has

another meaning in English mm-hmm it's curtains for you mr. Duncan

yes there is an expression so if we say it's curtains for you it means something

bad is going to happen to you or maybe you are going to lose something in your

life maybe your job it's curtains for you whatever you are doing in your life

whatever it is it's going to come to an end something bad is about to happen to

you you've sworn at your boss at work hmm you've used a swear word or we've

lost an account an important account at work and one of your work colleagues

might say it's curtains for you hmm that's it it's curtains yeah and the

reason why they say them the reason why they say that of course is at the end of

a show so at the end of a show that's on a stage what happens okay to come across

or they come down that's its signifying an end into something that's it as when

you when you're drawing your curtains at night it's signifying the end of daytime

and the transition into nighttime hello - Wilson Michael can I say hello to

Wilson Michael who says on the live chat amazing English teaching program I

always love this this is the first time that I'm watching it live I've always

watched the recorded ones but never live well can I say hello to Wilson Wilson

Michael and thank you for joining me live thank goodness you are here

watching it happen what's taking you so long yes as live his life can be

I always like to give some applause if it is your first time watching live so

if you catch me live then I will say hello to you you need to get one that

too has snow as well from earlier ash new if you're still watching in Spanish

we used to say Cortinas for curtains though and satury no is giving us a lot

of thick etcetera you know drapes comes from Italian drop oh oh okay

drop oh so yeah thanks for that all these words come from somewhere else

usually not from England no because well English is a young language English is

is only I don't know around a thousand years which sounds like a long time but

there are many languages that are older than the English language

quite a few in fact so that's the reason why although having said that I suppose

it's fair to say that many other languages also derive their words from

older languages as well Latin is a very popular one and also Greek as well from

France oh hello France nice to see you here

today a lot of things happening in France I was watching some of the

reports from Paris a lot of things going on there just really just like here in

London well there have been some protests taking place and also here in

London as well over here in London not here in London because I'm not in London

but over here we've had a lot of protests taking place as well

so I hope you are safe and happy today we are looking at words that may or may

not be British or American so one might be British

the other might be American American English British English let's have a

look at another word shall we here we go Oh interesting actually we're going to

have that one later what I meant to show you was this there we go that's better

now this is something that I have a slight problem with I'll explain more

later on but this is something I have a slight problem with British or American

we talk about season season and we are talking about TV so in that sense we are

talking about television programs so when we talk about season we are talking

about the run that a TV show has and quite often maybe you have one season

and then maybe two seasons and if it if people really like it you might have

three seasons or even four or maybe 18 seasons or 20 seasons but there might be

six or thirteen programs to any one series yes so you normally have episodes

in a season so the season is the group of episodes that exist but the big

question is does it come from British English or do we use it in American

English there might be some arguments here Steve okay

we'll see so is season when we are talking about television programs is it

British English or American English have you seen the latest season of I'm trying

to think of a current TV show or have you seen one that hasn't been taken off

the air have you seen the latest season of Rick and Morty now you see see look

at me being very very up-to-date and contemporary

mmm-hmm happy saying that as though it's British English which of course it might

be it might be it might be American English who knows you will find out in a


Thank You Palmeiro thank you also tomorrow fair down thank you also

Michael a lot of answers coming through here tomorrow says British and American

ah very interesting very interesting tomorrow yes that's a good answer

actually I like that answer but it but is it exact is it correct or not

oh we will find out in a moment so the episode is the one episode in a series

all as you can see there it says season is it British English or American

English let's have a look shall we season is American English however

however and this is something I have to point out there are people who don't

like using season in British English even though over the years because

American TV shows have become very popular over here Steve a lot of people

now say season in fact I think we do sometimes have you seen the new season

of the expense so tomorrow was actually right when she said British and American

hmm so it's an it's an American word but it's used a lot more in this country yes

because typically an American season so a series of episodes will last typically

a lot longer won't they than than a British series this is this is actually

a good point yes in American TV however I suppose it's fair to say that they

normally have around about 24 episodes in each season how

ever they normally break those seasons up over the year so they don't show all

of the seasons all of the episodes straight away so in American TV or on

American TV even though the seasons are very long with 24 maybe 26 episodes they

normally divide them over the year so you have an early season on television

then a mid season and then a late season so even though there are many episodes

they are normally broken up over the year and we ought to say about the

English equivalent word is the English equivalent this is what we often say we

say series a series series so the first series the second series the third

series so series which means a number of things so this actually is relevant you

can use this series a series of things is a collection of things things that

are grouped together so that would actually work so in British English we

say series quite often in American English they will say season however

actually I suppose a season like spring or autumn winter hmm is a long period of

time yes so to call it a season is more accurate because in if you have

a series in English in England then you've probably typically maybe only six

seven eight yes programmes in a series like so so it

is an interesting that we are we only normally even even one season of a TV

show in British on British TV is normally six episodes yes sometimes a

bit they used to be longer they've got shorter over the years it used to be 13

used to be a number that I seem that comes to mind

well series of programmes in the 1970s quite often a sea

as a program would run for six episodes it was it was actually the norm and then

if a program was on all year you would then have another six so over the year

you would probably have twelve episodes there are some good comedy programs I

suppose I could mention from years ago I suppose Fawlty Towers is one that's been

in the news recently for various reasons but they are six episodes so each season

is only six episodes so it is common for British TV shows to only have six

episodes sometimes they run to twelve but most are six not sure why that is

mister don't know I don't know either we often think that that American actors

and actresses work very hard because they seem to you know if you've got to

do 23 programs in a season yes that's a lot of hard work

yes particularly the comedy series that we watch American comedy series which we

do like you know they've got 20 as you say 25 that's a lot of work whereas here

they'll do six or seven and that'll be it'll be like a six month break before

it's back on again yes and I'm not saying that they're not doing other

things in between but no it seems that the work schedule or schedule is a lot

longer in America for a program that is than it is in England hmm well of course

they don't they don't make the programs all in one go they normally have like

like you they're up there are episodes that are

in production or being written and then you have the ones that are being

actually put on or performed sometimes they are put on in front of a studio

audience and then you have the ones that are being edited and then you have the

ones that are complete so it's almost like an assembly line in a factory so

these these programs are constantly being put together all the time

there are other factors involved for example if you're the BBC doesn't have

to generate money through advertising so it doesn't have to make lots of programs

to generate revenue from advertising so that could be a factor Oh Sergio says

what about a theatrical season do we talk about a theatrical season in the UK

yes well I suppose you can sue me don't say a theatrical series do we know well

the season is how long something runs full all goes on for yes so it does

relate to time so in that sense yes it is correct so a theatre season is when

something starts and ends just like the seasons that we enjoy with the weather

so that's the reason why we do that so we would use season in the UK to

describe a run of a show we might say a run of a show but we might say season

what do we mr. don't scream yes you can't say that there there is a summer

season when certain shows will be performed in the theatres so you can

have a summer season normally the busiest time of the year for for many

theatres is the summer season so yes so for television we would use series an

American would use season but for theatrical runs we would use the word

season and also for sporting events Marietta says we can also use season

when talking about sport yes we can yes because you're talking about time the

football season or the cricket season something we definitely do use the word

season to describe sport young UK because it's something that runs for a

certain period of time yes so season would actually be appropriate however a

TV show is something that might be recorded and then stored so it's not

really happening at that time it's just being shown at that time anti-power

mirror says season when you're talking about cooking yes

seasoning you would say seasoning is it's like salt or pepper so it's

slightly different but yes you can season food so if you season food it

means that you put salt or pepper in to give it a bit of flavor or maybe some

spices hmm so yes you're correct that's another use

of the word pow/mia right that's the Sun come out Steve slightly lie if I got a

bit bright no it's fine keep it as it is no you look great

you're glowing I read great mr. Duncan you know you're glowing so here's

another one because we only have a few minutes left we are coming towards the

end of today's livestream I can't believe it here's another one British or

American English this is an interesting word because it's one of those strange

words that has almost two letters in the whole word so you have three e's and two

T's it's not very often that you see a word that has so many of so few letters

so yes a good example maybe I could do that one day Steve SETI SETI mr. Duncan

hmm SETI because it's a word or in yes you might not have come across this

before SETI the hunting season thank you yes Andy a season of breeding yeah the

breeding season by the way we were going to talk about words to do with being

pregnant but we're not doing that today because we don't have time however we

might do that next Sunday so prepare yourself Steve we are talking next

Sunday about something that well we don't really have any experience of to

be honest Burt being pregnant expecting a baby next

weekend not today unfortunately because we are completely out of time

unfortunately I'm ever so sorry about that so this is the last one I think

today SETI SETI you sit on a SETI it is a large chair normally holding more than

one person so you can have I suppose Steves you can have a SETI that holds

two people yes all three two or three yes or four could be made of covered in

leather or cloth it may even I may even recline ooh like

ours added comfort we have we have our SETI or sofa or whatever you want to

call it anyway we're talking too much about this now you see I start to give

things away somebody's brought another word into the mix and we'll talk about

that afterwards okay so SETI SETI it's a great word

actually because you can you can have a lot of fun saying it city city are you

saying that you would use that word quite a lot mister don't I'm not saying

anything I'm saying if I were to read it out loud that's how I would pronounce it

oh yes you see I'm not giving any clues some are saying American English some

are saying British what is it let's have a look at the answer shall we is it

British or American English what is the SETI which one is it Oh

British English SETI you might say I'm going to sit down and watch some

television on the SETI SETI I love that word I don't know why it it sort of

fascinates me I'm fascinated by unusual words

have a very unusual appearance and that is one of those words SETI

Sergio said SETI it's something to set our berm on for a cup of tea yes is that

yes so when you sit down you are setting yourself in one place yes you're setting

yourself it's it's it's a it's a use of the word set isn't it also in British

English of course you can say sofa sofa oh well there we go so I was going to

say that you might suggest that that was American sofa

yes it well it's interesting how sofa has become used in both so I think it

would be fair to say that sofa is used almost equally in British English and

American English as well so I think you might find sofa used in American English

but definitely in British English so you're saying that SETI is English sofa

is American or sophism yeah SETI is English and so is sofa Surf City

is British English yes also if we look at American English you would say couch

couch a Beatrice and Tomic both used that word so to describe the American

version so yes well done couch so you must know that mr. Duncan oh okay

I didn't know that because we sit on the couch we do sometimes use that word hmm

SETI couch and sofa sometimes I use all three

in the UK I think you find couch is a lot rarer yes SETI and sofa 30 so very

the common ones in the UK definitely at home we used to say SETI when I was a

kid when I was a child we always said SETI we lived on the SETI so that's

that's what we used to use couch is often used in American English of course

they might use sofa as well Palmyra has used the expression

couch potato a person who watches television all the time they get fats

and they turn sits down yes and turns into a big fat potato yes they normally

have a very poor diet as well I think Steve that is it I think that's all we

have time for lovely I did have some more prepared but unfortunately we don't

have time to do it ten seconds to four o'clock yes it's coming up too you can

see now on the on the screen cuz cuz now we have our little clock is well you see

getting very technical here it is approaching four o'clock here in the UK

thanks Steve for your your participation my input thank you very much for joining

in today we do appreciate it next week we are talking about words to do with

being pregnant and I should be interesting well mr. Duncan thank you

for having me on and it's been wonderful to share English with everybody today

and I look forward to seeing you all next week thank you very much mr. Steve

that is mr. Steve I he's going now bye sister Steve's going oh he's gone

mr. Steve has left the live stream hopefully now he's about to put on the

kettle and make a cup of make a cup of tea and maybe we can also have a lovely

delicious tea cake as well thank you for your company today Andy says I love to

sleep on my couch Thank You lek thank you also Beatriz Waldo thank you also Oh

Waldo is watching in Chile hello Chile nice to see you here today

thanks also to tomorrow Thank You Maria next door I'm going to leave you with an

excerpt from my lesson that I made about the differences between

British and American English so this is what I'm leaving you with I will be back

with you on when am i back I'm back with you on Wednesday however I might be with

you tomorrow we will see what happens the weather I'm not sure what the

weather forecast is for tomorrow but we will see what happens I might be live as

all of the shops across the UK or across England anyway not necessarily the UK

but here in England I know definitely the shops are going to open their doors

after the long lockdown I will see you on Wednesday if I'm not with you

tomorrow in the town being pushed around by people I have a feeling that the town

centre will be busy in fact I have a feeling they will all be busy across the

country see you on Wednesday if I don't see you tomorrow have a great

rest of the weekend enjoy your weekend and I will leave you with this excerpt

from one of my English lessons and of course until the next time we meet here

on YouTube you know what's coming next yes you do

ta ta for now 8-)

past simple past participle the following verbs have two acceptable forms of the past simple

past participle in both American and British English however the irregular

form is generally more common in British English and the regular form is more

common to American English burn burnt or burned dream dreamt or dreamed lean lent

or leaned learn learnt or learned smell smelt or smelled spell spelt or

spelled spill spilt or spilled spoil spoilt or spoiled in present perfect

tense there are some slight differences for example I've lost my wallet I lost

my wallet possessive clauses there are two forms to express possession in

English have or have got do you have a car have you got a car he hasn't got any

friends he doesn't have any friends she has a beautiful new home she's got a

beautiful new home while both forms are correct and acceptable in both British

and American English have got have you he hasn't got are generally the

preferred forms of British English while most speakers of American English use do

you have he doesn't have they don't have the verb

get the past participle of the verb get is gotten in American English for

example he's got much better at playing tennis he's gotten much better at

playing tennis there are some words which are unique to American English a

good example of this is the word busboy which means a person in a restaurant who

collects the dirty plates and cutlery from the tables not to be confused with

a waiter who takes the orders and serves the food

there are some differences between the spelling of British and American English

words for example words ending with E are such as Center and meter and words

ending with C e such as license and defense words ending in i sv such as

minimize patronize prize recognized specialize there are some differences in

the way prepositions are used for example at the weekend on the weekend in

the team on the team write to me soon write me soon some

words are pronounced differently between British and American English for example

aluminium aluminium basil basil data data duty duty oregano oregano process

process tomato tomato tube tube VARs vase

more differences between spelling the most well-known difference between

British and American English appears in words ending with oh you are such as

color favor flavor honor neighbor and of course words such as colored favorite

dishonor neighborhood when it comes to word definitions there are not that many

serious variations between words used in England and those used in the USA it is

not as if you are having to learn two new languages I know that when someone

says mailman they mean postman I know that a freeway is a motorway and I know

that pants are trousers when it comes to basic grammar British and American

English are almost the same it is also worth remembering that word usage can

vary even in one country a word used in one part of the USA may not be used in

another the same rule is also true here in the UK

more general words property or land real estate supermarket assistant clerk bank

cashier teller postman mailman chemist pharmacy drugstore label tag helicopter

chopper injection jab shot rubbish garbage trash waste bin garbage can

trash can mobile phone cell phone TV erial antenna

wardrobe closet curtains drapes mortuary morgue coffin casket prison penitentiary

child kid mum or mother mum pew line believe it or

not English is one of the easiest languages to learn but it can also be

one of the most confusing the differing uses between British and American

English may appear to make the language very complicated but in oral English the

differences are far fewer if I were to visit the USA I would have very little

trouble understanding what people were saying in fact when it comes to speaking

the only real difficulty may come from the misconception or negative thinking

that there will be a problem I may imagine that there will be difficulties

when in fact there are virtually none the real differences tend to exist

within the various regional accents rather than a type of English being

spoken when it comes to speaking English be it British or American there are many

accents around that subject we will save for another lesson

there is one important word which I have left off for long lives as I have

decided to leave it to last in British English you go to the toilet all of the

lavatory in American English you go to the

washroom men's room or bathroom the British slang words for toilet are

fog or blue while the American slang words for toilet are john or can.