oh it's a very nice day here in england i must  say we are having some really nice weather in fact  

i can't resist showing you the view right now so  there it is there is the view out of my window  

and here is the other view looking out towards  the beautiful town of Shrewsbury it is a glorious  

day here today i can't quite believe how nice  the weather is considering last night we had  

dreadful weather it was raining we had a huge  storm as well it was very windy but today very  

settled very sunny it's looking rather nice hello  there welcome yes we are all together again live  

from the birthplace of the English language this  is english addict coming to you live from england

hi everybody this is mr duncan in england  how are you today are you okay i hope  

so are you happy i hope so here we  are again yes we are all here together  

it almost deserves a round of applause i think

thank you

yes for those who are wondering my name is  mr duncan i talk about the english language  

i do it sometimes i do it recorded sometimes i  do it live like this so thank you very much for  

joining me today yes it is another english  addict something slightly different today  

now i know that many of you are still celebrating  christmas because it was only a couple of a couple  

of days ago it was only two days ago that we  were celebrating christmas so here i am on the  

27th of december talking to you live and yes  we have made it through christmas i have eaten  

so much food i can't begin to tell you how much  food i've been eating over the past few days but  

it's a lot and of course we had our christmas  presents as well mr steve bought me something very  

nice i will show you what it is a little bit later  on lots of things to show you today lots of things  

to talk about we have the sentence game we also  have some words and idioms connected to relaxing  

because many people are still relaxing  during this period of time i always think  

that the period of time between christmas and  the new year it's a very strange one because  

quite often you will lose your sense of time quite  often you will forget what day of the week it is  

so as a way of reminding you we've made  it all away to the end of another week  

and weekend in fact we've almost made it to  the end of another year yes today it is sunday

i hope you had a good christmas time and  i hope you got exactly what you wanted

did father christmas buy something for  you something special something that you  

wanted i really really hope so i hope you are  feeling good today yes english addict is here  

by the way i i will tell you now i will  be with you on wednesday as well so next  

wednesday please write it down in your diary

next wednesday i will be with you and it will  be the final english addict of 2020 it will be  

the final live stream of 2020 next wednesday so  that will be the final one today is not the last  

one of the year so next wednesday will be the  final one mr steve will be joining us as well  

next wednesday as well as today because he is  on holiday so mr steve is enjoying his little  

break and we are looking at words connected  to relaxing idioms phrases expressions  

i mentioned the weather a few moments ago  which is interesting because last night we had  

the most horrendous storm in fact i was slightly  worried that my christmas lights on the front  

of the house might get damaged fortunately  because of course i did such a wonderful job  

of putting up the christmas lights outside they  are not damaged they've survived the big storm we  

had last night storm bella last night a huge storm  battered and crashed across well most of england  

and especially the south the south west  of england was affected quite a lot  

but we made it through and we are here today  and we will have the sentence game and i thought  

as a way of commemorating last night's  huge storm i thought today the sentence  

game would be connected to the weather so today's  sentence game coming up later on will be all about  

the weather that's what we're doing today so lots  of things to show you lots of lovely gifts that i  

received and also mr steve received some very nice  gifts as well i will be sharing those with you  

a little bit later on i might show you one of  the gifts right now here is something can you  

guess what this is so this is something that mr  steve gave me for christmas two days ago can you  

guess what this is so i might call this my mystery  gift so what is the present so this is one of the  

i think steve bought me three gifts three  gifts wow mr steve is so generous he really is  

so there is one of my christmas  gifts but can you guess what it is  

something very interesting and something i  was definitely not expecting mr steve to buy  

for me but what is it what is that strange gift  if you know let me know on the live chat yes  

if it is your first time here  you can type your messages live

i can't believe it isn't technology amazing  it really is so you will be able to send  

your messages live talking of the live chat  who was first today let's have a look shall  

we oh hello tomek tomek guess what you are  first on today's live chat congratulations to

you super duper tomek you were first on today's  live chat also we have beatriz as well maria oh  

maria i'm saying hello to maria  

nice to see you here as well vitesse is here as  well we have valentin also oh we have luis mendes  

he's here today nice to see you back i hope you  had a super duper christmas wherever you are  

watching in the world now i do realize that some  people actually celebrate christmas a little bit  

later than here in england because some people  follow a different calendar so there are some  

people who are still preparing for christmas  to arrive so it does depend on which calendar  

you follow hello also to oh hack  lau is here watching in vietnam  

and also we have palmyra belarusia oh how  was your christmas did you have a good one  

i hope you are recuperating from your recent  operation and i hope you are feeling good today  

also we have oh hello ricardo slophy slophy tam  hello to you i don't recognize your name is it  

your first time here today if it is your first  time please let me know grace chin maroots is here  

hello to you as well i wasn't expecting so many  people to join me today i will be honest with you  

because this particular period of time between  christmas and the new year quite often is a  

very strange one it is like we are all  drifting around in a very strange void  

so i always think that the period of  time between christmas and the new year  

is a little strange because you  always forget what day it is  

you can never remember in fact this morning i  almost forgot that i was doing a live stream can  

you believe it i almost forgot that i was actually  on here today we also have beater hello beater  

oh thank you very much by the way beater  for your lovely photographs of your cards  

so welcome to the live chat again biata and can  i also say thank you very much for your lovely  

pictures your photographs of your cards so  just like us mr steve and myself we always hang  

our christmas cards on the wall and as you can see  biata also hangs her christmas cards on the wall  

as well and here is oh we have some gifts  as well it looks as if you've had some socks  

thank you very much for your photographs and  also there is some chocolate there as well  

of course it would not be christmas without  having lots of chocolate to be honest  

you can't have it really you can't  have christmas without chocolate  

apparently the name of that particular  brand of chocolate is called milk bird

or is it bird milk i think it's bird milk very  unusual name but apparently that particular brand  

of chocolate is called bird milk thank you very  much to biata for sending your lovely photographs  

if you want to share some of your moments from  christmas feel free to do so you can send me  

photographs an email you can  get in touch as much as you want

it's true it is it doesn't matter  you can get in touch if you want  

by the way if you want to get in  touch i will give you the address  

of my email and also i will give you the  address of my facebook page right now

welcome to all you english addicts watching  out there nice to see you back here today  

it's super duper yes for those who are wondering  for those who are asking mr steve will be here  

in around about 12 minutes so steve will be here  now this week i've told steve not to talk about  

politics because he did get rather excited last  week do you remember steve got very excited  

about certain issues so this week  i've told steve to take it down  

i want him to tone down his political diatribes  

if you tone down something it means you reduce  the thing you tone down something you reduce  

that thing so today i've asked mr steve to tone  down his political opinions that's what i've done  

yes and for those who are wondering what a dire  tribe is it means an aggressive speech so maybe  

if you say something you give your opinions in  a very angry way and you do it for a very long  

period of time we can describe that as a diatribe  it's a great word i quite like that word in fact  

that might be my most favourite word of the  day so far hello also can i say hello to pedro  

pedro belmont nice to see you back did you  have a good christmas how was your christmas  

if you are celebrating christmas now please let  me know or if you are going to celebrate christmas  

please also let me know as well oh we have  a super chat coming through give me a moment  

hello joao joao nanjel thank you very much  watching in brazil thank you very much for your  

donation your donation come through a few moments  ago on the super chat yes you can send a super  

chat also if you want to help support my work  because i do everything here for free you can  

there it is right in front of my nose  you can send a donation to paypal as well  

because everything i do i do for free  it costs you nothing but if you would  

like to make a donation to allow my work to  continue there is the address on the screen

and now it has gone steve will be with us  soon for those who are wondering where he is  

and also we have the sentence game  where we are talking all about weather  

words words connected to the  weather they are missing words  

from certain sentences and all you have to do  is guess what the missing words are also as i  

mentioned earlier we also have the mystery gift so  here is something that mr steve bought for me and

i'm not sure what it is well in fact i do know  what it is because i looked at the writing  

on the box but do you know what it is because  at first when mr steve gave this present to me  

i wasn't actually sure what it was i even  asked steve i said what what is it mr steve  

can you tell me what it is please and then  he did tell me and everything was explained  

so if you know what mr steve's gift is the one i  just showed you please let me know beatriz is here  

talking all about buenos aires it is a beautiful  city with special european style it is a big city  

but now things are a little bit complicated  i have vowed not to mention anything about  

you know what today i'm not mentioning it i'm  pretty sure mr steve will mention it for which i  

apologize in advance but i'm not going to mention  it at all so that thing that we've all been living  

through this year i'm not going to mention it at  all but b-tree is i'm glad to hear that you had  

a good time in buenos aires because if i remember  correctly you were actually going there last week  

i think so please correct me if i'm wrong hello  mohsen mohsen is here as well accent wow so  

many people are here i can't believe it i'm rather  overwhelmed to be honest by by how many people are  

actually here also we have lolly lolly watching  today so coming up today we will be looking at  

some of the gifts that mr steve bought for me and  also some of the gifts that i bought for mr steve  

for christmas time but do you know what this is a  very strange item does anyone know what this could  

be oh marco hello marco and i hope you've had a  good rest if you've been celebrating christmas  

i think the gift is a tablet case that is a very  good answer it isn't an it's an amazing answer  

unfortunately it's also incorrect but it is  something useful it is something that i can  

use but the big question is what is  it if you know please let me know  

hello agg nice to see you here today thank  you very much we have marrakesh watching

hello marrakesh nice to see you here as  well fatty zito is here nice to see you here  

i think the mystery gift is a wallet with money  that would be nice wouldn't it unfortunately it is  

not a wallet but what is it so there it is again  today is mystery gift from mr steve what is it  

if you know or if you think  you know please let me know  

and a little bit later on i will be  letting you know what the mystery gift is

i'm quite confused by what i just said hello gulu  nice to see you here today as well so many people  

it is not a wallet a lot of people are saying  wallet is it a wallet it is not a wallet  

it is quite large so if i said that the thing  

is quite large maybe that will  give you a clue it is quite big  

hello also to eagle fly hello eagle fly i haven't  seen you here for quite a while hello eagle fly  

welcome to the live stream again svetlana is  here i am here every time with your live stream  

thank you svetlana and i hope you had a nice rest  if you did have a rest during the christmas period  

oh eagle fly says is it a medical bag hmm  interesting now you might not believe this  

but here in the house we do have a medical bag  we often call it first aid so we have a special  

bag here in the house in case mr steve or myself  in case we have a terrible accident maybe i fall  

down the stairs and break my arm so we do have  a bag in the house a first aid bag with lots  

of useful things inside that will come in very  useful if one of us injures ourselves so yes that  

is a good guess but it isn't that so what is the  mystery gift that mr steve has bought for me agg  

says is it a packet of masks now come on we are  not going to talk about that today i i i'm sure  

that you are sick of hearing about that particular  topic so no we're not going to mention that  

i will try my best not to however i'm pretty  sure mr steve will mention it many many times  

oh would you like to see my socks we haven't had  a look at my socks today here are my lovely socks  

oh yes look so today these are the socks that i'm  wearing right now they are very colorful we have  

lovely bright colours because today the weather  is quite lovely and bright as well so i couldn't  

resist wearing my colourful blue yellow green also  a little bit of i think that's pink at the end  

i'm sure there will be people who disagree  but that that i think that is pink at the  

end so there they are my socks we will  have mr steve coming in around about  

four minutes from now but before then  we are going to take a look at one of my  

full english lessons for those who are wondering  what i do normally normally i make video lessons  

all about the the english language i also do  live streams like this one so as a way of wetting  

your appetite here is one of my full english  lessons this is an excerpt from full english  

number 37 and then after this we have  yes he's here mr steve is on his way

i like to think of myself as being a helpful chap  i always try to give a helping hand whenever i can  

so today i will start with a useful tip  for those planning to come to the uk  

my tip for survival today is never accept a 50  pound note from anyone i'm not kidding if you  

are ever offered a 50 pound note as payment  or in change you must refuse it do not take  

the 50 pound note why i hear you ask the answer  is simple because you will never get rid of it  

no one will accept a 50 pound note shops will not  take them you will not be able to get change for  

it no one knows what a real 50 pound note looks  like people just assume they are all fake so  

just to reiterate don't accept a 50 pound  note from anyone anywhere at any time  

hi everybody and welcome to  another full english lesson  

let's get on with it shall we let's do it  let's learn some more english right now  

many people have asked me mr duncan what is  the best way to speak english is it with an  

american accent or a british accent i think  this is a very interesting question indeed  

and some might say that it is not easy to answer  but my answer to this question is quite simple  

you use the english you feel the most comfortable  with you don't have to sound like an american when  

you're speaking you don't have to sound like  a british person when you're speaking as long  

as you feel comfortable with the way you use  english that is the most important thing of all  

of course it's also important that the other  person understands what you are saying as  

well so don't worry too much about sounding like  somebody else don't punish yourself by trying to  

copy someone else's way of speaking what you have  to do is develop your own way of using english  

don't forget english is an emotional language  it's a personal language it's a language that  

you use to express the way you feel so don't  worry about sounding like somebody else  

use english as you would your own language  in your own way to express the way you feel  

so you don't have to sound like mr  duncan you don't have to sound like  

some american movie star you don't have to  sound like anybody what you have to sound like

is you have you ever been on a blissman's holiday  have you ever heard of this expression before  

well let me explain what it is a busman's holiday  is an expression that describes a situation where  

a person is doing something for relaxation that  they would be normally doing in their occupation  

that is to say they are trying to take a break  away from their work by doing something that  

relates to their actual job for example if i went  away for a trip to london for a break away from  

making video lessons and whilst there i went to  visit the youtube headquarters to talk to someone  

about video production then you might describe  this as a busman's holiday i am doing something  

in my free time that relates to my actual job we  can call anything related to a person's profession  

as a busman's holiday if the thing in question  can be connected to their normal occupation  

a doctor might visit a museum of medicine  during a vacation a firefighter might have to  

put out a blaze at a hotel they are staying  at a person who drives a bus for a living  

might have to drive the family around whilst on  holiday hence the expression busman's holiday

i always like to introduce new words and  phrases to you and today is no exception  

the phrase i'm going to show you today  refers to a certain item of clothing  

the phrase is old hat here you can see in my  hand one of my old hats that i used to wear  

the phrase old hat means to be obsolete or tired  out by being done too often or for too long  

a thing that has been said or done time and  time again over a long period of time can be  

referred to as old hat it has been done so  many times before most people have become  

bored with it a tired and overdone thing is old  hat this new superhero movie plot is so old hat  

an out of date thing or something that is  seen as old-fashioned can be described as old  

hat it is no longer fashionable it is boring it  has been done too often for too long it is old  

hat the phrase derives from the notion of  something being worn too often such as an old hat  

to the point where it looks tired and worn  out it has been used for a very long time

i hope you enjoyed that there it was an excerpt  from one of my full english lessons yes we  

are here all together again this  is english addict live from england  

he's here everyone after his lovely christmas  break hello everybody hello mr duncan how are  

you i'm okay steve well what's this what's this  mr duncan what is it so it's not christmas anymore  

throw it away i told you not to wear it though do  you like what i'm wearing mr duncan now this is  

a very nice item of clothing i think some very  nice kind person must have bought this for you  

some very generous sweet handsome maybe i think  i look pure and white and virginal mr duncan  

you want you are none of those steve you are none  of those things i'm chased yes all over the place  

well yes you bought this for me didn't you  mr duncan it is we won't give too much away  

because we're going we're going to do this you  see we're going to do this in a few moments but  

can i just first say last night we had the  most horrendous storm storm bella however  

today i can't quite believe how lovely the weather  is look at the view right now so that is looking  

over towards shrewsbury so that must be about how  far away would you say shrewsbury is from here  

about 17 uh it's probably about 16 or 17 miles  yes so around 17 miles away so that's looking  

towards shrewsbury you can see the beautiful  spires of the churches so that is the the main  

town in this area and that is a live view right  now giving you a very good idea of just how  

nice the weather is today it is an absolutely  glorious day which i can't believe because we  

had stinky weather last night we it was blowing  a gale and we had quite a ferocious storm in fact  

we did and we had to as the phrase goes  back down the hatches yes if you say you  

batten down the hatches that's a probably  i would say that was a nautical reference  

to closing all the hatches down to make sure you  don't get any water in yes and so what we were  

doing was tying things down putting the bins  down so that they didn't get blown over by the  

wind we were getting 60 mile an hour winds here  last night and in fact it woke me up uh at one  

point all i heard was this it sounded like someone  was spraying the window with with the hose pipe  

really yes so that was the force of  the wind blowing the rain it was really  

loud and noisy lots of people are saying  oh thank you valentina so white so innocent  

yes well mr duncan of course bought  me this for christmas okay then

coming up with our gifts talking of the  weather today we have the sentence game also  

words connected with weather well yes that would  be very nice mr duncan and we all look forward to  

that a lot of people have been saying thank you  very much for the video of the christmas songs  

that you put on mr duncan yes uh so but you were  the singer you were the performer the star oh but  

mr duncan you did all the editing yes and made  it look very nice added a little bit of echo echo  

to my voice you mean you mean echo echo um to  make it sound like i was in a in a concert hall  

uh but yes we thought we would do that and  because i can't sing in choirs at the moment  

or do any performances don't don't say  why though because we we've we have vowed  

not to mention that today but we know why but we  know why uh and and as a result of that i like  

singing uh christmas songs so we thought we  would put on something special for everybody  

and do that so we'll do that again maybe in  uh during the spring and the uh summer time  

so steve performs some lovely christmas songs some  old christmas songs and i hope you enjoyed them  

i will speak more clearly eagle fly if you  are having trouble understanding what i am  

saying the problem is steve when you start  talking like that it sounds very unnatural  

well i was only joking mr duncan i will i will try  not to talk so quickly i think i have a tendency  

to talk very quickly because i'm all excited  about being on mr duncan's show yes and so  

sometimes i let my words run away too quickly so  we've just had christmas we've just had christmas  

yes did you have a good christmas yes yes me too  i'm going to say yes it was very relaxing yes  

and i as i mentioned earlier  we we did eat a lot of food  

well that is what yes we ate a lot of food but  we didn't have a lot of alcohol no uh because  

we're not big drinkers no we don't drink a lot of  alcohol but we had a little taste in the evenings  

i had so this was what i was drinking i don't  i don't want to advertise it but i'm sure you  

know what it is because because if you want to  advertise your products on here you have to pay as  

money you see so i'm not going to give this free  advertising i don't think it's right to be honest  

let's just say it's irish whiskey blended with  cream yes so that is something that you you  

see my finger is in the way so if you you would  like to if you would like me to remove my finger

the makers of this please please  send me i don't know what a 10 000  

ten ten thousand well at least yeah ten thousand  pounds that that's my advertising rate no say  

fifty thousand because then i can buy uh a  ford mustang okay i think that's a bit too much  

let's not get greedy steve are we famous  enough uh that the company that makes  

that product would want to pay us ten thousand  pounds to advertise it yes anyway it's lovely  

it's creamy it has a slight chocolate taste and  i quite like it so i had a little bit of that  

on christmas night and also last night as well i  had a little bit of that apparently i'm improving  

with age says and anaki you are improving i'm  one of those that improved with age when you say  

improving which which part of you i don't know is  improving i don't know is it is it your appearance  

i have no idea there was just a comment that i was  reading there your character i'm normally getting  

lots of compliments but today i'm getting things  like from wazzy aldean you have no hair on the top  

of your head this is true that is true that is  true you have noticed yes let's just call it um  

baldness i've been done with it a lot of british  people uh western people lose their hair yeah well  

a lot of people around the world particularly  british people you know when i was in china  

and by the way we do have someone watching  in china at the moment i saw that hello china  

i've lost you now you've disappeared you've  disappeared where are you oh data world hello  

data world watching in china i used to live in  china and one of the things i remember is seeing  

a person a chinese person who was actually going  bald properly so they didn't shave their hair off  

they were actually going bald so it's very unusual  i don't i don't mean this in any particular way  

i'm not being racist or anything i'm just  saying it's very unusual to see a balding  

chinese person very unusual they manage to to keep  their follicles intact as they get older it must  

be genetic it probably is mr duncan but junk food  says lewis oh we we have eaten a lot of junk food  

belarusia asks have i been able to  see my mother well i did go to see her

six days ago last monday yep um  have we been on air since then  

we i don't think we have have we because  it was after last sunday that you went to  

it was monday you went on the monday so you  went to your mothers on monday just before  

all of the restrictions came into place because of  that thing that we're not going to mention however  

unfortunately steve cannot go to see his mother  next week well i was going to go tomorrow yes  

because it's my mother's birthday so it's steve's  mum's birthday tomorrow but he can't go because of  

that thing well yes because they've just been  put in a level okay don't worry i'm not mr duncan  

they've been put in a in a very high level  of alert we've got these different levels or  

tears as they're calling them and we're in  tier two which is quite good okay it means  

we can pretty much do whatever we want i know  i know my pair my mother was in tier two but  

yesterday she went into tier four and the rules  here state that i cannot visit you cannot leave  

or enter a zone in tier four which is half the  country i think we had this conversation last  

week and i got so confused over it but that's  all we're saying but but i want to say happy  

birthday to mr steve's mother even though i  know she's not watching because she never does  

she doesn't like she's not fans of us isn't  that strange oh well i wouldn't don't take that  

that's not true i actually gave you a lovely  uh christmas present mr duncan yes i had some  

i had a little bit of money from mr steve's mother  you did yes but uh my mother is of an age that  

she wouldn't really be using sort of youtube to  watch things uh because she doesn't know how to  

do it really so when we say tia we mean level  so there are many levels we often use the word  

tear so each one is a is a a particular level  thank you eagle saying uh wishing happy birthday  

it's a special birthday as well yes but we've  got to be quiet because my mother doesn't want  

to uh celebrate this particular birthday yes like  she's not a fan of birthdays anyway it's not a  

hundred take ten years off it's not a hundred  it's not 80 it's it's in between that you see i  

know and i can't go tomorrow to visit her because  i'm not allowed no because of the restrictions  

at the moment so it's quite sad but i will be  able to zoom and not zoom i will be able to  

facetime with my mother because she does know how  to use that yes because you just got to press one  

little button yes when i phone her and that's all  she has to do yes and that doesn't seem to upset  

anything yeah and it's been wonderful during all  these lockdowns oh my mother's been able to see me  

i haven't mentioned the word mr duncan  you just have no i haven't said the  

word lockdown yes i didn't want to mention  that anything we've been getting very close  

i i see i i told you didn't i didn't i say early  mention it i said earlier that steve is going to  

be the one to say something not me halo payload  is uh sad because they say we're ignoring them  

uh but when not anymore we don't we  don't ignore people can we just say  

we don't ignore anyone but sometimes when the  live chat is moving quickly we don't see you  

because your your name or your message will  disappear very quickly off the screen especially  

today because we seem very busy today is it very  busy is it my imagination or are we getting lots  

of messages in a few moments we're going to show  you the gifts that we exchanged with each other  

which leads me to the mystery gifts what is this  so this is something that mr steve bought for me  

he gave it to me for christmas we've had some  very interesting suggestions wallet it is not a  

wallet it is quite large it is not something  for putting over my face when i'm sleeping  

even though sometimes mr steve gets very tempted  to put something over my face when i'm sleeping  

i have been tempted on many occasions oh  beater beater says i think you are about 40  

so your mother must be 60. wow that's  great i'm going to say that that is correct  

so what is that mystery we've had a few people  guessing somebody said it was a wallet it's not  

a wallet it isn't anything for putting your laptop  inside it is something useful though for here in  

the studio so we will we will name this thing a  little bit later on beater by the way sent some  

christmas cards i saw those yes so very quickly  again beaters christmas cards and you can see  

they are very religious cards yes so here in the  uk or generally here in the uk we don't normally  

have christmas cards that are very religious  which seems strange i suppose we used to have  

lots of religious cards i used to love love cards  and i still do cut three cup was that your stomach  

mr jacket rumbling don't worry about my stomach  don't say you haven't eaten anything today okay  

so yes uh lovely cards i love i like cars that  i've got i used to always like when i was a child  

i love cars with the three wise men on them okay  i don't know why i just did were they handsome

maybe you've got a thing for uh wise men i  don't like men with beards so that's probably  

not gonna work i know that but yes for some reason  i haven't got an example we haven't we usually  

get a we usually get a card every year with the  three wise men on them so there i've zoomed in  

there steve look you can see closely now so that  they're on the screen they are very religious but  

we don't we don't normally have religious cards  here they normally have what you would call steve  

traditional scenes like snowscapes lots of snow  lots of winter scenes but yeah so i would imagine  

in other countries you might find that  they have more of a religious tone  

to them we used to when i was growing up you  always would receive cards that had had a sort  

of quite a strong religious theme but over the  years over the decades that has now gone away  

yes and i think you're left with pretty much the  three wise men is about the only religious cards  

you can get i'm probably exaggerating you probably  can get them but you don't tend to see sort of  

you know many we're a christian country so you  don't tend predominantly so you don't tend to  

see cards anymore with the sort of jesus in the  manger no anymore or Mary or Mary we used to but  

not so much now it's just sort of robin's robins  and chrisley christmas trees and santa claus  

that's right they ought to show actually what  they ought to show is people uh clicking on  

amazon to buy christmas presents they should have  a traditional winter scene with an amazon driver  

delivering lots of amazon packages that's right  to a house that would be a great cover or a  

great picture to have on the front of a christmas  card i think so a box with that squiggly line on  

yes because that is a now a fixture  of christmas yes that's how both of us  

purchased most of our christmas  presents was a delivery driver from

amazon yes just say amazon yes there aren't really  any others everyone knows it's amazon yes we are  

we are going to look at our christmas  car christmas presents in a moment  

what does lethargic mean lethargic means sunshine  lethargic hello sunshine if you are lethargic it  

means you have no energy you have no no motivation  to do something maybe you have you are exhausted  

you are feeling sleepy lethargic you are without  energy or maybe you just don't want to do anything  

maybe you've got a flu coming  on or a cold and you just feel  

tired lethargic it means you everything is an  effort yeah so i would imagine during christmas  

a lot of people are feeling very lethargic because  they've been eating too much drinking too much  

they have no energy so many people normally  during the christmas period spend time  

sitting in front of the television i would  say lewis asks where is irene apraxiane  

well i haven't seen her today oh right okay no  i haven't seen her today no i haven't seen irene  

yes there are quite a few people that  that are normally here missing but that's  

because of christmas you see there are people who  haven't actually celebrated christmas yet really  

yes because of the the difference between the  calendars so you might find in certain russian  

states uh certain eastern countries so you might  find that there are some differences there because  

of the calendar that people follow sari says i'm  always lethargic well i tend to be a bit like that  

but not when i'm on the live stream but steve you  go up and then down so steve has moments of energy  

and then periods of what we call lethargy burnout  so lethargy is when you feel lethargic so lethargy  

describes that describes that feeling  of having no energy you have lethargy  

yes maybe if you've had a night  when you've drunk too much  

eaten too much say for example on christmas  day the next day you might feel lethargic  

sometimes you need to kick-start yourself by  going out and doing something like i did today  

i went out into the garden and did a little bit of  digging i did see you outside i couldn't believe  

it you might be the only person in england who  is actually outside in the garden today doing  

any work everyone else is just sitting with their  stomachs full of junk food and maybe they're still  

unwrapping their gifts talking of which steve we  have to have a look at our presents so christmas  

day was only two days ago it's very strange two  days ago it was christmas feels like it's all over  

yes it is that strange period of time between  that's your stomach again that was my stomach  

mr duncan as usual i would imagine you have  eaten nothing i've had no i've eaten today  

shock but i think my stomach has has expanded  because of all of the food that we've been eating  

over the past couple of days so my stomach now is  much larger than it was before it's it's expanded  

you see so we're going to have a look at some of  the gifts first of all we will have a look at a  

gift that i bought for mr steve would you like to  see it so christmas gifts 2020. what do you think  

about that steve yes so here is something i bought  for mr steve first of all would you like to see it  

right now oh so this is what i got for steve and  it's it's a calendar for 2021 and as we all know

mr steve likes cars i do so mr mr duncan uh bought  me a calendar last year which had different cars  

on for every month this one is specifically  related to mgs which is a particular british  

sports car that doesn't really exist anymore  you can't you can't buy an mg sports sports  

car anymore that one right in the middle the red  one oh yes i think i've well i used to own an mg  

many years ago i don't know if that's an mg car or  not i can't quite tell from here but i used to own  

an mg [ __ ] is that better can you see more  clearly i think that is an mg [ __ ] i think it  

is i can't actually tell for certain it may be  just an mg roadster uh but certainly if you go  

up and to the right a bit mr duncan to the  right oh let's see if i can do this see if  

you can do that that is definitely a [ __ ] oh  yes so so steve used to have one of these cars  

i had one similar to that it uh the  only difference was it had rubber  

rubber bumpers uh because when they updated  it in the 1970s they took the chrome bumpers  

off and put rubber bumpers on rubber bumpers  i think that's a [ __ ] there's so many there  

were so many different variants it was basically a  company i think that started probably in the 1950s  

and uh there were various that see that's  an old one there mr duncan that's an old mg  

now the i mean the company because in the 1970s  and 80s british industry was in a very bad  

state lots of companies there were  lots of strikes and poor quality uh and  

a lot of companies went to the wall when we say  went to the wall it means they went bankrupt  

we went out of business i went out of business  and mg sat mg sadly was one of those companies  

um and uh could have been very  successful but unfortunately  

due to a combination of bad management for care  quality and various other things and strikes  

the company went uh went bust he okay okay  steve's very sad because you know we've got  

to move on steve okay we've got to move on i will  have to be very firm you know what i'm like when  

it comes to cars i could speak for the whole  two hours on it i know you you certainly can  

look forward mr duncan to the first day of every  month turning over the pages on the calendar  

and seeing a new car there it is then so that's  one of the gifts i bought here's something else i  

got for mr steve another gift in fact this is five  gifts five gifts five gifts all of them the same  

and the clue is is on the screen right now oh  you see so i bought mr steve some lovely long  

sleeved tops so you did and there they are so i  i got mr steve some lovely shirts to wear under  

his clothing when he's running or maybe when he's  sleeping at night to keep steve warm in bed well  

um they're pure white and virginal just like  me as we said mr duncan and they're exceedingly  

comfortable yes very comfortable mr duncan very  very comfortable indeed very comfortable yes  

anna rita i do know morgan uh we have driven  a morgan car and i think they're beautiful  

well we actually made a video we made a video  there is a video on my youtube channel where  

where mr steve and myself we are zooming around  the roads in a little morgan we are a v6 petrol  

morgan yes so how can people find that mr duncan  what's it called or would you know well it's not  

a it's not a separate video unfortunately  it comes at the start of one of my lessons  

but i can't remember which lesson it is well  it does have a picture of it does the um  

icon what do you call it the icon the thumbnail  the thumbnail it doesn't have a picture but  

yes there is well you'll just have  to watch all mr duncan's videos yes  

and then you will come across one where we spend  probably five or ten minutes driving around in a  

morgan which we i hired for the day no it was a  present from a friend of mine a birthday present  

bought me a voucher and we could spend a day in  a morgan car yes so that's what we did we drove  

around and also we did some filming at the same  time as well so another one of mr steve gifts  

that one of the gifts that i bought for  steve some lovely shirts some long sleeved  

shirts because mr steve's arms get very cold i've  got thin arms you say thin in in weak i haven't  

gotten muscly arms weedy uh they are warm tomic  says are they wicking moisture away no because i'm  

i don't perspire atomic one of the strange thing  is i don't perspire actually steve is right i  

i don't know i've never met anyone who doesn't  sweat i just don't i think you've got the same  

problem as uh prince andrew i do but you know  not the same problem not not not not the same  

problem as prince andrew it takes a lot to get me  to perspire when i say the problem i mean the the  

the not able to sweat so you don't really sweat do  you not really i mean i'm sure i must yes but uh  

it's not apparent yes it's very strange apparent  so atomic no i am cool and i am moisture free  

at least up here that's good we won't talk  about the incontinence pads that i have to wear

i'm joking i'm joking i'm far too young for that  i'm only 40. another gift that i bought for mr  

steve something useful something for mr steve's  computer oh yes so steve is always complaining  

that he doesn't have enough usb ports am i i don't  remember ever complaining about that or charging  

points on his computer it's not something you'd  ever hear me say oh mr duncan mr duncan i don't  

have enough usb ports well you do often complain  that you can't plug things into your laptop  

so this will help you this is something i bought  for steve so you have lots of lovely usb sockets  

and also you have three charging points so you can  charge your your ipad and your phone and your many  

other devices that you have to use in your job  you're going to have to assist me to set this up  

you know what i'm like when it comes to electronic  devices i have no patience whatsoever you and your  

mother share a very similar thing what's that  that you are both useless with technology well  

i wouldn't say i was useless with technology  because i have to use it at work but i am  

very impatient when things don't work quickly i  just expect them to switch them on plug them in  

bingo they're working yes that is true you have  very little patience in the garden you see i've  

got lots of patience and with you i have  lots of patience but with technology i don't

you have patience with me move on let's move on  interesting yes so uh i can so with that device  

mr duncan mm-hmm i will be able to plug in lots  of things without having to have extension leads  

everywhere is that correct that's it you could  have lots of peripherals peripherals plugged in  

and also you can charge your things as well  so something useful now we have some gifts  

that mr steve bought for me did i  buy you anything i don't remember

so here is here is the first gift this is  something that was inspired by by you out there  

do you remember a few weeks ago i was doing a live  stream outside and and i was wearing my gloves but  

because i was using my touch screen i had to cut  a hole in one of my gloves so my finger could come  

into direct contact with the screen of the device  or else it wouldn't work steve has bought me  

a pair of gloves and of course you also mentioned  it as well out there in youtube land you said mr  

duncan there are some gloves you can buy and they  allow you to use your touchpad or your touchscreen  

outside even when it's cold so there they are so  this is what mr steve has bought for me they look  

very futuristic well i saw you doing the your last  video yeah when you were it was very cold outside  

and you had holes in your gloves and your  viewers were pointing out to you that that  

you might be getting a cold finger i was and  so these gloves will enable you to operate your  

screens when you are out and about plus  the special rubberized grips yes uh so  

that they will help you to carry your  tripod yes my and my expensive equipment  

and your expensive equipment which you must  always look after your equipment mr duncan

yeah oh valentina says yes i like this usb port  i must have one of these oh how much was it mr  

duncan i'm not going to say i won't say how  much so yes you will be able to and they look  

they look futuristic those gloves they are lovely  i'm very impressed with these gloves to be honest  

they look amazing so there is one of mr steve's  gifts that he bought and gave to me a couple of  

days ago for christmas so we are going to reveal  the mystery gift now steve so here it is what  

is this this is something that steve bought and  gave me for christmas but what the heck is it  

does anyone know well we had quite a few guesses  someone says someone said that it is a wallet  

someone said it is something for putting your your  tablet device inside but in fact it is something  

for me to rest my bum it is something for me to  put my big bottom onto to to keep it comfortable  

and and to stop it from going numb a number of  people guessed that correctly uh giovanni and  

belarusia were two people i can't name  everybody but yes because i noticed mr duncan  

that you were using towels and bits of cloth  yes to support yourself on your office chair  

well my chair used to support me but but  then over time i think it started to wear  

so so now it doesn't support my bottom and when  i'm sitting in front of the computer for many many  

hours my poor little bottom gets very numb so now  you will be able to sit there edit videos 24 7  

and uh safe in the knowledge that the that the  foam padding of this comfort cushion will relieve  

you and soothe you throughout the day so it's  not vibrating by the way mr duncan there's no  

vibrating device contained within it okay then  so sorry about that i know that would have been  

an optional extra that you would have enjoyed  but sadly it doesn't vibrate all i can say is  

if that did vibrate i would probably never  leave my computer i would be there all the  

time vibrating away so there is another lovely  gift steve has bought me some lovely useful  

gifts this year which leads me yes to the final  gift and this is one that i was rather surprised  

and also pleased by but it does look as if i might  have to do some work in the kitchen well mr duncan  

shall we tell the story behind this we will tell  it very briefly we have a brief story to tell you  

a few weeks ago we were watching a shopping  channel weren't we we often watched this shopping  

channel because it's very amusing yes so they have  some very funny presenters on there including a  

guy called peter simon in fact we can hear him  now so this is peter simon saying hello to me  

i love you that is actually him it is that's  peter simon actually saying hello to me  

because you sent him a message i can't  i can't remember what that was i said  

i sent him a poem about about a watch and he  read it out and then he said dunk dunk i love you  

i'm not sure if he really does by the way we  haven't heard from him since but anyway the  

shopping channel a very good shopping channel  we saw something advertised something you can  

use in a kitchen and something that is is  capable of cooking something that we love  

i came downstairs and mr duncan was watching  this program and he said look at this and many  

times we've seen this being demonstrated and  advertised for sale on this shopping channel  

and mr duncan has always said oh let's get  one of those because it would be wonderful  

but i've always said no i put my foot down  okay i put my foot down if you put your foot  

down it means that you're being decisive  and saying no this isn't going to happen

because i didn't want sort of devices cooking  devices sort of on work surfaces cluttering up the  

kitchen yes making my kitchen making the kitchen  untidy but anyway i came down this particular day  

particular day was watching it with mr duncan  and i thought this is wonderful what a wonderful  

device we can use this yes in so many ways so  hang on a second i've just realized this this this  

christmas gift is not just for me it's for both  of us then well it's really for you because uh  

you wanted it you said oh isn't this one well  i mean the other story was i had already i was  

about to purchase mr duncan these uh you're  going to buy me i was going to buy you for  

christmas i got the perfect gift for you mr  duncan hadn't i anyway perfect gift that's  

not the interesting part of the story well  well it i had it the perfect gift and i was  

i'd done load hours of research okay because i  wanted you to have remote uh microphones didn't  

i okay lapel mic so that you didn't have to have  them plugged in and i was about to buy them and  

i came downstairs and mr duncan said oh guess what  i've just bought i bought some remote mics is that  

what they're called it's a wireless a wireless  microphone okay and i thought i don't believe it  

anyway i was about to spend hundreds of pounds  on one shall we show the present before everyone  

starts clicking away looking for something else  to watch so here we go already here it is then

this is the gift that mr steve  bought for me but i have a feeling  

he also bought it for himself  as well here it is oh mr steve

this is something for frying food but i i think  it works by frying your food in a healthy way is  

that right that's right mr duncan it looks like  we're advertising this we're not advertising this  

well you didn't want to advertise that cream  liqueur earlier but since then you've put out  

about six different brands well that's because  it's that's because it's alcohol you see oh i  

don't i always feel as if alcohol is something  that has to pay for it because it they they do  

make a lot of money you see but companies  that produce alcohol so that's the reason  

why so i'm not being disingenuous so we will  zoom in we will have a closer look at the gift  

that mr steve bought for me look at that it's  french yes it's a french product yes a company  

that's based i believe they are based in france  and so so what this will do this will allow us  

to fry things chips basically chips basically  chips yes well no you can use it for all sorts  

of things so i'm hoping mr duncan will become  very creative oh and we'll i can come home  

well when i say come home i'm not going anywhere  at the moment with work i'm at home so i'm hoping  

that i will be at five o'clock finishing up work  upstairs okay and there will be these lovely  

smells coming up the stairs towards my office  and i will know mr duncan is cooking me something  

in this new uh cooking device cooking device it's  just for him it's it's it's a it's an air fryer  

yes you don't you can't put beans in it mr duncan  you can't make beans on toast well you can you  

can put baked beans in there you can make anything  in there you can make any meal casseroles maybe a  

curry but i i have a feeling that i will be using  this mostly for chips i have a feeling so there  

it is the the the final gift that mr steve bought  for me and i must admit i was i was very surprised  

when i went when i opened the present i took the  wrapping paper off and i was rather surprised i  

like to give you a surprise at christmas mr duncan  you do i still i still can't believe one year  

we went to stay at a hotel about five years ago  maybe six years ago we stayed at a hotel and mr  

steve somehow managed to get a huge telescope  into the room without me seeing i did i still  

don't know to this day i have no idea how mr  steve got this huge box it was a massive box  

and somehow he got it from the car into the room  and he was able to hide it without me seeing and i  

still i still don't know to this day it was on the  back seat don't give it away i still want to well  

i told you i still want to wonder at night when  i look at the stars and i can see the milky way  

and i think isn't that amazing isn't it  vast but it it it still isn't as interesting  

as mr steve smuggling a very large box into a  hotel without me seeing and it was a large spot  

it was a block it was a very big box uh tomic uh  knows what this is he's got one of course and he's  

uses it all the time and he says it's wonderful  and uh well sorry hates these devices well sorry

bless you and i've recovered did you did you enjoy  that sneeze it's nice to get a bit of dust out  

uh well yes sorry i can understand you  hating these devices because i've always said  

no way no way we're getting anything like this but  it was christmas so and i couldn't think of what  

else to buy mr duncan because he'd already taken  away the surprise of the present i was going to  

buy him okay so i bought that but yes uh so there  we go a lot of people are saying they're very good  

yes they're wonderful in fact we haven't  used it yet it's still in the box still  

wrapped up in the box so we haven't used it  because for the past two days we've been eating  

chicken vegetables gravy all sorts of stuff so  so nothing has been cooked in the what is it the  

the i think it's called an air fryer air fryer air  fryer so what this actually does is it fries food  

without using too much oil thank you beatrice  bless you she says i i never get a bless you  

from mr duncan every time i sneeze uh oh and  mohsin has said that as well so thank you  

uh sorry says bless you lots of people you say why  do you never say bless you mr duncan when i sneeze  

i don't feel as if you deserve it that's not very  nice after i've brought you that lovely airfryer  

for christmas which which i i still think that  steve really has brought it for himself well a few  

people have said they would like to see us cooking  using this device so i think we will that's easy  

yes you just shove it in you just press a button  you just throw everything into it press one button  

and that's it we're going to have to clear out  some cupboards in order to fit it in it is big  

i know uh but of course that was  the main reason i never wanted one  

uh in the first place because i think it's  going to be difficult to store the other  

the other thing that put me off it was i didn't  like the colour it was sort of large and black  

but that's strange because normally you like  large black things let's not go into that  

mr duncan uh but i thought it looked a bit  you know i would have liked a paler colour  

okay but anyway we will we will try it out maybe  tonight oh no no we don't need to try it out  

tonight because the meal is all we're all ready  ready tonight it's already ready i've got three  

meals out of our chicken that we had on christmas  day is it soup tonight yes i made soup out of the  

chicken bones we got two uh it was enough for  two meals with the meat on okay two meals yeah  

two meals with the meat it wasn't a big chicken  so we got two meals from cutting the meat off  

the legs and the breast and everything and then  i've boiled up the bones and we've got chicken  

soup and you had a good idea to put i've put  lentils in it as well to thicken it onions a  

stock cube a little bit of salt pepper and we're  going to put some broccoli in i'm going to cook  

some broccoli and cut that up and put that in and  we're going to have chicken broccoli and lentil  

soup but do you realize steve next week you will  be able to make this make this in the the lovely  

device the airfryer the airfryer oh so i can't  make soup in an air fryer you can you can make  

soup soup in the airfryer joking no i'm not  sure you can make anything casseroles stew soup  

anything can we boil water in it as well yes  you can you can actually heat anything up  

inside it so i'm looking forward to that uh  will we do a tutorial yes we will valentina  

we will we will definitely do a video showing us  mate they there was a lovely curry they did in it  

on on the programme and uh well i want to get that  recipe because they've got all the recipes as well  

i'm feeling all excited mr duncan well  apparently there's hundreds of recipes  

we're going to try all of them although the thing  is if we do any videos we need to make sure we get  

some sponsorship from the company that makes  the device you know they need to send at least  

i don't know what what do you think a thousand  ten thousand a hundred thousand yes up higher  

yes the more the better the eagle fly says that  i've bought it so i don't have to cook again  

correct so what are you saying because it's my  gift because it's the gift for me i have to use it  

and not not you what i liked about it is you  can just chuck everything in it press a button  

and it's done yes but let's see if it does uh  because that program where they were demonstrating  

it that just sold it to me and therefore  i thought that was surprised mr duncan but  

anyway it was a very good demonstration  now now mr steve and myself we are often  

we we don't normally get tempted to buy things no  we don't through adverts never or promotions but  

but this was was quite an exception let's see if  it lives up to expectations you say if something  

lives up to expectation or expectations you're  saying let's hope that what i think it is actually  

does happen and it is really as good as it is  advertised to be uh some things don't always live  

up up to expectations mr duncan's english teaching  level lessons always live up to expectations  

so you you're coming on every week expecting it  to be good and it is it lives up to expectations  

i hope so i'm saying that of course hoping that  you will all agree apparently sorry hello sorry or  

sorry mr duncan has got more handsome since he got  that beard while mr steve is more handsome without  

his beard yes well this is one of the reasons  why i grew this because i wanted that to be a  

contrast you see so steve is beardless and i am  with beard you see so we have a sort of contrast  

that's the reason why arshad khan is new oh hello  watching from pakistan hello arshad khan and i  

suppose we can give you a round of applause as  well welcome we would like to welcome you people  

onto the live stream so welcome we're talking  all over the applause i know that's all right  

uh we we always get some new people every week  when are we playing the sentence game mr duncan  

because tomic's going to get bored in a minute in  a few moments we are going to play the sentence  

game today we have words phrases but first of  all we're going to look at some words connected  

to being relaxed so something that mr steve i  won't say what i thought you were going to say  

then i just won't say it oh go on carry on mr  duncan i can't i can't imagine what that would  

be let's carry on i want to know now it's too  rude words and phrases connected to being relaxed

i i want to know what steve meant what steve  thought he really want me to say no probably  

not no no i like to keep my uh youtube  channel it's a it's a word related to  

having sex against your will oh my god  for some reason i thought you again  

i'm not going to say that i i just can't can you  believe it i actually had to censor mr steve that

no please don't please steve  steve you are really playing  

for some reason i just thought  you were going to say that word  

i thought this will be an interesting livestream  steve move on please stop talking so when we  

talk about relaxing something that mr  steve is not very good at but we might what

it's on the screen there in front of you chill  out how long have you been doing this with me  

you're always accusing me of not relaxing the  last two days i have been chilled out yes i've  

never seen i can't remember the last time i saw  mr steve so relaxed because normally he isn't  

i think it's in his genes because the rest of  his family are very similar they they never  

keep still they're always fussing and moving  around and doing things and steve is the same  

so it was very refreshing to see you not rushing  around like a crazy person i always feel guilty if  

i'm not doing anything i always i think it's guilt  i always think i should be doing something but the  

last two days i've been more relaxed i think than  i have been all year and we've just been sitting  

there watching television yes eating junk food  yes just just sort of relaxing having a lovely  

time having the odd little drink it's very rare  that we do that because we're always very busy  

uh the product whose name we cannot mention  mr duncan doesn't want to mention so i've been  

drinking some of this this has been making me  this particular product makes me very relaxed

i haven't offended everyone  you'll be pleased to know good  

good yes chill out so you can chill  chill out is the first word a relaxing  

idiom something that we use when we want to say  that we are relaxed maybe we are feeling very

calm you chill out you are chilled out or you are  chilled a person who is relaxed calm they are very  

easy going they are a person who doesn't get  too excited or stressed they chill out so during  

christmas many people will sit sometimes on their  own quite a few people this year sitting on their  

own they will chill out i like that one it's very  nice chill out here's another one we have to rush  

through these because we are running out of time  you take time out from something so maybe you you  

take a break from something you relax you rest you  take time out you take it out you take time out it  

means you are taking a rest you are having some  time for yourself and uh while we've all been in  

lockdowns uh that's something that lots of  employers have been saying to their employees  

make sure if you're working from home particularly  if you're sitting in front of the computer all the  

time and my company has been saying this  a lot to us make sure you take time out  

every hour maybe take 10 minutes out for yourself  to do something just walk away from the computer  

go outside i don't know do some exercises just  do something different maybe do some meditation  

just take some time out because otherwise the  stress levels build up and then it takes a  

long time to get that stress out of you yes  take time out okay then here's another one  

you kick back kick back you kick back well  that's got two meanings yes yes so one of  

them is positive and one of the most negative  so if you kick back it means you relaxed you  

you do something that is relaxing maybe you  sit down you put your feet on your sofa you lie  

down maybe you put the tv on and watch a bit of  television maybe you listen to some relaxing music  

maybe you read a book while sitting still  in a quiet environment so yes you kick back  

also kickback can mean bribe so you might bribe  someone you might get someone to do something for  

you by giving them money we can also describe that  as a kickback so this particular word or phrase  

has more than one meaning yes you might recharge  your batteries recharge your batteries you are  

relaxing you you you are completely exhausted  maybe you've been working very hard during 2020  

or maybe during the period leading up to christmas  so you want to rest so you can get your energy  

back you recharge your batteries i like that one  yes that's right just like if you it means you've  

run out of energy just like a battery does and you  need to recharge and do that by doing something  

relaxing some people like to recharge their  batteries by doing gardening some people like  

to read some people like to listen to music  meditation alcohol lots of different people  

different people like to recharge their  batteries in different ways but basically  

it's doing something to distract you away from  the thing that is causing you the stress or  

just having a rest here's another one go to sleep  here's another one steve you unwind unwind i like  

this one so imagine something becoming loose so  something that is tight maybe a person who is  

stressed we can say that they are wound up like a  spring so imagine a spring unwinding it means you  

relax you unwind you do something that  makes you feel calm and relaxed you unwind  

i like that one that's a good one here's another  one this is something that we often do during  

this time of year you put your feet up yes put  your feet up you put your feet up you relax you  

rest maybe you sit on your sofa you put your feet  up or you can just use it as a figure of speech  

you can say that you just put your  feet up even if your feet are not up  

but if you put your feet up you  feel relaxed straight away don't you  

if you've got a sofa or a seti that is reclines or  you just put your feet up on a chair i sometimes  

do that i just put my feet up on the desk when i'm  talking to somebody on the phone because it just  

is more relaxing when you do that don't  know why there's a few suggestions coming  

through from other people but maybe you have  them anyway how many are there mr duncan  

that we are coming towards the end of  that okay put your uh let your hair down  

that vue said that dad who said that that's a  good one let your hair down you can take it easy  

i of course can't let my hair down no well yes if  somebody's hair is tightly in a bun for example  

if it might be at work or you you've got  long hair but you have to tie it back  

to be smart or presentable for work then when  you let it down you're at home you're just  

having a good time yes so let your hair down  is to relax but of course i can't let my hair  

down because i haven't got any you could take  it easy take it easy take it easy relax rest  

you can slouch around i like this word slouch so  quite often we use the word slouch to mean lazy  

or inactive you are not doing anything you slouch  around and that is one thing many people do during  

christmas so right now around the world in many  places people are sitting on their sofas on their  

chairs maybe they're they are they're  sitting in very sort of relaxed ways  

they're not sitting upright they're just slouching  they're sort of sitting in very awkward ways  

on their seti but not necessarily awkward not  awkward because comfortable sort of they just not  

caring about how they look that's it maybe they've  got food all over them yes you know drinking one  

hand food in the other a bit like this mr duncan  oh i've got my favourite little christmas snacks  

so this is this is something so we looked at what  i was drinking and now we're going to see what mr  

steve was eating sandra is watching mandalorian  and putting her feet out oh the mandalorian i  

haven't seen that you see because that's on  disney plus and i can't afford it you see so  

we don't have disney plus um it says why don't we  get the subtitles uh we've been into this before  

uh youtube won't allow it anymore unfortunately  i don't know why i don't know why we don't have  

subtitles on the live stream i don't know although  later on i will add subtitles to this but during  

the live stream unfortunately i don't know why  something has happened youtube have changed  

their mind you can wind down if you wind down  you relax and finally get that one already  

and finally you know unwind oh unwind unwind  earlier and wind down can also mean to relax and  

i'm trying to wind down yes i used to say that to  you when you used to make me angry yes i'm trying  

to wind down do you mind will you will you please  shut that noise off i'm trying to wind down which  

is most of the time not really number 10 rest your  bones you will lie down you will sit down you will  

relax yourself by doing very little you  will do nothing at all you rest your  

bones so some idioms there connected to relaxing  because a lot of people at the moment are relaxing  

after the christmas period you see after  the christmas festivities yes dat vu does  

the phrase lounge about mean relax yes yes  i see it in some bars yes it's got a well  

it's sort of got a positive meaning but it can  also it can also uh sort of indicate laziness  

sometimes if you if you say to people stop you  know stop lounging around get up and do something  

yes you might say to somebody that that's used in  a negative way to suggest that the person is lazy  

yes uh so lounge can be can be used to describe a  person who is just doing nothing they are inactive  

stop lounging about get up and do some washing  up that's it or look at you slouching in that  

city it's about time you got up and did something  that's it okay anyway help me in the kitchen stop  

lounging about so if you slouch it means you are  lying lifeless you flop maybe onto the sofa or  

maybe onto the bed even here we go then we've  got the sentence game coming up steve because  

we we are trying to get through so many things  today and if we look outside you can see that  

the daylight is fading away it is misty  in the distance the daylight is starting  

to fade is that a live camera mister that's  the live view right you must be really  

zoomed in there yes that's that's shrewsbury that  is the large town around 17 miles away that is  

very far away anyway as the crow flies probably  only about eight what have you got there steve

that's what i've got my favourite little snack  your favourite snack i only eat them at christmas  

twiglets and twiglets these are these are a  savoury snack i don't like them mr duncan hates  

them and it's it's a kind of love and hate food uh  it's savoury which means it's not sweet it's got  

sort of salt in it so like crisps are a savoury  snack but oh i love them because they contain  

if you've heard of marmite marmite is a kind  of savoury spread that you can put on bread or  

toast it's actually yeast yes it's yeast extract  so it's salty and so these are miniature ones  

they look like pieces of wood or maybe a  twig well it's actually wholemeal flour baked  

and coated in that brown that you can see  on it oh can we get closer to the camera  

no because it will go out of focus okay there  it is uh they're crunchy and they're savoury

mmm and i love you they smell  disgusting derby olive but i  

only ever eat them at christmas  can you see them there they are

oh they're disgusting anyway steve you've got to  be careful because they can stick in your gums  

steve and make your gums bleed  my dear dear mr steve please  

we have to move on because now  we have coming up right now

i want to start on these mr duncan  


let's play the sentence game did you enjoy  that i like licking my fingers afterwards  

so i've heard because you get all  the the marmite on your fingers

if your mum saw you doing  this she would be disgusted  

my fingers are sticky now she would be so  disgusted if she could see steve doing this  

because steve was raised steve was raised by  a very posh family his family posh very very  

posh they they he used to play croquet with his  friends i come from aristocratic stock mr duncan  

you know that uh right you know i  live and i used to live in a palace  

when i was a young child a young boy didn't they  didn't they demolish your house that's another  

story it was falling apart anyway yeah they just  finished the job off well you know these country  

seats these country piles are all falling apart  i don't want to know about your country piles  

yes you can get ointment for that you can okay so  we have the sentence game let's play the sentence  

game it's time to play the sentence game the  thing about twiglets is they used to be a lot  

longer i used to like the long ones you could  chew them down but i think you can still shorten  

i think you can still get the long ones when i  was a child they used to be gigantic about that  

maybe it's because maybe maybe  children were choking on them  

i don't really know to be honest here we go the  sentence game whether words all you have to do is  

tell me what the missing words are and as you can  see on the screen there there you see there it is

the sentence game we have weather words today  words connected to the weather because we've  

we've had horrible weather last night we had a  big storm massive storm blowing across the house  

so here we go the first sentence game coming  up if i can find it of course it's connected  

with the weather the weather so here is  the first sentence and this is connected  

with something to do with the weather so  this i will give you a clue this is actually  

a proverb so you might say it is a proverb  or a phrase that is used quite often  

this something is just a something in a something  you have a you have s you have t you have eight  

letters a proverb so it's a sort of a saying  that might have a grain of truth in it yes  

or a very deep profound meaning meaning or maybe  advice a proverb yes so maybe true may not be  

but it's a phrase that people have passed down  over many years uh right so this something is  

just to something inner something i'm just waiting  i know what it is oh steve steve knows what it is  

because steve's very very clever he might  not look it but underneath underneath this  

there there is a machine ticking away it's it's  it's like it's like it's like a nuclear reactor  

firing away all these synapses glowing white hot

just waiting to give you wonderful advice  

but he hides it very well well  i'm afraid that uh well yes well

okay tom tomek is very close close close close  not a hundred percent not a hundred percent so  

tomek is not a hundred percent steve not a  hundred percent is he not feeling very well  

if we say we're not feeling 100 well i don't  feel 100 today it means that you're not feeling  

so well so maybe if something is happening  that might be causing chaos or noise  

something that two people might be doing if they  are getting angry about something but maybe they  

are they are getting angry over something that is  not very important so people who become angry or  

aggravated or they they fight and argue  i almost gave the word then so yes it's a  

type of thing that happens when two people  are fighting over something or there is  

a problem that is being created over  over nothing over over a very small thing  

you see valentina is making donuts they're  delicious i'd like to share them with you please  

oh donuts oh i love donuts can we can we  make donuts in our air fryer i doubt it oh  

but uh donuts i used to make them you put with  chat i like the ones with jam in the middle uh  

but yeah yes they're fried aren't they sort of  basically dough that's fried yes uh oh yes coated  

in sugar i love doughnuts send us a picture  valentina i want some donuts now people are  

but is what is the first word is that the  first word yes it looks like no that is not  

the first word okay so the first word but i  think maybe we might get some coming through  

so the first word is not accident  jimmy from hong kong has part of that  

correct part of it also eagle eagle fly  has one of the words correct as well ah  

yes it looks as if tomic ah yes i think tomek  has got he's got the the first word correct  

yes which means he's now got all of them correct  what do you keep doing with your feet my feet are  

itching the soles of my feet the underneath part  of my foot is itching so i want to scratch it see  

that's what i said earlier steve just can't keep  still he has to keep moving all the time itching  

that's why this something is just to something in  a something it looks as if quite a few people are  

now getting this right zuzika yes zuzika you are  right as well shall i give the answer the answer  

is coming now shall we have mr steve having  a giant poo on the toilet or shall we have mr  

cockerell what would you like i don't want either  of them i i like mr steve's poop to be honest

you've got both of them oh oh dear oh  well that makes me laugh every time  

i love that there we go so we know the answer  so the answer coming up right now the answer is

this argument is just a storm in a teacup so  the argument is over something that is not  

important or maybe a very small minor an important  thing and this happens quite a lot people do this  

all the time don't they steve yes people will  have arguments or they will make a problem that  

that really is is very small and insignificant  but they will make a very big problem out of  

something very small yes maybe somebody at work is  complaining because the paper clips are too small  

or something something silly like that  that's the best you could come up with  

and they might say they might keep complaining  these these paper clips are useless uh you know  

i i want bigger paper clips and they might create  this big argument about it and it's such a minor  

thing and you might say that's a storm in a teacup  a storm so maybe i don't know maybe if you if in  

the place where you work maybe they take a certain  food off the menu maybe just maybe bread is taken  

off or maybe butter with your bread is taken off  and and they make a very big fuss about it oh  

how dare you take the butter off the bread and  and people go on strike and they and you think  

why what's the problem it's just a storm in  a teacup you are overreacting to something  

yes so a situation that has been sort of blown  out of all proportion and it's a minor thing  

and you can say to somebody come on it's just  a storm and a teacup get over it dietrich says  

you can make a mountain out of a grain out of  a sand grain yes you are making something worse  

than it really is or it needs to be yes that's  a good one or you can also say making a mountain  

out of a mole hill as well blow things out  of proportion oh that's good tomic thank you  

tomek is very good at this very good here's  another one then well somebody zuzika said an  

argument uh a storm in atomic tea cup uh said  zuzika or maybe atomic cup storm in atomic cup  

maybe i don't know here's another one the the  second sentence game for today are you eating more

twiglets steve stop it look i  can't believe you're doing that  

normally you are such a hypocrite because normally  steve is telling me not to eat so i like being in  

the garden so i've got an excuse i've been using  energy in the garden no but these once i start  

on these i can't stop here we go talking of can't  here is the next sentence game i can't something  

the something of something something  something five words yes look at that  

so so for all those who are relaxing after  christmas you see i'm making your brains work  

i am boosting your brain power during this  very lazy period of time i can't something the  

something of something something something so it's  connected to weather so one of the words in there  

is actually connected to the weather you have five  letters beginning with s eight beginning with p  

seven beginning with w and you have four and four  which form one word you're right beater it's not  

easy no lewis is saying uh olive oil green beans  and potatoes what sounds nice do you think we  

could cook that in the air fryer mr duncan yes  i think so that you can cook potatoes great you  

can you can make stew and casseroles all sorts of  things i think you can even make cakes oh it's cod  

alessandra baccala is cod in english so cod olive  oil green beans and potatoes oh that sounds nice  

and that is one of our favourite types of fish  card yes we love cod very much cod with potatoes  

and green beans and olive oil  that sounds incredibly healthy  

no one wants to try and guess the  sentence game instead we are all  

talking about food let's face it right is  uh has anybody got any of these words yet

is palmeira correct with the first word um

yes ah i had to think then i i literally my brain  just went blank i think so the first word there's  

a clue is stand i think i think maybe i'm drinking  too much of this you see the first word is stand  

stand i can't stand the something all right  yes beatrice so it's a word so the the word  

the the next word the next missing word is  connected carry on it's connect it's connected to

it's connected to a weather word a weather word  a word that might be connected to the weather

i'm not being too noisy am i mr jungkook i  am a little bit of a i'm actually jealous to  

be honest because i want to eat some food but i  have no food nearby unfortunately there's a box

steve is now choking steve is choking on  his twiglets i'm choking on my twiglets  

well this is empty it's empty there's nothing  in here steve don't worry about that i give  

up says eagle fly wow this is a hard one  i can't stand the something of something  

something something i can't stand that

powerful is powerful the second word if you are  working in a job you have a job maybe some people  

work for perhaps 10 hours 10 hours each  week but some people have to work for maybe  

40 or 50 hours each week so there is  a clue but if if you have to work for  

many many many hours each week you might  start to say that you can't stand the what  

you're antonic you will be under a lot of  what i can't stand the something of something  

something something is the w word  with seven letters could that be

weather oh valentina has sent a picture of  the donuts suddenly i'm very distracted by  

beatriz tommy is racking his brains valentina says  i have sent you a photo of my donuts wow we'd love  

to see those we want to see them i want to have  a look have they got icing on them have they got  

jam in the middle have they have they got uh icing  over them or maybe some uh some sugar yes normally  

dusting of sugar normally put caster sugar  pressure is that one of the words yes ah ah right  

no more more guess what maura has  got it right ah more well done

well done you have got it right i can't believe  it we will have the cockerel to say time's up

the time is up

well done yes you got it right oh my goodness  correct yes that was a difficult one i thought  

so i can't stand the pressure of working full time  so full time means you are working for long hours  

full time so maybe you have to go to work  every day and then work for many many hours  

you work full time i can't stand the pressure of  working full time so there it was today's final  

sentence game because we are almost out of  time i know one almost out of time i can't  

believe we've been here for two hours it's  gone by so quickly and what do we normally  

have on a sunday after the live stream mr  duncan on sunday we have a cup of tea yes  

made by mr steve we also have a tea cake yes  are we having one well somebody thought ahead  

and got two tea cakes out of the deep freeze did  you get some bread out no because we need bread as  

well for the soup oh yes because we're having  soup so steve has boiled all of the leftovers  

from the chicken chicken carcass so the chicken  is now boiling and all of the bones and all of  

the meat and all of the goodness has come out so  we're having a lovely chicken soup tonight with  

vegetables as well so that's what we're having  but of course i always like to have a little bit  

of bread i like to put some bread in my soup well  i was also going to do the the vegetables and and  

fry up the leftover vegetables good from christmas  day because we had enough of to use yesterday and  

we've got enough to fry up bubble and squeak it's  called so all the leftover potatoes carrots um

sweet potatoes and what's that other vegetable  we like um sprouts sprouts parsnips parsnips  

they're all in the freezer in there sorry  in the refrigerator leftover from christmas  

and i'm going to fry them up  with some olive oil in a saucepan  

or in a frying pan and we're going to have that  as well and i might put that would be nice with  

some cod in it that's a bit like louis's recipe  there so for the cod and potatoes i'm trying  

to get this on quickly before we go bubble and  squeak it is where you fry all of the leftover  

vegetables you fry them and and we call it  bubble and squeak so it's actually on the  

live chat now i've typed it on there so you can  see it because when you're cooking it it bubbles  

and makes squeaking bubbling noises yes as the air  escapes bubble and squeak it is something we often  

do around christmas time because we normally  have lots of vegetables that we've cooked  

and they are left over so we don't waste any food  just like we haven't wasted the the chicken bones  

uh we're going to try that bubble and squeak  in the airfryer aren't we mr duncan we will  

eventually no we're going to get it out we're  going to do it today we're going to try it really  

yes okay if you say so well we've  got time it's only four o'clock yes  

anyway that's it hello e e martia hello e  martia watching in france a big bonjour and  

au revoir to you sadly we will be going in a  few moments thank you for your company it's  

so nice to see so many people here today  even though for some of you it is still  

christmas it is still the christmas break we will  be back on wednesday for the final live stream  

of 2020 so next wednesday will be the last live  stream okay of 2020. oh so you don't have to  

wait a week we're on on wednesday yeah we're on  on wednesday because it's next year next week  

next week is next year laura laura also got an air  fryer for christmas okay oh really yes brilliant  

so great we uh we look forward to swapping recipes  we i don't suppose you've got time to to look at  

uh the donuts from who was sending the donuts  um i don't know i don't know where they are if  

they've come to my email it's much harder to get  get it if it's on facebook it's it's much easier  

but we will show them next time because it's  wednesday difficult for us to do it while we're  

doing the live stream wednesday we are back on  wednesday so we don't need to mention that again  

wednesday 2 p.m uk time join us please for the  final the last ever live stream of 2020. what  

you're going to say then just of 2020. yeah we'll  be doing them in 2021 2021 sounds very futuristic  

doesn't it 2021 it somehow sounds like we're  really getting into the future yeah it's it's  

great right i'm going to take these with me and  go into the kitchen munch a few more and while  

i'm preparing the tea and tea cake lovely to see  you all today hope you've enjoyed today and i look  

forward to seeing you i probably will be with you  on wednesday well yes you are well i've already  

put you down for it no way out of it now that's  it so join us please next wednesday for the final  

blessed of english addict as we prepare to  say goodbye to what has been good riddance it  

has been a very strange year good riddance  join us please on wednesday bye for now bye-bye  

thank you steve steve is going now there he  goes look he's he just walks off into the sunset  

and i will be doing the same thing as well because  it's time to go i hope you've enjoyed this thank  

you for your company thanks for spending your time  with me for the past two hours i can't believe  

i've been here standing in front of the camera for  two hours but i have i've been right here with you  

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you very much for your company i hope you've  enjoyed today's live stream we have been live  

from the birthplace of the english language thank  you very much thank you mohsen thank you anna  

thank you belarusia i will give you a few moments  to say goodbye to each other because i know that  

you love to do that at the end of the livestream  this is mr duncan in the birthplace of english  

saying thanks for watching see you on wednesday  don't forget wednesday 2 p.m uk time and you can  

have captions on here later on so you can watch  this all over again with captions later on and  

of course until the next time we meet here on  youtube which will be wednesday at 2pm uk time

what a busy week it's been who would have thought  

that lying around being lazy and eating  lots of food would be so exhausting

ta ta for now