did you enjoy those noises i hope so

here we are then we are we are all here together again nice to see you all

i hope you are feeling good on this sunday yes we are back together again

it is english addict live from the birthplace of

english which just happens to be


oh hello there hi everybody this is mr duncan

in england i don't know why i feel so surprised to see you here because

i knew you were on your way how are you today are you okay

i hope so i hope you are feeling good and happy

i really really hope so here we are again oh my goodness we have made it

all the way to the weekend in fact the weekend you might say we are coming

towards the end of the weekend because it's


oh yes we've made it all the way to sunday isn't it nice

how lovely so for those who don't know what this is

maybe you are flicking and clicking around youtube

maybe you have your sunday afternoon to yourself

and perhaps you are looking for something to watch on the internet

well my name is mr duncan i teach english on youtube

i've been doing this for a long time some people say too long

and that's what i do i've been doing this for many years

and of course i am here every sunday wednesday and friday for those who are

wondering when i'm on a lot of people still ask

mr duncan when are you on well there is the answer sunday wednesday

friday from 2 p.m uk time

you can catch me every week here we are inside today

you may have noticed inside the house today exactly

now yesterday we had some terrible weather

very strong winds the trees were blowing all over the place and as

you can see it is still a little bit windy outside

now so i thought it would be a good idea not

to go outside to do my live stream so i'm in the studio today

and we are all safe indoors so i'm not doing my live stream outside

after everything that happened on friday i did try to do it on friday

did you see friday's live stream oh my goodness i really

thought as if i was taking my life into my own hands and to be honest with

you i know i love doing youtube i really do

i like being here with you however

however i don't think it is worth risking my life

doing it do you see what i mean so i i thought today inside indoors

in the house that is what i'm doing today so that's what we are doing right

now it is lots of english lots of

conversation of course it is sunday

and mr steve will be here let's have a look if i can find

mr steve's camera for some reason i don't know why i can't find steve's

camera today it's very strange i'll wait there a minute there it is

oh yes look at that what an exciting view

i'm getting really excited by that view look at the view it is one of the

radiators and also a blank wall one of the things

we are talking about today is

how do you place yourself when you are talking

on a web camera now i'm sure you don't need me to tell you that over

the past few weeks many people have been appearing on their

web cameras scientists entertainers

famous actors they've all been doing it including me however i was here first

so before tom cruise and tom hanks and tom hardy and all the other toms

got involved with doing their webcam live streams i was doing it before them

so i hope you remember that

but what is the correct way to do it what is the correct way

to show yourself on a web camera now i like to think that this

way of doing it is quite nice however you will be amazed how many people get

it wrong people who might actually have a lot of

experience in the film industry or television

industry however they still get it wrong how is

that possible i really don't know so we are

talking about appearing on web cameras have you ever have you ever appeared

on a web camera now this is something i've never done before

i've never done it and i'm not going to do it today however

in the future i would love to be able to have

a conference call on my live stream so maybe two or three people joining in

on the live stream that sounds like a very good idea however there is

quite a big negative side to doing that first of all you have to make sure that

other people have a good connection at the other end

so if you are going to have other people appear

on your live stream with their video cameras you have to make sure

that your your speed the speed of your internet

is fast and also the technology that you are using is good quality so

that is one of the reasons why i've never really done it before

however i would love one day to be able to have

maybe skype calls so what about you do you use a web camera are you

using it more at the moment because of

well you know what i'm talking about i think we all know now have you been

using a web camera or maybe your mobile device to talk to

your friends one of the the best forms of

communication now i'm not being sponsored by this

company but i think facetime on the iphone

and ipad is a brilliant little device it is a wonderful application can i say

mr steve often uses facetime to talk to his mother so during this

strange period of time many people are now

getting in touch with their friends their close relatives using technology

such as the iphone or ipad some people are using

skype some are using zoom of course there are many ways of doing

it hello to the live chat i should say

hello to everyone right now i wonder who was first on today's live

chat shall we have a look oh my goodness

it's so busy already on the live stream i can't believe it

hello to jimmy from hong kong guess what congratulations jimmy you are first on

today's live chat

congratulations to you oh yes of course i can now

go congratulations to you

my echo is back because i'm in the studio

hello autumn also partridge mohsen vitas also annie

richard hello richard nice to see you here today

beatrice also emain sujin grace lolly lolly

mogmog also beatriz valentina francesca if mohammed

also rob luis mendes louis mendes is here today

hello also adnan hello also to lolly lolly

hello also to oh we have mr bruno hello mr bruno

hello mr bruno i haven't seen you for a long time here

on the live chat nice to see you back as well i know sometimes i say this

quite often i know in your lives you have lots of other

things to do especially at the weekend perhaps

so i do understand if you can't always make it

to my live streams however you can always watch these

again later on you can always watch them again

later isn't that amazing and for those who want to have captions don't forget

you can also have live captions as well right now

all you have to do is press c on your keyboard press c on your

keyboard and you will have live captions it's

amazing and for those who are watching on

mobile devices you can get your captions by going up there of course

on your phone or your mobile device you can go up there into the functions

the function settings and you can select captions

on so activate your captions and you will have them as if by

magic so you can watch my live stream with live captions for those who

often ask mr duncan how can we see you with your captions now you know

press c on your keyboard or you can find all of the functions up

there on your phone or mobile device

so what about you are you using some form of communication to get in touch

with your friends and family during this very long

lockdown i was going to say a rude word then

but i decided not to but a lot of people at the moment are getting very restless

very antsy i love that word antsy maybe a person who is becoming

restless they can't keep still they want to keep

doing things they want to go out and enjoy themselves they want to

see their family and friends however they can't so people

are getting very restless during this time here in the uk

we are into our ninth week

and we are still being told not to move around

too much however however however some people have been ignoring

their own advice have you seen that in the news from the uk a very

high up figure in the british government was caught i love this story so much

he was caught i think it was around 270 miles away

from where he should have been and he was dancing

in the garden to abba

i'm not sure what's more embarrassing to be honest

being caught going against the lockdown rules or dancing in your garden

to abba so i'm not sure which one is more embarrassing to be honest

hello to connell nice to see you here also we have

cap devi hello cap devi can i say thank you once again for your lovely

donation last week on the live chat very kind of you

hello anna also we have oh yes pedro belmont is here


yes also we have zuzika it is a sunday it is a fun day it is

time to improve your english you can listen you can get involved on

the live chat also coming at me later on oh i'm so

excited by this i really must get a theme tune

for the sentence game i really must because i haven't got one

so i really feel as if i have to get myself

a piece of music that i can use when i introduce the sentence game yes

we will be playing the sentence game the sentence game

the sentence game enjoy yourself and fill in the blanks

on we are playing the sentence game we are definitely so that's what we are

doing today for those who are wondering what is

coming up talking of up we will also be looking at uses and the

ways of expressing the words up

and down the ways we can use them in sentences

so that is another thing we are doing today as well

besides having a chit chat

we are going to have a chit chat with mr steve

as well are you ready to see mr steve he will be here

a little bit later on

oh dear you have to love mr steve really don't you he

he's what a guy

that is that is disgusting by the way disgusting

hello to robin in germany also we have mohi also noemi

also francesca anarita hello anna rita is it my imagination

or is it a very long time since i saw you here

or is it just me is it my brain starting to dissolve

in my head i don't know maybe maybe not mika

is here as well hello mika nice to see you back here

as well lots of things going on in the world

have you heard the latest from the uk one of the most senior people in the

british government was caught disobeying

the lockdown rules a lot of controversy at the moment at

the moment yes hello also

to oh we have eleanor hello eleanor nice to see you here as

well nice to see so many people hello

nor prod hello mr duncan from nordibek nordibek i hope i pronounced that

correctly in uzbekistan nice to see you here as well so lots of

things to talk about we are talking about

uses of up and down we are we have mr steve who will be talking about

well many things to be honest we'll be talking about

the way in which you use your web camera i always try my best

to make my camera look as good as possible however sometimes

there are things that people do and they do them very badly

and one of those things is appearing on a web camera

there are many things you have to consider before you go

live on your web camera hello to andy mr duncan have you got the

historical books in your library there are many books in

my library i have all sorts of books i have books

for fun books for relaxation and also books to feed my brain

as well definitely hello valor mr duncan do you love

gossiping gossiping thank you valor that is a very interesting question do i like

gossiping well sometimes i do i think we all do it in the area where i

live i know that the neighbors around here they love

gossiping they often talk about each other

and one of the great things about living in a small neighborhood

is everyone knows each other so it's very hard to keep anything

secret around here so around here everyone knows that i do this you see

because they all tell each other who knows

perhaps at the moment one of my neighbors is watching

right now in which case hello neighbours hi yes it's that weird guy from the

house on the hill yes this is what i do

on sunday afternoon what are you doing at the moment

are you doing something nice i hope so hello also miss angelica watching in

spain hello spain nice to see you as well

also ogie ogie ogi rustiana asks mr duncan have you

ever been to indonesia i've never been there to be honest

never been to indonesia i've been very nearby

i've been to malaysia and singapore but i've never been to indonesia

hello also to jamilia hello jamilia again it feels to me

it feels as if i haven't seen you for a long time

maria oh maria i'm saying hello to maria

i am now hello maria nice to see you back again

hello artsby it is like the united nations together with mr duncan oh thank

you very much it's very kind of you to say oh

am i really that important i i i don't think so to be honest i

really don't think so hello oh belarus here is here hello

belarusian nice to see you back as well also karula

watching in morocco hello karula karula dull

thank you also to irene lena is here oh my goodness what a busy one

this is turning out to be i tell you something it's going to get

very busy soon because mr steve is going to be here we have the sentence

game as well here's an interesting word and

this is something that popped in my head this morning

whilst i was lying in bed the word rattle have you ever seen this

word before it is an interesting word because it has more than one

use more than one definition the word rattle rattle

well quite often when you hear a sound a certain type of sound maybe there is

an empty container with something inside and it will make

a rattle so rattle can be the sound that something makes maybe an empty

container a container that has nothing in it

except one thing and it rattles also the word rattle

can mean to do something very quickly you

rattle through something you do something very fast

you rattle through your homework you rattle through your

gardening you do it very quickly to do something in a very fast pace

is rattle rattle to do something very quickly

you rattle through it i love this word another use of this word and

this goes back to the question i had a few moments ago

about gossip rattle can also mean to talk

to endlessly talk maybe you talk for a very long time

maybe two people get together and they talk

to each other they have a rattle rattle so this word can be used in more

than one way it can be a sound it can also be

to do the action of doing something quickly

and also it can be the action of talking maybe for a very long time you are

rattling you are talking maybe my neighbors

at the moment are standing in their gardens

and they are rattling to each other about what that strange man is doing

at the top of the hill on the internet rattle i love that word it is

interesting sometimes how some words have more than one use

and quite often their uses can be very different from each other as

well i think so

partridge can you give me some tips to learn

fast and perfectly well this is a question i'm asked all

the time learning anything takes time you can never rush

learning it is probably one of my biggest rules when it comes to learning

english in fact learning anything takes time

and patience so you can't rush learning trust me a lot of people

believe you can there are people on youtube who say they can teach you

english in three months they can't they really can't learning

english learning a language takes time you need time you need effort

and also you need to make sure that you don't

lose interest so you can learn english in many different ways keep

doing it make it part of your life do it

every day so i always say you can't rush learning learning is something you have

to do over time i know there are people who say they

they have the magic solution ah they have the magic solution to

learning in just a few days wow but it's rubbish

you can't you really really can't trust me hello fly away

mr duncan i know the sh

rattlesnake so yes the rattlesnake the sound of a rattlesnake is

rattle so that's the reason why they call it

a rattlesnake because

the noise it makes it makes a rattle rattle hello stanislav

hello yes you can rattle through something

to do it quickly you can rattle through it

it means you are doing it at a very fast pace

however you cannot rattle through learning english you can't you

have to take your time you have to do it at a certain

speed a certain pace

we are going to have a look at one of my full english lessons we are talking

about uses of the word up and down oh also in

a few moments we are going to have a look at mr steve's

grass so how has mr steve's grass been growing over the past seven days

we are going to have a look at that in a few moments but first

here is an excerpt from one of my full english lessons this is taken from

full english number 33 and then after that he's back

by popular demand from his mother

it's mr steve coming up in a few moments time

don't go away


so what's it all about as i lie here in

solitude on this giant rock hurtling through space

on such a beautiful day as i look up at that glowing ball of gas that keeps

us all alive and well on this little blue pebble i can't help

but wonder what's it all about why are we here

these existential thoughts rattle in my head

again and again keeping me from my nocturnal slumber

as one by one my brain cells glow white hot with the wonders that i behold

anyway enough of that hi everybody and welcome to another full english video

lesson here we are at lesson number 33

which also happens to be my imaginary age

yes for today only i am 33

anyway i can't lie here all day whispering about nothing

as we have a very busy full english lesson to get on with

which will start around about


i love talking about british traditions and customs

so today i would like to tell you about one that has been

very popular for many years over time we often buy things that seem useful

at the time but eventually they become unused and

unwanted however there is a way of selling your old

items in person and sometimes you might make a little bit of money as well

you can sell your second-hand items to someone who needs them

if something is second-hand it means that it has been

used it is pre-owned it is not new you can sell your unwanted

items at a car boot sale this is a place where

people turn up and sell items from the boots of their

cars there are many car boot sales that take

place here in the uk they often happen at the weekend then

there is a jumble sale things that are unwanted

or second hand are sold at a jumble sale a jumble sale is often held to raise

money for charity the word jumble means old and

unwanted as well as mixed up and messy old unwanted items can be

described as knickknacks odds and ends bric-a-brac

jumble and even junk there are shops that specialize in

second-hand items you might buy a second-hand car a car

that has been pre-owned and not new is second-hand

it's now time for another buzz word a buzz word is a word or phrase that is

used during a certain period of time or is generally popular today's buzz

word is shaming

this particular word is not new but it is often used in phrases that have

become prominent the word shame means to feel

upset or distraught over some negative aspect of your life

or because of the way you feel about yourself

you feel self-conscious about something we often use

shaming with the state of being a certain way one group of people

might accuse another of shaming them by the things they say or do overweight

people might feel fat shamed because of their size

they are made to feel uncomfortable about being

fat so fat shaming is the action of ridiculing or placing guilt

on the overweight another one is poverty shaming which is the action of

ridiculing or using a person's poverty for

entertainment or exploitation a poor person might be

berated or shamed for being poor

this form of shaming is seen by some as embarrassing and

exploitative the suffix shaming can be added to any state that

is held up as a way not to live poverty shaming

fat shaming body shaming parental shaming or internet

shaming are all seen as types of social humiliation by those affected

by the negative attention they bring

here are two english words that both have positive meanings

and can shape a person's life forever the words are inspire and

aspire firstly the word inspire means to fill someone with the urge or ability to

do something quite often the thinking

question is creative something you see or hear

inspires you to do something yourself you feel inspired by the thing you saw

you feel the urge to do something similar or to go off on your own course

and create something unique and individual

the action of another person might inspire you to do the same thing

you feel emboldened i like that word to embolden is to give

confidence and encouragement through action you might describe

inspiration as a type of enlightenment you feel inspired which encourages you

to take action i attended a business seminar last

weekend and now i feel inspired to start my own

company that beautiful sunset has inspired me

to start painting again then there is the word aspire

which describes the feeling of bettering yourself

you see a place where you would like to be in the future with a better job

a better house or perhaps a more comfortable lifestyle

these are the things a person might aspire to

you might say that the urge which comes from feeling aspiration

is what pushes us forward to better ourselves

you aspire towards a goal or an objective

ambition and hope can be the driving forces that

help you realize your dreams for the future you can be

inspired to aspire i saw a lovely village on tv last night

which is the place i'd like to live one day

to dream and aspire is what we all do sometimes those hopes and dreams are big

and appear out of reach but if you can imagine

something then there is no reason why it can't be

achieved it all depends on you

to inspire is to give someone a spark of creativity

to aspire is to think positive dream big and most importantly of all

never give up

i hope you enjoyed that one of my many english lessons

that you can find on my youtube channel

i hope you are feeling happy today thank you for joining me

yes this is english addict live from the birthplace of the english

language which of course is england as if you did not know

i'm sure you do i'm pretty sure you are aware

of that we are now coming up to oh 2 45. very precise

look at that almost exactly on time precisely really really

accurate today i can't believe it here he is here he comes everyone's

favorite man oh dear me everyone's favorite guy

everyone's superstar it is of course mr steve

yes you always forget the clap

the sound isn't turned up very much anyway how are you mr duncan

how are you mr steve more importantly how are you

all you out there in the world wide web of


my own special welcome and uh how are you then mr duncan you haven't answered

me yet i'm okay i can't complain do anything

the only thing i forgot to do steve was put your microphone up at the start but

i start again then hello hello everybody hello mr duncan hello

to everybody in the world wide web of english okay

when you when we did the mic level earlier you weren't doing that

always with the mic levels every week it's the same thing mr duncan

yes a whisper i whisper like a little mouse

strangely enough your whisper is as loud as you shouting it's very strange though

i don't know how that's possible oh doesn't matter does it mr duncan

it does actually anyway we are here together again there

i am and there is mr steve so are you feeling comfortable yes very

comfortable thank you very much yes i don't know why you're shouting i'm

just talking normally i'm just talking normally that's better yes

now now you're talking normally so what a week it's been we've had a lot of

things going on here in the uk of course around the world steve things

are slowly getting back to normal

now when we say normal we don't really mean

normal we mean normal with quotations so we are saying normal

because it isn't really the exact definition

of normality however people are now trying

to get back to some sort of normality would you say the new

normal people keep calling it the new normal i

like that uh so in other words just social

distancing forever yes uh or until we've got a

vaccine that's it uh but yes yes exactly mr

duncan but i mean to us it hasn't been that much

different really because i mean for you for example social distance for

the last 10 years at least yes that's nice um why do you why do you

say that every week because you you you give me the

opportunity every week mr duncan yes but you should

of commenting on your isolation from humanity

but of course it's all in the devotion all in the devotion of

english teaching it's all in the the devotion is it

yes you're you're like like a monk

in a remote part of the world and dedicating themselves to a cause

and your cause is teaching english and of course

in order to be brilliant at it which you are you have to be

remote and isolated from the outside world

just like a monk would be you know you've got yogurt all over your face

yogurt no not really i have been eating yogurt

well mr duncan you surprised me because i was eating strawberries and yogurt

okay and you suddenly said two minutes and then i was scoffing into

strawberries and yogurt you were eating your yogurt

yes anyway you finished your yogurt bit hot in here

it's a very interesting color combination by the way today

oh well this oh i just threw this scarf on no particular reason

no i'm not you know i'm not covering anything up no

okay i'm sure that's true talking of which though

because you've been doing the same thing as many people

over the past few weeks you've been using the

internet you've been using your web camera

for getting in touch with your work colleagues and also your mum

as well i mentioned this earlier well yes uh because i'm working from

home as are a lot of people and we've been

told uh although we sort of relaxed some of

the lockdown situations in the uk our work has still

told us we must stay at home and work from home

yes which is good i'm fine with that and of course the only way to stay in

contact with colleagues i mean you can use the phone but they've

utilized this new technology called zoom uh

there are lots of other versions but that one seems to have become very

popular around the world and we've certainly

been using it so every day it's zoom meetings

and what i find fascinating is that people go on to these meetings

and well let's just say the webcam is not very flattering

yes well what i've noticed certainly over the last few weeks as more and more

people have started using their web cameras there

are certain things that you should and should not do

there is a certain type of i suppose we use the word etiquette

etiquette etiquette when you are using a web camera

for example you have to make sure the camera is in the right position

so a lot of people make the mistake don't they steve of having the camera

too low down and then it looks up at them can i just say that is the worst

thing you can do the absolute worst thing you can do is have your camera

low down looking up and there are two reasons for that first of all

the shadows look terrible on your face also because many web cameras steve have

a very wide lens which means it can fit lots of things

onto the image now because of that if you get close to it

your face will start to distort so of course if you have the camera low

down your your lower face

your your mouth your your chin and your neck will look

large because it's being distorted by the lens you mean out of proportion

yes well it's distortion it's it's a natural distortion caused by the

wide lens that many web cameras have and of course

it makes your nose bigger as well it makes

everything bigger everything well almost everything

yes and i've noticed at work that a lot of people have their cameras set

uh so that you can and you can't see their neck yes i mean that's why i've

got this on today i was hoping you'd point it out mr duncan make fun of me

but you haven't no but what i was going to say steve is

having the camera low down is is not a good thing but however you can

rectify that you can put it right you can correct that problem by having the

camera high up so what you do is you have the

camera at a high angle looking down and so your face will be

more in proportion in fact it can be quite

flattering flattering very flattering so if you

have your web camera higher than you

looking downwards slightly a slight angle

you will actually look much better than if you have the camera low down

looking up in fact this happens in movies you will often see

in movies quite often the camera is is often at a higher angle when it is

filming a person especially close up because it's more

flattering the worst angle is low down the best

is high up so that's just one of my little tips

you see for the right way to appear on your web camera

well the other the other thing about etiquette

uh on if you're using webcams zoom or there are other things

out there the skype yes and you you use facetime with your

mother face time all sorts of things that

remind steve your mother

your mother always has the webcam or or very low down

looking right up at her face and i know it's not very flattering

she doesn't like to look at herself because of course you can see yourself

can't you in the top corner uh of the of the screen that you're on

you can always see a version of yourself yes and she hates looking at it but of

course she won't hold it up she holds it down like that maybe we

we could send something to her some sort of

apparatus that she can fix her eye pad too and then

and then she can look have to have the angle coming down instead of

i think her arm would ache and the reason i put this scarf on today is

because something that a friend of mine

mentioned in an email to me uh recently was that they were on

on zoom uh with their work colleagues and of course you can see yourself

so they and the first thing they noticed was that their neck

looked like looked a bit scraggy it looked

old because they're probably in their mid-50s

and they were very very self-conscious that their neck looked old so they've

gone into the habit now of going on to any work

zoom meeting wearing a scarf or a very high collar

and that's why i put this on not because i've got a scraggy neck as i shall

reveal to you my neck is perfect and i'm taking it off because

i'm boiling hot mr duncan so so let's just have a look then now

you've drawn attention to your neck yes it looks quite nice though beautiful

youthful of course can i also say congratulations

to whoever set that camera up

do i look flattering this don't well that that's exactly what i've done if

you notice steve the camera is high up so the angle of the camera is high up

it's actually above you slightly thank you mr duncan and because the

camera that you're using well actually that's one of my

professional cameras you've got there so that that's actually being very it's

very flattering let's just say very flattering to mr

steve's face well in our local sort of team there's

eight of us in our little team yeah and we have sort of twice weekly

zoom meetings for about an hour and there's one there's one uh girl

lady on there and she has her camera set so that you can only see her from the

chin upwards i see so she's sort of she's like that

she's like that on her camera all the time

so she just talks to you like that and she won't she won't go

she won't move up and i know it's because she's self-conscious about her

appearance uh but we're not we're young we're youthful

in the prime of our lives we don't have to worry about it but i mean

this is the thing the other thing mr duncan is that you want to have a light

don't you coming straight at you ah yes this was the other thing i was

going to mention as well one of the things that people get wrong

when they are appearing on a camera a web camera is quite often they will

have either too much light

in the wrong place and when i say that i mean they have a lot of light behind

them it is the worst thing you can do so you

always have to make sure the light behind you

and in front of you is even you have to have even

light yes because your your web camera will either make you look like a ghost

or it will make you look like you are just

a giant shadow and you don't want light coming in from

the side because that shows up all your all your wrinkles on your neck if

you do have light coming from the side it must come from both sides

yes so if you do it from both sides it's very flattering

so as you can see in my studio the lighting is

diffused it is on either side of my face and the same with steve so steve is

using natural light on one side and on the other side i'm

using an artificial lamp to to make sure that the light is even

on steve's face so this is another thing that a lot of

people do when they try to connect their web camera they

don't really set it up in the right way

and quite often they can make themselves look much worse

than they really are it's a bit like looking in the mirror

do you ever look in the mirror steve first time

mr duncan all the time if i can just get to the end of the sentence

do you ever look in the mirror in the morning and you you look at yourself and

you think that that can't be right that's not me why is

the mirror lying to me now i look in the mirror mr duncan i say

look at that handsome face look at that beautiful person look

at his his lovely hair his beautiful skin

i i'm only joking of course i don't what a dish no i'm joking i don't

because we all hate looking at ourselves in the mirror don't we well some of us

do obviously you don't i'm joking i'm just joking uh but yes

it's it uh people some people do feel very

self-conscious on the and of course the other thing

you've got to be careful about mr duncan talking about etiquette zoom etiquette

or what what's the generic name for for uh is it webcam

etiquette could we call it yes i i think so yes if you are if you are on a webcam

you don't want to keep using one brand name oh well you can say webcam

some people well it's a bit like the way in which

certain brand names can become used in everyday

life like for example hoover so when you are doing your vacuum

cleaning you use your hoover however hoover is a brand name

so over the years you find this happens quite a lot where a brand name

becomes something that you use in everyday life even as a verb

so you might hoover your carpet so the the word hoover is actually a

brand name however it has become used as a verb an

everyday verb so zoom i suppose

zoom is a good example will we are we going to zoom

later so the word zoom is a brand of of software that allows people to

connect visually and with sound however you can

also use it now as a verb it's almost become a verb facetime

here's another one do you want to face time later

no okay that was rhetorical exactly uh yes the other thing is you've

got to be careful to deliver its work colleagues that

you're dressed appropriately that sort of thing

um there have been instances i think on the uh

you've seen it on social media where people are

dressed for a work meeting but they because they think they can't be seen

below their neck and they haven't got very

much on underneath yes you're not supposed to

eat it looks rude to eat when you're on a work

zoom meeting when you say underneath you mean below waste level

below waste level yes there was uh it was going doing the rounds on the on the

internet on social media somebody that was in a

work meeting they left their camera on and they stood up after the meeting

they were quite smart they got a nice shirt on but then they got

nothing on or just underwear yes i think they were just in their

underpants weren't they so that was quite embarrassing

but yes who knows who knows what i'm doing maybe below the camera

maybe down there i'm not wearing my my smart clothes i might be i might be

wearing ladies underwear for all you know i'm not no not mr

duncan i'd get very worried if you were i'm definitely not I've just checked i

do have clothes on below the waist even though it they are

my pajama bottoms i'm wearing my pajama trousers so i can

confess i don't mind confessing i am wearing my

pajama trousers the trousers that i actually

sleep in i'm wearing beneath or below my waist

so this is the part that you can see it looks

all presentable and lovely but down there

it looks as if i'm ready for bed he's wearing pajamas it's true

viewers it is true so what have we what have you been talking about today mr

duncan so far we've talked about the uh use

of what was the word i looked at yes rattle to do something quickly

a sound that is made by one object in an empty container and of

course to talk a lot to talk rattle so i thought that was an

interesting use of one simple word

had you been talking about the word etiquette before i came on

no no that was the first time so the etiquette

when we talk about etiquette we are actually talking about the way you do

something or maybe the recognized way of doing

something so a way that you do something maybe

when you are in a social gathering there are certain

things that you do and certain things that you don't do

there are certain rules social rules

and the same thing applies when you are on your web camera

and that is true the other thing that i've noticed

steve is is of of course the background of people's web cameras yes a lot of

people and this is why i have my bookcase

behind me a lot of people think it's better if you

sit i will show you this oh

that's outside where am i i can't i can't actually find my where am i

that's strange i've lost myself get your act together mr duncan

i can't find my camera where's my camera going someone's

steve someone's stolen my camera it's me because i

want to be on show all the time i found myself

now yes i can't i can't even remember what i was saying

go on steve we were talking about etiquette weren't we yes

etiquette and people when they appear on web cameras

they they often have the bookcase behind them

to make them look very intelligent and clever

learn it so this behind me is why why i do this you see so i've got

this behind me because that's the thing you see when you see

people maybe scientists or politicians they're giving advice on their webcam or

maybe they're having an interview steve on the tv

they will often be standing in front or sitting in front of a bookcase to

make themselves look better so what do you think about that either

that or if they if they've written a book

they'll have their own book in prominent view

yes so that you can see the which i suppose is fair enough

uh if they've written an interesting book that they might want us to read

yes you've got to be in fact when we when we go on work

zoom meetings before it starts there is a list of things

the etiquette so the it's like acceptable behavior isn't it

what you're supposed to do which is acceptable

it's like it's like table etiquette yes uh how do you eat a meal in company

that is acceptable won't upset anybody you know you're not sort of eating with

your hands or talking with your mouth full things like

that using your cutlery in the right order

and just when you're on a webcam at work doesn't matter with you with friends or

family but if it's a work meeting then there are certain behaviors

that you've got to display in order to not draw attention to

yourself and show respect for whoever is talking at that

particular point yes i think the general rule is

be decent and if you are doing something during work time you

must always look presentable maybe you have a shirt

and tie like this you see i i look so nice

today and professional so that's what you normally do you have

to decide on what the situation is and then you dress

according or you dress appropriately for that situation

uh meek is off to bed good night good night mika sleep tight hope the bed

bed bugs don't bite that's nice sergio doesn't like to look in the mirror in

the morning i don't need such stress when the day

begins yes true

something i've noticed actually is that with work colleagues particularly the

men uh their standards of presentation have

dropped over the last few weeks i mean they're

not bothering to shave wash their hair they're looking very

they're almost looking like vagrants oh i see and

comments have been made and some people will come on

and they won't put their camera on and they'll

pretend that there's something wrong with the camera

i can't work out i switch it on that sort of thing

yes so yes so they're finding a reason not

to turn the camera on maybe maybe they they are not looking good or maybe they

just haven't bothered bothered getting dressed maybe they're

sitting there in front of the webcam or naked maybe

maria says hello from north of spain which is very windy

so i think yes the wind that we had which has died down a bit it's less than

it was yesterday yes it's much nicer outside now

it's now streaming across the rest of europe

uh so yes very unusual to have wind at this time of the year yes it's

looking yes let's have a look oh there yes there

it is there is the view now it is still a bit breezy so that is the

view outside something else i want to look at quickly

steve of course steve at the moment

is nurturing he is looking after his new lawn his new grass

so it's time now to take a look take a look at the monitor

steve you will see it we are now going to have a look at mr steve's grass and

maybe you can take us through what what you've been doing this week is

it mr duncan no i want to see it i'm excited i don't

want people to be bored no i'm sure everyone wants to see your

your new grass how about that i would imagine many

people have actually tuned in not to see us they want to have a look at your your

lovely new grass so here it is here is mr steve's

new grass let's have a look shall we let's check in

with steve's new grass how is it growing oh yes it's looking nice from there

oh yes look at that wow steve it's looking all right

well i'm going to have to give it a cut soon

when it's around eight centimeters tall i will give it its first cut that's what

it says in the books there it is mr mr steve look top marks for me

nine out of ten i would say there's a few little

a few little patches yes but that's normal but i have to say

i am quite impressed with your new grass that looks amazing

so let's get a bit closer shall we let's move in

let's get down there's a few weeds in there already

let's get down and dirty there it is oh yes we're getting close now

so you can see there are some patches however

as the grass grows steve will be able to identify the areas and then you can fill

in those areas can't you i can well it

might fill in on its own i'm hoping it will

anyway because of course grass does seed itself

so as the grass seeds there will be new blades of grass coming up so i think

that looks that's honestly steve that's amazing that is mr

steve's grass mr steve made that grass happen

blade by blade there is a great expression

that goes something that is boring is like watching grass grow well here we

are literally we are literally watching

grass grow at the moment so there it is mr

steve's wonderful new grass and it is well it's looking

amazing steve so can i just say congratulations steve

for your grass uh a few people are commenting on your

bookshelf okay and artsby30 says can you take a

book out of your bookshelf mr duncan

and show us yes okay then i will do that let me just i need to just turn around i

can't do this easily so i need to just turn around okay i'm

turning round now yes oh yes you disappeared there mr

duncan are you picking out a particular book that you

like yes i'm trying to find a book that i can

uh they i can show you oh sorry yes i'm in my library here i'm going

yes i'm going to take a book from my book case excuse me well you know hurry

up about it mr duncan you don't have to take such a long time

will you need uh ladders no i see that's good there we go so here is here

is one of the books oh well very predictable that you would

have that on your bookshelf mr duncan yes a lot of my books are connected to

the english language so there is one of them

so now you can see one of the books one of the many books behind me

and this is my thesaurus and no it isn't a type of dinosaur steve

a thesaurus it is a great source of information about the english

language and you can find out not just what

words mean but you can also find out alternative words as well

so a thesaurus is very good for looking for synonyms or other ways

of expressing a certain word so here's a sorry big book mr duncan you

could call it a a tyrannothordus rex

a tyranno thesaurus rex that's okay to be more a tyranno thesaurus

rex a very big book that's it it is a big one actually there's a there

are a lot of pages in this this is one of my favorite books

and i will put it back now in my bookcase i have to put it back steve so

if you can just be entertaining for a moment go on mr

duncan be careful don't uh don't fall off the

step ladders will you we don't want you to have an injury what

about one of the books immediately behind you there's an

orange one there that looks quite interesting oh well i don't think we've

got time though have we today no unfortunately i was going to pick

another book but we haven't got time i'm afraid we've

got to move on we've got to move on we've got to move on

so there now you know that it is a real bookshelf

behind me it's real i know fancy people doubting

i can't believe that doubting that that was a real bookcase

people think that i'm standing in front of a green screen i can't believe it

the cheek of it mr duncan doesn't know you're a professional

it's so cheeky so naughty we are going to play

our little game that's become very popular

over recent times i don't would you like to play along steve i'm wondering if you

want to play along maybe you don't want to

well i'm here so i may as well okay though

so we are going to play the sentence game

and this is something that has become quite popular

over recent weeks for various reasons what one particular reason is because

many people have nothing else to do during this strange lockdown period

so there it is the sentence game keep an eye on your monitor

mr steve that is a message for you keep an eye on your monitor

so what we are going to do we're going to look at some sentences however

you will notice that there are some spaces

in the sentence and those spaces are where i want you to put a certain

word so each space has

one word that you have to add to the sentence

so how you feeling steve are you feeling lucky

i should be all right shouldn't i mr duncan i don't know

i'm not sure i'm hoping that your viewers will will fill in the blanks

better than i will okay we will see everyone saying come on

mr duncan get on with it yes get on with it well here's the one

first of all here's an unusual one steve do you know the rules this is the one

that appeared on my facebook page

so it's a very long one so can anyone huh are you okay i was just

uh they're getting more and more elaborate every week well this is the

one that was on my facebook page advertising today's live stream so

you can see there are many blanks many spaces

there it's something join something today for

something english addict something stream

from 2pm uk time mr steve will be something us as well

we will also be something the something game

yes i know it's a long one not many people say that to me normally

but it is a long one so that's the one that appeared on my facebook page i

wonder if anyone is feeling brave enough to

put some of those words in place sujin says sunday oh okay then

yes i suppose so it's sunday yes you can say that it is sunday

yeah okay then i think that's okay i will get my little pointer to show you

yes i will put myself on the screen fully

please don't take it personally mr steve

so yes it's sunday sunday it's sunday

join what what do you think steve join what us

hmm you could have us of course me yes i think in this particular sense

i'm i want to use the word me so it's sunday

join me today for what what do you think i'm asking

you to do it's sunday join me today for

what so last week we were here weren't we steve this

week's this week we are here again so this is

what today no

uh oh it's sunday join me today for uh

live something that's happened before is happening again so it is uh what

another ah yes ah another it's sunday join me today for another

so once more so when we say another we are saying once more we are doing it

again join me to get today for another

so there it is mr steve is back now your face is now

shining out from everyone's computer screens around the world

ballerina join me today for an english addict live stream from 2pm uk time mr

steve will be with us as well yes

i think so so english addict and the word is live the next word

is live and then ready got that there so

it's sunday join us today for another live

or another english addict live stream from 2 p.m uk time mr steve

will be what oh somebody's already got that yes you

can say with mr steve will be

with us also there is another one as well

another word you can use joining yes mr steve will be

joining us as well so he will be coming on to the live stream at some point

he will be joining us as well he will be joining us or of course

simply put you can say with mr steve will be

with us

sorry freddie's on the ball with this one he's already got the last one

oh okay then is freddie ahead freddie is ahead of me and uh

there we will also be what we will also be what hmm

what will we be doing what will we be doing also

well what are we doing now what are we doing now well freddie says

playing playing we will

also be playing playing what playing the

sentence oh okay then steve don't get too carried away steve

answering these well the people have already

answered it they're way ahead of us okay i think we need to go a bit faster

that's good okay then well i have to make sure that everyone has a chance

you see because there is there is a 60-second

delay so we have 60 seconds of delay between us talking

and then the answers coming on the screen a lot of people getting this

right so i i want to make sure that everyone has a chance you

see i like to be fair with people you see that's what i'm

doing at the moment so that's it that was the

one that appeared on my facebook page today and that is how i

wrote it so maybe it looked a little bit

confusing for some people maybe i don't know here's another one lewis

got that right as well well then lewis artsbee beatrice got it

right yes a lot of people getting that right well done

thank you very much a lot of people getting this right here's another one

we will move ahead to a shorter sentence now

so i don't want steve to answer this don't answer this steve

no emmy got it right out we got it right well done v


here is another one

i something ah something time

at the something last something now i

i won't give the answer straight away because we have to be careful because of

the delay you see there is a little bit of a delay

on the internet so we will have a little bit of time

whilst you are looking at that so maybe we can just have a little bit

of music playing underneath and if you think you know what that is

let us know i will put it back on the screen again

are you ready i something ah something time at first something

last something oh it's been in the blanks it's been a

while steve since either of us has said this

that is a clue try and make it funny as well if you can

yes if you can make it funny you get extra points yes if you make it funny or

maybe rude

if you can make a funny sentence or maybe a rude


is here hello to you and thank you for saying hello

to us yes it's mr steve and mr duncan here live on youtube

hello rosa i join a good time

at the city last week i joined a good time

i think what you are saying there is actually

i enjoyed i enjoyed a good time

at the city last week so yes there you go that is a sentence

i enjoyed

good one from valeria i had a good time at the party

last night ah i had a good time at the party

last night so yes that does fit in sergio says i something a something time

at the something lasts something

i don't think that's quite the uh yeah play the game there

it's not the answer i was looking for although it did raise a smile yes it

made it made steve's face crease up

with with laughter

corey says i had a good time at the famous

last sentence game oh i see that's quite good i had a good time at


but but there's there should be a word before last you see

beatrice says i spent a lovely time at the park last sunday

oh and then you could add on now that lockdown has been

relaxed that has a lot of words maybe you had a bad time ah so maybe the

thing you are talking about wasn't good so

what would you say steve if you were if you were talking about something

negatively you can also use these words as well to

construct a negative sentence

yes i had a horrible time at the meeting last week ah okay then

and that is something you have said quite

often yes i had a bad time yes at

the meeting last week i had a horrible time at the party last week but

let's be positive yeah let's be positive well i'm just

showing the alternatives yes yes anything else

uh helene says i had a good time at the sea last year i had a good time

at the seaside we would say last year hmm yep very good

i had a good time at the party last night and a kobe yes that's a popular

one i suppose another positive word you

could use is wonderful i had a wonderful time

at the seaside last weekend because the weather was really

hot in fact during this week many people

have been traveling around the country when they shouldn't they've been

visiting their friends and family and going to the beach

enjoying the hot weather because we had some lovely weather last week

and of course one particular person is really in trouble at the moment i won't

get steve started on this because we'll be here all day yeah one

person has definitely got in trouble

for doing something wrong anyway i don't want to get too deep into that

because we are playing the sentence game is a good one from maria

i had a great time at the fair last weekend yes that's it excellent

so we can see the construction of this sentence we are talking about

something we did we and we know that the reason why we know that is because

we have less so that word

shows that we are talking about something from

the past so you can see the word last is being used to show something that

is already happened which will help you to create the sentence so you know you

are talking about something that has already happened so

it makes it much easier to start the sentence

so you can see how we can get the actual sentence so last is

the past so we would start with something

that also shows that we are talking about the past

i had it's the past ah well this

space can be positive or negative it can be either of those things

it can be good or bad wonderful or terrible time at the

well we are talking about a certain activity

a certain event something we did something we went to

something we attended and then last well it can be anything

last tuesday last weekend last night

so yes you can see how that sentence is actually put together we are talking

about something we did in the past something we did before

so i think this particular game is very good for

practicing your grammar and also having a look at how

sentences are constructed anna's gotta run i spent a lovely time at the theater

last year oh i see well done to everybody there

yes we only want to fit in one word don't we into each space

yes uh some people have tried to put which is funny i mean

uh andy starr put a lot of words in there made something funny about a

crocodile and being eaten by a river but yes yes

good so we'll move on to the next one if we can

yes here we go here's the next one steve i will try again can you

something me something something my mother later

oh mr duncan yes so we have three words that you have to

add can you something me

something something my mother later um so i will give you a little bit of

time i'm not going to rush you so don't worry we will not rush this i

will give you some time so you can put it on the screen that

one's a bit more tricky mr duncan yes it is it is a

little bit more tricky so what do you think ah there is steve

steve is back now i think a lot of people were missing your lovely smiling

face i don't think so

hello stannislav hello also sergio give us a hope for the future start stop

talking about the past well i think that's a good point

yes i suppose i should sometimes maybe sometimes we all do it

we all dwell we all talk about the past too much however don't forget the past

is a very important part of your life it is what makes you the person you are

so it is something we do quite often we do

often look back over things we've done already i think so any answers

yes uh we've got one from ali here can you

help me to help my mother later ah yeah can you help me

to help my mother now as i mentioned last week we don't

normally use the same word twice within a sentence it is seen

as breaking one of the basic rules of english if you are writing something

down so that we can actually use our

thesaurus and come up with an alternative so the

answer is correct however what i would suggest is using a

different word so can you i'm just trying to find can

you help me to now there is another word for help

that you can use can you help me to assist

my mother later so instead of help instead of using help twice you can

actually use another word so this is something

i've talked about in the past if we are writing a sentence especially

something formal you must always make sure that

you change one of the words if you repeat them

within a sentence so try to think of an alternative so

that's a good one can you help me to assist my mother

later or maybe you could put a cyst first can you assist me

to help my mother later even though it's not as grammatically correct

so the first one is much better can you help me to assist

my mother later land's got a good one landfirm can you remind me

to call my mother later ah i like that one well done that's that's

perfectly grammatically correct and uh

fits in perfectly with the words so let's have a look again

can you remind i like that word remind so to help a person

remember something you might suggest the thing

to them you remind someone these days quite often on our mobile

phones our tablet devices or even our computers

we will often have something that will remind us

they will it will give us some sort of warning

or a message to remind us to do something can you remind me

to call my mother later well then lan uh aerys got to or ahri's got the same

same sort of thing as well uh yes uh huh

can you join me to visit my mother later can you join me to visit my mother later

yep is that all right mr duncan um

can you join me too

now i would make a suggestion there can you join me whilst

visiting my mother later so that actually is more correct

with the grammar can you join me whilst visiting my mother later

so i want you to come with me i want you to join me

whilst i am there whilst visiting my mother later i want you to

come along with me i want you to join me

can you give me something from my mother later

can you give me something from my mother later

can you give me something from my mother later

i would say can you bring me something from

my mother so maybe your mother is going to give you something

that maybe she owes you some money

hey maybe she wants to give you some cakes

can you bring me something from

my mother later we are asking you to collect something from my mother

so yes there is it's interesting steve when you see

all of the spaces in the sentence it is amazing how many

words you can actually change around or how many words you can use in those

spaces it is interesting and it's a great way

of improving your grammar this by the way is one of the games i

used to play in my adult class one of my adult classes when i used to

teach in the classroom i used to do this on the blackboard or

on the whiteboard with my students in the adult classes

and it was always very popular somebody here called

luke english addict oh okay which uh it's an excellent name

considering you're on a channel that uh is called english addict

i don't know whether that's coincidence or whether you've engineered that

deliberately can you tell me something about my

mother later can you tell me something about

my mother later i'm not sure what the context of that

question would be yes i'm not sure the words fit and it's grammatically correct

but it's meaning but it doesn't really have any meaning would you is that a

question you would ask can you tell me something

about my mother later maybe if you needed some information about your

mother maybe something maybe you you haven't

spoken to your mother for a long time so maybe in that situation can you tell

me something about my mother later

yes maybe but the context is is sort of something you probably

wouldn't say normally however the grammar is quite

good but the the meaning is is very vague

and we wouldn't normally say that but luke english addict the grammar is good

can you tell me something about my mother

later hello to valeria can you give me something from

my mother later can you give me something from my mother

later so yes very similar i'm asking you to bring

something can you bring me something from my mother later

so in that sentence it works much better grammatically

elena says can you help me uh to

uh that's all right i've done the classic things i've

started to read something out and then the screen's gone blank

uh can you help me to convince my mother

later uh-huh that's a good one can you help me

to convince elena yes my mother or persuade you could you

could use the word can you help me to persuade

my mother later yes you've been having a discussion

or convinced equally good words you've been having a

discussion your mother doesn't agree with something that you're saying

and uh you want somebody maybe your sister or your brother to help you out

to convince your mother yes yeah good one maybe you have to take

care of your mother maybe there is something you have to do

for your mother can you help me to

something you might do for your mother maybe she has difficulty getting around

can you help me to what my mother

i would say wash wash can you help me to wash my mother

later maybe you are talking to one of your siblings

maybe a brother or sister so you have to both go

together to help your mother can you help me

to wash or maybe we can also use the word feed feed your

mother yes so maybe she has to have something

to eat maybe she can't do it herself this mother isn't in

very good health no the mother you're talking about there

she needs washing and she needs feeding yes

does it sound like someone we know yes can you help me to

um cheer up but that's two words can you help me to

amuse my mother later yes can you help me to

kill my motherless maybe not have you said that before

that was a joke is that one you've said before

i don't know what to say to that i'm i'm slightly

i went to a dark place there you went to a very dark place that all of

all of the lights were definitely switched off

i think we've run that one to the end of it's called

everybody well done yes super duper can you help me to wake my mother later

oh yes someone's put too awake can you

can you remind me to wake my mother later that's a good

one that's a good one yes can you remind me to wake my mother

later maybe she is on the bed having a sleep

snoring that was sasuke 1022 can you remind me to you put awake but

you would you would actually use the word

wake can you help me to wake my mother later yes that's a good one she's fast

asleep can you help me can you

no that one doesn't work sorry yes well done to everybody some very good

suggestions there so this type of sentence is a request

so we are asking for something and the reason why we know that is

because well there are two things that give that away

first of all the first two words are can you

can you so we know already that this is a request and of course at the end of

the sentence you can see a question mark so we know

that this is an interrogative question we are

asking but we are also requesting something at

the same time we are asking a person if they can do

something later so again we are talking about

not now not in the past but later so we are actually looking

forward this time we are asking if you can help

someone later not in the past not in the present

but in the future dazuli adele says another suggestion can you call me or my

mother later can you call me

or my mother later but there's two spaces there

oh my yes can you call me or my mother oh yeah sorry yes yes

can you call me yes close that's it anyway i think we've run the

course of that one so we will have another one i hope

you're enjoying this out there in youtube land we will do one

more maybe and then we'll have a little break i've

got some uses of the word up and down

coming soon so that might be a little bit intriguing

who knows i hope it is can you drive me to meet my mother later

wait there steve now anyway we're moving on we're moving on

can you drive me to see my mother yes so you are asking someone to take you

there can you drive me to see my mother

later zoe well done good here's another one now we'll move on

as time is ticking away oh now this is a good one i think

i think steve will definitely know the answer to this

i think steve will definitely know this

all something noise something is something

on my something another tricky one mr duncan so

this sounds like maybe a complaint so i will i will give you a

clue here this is actually a complaint because i don't think this one is easy

so this is a complaint you are making a complaint something is

bothering you something is annoying you sometimes steve will say this when he's

trying to have his afternoon sleep and maybe all of the

neighbors are outside cutting their grass steve

might say this sentence or you might say it of course i might

say i often say it especially when i'm trying to do my live

stream outside

suggestions please in the live chat yeah it does take a little bit of time

for everything to come across on the live stream but don't worry it's

okay we've got plenty of time time is not that short we can always

extend we can always go a little bit

longer so here's the next one

all something noise is sorry something is

something on my something i'm pretty sure steve knows the answer to this

already don't you i'm pretty sure you do because steve has

actually said this sentence he said it definitely

vitas oh here we go steve vittas all that noise

bad is making on my health okay

there is there are there are some grammatical problems there the grammar

is slightly off unfortunately but i know what you're

saying all that noise so in your sentence you are saying all

that noise is affecting my health

unfortunately it doesn't really fit into what we have there on the screen

but i know what you are trying to say i know what you are trying to say that

tatiana's has got a good one all

the noise outside is unbearable on my nerves

hmm you are close very yes that's that's that's quite good however

once again there is a slight problem with

the grammar all something noise so

all we are talking about a certain thing so when we talk about a certain thing we

might say all that

all that or all this

all that noise all this noise

so you are talking about something that is actually happening now

and quite often you will say all this noise if it is nearby if it is far away

you might say that far away that nearby this all this noise

yes that's very close tatiana or you you could if you just put all this noise

outside is getting on my nerves that would fit

uh but you couldn't use unbearable on mine you could

you would have to change the on to two yes

yes it is is yes unbearable to my nerves but you couldn't fit on on

my wouldn't wouldn't work there yes in fact what you would do is you

would remove the end of that sentence completely

yes all that noise outside is unbearable and that's it

so you could stop the sentence there it is a very short sentence

so in fact you don't need the end of the sentence you don't need all of that

because unbearable shows that something is causing you stress so you don't need

to say that something is on your nerves because unbearable has the same meaning

so in fact you can make this sentence much shorter by using

unbearable all the noise or that noise

or this noise outside is unbearable it's unbearable

it means i i can't stand it it is driving me crazy

valentina's very close one one change of word in your sentence there would make

it perfect you'll put you're saying all the noise

outside is going on my nerves so if you just

change the word going forgetting

that would be perfect yes but very very very good very close yes and in that

sense when we are say saying something is getting it means it

is creating a feeling something is getting

on your nerves it is starting to affect you

it is getting on your nerves well francesca's got it perfectly right

okay all that noise outside is getting on my nerves

gets a thumbs up from me yeah all that noise outside is getting

on my nerves and corey's got that as well

and if something gets on your nerves it means it is annoying

it is irritating so maybe i am trying to do my live stream in the house

and perhaps outside my window there is a terrible noise

i might say all that noise outside is getting

on my nerves is there another way of expressing that

steve get on my what is there anything else

you could say instead of nerves getting on my wick

yes it's a great one isn't it i love that one i don't know what it means by

the way or why we say it but something can get on your wick

on your wick now i think if i remember rightly i think this has

something to do with a thing that maybe lights a candle

so if something is making your candle wet the candle will not light which is

annoying something that is holding you back or creating

discomfort so something is getting on my wick that noise

all that noise outside is really is sorry is getting on my wick

or nerves yes there is another one by the way that's rude

steve uh something might get on your t i oh right t

yeah s so i won't say it but i have spelt it so that is often

used in british english so quite often if something gets on your

nerves if something is annoying we can say that

it gets on your t-i-t-s

hello to sasuke all this noise around is beating all this

noise around is beating on my head

maybe instead of beating you might say

oh no i suppose you can't really because you would say then

in my head so because we are saying on that normally means physically

physically so a noise normally does not affect you physically

but it might affect you mentally so if something gets on your nerves

if something is pounding in your head it is pounding in your head

yes so the sound is so loud it feels as if it's

inside your head

it is pounding in my head not on my head because that

normally refers to a physical action maybe if a person is hitting you on

the head yes people are using beating on my head or striking on my

head or do uh disturbing on my head

none of those words are actually correct no because normally that that is

that is a physical thing yes so if if something is really

causing physical damage maybe a person will

punch you on the head boom they will hit you boom on the head

but maybe a sound if we are talking about sound

the sound feels as if it's in your head it's in your head

or it might pound in your ears so it is causing

stress hence the the the term on my nerves something that is

causing difficulty or stress is getting on my nerves i know steve

sometimes you find certain things irritating don't you steve

definitely yes one of the things we were talking about webcams earlier

weren't we and do you know what i'm thinking of now

uh what is the one there is there is one thing that you said

that always annoys you when you're talking to your

work colleagues when they bring children on

yes i don't know why steve gets a bit annoyed when

everyone starts to show off with their children

that's another thing that people like to draw attention

to themselves on live streams uh on work zoom meetings by bringing

their children or their pets so they have their child there oh look

at my child everyone's going ah or they bring their dog or their cat on

so they can draw a little attention to themselves

and i find that very annoying because it's it's distracting especially when

you are maybe you are doing some business maybe

you are supposed to be professional so it maybe it breaks up

the atmosphere as well but i know i know it

i know this is one thing that annoys steve sometimes

so next week if there are any of steve's work colleagues watching

next week bring all of your children that you have in the house

and get them all onto the web camera all of them every

every child that you have in your house maybe you have an extended family

staying with you in lockdown just bring them all into the

room with you and put them on the camera in front of

steve there you go you can have some pleasure from

tormenting mr steve i think that proved quite

difficult for quite a lot of people that one that was quite a difficult one to

get the grammar correct to fit in with the words

there aren't many that are actually correct in terms of

the grammar but we had we had at least a couple that were

perfectly correct

i'm just reading i'm just looking at sergio

sergio's put some very funny messages on here using the

the word that we spelt earlier very interesting haven't seen that one

so so don't forget next week steve's colleagues

get everywhere the other thing that's annoying is when someone

gets their cat or one of their pets and the pet will come in and they will

be oh look at my cat look but you're supposed to be working

you're supposed to be having a conference call with your with

your fellow colleagues so next week

if you have any animals also bring the animals as well

onto the webcam i think people do it because uh

if they don't say anything constructive or they say anything

uh incorrect then they're already immune from criticism

because you can't shout at somebody or criticize them or accuse them of

anything if they've got a child with them

definitely so i think people have been very clever by bringing their children

on because they know full well that you they can't

be told off by their boss yes because they've got a child with

them so i think people are being a bit clever

when they're doing that but i mean we had people

in order to draw attention to themselves if somebody's got a child

or a dog or a cat if nobody if somebody hasn't got any of those

things they'll resort to soft toys as well so i often see it sort of

escalating somebody will come on with a soft toy

and then someone will think well i can do better than that so they come on with

a cat or a dog and then somebody then comes on with

that with a child like a three-year-old child or a baby it's almost like a

competition it's that they're trying to upstage each other all the time to see

who can who can have the cutest thing on camera with them

i have i have one baby but the other person has two small kittens

well of course the kittens are much cuter than the baby

but maybe someone then has three kittens and one of them is really tiny it's so

small you can actually put it in your hand

and then everyone's going oh no oh that that

that kitten is very small it's a very small kitten

ah so everyone is trying to to outdo each other everyone is trying to outdo

the other person i think so mr duncan it's four o'clock

yes i'm going to go and put the the tea

cakes and the tea on it's almost time to have some

tea now when i say tea i mean a cup of tea

and of course a tea cake as well i hope you've enjoyed

mr steve's little visit and congratulations once again steve on

your wonderful grass it's looking great i can't wait to run

around on your grass a lot of people

celebrating eid uh today i've noticed so uh

have a lovely time and uh celebrating eid if you are celebrating

that and i will look forward to seeing you

all again next week yeah and i'm now going to make

a cup of tea and a tea cake and you've really made us

think today mr duncan really made us think with your word games

they're getting harder and harder that's the idea yes well goodbye to

everybody and see you all again next week catch mr steve later there he

goes that is mr steve he is with us every sunday and of course

you can catch me every sunday as well from 2pm

uk time

yes i hope you enjoyed that with mr steve

very nice i'm not going just yet everyone seems to think i'm going

i'm not going you have a little bit more time with me

oh mr duncan thank you very much i can hear you saying oh

i want to go and do something else

fair enough here we go then before we finish today i want to show you

another word in fact we're going to have a look at two words

in fact right now if i can find them on my screen

i will put them on right now there we go we are looking at words connected to

being up and being down so first of all we are

going to look at upwards up

words so there are many words we can use many phrases in fact

that are connected to the word up many so let's have a look at the

first one shall we okay then mr duncan we'll have a look at the first one shall

we okay no problem here we go you might have to be patient

though come on can we have the first word

please oh there it is up in the clouds if you are up in the

clouds well of course we are we are talking

about something that is figurative so you are you are not really up in the

clouds but you are feeling delighted you are feeling content and happy about

something you are up in the clouds

you are feeling very high because you are so

happy and overjoyed with something you feel as if you are up in the clouds

because well something is bringing you a lot of

joy you are up in the clouds

shall we have another one reveal the next one

oh yes that's good up on your luck up

on your look if a person is up on their look or you might be up on

your luck it means that you are suddenly having a

lot of good fortune maybe suddenly you are having a lot of

lucky occurrences you are having a lot of good things

happen to you you are up on your luck

maybe you go to the casino and you gamble some of your money and then

wow suddenly you win a lot of money we can say that you are up on your look

things are going in your favor things are going in your

direction you are up on your look another one

to look up someone if you look up someone it means you search for them

you try to find their name or their phone number

you look up someone or in this sense you can look up

to someone which means admire so you can look up someone or

look up to someone which means admire i really look up to you

maybe your teacher is a really good teacher

perhaps you look up to your teacher you admire that person

look up to someone

the next one please oh yes maybe your earnings

are up perhaps your earnings are up if your earnings

are up it means you are making money you are not losing money your earnings

are up they are going up

you have increased your earnings your earnings are up

they are up

uh corey says cheer up cheer up yes cheer up cheer up

maybe a person is not feeling very happy maybe they are feeling

a little glum gloomy you might say cheer up cheer up

here's another one

to be on your uppers oh i like this one to be on your uppers if you are on your

uppers it means you are not doing very well

you are not doing very well you are on your uppers

it means your legs are sticking in the air you are on your uppers or

maybe you are suffering badly through something you are on your uppers

it sounds like it might be positive but unfortunately

it is not

here's another one

upkeep upkeep when we say upkeep it is the word that describes doing

something to keep another thing going

quite often you will have to clean your house

to make sure that the house doesn't become dirty

or full of germs the upkeep or maybe the money that you have to

spend keeping something good or something looking good the upkeep

so upkeep generally means to look after something

to make sure it stays looking good or maybe you have to spend money on

something to keep it looking good so it will run smoothly

maybe a house maybe a business the upkeep upkeep so another use of the word


here comes another word oh oh one upmanship

one upmanship this is something that happens a lot

in real life maybe a person tries to compete with another person they try

to do something better than the other person they practice

one upmanship you try to do something better than the other person you try to

beat them you are very competitive so what

one upmanship means you are trying to do better

or to get better or to do more than someone else

maybe you are trying to get more success than someone else

we call it one upmanship

i think we have a couple more oh here's a good one i like this one

upper t a person who is uppity if a person is

uppity it means they are a little arrogant

snooty maybe they look down on other people they think they are much

better a person who is uppity an uppity person

makes themselves seem better they have a very high opinion of

themselves they are very uppity i like that one

you might put up with something if you put up with something it means

you have to bear that thing you have to take it

something that is happening that is annoying you

you have to put up with it i have to put up with all this noise

there is so much noise around here unfortunately i can't complain

i have to put up with the noise i can't do anything about it

unfortunately i have to put up with all this noise

it can be annoying

i think that might be it oh no there's one more there is one more on

our list to be on the up and up

a person who is on the up and up is a person who can be trusted

they are a person who is honest a person who is not going to deceive you

they are not cheating they are on the up and up the up and up

to be on the up and up it means a person can be trusted

they are law abiding they don't break the rules

they are an honest person they are on the up and up

i like that one as well i think that's all of them now

yes that is all of those so let's go to the next one we have up

now we have down of course next we have down

thank you very much for your company today before we look at the downwards

my fever is going up and down yes when you get a fever

if you catch fever your temperature will definitely go up definitely

i do like your comments today you are having a good time out there in youtube

land thank you very much to maria

oh i look up to mr duncan thank you very much that's very kind of you

how lovely so we've had up and now we are going to have a look at

some down words you can express the word

down in many ways for example

you might be down on your look you might be down on your look

if you are down on your look it means things are not going your way

unfortunately things are going badly for you you are

down on your luck maybe you have no money

maybe you have nowhere to live maybe you have a lot of

bad fortune things are not going your way

you are down on your look so maybe the opposite of to be up

on your look so if you are up on your look

you are having luck you are having good fortune if you are

down on your look it means things are going

badly they are not going well unfortunately

you are down on your luck here's another one down in the dumps

if a person is down in the dumps it means they feel unhappy

i'm down in the dumps oh cheer up there's no need to be down in

the dumps a person who is down in the dumps feels

sad and happy

here's another one we will be going after this

for those who want to go to bed i know there are a lot of people who want to go

to bed so if you want to go to bed

you will be able to go to bed in a few moments down

and out a person who has nowhere to live a person who has to sleep in the street

can be described as a down and out a person who

is unfortunately due to no fault of their own

a person who is homeless they are down and out

here's another one

maybe your earnings are down perhaps your earnings

are down so you could have your earnings go up but also if your business

is doing badly and i have a feeling at the moment many

businesses are not doing well you might find that your earnings are

down you don't have so much money going into your business your earnings

are going down

to be on a downer to be on a downer means

you are feeling unhappy you are on a downer

you are feeling glum gloomy unhappy sad about a certain situation

you are on a downer there's no need to be on a downer oh

it's okay he's not feeling very happy today he's

on a downer

your mood is not good here's another one to do something on

the low down now this is often used in american

english if you do something on the down low not the low down

the down low to do something on the down low

means you do something you do something in secret you do

something secretively you do it so no one else knows what it is you are

getting up to you do something secretly

without other people finding out you do it

on the down low interesting often used in american english

here's another one you might put someone down

if you put someone down

it means you criticize them you criticize a person you say bad things

about them when they are not nearby so maybe they

are not near so you talk to someone else

about that person oh what about mr steve did you see him today oh dear oh

isn't it a shame oh so you might say oh mr duncan don't put mr steve down

don't be so critical don't talk about him

behind his back don't say negative words or things about him

i think we have maybe two more and then we are definitely

going you might be down in the mouth this also means to be

unhappy to be sad or miserable you are down

in the mouth

why do you look so down in the mouth

to put something down too now this is normally used when we are

looking for a reason to sub for something

the reason why something happens the reason why

it is occurring you put one thing down to something else so

maybe i feel unhappy today i feel really

unhappy today i put it down to the miserable weather

so i am saying that the cause of my sadness

is the bad weather so the weather is bad i feel down i feel unhappy i feel

sad i put my mood down to the weather

because there is no sunshine and that's why i feel

unhappy you put it down to the bad weather

the reason why something is happening and that is it that is it

i think we have all of those yes i think we do

so words connected to up and down there are many more

by the way i'm sure you have some of your own

out there

thank you to your oh thank you very much for

mr steve thank you very much for your lesson

that's very kind of you thank you also artsb

thank you to valeria i have to go now thank you mr duncan

thank you valeria i am also going in a moment

it is almost time for me to go as well valeria today was a wonderful class

thank you very much i hope you enjoyed it

don't forget i am with you sunday wednesday

friday the next time you will see me here will be

on wednesday i am back with you on wednesday

from 2 p.m uk time i hope you've enjoyed today's

live stream i hope it has been helpful and i hope you have enjoyed it can i

wish you a good weekend enjoy the rest of your

weekend i know there is only a little bit left

for some people maybe it is morning maybe you are still

in the morning where you are so you have the rest of sunday

still to come thanks for your company thank you robin

thank you also richard thank you vittess thank you also andy thank you seared

oh that's a good one down tools it is an action so if someone down tools

if they down tools it means they stop working they stop working normally

as a protest so sometimes people will stop

working because they are protesting they will

down tools a good expression thank you very much thank you

thank you sujin thank you lek thank you also to mohsen

lovely nice to see so many people here on the live stream

i will be back with you on wednesday 2 p.m uk time have a good weekend

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