and there it is once again the view from my studio window it is a little

unsettled the weather is not great today a lot of wind we've had some rain it's

very cloudy so today I am in the studio as live as live can be that is the only

thing that is different today of course we will be having mr. Steve as well he

is at the moment busy outside we will be taking a look at that later on today yes

we are all here together again it's English addict live from the birthplace

of English which just happens to be England

mm-hmm very interesting we will take a look at this in a few

moments but first hi everybody this is mr. Duncan in England how are you today

are you ok I hope so are you happy I hope you are feeling

happy I hope you are feeling happy today today is another day that we get to

share our lives together right here on YouTube

welcome to what is left of the world I hope your weekend has been a good

weekend for some people it's been a very busy weekend for others

an unpleasant weekend for mr. Steve it has been a busy weekend Steve has been

outside in the garden very busy even yesterday when the weather was bad he

was going outside he went out and he did some more renovation work in the garden

so business so I hope Steve hasn't tired himself out that's all I can say

I hope Steve has not exhausted himself we are all here together again yes we

have made it to the end of the weekend I hope it's been a good one for you yes

it's Sunday

is it Christmas yet I really can't wait until Christmas I don't know what's

happening today might I I cannot get my necktie straight so annoying why come on

come on mr. Duncan you can do it you've been wearing a tie for many years I

can't get it straight is that okay

are you any good at tying a net necktie are you good at it there that's okay I

think that looks better it was it was a little bit crooked at the start of the

lesson so I hope I hope this necktie meets with your approval and yes it is

purple this is definitely a purple necktie it isn't pink for those who are

about to say so it isn't pink it's purple it's a purple necktie for those

who are wondering oh is this weird guy well my name is Duncan and I teach

English on YouTube I have how long have I been doing this for really is that

true I can hear you shouting the answer to the question thank you very much yes

a very long time almost 14 years so for those who are wondering what this is I

teach English I talk about the English language however I do it in a rather

unusual way and you can catch my live streams on Sunday Wednesday Friday 2:00

p.m. UK time I am suffering today once more my hay fever has been so bad during

the past couple of days yesterday I spent the whole day sneeze

I couldn't stop and something else very embarrassing of course during these

strange times we went into town yesterday to do a little bit of grocery

shopping and we went into one of our local shops however I was really feeling

quite unwell because of my hay fever and one of the symptoms of hay fever is

sneezing you sneeze quite a lot unfortunately during these very strange

times that we are living in people do not like to see others sneezing or cough

or coughing so a sneeze or a cough is not a good thing and I tried my best

yesterday I what whilst walking around the supermarket I tried my best to hold

in all of my sneezes and I did a very good job of it actually because I didn't

want to sneeze in the supermarket just in case I caused a panic however it

isn't that it's hay fever so I suffer from hay fever however at the moment

some people are thinking that it is something else which it isn't it is

quite harmless you cannot catch hay fever only I can get hay fever from the

pollen produced by the grass and the trees and all of the flowers so you

don't have to worry you can't catch hay fever there are other things you can

catch but hay fever is not one of them all we have the live chat is well hello

live chat nice to see you here today hello

also today we are going to play a game something a little different today I'm

going to show you the name of the game if you haven't already noticed on the

screen on the thumbnail the game is called the what where game

what I'm going to do later on is I'm going to show you some things some items

things that perhaps you use during your daily life and what I'm going to ask you

to do is to name the item on the live chat and also tell me where you might

find it where that thing might be also I want you to tell me what you use the

thing for its purpose so when we talk about the purpose of something it is the

use how you use it you use something for a certain purpose so the purpose is the

reason why you have it you have a thing that performs a certain purpose it has a

certain task that it has to perform so we are playing the what we're game later

on and I think mr. Steve will be joining in with the game as well by the way I

did mention Steve I suppose I should show you what Steve has been doing this

is actually mr. Steve just a few moments ago before I started my livestream

where is mr. Steve well you can see he's been very busy in the garden doing some

renovation work but where is Steve mr. Steve where are you where is he

oh there he is hello mr. Steve what are you doing there well Steve is still very

busy repairing some of the patio in the back garden so that is what Steve has

been doing this morning in fact he's been doing this job for the past week

yesterday the weather was bad even though mr. Steve did decide to go out

for a while yesterday to do some of the work so that is what you can see at the

moment that is what Steve has been doing this morning he is finishing his

renovation work it's taken him a long time and yes if you are thinking mr.

Duncan that looks like very hard work I can tell you now it is because Steve

keeps complaining about doing the work he comes into the house and he says oh

I'm so tired oh I'm exhausted I'm really tired out

from doing that work in their garden there is Steve busy working away

repairing the garden making the patio at the back of the house look all nice

Thank You mr. Steve for taking care of the garden there he is look looking here

yes we can see you mr. Steve we know what you are up to yes we will see more

of mr. Steve later on me while we have the live chat

oh hello to the live chat hello to mosun hello Mohsen nice to see you here also

Zoran Konstantin hello Konstantin I haven't seen you for a long time is it

my imagination but I feel as if I haven't seen you here for a while also

we have Vitas and never give up never give up that is very good advice

actually also we have Richard and b-tree is is here hello Beatriz nice to see you

congratulations to you all you are the first people joining me today on the

live chat well done to you

congratulations and jubilations you have a very fast finger indeed you have a

very fast finger indeed hello to sujin hello well so helena is here also Moe

hey Moe hey Ali nice to see you as well li'l is here

Victoire hello victor nos to see you as well my uncle my uncle was called Victor

it's true sadly no longer around hello to Jimmy it's Sunday you are right

Jimmy I hope everything is alright and okay in Hong Kong where you are at the

moment I hope things are okay we are all thinking of you during this strange

period of time there are so many things going on around the world at the moment

some people are feeling happy because they can go out again

some people are feeling frustrated because they can't go out some are

feeling angry for various reasons which I'm sure you are aware of and to make

matters worse here in the UK we have been told that we have to start wearing

face masks when we go outside so if we go into a public place where there are

many people in a confined or enclosed space we will have to start wearing face

masks can you believe it so from the 15th of June please don't ask me why

don't ask me why the 15th of June please hear mr. Duncan mr. Junko why why why

have you got to start wearing face masks on the 15th of June I have no idea but

apparently we have we have to start doing it many people going back to work

lots of people now using blick transport as well so we have our

face masks ready to wear in a few days time we have to start doing that I have

a feeling it might be a little too late that's my opinion anyway for what it's

worth hello also to Pedro Oh Pedro Belmonte's

hello Pedro nice to see you back on this Sunday we also have Belarusian he is

here as well today I am critical I'm cooking

cannelloni with spinach that sounds amazing

also grated cheese cannelloni spinach cheese I wish there were some

aeroplanes flying to Argentina at the moment because I would be there in a

flash I would that sounds very nice and also

ham as well a little bit of meat as well with your cannelloni that sounds

absolutely gorgeous delicious my mouth is now watering just thinking about it

zu zika hello everyone it's Sunday it's a fun day it is it is time to improve

your english no less hello Roberto Diaz also flower s boy is here lil says it's

very cloudy in Argentina very strange here the weather is really weird at the

moment because outside outside it is well it's sunny at the moment the Sun

has just come out but you might also notice there are lots of grey skies

great clouds above the horizon and you can see it's also very windy I don't

know why it's so windy but apparently next week the weather is going to be

terrible it isn't that great I I'm really looking forward to next week's

weather it's going to be terrible great what wonderful news yeah lovely

hello hello hello also nuna nuna Noir nice to see you here as well a boo hello

mr. Duncan thanks for your great effort please could you make the live lessons

questions and answers more than reading names on the live chat well people do

ask questions on the live chat quite often some people come on to the live

chat and they will chat to each other which is great so to be honest with you

the live chat is open for everyone whatever you want to say so it's not a

problem it isn't a problem I never say that you can't ask questions however if

there are too many questions I might not be able to answer all of them and then

sometimes people get a little annoyed because I don't answer the questions so

if you do ask a question and I don't answer it please don't become angry

please please don't shout at me there is enough anger in the world at the moment

without adding any more hello also to Corey Miyuki

hello Miyuki Miyuki nice to see you watching in Japan great hello my nerd

hello my nerd and wonderful community says Seska oh hello to you as well

nice I'm not sure who the nerd is do you mean me well I suppose in the past I

have been described as a nerd or maybe a geek perhaps okay I

don't mind it's alright I will take it as a compliment

hello will say flower again mr. Duncan could you please give us some pictures

to describe and improve our English that is a good idea I'm going to show you

some pictures today we are talking about items things that you use and what I'm

going to do is show you the pictures and then we are going to first of all name

the item so you have to name the thing and then I want you to tell me where you

might find that thing and also maybe how you use it what do you use it for what

is the thing where do you find it and what do you use it for that is coming up

later on and of course we can't forget mr. Steve mr. Steve is also here coming

up today as well hello lik hi everybody hi V tests again

hello also - hello Lali Lali are watching in France nice to see you here

as well so many people joining in on the live chat and that is the reason why we

are here to share our love of the English language can I say a big thank

you here we here we go a big thank you

to Aldo father Aldo father for your kind donation that I received this morning

what a lovely surprise so Thank You Aldo for your very kind donation that you

sent on PayPal this morning thank you very much

don't forget all of your donations help my work continue forever and ever

until the end of time well okay maybe not the end of time but at least the end

of me which which doesn't sound too bad when you think about it

well it might be good for you but it won't be good for me so thank you very

much once again to Aldo Aldo Farva for your lovely kind donation how very kind

of you don't forget I do everything for free everything I do I do it for you

here's an interesting word I like to talk about English words and he was a

very interesting English word I wonder if you've seen this word before there it

is on the screen what does that word mean there it is again

caveat caveat it's an interesting word it sounds like it doesn't belong in the

English language and that is because it originated somewhere else caveat

what is caveat what does it mean mr. Duncan please tell us because we are

waiting patiently for you to tell us what it means well there are many

synonyms for this word including warning caution stipulation requirement and

condition so it is something you must observe as an instruction or a warning

or something that is real quired so we will often use this word in

English a proviso or condition that must be accepted or agreed to before a deal

can be made is a caveat that is what it means so a caveat is a condition a

proviso I like that word proviso so when we say proviso it is something that must

be observed or may be something that must be agreed to may be a condition or

a requirement that must be accepted or agreed to before a deal can be made so

as you would probably imagine this particular word is used a lot in

business English and for those who are wondering the word caveat comes from

Latin and literally means let a person be aware so you might have to have a

caveat or some sort of condition something you have to agree on before

you go ahead with a business deal maybe when you are buying something so maybe

if you go to the shop you might find that there is a great offer in the shop

maybe if you buy something you will get something else as well however there

might be a caveat attached to that deal there might be something that you have

to do to get that special offer so a condition before you can say I I will do

that maybe you will have to consider a caveat something that you have to

consider before you go ahead with the agreement

I like to look at strange words on my YouTube channel you will find lots of

live streams that I've done in the past and you will also notice that I like

looking at unusual odd strange words I do hello Cory

hello also English with a stacked or a shat hello also thank you Mary old

hello Marilla nice to see you here as well a lot of people are now joining in

so I will have to start wearing my mask when I go outside in a few days from now

today is the 7th so next Monday so not tomorrow but the following week

we will all have to start wearing face masks when we go outside especially if

we are in an enclosed area an enclosed area when we say enclosed it means you

are inside maybe inside a room or inside a place where there is no daylight or no

fresh air maybe a shop or a shopping mall or maybe at work

or and this is the thing that I really think this is all about so I think the

reason why we are doing this is because of public transport if you've ever tried

getting around London on public transport you will know that quite often

it is quite crowded very crowded especially during the morning and the

evening so that is one of the reasons why they are now saying that people will

have to start wearing face masks because a lot of people are returning to work

and they will also be using public transport as well hello yes see ya also

we have lapel hello stankin I am Leo Penner from Brazil

which means the beautiful horizon so apparently Belo Horizonte means nice

horizon hello Alessandra mr. Duncan why don't you tell us some story from your

life in China once you said that you could even write a book about that Thank

You Alessandra I did spend a long time in China now one of the reasons why I

don't mention my China experience very much is because some of you might be a

little bored by listening to it or hearing me talk about my experience in

China so that's the reason why I don't really talk about it very much but yes

there are so many things even now can you believe it every day there is

something that reminds me of my time in China there is always something maybe a

small moment of time a small event something very innocent maybe a brief

moment of time something I hear or see or smell and suddenly I'm reminded of my

time in China so yes I might do that I don't want to talk too much about China

because some people don't want to hear it to be honest they don't want to hear

me talking endlessly about my time in China where is our proletarian freemason

mr. Steve yes he's a bit like that isn't he in fact can I just say and this this

might sound as if I'm being bias but I'm not I'm not being biased at all Steve

has done an amazing job of the garden he's done a fantastic job I am very

impressed so you might be right you might be right Sergio I think Steve

could have another profession I think so I think you are right I like that it's a

good idea masks are used everywhere nowadays it's

very strange here in the UK the rules concerning wearing a mask

are unclear so they are not completely clear some people think you don't have

to wear them some people think you have to wear them all the time so from the

15th of June if you go outside if you are in a place where there are many

people surrounding you you have to wear one of these and that's the reason why

we've got some in fact mr. Steve's company sent these now I have a feeling

this is just a feeling that I have at the moment I think they might be sending

mr. Steve outside to do some work in the real world instead of sitting in his

office all the time so that's what I think so these actually came from mr.

Steve's company we've we've got quite a few of them as well so I think Steve

might be going out and about in his job very soon I will keep you informed on

that talking of mr. Steve we have Steve with us in a few moments he will be with

us as well hello TS hello also Francisco I am NOT biased a

person who is biased might show favoritism so you might be biased

towards a certain country or a certain person you will not say anything bad

about that person you might not say anything that is critical of a certain

place or person or maybe if you have a product that you are showing maybe the

product has been given to you for free so maybe you are showing a new mobile

phone or some new earbuds and then you say oh

these are great well this phone is amazing it's

fantastic all you must buy this phone well you might say that that person is

being biased because they have been given this phone by the company so they

are not going to say anything critical they are not going to complain about the

phone because they got it for free and this happens quite a lot on YouTube you

will notice there are lots of people that review products like mobile phones

or electrical devices and quite often they get them for free so they are given

these things to try so yes being biased being biased towards a

certain person or a certain group of course you can also be prejudiced which

is which is the opposite so you lean towards favoring someone but also you

can lean towards being prejudicial to have prejudice against one person or a

group of people perhaps hello also - oh hello - tomorrow hello tomorrow nice to

see you here as well on the livestream it is Sunday it's English addict and I

am mr. Duncan we are going to play a different game a little bit later on

something a little different coming your way very soon mr. Steve will be joining

us as well lots of things still to come right here on English addict now we are

going to take a look at full English number 39

there are many video lessons on my youtube channel and this is one of them

an excerpt from one of my full English lessons and as I said it is full English

number 39

oh hello there here we are again with another full English lesson coming to

you from the birthplace of all these people

oh my goodness that's a lot of people and of course this is also the place

where the English language was created that is of course England so many words

so many phrases and I hear you ask where is the best place to learn all of those

words and phrases right here on my youtube channel is my reply so stand by

because another full english lesson is going to start right now

I often receive questions and comments from my students concerning the process

of learning English for which I'm always happy to receive and where possible

answer one such question concerns the action of repeating things during the

learning process a common criticism is the tediousness of repetition the hard

fact is that repeating things is a large part of learning anything whatever it

happens to be the action of repeating something is there a baby must learn to

walk by trying the same action again and again a learner driver must undergo many

training hours before getting it right this also involves a great deal of

repetition so what about English is it really necessary to keep repeating words

and phrases over and over the answer to that question is yes the most obvious

benefit of repeating things comes when you want to get a new word or phrase to

stay in here repeating things again and again will literally create new stored

information in your brain yes it might seem boring and yes it will take time to

accomplish but in the long run you will learn to appreciate the power of

repetition whilst we are on the subject of repeating things it is also worth

mentioning that you need to get into the habit of learning new words and phrases

every day don't shy away from absorbing new information the secret is not to

push yourself too far a little learned everyday will lead to a

lot gained each month as I always say the important rules of learning English

rely on the most basic actions read listen repeat learn there it is again

that magic word repeat repeat repeat

here is something I haven't talked about for a very long time the subject of

opposite words is both fascinating and quite often confusing a good example is

the opposite of bend as a verb the opposite word is in fact straighten then

there is the action of clearing a misunderstanding which is also

straighten you can straighten something out with another person a conversation

that allows those involved to better understand each other's feelings is to

straighten things out we need to talk about what happened last night

and straighten things out to distort or twist an event to make it seem different

is to bend the truth you can bend the rules which means to do something

illegal but not serious that goes against the law or set of instructions

you are not supposed to be in here but I'm willing to bend the rules this time

as adjectives bent and straight refer to being either good or bad a bent person

is one involved in criminal activity a straight person is law-abiding and a

good citizen an object that has been distorted out of shape has been bent the

action of doing this is been a car accident can be described as a fender

bender this expresses the condition of a car after it has been damaged

then as I said at the start of this subject we have the opposite of Bend

which is straighten to make something level or without distortion is to

straighten are you still confused I hope that I have been able to straighten out

the confusion here so you won't be bent double trying to understand it as I

always try my best to be straight with you well it

if we have come to the end of another full English lesson but wait there

apparently we still have a few moments left so to

fill that time here is a short poem

isn't it strange the way people change from day today isn't it queer whenever

you hear the silly things people say isn't it sad when you hear something bad

it makes you want to cry but despite what you hear one thing is quite clear

to keep you from going mad say to yourself I am what I am whatever they

say or do my life is mine and whatever they say I won't give a damn okay that

is definitely all we have time for today don't forget to click on that subscribe

button and activate the notifications bell so you won't miss another one of my

English lessons be they live or recorded

there is a saying in show business never work with animals children or mr. Steve

mmm-hmm oh there you are hi everybody welcome back yes we are live once more I

hope you enjoyed one of the excerpts from one of my many many many many

English lessons that I've recorded over the past 14 years I can't believe I've

been doing it for nearly 14 years but yes it's true hi to the live chat yes he

is back he's been so busy over the past few days and yes I was complimenting his

hard work because he's done so much over the past few days and he was busy in the

garden this morning very busy he is a very busy chap here he comes the man

himself back by popular demand please give a round of applause to mr. Steve

I didn't realize I still got that on mr. Duncan hello hello hello hello everybody

in the world wide web of English as you say mr. Duncan ah

I've forgotten I've got my PPE on yes we've been sent those by the company I

work for so that when we eventually go to see customers we can be safe or at

least safer yes a little bit safer but I don't think we're going out anytime soon

but I've got them ready and some hand gel just in case well I was interesting

Steve because I I was talking about this a few moments ago I was wondering if

your company is preparing to send you back out well we will be eventually so

they're not putting any pressure on us to go out there saying you know if a

customer wants to see you and it's safe then by all means go to see them but

they're not putting any pressure we've got a we've got a head office as well

and they're not putting pressure on anybody to go there they've I think you

can I think they're restricting how many people go in in any one day and then

they're doing like a deep clean nice deep clean on Wednesday or something so

they're following all the guidelines but if you can work from home they are still

saying to us then you should yes so I can do a lot of my work from home so and

nobody's asked me to go and see them I can deal with their queries on the phone

or through the internet yep so I don't need to go yet but I feel as though I

will want to go because if the company cotton on to the fact that customers

actually don't need me anymore yes then you know down the line down the line in

the future okay it may decide that they can pay me half the amount to sit

home and deal with my customers from home and I love the fact that you're

giving this all away as well now well I'm sure that they have already thought

of this yes they're definitely thinking about it now

now you've suggested it though they were already have been C during this lockdown

period a lot of companies will be reassessing how they interact with their

customers yes and do they need expensive sales force yes anyway all sorts of

things that'll be you know because we are now able to connect with people in

so many different ways that we've discovered that we're always there but

we never really used them yes and for example sort of meetings when we have

meetings then maybe we don't need to the company don't need to I spend money on a

hotel and get everybody to travel there they can just use zoom yes we'll get

everybody to interact in that way well let us not forget I've been doing this

for nearly four years four years of live streams so I've been doing live streams

for nearly four years so this is not a new thing as far as I'm concerned I

started it before all of you I was here first all of you you Tom Hanks and and

yeah I can't think of a single celebrity oh my my brain just went and went

completely blank Tom Cruise in all of you Lady Gaga and Elton John doing your

live streams I was doing this four years ago stop stop trying to steal my viewers

but what's emerged over the last few months is this new technology which was

there but wasn't really being used where you can have video conferencing with

lots of people hmm and it all works seamlessly and works very well so you

can have you know a hundred people over there little little pictures on the

screen you can watch everybody and and what they've got behind them and what

the house is like and what they very yeah but what I always winter Steve

is how how small can those images become so if you if you're talking to 500

people all of those images will be just tiny you you you would need maybe a

magnifying glass to be able to see who is actually on your conference calls so

maybe if you're in a big company with many people and you were trying to talk

to all of them I think it would be a little difficult to realize chat and yet

questions anyway all sorts of things so yes companies will be I think

reassessing if they're not already doing it trying to cut back on costs by you

know using videoconferencing more yeah it's been proven proven you can

pronounce that word in two different ways

and yes who knows what will happen in the future

hmm how are you mr. Duncan who knows what will happen in the future now there

is a great question nobody knows I was talking specifically about

videoconferencing who knows who knows what is going to happen what a crazy old

world we are living in right now whoo-hoo you couldn't make any of this

up I don't know about you but I will be so glad when 2020 has come to an end

well by the way Steve we have the live chat I know I'm trying to talk to you

and to your viewers okay and trying to look at the live chat at the same time

it's very difficult trying to multitask

but I haven't seen anything that takes my eye yet apart from people saying

hello to me so thank you very much for that that's because you're so popular

you see now Steve was in the garden earlier you were doing a lot of stuff we

are going to have a little look at Steve so this is what Steve was doing just

around about an hour ago Steve was in the garden

there you can see this is what Steve has been working on for the past few days

it's looking very nice there's miss there's your Wilkes

there's your wheelbarrow and your broom and where is Steve oh there Steve Steve

is rearranging and leveling the patio at the back of the house now we counted all

of those concrete slabs and I think that there are about 400 400 there are I

don't think there's that many mr. Duncan 200 well I've actually I've actually

moved well I've yes I'd moved probably about

40 yes I would say between 40 and 45 but in total in total well I can I can no

don't do it now Steven I just don't want to hear your counting slabs live just

just that's it I think there is about 200 so imagine the work that Steve has

been doing levelling making sure that all of those those pieces of concrete

are level because over the years they've become a little unlevel and Steve yeah I

must admit I am really impressed I know I've said this before but I'm really

impressed by the work you've been doing out there in the back garden it's

incredible well well mr. Duncan I've just done a rough count I think you're

right there are about 400 yes because we counted them we did count there's a lot

of luckily they're not too big and then although it is my back I'll tell you mr.

Duncan my back is aching okay because and trying to work out the best

way of doing it and without because I didn't take them all up no just the ones

that you had a problem with just the ones that I had a problem with so yes

hard work and I'm trying I've broken two of them yes they're very fragile you

only have two and I'm trying to what I'm trying to do there is make sure

at their level hmm well I'm actually trying to make sure that they point

slightly towards that drain cover yes oh great that's good excuse me because

that's where I want the water to go because it all drains across there and

it's sloping towards the wheelbarrow and sloping towards that drain yes that you

saw but before it had nowhere to go because the brand the drain cover there

were the the slabs were very high yes so when it got there they could the water

couldn't go anywhere so I've lowered them all around the drain cover because

they were badly fitted drainage so that all the water comes across across the

slabs and then goes into the drain instead of forming big puddles outside

the patio window yes and so hopefully it worked we won't know until we have we

have a downpour I says so the next time we get a lot of rain we will find out

how well mr. Steve has performed his levelling of the patio in the back

garden and of course you haven't finished because then you have to fill

in all of the gaps as well the grouting that's called grouting yes so you are

going to fill the spaces have to fill the spaces otherwise they won't be

stable and the water will get in between them and then they'll start shifting mmm

and we'll get weeds growing somebody mentioned weeds yes have you got any

weeds as Cory well we do suffer from weeds because what had happened over the

years is that a lot of the grouting had come away yes and the seeds getting into

the weeds grow so I have to regularly spray weed killer but when all the

concrete is in place the grouting then that should eliminate the problem of

weeds yes that's going to be a long job mr. Duncan the grouting I think so so

that's basically filling in all of the gaps so so when is

Steve puts the concrete slabs down there are little gaps all around so now he has

to go round and fill all of those gaps and yes yes I'm sure once we we counted

how many of those concrete pieces are in the back garden and I think it's about

400 you are right but I I of course haven't had to shift although no

fortunately only the only the only the ones where the roses were and only the

ones that were really badly sunk some of them had even raised up yes when I took

some of them were higher data and when I took them out there were big roots

underneath from the trees that had pushed them up yes and the grouting

round the outside there's a substance that we use a building material that we

use are called mortar hmm mortar I think it's mor T a I think it's the

same thing you use when you are building a wall that's right

so it's cement and sand mixed with water and then you push it in into the into

the spaces and it sets yes table eyes is everything and stops

the weeds growing it's a lot finer than them then cement it's a lot finer that's

right there yes yes is it's not yes it's it's mortar but u s-- and fine sand mix

with cement so not not the other mortar which is the bomb it flies in the sky

not that one that's not that one so yes

what did sir Sergio says Tomic said what a tiny spirit level you have got a small

one it you're right I need one of those long ones really yes

so what I've been but I didn't go out and buy myself a small a big one

so I've been using a big long piece of wood

and I've been putting the spirit level on top of that when I you know sometimes

you want to look at individual slabs other times you want to look at what the

level is over a larger space so I use a piece of lid spread across it

welcome to if you just tuned in welcome to an hour of talking about slabs

concrete slabs with mr. Steve and mr. Duncan but know it it's looking good

anyway I know it's a it's a long project but it's it's it's coming together very

very slowly and let us also not forget mr. Steve's grass as well so we have

Steve's wonderful grass we're talking Duncan look at that Wow

Oh Steve look at that your lovely green grass planted from seed by mr. Steve

it's not amazing you you really you literally I think it's safe to say Steve

you literally have green fingers or as they say in America green thumb er I've

got to cut that it's too long you reminded me mr. Duncan yes I'll tell you

something yeah I'm developing muscles up my upper body feels really firm because

I'm lifting those slabs up and I'm different I mean I'm almost I'm almost

ripping this shirt open mr. Duncan like the incredible so like the Incredible

Hulk if I was to strain my muscles I think this would rip open to reveal a

wonderful muscles visit are you sure about maybe not yes

they just feel so tight on me yes I feel sort of ripped okay

I'm like a gym bud ripped if you say you're ripped then it means you've got

lots of muscles that stand out so you are muscular muscular ribbed you've got

very lean muscles that stand out in your clothing you are a hunk I could never be

described as a hunk nor could you mr. Duncan uh well I would never I would

never be so foolish to describe myself as a hunk I know I'm not a hunk well

what is a hunk what do you what characteristics do you need to be

classed as a huh well I would say the opposite of

this whatever this is now the opposite of this is a hunk

maybe George Clooney or Tom Selleck yeah somebody who is tall I think you've got

to be tall a hunk is a man isn't it oh yes is it as a very attractive sexy man

who wants a hunky woman pretty say you've got to be tall probably six-foot

to be idea 511 six-foot you've got to have the well proportioned body wide

shoulders big muscles quite a firm strong jaw but the blood hair of course

you've got to have hair wear on your head oh okay you can't be a hunk if

you're bald I think that I think that pretty much ruled me out straight away I

have to say I think Dwayne Johnson would disagree with you yes well yes I suppose

so maybe usually just were no heartthrob

dark bay but there I was I was taking a chance there by saying Dwayne Johnson

because I wasn't sure if you knew who he was no I don't oh I see you act as if he

did no but he's he's an action movie star who used to be a wrestler so his

his name when he was throwing other men around in the ring you know I always

think there's something very strangely homoerotic about wrestling you've got

these big huge men covered in oil wearing lycra and then they're rolling

around on top of each other and throwing each other around a small area and yet

there they are having all of this body contact slipping and sliding on top of

each other and yet it's one of the most macho things you can do

isn't that weird they're not usually very attractive all the cows have come

over oh okay talking of large beasts that's

scared there was a squirrel okay on the lawn and the cows came up and this

squirrel shot off faster than addressing in there so you see I wanted to go

outside I don't want to go outside and feed the cows now but I'm on this live

stream so I can yes well unfortunately for editing yes

okay then Steve this is so there was Steve describing what's outside the

window talking about slabs in watching grass grow this is great we're doing

well today aren't we

and and in a few days from now just over a week from now Steve we have to wear

face masks I can't believe it we are going to play a game by the way Steve a

wonderful game do you feel like playing a game I do it's just as well mood for a

game yes English English with axe Akshat says the rock yes his name was

the rock or is the rock however he doesn't do wrestling anymore he appears

in terrible remakes of classic eighties movies like Jumanji and all the others

so I'm not a big fan of the rock as you know I have expressed my my disinterest

in any movie that stars Dwayne Johnson it's true it's true

III make no secret of it oh that's it the sun's come out Steve was slowly

disappearing I noticed on your camera you were slowly vanishing into darkness

but now you're back that's nice I can see your your pert lips and your your

big round nose and your blue eyes well some people say your eyes are blue Steve

but I think they're gray thanks steely gray yes oh well mr.

Duncan what is this game ooh there is a game and it is it is not the sentence

game today we are doing something slightly different

not the sentence game now it's something else Steve are you are you surprised

well I was looking forward to the sentence gay it is called the what where

game something new hmm so it's a little bit like the sentence

game but what I want you to do is not fill in the blanks or complete the

sentence what I want you to do is to come up with your own sentences

completely so I'm going to show some items on the screen so that's the game

I'm going to show some items maybe they are things that are useful maybe they

are things you can use in your everyday life I want you to tell me what they are

what each item is but also I want you to say what you use it for it's use its

purpose the purpose of something is what it is used for even people like us mr.

Steve even we have a purpose don't we well you have a purpose mr. Duncan

purpose is to teach the world English I'm still trying to find my purpose is

your purpose in life hey another thing I wanted to mention Steve if you could

have one wish if you could have one wish what would it be

well I'm that's something you probably shouldn't reveal not not world peace

because we're not getting that soon I don't think I want to share that mr.

Duncan I'd have to think about it there are lots of things that I might want to

wish for I'm not asking to see your underwear all I want to do is just to

wish just a simple wish the first thing that comes into your head now that you

mr. Duncan will become the world's leading English teacher on YouTube and

we'll have 100 million subscribers I don't think that's going to happen I

don't think my lifespan is long enough for me to reach 100 million subscribers

that in my wish it might not be long enough to reach a million to be honest

with you to be completely honest so yes sir

lovely a lovely wish what about out there in YouTube land what about out

there watching now on the www what do you think what is your wish one wish if

a little fairy came down and said hello I'm a little fairy I'm going to let you

have one wish what would it be if you had one wish what would it be

come on let's hear your wishes will do this for a few moments and then we've

got the what where the what where game it's going to be amazing I think this is

going to be the big craze sweeping the world it will take over from planking it

really will planking one one work one wish one wish if you have a wish

I'm granting you one wish not three don't be greedy just one if you had one

wish what would it be ah English with Akshat is very clever

because the one wish would be for one thousand more wishes I like that that

one yes but there might be some there might be there might be a caveat you see

I mentioned that word earliest Steve caveat it's a great word isn't it so if

you're going to make a deal or agree to something quite often there will be a

condition or something you have to observe or maybe something you will have

to follow a certain rule that will be added to the deal we call it a caveat so

maybe there will be a caveat to your wish so you can't wish for more wishes

so that is one of the caveats you see because the fairy is really awkward and

annoying however you can just have one wish but you can't wish for more wishes

really so that is the agreement you see the fairy agreement that's the caveat

condition so all the fairies get together and they come up with an

agreement that you can only have one wish and you can't wish for more wishes

Deana Romero Romano sorry I'd like to win a trip around the world yes yes very

nice one wish something for yourself something that you might want to give to

someone else so maybe world peace that is the one

that most people say although as I mentioned a few moments ago I think we

are a long way from world peace I think we still have a little a little way to

go before human beings start being nice to each other

100 percent to be honest cap Debbie too wants Superman powers superpowers yes

but what but what if you could only have one superpower what would it be you see

how interesting this has become so not only one wish but if you could wish for

one superpower what would it be Steve what about yours maybe the the

power to grow hair a superpower I I think it would be that I could fly okay

I think flying that's a good one when would you do that would you do it during

the day or night all the time whenever I felt like all the time you just be

flying around in the sky all the time well I suppose it makes a change from a

drone because you can have drones flying around imagine that seeing mr. Steve

flying over your house in the middle of the night what can you say tomorrow

Oh mr. Steve I agree with your wish mr. Duncan would arrive to 1 million

subscribers I don't know about that I think I'm still I'm still one hundred

thousand and one hundred thousand two hundred what level you out at the moment

how many subscribers do you have I think I've got about eight hundred thousand

and I think it's about something else two hundred eight hundred and fifty

thousand something like that yes around 850 yes I think it is 853 thousand at

the moment so yes oh so you need one thousand at one hundred and fifty

thousand thousand that's a lot of subscribers that I've got to got to get

that's not that's not many you want to what you want to aim from higher than

that I can see that that's easily achievable that wouldn't really be a

wish because I think you're going to get to a million subscribers actually no you

were already on a hundred and eight hundred and fifty thousand I've got

eight hundred and fifty three thousand subscribers but only 63 people watching

I don't know how that works that's that's not a good percentage is it well

yeah so a million that's not much of an ambition because you're nearly there

really so I think one hundred million subscribers okay that is a target for

you to go for Oh what the hell a billion a billion apparently yes I have I have

850 3000 subscribers I don't normally talk about this subject because to me

nowadays I don't think subscribers mean anything to anyone because the number

seems to be irrelevant because I've seen people who have maybe three or four

million subscribers but their videos only get maybe a hundred thousand views

so that is a very small percentage of two or three million people so maybe we

should wish for you to get more viewers rather than subscribers I don't know and

I'd like to see a thousand people on the live stream I might go outside into the

streets and I think I would just sit in the street with a big sign above my head

just saying please watch my youtube channel please see Cory wants to be a

bird Oh to enjoy nature that's good I would like to be a seagull

that I can fly around and poo on people's heads lovely I think if you're

going to be a bird you want to have some of the superpowers so that you're not

eaten by a predator you know just being a birds gonna make you a bit vulnerable

hmm somebody said that's a lot of honesty

mr. Steve I don't remember don't remember what that was referring to no

me neither zoo Jim wants more muscle

Sidra wants to learn English while you're doing that so your wish has come


sujin once more well I'll tell you if you want more muscle sujin then start

laying slabs yes because I'll tell you I'm building muscle through doing this

work outside and I've never had it before so yes so that's it start no

somebody's donated you some money mr. Duncan that will be is that is that a

friend kept over yes thank you cap devi for your lovely donation there I will I

will put that towards mr. Steeves replacement spine

he's not here when his backbone has has disintegrated to dust I will buy mr.

Steve a plastic backbone or maybe a couple of walking sticks Thank You cap

Devi that's very kind of you so yes there is Steve again I'd showed

this earlier but there it is again Steve was laying his slabs what about a wish

Mohan or Mohsen asks my wish is I can speak English very perfect

I can speak perfect English that's a good one I like that one flower says yes

the problem is not all of the subscribers is that but they don't hit

the thumbs up or to spread the live stream if mr. Duncan

please let's encourage him more well I suppose so I'm thinking of going into

town Steve walking around with a big card above my head and just saying

please watch my YouTube live streams a bit of advertising

well maybe Much Wenlock isn't the ideal place to advertise it might not be no

you want to you want to advertise in a country where lots of people want to

learn English we have Maria and say I wish Molly

Nazrin said if you want more subscribers you should put some short videos in

Facebook Facebook I don't think Facebook is a good place a Facebook is not a good

place for that Facebook still has a very long way to go I want to always thought

of live-streaming on Facebook but they're live streaming the quality is so

poor it is really bad it is very unstable that's the reason why one of

the main reasons why I still use YouTube Maria yeah oh I like Maria I wish my

husband would give up working and stop waking up at five o'clock in the morning

yes there's nothing worse than being disturbed in your bed you are trying to

sleep and maybe your husband has to get up for work

perhaps his alarm clock starts beeping

and he's out of bed and wakes you up as well at the same time some people do

have to get up very early for work it's true particularly if you're in the

building trade you have to get up very early because you have to you have to

drive somewhere to get onto the site you might have to get materials beforehand

I've always noticed that with with builders that they have to get up very

early and he wants to come to Great Britain he wants to visit

maybe maybe England perhaps so Andi star wants to come too

the UK Great Britain or maybe England which is part of Great Britain or part

of the United Kingdom the only problem at the moment is that we are going to

apparently force people to south isolate for 14 days yes if they come from under

the country so you might find that if you I would wait I would wait until

maybe next year yes I think advise just in case you don't want to have to travel

here and then spend 14 days locked up in a hotel room I think one of the one of

the most off-putting things so it's not going to encourage people to come here

if then you have to lock yourself away for two weeks because maybe your holiday

is only two weeks so you're not going to come here for a two-week holiday and

then have to spend two weeks in isolation driving it wearing your face

mask and your rubber gloves flour also wants to make a tour around the world

that's been the most popular one you know there's been at least three people

who said that their wish is to go on a like a worldwide tour so that's quite a

popular one hmmm saturnino says do I put cement under the under the tiles yeah

well I have under some of them but the ground here is very thick heavy clay hmm

so I've been pounding it down and it's a very it's a very solid base so I haven't

put cement underneath if I'd if I had just had sand I would have put cement as

well but I've just laid it onto the bare earth hmm and we'll only time will tell

if I've been successful yeah the ground here is very firm I

think that's a good word to use firm so it doesn't move easily because it's very

it's quite solid it's made of most of it is clay very unusual at

mr. Bruno says I like the idea of doing short video clips on Facebook it is a

good idea but Facebook has become a very strange beast over the past couple of

years with the way content is passed around I would say between Facebook and

YouTube I would still say that YouTube is much a much easier way of getting

your message around than Facebook so there are a lot of limitations now on

Facebook for various reasons which I'm not going to go into at this moment but

could you just put them on it anyway anything and just see don't make

anything specific just use some of your lessons and just put them on Facebook

any well I suppose yes like an advert yeah promotion maybe but again it's just

getting it pressed around Facebook because there are lots of algorithms now

that work on Facebook in the same way as they work here on YouTube so it can be a

little difficult anyway Steve we are coming up to 25 past three already time

is going by so quickly here we are some lovely items some things we are going to

play again we don't have any music for this by the way

unfortunately maybe I could create some music it is for what we're again it's

the what we're game some people say it's a pain it's the what

well I just made that up out of my brain that came out of my brain that did

remind us what the game is against the game is I'm going to show you an item an

object something you might use every day something you might see around you in

your day to day life on this planet or what's left of it and here is the first

object so as I do it I think it will become obvious what we have to do so

here is the first object I will show you the object it's going to appear on the

screen unfortunately you won't be able to see mr. Steve or myself we will be

obscured by its cure so here is the first object please reveal the first

object for today is what we're game oh ok so there it is Steve you can see it a

ladder Oh mr. Duncan come back what's the game called Steve the what where

game okay so what refers to what it is what is it okay so just there was a

pause than I thought well I'll say something yes you did but did but I did

explain the rules I wasn't actually you've got to you've got to give me them

information before we go live mr. Duncan so that I know what to expect but I was

saying it about 35 seconds ago yes people are saying it's a ladder yes well

they are now they're just repeating what you said yes yeah I still can't believe

that just happened maybe I'll just step outside hey I think

the cows are waiting for you Steve gone I think they

need milking so I've made flour laughs anyway that's brilliant

what is it what's the object what is it so I'm not going to say what it is and

then the first thing Steve does is say the object what it is I'll zip it mr.

Duncan keep my mouth shut so I've got to say where is it well the what is the

object the name of the object this is really a bad idea I think I might just

show you some excerpts from one of my lessons I mean so well the where is

where will you find it or where will you use it and we we also have what is it

used for so I want you to explain how these things are used and the reason why

I'm doing this is because for those who are taking IELTS or one of their English

tests you will find sometimes you have to describe something you see so this is

actually very helpful to those who want to improve their their way of describing

things so this is important it might seem like a simple thing but I can tell

you now it is not when you are sitting down with your examiner and he's giving

you the questions and asking you to look at things and describe them you have to

be able to do that you see so this is as mr. Steve helpfully very helpfully told

us just like everybody else I am definitely feeling that there are quite

a few comments referring to the fact that I yet I reveal of the name of the

objects that was that was that was absolutely brilliant well now that I

know yes I will keep my mouth shut okay so even though I told you the rules

twice anyway pal mater is sons being off for it

to the shops for a ladder today oh how strange coincidence a big coincidence be

careful be careful because some ladders are

are very high some are really high but some of them aren't very high and you

can just stand on top of them quite easily but many ladders like like the

one you can see here that one that's very very tall well that's got a

particular that's a particular type of ladder isn't it yes so it's a ladder but

it's also something else it's a ladder that's got a special name hmm what type

of a ladder is it yes that would be good if someone could give the the answer to

that question yes we know it's a ladder because I told you ah thanks Steve

inadvertently without thinking but what type of a ladder is it okay we have

quite a few answers we have pal Mira says oh you can use the ladder to get to

your damsons or to get up into your damson tree I think so yes so there's a

great description there Richard says this is a ladder I have one behind a

door and I use it to reach things so yes a ladder can be used for you to climb up

and to reach things if you are very short if you are not very tall like some

people I know then you will need a ladder

quite often last week in the supermarket by the way a lady and an elderly lady

she was quite short and she couldn't reach the top shelf Steve yes reached

the shelf so she asked me to pick some of the things off the top shelf because

she recognized the fact that I was very tall very tall and like a big giant

walking around boom boom boom so she's like she said would you mind helping me

I can't reach the things at the top of the shelf so I reached up and took them

off and put them in her basket and then I went outside and I sprayed myself with

disinfectant you are like a human ladder mr. Duncan

it's true I'm like one of those machines that you see on a building site that are

moving things around you need all you need is me standing there moving

everything around like that so a ladder yes a flower a ladder is used to climb a

tree to get fruit to get fruit or to get to the fruit so you try to get to

something you are trying to reach something to Jionni says can you see it

Steve well I was just going to comment on mr. Bruno

okay mr. Bruno's left a little donation follow you and thanking me for my help

oh I see so I don't know whether yes sir thank you very much even though I gave

the answer away far too quickly but thank you very much mr. Bruno made of

aluminium yes an extending ladder is the correct answer to the type of ladder

that is yes Jason Lee has got that right an extending ladder somebody put a

stepladder a stepladder is is is a ladder like that

yes it normally has two sets of ladders on either side so it has one set on one

side and one on the other it almost looks like a big triangle that's it it

just opens out and it doesn't go very high just used around the house yes this

is you would call it some tommix have a sliding ladder yes it does slide but an

incorrect name would be an extending ladder it's all extendable yes so you

can extend something you can make it longer you can make it longer so if you

only want to go up a short distance or a short height you can keep it closed if

you want to go very high up you can extend the ladder we have one of those

as well that we Steve we do they are we are both too afraid to go to the top of

the ladder I don't like going up ladders it's too high and they are made of

aluminium Sasuke 102 - yes they're so they're

lightweight they used to be made of wood but of course these days they're made of

aluminium hmm yes I don't have a ladder so sujin i sometimes use a chair I

change the bulb using the chair oh yes it is it is quite a common occurrence in

the house when you have to do something very quickly however it isn't the safest

thing I have tried doing that in the past Steve and I've actually fallen off

the chair or the table I once did something very stupid I tried to climb

on top of an office chair you know that the chair that swivels around oh yes it

turns around have you ever tried standing on top of a I had an office

chair and you just you just you just turn around like that it's very hard to

do so I don't advise anyone if you want to stand on a chair do not stand on an

office chair because it's it's not very good of course that that big extending

ladder that you've shown you wouldn't tend to use that inside the house that's

a bit big but you can get small little step ladders that you could use in the

house and I think we ought to get one mr. Duncan because you do have to change

bulbs yes we often stand on a chair and the chairs on the carpet it's all a bit

wobbly and I mean I know someone my mother's got a friend hmm and she wanted

to what did she want to do she wanted to get I think it was a moth that was on

her curtain and she stood on a on a chair to try and catch this moth and she

fell off and was in a hospital for weeks this rope broke her arm or something

this is the problem you can have it lots of accidents around the house if you

don't take precautions folding ladder no that's not a folding ladder it's

the extending ladder or an extendable ladder that's it so you can adjust the

length of the ladder that's pretty good yes hello I think I think we've already

got the idea of what this is about you see so the ladder is a useful item for

climbing or reaching high places so if someone asked you to describe the object

you would say yes that that is a ladder it is often used for climbing at the

side of buildings or if you want to reach something that is high up you will

use a ladder quite often you will find a ladder in the garage so a lot of people

keep their their ladder in the garage donate or maybe somewhere safe because

you don't want to leave your your ladder out in the open because someone might

use it to break into your house so you have to be careful sometimes well

Palmyra mmm one of her students fell off a ladder last week and broke his arm oh

dear and now he has problem with online teaching yes yes every year there are

many people who died doing DIY do-it-yourself jobs around the house

particularly climbing on the roof and they go up the ladder they don't secure

it because when you notice if anyone's up a ladder it was a professional maybe

they're a roofer somebody who repairs roofs yes they will always have somebody

at the bottom of the ladder hmm holding the ladder for them and you used to work

on a in the building trading mister many many years ago and I used to climb up

ladders but but of course if you are professional professional builders will

often use professional ladders which have lots of other things attached to

them so to make it safe but yes you are right Steve a lot of people every year

injure themselves or even die from falling from

if you've got anything wrong with your roof unless you're very good in fact

somebody told me a friend of Mines told me the other day that they looked across

the street from their bedroom window and saw the neighbor on the roof of their

house using a sprayer to get the moss off the roof well and they thought any

minute now he's going to fall off because he didn't apparently but you

know that would have been potentially a very dangerous thing to do but yes an

extendable ladder that particular one used by I would say builders but you

might have one yourself but I don't like going up ladders

you're better at ladders than I am mr. Duncan that's true I am a little bit

better anyway we've done the ladder right and we're next we will we will

take the ladder down so let me just let me just remove this ladder we have

finished with the ladder we will now take the ladder Dow and there it goes

did you do - two - two - bye-bye lads a bye-bye ladder see you soon where mr.

Steve has to get something off the top shelf in the kitchen I'm only using that

whoo my back's aching mr. Duncan Thor what where you're sitting down I know

well it's because I've been you know working hard outside lifting up slab see

a few people have said you don't put any concrete under your slabs no I'm hoping

it'll be all right I will have to wait and see yes we'll see what happens it

might all sink into the ground we might wake up one morning and find a huge

sinkhole in the back garden and when we look into it we can see Australia I

think so so here's the next object this is something that you might also

described as dangerous Steve some please don't say what it is Steve Steve Steve

don't say what it is I do so a ravi TAS by the way I think I said something by

mistake but did you I don't know Vita says don't you know my

name you called me someone probably it's very difficult to read the live chat

because it's very smaller I've only got it on a little screen like this and

apologies if I make mistakes with people's names so yeah you should you

should apologize I mean I actually need a magnifying glass to be able to see

this live chat I know I want to written apology I want you to go out into the

street now and apologize to everyone there we go I'm reading the live chat on

this very small device and it's a distance away from me so sometimes I

can't read correctly what people are saying it's my old Samsung phone I want

a nice big screen mr. Duncan I used to have one yes maybe that could be your

wish maybe instead of wishing for something silly like flying you could

wish for a big screen so you can look at the live chat and not to call everyone

someone like you even his own family though don't worry about it even calls

his own family someone there was someone on the phone last night a lady she

sounded very familiar and I say Steve that was your mother

anyway mr. Duncan the next word here's the next one

don't say it Steve I feel as if I have to keep saying don't say it if only if

only Steve could do that all the time if only that might be my wish are you ready

Steve I'm ready to say nothing that's a big one look at the size of that Steve

it's quite big isn't it

that's got at least two names as your is yours as big as that two names we will

accept two different names the problem is is his check that's a problem is

Steve he was the problem we have about a 30 or

maybe about one minute there is a one minute delay so that's why when I show

something it takes me a while to actually start answering the questions

or looking at the answers well it's up there already mr. Duncan oh great thank

you Palmyra Palmyra has X he was quick with her typing yes it's an axe yes also

English with a Akshat also says axe as well an axe it's a great word that I'll

put it on the screen for those who can't see the subtitle there it is axe axe

it's an unusual word isn't it Steve because it looks as if it looks like

part of a word but not a complete word so it's a very strange word I always

think this is one of the weirdest words to look at because it doesn't look like

a real word it looks like part of a word and marry glue has said yes it's an axe

it's used to chop wood hmm Ali versus tommix said that as well mmm chop now

there's a clue as to the other name that you could use to describe this object ax

is the probably the most familiar name but you can call it by another name you

can also call an electric guitar and acts as well I didn't know that mr. axe

an electric guitar can be called an axe because it looks as if you could hold it

and chop things with it in fact in the 1970s a lot of rock stars used to smash

their guitars on the stage what a waste of guitars quite a few people have said

that another name for it is hatchet yes very

good hatchet here's a hatchet is it isn't a

hatchet normally smaller I think so yes a hatchet is normally something it's it

looks like an axe it looks like it looks like that but quite often it's smaller

but this is a big tool but what's the other word you can use there is another

word you can use besides axe English with ask ask at has come close to it

chopping machine a chopping machine well maybe but but you were half right you

were half right Sergio says it reminds me of The Shining oh yes

that famous Stanley Kubrick film with Jack Nicholson hi there hi my name is

Jack Nicholson and I'm gonna run around an abandoned hotel and I am going to try

and catch that lady with my big axe he says I don't have enough illumination

here's Johnny did you enjoy that

I actually relived a moment from a classic movie there that might be a new

feature we could do that every week mr. Duncan relives a classic moment from a

movie chopper yes Tomic sorry what did you say Steve Tomac has got the the name

the other name that we can use instead of ax a chopper oh well done we only get

two of those there is a rule on YouTube you can only say that word twice you

can't say it again because then they will block you and they will come around

to your house and they will they will cut all of the wires that go into your

house to make sure that you can't broadcast on YouTube ever again yes axe

you can use an axe there it is there it is

axe or you can say chopper a big chopper chopper and what do you use it for Steve

a lot of people have already made the correct description used for

chopping wood chopping down trees you could chop it down a tree with it

although these days you would probably use an electric tool for that you'd use

that a what mr. Duncan there it goes it's going to fall Steve I'm going to

chop this tree in fact just one more and that should do it

yes we wouldn't tender I mean people some people

traditionalists might use an axe to chop down a tree you'd need a most probably a

bigger axe than that but that would be used more mainly for because you'd use a

what would you use what's that with a chain a chain you just change some of

these days to cut a tree down because it's a lot quicker and what ones are

used to chop big trees down a huge aren't there they've got a great long

handles on them well you can get those you can get you can get well also you

can use a normal saw as well but normally normally one person will stand

at either end that's it they're very long saws and and there are two people

at either end but we are not talking about Saul's we are talking about yeah

an axe actually you'd probably be that would become and they used to split up

logs so if you've got some logs big logs for your fire you would put the those

logs on a big wooden block and you would use the axe to split the logs into a

size that you could then use to put on your fireplace or in your wood burner

you spent people we typically use an axe for chopping up would probably not for

chopping down a tree because people tend to use chainsaws for that noun and as

you can see there's some writing on that term on the handle hmm on the handle of

that axe and it says genuine Hickory

Jemison Hickory Hickory is a type of wood Hickory is a type of wood which is

commonly used in an axe because it's very very strong wooden so it won't

you obviously want the the handle to be very strong because you don't want that

to break you don't want the would you call that the blade what do you call the

the metal bit there is a name for the metal bits that they can't hit an axe

axe head that's right yes the axe head yes so that's the handle or maybe block

as well I'm sure they call it block as well yes so the axe head so certainly

you're right there axe head splitting yes a lot of people have said that

Mohammed had said splitting chopping cutting as a splitting wood splitting

something with you chop with a chopper chopping Steve people keep saying it

does look like that whether yes if I if I if I hold yes I see yes it looks like

it's going to chop your way there let's let's see if we can shop mr. Steve UPS

oh it's a Duncan oh I've got blood now oh oh is that Sarge

oh it's a Duncan better you had that planned all along didn't you

no I didn't know I didn't plan that all along I just did it you know I don't I

don't I don't plan any of this you know that's how much joking mr. Duncan I

never planned any of this I have to be rare don't want you were chasing after

me with your chopper mr. Duncan's no it's been a long time since that's

happened zero ought we to explain what no okay the word chopper can also be

used to describe yes a part of the male body yes yes

get your chopper out yes he's up smooth look at the size of that chopper the

chopper has been revealed and now I'm he's going to use it to cut down the

tree now you see you after such a dirty mind who's going to

use the chopper to cut down the tree of course well done to everybody wear a

helmet yes I would do if I could hmm another one shall we move on because I

think we may have offended every person on the planet so here's another one I

don't know why mr. Steeves camera is so high up let me just just I'm going to

adjust mr. Steve's camera no you don't have to own it just it's annoying me few

people said I haven't got enough light yes I know I I don't actually understand

how that's actually working I don't know you see I open the aperture mr. Duncan

it's not the aperture it's the position you see it's just annoying me you know

me do you want me to sink down a bit oh no it's okay I'm doing it I can do

I've got the controls there we go that looks better yes that's better

we are even now I like that so here's another one another everyday item I hope

you're enjoying this if you don't like it please tell me if you think this

stinks if you think this is just a big pile of rubbish and we should just do

something else please let me know Cory J certainly quickly mr. Duncan has said

that an axe is often used to decapitate somebody yes you can yes in the Tower of

London or anywhere yes you can not now not now no can I just point out we don't

we don't chop people's heads off anymore in London it doesn't have me so in the

in the Tower of London many years ago we used to have beheadings it was a way of

executing people many years ago well was it the 1970s wasn't it no if I've missed

again mr. Duncan yes don't worry Steve I'm hungry I'm hungry here's another one

by the way there is a use of axe if you if you cancel something yes or stop

something from happening you axe the thing you

axé so you can use the word acts as an idiom to stop something you acts

something you discontinued something maybe your favorite TV show has been

axed acts stopped and yes if you describe something that's stopping

that's being axed that it's it's a sudden thing isn't it and probably and

it's something that is maybe can't bit controversial yes as you say a

television show has been axed yes maybe because the viewership wasn't high

enough or something controversial happened I'm just thinking of one one

particular show that might be axed soon can you think Steve a television show no

a certain show a certain internet based program yeah you're not going to get the

well you could you could get the chop there's another similar word if somebody

gets the chop yes it means that they've been they've lost their job okay doesn't

it they've had the chop they've had the axe they've had the chop they have been

dismissed or something has been canceled here's another one Steve I'm sure you

can't wait I bet you can't wait to see what this is

here it is don't say anything he you were about to say it they weren't you

know come on Steve tell me tell the truth I'll take a drink and I won't say

anything you were about to say what that is I will move it slightly down on the

screen so it is in a slightly different place there we go that's a bit better

now that's better it's not it's not in the

way of mr. Steve's beautiful face he's like he's like some sort of matinee idol

from from the 1940s I'm trying to think of what Walter Pidgeon can you believe

they used to be an actor called Walter Pidgeon well what a name

he actually kept his real name he's his second name

was pigeon and yet he was very famous and a good actor but his name was Walter

Pidgeon well Tomic was first with his fingers on the typing and he's called it

correctly a lot of people have English with axe at who who always puts at least

for three or four for damage with grace Jamila I've never seen my live chat move

so quickly it's just blur by Tang Xiao Lu it's going so quickly so fast so yes

we have the word is it's rope rope yes rope something you use quite often I

know that you might be thinking mr. Duncan that is such a simple word but

the word rope is quite interesting because it can also be used in more than

one way but what would you use rope for rope it looks like a very simple basic

thing very very glue has been the first two to describe what it's used for

hmm used to tie things yes so you tie things up or you secure things for

example Diana Diana Romano says this is for this is a keep this is a rope and it

is used for keeping boats safe in however so you might tie a piece of rope

around the boat or around part of the boat and then you will tie the other

part to something that is on the land so it is a very good way of securing

something you use rope to secure something I love that word by the way

secure so your to pull something ah yes a desert air tank Shama

I said you can use it rope to pull cart by the horse for example but yes

is it a portal thing yes so you might you might have something that is stuck

in the ground so you might tie a piece of rope to it and maybe the other end of

the rope you might tie to the back of your car and then you will slowly move

your car away and it will pull that heavy thing out of the ground so rope is

really useful also if you want to keep lots of things together you want to have

lots of things together you can use rope to gather things together and then you

will tie the rope or wrap the rope around the object what TR said you can

use it for for binding me yes you could tie somebody up with rope

couldn't you you often see that in in movies when that movies what type what

type of movie Steve well sort of when when when a robber goes somewhere and

it's robbing some of his house yeah they tie them up with roads what movies are

you watching where people are being tied up old silent movies oh yes what you

mean like the damsel in distress yes being tied up with a rope yes on the

railway track and she's going yes I says it's a rope used for keeping boats safe

in the harbor hmm yes exactly that's quite a thick heavy rope so yes

that could be used for a boat couldn't it I mean you can get different

different ropes yes somebody said earlier on that you

could use it for hanging somebody yes it's interesting isn't it

most of the things that we've used today can actually be used as a weapon well I

don't know about a ladder can you use a ladder as a weapon I suppose if you if

you had the ladder in your hand and you hit someone with the ladder or maybe you

pushed someone off the ladder and maybe they were they were holding an axe in

their hand and also had some rope there yes yes maybe you could use all three of

those things you can have a ladder made of rope yes you can have a rope ladder

yes rope ladder or maybe like Tarzan Tarzan just has one piece of rope

I remember at school one of the things I hated doing its school was climbing up

the rope did you ever do that Steve you had to

climb up the rope it might in gym class yes in in in gym class

yeah and strangely enough the the person that took our gym class was called Jim

yeah say you can use rope for tying things you can use it for climbing cap

Debbie says in London they used a rope to hang somebody momentarily and then

while they were still alive they would cut open the stomach and then burn the

intestines in the presence of the crowd yes we did use to do that yes what it's

called it's called hunter hung draw and quarter something yes so a person is

hung they are drawn which means they are cut open and then they are quartered

which which is I think they are divided into four pieces by being tied to horses

and they're still alive at that point isn't that great what what a lovely

lovely part of the judicial system that we used to have here in the UK yes

Eugene used a rope to climb the stone wall when she was a child oh yes yes

sérgio can use use it to secure our necks yes tug of war there's a good one

English with a scat yes use for playing tug of war yes I remember do you

remember the time that all of the people that lived in our little village that we

all got together and played tug-of-war that's a sort of a that's a game that

you play it's school very commonly a long piece of rope and you have two

teams of people maybe five or ten people and

you have a space you have a piece of rope in the middle where nobody is there

then you have all everyone holding on to the rope and then when somebody says

pull both teams have to pull the rope as hard as they can and the one that wins

is the one that pulls the other team over over a marker or a line on the

ground maybe we could do it now Steve shall we share I ever took a war we

could do yes all right mr. Duncan are you ready I've

won mr. Dillo unfortunately Steve is just too strong for me because of all

the work I'm doing in the garcy I've got I've got very weak wrists this is what

they said at school they said Mr Duncan you can't play sport because you have

very weak wrists you see they're so limp and rich in in weak tie these hands like

Batman yes a film reference really oh yes

III remember I remember Batman used to get tied up quite often I have a feeling

he was into it I think so I have experience of climbing on the rope

towards the sky says Sergio I don't know what you were taking at the time but I

could do with some of that at the moment life blogger I helped my mum with her

work in the new pharmacy is that using a rope I'm not sure

hello life blogger so apparently life blogger is actually working with the mum

I help my mum with her work in the new pharmacy oh that's good that's a good

way of helping other people during this difficult time

we used to connect a rope to a tree to swing from when we were children yes and

sometimes you could hang a rope from a tree Steve and then you would tie a

large old tire and yes swing on the tire and the bread was attached to a strong

branch above your head mr. daga is reverting to his childhood he does that

a lot a lot of people playing tug of war it seems to be quite a common thing in

many countries lots of replies about rope well done to everybody I use a jump

rope in my exercises oh you're skipping a skipping rope you

could skip with a rope I remember you showed a very old

skipping rope that your mother had is that true Steve that's true I still got

that yes yes you tie handles to a piece of rope

and skip yes it is very very intense exercise boxers use it a lot to train

with it suits it seems like it's something for girls to do at school but

in fact it's it's a very difficult thing to be able to skip hmm it's a quite

exhausting it is but not as exhausting as laying slabs on your patio I don't

know nothing nothing beats that so rope there there are some idioms as well you

could have you can I forgot all the idioms they've gone from my stupid brain

wait there a minute no there is money for old rope money for old rope it means

you sell something that or you you do something that everyone has become bored

with or maybe something that no longer serves any purpose money for old rope so

someone buys a thing from you that is no longer useful it is money for old rope

you keep doing the same thing maybe again and again and people are bored

with it but you keep doing it you carry on doing it for example maybe all of

those Harry Potter books you know JK Rowling was sitting there and she

kept writing them more and more Harry Potter books please I'm gonna write

another one now here is Harry Potter and the money for old rope

yes it's indicating that there you are making an opinion there that the

subsequent books really weren't worth the money that people that's it for them

because it's the same story we keep saying it's doing the same thing maybe

superhero movies they keep having the same stories the same action it is a bit

like money for old rope there is no effort being put in to that certain

thing not like us we come up with all of this fun stuff every weekend we put so

much work into this don't we Steve we do think of all the energy that we are

using at the moment in our bodies if somebody sells something that is very

easy to sell but makes a lot of money out of it you could describe that as

many for our rope money for old rope people and you're surprised sometimes

that people might buy something but it's very easy to produce but it is charged a

lot of money that's money for our rope that is yeah trying to think of another

example of something that you might do you might music music yes these same

songs all of the music nowadays sounds the same it's all like the same notes

every song hazard

nothing mr. Duncan it's ten past four when I'm hungry it's ten past four and

mr. Steve is hungry so that is it that is the last thing we were looking at

today did you enjoy that though did you like that it was something different it

was getting you to describe things and as I said when you take your IELTS or

your toach or any other exam that might be testing your ability with the English

language you might have to describe things you might have to listen to

something being read or spoken and then you have to talk about it so there are

more ways of being tested besides just knowing the words so speaking is only

part of any English test there are other things that you have to prove you have

to prove that you can think in English as well you have to prove that you can

think in English thank you for your company thanks Steve it's been great

today I've enjoyed this it's been different sometimes I like to try

different things sometimes it is successful and sometimes it falls flat

on its ass I'm not sure what this one is well the viewers are the ones to let us

know so did you enjoy this was this fun or was it just a pile of old pets please

let me know a very interesting game says no thank you lil very interesting game

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