here we are again here we go yes once more we are all back

together again it is english addict live from the birthplace of english

which just happens to be england

oh hi everybody this is mr duncan in england how are you today are you

okay i hope so are you happy i hope so here we go again

yes we have made it all the way to the middle of the week

welcome to Wednesday!

yes welcome to midweek

we are here now on Wednesday 14 minutes past 2 o'clock first of all i

am a little bit late something very strange happened

yesterday i managed to burn my tongue

how is that possible you might ask yourself how can you do

that mr duncan you wally

but i managed it i was eating something and it was very hot and i put it into my

mouth thinking that it wasn't hot however it

was and i've managed to burn the end of my tongue

which you can probably imagine is making speaking very difficult and also very

painful as well so now i have a huge ulcer

on the end of my tongue so every time i speak

every time i utter any word it hurts a lot so i

am literally going through pain today i am literally

suffering to do this today we have some topics coming up of course

we have the sentence game today a lot of people want to play the

sentence game and we will be doing that a little bit later on

we have the letter h today we are looking at the letter

h h for harry happy

hurry hip hip hooray you see so there are many words

that can begin with the letter h and that is what we

are doing today also we will be looking at some

contemporary words now when i say contemporary what i

actually mean are words that are currently used words

that are used right now around this time

modern things that are currently happening or something that is done

during this period of time something popular

so we will be looking at some contemporary words

words that are used quite often around well i want to say around the

world and i suppose at the moment they are

being used around the world contemporary words

perhaps you have some of your own maybe you have some of your own

contemporary words that you can also show today you are more than welcome to

do so because we have the live chat hello to

oh hello finney hello finney nice to see you here today and

can i give you a round of applause because you are first on today's live

chat so i've had some complaints i always

read your emails and messages i've had some complaints a couple of

people yesterday complained about how long my live

streams are so today i'm going to make it shorter we

will see what happens so i'm only going to be with you for a

short time today so we will get straight on with it

without any more messing around no more waiting no more saying hello

to everyone let's get straight down to some business shall we

we are looking at contemporary words words

that are connected to anything really that is happening

now or around this time so we talk about contemporary

things things that are modern current things that you see quite often

contemporary words so i thought we would start off by

looking at some contemporary words shall we have a look

right now shall we shall we shall we yes let's

shall we i think it's a very good idea

contemporary words we are looking at words that you might hear at the moment

you might also hear during this particular

period of time so here's one now here is a word that

we've been using a lot over the past few months and it has

nothing to do with you know what it has nothing to do with

cv 19. it does have a lot to do with many issues

that are going around at the moment i know the word is

privilege so when we talk about privilege what are we actually saying

when we say privilege we are talking about a certain type of

advantage that one person might have so if you have privilege

it means that you have one thing over another maybe you have an advantage

over another group of people and you will notice at the moment we are

talking a lot about certain types of privilege

people who are able to do more in their lives

because of the perceived the perceived occurrence of privilege

privilege so this is a word that is often used

nowadays we talk about a certain group of people who might have

more advantage than other people a word that you might hear

a lot used when we are talking about differences between

races and also certain classes of people maybe people who are

raised with with a poor background as opposed to those who come from a rich

or wealthy family a lot of people think that i come from a

wealthy family can i just say i do not come from a wealthy family in

fact quite the opposite so when i was young i had no privilege

even though a lot of people say that maybe i do or i had

but i haven't so i was a very long way from having privilege to be honest

my parents were not that wealthy they both had to work very hard

and also i certainly didn't i didn't enjoy being at school

i i wasn't shown any privilege at school to be honest

so i would say that i definitely didn't have any privilege privilege

is a great word and it's one we use a lot nowadays

to describe having an advantage or maybe something

that you are offered above someone else your privilege

a person who comes from a wealthy family might be described

as privileged they have privilege here's another word another

word that we're using a lot these days we talk about

maybe certain types of unfairness in the world when we talk about

unfairness what we are actually talking about is

quite often we are talking about injustice

injustice is once more something that might only affect

certain people in society or certain groups of people

you might see a certain type of injustice

or maybe another word we can use is unfairness

as well to be unfair to a certain group of people

there are injustices in the world there are many different types of

unfairness between groups of people maybe a certain

group of people is or are picked on

or singled out for certain reasons a group of people who may be treated

unfairly we talk about social injustice

so once again very similar to privilege very similar

to the word privilege we are talking about groups of people

who are given more favors or to be treated better

or worse than other people injustice you will find in the world

there is a lot of injustice i think so hello

ben essie hello benesi i just discovered this channel hello welcome we are

talking about contemporary words today injustice unfairness

to be treated unfairly quite often in maybe in the criminal

justice system you might find that there is injustice

in justice so you might say that this is the opposite

of being treated just or fairly injustice

today i learned a new word decon fine deconfinement deconfinement

well when we talk about deconfinement it is the opposite

of being kept in or kept locked away and of course a lot of

people are talking about that at the moment aren't they yes they

are if you are confined then you are locked away

so deconfinement means you are released you are allowed to go out

you are deconfined confine deconfine another contemporary word

that we are looking at today well this is one i've mentioned already briefly

very briefly we have social social so when we talk about

issues involving people or communities we will often use the word

social so the word social just means gathering or group or a large number of

people maybe people in a certain area or place

social things that affect people and communities quite often on a very

large scale so if you have

a social situation it is normally a situation

involving lots of people social justice is another thing that a lot of people

talk about nowadays unfairness in society

i think society life law can all

sometimes appear to be very unfair i suppose in my life i have had to put

up a lot of or put up with a lot of unfairness

i suppose as we all do social situations social issues things

that affect many people we often talk about the social ladder as

well you might hear people say that they want

to climb the social ladder if you want to climb

the social ladder it means you want to get up you want to

improve your situation in life you want to improve your status

you want to become higher you want to become

better as a person to have a better place in life

so when we talk about the social ladder it means you're trying to improve

yourself and also your place in

society so that's quite a good one a good word that can be used in many

ways and of course it is a very contemporary word as well

you will hear it used quite a lot inequality well of course injustice

and also this word i suppose is used a lot

as well when we talk about injustice we talk about inequality

once again quite often in life you will find

that there is a lot of inequality in the world some of it

is done on purpose or for a reason other types of inequality happen

by accident so they are just moments of fate you have no control

over those things you might say that nature

has a lot of inequality certain animals have an advantage

over other animals you might say that a predator

has an advantage over its prey or its victim so there is

inequality everywhere there is inequality in nature

there is also inequality in society as well

sometimes people treat each other cruelly maybe they single out

a certain thing about one person and they treat

them differently so you will see you will see a lot

of inequality and it is definitely a contemporary word a word that is being

used quite a lot at the moment hello

shot cut what is the british pronunciation

of development development development

that is how we pronounce it to move forward

to build you improve you you develop you have

development something that is being created or constructed

can be described as a development very good we are talking about

words that are contemporary today we also have oh here's a good word now

this is a nice big word you can get your mouth

around this word gentrification i will say it slowly so you can hear the

sounds gentrification gentrification

often this is another social occurrence a social situation

maybe there are people living in a certain area where there is

maybe poverty or maybe an area where there are social problems

you might also find a situation where people move in

people who are wealthy or maybe people who

want to redevelop a certain area so it will encourage wealthy people

and this happens quite a lot over the years in london

there has been a lot of gentrification so this means that you are changing an

area you are encouraging wealth and maybe you are also redeveloping the

area but of course there are some unfortunate

side effects with gentrification this means that you

are moving other people out of the area because

when you have wealthy people living in a certain

area you normally find that the property prices

will go up they will go up they will


says you are an equal man we don't say in equal we say unequal

unequal something that is not level or a person who treats people

differently so one person they will treat fairly

and the other person they will treat unfairly

so the word gentrification is a very i suppose it is a word that a lot of

people become angry about and it is a situation where a lot of

people can fall victim because an area

can change from being an area where housing

is affordable or where people live and then developers will come along and

they will make the houses look better or more modern and then new shops will open

nearby they are all designed to to

improve the area which i suppose in a way is not a bad thing however

there is an unfortunate side effect which means that

people who have average wages or people who are living on low income have to

leave the area so gentrification is

is a word that is used quite a lot and it is quite

a controversial action if you gentrify something it means you improve it

unfortunately it also means that only wealthy people or people on

high income can actually live there and it would appear that it does happen

a lot tsujin makes a very good point there is

a lot of gentrification gentrification in the city of seoul

which is in south korea thank you sujin yes it is happening a

lot london over the years has had

a lot of gentrification the action of making a place more

desirable to those who have money

who are wealthy is this used a lot this word yes it is this word is used a

lot when people talk about social injustice

or inequality inequality

we often talk about areas that have been gentrified so yes

it is a word that is used a lot you might describe it also as a

contemporary word as well here's a nice word i like this

interaction or interaction so you might hear this word used or

pronounced in different ways inter action or interaction

so you will hear that word pronounced in more than one way

both ways of pronouncing that word are correct

so don't worry about that they are also correct they are both

correct interaction or interaction

interaction means to communicate mix you you discuss things you mix together

socially you talk about things together i like

the internet one of the reasons why i love the internet

is because you can interact you can have interaction on the internet so it is

possible to get together to join together to talk about

things to also mix socially as well you have interaction

communication talking as i mentioned i think yesterday i

mentioned that talking is one of the most

important things to have in a conversation

i can't remember these words there are so many don't worry you can watch this

video again you can also write the words down as

well and practice them as well so listen to

the words and you can repeat them if you don't

understand them you can write them down as well writing things down is

a very good way of remembering things it really is

hello lewis luis mendez is here hello lewis

anthony massey have become a gentrification area

since the large tgv railway station yes when areas change

when they are modernized and sometimes this happens for a reason

so it isn't accidental sometimes places are improved or developed because

they want to encourage people who have money

to move there so it can happen the only problem with that of course is

you can also push people away people who are

not as wealthy will be discouraged from living in that area so yes it can

have a benefit but quite often it can also have

a downside as well interaction i think this is a very

positive word to interact is to communicate

it is to socialize you are communicating discussing you are talking about things

so i think interaction is a wonderful word

it is often used nowadays we want to encourage people to talk with each other

to discuss things together

here's another word are you ready for it

disparity so again disparity is very similar to

inequality disparity so there are very definite

differences between things there is a divide or a difference

and the difference is very obvious it is very noticeable you can

see it very clearly disparity difference so there is a

divide between people a disparity

i think that word is one that's being used quite a lot at the moment in

certain parts of the world where inequality or maybe

a certain type of well there is a word we are going to

look at in a minute which might also describe this word as well

we are interacting with us i am yes so that's one of the reasons

why i love doing these live streams because i

can interact with you and you can interact

with me so disparity disparity the divide maybe there are

certain things that treat people unfairly there is a definite difference

maybe your social background perhaps your race

maybe even your religion or your sexuality

your gender so there are many ways that disparity can

can occur and quite often it is a big problem that affects many

people finally here's the word i was going to

give you just but i thought i would wait until it

was on the screen here it is prejudice prejudice

i think this is a word that is being used a lot some people say

some people say that this word is used too much

some people believe that people believe there is too

much prejudice some people believe that there isn't

much prejudice i suppose your own thoughts about prejudice

depends on where you are in life your own situation or your own

position so sometimes you might never come across or see prejudice

however in some such situations you might find that you are always the

victim of prejudice or maybe you are looked at

differently for various reasons as i mentioned


prejudice have you ever faced any prejudice have you ever

had a person treat you differently for a certain reason it has happened to me

it has happened to me i have had a certain amount of prejudice

directed towards me it does happen sometimes

not only here but when i was in china can you believe it

i i was on the receiving end if you are on the receiving end of

something it means you are a person who receives a certain

type of attitude or behavior so

yes it happened to me even in china i i was the victim of prejudice

i'm not joking it wasn't uncommon whilst walking through the streets of

china to be spat at and it did happen to me

whilst i was in china i did have people spit

in my direction not accidentally but on purpose and also sometimes i

would get a little bit of abuse as well when i was

walking around i was once thrown out of

a house i was visiting my students house and i was i was visiting his

grandmother's house and she came back and she asked me to leave she says no

i'm sorry we can't have you here in the house

i'm sorry you are you are not chinese you have to go so that was a bit of a

shock to be honest i've never been on the receiving end

of that sort of prejudice before to be honest with you

can you believe it so it didn't happen very often

but it was quite shocking when it happened i must admit

i i appreciate much more the feeling

of being treated unfairly maybe because of your your race or maybe

from the place where you originated maybe the country you came from

maybe your religion maybe your sexuality and gender so all of these things can be

reasons for prejudice and

as i often say i think prejudice often comes

from misunderstanding a misunderstanding of some sort

you might not fully appreciate that other person

or their existence or their life so if so from my own point of view i

believe that prejudice quite often is is caused by misunderstanding

or ignorance we often feel afraid of things we don't

understand and this is something i've come across

in my life i've received hate

i've received threats even violence

for various reasons so yes i do understand

prejudice very much

hello to the live chat thanks for joining me today i had a complaint

that i don't talk enough about english so i'm giving you lots of english today

there is no excuse today no excuse

so lots of contemporary words if you have

any of your own contemporary words please feel free to let me know

i have discovered something on the internet

something very nice now this is something i've never

tried to eat and as you know i love food very much i

really do like food here is a type of food

that i recently discovered on the internet

i was looking through twitter this morning and some people were making

their own food and this particular thing was one

of the types of food they were making does anyone recognize this

this is something that i've never tried before i've never actually tried this

particular food before but does anyone know what it is

called can anyone name this food

it is something that i saw this morning and to be honest with you

i really do want to try it i want to try this food

so i'm going to now try i will be trying over the weekend

to try and find a place that will sell this type of food

i have a feeling that maybe this food is not available in the area

where i live unicarina says oh yes that is

turos turose i hope i pronounced it right churros

is that how i pronounce it

terose sandra says yes this is churros you are right i've never tried

this type of food i have never tried it but

i have to be honest with you after seeing these photographs this morning

and here's another one here's another photograph look at that

oh my goodness i have never tried that food

before cheris

have i pronounced it right first of all is my pronunciation

correct trus

and i think the reason why i am especially attracted to this food is

because if you look next to it there is also

chocolate so i am thinking that this particular

type of food must be very tasty

very delicious so there it is there is a there is a type of food i have

never tried that food before cherros

churrus you can have churros with chocolate and it is my favorite i have

never tried this food before i really want it

apparently you fry them oh okay then well i didn't know that you see

i i didn't have time to find out how you actually cook them

or make them but there is one thing i do know

i really want to try churros i really want to try them they look very

sweet maybe a little bit sticky but they look

lovely and i really want to try them with chocolate

i really want to try churros

churros is that okay am i pronouncing it yes oh hello am i pronouncing chorus

right i want to get it right you see i have to make sure that i can say trus

because i might need to ask for it i might need

to phone someone up and ask hello do you sell churros

can you please send some to my house that would be very nice

oh belarusia says come to argentina and you will be able to try charos

i know i really do want to try it

you can also have them filled with pastry cream

i like the sound of that so inside the churros is there actually something

else is there something inside as well because i saw a photograph and

it looked like chocolate inside the churros

so you can take the churros and you can dip it you can dip

the churros into

oh mr duncan i can send you the recipe says louisa

thank you very much that's very kind of you if you want to send me

send it to me you can yes here is my email

if you want to send me the recipe for churros maybe mr steve can

try and make them

apparently it's churu churu oh okay now i know

true is how you actually pronounce it you pronounce it true

so the first is like uh true okay then

hello pedro pedro belmont nice to see you here

we are having our live english addict today and we are about to play the

sentence game yes we have around 20 minutes of the

sentence game to play i hope you are ready today we are

looking at the letter h i can't

find my letter h where is it i had it in my hand and now it's

disappeared wait there a moment i need to find my letter h

somewhere it's disappeared

where are you

i have found the letter h it was hiding ah you see the word

hiding or hide starts with the letter h

hide hurry


horrendous those words all begin with the letter h would you

like to play the sentence game okay we will do that right now because

we are going to play the sentence game without any delay or hesitation

to make you all happy so you don't fall asleep

and get bored here we go it is time to play

the sentence game and we are using the letter


mr duncan your live streams are too short

that will be the next complaint that i get

it will mr duncan your live streams are too short too short

here we go then here is today's sentence game are you ready to play the

sentence game here we go then let's play it shall we

reveal today's sentence game we are using the letter h today

so all of the words that i'm looking for begin

with the letter h for harry happy hurry

hard some people say mr duncan your sentence game

is too hard

i'm sorry about that i hope today's sentence game is not too difficult

here is the first one let's play the sentence game right now

it is now going to appear on your screens

at the bottom of the screen you will see a sentence

there it is you will see also there is a missing word

what i want you to do is give me the missing word

it sounds easy oh mr duncan that's so easy

anyone can do that well let's see shall we let's see

something anyone turned up to my party we are looking for six letters beginning

with the letter h so this is a very good way of improving your vocabulary

your grammar and also if you don't know the answer

you will also learn perhaps a new word so there are many reasons why the

sentence game can give you so much english

so much knowledge

let's have a look we have some correct answers coming

through i think maybe this is a little easy

maybe too easy maybe some people will say mr duncan

i have a complaint it's too easy you are making it too easy

so the first sentence game something anyone

turned up to my party beginning with the letter h

i will give you about one minute oh we have some correct answers coming

up also some extra words as well hello

belle belvedere hello belvedere thank you very much for your lovely

words beginning with h howdy hard

huge something that's huge holy holy hmm you see

holy something religious something sacred

host that's me i'm your host hurry hurry

as in hurry up mr duncan please give us the answer

okay here comes the answer now mr cockerell

is about to say hello

very nice i hope you enjoyed that i hope you enjoyed that more than i did

mr duncan make it a bit harder okay you see i can't win

sometimes i make them easy and then they're too easy

sometimes i make them harder and then they're too hard

sometimes i stay on for two hours and my lessons are too long

sometimes i only come on for 30 minutes and people say my lessons are too short

sometimes in life you can't win it's true so there is the first one

so just because it's easy for you doesn't mean it's easy for someone else

so here it is the answer to the first sentence game

something that

might be described as few or little not many

you might say hardly is the answer hardly hardly

anyone turned up to my party hardly anyone so when we say hardly

it means almost no one almost no one hardly anyone

hardly anyone almost no one

make it a bit harder mr duncan okay then let's see shall we so there is the first

one hardly almost nothing


here is the next one are you ready let's go

oh okay then you wanted a hard one here it is

please stop something me please

stop something me we are looking for ten letters a ten letter word

please stop something me now i feel it i might get complaints

saying mr duncan is too hard it's too difficult please stop

something me

what is the answer to the question please stop something me

so i would say that this sentence is definitely

negative this is definitely a negative sentence it is definitely

interesting we are getting some interesting

answer's coming through here

i see yes you are doing what i thought you would

do so you are actually now putting the

answer that i thought you would put however you are not right you are

incorrect ah so this one is hard you see you

wanted a hard one you have it you have it

please stop complaining me we don't normally say that in

that particular sense because grammatically it is not correct

you might say please stop complaining to me because it is an action with

direction so complaining is something you do

to someone please stop complaining to me

so it is not complaining

interesting i will be very surprised if anyone gets this right

i will be very surprised

but of course you often surprise me you do

surprise me quite often sometimes you do

we are getting a lot of people saying harrison


10 letters

don't worry valeria we are still here for a few more minutes

i'm with you for another about another 10 minutes and then i'm going

extra short you see so you will have plenty of your day

to do other things you don't have to sit and watch me all day

hello to manyantwali humiliating oh okay then let's have a

look shall we

humiliating that is a good answer by the way please stop

humiliating me if you humiliate someone you you embarrass them

you cause embarrassment you cause some sort of discomfort please


humiliating me humiliating that's a good one

very good humiliating but it is not the answer that's not the

one i'm looking for there is another word perhaps if you are

a person who always likes to tell another person

what to do maybe you are always complaining to them

or maybe you lecture other people you keep telling other people how they

should live their life maybe you are telling your friend

how they should live their life you are dictating

to them you are telling them you are lecturing them

quite often in a very aggressive way so that is the word we are looking for

a person who might keep telling you what to do

they lecture you they never leave you alone

they're always telling you what to do how to live your life

how to do things oh please stop something me

ten letters

alessandra hello to you

um interesting we are getting some very interesting answers here i'm still

waiting for a correct answer you might be surprised

am in patronizing i think patronizing has eleven letters

sergio hello sergio has he told you about

china already oh that's very good thank you very much for your sarcasm

i really needed your sarcastic comment today

thank you sergio ah sometimes you might catch me in a good

mood but sometimes you might catch me in a bad mood you see

like today i'm not in a good mood you tell

i will tell this word to my father because he always tells me what to do

that's pretty good yes i think so um still waiting for the correct answer

i will give you another few seconds another few seconds and then i will give

you the answer

to do

are you ready here comes the answer right now

10 letters please stop something me

very nice

the answer is oh lolly lolly well done lolly lolly

very good nice i think you're the only person who got this right

haranguing oh wow now there is a fantastic word look at

that that is an amazing english word

haranguing to harangue someone is to constantly lecture them

you are constantly telling them what to do

and how to do it sometimes in a very aggressive way you complain to someone

that they should be doing something in a certain way

you are haranguing that person and we only had one answer

one correct answer which was lolly lolly well done lolly lolly well done lolly

lolly you got it right


harangue that's a great word to harangue someone if you harangue

someone you are constantly telling them what to do

and how to do it normally in a very aggressive way

go up go up says please stop taxing me

i like that one i like that one my voice is going now

isn't this great are you enjoying this

this is great i'm suffering from hay fever as well today

i don't know why

i think after this live stream i will have a lie down on the floor

haranguing if you harangue someone it means you are always telling them

what to do and how to do it

primeiro says i am going to name my unborn son

haranguing oh i see it might be a good name

for a person i think so i think you're right yes it's a pretty good word

you might call your son harang come come in the come into the house

harang it's time to have your dinner and then

harangue will say oh i wish you would stop haranguing me

could you please stop haranguing harang

what a good idea that is people do call their children some very

strange names these days they do

do you know anyone with a strange name in your life do you know anyone

who has a strange name here is another one

another sentence game is coming up right now

oh oh we have two missing letters or two missing words

should i say we have two missing words she something something

towards the waiting bus huh you said you wanted hard ones so now

i am giving you hard ones she something something towards the

waiting bus what was she doing i wonder

she's something something towards the waiting bus

the live stream is better if it lasts one hour

well i will try my best i've gone over one hour by 10 minutes so maybe you can

you can save that 10 minutes maybe for another day

you should definitely visit brazil i would love to visit brazil

i would love to visit anywhere at the moment i really want to travel somewhere

i want to go somewhere i want to go to a different part of the country

where people aren't wearing masks and hiding away from each other

wouldn't that be nice wouldn't that be lovely maybe one day

she something something towards the waiting bus

but what was it what is the answer to that question

palmyra says my youngest granddaughter is called

nojah or nodja noja okay interesting have i pronounced it

right maybe it's noah maybe it's noah

maybe it sounds very similar to noah

the waiting bus is a bus stop well the waiting bus is the bus

that's already there so the bus is already there

so we are saying that there is a bus waiting and in a moment

it will drive away so she needs to do something

she needs to move very quickly so she something something

towards the waiting bus so when we say that something is waiting

it means it is there it is waiting for you

so she something something towards the waiting bus that means the bus

is waiting and very soon he will drive away so she has

to be very fast she has to be quick what is she doing what is she doing

i will give the answers in a few moments we will be going soon

i'm waiting for a correct answer i haven't got

any i haven't got any correct answers at the moment nessar

it's a little bit difficult

i can't wait i i can't i can't win i can't win it's too hard it's too easy

your lessons are too long your lessons are too short

mr duncan why can't you be a pretty girl instead of an old man

i can't win i really can't hmm oh a strange name

monday man monday man i like that monday man hmm

actually i quite like that name monday man

interesting the answer is coming in a moment

are you ready for the answer

oh i've had one of the words one of the words

is correct well done so one of you has got one of the words correct

here comes the answer right now

the answer is bing hurriedly hurriedly

headed ah you see she hurriedly headed towards the waiting bus

hurriedly she did something in a hurry so the action you are describing how

that person is moving she is moving hurriedly

hurriedly she hurriedly headed towards the waiting bus

it is another way of saying she ran towards the bus she hurriedly

headed towards the waiting bus you are saying she ran towards the bus

she did it hurriedly hurriedly so you are doing it in a hurry you are

describing that action you are saying that she hurriedly headed

towards the waiting bus so when you are headed somewhere headed

you are moving towards a certain thing in a certain direction you are going

forward your intention is to go over there you

are heading towards there or headed as the past


actually no the headed doesn't have nine letters you're right

i don't know how i did that let's have another look

yes it says nine and nine wow how did that happen that's my fault

anyway you get to learn some new words anyway see i'm going to get complaints

about that now i can't win today i just can't win thank

you lil for telling me that i got the wrong

number there yes i'm sorry about that i apologize as if today couldn't get any

worse as if today could not get any worse i'm

sorry about that maybe you'll have much more luck with the next one let's

have a look shall we oh okay then this is the last one before

i go

headed and towards is not repetition no it isn't repetition because you are

using different words you you don't repeat a word if you are

using a different word that means the same thing so sometimes

in an english sentence you might say something where you have to use the

same word however it is always good to use an

alternative word so it is possible to repeat

the same word in a sentence but if you do

try to use a different word with the same meaning so that's why i did


the scientists want to something the power of the sun this is the last

one and then i'm going i won't waste your

time i'm not going to waste your time don't worry

i'm sure you have lots of things to do the scientists want to something

the power of the sun but what what is it don't forget it begins with

the letter h the scientists want

to something the power of the sun but what is it

oh sergio says exploit

the only problem with that sergio is it doesn't begin with

h you see it doesn't begin with h

i hope i got the right number of letters here or else

i might just jump out of the nearest window

waiting for a correct answer to come through

i am very patient very patient oh okay then yes we have some

coming through consume consume

is a good word but unfortunately it begins with c

and we are looking for the letter h

hold back that's a good one

hold back the power of the sun in fact it might actually be the

opposite of that you see so instead of holding back

what is the and what is the opposite to that we are looking for

the opposite

okay we have some correct answers coming through now

oh yes very good very nice

thank you sheriff thank you shard thank you also camilo

also amanda also we have tomek

i think actually tomek was was first with this word

the word is

cock-a-doodle-doo the word is coming up right now

harness you want to harness

harness if you harness something it means you want to

capture or hold something you want to harness

the power of the sun something that you can take

and use you harness something quite often we think of a

horse being harnessed they are

attached to another thing they are kept secure so you want

to have that thing you want to keep it nearby

or you want to use it in a certain way the scientists want to harness

the power of the sun so there we go that's it that is today's

sentence game i hope you enjoyed playing along i hope

you enjoyed everything you saw today i will be going

i'm with you again tomorrow hope you've enjoyed this

English addict and i hope you will join me tomorrow

don't forget also i'm with you once Friday as well Friday i am with you

and tomorrow will be the final the last extra English

so tomorrow is the last extra english i will join you live tomorrow

where will i be well i'm hoping tomorrow i'm hoping to go into town and

hang around the town centre with my live stream tomorrow and that is

what i'm hoping to do tomorrow from 2pm uk time i will see you there

live tomorrow and also on friday if you can't

make it tomorrow don't worry i will be back also on

friday as well this is mr duncan in the birthplace of

English saying i hope you've enjoyed today's

lesson you can watch it again as many times as you want

and of course until the next time we meet here on youtube

you know what's coming next yes you do...

ta ta for now 8-)