look at that have no fear mr duncan is  here and we have snow this morning we  

had lots of snow falling outside the house  and there you can see a live view right now  

we have quite a lot of snow around it is  absolutely freezing cold today can i just say  

very chilly in fact here we go then yes  we are back together again it is another  

english addict live from a very snowy birthplace  of the english language which just happens to be


wow hi everybody this is mr duncan in  england how are you today are you okay  

i hope so are you happy are you feeling  happy i hope you're feeling happy  

i hope you are feeling better than my voice does  today i don't know why i woke up this morning  

with a slight sore throat but i think it's  probably because i've been doing too much talking  

that might be the reason why so my name is duncan  i talk about the english language i'm often live  

right here on youtube i've been doing this on  youtube for many years do you know how long over  

14 years this year it will actually be my 15th  anniversary on youtube can you believe it i was  

well i was actually the first ever english  english teacher ever on youtube did you do that

you didn't well now you do now you know who i  am perhaps you might be interested to find out  

when i am on you can catch me every sunday and  wednesday from 2 p.m uk time during the month  

of january sunday and wednesday 2 p.m uk  time is when i am on oh i have something  

else interesting to mention today february is  just around the corner yes we are approaching  

a new month just a few more days and then we  will be into the shortest month of the year  

i have decided to do something a little bit  different for february can you guess what it is  

so during the following month the  one that is just around the corner  

i'm going to be doing something a little  different during the month of february  

what will it be i might tell you later on if i'm  feeling generous i don't know yet i don't know we  

have so much coming up today we are in the kitchen  today as well would you like to see a picture  

of well taken from what we did last night and  you might notice mr steve looking very happy  

so we were in the kitchen last  night and we were preparing  

a certain type of food but what food was  it find out later on as we have some more  

fun and games in the kitchen apparently  a lot of people enjoy watching  

our escapades oh i like that word by the way  escapade an escapade is something that you are  

doing maybe you go on an adventure maybe you  do something specific and maybe something that  

might have lots of events or occurrences during  that time so a little bit later on yes we are  

going into the kitchen mr steve will be in there  and also myself something we recorded last night

but the big question is what were we making  oh yes of course we have made it to the end  

of another week in a week that has seen  one or two changes around the world  

do you really need me to tell you what they are  i don't think so to be honest and of course we  

have made it to the end of another week here in  england as well what a way to end the week because

can you see we've had loads of snow  today it's amazing and of course it's


yes behind me that is actually the view that  was outside my studio window this morning so  

now the snow has eased off it has stopped almost  stopped but this morning i was filming i was doing  

a little bit of filming outside the house i did  one of my famous fast edits something i do on  

sunday quite often if i find something interesting  that i want to show you sometimes i have to do a  

very fast edit very quick so here is something  that i filmed this morning out in the garden  

and i thought we would have a look as we  begin today's live stream with some lovely  

beautiful romantic views of the english  winter wonderland right outside my window




and there it was this morning's view out of my  window lots and lots of snow was falling outside  

the window and it is freezing cold yes you are  right for those who have mentioned mr duncan is it  

cold at the moment it is freezing cold it is too  below zero right now outside here is another live  

view you might actually see some birds let's have  a look so this is a live view right now outside  

the window so this is what it looks like at the  moment there were some birds earlier feeding  

oh in fact there are some there right now you  might be able to see some birds flying down  

to feed in my garden and yes  we have had snow it is official  

we had some heavy snowfall this morning in fact  i opened my curtains and the first thing i saw  

was beautiful snow everywhere and it was still  falling as well i'm not sure why but i always  

get a little bit excited when i see snow i don't  know what the reason is or why it happens but  

i really do get a little bit excited  when i see snowfall i don't know why

oh hello live chat thank you for joining me  today we have mr steve coming up later on we are  

going to look at some words and also we have the  sentence game as well i haven't forgotten today  

we will have the sentence game and all of the  words will be positive positive words so today's  

sentence game will be connected to positivity  positive words sentences that make you feel better  

brighter and let's face it at the moment we really  do need that when you think about it we really do  

need that quite a lot so it's a snowy england and  also we have the live chat as well i suppose the  

big question is who was first on today's live chat  i wonder oh once again you have a very fast finger  

vitas congratulations once more  you are first on today's live chat

what is your secret vitas i think during the  week vitas does some exercises maybe there is  

some sort of exercise machine you can use for your  finger maybe you put some small weights on the end  

of your finger and you lift the weights up you  lift them it's a bit like being in a gymnasium  

so maybe you go to the gym and you instead of  working your arms or your legs you work your  

finger so your finger will be strong  and fast and you will always be first  

on the live chat so congratulations once again  vitas also we have flower espoire as well  

hello to you too hello also gx hello gxpit brawl  what an interesting name you have hello olga  

han also we have sweetness and beatriz  and mirilda oh we also have luis mendez  

luis mendez is here today also we have hello  to hiroko i haven't seen you for a long time  

it seems like a long time since i last saw you  here on the live stream so welcome back hiroko  

nice to see you here as well ricardo lolly  lolly a big bonjour or should i say bonjour

de france hello also sarwar ahmed hello to you as  well rosa is here grace chin wow so many regular  

viewers are joining me today thank you  very much for giving me your sunday  

i don't know what time it is where you are  but right now it is 20 minutes past 2 o'clock  

on a sunday afternoon the 24th of january 2021 how  has this year been so far has it been a good year

it's been a rather interesting year i must admit  

for various reasons some of them good and  some of them not so good so we have february  

just around the corner i am planning to do  something special during the month of february  

28 days of the month it is the shortest month  of the year so i thought i would do something  

a little bit unusual for february i wonder what  it could be maybe later on i will tell you i'm  

not sure at the moment i might keep it a secret  a little bit longer we will see what happens  

hello ozzo azod ozad beck or ozzerbeck hello to  you as well where are you watching at the moment  

hello to marshmallow hello marshmallow  nice to see you back as well i believe  

you recently started watching my live stream  thank you very much for joining me hello rahuan  

rawan sabha watching in egypt hello egypt now  i was watching something a couple of days ago  

concerning some new tombs that have been found in  egypt and they were very interesting fascinating  

so yes i was watching a news story a couple  of days ago concerning your country egypt  

hello marietta hello also jacqueline good morning  mr duncan could you please pronounce the word  

water and also manchester oh okay then well  you you have water water water i want a drink  

of water water manchester manchester so some  people miss the end of that word out they leave  

it out so they might say water water so it really  does depend on your accent you see so some people  

say water some people will say water water so they  will actually cut the end of the word they will  

not pronounce the end of that word  so people might say water manchester

so i hope that helps you i  love how you hear those words  

i i really want to hear those words with  a british accent greetings from guatemala  

hello guatemala i know i do have quite a lot  of people watching there so a big hello to  

you and everyone else watching in guatemala  at the moment is it snowing where you are

hello mo sin hello mo sin hello also to yadna  watching in myanmar hello myanmar i do have  

some viewers where you are as well in myanmar  hello also semi semi boss bossert is that a live  

video behind you is it snowing right now it isn't  snowing at the moment however this morning this is  

what was happening so behind me this is actually  a recording of this morning when i woke up the  

snow was falling quite heavily and i don't know  about you but i love snow i love it when it snows  

it feels so romantic it's almost like something  from a fairy tale maybe something from narnia  

perhaps hello also inaki hello anarchy nice to  see you here as well yes the editing of my video  

this morning yes i did that very quickly  so sometimes i only have a little bit of  

spare time before my live stream begins  so i i call it my express editing  

something i do in a hurry so quite often we use  the word express to mean something that is done  

quickly or fast express maybe if you are  traveling somewhere you might take the expressway  

on the road so that means a road where you  can travel at a much faster speed express  

to get somewhere quickly to get somewhere fast  something that occurs quickly express expedite  

is another word you can use expedite to do  something quickly or fast something that you want  

quickly i remember years ago i'm really  showing my age now i remember years ago when  

i this is terrible to win to actually admit but  i used to take photographs with film can you  

believe it yes i used to have a camera that had  film inside and then you would take the pictures  

and then you would take the film out and then you  would have to send it to a company to be processed  

and that would normally take about four or five  days so by the time you got your pictures back  

normally you would have to wait for about a  week or maybe 10 days before you could see  

your lovely photographs so in the olden days  going back in time i used to take photographs  

using a film camera the only problem was you  couldn't see the pictures you had to wait  

for many many days before your photographs  were returned to you but then later on they  

they realized that they could develop your  pictures much quicker so you could pay some  

extra money and have your express photographs  so they used to call it express developing  

so they would develop your pictures much faster  but of course you had to pay more money as well

hello to rosa hello irene anna by the way we  are celebrating a very big anniversary tomorrow  

mr steve and myself we have a special anniversary  i wonder if he can guess what it is but it does  

relate to tomorrow's date so tomorrow a very  special anniversary tomorrow can you believe it oh  

we might be talking about that a little bit  later on we have mr steve coming in a few moments

yes this is english addict and it is mr duncan  that's me by the way for those wondering who is  

that strange man by the way if you want to get in  touch you can you can send me an email there is my  

email address right now on the screen if you want  to get in touch you are more than welcome to do so  

and there is my email address so now you know  this is english addict and yes we are live  

from the birthplace of the english language  which just happens to be england yes hello  

beatrice hello also din nu in hello mr duncan  it is the first time i've watched your video  

after nearly 10 years ago really so the last time  you watched me was 10 years ago that's a long time  

well things have changed quite a lot in that  time to be honest with you things have changed  

quite considerably during that time so when i  first started making my videos i didn't have my  

live stream because the technology didn't exist  isn't that amazing so way back in 2006 there was  

no live streaming it didn't exist yes i have  also worked out oh i see someone has mentioned  

my 1 million subscribers i am hoping to  actually get 1 million subscribers this  

year so i need about another 98 000 subscribers  and then i will pass one million subscribers  

oh and who knows i might get a special gift from  youtube who knows maybe maybe not so i have worked  

out that on my birthday this year i will reach  1 million subscribers it's true so yesterday i  

sat down and i i worked out with my calculator  that i will reach 1 million subscribers around  

august early august so i'm rather  looking forward to that to be honest  

so that is what i think anyway marshmallow says  is it steve's birthday tomorrow no it isn't but  

it will be steve's birthday next month so yes  that's one of the many things happening during  

february this year just a few days away yes mr  steve will be another year older you are right  

but not tomorrow not tomorrow apparently tomorrow  says rosa tomorrow is the anniversary of sao polo  

467 years old almost as old as mr  steve almost not quite marietta  

says i would be grateful if you could pronounce  the word worcestershire worcestershire

and also canterbury canterbury by the  way is a beautiful place very scenic  

a very famous cathedral in canterbury  worcestershire so even though the spelling  

of the word worcestershire is different you can  hear that i actually pronounce it very different  

or differently to how it's actually  spelt so we have worcester which is  

the town and then we have worcestershire  which is the area surrounding it so i hope  

that helps you oh beatriz ah beatrice you  are right yes yes you are right because  

tomorrow is the anniversary of moving  here to much wenlock you are right  

thank you very much yes you have got it right well  then b trees so to tomorrow the 25th of january  

will be the eighth anniversary eight years  i can't believe it i i can't believe time  

has gone by so quickly but eight years since  i moved here to much wenlock and everything  

changed quite a lot everything changed  considerably in that time lots of things changed

the weather outside is cold hello olga tomorrow is  an important anniversary for my family because 20  

years ago my husband and i met each other for the  first time olga it is your anniversary tomorrow  

but the anniversary of you meeting together  for the first time so how did it happen  

was it romantic was it something  nice was it something pleasant

please tell me how you met i'm always interested  to find out how couples first met so some people  

meet completely by chance some people might join  a group and then they develop a relationship  

with another member of that group so how did  you meet olga how did you meet your husband  

how was it romantic was it something lovely please  let us know unless of course you want to keep it  

private which case i i understand i understand  if you want to keep it private you are more than  

welcome to do so we have some interesting facts  about snowflakes a little bit later on as well  

could you please show the video again yes okay  then if you want to see it again you are more than  

welcome to do so here is the video that i filmed  this morning from my window looking out across  

the beautiful landscape in the area where i live  in england for those wondering yes it is england  

where i live and this morning it was snowing it  was beautiful it was like a winter wonderland



and that's it there it is the view this morning  

out of my window yes it is a very snowy  day here in england this is english addict

yes hello hello hello mr duncan hello  viewers would you like some applause go on  

you know i like the applause i haven't done  anything yet yes well those applause are in  

anticipation of something really amazing happening  perhaps i need to be full of life and energy  

is that what you're saying mr duncan well last  week i don't know what was going on last week  

but steve was really excited and enthusiastic i i  can't remember the last time i saw you looking so  

so bouncy well of course it didn't last uh  by monday morning i was back in the doldrums  

yeah if we say we're in the doldrums that means  you're feeling a bit low anyway but i wasn't i'm  

only joking anyway we're keeping it positive today  do you like the background steve look at that well  

i've been out there mr duncan yes i haven't by the  way but steve decided to to brave the elements and  

he went outside he actually went out into the snow  for a walk didn't you but i i couldn't because i  

was busy preparing my live stream you see ah  that's my excuse i went for an hour i walked  

for an hour it wasn't snowing when i went out  but there was about i'd say about that much snow  

on the ground that's that looks like maybe an  inch two inches yes couple of centimeters and uh  

it was not as cold as i expected but the ground  was frozen underneath although it was muddy when  

i went through it's quite interesting when you  it's frozen on the fields that are exposed but  

then when you walk through some woods it's all it  the temperature is higher because all the ground  

is muddy um that's quite interesting you would  think that the it would just get as cold inside  

the woods as it would in the field but obviously  it doesn't well we do have some some strange cold  

spots around here don't we as we go out walking  sometimes you can see where there are some cold  

spots so quite often the snow will disappear or  thaw so when the snow starts to melt we can say  

that it thaws it is thawing but you can still find  snow in certain areas where there is a little cold  

spot especially around here because we're very  high up we're almost we're almost in the clouds  

here aren't we steve have you got any cold spots  about your person i have mr duncan i have a couple  

of cold spots that might need some attention  later on what about hot spots oh i've got loads  

of those by the way i mentioned a few moments ago  we have a special anniversary tomorrow don't we  

well a lot of people are talking about their  various anniversaries but we do that's correct  

yes eight years ago eight years ago tomorrow it's  the anniversary of us moving here to much wenlock  

can you believe it eight years eight years and  you've have you already mentioned that it was  

there was quite thick snow yes on the eight years  ago when we moved in so the weather conditions are  

virtually identical yeah it's crazy it's amazing  so outside the window looks exactly the same as  

it did the day we moved here which i think is  strangely is it is it yes i think it's quite  

poetic yes it's a coincidence um but we better  just say unless you already have our pit tnt  

is launching uh their own travel youtube channel  for travel vlogs and keeps are wanting us to  

mention it so we will and we will give you all  best wishes for your travel vlogs where in fact if  

you send us the address we can always watch them  yes as we've noticed as well you may have noticed  

because we talked about this last  week i've got rid of my advertising  

my free advertising it's all gone so any products  any promotions they must be paid for from now on  

oh mr duncan yes well we've never been offered  but i mean yes so we can't mention any products  

anymore is that what you're saying i've even  covered up my hat even my hat is covered up why so  

no no more sponsorships no more free advertising  if you want if you want me to put something on my  

hat then you can you can pay out an advertising  fee well let's see if we get any uh any takers  

any companies out there wanting to sponsor  uh mr duncan's youtube channel no you could  

sponsor my hat yeah so you can if you want the  name of your product on my hat all you have to  

do is let me know and then and then but you  i will also charge you as well i think we've  

got to start thinking have we got that kind of  clout in the world of youtube mr duncan well no  

but there's no harm in asking there's no harm  asking that's what i say yes if you want to  

make scones with butter you can rather than oil  marshmallow asks oh okay i would probably prefer  

to make them with butter than with oil because  they'll be firmer and they'll taste nicer yes  

as far as i'm concerned the only way you can make  scones is with butter nothing else no margarine no  

oil it has to be butter it must be butter we are  going into the kitchen soon all right i better put  

my uh my penny on time you don't have to because  it's recorded uh there's various people have you  

already mentioned some people's anniversaries  palmyra has just said they've been on the 26th  

of january do you know i don't even know what  the date is today what is the date mr donald the  

date is on the screen it's the 24th 24th so in  two days time uh palmyra would have been living  

30 years in the same house presumably or the same  place yes i presume you mean house by that uh  

and uh sant sant paolo has an anniversary as  well 400 and something years i noticed yes  

i think 470 i want to say 474. they did mention  it but i didn't take a note of that almost as  

old as mr steve what are we doing today mr duncan  well as i mentioned we are going into the kitchen  

we recorded something last night in the  kitchen we were making something but what  

were we making find out in a few minutes  from now we also have the sentence game  

steve the sentence game that's woken up certain  people tomek i bet i bet tomic was asleep on the  

floor and now he's just woken up not not yet tomic  not yet a little bit later on there will be the  

sentence game steve would you like to know some  strange unusual and interesting facts about snow  

right okay would you like to hear some interesting  facts well first of all did you know that all  

snowflakes have six sides or points i didn't  know that all of them without any exception so  

all that snow falling behind me all of that snow  every single flake has six sides or points another  

another one snow actually is formed when a very  cold water droplet freezes onto a tiny particle in  

the air so snow is actually sticking to something  else it is freezing on something else minute  

tiny particles particles floating in the air so  we need some pollution otherwise we would never  

get snow yes i wonder if i wonder if you live in  places where there is a lot of pollution you get  

more snow i wonder or if the snow is heavier  another one steve every snowflake is unique  

well they've all got six six sides when you  say six sides i'm trying to picture that  

well six sides so the shape is is well  it has six sides six is that pentagon  

a six pent pen you can dig that hole if you  want well i'm just asking uh i think like the  

pentagon in america the the that sort of big  building where a lot of secret things go on  

hex is five i think pent is six isn't it  so octagon an octagonal i know octagon

uh i think hex hex is five so is it pent  is it pent for uh for six yes somebody

we're trying to educate i'm  trying to learn something as well  

okay then oh great what else about snow there are  35 categories of snowflake categories yes so you  

would have thought that snowflakes are all the  same you think snowflakes they're all the same  

they're no different from each  other but they are there are 35  

categories hexagon is six sorry so i was wrong  about pentagon what's pentagon then how many  

is that isn't isn't it nine isn't a pentagon the  thing that you you know when you're trying to to  

go on keep going you know when you're  trying to bring a spirit from the other side  

isn't isn't it a pentagon that you you draw on the  ground is it right yeah so i i think a pentagon  

is is quite a an elaborate shape right see this  this uh pencil here well it's a pen it's a pen  

but like pencils as well this has six  sides to it okay this is a hexagon  

as well hexagonal yeah is that what it's  always good to refresh the memory with the  

with things like that what's a dodecahedron how  many sides is that is it 12 i can't remember okay  

i don't know why steve keeps answering asking  questions that he doesn't know the answer to  

well i'm i'm i'm mark pentagon is five you're  just revealing us both as being very stupid  

okay steven that's it steve pentagon is  fine steve gotta move on you're the one  

that's gonna be complaining when we're still  here at 20 past four snowflakes are not white

what are they then mr duncan they are translucent  

translucent so you can see through them and and of  course the way they reflect light or the way they  

distort light gives them their their color or  their apparent color so snowflakes are not white  

did you know that so did you enjoy that  steve i did now who was the person who  

often says it's their birthday  but it isn't really part up  

well our pit is saying that it's their  birthday today yeah our armpit is par tap  

i thought so yes i thought so because it's it's  i think he's his name is is almost an anagram  

so i think our pit is par tap  almost trying to catch me out  

it's very easy normally it's it's hard to catch  me out it's not very hard to catch mr steve out  

i will be honest with you anyway very easily round  up everybody used to say that when i was at school  

yeah really it's very easy to wind me up because  i just don't i i always assume people are  

telling the truth and they're not uh having fun  like last expense like last week when i when i  

was talking about greta thundberg and i gave her  a completely different name and you thought yeah  

that that's her that's the one anyway we're going  into the kitchen steve but we've got anna says  

it's v birthday okay vitas is not par tap is it  is is it vitas is it your birthday today that's  

what it says here oh yes let's let's have a look  mr duncan it is vittas's birthday he deserves a  

round of applause and i wouldn't lie to us no  vitas happy birthday it is your birthday today

does it seem it's half its birthday  let the applause finish steve  

we're going into the kitchen now we're going in  i don't know what it i've noticed something with  

steve when he joins me he's he's always doing this  with the pen because i'm alive mr duncan i'm alive  

and i'm excited yes that's just just calm down  where it hurts if you if you're not careful you  

might stick it somewhere where it doesn't hurt  here we go last night we went into the kitchen  

and we decided to make something in the kitchen we  did a little bit of cooking with something that we  

recently bought ah i wonder what it could be so  now we are going into the kitchen and mr steve  

and myself are going to make something to eat so  the big question is what's cooking in the kitchen

oh here we are then it's saturday night i hope  you are enjoying today's live stream we will be  

going back live in a few moments but first of  all i couldn't resist showing you what is going  

on in the kitchen at the moment right now we are  preparing our evening meal some people say supper  

some people say tea it just depends really  so we are tonight having some some chicken  

that we actually cooked yesterday and  with the chicken we are going to have some  

chips and just behind me you might see  mr steve is busy behind me preparing  

the gravy the onion gravy that is going to go  along with the chicken and chips and i think  

also we are having some some garden peas as well  mr steve is drinking alcohol can you believe it i  

can't believe this only on a saturday night honey  on duncan only on a saturday night that's good i'm  

having a beer shall i show you shall i show the  viewers which beer i'm drinking no not really

we've started having a no advertising zone here  on the live stream so i i think it's only fair  

that we do that you see anyway back to the  name of the game the main source of this video  

is well there is some source courtesy of mr steve  gravy but also there is a different type of sauce  

which is the thing we are talking about  tonight oh mr steve has his corn flour ready  

now normally you use corn flour to  to make something thicker so you use  

corn flour as a thickener thickener you thicken  something so it isn't too watery it is thick  

now what i'm going to do i will  show you right now i'm going to  

make some chips in my super duper airfryer yes  mr steve bought a lovely gift oh isn't it nice  

my lovely airfryer so tonight we are going  to do that we are going to use the airfryer  

i'm going to show you how i prepare my chips how i  put them in the air fryer and what they look like  

after they've been fried so the beautiful thing  about an air fryer is well apparently it's  

supposed to be more healthy so i will take their  word for that that air frying is more healthy  

i'm not sure because i get the feeling since  we we actually bought this we are actually  

eating more chips than usual so i'm  not sure if over a period of time  

it might actually become more unhealthy so  over there you will see there are some potatoes  

i have already peeled the potatoes and what i'm  going to do now is i'm going to cut them into thin  

slices you might say that i'm going to chip i'm  going to chip the potatoes so chip can be used as  

a verb or a noun so a piece of something is a  chip but also when you are cutting something  

into thin slices that can also be described as  chip so i'm going to chip these potatoes and then  

from those potatoes i will make some chips isn't  english interesting now what you are supposed to  

do is when you chip your potatoes it is always  best to keep them in some water to soak them for  

a while and then what you do afterwards is you dry  the potatoes and then you put a little bit of oil  

in the bowl and then you mix the potatoes around  in the bowl and whilst you're doing that they  

will become evenly covered with oil you see the  good thing is you don't need much oil to go onto  

the potatoes so that is one of the reasons why  they say this is quite a healthy thing to use

so i'm going over here now

thanks steve there's steve getting in the way i'm  just adding some salt into the gravy mr duncan so  

that we've got a bit of flavour okay we've  we've had this salt since uh about 20 years  

it's true can you believe that that container of  salt we've actually had for over 20 years so that  

just shows how how little salt we actually have in  our diet normally so because mr steve is awkward

i'm also having to put one of these in as  well a sweet potato because mr steve likes  

his sweet potatoes as well you see in the  airfryer so i'm making some normal potatoes  

but also i'm going to cut some sweet  potato chips as well very nice fancy pants

first i will cut the white potatoes  

and you don't want to cut them too thick  or else they won't cook they won't fry

and also you don't want to  cook cut them too thinly

or else they will all break  there we go making some chips

i hope this is interesting and yes for those  who are wondering i am wearing my pajama  

trousers i guess i like to keep it  classy you see i like to keep it really  

sophisticated and classy oh very nice

if mr steve's mum is watching she will  be horrified to see me in my pajamas

so all you have to do is chip the  potatoes not too thick and not too thin

not too thick

and definitely not too

thin so the white potatoes have now been cut up  and they have been chipped so remember not too  

large not too small not too thick not too thin and  you will often find that one potato will normally  

give you about six chips so there is a good guide  so one potato will give you normally around about  

six chips per potato and now i will cut the sweet  potato because mr steve loves sweet potatoes

but not too thin so the  sweet potatoes have to be cut  

a little thicker because they do cook very  quickly so now i've cut the sweet potatoes  

and they have been chipped but i've left them a  little bit thicker so they don't cook too quickly  

they don't fry too fast so those are the white  potatoes and those are the sweet potatoes  

the next thing i have to do is put the potatoes  in soak i have to soak them for a little while  

in water to remove all of the starch from the  outside but don't worry we are near the point  

of beginning the frying process so don't  go away so the reason why you do this is  

to get rid of all of the starch on the outside so  they will fry better once they are in the machine  

so now what i've done i've put the pieces of  potato onto a kitchen towel and then i will  

press another piece of kitchen towel on top and  the reason why i'm doing this is to remove the  

excess water excess the excess water is the  water that is on the surface of the potatoes  

too much water will prevent the  potatoes from frying so i will press  

the kitchen paper on top like that and  then all of the water that i don't want

will be soaked up by the paper that's it that's  all you have to do you just take away all of  

the water from the surface of the potatoes and  now you are ready to put them back in the bowl

here comes the interesting part now this is the  part where we put the oil on the potatoes and then  

we will do the magic part which is  put them into the i bet you can't wait  

mr steve is so excited at the moment because it  means that in around about half an hour from now  

we will have some delicious chips for those  wondering what this is it's saturday night  

this is a recorded segment with me mr duncan in  the kitchen and of course mr steve i don't know  

where he's gone i think he's gone into  the other room with his beer i think so

so now we are ready for the best part of all we  are going to put the olive oil onto the potatoes  

don't forget you don't need much just a little bit  of olive oil and then you mix it with the potatoes

just a little bit not much that's it that's all  you need that's all you need just a little bit  

and then comes the best part of all you mix  the potatoes you move them around in the bowl  

and the oil will then spread around and cover  the potatoes so when you put them in the fryer  

they will cook evenly and hopefully they  will all come out a beautiful golden brown

at least that's the idea anyway

they're all slippery there is mr steve's gravy  made with stock cubes onions a little bit of water  

some herbs so that is going  to go with tonight's meal  

so the reason why we like to have some  gravy on our meal is to add a little bit  

of moisture because sometimes chicken can be  rather dry so here comes the best part of all

it's time to put the chips into the airfryer as  i mentioned earlier it takes around 30 minutes  

to make these chips so i  will simply pour the chips

into the airfryer and that's it that's  all you need to do there they are  

the chips are now waiting

to go round and round in the airfryer

so this will take around 31 minutes and then  after the 31 minutes we should have some lovely  

golden brown chips so without any more  hanging around let's press the magic button

so already you can see the potato  chips are starting to move around  

they will slowly rotate inside the airfryer  and whilst they go round and round they will  

be blasted with some hot air so as the name  suggests this is a very healthy way of cooking  

chips instead of cooking them in fat you are just  turning them around whilst blasting them with heat

so now we have to wait for half an hour until  then we will rejoin the live chat but don't worry  

a little bit later on we will take a look at  my chips did they turn out well did they turn  

golden brown like i promised find out later on

oh so we don't get to see the chips just  yet then mr duncan oh a little bit later  

on we will see what the chips turned out  like i'm salivating here hello and so  

are a lot of people i know in fact  some people are cooking cooking while  

while they're watching the live stream my mouth  is watering sofia is cooking a cake at the moment  

uh while watching us vitas don't forget  birthday birthday person vitas birthday person  

yes birthday birthday boy birthday boy uh  it's got has got a strawberry cake oh so so  

if you are cooking a cake or baking a cake  what type of cake is it as you know i like  

food very much mr steve likes food i like food  everybody likes food mr duncan i think some  

people like food more than others i mean some  people treat food almost as if i want to say  

something very rude and dirty but i'm not going  to but they they they see eating as as a very

sensual thing there we go so so instead  of using other words sensual i suppose  

it depends on where you put the food  before you eat it well in your mouth

don't put your food anywhere else what a waste  of food well i'm thinking chocolate sauce you  

know things like that where do you put your  ice cream where do you put your chocolate  

sauce well i mean i've heard that people do  do things with ice cream and chocolate sauce  

really yes well i hope i hope they don't waste it  i don't think it's wasted anyway marietta and anna  

were very interested to watch this video because  they're both thinking of purchasing uh or buying  

an air fryer for themselves can you please  see this this is what i was saying earlier  

so so we are kind of advertising these products  so if anyone watching at the moment would like  

their product on the front of my hat so the  name of their product or maybe something else  

just get in touch with me at the address  i will put the email address on the screen  

and we will negotiate something i i think  it's a good idea to be honest steve so let's  

let's just put that on there we go contact me at  that address and we will talk about some sort of  

agreement if you would like to have your product  placed on the front of my hat and we will we  

will see what happens i think it's a good idea  i want to say hello to pedro oh who's on today  

and uh yes life is treating me well thank you very  much for asking pedro has requested made a request  

guess what it is mr duncan is it the flags of the  world yes flanks of the world if we've got time  

yes well today can we do flags  of the world if i can find it  

so inside my computer unfortunately i have  thousands and thousands of files full of all sorts  

of stuff somewhere in there there is flags of the  world so i might try to put it on today if not  

i will show it next sunday is that a deal  i hope so our pit aka part par tap in other  

words or another name for okay uh is eating  their dinner while they're watching us now  

so it's fascinating to see what people are doing  lots of people are asking about as well about the  

by the way people pointed out that you didn't blur  out the name the brand name of the air fryer i did  

and what people seem to know what it is okay maybe  they remember from the last time we showed it uh  

yes what other food can we cook using the air  fryer well interesting somebody said they've  

cooked a cake in it yes you can and there's  a whole load of recipes that we want to try  

because the particular one that i purchased  for mr duncan for a christmas present has a  

little stirring paddle in it which means  it will do things like uh sort of things  

with saucing so you can do chili con khan or a  curry in there and i this is what i want to try  

mr duncan uh is it difficult to clean no because  it's non-stick and you can stick all the parts  

it's not difficult to clean is it there's only  really two bits that it's just the paddle thing  

and they're it's fantastic it's a it's it's  an amazing device it's a brilliant product  

i almost regret mentioning this to be honest  hi ralph i i was so i was successful than in in  

achieving uh that particular present for you how  do you achieve a presence i don't know i'm getting  

my words mixed up your choice of gift was very  appropriate rosa's neighbors having a barbecue  

and she's got the smell maybe we can barbecue  somebody making her hungry maybe we can have a  

barbecue let's have a look outside at the moment  do you think do you think this is barbecue weather  

well we'd have to we'd have to cook reindeer or  something wouldn't we yeah that's a bit brutal  

yes there we couldn't have a barbecue today  no it's a bit snowy as you can see right now  

outside the window that is the live view right  now you can see some of the birds are also feeding  

people are also talking about different colored uh  sweet potatoes because somebody pointed out that  

their sweet potatoes in their country are yellow  i've seen white ones yes and you can get yellow  

ones here but they're not very common then  usually that sort of orange and as some people  

pointed out they looked it looked a bit like  a giant carrot that was a particularly big or  

large sweet potato that mr duncan had peeled that  was a big one it was it was quite a big one um  

most of our sweet potatoes in the uk i've noticed  come from america uh i've i've always i've noticed  

that because i like to see where the products  come from we seem to get the majority of our our  

sweet potatoes in the uk from america must be  something that's is it when you say america  

when you say america what what particular part  what south america no i think i don't know where  

in america but i know they do grow a lot of sweet  potatoes in america okay so and they must grow the  

orange ones because that's what we predominantly  get here i've never seen any that come from europe  

or anywhere else i think you need probably  a particular climate we don't grow well in  

because we don't grow them here do we no and i've  often thought why don't we i think they need warm  

conditions sweet potato i'd love to actually keep  a sweet potato and grow it and see what happens  

yes maybe we can see what happens we could  grow it in the house where it's nice and warm

sweet potatoes are very nutritious because they've  they've got uh so a normal white potato is full  

of vitamin c okay and carbohydrate pedro pointed  that out as well uh about sweet potatoes but sweet  

potatoes have carbohydrates they have vitamin c  and they have vitamin a which is also in carrots  

so they're a bit like a combination of a potato  and a carrot so you get two beneficial vitamins  

okay in one product with a sweet potato brilliant  i like it so if there is a sweet potato company  

out there and you want your your brand of sweet  potato on the front of my hat please get in touch  

you know the address now by the way we have a new  viewer a new viewer hello bravo hello bravo luff

i i hope i pronounce your name right it could be  bravo bravo where are you from hello and welcome  

and welcome it's your your first time here  i i think that deserves a round of applause  

and i hope you're enjoying it and that you come  back and please bring all your friends with you  

because mr duncan as somebody has pointed out has  reminded everybody that mr duncan is trying to  

get to a million subscribers by the end of this  year yes well i've worked out steve it will be  

around my birthday i've actually yesterday i  sat down and i worked out how long it will take  

to get to 1 million subscribers and it  will be around my birthday when it happens  

can you please are you on track on track which  means that your goal is in increments are you  

going to reach that is that what you're saying  it will happen this year but i but but i i've  

worked out that at this rate the same rate that  we are increasing at the moment it will be around  

august early august so we might be celebrating  my birthday in august and also celebrating my  

1 millionth subscriber as well is that when  youtube sends you 100 000 pounds no it isn't  

no they don't send anything i didn't  get my i didn't get my play button  

when i reached a hundred thousand i didn't get  anything youtube didn't send anything to me  

so it will be it will be interesting to see what  happens when i reach one million subscribers  

will youtube send me a special prize i don't  know i'm not expecting anything to be honest  

no uh marietta we don't tend to use sweet potatoes  for desserts my oh she's laughing um you would  

think that you would but when you cook them they  do they do go sweet but no we have they're used as  

a vegetable we do i don't know if some people  have them nissan says that you're laughing at  

me mr duncan i'm laughing at you yes how i don't  know i don't understand i'm oh mr duncan's always  

laughing at me taking the mickey out of me i don't  know i tell you i think he's joking i think he's  

joking there's a little smiley emoji but you're  taking it seriously not me a lot of people like  

my beard by the way yes i'm keeping my beard  for the foreseeable future and yes i i think it  

looks rather nice i did i did give it a little  trim last week and steve says he likes it now  

wow you like it you like it shorter not really on  balance i would say shave it off i think my beard  

well not it this isn't what i think but a lot of  people are saying it looks it looks super sexy  

ashuman says ashima ashuman pandy says i don't  know if this has been on the news because we  

haven't watched the news today in the uk yeah  so well if the lockdown's been extended to july  

no i well i'm not going to say anything unless  you watch the news later as as they say on the  

news we need to have it verified you see so i'm  not saying anything but it wouldn't surprise me  

semi says that uh semi says your subscribers  started to increase faster so have they  

has your rate of user subscribers gone up  not really well uh at least i'm being honest  

welcome again to bravo please subscribe  and if you like the channel please um  

tell all your friends and ask them to subscribe  it's mr duncan's channel i just come on here yes  

and help on a sunday i am the boss he's the boss  for a change of his channel not of anything else  

no unfortunately uh our pits were now drinking  non-alcoholic beer yes that's good staying  

staying sober although a lot of people do  get drunk during my live stream because  

apparently it looks better they enjoy it more when  they're slightly inebriated beatrice says that  

her mother used to cook sweet potatoes fry them  and then put sugar on them like a dessert oh  

well that sounds delicious it was delicious says  beatrice yeah interesting we could i could eat  

sweet potatoes on for every meal they go very well  with curries i think uh the thing the thing with  

sweet potatoes is they are naturally sweet so  i would imagine i've never tried it but i would  

imagine that sweet potatoes would make a very  nice cold salad or maybe a dessert oh interesting  

practic is is from india are you new  practic or have you been on before uh  

sweet potatoes i think are quite popular in india  are they in indian dishes i think they are i think  

that's where i first came across them absolutely  they certainly they're certainly very popular in  

i think south america and countries and caribbean  sweet potatoes are very popular in the caribbean  

as well have we got anybody from the caribbean  watching us now any caribbean islands anybody  

watching don't think we've ever had anybody have  we i think i think we've had people nearby right  

and i'm sure we've had people in that part of the  world i know i know it's not exactly that area but  

haiti we've had people watching in haiti i'm not  joking steve can you believe during these strange  

times these these rather awkward times people  are actually playing tricks are on other people  

vulnerable people to get their their money  from them and all sorts of other things as  

well can you believe that and have you ever  have you ever heard of this word steve i'm  

going to put it on the screen with some other  words as well have you ever heard of the word  

scam yeah yes well apparently at the moment  there are many people who are pretending  

to be from maybe from the police or the  health department and they are actually  

pretending to to get in touch with people  to tell them that their coronavirus  

vaccine is ready but they have to pay for it so  there are some horrible people and this is what  

happens there are people now praying or they  are finding people who are vulnerable maybe  

the elderly and they're telling them that they  can have the coronavirus vaccine but they will  

have to pay for it and so they ask them for their  credit card details or their bank details and then  

they take the money from them but normally it's  maybe 100 200 pounds so that's terrible and the  

word that i wanted to show you is scam so this  type of thing is actually described as a scam  

so a scam is when you deceive someone you  try to trick them you swindle that person  

you cheat them and there's a great word ripoff  you rip off someone so rip off can be used in many  

ways a ripoff can be a noun and we use this a lot  in british english don't we steve if something is  

too expensive or you feel like you've been cheated  out of your money you might say that that thing  

was a ripoff you might try and sell something  to your friend you might sell your car to him  

or your bike and he says how much do you want  for it and you tell him and it's too expensive  

obviously you're trying to ask too much for it and  your friend says oh you're trying to rip me off  

paying over the odds for something so you're  trying to get the person to pay too much  

or sometimes you are trying to get people to  pay for something that they don't have to pay  

for yeah a good example being the coronavirus  vaccine which it's terrible though but there  

are people like that i call them i suppose a word  i want to use is scumbags there are people who are  

they they will look for vulnerable people won't  they steve well yes this is just another see my  

mother's had phone calls like this not about the  vaccine but saying things to her like for example  

here's another eye he's another scam  that's going around in the uk at the moment  

somebody will phone you up to say that you have  had uh an incorrect delivery from amazon oh  

and that they want to refund you so  they're pretending that they're from  

amazon and you've had an incorrect delivery  or there's an incorrect delivery on the way  

and we want to refund you please  tell us what your bank details are  

and of course it's a scam uh my  mother doesn't buy anything off  

youtube so she was able to very quickly uh work  out even at the age of 90. but that was a scam  

we've trained my mother very well to spot because  she gets probably two or three calls a week  

usually foreign numbers or withheld numbers or  numbers yes numbers from not inside your country  

uh people trying to i mean you probably  get people from england phoning you  

trying to rip you off wherever you live uh  and yes taking advantage of the vulnerable yes  

but if you sometimes if you caught in a moment  of weakness you might i mean if somebody phoned  

me from the thing is nobody should nobody ever  phones you do they from amazon or your bank no  

or tries to or the police yes well the common  one that used to happen is people used to phone  

you and say they were from microsoft and they  wanted you to to to let them into your computer  

so they could take take all the viruses out  because they said your operating system would had  

a virus inside it so what they'd do is you would  allow them into your computer and then they would  

just steal all of the information inside including  maybe your pin numbers and things like that  

that is the reason why by the way i never keep  pin numbers or anything personal like that  

in my computer or in my mobile phone it seems  seems like a very they're all up here risky  

it's all in my brain rose is going  uh bye-bye rosa see you later  

rosacea sorry rosaceae is going so goodbye  another word pratik has said you can use the word  

fraud fraud as well fraud fraud so fraud is when  you are tricking someone into believing something  

you are gaining something by misleading the  person the person you are trying to get the  

money from you are misleading them so we always  describe these as a scam you can also say con  

as well so when we say that something is a con  it means it is a trick it is something that is  

not real someone is trying to trick you into into  doing something and then finally we have the word  

fiddle fiddle to fiddle something is to cheat  something maybe a person avoids paying tax  

because they have fake records of their earnings  so they will fiddle the tax yes so i thought that  

was an interesting word to show because i did see  the the rather awful story of people now being  

tricked into giving their credit card details  and bank numbers to those saying that they they  

have to pay for the for the coronavirus vaccine  here in the uk you don't have to do that it is  

free thank you if you volunteer to um that they've  been asking for volunteers in the in the uk  

to go to these vaccination sites okay around  the country and volunteer to to be trained  

quickly in how to give a vaccine because they  are there's a shortage of nurses and clinicians  

uh available to to vaccinate uh and so but if  you volunteer and go along you get a vaccine  

oh because one of my friends at work has  done that she used to be a nurse before  

she joined the company that i work with for  and she volunteered and she's done a few  

sessions but they gave her the vaccine so she's  a lot younger than me so she's had a free vaccine  

brilliant already so i'm thinking of volunteering  myself and before anyone asks we haven't had our  

vaccine we haven't had our coveted vaccine even  though i think next month because steve has his  

big birthday next month i think  steve might be getting a letter  

from the health authority telling steve  that now he he's crossed a certain threshold  

he will now be vulnerable so he has to have  his vaccine i think i'm due my age group i  

think we're due to get it in sort of april yes  so i'm not sure if the story about the lockdown  

continuing to july is true or we haven't  verified that so we might try to do that  

steve we're going back into the kitchen now anna's  going off to take a dog for a walk see you anna  

have a nice walk with your dog before it gets dark  presumably so let's have a look at the final part  

of a racket a racket a racket that's another word  yes racket well racketeering is where you normally  

organize a situation where you you profit from it  quite often in when we talk about organized crime  

so in organized crime where there is a group of  people who are trying to obtain money from lots  

of other people normally with force we often call  that a racket or racketeering so it isn't quite  

the same as being conned but it is i suppose it's  it's being told that you have to pay or give money  

normally by force you have no choice so that  marshmallow that word you've asked us to pronounce  

is circumstances circumstances  yes so i hope that we've uh oh  

the events that occur in a certain situation  they are the circumstances the circumstances  

we've got to go into the kitchen now steve where  else would we joe's off bye pedro see you later  

pedro you can you can watch this again later  flags of the world uh we'll have to put that  

on another time yes anyway we're going into the  kitchen now steve because we're going to see how  

those chips that we fried last night in our magic  airfryer we're going to see how they turned out  

so here we are we have well we have two of the  chips on the plate now look at that would you  

like one would you like to sample one of our  delicious chips they're a little bit hot but we  

are going to try one each mr steve would you like  one definitely oh now yes stick it in your mouth

not bad for a first attempt a first attempt

i think they're great we've got  chicken mr duncan okay and uh gravy

and peas and sweet corn and i'm hungry okay then  steve so shall we go into the dining room and have  

our dinner okay then it's time to eat let's have  our chips chicken sweet corn and garden peas and  

of course mr steve's delicious gravy i'm drunk  by the way i think mr steve has had too much  

beer it's the only way to appear in a video with  mr duncan that's nice isn't it apparently the  

only way of appearing with me and having fun is  to be drunk don't worry i haven't been drinking  

i've been a very good boy so let's go into the  dining room and sit down and we will eat our  

delicious supper bye i will hand you back  to mr duncan in the studio tata for now

there they are the delicious chips that we had  last night now i suppose they could have been a  

little browner they they were a little pale uh  maybe slightly undercooked but they were nice  

they were soft so they weren't hard were they  steve no they were they were well cooked but uh  

yes if we should have probably left them in for  a little bit longer a little bit longer i think  

uh sujin's mouth is watering um and i'm not  surprised because they do look nice they do you're  

not joking they do look very nice cedric says he's  on the way they're delicious i'm coming now well  

will it take you half an hour we could just get  some get them started for you have them ready  

they normally take about half an hour to fry they  go round slowly in the machine but yes they they  

are quite nice we have the sentence game coming up  steve there are 3 500 different types of potato in  

peru that's a lot of waiver so a lot of potatoes  so lots of different varieties of potatoes all  

sorts of people getting there getting their  doses of vaccine oh um and i think actually uh

india is is leading the way at the moment  well i think israel is leading the way  

yes in terms of the number of actual vaccines  given percentage of population but i think india  

is going to be catching up we're doing very  well here uh but india are doing very well as  

well uh we've seen that on the television  there's been a lot of reports showing his  

vaccination program going on in india so in a key  inner key says i received my first dose of the  

vaccine last friday so a lot of people now are  getting their coronavirus vaccines the elderly  

here in the uk are getting theirs first and  then they will slowly reduce the age limit  

and and i have a feeling maybe mr steve will be  getting his soon i think so especially because  

steve has a big birthday coming riser says it's  quite slow in their country so they probably won't  

get it till next year um yes it does seem  to be i mean it's slow in america as well  

lots of countries it seems to be slowing i don't  know why other countries have sort of got more  

vaccines i don't know whether it's about how much  you pay for it what's available geographically i'm  

not sure what's deciding which countries are doing  it first but there has been a lot of criticism  

yes from the world health organization about  only wealthy countries getting the vaccine yes  

well one place that that is having difficulty is  europe of all places but i think they've been very  

slow to actually approve the vaccines if i'm not  mistaken yeah so they've been a little bit slow to  

actually approve the vaccines so so i think that's  why they are there a little bit and yesterday  

on uh i think it was al jazeera was reporting that  the supply of vaccines from the various man the  

two main manufacturers we've got here in europe  it's slowing down they can't make it fast enough  

and they're breaking promises about supply of  vaccine to certain countries so i think we'll  

start to see more and more of this it's all going  on unfortunately is it still snowing says pratik  

no it's stopped it's not snowing now outside  so so behind you can see something that we did  

earlier that's what we filmed earlier this morning  as the snow was falling lewis asks how long do  

we have to wait for the second dose well we're  supposed to have got it i think a month afterwards  

after the first one but i think depending  on the vaccine but i think it's been delayed  

because they want to try and get more doses into  arms yes one dose rather than give people a second  

dose and then that means because there's a  not as many vaccines as you'd like it would  

mean that other people wouldn't get their first  dose so there's a lot of controversy around that  

so basically everyone is getting one dose they're  not going to start giving a second dose they want  

everyone or as many people as possible to get  their first dose in spain they get the second  

dose within 20 days that's good anyway we've got  to move on move on steve or else we're going to  

be here till 20 past four oh yes and you will  be complaining somebody we've got to wake up  

yes tomic tomic wake up tarmac it's time  for us all to play the sentence game


uh let's play ah the sentence  game is here come on tomek wake up

i wonder if tomek is actually there  maybe he's doing something else  

maybe something more important he's here i know  he is he's like he's like a shadow oh and jimmy's  

jimmy's here as well jimmy from hong kong yeah who  i believe you have been having a lot of success  

recently on the sentence game i think so yes  here we go then without any more messing about  

the sentence game and i thought today  with all of the bad news and and sad news

what we can and more as well more  

more shout more says palmyra maura because maura's  been doing well on the sentence game as well

i think yes i think that's how it's pronounced  

i didn't see tomic no we haven't seen tommy  today we haven't seen him yet so we have the  

sentence game because of all of the bad news  and sad news and awful news everyone's a bit  

miserable i thought today we would have the  sentence game with positive words fancy pants  

so here we go then today's first sentence game  the first one is coming onto your screen right  

now some of these are easy and some of them might  be a little bit difficult we will see what happens  

as we reveal today's first sentence game oh oh  okay then right are they something something on  

me for my something something yes so this  is a positive phrase a positive sentence  

and so we are describing something positive  i thought we we would have some positivity  

today some positivity something positive they  something something on me for my something  

something we have six letters beginning with  eight who guess who's appeared oh hello tomic  

tomek is here can i can i just carry on h six  letters p six letters g five letters and w  

four letters so that's today's first sentence game  all you have to do is give me the missing words  

what is the sentence you see sonic  was walking around and just had his  

dinner ah everyone's eating everyone's  eating and there may be a few people who  

who might be a little despondent that you've  just appeared because they were hoping for a  

chance of winning the sentence game yes it's all  fun we know it's all fun yes and a lot of people  

all working as a team out there you know what i'm  thinking i'm thinking someone might actually go to  

tomek's house and disconnect his internet no we  don't want that to happen so he can't take part  

sabotage his his computer connection  or his mobile phone connection

yes right yes no when negatively being positive  ah do we have any correct answers i'm not sure  

okay then they oh okay then well vitas is  here birthday boy vitas has has made a guess  

um yes interesting well you might have one of  the words in even three of the words correct  

interesting yes so we are getting some correct  what about zoe further up there uh has also got  

some words correct yes that's good but again yes  i think maybe one of these words is going to be  

difficult to actually get because it's it's a  type of well we i suppose you might describe it as  

a sort of phrase that is describing

giving i i don't want to say it you see  because if i if i'm not careful i will  

just give the answer and i don't want  to do that just yet that's not my job  

that's mr cockrell's job see the the  first two words that uh people have used  

um they fit in terms of the letters but they  don't work they don't they aren't correct  

grammatically no so we are looking for the grammar  as well the grammar has to be correct is that uh

correct are those two last words correct there mr  duncan i'm pointing at the uh well that that has  

that doesn't have enough that doesn't have  enough letters oh yes so we are looking for  

yes all right we're getting some some guesses but  not correct about the last two are those right  

there mr duncan that that might be right yes vitas  i think it's safe to say that vitas is the nearest  

the nearest at the moment but there is  a word that i think might be hard to get  

so we will see what happens we will give  this a few more moments zoe also got uh  

got it very close the same as v tess so we in  fact got got most of the words correct hmm uh  

first so well done so i think it's actually the  first the first missing word there is is the one  

i think a lot of people are having difficulty  with so i can't say praise on me that doesn't  

make sense that's not grammatically correct  so we are saying that maybe a lot of people  

are saying that you did a good job or maybe you  did very well many people are doing it you get  

lots of nice comments or compliments i will  give you a few more moments because there is  

of course a delay as well by about one minute  so we have to make sure everyone has caught up  

still not quite right yes i think the first  word is the one that is going to throw  

a lot of people second word correct then it  looks as if yes well well the second third  

this yes the second third and fourth word i  think a lot of people are getting this one  

but the first missing word ah yes yes so zoe was  the first person to get any suggestion and has got  

let's just say the last three words are correct  so can we say can we say what the last three  

most people have got the last three words correct  yes but they haven't quite got the first word  

wrecked correct because if you use highly in  that sentence it's not grammatically correct  

interesting yes i thought this would go quicker  i thought this would go a lot quicker and handed  

doesn't make dramatic sense either ah lolly  oh oh i see yes it looks like lolly lolly  

has got the answer so yes that's  it that's what we were waiting for  

a correct answer weldon lolly lolly  and the answer is coming up right now


here's the answer to today's first sentence game  

congratulations to lolly lolly you got the whole  thing right heaped heaped yes it's interesting  

they heaped praise on me for my great work  so if you it's an interesting phrase this  

yes you can heap praise it means you are giving  a lot of praise you are sending or forwarding  

praise to that person so quite often we use the  word praise to mean compliments or you are saying  

how well someone did you are giving them praise a  lot of yes so you heap praise you are giving a lot  

of praise maybe positive comments  encouragement do we ever use the word heaped  

in any other way you can if you are having sugar  in your tea yes so you can say that if you only  

if you only want a little bit of sugar then  we just say oh can i just have a little bit  

of sugar but if you want a lot of sugar you might  say can i have a heaped teaspoon of sugar heaped  

so the word heaped is used in other ways as  well it normally means slightly more than usual  

it's like a heap isn't it like a big pile like  a heap yes a heap of uh potatoes or a heap of  

gravel yes or a heap of dirt a heap of dirt it's  literally that's what it means a lot of something  

so a spoon a heaped spoon of sugar obviously this  the the sugar is you couldn't get any more sugar  

on the spoon and if you're heaping praise you  really you're giving lots and lots of praise yes  

similar to you know a big heap of something yes  i suppose another word you could use is adulation  

adulation you are getting a lot of praise many  people are congratulating you they heaped praise  

on me for my great work so the other words that  we had to suggest for the first word handed  

handed praise on me grammatically you see that's  not correct that that's not quite grammatically  

correct uh and highly a few people said highly  or having they highly praise on me is not correct  

english so the only word that fits is heaped  heaped so you are saying that the large amount  

of positive things yes lewis heaped more wood on  the fire yes putting a lot more wood on which is  

something we'll be doing later yes to keep us warm  so a heap can describe the appearance of something  

but also it can be the action of putting  lots of things on to maybe a lot of wood  

onto the fire or a lot of sugar into your tea  or a lot of praise on one person for their  

great work here we go steve that was a good  one mr duncan okay then we've got to move on  

we have to move on to the next sentence  game right fingers at the ready ooh  

positive words so this is a short one and  i think a lot of people will get get this  

i want to have some easy ones or some that  aren't too hard yeah so that some people can  

get them here we go then difficult i  feel as if i have a something in my  

sorry i'm thinking of rude things i feel as  if i have a something in my something today

so it's almost back to what you were talking  about earlier about people putting food in  

unusual places i feel as if i have a something  in my something palmyra asks is overfull  

the same as heaped not really is it no it just  means you are adding more than you usually would  

you are adding more or maybe you are putting  lots of things in that place so it is often  

never used or almost never used negatively it's  strange so you you might say that you heaped

generous comments so heat  is often used in a positive  

way you wouldn't think it would be but but it is

i think about it i feel as if i have a  something in my in my something today  

what about uh this one here

that's positive that's interesting but that  doesn't sound very positive to me unless you like  

having stones in your shoes but  it fits so you know well done  

riser for suggesting that that's  it what about zoran there with uh  

oh beatrice and beatrice as well a lot of people  are coming up with their their own yes i think so  

but this this is actually a phrase that people use  often so it's a commonly used phrase so something  

that will if you feel happy you normally feel  as if you have a something in your something

i think a stone in my shoe sounds better it fits  it does fit it's not what we're after but it fits  

and it's not very positive and  you wouldn't you would probably  

j yes it's not a common phrase that you  would use well it might be if you do have  

if you do have a stone in your shoe but or  in your soup as palmera says a stone want a  

stone in your soup a stone in your soup you  definitely don't want a stone in your soup  

definitely not so i feel as if i have a something  in my something today tomek is very quiet  

i'm sure he's going to come in with a suggestion  very short atomic is very quiet and we haven't  

seen more or have we seen maura today no i haven't  seen miura obviously i think we have no we haven't  

no no we haven't no no yes can i say hello to  kate gan hello kate gan nice to see you here again  

something well it's it's so it's a positive  phrase it's if you're feeling good is it mister  

yeah you're feeling good in a good mood  you wake up in the morning you have a  

smile on your face the sun is shining  the birds are singing you go outside  

yes and you have a something you've got  energy you have a something in your something

a fly in my soup says camilla we are  going slightly off the topic there  

i feel as if i have a something in my something  today see i thought this was quite easy isn't  

it strange sometimes you think something will be  easy but it actually isn't if you wake up in the  

morning and you're feeling really you feel  wake up in a really positive frame of mind  

and uh you bounce into work and somebody might say  to you oh you must be cheered for today you've got  

a real or you have a in your hmm and you can or  somebody might say yes you you was really positive  

and you might say yes i feel as though i have a  in my i have a something in my something today

right nobody's getting it that's interesting  no so this is positive this is something that  

means you are feeling happy you are feeling  on top of the world you have a something  

in your something i feel as if i have a something  in my something today it's about the way  

you move how you move yes physically how you  move when you're feeling positive and optimistic  

and in a good mood but quite often it's used  yes it's quite often used in a figurative way  

figuratively oh okay do we have  another so who is it more oh

well done matacini mora matatini  done yeah pretty good can't be back  

i think that's amazing it's gone out  for another walk i think i think tomek  

tomek didn't get one maybe tomic is  busy maybe he has a lot of things to do  

today okay so so so that looks like we've yes  i think we've got the answer to that one yes  

and victoria makes a very interesting guess as  well here we go then nothing to do with shoes

for you ladies i know you ladies love  to to look at shoes and think about  

shoes and buy shoes but it's nothing to  do with shoes nothing to do with shoes  

stop thinking about shoes here's the  answer then steve well done tomorrow

i feel as if i have a spring in my step  today a spring in your step if you have  

a spring in your step it means you feel  happy you feel jolly you have a good mood  

it means you literally are bouncing along yes  with energy it's like you have an actual spring uh  

in your shoes or in your boots or in your heel  and it's sort of you've got lots of energy and  

you're sort of springing around like like somebody  who's 20 years younger so a spring in your step  

is often used as a figure of speech figuratively  just to show that you are happy you are feeling  

in a good mood you are feeling very positive  about everything the world is an amazing place  

life is interesting you have a spring in your  step i think we have time for one more one more  

so let's let's do this one  

i'm just looking at my list of possible so  it has something to do with shoes after all

it's like you've got a spring in your heel  which could be attached to your shoe yes

there is something something at  the something of the something  

oh there is four something something  at the something of the something this  

is the final sentence game before we  go we will be going in a few moments

but what is the final sentence game a nice  positive way to end today's live stream i think

so we have to wait for a few moments because there  is a slight delay on the live chat pumpkin pie  

palmeira oh yes i think giovanni is cooking a  pumpkin pie really i've never had a pumpkin pie  

i would like to taste it uh i think it's quite  popular in america pumpkin pie um but uh giovanni  

i think is cooking one pumpkins i've never  i don't think i've ever eaten pumpkin


hmm interesting interesting yes tomic oh tomic did  you see that he wanted his moment of glory there  

yes uh we saw what you did there he was saving  himself he was saving himself up he wanted to be  

the correct answer on the final sentence game  yes well done and then actually maura came in  

very quickly with it as well uh and did anna  kobe as well yes lots of people getting it now  

but technically tomic was the first one good a  few seconds so well done and i thought this would  

be a lovely way to end as well because it's a nice  positive sentence a wonderfully uplifting sentence

thank you mr cockerell and here it is the final  sentence game answer is bing there is always light  

at the end of the tunnel there is always light at  the end of the tunnel something that i was saying  

last year during my special live streams that  i did during the first lockdown that occurred  

and every day i would show some lovely uplifting  phrases and this is one of them there is always  

light at the end of the tunnel however bad things  seem however dreadful your situation might be  

right now always remember there is light at the  end of the tunnel and at the moment it would  

appear that there is light at the end of the  tunnel sometimes the tunnel is very very long  

and it's a long way to the end to reach that light  uh but yes i mean are you a positive person mr  

duncan i think are you pessimistic i think i'm  more positive and i'm definitely more optimistic  

even when things go wrong i always try to make the  best of a situation sometimes having difficulty  

can actually encourage you to work harder i think  so it was a famous phrase something a quote i saw  

by somebody who who said that they spent most  of their life always thinking that something  

was going to go wrong so they were always  pessimistic always expected things to go wrong and  

and they then said that after many many years  of having that attitude they said that well  

one or two times i was right uh so in other  words yes things will go wrong sometimes but  

probably in balance things probably tend  to go right more often than they go wrong  

but i used to work with somebody who  said i was like to be pessimistic  

i always like to think things will go wrong  and then if they go right i feel better yes but  

the problem is or if you spend most of your time  feeling despondent and negative then you probably  

send very bad signals around your body which  makes you feel you don't want to feel depressed  

you're creating your own misery i think i'm  yes exactly you don't be miserable all the time  

because you'll be miserable then if you get into  a habit of being miserable you'll be miserable  

even when things go right or you won't even  see when they're going right so it probably  

is better and in fact uh psychologists have  studied this quite carefully it is overall for  

your body for your mental health it's better to be  optimistic all the time and then occasionally get  

down go down when things don't go right yeah  because then your mindset is to be positive so  

you're always feeling good rather than always  feeling bad and occasionally feeling good  

uh so yeah if you're positive all the time then  of course things will go wrong and you'll feel bad  

but then you'll go back to the way you  always tend to feel which is positive  

which is healthier mentally than being negative  all the time and then occasionally feeling good  

yeah so your outlook on life quite  often will determine how your life goes  

yeah if you are miserable all the time if  you feel miserable all day and all night  

then maybe you are making your own misery you are  creating your own misery tomics having a miserable  

time at the moment why because their neighbor his  neighbour is making is annoying them with a racket  

a racket that r-a-c-k-e-t i think is what  you wanted so allowed making a lot of noise  

and you can't think properly and he's saying  someone will end up dead tonight as a joke  

there's nothing worse than annoying  neighbours you are jokingly we've got them

you are joking so yes he's joking because  he's the little smiley face sort of emoji  

good because i don't really want to be  a part of neighbours so we can we will  

have a whole whole lesson on annoying neighbors  one week no we won't yes we will name and shame  

you can tell us all about your annoying neighbors  and what they do to annoy you that's something we  

can do next week mr duncan we did talk about this  before a while ago anyway we've got to come and  

turn the kettle on yeah it was inaccurate that's  what i'm waiting for i'm waiting to end the live  

stream and then mr steve will go into the kitchen  and we will have you're right camilo if you are  

pessimistic you attract negative things and you  re people don't want to be near you yes that's it  

uh that's something i've got to learn  there is a great phrase in english  

misery enjoys company yes so you will  often find that people who get together  

who are negative they will just moan and moan  all the time a little bit like mr steve when  

he's talking to his mother on the phone you want  to hear them too that when they start talking  

it's just so negative it's like a whirlwind of  negativity yes vittorio says that einstein said  

it's better to be optimistic and wrong then  pessimistic and be right yes what a lovely phrase

uh exactly i don't think steve wants to go i don't  well we're over time we're over time six minutes  

are we getting paid for overtime mr no we're not  we're not getting paid anything please remember  

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anyway and ask them to subscribe yes that would  be lovely that would be a nice positive way to to  

get to your birthday on a million subscribers but  my birthday isn't till august so we still have a  

little bit of time left talking of time yes well i  hope you managed to sort out your neighbour tomic  

and uh lovely to be here and to talk with you and  speak english with you and be positive with you  

yes and i look forward to seeing you all again  very soon thank you mr steve so mr steve is now  

going to say goodbye see you later steve and of  course of course steve will be back next week he  

will be back i'm all sad now because i'm having  to go but steve will go into the kitchen and make  

a cup of tea and i believe we are having a tea  cake we are guess what i have a feeling that soon  

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i think today we will end as we started with  the lovely views of the snow this morning that  

greeted me when i opened my windows so we will be  going in a moment thank you very much to everyone  

on the live chat thank you very much to everyone  who has joined me today it has been a pleasure  

as always this is mr duncan in the birthplace of  english saying i will be back on wednesday don't  

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of course until the next time we meet  here on youtube wherever you are in the  

world stay happy stay positive stay safe and of  course you know what's coming next yes you do

tatar for now