oh hello everyone how are you today are you okay i hope so

here we are then it's mr steve there he is

and mr duncan we are away at the moment even though we are

with you now this is our little break we've decided

to come to a place that we've been to many times haven't we steve

oh yes many many times we are so familiar

with this place i actually when i when i fall asleep at night sometimes i

actually dream that i'm walking around this area

and i actually know every part of this except mr duncan we don't know this part

no this is a new part actually we've never seen this before

this is a little beach area at the side of a very special

place called Lake Vyrnwy... Lake Vyrnwy we in wales

if you are a regular viewer you will know that we love

wales and this is one of our favourite places we were surprised

to find some people here today some of the coffee shops

and some of the cafes are open however there are distance restrictions

and parts of the road around the lake have also been

closed as well fortunately for us it hasn't affected us has it steve because

oh no we've had a wonderful time because we've been walking we've been walking

yes so we just wanted somewhere to park so it doesn't matter

it doesn't matter we uh we brought our own sandwiches

because we thought we won't risk it what happens if we get all the way there

because it's an hour and a half to drive to this

particular uh place if we get all the way there and

we can't eat anything we're gonna get very hungry and i will

get irritable because i do when i'm hungry

so we bought some sandwiches didn't we and we were able to have a cup of coffee

as well the other thing i should mention is that it is

very hot it feels like we are trekking through some sort of tropical jungle

it's like we're in a malaysian jungle it is it's incredible which we have been

to so that's why we're comparing it with that in fact it might look like

we are in a tropical jungle because the view at

the moment is quite nice we are under some trees

and just behind us is the lake lake vernwe

is actually just behind us there you might be able to see the water

rippling behind us there it is so the lake

is right behind us anyway we thought we would send you this

little video message especially for you thank you very much once again for your

birthday wishes this is mr duncan and mr steve

at Lake Vyrnwy in wales saying thanks for joining us for this short video

take care and i will see you again soon live on youtube

from 2 p.m uk time and of course until the next time we see each other

here on youtube you know what's coming next...

ta ta for now! 8-)