People wake up in the morning


Begin to think about their problems

Those problems are circuits memories in the brain each

One of those memories are connected to people and things at certain times in places and if the brain is a record of the past

The moment they start their day. They're already thinking in the past

Each one of those memories has an emotion

Emotions are the end product of past experiences

So the moment they recall those memories of their problems, they all of a sudden feel unhappy

They feel sad they feel pain now how you think and how you feel creates your state of being so the person's entire

State of being when they start today is in the past. So what does that mean?

The familiar past will sooner or later be predictable future

Everything all your goals all your dreams all your visions

You're gonna have to get your body up and drag it through space every day to pay off that

You know that home that's in your future when you create from the field instead of from matter

When you're the vibrational match between your energy and some potential and your thoughts and feelings are coherent

now you are going to begin to collapse time and

Space for the experience is going to be drawn to you now

Now you're the vortex to your destiny. And now you don't have to go anywhere to get it because you're not playing by the rules

If you're not defined by a vision of the future

The memories of the past and people literally believe in their past more than they believe in their future

That's why they talk about their past when they talk about their future people

romance their past and more in love with their past than they are in love with the future and people who actually

Create amazing things in their life just were more in love with her future and they kept it alive in their mind

Best way to predict your future is to create it not from the known but from the unknown what thoughts?

Do you want a fire and wire in your brain?

What behaviors you want to demonstrate in one day by closing your eyes and mentally rehearsing some action?

If you're truly present, the brain does not know the difference between what you're imaging and what you're experiencing. It's reading world

To begin to look like the future has already happened they'll think about that if there's evidence in your brain and body by thought alone

Evidence that looks like you've already experienced their future. What does that mean? It's already happened. So relax

Because it's gonna find you and it's gonna come in a way that you least expect

That's that's the beauty behind this dude, and you could exclude predicted. It's nothing new

it's kind of surprised brain learns by mistakes and surprises so why don't be surprised by an unknown coincidence or opportunity and

Synchronicity and the moment you notice what you did inside of you that produced that effect outside of you

you're gonna pay attention to what you did and you're gonna do it again and you're gonna believe less that you are the victim of

Your life, you know someone or something is controlling your feelings and thoughts

So all of a sudden realizing your feelings and thoughts begin to create an outcome in your life

But remember if you're trying to make it happen faster

You're back to the old self and yourself would never do that the new self would

Constantly stay there. And so then how does it appear?

It appears in a way that you can't expect because if you can predict it

It's the known it's gonna come in a way that you haven't thought of an unknown

And it's and it's got a rock your world. It's gotta catch you off guard

It's gotta leave you no doubt the joy that you feel when it happens. You're gonna use that energy to create again

Now people say to me. Well, I'm this way because of that person in that thing. I would say to them

So you mean then that person or that experience out there is controlling your thoughts and feelings

That means you're a victim to your environment

But when you start changing your thoughts and feelings and it starts to produce an effect in your environment

You're going to change the belief that you're a victim

Consciously or subconsciously of your life to becoming more of a creator of your life. I

Think that the hardest part is

To teach our body emotionally, but the future will feel like ahead of the actual experience. So what does that mean?

You can't wait for your success to feel empowered. You can't wait for your wealth to feel abundant

you can't wait for your your new relationship to feel love or

Your healing to feel holy that's the old model of reality of cosmic fact

You're waiting for something outside of us to change how we feel inside of us when we feel better inside of us

We pay attention to ever or whatever caused it

But but that means then is that from the Newtonian worlds that most people spend their whole life living in lack?

We're hitting for something to change out there

When we believe in ourselves, I think we believe in possibility and when we believe in possibilities, I think we we really believe in ourselves

If where you place your attention is where you place your energy and you have no attention in this three-dimensional reality

Then all of your attention is in a realm of thought when we would call that quantum

So now you can't enter the quantum field as if somebody you have to enter as a nobody

So when you begin to get beyond yourself, what is your environment made of people objects things places?

Or your body in space and time. So when you take your attention off all of those elements

your disinvesting your attention and energy out of this three-dimensional reality and you're placing your attention energy in that field of


Teach them to that point where all of a sudden

They reach that generous present moment where they just feel connected and when they're in that place

All the things they thought they wanted

They actually no longer want because they feel like they already have them

So then imagine living your life from that place you would be less

Judgmental and when you're living by the hormones of stress not a time to create but time to open your heart

Not a time to learn not a time to trust

And it's the time to run fight or hide when you're living in stress. What happens is you narrow your focus on the cause

You now your focus on matter the object of thing and so people get switched on and all of their attention

we now know that when you go from a narrow focus on something and you begin to open your focus you we

sense an awareness that the act of opening your focus

Causes you to stop thinking

The moment you start feeling

Abundantly worthy you are generating wealth the moment you're empowered and feel it

You're beginning to step towards your success the moment. You start feeling whole

Your healing begins and when you love yourself and you love all of life

You'll create an equal and now you're causing an effect

And I think that's the the difference between living as a victim

In your world saying I am this way because of this person or that thing or this experience

They made me think and feel this way

when you switch that around you become a creator of your world and you start saying my thinking and my

Feeling is changing an outcome in my life. And now that's a whole different game and we start believing more that we're creators of reality

let's stop telling the story of your past and let's start telling the story of your future and

People who aren't defined by a vision of the future for the most part are left with memories of the past

Your brain is a record of the past. It's an artifact of everything you've learned and experienced in this moment

so most people wake up in the morning and

They start thinking about their problems problems are

memories that are tattooed in the brain that are associated to certain people in things at certain times and places

So the moment the person wakes up clean slate they start thinking about the problems

There's thinking in the past if you believe your thoughts have something to do with your destiny well

There's a possibility that your past is gonna be your future

They just want illness and so as I start becoming more whole and they start feeling more

Oh, it's not coming from anywhere out there. It's not coming from out there. Nothing out

There is making them feel whole the novelty of the that you've been wears off you feel empty again

They're feeling whole from within now. This is

Different this is a different game. So why wouldn't you want to keep feeling more whole that you no longer want anything?


Would probably say that I've done my absolute best in

Disseminating information to

prove to people how powerful they really are and I think

When we become the living example of truth when we actually embody this

We learn the most about ourselves and others when we're uncomfortable. They're less likely to emotionally react

They're less likely

to be so rigid and believe the thoughts they were thinking they're more aware of when they go unconscious back into a habit and that

is what starts the process of change and

So we have to unlearn before we relearn we have to break the habit of the old self before we reinvent a new self

I think knowledge is power but knowledge about yourself is self empowerment