hello everybody I hope you can hear me and I really hope you can see me I've

noticed that some people have said we can't see you mr. Duncan because the

screen is black I don't know why however maybe this will put things right I'm not

sure so I hope you can see me now if not we are in big big trouble

oh really black screen I don't know why because I am now standing in front of my

camera talking to you so I don't know I don't understand why you can't see me

is it still black now if so I will have to go away and start all over again

because I don't know why I don't know why you can't see me there is no

explanation as to why you can't see me because I can see myself and I know that

I'm streaming live I can see it on my phone so if you can see me please let me

know if you can't see me please also let me know it would be very nice if you

could say mr. Duncan we can see you or mr. Duncan we can't see you very unusual

I don't know why that is so but I will try to sort it out

black screen really are you sure there's a black screen because I can see myself

okay then I will stop the livestream and I will see if I can work out what is

going on how strange how bizarre how weird

how strange indeed prepared sir Jay says are you kidding us no I'm not kidding

you I would I kid you about something so

important can you see me now oh it is okay now

Mehmet says it's okay how strange oh that's better is it working now

a bizarre I had a lovely little bit of scenery I have a I had a lovely little

bit of scenery look at that we are having the most gorgeous day here in the

UK look at that the sky is blue and everything is rather nice I was walking

into town and I thought I'm going to take my phone with me just in case maybe

I will do a live stream so here I am now unfortunately I don't know what happened

I have no idea what happened earlier but for some reason it wouldn't work so let

us turn the camera around again and once more you will see what I was trying to

show you earlier I have some sheep behind me in the field right behind me

in fact

there are some sheep in the field and they seem very happy to be near me hello

little Oh actually they're not sheep they're

lemons hello hello mr. lamb are you okay I don't know if you can see them clearly

but there are they're going they've gone

so that is what I was trying to show you earlier at the start of my livestream I

was trying to show you the sheep and also the lambs in the field behind me

I'm very pleased to hear that you can now see my pictures you can see the

vision the vision is now clear and it is on the screen thank goodness for that I

was getting a little bit worried there to be honest

oh they're coming back

okay it's time to let you see me I am going to reveal myself now any moment

here we go three two one yes you can now see me I hope hi

everybody this is mr. Duncan in England how are you today are you okay

I hope so are you happy I really hope you are happy here I am now in the

countryside doing a live stream I did think mm maybe maybe not I might I might

not do a live stream so here I am right now live on a Tuesday afternoon it is

now coming up to one o'clock in the afternoon 1:00 p.m. and behind me yes

there are some sheep in the field especially over there the only problem

is it might appear very bright on your screen unfortunately so I will try to

correct that no I don't think it's going to correct itself oh my goodness mr.

Duncan you're far too close please can you please pull back that is that is a

little too close for comfort to be honest so for those who are now watching

thanks for joining me my name is Duncan I am doing something a little different

today I thought I would come out for a little walk because the weather the

weather is gorgeous and the Sheep behind me and the Lambs are going crazy can you

hear them

there are lands all around me this is one of the private fields this is the

land that that belongs to one of the farmers and you can see here there is a

sign telling people to keep out keep out this is private property they are saying

you must keep out you can't go in there because it's private property

private it belongs to someone else so I will just stay here and I will look at

the lands look at the sheep from a safe distance or else the farmer might come

after me with his gun so this is not a scheduled live stream this is a live

stream that I didn't really plan however sometimes it is nice to have a surprise

in life isn't it it is now exactly 1 o'clock in the afternoon I will show you

the time on my watch

it is now one o'clock a lot of people have just finished their lunch here in

the UK meanwhile I am hanging around in a country lane with lots of very noisy

lambs behind me I hope you don't find that noise I hope you don't find that

noise annoying I really don't I really hope you enjoy the sound I suppose it's

a little bit like any sound if you listen to it for too long it becomes

annoying are they great

so you can see now there's a little lamb there there he is there was one thing I

always notice about lands they can be very noisy hello little lambs how are

you today I am okay I'm not too bad thank you very much so this is just

something that is spontaneous I haven't planned anything today so I thought I

would spend a little bit of time with you especially since I've been having a

lot of messages come through asking if I can do some regular live streams that

are different from my English addict live streams so normally I am with you

on Sunday Wednesday and Friday normally so normally I am with you on Sunday

Wednesday and Friday Sunday Wednesday and Friday that is when you can normally

catch me however today I'm doing something a little bit different I am

walking around watching nature and there you can see lots of lovely sheep and

also some lambs as well behind me of course now the lambs are much larger

they've actually grown up so in the past they were quite small but now you can

see the lambs are much larger all right

somebody just said hello to me hello isn't that nice hello mr. Lam

hello mr. sheep how are you today hello mr. Duncan

I haven't said hello to the live chat yet I've just realised I was so

distracted by the camera not working I actually forgot to say hello to the live

chat hello to the live chat there we go I haven't forgotten you hello - Corey

hello Arena hello also Fred in Palmyra Robin nice to

see you here as well everyone is here on the live chat

hello also - Zara hello Zhora nice to see you here the time now is five

minutes past one o'clock in the afternoon and this is a live stream

coming from the birthplace of English of course England this is England

my name is mr. Duncan and I teach English on YouTube and that's what I'm

normally doing however today I am doing something a little different I'm

actually doing a livestream whilst enjoying this beautiful summer weather

June is just around the corner in a few days from now we are into the month of

June and of course during June we normally have lots of lovely weather so

that is what I'm looking forward to experiencing today and tomorrow

apparently the weather today and tomorrow is going to be wonderful so I'm

enjoying the summer weather today and tomorrow also there will be a lot of hot

weather there is a lot of blossom behind me yes hello Mika nice to see you here

as well there is a lot of blossom you can see

behind where I'm standing there is a lot of blossom that is a huge tree you can't

actually tell how large that is but that is a

very large tree in the distance I'm not sure what it is I have no idea what type

of tree it is maybe if Steve was here he would know what type of tree it is but

unfortunately I have no idea I don't know I really do hope the sound of the

Lambs is not too annoying not everyone likes the sound of nature I'm sure some

people find it quite annoying hello - Cory the sheep are very good as lawn

mowers yes I think so I think a good idea around here for one of the farmers

maybe he could take his sheep around this area and then he could he could

just leave some of the Sheep in your garden and then they would eat all of

the grass they would cut your grass for you I think that's a brilliant idea

hello grace chin hi grace thank you for joining me today during my livestream

this is something unusual it is a beautiful day here in England and I

couldn't resist I just could not resist coming on to do a live stream another

thing I've just realised I have no water I forgot my water so I haven't actually

brought my water with me unfortunately so I might get a little bit thirsty

hello Zor it seems that you've changed your

schedule well I haven't changed it but sometimes if you are a regular viewer

you will know that sometimes I like to pop up on your screens from time to time

with my unusual live streams and of course I have been doing many live

streams recently for certain reasons I think you know why yes you can see lots

of trees behind me they they look absolutely good

yes I must admit I am enjoying all of this lovely sunny weather and of course

as you can see that mainly there are lots and lots of sheep in the distance

in fact you might not be able to see all of them but you can certainly hear them

for those who are wondering where I am I'm in a place called Much Wenlock which

is in England it is a rural area lots of farms around here

lots of countryside lots of agriculture and of course lots of sheep and cattle

as well hello tomorrow tomorrow the landscape around you is great thank you

very much yes it's quite nice today I couldn't

resist coming out I could not resist coming outside to enjoy the beautiful

weather it is quite warm about 20 22 degrees 22 Celsius apparently tomorrow

it is going to be even warmer tomorrow apparently it is going to be around 26

maybe 27 degrees tomorrow so I'm feeling rather excited about that yes I will be

with you tomorrow as normal I will do my usual English addict tomorrow from 2:00

p.m. UK time don't worry this is something I'm just doing as a special

spontaneous live stream isn't that lovely

it is looking rather nice today mr. Duncan you are I can't resist watching

the Sheep I'm sorry excuse me

are they lovely what are the trees we have some oak

trees around here there are also some ash trees and quite

a few lime trees there are many lime trees planted around here

lots of ash also oak you have a lot of oak trees in this area if you look above

me in fact I think above me is an oak tree so I will move the camera up oh

that was a bit too quick and you can see yes there is an oak tree right above me

so that particular tree is an old oak look at that beautiful majestic gorgeous

tree it is probably been here for maybe 70 80 maybe even a hundred years so this

particular oak tree has been here for a very long time indeed isn't that nice I

must admit I can't believe that I'm here doing this because I didn't plan to do

this this is something that I I didn't plan to do however as you can see I am

here now doing it just for you hello to the live chat nice to see you here yes

we are doing some English subjects tomorrow

I will be with you tomorrow from 2 p.m. UK time

forget that so this is not replacing tomorrow this is extra an extra

livestream hello to Valerie I think you must have got up very early today I did

you are right actually I got up at around half past seven this morning

half past seven I got up so yes you are right I did get out of bed very early

this morning because the weather was so nice I couldn't resist

coming outside so I did a little bit of preparation for tomorrow's livestream

and then I went for a walk and Here I am now on that walk sharing it with you so

I hope you don't mind where are you watching at the moment I

am in England a place called Much Wenlock

hello also - yes ear also Priyanka oh hello Priyanka Priyanka path man or pad

man nice to see you here it is 27 degrees 27 degrees in France the South

of France is very warm at the moment I would imagine it's beautiful there at

the moment oh wow anyway the weather isn't too bad here today we are going to

have a spell of nice weather a spell of nice weather we are going to have some

nice weather over the next few days so tomorrow I will be outside in the garden

tomorrow doing my livestream also mr. Steve starts his holiday is going to

have a short holiday over the next few days as well

so many people now joining in hello - hello marina

hello also - Robin where are you watching at the moment oh I see you have

one or two people watching in Vietnam hello Vietnam nice to see you as well

also hello - Corey I always wonder where you are Corey because I always forget

where you are in the world hello Mika once again is it is it

raining yet in Japan are you having any rain yet please let me know mr. Duncan

you have a high convening power oh I see I'm not sure about that

if you convene it means you meet together you join together with lots of

other people you can mean you gather in a group

hello fed in' hello also Chen hello Chen where are you watching at the moment

tell me where you are because I'm ever so interested to find out you know

sometimes I can be very nosy I think so hello also - Malhar hello to you thanks

for joining me on this beautiful day it is a lovely day here in England and I'm

out and about having a little walk I know there aren't many people watching

at the moment because I didn't announce this livestream also many people now are

returning back to work some people are now going back to normal in their

country including here in the UK so here in England only England people are now

starting to go back to work they are starting to do things that they normally

do some people are doing it because they have no choice they have to go to work

so they can earn some money unfortunately

hello Anna hello also to Vietnam Thuy Duan hello Thuy Duan what

King in Viet Nam nice to see you here as well Valeria today is a beautiful day in

Brazil at least in my city it is hello me kurogane I'm just wondering have you

had any rain in Japan because parts of the UK can you believe it already people

are starting to complain about the dry weather so we are having a very dry May

April was very wet May is very dry so a lot of people are now complaining here

in the UK that there isn't enough rain some of the farmers are complaining

because they need more rain however at the moment I am NOT going to complain

about this I really can't complain to be honest so I'm not going to complain

hello to MD at nan hello to you what is the difference between a sheep and also

a lamb sheep is the general term for an adult so a sheep is the adult and lamb

is the baby a baby lamb a small lamb is of course an infant sheep and then of

course we have you as well II w II which is the female sheep the female sheep is

called a u e w e u hello to mr. Duncan from Columbia near e

near --red thank you very much for joining me here as well Belarusian hello

Belarus here wow I didn't think I would see you here today

I'm quite surprised to see you here on the live stream nice to see you thank

you very much for joining me I know at the moment you are very busy

so I do appreciate that you have given some time hello Dale and joy Dale and

joy explores watching in Wales hello Wales I'm not very far away from

you in fact I'm not very far away at all not

very far from the border of Wales I am in the county of Shropshire a place

called Much Wenlock normally at this time of year people will start visiting

this area they like to go on walks and look at the countryside however at the

moment no one is doing it and I think we all know why yes we do hello to May in

Japan normally is a dry month but it has been raining and it wouldn't stop and it

won't stop until tomorrow oh okay then I know it's been very hot and humid in

Japan you see that's why I asked I'm very interested

hello mr. Duncan in Mexico some towns have gone back to work they they are

called towns of hope Thank You angel watching in Mexico thank you very much

nice to see you today as well I have been with you now for

half an hour I'm not going to stay very long but I will stay as long as I can I

will stay as long as I can't hello Yuna Karina mr. Duncan how are

things things are not too bad they are not too bad I must be honest

things are ok at the moment I want to show you something can I show you

something I'm going to get something just a moment

hmm unfortunately we can't have a dance today because I don't have my music I

would have loved to have had a dance with you today but unfortunately I don't

have my music sadly I don't here is something nice look at this you will see

a lot of this around the countryside here in England at this time of year you

will see a lot of this this is something called cow parsley so this is the name

that people give to this particular plant

it's called cow parsley and the reason why it's called cow parsley is because

you often find it in fields where cows are grazing and they will eat it it's

nice cow parsley and you will see this well virtually everywhere at the moment

as you can see right in front of me there is lots and lots of cow parsley

and you can see it goes all the way up the road right up to the end of the lane

right to the end of the lane it's not nice cow parsley and the air at the

moment is lovely there are lots of lovely smells lovely aromas in the air

as you would probably imagine at this time of year many flowers are now out

including the cow parsley cow parsley

mr. Duncan I would die with flowers in my hands because I have terrible hay

fever thank you thank you franceska to be honest with you I can't believe that

my hay fever isn't bad so my hay fever at the moment has almost vanished and I

don't know how or why because let's be honest normally at this

time of year I normally suffer quite badly from hay

fever however at the moment I'm not it's actually not too bad the sheep have gone

now there were lots of sheep behind me about 20 minutes ago but unfortunately

it has all they have all gone away they've all disappeared it's that well

so there are lots of oak trees around here so these trees you can see behind

me are actually oak trees old oak trees

there used to be a song there was a song many years ago that came out called tie

a yellow ribbon round the old oak tree Oh tie a yellow ribbon round the old oak

tree it's been three long years do you still want me if I don't see a ribbon

round the old oak tree I'll stay on the bus forget about us but the blame on me

if I don't see a yellow ribbon round the old oak tree sorry about that

Fabian why why British people why don't British people say I mean I

mean that all the time

did you hear the geese then Chris Patterson says pervert 100% is that all

is that all I'm getting 100% I was hoping for a thousand to be honest you

sing very well Thank You Valeria you are you are welcome there was some geese

flying over just there trying to find somewhere away from the sunshine that's

what I'm doing you see that's the reason why I'm standing here I'm standing here

because the Sun is very bright and harsh hello and MD ad nan who says why don't

you play cricket don't play cricket definitely not I am

no good at sport my my teacher at school said my wrists are too thin they said

you can't play any sport I'm afraid because your your wrists are just too

fragile so they wouldn't let me do it they wouldn't let me play any sport at

school due to my very fragile wrists is that true

maybe what have you done to keep positive during these difficult times

Maurice oh well I've always I always try to keep positive even if things are bad

even if everything is going badly I always try to keep positive to be honest

I mean let's face it sometimes things are difficult sometimes they are easy

that is life sometimes you have ups and sometimes you have downs okay Chris

thanks for watching and I will see you later bye Chris he's gone now that's a

shame isn't it oh that is a shame I was killed I was I really liked him I

thought he was quite a friendly person

there are lots of ups downs and arounds I think you're right yes

so life is full of ups and downs as I always say and this is something I've

said many times over the past few weeks this will all come to an end

it might not end soon but it will end things will get better they always do

think of all the bad things that have happened in the world think of all the

things that have seemed disastrous at the time and you think to yourself

things are never going to be the same again but as time goes on things return

to how they were before we always think that we always seem to think that

everything will be bad forever however it is not very often the case things

always get better to be honest franceska mr. Duncan in your area it is

very easy to keep distances from each other in my town yesterday it was a

disaster really was it that bad yesterday in your town yes I am lucky

because I live in the countryside and to be honest we don't have a huge

population in this area there there is more grass there there are more fields

here than people in fact I would say in this area there are probably more cows

and sheep than there are people to be honest so I would say that the

population of cattle and sheep is probably higher than the population of

human beings if I was honest if I was honest with you thank you also to Yoona

Kareena thank you very much yes I do think sometimes we overreact or

maybe react we react too much now I've been quite cool I will be honest with

you during this period of time I've tried to stay calm

and relaxed I've tried not to get too upset even though there are many things

happening in my personal life that are causing me a little bit of upset for

those who know what I'm talking about so yes there are there are things that are

not going right in my life however I always try to stay positive

because if you don't it might have a negative effect on your own health not

only your physical health but also your your mental health as well amazing you

are lucky you have a beautiful garden Thank You Molly yeah I wish this was my

garden I wish all of this was my garden but it isn't unfortunately behind me

this is actually private land and that's why there is a sign here that says

private property keep out mr. Duncan you have nice dimples oh I say I've just

noticed yes you can see my dimples today and that's because I'm in the shade

you see I'm under the trees because the Sun is out thank you very much for your

compliments on my dimples that is very kind now I feel slightly embarrassed to

be honest

franceska says my town is like a disco pub we have got lots and lots of young

guys well of course one of the biggest complaints as being the fact that young

people teenagers children of all ages are having to stay at home and well I'm

sure if you are a parent you will know exactly what I mean out there you will

know exactly what I mean children do not like staying in the

house for long periods of time children get bored

very easily I think so mr. Duncan I usually like to have everything planned

and under control and that's because this new situation has become very hard

so that is the reason why a lot of people like to do things as a routine so

everyday people like to have routines when they wake up in the morning they

like to know exactly what is going to happen during the day yes you are right

yes sometimes it is nice to have a routine unfortunately at the moment a

lot of people are not able to have a routine all they can do is stay in the

house and of course over a period of time you might start to feel a little

bit frustrated a little bit annoyed by the situation I have a question Mohsen

oh hello Mohsen I want to I want to admit or host the same for example oh I

see you want to have a spanner you want to

have a blue spanner oh I see like Mika and like Luis Mendez and like

Pal Mira I see Oh pal Mira is going just as I mentioned your name you said

goodbye see you later pal Mira well I give my blue spanners to certain people

because they've been watching my live streams for a very long time so not just

one week or two weeks or three months but many many years so most of my

moderators I think that is what you mean my moderators they they have been on my

live chat for a very long time I started doing this nearly four years ago so I

started doing my life rheems four years ago very long time yes

we have an extra day of mr. Duncan's livestreams I'm glad you are pleased to

see that hello beer hello burr Lela burr Lela hello to you have

you ever been to Turkey yes I have I have been to Turkey I've

been twice to Turkey and both times I had a lovely lovely time mr. Duncan top

secret I have no idea what that question is it seems like you are speaking in

your own language Thank You top secret for your interesting interesting

question I have a feeling you might be trolling me I will give you one more

chance and then you are out of here who I left the power I like I like

having the power of doing this because I have control I have control of

everything new it's very nice mr. Duncan you are very very very nice Thank You

Tanya that's kind of you to say unfortunately the sheep the sheep and

the Lambs have all gone was it something I said they've all gone away I will show

you briefly where I am so I will show you that I'm standing are at the edge of

a long country lane so I will take the camera with me and I will show you

roughly where I am so now you can see where I actually am there we go so I'm

actually standing on a country lane so behind me you can see the lane goes off

into the distance and of course the other way round the

lane the country lane goes off in the other direction also

oh hello Omar hi Omar nice to see you what does the sign mean does it mean

that the tree is private property no it means that the field all of the land so

the whole field behind me is private property

so the whole field there it is so you can see all of this the field behind me

right now is private property it belongs to one of the farmers in this area some

people might say that this is a very typical view that you might find in the

countryside well I've just noticed there are some lambs under one of the trees

let's just have a look shall we I'm going to move the grouse slightly

and we're going to have a look at some lambs oh yes I can see some I can see

some Lambs

oh isn't that lovely so there are some lambs and they are taking the shade they

are enjoying the shade from the tree hello hello little lambs

so those aren't sheep they're actually young sheep they are actually lambs

taking an afternoon rest from the hot Sun it is actually quite hot today I've

just realised it is very hot hello

little sheep little lambs in the field

they look so fluffy yes they have they have their fleece

although the fleece is not very long at the moment because we are just

approaching summer so you will find quite often the Lambs don't have very

long fleece the fleece is the white coat that sheep normally have

yes you can use cute to describe animals quite often if an animal looks

attractive lovely maybe something you want to keep as a pet you might say that

it is cute what a cute little lamb the lambs are so cute they are lovely and

down in the next field if you look into the distance there is a very nice view I

will try to zoom my camera in so you can see look at that so there is another

nice view looking over into the distance

there are some sheep in the next field

alright there is some sheep in the field and also you can see the beautiful hills

in the distance so all of those fields that you can see they are all owned by

the farmer much of the land around here is owned privately so these sheep belong

to one of the local farmers in this area and there it is now you can see Umberto

says sheep ship cheap chips yes sheep ship cheap chips some nice

pronunciation there mr. Duncan some very nice pronunciation we will move back

into the shade because it's quite hot here I will be honest with you it is

very hot here today and also there is a car coming

there was a car coming oh my goodness

I almost got run over then did you see that I almost got run over so for those

who are wondering if cars can come along here the answer is yes they can and

sometimes they come along very fast I almost got run over by a car though

wouldn't that be strange I think it was it was quite a nice car I think it was a

BMW and it had no roof they are driving an open-top car very nice

very posh indeed if you are wondering what is going on

it is mr. Duncan that's me by the way standing in the middle of a country lane

broadcasting live yes this is a very narrow road and unfortunately if I if I

were to stand in the road and then if a car came by it would actually knock me

over so I don't think that would be a good idea to be honest I don't think

that would be a good idea at all please be careful mr. Duncan I will try my best

I will try my best not to get run over by a car hello mr. Duncan do you have a

Ferrari Alexandra no I don't I don't have a car

I don't drive I don't even have a car I don't know how to drive I I can't drive

I've never taken my driving test I think the car was a Porsche I don't think it

was I think the car was actually a BMW I looked at the back and it had the BMW

bench I think can you ride a motorbike study point

hello study point yes I can I used to have a motorbike many years ago I used

to love riding my motorbike but then the roads here in the UK became

too dangerous and I stopped doing it I stopped because the roads became too

dangerous hello - argh colaba oke Colaba who says bro hello bro

nice to see you Jimmy from Hong Kong is here hello Jimmy I haven't seen you for

a while hello Jimmy nice to see you I have a car

says Belarus yeah and I must wash it yes I think that's one of the worst things

about having a car one of the worst things about having a car is having to

keep it clean I don't think I would like that I think if I owned a car I think my

car would be very very dirty on the outside because I would not want to

clean it I think it is difficult to live without personal transport

fortunately where I live many of the places are accessible by walking so

quite often around here I will walk into town I will walk around the area where I

live so it is possible to walk into town quite easily sunshine

mr. Duncan how can we describe a person who loves nature and likes to take care

of it we often say maybe that a person is an environmentalist a person who is

interested in nature but also interested in the preservation

of nature as well so an environmentalist a person who is very conscious of the

environment you might describe them as green a person who is green their their

way of life always considers the countryside and the environment and

nature I can hear some of the birds in the tree next to me flying around for

those who are wondering what's going on my name is Duncan and I normally teach

English today I am talking in English however I am also out and about driving

myself but I don't have a car I'm using my legs instead you see so I'm having a

walk and watching I'm just watching some animals in the

field there are some I think they're ducks there are some ducks chasing each

other oh no it's not it's a pheasant there's a pheasant over there shall we

shall we have a look at the pheasant here is here is the pheasant in the

distance he's very far away

there was mr. pheasant

there is the pheasant can you see there is mr. pheasant running across the field

he looks like he's in a hurry hello mr. pheasant where are you going

in such a hurry why are you in such a hurry mr. pheasant where are you going

where is your girlfriend pheasant a type of bird that is often hunted pheasant

and at this time of year many pheasants will be mating and very soon there will

be lots of baby pheasants walking around

hello mrs. sheep there is another sheep and oh there are the Lambs I can see the

Lambs as well hello lambs how are you today are you ok

I hope so are you happy I hope so isn't that lovely oh you know what I could

stay here all afternoon I really don't want to go back home because this this

is such a lovely corner of the countryside it's very peaceful there are

no cars there are almost no people there are lots of sheep and lambs but it is

relatively quiet around here at the moment

it's that lovely oh wow I wish I could sit down and have a

picnic that would be so nice if I could sit down and have a picnic

the problem with this is it's too relaxing you see I know I have to keep

talking and describing things but the problem is I I feel just I feel too

relaxed that's the problem I actually feel very relaxed too relaxed or there

are some people coming oh I have to be careful because there are some people

coming they might get angry you see they might think I'm trying to film them

hello Tex yes I hope I can live in the farmland like that for a short time

thank you very much yes well you never know

I'm sure there must be lots of farmland where you live I'm sure there must be

other human beings did you see that well at least they were keeping a safe

distance away from me at least hello to met Davila

hello Matt Davila nice to see you for a moment I thought maybe you were a fan of

football I thought maybe you you support Aston Villa maybe hello to you also

hello to Malia again it is very beautiful so whereabouts in England do

you live Matt would you mind telling me I live in a place called Much Wenlock a

tiny little rural town far away from people far away from the hustle and

bustle of life so yes that's where I live but what about you where do you

live yes people are walking people are outside walking around you are correct

however I was having a walk earlier this morning I decided to go out and have a

lovely walk however before I left the house I took I

took my camera I took my microphone and also my tripod and I put it all into my

rucksack so I put everything I put it all into my little rucksack so I can

carry it easily and it around about a quarter to Warren I came on I started my

livestream and around about quarter to one unfortunately I don't know why the

camera wasn't working so I apologize for those who could not see any picture at

the start of today's livestream there are many people in England it's nice

there in the UK well I'm not sure if it's nice having lots of people around

you that is one of the reasons why I live in the countryside to be honest one

of the reasons why I live around here is because I like to be far away from other

people I like to live in a peaceful tranquil place have you remembered to

bring your water I forgot I don't have any water at all I

have no water so I hope my throat does not get too dry

hello also to Valeria oh yes I see did you remember to bring

your water no I didn't I forgot completely

I completely forgot to bring my water unfortunately

I am very sorry for that says Robin don't worry about it I have a feeling

that I've scared the Sheep away they've all gone now I don't know what it is I

always have this habit of scaring the sheep away sometimes they are a little

bit timid a little bit shy just like me hello also - Kim hello Kim I think you

might be watching in Vietnam nice to see you hello from sunny England nice to see

you here why don't you wear a mask mr. Duncan I don't wear a mask because to be

honest I'm not near other people so if I lived in a city or if I was going to a

place where lots of people are congregating or if there are lots of

people around me then I might wear that the mask I have a mask but I'm not

wearing it today I also have some rubber gloves do you want to see my gloves here

we go oh look at this I have I have rubber gloves just to show that I am

taking care of myself during these times I have oh I can't put it on how do you

put these on they're not very easy to put on are they let's face it see that's

it there is my rubber glove can you see I can't get it onto my hand

unfortunately he won't go on trying I'm trying to get it on is that is that okay

I think I seem to have an extra finger I don't know where that finger is but

apparently there is an extra finger what is this for

what what do I put in here

your hand is too big to go inside the glove I think so I don't know I think

maybe maybe these offer ladies I think maybe maybe this is a ladies glove I

can't give you Belen it won't go on do you ever have that problem do you ever

tried to pull your rubber glove on and it won't go on oh this is so difficult

there's one thing I would never I would never be able to be a doctor can you

imagine if there was an emergency and I was trying to get my rubber gloves onto

my hand it would take far too long look what am I supposed to do with this

mr. Duncan you look like a detective but which detective may be Sherlock Holmes

maybe Columbo yes I am just imagining that you are a doctor

please please don't imagine that please don't imagine me being a doctor let's

try again I'm going to try and get this on maybe if I blow it up

perhaps if I write there let me just try this here we go let's try again

you dude this is not as easy as it looks this isn't easy by the way these these

gloves look like a dentists gloves ah okay I think I think it's going on this

time it's not easy this you know when you watch TV and maybe that there are

doctors getting ready to perform an operation they these here we go oh yes I

think it's going on there oh look at that yeah I've done it everyone I have

now put my rubber glove on my hand even though my other hand doesn't have a

rubber glove so I have to make sure that this hand doesn't touch this hand

because if this hand touches this hand then I will contaminate this hand making

this rubber glove completely useless so there it is that is what I'm using at

the moment well I'm handling things if I'm touching mr. Steve anywhere I would

always put my rubber gloves on first always mr. Duncan you are so relaxed and

slow personally I would have broken or ripped ripped the gloves yes the problem

with these is you have to be very gentle so you can't use lots of force or else

you will rip the glove the glove will rip or split so now you can't use too

much force I look like a person who's about to commit a crime

mm-hmm maybe I can take one of those sheep home and have some some delicious

some delicious lamb chops tonight mr. Duncan where are you standing I'm

standing near a private field that is why it says private property

keep out keep out mr. Duncan you look scary and a little bit creepy people say

that normally to be honest so I have one rubber glove I don't know where the

other one is gone I did have two this morning but for some reason I seem to

have lost one of my rubber gloves I will take it off now come on this is not easy

I think my hands my hands are a little bit sweaty so there we go I will put

this back in my bag I have been on for over one hour and 15 minutes

wow really I've been on here for one hour and 15 minutes I can't believe it

thanks for your company today I will be back with you tomorrow this is just

something unusual something different for a Tuesday because normally I'm not

here on Tuesday so I'm out and about walking around having a lovely stroll

the Sheep maybe one of the sheep ate your other

glove perhaps yes you never know animals sometimes animals will eat anything they

will it's true so animals quite often may be sheep or cows they will sometimes

eat anything that they find around they try to swallow things that they

shouldn't it's true

I panicked for a moment I thought I lost my coat but it's it's in my bag so

that's okay so what I'm going to do I'm going to walk a bit further I'm going to

see if I can walk a little bit further although I I have a feeling I might lose

the connection so the connection on here might go so don't Lee if I start moving

too much but I will go a little bit further and I will also try not to get

run over at the same time so let's see what happens if I start to move so now

I'm in the lane in the country lane walking along this is mr. Duncan in

England on Tuesday it is Tuesday and we are coming towards the end of May very

soon May will be gone may you will disappear

and then suddenly it will be June and during June of course we know what

happens during June during Dragoon summer arrives yeah there we go okay I'm

in a different place now I've moved to another area I've moved to another area

oh that's quite nice I think a light at the moment is rather nice lovely so yes

I am out and about I won't be with you every Tuesday just today can you see my

ears it looks as if my ears are lighting up maybe there are small lights in my

ears my ears are lighting up because of the Sun

mahlia says thank you so much it was very different today very different and

you were Lou using lots of different words well this is one of the reasons

why I enjoy doing this sometimes it is good to do something a little different

maybe to be in a different place and then you can talk about different

subjects maybe things that you wouldn't normally discuss so that's the reason

why I'm doing this listening listening is a very good way of improving your

English so never forget that never underestimate the power of listening

it looks like my ears are burning as strange the sunlight is catching my ears

hello Mick hello Mick I wish I could see you in Egypt I would imagine it's quite

hot there today where you are mr. Duncan is mr. sweet smile thank you very much

it's very kind of you hello to Gaetano hello Gaetano nice to see you as well

apparently the 19th of May is a special day in Turkey why is that why is that

why is it a special day in Turkey I wonder why

hello b-trees mr. Duncan what a surprise I didn't expect to see you here today

yes I'm here I have popped up on your screen I wasn't planning to do this

however I thought I would come outside and have a little walk and share a

little bit of time with you as well so here is the view that is in front of me

now oh yes look at that it is a very typical English scene especially if you

are in the countryside so that is what I'm looking at now in front of me I'm

standing under the tree and I'm looking out towards one of the fields and there

are some sheep in the distance so you might be able to see in the distance

there are some sheep they were awesome sheep in the field there's also a little

wasp that's buzzing around my head disturbing me mr. Duncan I'm very scared

when the place is to isolate it well it's not that bad I mean here it's

daytime so during the day I'm pretty sure that I will be safe so I think I'm

alright I don't think anyone around here has ever been injured or robbed or

anything like that to be honest so let's have a look back at where I just came

from and you will see that things are looking lovely at the moment in fact I

have to be careful because someone is coming one of the things you have to be

careful with here in the UK is filming people without their permission so you

do have to be very careful so I will keep the camera on the front

for a few more moments hello nightbot wow it's so beautiful I really want to

come there well maybe maybe when everything is back to normal maybe you

can maybe you can come and visit Much Wenlock you'll be very welcome

there's a Robin singing above my head

hello mr. Robin I can see you oh he's gone I've scared him off you do have to

be careful when you are pointing your camera around you have to be very

careful I have the power

thank you I must go now oh sorry Mika I would imagine it must be

very late where you are so good night Tamika by the way how was your birthday

Mika did you have a good birthday IIIi did see your message on Facebook you

said I was very happy to hear your song but now I can't sleep so I think you

must have been very excited as your birthday happened hello hadar hello also

to thin hello tin I believe you are watching in

Vietnam I think so Anna says are you near the place that has the wild garlic

no not round here Oh in this area there is no wild garlic along here which is

quite strange really so along here there is no wild garlic however very close to

my house there is a lot of I'll garlic all over the place I hope

you can see me clearly still I'm now standing in the lane so you can see the

full view behind me going off into the distance it is a beautiful day today

hello Mohammed Mohammed II hello mr. Duncan

I am from Iran can you come to my country you are very welcome there is

one thing that I can't do at the moment I can't go anywhere

I can't even travel to another part of the country here

never mind fly around the world I would love to fly around the world I wish I

could get on a plane and go somewhere nice

unfortunately I can't because well I think you know why I think you know why

Erick asks how do you choose where to shoot or where to film your livestreams

well there are two things that I have to think about one of them is I have to

make sure that there is a signal so all around me there are mobile phone signals

so I have to make sure that there is a signal going into my phone or else I

can't do my livestream the other thing of course is the light so I have to make

sure that there isn't too much light around me I have to make sure that there

isn't too much light so those are two things I have to consider before I start

doing my livestream the problem is living in the countryside sometimes you

might find that you can't get a very good mobile phone signal which means you

can't do your live streams

it's a lady Tia says why must you be careful when you point your camera to

the people just people how about the Sheep they also have their feelings and

privacy yes but the thing is sheep are not so shy in fact many of them are

show-offs they are I don't know if you've noticed but sheeps are very

extrovert they pretend not to be they pretend to be shy but sheep are not

really sharp I I think maybe we should have a talent show and and it should be

just sheep showing all of their talents you might be surprised to find out how

many talented sheep there are out there but humans unfortunately unfortunately

humans do not like being photographed or filmed especially if they are in a place

where they shouldn't be

yes dark pixel says humans consume sheep can't you're right that's another good

point so so maybe maybe a human being will take me to court you see for

invading their privacy so I have to be very careful can hear

the Lambs my lambs are calling

lovely hello - OH Abdi Carney I hope I pronounced your

name right do you know a song called horse with no name oh yes I know that

song oh no desert you can't remember your name because there ain't no one

there to give you no name Dada Dada Dada Dada that sort of thing I might not have

any music however I can provide my own music of course

doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo

or maybe we can have some jazz in Paris to do to do to do to do doot doot doot

doot doot doot doot doot doot doot doot doot doot doot doot doot doot hello

Istanbul always has dirty air but now it is it has become very clean because of

yes a lot of places where the pollution is normally very serious or bad have

actually said that the air is much cleaner because fewer people are going

out there off there are almost no cars in certain towns and cities everyone is

saying at home so yes you're right hello to Pitts Pitts

/ loom who says England sucks

if I had a handbag I would hold my handbag I would I would be very very

very outraged England is so pathetic Thank You Pitts thank you for your

thoughts you're deep and very intelligent thoughts but unfortunately

oh he has to go that's a shame isn't it bye-bye Pitts oh that's a shame isn't it

he's gone ah what a pity I was looking forward to talking to him I really was I

was hello has now 2020 hello has no 2020 nice to see you here today I am late

well don't worry about it because today it was not a scheduled livestream this

is something I just decided to do

spontaneous hello gia we I often see your live streams when you finish but

today I am watching your live stream on time fortunately well can I say hello to

you and also a big hi to Vietnam I believe you are watching in Vietnam at

the moment or hello also to sunshine who says are there any snakes in this area

not really we don't really get snakes around here so you are very you will be

very pleased to hear that we don't have any snakes around here we have grass

snakes sometimes in certain areas but they're not they're not very dangerous

really they are not dangerous hello's any is any ho ho ho ho hello to

you nice to see you here I hope you are feeling happy and you are ready for the

next two hours of live streaming oh wait there I'm not here for another two hours

I'm not doing any more you see if something sucks it means it is rubbish

it is awful it is terrible so if you say that something sucks it means it is

rubbish it is useless

it is something that is horrible something that sex is something that you

dislike you dislike something so the person on the live chat was saying

England sucks which means he doesn't like England I

don't know why because it's lovely look look look this is England look it's

lovely this there's this lovely blue sky there's lots of nice green trees so

there are lots of things to admire and enjoy in England and of course do you

have me as well I'm in England do I suck

how dare you how dare you hello yoky oh hello keo keo nice to see you what about

your planes for the rest of your day or what are your plans what about your

plans in a moment I will go back home so I will continue my walk I will go back

home and then quite likely I will have maybe a cup of tea and maybe something

to eat because I am a little bit hungry I am hungry

Beatrice says I love England mr. Duncan and I love the English people I think

it's fair to say that there are some bad English people however there are some

good English people but then again you might say that everywhere in the world

there are good people and bad people it is just the way it is just the way

things are

did it do well my finger my finger is very busy today

have you noticed I have a very busy finger very busy how long have you been

walking mr. Duncan well first of all I walked into town so behind me if you

carry on walking along there that will take you into town so this small lane

will actually take you all the way in town so if I walked down there if I kept

walking eventually I would actually end up in Much Wenlock so that is the way

towards the town it is the way towards the town yes there

are nice people and there are horrible people it is just the way things are you

can't do much about it I'm afraid

franceska who knows maybe the Queen or has the Queen ever walked there well

maybe not the Queen that we have now however I know in the past that royalty

has visited Much Wenlock in the past hello jaqen hello jack on Junia hello

mr. Duncan greetings from High Haiti nice to see you here a big hello to you

I hope you are doing well today from a very warm in sunny England

hadar asks do you like Pink Floyd I do I used to listen to a lot of Pink Floyd

when I was young a very long time ago a very long time ago yes I know Pink Floyd

Dark Side of the Moon a great album hello also to push roar push roar

watching in Kurdistan nice to see you here as well for those who are wondering

what is going on I out and about in England for those who

don't know I will show you that I am actually out and about

you see I am definitely out and about I will be going in a moment I hope you

have enjoyed this very unusual livestream with the sounds of the sheep

and the Lambs and the birds I hope you've enjoyed it all I will be back

tomorrow I'm back tomorrow at 2 p.m. UK time tomorrow so I will see you tomorrow

from 2 p.m. UK time we have our English addict tomorrow 2 hours tomorrow from 2

p.m. UK time Belarusian is about to do some cooking mm-hmm you shouldn't say

that you see because to be honest I'm a little bit hungry

at the moment I might actually go back into town to get something to eat

because if I go back that way if I go that way I can actually go back into

town and get some food so I might walk back into Much Wenlock and get something

to eat because between you and me I'm I'm a little bit hungry thank you very

much for your company it's been a great one and a half hours I can't believe

I've been here for one and a half hours doing this

hello Yale hello mr. Duncan I live in the city but my dream would be to live

in a place surrounded by nature like that

thank you very much

other human beings they're so small look how small they are I could squash them

like that yeah they're gone they're gone they won't bother me anymore what I

think I might have sunstroke something very strange is happening to me I've

been outside too long what I know what you're thinking you're thinking mr.

Duncan you must have a lie down maybe someone will take you away in an

ambulance very soon yes I will be back tomorrow from 2 p.m.

UK time I hope you've enjoyed this very unusual livestream something a little

bit different I know sometimes I do my live streams from my studio sometimes I

do them in my garden today I thought I would do something out and about see

tomorrow I hope you've had a good time it's been unusual I hope it wasn't

boring I hope you didn't fall asleep and also I hope you will have a nice day

enjoy the rest of your day if it is the morning or the afternoon or

the evening perhaps you are going to bed in a moment in which case I will wish

you sweet dreams and don't have nightmares Thank You beet trees Thank

You Valeria Thank You mr. Duncan for this spontaneous live stream you are

welcome this live stream was unique and amazing Thank You nishta you are welcome

thank you I am back tomorrow 2 p.m. UK time

this is mr. Duncan in the birthplace of English saying thanks for watching me

today I hope this has been enjoyable I really do

and of course until the next time we see each other here on YouTube which might

be tomorrow from 2:00 p.m. UK time thank you very much

Wow so many messages oh by the way don't forget to give me a like as well if you

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let's get those thumbs pointing upwards yeah 98 102 come on let's get those

thumbs I want to see your thumbs 104 can we make it to a hundred and twenty

before I go maybe we can make it to a hundred and twenty there's another

person coming I need another another ten now have ten

more and then I'm going I just need ten more a hundred and

eleven let's get to 120 and then I will go the road is very busy there there is

a lot of though there are a lot of people coming however they are all

keeping their safe distance so I don't have to worry too much

hello general poorly general poorly can I just give you a little salute there

you must always salute the general when he rise

hello also to Deepak thank you very much 121 Wow maybe we can

we can make it to a thousand can I have a thousand comes up no okay I don't want

to be too greedy see you tomorrow I am definitely going now I'm definitely

going because I need to buy I need to buy some water Jack Walsh says Priti

Patel is the best home secretary who are you are you one of what one of

her relatives Amy pretty imagine being all pretty

pretty it's a great I love that name I I think I might change my name to

pretty pretty Duncan maybe not thank you for your company I'm

definitely going now because the Sun is starting to blind me I'm being blinded

by the sunlight see you later thank you very much for your company bye for now

take care this is mr. Duncan definitely saying for the final time thank you for

watching see you tomorrow 2 p.m. UK time and of course you know

what's coming next yes you do

Tatar for now