hmm okay let's get on with it no more

hesitating no more hanging around welcome here we go again yes

it is english addict live as live can be and i'm glad to see you here again i

am here not completely well but i am here hello

to everyone

oh i'm not quite ready yet just a moment just give me a moment please thank you

very much

just putting my tie on my little necktie

there it is okay we are all together again

ow hello there nice to see you hi everybody this is mr duncan

in england how are you today are you okay

i hope so are you happy i really hope so welcome to another english addict yes we

are all here together again my name is mr duncan i talk about the

english language quite a lot in fact here on youtube

and this morning i crawled out of my sick bed i've been feeling quite unwell

during the past couple of days because of my hay fever

so i haven't be been very well to say the least i had lost my voice

i was coughing sneezing my eyes were very painful

everything was going wrong unfortunately as far as my health is concerned however

this morning i decided to climb out of my bed

and here i am with you all once again i hope you are feeling good

yes we have made it to the end of another week

we have made it all the way to friday

we are all here together again nice to see you

and i hope you are feeling great on this friday i have lost

two days of my life it's very strange a very strange feeling indeed

it's true i have actually lost two days of my life

i don't know what's been happening over the past 48 hours

all i remember last night was eating some food

with mr steve and then suddenly i'm here talking to you on the live chat

so it's very strange very strange feeling i don't know

about you but when you feel unwell it's as if you lose days

so i feel as if wednesday and thursday this week didn't exist

and here i am now on friday a very strange feeling indeed i hope you are

feeling good today thank you very much for all of your

lovely messages that i've received concerning my well-being i'm not too bad

i'm okay my voice is still a little sore

a little croaky croaky i sound a little bit croaky

today thank you for joining me today and once again thanks for your lovely

best wishes for my speedy recovery i am on the way

i'm on the way to feeling okay but unfortunately

normally what happens during the month of june and july so quite often

halfway through june and also until the middle of july i normally feel unwell

with hay fever it happens every single year and this

year year is no exception so i will stay with you for as long as i

can today we have lots of things coming up an

excerpt from one of my windy full english

lessons we also have the sentence game today oh

yes well some things of course are happening

as usual so we will have the sentence game

today and today we will be looking at words beginning

with the letter o oh there he goes now

very nice the letter o is what we are looking at today

so words beginning with o is what we will be looking at on the

sentence game of course it is friday and we will of

course as usual be looking at some unusual

words it's been a rather unsettled couple of days

apparently the weather has been quite atrocious outside

there it is at the moment the view outside we've had

so much rain over the past couple of days

mr steve was complaining because he wanted to go outside

to do some work however he couldn't because the rain was coming down very

heavily so sadly mr steve has had to postpone

postpone oh i like that word if you postpone something it means you

put something off you put it off until

another time normally there is a reason why you

postpone something and that is what is happening at the moment

with mr steve's project in the garden so sadly he hasn't been able to do

any work outside at all because of the horrible weather

unfortunately so we have the game coming up today

we also have unusual words and yes we also have you as well on the live


i can't forget you can i how could i how could i forget you i don't think

it is possible hello to everyone on the live chat oh we have

who is first we have vitesse also lolly lolly and also

twan new win hello to you as well mohsen is here also beatriz

hello to everyone thank you all for your lovely messages

of support wishing me well i'm not a hundred percent well but i

couldn't leave you today i thought no i'm going to try

and do a live stream even if my voice disappears completely i

might have to write everything down that i want to say to you although i

i don't know how well that would work i'm not sure how that would actually

work anyway hello to the live chat and thanks

for joining me today

oh so good to see you here today thank you very much for joining me

even though i'm almost losing my voice

i hope we have a few more people watching today i know recently

things have been changing back to normal for some people

during this very strange period of time but thanks for joining me today i do

appreciate it hello to tamara as well roxy

also daniel nice to see you hello vitas again also if muhammad

says hello as well hello to andy it's raining in moscow now

thunder and lightning

not very good when you think about it although i i do understand that in

moscow you are having or the temperature has

been actually rising over the past few days it's very hot

here but it's also very wet almost

tropical i think if i had to describe the weather here

at the moment in england i must say i think it's

almost tropical it feels as if i'm out in the tropics

hello diana also hello guri i am from india and i'm very excited to

watch your live stream thank you guri very kind of you to say

hello some sad news yesterday a very famous

singer here in the uk called Vera Lynn

she sadly died at the age of a hundred and three

Vera Lynn is well known for one particular song and she was a very

big name during the second world war she was a singer she would often perform

for the troops and the soldiers she would travel around

giving performances and there was one song that she was very

famous for we'll meet again we'll meet again

don't know where don't know when but i know we'll meet again some

sunny day that is the song that Vera Lynn

was very well known for and now i'm just wondering to myself i wonder if

Vera Lynn ever got annoyed by being well known for one song

there was also another song as well that she used to sing

bluebirds over the white cliffs of dover that was another song

that's used to sing which is most famous for we'll meet

again but i always wondered if if there was

something else she wanted to do instead maybe she had some other talents

that people never talked about because all people would say

Vera Lynn we'll meet again anyway sadly no longer with us

unfortunately she died yesterday at the age of 103

incredible age i i think when a person passes away at a very old

age we often say that they had a good innings

it's a little bit like in cricket the game of cricket so the longer

you stay on the pitch the longer you can continue playing the game

we call that the innings the period of time

when the game is taking place so we often

say if a person has a very long life if they pass away if they die at a very

old age we will say they had a good innings a good innings

very interesting expression hello to wissal it's boiling hot in algeria

is it really roxy says mr duncan is the best teacher

well i'm not sure about today i'm not sure if i am the best

today because i'm not feeling great to be honest

i've i had to cancel my wednesday live stream

which is something i hate doing i don't like

cancelling my live streams so it did concern me

unfortunately there was nothing i could do about it

just to show how bad hay fever is at the moment here in the uk even mr

steve was sneezing so mr steve never gets hay fever

so you can you can tell how bad it was because even steve

was sneezing even steve had some symptoms of hay fever and of course i

get it every year so that's probably the reason why

i was suffering so much over the past couple of days luis mendes

is here today hello lewis nice to see you here as well glad to

hear that you're all right and i hope you are having a wonderful

time where you are at the moment thank you for your lovely

messages i've received a lot of messages

and i haven't had a chance to answer them yet for which i apologise but

i will have a look at some of the messages and i will try to read

some of them out maybe on sunday when i'm back with you

i hope so thank you luis it is very good to see you here today

also alessandra christina mr duncan you know a lot of songs and

you sing very well i'm not sure if my voice is good at the

moment for singing or talking

to be honest with you 103. yes diana you are right 103

is an incredible age it is yes a very well-known and beloved

singer so a lot of people when they thought about

vera lynn they would often think about her

her supporting the troops and the soldiers during the second world war

singing and performing for the soldiers

guri says oh i'm very happy you said my name

it's okay it's a pleasure i'm glad to see you here today

hello to irene hello also to lill apparently it is foggy

in i think that must be brazil also mika again is here thanks for

joining me mika in japan i know you are having your

rainy season at the moment it is quite rainy

and wet in japan because i really want to get

back to be a teacher and i wanted to ask if

it's a good time to be a teacher oh i see

thank you if muhammad i think that is a message

for lolly lolly thank you very much paulo

is here as well tamara i was very sad about you canceling your

english addict i am glad you are feeling better

thank you tamara i'm not sure if i'm feeling better

to be honest my my throat is very

painful and sore as you can probably hear

we have the game that a lot of people are enjoying at the moment

these are things that i've introduced over the past few weeks

we have the sentence game and some unusual english words as well

there are lots of strange english words that exist

in the language lots of unusual words for example here's a great

word that exists in english that you may or may not

have heard of before skew with if something is

skew with it is a word quite often an expression that is

used when something is not level

when something is not straight as it should be so maybe something that

is skew with is out of alignment

so something that is not aligned properly something that is not level or

maybe something that has become unlevel is skew whiff

skew whiff it's a great expression we use it a lot in british english if

something looks a little odd or maybe

something that should be upright is not you might say that it is a little

skew-whiff it is off-center it is not aligned properly

it is skew with i love that i think that's such a lovely

lovely expression and we do use it a lot in english so all

of these words are used in the english language so i'm

not making these up they are real words and they are used

quite a lot in english here's another one

you may have heard of this word or maybe not

i don't know because i'm not there with you

encroach encroach if you encroach something

you move in you surround or maybe you move closer

you encroach so it describes the movement

of becoming closer to something or maybe you surround and move in

to a certain place you move in or move on something

you encroach encroach again a great word

thank you very much for your messages can you please stop the slow mode

on your live chat well the problem is with the live chat

quite often i will miss many of the messages

so if you are sending a message on the live chat

can you only send it once that is the main problem you see with the live

chat so sometimes i see lots of the same message

but unfortunately i can't read the other messages so that's the reason

why i do that so everyone gets an equal


why is your hat usually white there is no reason for that my my hat is

white because it matches my shirt so i suppose

these two things are coordinated they are coordinated they match

talking of which here's another strange english word

apparel apparel so this is an unusual word and we were just talking

about my hat and my shirt apparel means

things that you wear things that you wear

maybe a coat or a jacket clothing so apparel

is a generic term which means things that you wear so

did you see what i did there those two things were connected

the question about my white hat and also this word they go together you see

at least my brain is working today i'm not sure if it's a hundred percent

but at least it is switched on hello lena

nice to see you here as well the word apparel

is a strange english word that means clothing

things that you you have with you maybe your accessories

as well apparel clothing your hat your coat your apparel

apparel great word that here's another one oh

if a person looks at you in a certain way

maybe they appear interested in what you are saying

or may be interested in you as a person you might see a little glint in their

eye a glint is a brief moment of seeing

something maybe a glint of sunlight glint

something that you see very briefly maybe a little spark

of light a glint of something you notice it very briefly

glint something that sparkles or shines you notice it it

there is a glint glint we often say that a person who looks

at you in a certain way has a glint in their eye maybe they are interested

in you as a person maybe they want to get

to know you better very nice

glint he looked at me with a glint in his

eye very nice here's another one this is an unusual

one because this is actually an acronym

nimbi i love this word nimbi so this particular word

is used in british english and it is also

an acronym we describe someone who is a nimby

now nimby means not in my

back yard so for example i suppose i could give you a good example

maybe where you live maybe you live in a quiet village

and then suddenly the government announces that they are going to build

a motorway and the motorway or the freeway will go right past your

village very close to your village but you don't

want it there because it will cause lots of noise and

chaos so you say that you don't want that

motorway to be built near your house but other people who want the motorway

maybe they support the idea of having a motorway

they might describe that person who objects

as a nimby oh you are such a nimby nimby

means not in my back yard which basically means not

near to me i don't want that near me you might accuse me

of being a nimby mr duncan you should stop complaining about the

new road think of all the people it will bring

your way they will all want to come and see you

you are such a nimby it is common

for british people to complain about things

we do like complaining i will be honest with you

and one of the things we often complain about is something that is

being built or constructed or maybe planned

to happen near where you live maybe a concert

maybe a new building maybe a new road people will often complain about it

so you might say that many people in the uk

especially english people can sometimes be

nimbis a person who is a nimby always complains about things that are

happening nearby they don't want it near their

house they want it somewhere else

far away from where they live a person who is a nimby i love that so

much that's one of my favorite ones by the

way here's another one this is for

all those who are a little self-conscious

by the way they look including me sometimes i'm very self-conscious

you might have a blemish blemish i love that word again

blemish it's a nice word to say it comes out of your mouth so smoothly

and deliciously blemish if you have a blemish it means you have

something that is maybe disfiguring you or maybe something that is an

imperfection oh i like that word as well so many good

words today imperfection so blemish

is an imperfection something that isn't quite perfect most of us have

some sort of blemish maybe on our face or on our body

so a blemish is an imperfection something that doesn't look

perfect or maybe one thing that you think spoils

the rest of it so maybe you have a little spot on your face

i have a couple of spots on my face and i hate them so much

it is to me a blemish blemish a person who does something

wrong in their life maybe they commit a crime

you might blemish your record

so if you do something bad if you do something wrong

you will blemish your good nature you will blemish your character

so this particular word can be used as both

verb and noun so you can blemish something as an action

the thing is a blemish blemish something that is an

imperfection so it doesn't look quite right hello

to alessandra nice to see you here today thank you very much for joining me as

well lovely to see you

blemish i have quite a few blemishes some of them on my

face i don't like them when i was a kid when

i was a teenager i used to get lots of spots on my face

acne i used to get little acne spots and also little boils on my face

i used to hate it so much i was very self-conscious

as a teenager so your teenage years quite often will

cause some strange things to happen to your

body including lots of spots on your face they will suddenly appear

from nowhere hello also to oh

the live chat imo hello imo imo

imme says hello i am new here hello to you and nice to see you

thank you for joining me where are you and why are you here is it your first

time if it is can i say congratulations

very nice thank you very much for joining me today

very lovely we are looking at some strange words

here is another one some unusual english words for a friday

yes it is friday the weekend is just around the corner

here is another one oh mr duncan this is a very strange word

indeed very strange word bumph

bumph it is a real word and it is an english word something

that is maybe useless something that serves no purpose

maybe useless information that is often printed on a leaflet or a piece of paper

quite often bump is unnecessary literature

things that you get that you don't really need

information that you get through your letterbox

but really it serves no purpose junk mail here in the uk we often

receive junk mail through our letterbox

lots of advertisements lots of leaflets lots of rubbish comes through the

letterbox and we describe this as bump

paper with things written on it things that are

pointless or useless we don't need it they serve no purpose

collectively we can describe it as bump bump oh

i had a lot of envelopes come through my door this morning and they were all full

of bump lots of bump pointless

needless literature things written down that

serve no purpose we describe it as bumph it's a great word that

is it the first time that you've heard it is it

well i hope you will write it down and make a note of it

oh hello to parisa hello theresa thank you very much for your donation on

the live super chat thank you very much that's very kind of

you to do that we have two more strange

words and then we're having a break and after that we are going to play the

sentence game that is coming up in a few minutes

meanwhile we have another strange word to look at oh now this looks like

the word brand but it's not connected to that word at all so this word is

brandish brandish you brandish something

so you can use it as an action you brandish

something if you brandish something it means you hold something towards

someone you point something towards a person

or maybe you are carrying something you brandish something maybe you have a sign

above your head perhaps you are protesting about

something maybe you are out in the streets

protesting for for black lives matter and you have your

sign above your head you brandish your sign you are holding it you are

waving it around you are showing it to people perhaps you are

brandishing a gun

perhaps you are brandishing a weapon maybe a knife brandish

you are holding carrying you are waving something around it can be seen

quite often we use it in a negative way to show that a person is doing something

that might cause harm to other people you might

brandish a weapon brandish

something hak lao says i have a bad exam today but

your little live stream makes me better thank you hack lau

that's very kind of you to hear or to say rather

hello latif latif alba luci hello to you

nice to see you here today brandish it's a great word one of my

strange english word choices for this english addict live stream

one more before the break oh coerced i like this

coerce don't forget you can have the subtitles if you want to hear me

say this word coerce coerce coerce

if you coerce or coerce someone it means you are forcing them

you are intimidating them you are trying to persuade them

to do something you are coercing them maybe you use intimidation or

force to get a person to do something you coerce them you give them no choice

you say you must do it you give them lots of

reasons why they must do it maybe you tell them they have to

do it you coerce someone

into doing something hello zuzika hello zuzika nice to see you here

i'm not feeling great today i will be honest with you that is one of

the reasons why today's live stream will be shorter

than normal but i'm not feeling 100 but i thought i would show my face

today coerce so there you have it some unusual

english words we are going to have a little break and

then i will be back and we will be playing the sentence game

in a few moments but first of all here is an excerpt

from one of my full english lessons whilst i have a drink of water

you will be watching me walking around on a very windy day

hi everybody my name is mr duncan and i'm very

chuffed to meet you welcome to episode 4 of my

full english series another delve into the wonderful world of english

is about to take place so hold on to your hats and brace

yourselves as it's about to get a bit breezy round

here yep the wind is about to get up

so prepare to be blown away

as you can see right now it is very windy here

there is a gale blowing across england

what you are seeing now is the effect of what is left of a tropical hurricane

this is all that remains of the storm

we can describe this as the remnants or all that remains of the hurricane

a few days ago this storm was very powerful

it caused damage in places such as bermuda

now it is not as powerful having said that

the storm is still strong enough to bring down trees

and loosen one or two roof tiles some might say that i'm taking a risk

coming out here on such a stormy day let's hope that i

don't get struck by a piece of flying debris

or a falling tree

and there it was an excerpt from one of my full english lessons

and yes there are many lessons available on my youtube channel

you have to smile sometimes you have to smile

you have to keep a brave face you have to put on

your best smile and show the world that you are not going to quit you are

not going to back down you will not give up and that's what i'm

doing today you see i crawled out of bed this morning

and i thought i must i really must do a live stream today and that's the

reason why i'm here today as well hello maria i don't

understand your language says maria korai

well the reason why i'm here is to help you understand

the english language i am here to help you

understand english as a second language thank you to

irene thank you also to lolly lolly as well

thanks a lot for your messages christina sorry mr duncan i have to go

now see you later christina i will be back on sunday now of course

it is time to do something a little different

we are going to play the game that a lot of people

like to play i i must be honest i was surprised

at how popular this has become however it is and because it is so

popular we are going to play it again it's time to play

the sentence game

wow wow

so here we go then the sentence game we are choosing

a letter from the alphabet and today what's what's the letter today

oh i see i see what we are choosing today

we are choosing this particular letter today

the letter o is what we are doing today so there it

is the letter o and

i will also put this on the screen as well

just to make sure you can see it we are now playing

the sentence game everyone

the sentence game is now happening we are looking at the letter o

i hope you are feeling good on this friday i want to make sure that everyone

has 100 attention because i'm going to

explain briefly what this is all about the sentence game

i'm going to show you a sentence there is a word

or maybe words so sometimes there will be one word

missing sometimes more than one and that is it

that is it all you have to do is tell me what the word is that is missing i will

explain also what the sentence means and why we use

that particular word hello to maria but i want to learn english mr

duncan yes you want to learn english you are in

the right place let's get underway with the sentence


shall we have our first sentence on the screen okay here it is now are you ready

here it comes right now

now you will see something at the end of the sentence

that is how many letters the word has just to help you along you see i'm a

very generous person even though most people don't think so

here it is then i'm going into hospital for an what and

now because the word begins with the letter o

we know that the word starts with that particular letter so i'm going into

hospital for an

what what are you going into hospital for

is it treatment no is it attention now

is it surgery maybe maybe

but of course the word surgery doesn't begin with s

you see it begins with s not o rather so let's have a look shall we i will

give you a few moments to answer you can put your answer on the live chat

or if you want you can open your window and maybe you can shout it out of the

window for all of your neighbors to hear

we have anna lolly lena lill thank you very much

a lot of people now sending their answers tomek

yes tomic surgery surgery you go into hospital

for surgery or maybe you go into hospital for a procedure

or the other word we can use is

operation you go into hospital for an operation that is what you are

going into hospital for we can also use the word surgery

surgery you are going into hospital for an operation

you are going into hospital for an operation quite often an operation

involves maybe a surgeon a person will go into your body they

will have a look around maybe they will remove something maybe

they will treat something they will give attention

and care to a part of your body that is on the inside an operation

we could also say surgery as well surgery i am going into hospital

for an operation or we can also say surgery as well

so now you have the idea the sentence game

look here's another one now you have an idea

did did my live stream just stop then i apologize for that if my live

stream just suddenly disappeared i apologize something very strange

happened then i think i think mr steve must have

pulled the plug out of the wall i think so okay i'm back

now i'm back again sorry about that i don't know what

happened then the sentence game here's another one

it's all going so well here's the next one

on the something that you are free please call me on the

something that you are free please call me hmm

so this don't forget is a word that begins with

the letter o if you are free on the off chance is the word

on the off chance that you are free now i suppose this word is one that you

wouldn't normally hear anyone use so off chance

of chance

a lot of people saying occasion or on the other hand

or emergency

occasion yes that's actually quite a good suggestion

occasion occasion yes but the the word i was looking for was off

chance of chance i will put it on the screen so you can

see it on the off chance that you are free

please call me so when we say off chance what we are actually

meaning is the opportunity so if the opportunity arises

if the off chance happens so on the off chance that you

are free please call me the occasion

is a good one i i think occasion is a good suggestion as well

i'm not saying it is wrong but off chance

is the correct one there the off chance the possibility so maybe something will

happen maybe it won't so when we say that something may or may

not happen we can say the off chance the off chance

on the off chance that you are free please call me

if you have time if you are available please call me

on the off chance

yes you could also use opportunity opportunity yes a good word

i like that word a lot we are looking at words connected

to the letter o with our sentence game

thank you mikhail thank you all so hack lau

i play that game so bad don't worry hack lau

it's okay this isn't a test this is just fun you see so you can look

at the words you can look at the sentences

and even if you don't know the answer if you don't know the answer

well i will give you the answer so besides looking at new words you are

also looking at sentences and maybe perhaps you will also know

the answers as well do you know the answer to this one

here is another one

oh now this is a long word so the word here

is a very long word 12 letters in this word there are 12

letters in this word her glittery jewelry

looks so what

her glittery jewelry looks so

what it is a word that begins with o and it has 12 letters

it's a long word a long one

louis mendes oh is lewis going are you going lewis

richard opulent i like that word yes opulent is a good word you could use

opulent there is another word as well that is a little

negative so maybe if you are surprised by a person's appearance

maybe they are wearing lots of jewelry lots of expensive jewelry

something that is too lavish something that might be too

bright something that is very expensive something that is very obvious

we will describe it as what

original so the word we are looking at is a word that has 12 letters

so that is the clue i was told off last week

for not giving you any clues so the word i'm looking for has 12

letters it's a very long word her glittery jewelry

looks so what

overwhelming let's have a look 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12.

that has 12 letters overwhelming well i suppose you could say

overwhelming something that you can't actually take in

something that is overwhelming something that creates a lot of

emotional reaction can be overwhelming so yeah that's a good suggestion it's

not the one i have but i think overwhelming is also a good


thomas oh i see

something out of date says lil out of date

her glittery jewelry looks so out of date well that's

not one word that's actually three words we are looking for one particular

word it has 12 letters one word what could it be i wonder

i will give you the answer in a moment it looks as if no one is going to get

this i can't believe it so no one is going to

get this one

overwhelming parisa says it looks so odd

irene has been watching nature we saw some swans with their three babies

oh it's not lovely little babies signets

andy starr says oh my god i don't know why

her glittery jewelry looks so what the word i'm looking for



now that is a big word i like that one ostentatious something that is too

bright something that is too expensive

it looks too expensive it looks out of place maybe if you spend a lot of

money on one thing and then you show it

to other people they might say that the thing you are showing is

ostentatious it is very

bright it looks very expensive maybe it looks too expensive perhaps you

are going to a small party and then you turn up to the party in a

very bright dress with lots of jewelry but everyone else is just wearing casual

clothes you might say that that person has

arrived looking ostentatious

ostentatious thank you yes something lavish

something that's extravagant something that is

ostentatious her glittery jewelry looks so ostentatious

it is a real word by the way for those who don't think it's a real word

i can assure you that it is a real word here's another one

a word beginning with oh

oh i like this one i'm sure a lot of people will get this one

i hope so the dark clouds are a bad

something but what the dark clouds are a bad

what four letters four letters

oh luis mendes is staying here okay then i

thought you were going you see i wasn't sure if you were going or staying

tomek has answered oh by the way rod thank you rod for your

guests for the last word swanky

i love that word by the way something that is swanky

is very posh extravagant swanky sophisticated i like that

so i couldn't resist mentioning that word

thank you rod something is swanky

this one the dark clouds are a bad what

they are a bad what

we have pitage hello pitage sign well the word sign

doesn't begin with oh okay we have a few answers coming

through hello english with axe chart

also tomek sam lolly lolly thank you very much

also mary glau ahnoza thank you very much for your

answer as well vitas zuzika

you have all got the right word i thought this one was going to be easy

i really did the word we are looking for here

omen omen the dark clouds are a bad omen

the sign of something that is going to happen

may be a good thing or a bad thing we often describe

as an omen the dark clouds are a bad

omen the sign of something that is going to happen

you can see from the dark clouds that something bad is going to happen

especially if you're talking about the weather for example let's look outside

at the moment you can see outside there are many dark clouds outside my

window so that is the view outside at the

moment we might say that the dark clouds are a

bad omen maybe i want to go out this

afternoon for a walk unfortunately

the dark clouds are a bad omen because it looks as if we are going

to get lots of rain so we can use the word omen

in that sense that is how we can use the word

it is a bad omen of course you can also have

good omen as well you can have a good omen something that is giving a

good sign the possibility

of something good happening in the future

one more here's another one

oh the writing is very small i hope you can read it i hope you can

see it all right if you get on something from them

that will be a great something

what could that be if you get an something from them that will be

a great something the words i'm looking for have five and

also eleven letters so the first one five

the second one eleven

diana says i really hope the rain will wash away the pollen

one of the problems with the rain sometimes

especially if there is pollen in the air outside the pollen will be washed away

or it will also mean that the pollen won't fly around

however however if you're in the house there is still dust and pollen inside

the house so even if you stay in the house quite

often you will still suffer from hay fever

hello lolly thank you lolly thank you also

to perisa for your entry your suggestion two words

if you get an something from them that will be a great something

but what five and eleven letters

hak lau

says temper and action not sure about that

audrey and also vitas and richard

mary arona or aron our noser says offer

and opportunity interesting yes offer

that has five letters opportunity that has eleven

letters but are you right let's have a look shall we

offer and opportunity if you get an offer from them that will

be a great opportunity

if you get an offer from them that will be

a great opportunity offer something that one person wants to

give you maybe they want to give you a present or a gift maybe they want to

give you a job they offer you

a job and if you get an offer that will be a great

opportunity an opportunity chance so something that will allow you

to improve your life or move forward with your life

rafar says hello mr duncan i don't speak english but i want to learn it

i am watching your videos a lot thank you very much i hope my videos

will be useful to you i really do

so the words that were missing offer and opportunity

those were the words that were missing

hello anither hello anither nice to see you here today today on the

live chat

here's another one with the sentence game

oh i like this one i think this one is very topical

you are too easily what you are too easily

what the word that is missing has eight letters so we

are looking for an eight-letter word you are too easily


tamara if you get an offer from them that will be a great

opportunity yes offer opportunity

you are too easily what so this is the current one

this is the next mystery sentence

mr duncan in my opinion you should put the number

the letters in good order

study point says hello mr duncan please say hello to my niece

hello imam and also study point imam hi imam

from mr duncan in england i hope you are having a good day

i really do merry glo also lena valentin

beatrice lolly lolly

florence palmyra now the interesting thing is you could

probably have two choices here

the choice i have is maybe the one that most

people are are suggesting to be honest i think a lot of people are suggesting

this at the moment so this is the word that a lot of people

are suggesting you are too easily what

ra ragad salman says hello i'm learning with you and i

am watching in iraq nice to see you

sunshine says outrage outrage

there is another word you can use another one which is

very expressive you might say that a lot of people at the moment

are too easily what

zuzika sunshine thank you very much for your answers as

well you are too easily


offended you are too easily offended you are too sensitive

maybe you are too sensitive to what people say or do

you are often offended by it maybe you see something on the

television maybe a person says something to you and you feel offended

by it i feel offended i i'm offended by it something that

makes you feel uncomfortable or maybe outraged you

feel offended you are too easily offended so in this sentence we

are saying that a person is too sensitive

they are too easily offended thank you yasiya yes offended

a person is offended

of course at the moment we are living in a period of time where many people

are feeling offended by many things in fact it would appear that more people

are actually feeling offended than than things that are offensive

that are being said i always think that i think more people are offended by the

by things than actual things that are being said

that are offensive i think so so sometimes we can be a

little too sensitive do you think do you think

sometimes we can be too sensitive about things

too sensitive

mauricio says mr duncan i tried to send you an

email but it says it doesn't exist if you want to send me an email i can

actually give you the address right now if you

want would you like to see my email address

okay here it comes if you want to get in touch

and contact me you can contact me at this address and also you can follow

me on facebook as well

so now you know the

the email address yes i think you actually spelt

the email address incorrectly

i think that was the problem you are too easily offended

hello pesh ra hello mr duncan i am from kurdistan i'm an english

student and i want to improve my speaking

as i always say if you want to speak english

you must also know some words so speaking is normally something you

learn after you have learnt the words

and the grammar so you you must never rush

don't try to do too much learn new words listen to

english being spoken and start speaking practice speaking

one of the things i often say is listen to your own voice

so try to listen to how your voice sounds

to you

emo says i am offended now why why are you offended don't be

offended please don't be offended

i try not to offend people but i know sometimes maybe i do

maybe i say something accidentally or maybe i say something that another

person takes the wrong way they get

the wrong end of the stick they misunderstand they think

a person is being offended but they are not so

thank you anita thank you all selina for giving my correct email address

thank you very much i'm going in a moment

so this is a little shorter today i will be back with you on sunday for

those who are wondering i'm back with you on sunday wednesday

and friday so i'm back with you on sunday hopefully steve will be here as

well and i also hope that my voice

returns as well i hope my voice will return very soon

thanks for your company i can now go and lie down on the bed

and close my eyes and hopefully i will feel better

tomorrow and then on sunday i'm back with you

i am back with you on sunday 2 p.m uk time i hope you've had a good

lesson today one hour and 15 minutes i've been here

i will be back with you on sunday from 2pm

uk time thank you thank you persh raw thank you lena thank you emo

imo thank you mikhail or michelle thank you

palmyra take some medicine mr duncan i've been taking lots and lots of

different things to help my hay fever

thank you mr duncan stay safe thank you lolly lolly

thank you see you on sunday i've enjoyed your lesson thank you very

much for your company and i will see you on sunday 2 p.m uk

time this is mr duncan in the birthplace of

english saying thanks for watching thank you for

joining me today and i will see you on sunday and of

course until the next time we meet here on youtube

you know what's coming next yes you do...

ta ta for now 8-)