oh I don't look very bright there do I let's have a little bit more light shall we?

that's better I can see myself now

hi everybody this is mr. Duncan in England how are you today are you okay

I hope so are you happy I really really hope so here we are once again live on

YouTube I think my voice is a little bit better today what do you think it still

sounds a little rough however I think my voice is a little bit better today one

of the reasons for that is that last night I decided to give my voice a rest

mr. Steve was very pleased that I did that because it meant that he would have

a very quiet night I hope you can see me I hope I am in front of you right now

I'm just trying to get the live chat working we have had a problem today with

the internet connection I don't know what happened but something very strange

happened with the internet connection so I hope you can hear me all right I hope

I am coming through loud and clearly ooh a lot of people already on the live chat

nice to see so many people here I am just making sure that I can see the live

stream yes there it is we have partial success not complete success we only

have partial success can I say hello to mr. Bruno constant in Adrian also we

have Anna Coby flower Espoir Mariya Eric and Connell congratulations

because you are all first on today's live chat

it's not nice so congratulations welcome to my Sunday out in the garden two

things that I should mention first of all one of them is that the weather is a

little strange today they have said we might have some rain later on so I'm

having to make sure that I keep all of my equipment dry you have to keep your

equipment dry especially when you are using a lot a lot of electricity around

you so that's one of the things I am definitely doing today I am just moving

my microphone slightly so you can hear me better thank you very much for

joining me today a lot of things going on around here today many people are in

their gardens doing their Sunday chores mr. Steve is also in the garden would

you like to have a look at where mr. Steve has been working today so you will

see mr. Steve later for those who are big fans of Steve I know there are many

in fact sometimes I get a bit worried sometimes I feel a little bit threatened

by mr. Steve Steve will be here in a little while he has been working in the

corner of the garden and there it is so there you can see where mr. Steve has

been working he's been very busy and he's actually planted some new bushes

you might be able to see in the corner of the garden there is actually a new

bush that mr. Steve planted around one hour ago so that's what Steve is doing

at the moment he has been very busy in the garden he's been doing lots of

things so in the corner of the garden you can see there is a red bush and it

wasn't there before because mr. Steve has planted

that Bush if you plant something it means you place something in a certain

position you put something in a certain place so mr. Steve has been planting

some new bushes so far he is only planted warm but a little bit later on

he will be planting some more as well he will be planting some more bushes a

little bit later on so that is the view from mr. Steve's corner and yes Steve

will be with us a little bit later on he will be joining us on the live stream

and of course you have me as well on a Sunday it's a fun day

it's time to improve your English listening of course the reason why we

are here is to listen chat and hopefully enjoy the world of English nice to see

so many people here already I know we are still living in strange times here

in the UK things are still a little bit strange as well I will be honest with

you things are a little weird at the moment is that better I'm just changing

my lights slightly because the lighting today is a little weird now normally we

have a lot of sunshine but today it is unusually cloudy today we've had many

many days of lovely weather however today is a little unsettled

unfortunately and unfortunately there is also going to be a lot of rain next week

how am I going to cope with that I'm not sure so it looks as if the weather is

going to be changing quite a lot over the next few days a lot of rain next

week so we will see what happens another

thing I want to mention is the fact that many people are now starting to go back

to work things in some parts of the world are

returning to normal so what about where you are where you are in the world how

are things happening what is actually happening now where you are are people

starting to go back to their normal lives are things starting to turn back

to normal so what is happening where you are at the moment

hello - OH lots of regular viewers on today hello - very care also Ana pica

Luis Mendez is here today I have another very common item to show you so every

day during the next few days I'm going to show you interesting things from

everyday life something that you might not know the name of in English so that

is what I'm doing today also we are talking about the subject

that we talked about yesterday so the things that you are unable to do because

of some physical problem some disability that is what we talked about yesterday

today we are talking about being able and unable so there are many words and

phrases that we can use to describe being able to do things and also being

unable so we are actually looking at both sides of this subject today both

sides yes mr. Steve is here he will be here in

a few minutes I'm not sure what Steve is doing today on the live chat however he

will be with us one of the big problems at the moment is mr. Steve doesn't have

his phone you see he doesn't have the phone so I think I might have to go and

get that so mr. Steve can look at the live chat

meanwhile here we are all together once again yes we are all together it's a

very strange unusual cloudy Sunday

it's Sunday today it's the weekend still even though every day feels like Sunday

it really does hi everybody for those who don't know

who I am my name is Duncan I teach English on YouTube I'm here every day at

the moment because of all of the weird stuff that is going on in the world

right now Kamlesh hello Kamlesh nice to see you

here today you have very black soil in your garden

I know this is very fertile we have this in India Oh in India we have light brown

soil so apparently depending on where you are

in the world certain types of soil are more fertile than other others one of

the things that Steve is going to do today he's going to show us what he is

actually doing in the garden so this is something a bit unusual we don't

normally chat with Steve whilst he's doing his gardening but today we are

going to try it we are going to see if it works if it does work I will be both

happy and surprised to be honest so the reason why we are all here today is to

enjoy a little bit of English you can listen to some new words you can also

chat on the live stream as well so there are many ways of enjoying this live

stream and of course I have a youtube channel with many many recorded English

lessons and I've been doing this for ever such a long time

a very long time indeed hello Marcia hello mr. Duncan and hello to everyone

will mr. Steve join us today he will be here in around about 15 or 20 minutes

time so Steve will be here he is in the garden he's been very busy this morning

in fact he's been in the corner of the garden and there it is so that is what

we will be looking at a little bit later on and Steve will be explaining exactly

what he's been doing what has mr. Steve been up to

we will find out a little bit later on meanwhile we have the live chat so are

things returning to normal where you are over the past five well almost six weeks

here in the UK we have been locked down locked down completely so what is

happening where you are Federica says here in italy we will go back to work on

the 4th of May so next week next week we'll see the beginning of May in fact

on Friday next Friday it will be May the 1st a new month and quite possibly some

new challenges as well I think the next three or four weeks here in the UK and

also around the world are going to be very interesting it will be interesting

to see what happens next with you know what you know what I'm

talking about I'm not sure if it's good I'm not sure if it's good to return to

normal it says Florence this is one of the

problems as I mentioned yesterday people don't seem to know

people don't seem to know what to do next no one knows what to do next here

in the UK we are quite uncertain if we should start relaxing all of the rules

if we should allow people to start mixing again so I think what might

happen I have a feeling here in the UK they might actually start telling us

that we must wear masks when we go out in the public so if we are amongst other

people we must wear masks so this is something

they are talking about at the moment it hasn't been decided so no one knows at

the moment what's going to happen next it's very very strange Elias hello to

Elias I am learning so much with you greetings can you hear the Blackbird

there was a blackbird sitting next to me singing singing a very happy song oh and

also at the moment I'm suffering from at the moment I'm suffering from hay fever

as well yes the pollen is still floating around in the air and I am still

suffering quite a lot from hay fever so you might notice during today's

livestream I might be sneezing a little bit from time to time and the reason for

that is I am suffering from hay fever however it has nothing to do with it has

nothing to do with that before anyone gets worried or upset you don't have to

worry I'm okay I am suffering from my seasonal allergy as all of the pollen

goes up my nose and makes me sneeze a lot b-trees oh thank you very much

Beatrice is admiring the lovely bush in the corner of the garden

it looks very delicate mr. Steve is definitely a good gardener we will see

we will see in a short while we are going to have a look at how good mr.

Steve is at gardening that coming up a little bit later on

hello quran kareem who is fasting today for ramadan who is anyone else here who

is fasting not eating I'm not sure if I could do that I like my food too much to

be honest

Pedro Belmont is here today I have a suggestion for an interesting class show

is your bedroom and your personal belongings I won't be doing that because

that's my private life sometimes you have to have a divide between your

private and your public and that is what I'm doing hello sassy hello

mr. Duncan I'm late I love your green shirt well this is blue

I think it's blue is it blue it looks blue to me I love your green shirt green

is my favorite color here in Italy we are beginning to go back to normal on

the 4th of May here in the UK we will be going back to normal on the 7th of May

so at the moment they are saying that things will go back to normal on the 7th

of May here in the UK however that can all change that can all change it can

they might decide to extend the lockdown or they might allow people to start

going out into the public again as long as they wear face masks so we will see

what happens we will see what happens

mr. Duncan did you remember to bring some water thank you

guerrilla guerrilla mo will omo tourists yes I have my water I have remembered

today to bring some water outside to make sure that my throat does not get

too dry in fact it starts feeling dry when I begin talking so normally it's

okay but when I start talking my throat becomes very dry unfortunately though in

Birmingham it's sunny apparently the weather in

Birmingham is nice so today it's a little mixed we've had cloud and not

much sunshine however I think the Sun is trying to come out at the moment I think

the Sun is trying to come out right now so maybe it is sunny in Birmingham but

here I think the Sun is going to come out soon so there is just another week

of lockdown in Italy sujin says we are reopening the church and temples but we

are still keeping the schools closed some changes happening around the world

many people are now starting to slowly relax the lockdown here in the UK we're

not sure we haven't decided yet we haven't decided we are still talking

about it unfortunately many people are still

being affected by this situation and there is still a large number of

people losing their lives which is not good it is not good at all Pal Mira I

have a challenge in this chat not nibbling because mr. Duncan always

entices us with some snacks not today you will be pleased to hear that I won't

be eating anything today I might be drinking lots of water but I won't be

eating any foods so I will not be enticing you oh I like that to entice

means to encourage a person to do something you are saying come on I'm

having fun here doing this and I want you to join in I want you to join in

with today's lesson I am trying to entice you I am trying to tempt you to

join in hello to look and hello emic and in India the lockdown period has been

extended until the 3rd of May in most parts of India many places have been

quarantined yes there is a lot of quarantine a lot of segregation going on

at the moment in India keeping people who have been affected away from those

who have not I was reading a very interesting article about South Africa

apparently in South Africa they are trying to test everyone they are doing a

very thorough testing of many people in the population Steve in the UK

unfortunately the testing is taking a very long time so here in the UK we have

60 million people 60 million so testing everyone

is almost is possible almost impossible hello Ana Rita

hello also to Sassie during the quarantine I have begun to build a

garden on my Terrace I discovered that I love it isn't it

great though during this time as I've said before it is a good opportunity to

try new things maybe find a new hobby or maybe a new interest something that you

haven't tried before mr. Steve has been trying very hard to make some nice food

mr. Steve has been making cakes he's made some very delicious cakes he's also

made some very nice meals last night he made a beautiful stew very nice between

you and me Steve is a very good cook

hello to Alejandro in Chile I have returned to my job I work as a teacher

of English and meanwhile we are giving online lessons to our students so many

people are doing their jobs from home including teachers so many teachers many

schools have discovered this amazing way of teaching the students whilst they are

all at home I've been doing this for years and yet many people are just

finding out about this so I've been doing this live since 2016 however many

people have only just discovered that you can do it hello I've are so I

bars chuckles hello mr. Duncan I hope you are happy as usual I always try to

be happy even when I'm not feeling very well I

have my hay fever at the moment I really appreciate the time you spend live

streaming and also teaching English thank you very much it's very kind of

you I've been here every day for the past 30 days so I've been doing many

many live streams every day and normally I am here for two hours every day so I

guess I should say also that tomorrow I will be here again however I'm not sure

what the weather will be doing tomorrow because it looks as if the weather

tomorrow is going to be not good and Tuesday rain Wednesday lots and lots of

rain so we are going to have a very wet week next week here in the UK

unfortunately hmm you will you will definitely be able to hear the birds

today the birds are everywhere they are crazy at the moment black birds Robins

chaff inches even mr. pheasant you might hear mr. pheasant from time to

time as well calling in the distance yes Thank You Mohsen thank you very much yes

the sound of nature is always a very calming thing a lot of people use the

sound of nature when they are meditating so if you are trying to relax

if you are trying to relax the sound of nature is very soothing it can help you

to relax Angela hello Angela hello mr. Lincoln in Mexico we have just

entered stage three do you mean week three or stage three so maybe some

countries are doing the lockdown in stages so they are doing it in certain

ways here in the UK we've been just told to stay in the house not to go anywhere

unless it is essential I like that word that is a word that I seem to be using a

lot recently essential something that has to be done something that you really

need something is essential it is essential something is needed hello

dragon gamer hello dragon gamer nice to see you here today I've just noticed I

look a very peculiar colour today do you think so I look I look very red on the

camera I might try to correct that later I will try to put that right you might

also notice that people are in their gardens cutting the grass with their

noisy machines yes

there is one in particular one in particular sassy says mr. Duncan you

should do your live lessons inside so you don't suffer hay fever I feel very

sorry for you Thank You sassy that's very kind of you

however I do prefer coming outside to do my live streams and to be honest with

you even inside the house I will still suffer from hay fever

so because the pollen is very small the particles of pollen can get everywhere

so if you are in the house and you open your windows the pollen will come into

the house so sometimes you can suffer hay fever as much inside the house as

you do outside to be honest so if I had a choice

I would definitely choose outside it will always be my my first choice I'm

not sure where mr. Steve is I hope he will be with us soon hello Freddy here

in the Dominican Republic the lockdown will ends a week from now it would

appear that many countries are going to be ending their lockdown next week we

will be ending our lockdown around the 7th of May but we will see we will see

what happens sheikha says I like your glasses

thank you very much that's very kind of you to say it is a little bit noisy here

today we have people using they're very noisy machinery in the gardens and also

the birds the birds at the moment are going crazy because many of them are

building their nests and they are preparing to take care of their young

the son did you see that I think the Sun just came out when very nice

hello seventy-eight sound I hope they I hope that they will get rid of the bug

they will get rid of it they will make it go away so we can get back to normal

seventy-eight sound it sounds to me as if you are a little bit frustrated by

what is happening and guess what you are not the only one a lot of people of

feeling a little frustrated at the moment I think it would be fair to say

hello Mizuki hi mr. Duncan it is me Mizuki how are you

I'm fine I am also fine can I ask you a question it is quite funny three men

were in a boat it capsized but only two got their hair wet why

I don't know I I hope I hope this isn't anything rude so I suppose you are

saying something that might be a play on words so three people on a boat the boat

turns over it caps sizes so if something capsizes it means it turns over it turns

over three men were in the boat but only two got their hair wet why I hope you

will tell me the answer I'm looking forward to hearing what the answer is

Anna Wong says we have now returned to normal life so where Anna is where Anna

is at the moment has returned to normal it already I know in certain parts of

Asia things are slowly going back to normal

China is a good example I suppose hello Yoona Karina I've heard about the

Birmingham library it is very special the Birmingham library there is a big

library in the centre of Birmingham and it's huge and a few years ago they did

they did some restoration work and they modernized the outside of the library

and it does look rather unusual it is very artistic so if you've never seen

the Birmingham library the library lives in the centre of Birmingham it is a very

unusual building a very unusual structure with some very interesting

designs on the front as well hello to Chris Chris Redfield mr. Duncan what do

you know about the Spanish flu that was a long time ago that was in the early

1900 wasn't it I want to say 1918 am i right

it seems around about that period yes a very serious pandemic and it killed

millions of people I think it was around 50 million yes very serious a very

serious thing but of course since then medicine has come a long way we have

many ways now of treating and helping people to prevent them from getting

illnesses and also to treat people if they become ill so yes you are right

hello Eric hello to you apparently it's the same in France we learn English at

school but not the same quality as in France although in the Atlantic coast

English is mostly spoken yes it's interesting

quite often in many countries around the world you will hear language is used not

only is the main language but also there will be a secondary language for example

when I was at school they used to teach English as our main language of course

but then they used to teach French and also German as well so those were two

other languages that were also taught in schools

hello yen Huang new in hello to you I have a feeling you are watching in yet

now I think so hello to Joe Carl hello Joe Carl how are you today I hope you

are feeling good and happy I have something to show you this is something

that I love to play with would you like to see it I will show you in a minute

the thing that I like to play with from time to time

and I'm going to show you it is a common object a thing that is very useful

especially if you want to protect something so if you want to protect

something from being broken you will use this thing and here it is can you see it

this is one of my all-time favorite things I don't know why it is something

that is very useful but also you can have a little bit of fun with it as well

this is something called bubble wrap bubble wrap

there it is bubble wrap bubble wrap is something that you use when you are

packing or wrapping something that is fragile something that is easily damaged

you normally put bubble wrap around it bubble wrap I love that word in fact I

like the word bubble bubble so bubble wrap bubble wrap is something that is

made of plastic however this particular plastic is very special because it has

lots of little bubbles and one of the things I like doing if I have a piece of

bubble wrap in my hand I like to pop the bubble wrap like that

in fact I can spend many hours sitting with some bubble wrap and I like to pop

the bubble wrap I love popping the bubble wrap like that so there it is

today's common object something you might see when you are opening a gift or

a present something you have ordered through the bail so something you've

ordered through the mail is often macked in bubble wrap it is something we use to

protect delicate fragile items talking of fragile things talking of things that

are fragile and easily broken someone who should be wrapped up in bubble wrap

all the time yes he's back with us and he's been very busy today everybody

please welcome at three o'clock here in the UK right now exactly on time and

like me it's mr. Steve

right I've been very busy unlike mr. Duncan who has just been messing around

talking to the camera for the last hour I've been hard at work can you see that

plant with the red leaves I've put that in this morning I thought it would be a

quick job but it took me mr. Duncan about an hour and a half to dig the soil

and prepare for putting that client in and I couldn't get the plant out of the

pot because the pot has been the plant has been in the pot for about two years

because I failed to find somewhere suitable to put it and so I had to break

the pot Oh apart to get the plant out but anyway how are you mr. Duncan I'm

not too bad as if I didn't know I'm not too bad thank you very much I can't see

the live chat today no this is something I'm going to sort out in a moment Steve

I'm going to get the phone but at what I will need you to do is to hold the fort

and you do the talk while you're away I've got nothing prepared you've got a

whole garden behind you okay I'll talk about that then mr. doom

I'm almost certain Steve you can find something to talk about you have a whole

garden a whole landscape behind you I have briefly mentioned that you've been

busy in the garden planting things I have indeed so as you can see if I point

over that direction that plant in the corner is called a photinia a photinia

phot I am I think I could be correct okay and

it's unusual in that it has these lovely red leaves and that particular variety

is is variegated so the leaves can be at shades of different colors it's not just

one color the you've got the traditional 13 years

are very common to put in gardens because they add a splash a splash of

color to your garden particularly if you've got a dark corner which that one

is and it's a bit messy that corner because you've got the the fence posts

as you can see you look a little ugly now it's small at the moment it's only

about about I would say a meter a meter tall or a yard if you're using Imperial

measurements which we still do here in the UK a yard and a meter they're very

similar in size think a meter slightly bigger than a yard but only by say a

couple of centimetres so I'm hoping that it's a faster growing plant it's fast

growing so I hope that within it should grow about that much this year and then

I think within two years within a year within a year or two years it would have

grown a couple of meters which is just what you want if you want to quickly

establish a plant and fill in an ugly area like that is in a corner now I

mentioned earlier hope I'm not boring you by the way mr. Duncan

disappeared because he hasn't prepared me with the phone so that I can see the

live chat because I'd love to see what you're talking about

around the world so that I can make comments it's fascinating so let me show

you something

this was the container but that plant came out of quite a big container as you

can see unfortunately I couldn't save the container because the plant was so

firmly fixed because it's been in this pot for about two years

the roots were very congested congested so they were very packed closely

together just like if you're if the road is congested all the cars are very close

together and packed in so the routes were solid and congested inside this

container so I could it's very heavy you know with all the soil in so I had to

break it open smash it apart to get the plant out which is what I did

as you can hear I've just dropped it down a little Duncan is threatening me

with a hose now I had to water this plant this is so tempting look at that

I've got I've got the hose pipe and it's full it's full of water it's it's it's

actually working look I could turn the hose on your equipment mr. Duncan you

wouldn't like that oh thank you some of my equipment does

need watering does a hose pipe with water and electrical equipment that go

well together he's always playing around have you noticed I'm the serious one

Duncan that is going to annoy me because I'm going to slip on the grass anyway

that's one planting I've got one more plant to go and where you can see all

that bare ground I've bought some grass seed and I'm going to put the grass seed

in because we're gonna have rain for the next few days and it's going to be ideal

conditions for putting grass seed in and it's still spring so I can just about

get away with it in May grass seed normally you'd want to plant that in

sort of September autumn time or maybe February March but I'm going to get away

with it because I'm gonna water it mr. Duncan you're back oh no he's gone again

are you going to give me the phone I just I've just realised miss miss mr.

Steve needs the phone you see he needs the phone so he can he can talk to you

on the live chat so give me two minutes so entertain

maybe you could sing the song maybe something too they want you to get a

copyright infringement maybe you could sing a beautiful song to cheer everyone

up I won't do that because mr. Duncan will get a copyright infringement and

okay the way he manhandles me it's so annoying yes

if you sing songs that are in the charts or something like that and you sing it

then you mr. Duncan might get a strike because the algorithms on YouTube

they're listening in to everything that you would say and everything that you do

so you better be very careful people have got struck off YouTube we don't

want that to happen to mr. Duncan and I wouldn't be the one want to be the one

to instigate that a complete ban on mr. Duncan well maybe maybe you would like

that and then I can take over in my new channel I'm only joking so yes I've got

my work cut out if we say that we have our work cut out it means we've got a

lot of work ahead of us our work is scheduled our work is

ongoing my work is cut out for me it's it's

there it's in a sequence you know it's going to happen so I know that I've got

to dig that ground over as I say I'm hope I'm not boring you with my

gardening tales I've got to dig that over put some nice peat in into the soil

so that it absorbs the water and then I've got to rake it rake it over rake

and then I've got to put the plant the the grass seeding and I've got to put it

in at a certain rate don't want to put too much in or too little so I've got to

put in probably 30 grams per square meter how about that

so if you want to do a law 30 there's a square meter got to put I've got to

weigh it out and sprinkle it along and then I've got

to rake the seed in water it and hope the birds don't come along and peck out

all the seeds because if they do that I'm going to have bare patches of course

mr. Duncan loves the birds so I'm hoping he will distract them away from my grass

seed bye Thank You mr. Duncan distract them away from my birdseed by putting

lots of peanuts and other such things that the birds like just a few yards

away so that they don't go onto my newly laid lon well you're back mr. Duncan

let's have a look at the lives I think I've thought probably nobody's there

anymore I think I've bored everybody to tell you know it's very busy with my

gardening tales it's a busy one but of course lots of

people if you've got a garden if you're lucky enough to have a garden during

these lockdown conditions that were in a lot of people have been doing a lot of

gardening and well I've been doing a lot that has taken me probably a week or two

to prepare and I wouldn't normally have that time because work having to deal

with mr. Duncan's problems that takes up a lot of my time so yes so I'm nearly

there now nearly there so mr. Duncan maybe we can show mr. Duncan's coughing

now can you hear you don't have to tell everyone I can hear you you're choking

on the altar please them can choke son all sorts of things isn't he can ice can

you spare my embarrassment what's that mr. Duncan

well I'm coughing don't draw attention to it well you always draw attention to

things when I make mistakes that is true so show us what you've been doing Steve

I've already done that what you've been over to the corner I haven't been over

now because I got my best shoes on good well I wouldn't say my best do you want

me to go over to the corner I've been pointing I tell you what I will go over

to the corner okay right there you stay there and I

will sort of guide I will guide everyone through what Steve has been doing done

it mr. Duncan you'll just bore everybody if you go over it all again he's going

to do it anyway because he just he likes the attention look at him there he goes

what's he got hold of there yes that's my rake great this is Steve's lovely

rake can you see it this is what mr. Steve uses when he's trying to get

little bits off the grass he's trying to collect and gather things on the grass

and when I was at school Steve when I was at school people used to say I was

very thin they used to say I was his thin as a rake yes that's a very good

expression it's not very nice though if people are calling you thin as a rake

because it's a bit of an insult so I wouldn't call it nice a lot of people

might say it if they are insulting you you see so this is a rake rake and this

can be used as both a noun and also a verb as well you rake the grass this is

called a rake so you can use it is both a noun and a verb how can we use that is

there an idiom with the word with rake in it can you you can rake over

something can't you yes in in if you were to try and cover something up yes

if you were to hide something maybe something you've done wrong you might

want you might rake over something to cover it you are trying to cover

something you rake over something you are trying to cover something that

you've done wrong ah marina hello marina says interesting to know about your work

my husband is doing the same in our little garden planting and preparing the

ground well it takes a lot of time you can't you can't skip any of the

steps I was I thought you could just chuck grassley down and leave it but in

fact unfortunately you have to do quite a lot of work if you want the lawn to

look lush lush that's lovely and and green and growing fast and looking

healthy so you've got to dig it up down to eight to ten centimeters then you've

got to put some loam in there which is awesome peat a bit a bit of organic

compost and then you've got to stamp it down and then you've got to rake it over

put the seeds on and I've got to do it at 30 grams per metre mr. Duncan 30

grams not one gram less really not one grow actually it says you can put 50%

more in to account for losses to the birds who will take away and eat the

seeds I'm really surprised actually because Steve is going to try and put

grass seed over there and if there's one thing that the birds love its seed so I

have a feeling that a lot of Steve's grass seed will actually be taken away

by the birds well as I was saying earlier when you were absent mr. Duncan

when you had gone away that if you distract them by filling up the bird

feeders then maybe they would rather if you put something more attractive to

them in the bird feeders like the sunflower hearts then there will be more

tempted to go over there than going to my newly seeded piece of ground well is

anyone still here if I brought everybody to tears look come on let's have a look

at the live chat Adrian oh hello Adrian mr. Steve do you know

what wisteria is oh yes we know we know with wisteria very well don't we we do

when we came here there was a large it's it like a clay

implant hmm it's very similar to ivy or a vine yes it looks very attractive

on particularly older buildings made of stone what would the course of period

properties may be maybe a hundred years old it looks very nice on older

properties adds character and you get these beautiful sort of mole flowers hmm

the only problem is they don't the flowers don't last that long

and the plant is very destructive hmm as we discovered we had to get rid of it

but it was it had forced its way through the brickwork into the roof yes can you

believe it this this particular plant is very destructive it can actually destroy

your house and that's what it was doing wasn't it Steve it was actually starting

to destroy the house it examined an ether felt roof everything all inside

the guttering everything we went up into the loft and it was coming through there

as well lifting the tiles so I mean it's

attractive but you've got to keep it under control or it will destroy your

property yes definitely so I decided that because of where it

was it was in a very dangerous area to put a ladder up against I wasn't

prepared to risk my life every year of trying to prune this wisteria hmm so we

got rid of it yes we got it we got rid of it completely it's gone altogether

because it was it was literally tearing the front of the house to pieces oh

here's a good suggestion Steve yes Ricardo says perhaps mr. Steve needs a

scarecrow maybe maybe I could do it yes perhaps I could stand in the corner of

the garden shall we see shall we see if it works

they'll try it now so while Steve is talking to you I'm going to go into the

corner of the garden and I will see if I am good at being a scarecrow

well mr. Duncan you certainly scare people away so I think scaring the birds

will be a breeze to you be very easy he only has to stand in the street and

everybody disappears I know that's why I'm here so there he goes he's going to

pretend to be a scarecrow of course he's bit scruffy those are

very old clothes and there he goes and can we hear any

birds can we see any birds no it hasn't worked mr. Duncan I can still hear them

he's standing he's standing on the ground that I've carefully prepared I'll

have to reprimand him later well that's a full-time job mr. Duncan you're going

to have to stand there for at least two weeks until the grass seeds have

sprouted or germinated I think you've done enough mr. Duncan I think you can

come back now yes somebody says Gardens are yes palmira Palmero says do you have

problems with moles they destroy lawns well pal mayor well we do have moles in

the area in fact when I dug that grant we don't have them in the garden

although we did have them when we first moved here and about 200 yards that way

in the field there are lots of mole hills

but we haven't had them in our garden for some time yes

however Pal Mira I dug that ground over what week two weeks ago now two weeks

ago and when I came down the next day there was a mole hill

so the moles must have been listening to me underground and decided that they

were going to come up and have a look anyway it's gone is mr. Steve has some

moles on his face do you want me to show you one of the best ways to get rid of

moles I'm gonna show you but you will have to move out the way for a moment I

will show you the best way to get rid of moles I'm going to show you I'm sure

Steve will be completely outraged by what I'm about to do so this is what you

do when you want to get rid of moles there he goes he's off again you can't

resist even though he's done absolutely no work whatsoever

he's almost claiming that ground as his own I think you'll attract them yes of

course that is a tried and trusted method of getting rid of moles that's

got rid of them they've gone now but you have to wait mr. Duncan you have to wait

for hours and you watch them coming up and then you have to rush over and beat

them over the head you can get you can get things to scare the moles away

electronic devices which you can put into the ground and they give off a

noise which the moles don't like I don't think they work very well so I'm hoping

that they won't come back I mean you never know they might but if they do mr.

Duncan is ready to eliminate Cole them always I won't kill them

please don't get the wrong idea ignore that I'm not going to kill them

but I might encourage them to go somewhere else doe says that a lot of

people and esto says as well I've been doing a lot of gardening too in this

lockdown with the help of my wife well aren't you lucky you're lucky that

you've got a partner that helps you in the garden I have to do it all myself

mr. Duncan does nothing zilch zero in the garden it's all down to me have you

got anything to save yourself mr. Duncan the only thing I've got to say is this

can you guess what I did there he made a very rude signal yes still that means I

am super fit and mr. Duncan is not I'll tell you one thing

gardening particularly heavy digging and putting plants in it really makes you

fit I've never felt fitter since I was 18 you know about 10 years ago that's

Duncan ha ha that was a joke but he went right over his head I didn't hear I

didn't hear what you said oh well you can read the live chat okay I used to

dig a molehill to find them and I was a child says Meeker huh what cruelty and

savage Ness to exterminate those creatures shame on you says Sergio no

we're not going to do it no we just we just asked them if they would mind

digging their holes somewhere else not under Agra Mary Hassan says hi mr.

Duncan mr. Steve big hello to you from Norway I had to fix some housework but

mr. Duncan is lucky to have mr. Steve by your side yes see I do all the housework

as well all the housework all the gardening like I don't can occasionally

wash you some dishes no it's lies this is Lowe's that

often I do most of the manual heavy work around here I must admit Steve you you

really are uncovering and opening a very large can of worms mr. Duncan does not

know anything about cultivation be careful mr. Steve says

Hammad Tama desert hamid reza karim thank you for that

talking of worms as louis i was told that when there are moles and worms they

make a living earth that is true because the moles eat worms so if you've got

moles it means there's lots of worms which means you've got healthy soil so

that's very that's very true Louis the only problem is you don't want moles on

your grass after all the hard work mind you it's not as though we're using that

particular patch of ground for anything important no we're not just decorative

we're not sitting there it's the top end of the garden and it's just decorative

so if a few moles come through then you can just bang it down and the grass

grows back the strike going to worry about them the strange things Steve

about that corner is that it's it's been the corner of the garden that we've

always tried to put right but never have because there used to be

who remembers many years ago when we first moved here there used to be a big

shed behind where mr. Steve is standing so it in the corner who remembers the

shed and there are some video lessons that I made where you can actually see

the shed it is actually there I think in my memory lesson there was a lesson I

did all about beautiful memories and in one particular scene I actually come out

from the shed however the shed unfortunately is no more it fell apart I

was thinking of replacing it with a new shed because you when you have a garden

you think well I've got to have a shed but I decided not to because you know

what happens when you buy sheds and outbuildings or just like you have spare

rooms in your house it ends up being full of junk hmm

so I decided not to plus I know I could have kept all the tools the gardening

tools in there that we do have a garage and I keep them in there no there's

plenty of space in there and if I were to keep tools in your shed there's

always the risk somebody will steal them but I don't want I do I'd like a shed

but you've got to maintain it the roof you got to paint it and it will just end

up being stored full of junk and it's amazing how many people across the UK

have at least one shed in their garden so most people will have some sort of

building or some sort of wooden structure where they keep things quite

often it will be full of junk or of course some people like to use it for

certain reasons a lot of men so this is something that happens here in our

culture doesn't it Steve quite often it does quite often there is a place where

the man in the family if there is a husband and wife quite often there was a

place where the man will actually go to escape the family and sometimes it can

be his his shed the shed in the garden he will escape they call it what do they

call it Steve they call it a place where the man will go to be apart from his

wife is often called a man cave I love that it's ray

I love that expression man cave so it really dates back this thing actually

refers to prehistoric times where I know it sounds strange but imagine Stone Age


and he has a place where he likes to stay on his own and it and quite often

it would have been a cave you see so it is a kind of humorous expression or a

humorous name for the place where the man will go to normally to escape the

wife and kids interestingly interestingly enough mr. Duncan hmm you

imagine that it's the man escaping from the wife but I've got a friend who has

two sheds in his garden okay and he told me it's not it's not his

choice to go there his wife sends him there when she's had enough of him go

into your shed she says to him I don't want to see you for five hours

hmm because of course with couples it's not all lovey-dovey all the time you do

need to have your own space and that's quite important actually to have your

own space time to think to reflect everyone everyone needs their little bit

of space even in relationships you have to have some some time alone or apart

and then you can appreciate each other a little bit more so it is a common thing

for a man to have his own place where he can go to to do his own things

well yes it'll be maybe maybe doing a bit of woodwork maybe but my friends got

a wood stove in his shed so even in the winter he can go there light his stove

and do whatever he wants to do to get away from his wife who has in fact told

him he should go there because she wants him out of the house and away from

annoying her so so perhaps sometimes the wife will say I've had enough of you go

outside go go to your mancave go and do something else my dad had a man cave

really yes he used to be in there for hours on his own smoking

it was like a spare room downstairs that he called it his office office but it

was really his mancave and he didn't like being disturbed if he went in there

I remember I remember a few times sort of going in unannounced and getting a

few harsh words from who my father who was in there because you know it's what

do people do in a man cave anyway so II should ask

well if it's a man it's it's quite often reading maybe possibly looking at the

internet maybe he's looking at things on the Internet

he shouldn't be looking at well I wouldn't have been years ago it's just a

pet to read the paper people used to read papers didn't they they probably

still do but they people used to well I think people used to always have a paper

every day delivered or they buy a paper yes when we grew up my father always had

a paper every day but the I think papers say sales of papers newspapers I'm

talking about okay newspapers have gone down dramatically over the last twenty

years I think because less and less people because it's a lot of time

commitment to read a paper a newspaper it would take you half a day hours to

read all the content yes and nobody has time anymore Sergio I can't believe I

went to so much trouble to bring the live chat to Steve and now he's hardly

mentioning it Sergio says I would have a room where I can smoke cigars yes and

also have wine in a cabinet this is exactly this sounds like your dad's room

so yes that's it so he used to go there and smoke and I know that he used to

were to drink alcohol as well because like I would find all the empty

bottles we are really giving a lot weight away that's just a man thing

that's what smoking yourself in drinking yes and it would probably be just

away on his own time to think and reflect read the paper or whatever but

then I can but then again he did have to live with you and your mum you know so I

can understand why he would turn to drinking alcohol because being with you

is enough to turn anyone to drink well I wasn't exactly I mean I think yes anyway

we won't go into that Anna Anna picket line of Pisa says what did you do with

the daffodils you took out from the ground a few years a few days ago

well I planted them at the bottom of the garden huh

so I was digging them out mr. Duncan was filming I didn't really know us we

actually watched you doing it yes so I I put them at the bottom of the garden so

that they I didn't destroy them so that they will make the front of the garden

look nice in the spring so next year we'll have lots of daffodils coming up

in the front garden beatrice says i have lots of ants yes I know that I've seen a

few ants already we've got like some paving stones like a patio area and

Conqueror house and they seem to likely live in under there and then they all

come out in the height of summer and fly off they gain wings don't they certainly

and skåne wings in and they try out the flying ants are the ones that have to

find a new nest it is their job and quite often they will also be queens as

well so the Queen's will be protected by the other ants and

they will create new nests as well I read Ari says I use my garage as a

smoking cave where to go it would appear that a lot of people are secretly

smoking and drinking behind their wives backs

well maybe the women are doing it as well maybe there's life better the Y's

are probably doing all the house I thought you're going to say I can't

imagine a wife smoking and drinking I really can't imagine it even though of

course we do live in a time when everyone is equal

so I suppose women can also be changed smokers and alcoholics as well

so no I'm not going to be unfair men and women can also have these habits yes Jim

Miller a shed can add Beauty to a garden yes because you can get some lovely

attractive looking sheds and you can get the basic ones which is very basic just

for storing your tools in mmm but now you can get garden shed clutter a bit

more ornamental hmm weather like a veranda that you can sit out and things

like that so they they can add character to your garden I do agree but to put a

shed there it's on very sloping ground it's going to would cost a lot of money

because you've got to level the ground then you've got to have a concrete base

then you've got to have the shed I think I I decided it wasn't worth the expense

because just having a builder to come round and prepare the ground was going

to cost about two thousand pounds then the shed was probably another two

thousand and I just thought it's not worth the effort it would look nice true

but we decided against it a bird of prey is the best thing to fight moles well

we've got plenty of birds of prey around here why don't you put a pond in your

garden says Vila vinji well I've said to mr. Duncan a pond would be nice but

again a pond a lot of effort to put it in and you've got two main

painted because the water can go green and then of course in the summer it

attracts mosquitoes and flies so then you'll get bitten by mosquitoes yeah

certainly if you live in a hot country where you have mosquitoes the last thing

you would want to put in your garden as a pond because you don't want to get

malaria if you live in a country with malaria you do not want what standing

water lying around hmm something which are now in hot countries that have

malaria a problem is a big problem is discarded tires from vehicles because as

if you've ever seen a discarded tire it they it holds water inside it when it's

rained and of course that's an excellent breeding ground for mosquitoes and even

if you haven't got malaria in your country you don't want lots of

mosquitoes buzzing around you biting you in the summer month so the answer is no

I would like a pond but I'm not going to because I don't want the mosquitoes we

don't have a big problem with mosquitoes in the UK but it's still enough that

they would be buzzing around you if you were sitting out having a drink they

would bite you even though they wouldn't carry any diseases here in the UK we

don't have mosquitoes that carry diseases but of course many of you will

live in very hot countries where malaria could be a problem you mr. Dan Watson

what's this that is a daffodil bulb huh so so this is actually what daffodils

look like this is what they look like under the ground so there is a daffodil

globe bulb that's one that I wasn't able to I could plant that somewhere else

couldn't I yeah so I did some more digging today because I need to

there's mr. Steve mr. Steve looks like wurzel Gummidge

nobody knows who that is mr. Duncan they do so I did some more digging and dig up

some more plant so I'm going to have to put those in somewhere now so that

they're not wasted unfortunately you shouldn't really dig

up plants with bulbs while they've still got leaves on them because they're

trying to put all the energy into the bulb into your pot I've told everybody

about that mr. Duncan you're too late after all this disturbs mr. Steve had to

destroy the pot here it is you had to destroy it because that the plant had

grown so much Steve couldn't he couldn't get it out the pot Quran Karim is in

Birmingham yes is that Birmingham UK it is apparently it's very sunny in

Birmingham as well but it says cloudy here yes all right so yes it's going to

rain later so I've got a lot of work to do because I want to put the grass seed

in before it rains it's gonna rain this week and I don't want to have to you've

got a war to the seed haven't you so I don't want to have to do that job okay

Sergio says I'd better set up a cigar room or a wine cabinet that would be

very nice where'd you park your car well I do Park it in the garage it's quite a

big garage so you can get you could get two cars in there so half of it I use

for storing my tools lawn mower and the other half I put the car in these days

most people don't put their cars in the garage anymore or they leave them out

but I like to put it away did you talk about this no so this is what Steve has

bought this is his new oh no this is plant food so where is the grass seed

the grass seed mr. Duncan I don't think I've got that out yet I think that's

still in the garage I see so this is this is actually

something you give to the plants to feed them so this has lots of nutrition lots

of lovely things to help mr. Steve's new grass grow

that's fertilizer oh I see that's a all-purpose fertilizer continuous

release no slow release little granules which is very useful for sort of

dressing just sort of digging in around the roots of your plants to give them a

bit of a boost of course the only trouble with fertilizer is it also

boosts the weeds as well so you get more weed growth when you put fertilizer in

but I just use that put some in that in the hole where I dug the hole to put the

plant in I sprinkled a little bit of this in so that they give the plant a

bit of a a bit of a start a bit of a head start a bit of food for a bit of

fertilizer so quite often you have to have some extra nutrients in the ground

don't you see it's useful because particularly at that end of the garden

because the soil was very firm full of clay solid so I have to dig some nice

organic material in rotted manure too to encourage the plant to grow and to

retain water a lot of people do that don't know if they cut the grass or

maybe they cut some of the plants in the garden quite often they will leave all

of the the waste in the corner of the garden so they they will make something

called compost compost compost compost that's that's the word mr. Duncan a bit

of a bit of because if the soil is a bit sandy then you want a bit of you want to

organic matter in in the soil to encourage the roots to grow and retain

the water somebody said earlier that you could have an affair in your shed maybe

if you had a compute in your shed you could do all sorts of

things you could have an affair a secret affair through the internet with maybe

someone in your local town or even someone in another country oh that was

satury no who said that who I'm very surprised about me too so yes if you

wanted to have a secret liaison during these coronavirus shutdown time oh then

you could have an affair in the shed and I've just said a word which mr. Duncan

didn't want me to say but don't worry Oh marina says in horror movies the shed is

where bad things happen mum I think you're bad things are happening anyway

but certainly they can happen in a shed

no we don't have to Gary's we've only got one Gary it's just we can get the

car in and the space at the side to store things as well for the past 3-4

weeks I've been saying to Steve there is one word that you can't say don't say it

at all on the live chat ever and he just said it so bye everyone bye thank you

very much for watching me on YouTube for the past 14 years

thanks everyone my channel is now going to be deleted thank you Thank You

YouTube thank you everyone thanks Steve you've

just completely destroyed my channel where it won't be deleted mr. Duncan

it's just a word it's just a word I didn't say anything that I shouldn't

have said words can sometimes be very harmful especially if you are doing it

here on the Internet imagine says Konstantin smoking in your man cave and

your wife showing up with a rolling pin hmm of course so that is always the

traditional object is this but for beating a man for beating a man up

there's the one day the the implement that

while always tend to use is a rolling pin but welcome to traditions that we

have here in the UK one of the traditions is the wife beating the

husband over the head with a rolling pin of course whether whether people use

rolling pins anymore I don't know because people don't do very much baking

or anymore although they had been probably during this lockdown but if you

have a rolling pin and you're a lady then you know what to use to beat your

husband with good good a good advice there yes or if you plant the apple

trees says Andy no that was there when we came here it's probably about 20

years old I would say can you see the apple tree then no the apple tree is not

there but you can see the cherry tree okay but the apple tree is quite old

unfortunately the apple tree doesn't look very well anymore it's got disease

I'd like to chop it down but Mr Duncan won't let me know even though I really

should have the last say in the garden as I do all the work in the garden so I

should be able to say if I want to cut that tree down mr. Duncan has no choice

of the matter because he doesn't do any garden you know how I feel about cutting

trees down I hate to see trees cut down it it's almost heartbreaking I don't

know why whenever I see a tree especially in someone's garden and it's

in its doing no harm it's just a lovely tree that's trying to survive like all

of us and then someone goes I don't like that tree anymore I'm going to cut that

tree down sometimes the tree you plant trees in your garden and you don't think

at the time how big they can become over time and most trees will grow too you

know very large proportions and most people are small or average-sized

gardens so if you don't control the growth of that tree then it will become

too big for the garden it will grow over next doors fence mm

it'll block light it will annoy your neighbors yes most trees will grow very

tall but you can control them as long as you do it at the right ya point yes you

can trim the tree without cutting it down but but so that's the reason why I

don't want to cut the apple tree down because it's light it's a nice thing to

see in the garden I like trees the birds like the trees as well they like to sit

in the trees and sing like like the black birdies at the moment behind mr.

Steve oh and the pheasant yes where the birds have been very active because when

I've been digging over the soil of course they love to to to look for the

insects and the worms so I've had the birds of Robins very close to me and I

dug that hole and I turned round and when I came back after a couple of

minutes to do some more digging the the Robin was inside the hole that I dug and

it was pulling out worms from their finger from the bottom of the hole so

well done to the birds whereas mr. Douglas keeps disappearing I come on in

a Sunday and he just disappears mr. steve says ricardo you use a lot of

chemical products well I do put a bit of organic fertilizer in but that is quite

useful when you'll plan to putting a bush in a tree just to give a bit of

extra fertilizer to help it to get it going so I probably won't put it in any

more I don't use very much of it just we just had a very interesting question of

that what is a rolling pin here it is so this is a rolling pin I will make all

let's move further back slightly there we go so we can see it so that is a

rolling pin it is something that you used to flatten dough or pastry when

you are cooking or or about to bake a cake or a pie also you can use it to

beat your husband over the head when he's come home late and he's drunk and

he smells a perfume mmm we spent too long in his de man cave

yes so you might go and knock on the door and say come on out it's time to

come out that rolling pin that's seen better days

as you can see that rolling pin has a lot of scuff marks in it because we've

been using it not to roll pastry but to what have we been using that for it's

all scratched this rolling pin this rolling pin has been used for all sorts

of things sometimes when we can't find a hammer yes we use the rolling pin so

this rolling pin has been used for many different things I don't know what this

is I have no idea what happened here to the rolling pin it looks dreadful but

this rolling pin is useful in the kitchen if you are making pastry and you

want to make the pastry flat you will use your rolling pin so there it is

nerado abscess mr. Steve do you know Monty dong well yes he is a very popular

gardener English gardener who has a television show Monty Don my mother

likes watching him I watch him occasionally if I'm in front of the

television and he's on he's got a very relaxed style you do mr. Duncan I always

I always fall asleep when he's on if I'm watching Monty dawn in his garden and he

has a beautiful garden by the way but his voice and the way he speaks it makes

you feel like you you want to sleep you want to go to sleep but what he doesn't

know that gardening isn't worth knowing yes that's an expression you can use

if about somebody who's very clever and they're an expert turned expert on

something and it could be just a friend of yours or somebody at work and you can

tell what they don't know about whatever the subject is isn't worth knowing needs

and that means that they they yeah I could say what mr. Duncan doesn't know

about teaching English isn't worth knowing well so much pressure people

like the rolling pin yes Valentina says thanks mr. Duncan and satury know that

is a good idea I will use it against my husband I'm sorry I'm really going to

get into trouble today not only his mr. sieve mr. Steve has said the forbidden

word but also now we are in Kirk encouraging we are encouraging wives to

attack their husbands with rolling pins I know because there's been a an

increase in their domestic abuse okay during the turn of subject there I know

so we don't really want to be encouraging domestic abuse as there has

been a large increase in reported cases of that not during that during the

lockdown with husbands and wives spending much more time together than

they usually do so yes maybe we ought to retract our so that we don't actually

advise that anyone uses a rolling pin as a weapon okay we just want to be clear

on that just in case anything comes back not just today but also in five years

time maybe someone will discover this video and when I'm a when I'm an

international superstar they will use it against me they will say the most famous

English teacher in the world used to encourage women to beat their husbands

with rolling pins yes that will happen you're worrying about me using the word

the same if you're going to say it just mouths yes just go worrying about me

using the word but in fact a far more serious thing we've been talking about

is encouraging women to beat their husbands with rolling pin yes please

don't do it

Mika's off to bed so yes have a good sleep says he'll end

goodnight Mika I know it's very late where Meeker is in Japan yes you want to

go to Japan don't you mr. Duncan I do I've become very crazy about Japan to be

honest it's it's been a thing I've always been interested in many years ago

when when we used to live in a hotel my father helped run a hotel and we had a

chef there from Japan and I was fascinated by him and he used to show me

all of these martial art moves he was very good with the martial arts so I

his name was Chi Chi CAI and he was from Japan so I've always been fascinated

with Asia and also Japan as well so I want to go to Japan but one of the

things I want to do I want to go to Tokyo I want to experience crossing the

road where there is a huge crossing in Japan there is a very famous crossing

and people have to run across the road before the traffic lights change and

before the traffic starts moving again and also I want to go on the bullet

train as well I quite like the idea of riding on one of those wonderful

space-age bullet trains well people have moved on from from rolling pins mr.

Duncan has weapons to use against their husband good

we've got suggestions of using a pan Oh a frying pan frying pan so yes people

are people are becoming inventive and and used of course that is another

object that you will receive in comedy films is rise beating their husbands

with with sauce pans because but of course that is painting the the

the wife as somebody who's just in the kitchen all the time and of course you

can't you can't really say these days in and you can't apply that yeah

narrative and assume that a woman is just in the kitchen all the time wow

I've never heard anyone takes so long to get to a point my lips are very dry

today mr. Duncan so um yes maybe maybe a laptop maybe maybe use

a laptop instead of it until a rolling pin if we're going to be politically

correct we can't use objects that would confine a woman to thee what a kitsch

okay there pins in frying pans D but all you're doing is making this worse father

well I'm just explaining these people are becoming more and more interested in

how to inflict injury on their husbands I'm sure they don't need me to tell them

no I think maybe maybe a year from now maybe maybe rolling pins will be banned

you can't have a rolling pin and if you do you have to have a license so if you

are a chef or a professional cook then you can have your rolling pin as long as

you have a license for it and then people will be walking around with with

rolling pins under their clothing what Maria says is there a difference between

pastry and day well I suppose as you are making

something I suppose pastry is dough when it's being made and mixed

I think dough is like it's like a sort of a pliable mixture mmm a thing so I

mean if you if you mix water with flour and eggs and eggs then and you sort of

kneading it with your hands then that dough

but then when you roll it out flat flat that then you would then call that

pastry with one of these with one of those a rolling pin yes

exactly so if you're not beating somebody up with it you might be rolling

out your dough to form pastry which then you can put over the top of your pie

so yes the dough is the thing that you need with your fingers to get it ready

for whatever you're going to use it for so it was bread you would then knead the

dough put it into a tin and let it rise and then bake it in the oven but if you

were then gonna make pastry similar mixture you would roll it out and put it

over time and of course it's worth mentioning ly the action the verb need

is spelt differently yes it is K and E ad need you knead the dough you press

you move you manipulate the dough as you are mixing it so all of the ingredients

in the dough has to be mixed together you will press it squeeze it squash it

you will knead the dough and of course when you are making bread as well bread

is made of dough it is basically dough that you put in the oven and it

magically becomes bread well talking to food yes I'm feeling hungry and we know

what happens after the livestream after the livestream ends we are going to have

a hot cross bun and also a cup of tea as well sounds very nice I don't think

we'll be able to get hot cross buns from the Baker's for very much longer no

because they're at a traditional cake for Easter yes and of course Easter in

the UK is past it's gone was it two three weeks ago

there was a long time Easter seems like something in the very distant past so

there will only make them for a short period of time either side of Easter

maybe two or three weeks before in two or

three weeks afterwards so I think next week when we go to for our regular bread

order no we will find that the hot cross buns have gone and we're back to TK LT

cakes so so next week so next week we think the tea cakes will be back and

there will be no more hot cross buns until next year 2021 between you and me

I can't wait for 2021 as soon as this year has come to an end I want to just

forget it I want to I want have you ever seen the men in black asking me yes well

yes where they put up that thing and flash it in your face and you forget

everything I I want I want someone from men in black to actually use that little

thing that erases your memory so I can forget all about 2020 well you don't

like Will Smith so he's no good asking him to come over

but like well Tommy Lee Jones can do it is it alive he is I can get we can have

Tommy Lee Jones I like him okay right I Alex going back to rolling pins good

Alex says wives in our country have big and small rolling pins they use the

small one if you come home drunk at 1 a.m. and the big one if you come in

after 3 a.m. oh they have two sizes we've said

something we've started something now mister don't yes I was just trying to

get rid of that subject and now it's back again saying hello so are we off

mr. Duncan are we we will be going soon however I was 15 minutes late today I I

thought I was upstairs sort of relaxing on after digging and I heard the the

patio door being shut and I thought that's a bit late yes has something gone

wrong well yes there was something wrong the the internet wasn't working we had a

problem with the internet again so the internet cut off so that's why I was a

bit late I had to wait for the internet to come back

so the start of today's livestream might not actually be very good the quality of

the the picture and the sound so at the start of it it might not be very good

because the internet was playing up it was being a real pain

it kept cutting off unfortunately so that's the reason why I was late today

yep Debbie too says when I was young my annoyed mother threw a knife at me and

it it went into the frame of the door just above my head really no joke so

what were you doing cap daddy - my goodness - get the wrath of your mother

that sounds horrendous is such a level that she threw a knife at you well what

country are you in to be interested to know because if you if a parent did that

to a child in this country you could report them and you will be taken away

the child would be taken away the parent would marry the parent would go to

prison I know oh a dream Adrian is trying some English

food I have just had an English mince pie with tea for the first time we often

have minced pies at Christmas so it's normally a small cake with and it's

filled with a type a kind of it's it's like spicy filling isn't it Steve it's

got currents and sultanas what was that mr. Duncan I was reading a live chat and

I wasn't listening - Aldridge I said can't you do two things

well I normally can but I've normally got one eye on you but for those few

seconds I just switched off it's not the eyes I'm worried about its your hearing

I'm sure you know what I think I think mr. Steve is going deaf now I'm

not I think mr. Steve is losing his hearing

no I just didn't I wasn't listening to you which of course is something I

usually don't do I know what I'm doing for Christmas for Christmas I'm going to

buy mr. Steve one of those big ear trumpets so you put it in your ear so

you can hear things like you used to see sort of a hundred years

ago a man in sitting down in his chair and he would try to hear what people are

saying with his ear Trump is a big difference between hearing and listening

I see so you might hear somebody talking so what is a mince pie but you might not

be listening to that he's not listening now what is a mince pie yes it's it's

got pastry on the outside shortcrust pastry I would say with yes a mixture in

the middle of what we call it mincemeat but it's not meat it is just it looks a

bit like meat but in fact it's its dried fruit it has the texture the texture is

is like meat I suppose yes it's lots of dried fruit mixed with sugar and maybe

some candy peel peel from the fruit from the fruit and it's quite spicy spicy yes

and a bit of cinnamon in there as well but I don't like it I don't like mince

pies and we normally have mince pies at Christmas so so I'm glad you enjoyed it

yes something that the English people like to eat around Christmas time

Andy star says does money grow on your trees in your garden well if it did we'd

be very rich yes because we've got quite a few bushes and trees but unfortunately

it does not no none of our trees produce money

unfortunately I mean I've just read what Adrian Adrian

put yes well mr. Duncan shall I go away yes and prepare the the hot cross bun

and a cup of tea that is a very good idea while you go on for an extra 10

minutes Steve go away I'm used to hearing that quite a lot but it's

normally used with words that are a lot ruder than that I don't know what you're

suggesting there I don't know if you're suggesting

Oh Chris is having shepherd's pie at his aunt's yes

will you made shepherd's pie last week neatly Steve I didn't last yesterday I

did you tell people what I made yesterday Steve made the most delicious

stew lots of vegetables lots of healthy things also a little bit of meat I know

I know I'm going to get criticized but we had a

little bit of meat but mr. Steve bought from the local butcher shop he had to

queue outside with lots of other people did you manage to keep your distance

this time Steve where was that what was that mr. Duncan Oh for good now yes I

did keep my distance did you keep your distance but I noticed that people are

getting sort of relaxing a bit yes people now people are sick and tired

they want to go back to some sort of normality difficult normality but but

yes anyway mr. Duncan I'm going to say it's Tata for now which is only ten

minutes and then I'll see you in the kitchen okay you've got the rolling pin

so I'll have to beware when you come in yes although I don't think I've said

anything today too controversial apart from that word which mr. Duncan

didn't want me to say no so I'm going to say goodbye to you all and have a fun

week learning English with mr. Duncan and I will see you all again same time

same place next Sunday see you later Steve thank you very much there he was

and now he's gone mr. Steve has left the building

or should I say he's gone into the building after leaving the garden thank

you very much for your company today thank you very much - Tomic don't be

embarrassed mr. Steve you are getting on a bit so you are hearing your hearing

may deteriorate deteriorate if something will deteriorate it means it gets worse

it is not as effective or as strong as it used to be

will deteriorate so I do think sometimes when I'm talking to Steve I don't think

he hears what I say and I think he might he might be coming a little mutton

mutton which is cockney rhyming slang we say mutton Jeff mutton Jeff which means

death you can't hear very well so I think Steve now he is approaching a

certain age next year by the way next year mr. Steve will be really honestly

I'm not joking so I think he's starting to lose lose his hearing so I might have

to get him one of those big ear trumpets so he can hear me

thank you Anna thank you also no Emmy for your lovely greetings and also your

lovely goodbyes to mr. Steve thank you very much I must say it has been a busy

one today a very busy day Valentina says sometimes I use the rolling pin to

flatten the pizza dough very good yes this evening I'll have to keep myself

from using it well I suppose it depends on how you use it so you can use

anything I suppose but it does depend on how you use it how you use it we will be

talking tomorrow about the differences between ability and not being able to do

something there are many words and phrases that we can use I was going to

do it yesterday but I didn't have enough time I was

going to do it today but unfortunately we didn't have enough time so I will go

now I hope you've enjoyed today's livestream thank you very much for your

company I hope you've enjoyed the livestream live from the birthplace of

the English language which is England of course

it's Zara hello Zara or zero I am late today you are a little bit late I will

be honest with you you are a little a little bit late just a little bit

because I'm going in a moment where is the item you didn't show us the item yes

I showed you earlier my lovely bubble wrap so this is the

thing that I showed earlier this was my common object that I showed you today it

is my bubble wrap bubble wrap something you use to wrap fragile or delicate

things up with bubble wrap yes I will be back tomorrow definitely tomorrow I'm

here again what time 2:00 p.m. UK time tomorrow I will be back with you

tomorrow once more hi Lee Kwang says see you

later mr. Duncan thank you Eric Thank You pal Mira bye mr. Duncan it is time

to have some nice snack yes I am going to have something nice to eat and I hope

you will have something nice to eat as well to cheer you up

during these strange crazy times thank you also soo Jin Thank You Hiroko thank

you for watching I hope you've enjoyed today's livestream something different

on Sunday we always have a different livestream with mr. Steve joining in as

well thank you very much for your company today thank you

Ernesto thank you also to satury no thank you Alex mr. Duncan what is the

meaning of the phrase not mince your words

if you don't mince your words it means you say what you really think you used

the words that you want to use in other words if you say something cruel or

unkind you you use the actual words that you want to say you are honest you are

blunt with someone you don't mince your words you say exactly what you're

thinking you express exactly what you are thinking

you don't mince your words Giovanni mr. Duncan yesterday I watched

Napoleon Dynamite why was the movie important for you I don't know why I

left Napoleon Dynamite it's a brilliant movie it is unusual quirky strange and

also I like the story the story is kind of inspiring I don't know why I always

feel quite inspired whenever I watched Napoleon Dynamite

I feel that somehow there is a message coming through it doesn't matter who you

are where you are what other people think of you you can always do something

incredible I love the dance sequence you see one of my favorite parts of Napoleon

Dynamite is when he does that dance in front of the school and I think it's

brilliant I love that scene so much it always makes me happy

but in fact all of the characters in the film are good as well so I love it I

love the movie very much what is the animal that keeps walking behind you

behind me it might be a black bird it might be a black bird thank you very

much for your company I'm going now I've been here for two hours can you believe

it two hours and of course I will be back with you tomorrow as well for

another two hours I'm here every day this is mr. Duncan in the birthplace of

English thank you very much yes eeeh

Thank You pal Mira thank you very much for joining me today don't forget you

are not alone if you are still in isolation if you are still having locked

down where you are guess what so are we as well here in the UK see you

tomorrow thank you very much for your company

thank you very much for joining me today thank you to mr. Steve as well this is

mr. Duncan saying thanks for watching see you tomorrow from 2 p.m. UK time and

of course you know what's coming next yes you do enjoy the rest of your Sunday and...

ta ta for now 8-)