you know they say better late than never here we are then all together again oh

yes look and as you can see we are having a very nice day here in England

welcome here we go again it's another English addict live stream from the

birthplace of the English language which just happens to be oh England

yes I know I know what you are going to say mr. Duncan you are late why are you

so late well as usual all of my plans they they go well for a certain amount

of time and then suddenly they all go badly so I'm sure this happens in your

life is well things happen in a certain way quite often things will go your way

which means things are going fine suddenly you realise that there are some

things that you haven't done or maybe something you haven't remembered and

that's what happens every time so whenever I come on here if I'm ever late

I can guarantee that I forgotten something or maybe a piece of technology

is not working properly or perhaps I'm just maybe having a sleep in the corner

of the room anyway hi everybody this is mr. Duncan in England how are you today

are you okay I hope so are you happy well are you happy I really hope you are

feeling very happy today because we are all here together again on the

live stream for those who are wondering who are you who is this strange man in

his multicolored t-shirt who is he well my name is mr. Duncan I live in England

I've been teaching English on YouTube forever such a long time and these days

I present live streams that is what I am doing right now

so I'm here with you live and yes I am with you live every Sunday Wednesday and

Friday you can catch me live on YouTube I am outside in the sunshine

unfortunately the Sun is already starting to shine on my body I can feel

that one of my arms is already starting to burn in the Sun yes we are having the

most to May thing weather I can't believe how good

the weather is here at the moment we are having a very good day here in England I

hope where you are the weather is nice as well it would appear that we are

going to have some very good weather over the next few days here in the UK a

lot of sunshine a lot of nice warm weather well I suppose it is summer

after all and of course June is just around the corner we say goodbye to May

this weekend is it my imagination or as this month has this month gone quickly I

have a strange feeling I really do feel as if this month has gone by very quite

quickly very fast or quest if you want to combine quickly and fast together I

suppose you can say it is gone quest that is a new word that I've just

invented nice to see so many people already here on the live chat yes we are

all together again once more we have made it to the middle of the week yes

it's Wednesday

oh dear the Sun the Sun is really beating down on me right now and and I'm

starting to feel hot already I've only been on for about five minutes and

already I am feeling as if I'm about to burst into flames because of the Sun I

have a very useful piece of equipment just behind me which is supposed to

protect me from the Sun unfortunately it is too far away and now the sun is

shining on my my left arm unfortunately anyway does it matter does

it matter to you maybe not here we are again nice to see the live chat is also

very busy today V tests guess what Vitas you are first on today's live chat I

think you must have a very fast finger indeed congratulations to you where's my

where's my lovely clap it's not working my clip where is it I'm going to find

this this happened before didn't it for some reason I don't know why my my my

clap stopped working and I don't know why I'm going to find out why excuse me

a moment I why has my applause disappeared come

on where is it has anyone seen my applause

I'm going to get this working if it kills me and it might actually to be

honest with you it might come on what's going on with my applause I've got to

give Vitas his applause but I don't know why it isn't working very annoying so

shall we just pretend that there are applause and then I will try to find my

applause and I will give it to you later that's a good start isn't it this was

working earlier I tested this and it worked and now it isn't working and I

don't know why I think maybe some of the birds are

flying down and they are sabotaging my equipment I think that's what's

happening anyway congratulations Vitesse array sorry about that I will try to

find my applause later also we have a czar on here as well

hello's Aram also Mohsen Richard also b-trees franceska nishta mustafa Luis

Mendez is here today I am in the garden and I'm already starting to burn under

the Sun because it's really hot here today I can't begin to tell you how hot

it is here in the UK right now I can't believe it it's a bit of a shock to be

honest hello Irene also hola hello hola it sounds a little bit like hola hello

grace hello Vitesse again also Lille everyone is here so many people joining

me already thank you very much I've had a couple of messages concerning my live

streams or more should I should I say more to the point the length of the live

streams some people saying mr. Duncan your live streams are too long

you should only make them for a few minutes well that's good I suppose but

the problem is if I come on live for just a few minutes many many many many

people will miss the live stream so the reason why I do my live stream for

normally around 2 hours is so everyone has a chance to join in that is the

reason why and of course during my live stream I like to talk about lots of

different subjects as well so there is a lot going on it might not seem like it

and some people say 2 hours is a long time well you don't have to watch

all of the replay so if you want to watch this again you don't have to watch

it for the whole two hours you can have little breaks maybe you can just watch a

little part of my live stream so I am the only person who is actually doing

regular live streams and I am the only person who is actually staying on for an

extended period of time because I want you to have a chance to join in with the

live stream so I hope that answers your questions for those who are concerned

about how long by live streams last 2 hours mr. Duncan it's too long well you

don't have to watch all of it if you can't watch all of the live stream you

can join in and then maybe do something else and then maybe later on you can

recatch you can catch up with the live stream when it is recorded hello also -

hello Ana Rita nice to see you here welcome back once again I'm really going

to have to do something about the sunshine because the Sun is now shining

on my arm and if I stay here for two hours I think

this arm will start to burn I think so hello also mica mica ODE is here as well

I'm feeling a little bit disappointed today I have a I have a slightly

disappointing thing to to show you I know I know we days we like to stay

happy and cheerful but I want to show you something and this is something that

has disappointed me have you ever bought something have you ever bought an item

and then after using it for a certain period of time suddenly it stops working

or maybe it starts to fall apart perhaps the quality is not very good

well that is what has happened to my socks but do you want to see my socks

these are the sock that I'm wearing right now as I stand

here talking to you these are the socks that I'm wearing look if those aren't

they terrible they are very poor quality they are poor quality they have not been

made very well maybe the material that they've used is not very good quality so

I would say that these socks are not good and the reason why I have come to

that conclusion is because I bought these socks well actually can I let you

in on a secret I don't want to seem ungrateful but mr. Steve bought these

socks he bought them for Christmas so these are actually a Christmas present

that Steve bought but unfortunately as you can see already there are holes and

before anyone says mr. Duncan it's your fault because you don't cut your

toenails can I just say no I always cut my toenails and I've had many many many

pairs of socks that have lasted for years and years but these I've only worn

these a couple of times and as you can see they are already full of holes so

what's the deal what's the deal what's going on why am i socks such poor

quality so has this ever happened to you

have you ever bought anything that is of poor quality something that you bought

maybe you paid a lot of money for it sometimes people buy things that are

expensive just because something is expensive doesn't mean that it will be

good quality you see so a lot of people are fooled sometimes into buying things

that are expensive because they believe they are good quality however that is

not always the case it is not always true so sometimes you can pay a little

money for something something that's very cheap and maybe it lasts for years

and years and years and then you can pay a lot of money for something and it

falls to pieces or it breaks or it stops working so I'm very disappointed very

disappointed with my with my socks because they are not very good quality

however please don't tell mr. Steve that I'm criticizing his Christmas present

because he will sulk he will he will go upstairs he will fold his arms and he

will sit in his office with a big pouting lip just me talking of mr. Steve

Steve has been very busy for the past two days we are doing something in the

garden we are doing a little bit of renovation in the garden when I say we I

mean mr. Steve would you like to see Steve in the garden here he is here is

mr. Steve and here he is about one hour ago

and he's in the garden and you can see he is doing something that is not easy

to do it is also a lot of hard work however mr. Steve has decided to spend a

couple of days doing some renovation work in this garden

now he is so that is Steve actually that was about an hour ago and as you can see

mr. Steve is trying to level all of the patio in the garden and the other thing

we have removed the roses from the garden so we are going to remove the

roses in fact the roses have alread already gone and then we are going to

replace the concrete where the roses used to be so that is what Steve is

doing at the moment he is putting some concrete slabs in place and also we are

going to cover the area where the roses used to be so mr. Steve is doing a

little bit of renovation work we are making some alterations the word

alteration means change you are changing the appearance of something you are

making alterations and that is Steve in the garden making some alterations we

are making this area complete and there you can see the Rose bed or one of them

has already gone and that is what's going to happen to all of the Rose beds

so those areas where you can see dirt they will all be covered with concrete

and then we will have a lovely big area to play around in so that's what Steve

has been doing this morning I know a lot of people ask me where is

mr. Steve well now you know he's been very busy all morning he's now having a

rest so I can do my livestream without any

disturbances in fact I don't know if you've noticed but it's very quiet today

it is very quiet is that a good thing or a bad thing I'm not sure but I'm

slightly disturbed by the fact that no one is making any noise we will see what

happens during today's livestream hello - Oh Helena hello Helena

sometimes I repair the socks that my husband has I'm from the old generation

I can't throw things away very easily well I suppose I'm a little bit like

that I don't like wasting things however if you buy something new you expect it

to last for maybe a couple of years but I've only worn these socks twice so I've

worn these socks and I will show you them again I've only worn these a couple

of times and already they have big holes in the toes you can see the area where

that where my toes are now sticking out of the holes and no it has nothing to do

with my toenails before anyone starts saying yeah mr. Duncan mr. Duncan I

think you should cut your toenails a little bit more often that's what I

think anyway it's nothing to do with that nothing to do with my toenails it

is all about the poor quality of the socks Belarus is why did you move the

roses well we have moved some of them into the front garden one of the reasons

why we have decided to move first of all they look very untidy at

the back of the house and also the other problem is quite often we injure

ourselves we will cut ourselves on the thorns so the thorns are very sharp

they are sharp things that grow on the rows and sometimes you can walk by and

you can scratch yourself will even rip your clothing so you can actually damage

your clothes if you walk too near a rosebush so that's why we've done it so

that whole area will be lovely and open there will be no rose bushes for me to

fall over and for those who are worried about the birds yes the bird feeder is

going to stay in the back garden however I will be making some changes to that as

well so a few changes coming in the garden mr. Steve has been so happy if

there's one thing Steve loves doing its hanging around the garden doing work so

Steve is feeling quite happy today hello to Marina marina also says I can't throw

things away I suppose from my point of view I am NOT talking about wasting

things or throw throwing things away but these things are new they shouldn't fall

apart after just a couple of wears so you should be able to wear them all the

time I think so flyaway says mr. Steve can do everything well almost everything

let's not give Steve too much credit let's not praise mr. Steve too much

because it might go to his head you see I think so

Mustafa says yes there are big holes in the toe on your socks there is and I

can't believe it because I've only put those

box on twice and already there are holes in the socks how is that possible the

only thing I can think is that the socks are not good quality and yes it was mr.

Steve's Christmas present one of the presents that Steve brought for me

franceska says you should buy socks made of cotton and they should have elastic

in them well these socks are supposed to be

cotton they are it says cotton on the box so they are supposed to be good

quality all I can say is I hope mr. Steve did not spend too much money on

those socks I really do I hope that cap Devi says Mr

Duncan do your roses smell do they have an aroma they do but I often find roses

don't have a very strong scent so I've always noticed because many years ago my

father used to grow roses in the front garden of our house and I've always

noticed that they never had really much of a scent so I don't think roses have a

very strong scent to be honest or was it just me I don't know franceska once mr.

Steve to repair the socks I think that's a good idea mr. Steve can do anything I

wonder how good he is at repairing socks maybe I can ask him later on hello to

Noemi so have you ever bought anything have you ever gone to the shops or have

you ever ordered anything online and after buying it and using it it suddenly

breaks it's happened to me many times I have

received things that I've bought online that don't work from the very beginning

from the very start they don't work at all because they are just very poor

quality the thing that I've bought is not good

quality so it does happen quite often do you have red roses some of the roses in

the garden are red but don't worry mr. Steve hasn't destroyed them well not all

of them some of them some of them we have destroyed because they were dying

unfortunately but the strong ones the ones that look as if they still have

lots of life in them Steve has decided to plant them in the front garden so we

haven't destroyed all of the roses some of them we won't be replanting we are

throwing them away however the good ones the nice ones the colorful ones we have

decided to keep flyaway said may maybe you can recycle your socks you can turn

them into something else what though I wonder what you could do maybe a draft

excluder for the window maybe you could put it in a gap or a space to stop the

air or the draught from coming in yes I think that's quite a good idea yes okay

I think so hello - Oh Robin hello Robin in Germany can I say hello to you and

thank you once again for your lovely messages on my youtube channel

very kind of you so lovely sentiments some lovely thoughts from you thanks a

lot do you want to see something that looks

a little bit sad a little bit for lawn something that looks a little down would

you like to see it here it is

oh dear what has happened to my space hopper my lovely space hopper what has

happened what has happened to you we don't look very well you look a little

deflated today we are going to look at words and phrases connected with deflate

and inflate so we will be looking at these words and as a way of

demonstrating it I also have my space hopper that strangely looks like a part

of the male body does anyone know what this actually looks like this looks like

something else I showed this to Steve yesterday and he

said that this looks like something else a part of the male body I don't know

what you mean Steve I think your imagination is running away with you so

this is my poor little space hopper but unfortunately it is a little bit

deflated and we will be looking at words connected with inflate and deflate as

well hello kept Evie oh thank you very much for your donation you can buy some

new socks mr. Duncan oh that's very kind of you well I won't

use it for socks I will use it for making my live streams and making my

English lessons I could always walk around in my bare feet so maybe during

the summer months I can walk around the garden in my bare feet so I won't wear

any shoes and I won't wear any socks I will just keep my feet exposed to the

air very nice hello - Ricardo speaking about roses

normally the more smell the less sight it is like your feet I don't know what

you mean by that what are you saying oh I see I think that might be a compliment

so you are saying because my feet are very big they don't smell very much

that's nice just like a rose yes there are certain

types of rose that have a very strong scent however I've never really been

near any roses that have a very strong smell or scent so no I haven't we are

going to look at words connected with inflate and deflate a little bit later

on we are we also have a full English lesson to look at as well anything else

that I can mention at the moment well I suppose we can look at some words

connected with metal that's another thing we're doing today I didn't mention

that you may have noticed on the thumbnail that we are also going to have

a look at words connected with metal idioms phrases connected with that

particular word Andy has noticed that the grass behind me is looking very

green yes can you see that is mr. Steve's grass so at the top that is all

mr. Steve's new grass and yes it is looking rather nice at the moment

everything is looking lovely and green let's have a look at some words then

shall we let's get on with it shall we some idioms and expressions are coming

up right now connected with metal when we talk about metal we are talking about

elements things that exist such as gold silver maybe tin perhaps copper or maybe

brass so there are many different types of

metal did you know you can use many of those words in expressions you can

actually use them in expressions and we are going to look at that right now

would you like to have a look at some idioms relating to metal you would oh

thank goodness for that I was about to get very worried then because I thought

you were going to say no mr. Duncan we don't we don't want to see that we want

to see mr. Steve putting down his concrete maybe later maybe later

who knows here we go then here is a phrase that you can use to describe a

person who is kind generous they are very sincere a person who is always

willing to give their time or help other people you might describe this person as

having a heart of gold if you have a heart of gold if you have a heart of

gold it means you are generous it means a person who is often kind they will be

generous they will show generosity they will be a person who is always willing

to help someone who is in need they have a heart of gold isn't that lovely so we

are talking about metal idioms so these are certain types of metal that can be

used as idioms and there we have heart of gold which means a generous person

here's another one oh this is interesting

golden child where we talk about a person who is the golden child maybe

they are the person who is given all of the favor or all of the attention maybe

the child and of course it can be a son or daughter they are seen as the best of

all of the children they are the golden child that

is the child who gets all of the attention all of the love they are the

golden child we can also use it to describe a person who is outstanding in

a certain way they are good at something they might become well-known for doing

something in a certain way they have become the golden child I like that one

that's interesting I don't think anyone has ever said that I am the golden child

or the golden anything come to think of it hmm here's another one gold standard

when we talk about the gold standard we are talking about something that is of

high quality so you are using that to describe something that is of good

quality it is gold standard we are saying that it is very high quality it

is good quality it has a lot of quality it has been well made unlike my socks so

I think it would be fair to say that my socks are not gold standard I think so

Merliah mr. Duncan do you have any vegetables in your garden no I don't we

don't grow vegetables here we do not hello also too franceska

hello Robin oh you have a heart of gold mr. Duncan thank you very much

I'm not looking for compliments it might look as if I am but I'm not looking for

compliments so don't worry you don't have to say nice things about me

hello also two flower Espoir oh nice to see you back it feels like a long time

since I saw you here last time here we have an expression that you might hear

people say all that glimmers is not gold we can also say glitter so all that

glitters is not gold all that glimmers or sparkles is not

gold so you are saying that something that appears to be good is actually not

very good or maybe something appears to be very

good quality like my socks however unfortunately my socks are not very well

made so do not be fooled by the appearance of something the appearance

of something might mislead you so just because something is shiny just because

something glitters or shimmers it doesn't mean that it's valuable it might

be useless all that glimmers is not gold so just

because something is shining does it mean that it is a valuable thing we are

talking about metal idioms idioms that you can use that use the names of metal

here's another one to be Steely Oh steely so a steely person a person who

has a steely character a person who is very determined they are determined to

do something with their lives they have a very strong eagerness they are very

eager very determined to do something you have a very steely character his

approach to his work is very steely he has a steely approach to his work it

means you are very determined you are sure you are going to do it nothing will

stop me I have a steely resolute I have a steely character nothing is going to

stop me definitely not shall we have another one

words connected with metal to be born with a silver spoon in your mouth to be

born with a silver spoon in your mouth this is an expression that means a child

or a person has been born into a privileged family a family who has lots

of money a family who is wealthy a family that has lots of money and of

course if you are born into a family that is wealthy quite often your life

will be good you will have an easy childhood so you might say that a child

is born with a silver spoon in their mouth it means they have been born into

a wealthy family a family that has lots of money Mika is here again

hello also to flower again oh I see apparently flower Espoir has been busy I

would always watch your live streams later so I didn't miss

any of them however I think you've been very busy recently that's alright I know

that you have busy lives and I know we are living in very strange times right

now to be born with a silver spoon in your mouth

to be born into a wealthy family a family that has lots of money maybe your

life will be very privileged here's another one oh I like this one too to

feel breast off breast off to feel breast off about something if a person

feels breast off it means they feel upset or annoyed or irritated maybe

something that has happened maybe something that a person has said or done

maybe your circumstances have changed maybe another person has done something

to upset you you might feel a little

little breast off a little annoyed upset you feel breast off these are all

phrases using types of metal and yes this is English addict on a Wednesday it

is Wednesday afternoon it is 5 to 3 here in England I don't know what time it is

where you are because I'm not there here is another idiom using a certain

type of metal brass once again brass to have a brass neck you have a brass neck

so this is an expression it is describing a certain type of behavior if

you are a person who is arrogant rude or maybe you are a person who says things

or does things to upset other people you don't care

if you offend anyone you are rude maybe you are a person who says something

about another person maybe you do something very daring that other people

object to so other people don't like what you are doing however you still do

it you have a brass neck you are a person who will put themselves forward

and you don't care who you upset you don't care who you offend who you upset

because you have a brass neck I love that expression I think that's that's a

good expression but you all know someone who has a brass neck they say anything

they do anything they don't care if they offend anyone to be cheeky to be

insolent you don't give a damn here's another one

we are talking about idioms connected to certain types of metal this one a person

has a tin ear if you have a tin here tin ear it means you have no sense of tunes

you cannot produce a tune you can't really hear the sounds of music so maybe

you hear them but you can't reproduce them yourself we often say that a person

is tone-deaf so it doesn't mean that they are actually deaf it doesn't mean

they have no hearing it just means they are not very good at recognizing or

maybe they are not very good at singing so a person who can't sing very well

some people say that I have a tin ear I don't know what you mean I think I have

a lovely voice like an angel so a person who has a tin ear is a person who does

not have a very good sense of music or too

they are not very good at repeating the sound of a song or maybe the notes of a

piece of music they are not very good at it a person who has a tin ear not

everyone is good at singing some people just can't reproduce the song in their

head they are tone-deaf that's what we say here's another one oh I think this

is definitely for mr. Steve I think this one definitely refers to Steve

definitely to have a lead foot if you have a lead foot mr. Steve sometimes has

a lead foot lead is a type of metal it is heavy it can be manipulated in many

ways quite often if you have windows in your house sometimes you might have lead

around the sides to hold the glassing so quite often lead is used in many

different ways because it is a very pliable it is a type of metal that you

can use in many ways it is quite flexible well there to have a lead foot

means you drive too fast it's true so you might describe a person as having a

lead foot because they drive too quickly their foot is always pressing down on

the accelerator of the car they are always driving too quickly sometimes I

say to mr. Steve mr. Steve you have a lead foot it's almost as if your foot is

so heavy on the accelerator of the car you are going too fast you are going too

fast in your car slow down slow down you don't have to have such a lead foot

please take your foot off the accelerator slow down take it easy some

people like to drive fast in their car we can say that they have a lead foot

shall we have another one okay we will have three more and then we are going

take a break we are going to have a little break in a few moments here's

another one connected to the same metal we talked about just lead or let

something that is made of lead quite often is very heavy lead is a very heavy

material however it can also be very flexible

lead is a very unusual type of material lead balloon if something is described

as a lead balloon it means something that people did not find funny

maybe you tell a joke to a group of people and no one laughs at your joke

you think it's really funny but everyone else thinks it's not funny that joke is

not funny it went down like a lead balloon so if something does not impress

a group of people if a group of people are not impressed or maybe they don't

laugh at your joke you can say that it went down like a lead balloon no one

enjoyed it no one fought my joke was funny

no one hello - Ana Rita mr. Duncan you are a good singer I'm not sure about

that I think Steve is a much better singer than me I I don't think I'm a

good singer I wouldn't say that I can hold a tune

but I wouldn't say that I am a good singer

apparently a person who can sing well in Italy is called a bell to sing by the

way quite often a singer especially opera singers opera singers have very

strong upper bodies because they have to project a lot of air from their lungs so

yes when you see people like oh Pavarotti of course he was a large

gentleman and he had the most amazing voice we will have a look at one more no

two more here's another one Oh once again using the word head we

seem to have a lot of phrases that use the word lead here's another one to have

lead in your pencil oh now this this is a little bit naughty to be honest with

you this is a little naughty it is a naughty expression naughty

naughty to have lead in your pencil means you

have a lot of vigour a lot of energy especially relating to a certain action

so if a man says he has lots of lead in his pencil it means he is very excited

he is very virile that's all I'm saying I'm saying nothing else I'm not saying

anything else a man who is very vigorous in his love life he has led in his

pencil it's a very strange one that I know here's the last one this is not

referring to metal even though the word looks as if it is but it isn't copper

copper so copper once again is a type of metal it can be very soft copper

can be very soft it is used quite often in I think it's used a lot in electrical

cables copper but we are not using metal in this particular word this particular

word copper means policeman a policeman so this is actually a slang term for a

policeman or policewoman police officer so this is slang quite often used in

British English copper there's a copper around the corner if you don't stop

doing that I'm going to phone the coppers the coppers will be after you if

you don't stop doing what you're doing I will phone the cops or the coppers so

that's it for now we have had a few words devoted to words connected with

metal we're going to have a break now would you like to have a little break I

I know I would I'm going to try and protect my arm because my arm is now

baking in the sunlight so we are going to take a look at one of my full English

lessons oh this is one of my recent full English lessons and this is an excerpt

from full English number 34 and then we will be back once more as live as live

can be

oh look at me I'm really going up in the world today

I'm climbing the ladder of success I'm heading to the top you might describe me

as a social climber let's just hope I don't slide back down

to the bottom again or even worse fall headfirst hi

everybody and welcome to another full English lesson I'm really enjoying the

view from up here can you see me waving to you I hope so

Here I am once more talking to you from the birthplace of the English language

which is of course England so without any more dawdling or dilly dallying

let's get over today's full english lesson which will start around about now

if there's one thing I've learned about English

it's that quite often the simplest words have the most meanings for example you

have the words hot and cold in its most common sense the word hot describes

something that is of high temperature it is holding a high degree of heat it

might be dangerous to touch or drink don't go near the stove it's hot can you

open a window it's hot in here the word heart can be used in other ways to

something that is popular or fashionable can be described as hot something that

is in high demand might be described as the hottest thing around cycling has

become the latest hot health routine this toy is going to be the hottest item

in the shops this Christmas something that might generate a lot of interest

can be described as hot we have some new hot properties to show you as an idiom

something might be too hot to handle this means that the thing in question

should be avoided or at least handled with care we can't discuss that topic

here it's too hot to handle for us in a stressful situation where you are under

a lot of pressure we might say that the heat is on the heat is on for the sales

force to reach their targets you can feel the heat which means to be involved

in a risky or high-stakes situation an attractive person might be hot there

were some hot models at this year's Fashion Show heat can be used as a verb

to describe the action of introducing heat to something you must heat the soup

before serving it as a slang word the word heat can mean the police as part of

a phrase we can use heat to do something in the heat of the moment means to act

in a spontaneous or unprepared way normally in reaction

to something you do something in the heat of the moment a stolen item that is

being pressed around can be described as hot I wouldn't buy any jewelry from him

it's all hot a person who often loses their temper can be described as a

hothead the word cold can also be used in many ways

an unwelcoming response might be described as cold to be underwhelmed by

something can often create a cold response his performance was greeted

with cold silence the feeling of being repulsed or offended by something can be

described as cold you feel upset and put off by what you saw or heard his humor

throughout the evening left me feeling cold you can give someone a cold stare

you look at them with disapproval and disdain as an expression you might give

someone the cold shoulder - shun someone or to choose to ignore a person directly

is to give the cold shoulder he tried to approach me after dinner but I gave in

the cold shoulder to make something cold you need to cool it the word cool can be

used to describe a period in which you can change your mind about something a

cooling-off period is often allowed so as to give time for a person to consider

what they have done the holiday booking allows you a cooling-off period of 14

days this means that you have two weeks in which to change your mind

you might go off the idea you cool off the word cool can be used to describe

something that creates excitement or is seen as impressive something is cool

that's a cool bike you've got there for younger people this particular

expression might appear old-fashioned and not cool

during a criminal investigation an inquiry that has no new leads might be

described as having gone cold an unsolved crime that occurred many years

ago can be described as a cold case a cold thing could also be described as

chilled as an idiom you can chill out or just chill to relax and unwind is to

chill I think I'll just stay in tonight and chill in front of the television

general negativity from a person can be described as chilly my new ideas for the

next meeting were met with a chilly response the phrase come in from the

cold means to return to a place or group that had previously rejected you you are

welcome back and forgiving you have come in from the cold

can you see what I'm doing here I'm trying to find something to watch on

television sometimes it is hard to find something good to watch I often spend

many hours trying to find a decent show to watch I often flick through the

channels in the desperate attempt to find something that catches my eye you

flick through the channels you flip through the channels you scan up and

down the channels many years ago we used to have to get up and go over to the TV

to change the channel these days we can use the remote control this item can

cause a lot of annoyance and frustration as it often gets mislaid has anyone seen

the TV remote it was here on the sofa earlier but now it's gone the TV remote

is used to control all the functions of the television set including the sound

level and picture controls the sound level is called the volume you can turn

up the volume to increase the sound level and turn down the volume if the

sound level is too high or too loud in this case the word volume simply means

amount or quantity the level is the volume which controls the amount of

sound coming from the TV a person who likes flicking through the TV channels

can be described as a channel hopper if a person watches TV all the time that we

might describe them as a telly addict telly is another word for a television

set a television can also be called the goggle box the word goggle refers to a

person's eyes staring at the flickering picture and box refers to the shape of

the TV although these days many TV sets are actually flat and take up very

little space television sets come in many different screen sizes from just a

few inches to fit on a small desk right up to the ones that resemble

something you might find in a cinema

do you do I hope you enjoyed that yes an excerpt from one of my full English

lessons and you can find many of those lessons on my youtube channel they are

available for free

can you see the cow there is the cow coming by hello hello mrs. cow hello

the cows have come to say hello there they are there is there is

erm intrude there is Florrie and there is Daisy the cow the cows have

decided to come and say hello to you on the live chat isn't that lovely mr. cow

what am I talking about that's miss cow to you so the cows are coming by I think

this might be the first time ever that the cows have gum come by during my live

stream so there they are say hello to the cows nice to see you you know I

might go across and say hello I'm going to say hello to the cows I hope you

don't mind

the whole world is watching

they are all cowls and they seem very intrigued they seem very intrigued by

what is going on lovely cows saying hello well that was something quite

expected or unexpected on my part they normally come around in the evening so

normally you get the cows coming in the evening they will often gather at the

back of the house and then they will stand there watching I don't know what

they are waiting for I'm sorry I don't have any food for you unfortunately

lovely a lovely spontaneous moment of time there by the way the noise the

sound that you heard earlier was actually me it wasn't the cow it was me

so the cow wasn't making that sound I was you are having a very nice day

aren't you I think you are yes they seem very excited I think maybe they know

they are on YouTube at the moment isn't it amazing

I think one of the cows has an itchy nose maybe maybe the Flies are going up

their nose is not very nice

Palmeiro says how will we know when we have returned to the normal situation in

the world that is a great question I have no idea I don't think anyone knows

to be honest some people seem to think it will all go back to normal soon

however there are other people experts experts who say that this might continue

for quite a long time

mrs. Moo Moo that's who that is that is mrs. Moo Moo coming by the cows are your

new viewers thank you ts you are right they are actually not very old there are

actually very young cows so they are quite timid and that's the reason why I

always feel quite glad when they come over to say hello because they are

actually very young

can you see one of them is licking the other one sometimes they like to lick

each other they lick each other's bodies because they have a lot of salt coming

out in their sweat do you mind not damaging my fence thank you I have a

feeling they are about to go are you going well that was unexpected I wasn't

expecting that to happen to be honest so I hope you didn't mind that they're

coming back they don't want to stay away isn't that weird the cows want to join

your live chat I think so yes it would appear so

unfortunately I can't always guarantee that the cows will actually come and for

mr. Steve has been very busy this morning he's been working very hard

working hard in the garden doing lots of things we are doing a little bit of

renovating in the garden right now and Steve has been leveling some of the

concrete and we are now filling all of the rose beds so where the rose is

normally grow we are actually filling those in we are removing them we are

covering them up and as you can see that is what Steve is doing at the moment

he's been very busy all morning doing that I'm very distracted by the cows

they are having a lovely time behind me are you having a good time over there

are you enjoying yourself

it looks as if they're having a wonderful time

hello Kuiper Kuiper hello to you it's been a long time since I've seen you on

the live chat I think so do you buy the natural milk from the local farmer you

might not believe this but there is very little dairy farming in this area many

years ago there used to be a lot of dairy farms in this area but now many of

them have gone so because they have now started growing rapeseed oil so crops

certain types of crop have now become more favourable and more profitable

instead of rearing dairy cows so yes there are very few dairy farms in this

area now unfortunately I'm sorry about that I didn't want to break that news to

you but there aren't many dairy farms anymore so I don't know what's going to

happen to you I hope you don't end up in someone's meal

hello also - oh hello Noemi nice to see you here as well Belarus er is here hi

Belarusian nice to see you back as you can see the cows have decided to come

and say hello as well yes you have I

wonder how many live streams are happening today where there are live

cows I think that one is it he's got an itch on his face or her face

there's nothing worse than having an itch on your face I am quite enamored by

those I'll be honest with you I think the cows are very curious yes they seem

to be very curious where is the farmer who will look after the cows well the

farmer isn't here so this land actually belongs to someone else and the farmer

will put his cattle in the field and then he will pay the land own the

landowner to actually look after his cows

if you is your house part of a farm no no that it isn't it is not unfortunately

however there are some farms nearby very close to where I live there are some

farms many years many years ago they used to actually be dairy farms but not


very unusual would you like to have a look at some more words yes there are

some more words we've just about half an hour left before I go oh yes I've got an

idea let's have a look at some words connected with

inflate and deflate would you like to do that so these are words connected with

inflate and deflate well when we say inflate what are we actually saying what

do we mean inflate if you inflate it means you add air to something normally

to expand the thing that you are putting the air into so inflate inflate you are

putting air into something to make it larger or to change the shape inflate

inflate you add air to expand something a good example I suppose is my space

hopper can you see my space hopper sadly at the moment my space hopper looks like

it looks like a part of the male anatomy

that's what Steve said not me I think sometimes mr. Steve has a very dirty

mind so here is my poor space hopper but as you can see it is not looking very

happy because it needs to have some air put into it so what I have to do I have

to take this out of the back and then I can connect something to it and I can

put air into this space hopper that means that I am going to inflate this

space hopper I am going to put air into it

inflate a great word

so I will use this I can use this you see to put the air into the space hopper

I wonder if I can do it I wonder if I can do it live maybe maybe not let's

have a go I will go over here and we will see if I can inflate this space



inflate I think you get the idea so I'm putting air into the space hopper

inflate it is used as a verb to show that you're putting air in to something

in flight to make something expand by introducing air or putting air inside

something that was interesting so we can say that you fill something with air

fill with air you inflate something inflate you put air into something and

then it will inflate another way we can use it you can put up something or

increase something quite often we will talk about the price of things that you

buy in the shops maybe the price will go up we talk about inflation inflation

things will become more expensive so if the price of your bread or your

food that you buy from the supermarket increases we will often talk about

inflation things that are creating a situation where prices begin to go up I

remember during the 1970s inflation was a very big problem a very big problem

many things were really expensive in the 1970s due to the price of everyday

things becoming very expensive inflation inflation drive up so again if you are

driving something up you are forcing it to increase you are driving up the price

of something maybe if you live in an area where many people want to live you

might find that the house prices so the value of the houses will start to

increase they will inflate the prices will

inflate because many people want to live in that area another word we can use is

escalate as well something will inflate it will get larger it will escalate

escalate blow up well as you can see next to me I have this little device and

this allows me to blow up my space hopper so my space hopper will inflate

using this because I am blowing up

blowing up my space hopper

I don't know what that was it wasn't me honestly blow up of course the word blow

up or the phrase blow up can also mean to make something explode as well but in

this case we are expanding something we are pushing air into something you pump

air into an object to inflate that thing you blow it up blow up let's now look at

the opposite let's look at the opposite word which is deflate so if something

deflates it means the air escapes deflate so think of these two words as

opposites inflate deflate inflate deflate you might talk about inflation

and deflation when we are talking about money as well or the price of goods if

you let down something so you you let the air out of something you deflate

that thing deflate for example my space hopper so to be honest with you I'm a

little bit bored with my space hopper I don't want to play with it anymore so

I'm going to let it down I'm going to deflate the space hopper I'm going to

let the air escape

very interesting sound

so now I am letting down my space hopper I am allowing the air to escape and now

you can see the space hopper is starting to deflate the air has escaped and so

now you can see it is starting to lose its shape because the air is escaping

from it deflate you let down something you could also say release the air you

are releasing the air from inside you are releasing the air from inside

tamarah says the prices are inflating during isolation well that is one of the

things that people have been talking about when we are when when we've been

talking about the situation at the moment that is going on all around the

world some countries the economy is suffering to the point where things are

becoming very expensive that is inflation so when you deflate so there

is the word there deflate deflate inflate means add deflate means take

away or reduce another one oh yes let's have another one oh I like this one

collapse something so you collapse an object when the air comes out the object

will collapse you can deflate a ball or maybe you can

deflate a tire or maybe you can deflate a balloon or perhaps you can deflate a

space hopper like I was doing a few moments ago inflate is not increase

okay if you say so maybe I should just go away and maybe maybe you can teach

instead inflates does mean increase or expand something is getting higher or

larger trust me please someone Alessandra I live in Toronto is that

Toronto or Toronto so is it Toronto and if it is where is

Toronto or maybe it is Toronto in Canada I wonder I wonder collapse you make

something collapse you release the air it deflates deflates oh here's an

interesting word now this also means deflate however it is a very different

type of word if we are talking about the way it is used the word is puncture

puncture I love that word it's not an easy word to say by the way puncher

puncture means to deflate or damage something by letting the air out so

maybe you puncher your neighbor's tires on their car because they are being very

annoying you might go out at night and puncture their tires to deflate or

damage puncture you

picture something maybe you use a sharp knife or maybe you use something very

sharp and you puncture you make a hole in something and then the air begins to

escape it does you might deflate someone's tires

you might puncture their tires perhaps you can accidentally puncture your tires

perhaps you are driving along the road one day and maybe you are going along

the road driving your car and then suddenly one of your tires bursts it's

suddenly punctures like that puncture to damage something suddenly by letting the

air out of something puncture I love that word if isn't very easy to say some

people might actually find that a little difficult to say here's another one

another use of deflate if you deflate you might disappoint someone to

disappoint a person as my has my computer spelt disappoint wrong I think

so hello also - Oh Alessandra is here I saw

your name earlier and I didn't say hello I'm sorry about that

hello Alessandra nice to see you here and there we have oh yes you might

deflate a person would you like to see this word deflate you might deflate a

person's ego maybe you say something that makes a person feel deflated

maybe you say I hope you don't mind me saying but but your clothing it's not

very nice your clothing it's a little bit old-fashioned and then you might

feel a little bit deflated because a person has said something that has upset

you it has made you feel a little bit down

you feel deflated by what they've said you feel slightly deflated why did you

say that why did you have to say that about my clothes what a horrible thing

to say you have really deflated my ego you have

deflated my sales self-image you've made me feel very bad about myself

you've deflated me so you can also deflate a person as well to be deflated

deflated let down disappointed as well hello Diana Diana Romano mr. Duncan my

English is getting better thanks to you he speaks real English oh I see thank

you very much that's very kind of you to say a lot of people do say mr. Duncan we

like your English because it's easy to understand you can have subtitles or

captions however some people prefer to watch my lessons without captions

because it allows them to improve their listening I think you are right yes it

is a very good way of improving your listening skills we have all we have one

more just one more to lower the value of something so as the value or as the

expense of something becomes less unless you can have deflation so inflation is

things going up deflation is things going down maybe the

stock market maybe the value of certain metals so you have deflation you have

things dropping getting smaller so as an economy makes money it will expand it

will inflate and then as it gets worse or bad it will deflate deflate hello to

GA true wham hello to you watching in I think maybe you are in India are you in

India is that where you are at the moment if you are could you please tell

me on the live chat because I'm not sure actually are you in India Jay please

tell me where are you please please tell me on the live chat now where we're at

where you are

yes I know you are in India I can see it I can see it

sometimes if people buy too much it can create problems in the economy sometimes

if people buy too little it can have a bad effect as well this is what many

economies are facing at the moment due to you see so that's what's happening at

the moment hello to diovan watching in vietnam nice to see you here as well I

will be going in a few moments for two reasons one I have finished my lesson

and two I am so hot it is so hot out here today I can't tell you how hot it

is would you like to see the view in front of me here is the view that is

right in front of me right now

incredible I can't believe how it looks at the moment outside

I really can't the Sun is out the birds are singing the sky is blue everything

is so nice hello to Somaliland have you heard of it I have I've had quite a few

viewers from Somaliland in fact Maria asks mr. Duncan may I ask if you speak

slower than your uu you usually do or is this your normal pace I don't speak

quickly because if I speak too quickly people won't understand what I'm saying

but I speak clearly I speak clearly to you I speak clearly to my friends I

speak clearly to everyone

so yes I speak clearly to everyone if you don't speak clearly then people

can't understand what you're saying if you speak too fast sometimes people

think it's cool or fashionable to speak really quickly however if you do you

might confuse the person who is listening to you they might not be able

to understand what you're saying I've never been to India says Andy me neither

I've never been to India either thank you for your company today a lot of

people were here thank you very much thank you for your company today a lot

of people on the live chat

valo asks mr. Duncan why are you only

teaching basic English I can't win can I I really can't win sometimes I'm

teaching complicated English and it's too difficult and sometimes I'm teaching

English that's too easy however I always say that there is something for everyone

here you can watch this and you can learn something maybe sometimes I will

talk about things that you already understand but I will also talk about

things that maybe you don't understand as well so this particular type of

lesson is for everyone I never exclude anyone from my lessons

hello to Kimo hello Kimo really thanks for what you're doing and what you did

and what you've done for us Thank You Kimo that's that's very nice of you to

say how nice fly away says dominate is not deflate no it isn't dominate means

to take all of the space or maybe if you are overpowering other people so your

character might be louder or may be more aggressive

you are being dominant dominant so no it doesn't mean that it does not mean that

you are right mr. Duncan you are speaking very clearly and I am

understanding Thank You stanislav for that very nice

thanks mr. duncan for this interesting livestream have a good afternoon

Thank You Beatrice I am going in a moment thank you also to Lewis thank you

also to know where me as well nice to see so many people here today i doo doo

doo doo doo de doo doo I was going to have a dance today but to be honest with

you I'm so hot I'm hot because it's hot here in England

apparently it's going to be really hot for the rest of the week I can't believe

it it's going to be so hot for the rest of

the week I love your live streams mr. Duncan Thank You Christine I've had many

messages asking if I can do my live streams every day unfortunately due to

certain situations I can't do it every day however I might maybe in the future

maybe next month maybe the month after maybe during August perhaps I might do

every day we will have to wait and see we will see what happens next because

you may have noticed we are living through very strange times right now

Thank You Maria thank you Richard I hope you have

enjoyed today's lesson I hope also you will join me again on Friday by the way

we are back once again and guess what it's going to be another hot day on

Friday so I will once more be in the garden with you live on Friday don't

forget you can catch me on Friday 2 p.m. UK time Sunday

Wednesday and Friday is when I do my live streams for those who are wondering

thanks for watching I hope you've enjoyed today's livestream Thank You

Mika thank you also to saw thank you to Sergio

nice to see you later I hope I will see you and then I will feel very happy

indeed Thank You Sandra Thank You mr. Duncan for doing this

every day for so many years yes people don't believe me when I tell them I've

been doing this for nearly 14 years can you believe that

I can't believe it and I'm doing it to be honest you are the youtuber that I

like the most Thank You Dai Bao that's very kind of

you in October it will be the 14th anniversary of your channel yes October

the 31st this year will be the 14th anniversary of my YouTube channel

I can't believe it I really can't see aegyo says hello mr. Duncan I love your

English lessons because I can hear you it is very good for improving my

listening it is really good thank you thank you very much and can you say

hello to Brazil hello Brazil nice to see you here today and everyone wherever you

happen to be in the world thanks for joining me today I really do appreciate

your company Thank You Noemi thanks also to MOU CERN thank you Zor thanks a lot

for your company today I will see you on Friday I'm going now I'm going to have a

cup of tea and then mr. Steve is going to come back into the garden and he's

going to continue doing his work if you saw earlier Steve is very busy in the

garden right now doing lots of things lots of renovation lots of difficult

hard work Steve is doing right now

people are coming people are coming up behind me interesting I think they're

watching me I do get lots of tourists coming you see

lots of tourists they come and they stand at the top of the hill and they

try to see me quite often they will be there with their binoculars looking into

my bathroom I don't know why I really don't know why catch you on Friday Thank

You Mika thank you Richard Thank You Louis see you again I hope you've

enjoyed today's live stream my legs are now burning burning in the hot sunshine

so I'm going back in see you on Friday everyone this is mr. Duncan in the

birthplace of English saying thanks for watching I hope you've enjoyed

everything today we've talked about many subjects many things many parts of the

English language and of course until the next time we meet here on YouTube live

once more you know what's coming next yes you do

ta ta for now 8-)