oh here we go again yes we are back once more on youtube

we are live in the garden the sun is out everything is quite nice and i hope that

is the way it will stay here we are again yes

it is english addict out in the fresh air i hope you are feeling

good today yes we are live from the birthplace of the english

language which just happens to be


just to prove that we are live yes hello there hi

everybody this is mr duncan in england how

are you today are you okay i hope so are you happy i hope you are happy today

you might be able to hear the pigeons the pigeons behind me are feeling very

happy today i hope you are as happy as a pigeon

i really do here we are again yes it is english addict on a sunday i am

underneath my little gazebo in the garden

because today the weather is a little bit strange very

changeable sometimes there is rain sometimes there is sun so today the

weather really can't make up its mind what it's doing

unfortunately anyway we are here and i hope you are

feeling good today oh there you are i can see you

already on the live chat nice to see you here today

wow so many of you are already joining me

hello to everyone my name is mr duncan some people call me duncan in fact you

can call me anything you want it doesn't really

matter and i teach english i talk about the

english language quite often i will discuss other topics

as well other things that may or may not

be of interest to you so we do all sorts of things here

i i think it would be fair to say that i am not your typical

english teacher i i like to do things a little bit different

if i was honest yes and that's the reason why

i'm outside at the moment in the garden surrounded by wildlife we will be taking

a look at some of the wildlife that exists

here in my garden later on besides other things as well and

yes he is back today mr steve will be joining us later on in around

about 40 minutes from now 40 minutes

so we have arranged it not like last week if you remember last week i don't

know what happened last week steve was supposed to be here at half

past but he didn't appear so today i have

given steve an extra 15 minutes to play around

on his own i have no idea what he does when it when it when i'm doing this

i sometimes wonder what he's actually doing in fact

today i know what he's doing he is in the garden

doing some repairs on one of the garden walls i'm sure he will tell us

all about it later on i bet he will be here

talking all about what he's been up to so i'm in the garden we have sunshine we

have a little bit of wind we also have rain so everywhere is a

little wet at the moment for which i apologise if

things look a little bit weird i am undercover at the moment

under my little gazebo anyway that won't change anything

i am here on sunday and of course wednesday and friday as well you can

always catch me here live on youtube i am here sunday

wednesday friday and the time is always the same 2 p.m uk time is when

i am with you so there is no excuse yes we have made it all the way to the

end of the weekend i hope you've had a good weekend

it's been a strange weekend here in england

because we are now having to adjust we are adjusting to a new way of living

i did mention this last week we are now having to wear our face masks

outside wherever we go except here of course because i'm in the

garden and i'm on my own so it doesn't really matter yes

it's sunday

it is sunday it's a fun day it's time to improve

your english

yes it is we are all here because we love the english language

you might even say that we are english addicts

welcome to today's live stream the live chat is also busy don't forget

a lot of people forget that you can actually talk live here

so that is amazing i love the fact that you are able to actually

join in live with the stream it's amazing i love

technology the one thing i don't love is my voice

i don't know what's happening today i've come out here

and already my throat is starting to hurt

because of the silly hay fever now normally we don't get hay fever when

it rains but this year i don't know why it's been

very different very different

hello there are some green finches behind me saying hello you might hear

the occasional bird fly by and make a pleasant sound

during today's live stream hopefully that will be the only sound we hear

today unlike last week we have a lot of birds flying around the

garden i'm going to show you some of the birds a little bit later on as well we

will have a look at some of the birds

sometimes only a drink of water will do and that was one of those moments

oh hello mary glau on our nose hello mary guess what you are first on

today's live chat

hip hip hooray mary is first today i hope you are feeling

good wherever you are in the world beatrice is here

welcome back beatriz nice to see you here as well

also olga hello olga i don't know why but it feels it seems

as if it's a very long time since i said hello

i haven't seen you for a while or at least it feels like it

anyway we also have rosa flower espoire is here as well jarvis

hello jarvis new in watching as well i think you might be in vietnam

i think so rosa we also have sujin hello tsujin also

anna kobe thomas luis mendes is here today saying hi

to everyone wherever you may be hello lewis nice to see you back also

carl ed and oh pedro benmont hello pedro belmont

i think the pigeons are attacking me i think so did you see that

i'm sure that pigeon was trying to attack me then

what is going on the pigeons the pigeons are going crazy at the

moment i will tell you why it is a little bit rude but the pigeons

at the moment are all very excited because now we are at the

peak the peak of summer you see so

all of the pigeons those that haven't mated are now desperately

trying to find someone to raise some baby pigeons with isn't that lovely

so they have become a little bit excited it's rather like being in the nightclub

have you ever been to a nightclub and yeah and you go there you hope that

maybe you will meet someone however towards the end of the night as the

night club is preparing to close everyone gets a little bit desperate we

start looking around is this someone here oh no i only have

another 20 minutes and then the nightclub is closed

oh no i have to find someone to say hello to

so that is what is happening now here in my garden with the pigeons

so the pigeons are all very excited they want to they want to get together

with someone else but they're looking for someone so it is a

little bit like that the last half an hour

of a nightclub before it closes everyone is getting a little bit

desperate they are looking they are searching they are trying to find

someone to build a nest with that's what's happening now in my garden

hello clau hello to you as well

i think you are also in vietnam i think so also kawa

kawabing hello to you how have you been

also we have irene also palmyra is here

nuen van heep i have been waiting to watch your live

stream for a while i had some messages yesterday

asking mr duncan where are you now don't forget on saturday i like to

have a rest i have to have one day each week

where i can actually relax and rest and saturday at the moment is my rest

day so for those who were wondering where i

was yesterday i was not on yesterday i don't do saturdays

so that's that's my my routine at the moment so you can catch me every

day except saturday during july

oh and this is the final week of july the final full week of july yes july

we'll soon be saying goodbye and we will be saying

a big robust hello to august and of course next month august

will also be my birthday as well next month

oh and guess what we are actually going to

do a live stream next month on my birthday

i will be here with you on my birthday anyway

enough of that because we are a long way from the 12th of august it is still a

long way away hello jaendra

jaendra batar who says i am watching in nepal and this is the first time

to join your great live stream hello jaendra and welcome

and a big hello to you in nepal nice to see you here it is always nice

to welcome a new viewer so i hope you will relax

i hope you will enjoy all of this we are i like to think that we are like a big

family a big family coming together

for for a reunion on sunday isn't that nice hello katherine

hello to you as well also we have amin hello amin

welcome as well nice to see you here wow we have a very busy live stream already

i can see lots of people already joining today oh we are doing quite a few things

today we have the sentence game coming today

yes we will be playing the sentence game using the letter

d so today we are using the letter d d

for duncan d for dynamic

d for dashing dashing oh i am like

your handsome prince i've come to break the spell

d for delicious like a big fresh crumpet

covered with butter and jam d so that is today's sentence game we

are playing the sentence game today also we'll be looking at some idioms

connected to a certain part of your body

mr duncan we are very interested to find out what part of the body

you will be looking at closely well if you've seen the thumbnail you

will know you will know already also some strange

words if we have time i will try to

have a look at some strange words as well

as i mentioned also we have mr steve coming on

to the live stream i don't know what he's doing

at the moment i have a feeling he's doing some work in the garden

just behind me so if you hear some strange sounds

or maybe some strange screams that will be mr steve

injuring himself probably we also have oh hello to mikhail mikael

is here oh by the way can i say a big thank you

i have a special thank you to make right now yes thank you very

much to edda maria

thank you very much for your kind donation that i received

yesterday afternoon i was notified that i was was receiving

a lovely donation thank you very much edda maria

i hope i pronounced your name correctly and don't forget if you want to make a

donation you can you can make a small donation

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then feel free don't hold back don't stop yourself thank you once again edda

maria tanon for your kind donation

and yes you are more than welcome to make a donation don't forget

everything i do i do for free so all of my time is given

for free including this even this is free it doesn't cost you

anything isn't it amazing it's free you can sit

you can watch all of my recorded lessons as many times as you want

i'm in the garden today you might notice the sun

is now out the sun is now shining you can see it

shining on my hand so yes we do have some sunshine

at the moment however that can all change

at any moment the weather is very strange yesterday

would you like to have a look at the weather yesterday

this was the view from my studio window yesterday oh

dear so that was the view yesterday from my window we had

some of the most ferocious storms some really wild storms yesterday

lots of lightning lots of thunder and incredibly heavy rain

and it went on for ages so there was the view yesterday

lots of black clouds were hanging over the house

however today things are looking a little bit they are looking a little

little bit better slightly better today which is lovely muhammad ahmed

hello today there are feet idiom and i think it is a very good lesson

today well don't judge me until the end although

you are more than welcome to give me a lovely like

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i feel as if i really need my water today

i need to drink as much water as possible today i have a feeling

don't forget of course i should also mention that you can have live

captions as well press c like that there it is

press c on your keyboard just press c you don't have to enter it

you don't have to enter it on the live chat just press c

and captions will appear as if by magic i love it i really do

can't be bad as we say so steve will be coming up later on oh

by the way as i mentioned earlier we have to now wear

our face masks if we go out i'm not very good at this by the way

i will try

i will try to put my face mask on there we go

i don't think that's right that does not feel right

i don't know why come on mr duncan you can do it

you're a professional

so there you go i'm wearing my face mask but i have a horrible feeling i'm

wearing it upside down that doesn't feel right so we we've been

told in the uk that we now have to wear our face masks if we go shopping

or in fact if we go anywhere we have to wear

our face masks there are some interesting words that you can use of

course if you have to do something we can say

that it is mandatory mandatory

so if something is mandatory it means you must

do it you must do that thing it is mandatory

it is something that you have to do you are required

to do it obligatory is another word let me take this off oh my goodness

oh it feels like i'm being suffocated i'm not a big fan of wearing masks but

at the moment it it is mandatory if you go

to a shop or maybe if you are sitting on a train

and you are near lots of other people they have decided that it is mandatory

obligatory compulsory required needed

so all of those things mean that there is something that you must do

you are required to do it you must do that thing mandatory

so there is a word that is being used quite a lot at the moment a lot of

people are using that particular word mandatory

obligatory compulsory something is required or needed

a thing you must do and of course we have the opposite

as well discretionary something that is discretionary is

your choice so if you feel that you need to do something you will however

there is a lot of confusion at the moment here concerning face masks

because some people don't want to wear them they feel that

they cover their faces too much they feel as if

they are being trapped behind the mask so it is it is very debatable at the

moment but the government have said that they

want to make it mandatory to wear a face mask in the supermarket

or in the shop if you are somewhere where there are many people together

i will give you the words again mandatory

obligatory compulsory required something is needed

and the opposite is discretionary discretionary which means you have a

choice whether you do it or not so i hope that

helps you some interesting words today coming up

we have a lot of words some new words

some strange words we also have the sentence game

as well and in around about 10 minutes hopefully hopefully

i really do hope he will be here we are supposed to have mr steve

here in around about 10 minutes from now so don't go away it's english addict it

is the place for you to improve your listening skills

on a sunday afternoon yes and we are live normally every two hours

so two hours every sunday we are live right here on


so now there is no excuse for not knowing

once again the live chat very busy andy starr

hello andy hello also tawan you win son hello to you as well

very nice to see you here on the live stream today valentina

fatty hello fatty discretionary well discretionary means

something that is your choice if you feel that you want to do something or

you need it you can do it it is your discretion

you can do it you can make your own choice about that

apparently yes the situation is always changing for example

people now returning from spain so if you are on your holiday

in spain and you've traveled from the uk if you return to the uk after your

holiday you must now go into quarantine for 14 days

so this is something that was announced yesterday the government here have

decided that you must now go into quarantine if you come back

from spain a lot of people not very happy

with that decision can you imagine it so there you are you have your lovely

holiday for two weeks you go into the sunshine you sit on the

beach you have lots of lovely food and then when you get back home you have

to lock yourself away in quarantine not very nice

not very nice at all

lewis says mr duncan when you wear your face mask

you look like a bank robber well that's the interesting thing that's

another interesting thing isn't it identity

so maybe if you are walking around and perhaps

perhaps you go into the bank and you're wearing your mask

how will you know who the robbers are you won't because everyone will be

wearing masks you see so how will you know who the

robbers are who who who is about to rob your bank

you won't know because everyone will be wearing masks

and it will be very hard to identify them

hello jade welcome jade i am in the garden today

you win you win van heep says the pandemic returns to vietnam and i'm

crying has it really well we are having the same situation here

where in certain parts of england there are there are lockdowns

and some people have been affected once again some

areas so yes we have a very similar situation here

collard hello collod mr duncan i'm watching you

whilst doing the ironing

i don't like doing the ironing if you are a regular viewer

you will know that i don't like doing the ironing

i always think ironing is a waste of time

however i think for women because women's clothing is often made

of more material does that make sense trousers

men wear trousers they are very easy to keep

keep smooth and uncreased however if you are wearing a

lovely dress or a frock something that uses a lot of

material i would imagine that you do have to iron

that clothing not that i know i don't know

you see because i've never i've never ironed women's clothing ever in my life

never done it never tried it maybe one day

marcia hello from brazil nice to see you here and a big hello to

everyone watching in brazil at the moment

corey says i was very exhausted yesterday because especially

my legs because of the heat oh i see where were you going were you

having a walk were you going somewhere nice

for the day yesterday inaki hello inaki if you are traveling

in your own car is it all we're also mandatory no if you are in your car

then you don't have to wear your mask however

if you are a taxi driver so if you are driving a taxi

you have to put your mask on and also if you are a passenger

so if you are in the taxi taking a taxi to a certain place

you will also have to wear a face mask so if you are in a taxicab

yes and also the taxi driver must wear a face mask also

he must also hello nid hiravey

hello to you are the fruit edible behind you yes

there are some apples can you see the apples

this year the apple tree has produced many apples this year i

don't know why but this this apple tree has gone crazy it really

has i don't know i don't know why but yes the apple tree

has produced a lot of

apples this year a lot of apples hello the optimist hello optimist i love

your name by the way because you are an optimist an optimistic person

they always look on the bright side they always have a smile on their face

they always look forward to tomorrow and they always believe that tomorrow

will be a good day so i like that i like optimistic people

hello also we have mo sen hello mo sen and also zuzika

hello zuzika is well so nice to see you all here today

i'm hoping mr steve will be with us in a few moments in around about

seven minutes mr steve will be standing right here meanwhile

i think before steve comes i think we will have a look at a couple

of strange words would you like to have a look at some strange words

whilst we are waiting for mr steve to arrive so here are

some strange english words we have more strange english words don't forget every

week i always show you some unusual strange

weird english words so let's have a look at one right now so

maybe some of these words you've heard before

maybe some of these words you are familiar with

so the first word we are looking at a very

an interesting word an unusual word is allegory

an allegory have you ever heard of allegory an allegory

is a story fable tale so a story quite often

with some sort of message or meaning so we often use

allegory to describe a story a tale fable i like that word as well so

even that word is unusual fable an allegory quite often

people think of stories biblical stories you might describe

as allegories so they are conveying some sort of meaning so not only

do they tell a story they are also conveying

some sort of message an allegory you are using a story to represent a

certain situation or maybe a certain meaning of something

allegory tomek yes tomek you are right when we talk about

allegories they are normally stories with some sort

of message or meaning

sandra hello sandra i have read the book animal farm and it is

also an allegory yes you are right so animal farm concerns

farmyard animals all living together however

you might also say that it is an allegory

of human behavior as well something something i notice here you

see because we are surrounded by animals here

in much wenlock and and it's quite interesting if you watch the animals

you will see there are many similarities in the behavior of

birds or other animals the way they behave

towards each other their their needs their greed their ways

of living so yes animal farm is is a very interesting story quite

violent and quite unpleasant very similar to

many of george orwell's stories i think so allegory here's another one

we are looking at some strange english words

until mr steve arrives he will be with us in around five minutes

prestigious i like this word a very interesting word something that

is prestigious how would you describe

that word if you are prestigious or if something is

prestigious you are saying that it is important something that is

celebrated or esteemed so the word is

prestigious you might go to a prestigious

meal or a prestigious meeting you might meet some prestigious

people so important prominent celebrated or maybe

someone with high status as well so if a person has high status

they are prestigious you might give an award to someone you

might present an award to another person so you give

them a prestigious award something that is

esteemed highly regarded something that is prestigious i like

that word i love the way it comes from your mouth prestigious

we attended a prestigious ceremony and i was given an important award

for a special award something that is prestigious i like that word

i like it a lot shall we have a look at another word

oh i like this one as well now this word is a little bit negative

it's a little negative this word but don't worry about it naysayer

have you ever heard of this word naysayer

i don't know what's going on behind me but someone is doing a very

terrible job of trying to stay invisible

steve everyone can see you naysayer

this is more distracting than last week

and naysayer have you ever heard of the word

naysayer if someone steve that might be the worst attempt

to stay hidden ever a person who is a naysayer is a person

who might be cynical a cynical person

they always look on the negative side of things

they always look on the down side or the bleak

side or maybe they they don't want to get involved

in things they often have a negative attitude

a naysayer i suppose another word would be

pessimist oh i like that word pessimist so a person who is a

pessimist always looks on the dark side or the gloomy

side they are always pessimistic they might be described as a

naysayer and of course the word nay you might notice there that is very

interesting the word nay is an old word

that means no nay so nay is another way of saying no you

are giving a negative response to something

and naysayer

we are coming up to a quarter to three here in the uk i don't know what

time it is where you are because i'm not there you see

we might have a look at some more strange words later on

we will see if we have time but right now are you ready as

promised as i promised earlier

he's on his way in a few moments prepare to give a lovely round of applause mr

steve is about to appear

on your screens

oh come on mr steve

get it together mr steve where mr steve is just adjusting himself

steve is adjusting himself oh i've just arrived

come over a bit more steve come over a bit more that's it so if you look in

front of you that is us that is so hello everybody

would you like a round of applause yes i would

thank you very much mr duncan it's lovely to be here again on this lovely

sunny summer's day it's a sunny summer's day even though it wasn't sunny earlier

it was uh it was it was peeing down

with rain yes and we're expecting more showers

this afternoon you know i wasn't expecting you to be this way round

oh okay i can turn the other way if you want

is that better yes i think everybody thinks that's a lot better

well mr duncan what i meant was that usually the view you've got the camera

the other way around and i can sneak up on you from the side

and no one can see me so i was a bit thrown a bit thrown today

all i can all i can say is you are terrible at

hiding yourself we could see you we could see you

crawling past that wasn't me that wasn't me mr duncan it was you

know it was my assistant your your assistant my assistant yes i i

can't imagine anyone ever wanting to work for you

trust me i would like a personal assistant actually me too

personal assistant someone to take care of all my

affairs my shopping uh work washing clothes

ironing that sort of thing that sounds more like a slave

click my finger oh yeah and along comes my assistant

do this do that on your way that does not sound like

an assistant that sounds like slavery i don't pay them very well

yeah so yes they'd be willing because it's me

you know yeah i i don't think that is a perk

i'm joking i thought you were my assistant mr duncan i don't think so

when i was in china by the way i had a pa really can you

yes well you need you know i did i don't know that yeah

mr duncan i've forgotten remember that lovely girl that we kept meeting

she she was actually my personal assistant

so i had i had mabel and i also had my own driver as well mr zhao

so during the school term i would have my own

driver so i could phone mr zhao and he would come and take me somewhere

or collect me if i if i needed to come back from

somewhere isn't that great i was i was like the queen i was like

the queen of china when i was living in china say the king

yes uh let's say the king right mcqueen i know what i'm saying and i know and i

know i'm right i think everybody else does as well

that's very nice so what were you doing earlier i could

hear some strange noises some clanking noises

i'll give you a clue shall i give you a clue what i was doing

earlier on is the insects all out here mr duncan yes

well we are outside well here's a clue here is a clue this looks like a weapon

it looks like something you could do a lot of damage with this

well you could but that's not what i was using it for i'm doing i'm doing my

psycho impression wait there nobody over the age of

30 will know what you're talking about what are you talking about there's been

two remakes of sorry okay there's been two remakes

of psycho psycho is a brilliant movie very i'm not

talking about i don't like having that right in front

of that to be honest let me just if there's one thing i've noticed about

mr steve over the years i know he's very clumsy duncan

you're the clumsy one with your shaking hands no you with your big banana

fingers yes i can grip anything i can crush things with my

hands anyway what have you been doing please tell us it's a trowel

this is a trowel trout pointing

there we go yes it's interesting quite often used in building work

so when you are doing building or construction

you will often use that to to pick up and spread cement

or perhaps mortar here's another clue which is what you've been doing here's

another clue oh you're just giving it all away mr

duncan i was giving people clues okay then that's

uh another device that i've been using today

it's called a hawk hawk a hawk what like the bird there we go

h a but it's about the same oh yes aluminium hawk there it is it actually

has the same spelling yes ram i like the name of the company

ram that's a really strong powerful name that's a great name i

might i might change my name to ram mr ram i i i'm i'm strong and powerful

12 it's a 12 inch aluminium hawk 12 inch yes

hawk i like 12 inches it's just the right size for a hawk

so i always thought this was called a mortar board well i no

i think there is a difference is there yes oh i don't know

because i am not a builder all i know is that is called a hall

because when you graduate from university you put one of these on your

head you put them you put one of these on

your head i've seen it yes well there may be similar but we're not going

into that mr duncan mortar board he takes over doesn't he just because

it's his show well anyway yes i had mortar on there and i was

repointing a wall okay that's what i've been doing re-pointing

and you use this to uh put the mortar on and you push it in

to the gaps and then it put you put it up against the gaps and then you push it

in off the left like that so you introduce

the mortar yes into the gap into the gap so from this because without this if you

just take it out the container it all falls out as you're doing it whereas

this way it stops it all falling onto the ground that's great

so your losses are less so this is mr steve's hawk

that's my hawk maybe it's my trowel maybe next week we can have a real hawk

on the show and then we can get the hawk to sit on top of mr steve's hawk so then

we will have a hawk sitting on a hawk

just one of my many talents i've been repointing a wall

uh today mr duncan you know it's just easy for me

is it is it turn my hand to anything yes is it true that you are entering a

talent contest uh well let's not talk about that oh uh

let's not talk about that because i'm not sure that we should

okay that's all i was going to say but is it true the answer is

it's all right i don't need any more details i'm not going to cross-examine

you i'm not going to sit you down and talk

to you like prince andrew pardon i'm not going to grill you in the

same way don't worry i'm not going to question you nothing

like that about your talent show that that mr mr steve is preparing to

take part in a talent show i will i it is not britain's got talent

it is not the x factor so it's it's lower down than that but

it's still something that i think is very important

so steve is taking part in a talent show i'll win obviously but you know let's

trouble is i didn't really want to end it because

you know my standard being so high i didn't want to embarrass

uh the other entrance but i you know i just thought what the hell

are you going to do it yes definitely in ladies clothing

no no okay yes how do you spell trowel trowel i can actually write it i can

write it on here t r oh

there we go o w yeah there it is e l trowel and

now it's on the live chat i've just typed it on the live chat isn't it great

so i love this technology isn't technology amazing i think it is

jade says are you a bricklayer uh a bricklayer that well and no i'm not

i've never done any bricklaying uh but it's very it's very painful you

can develop these skills everyone can do i think a bit of

everything it's are you going to be any good at it

i mean everybody could do a bit of bricklaying couldn't they if you wanted

to but to be a professional to be able to put you know 20 bricks a

minute up or whatever they do and make it all

nice and neat that would be uh that would be a real skill

is laying a brick the same as laying an egg

that could be very painful uh no that is different so yes there we go

no i'm not a bricklayer and uh oh uh and nidara they

is eating and watching at the same time there's always somebody

every week saying that they're eating and watching us at the same time

that's fine that's fine we're you know we don't demand 100 concentration

as long as you can hear us it's just as well yes

because in two hours people are going to get hungry aren't they and

it's there are three things that happen to people who watch

my live streams they get hungry

they they get thirsty or they get tired and fall asleep and i'll

probably do all three yes uh i think you're doing them now

nisa a mason which is a a mason is somebody who works with stone

yes so uh maybe they

so they could be like putting up a cathedral using using stone

actual natural stone chipping it into shape

and uh and then making a building with it yes

so that that's a that's a real skill being a mason

uh i would imagine they do mortaring as well yes it's also

it's also a secret organization where people get together and they

they have secret handshakes like this they go oh hello

hello are you a mason yes i'm a mason as well

so have you laid any bricks today no i haven't

but i might be able to get you a good deal

on on some contracts so some people believe the masons are like a secret

organization i mean they are i i don't really believe

that they are sort of powerful or or doing anything

that they shouldn't i mean there are lots of groups aren't

there around people meet together they want to spend a bit

of time together yes they might get naked now and again

but yes it's all good clean fun well the masons

is an organization i presume it's still going you don't hear much about them

anymore it is well it is sort of secret

but you you can't just you have to be invited

to join it's a it's an organization of let's say because you have to be invited

they only want certain types of people certain types

yes they want people who are intelligent they want business leaders

people powerful people with money and influence

okay and they form this little group together and then one day you might have

done something really good in your life you might own a business that's done

very well and then you might get asked secretly would you like to come

and join our organization the masons the masons

these come along to this dark building uh

dark and uh they probably have candles don't they

i think you have to have like a ceremony uh

when you join are they naked i don't think so oh okay that's i'm i'm not

interested my father was our my father was asked to join really uh

and you're not supposed to reveal to anyone

that you're in this organization don't you don't you haven't still got it don't

you have a secret tattoo or a ring on your finger or something like that

i think you have secret sort of signs yes i was a secret handshake you think

oh hello hello

wouldn't be that obvious mr duncan okay uh

but uh yes my father asked was asked to join

um because he was very intelligent to my father

uh i've obviously taken after him uh but uh he didn't tell me much about it

because you're not supposed to mention it okay he got bored with it

really it doesn't sound very exciting

you never get tired mr duncan i never get tired no

he does he falls asleep all the time but me i have bags

and bags of energy i'm like that little bunny rabbit

do you know that bunny rabbit on the on the advert

people won't know about that yes they will

people who are learning english know about the world

in things you know you know advert for batteries yes batteries you know the

little bunny the duracell bunny it has lots and lots

of energy i'm very uncomfortable i'm like that i'm

just like i'm i'm like a i'm like a a bunny a bunny rabbit with

batteries that are shoved up inside it the trouble

is they they were by the time this show's finished you

they've all gone flat because you do tend to crash down don't

you mr duncan i don't crave you're the you're the crasher

no you usually have a sleep don't you after this sometimes

sometimes i have a sleep during the live stream

i'm sure you are as well i heard you talking about a certain word

mm-hmm uh a negative word for people who are pessimistic

yes naysayers say it yes that's me i'm a bit of a naysayer it's true yes

steve steve is actually very similar to his mother

they are they are like twins if i didn't think

or if i didn't know that steve and his mother were

mother and son i would think that they were related like

sisters or brother and sister we do have similar person

you are so similar to your mother in every way you you look on the

the dark side of things you you overreact to things

as if it's the end of the world you came out last week to me you came into the

garden and i was out here and you said oh oh

there's foam coming out of the washing machine

is exaggerating i didn't say it like that it was a little bit it was a little

bit of foam coming out it was a lot of foam okay it

was a lot of foam but it was only coming out of the top of the washing machine

yes it's all right and we know why that happens mr no you

don't you don't know why mr duncan doesn't

measure the amount of powder how many times

that he puts into the washing machine he just chucks it in

because he's too lazy to measure it and consequently we get foam everywhere i am

i'm a busy man that's why do you measure uh the foam or the liquid the foam

washing uh do you measure the swashing powder you were measuring the

foam do you measure the washing powder or the liquid that you

put into your washing machine before you use it or do you just

chuck it in so yes it's too it's too much hassle

just just take your take your liquid or your powder and just

just throw it in there you know that's all you need to do

well the manufacturers give you instructions on how much to use and the

reason they do that is because they've done a lot of

research research to make sure that if there's too

little yeah obviously your clothes weren't washed and if there's too

much you'll get foam and also it won't wash it all out of the clothes and then

you'll get reactions like you do what are you talking about

well you have complained about um irritation

on your skin from certain parts of your body

which you i think have traced to the fact that you don't

stop you put too much washing powder in and it doesn't wash out look

i have so when you get sweaty it all comes out of the clothes

i can't help it if certain parts of my body are very sensitive

i can't help it and no don't have to shave down there

what i'm joking i'm joking but yeah you should you should measure it because

um if you put too much it's all right to put too little and all that will happen

is your clothes might not wash as well but if you put

too much in because it only rinses the clothes three about three times

okay and any left on the clothes any washing powder particularly if it's a

biological washing powder okay what does that mean

that means it's got enzymes in it to to make it

more more powerful cleaning agent so it's like

eating the dirt it uses enzymes yeah like if you act your stomach

yes it's like pac-man

but if you put too much in the washing powder it won't all be washed out of the

clothes and then when you get hot it will come

out onto your skin and claws cause reactions

if you want to click away if you want to click away by the way if

you want to go and watch something else i don't blame you because i might i

might actually click i like to give advice when i'm here

brilliant what about the stubborn stains because steve i don't know if you've

noticed but steve steve's underpants sometimes have

strange stains on them and i have to stand there and i have to rub them for

ages wash them so instead of doing that

because it takes too long to get all of the stains out of mr steve's underpants

so instead i just throw them in the washing machine and i put lots and lots

of liquid and also washing powder in there

and maybe a little bit of disinfectant as well just to make sure that

all of those horrible stains when mr steve has a crash landing

i don't know what you're talking about i'm very clean everywhere

the optimist has asked us several times and we better answer it

uh where did we meet and how do we become a nice couple

well we met 30 years ago 31 in a nightclub almost 31 years ago

on my birthday we actually met in a nightclub

and it was 20 minutes before it closed so we were both very desperate you see

you know i mentioned this earlier about the pigeons the pigeons are doing the

same thing it's a little bit like when the

nightclub is about to close and there's only like 20 people left

inside and and everyone's looking for someone to grow i wasn't like that

mr duncan are you saying that i was saying

i was a last resort maybe i was uh maybe i was like the last turkey in

the shop her fan says if the clothes are dried

well there won't be a pr irritation that's true but the problem

is if you get hot and sweaty in your clothes then that moisture will

come off your skin onto the clothes and then it will

dissolve some of the residual powder so it's really got

people going this house anyway it is a known thing that

particularly you anyway let's not go into it

let's not go at double entendre let's not go into it

i couldn't say we're too long we are up to our next

in it i spent too long talking about the problems of putting too much washing

powder into your washing machine okay then shall we move on

it would be nice i'm sure i have a feeling there are people

all over the world now waiting for us to move on to something else

hey guess what we're playing the sentence game this is live today

are we is this live anonymous anonymous is this live is this live yes it's live

yes it's live yes it's live is it live now still it's live and now

and now and now and now good now it's live

it's still live now and now

and now as well it's this is live as well

and this this is live and this in fact everything everything from now

on unless i say otherwise if i say that

this isn't live you will know it's not live but now it

is live this is this is live now isn't it definitely

definitely so yes the answer to your question is yes it is live

anonymous says do you speak like an estuary

an estuary well steve has a mouth like an estuary

it's very large and lots of things flow out of it

and sometimes flow into it hello mr duncan and to you

i'm sorry i i just love the comments on here today they're brilliant

let's just there are quite a lot of uh comments today

soul dad says hello mr duncan hi to you gays i i think you mean guys

well maybe not maybe not i must say look valentina

understands i'm getting fat valentina understands

that you have to measure your washing powder i think i'm getting

fat people have been telling you for years

mr duncan what's this i've got i've got some weird thing now underneath

well if you do that you will have it won't you you're not supposed to do

that people are very self-conscious now aren't they but

working from home having to use uh video conferencing

zoom teams uh all these other remote ways of viewing

uh people are very self-conscious about how they look

uh because the lighting's often quite harsh yes uh people

go to all sorts of extremes to look good on the camera

when when they're when they're in work events uh

so yes uh of course we don't have to it's going to rain mr duncan yes it's

okay we are undercover i know but i just thought i good job

i've covered up the uh cementing work that i've done so

steve now has wet cement so he's having to cover

it because if it rains it will all wash

away and there will be no more cement yes that's a problem you if you do any

any cementing you you mustn't let it get wet for at

least 24 hours anonymous anonymous says oh my god i

can't believe you're still on youtube back when i was

in high school i'd been watching your videos and now

i'm a college graduate already hello anonymous anonymous yes i'm still

here 14 years ago i started i started st

even steve surprised and he knows me yes 14 years i've been doing this for

goodness sake so how old are you now anonymous

anonymous i mean we're guessing we're guessing probably 20 well maybe

older uh when i was in high school i was

watching all videos well a college graduate will be at 20

21 lately yes okay yes yeah she was in high school so 14 years ago

yes she would have been very young and did you learn anything from mr

duncan and don't forget when you get a a good

job uh and you're earning lots of money you can repay mr duncan with a nice

donation yes well we're only joking it's getting wild

mr duncan it is and that's that's just us that's just us

it's not even the weather but there is a huge storm coming this afternoon

so we are going to be in here in our little gazebo

whilst the storm blows all around us so there is a big storm on the way

look look look in the distance steve everything's blowing

andy starr says look get back oh look at that

is that a forward view that is yes into the distance right now

so you can see there is rain in the distance this is all secure mr duncan

me too uh andy stars says i never use the washing machine

i do it by hands so yes uh well uh yeah i yes if you if you uh uh do you live on

your own or do you have uh you live with somebody else because i

think if you live on your own that's what i used to do i used to do it

by hands and uh and then just wring it out and

stick it on a radiator uh which you can do if you're on

if you're on your own to use a washing machine you'd have to have a lot of

clothes because otherwise you'd only be putting small amounts into the washing

machine so you've got you'd have to have a lot

of clothes to wait until there was a big enough load to put in

to make it worth your while what's happened what what have you done to my

live stream you're talking about washing yes back to

washing again oh for goodness sake how boring well i never do any ironing

no we never do ironing we never do iron ink no

ironing who irons i think women have to iron though i mentioned this earlier

i think women have to iron because their clothing has a lot more material

uh i learned a lot from you it says anonymous

oh my god oh my god thanks a bunch wow thank you very much anonymous

anonymous we'd like to know what your real name is well he's

anonymous i know but we'd like to know that's his name

he's anonymous all right yes

interesting song i don't know life is like

sorry do you know that song there oh yes life life is life

life is life

life is life who's that bad i can't remember

i was hoping you wouldn't ask it's uh it's got a very distinctive i think it's

a male voice yes but it's a group of people and

and the performance is live it's a live performance

it was a very big hit a long time ago in a galaxy not so far away

uh jade says mr duncan mr steve are you the same age

thanks a lot no no he's considerably younger

he is older than me he's just to give you an idea he's now in the

danger the danger category for for c v 19

and i'm not you see not in the danger he's in the high risk group

i'm fit and healthy mr duncan every night i have to put him into a big

polythene bag just in case i can't believe this says

anonymous i came across your video today so you

used to watch us years ago and now you've come across us and found

us again well it's a bit bit like walking along

the road and falling into a manhole cover

so a manhole because the cover is missing so you just fall

into it and then you find yourself swimming along

in sewerage and that's it really it's a bit like this this is what it's like

well now you've found us please don't go away again

please stay with us please well i'm here every sunday mr duncan's here every day

yes except saturday so i have to have at least one i have to have it off on

saturday so i do don't i every saturday

yes you have saturday off so that we can just catch up on

jobs watch a bit of tv um because you can't be working every day

can you i can't be working every day because it would kill me

you did do it though didn't you during um go on

was it april i think it was wasn't it april i did

every day but that was during lockdown you see because everyone

no one had ever anything to do during lockdown

we all had nothing to do so during april i was here every day

my god it's quarter past three and we haven't even done this sentence game we

haven't even played the sentence game and also we're going to look at some

foot idioms let's have a look at some idioms very

quickly to do with feet shall we oh feet yes because we're going

to feet my feet are aching already standing here mr duncan

a lot of people stop complaining a lot of people need to make some adjustments

yes that's better i need to make an adjustment i mean i need to adjust this

and change it for another human being that would be nice

you're stuck now mr duncan 30 years 30 going nowhere 31 years 31 years you

don't get that for murder you don't even go to prison for for 31

years if you murder someone well i met somebody yesterday that i know

okay and she said to me that today she's celebrating her

50th wedding anniversary imagine being married for 50 years uh

and i said how much she didn't look any but i

thought she's got to be joking i said did you say 15 she said no 50.

50. and without a word of a lie i mean she must have been married quite young

because she said she's 69 now 69 my my lucky number

so she was obviously married around 1819

yeah that's correct

so she was married quite young so that's a very success but she didn't look

anywhere near 69. i mean she just looked i would have said at least 10 years

younger at least um okay

well that was a good story i enjoyed this andy wants to start the sentence

game we can't we can't play the sentence game

just yet we are going to look at some idioms to do with feet now

mr steve has lovely feet do i my feet

are ugly i have the world's ugliest feat i don't mind admitting it it is true

my feet will probably one day have its own

documentary you know those documentaries with people who've got like

i don't know a deformity a chair instead of a head

or or maybe they they they they are 19 feet tall

those sort of things so one day they will make a documentary about my really

big feet would you describe it as a deformity it

is a it is a deformity i'm always trip i'm always tripping up i'm joking i used

to joke we used to have a we used to have a joke with each other

do you know the cartoon the pink panther the pink panther

pink panther pink panther and uh well pink panther has very thin legs

and big feet yeah just like me and his body

it mr duncan's shape i mean it's changed over the years


when i first met you you looked like a human pink panther

i did i was very tall gangly tall and gangly with big feet in fact

your feet i would say the toes are so long they look like

fingers so if you ever lost a finger you could cut off one of your toes and

sew it on and no one would know the difference what if i lost a hand

would you just put my foot there it wouldn't be very easy to type with

with a foot where your hand should be and then once

again i would be on the documentary you see

you see so i can't win whatever i do i'm going to end up

having a documentary made about me and my weird body

no it's just well i think because you are tall obviously

nature has given you big feet so that you can stand upright and not fall over

that's it that's why you see you were you were

made to do live streams because you've got

such big feet the weight is distributed evenly and you

can stand up for hours and hours on end without any discomfort yes and

uh so really this deformity that you have let's call it

let's call it what it is a deformity yes i am deformed

in many ways has uh is benefiting you today yes all those years

you thought i don't want these big feet they're horrible but now

they've come into their own they have shall we have a look at some feet idioms

here's one steve put your foot in it what what does it

mean when you put your foot in it it means you you do something

silly you do something that makes you look a

bit silly some sort of maybe mistake

mistake oh that's the word i was looking for yes well done mr steve

you you win a prize you might say something

um you might be having a conversation with somebody

and you might give something away that was a secret steep like steve

which i would always do yes you've got a big mouth and

uh well for example there could be three of you

talking away and one of them told you last week that they were getting married

but they wanted to keep it a secret yeah and then you were with a group of people

and you say oh oh you're getting buried aren't you next

sorry oh i've put my foot in it haven't i so to put your foot in it means to

make a silly mistake you make a silly mistake you put your

foot in it i've really put my foot in it i wasn't

supposed to say that but i have and now everyone knows my secret

they all know about my sensitive body parts i really put my foot in it

i wish i i wish it was my foot it's normally you reveal

a secret that someone's told you and you you

accidentally reveal it okay here's another one of other people

here's another one to get a foothold on something foothold on something yes

yeah to to to to actually get well literally

to to actually grip onto something that's it

yes let's have a look is it am i right yes i don't know let's have a look

reveal to take control of the situation or the

great grip of something so literally you could be i'm taking a

foothold on mr duncan uh or you could be climbing and you get

a foothold just something to support you to help

you climb maybe literally or as you say take control of a

situation you get a foothold on something it's

another one we'll have what we'll have a couple of

more and then we're doing the sentence game the sentence game is coming up

everyone so don't worry the sentence game is

coming to get cold feet somebody mentioned to get cold feet

now who mentioned to get cold feet mohammed ahmed the

hammer did somebody else did as well i think

uh but yes no yeah exactly mohammed's mentioned that to get cold feet

that means you have a change of heart uh you for example

i have decided that i'm going to enter this

uh talent competition tell that competition but then as

as it gets closer and closer to the day i might get more and more nervous and

think think of pulling out and not doing it

and mr duncan might say are you getting cold feet

in other words are you thinking about not doing what you said you were going

to do you might be you might have said you're

going to get married and then as the wedding day

gets close you think i don't think i want to to marry that person after all

ooh dude i think i'm getting cold feet so you have a change of heart

to lose courage or to back out of something

yes you lose courage you back out you change your mind

you want to do something maybe mr steve wants to

enter the talent contest but maybe then he he

has cold feet he gets cold feet he decides to not do it he loses

his courage he will back out he will change

his mind nissa's uh feet are swollen swollen up why very

sorry yes are you pregnant yes because pregnant

women when women get pregnant everything gets

bigger including your feet so i've heard

uh marcia says that their feet are very ugly

well we're very most i mean you know most people uh aren't fond of feet are

they there are some people that have got a

bit of a the word is fetish isn't it mr zunken there are some people

that uh have a have a

natural unnatural i would say it was unusual

attraction to people's feet they get they get

turned on or excited when they see sexually

okay they never see i managed to avoid saying that and then you just say it

well if we we're talking about or you know if we're talking about feet we've

got to talk about all aspects yes so some people like like feet very

much they actually they actually want to be near feet i

don't know why because feet are the most disgusting

things ever they they go inside your sweaty

socks well i presume and then they they go inside your sweaty shoes

and you walk around and then you take your your socks off and they stink

and then someone wants to be near them well maybe you wash them first i don't

know i i've never come across anybody who's what's that

all about fetish a fetish what does that mean

fetish means something something that you are

especially attracted to or something that gives you excitement

where some people might think was unusual yes

well fetish is the the thing that you you can't stop yourself from having or

or doing it's something that draws you so maybe you see a pair of

feet and perhaps you you want to be near them

if you like feet very much i i i really can't understand why anyone

would want to be near someone else's feet well we might have

people watching now who are fond of feet yes

and we don't wish to be appearing discriminatory no i'm not discriminating

you know if if it floats your boat if your boat is floated by stinky feet

and you like to lick them and suck them and whatever you want to do with them

it's fine by me whatever you do in your own time is your own affair

however disgusting it might be however disgusting it might be

right so another foot idiom and then we will have the sentence game

are you ready to be on your toes to be on your toes on your toes

are you on your toes on your toes that means uh mr duncan that you are you're

ready for action yeah i think you're on your toes you're you're ready

you're ready to do something uh you're excited a little bit a little

bit more definite than that though imagine

a mere cat okay have you ever seen a meerkat

i've seen the advert they meer cats they always

like that do you want to give me a cat come on mr steve

we're like two mere cats

do you want to buy any insurance no one's going to get that reference

see now why not that is based in the uk because that is a uk company well but

some people you say that people knew about the the the the battery

advert the jurisdiction because duracell is a worldwide

company well compare the market might be worldwide as well compare the

market is a uk based company which we've just promoted

so we wait for the check by the way um comparethemarket.com

you owe us a hundred thousand pounds and also duracell

now duracell you are a big multinational company

so i think maybe half a million for you okay

so half a million from duracell and comparethemarket.com

okay a hundred thousand that will do it by lena lena's off i'm not surprised uh

it's all this talk of feet yes let's put her off yes to be on your

toes oh yes we'll be doing that weren't we

to be on your toes to be on your toes are you on your toes

so like the meerkats you see you are always

what what's what's going on what's going on mr duncan what happened there

it's like a technical hit was that us moving or that

we're not on your toes are you but mr duncan i don't know during this live

stream i don't know what that were on your toes that wouldn't have happened

to be ready and alert ready and alert you're always ready like meerkats

yes ready for action so somebody if you're going to do a

presentation your boss wants to do your presentation he might say are you on

your toes are you ready ready to do something to

be ready alert you've got a bit of adrenaline

going um yes yes yes indeed to be on tiptoes is

the same meaning says marietta to be on tiptoes means you are

treading carefully or you're doing something in a careful way you don't

want to upset anyone so you are on your tiptoes you

are walking on your tiptoes i suppose you could also you could also

say walking on eggshells as well so you are trying not to upset

or annoy anyone you are walking on eggshells you are being very careful

of what you say so it is different it is different yes

walking on tiptoes you you don't want to upset anyone you're being very quiet

uh but if you are uh what was it what's the one we were doing

mr duncan no i've forgotten it already what what's the one we were doing on

your tiptoes yes that one so if you're on your toes that

means you're ready for action yes you can be light on your feet as

well yes thank you for your lessons says lena

oh hello lena sorry i didn't say hello to you earlier i'm sorry about that

little is off lena's going okay so hello and goodbye

sometimes it happens palmyra says that her husband

walks 20 to 30 kilometers every day that's a lot that's a lot that must be

go on it's about 20 miles that's about 15 20

miles something like that you walked 20 miles

is that that what what yes no there's about three

it's about two kilometers in a mile something like

that i have no idea so maybe about maybe about 10 miles yes can someone

convert that to miles for us i think it's

i think it's about two points something kilometers to a minute can someone not

convert it so maybe we'd like to know and then we can change the subject

it's probably only us that uh is measuring distance

in miles the feet are going by the way say goodbye to the feet are we done with

feet idioms we have well we have lots more but we're

running out of time because now steve guess what can you guess is it the

sentence game mr duncan

what i think mr steve we weed a little bit there

you got so excited we weed with excitement well a lot of people are

excited andy's probably just waiting for this to happen so after

three let's play

the sentence game shall we try again let's play the sentence game

oh there must be an easier way of not earning a living

i've cocked my hat mr duncan steve has cocked

i've cocked my hat ready for the cock you see we have you cock your hat it

means you have it slightly over to one side if

you've never seen my cock you are in for a treat because you are

going to see it it is going to pop up in a it's a funny color what

why did you ruin that here we go then we are playing the sentence game

and today we are using the letter d there are many words you can you can

begin with d like delicious and delicate

mr steve mr steve is very delicate he's very fragile i think i'm quite

robust yeah thank you oled

d so we are looking at words beginning with

d a couple of rules first of all i have to explain to steve

don't give the answer please don't give the answer i only did

that once i'm not testing you

so here we go the sentence game everyone are you ready to play the sentence game

because we are going to play the sentence game right now

so we are looking for words one word or maybe two words beginning with d

duncan in the sentence so let's play the first

sentence game right now it's on the screen there are two missing

words mr steve two missing words two missing words both

beginning with d both six letters long

so the sentence game six letters so we have a missing word there and a

missing word there my family something

on me to earn a something wage my family something on me to earn

a something range but what could it be that is today's first sentence game

answers english addict live this is live by the

way we're still live we're still live now

this is live as well and this and this and this

this is this is live as well that that's live

i'm live the apples in the tree they are also live

so my family something on me to earn something wage i can't think of

the first one mr duncan i can think of the second one

is the second word duncan no it isn't to earn a dunkin wade yes i

i wish one day that i would earn a dunkin wage

i'm still waiting very patiently youtube

it's not enough to retire on this is not enough it's not enough to live on

for a day did oh oh yes we've got a few d words yes oh i see

thank you oh yes we have a lured allured also we have zoe

oh we have gula gulamero or gulomero

or also zoran hmm interesting quite a few coming

through oh yes marietta my cock is ready

we are almost out of time with this one so a couple of more so we have my family

something on me to earn a something wage so my family well

if your family needs something what

would you describe it as what is they rely on you

yes they say they need you they need you rely to earn

a what so you need enough money to live so

my family something on me to earn a something wage

we are almost running out of time with this one

five more seconds

mr cock come on i love mr cockerell i really do

well uh i've got to say that marietta was the first to get both words

oh very good and marietta very good so the answer

my family something on me to earn a something wage but what is the answer

the answer yes go on the answer is

my family depend on me to get a decent wage to earn

uh my family depend on me to earn a decent wage

so depend is what steve if you depend on something rely

they rely on you that's it you have to do it

so you need that person maybe in your life or you need them to help

you or you need them to to give you

something for example in this sentence a decent wage so when something is

decent it is appropriate so the wage

that you think you deserve would be a decent wage

i depend on you for a decent wage

you might have to wait a bit longer steve well um

co-lord i think he'll say colon don't be abusive

says depend and double oh so that double would fit a double wage a double

byte double wage would be lovely so yeah that would fit definitely

i would be grateful for a single wage to be honest or even half

a wage that would be very nice thank you youtube youtube i'm talking to you

youtube a lot of people have used the word

demand that's the first word and that

grammatically wouldn't be correct no you don't demand on a person

you you can demand something you can demand

an action but you can't demand on someone so you don't demand on

you might put pressure on so you might say there if we didn't

worry about the word my family put pressure on me

to earn a decent wage so if you put pressure on someone it means you are

forcing them to do it or you are putting a lot of pressure

onto them you are putting pressure on someone

a number yes so grammatically demand wouldn't be correct

no that wouldn't fit in with the with the phraseology

a lot of people got the uh got that in the end

so well done well done everyone next one we are playing the sentence game we have

another 23 minutes 23 minutes left

and then we are going mr steve is going to make a tea cake and a cup of tea

quickly anna kobe says does it depend or depends

depend they depend on someone so if you depend it means that is

actually the thing you are doing you depend

on them i know what you mean because also if you are making a choice

or maybe a possible outcome you might say

it depends which is a different thing so that refers to whether something will

happen or not maybe you have more than one

choice of an outcome or the way something will turn

out so will you come tomorrow to my party

it depends it depends if it rains or not so that's a very different usage

there yes different usage anyway let's have

another one we are playing the sentence game on a

sunday afternoon

ah uh malia nasrat says

right here's another sentence game we have nine letters and two letters

don't forget they all begin with the letter d d

for delicate d duncan duncan yes me

dense yes

do you still is that word still used i don't think i think it's a little bit

archaic yeah we don't normally say dance so

dance means a person who's not very clever a

little bit stupid yes quite often in the olden days in the

classroom they would make someone wear a pointed

hat on their head with a large d on the

front and that was there to embarrass them to

shame them in front of the other students isn't

that horrible what a horrible thing to do

but that's what they used to do they just used to make if a kid in the class

was thought to be thick they would make him wear a

pointed hat with d on the front and then everyone

would know that he's he's considered a little bit stupid

which is not very nice we are all stupid really aren't we we don't

know speak for yourself we're all stupid well we don't

we can all do stupid things we don't know everything

i know but we can all do silly stupid things at times we can all appear stupid

if you talk about a subject yes if you talk about a subject

about which you know nothing you you will seem stupid

yeah your attitude will something with nine letters your attitude will

something how well you something here two letters nine and two

so this is the new sentence game your attitude

will something how well you something here

i think this is quite an easy one in fact we are getting

we're getting some answers already straight away oh

well done a lot of a lot of correct answers can i give you a big thumbs up

well done a lot of correct answers and almost

that almost deserves a round of applause almost demonstrate is too long

yes your attitude will something so maybe if you do something

now perhaps in the future it will decide or something else

something else so that word begins with d but it's another word

much longer with nine letters you see so your attitude will something how well

you something here i think this one's quite

an easy one we'll give it five more seconds

well done wow

we are getting a lot of correct answers today

we really are

olga says i'm trying my best but i couldn't guess any proper word

but people here are so quick don't worry olga even if you don't know the words

you will still learn the words and how they are used so this

game is not to test you it is

also there for fun and also it is there to help you learn some new

words so even if you don't know these you will still learn the words anyway

demonstrators got 10 letters of sorry sorry

it is a good answer though oh your attitude will

demonstrate how well you something that would fit yeah grammatically yes

but we want nine letters nine letters nine

letters okay another five seconds and then mr

cockerell will come up and say hello five four three two


mr cockerell i think i think mr cockrell likes you mr steve

a lot of people got this so well done to everybody everybody words the answer

or answers answers plural

yes i got it right i got it right thank you and congratulations if you got

that right yes determine your attitude will determine

how well you do here your attitude will determine so when we

determine something it is almost like saying

how it will turn out or how it will progress

determine so maybe two things you might do that or that they will both

determine how well you do in the future you could you could use

the word decide it's not like nine letters but you could

use the word decide yes your attitude will decide

how well you do here so if you have the the implication being that

you need to have a good attitude a positive

attitude and then you will do well marietta says dictate that's another

good one yes your attitude will dictate

so i don't think it has the same seven number of words but

letters rather yes your attitude will dictate

how well you do here i like that very good dictate

exactly some very good answers today so how well you do

depends on your attitude and usually what you would be saying there is that

you need to have a positive attitude is what that sentence so

if you want to learn english well your attitude will determine

how well you do here yes i'm often asked how do i learn english mr duncan

and i always say your attitude is one of the most important things

so your attitude to to learning and studying and practicing will

determine how well you do with your

english learning so the way you do it your attitude

you must learn english every day you must learn some new words

every day like here that's what we're doing today we're talking about

sentences and also new words as well luca arietti sounds

very italian hi mr duncan hi mr steve nice to meet you this is the first time

i have seen you live on air wow thank you very much for joining us

and i love new viewers i think that deserves maybe

a round of applause shall we have a round of applause yes

here we go well done and welcome luca arietti thank you very much are you

italian are you italian ask steve

congratulations congratulations valentina says define you could use the

word define how well you would do that define this

synonym yes define it will show it will reveal

it will determine so they are slightly different in their

in their definitions but yes it is all one thing leading to another

so your good attitude will take you in a positive direction your bad attitude

will take you in a negative direction luca is italian ah okay we

guessed correctly yes good guess on your part here we go

another one steve because we only have coming up to 12 minutes before we go

before we go to have our tea cake here's another one ah okay then

we have seven and ten seven and ten beginning with d

u something beginning with d seven letters

an award for your ten letters beginning with d

to you your job you something an award for your something to your job

both of them beginning with the letter d d for duncan d for delicious d for

dairy dairy we are very fond of eating dairy

products such as milk and yogurt and ice cream

things like that d d you something an award for your

something to your job seven and ten

oh that's a bit trickier mr duncan that's a little

tricky well sometimes i make them easier and sometimes i make them a little


yes ah well abdul's very quick uh and uh anna kobe

very quick two suggestions okay for the first word well done we have

some answers coming through done yes


oh well done well done zoo zika so zeke nice to see you back by

the way you've got two words that definitely fit

but are they the right ones

oh luke luke lucas says i often follow the recorded lessons but today i have

much more time because i'm on holiday you are very lucky i hope you enjoy your

holiday i i i feel as if we need a holiday

well we've got friends in uh italy uh and we have been invited from the

past okay we met them on a work do a few

years ago oh yes that was last year it was yes it feels

like a few years ago i can't remember her name offhand oh okay i'll try and

remember her name it's not important well i want to

remember it because it's an interesting name

uh but it was interesting to me anyway carry on but but no one else

you something an award for your something

to your job seven and ten i think the first one might be easy

we are getting some correct answers coming through now

we are sujin yes good suggestion for the last word lewis uh irfan

richard valentina helene dude

we've already mentioned paolo beatrice


lots of suggestions you're cleverer than me because i couldn't think of a

i couldn't think of it mr duncan oh okay i i

it just it does depend i mean sometimes if you if you're

thinking of certain words the other word might not appear in your head and this

is one of the things about learning english and using english

sometimes even for us sometimes there is a word we want to say

and it it is a word we know but we can't we can't find it

in our brain it does happen sometimes your brain freezes this is like a

crossword puzzle yes it is a bit like that yeah it's a

crossword puzzle i've never been very good at crosswords

no my father used to do very very

complicated cross crosswords we've got a paper in england called the

the times and it's a it's a the cross words in the

times newspaper are renowned for being very

very difficult yes and my father used to do them and often

get them right okay used to take him about a week but he did

go now

had a very high vocabulary vocabulary i can't say the word vocabulary

vocabulary oh it's a difficult word to pronounce

ironically ironically the word vocabulary

vocabulary i can't mr duncan i can't pronounce my words today this is a great

place to come if you want to learn english

if i can't pronounce it how can i expect to teach the

pupils i think

you should hang your head in shame okay that's it time's up

you something an award for your something to your job

so zika was first to get both of them okay i haven't i haven't had time is up

yet oh you are jumping the cock well the

cock hasn't come up yes here he comes wait you should

recognize it don't you know what a cock is

it's one of these

it's getting very close to you i think it likes you i think that cockrell

likes you i think so hardly surprising he's only human you something

an award for your something to your job yes we did quite

get quite a few quite a few and the answer is

here it comes right now i like the way steve jumped there

when the cockroach i thought you jumped when the cockrell came off

that's just so sorry i just something else is going on here you see and it's

funny when steve reacts to it

the answers are faster mr duncan okay we've got seven minutes the answer is

bing well done ezekiel was first lots of people got at least one if not

both of the words you deserve you deserve

deserve you deserve an award for your dedication to your job

your dedication so if you're talking about yourself

no i'm not but thank you steve all the same thank you it's very kind steve

thinks i deserve an award isn't that nice i think you have had one

haven't you i haven't oh no i'm still waiting for my play

button oh hello youtube youtube it's me again

yeah that that stupid english guy i'm sorry

could you please send me my play button that you were supposed to send me

many years ago i still i still haven't got my play button

my silver one and when i get to a million subscribers can i also have my

golden one as well so i want my silver and my

golden play button you owe me them you owe me

those play buttons at least one of them anyway

the silver one come on where's my prize where's my award 14 years

what do i have to do do i have to get on my my hands and knees

and beg for my silver play button

yes luca i do like italy it's it's one country in europe i've never

been to though so i would love to go you deserve

an award for your dedication dedication so the the time and the effort the

the attention that you give to something you dedicate your time your effort

you dedicate yourself to a certain thing i think we've got time for

one more one more so we're gonna have one more and then

we're going we only have five minutes steve

i think today has gone very fast very fast

so here's the final one of our sentence game

today it's gone very quickly

today's final sentence game they something

that you make a something soon

begins with d two words yes both begin with d d for

can you think of a word that begins with d i suppose delicious

delicious we've had delicious we've done delicious a lot there have been a lot of

delicious things delightful we are going to eat

some delicious tea cakes in a moment aren't

we we'll be finished here we are

so they something that you make her something soon six

and eight letters this is the final one today there's a lot of

comments today mr duncan marietta says i can't keep up with them all

marietta says what is the play button well a play button is something you

press when you want something to play on a

machine a dvd player or maybe on your computer

however youtube gives awards to people who reach a certain number of

subscribers and and many people get them but i

haven't had mine so i'm supposed to have a silver play

button that they send you and it's lovely it's in a little frame

and it says congratulations mr duncan well done

you've got yes well done but no haven't and i and soon when i

eventually reach 1 million subscribers i will get a gold

button a gold one wow

helene is going because she's saying goodbye because her husband

is waiting for coffee and cake well yes i should

think so by the way luca my friend in italy

uh is called juicy sorry juicy which is uh short for

juicy juicy peeny just beanie i think which is very similar to a

giuseppe oh i see which is a male name isn't it a

name for a man in italy is giuseppe so juicy is like a

nickname a nickname okay then so they shorten the

name to juicy so i think her full name is giuseppina giuseppina

uh like giuseppe but giuseppina i think am i correct lucas so it's the female

version i think it is the female version of

giuseppe i think i think it's quite a common name as well

giuseppe well i had a friend who whose parents were italian and his

name was uh was giuseppe giuseppe thank you

my brain is going already the name we said 20 seconds ago

yeah yes so they something that you make us something soon shall we play the

sentence game before we go yes okay so we have we have us a few

coming through but oh yes oh we are no i i can't see any

oh yes i can see a couple of correct answers i can see a couple of correct

answers yes oh luka's very quick yes luca

also we have avent aveno yes aveno cadini

yes yes very good very good bye helen bye helena

see you later don't forget i am here tomorrow

what what what am i doing to myself you know one day i'm going to drop dead

doing this i will just die and on my my on my death

certificate on my death certificate it will say

cause of death youtube that will be the official cause

when i dropped dead from doing this too many times

tiring myself out yes i am here tomorrow tomorrow

2 p.m uk time not this though it will be different it will be one of

my extra english live streams don't forget everything i

do i do on sunday

wednesday and friday from 2 p.m uk time so that is what i'm normally on

however during this month i'm doing some extra

live streams extra can you believe it i'm doing extra

live streams i love maria's full name maria giovanna

la rosa it's such a lovely name and also i like the way you roll your

arse i can occasionally roll my arms occasionally it's four o'clock right

then so here's the answer here's the answer

we've got to be quick the answer is the sentence game the

final one today they something that you make us something soon

six and eight mr cockerell for the final time

do your thing have you enjoyed the cock being very

close to you it's getting boring mr duncan is it oh

sorry sorry about that

well that was honest maybe too honest so here is the

answer to the question or should i say the sentence game

we have two and the answers are bing

yes demand decision they demand that you make a

decision soon so if you demand something it means you want it now

you are asking maybe in a strong or maybe angry way you demand something

you want it i demand my silver play button

marcia has said desire oh okay zuzika sorry as well as said

desire and decision yes they desire that's

desire would fit well done but desire is a little more is a little

softer and more gentle but it would fit yes so desire is

yes you want it but but you're not in a hurry you desire something

but demand is you you're thumping the table with your fist

but you didn't state that it had to be a you know

very forceful oh no it doesn't matter that's right yeah

i would fit it just happens that that's what it is

decisions said that as well decision is just the thing that you decide on so

maybe the conclusion or maybe the thing that you decide on

maybe a choice that you have you make a decision you come to a

decision and that's it steve we're done we're

done we're done we are out of here inito yes

it is time to say goodbye you almost seem relieved

are you relieved no well my my calves are aching mr poor mr steve's

calves because i'm standing at a weird angle

you are although that's nothing new so we're off

for our our tea and tea cakes yes tea cakes they

are delicious if you've never tried a tea cake

i suggest you get on a plane right now go to the airport

drive to the airport get on a plane come here

and and you can have a delicious tea cake

absolutely lovely but don't forget also you have to wear your mask

as well you have to wear your mask i'm going to say arrivedecci oh okay

very nice oh yes that's the only two i know

sayonara goodbye yes sayonara does that mean go to sleep i'm not sure

but uh lovely to see you all and see you all hopefully

next sunday that's very nice mr steve bye-bye

mr steve is going look at that wasn't that slick

did you notice the way we did that i moved across as mr steve went away

very slick and professional really is so don't forget i'm back tomorrow i hope

you've had a good day jade says it's fantastic

thank you very much i hope you've enjoyed this live stream

live from the garden some people say is it real is that real behind you yes

it is i will prove it i will go over to the apple tree

and i will try to get an apple from the tree

okay i will do it now now i'm going to do it now okay

i'm going over to the apple tree all right you see

come on

there you see it is live there is a live apple

on my live stream i will do my impression now

oh oh what a pain oh ow

ow oh my head oh yeah wow

oh mommy

catch you tomorrow i am with you tomorrow

i am a little bit tired bye to all my friends see you later

luis i am with you tomorrow from 2pm uk time this is mr duncan in the

birthplace of english saying thanks for watching thanks for

joining me here today and i will see you tomorrow from 2pm

uk time with my extra english live stream see you later

alligator see you in a while crocodile and of course until the next time we

meet whenever it may be you know what's coming next

yes you do there's a spider on my finger look

the spider hello mr spider say hello to my viewers

can you see the spider there is a spider on my finger hello

mr spider hello goodbye everyone goodbye everybody

from mr spider


and of course until the next time we meet here on youtube you know what's coming next yes you do

to tar for now