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Do you find yourself getting down about your body image?

Sometimes looking great on the outside can really boost your confidence on the inside,


But did you know there are ways you can boost your self image right now?

In today’s video we’re gonna show you some tricks to help you feel great about yourself.

Is it really as easy as reframing the way you think?

Will changing the way you shop make a difference?

What about self talk?

And meditation?

We’re talking all this and more, so keep watching until the end!

#1 Start Your Day With a Positive Affirmation.

This is like a mantra.

We’re all busy and we hardly take time to slow down and take care of our mind.

It can get cluttered and cause you more stress than you need.

Not to mention all that negative talk will start to take effect on you after a while.

Instead, first thing in the morning (or whenever you can carve out time) try repeating a positive

mantra that can be really helpful to start your day on the right foot.

You won’t see the effects right away, but if you stick to it, your brain will start

to believe those kind words you’re saying.

Try saying something like “I am good, I am strong, and I am capable.”

Or it can be something small, like “Today is a new day, and my heart is open”.

Speaking of saying nice things to yourself...

#2 Cut Out The Negative Self Talk Has this kind of talk been doing you any favours


We didn’t think so.

This is a big one and it’s something that can really make a huge difference if you practice

it often.

This is different from a mantra, whenever you catch yourself saying something bad about

yourself - stop it in its tracks.

Now, we know this may be difficult at first, but many self help gurus talk about cutting

out negative self talk because it actually helps you form a better relationship with,


Let’s say it’s the start of the day, you wake up, say your mantra, and head to the


On the way there you might catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror.

Now, instead of picking yourself to pieces, try to notice something you like about yourself.

Yes, even if it’s early in the morning.

Maybe it’s how beautiful your eyes are, or how great you look in those Pajamas!

Whatever it is, make sure it’s positive.

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#3 Say The Things You Like About Yourself Out Loud

While we’re on the topic of speaking nicely to yourself, try this one out.

Whenever you’re feeling a little down in the dumps, try saying something you like about

yourself OUT LOUD.

That’s the trick, it has to be out loud.

So, if you’re shy, find a place you can be alone.

If you’re not ready to do this, you can always write these things down.

This can be a fun activity to try with friends or with your kids.

It’s a great way to help instill in them some positive self image traits.

#4 Take Self Care To a Whole New Level This doesn’t have to be a shopping spree,

or anything expensive, really.

You can do a small amount of self care every day or at least once every week.

Self care can be a nice skin care routine before bed.

You can take yourself to a movie that you’ve been waiting to see.

Or organize with your partner to take the kids one or two hours a week so you can get

some serious alone time.

Which you can spend however you like.

Read a book, take a nice long bath, get a massage.

The options are endless and the payoff might surprise you.

#5 Make What Makes You Happy a Priority Did you know that about 85% of women will

pass on a social activity they like because they’re feeling bad about how they look

and feel?

That’s an awful statistic, but it doesn’t have to be that way!

Try to find a hobby or activity that you truly enjoy.

Do you like to paint?

Then why not join a painting class?

If you enjoy reading, join a book club with a few friends!

When you’re in the moment doing something you truly love, you’ll be too focused and

forget all about the way you were feeling before.

#6 Get Rid Of “Just In Case Clothes” We all have them, those clothes you want to

wear when you’re just one size smaller.

Or they’re your “skinny jeans” that don’t fit anymore.

The best thing you can do is get rid of them, as they’ll only do your mind harm.

They will keep you in a “negative body image prison”.

So, spend an afternoon trying on clothes and donating the ones that don’t fit, or that

you just don’t love anymore.

When you have a closet filled with clothes that fit you right now, and that you enjoy

wearing, your self confidence will go way up, and you’ll feel much more comfortable.

#7 Go Shopping Some people dread shopping, but we have a

trick to make it fun!

When you’re looking for outfits, ignore the size completely.

Besides, sizes are different depending on the store anyway, so there’s no reason to

let them spiral you into a cycle of self hate.

When you go to try on something new, take 2 or 3 sizes of the same outfit.

When trying them on do not look at the tag, just try them on!

Whatever you feel fabulous in, is the one that fits.

This will instantly make you feel more confident and you’ll carry yourself much better when

you wear it.

#8 Bodies Are Like Shoe Sizes Have you ever tried to change your shoe size?

We’re guessing...you haven’t, because you can’t!

While you can exercise, eat right and maintain a healthy weight, sometimes you’ll just

never be the size you’re dreaming of, and that’s okay!

We accept our shoe size, and we don’t try to change it so thinking about your body this

way will help boost your confidence, too.

Working on acceptance is the first step towards loving your body.

#9 Exercise Because It’s Fun We’ve talked a lot about the importance

of exercising on this channel, and it’s true!

A good goal is to move your body for at least 30 minutes each day.

So you may as well enjoy it.

Research shows that exercising can have a direct positive impact on your self esteem.

Most of us know that exercising is good for us, but the motivation to do it is sometimes


If you change your perspective, and do some kind of exercise that you actually enjoy,

you’re more likely to do it on a regular basis, and you’ll feel those positive results

more often.

Exercise should not feel like a chore, it can be fun.

Try focusing on how good it feels to move your body and how great you feel afterwards.

That way you’ll be pumped to get out there and exercise again, sooner rather than later.

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Help Fight Depression And Make You Happy”

Now, back to our list of 11 Tricks To Boost Your Self Image, Fast!

#10 Surround Yourself With Positive People Some people say that the people around us

can have a major impact on our lives and the decisions we make.

If you’re around people who make fun of you, or that make you feel like you are not

good enough, that negativity can do harm.

You might become a more critical person, and this may seep into the view you have of yourself.

Which is what you’re trying to change!

If this sounds like you, then you need to cut those ties and find a new group of people

who make you feel inspired, respected, and loved.

It’ll do wonders for your self image, but also your whole outlook on life.

#11 Change What You Look At On Social Media Social media seems like it’s harmless, but

really studies have shown that what you look at on the internet has a huge impact.

This study had a few groups of women look at images of people exercising, images of

unattainable body sizes, inspirational quotes and a mix of them.

The findings show that those who looked at the unattainable body images had less self


The women who looked only at inspirational quotes were much nicer to themselves and felt

better about their self image.

Instead of following accounts of people you envy, try only following accounts that make

you feel inspired, seen and validated.

Do you struggle with poor self image?

What helps you feel better about yourself?

Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you!