oh wow what what is going on oh my goodness  

is it my imagination or has everything gone  completely crazy at the moment welcome everyone  

here we go again yes it's english addict i  think live from the birthplace of england or  

english should i say which is england you  know what i think i might just go back to bed

oh what

hi everybody this is mr duncan in england how are  you today are you okay i hope so are you happy  

i hope you are happy i really do  hope you are happy i need your  

warm smiles today i want to feel your  warmth through my computer screen  

and you can have mine in return if you want  so i hope you're feeling good here we are  

oh my goodness i don't know where to begin  i really don't the last few days have been  

rather challenging and it looks as if the next  few days are also going to be rather challenging  

depending on where you are in the world  more of that later on oh my goodness  

well at least we've made it to the end of another  week and also the end of another weekend and  

the beginning of a new month yes not only  is it the first of november it's also sunday

no captions no captions before anyone says mr  duncan there are no captions there are no captions  

i'm afraid i'm sorry about that i don't know  what's going on i've noticed today that youtube

youtube has a few problems you may have noticed  that there is no thumbnail on my live stream  

now there is one but unfortunately there is a  technical fault with youtube at the moment and  

no one can put their thumbnails the little picture  advertising their live stream they can't put it  

onto their live stream i don't know why  very strange now i have two theories  

i'm not a conspiracy theorist by the way  i'm not one of those people that believes  

in all of the conspiracies that are around  

about everything so i'm not one of those people  however i think there might be two reasons  

why the thumbnails are not showing maybe  there is a technical problem or perhaps

it's censorship perhaps youtube are a little  bit worried about what people are going to  

be doing with their live streams over the  next few hours because of course we have the  

election taking place in the united states  and i think it might be connected to that  

i'm not i'm not saying it is before anyone quotes  me i don't want to find myself being discussed  

or talked about on twitter oh i can't believe mr  duncan said that about youtube oh what a terrible  

man please don't do that that isn't what i mean  but it is strange how no one can actually put  

their thumbnail on their live stream it's very  strange very very strange indeed um something  

might be going on there anyway here we are nice  to see you here it's english addict by the way  

normally we start at two o'clock but as you can  see today we are a little bit late i've had a busy  

week went to the hospital last week had a very  major checkup i had some exploratory examinations  

done on my body somewhere around here it was very  uncomfortable and not very pleasant whatsoever i  

will be talking about that later on as you know  as you know if you are a regular viewer you will  

know that i love sharing all of my little moments  of my life i know it's not very special my life  

is just a small life short brief but i'm trying  to do something with it and i hope you are as well  

something useful maybe here we go then nice to see  you here today we're talking about words connected  

to elections as i mentioned there is a certain  election taking place that everyone seems to  

have become quite obsessed with to be honest  and also we will be talking about scary words  

some words that are used to describe scary things  but can be used in other ways as well as idioms  

and expressions so we will be doing that later  on and we have the sentence game yes we will be  

playing the sentence game later on i hope you are  feeling good today if you haven't heard the news  

and this is one of the reasons why i was  feeling slightly annoyed this morning  

it looks as if the united kingdom well  at least england you see a lot of people  

forget that england is part of the united  kingdom so the united kingdom is everything  

including scotland wales northern  ireland and england however england  

quite often will have its own rules and laws and  we are going once more into lockdown complete lock  

down across the country from next thursday it  was announced last night by the government so  

it looks as if we're going to do this all over  again can you believe it i can't believe that  

we are going to have to go through all this  again the only slight difference this time  

will be that the schools and the universities  are going to stay open however any everything  

else will be just like last time people are  being told to stay at home the many restaurants  

in fact i think all of the restaurants all of  the bars all of the theatres will close again

so now we have the situation  that we had earlier this year  

it's happening all over again i am having a very  strange feeling of deja vu have you heard of that  

is that is that a word yes it is a word deja vu if  you have deja vu it means you are experiencing or  

you have the sensation of experiencing the same  thing again something has already been lived or  

something feels as if it's already occurred  you are doing it again deja vu it comes from  

the french language you see deja vu the feeling  of doing something that you've done in the past  

a repeat of something the sensation of doing  something again already felt or already done i  

believe is the translation of that word so that's  what we're doing today we have a very interesting  

few days ahead of us as we prepare to go once more  into lockdown here in england can you believe it  

hello live chat nice to see you here as well  hello to the live chat nice to see you here and  

i'm very sorry for being late today but youtube is  having some very strange moments i don't know what  

the reason is but there are some very strange  things happening at the moment technical things

oh yes we had some sad news yesterday the first  person to play james bond sean connery sadly died  

yesterday at the age of 90 played 007 seven times  but now he's not double 07 he is double o heaven  

i'm sure i'm not the first person to do that  one christina don't worry everything will be all  

right i know it's all right i'm sure everything  will be fine in the future i am often optimistic  

about these things so i'm not too worried but i  must be honest with you a lot of people are now  

panicking already people have gone a little bit  crazy so this morning uh our local news reported  

that this morning people have gone crazy once  again they are rushing around the supermarkets  

yes panic buying has returned to england so  apparently this morning people were queuing up  

outside the supermarkets hundreds of  people lining up outside the supermarkets

waiting to go in and buy all of their their goods  and their groceries toilet paper things like that  

so even though we were advised yesterday not  to panic by people of course are doing it

so that's one of the things that is happening  right now it is breaking news from england  

people are going crazy already they  are rushing to the supermarkets  

and buying the food as if there's no tomorrow

but there will be a tomorrow don't worry  everyone calm down don't buy too much because  

you'll be taking it away from other people  you see mr steve will be here in a moment  

oh yes we have the live chat i wonder  who was first on today's live chat  

shall we have a look okay then let's do  that right now i wonder who was first mohsen  

hello mohsen nice to see you here you  were first we also have bella malia  

also who else is here today on the live chat  i'm just trying to have a look here because  

sometimes i get different names you see  coming up oh i see yes mohsen also bella  

congratulations to you you are live right  now and you are first on today's live chat

i suppose the big question is will  i be doing special live streams  

once england goes into lockdown by  the way it is going to happen over  

four weeks four weeks of lockdown here in england  is about to begin next thursday it will start so

here we go again as they say so that's happening  

and also i suppose last time because if you  remember the last time when we were all in  

lockdown i actually did some special live streams  so i'm not sure what to do at the moment i haven't  

decided i'm still in shock to be honest because  yesterday it was announced people were expecting  

something to be announced but we didn't know  what it was but apparently yes we are going  

back into lockdown again from next thursday and  it will take place until the 2nd of december  

we will all have to hide in our houses  again hello everyone yes nice to see you  

here lots of people on the live chat hello  also to pedro oh pedro belmont is here today

thank you pedro pedro is one of the moderators  making sure that everything here is lovely  

and nice if you are a friendly person who likes  other people if you are a peaceful person who  

loves to smile and always looks on the  bright side of life then you are more than  

welcome to join us here today we also have  tomic hello tomic nice to see you as well  

also we have oh hello there ricky ricky sidhu  nice to see you here today deja vu is a feeling  

yes it is it is a very strange feeling when  you feel as if you've done something before  

something that happened something that feels very  real and you feel as if you've done it before  

do you ever get deja vu do you ever have that  experience of feeling as if you've done the same  

thing before well guess what next  week we will definitely be having

we will be having deja vu next thursday  because we are going into lockdown  

again zaynab hello zing nab nice  to see you here the view behind you  

is nice thank you very much i wish i could say  the same thing about the view outside because

outside at the moment it's looking very gray  outside the window so there it is a live view  

outside the window however yesterday we had we  had a lot of sunshine yesterday so i decided  

to do a little bit of filming yesterday some of  the autumnal sites so i think it would be very  

nice to have a look at those right now would you  like to have a look at them okay then let's do it

so yes autumn has arrived and yes you can see the  yellow of the leaves these are some of the leaves  

that have fallen in the garden at the back of  my house and everything was looking rather nice  

even though we are having some strong winds  at the moment some stormy weather apparently  

it is the the tail end of a tropical storm so  there you can see the views yesterday looking very  

autumnal you can see many of the trees now are  definitely turning some of them are turning yellow  

some of them are turning red but there it is the  view yesterday looking out from my studio window  

rather nice much better than today to be  honest and yes we can't talk about autumn  

without having some of that beautiful autumn color  

look at that isn't that nice you can see it's very  windy it was yesterday quite windy and yesterday  

we went into town mr steve and myself we went  into town to do a little bit of shopping not much  

so don't worry before anyone says we weren't panic  buying and there once again you can see some of  

the beautiful colors of autumn which is now taking  place here in england i have a strange feeling  

that i will be doing a lot of autumn  watching over the next few days

i'm sure you don't need me to tell you why and  finally yes isn't that beautiful oh my goodness  

i feel better already i was feeling a little  bit upset and down at the start of today's  

live stream but now i feel great because  i'm looking out at these lovely autumnal  

shots thank you very much for your lovely  messages oh hello rosa nice to see you here oh sir  

luis mendes oh there i am look so  there's me in the garden yesterday  

looking out and oh look at that if you look  very closely you can see there are people  

walking across the reeking here in shropshire  if you look very closely you can see some  

people walking across so that is the very famous  hill that is not very far away from where i live  

it's called the Wrekin here it is right  now so that's what it looks like normally  

and there were lots of people yesterday up  on top of the hill enjoying the sights and  

maybe enjoying some of the sounds as well  as the wind was blowing into their ears

oh hello there nice to see you here hello to  capriane caprian nice to see you mr duncan  

i'd like to see you again with your whole new  appearance oh i see are you talking about my beard  

well yes i i have been growing a beard over the  past few days however do you want to know why  

i grew my beard because over the past few days  i've been filming a new lesson did you see it  

i posted it on my youtube channel on friday all  about halloween so there is a new lesson where  

i talk about the festival of halloween i know  not many people celebrate it maybe where you are  

you don't celebrate halloween in  fact last night which was halloween  

no one was celebrating it everyone was staying  indoors they were all staying in the house they  

were all quite shocked to be honest thank you  christina beautiful autumnal scenery yes beautiful  

very nice it's a wonderful place mr duncan thank  you very much that's very kind of you to say  

sergio oh hello sergio as they say have a little  bit of the hair of the dog now i feel that i need  

a little bit of mr duncan's beard oh i see i'm  not sure what you mean by that i'm quite intrigued  

hair of the dog if you have the hair of the  dog it means you take a little bit of the thing  

that was making you feel unwell maybe i  said i suppose a good example is if you  

go out for a wild night maybe you go to the  pub or the bar and you have lots to drink  

but the next morning you feel terrible you feel  drunk and hung over you have a headache some  

people say that you should drink a little bit of  alcohol to chase it away some people say that you  

should have the hair of the dog the thing that  caused you the problem can also be the cure  

i'm not sure how true that is to be honest  hello to duck dip try vol hello to you hello  

mr duncan what is your normal speech rate in  casual communication is it as slow as when  

you go live this is how i normally speak a lot  of people think that i'm somehow going slowly  

but i'm not this is how i normally speak in real  life so when i'm walking around the streets when  

i'm saying hello to people this is how i  normally speak you see not everyone speaks  

like that many people also  speak clearly steadily and also  

it is better to be understood it is better  to be understood i think so hello to to goku  

hello to to goku marietta says the be it suits  you it makes you look even more interesting  

as it does with my husband oh i see your husband  also has a beard i see interesting saturino  

hello satorino nice to see you on the live  chat yes we do have things to talk about  

it isn't just me talking into the camera there  is also other things going on today oh by the way  

my lovely socks would you like to  see my socks today here here they are

so these are the socks that i'm wearing and yes  they are very colourful now i had to be careful  

you see because there is an election taking  place soon i had to be careful what colour  

i used or or the the colours that i have on  my socks so there you can see that there is  

no favoritism there is lots of different  colours yellow black red blue purple  

so i i think i've been very fair there with my  choice of socks so you could you could not get any  

possible favouritism i have been very  impartial with my choice of sock colour

i think so so he's coming very soon yes mr  mr steve will be here a lot of people ask  

what does mr steve do normally well normally mr  steve well quite often at the moment he's been  

in the garden doing lots of work in fact i have  a feeling he might be becoming a little obsessed  

with it he will be explaining that in a  few moments i don't know where mr steve is  

because he is due to come on on right now  where is mr steve are you around mr steve

i don't know what's happened to mr steve  so hopefully steve will be coming soon  

and yes he will be here in  a few moments don't go away

hello mr duncan hello how are you  a round of applause for mr steve

you might have to you might have to move  yourself oh don't don't do that is that better

oh mr duncan don't get so worried everything  will be all right will it are you sure about  

that well not not now that we're in lockdown  but uh well not yet it's no change to us really  

yes but there's not even much when lock no lock  down yet but from next thursday because we have  

to get it right we don't want people panicking if  there's anyone watching in england at the moment  

they might suddenly start panicking we're not in  lockdown at the moment they know but from thursday  

but you know what you know what's been happening  right people have been spreading this virus  

everywhere is that what you mean  no i i don't i don't mean that  

hello hello everyone what i mean yes is everyone's  gone crazy oh so everyone's gone crazy in what way  

that way oh shopping yeah yes people have been  going crazy we've been watching the news today  

and uh as usual people are panic buying and uh  it's it's it's not a good idea because we're  

not going to go short of food apparently this  morning there were there were queues outside  

all of the major supermarkets sainsbury's  tesco's waitrose aldi can you think of any more  

sainsbury's yes i've said tesco i've  said that yeah yeah i've said that  

budget legends yes okay then budgets okay maybe  the co-op co-op yes so people are are now panic  

buying here in england because yesterday it  was announced that we are once more oh i can't  

believe it can you can you believe this steve we  are once more going into lockdown here in england

well it's a shame but i i suppose it  is necessary is it yes to prevent uh  

lots of deaths we don't want to mention that  word but that's the idea well you have but we're  

keeping it happy today don't worry even though  youtube has a lot of technical problems also today  

i had lots of problems that's why i was late  oh yes youtube oh yes youtube once again  

blame youtube for being late mr duncan we all  know what really happened there was actually no  

thumbnail on my i couldn't get the thumbnail to  appear really and all of the things were missing  

all of the elements from my live stream were  missing i don't know what happened something very  

strange is happening over at youtube i think lots  of people are saying hello to me today thank you  

very much indeed someone says bonjour oh bonjour  and new and son says bonjour tan you win son  

thank you for that i'd like to be say people  saying hello to me in a different language  

it's very nice uh i heard you were talking about  hair of the dog hair of the dog hair of the dog  

have you heard of that i have yes yes i once uh  many a time but i don't say many a time but uh  

it's commonly used isn't it if you've been out on  the town yes drinking a lot of alcohol if you've  

if you've been drunk and you feel very ill in the  morning people say a little quick swift drink will  

take the the symptoms of a bad head away i don't  know whether it works i don't think that's true  

but but do you know why good idea do  you know why they say hair of the dog  

no apparently all comes from superstition  that if you if you if you were bitten by a dog  

steve yes if you listen if you will i have a  feeling you're not a live chat i have a feeling  

i have a feeling you're not listening to me  quite capable of listening to you mr duncan  

and looking at the live chat i don't the same time  anyway hair of the dog comes from the superstition  

of consuming some of the hair from a dog  that has bitten you to make you well so  

if you are bitten by a dog you will consume  a little bit of that dog normally it's hair  

and it is believed that it makes you well don't  try that by the way please don't start eating  

your dog's hair to make you well talking about  eating animals i was just watching a documentary  

on rt okay russia today television which we  often watch as as just as something different to  

uh bbc uh because you get a different perspective  on what's going on around the world and al jazeera  

would watch that sometimes as well anyway  there was a i don't know which country they  

were in because i didn't see the beginning  of it but they were eating cats okay yes  

there were a group of sort of rebel rebel army  sort of men who believe that if they et a cat  

uh there is an evil spirit in the cat and that  will go into them and make them stronger when they  

go to go to war to fight so yeah superstitions all  around the world which you know i personally we're  

not fond of cats now we've got to be careful what  we say here because we're going to upset lots of  

people you're saying this not me okay let's not go  there because i'm sure we'll upset lots of people  

but that is true i would not kill and eat  a cat well no but in some countries uh  

in this i don't know which country it was they  believe that it makes you stronger if you eat the  

meat of a cat and they were going around from  house to house trying to buy cats from people  

because they were going off to war to consume them  to make them stronger so yeah i thought i thought  

you were going to say i thought you were going to  say that they eat the cat because they believe it  

will give them nine lives you see no because they  they believed in this particular country or this  

particular part of our country that there was an  evil spirit and a cat and if you eat it yes the  

evil spirit goes in you and makes you stronger yes  and more powerful as a warrior i think you've just  

said that yes i'm having i'm having a very strange  feeling of deja vu again beatrice says hello  

beatrice did you bake something special for the  14th anniversary of mr duncan yesterday we haven't  

even mentioned it today was it yesterday yesterday  the 31st of october halloween yesterday but also  

yesterday was the anniversary of my youtube  channel being created the 31st of october 2006  

was when all this all this started 14 years ago  so now it's official we've been doing this for  

over 14 years well beatrice i did cook something  special oh yes i hope you're gonna show it soon  

okay uh right yes so i cooked mr duncan because  last week i cooked scones baked some scones  

but mr duncan likes cheese scones or  scones so i baked mr duncan a cheese scone  

and maybe i will show it later so i cooked myself  scones with uh dried fruit in sultanas raisins  

and i cook mr duncan ones with cheese in yes a  little bit of cheese yes anyway we might have a  

look at that in a moment because we're going to  take a short break for two reasons one i need a  

and also two i think we can prepare something to  eat does that sound like a good idea oh why not  

maybe we can prepare something so we are going to  have a little break one of my full english lessons  

don't forget there are many lessons on my youtube  channel a lot of people forget this you know a lot  

of people forget that i have about 700 lessons on  my youtube channel 700 yes over 700 is that 700  

700. seven let me get this 700 english teaching  lessons yes on your youtube channel yes one two  

three four four steve we don't have time for that  that's a lot mr duncan just shows how hard you've  

been working through these years i i really  thought steve was going to count to 700 then  

we haven't got time for that we have  not got time for that here it is then  

an excerpt from one of my full english lessons and  then we will be back with something nice to eat


it's funny how some english phrases have more than  one use here is a good example of this occurrence  

the phrase take off can be used in many  ways you can take off something as in  

removing it to peel off something or to  remove one thing from another is to take off  

you can take off the paint from an object such  as a door or wall you can take off your clothes  

to remove something is to take off to mimic or  impersonate someone is to take off to copy the  

mannerisms of a person such as their movements and  voice is to take off his take off of elvis presley  

was really convincing to delete something from  a list you will need to take off that item  

i had to take off the names of the absent students  to lift off from the ground in an aircraft  

is to take off you take off in an airplane  the plane is ready to leave the ground  

can you please tell the passengers to prepare for  takeoff there is also take down which describes  

the action of making a written record of something  i will need to take down your name and address  

take down can also mean dismantle to slowly  break something apart with care is to  

take down something we will have to take down  the tent tomorrow when the wind is not so strong  

to destroy a person's reputation with criticism  can be described as a takedown you defeat someone  

by criticizing them a website that is removed  from the internet is a takedown the owners of  

the website were given a takedown notice by  the government even the word take can be used  

in many ways to steal something is take the way  you view something is take what is your take on  

the situation in syria to film a sequence that  has been prepared in advance is a take you might  

have to do many takes of something before you  get it right let's go again with another take  

i hope we get it right this time to transport  something from one place to another is also  

take you can take a person to the airport in your  car you can take some clothes out of the wardrobe  

to take in is to give a home to someone you might  take in a homeless person during the winter months  

to relax or consider something for a  while or to process something is to  

take time it will take time for  you to recover from your injuries  

there are so many uses of the word take  it's true you can take my word for it

it's time now to take a look at another buzz  word a buzz word is a phrase or sentence that  

is popular during a certain period of time or  is commonly used in general today's buzzword is  

controversy or controversy the word controversy  is a noun which means a row in a response or a  

negative reaction to something a strong reaction  to something such as someone's personal opinion  

or a provocative action his words  caused controversy throughout the world  

you can create controversy by saying something  inflammatory or provocative the words used cause  

anger and outrage to speak in a way that offends  people a controversy usually involves people with  

opposing views one group agrees or holds the  same opinion whilst the other group disagrees  

thus creating controversy the occurrence of  the controversy is described as controversial  

a controversial plan a controversial idea  a controversial film a controversial speech  

controversial is the adjective form of  controversy the president has announced  

controversial reforms to the health care service  the controversial thing creates controversy  

it is controversial because one group  objects while another accepts a person  

who causes controversy is controversial he  or she is a controversial character the word  

controversy comes from the latin word for  turn around which refers to an opposing view  

or the actual disagreement synonyms of  controversy include altercation disagreement  

dispute opposition quarrel wrangle the  overall disagreement over something in society  

can be described as controversy the  subject in question is controversial  

life is full of surprises you never really know  what is around the corner life is unpredictable  

and quite often you can find yourself being caught  on the hop i love that expression to get caught on  

the hop means to be caught unawares and unprepared  if you are distracted by something you are doing  

then it is possible to suddenly be caught on  the hup you were caught off guard and forced  

into a difficult situation by being unprepared  this phrase is often used in british english  

we can also say that a person who is busy  doing something is on the hop they are bustling  

they are active they are actively doing something  they are on the hop another great phrase for being  

unprepared is caught with your pants down a  person who has been put in a difficult position  

by being unprepared for something  has been caught with their pants down  

the regional manager's visit caught us all  with our pants down the inquiry caught many  

politicians with their pants down to be caught on  the hop to be caught with your pants down you were  

not ready for what happened for most of us it's  just another day in this crazy thing we call life

oh very interesting there it was one of my  full english lessons and there are many of  

those on my youtube channel you can check them  out after today's live stream has come to an end

oh and we're back it's english addict by the way  for those who are flicking around if you flick or  

click around the internet it means  you are looking at different things  

so hello if you've never seen us before my  my name is duncan hello and this is mr steve  

and we're on the internet right now that's it  really that's a whole story oh and also i've  

been doing this for 14 years oh that's all you're  gonna talk about now isn't it i didn't mention it  

once until you mentioned it somebody mentioned it  i forgot about it though that's the weird thing i  

actually forgot strange i forgot your 14th  anniversary yes well when you think about it there  

are a lot of other things going on good job people  other people are recognizing your tremendous  

achievement mr duncan i think it is actually it  doesn't feel like it can you believe in 14 years  

i've never received my my little award from  youtube never so even though i'm i'm on  

i think it's nearly 900 000 subscribers i have  never received my little award from youtube ever  

so that's not very nice oh look what we have here  so this is what mr steve made yesterday so this is  

a cheese scone and mr steve you  have oh i've got the traditional uh  

fruit scone so so steve has fruit in his and  i have cheese in mine but it looks as if steve  

has already started eating it yes so in the break  i've already eaten one half of my scone so anyway  

so this is the first cheese scone or scone that  mr steve has made for me i'm going to try it now  

i'd like to try some as well because i've never  made them before no this is mine you could take me  

off a little piece mr duncan i'll certainly break  you something i've got tissues ready because we'll  

need these for our sticky fingers okay well i will  because there's jam online there's no answer to  

that uh steve we're gonna try this live are we yes  let's do it live let's do it live baby let's let's  

live dangerously in this world i'll put this on  my plate okay i'm going to try so this is steve's  

cheese scone that he made yesterday let's hope it  lives up to expectations let's have a taste hmm

oh i'm brilliant you're amazing you are you are  actually quite amazing it's true i won't deny it  

i think it was rosa rosa said that she gave  or she she gave the recipe to her sister  

for the scones and now everyone  loves them all her family love them

i can't talk yes so if anybody hasn't looked up  the recipe eight ounces of self-raising flour okay  

two ounces of butter or margarine mix it all up  

until it goes all crumbly and then add milk oh no  you also need to add a teaspoon of baking powder  

yes which helps it rise a bit better  in the oven half a teaspoon of salt  

mix it all together with the fat uh until you  get bread bread crumbs like texture then add  

in milk around a quarter of a pint but be  careful because you only want to add enough  

so that it's still it turns into like a dough you  don't want it all sticky and then you can add in  

whatever you like on top of that cheese if you  like cheese dried fruit if you like dried fruit  

get get into a nice and then cut off a little  bit stick it in the oven and cut it into six  

put it in the oven on a high temperature for  12 minutes and that's what you get they're  

not difficult to make they're not difficult  to make but they this is absolutely gorgeous  

i like to please you mr duncan because  you know what happens if i don't

you punish me don't you mr duncan

i have to please mr duncan because he gets  very upset i'm only joking he doesn't really  

but yes what pedro thank you pedro for  telling everybody to smash the like button

meaning give mr duncan lots of likes because  then when you get lots of likes on a video it  

gets spread around more because youtube thinks oh  people are liking that let's spread it around a  

bit more so it is quite important for mr duncan  uh to increase his popularity of course maybe  

you don't want him to become too popular maybe  you just want to keep him to yourself in a very  

selfish way just these few hundred of us on  every sunday you don't want to see thousands  

maybe you're trying to stop mr duncan becoming  successful yes but no please like okay and pedro  

also said uh that the boeing 747 uh presumably  the max uh is uh is ready for flight again  

um okay you know would you go on it i'm not sure  i would i don't know um you've only just mentioned  

this and i have no idea is that the one that uh  you know had a few let's say technical problems  

and two fell out of the sky okay  anyway not sure i'd want to go on it  

just yet but that's controversial um drool is  flowing says sergio oh is that because looking  

at us uh you feel so excited looking at us  that you're drooling with excitement or is  

it because of the uh the scones yeah maybe well  i can't let this sit here mr duncan oh by the way

you see this plate this plate here this plate  

this plate and mr duncan's got one as well  i've got this plate these plates uh belong  

to my grandparents oh okay we've never heard  that story before no well i thought because  

i never throw anything away i've got everything  from when i was a child virtually everything in  

fact i was discussing this with my mother maybe  i'll show it next week i've got an old radio  

uh transistor radio which must be 40 years old  at least um i've got my old bike from when i was  

a teenager the old bike yes i was just hanging  up in the garage um all sorts of things maybe  

we can show them next week it works i tried the  radio out yesterday it actually works i can still

feel the excitement when my father brought this  back he went to london on a business trip and  

came back and brought me this little transistor  radio and i was so excited um are you gonna say  

anything you haven't said anything for a while  mr duncan i feel quite energetic today mind you  

i have been busy outside filling in some more gaps  in the wall you have the energy but you're just  

sort of rambling i'm rambling i know i'm wrangling  oh look scones seem like small cakes could be a  

now i don't know how to pronounce  that saturino for focacina ah right  

a focaccina you have to be careful how you  say that definitely yes that's some kind of  

sweet bread i think isn't it so one of the things  i've noticed is is even though we talk a lot about  

english culture many of the things that we do  of course originated from in other places so we  

have over the years i think it would be fair  to say steve that we have adopted many other  

cultural habits or maybe different types of food  from other countries for example curry i mean we  

we eat curry all the time here in england so  there are many many restaurants selling curry  

even though the they're not open they won't be  open from thursday they're going to close them  

all again because of lockdown can you believe it  maybe i could make some curried scones mr duncan  

the only thing about scones or scones is that they  stick in your throat a bit when you've eaten them  

talking of which last week i went to the hospital  

i did didn't i i had to go to the hospital  i had to have an exploratory examination  

exploratory that means they have to look inside  your body and i had to do something i had to  

experience something that was really  unpleasant this guy this doctor he took  

a long tube with a camera in the end and he  put it into my nose and it went right down  

my nose into my throat because he wanted to  have a little look around you see you're very  

brave mr duncan it was really unpleasant  have you ever had that have you ever had  

a camera put down your nose put into  your nose and then into your throat  

it's horrible is my have i got any any  bits of uh crumb crumb any crumbs or jam

oh mr duncan yeah these are  amazing they're orgasmic

yes lovely memories yes it's nice to keep  things i like yes so these these plates must be  

so when my grandparents died we  obviously had to clear the house of their  

of all their furniture and belongings  and i want i kept a lot of it because  

and and i use i've still  got their dining room table  

i use it in my office i don't like to throw  things away i like that connection with the past  

with my past with memories because it triggers  memories yes so they had a whole set of these  

um they must be because my grandparents died  in the early 80s okay maybe their ghosts are  

watching us now they must be 100 years old maybe  they must be mr maybe they're sort of hovering

maybe maybe they're looking upon me and saying  oh stephen you are using our plates we're going  

to as spirits we're going to protect you in some  way you know i don't like the i don't like the  

idea i don't think that's a good idea though  having ghosts watching you because they could  

they could see you anywhere what about if you're  on the toilet and maybe you're very constipated  

and you're there for maybe one hour trying to  push and push and then you look up and there  

are your grandparents hovering around spectral  ghosts yes you only want them to be around for  

events when you're doing something that's you know  not embarrassing yes but they could they could  

just pop up any anytime of any time maybe they're  there now looking yes thinking what are those two  

idiots doing on that live stream yes sergio  is had a gastro a gastros gastroscopy oh yes  

a gastroscopy is when they look into your  stomach i've had one of those sergio have you yes  

it was big it was black and it went all the way  down into my stomach uh what about the camera  

mr duncan it was it was horrendous sergio wasn't  it anyone's had one of those um i get a bit of  

sort of acid reflux and problems like that so the  doctor said let's have a look down make sure you  

haven't got something nasty uh and yes i had to  go for one of those this great big long tube and  

it's oh you have to swallow and you have to put  this they spray the back of your throat first  

in the back of your throat so there's  no sensation so you don't start  

choking or gagging presumably and then they  put this sort of plastic thing in your mouth  

and then they shove this thing in you have to  swallow and it goes all the way down you can  

actually see it yourself on the monitor um the  nurses were lovely but it was pretty horrendous  

um some people are uh are uh put under for that  or have an aesthetic to have that procedure but  

i couldn't because i had to drive myself back  home afterwards because mr duncan can't drive  

so i can't i had to tough it out is there is  there anywhere else you've had a camera put  

yes i've had one up the nose as well because i  had my voice went all horse and the doctor was  

worried again so that isn't very nice that  was worse actually than the one down there  

although don't worry about it if you have to  have it because of course the reason why they  

do that the reason why they like to have a look  inside your body is just to make sure things  

are all right so i've been having trouble with  my my voice and my throat and my ear i think i  

mentioned it last week so i managed to actually  get an appointment with the hospital very lucky  

i got an appointment with the nhs hospital and  they gave me a wonderful examination they made  

sure everything was all right so that's it and  then the doctor said yes everything's all right  

nothing serious so i did feel better i don't know  what it is when you get to a certain age steve  

what happens when you get to a certain  age you start worrying about every ache  

and every pain in your body because you always  think it's the worst thing you see you always  

think oh i've got i've got a pain here or i've got  a pain here and you think it's cancer always isn't  

it you always think you always go to the worst  case once you get to a certain age everything  

that happens to you might be cancer i know i'm  not making a joke here i'm not being flippant or  

light-hearted but it is true when you get  older you start to worry that everything that's  

happening to you if you don't go to the toilet  for a couple of days you think it must be cancer  

if you have ingestion and your stomach's  hurting you think oh it must be cancer  

it always so it almost becomes like  an obsession so i'm not going to lie  

i was a little bit worried about all the pain i  was experiencing my ear and throat it's christine  

but everything's all right everything's all  right so i feel quite pleased about that  

at least i had some good news christine  bro capron has also had a camera  

into her nose and so has lewis as well to examine  his vocal chords yes i had that's why i had it uh  

as well and they get you to do try and make some  sounds when you're doing it because it's it's um  

you don't think that when you get a bit of acid  reflux a bit of pain here uh and as you get older  

you become more susceptible to this that in fact  that acid particularly at night is actually can  

get onto your vocal cords and cause damage so this  is actually the the acid that's in your stomach  

naturally coming up into your throat and over time  if you if it happens a lot it can actually damage  

your throat and all sorts of other things in your  throat you don't realize it's happening because  

it's okay you might go a bit hoarse or you might  have trouble speaking or having to keep clearing  

your throat and i've had this for years and then  eventually my voice went very horse and i could  

hardly speak uh so that's what i was diagnosed as  having and i've been on tablets to reduce the acid  

ever since and it solved all the problems i wasn't  planning on going going into all of our medical  

problems but one of the things where steve where  where might be the worst place to have a camera  

put in your body what could be the word there's  your nose that's quite uncomfortable but of course  

it's a good it's a good thing for checking out all  of the problems in your throat you can have one  

down your throat you can have one also up your bum  as well somebody's mentioned that i've never had  

a camera placed there to be honest and also can't  you can you have one also down your pee-pee hole  

you can mr duncan no no so for a man that would  be okay that's it that's absolutely no no that's  

the worst place yes they actually put a camera  i think we get it mr duncan oh my goodness oh no  

oh but you shouldn't leave these things should  you if we're going to say anything positive today  

yes if you get sort of blood in your stools in  your wee anything like that if there's strange  

aches or lumps yes if there's blood coming out  of your body where it's not supposed to it's  

normally get it checked out yes get it checked  out so that's what i did i was a bit worried i  

thought maybe oh i bet i better get this checked  to make sure and and of course it is a great  

relief as well you feel relieved when you find out  so the doctor said i can tell you now it's nothing  

serious it's not cancer and i thought oh isn't  that great you just think okay thank goodness  

for that you were skipping out of that hospital  weren't you mister i was i was rather cock-a-hoop  

and the bonus was because normally i don't know  whether you have to in other countries but in  

the uk when you go to the hospital and you  park at the hospital car park you have to pay  

it used to be three years ago but  you have to pay now something like  

two pounds an hour i would say on average  which is quite a lot uh you even have to pay  

if you work at the hospital which  i think is disgraceful but anyway  

uh but because of covid uh and they didn't  don't want people putting their fingers on  

the buttons and the car park uh where you pay the  machine you put your ticket on the car it was free  

so it didn't cost me a penny i still i still  find it surprising that you have to pay to park  

in a car park at a hospital to see your  sick relatives i find that incredible but  

that's life that's the way it is  people do like your beard mr duncan  

it is getting quite a response so this is  the beard that i actually grew i grew this

for my Halloween lesson and i was going to  shave it off i was going to remove it but then  

i thought no i might keep it because i think it  looks quite nice on camera definitely on camera  

in real life it doesn't look so good but i think  it photographs it photographs very well in this  

light so belarusia says uh that her father  had an ache and uh turned out to be cancer  

so it's best to get it checked out nine  times out of ten it probably is nothing  

serious but you know if you catch cancer  early it's quite often very treatable  

i think the the worst thing of course the worst  thing is men if there's one thing that men don't  

like doing it's admitting that they're sick so men  are not very good at admitting that they are ill  

or they feel unwell they like to be strong and  macho i have to carry on whatever it is whatever's  

happening but of course sometimes you have to  go to the doctor you have don't be afraid get it  

checked get it checked and then you can make sure  that you are all right the test says you're going  

to look like father christmas by by by christmas  day santa claus santa claus by christmas day  

christmas oh my god we even have that are we going  to have christmas this year because it looks as if  

i think they will cancel christmas i think they're  going to cancel it i think they're going to say no  

no no christmas this year it's cancelled i  wouldn't be surprised uh andy says cancer is not  

a horrible sentence well that's true it doesn't  necessarily mean you're going to die no i think  

there's a high recovery rate yeah if you catch it  early for a lot of cancers though these days the  

secret is to catch it early olga says i thought  we would speak about ghosts and vampires today  

we're going to look at scary words would you  like to look at some scary words mr steve scary

scary english words are they scary because  they're difficult to pronounce scary scary  

in that the meaning of the words the actual words  themselves are scary so let's have a look shall we  

now these words can also be used in other ways  you see so what's what's interesting about this  

is they can be used in other ways now here's an  interesting one i mentioned this earlier maybe  

when you're sitting on the toilet the ghosts of  your family are all watching you whilst you're  

trying to push a poo out it's not very good is  it i don't want that or maybe your honeymoon your  

honeymoon you are with your wife and you're very  excited and then you look up or maybe look across  

and there they are they're all going  

we're watching you daisy cow says the only  problem with your beard mr duncan is that it  

covers your lovely dimples hmm oh yes they're  more difficult to see aren't they i've always  

noticed that the one on mr duncan's left  side is bigger than the one on his right side  

i think you can you could almost see them just  about maybe you could just shave in the dimples  

so that they always remain visible there's  there is my dimple there it is you can't  

the only problem is you can't see my dimple  on my chin because i also have a little dimple  

on my chin but of course my beard  is now is now hidden that from view  

anyway thank you for your comments ghost now we  can use ghost in other words other ways can't we  

can yes for for example in there is a well-known  phrase we might say that a person doesn't have  

a ghost of a chance yes they have no chance of  something happening they don't have they don't  

have a ghost of a chance it's very interesting it  it it also can can mean something that is there  

but can't be seen so maybe you might ghost  a person or maybe copy someone without them  

realizing it i suppose a good example would  be in literature you could have a ghost writer  

have you ever heard of that a ghost writer is  a person who writes a book but another person  

takes takes all of the the credit for it  so maybe i i want to write about my life  

but i get another person to write it for me but  then i put my name on the front ah so you haven't  

actually written your autobiography somebody  else has yes so someone has written it even  

though i'm saying i wrote it so it's actually  more i i suppose you might say deceptive i  

think it's yes it's cheating really isn't  it yes somebody asked but and they don't  

get recognition it's just your name that goes i  suppose but they do get paid they do get paid yes  

so don't just can we just go back to your  first uh example oh yes you said ghost  

maybe give an example of how you might use  that in a sentence yes you might talk about  

um i don't know here's a good example boris  johnson doesn't have a ghost of a chance  

of being re-elected in the next election  someone might say that yes or you might say  

there is no way there is a ghost of a chance there  is no way that mr steve and mr duncan will stop  

eating chocolate not a ghost of a chance  not a ghost of a chance exactly so you're  

using that expression to to say that  something is very unlikely to happen  

yes or the possibility of course i i think you  can use it in the opposite way and say there  

is a ghost of a chance which means it might be  somewhere nearby but still still not visible  

do you like horror movies gennaro asks i do  like horror movies i must admit i was watching  

something the other night very horrific one of  the adaptations of stephen king's it a very scary  

story but also a very scary movie as well so there  are various versions of it by stephen king but  

this particular film that i watched the other  night was really scary well i i'd fallen asleep  

you fell asleep and woke up i was going to sleep  on the seti which i often do all this horror  

taking place and i woke up to these horrible  sounds of screaming blood blood curdling screaming  

sounds yes and mr duncan was watching this horror  film i don't like horror films uh i get quite  

scared by them can i just say that it it is a very  scary film especially if you don't like clowns  

a lot of people a lot of people don't like clowns  but there is a very scary clown you were watching  

another horror film last night i fell asleep again  last night on the settee about 11 o'clock okay  

probably a hint that i should go to bed earlier  and i woke up to more screams and you were  

watching what was that film you were watching last  night that's what we're talking about now that  

wasn't the same film yes it that's the film oh i  thought no that wasn't the one with the i was it  

was it the same film yes oh where the where  the house eventually goes oh poltergeist yes  

i'm going mad no it wasn't poltergeist yes that's  a brilliant movie we watched a little bit of that  

but it was on very late and of course i  had to get up early to do this you see  

but yes poltergeist directed by steven spielberg a  very good movie very creepy i like the little lady  

i like the little woman who's looking for the evil  spirits yeah she's very good this house is clean

satorina said that she's seen a  ghost in a city in uh the southern  

united states another one we can use yeah steve  yeah that's fine yes another one we can use is  

we can describe a person as looking like a  ghost yes if if maybe they they look unwell  

yes or maybe they look surprised or shocked by  something you look like you look like a ghost  

or i know what you're going to say go ahead  steve if you've seen something that's upset you  

frightened you then you might get very pale all  the blood will go out of your face uh and you'll  

look very pale and somebody might say what's  the matter you look like you've seen a ghost  

you look like yes you've had some maybe some  bad news or something like that and you you  

your face takes on this very scared look like  not that you've seen a ghost it might be you  

just had some bad news or somebody's told  you something like you've found out you've  

your partner's left you or something yes  uh or uh you've just lost your job yes  

you come off the phone you'll take on that and the  shock will all the blood will drain from your face  

and someone might say what's the matter what's  up you look like you've seen a ghost wow or an  

ill person a person who's looking ill  you might say you look like a ghost  

because you are pale you are white you are  looking very under the weather yes olga i don't  

enjoy horror films anymore either because when i  watch them they're always on late at night and you  

go to bed and you've been watching it  and then i go and switch the lights off  

around various parts of the house i always check  outside and i feel a bit scary uh yes so yes  

you don't want to go to bed really with your  brain frightened about some i mean the news is  

bad enough yeah there's enough horror going  on just on the news you know we don't need  

other horrors to watch that will disturb  your sleep if you want to see a horror film  

you can see a real one just go outside and watch  everyone walking around the streets in their masks  

it's like some sort of zombie apocalypse look at  that lynch lynch lynch says i watched jaws when  

i was a child it really frightened me i did as  well we must be a similar age because my parents  

took me to the i was probably about i don't know  11 or 12 11 or 12 and my parents took me to the  

cinema to watch jaws okay and i was absolutely i  couldn't sleep for days it absolutely scared the  

into this very day to this very day steve cannot  go near a shark don't yeah i can't go near a shark  

you won't he won't go anywhere near a shark no  it's put him completely off sharks so yes and i i  

can still remember that scene the one that was the  most scary was okay was under the water and they  

were looking they were looking for a body and then  a suddenly a head floats past okay and the music  

does something yeah and that that was  the scariest thing i think i've ever seen  

but you know but of course you have  that famous string movement the music  

yes it was a pretty horrific uh when you watch  it now it's almost funny we are basically in a  

horror movie now it's almost funny when you watch  jaws now because that that that shark looks so  

ridiculous it's obviously made of rubber yes well  obviously it's not a real shark it's almost like  

a comedy now yeah could you imagine that hello uh  my name's steven spielberg i've got the beard you  

see i've got steven spielberg's beard now we're  going to make a movie called jaws the only thing  

is some of you are going to get eaten during  the making we're going to use a real shark  

we're not going to use a rubber one or fake  shark we're going to use a real one so some  

of you are going to have to be eaten by a shark i  hope you don't mind but you know it might be a bit  

uncomfortable well at the time of course it looked  quite real because it was the 80s was it the 80s  

no it must have been the 70s it was the 70s i  was going to say it must have been the 70s we're  

talking i think around 76 76 yes i would have  been i'm not going to say how old i would anyway  

uh yeah so okay ghost ghost that's the first  one we've only got another 20 words to look at  

so a ghost you have a ghost of  a chance a possibility a faint  

possibility something that's there but maybe  not completely visible at the moment uh let's  

look at another one okay then let's  i'm just pressing lots of buttons here  

this looks easy but let me tell you now it is  not easy here's another one steve eventually oh  

terrorize you see so this can also refer to horror  things that are horror horrible or terrifying  

terrorized so something that is around that is  causing panic you might say that the coronavirus  

is terrorizing people because people are afraid  they are nervous of it so to terrorize to create  

panic worry distress terror terrorize yes that  means yes exactly maybe there's a person in  

your neighbourhood who is always causing problems  maybe they play their music very loud and they're  

they're always very aggressive you might say that  that man is terrorizing the neighbourhood he's  

always causing problems and disruption he's making  everyone's lives very difficult around where  

people are living here's another one steve we'll  do one more because we we really are running out  

of time i forgot to play the sentence game today  we are playing the sentence game but don't forget  

we were 20 minutes late oh right well you were  well i was late because of youtube i don't know  

what's happened to youtube but they're doing  some they're doing some very strange things at  

the moment very strange thing lucia's got a story  here a scary story a true story hello belarusia  

at night a man was walking along a cemetery and he  saw another man near him are you afraid of walking  

alone in this place especially at night said the  man when i was alive i was but now i'm not so i  

see because he was a ghost yes hmm wow unexpected  ending scary things can really put the willys  

up you is phantasm an english word phantasm yeah  that's also a famous movie from the 1980s phantasm  

very scary movie there is a man very tall man  with a very thin face and and phantasm phantasm  

is a horror movie but also a phantasm is is like  a is like a phantom something that haunts a place  

a phantom like phantom of the opera you see the  guy with the mask who says hello i'm haunting  

this theatre and i'm playing the organ late at  night and keeping all of the neighbours awake  

that sort of thing next is this  your latest word that you are  

that you are showing to us mr duncan scare  scare yes you can have a scare you can be  

scared but also you can scare someone as a  verb you scare someone you scare a person  

however we can also have something that causes a  lot of fear and panic you can have a health scare  

true so a health scare maybe well i suppose my  example might be i had a health scare with my  

throat so something that causes fear or worry  is health scare a health scare something causes  

fear and panic anyway steve we're going to move on  because we're running out of time we've only got  

half an hour well actually 25 minutes  today's live stream has gone by very  

fast we were in town yesterday and i couldn't  help noticing that the town was completely dead  

it was deserted look there it is  that is actually a photograph taken  

now normally on a saturday afternoon much wenlock  is very busy it's full of people doing their  

shopping but we went into town yesterday didn't we  and it was so quiet you might say that it was dead  

ah see there's another scary word so dead can  refer to a person who is no longer alive they are  

deceased or a place that is quiet there is there  are there are no people around you might say much  

wenlock high street yesterday was completely dead  there was no one around and there that is actually  

yesterday i took that photograph just to prove  you could go into a bar or a restaurant uh that's  

supposed to have some atmosphere but there's  nobody in there so you might so it's dead in here  

yes let's go somewhere else yes it's dead in  here tonight so if you go to a bar and there's  

no atmosphere you're not enjoying yourself  there's no one around everyone looks miserable  

you just say it's dead in here let's go somewhere  else so that's it meaning there's not much life  

going on there is not much life around in that  particular establishment where are all the people  

so what about where you are are you having  any new lockdown restrictions because  

from next thursday england is going into lockdown  not as bad as in spring not as bad because the  

schools and universities are staying open some  people disagree with that they say it's a bad idea  

but that's what's happening shops some shops  will stay open supermarkets will stay open but  

everything else is going to close and we we've all  been told to stay at home again from next thursday  

which is all right for you because you're staying  at home all the time anyway yes doing your live  

streams and have been for 14 years yes well  i'm not sure if i'll be doing special live  

streams because during the last lockdown we did  special live streams every day do you remember  

do you remember my daily live streams so i'm not  sure what to do this year they were very popular  

mr duncan the problem is i have a lot of things  i'm doing at the moment i'm learning some new  

skills as well so i'm doing some some self  learning as well so so when i'm not here i'm still  

busy doing things you see here's a good question  from adam what's the difference between scared  

and frightened they are pretty much synonymous  to be honest i would say so yes they're pretty  

much synonymous with each other so you can  use them as synonyms you can use them to  

want to replace the other i was so scared i was so  frightened so to feel a sudden sensation of fear  

you are suddenly afraid you are scared you  are frightened something makes you feel  

scared it makes you feel frightened  i think sometimes the word scared i  

don't know if i'm right in saying that sometimes  scared is a word used to make you feel a bit  

wimpy i think sometimes just somebody  says oh you're scared are you oh i see  

a coward yes i think if people are mocking  you yes but but that's a good that's a good uh  

good one to mention actually coward so  a coward might be a person who's always  

scared of things they they are not very brave  so oh what's the matter with you are you scared  

go on jump over your neighbour's fence go on  steal some apples from his garden no oh what's the  

matter are you scared scaredy cat scared me but  you wouldn't say that you wouldn't use the word  

are you frightened you wouldn't the scared  is more of a mocking yes it can be used yes  

obviously seriously but it can all also be used  to mock somebody yes you're too afraid to do  

something you are you are chicken that's another  one you see you can call a person chicken a person  

who is always afraid to do things what's wrong  are you chicken no one no one calls me chicken  

uh marietta says are you obliged to wear  face masks in the uk yes we are somebody  

has mentioned that as well it's very complicated  pedro said could i send a hug could i send a hug  

for his friend well yes of course have  a hug have a hug oh let's have a hug  

oh but who's your friend pedro we  want to know who's your friends

they were very low down and close they were  very near the house did you hear that there  

were some geese a big flock of geese going  over the house then did you hear them every  

day they come over yes that was amazing that  was a real moment of time taking place there  

yes uh yes richard has to go see you later  richard i hope you will join me next sunday  

we are now going to play the sentence game  because we are running out of time steve  

tomek makes a point here petrified oh  petrified is it a stronger word than scared  

yes yes if you petrify something it means  you make it solid or completely stiff  

so if you are petrified it means you are so  afraid you can't move you can't move i was  

petrified and uh yes uh shiver wouldn't  that happen if you looked at the gorgon  

you know the gorgon with her hair of  snakes she has snakes and if you look  

directly at her you will be petrified  you will turn to stone you will become

like that uh gennaro says  shiver that's a nice word  

yes you might shiver if you're cold but you might  also shiver if you're frightened and somebody or  

or you you feel uneasy yes maybe it's dark  maybe the lights have gone out you might  

just shiver it's just a little bit of fear  yeah that's coming in there it's an earth  

that's another word so shiver is actually a  physical thing so shiver is actually something  

that is an outward sign it is something that  is physically happening you shiver steve

das has a birthday no partapp doesn't have a  birthday i nearly fell for it i nearly fell for it  

partapp is is sometimes very naughty no we know  it's it's not your birthday today we know it isn't  

he's put a little emoji that looks like a devil it  was sort of winking it was my my youtube channel  

it was my youtube channel's birthday yesterday  anyway we have to play the sentence game steve  

okay oh what is a ghost town ah that's a good  one that's a good one ghost town who said  

who said that i think i think that was  tomic i think tomek said it earlier yes  

ghost town yeah so yesterday jamila said it oh  sorry jamila yesterday much wenlock was like  

a ghost town you see like that yes it  just means a town that's deserted of  

people yes a place that's empty for whatever  reason obviously if there was a town where  

a fictitious town where everyone had died okay  uh and they were just ghosts but if if you if you  

go to somewhere and there's no one around yes in  the town you just say it's like a ghost town here  

it's a phrase you quite often use it's  a disparaging term to mean that there's  

nothing interesting going on in that place yes or  there's no one around or there's no one around but  

you normally say you might go somewhere you just  start with the it's like a ghost town here what's  

going on you might say why there was a song in  the 1980s this town is coming like a ghost town

did you like that no shall we play the sentence  game we've got to because we've only got about  

10 17 minutes left andy starr  says he's got a birthday soon  

yes carry on mr duncan we're gonna play  the sentence game steve we have to because  

we're running out of time we haven't even  got around to talking about the election  

have you heard steve there's a big election taking  place oh in america yes yes in america have you  

heard about it because you probably haven't heard  about it because no one's talking about it at all  

well we all you shouldn't have brought that up mr  duncan anyways we will talk about that for half an  

hour yes but briefly very briefly the election is  taking place we were going to look at some words  

to do with that but we haven't got time we are  we are almost out of time already so here we go  

steve sorry alexandra yes alexandra says do you  have any ghost town in the uk so it's not it's  

not doesn't it's not a term that you use like that  it's just if you go somewhere not real ghosts not  

not there aren't towns it's just if you go to a  town and there's not many people around at that  

time it doesn't mean there's always it's always  like that it's just a term to describe a town that  

that's just got nothing going on however however  if there is some sort of problem or if something  

happens maybe there is a large factory that people  work at but then that factory closes down and all  

the people that live there suddenly find that  they have to move away you might be left with  

a ghost town good point so that that  could actually be used in that situation  

anyway here we go yes thomas says chernobyl  is a ghost town yes yes because something  

happened and everybody moved away and all the  houses are empty so it's it's a ghost town  

are we ever going to play the  sentence game yes we are okay

now oh can we do it now steve  yes okay let's do it now


you see you've got people talking  about the election the election oh yes  

anyway we're not talking about the election  we can talk about that next week but one mind  

you it's it's this week isn't it yes it's  tuesday it's tuesday yes lewis thinks that  

trump's going to get him for four more  years i think you would agree with that

now can we just i need to clarify that  i'm not saying that i want him to win  

because you have to be careful you see  yeah that's true we crazy times coronavirus  

false information everyone's everyone's  just losing their minds at the moment  

i think so this is just what i think i i i'm not  hoping for it but i'm gonna play the sentence game  

you did this this is your fault steve

i i think i don't think i don't think biden is  going to win i i i hate to say that but i don't  

think he is i don't think he is i think trump  is going to win and sadly another four years of  

of well i think you know what i'm on about well  i disagree you disagree i think biden's going to  

get in i think trump is going to be thrown out  uh i think biden's going to get a huge majority  

okay uh do you want to bet on it mr  duncan i'm not going to bet monday  

well we could bet something else uh i don't  know what what about what about the remaining  

biscuits in this packet of digestive biscuits you  do realize these biscuits won't be here by tuesday  

they'll be gone there's a story behind these  biscuits these biscuits will be gone by the end  

of today's live stream this packet of biscuits  was yesterday afternoon okay full and mr duncan  

has eaten nearly all of them okay then welcome  to shaming welcome to shaming mr duncan  

i am now shamed attendance game how we play  the sentence game for crying out loud here we  

go then the sentence game we're going to have i  think i don't i think we've only got time for two  

sentence games yes yes you have got to be careful  just because you think someone's going to win  

doesn't mean that you're supporting them no that's  it uh so palmyra says louis are you promoting mr  

trump i don't think lewis is no one he's just  saying who he thinks he's gonna win yes it's like  

it's a bit like talking about a football match  maybe you think the team that might be stronger  

or maybe has more support will win even though  if you don't follow football you still might  

think oh i think i think manchester united will  win but i don't i don't really know but i have a  

feeling yeah it's just you're expressing a feeling  you don't necessarily support that team you know  

you know nowadays you know what i'm sick of  nowadays you have to keep explaining yourself  

whenever you say anything steve you have to  then have an explanation of what you've just  

said just to make sure that no one becomes upset  yes by what you've just said is it isn't this  

do you ever do you ever wake up in the morning you  just think what the hell is going on it's been a  

very strange year 2020. what a strange year anyway  the sentence game tenders game sentence game oh  

before you do the sitting there how many joking  i'm joking well we could yeah okay no steve steve

here we go the sentence game we're going  to play two at least two the new normal gk  

murthy hello gk murthy the new normal i  suppose it is the expression that lots of  

people are using now to describe the way things  are are happening the way things are changing  

we are all having to get used to new ways of  living new ways of behaving new rules that  

we have to observe so the new normal basically  means the new rules the new rules that we have  

to now follow we have to adjust to a new way of  life a different way of life it isn't the end  

it is just change it's change shame something  we have to get used to that is normal there you  

go right sentence game sense uh so yes no so hot  topics hot is it anything to do with scary words  

halloween well no hot topics that's basically  what it says there it says okay hot topic steve  

hot topics things that people are talking about  now so so that's a clue that's a yes that's a clue  

no i just i just randomly type that there for no  reason hot topics hot topic steve would you would  

you would you like to tell everyone about today's  first sentence again certainly so there's three  

words we're starting off with a difficult one mr  duncan three words that you have to get that fits  

in there the first word begins with e and is  six letters six letters the second word is ten  

letters beginning with you and the last word is  nine letters beginning with s yes so the sentence  

game is now on everyone belarusia has to go  unfortunately ah see you later belarusian bye-bye  

take care and can i say a big special hello  to your dad as well a big wave and a thumbs up

hello vitesse oh vitas is here i haven't said  hello to vitas also maria claudia's going as well

the sentence game do we have any  guesses we don't have any guesses  

yet it's a difficult one mr duncan is it

something the something and  you'll never be something  

i think i think we're going to get some  correct answers soon and i know from who  

i think tomic definitely has some kind of  secret program i think he has a website  

maybe there's a website and you can just  put random words in and then it finishes  

the sentence off for you or tomic is very very  very clever so the sentence game for those who  

so there we have a sentence you see and there  are some missing words all you have to do is put  

those missing words in there and the clues  are underneath so we have e six letters u  

ten letters s nine letters and it's to do with  hot topics things that are current things that  

are happening right now and there are  so many things happening in the world

it's gone a little bit crazy if you don't mind  me saying too crazy parlap is going or par tap  

is going as well i would imagine it's very  late for many people now you see if you're  

watching in asia it's it's quite late there  it's probably one o'clock in the morning  

thank you valentin so we have oh we have  valentin escape university and seductive  

escape the university escape the  university and you will never be seducted  

okay then or seductive interesting tomex got  it though tomic uh also akshay hello akshay  

akshay yes well done you've got it right  as well attack's going as well yeah  

oh you have you already said that i've said that  okay uh but we have uh okay no i won't say that

yes quite a few people are now getting it right  

yes ash k's got it right as well maria maria  said you should name it the atomic game

well other people are getting it right beatrice  has got it right as well well done beatrice  

and the answer is mr duncan here comes the  answer are you ready yes mr mr cockrell  

mr cockerell is going to say hello right now

he has crowed one day he will crow his last yes  weren't we all here we go then the answer to the  

first and probably last sentence game for today  is bing oh yes well done to those who got it right  

expect the unexpected and you will never be  surprised you see so if you always expect things  

that you don't expect then you will never  be shocked or surprised by those things  

after they occur why is that a hot topic  well there are lots of surprises taking place  

at the moment in the world there always  seems to be something new there's new news  

news things that are happening suddenly things  happen and you're not expecting it like going  

into lockdown from next thursday you see so a lot  of people didn't think that was going to happen  

so now they're very shocked and surprised you see  so always expect the unexpected and you will never  

be surprised stomach says please don't accuse  me of wrongdoing i'm not cheating we believe

but you are clever cleverer than me  and i see i i don't see these mr duncan  

constructs these uh before the live stream and i  don't see them beforehand and uh you always get  

them faster than me oh we've got 10 minutes we've  still got 10. because we've still got 13 minutes  

somebody said that chernobyl is  is quite a tourist attraction now  

it is so it's not really a ghost town because  lots of people are going there can you believe  

that there are people now that go on on trips  they will go on holiday and they will visit  

the site uh and also the area where  the chernobyl explosion took place  

way back in the 1980s wasn't that in 1989  as well it was definitely in the 80s because  

i remember late 80s wasn't it or was it 70s  when was it it was definitely the 80s but i  

always thought yes wasn't it 1888 or 89 i always  think it was that year anyway it probably wasn't  

i know i said this before in the past and i know  i was wrong so here we go another sentence game  

steve we are digressing as usual are you ready  here it comes today's second sentence game oh

we are not something three were three letters  of the something five letters yet we are not  

something of the something yet yes so this again  might might be very good for for a hot topic  

can you think of which hot topic  this might be referring to we are not  

something we are not  something of the something yet

we are not something of the something yet it was  1986 86 okay then i don't know why i said 89.  

26th of april oh my goodness that's very  precise that's very precise but yes there are  

tourists the tourist industry is now allowing  people to go and visit the the chernobyl site  

well probably not now though imagine  at the moment it's not happening  

i think the whole the whole planet is like  chernobyl at the moment tonic's got it again  

interesting thing about chernobyl i saw a  program about that okay uh a number of years ago  

and the number of deaths that occurred due to  the radiation was far far less than was expected  

okay everybody thought that there would be just  thousands of deaths but according to the program i  

watched there were nowhere near as many deaths uh  as well as were expected and they now think that  

the human body can withstand radiation like that  a lot better than that than we originally thought  

and we shouldn't be as scared of it as as we have  been i still don't recommend it no those isotopes  

you wouldn't want to expose yourself unnecessarily  you don't want those isotopes getting into your  

bloodstream you really don't but maybe not  as because that's the thing that everyone is  

really scared about i mean when we were growing up  radiation that's the nuclear bombs power stations  

blowing up everyone was scared and there was a  there was a there was a film was it about three  

mile island wasn't there but because the uh one  of the in america they've got a they've got a  

um atomic power station or did have on three mile  island yeah that went wrong that was the 1970s  

yes i know but i'm just saying that it's like a  really scary thing but i think i think we don't  

have to be as scared of radiation as we think it's  not a death sentence low levels not necessarily  

apparently but it might be a bit annoying when  you're trying to get to sleep at night and you're  

glowing green in the dark in your partner next to  you is trying to get to sleep and there you are  

fukushima same to you

yourself fukushima oh in japan obviously that  was uh there was another problem with the power  

station there when they had an earthquake i think  it was wasn't it nearly for that type of language  

it's probably also a ghost town  yes i think that was quite serious  

uh as well uh i'd like to see the the the film  chernobyl okay uh because uh it's a program  

i'd like to see that i'd like to see it it's  in about 13 parts is that the one that was on  

was it on netflix last year i think it was  wasn't it i'd like to see because a lot of  

a lot of people that uh worked at the facility  and a lot of rescue workers lost their lives  

trying to protect the area around they  had to go into that fiest radiation  

and sacrifice their lives to protect others  so not not quite as is safe well it's not  

safe if you if you get lethal doses but if  you get low level but not lethal doses it's  

not as bad for you as was originally  thought apparently a little bit of radiation

well because if you go up in an airplane  okay you get quite a high dose of  

of cosmic radiation yes uh and you  know so i i think that's equivalent  

that that's a high quite a high dose you get  when you go up isn't it like having 20 x-rays  

something like that it is yes if you go up in an  airplane it's like it's the equivalent of having  

an x-ray taken of your body about i think it's  10 or 20 times i don't know if that's correct  

but i know it's quite a lot it's around about  there it's around round there anyway we've got  

the answer tomic got it yes a lot of people  have though yes they have turmeric was first  

uh shall i give this sort of almost we almost want  maybe let's assume tomic that you will always get  

it here we go here's a good idea for the next one  we'll do one more tomek can i just ask you nicely

don't even if you know what it is if you know  what the answer is just just just hold back for a  

moment we know you're clever we know you're clever  you know you've got it let's assume that you  

always get it first but it's sort of ruining the  sentence i imagine i imagine tomek's brain is like

like that you see well that's a go on mr duncan  quick put the answer up where's my [ __ ] oh there  

it is faster okay we are not my i can only  have my my fingers moving at a certain speed  

you need some kind of assistant there  we go we are not out of the woods yet  

which means we are not out of danger we are not  we have not fully recovered from the situation  

i've just realized it's going quite dark outside  it is isn't it strange it shouldn't be because it  

doesn't get dark until well it's already quarter  past four i know but it gets dark now at harper's  

fall so it's dark as mr steve once said bye maria  see you maria bye we are not out of the woods yet

adam says we are not out of the water yet but i  think that doesn't really work i don't think it's  

an expression i mean the the the word fits but  when you're out of the woods it means you're out  

of danger because if you go into woods normally  that's a dangerous place to be wild animals  

so you could say in terms of coronavirus we are  not out of the woods yet definitely because we're  

in another lockdown from next thursday england  is going back into lockdown but the big question  

is will i be doing some special live streams i  don't know yet will you i haven't decided shall  

i go and uh put the the kettle on mr duncan uh  if it will fit on your head yes you can put it on  

i meant do you want a tea cake  i'm going to be honest with you oh  

are you full up from the uh the scones i still  have i still have the cheese scone in my stomach  

but the thing is if we can have them tomorrow okay  one more sentence game we're going in five minutes  

okay okay i'm getting bored but anyway i'm only  joking i'm joking i'm joking you can go if you  

want i'm joking i'm gonna stay to the bitter end  if you say you're staying to the bitter end you're  

not really selling this very well it means that  you're staying right into the end of something  

even though it's unpleasant even as a joke you  should never say you're bored if you're at a party  

and it's what's that noise it's nothing if you're  at a party and it's that is not nothing mr duncan  

it's all right it was like a sound of an  explosion outside it's just something moving  

somebody's hear that okay yes if  you say you stayed to the bitter end  

you're at a party it's boring yeah uh  but you don't want to upset the host  

uh a friend might tell come on let's go  this part is boring and you might say oh no  

i'm going to stay to the bitter end  it means you stay right to the end  

and you're not enjoying it okay good good sentence  game here's another one this is the final one

hot topic you see what topic so he isn't something  to something the something and don't forget we're  

not picking any particular person here so when  we say he it could be anyone so we know you've  

already got it tomic we know that so tomek  just you are the winner you are the winner  

congratulations well done but but just give  someone else a chance just keep it the phrase  

that comes to mind all we are saying is please  give others a chance to answer the sentence game

just this once jizzlane hello jizlane a  big hello from morocco hello morocco it  

is raining at the moment the rain has just  started falling look outside it's it's just  

oh my goodness there it is here is the view  outside the window right now no wonder it's gone  

dark suddenly look at that it's horrible that must  have been thunder we heard mr duncan i think it's  

it thunder no it's someone moving something around  outside they're not stealing anything from us

we've got nothing to steal steve so isn't he isn't  something eight letters beginning with e yeah  

two something with three letters the something  with eight letters okay he isn't something  

to something the something okay i  don't need to say that really do i no  

that did go on for quite a while we have three  minutes and then we are out of here we are going  

in a few moments he isn't he isn't something to  something the something and it's topical yes so we  

know you've got it tomic and they're they're that  tomek is is resisting we know you've got it right  

you are the winner he isn't something to something  the something hot topic so think of something that  

is hot a topic that everyone is talking about or  many people are talking about mr steve hot topic

we have no answers yet oh mr duncan  well someone uh integra integra you  

have one of the words yes one of them  integra well done congratulations

valentin enforced enforced he isn't enforced to  

something sparring so the middle word is is  win i can't say that i think we can safely  

say the middle word the middle word is win  well we might need to ask tommy to tell us  

we might actually need tomic to come back tomic is  sitting there at the moment with his fingers just  

over the keyboard waiting to type his fingers  are are aching what a load of losers they can't  

get this i got it straight away sorry i'm joking  i'm joking i'm joking tomorrow is thinking oh oh  

i got it i got it instantly what's the matter  mr duncan i'm just joking ah riser he isn't yes  

right sir yes two of the words now two  so we've got one more so the final word

go on tomic we'll let you  we'll let you get the last word

actually i think i'm sure that's wrong that  last one that last word i'm sure it's wrong  

have you got it wrong mr duncan yes that should  actually be s sorry e there the last word is e e  

yes i don't know how i've done that but  there's the wrong letter there that should  

be e it's an e i've only just noticed i'm  sorry about that that's expected to win the  

yes i think that makes it more that makes it  more easy we haven't got yes sorry about that  

that's my fault even tomic's got that shall we  just shall we just get mr cockerell to put us  

all out of our midst let's see if someone can get  it it's an e e e eight letters beginning with e so  

tomic says he's having his soup oh so uh his  hands are quite busy i could hear the slurping

oh what sort of soup are you  having tomic is it alphabet soup

that's a joke because we're dealing  with with letters is it alphabet soup  

alphabet soup don't you know what that is  it's soup that children have that's got  

made of pasta and all the the letters are in the  soup yes what the letters of the alphabet the  

letters the alphabet and the soup alphabet soup  it's a joke i thought that was quite a good joke  

it was a good joke because we're all we're  doing dealing with letters here maybe maybe  

tomic's uh eating alphabet soup and he's taking  the the the little letters out and he's forming  

them into the words that fit into the sentence  game or maybe he's he's he's putting them into the  

into it swear words drop my pen oh i didn't think  i'd be able to get that back up then that was a  

fascinating moment e so it isn't expected to win  the so it's not it's not s it's e oh shall we just  

have the answer i feel so ashamed oh someone's got  it oh jacqueline jacqueline thank you jacqueline  

adam got it adam got it first okay daisy got  it oh days ago please make up your mind steve  

vitas was the first okay then sergio says  release tomic tomic's having his soup  

oh no valentin got it valentin  was first uh to get it valentin

zoe zozo says i'm a filipina and i  love german hot dog and english cake  

turmeric said what a lame joke do you like  german hot dogs uh yeah i wouldn't say no aren't  

they called versts a verst i'm not sure yes uh  german german sausage they're very they're thick  

and long frankfurters yes but they're called  they call them versts i think it's spelt

w-u-r-s-t but it's pronounced versed certainly um

frankfurters hasith bye mr duncan i  have to go i will watch you tomorrow  

a big hello from sri lanka catch you later hasith  

and we are about to go anyway that was a hot topic  because it's to do with the american election yes

hmm versed yes because w's in german  are pronounced like these in english  

yes that's it oh that's right it had to happen  eventually i had to be right about something  

one day here we go the answer  to the final sentence game is

expected to win the election he isn't  expected to win the election you see  

he isn't expected to win the election now  that's not making any judgment or anything  

that's just today's final sentence game sorry  about that i got that last word wrong i put  

s instead of e i'm sorry about that sometimes my  concentration vanishes into thin air but we got  

there in the end talking of which we are about to  disappear into thin air as shakespeare once said  

so we will be going and we will be back  with you next sunday together however  

i've mentioned already today we are going into  lockdown again here in england many people now  

being told that they will have to stay at home  from thursday so we will see what happens one  

last little thing marietta says is suffrage  an english word meaning the same as election  

suffrage no suffrage is normally something you  do as a way of giving yourself pain or discomfort  

over another thing or a certain thing such as i  suppose a good example would be the suffragette  

movement where women would would actually put  their lives at risk or sometimes give their lives  

so the the government would change their  minds about giving women the vote so this  

is something that was around i think over  a hundred years ago there were suffragettes  

and they were women who would put their lives  at risk and they believed so strongly in women  

having the vote that they would put their self at  risk i'm i of course every week on this show okay  

uh i'm putting myself through suffrage mr duncan  by being on live with you it just means to suffer  

it isn't that bad i'm only joking anyway we're  going now bye-bye i should go first as always now  

go and put the kettle on yes and i i if you  definitely decided you don't want a tea can  

no tea cake thank you because i've still got  your your big scone in my tummy ta ta everyone  

to use a well-known expression and hopefully see  you all next week we won't know the outcome of the  

election it's highly unlikely i don't think we'll  definitely know for at least a month apparently  

well no i think it'll be wednesday no i don't  think we know straight away do we have because  

they can't count them up that quickly yes i  think it doesn't think we know i think you get  

the result quite quickly oh i thought i thought  there's a possibility that we might not get the  

result we'll see what happens anyway but i think i  think on the night when they're counting the votes  

i think they normally have a good idea they can  tell roughly who who is going to win anyway ta  

ta see you next week and see you in a few minutes  yes in in in the kitchen are you going to fade me  

out or do i need to just walk shall i just shall i  just sort of ease you off like this there he goes  

mr steve has left the studio and i  am going to leave youtube right now  

thanks for watching today i hope you've  enjoyed it it's been a little bit different

palmyra says the letter was s what a sham you made  yes i'm sorry about that that's my mistake if i  

make a mistake i will always put my hand up and  say i made a mistake i got it wrong i'm only human  

after all i hope you've enjoyed today's  live stream thanks for your lovely  

messages thanks for saying hello thanks for your  congratulations on my youtube channel's birthday  

yesterday there is a new lesson on my youtube  channel all about halloween i will be back with  

you next sunday 2 p.m uk time and that is that  is that as they say thanks for watching i hope  

you've had a good day i hope you've enjoyed  this and i hope you stay happy and healthy  

this is mr duncan in the birthplace of english  saying thanks for watching take care of yourselves  

take care because i care it's true and  of course you know what's coming next

ta ta for now.