How to Start NoFap the biggest benefit of nofap is regaining total control of your life

but do you know exactly how to do nofap if you have lots of doubts this video is

exactly for you make sure to stay until the end because

i will share my best tips to accelerate your results with no fap

the most important thing you need to do to practice nofap

is to give your brain a rest from all artificial sexual stimuli

this goes from compulsively watching instagram models

up to those weird genres of porn in this sense

it's a wise decision to quit social media while you are rebooting

because even though you can't convince yourself that you can handle it

many of your relapses are due to binge watching girls on

instagram and tick tock you can reinforce your commitment to practicing

nofap by deleting all the porn you have downloaded as well as deleting all

social media apps from your phone i strongly believe that

a reboot is better achieved by quitting masturbation and orgasm as well

but what happens if you are in a relationship i think that sex with your

significant other is a healthy thing to do but the thing

is that there will be billions that will get in your way

in the forms of withdrawal effects the most common and terrifying one

is called the flatline you will recognize this period because nothing in

your life will feel pleasurable your libido will go away you will

literally have no energy and desire to do anything

you will feel lazy irritated and with no energy

but the great news is that during this period your brain will be healing and

rewiring to its original settings as annoying as this period is it's one

of the most important ones in your recovery process

another common withdrawal effect are mood swings

i remember feeling irritated tired and sad all in a couple of hours

there's nothing to worry about here because when you no longer suppress your

emotions with a constant supply of fake sex the normal thing for them is to

pop up into your awareness so you can finally deal with them

emotions are made to be felt not to be suppressed and the most common

withdrawal symptoms are intense sexual urges that you will have to tame

if you want to do nofap long term understanding the harm that porn does to

your brain will help you control the urges

and that's why i recommend you read your brain on porn

by gary wilson this book contains scientific information

personal success stories and strategies to successfully quit porn

i will put a link in the description where you can get it for free by signing

up to your free trial moving on there are basically two ways

of dealing with urges the first are instant solutions which

are things that distract you immediately from the urge

the most common ones are doing lots of push-ups squats or even jumping jacks

other people like to hold your breath or even take a cold shower

i think these are good distractions when you are just starting out and you need a

quick way out but the problem is that you will not be

able to take a cold shower every time you feel horny that's why you

have to tame your urges by realizing that they

will be part of the rest of your life i strongly believe that urges remind you

of your creative power at the end of the day sexual energy can

create another human how crazy is that could you get a fit

body with that amount of energy i think so could you create a side

hustle yes you can urges have to be seen as your friend and

this is the only long-term solution they are nothing more than your creative

energy that's seeking an outlet as magic as this seems to be you will

eventually relapse and you will feel very sad but it is

part of the process a relapse is not a failure

you can only fail if you quit and give up every relapse can teach you something

about your particular approach to nofap these are some useful

questions that you can reflect upon after you have relapsed

how are you feeling were you looking at hot girls on social media

did you want to escape stress that said there are very smart things

you can do to avoid relapsing the first thing that you must avoid

is edging this basically means that if you watch porn and masturbate without an

orgasm you're fine in my opinion this is dead

wrong if you think that it's okay to watch

porn and masturbate as long as you don't orgasm

you are not doing no fat and you are not rebooting

the main problem is artificial sexual stimulation

so quit fantasizing social media and anything that triggers you sexually

other than real girls this sounds terrifying huh

you might be asking yourself how long is this going to last

whether you are in a relationship or not go for at least 100 days without porn

and masturbation the main goal is to rewire your brain to

its default settings so if you need more time go for more

days what i've found is that abstaining from

porn and masturbation 24 7 has created really good benefits in my

life that's what i practice i know that you want to accelerate your

recovery so i want to give you my best tips in order

for you to see results as fast as possible the

first tip is to join the nofap reddit community

this community was ultra helpful during my recovery

you will find like-minded people that are in the same journey as you

my second tip is to use a day counter to keep yourself accountable

and to reset it when you have relapsed without excuses

coming up next is very useful to start an exercise routine so you can find a

positive outlet for your newly found energy

my fourth tip is to meditate in order to realize that you are not your thoughts

and that you are ultimately the one who decides what you will do

each time a thought arises moving on you can journal to process all those

bottled emotions that will show up i always journal when i feel confused or

in a bad mood in order to get rid of my negative

emotions and get positive insights my sixth tip is to learn self-compassion

you will mess up it's normal you are a human coming up

next abstain from instant gratification in the form of alcohol

weed video games and so on tip number eight is to find a hobie that you like

just for the sake of doing it so you can use your energy

at something meaningful to you but what about all the benefits that you could

experience you can take a look at the most amazing

benefits right here