Uncle C, back in the office and in this video, I'm going to be explaining how nofap can essentially

be your strongest form of manifestation. When it comes to propelling yourself, your life

and your masculinity forward when you really want to zone in and get what it is that you've

always desired inside. The common theme that you're going to see throughout this entire

presentation is specifically the fact that what feels good is not necessarily good for

you. And if you can start to reprogram the subconscious, and now make the conscious decision

to essentially rewire the way you think, walk, talk and carry yourself, everything is going

to fold into place very, very quickly. Let's dive in. Now I essentially think to sum up

nofap in a single sentence, the best way you can describe it is really just to beat compulsion.

The fact that you're now beating compulsion means that you're going to get to propel your

life forward in other areas compulsive behavior holds you back and whether you'd like to think

it does or think that it doesn't it does. Because when you look at when you look at

what most men fixate on the quick thrill, the pleasure, the hook up the drugs, the sex,

whatever they go, I need that. Their masculine drive propels them to that because it feels

good. It feels good to indulge. I'm the same way as you don't don't think I'm any different.

The differences is that I can consciously depict when I'm slipping into the wrong energy.

You have to ask yourself when you look at men, when you look at their dating issues,

you got to ask yourself if everything is for sex, what does this man actually do for himself?

Now granted, the majority of things you will do in life in life Yes, is to increase your

sexual market value. You want to appear strong, you want to appear masculine, you want to

appear like you have value and not only appear you do want to have intrinsic value and attracting

a high quality mate is one of the most great feelings that a man can ever potentially feel.

But you have to really ask what is in this for me, because nowadays when everything becomes

about getting the girl What can you do for the woman to show her your value, you start

to lose your own sense of self worth, when you look in the mirror for yourself. This

is ridiculously key to understand that nofap can help you beat this compulsion, when you're

stronger than the sexual urge. To not rely on synthetic sex or to not rely on, you know,

self pleasure, it's going to be easy to really start to identify that you're now a stronger

higher value man in the long term future. Now, what this also does is this creates a

positive chain link effect. When you handle the ability to control your sexual energy.

I would say nine times out of 10 from the hundreds of men that I've coached and had

the opportunity to work with, you will specifically see them take advantage in other areas in

their life. All of a sudden, this man wants to get his body right. All of a sudden, this

man wants to chase his career, his passion harder than he's ever traced it before. All

of a sudden, this man wants to start eating better food, get more sunlight, get more sleep,

realize that being a healthy, strong, happy Be individual comes from doing what the mass

majority of men do not do. That's ridiculously key, because you got to

ask yourself through this. Do you want to be a 99 percenter? Or do you want to be a

one percenter? If you want to be a 1%, man, well, you have to now do things that only

1% of men are willing to do. What this is doing over time is this is increasing your

ability to have high vibration, high cognition, sharp between the ears, you're not bogged

down by alcohol. You're not bogged down by cheap, quick hookup sex. You're not bogged

down by all of these women trying to pull you in 15 different directions on Snapchat,

Instagram, Tinder, Bumble, hinge, Instagram, dm, Facebook, dm, like, dude, all of a sudden,

you're rock solid, you're solidified. You have what you need to feel good. If you look

at this middle column here, the whole issue with most men in their dating issues is just

the fact that they want women, but they don't do anything that attractive men do. Because

if you look at where their whole life is going, it's all in the negative chain link, and not

the Positive chain link over here we talked about the positive chain link. When you start

to handle your sexual energy, every other aspect in your life call kind of comes into

play naturally. But when you do the opposite when you do negative behavior, unattractive

behavior, you have the same snowball effect, except it is in a downward spiral. You're

sleeping with women you shouldn't be sleep with. You're hooking up when you shouldn't

be hooking up all of a sudden you're doing recreational drugs when you shouldn't be you're

potentially binge drinking Friday, Saturday night. You have a j in this and you got to

drool in this hand. You got a dip in this mouth, you're constantly on some sort of high

stimulus from the external resources that you're indulging in. It's like the whole man's

life just gets out of whack. If you take it another step further, he's spilling his seed

on the internet to synthetic sex fake women enhance women, all these websites you wonder

why your mind is screwed up. You wonder why it's so hard to talk to the pretty girl. It's

because you've been trained to essentially Do things that aren't attractive men do. What

this is going to do. When you decide to do a tract of men habit, work on your body, work

on your brain, work on your development work on that charisma, get that woman invested

into you, what's going to happen is that your body, your mind and your spirit, your soul

as a whole is going to have more masculine energy, you're going to be radiating more

masculine energy. And the best way to do this is to start to do positive type man shit,

Workout, be strong, eat correctly, start to actually try to make human to human connections

with women and not necessarily over the cell phone where it's rewiring your brain to look

for that next hit of dopamine, if you get a reply, human to human behavior will always

win her heart in the long run, you have to remember that. The next is that most men,

when they're constantly spilling their seed like this, they really don't have passion

or focus. And the main reason for this is because they're in a low cognition state and

not a high cognition state. When you're operating at a high vibration, you can No see things

more clearly than the average everyday bear the average everyday Joe Blow. because well,

his mind is either hung over or focus on the last girl six months ago that broke his heart

or thinking about the Wendy's hamburger that he's gonna have for lunch, you got to understand

that you're playing a totally different game, all of a sudden, you're now playing at 1%

game that 99% of men don't even realize they can play if they would shift over to the side

of light and not darkness. But what you have to understand fellas is that attractive, tight

men shit is just doing things that most men don't have. If you look at the average everyday

man, since we've now glorified the quote unquote dad bod and it's cool to be really unproductive

and unfit. Most men simply You want to know why you don't get girls. You look like shit.

You think like shit. You smell like shit. you're lazy as hell and then you go, what's

wrong with me? Why don't why does she text me back, Casey? So one girl has been pulling

dude. Dude. Dude, you're worried about a chick. You're worried about a chick and you're light

your life is this Do you think that she wouldn't look at you as a more enticing option? If

you had it together a little bit here, but no, you need more game. Oh, you need you need

the right thing to say again you need you need another law of attraction technique.

You need another YouTube video another influencer. That's it. No, that is not what you need.

All of these things have been holding you back because I made a list of all of the things

that men have been focusing their info on right here. This is what they focus on. And

granted, I talk about these things too. But the fact of the matter is that when I drink

my coffee this morning, and I sat down I go What am I going to talk to these men about

today? I looked at the harsh reality of this and the fact is that men need less info. You

need less information, not more. Because there's too many videos too many podcasts too many

Instagram motivational quotes and too many influencers pulling you in 20 different directions

that you don't even know what to do. These things like law of attraction manifestation

no fap semen retention sexual energy transmutation. Do you understand that if YouTube didn't exist,

most men would never even think of these things. Most men would never go to a library to look

at this. Most men would have no idea what these are. They're trending searches, which

means that if it's trending info, you have to question everything and go, hey, how many

thousands of men are also researching this, getting this information, waking up every

day with all of this information at their fingertips just like I give to you. But at

the end of the day, they're still stuck in compulsion. They cannot take action. You need

to shift your brain and your mindset and thinking from less information, less of this less of

less of these videos, less of everything, and start to ridiculously simplify everything.

So you look healthy, you look strong, you talk strong, you're not fearful of human to

human connection. This social anxiety is cost when you enable introvert mentality through

all of these low vibration low cogs. behaviors. Fellas, I hope all of this made sense I hope

you can start to really use no fap to not only just control your seed release, but to

actually start to rewire the steps in your brain that it needs to actually take to have

the woman that you want in life when it comes to Yes, manifestation. This is probably the

best manifestation tip you can have less is more, get simple, get back to traditional

masculine routes, and do things that make you genuinely happy from the inside out. What

I wanted to quickly announce is that I am doing a livestream multiple times per day

of my brand new MBT masculine behavioral therapy web class. If you want me to take you through

a full on 90 minute end to end presentation where I break down every single issue that

men are going through in their sex life, their dating, and how they can fix their charisma

to essentially entice any woman into making sure that she's hooked from the get go, well,

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