oh hello there hi everybody this is mr duncan in england how are you today

are you okay i hope so are you happy i really hope you are

happy and you are feeling good today nice to

see you all here thank you very much for joining me

on monday yes monday has arrived for some people

maybe not me but for some people monday is a gloomy day

monday is a day that they really dislike i don't know why some people do feel

rather down and gloomy on mondays i don't know why that is

it is a mystery it is one of those things

that sometimes happens people find themselves feeling a little unhappy

a little gloomy maybe on monday maybe because it's the start of the week

perhaps some people don't want to go to work

maybe some people are thinking oh i wish i could stay in bed i really don't want

to get up so there are many reasons why you might

feel a little bit unhappy on monday i suppose

thanks for joining me anyway nice to see you here today

i am wearing my happy t-shirt do you like my t-shirt

i think this might be the happiest t-shirt in the world have a have a close

look at my t-shirt it's ever so nice i think this might be

the happiest t-shirt in the world look at all the fun things you have

pac-man there is pac-man you have a little robot

monster you have a little rainbow there above my left nipple so there is there

is a lot of lovely stuff to look that look at

and i'm not talking about my body so i hope you're feeling good today

i wasn't sure if i should use my wide lens

i was going to put my wide lens on here but i forgot to do it so i'm not sure if

i'm going to do it now i might i might not do it i might not

bother talking bothering excuse me

that's better there was some rain falling on my head

yes we've had a lot of rain this morning in fact we had rain

all night it's been raining all night and all day

and just a few moments ago the sun came out but now

the rain has suddenly returned so i am standing here today

in the rain just for you isn't that lovely i might have to put my

umbrella up in a minute so for those who are wondering yes i

am mr duncan that is my name and i'm getting very wet

standing here already i've only been here for about two minutes

and and i'm already soaking wet fortunately i have my umbrella to

stop me from getting wet

that's better that's better oh yes i think

i think i really do need my umbrella today definitely

so here we are then i hope you are feeling good on monday

for those who are wondering this is live english extra so this is an extra

english lesson i suppose although unlike my english addict

lessons this one is spontaneous and it is just basically me chatting

with you so i hope you are feeling good today

yes we have the live chat it is now up and running

nice to see so many people here today on the live chat hello to

hello valentina mikhail mary i believe mary you were the first one on today's

live chat congratulations sadly i don't have any applause today


i don't have my studio set up out here it is just me and this lonely camera

and of course you as well so how was your weekend

was it a good weekend did you watch yesterday i was in the garden with mr

steve doing all sorts of things we were

talking about idioms connected to your feet

we had the sentence game yesterday which was very exciting

we had some very interesting moments of time yesterday

with the sentence game also yesterday we looked at some strange words

and of course we had mr steve as well joining us yesterday needless to

say it was a little bit crazy to say the

least it was a little bit crazy hello also

samir twan you win hello to you khalid hi everyone i hope

you are happy another day with our best teacher

thank you khalid very kind of you to say that i

i i always feel slightly flattered and moved

by your messages both here and also on my email as well i get a lot of

messages saying how much you enjoy the lessons something

different you see now i suppose i could do what everyone

else does but then it wouldn't be me it would be

me trying to be someone else so i always think you should be true to

yourself if you want to do something in this

world sometimes you have to also be true to yourself as well so i could do

something similar to everyone else but i don't

want to because because it's me you see so i think um

yes i think to myself i will do the thing

that i feel the most comfortable with and that's what i've been doing

ever since on youtube for the past 14 years

that is what i've been doing hello

ali hello manyantwali oh nice t-shirt mr duncan thank you very

much this is my happy t-shirt you see

i know a lot of people say that i'm always happy but

sometimes you need a little bit of extra help especially on monday

you see monday is here so this is my extra special

happy t-shirt whenever i wear this i always feel extra happy

says i love your t-shirt it is so pretty thank you very much why don't you stand

under cover mr duncan i might do that i might do that i have all of my

equipment undercover the only thing i don't have

undercover is me so i am not undercover at the

moment but my equipment is so that is protected

but i'm not and that is the reason why i've got my

umbrella today some people say that they love the sound of the rain

as it falls

it's rather nice isn't it the sound of the rain falling all around me

it's been very busy out here today i i have discovered

that there are two pairs of pigeons

building nests right here so one of the nests

is just behind me

and the other nest is right in front of the house

and we can see into the nest from the window upstairs

so later on i might do a little bit of filming

of the pigeon nest because not only are the pigeons nesting

in the conifer you can also see into the nest

as well so i might do that later it looks as if both pairs of pigeons

are preparing to start building their nests i think so yes

so you might see the occasional pigeon fly by

wow the rain is the rain is certainly starting to come

down now i can't believe how wet this summer

has been we've had one of the wettest summers

for many years i think so hello to sidra hello sidra muhammad

nice to see you here as well this is my english extra

or some people like to say extra english so i stand here with you just

myself and my camera and we have a lovely chat together and i am giving

you some extra days of live streams during july

hello mika yes mika i didn't see you yesterday

i didn't see you i didn't join you yesterday because i had a long walk in

the rain and was exhausted i've checked the

lesson this morning and i enjoyed watching it sometimes

not always but sometimes i think when i'm with mr steve i behave a little

bit differently because because we are very familiar

with each other and sometimes i might say things to see

steve that seem rude or unkind but the thing is we always do

that you see so in our lives we always joke

with each other about certain things and sometimes we do that

on the live chat so it's not real sometimes we just we just like to make

fun of each other we call it banter have you ever heard of

that word the word is banter when we say banter

we mean conversation chit chat normally between people who are familiar with

each other and they will make fun they will make

comments about each other sometimes they will they will

insult each other as well but it's all done it's all done

in a fun way so that sometimes happens when i'm

doing my live stream with mr steve sometimes we

we get a little bit personal with each other but it's all fun

it's all a little bit of fun and you can catch

mr steve with me every sunday and if you missed yesterday well it is

available on my youtube channel still you can

watch it as many times as you want hello to luca

again when i went to london in august 2018 i was lucky before it rained

oh before it rained only one day in the week

so you stayed in london and it only rained once

all i can say is you were very lucky you were very

lucky i didn't think this through very well i didn't think this

through because i'm getting all the big drops of

water now coming onto my head falling onto my body

from the roof of the gazebo so i'm standing

just outside the gazebo and all of my equipment is underneath

the gazebo the only problem is the water is running

off the top of the roof and it's going onto my head

so i wonder if there is a way of solving that there might be

let me just see if i can solve that problem i love

solving problems would you say that you are good at solving problems

some people are very good at it i like having a problem to solve and right now

i have the problem of the dripping water above my head

so i'm going to try and divert the rain so it doesn't fall on my head excuse me

this is all happening live let's see if we can make this rain

dripping on my head i want it to go away you see


i wonder if that will work we will wait and see oh maybe that will

work yes oh that's better oh i think i may have solved the problem

mr duncan solves the problem of the dripping water

i don't know why my t-shirt keeps moving around my body

i'm sure i've lost weight even though yesterday i felt as if i

was getting fatter yesterday i really thought i was getting fat yesterday and

today i feel thin because this t-shirt feels too

too large for some reason maybe i should tuck

i sh i will tuck it into my trousers there we go oh

that's better that's better yes i'm just tucking my t-shirt into my

trousers oh yes that's better that feels more

comfortable now very nice so should i use my wide lens

hmm i don't know really oh by the way there's the apple tree

a lot of people were asking about the apple tree

yes the apple tree is still doing very well

thank you very much for asking about the apple tree

as well

the rain is coming down again i don't think i picked a very good day

to do this to be honest i probably should have gone indoors i

think so so yes if you go to london and if you

are lucky you might get a whole week without any

rain and if that happened to you well all i

can say is congratulations

belarusio is here hello belarusia nice to see you here on a very showery

wet july day well i don't know what's happened to the

weather this year the weather has really gone

very strange can you please say hello or oh sorry

belarusia belarusia says i am not very good at solving problems

just fixing people's teeth and filling their cavities

please say a few lines or a few words about the weather in england

well our seasons in the uk and england

i suppose so let's talk about england i suppose the weather here is quite

temperate we describe the weather here as

temperate normally it's not extremely hot or extremely cold

winter can be cold sometimes but over the past few years our winters have

been quite mild so sometimes we have a lot of snow in

winter but quite often we don't have much snow

at all in fact last winter the winter that has

just finished before spring

we had no snow so all of last winter we had no actual snowfall isn't that

strange isn't it strange we had no snowfall

at all spring can be wet and cool but of course

late spring is lovely i love late spring i love it as spring begins to arrive

as it approaches everything becomes more alive all of the plants open up

all of the flowers start to appear we have the beautiful daffodils

in spring and then summer well as you can see today sometimes

summer might be a little rough a little unpleasant a little

unstable and today is a very good example

of just how bad the weather here can be

i'm just shaking my umbrella it's one of the most important things you know if

you own an umbrella you must always shake it shake your umbrella

and yes i suppose autumn autumn is one of my favorite seasons it is when

all of the leaves on the trees start to turn

they turn red or gold and everything becomes quite colorful

very beautiful if you like photography or videography if you like filming

things or taking pictures i would say autumn is one of the best

times of year to do it so a lot of people love taking

photographs of nature during

autumn and as i mentioned winter some winters can be very cold some of

them very mild and wet

hello oh hello the optimist hello the optimist nice to see you here


hello to the best teacher be happy as always

yes i'm always happy even though it's monday you see

a lot of people feel unhappy on monday however it is the start of a new week

there are many chances many opportunities

many moments of time to enjoy during the next seven days

so i always try to make the most of it even if it is monday

i always try to look on the positive side

of things thank you mr duncan for teaching english

for the inter or to the entire population for free

you were doing something extraordinary not only

extra english thank you jayendra jaindra bataar it's very kind of you to

say i love doing this in the morning when i

wake up i always open my eyes every morning and smile and think yeah

i'm going to do another live stream yeah except saturday i can't do it every day

so i i always have saturday free saturday is my day to rest

with my feet up i put my feet up if you put your feet up it means you

relax you rest you take it easy you put

your feet up

how many seasons do you have in england thank you pratik

four we have four seasons spring summer autumn winter spring

summer autumn winter so now we are coming to

to where we are just past midsummer so we are now past the highest point

of summer the days are now slowly getting shorter and shorter

next month by the way august it is my birthday

yes thank you for those messages that i received yesterday

my birthday is not yet not yet but i i will be another year older in


mike saw hello mike saw i haven't seen you for a long time either

what has happened to your umbrella yes i don't know what's happened to my

umbrella it broke yesterday so this actually happened yesterday

before i went on my poor umbrella

has broken you can see but i think i can actually repair that

so i think it is possible to to repair this i think it just needs to be

reattached to the end like that and then it will be

as good as new the days are getting shorter

yes we are already experiencing shorter days

one of the things i love about summer is that we have more daylight

during the summer months and then during winter

our days are very short we have very little daylight during winter

the days are very short and in summer they are very long

hello to luca in my opinion there are only two seasons in london

spring and autumn because the weather is very different

yes i suppose so when we look at the contrast

so when we say contrast we mean the absolute

differences the things that can be seen so the contrast normally is the thing

that you can see the differences between light and dark

something that you compare with another thing

that has lots of noticeable differences so yes i think you might say that

in london you might say yes maybe there are only two seasons

but in fact there are four there are four seasons here

ricardo i am blown away after watching a video named

chinese takeaway recorded 11 years ago surprisingly you did not change can you

believe it perhaps you are like dorian gray oh i

see are you talking about my looks well i started teaching english on

youtube 14 well 14 years ago

but yes my early english lessons you can see them and you can see a very

young me but some people seem to think

i haven't changed i have lost some more of my hair

that is true i would i would definitely agree with that if you said mr duncan

we have noticed you have lost more of your hair

i would agree with you you see that's what happens when you get older

you can't do anything about it hello zoe zoe nice to see you here

do you like barbie when you say barbie do you mean the doll

the doll that girls play with or do you mean

the barbecue where people stand in their gardens

eating food that they've just burnt

i do like barbecues and my sister had a barbie doll she did

and sometimes i would play with it i would play with my sister's barbie

doll i would dress it up in my action man clothing

i'm not saying anything else that's it that's all i'm saying on that

nothing else hello also to brazil we have brazil

hello frontel brazil van nunes nice to see you here as well

i might put my wide lens on i'm getting bored

with this this narrow view i want my wide lens

now please can i put my wide lens on

i want to put my wide lens on my camera so you can see more of my surroundings

okay it stopped raining again so so now you get a very good idea of the weather

today the weather today is very strange because it can't make up its mind

it doesn't know what to do

hello to

oh i i remember a song by aqua called barbie girl from the 1990s you

are right i'm a barbie girl in a barbie world

life is plastic it's fantastic

you can comb me hair comb my hair you can comb my hair and take me


slip another shrimp on the barbie says mike yes the barbecue

a lot of people here in the uk especially

on a sunday afternoon or maybe during a public holiday

during the summer time people will come into their gardens

and they will have a barbecue so it is something that we also have here we do

have the barbecue although most people associate the

barbecue with australia they always think of the

barbie get a sport do you wanna do you wanna

come around have a few beers have a few lagers

you can throw throw a shrimp on the barbie

do you like my australian accent i'm sorry about that

hello james patel james patel asks a million times

how can i learn english well first of all you are in the right place

i know i'm not a beautiful lady i know i'm not sexy

i'm sorry about that but i am here to help you learn english improve your

listening skills improve your reading improve your

listening improve your understanding of the

english language don't forget also you can have captions

as well if you want subtitles you can do it

right now take your finger and press

c on your keyboard the letter c like that and then captions will

appear as if by magic and the rain is starting


i just can't believe how bad the weather is today

it's it's supposed to be it's supposed to be


it's not fair i want to stand outside and listen to the birds singing

and skip around and enjoy myself with the butterflies dancing

on the breeze it's not fair but instead i have to stand here with my

umbrella up getting soaking wet hello mr duncan in rome oh i see

someone is showing off in rome it is 37 degrees can you send me some fresh air

i tell you what i will send you some fresh air if you send here

10 degrees can we have can we have an extra 10 degrees here

that would be nice so you can have some fresh air

and we will have 10 of your degrees to make it feel a little bit more like

summer your umbrella is broken yes it is my

my umbrella is not feeling very well today

it broke yesterday but fortunately it is still keeping me dry

so as long as it is doing as long as it is doing its job

you do a very good australian accent thank you very much

i i never think that i'm very good at doing accents which is why i don't

normally do it if you notice i very rarely do accents

the only accent that i often do is the london one

here hello hello all right all right i gotta go back indoors the old

troubling strife is waiting for me oh yeah here who's

that guy who's that weird guy on my tv

talking to me who does he think he is who does that guy think he is here

yeah sling yorick sling europe if you sling your hook

it means you are telling someone to get out to go away

yeah sling europe sling your uk

maybe one day i will do a lesson all about cockney accents

and all of the words that exist the old the old apple and pears

the misses the mrs has gone up the old apple in pairs

stairs you see

i like your t-shirt thank you andrew my t-shirt is my happy t-shirt

this is the happiest t-shirt in the world i think so so i think this

might be the happiest t-shirt i have never seen a more happy

t-shirt than this t-shirt i think it's very happy guaranteed

to cheer you up even on a rainy day like this guaranteed to make

you feel happy i think so diggerfur

says you are a cool and fun teacher you are welcome thank you very much

sometimes in life it is good to be positive

happy have a smile on your face don't forget it costs nothing

a smile is free

monday is not my favorite day see the sun has come out now this is

such a weird day look the sun is now out i wish you would make

your mind up what you are doing weather

please make your mind up

you are a cool and fun teacher thank you very much that's very kind

very kind of you kim once again monday is

not my favorite day you have a lovely t-shirt mr duncan

thank you very much that's very kind of you to say lovely thank you

are looking smart today says english learn

i'm wearing my happy t-shirt the weather this morning was awful i

opened my curtains this morning and the rain was coming down

so heavily however there was something that cheered me up

because i was watching a couple of pigeons building a nest

right outside mr steve's office window so you can actually see

into the nest so i might do a little bit of filming this afternoon

after i finish this i might go into mr steve's office

and film the pigeons in their nest and they are building the nest at the

moment quite interesting actually so that

really did cheer me up i don't know why but when i see

nature when i see nature happening around me

it does something it cheers me up it makes me feel happy

it lifts my spirit

hello inam inama inamicon mr duncan how are you you

still feel as much of the healing spirit as

you had 10 years back salam thank you very much

i'm an optimistic person i try to look on the bright side of things

sometimes even when things aren't good and let's face it let's be honest

over the past few months things have not been have you have you noticed

but i think you still have to keep your sense of humor you still have to be

optimistic whatever is happening around you and

however hard it may seem and i know it's hard you can't always be

happy you can't always be optimistic but

sometimes you've got to be able to look yourself in the mirror or maybe

just think about what is happening around you

and try to look on the bright side as well as the negative side i think so

please give thumbs up yes if you like this

you can give a thumb up maybe a nice thumb underneath this video

so if you want to say hello mr duncan i like this give me a thumbs up

and then more and more people will get to watch it

yes i do have an instagram account however i don't normally use it

i use it very rarely mainly because well i think i'm too old

for instagram to be honest instagram is for teenagers

not not old fogies like me you are a nature lover yes i am i love

nature i love the sound of nature

i love the sights of nature it's just very interesting and of course

we are all part of nature even we are part of nature we are in

there in that cycle mr duncan your natural

accent helps to understand your statements much

better it is easy to catch what you are saying and your thoughts

thank you emilio i've always had a certain amount of

success in my teaching with the way i speak

it's always brought with it quite a lot of

success mr duncan i used to watch you from two years ago

and my english is better so sarah

or sarah you've been watching for the past

two years so you started watching my videos

two years ago and already your english has improved

brilliant fan tastic

what is your instagram account

you know i can't remember what it is i think it's something like real mr duncan

i'm not actually sure so now you can see how little

how little i use my instagram account so i've got my

phone here and i will see if i can find my

instagram wait there a moment i know this is boring before anyone

tells me mr duncan watching you look at your phone is very

boring can you please stop it or else we might come round and slap

your face where i can't even find instagram

where is it i know i've got it here somewhere

this must be very amusing watching an old person use a phone

oh i can't find the button you see i've got instagram on here but i can't

find it where has instagram gone oh it's very

strange i have a feeling that i haven't got

instagram on my phone i have a very strange feeling that i

haven't let's have a look let's just see if we can find instagram

how bizarre i always thought i had instagram on my phone

i've got everything else look i've got all of these things

and i've got all of these things but i can't find

instagram how strange is that how weird and now the rain

is coming out again as well app store i'm going to the app store to try and

find insta i will put insta uh

and now it's raining again for goodness sake

i just wish the weather would make up its mind

oh i see i i'm searching for instagram but instead it gave me tick-tock

i don't i don't want tick-tock i don't want tick-tock

i want instagram stop trying to get me to use tok i don't want to use tik tok

here we go instagram i found instagram oh yes i will show you the name

so that is my instagram account can you see it real

mr duncan so there it is so that is my instagram

name for those who are interested

i'm not sure that many people will be interested

in my instagram but there it is so now you know that was a lot of

trouble to go to by the way i went to a lot of

trouble then so much trouble i went to

just to get my instagram up on the screen

so now you know what it is there are some photographs on my

instagram most of them are really boring pictures

i think there is a picture of mr steve in his underpants

i think so i'm sure there is i think mr steve

is wearing his underpants and he's riding a unicycle

whilst eating an apple

but i think that's the only interesting photograph

on my instagram page i think so so now you know my instagram you may

you may look at my instagram you may follow me

you may look at all of the pictures you know what i don't like about

instagram i don't like the the pictures are too square

i don't like the square pictures because when i take a photograph i like to take

the landscape as well you see so i always like to take all of the

landscape but the problem is you can't upload

landscape photographs to instagram because because they're square you see

so i don't like the i don't like the aspect

the aspect ratio on instagram because they are square you see

to see the pictures on instagram you must have an instagram

account how many times have i said instagram

today i hope i hope i'm going to get some sort of cash payment

for advertising instagram so much instagram but not tick-tock i don't want

tick-tock i don't want tick-tock i'm not 10.

hello also denny do you have twitter oh please please it's taken me 10

minutes to find instagram i don't know how long it will

take me to find twitter i do have a twitter account

sometimes i type things on there that are

different from this very different but yes i do

i haven't seen luis mendez is louis mendes here

yeah louis mendes is here today yeah lewis it's so nice to see you back

where you belong which is on my live stream

the rain has stopped again

bizarre what a strange day

the weather today is very queer indeed hello also

hello jade yes of course if you want to watch

things on instagram and of course there is live

tv as well on instagram and also one of the one of the features on

instagram that i don't like is the stories does anyone ever watch

the stories on instagram they are normally just a waste of time

they're they're normally nothing whoever watches the stories on instagram

i i don't i don't watch them at all hello also to

oh can i say hello to lala or laura lara hello lara

what a lovely backyard it is normally very nice but today

as you can see today it's a little wet unfortunately we have a lot of rain

today what time is it it's three o'clock

already look it's three o'clock i can't believe

i've been here now for 45 minutes i don't know how long i will be here

with you today because it is raining the connection is not good

i can't hear your lesson says anna i'm sorry about that

it seems to be working here so maybe maybe it's your problem maybe you have a

problem with your connection at your end i don't know there are no

cows behind you today no and i will tell you why

the cows are now hiding under one of the big trees over there so

over there there are some lovely big trees

and the cows are now gathered together under the tree because even cows

don't like getting wet they don't they do not even a cow likes to stay dry

they should somehow have an umbrella that a cow can use

so maybe the cow can wear something on their back

and then you can have a little umbrella that goes over the top of the cow

so it doesn't get wet

why don't you use tik tok i don't use it because i'm not

10 i'm not a child i'm not is that insulting because i i know now

everyone is using tick-tock everyone's gone crazy about tick-tock

the only problem is the videos are only 15 seconds long so

it's very reminiscent it reminds me of vine who remembers vine

i'm really showing my age now now vine disappeared around three or four maybe

five years ago but vine used to be very popular and

tick-tock is very similar it's very similar to vine

but no i i'm not interested i i have youtube here it is

i have this which i love i love to pieces i

love youtube very much i wish i could marry youtube

but apparently you can't you're not allowed to

rolando flores rolando hello to you how important is grammar in

english well i suppose you might say how important are the bricks

in your house so think of the bricks as the words but sometimes you have to

put things in a certain place so as you build your house you have to

put your bricks in a certain place in a certain way

so grammar is a little bit like that it is a little bit like building a house

but instead of bricks you are using words

instead so you have to know where to put those words so yes i would say that

grammar is important however it is always best to have your

bricks before you try to build the house so

first of all you need your words you need all of the words you need to learn

some english words simple words basic words

and then you can start to learn how to build them you build words

you build sentences you construct sentences

and then you have to learn grammar so these are all things that you learn as

you go along you start off with basic things simple

things and then over time you will slowly

build on those things

you can't marry youtube mr duncan i know i can't

i know i mean first of all how how would i have the wedding

how do you marry a website i think it's very difficult to do to be

honest the logistics think of the logistics of trying to

marry a website the pigeon is saying something yes i

know what the pigeon is saying that the pigeon is

just as annoyed as i am about the weather

the pigeon is saying i wish that rain would stop because i have to build

my nest so i would imagine the pigeon is just as

annoyed as i am about the terrible weather that we're

having today i think hello sarah what is the most exciting

part of uploading videos on youtube i would say all of it i love all of the

process the whole process of making videos from

writing down my ideas or maybe sometimes i will type

the script for something if i am making a recorded lesson and of course on my

youtube channel there are many videos some of them

are almost like movies they are like mini movies

with lots of work involved in making them

uh so i think all of it so making the videos

editing the videos and then uploading them

and then of course

reading your reactions to the videos sometimes that one that one isn't very

pleasant because sometimes i worry too much about

your reactions so yes i think the most stressful thing

the most stressful part is your reaction to what i do that that that does worry

me quite a lot to be honest it does

hello shard shard asks are you interested in the us election

coming in three months it is interesting to look at

i must admit it is quite a spectacle

many years ago for entertainment we used to go to the circus and we would

watch lots of animals performing but then we

realized that that was cruel that was very cruel so we had to find

something else to watch to entertain us to entertain

all of the people so now we have politics

so politics has become the new circus the new sideshow for us to enjoy so i

always think politics is a little bit like a circus there are

lots of animals but in this case politicians all

performing all trying to get our attention

all trying to get get us to like them so yes i think politics is sometimes

like a circus it is

i'm not sure who the ringmaster is i'm not sure but yes politics is

interesting you can have too much politics politics

is something i'm interested in but then i move on and look at something

else so it interests me it is a diversion

away from my normal life and then i just carry on with what i'm

doing so i don't let it worry me too much

i don't let it get into my brain too much

i think that is the secret you see you can

look at politics watch something political and then move on

with your life make sure you have other things to talk

about as well and think about

rs hello rs politics is a battle without blood

well i'm not sure about that i am not sure about that maybe elections

so maybe a certain part of the democratic process

when we talk about elections but even then

they can be violent i mean people have been people have been

injured assassinated because of politics

history has shown that all too well unfortunately mr duncan did you buy

this lovely t-shirt in a local shop i bought this quite a

long time ago this shot this shirt so i've actually had this t-shirt for

quite a while but i like it whenever i put it on i it always cheers

me up there it is if you want another look so

there is my t-shirt

yes i quite like my t-shirt

i like my t-shirt because when i wear it i feel happy

mohammed ahmed hello mr duncan i am late don't worry don't worry

what do you mean are reactions when you say reactions it means your own

feelings the feelings that you have instantly

your impulse the feelings you have so you react to

something quite often people react to things that

they are shocked by or surprised by

but of course you can use reaction positively

so you can react to something in a pleasant way or a happy way

but of course reactions are all about opinions feelings emotions

quite often things we can't control

which is one of the reasons why it can be very interesting

you see because you are watching people or

you are looking at people who are reacting to things

based on their feelings and their emotions

and sometimes people can react in very surprising ways very surprising ways

what a colorful t-shirt thank you very much that's very kind of you

something bright for monday

hello sarah have you ever received any hate

on your videos because i think your videos are amazing

and no one could hate it i suppose it's fair to say

that that there are people who hate me there are people who probably hate you i

think it's very hard to go through life and be liked by everyone so yes there

are people who don't like me there are people who see me on youtube

and then maybe they click away they go ugh i'm not watching him i'm not

watching him what's his problem what's wrong with him why is he so happy

i don't want to watch happy people i want to watch

misery i want to watch people arguing and

fighting over nothing i'm not watching this man

he's far too happy far too positive no that won't do so no the there are

people who hate me sometimes i get the occasional email

i shouldn't say this you see you should never say this

on youtube this is the worst thing you can

of all the things that you should never say

on youtube you should never say i never get any hate mail it's the worst


because all you are doing is inviting people to send hate mail

but yes in the early days in the early days of my video lessons i used to get

some horrible messages people wanting me to

do things to myself not nice things by the way

that was often the mention of

no i'm not i'm not even going to say it but yes i did get a lot of hate mail

a lot of people saying what's your problem

what's your problem and i would say there's no problem i have no problem i'm

not the one who has the problem if you have a problem with me then you

have a problem but i don't have the problem i don't

have a problem with me if you have a problem with me then

that's your problem but as far as i'm concerned i don't have

a problem

remember that when someone criticizes you

or if they say they have a problem with you reply with

i don't have a problem you have the problem

yes you look like you have six pack you have a six pack i have a 12


thank you mo sen we love you and respect you

i never know what i'm going to get i never know what i'm going to get

it's like opening a present have you ever opened a present at christmas

and you have no idea what is inside the box

and you you have it in your hand and you shake it

and you you try to work out what what it is

well the same thing applies when you when you do this

so when you do this you don't really know what you're going to get back

or what will be in the package when you open it

so it is a little bit like that doing this is a risk

and i always say if you don't want criticism if you don't want people to

hate you you should not do this you should stay

as far away from the internet never film yourself

never make comments on twitter never sing a song never do anything

that other people can see if you are easily hurt

or upset this is not a place for people with thin skins you have to

have a very thick skin to do this so one of the good

things about doing this for 14 years is that well i'm kind of used to it

so if someone does say something if someone tries to upset me

it it really doesn't bother me to be honest i i really couldn't care

i couldn't care less so that's it really hello jonathan oh hello jonathan eduardo

thank you very much

it's a good answer i will take note mr duncan

there are many crazy people around mr duncan it says alessandra

i think so yes the world is full of all sorts of people

the one thing we all have in common is our individuality

and that's the thing that's the rule i live by

we are all different no one is the same in fact that is the only thing we all

have in common the one thing we all have in common is

the fact that we are individuals

that was very deep and meaningful oh very deep very philosophical

for a monday what is the best movie to watch to learn english

asks for him ahmed or ahmed any movie that you are

interested in i always say if you want to learn english from movies

watch something you are interested in view

something that you you enjoy watching if you want to read a book

read something that you enjoy maybe a certain subject or a

certain type of book or a certain story that you enjoy so if

you want to learn anything if you want to learn a language

i always say learn through something you enjoy

and then it is easier to do

it is easier to do

hello to dung new in i believe you are watching in

vietnam i think so

do you think real life is better asks jade when you say real life

do you mean doing this well this is real life

you are now looking at a little part of my life a little slice

of my existence and you are spending a little piece of your existence with me

so we are sharing reality right now it might not be very interesting reality

but it is real and that's the most important thing

to remember so yes i do like real life

sometimes sometimes life can be too real sometimes we need a distraction we need

something to distract us away from reality i think so

and that is why we have movies and music fantasy books things for us to escape

sometimes it's nice to get away from the real world i think so

mr duncan do you live on a hill yes i live on the side of a very

steep hill the house is positioned on a hill and yes we do have a very nice

view by the way from the hill so from the top

of this hill we actually have a very nice view which

you can sometimes see on my live streams but not today


nessar says speaking english in front of a mirror

is an excellent way to speak english yes this is one of my

my top tips for improving your spoken english if you want to

learn anything practice makes perfect but also you might want to

build your confidence as well building your confidence is is one of

the most important things and quite often one of the hardest things to do

so if you want to improve your skill in anything quite often you have to

learn to be confident as well so speaking in front of a mirror is a

great way of building your confidence you can see

yourself you can also record your voice as well

don't forget you can also record your voice on your phone

you can record a little message for yourself

and then listen to how you sound if you like it

yeah if you don't like it well you can improve it you can make

improvements i think so

ubiquitous oh yes i like that word you be

ubiquitous very nice mr duncan do you live on a hill yes i

still live on the hill i'm still here on the hill i still live

here on the hill definitely

twan new in sun asks why don't you recognize the things that i

say to you well sometimes i don't see all of the messages you see

i can't see all of the messages so that's probably the reason why

i think so that is the reason why i think that is the reason why

what do you mean by individuality well individuality

is what makes each person the person they

are so your your character your way of doing things even your opinions your

feelings and opinions are all part of your individuality

because you might sit in a room

with maybe three other people but they will have different opinions

and different feelings and different ways of viewing life so

your individuality is not just about being

one person here or where you are but it's also everything that makes up

your character and the person you are your individuality some people might

describe it as your your id your id the thing that exists

inside us all some people say it is your soul

some people say it is your your character

some people believe that this is just a machine that you are driving

around in so there is a ghost inside each one of

us waiting to escape so yes there are many

ways of looking at individuality it is just us each person as a single

thing a single entity or a single item that exists

unlike a factory that is producing the same thing all the time

so when you look in a factory that is i don't know making tins of beans

if you see baked bean tins in a factory going by they are all the same they have

no individuality they are all alike they

are all identical in every way human beings are

not we are not identical in every way

so that's it that is what it means

mr duncan how can you manage your time properly

mary it takes a lot of effort i love waking up in the morning and

having ideas in my head normally the first hour of my day i

always spend it trying to come up with new ideas i like

to get my brain working it's a bit like exercising your

body in the morning if you have an exercise if you exercise your muscles

maybe you go for a run well i like to take my brain

for a run i like to get my brain working in the morning so i like to spend a

little bit of time thinking coming up with ideas starting

to get my brain working and then quite often i am ready

for the rest of the day i am ready for the rest

of the day

mr duncan you are very amiable thank you very much that's very kind

amiable a person who is amiable is approachable a person who is friendly

a person who has maybe a relaxing manner i think so

don't worry about being late if you are late

don't worry about it it doesn't matter it's all right

oh tomic hello tomic nice to see you here as well welcome to a very

wet and gray monday it's now 25 past

three on a monday afternoon and we are coming towards the end of

july by the way july is coming to an end which means

august is just around the corner and in august it will be my birthday

in august hello also easy to learn

hello from morocco hello morocco how is the weather there are you having

some nice weather at the moment i wonder i wonder

you have an amazing backyard thank you sweet

life one two nine normally my garden looks a bit better than this

but unfortunately today it's gray and miserable in fact over there i can

see there is there is a rainstorm coming

this way so any moment now it's going to start

raining really heavily in fact i'm going to grab my umbrella

right now

hmm watch a rainstorm is on its way so i am

prepared today i have my umbrella

because because the weather is so terrible

i can't believe how bad this summer is turning out

pat you says please organize your live lessons by teaching with newspapers

stories movies and songs and questions and

answers well yes sometimes i like to talk about

certain news stories but as i mentioned a few moments ago i don't want to get

too heavy with politics

or opinions so i don't like to do that too much

because you can get yourself in a very difficult situation especially nowadays

because some people are very sensitive so i might talk about a subject that

might be acceptable to you but maybe someone else

will will disagree and they will say i don't think you should be talking

about that i am very angry so you have to be careful

you really do

tomex says you can use my umbrella ella hello hello hello

hello hello

was that a song was that a was that a pop song

in the pop charts was it

oh here we go see i told you i could see this rain coming over in the

distance wow

it is really raining now

you might say that it's raining cats and dogs

it's raining it's raining everything at the moment everything's coming down

wow this is so lovely i'm enjoying this

anna kobe says the weather in holland is terrible

it's it's the same so i think so it is probably as bad where you are

as it is here i think so yes the weather is not great

today can you tell us some idioms about raining well i suppose

the most popular one even though it's one that not many people use

so normally you don't hear people say it's raining cats and dogs

quite often you don't hear people say that at all

but it is a very well-known idiom it is pouring

it it literally is pouring my goodness

i don't think it was a good idea to come outside today

i'm starting to think that it was not a good idea

to come out here today

everything is getting wet by the way including me

including my feet

my goodness

isn't this great the rain is coming down in buckets yes it is at the moment it is

coming down in buckets that is something we say

quite often when we are talking about heavy rain

heavy rain when the rain is falling heavily we can

say it is coming down in buckets it is coming down very

heavily coming down in buckets do you know a

song by supertramp i like supertramp

i do it's raining again

it sure is it is raining again it's raining again

mr duncan do you go to your home please

do you go to your home asks sandra well i might go in the house soon i'm

definitely going in the house soon some people like the sound of the

rain by the way listen to the rhythm of the pouring rain

telling me just what a fool i've been

you should definitely go you should go into the studio or else you will catch a

cold yes i should i should probably go into

the studio or else i might catch a cold

or even something worse

easy to learn it is very hot here in morocco

we will be very happy to meet you here i've always wanted

to travel to morocco yes

i love raining i love rain and i hope i could be in your country

i can send you some of this rain if you want you can have it

you can have it free of charge it won't cost you anything

why don't you wear a mask well the reason why i don't wear a mask at the

moment is because i'm in my garden and i'm very far away from any other

person so here in england we only have to wear

a mask when we are in a public place fortunately my garden is

not a public place well not yet anyway

maybe in the future

hello mr duncan it is raining a lot marcia

nice to see you here as well tomex says the thing is that this the

sound of the rain is either soothing or it makes you want to pee yes it's

true i don't know if women have this problem

but men definitely have this problem if a man

needs to go for a wee or a pee pee and if if he can hear the sound of water

flowing maybe he can hear a tap with water

flowing out of it or maybe he can hear the rain

or maybe a river flowing by he can hear the sound of the river the

water rippling

for a man it will make him want do i have a pee-pee it's true i'm not

joking i'm not joking try it later

try to keep it in for as long as you can and then go to the tap

and turn the tap on and then watch the water as it as it runs out of the tap

and listen to the sound and then you will really feel as if you

are going to to pp yourself you will it's true

jade says oh i think jade is complaining

mr duncan i prefer lessons that are prepared by you

oh okay then that's good do you mean that you don't like this maybe you are

saying that you don't like this well this is something extra you see so

normally i wouldn't be here at all normally there would be no mr duncan on


by the way my english addict lessons are sunday wednesday and friday so that is

when i'm normally on i'm normally with you on sunday

wednesday and friday 2 p.m

uk time

dung new win

i think the rain has stopped

and the pigeons are fighting

what a strange day this is turning out to be

dung new in says i don't have a girlfriend

and i'm very sad there is plenty of time for having a girlfriend don't worry

about it sometimes the more you try to find

something in life the more it eludes you

you see so sometimes you can look too hard for something

everyone's desperate looking for someone i want a girlfriend

i want a boyfriend i want to get married but sometimes you you can try too hard i

i sometimes say in life you have to let life breathe you have to you have to let

life happen around you go out

experience life meet new friends visit places travel socialize

join a group where people share the same interests

as you who knows you might meet someone you might meet someone who who you like

and maybe they will like you and then you chat and you get to know

each other over time but i think one of the mistakes is to

rush so don't worry about it just take a step

back enjoy your life don't worry about the

pressure from other people sometimes in certain countries there is

pressure to have a girlfriend or a boyfriend

i think maybe there is more pressure on the boy to have a girlfriend

i remember that in china i do i remember in china there was always a lot of

pressure to have a girlfriend for for young boys

in their teenage years and their their late teens

the parents are always trying to get them

to have a girlfriend you must have a girlfriend

you must be married by the time you're 22

or else we might think there is something wrong with you

you see but it's not true everyone has their own way of finding

happiness in their life

this spontaneous english and i like it a lot as well i think it is interesting

and useful yes everything you watch here today is

spontaneous even the pigeon behind me can you see

there's a pigeon behind me so behind me on the fence there is a

pigeon singing it is looking for a girlfriend

i think it is patiently waiting on the fence

waiting for a beautiful pigeon to come along

and land next to him you see

yes look at mr duncan he doesn't have a girlfriend

and he's happy

maybe too happy

i was worried about you in this rain it's all right

it's all right let lick late don't worry about it

it's all right hello anwar anwar 04 i didn't see anything

during the rain i meant the water drops it's absolutely different

in indonesia where you could get wet even if you

are using an umbrella ah you see tropical rain i

have experienced tropical rain you see now there are two pigeons together

two pigeons together in fact that those pigeons might actually make love

in a moment shall we shall we watch the pigeons would you like to watch the

pigeons behind me they are

oh no there it goes oh no no the pigeons are

oh god live on my no

i'm sorry about that if there are any children watching

those pigeons were playing leapfrog okay i can't believe that

i can't believe those pigeons just made love live

i can't believe it that's disgusting don't you realize i'm doing a live

stream here could you please go somewhere else in

private i can't believe that just happened

the pigeons were just making love they were that's unbelievable

that has never happened before that's never happened before on my live stream

no never hello andres drezza i'm sorry i'll try that again hello

andreza i am your fan i love this moment i can

hear you and have fun with you and your jokes thank you very much

that's very kind of you i can't i can't quite believe what just

happened behind me those two pigeons

were mating right in front of us what

hello mr p flap mr p flap mccoy are you a bender

well i have in the past tried to bend things

i can bend spoons i can bend knives i can even bend

small twigs of a tree as well so yes

nessa there is no mr cockerell today unfortunately mr cockrell

is taking a rest he's had a busy few days

there's no answer to that they are very happy yes they are very

happy yes i i don't mind the pigeons can be happy if

they want but i don't want i don't want them to be happy on my live

stream to be honest you know it's not david attenborough

i sometimes wonder about david attenborough because he's always filming

animals making love don't you think that's weird do you

think that's strange that david attenborough goes around the world

and all he ever does is film animals making love

i think so look at the beautiful sunlight

yes the sun is now shining behind me thank goodness

i think talking about girlfriends and finding love

has actually got these pigeons excited i think so

i think so what is your email mr duncan asks yogi yogi

there used to be a character on television many years ago yogi bear

and his little friend

that's a great idea boo boo

did you paint your t-shirt no i didn't but it does look

it does look as if it's homemade but no my t-shirt

i did not make this myself no i did not make this t-shirt


i wish i had i really do and then i would sell them on ebay what

is your email mr duncan you can find all of my details under

this video so there there are lots of things lots

of information under this video

in the description so if you go underneath

you will see all of my playlists all of the information concerning my

lessons all underneath

what is your mail so my email is underneath

you can catch my email address you can see it

you can write it down under this video

yogi bear i remember yogi bear as a child i used to watch

a lot of cartoons as a kid my mother used to put me down

in front of the television and she would leave me there

for many hours so i used to watch a lot and i mean a lot of television

it sounded american then did i sound american

when i said that i watch a lot

thank you very much they are doing their business

you are right they certainly are doing their business

i just wish they wouldn't do their business

on my show i really do

have you ever read james and the giant peach

yes when i was at school a long time ago when i was a child we used to read a lot

of roald dahl at school

belarusia said nature is nature there's nothing wrong with that

they are just making little copies of themselves

that sounds like something i said did i say that in one of my lessons i'm sure i

did they are making little copies of


it's getting windy i might have to go in a minute

i think i might have to go soon because the the wind is starting to blow now

it's getting rather windy here in england

why do i always sleep if i hear you speaking

well it is part of my special series of meditation

lessons where i talk to you and eventually you will fall asleep and have

lovely lovely dreams and you are welcome

hello also to emery i was watching your old videos

they were fascinating my videos go back way back in time when youtube

was just one little kilobyte it was it was very small

in the early days of youtube it was it was this big

this is how big youtube was when i started making

my lessons and now youtube is huge it is the size

of the whole planet so it's pretty big yes

in the old days of youtube there were not many people on

and i was the only english teacher the only

english english teacher on youtube i was the first one did you know that

you didn't no of course you don't know because youtube

never tells anyone i always like to say that i'm the best

kept secret on youtube i am youtube likes to keep me

tucked away in the corner out of harm's reach

i think so

hello gardening tips gardening tips i have a gardening tip

for you never never plant a tree next to

your electricity cables

because in 35 years time from now those those roots will grow and they

will tear all of your cables and then one day your lights will go off

and you won't know what's going on yeah that's it you see

so there is my gardening tip for the day and also don't tread on ladybirds

because ladybirds are very good for your garden

they eat all of the aphids on your plants so all of those horrible aphids

and green fly ladybirds love eating them they do they are crazy

about them so always allow

always allow them to come into your garden always let

the ladybirds into your garden and then you will have no green fly

you will have no aphids and all of your plants will look

lovely they will look beautiful and nice oh

hello persona after 20 days 20 days from now i will know which

university i will study at wish me luck yes i will keep my fingers

crossed for you so i hope you get a good university i hope you get a good place

and i wish you all the best for that i wish you all the best for that

i will be going soon it is now ten minutes

away from four o'clock on a monday afternoon

normally it is a day of the week when people feel sad

but today you don't have to feel sad because i'm with you

helping to cheer you up and of course cheering myself up

at the same time not that i need it

yes those were very good gardening tips i thought they were really good i should

write my own gardening book but the strange thing is i know nothing

about gardening nothing i know nothing about it all i

know is in the morning when i open my curtains

there is this big square piece of green land in front of

me and i go well that's nice that's nice look at that

i do not take care of the garden that is mr steve's job

mr steve takes care of the garden apparently there is no email in the

description okay let me just type it i will type

the email address just a moment i will type it

in to the chat box just give me one moment

it's not as easy as it looks


this should be a lot easier to do but it isn't

just talk amongst yourselves for a moment

there is the email address that is my email address you can send

your questions comments photographs

threats general abuse that's where it all lands

that's where it all ends up i might even read it

so now you know my email address there it is it's now on your screen

on the live chat box

jade do you believe that the web can be a source of illusion for people

well to be honest with you anything even even society can be an illusion

so you don't need the internet to create things that are unreal or things that

seem real and aren't so over the past hundred

years people have believed things that

are not real even when the internet didn't exist

we've had newspapers maybe things that are written down

or maybe notices that i'll put up so there are many ways besides the internet

to to create a an unreal reality i think so thousands of years even

people have tried to create their own reality

by putting out false stories or fake news so none of this is new

it's only the internet that is new but the things that people do on the

internet are not new they've been doing them for thousands of years

all of the things that people do on the internet

people have always done them always miss you a lot guys and also best

teacher hello karan kareem nice to see you back here on my screen

i can see behind you a mango tree am i right

behind me no that is actually my apple tree there is an apple tree behind

me so they do look like mangoes you're

right yes the color the color is very similar to mangoes but

no they are not mangoes they are

apples small apples and this year i don't know why but this

year there are many apples on the tree it's gone completely crazy

this year thank you for giving us your email

that's okay i must put it underneath i i always thought my email was underneath

here i always thought it was under this video

but i will type that later on i'm going to

put my email address under here i always thought it was there

how strange and it wasn't it wasn't there at all

hello cool

or cool i hope i pronounce your name right hello

also cherry hello cherry i like your name

cherry you pick a cherry a fresh cherry and you put it

on your trifle hello cherry mr duncan thank you for your pearls of wisdom

much gratitude oh how kind of you that's very kind

i'm not sure if they are pearls of wisdom

but if you ask a question i will try to give an

honest answer that is all i can do really

is give you an honest answer hello nikita nikita

mr duncan do you have a favorite place in your garden

i think to be honest with you where i'm standing now is one of my

favorite places in the garden because you you can have a lot of nice

views around you so i can see the view ahead but also

behind as well so i i like this part of the garden this

is probably my favorite part of the garden

because i can see in front and also behind there is

nothing in the way there is nothing blocking my

view so i can turn that way and see

lovely landscape and i can look over there

oh and see a couple of pigeons who keep mating on my live stream

what type of apples are they they are actually quite small apples and to be

honest with you they taste quite bitter you could probably use them

maybe for mati making making cider perhaps wow

i've just noticed the wind is starting to pick up

it's getting very windy around me at the moment so yes the the apples are quite

small and they taste quite sour as well

so i wouldn't eat them straight up straight away or

in your hand i wouldn't eat them raw i would actually put them into

something else like cider or something like that

jade says i don't like the internet

you do realize you do know this is the internet

now this is it this is the internet not everything on the internet is horrible

not everything on the internet is violent

or spiteful sometimes you can find nice things on the internet

just like anything you see just like anything

anything can be used in a bad way please can you show the local market in

your area i really want to see the atmosphere

well maybe not today because i i'm a very long way from the town

but yes i might do that one day when everything returns to normal

i i have no idea by the way when things are going to turn to normal

when are things going to be normal again can we please have everything normal

again i want to be able to go out of the house

and walk around the town without worrying

about catching other people's germs so yes i would love that

thiago varela it's a great way to start the week with your class always with

positive energy thank you very much you're welcome it's okay it's fine

it's fine if you want me to do this i will do it

if you don't want me to do it then i won't do it i will go into the

house and do something else maybe watch colombo

thanks for making your videos denny hello denny

you are welcome no problem i love doing this

as i said earlier i wake up in the morning i try to think of

things to say i try to think of some new ideas i always like to get my brain

working in the morning it is a good form of exercise to get yourself

in the mood to face the day especially on monday because people

don't like monday you see the boomtown rats once had a

song in the charts tell me why i don't like mondays

tell me why i don't like mondays tell me why i don't like mondays i just

said i don't like mondays i want to shoot the whole

day down not very nice is it

i love the internet says valentina i don't understand

how i could have lived for so long a time

without it well i think today in today's age

no no no sexy time no sexy time for you

did you see that i think i think the

i think the pigeons are about to make love again

no no

dear dear me uh yes the internet is something we can't

live without i suppose in the past maybe if

you couldn't send letters to other people so imagine many years ago if

if suddenly you couldn't send messages through the mail so maybe you would take

a letter and put it into the letterbox so imagine if you couldn't do that so it

is the same thing the internet is just a tool it is a

thing it is a means to doing things that's all

it is it is just a thing just lots of ones and zeros zapping

around the world with many things to offer some of them

good and of course some of them not so good

but there you go it's just the way it is

please teach me about bbq do you mean barbecue

teach you about barbecue well at this time of year normally many

people will be having barbecues unfortunately the weather

mr pigeon i'm trying to do a live stream here it's bad enough that i've got those

two behind me constantly making love on a time

so be quiet i'm surrounded by excited pigeons i think so

leave the pigeons alone let the birds be happy says

esther okay then but i have to be careful but just in case someone

complains you see people are so sensitive nowadays they

might actually send a complaint to youtube dear youtube i was watching

an english lesson today when suddenly the presenter showed

two birds having relations i was very offended and fell off my

chair which caused me to spill my tea and hit

my head on the toilet seat you see so you have to be so careful

oh trust me those pigeons are not fighting

they were not fighting they weren't

maybe that's what your parents told you but they're definitely not fighting

i can assure you they were not fighting

palmyra says i still have a home phone even though it costs money

i think so yes many people still have a telephone in their house

we do we have a telephone here in our house so i think it is always good to

have a landline or a telephone in your house

so i think so a residential telephone so many people still have them

they might not use them very often but they are very useful for

emergencies you never know you might need it one day

and it's starting to rain

the rain has returned yes that will stop the pigeons that will

that will cool them down with their amorous activity

i think so marco hello marco nice to see you

teacher are you in a farm i'm not on a farm

it does look like it

it's really raining now can you hear it

in fact there's quite a storm quite a storm brewing

i think i'm going to go in a minute before this storm gets too bad wow it's

really really coming down the rain is coming down it's coming down

in buckets as we said earlier hello

macaron airs hello macaronis could you please say hello to brazil

hello brazil from a very wet england

as the rain comes down

it is a very wet monday you are right you are right a very wet monday

so the internet it's not all bad the internet might seem like a negative

thing some people believe it is a bad

influence but then television for many many years has been

accused of the same thing you see so for many years people said

television is about influence television causes

social unrest it gives people bad ideas and now they're saying the same thing

about the internet you see so whatever comes along whatever

technology comes along it will always be seen as something that

might cause problems or difficulties

if someone did complain to youtube about the pigeons it would mean that someone

has a loose screw rather than a sensitive person

i think there was only one loose screw around here

what did i really just say that yes sir mr duncan please take care of yourself i

am taking care of myself i feel great at the moment i had

a very strange dream last night i probably don't have time to tell you

today because i will be going soon but i had a

very strange dream

and the strange thing about my dream is it actually had

it actually had a moral there was actually a message

in my dream so i might share that with you tomorrow

yes i'm back with you tomorrow oh my goodness

i can't believe i'm doing this so yes i will be with you tomorrow

from 2pm uk time will i be here in the garden getting wet or will i be

somewhere else yes we have another extra english

tomorrow and then i will be back with you on

wednesday as well with english addict probably in the

studio something to mention as well apparently

on friday we are going to have a heat wave

apparently here in the uk on friday it is going to

get very hot very sunny and the temperature is going

to go way up high so i'm looking forward to


thank you very much for your company thank you mr duncan

how can i pronounce the letter o in a word

oh well there's more than one way to pronounce

o you can pronounce

like hot or pot and o like whole

whole so the letter o is often used alongside

other words or other letters to create a unique sound

so we often find the letter o is used next to other letters to create its own

special sound but it does depend on what the word is

and also what the letters are for example boat

has o in it boat so the sound there is oh

oh but also the letter a is joined to o so

that is showing you that the sound is oh boat float

f l o a t b o a t

and then you have the other pronunciation which is oh

like hot or cut or pot

so i hope that helps are you coming back tomorrow aren't you getting tired of

doing it almost every day well if you do anything every day it can

become very tiring

what bye everyone oh unicarina is going are you coming

back tomorrow yes i am i will be with you tomorrow we are

doing this again i might be wearing a different t-shirt

tomorrow i won't be wearing this t-shirt so say goodbye to the t-shirt bye-bye

t-shirt we have enjoyed looking at your happy

design today and i will be back with you

tomorrow from 2pm uk time i hope you've enjoyed

everything that's happened today if you have enjoyed it

give me a like give me a lovely thumb to show you care yeah

mr duncan we loved today's live stream we want to give you a thumbs up so

underneath give me a lovely like and yeah

i will be very happy it will keep me going for the rest of the day

it will sustain me it will keep this smile

on my face until tomorrow when we meet again thank you for your

company it is almost time to say goodbye thank you beatrice thank you easy to

learn i hope you've enjoyed the past two hours i've been standing here

in the rain for the past two hours don't forget also you can donate you can

actually send some money

because i do all of this for free it costs you nothing

it costs you nothing so i give you my time

i give you my my knowledge and also i give you well a lot of things

to think about i hope and also things to learn from so if you

want to leave a donation you can as well the address is under this

video in this description all donations will be gladly received

large or small bye bye everyone marietta you are

welcome thank you also to marco

jade also jonathan beatrice

wendell nice to see you here today so many people here of course i will i

will give you a chance to say goodbye to each other

because i do realize at the end of my livestream lots of people like to say

goodbye to each other so i always like to give

you a little bit of extra time at the end to give you a chance to say

goodbye to each other

see you tomorrow i am back with you from 2pm uk time

do you have instagram yes i do i did show the address earlier

although i always think that i'm too old for instagram

so most of the people on instagram like to pose in front of the camera

like this

you see that's what they do but but but i'm too old for instagram

but yes i do have instagram i think i've said i think i've said

instagram about a million times today i hope i hope i get some commission

from instagram by the way instagram you owe me a million pounds

see you tomorrow yaya see you corrine see you makara

makana rius my khan arrests i hope i pronounce your name right hello

also cool cause also

leonel thank you very much andreza mary koran karim unicorina!

eric louis mendes belarusia mika thank you very much for joining me today

see you tomorrow 2pm uk time this is mr Duncan in the birthplace of English saying

thank you for joining me on this wet Monday and i will see you tomorrow

for another two hours of this and of course until the next time we

meet here on YouTube you know what's coming next yes you do...

ta ta for now 8-)