it's a windy day today it's very windy but the sun is out fortunately we have

some sunshine today which is ever so nice i think so

hi everybody this is mr duncan in england how are you today are you

okay i hope so are you happy i hope you are happy

i'm just setting up a live stream oh let's see what's going on i always

feel very excited at the start of every

live stream oh very nice

oh there i am i can see myself now oh my goodness

i'm wearing my blue and white t-shirt today

even though it's not exactly warm i will be honest with you

it does feel a little chilly outside today

but we do have sunshine and we have no rain

not like yesterday when the rain was coming down

very heavily and it was really quite annoying so here we go we are now

live on YouTube live across the world wide

web do you like the internet are you a fan

of the internet we were talking about this yesterday i did mention

that there are some people who are very cynical or critical

of the internet but i love the internet there is always something new to learn

there is always something new to find out

about this amazing world in which we live

so what personally if i was honest with you

and i do like to be honest with you i love the internet i think it's great

as i said yesterday there are many inventions

over the years that have caused harm and death

so the internet is probably one of those things that does

sometimes cause problems but what about motor cars

think of all the people's lives that are damaged or ended by motor cars

and you never hear people say we we have to get rid of motor cars thousands and

thousands of people keep dying every year

from driving motor cars or stepping out in front of them

but no one ever says that oh hello to the live chat once again

twan you win hello twan you win guess what you are first on today's live

chat i've never seen you before on

the live chat as the first person so can i say congratulations to you tuan

you win son welcome and i hope you are feeling

good congratulations yeah

hooray yeah

i don't have my studio applause unfortunately because today i'm outside

in the garden i couldn't resist coming outside

the sun was shining everything was rather nice

unlike yesterday when it was absolutely pouring with rain did you see it i did

get quite wet yesterday by the way hopefully today i will stay

dry i am underneath my gazebo just in case you never know it might

start raining who knows so i i am prepared

for any eventuality oh i like that word eventuality when we

talk about eventuality we are talking about

possibility something that might or might not happen

so any eventuality anything that happens anything that occurs today concerning

the weather i am prepared for it

completely prepared hello also can i say hello to connell

hello connell nice to see you back here again today

thomas is also here grace chin hello grace nice to see you maliha

hello maliha nice to see you here as well today mary hello mary

now you were first on the live stream yesterday

however today you are not but who knows you might be

first tomorrow so we will have to wait and see

yes you did hear me right between now and the end of july

i will be with you every day so today i'm with you

tomorrow right through till friday so right up until the end of july because

of course on friday it is the 31st of july

so i will be with you every day for the rest of this week until

friday today it's general chat this is one of my extra english streams

so normally i'm with you on sunday wednesday friday

but during july i've been giving you some extra

live streams so it is me in the garden talking to you and of course you

chatting to not only me but also everyone else on

the live stream i like to think of this as a big happy

family we all join together to share our love

of the english language you can have

captions by the way if you press c on your keyboard

you can actually have captions or subtitles also if you go

up into the corner of the screen i think it's actually up there if you go

up there you can actually find the settings on

your mobile device and you can activate your captions up

there if you are watching on a mobile device

or maybe an ipad or a tablet device

so that is how you can get your captions live right now rahul is here

hello also palmyra luis palmyra and lewis are two of the moderators

they are the police they hang around keeping a lookout for anyone that might

be causing chaos or mischief on the live stream

we also have oh luis mendes by the way hello lewis i have to say hello to lewis

hello also we have nethra will mr steve come today he won't be

here today because it's a it's weak day you see we are having a

weekday so today is a weekday and as we all know

mr steve never shows his face on a weekday

never at all but he will be with us once again

on sunday once again on sunday hello

also to eagle fly hello from east timor nice to see you here today

we have a lot of people watching very close to where you are

so that part of the world there are many people watching so hello to east

timor nice to see you here and also eagle fly

as well it is so windy today says roxy here it's very windy yes we have had

lots of gales blustery wind

blowing all day but i decided to come outside

anyway i thought so hello gemini gemini i like your t-shirt

the design looks very similar to a mug you're right yes you are right

there is a traditional type of teacup or mug that has blue and white

stripes you are right yes well observed can't be bad hello also etie

argentina hello argentina can i say a big special hello to you

i hope you are staying well safe and happy where you are

hello also to mohsen hi mohsen nice to see you back as well

rose rose ah a little bit of shakespeare you see

a rose is but a rose by any other name so it is still as beautiful as it

actually is no matter what you call it so you can

say a rose a flower bloom

but it's still a rose whatever you call it

a rose is still a rose by any other name i am going to sneeze by the way

one of the problems with the wind is it stirs up all of the pollen as well

so i am suffering slightly from hay fever today

for which i apologize i don't know why i'm apologizing because

i can't help it really you see it's my body it's very sensitive to pollen

it's not a good place to live by the way can i just

say if you live in the countryside and you have hay

fever you might want to change your mind about

living there if you are thinking of moving to the

countryside you must first of all consider the fact

that you might have some sort of allergy some sort of sensitivity like me

so i live in the middle of forests and grass and all sorts of crops

that are being grown by the farmers so you can imagine how much hay

fever i suffer from during the summer it's quite bad

hello also to oh can i say hello to zuzika hello zuzika

live long and prosper with your vulcan salute

yes as you know i like star trek very much i am

i i think what is the word that people use nowadays

if you like star trek i love science fiction

but if you like star trek what is what is the the actual pronoun

or the noun that you give trekkers is it trekkers

trekkers or trekkies because i remember a few years ago

people were debating what to call people who like star trek

is it trekkers or trekkies trekkies i think people who like star

trek are called trekkers i think so

thank you for your for your lovely bless you

if there's one thing i need at the moment it is lots of blessings

trust me ah hello also to oh can i say hello to

muhammad ahmed hello to you as well thank you for joining me

it is tuesday today just in case you haven't looked at your calendar yet

today is tuesday we are coming towards the end of july

i will be with you every day between now and

the end of july so today tomorrow through till friday

which is the final day of july i have had

a very busy month i've been here almost every day six days a week

i've been with you during this month mary glau hello to you

also we have oh hello to can i say hello to valeria

hello valerio nice to see you here today very nice indeed mr steve made

some lovely supper last night we had a lovely evening dinner

ah vegetables lots and lots of vegetables one of the things i've

noticed recently is we are eating quite healthily because we are visiting

the shops quite often at the weekend we are buying

a lot of vegetables so during this period of time for the

past four months we've actually been eating a lot more

vegetables and also meat as well we've also been

eating meat as well but yes lots of vegetables

and as you know my favorite vegetable of all is

what what is it what is my most favorite vegetable you should know by now

there should be no excuse for not knowing

what is my most favorite vegetable do you remember it is something that i

love eating a lot can i say hello to oh hello mog

mog mogmog is also a trekkie trekkie

so you like star trek live long and prosper

as the vulcans say i always love the vulcans

i think of all the of all the aliens in star trek i think the vulcans

are one of my favorites because they always use logic

they don't show too much emotion they don't allow their emotions

to control their actions so they are quite

logical and i like that i quite like that i am

almost a vulcan the only thing i don't have

are the pointy ears so i don't have pointy ears

unfortunately but yes i i do like star trek i prefer now this is

just my opinion i think the next generation was the best

of all of the tv shows so i quite like the original series with with captain

kirk but it looks a little bit a little bit

dated doesn't it even though they added some

new cgi effects to make it look a little bit

more modern but yes it looks a little bit dated but i do

like the next generation i do i love it very much also the movies of course

the movies i think one of my most favorite

star trek movies must be the voyage home because it's such good fun it is a great

movie it also has quite a positive message as

well so i quite yes i like i like star trek

very much has anyone guessed my favorite vegetable

lettuce who said lettuce lettuce what do you think i am a rabbit

not lettuce no

is it lettuce is it cauliflower i do like cauliflower

but it that isn't it there is one vegetable that i

absolutely love mariju's says mr duncan you like cheese that is

true that is very true i like cheese very

much but what is my most favorite vegetable

there is one vegetable that i can eat forever and ever until i go

pop what is it i can't believe no one knows i i mention

it all the time

i even named my dog after the vegetable does anyone know what my

favorite vegetable is

beatriz does not eat meat that is okay you see some people don't like eating

meat for various reasons sometimes health issues sometimes

because of their their beliefs sometimes because of

their feelings towards eating meat anyway or maybe all of those things you

see all of those things

my most favorite vegetable is actually potato

i love potatoes i actually love potatoes so much well

done mika mika you got it yes potatoes

i even named my dog potato when i was living in china

because my dog's head looked a little bit like a

potato you see that's the reason why

also oh yes thomas and also manas says potato as well yes i like

potatoes i do like them very much i also like

broccoli as well i think broccoli is one of those

vegetables that is very underrated i love broccoli

although you have to cook it properly you see you have to it is hard

to cook broccoli perfectly so you have to be very careful

you don't want to cook it too much or else it will go all

sloppy but you don't want to cook it too little

or else it would be too hard it'll be like

it'll be like eating a branch from a tree

or something like that hello shaker adam hello shaker nice to see you here today

i had a little shake this morning when i woke up i jumped out

of bed this morning and i had a little shake in the morning

to get my limbs all supple that's what i did this morning yes

tuanuwin says i am getting so excited why because i am on holiday and i will

go marine diving to explore many different

types of fish with pretty colours well done nice where are you going is it

somewhere local or are you going to a completely

different place wow i hope you have a good time under the

water swimming around with the fishes

and all of the the lovely marine life marine life so when we use the word

marine it normally refers to anything that is

related to the sea things that you do on top of the

water or things that you do under the water as

well yes beatrice says sometimes i eat

some fresh fish like salmon or soul as i said the other day we were talking

about this the other day i do like salmon

i will be honest with you i do like a little bit

of salmon i really do mr duncan you look handsome today thank you jasper that's

very kind of you i needed that lift my ego has been restored

thank you very much francesca says i love artichoke

artichoke hmm how frequently do you eat potatoes

well i'm not eating them at the moment so at the moment i am not eating

potatoes but last night we had some lovely mashed potatoes

and as you know i always like to make my mashed potatoes with

lots of butter and milk even though sometimes i think mr steve

doesn't like my potatoes i think i think he dislikes the amount

of butter that i put into it but i love my mashed potatoes they have

to be creamy you have to put a lot of butter into

your mashed potatoes and i'm very good at it i make

i make the world's best mashed potatoes i do

so i wonder where twan new in is going where are you going to do your

deep sea diving and what how what do you do do you just go into the water

do you just jump in the water or do do you wear

something like some people have a big oxygen tank or tank

an oxygen tank which is not easy to say by the way

and oxygen tank normally on your back so you can go very deep into the water

you can go deep down and swim so maybe you are going to

wear something that on your back that that

has some oxygen inside it and maybe a mask and then you

can go very deep into the water

hello to maria who says i like beetroot and green beans

i don't like beetroot isn't that strange i really don't like beetroot

even the smell the smell even the smell of beetroot

it makes me feel quite queasy ill sick i don't like the smell of beet

root i don't know why it is very strong

pungent i don't like it at all hello marlon

suarez del rey i love your classes thank you so much thank you marlin

that's very kind of you to say i also love doing this

the pigeons have returned mr duncan you should take care of your

cholesterol levels says unicarina yes well i do have

checkups with the doctor especially at my

age you see apparently

when i when i when i passed 50 i started getting lots of messages from

my doctor saying oh mr duncan we've noticed

that you are now over 50. we think you should come

and have a checkup and so you go to the doctors

they take your temperature and your heart rate and your blood pressure

and they put their finger up your bum

i'm not joking

what that was one thing i was not expecting to be honest

you know i wasn't expecting that but when you get to a certain age when you

reach a certain age apparently doctors doctors insist

on putting their finger in your bottom i don't know why i think they just

they just enjoy it i suppose hello all set

do you like sports i i don't follow sport but my doctor

does my doctor has a very favorite sport

he normally puts a rubber glove on

oh mohammed ahmed do you like to eat arabic food i will invite you

when you visit when when i visit i will invite you when

i visit england i hope so arabic food now i'm

imagining i think there are lots of dips

and salad vegetables and also certain types of meat sounds very nice

i did eat a lot of meat when i went to turkey when i was in turkey i

ate a lot of meat in fact i had

sorry i'm just looking at the messages coming through now

very interesting i had the best stake ever that i've ever

eaten in my life i had the the best steak in turkey i don't know what they

did i don't know what they did with the tur

with with the steak i don't know what they did with the

steak but it was absolutely gorgeous tender delicious

yes so that is one of my memories of eating in turkey

i love the sound of the pigeons in the background or are they grey doves

they are actually wood pigeons there are many wood pigeons around here

and couscous i i like couscous but not not

too much of it so i i like couscous with other things

things that have mint oh and also garlic as well i like herbs i like spicy

spices but not too much i don't like too much

spice turkey says it is not an arabic country i never said it was

i didn't say it was but it reminded me of eating meat you see

i was talking about eating meat earlier so it reminded me

of my most favorite steak so i'm not saying that turkey

turkish food is arabic food i didn't say that

in fact a lot of turkish food is very similar to

to greek food in some ways

unicarina says thumbs up for the nhs

my doctor didn't use his thumb

i i think i think he used the whole fist to be honest

what vegemite hello mike saw mike saw that's how i was feeling

after visiting the doctor vegemite oh yes

vegemite is something you can buy in australia it is very similar to marmite

so here in the uk we have marmite in australia you have vegemite

vegemite yes i've heard of that i've heard of it

there was a famous song called down under

and i think they mentioned vegemite in the song

men at work many years ago in the 1980s i remember that song

very well missed mr duncan the doctor puts

their finger in the bottom to check the for prostate cancer

yes well that's their excuse anyway that's what they say mr duncan you make

me very hungry it is quite late now in the philippines says jasper

are you hungry do you ever eat at night now when i was younger i would always

feel quite hungry at around about one or two o'clock in

the morning and i would always like to have a little

snack so i would sneak downstairs i would slowly sneak into the kitchen

and find maybe a biscuit or a little bit of bread

and i would eat it in the early early morning you see

so yes i do like eating food late not so much anymore

because sometimes if i eat food too late too late and then i get indigestion you

see again another thing that happens as you

get older so a lot of older people suffer with

with indigestion so i can't eat very late at night anymore

i wish i could but unfortunately i will get

terrible indigestion

my dream is to speak english clearly i do it every day but it seems quite

hard to improve hack lau it takes time

now this is something i've said before about people who are learning english

or any language quite often your your own opinion

of your level of english or or how you are

actually learning is always wrong or incorrect so many people think

that their their english level is worse than it actually

is so a lot of people do doubt their abilities or their

their learning it is it is a normal thing

it is a normal thing khalid nabil hello khalid mr duncan you're awesome

thank you for your efforts

hello also oh apparently lolly lolly says marmite

is very salty a lot of people don't like marmite

including me i don't like the taste it's it's quite salty

i think it has yeast is it yeast i'm sure it has lots of yeast inside it

i think so there is a bird watching me hello

can you hear the birds there are some birds flying around above my head

giuseppe oh giuseppe i understand what you're saying there

my car really hates pigeons i think we know why yes pigeons

are quite a pain to be honest they are very attractive birds

it's very nice when they fly overhead and they look lovely when they're all

flying together going around in the sky and then you can

hear their little calls

like that isn't that lovely but also pigeons have another habit which is

pooping everywhere they poop on the side of buildings

they poop on your on your house or the roof of your house they also poop

on your car as well

thiago thiago varela you know the world of english is a fun

an exciting place to be i'm so glad i can join you

for another lesson hello from brazil thank you very much

thank you it's been a long time since i've said that

i used to say it all the time but i can't remember the last time i said it

i used to say the world of english is a fun

and exciting place to be i'm so glad you could join me

for another live lesson pigeon poop they are like little atomic

bombs and the other thing if a pigeon

does a poop on your car and then you leave your car in the sunlight

or in the hot sun the the poop will dry it will go very hard

and it's it's very difficult to get off mr steve

always gets quite angry when when the birds

poop on his car he does get a little little bit annoyed especially when he's

visiting his mother because he feels as if somehow the poop

on his car will disappoint his mother it's a very interesting relationship

steve has with his mum hello naranjan

watching in india nice to see you here as well

can i how can i match the pronunciation of british english well i suppose if you

want to change the way you speak if you want

to improve the way you speak my advice is always the same

listen to your voice listen to other people

listen to movies listen to mr duncan hello

listen to lots and lots of different ways of speaking english but the most

important thing of all is listen to yourself listen to how

you speak use your mobile phone use your mp3 player there are many ways

of recording the sound of your voice nowadays so that would be my advice

to you mr duncan i have lots and lots of pigeons in my garden

and they do poop everywhere says bee trees yes i think

well at the front of the house we have some nice chairs we have some lovely

chairs that we like to sit on when the sun

is out which is not very often

and in the morning the pigeons all come down and they land

on the chairs and they do their big poops all over our lovely chairs

so in the afternoon when we want to sit down and have a cup of tea

the chairs are covered in big white patches

big lumps of pigeon poo it's not very nice wow


that was a strong gust of wind

i almost lost some of my equipment then did you see that

well the wind is quite strong today i wasn't expecting it to be quite as

strong as this to be honest there is no sentence game

today because this is not english addict tomorrow of course

tomorrow is wednesday and yes i will have my english addict

tomorrow from 2pm uk time no no sentence game today but yes

tomorrow everything will be going on we have words we have some

some modern words we'll be talking about words that are

current current words words that people are using a lot

nowadays maybe some of the words might be

controversial oh mr duncan you can't be controversial

wow mr duncan you can't honestly

a lot of people seem to dislike pigeons

a lot of people seem to hate pigeons they don't like them hello paolo

paolo hello my web hero do you mean me thank you very much thank you very much

that's very kind of you to say so the wind is really building up i don't

know why it's suddenly become very windy giuseppe says i am planning

to climb a tree and also i will do that to

so i can poop on the pigeons all day

i'm not sure if i advise that that might not be a good idea to be honest


tuan new in asks have you ever seen the show

called the annoying orange of course i have

i remember when that was first created when no one knew

about it so because because i i am a veteran

of youtube did you know that i'm a veteran

a veteran of youtube i've been around for nearly 14 years doing this

so yes i i know all about the annoying orange of course

i remember when it first started many many years ago

fred i remember fred who remembers fred fred was the first big youtube star

many many years ago and then everyone became bored with him

and this is what happens you see this is this is life

this is show business this is how it works

people will love you they will want you every day and then

they become bored they become tired of you

and then they move on to something else people can be very

fickle oh i like that word fickle if someone is fickle fickle it means

they easily change their mind so maybe one

day they like one direction and then the

next day they like bts you see that's how it

works that's how it works

eagle fly says i can hear an owl

that is actually a pigeon one of the birds that we are talking about today

we're talking about pigeons we're talking about a lot of things to be

honest we really are hello also to

hello to roxy yes i remember i remember fred who remembers rinetto

well mr duncan you are really going back in time

way back in 2006 there was a youtuber called renetto

and he was the first big youtube star before fred

came along of course so renetto was a guy who used to talk about

social issues he would do video vlogs

many years before they became popular so renetto i remember renetto i wonder

what renetto is doing now i wonder what he's doing

nowadays but this is what happens you see in the

world you you can be the biggest star in the world

but then the next day you can be nothing and that's it that's the reality

of show business show business and entertainment

one day you are the the cock of the north

one day you are the cock of the north and the next day

you are a feather duster that's the reality of

youtube i am looking for the word pup it isn't pup

it is actually

the word is poop poop it is a funny way of

saying poo poo poo poop you see

gemini says you are my first youtube star

mr duncan thank you very much i never ever think of myself as being well known

on youtube i never think of it because i know

there are many other people who are much more

well known and much more famous than me so to be honest it doesn't bother me

anymore i can't really worry about it because that is the

nature of of the world of youtube

one day you are the biggest thing you are the flavor

of the month and then the next month you vanish without trace you are gone

that is how it works it is a a very harsh reality harsh reality

but it's true

mr duncan your heart and your brain are the youngest

thank you very much mr duncan i'm seeing my name a lot today

on the comments i'm seeing them a lot we will never forget you mr duncan thank

you lolly that means a lot to me it really does

poop well there is poop and there is pup pup so when we say

pup or puppy that is a small dog it's a baby dog a young dog is

a puppy sometimes we say pup pup a young dog is a

pup but i suppose you might say that a young

dog will also poop so you might say

there is some puppy poop puppy poop on the kitchen floor

oh no the puppy's done a poop the puppy has done a poo poo


someone mentioned a song the other day called live is life

and it's by a group called opus it's a brilliant song i actually looked

it up and played it on youtube brilliant piece

of music life is live live is life


eagle fly says you are famous i don't think i'm famous

really i'm not famous on youtube there are hundreds and hundreds of

thousands of people now on youtube every moment thousands and thousands of

people are now teaching english on youtube as well so i am lost

i am floating around in the sea the sea the ocean of content

there i am swimming but i'm waving to you

people think i'm waving but instead i'm actually drowning

i'm not waving i'm drowning

yes have you seen the orange on the show called the annoying orange yes i have

i have seen it i know it i remember when it first

started it is an orange that talks and sometimes it can be very annoying

so yes i do remember the orange on the annoying orange

i remember many youtubers many youtube stars from years and years ago

who were well known but now no one knows who they are

mr duncan we are happy to meet you in this live stream your videos are amazing

hello soul with universe hello to you soul with universe very nice

thank you very much zanobia says i am upper intermediate in english

upper intermediate many of the people who watch my lessons

are probably intermediate to upper intermediate but there are of

course people who are watching who have maybe they've been learning english for

maybe a year or maybe one and a half years and they

join me because they want to listen to my accent

they want to listen to my voice and of course you can also read

the captions as well you can have captions

all you have to do is press c on your keyboard and you will have


your channel is like gold says jasper thank you very much that's very kind of

you i do appreciate everything that you say

and everything you do but i suppose reality in this world can

sometimes be slightly harsh or cruel and that is one of the things

you have to accept you see about this you have to accept

that things are not always going to be great here on youtube

hello maxime hello i am from somalia

and i am an intermediate level of english speaking i have

i have an intermediate level or i am at so when we talk about levels

we normally say you are at your position

where you are at so i am now at intermediate level

hello also to oh hello francesca again thank you very much

oh yes of course pigeon poop bird poop can actually destroy or damage your car

as well so if if a bird does a poop on your car

and then you leave it there for many days it can actually

damage the the paint and also buildings as well

pigeon poop i think it contains a lot of lime

lime and lime is very bad for for stone or brick it will actually

dissolve and damage the the bricks

and also the stone on old buildings if you ever look at an old building if

you ever see an old building quite often you will see lots of strange

metal objects on the front of the building

they look like that sticking up and they are to stop the pigeons from

landing on the buildings so they they look like

that so when the pigeon comes down to land oh

i can't land there it's too sharp

maliha mr duncan in the uk if a person wants to work in a

government position do they have to take a test or not

not really no but then if you are doing something that is

in a specialist area then i suppose you will have to take some sort of test

but i think what you are talking about is an entry test

so a test that you have to take to be able to work in the government

this is very similar to what happens in china actually

so in china every year thousands and thousands of people

sit an exam because they want to become part of the communist party you see

it is the largest club in the world that's what i always say

people in china also say the same thing you say

it is the largest club in the world the communist party of china it is the

largest club in the world and many people want

to join it if you can become a worker or someone

who works within the people's republic the

the communist party of china you you your social position is elevated

quite a lot so whatever it is many people try every year hundreds of

thousands of people try to to get a job

with the chinese government because it will actually raise your

social status

it's a very strange way of looking at communism but it's true

that's exactly how it works mr duncan are you in the studio or in your garden

i didn't see any pigeons hello abdul abdul waheed

i'm in the garden today it's a beautiful day here

i am actually outside in the garden i'm not in the studio

as you as you will will see in a moment



oh there you are hi everybody this is oh hang on

no i've already i've already done that what is a civil servant a civil servant

is a person who works in a government department

that's it really

jayendra says i have a lot of pigeons in my house and all

around and yes they're droppings

so that is another polite way of saying poopoo

droppings your garden is why is your garden so big

asks daniel i don't know i'm not sure i think it's just the way it's designed

i suppose it is a bright sunny day there yes

today today it's lovely you see yesterday was terrible i was trying to

do my live stream yesterday

and it wasn't going very well because we had

a lot of rain and i did get wet i did get wet

yesterday muhammad ahmed mr duncan i think you have a very good

memory of china yes i do i spent many years living there

so it did have a big effect on my life when you travel around the world when

you meet different people from other cultures and

people who have a different way of looking at life

it does expand your own way of looking at

everything around you as well so yes it did change my attitude

towards everything

i am very low or very bad at speaking and also your your

handwriting in english mr duncan suggest some words to overcome

my inability well speaking is the thing that most people have

difficulty with it's perfectly normal to have difficulty speaking

because it's it's like performing you see

so i always think that speaking is the hardest part

of learning any language so it doesn't matter

if it's english or french or german or chinese

spanish vietnamese

it doesn't matter the speaking is always the hardest part

you see always the hardest part mr duncan your land is very big

fortunately i don't have to take care of the garden because i have my own

personal gardener

please don't tell him i said that don't tell mr steve that i said that


unicarina mr duncan what do you call someone that works in a council

if you work for the local council you will be a council worker

a council worker so many years ago all of the councils around the world

around the world what am i talking about in this country

around the uk uh and certainly in england were actually

governed by the government but over the years

local councils are able to take care of their own finances

and affairs so you might be described as a council

worker nowadays although many years ago you may have been

described as a civil servant

mr duncan your land is your land from your parents or you bought it

my parents did not give me this

they did not i had to work very very hard not only myself but also

mr steve for many many years although having said

that around here property and land

is not very expensive so that is worth remembering when we talk about this

house and this land to be honest with you it is not

expensive to live around here some property is

expensive and some of it isn't this was not

but we were very lucky i will be honest with you we were very lucky

when we found this house we were very lucky

also the the people who were selling the house

really wanted us to have it can you believe that

that's never happened to me before i've never known

such such a lovely way or a lovely attitude

towards another person the people who owned this house before we moved here

said we want you to have this house because we know you will take care of it

we know you will look after it so that's quite amazing

isn't that lovely

huckleberry marawits hello huckleberry morowitz i like your name by the way

huckleberry it's a little bit like huckleberry finn

not very politically correct nowadays

marietta meeting people from other cultures and habits normally helps

and teaches us to be more flexible tolerant

and able to adapt i think so they always say that travel broadens the

horizon it broadens your way of looking at the

world and i agree i think it's very true meeting people gaining experience

sharing views talking about your differences and also your

similarities as well

you are very lucky to have this heavenly piece of land

and a house i know but of course you have to work

you don't you don't just get this given to you you have to work

very hard for many many years so this is what you get as you get older if

you work hard if you put a lot of effort into your life

which is what we've had to do so you might say that this is

a small reward

but now for the past 14 years by the way i've been doing this for free so i i

don't get paid anymore by an employer i don't pick up

a big salary for doing this i do all of this

for free which is why sometimes i ask for

donations you see to help my work continue

what does the new normal mean thank you trang the new normal when we

talk about the new normal we might talk about

the new way of living so the way of living or the way of behaving that

seems different to how we used to do it but it is now the new way

of doing it sometimes it is used negatively so sometimes we see the new

normal as being a negative thing for example

the new normal of wearing face masks the new normal

of social distancing so there are many new ways certainly this year

there are many new ways of doing things and each time each time our habits


each time our habits change we call it the new normal maybe

american politics you might describe that as the new normal

the new normal quite often we don't use it in a positive way we use it

negatively if something is not as good as it used to be maybe something is

happening that many people disagree with it is the new normal

can you please speak like a brummie the dialect of birmingham

maybe another another day another day we will do that

okay what will you do if you get more stress mr duncan

says abdul i try to avoid stress the way to avoid stress is to keep this

clear up here your mind so sometimes there are

things that annoy me or upset me maybe there is something

that is on my mind for example maybe the situation with my

mother so that worries me that upsets me

but also there are other things that i also like to have in my mind

positive things things that allow you to continue

to have to have a smile on your face

and let's face it during this time during this time we all need to try and

find something positive to think about

mr duncan can we please have subtitles bar carty hello baccardi

if you click see on your keyboard let me just say now

click c


click c on your keyboard and you will get captions

as if by magic so all you have to do if you are watching on your computer

you have to press c and then you will get

captions it's amazing it's super it's super super duper

huckleberry says i am also in my back garden

sitting in a chair i'm in my back garden standing under my little gazebo

so i'm actually sheltering here underneath

the gazebo because of the wind you see it's quite windy

today so that's the reason why i'm sheltering

underneath the gazebo

mr duncan can you please talk a little bit about the city

where you live well first of all i don't live in a city i live in a very small

town so this place is in the countryside it

is rural far away from the big towns and

the big cities so the town where i live is small it is

a small place

can you remove your cap

why see i never do that because the problem is if i take my cap off

and then someone else will say please remove your shirt

and then someone else will say mr duncan please remove your trousers

so so where do i stop where do i stop

mr duncan what if a person wants to buy a house in the uk

what is the name of the person who can find

a buyer for selling i think you mean estate agent estate agent

i will write that down for you i will write

that down estate agent

an estate agent

there we go

it is an estate agent an estate agent

try again estate agent so a state agent a state

agent is a person who sells houses they will sell property

have you argued with a person who you really love

dear what kind of advice are you asking for here i'm not quite

sure i'm not sure what you want me to say

there the one thing i would say is it is

normal if you are in a relationship it is

normal to have problems it is normal to have arguments it is normal

to sometimes disagree maybe you will have

a big argument and maybe you don't talk to each other for many days you see

it's all normal one of the worst things you can do in a

relationship is stop communicating it's it's the worst thing

you must always talk to each other so my secret

to a good relationship is to always communicate

be open with each other so if you feel upset or worried about something

tell your partner let them know that is the reason why they are there

they love you they want to be with you and that is what you do you

share your emotions your feelings you communicate so that is always a very

important thing to remember in any relationship you must

always communicate with each other do you have kids

no i don't have any children

that's why i look so happy

oh dear no i don't have any children

i don't have a son

i'm not married soul with the universe soul with the universe are you married

i'm not married no

you will find here in the uk more and more people

are choosing not to get married they are are deciding to stay single or

maybe just to have a relationship or maybe a civil partnership which is

recognized in law but yes more and more people now

are deciding to get married later in life

or maybe just to live together and then you can find out whether the

relationship will work or not so i think it's it's a bit like testing

the relationship you see so sometimes a couple two people might

move in together they might live together for a while just to see if they

if they can get along with each other you see

sometimes it is good to argue

i suppose so i suppose so yes sometimes it is good to argue

it is it is like it is like washing your dirty clothes

i think johnny depp would disagree with that i think he would

mr duncan what do you like to do in your free time

do you have any hobbies thank you daniel well i suppose nowadays my hobby is this

doing this takes up a lot of my time from in the morning when i wake up

quite often i have to prepare all of this

i have to set all of the equipment up in my studio or out here

so i suppose you might say that this has become my hobby this has become my

vocation in life so over the years i've devoted more

and more time to doing this

mr duncan who will thank you who will take care of you when

you get old

i don't know should i worry about that should i be worried about it

there are people in families who who don't take care of their parents

when they get old so even if you have children even if you

have children it doesn't mean that they will take care

of you when you get old it doesn't mean anything so that's the

reason why i want to stay fit and healthy so this year

i will be five years away from 60 so i have to make sure that i'm going to stay

healthy for the future so five years from now

i will be 60 years old i can't believe it

so i have to make sure that i stay healthy i have to make sure that i stay

fit and healthy so so that is my way of looking at things

i wouldn't expect someone to take care of me anyway

nowadays it is very difficult to raise a child

i think so i i think parents are amazing parents who have maybe two or three

children and then you have to do a job as well

sometimes both parents have to work but also they have to look

after their children as well it's amazing it's amazing it is amazing

i think so

mr duncan are electric scooters popular nowadays in the uk i want to buy one of

those because i don't want to drive or take

public transport oh i see when you say scooter

do you mean the thing that you stand on so you stand

on top of it and then you scoot around the streets

you go around on an electric scooter

let me just think i'm just thinking for a while

they were illegal but i think nowadays you can use them again

but i really do think for a while they were not allowed on the roads but

i'm not sure nowadays i think the law has actually changed so i think nowadays

you can actually use them i think you can nowadays you can use

them but maybe not on the road

i would certainly not use an electric scooter in london

on the road i think it is very dangerous in fact some people have been killed

riding their electric scooters around the roads of

london so yes i would say i would say

maybe yes but be careful be very careful

i'm not a big fan of electric scooters but i think it is now my best

option says unicarina i think you should check to find out so

maybe certain places in england so maybe certain towns or

cities they might not allow scooters

electric scooters on the road so i think it depends

on where you are where you are going to stay

mr duncan i like your philosophy of life and i totally agree with you

thank you beatriz well i think your own personal health

is important so i i don't want to be a burden on other people

as i get older that's the last thing i want to do

so i don't want to to have someone else give up their life to look after me

i don't think i don't think that's very fair

to be honest but that's just my feeling my own

feeling on that so maybe maybe i will have to take care of mr steve

or maybe mr steve will have to take care of me

it depends really you see it depends

richard says i have an electric bike yes very popular here in the uk

very popular here in england power assisted bikes

so you still ride the bike and you still use your feet to work the bike

however there is also a little battery inside the bike

that makes it easier to to operate and work the bike

yes i think so i think so very good hello safe

hello sale mango ah i love mangoes can you send me some

mangoes oh my goodness hello safe mango

i am a newbie but i do follow your intriguing lessons

from kenya hello kenya i know i have some

viewers in kenya and it's great to see you here as well so welcome

kenya and also a big hello to sale mango oh mangoes

i do like mangrove mangoes very much luca the people with the blue names are

moderators you are right yes the the the people on

the live chat with the blue name and the little spanner

they are moderators they will keep an eye

on the live chat to make sure there is nothing naughty going on

unic arena here in barcelona they are very popular but i was wondering about

the uk because when i visited somerset there

were lots of very fast bikes i almost had an accident with a biker

when i was leaving asda one of the popular

supermarkets here in the uk that's interesting yeah

there are many different types of transport

so you have public transport like buses trams it's true so there are many big

towns and cities here now in england that have

trams that run along the road on rails they are normally powered by electricity

and also people like to have their own transport

of course we have cars motorbikes we have bicycles electric bicycles

and also electric scooters as well that you stand on

when i was in paris last year i saw lots and lots of electric

scooters there were electric scooters everywhere

they were all over the place

mr duncan oh anwar hello anwar your question is very


i'm not going to get into that subject because you have to be careful at the

moment because of youtube you see they are

listening and watching right now well not right now but they do have

algorithms that can recognize certain words it's

true i'm not joking that is that is true you have to be very

careful what you say on youtube so no i don't

believe i don't believe that that

virus is made up i think it is real because there are many many people dying

around the world if you have a look at some of the news

reports from around the world there are many

many people dying so i don't think i don't think it is

made up and i don't think it is a conspiracy so

i disagree with that i don't think it is because there are many many people who

are suffering many people who have died and of course

many more people who will become ill and will die so it is a serious

situation what people are trying to do now is


the the virus from spreading more so it might seem as if it's going away

but it isn't it's still there so all of the precautions

all of the things that we have to do like wear a mask

social distancing all of these things are to prevent

the virus from spreading more you are trying to control the spread

so that's the reason why we do it that is the reason why

we are doing that

i love the taste of mango but i can't eat it anymore because i'm allergic to

it i'm sorry to hear that mika i like mango

but it's very hard to get good mangoes

someone has started using their saw their chainsaw mr duncan

do you arrange your own courtyard by yourself may i use instead of by

yourself can i use the phrase on your own do you

take care of your garden by yourself do you take care of your garden

on your own do you do it by yourself do you take care of your garden

by yourself so all of those things are okay you can you can ask that

question in many ways so yes it's okay

soul with universe mr duncan in some videos you said you like

cheese and then after cheese what is your most

favorite food that's interesting besides cheese i also like

i like baked beans does that sound strange does that sound

unusual i do like baked beans a lovely tin

of beans on some toast a very simple meal but also very

delicious as well a delicious meal yes very nice so yes i do like beans

on toast you take some beans and you heat them up

gently maybe you put a little bit of garlic

or some herbs or of course a little bit of cheese you can put that

into your baked beans and then you make some toast you have

some lovely toasted bread you put some butter on the bread and

then you put the beans on top of the toast ah

very nice oh my goodness i think i could eat beans on toast right now

because i am feeling a little bit peckish

a little bit hungry to be honest

sale mango why do britons choose to remain single well i suppose it is

what we call a lifestyle choice

it's an interesting phrase so there are many

lifestyle choices that a person can make some people feel as if they want to have

a relationship and get married there are others

who enjoy being independent they they like to have their

independence they like to be a person who is not

attached to anyone else so there are many people now who prefer

to have a single life however they might they might sometimes go on dates

they might be looking for a partner but at the same time they are also

living their lives as well so i think there are many

reasons why some people will put their career

above a relationship so instead of finding a person

they are actually looking for a good career

so some people devote their time their life

to having a good career so there are many lifestyle choices that

you can make and that's one of the reasons why i

suppose living here is quite good because there is no

pressure we don't really have social pressure anymore here in england

or even the uk there is very little social pressure so whatever you hear or

read or see on the television or on the

internet most people in the uk and certainly in

england have very little pressure from

other people in society i know it's very controversial to say

that but pressure

social pressure is something we don't have

so much anymore i have lived in other countries

where there is a lot of social pressure a lot of

pressure to behave in a certain way or to live your life in

a certain way very different

abdul hello abdul nice to see you here favorite pet

i used to have a dog when i lived in china i had a little dog

called potato as i mentioned earlier

i always wonder what age you have to leave your work

in england hello para para when you say leave do you mean retire

so yes when you reach a certain age here in the uk

or certainly here in england you you can retire so nowadays

that's a very interesting question nowadays i think it's 65

i think it's 65 for for women

and i think it's 67 for men i might be wrong there i might be wrong

but that they are talking about raising the retirement age to 70

70. can you believe going to work you have to go to work every day until

you're 70. so there is

there is a desire amongst people to retire younger

so there are people of course who retire much

earlier or sooner there are people who retire when they are

maybe 55 so some people like to retire they want to they want to stop

working when they are around maybe 55 or 60

because you still have a lot of life left ahead of you

nowadays being 60 is not seen as old

some people might say that life begins at 60.

so you do see a lot of people in their 60s

and in their 70s still enjoying a very good life active

healthy that is what i want to see i want to stay healthy for as long as i

can so i think i'm doing a very good job i

think i am doing a good job from my own point of view

although i'm not sure about retiring i think i will do this

until my last day in this world i think so i want to do this forever

so as long as i have breath in my body and there the blood is moving around

inside my veins i will carry on doing this

so i don't think i will ever retire from this i think i will do this forever

and ever until

until my last breath


the social pressures come from a lack of pension schemes in some countries that

is the reason why people start a family in order to be supported by their

children tomek that is a very good point and this is

also a thing that is different from country to country

so even though here in england we're in england in the uk

but england especially because that's where i live

england has what they call a state pension state pension

so during your working life you will pay money all the time into

something called a state pension so when you retire

that pension will then be paid back to you

so you receive an amount of money every month

or every week from the government however you have

already paid that money you see so during your working life

you will pay money towards your state pension so that's what happens

here and of course it is different around the world

everywhere has their own way of doing that

speaking in public oh i have done a lesson i have made a lesson on my

youtube channel all about making a speech

or giving a speech so i i have actually done that on my

youtube channel there is a lesson giving a speech making a speech

on my youtube channel i don't have i don't have the lesson number

in front of me because i'm in the garden unfortunately

but yes yes there there there is a lesson all about

speaking public speaking is not easy to do

it's one of the hardest things to do i think so it can be very difficult

marietta it is so nice and emotional to hear that mr duncan i just hope

to live as long as you will well if there is one thing that no one

knows it is the length of our lives

i think so so i don't know how long i'm going to live

you don't no one really does you might wake up in the morning you

might go into the bathroom and have a shower and you might slip

over in the shower and hit your head and that's it

lights out the lights are out or of course you might get go through

life and have no problems at all some people are very

lucky and some people are not

fate the fickle finger of fate where will it point

next i wonder mr duncan is dispatch the same meaning of ascend

if you dispatch something yes you are sending

something away to be delivered normally a package so quite often a

large item will be dispatched

to send something out to send something through the mail or through

the post you dispatch something you might

dispatch a person to go into a certain job or a

task you dispatch that person to send out

to send away

so yes you might say send send and dispatch can be used as

synonyms it's true wow look at the time i can't believe it i've been on for

one hour and 35 minutes i can't believe it one hour and 35

minutes did you notice today i came on two

minutes early ah did you like that did anyone notice

i was actually early today maybe the first time

in a very long time that i've been early but i was i was early today

if a person has their own business is he going to retire from work or not

yes well a person who employs themselves or has their own

business quite often they will find it hard

to retire they will want to keep doing something in their business

my one piece of advice this is something i i remember many

years ago someone said to me and i've always remembered it

they said don't retire until you know what you're going to do

so don't give up your job don't retire unless you know what you're going to do

because you will find when you leave your job when you suddenly retire

it can actually be quite a shock it can take a long time to actually adjust

to being retired so it might sound like a good thing when you think about it but

in fact retirement can be a very stressful thing

there are many people who retire from their job

and then they regret it they regret it straight away

um some very interesting messages coming up today oh by the way i

am with you tomorrow i am back tomorrow from 2pm uk time tomorrow

wednesday english addict tomorrow so we have our normal lesson

whatever normal is

we all have our own versions of normality

including me belarusia is here hello belarusia i

didn't notice you here i can't believe it the internet is

working at my father's really well hello belarusia and

also a special hello to your dad as well i hope you're having a good day

there in argentina have you ever been to

asian countries asks rolando i have i've been to malaysia i've been to

malaysia many times it used to be a favorite place of mine

to visit for a rest for a vacation

very nice i've also been to singapore china of course

i lived in china for many years working in teaching

what are the differences there are many differences

i suppose one of the big differences would be the way in which the country is

governed the type of government or the type of

the type of thing that is in place as a government the way in which the

government is run the way in which the government operates

so that would probably be the biggest difference

i think so palmyra says i've been teaching

for almost 40 years 40. it's too long

sometimes it's quite it's quite shocking sometimes when you consider how long

you've been working for it is quite amazing when you consider

how long you've been working for i think it's amazing sometimes but yes

40 years i think that's something to be proud of

to be honest i think that is quite an achievement

thank you for your lessons you are very kind thank you mohammed

muhammad ahmed you are welcome no problem

that is why i'm here and don't forget i am with you every day until the end of

july so on friday it is the last

day of july so i will be with you tomorrow thursday friday

i will be with you for the rest of the week and also the rest of the month

what a month it's been so busy it's been so busy

thank you for getting involved today luis mendez is talking about his past

about portugal portugal another place i visited last

year by the way highly recommend portugal very nice

i've never been to nepal ever i've never been

to nepal how many times have you been to malaysia

asks grace i've been to malaysia about

maybe about 14 maybe 14 times

during the 1990s between 1995

and 2001. yes i used to visit malaysia quite often

i used to go there twice a year sometimes so i i really did enjoy being

there i enjoyed the food i enjoyed the people i enjoyed

everything about it to be honest very very nice

abdul says can i say happy eid ulfitra for all the muslims

yes there is eid coming up i remember being in malaysia

one year many years ago i was in malaysia and

they had the chinese new year and also eid at the

same time very interesting

luciana mr duncan are the english schools open

are students back at school that is a very good question well now of

course the schools here are closed anyway

because now it's the summer holiday

to be honest with you school children and students have not been

at school very much this year so now it is actually the summer holiday

here in england so all the schools are closed because it is summertime

believe it or not it doesn't look like summer

but it is it is definitely summer at the


i can't believe that i have internet here

internet i suppose it depends how you're using it

if you're using your mobile phone one of the things i've noticed

especially around here

one of the things i've noticed around here is sometimes as you walk around

with your phone you will find that you will find that

the signal going into your phone changes as you

move around so sometimes you might have a very

strong signal but then you move your phone

slightly and then suddenly the signal disappears

so you might find sometimes you have to move your phone

around to get a good signal

i think at the moment my my phone is using the wi-fi

in the house so this particular phone is actually

picking up the wi-fi from inside the house can you believe it

i don't know how that's possible because i'm not in the house i'm outside

so i think the the wi-fi must be very good in the house here

because i've recently changed all of the equipment

if you remember i was having some difficulty with my streams

sometimes the connection kept breaking down

so i actually phoned up the company and they came and they

they brought with them lots and lots of new equipment

so now i've installed some new equipment in the house and as far as i can tell it

would appear that the internet connection is always very good

so that is what we are using now so this connection you are watching now

is coming through the the house the house phone

here in rio de janeiro it is 30 degrees or more and it is supposed to be

it is supposed to be winter 30 degrees in winter wow i can only dream of that

i can only dream of that abdul which airlines did you like

the most whilst traveling i have always had

a very good experience with malaysian airlines

i i really do like malaysian airlines i've never had a bad experience

with with as they are called they are known as mass malaysian

airlines and that yes i i like malaysian airlines

i know they've had some problems putting it mildly but yes i've always

had a very good experience with malaysian airlines

never had a bad experience oh by the way when we came back from

portugal last year was it portugal or was it was it france we came back

with a company called ryanair

and that was very good

was it ryanair or eg's jet was it easyjet

i don't think it was ryanair no i think it was easyjet

but it's very good very good service

the internet sometimes drops or stops so

my my internet connection here was not very stable

so you need stable internet if you are streaming

but sometimes your your internet might keep doing that that's not good

you see if you are streaming you must have a constant

stream if you are streaming live it is very important

1996 1997 and 1998 the chinese new years and eid were

celebrated together i will tell you now when it was it was

i think i think it was 1996 although i don't think it was i think it

may have been 98 i think it may have been 1998

i was in malaysia by the way when the asian economy collapsed

so in 1997 who remembers that when the the economy many of the

asian economies collapsed i was actually in malaysia

when it happened and then suddenly the value of the ringgit

went sky high i i don't know what happened it was

amazing so yes there was a very big problem in

the asian economy in 1997 and i was actually in malaysia

at the time it caused so much trouble so much trouble at the

time but the one thing i do remember is that

the rate of exchange for the pound and the ringgit

went very high so instead of getting seven or eight ringgit for every pound

suddenly it went up to about 14 or 15 for every pound bizarre it was


thank you belarusia i look forward to watching mr duncan's videos

yes i have a lot of videos on my youtube channel

over 500 in fact many many grace chin says do you

remember 2014 2014

it seemed such a long time ago isn't it strange

so when people talk about 2013 or 2014 it seems it seems like a very

long time ago i think so

tomex says the one thing that still has value is gold

the value of gold is sky high it is true when things are bad when

times are difficult people always buy gold

if you can if you can afford it no i don't have any gold i've never

bought gold in my life i've never bought a piece of gold i don't have

jewelry i've never worn gold ever

i wish i could that would be very nice actually

but no i don't have any gold but yes when times are difficult when things are

difficult quite often people will buy gold because

gold always keeps its value in fact quite often the value

of gold will go very high like now

wow this has been a busy one i've just realized

we have had a very busy live stream today i've been standing here for a very

long time

the fresh food roti yes oh my goodness but the curry with the bread

and and all of the the traditional chinese food that was all cooked outside

there were many large food courts in malaysia and the place i was staying

at is called penang penang has some of the best food

in the world and it's very cosmopolitan as well there is lots of

indian food lots of thai food chinese food so whatever your taste is

there is something to please you in penang

and of course you can have western food as well

if you want to have mcdonald's in penang you can

when i when i stay in front of a native speaker my mind

goes blank my mind becomes blocked and i find it difficult to speak with

them but i understand all that they've said

what shall i do to avoid that i think the problem you

have there is confidence confidence is something

that you can't just have it takes time

so you build confidence normally slowly you you introduce yourself to new

situations or new things but at first it's always

difficult you see it's always difficult hero

hello hero t z or t zed as we say here

is this true is this live really mr duncan yes it is live right

now just to prove it i will show you my watch

see it is now seven minutes before four o'clock

seven minutes to four on a tuesday afternoon yes we are live at

the moment i am live right now

on youtube in the garden so thank you very much yes it is true

hero hero where are you watching by the way

where are you watching right now i'm very interested to find out

i am not really a fan of football i don't follow football

i know today the the i think it's here in the uk i think the premier

league is coming to an end today i think so

is it the last day for the premier league i think it is

but i don't follow football i will be honest i don't

really follow football very much hero says unbelievable thank you

i'm i'm glad that i'm able to make such a strong impression

thank you very much it's very kind of you

there are lots of birds hopping around my garden

at the moment they are all busy yes it's true it is unbelievable

that i am live but you should believe it because i am here now live

and now it is approaching six minutes away from four o'clock oh nice watch mr

duncan thank you very much that was a lovely

present a lovely gift that i received from mr steve

for my birthday oh by the way it will be my birthday

again in august hmm

asks mr duncan do you have an instagram account

yes i do i actually do have instagram a lot of people have been asking about

instagram and yes i do have instagram excuse me i'm just trying to

find it but i do have instagram

all i have to do is find it i had this problem yesterday

i have instagram but i can't actually find it easily so just

just bear with me i know this is not exciting

or interesting but i am trying to find instagram


here is my instagram account name i will show you on my phone

there it is so that is what my instagram name is

on my phone no you can't have the password

so there it is now you know that is my instagram

address although to be honest with you i don't use it very often

i used to use it quite often but not for a long time so now you know what

my instagram is

this is the first time to talk to you wow

hero thank you hero well guess what guess what i will also be live tomorrow

we can't believe it mr duncan yes i am live with you tomorrow

from 2pm uk time we will be live and tomorrow it is english addict

english addict tomorrow

english addict from 2pm uk time tomorrow we will do this all over again

we are coming up towards the end of today's live stream i'm very sorry about

that it is almost time to say goodbye but as

i said i will be back with you tomorrow 2 p.m uk time we have lots of things

we are looking at contemporary words tomorrow words that are currently

being used a lot contemporary words

so now you know my instagram page and you can follow me if you want maybe

i will put a photograph on there today i don't do it very often let's have a

look shall we i wonder if i can put an instagram

picture on right now i wonder if i can let's see

i can't even remember my i can't

remember ah okay

i'm just logging in i'm now logging in to my instagram i haven't done this for

a long time on here oh i or i already have people who have

followed me oh hello hello candy candy zane also ye

ye haddad oh hello nice to see your smiling face on my instagram

jurek hello jureck as well also

as well on instagram thank you very much we have oh

there we go there you are you see you can you are already

following me on instagram isn't that nice

wow i feel very i feel very honored thank you very much maybe i should take

a photograph now and put it on to my instagram shall i

before i go and then you will never forget this moment

this wonderful moment of time here we go then

if i can remember how to do it ah there we go there we are i can see

myself now

there are some very strange things that you can do on your phone

i've noticed there are lots of strange filters that you can put

on your phone nowadays very interesting okay let's see if we can do this i've

got my phone here you see so i'm going to take a selfie i will

take a selfie and see if it works

well that doesn't look right

there we go let's see

ah there we are isn't that lovely there we go i will try to take a photograph on

instagram so everyone say cheese can you say

cheese please say cheese hello

so you will see that later on on my instagram page

thank you very much for your company i am going now because it is four o'clock

it's time to say add you adieu to you and you and you

but i will see you tomorrow from 2pm uk time

and of course i am with you every day this week

tomorrow thursday and friday every day i will be here with you

live see you tomorrow thanks for your company i hope you've

enjoyed this

maybe i will see you on instagram later perhaps this is mr duncan in the

birthplace of english saying thanks for watching today i hope

you've enjoyed this for the past two hours i've been here

standing here talking to you for two hours

and of course until the next time we meet here on youtube

you know what's coming next yes you do tomorrow 2 p.m uk time english addict

we are doing lots of things tomorrow connected to the english language

and of course you know what's coming next...

ta ta for now 8-)